The Unknown Oonána

The Unknown Oonána

What is it that drives you
into the arms of sorrow?
Why are you always sighing?
Cry to me to save you
and I’ll come tomorrow
if you keep on crying.

You lust for the Stranger
in the hope that nirvana
will be found in her lonely
arms. It’s me you long for!—
the Unknown Oonána—
the One! the Onl

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In Memoriam Matris

“Now the sea churns my ashes…”

Wisdom has etched these lines in your face.
A sad knowledge looks out of your eyes.
You have been there, you have seen it all.

The world turned your head once.
Like me, you rushed headlong into love.
You were swept away by passion.

You learned the hard way. You took
your knocks in the factory of life.
Now you look out of this picture at me.

— Can you see the smile behind my eyes?
This is all that remains of me now.
This is all I have left to give you.

Remember me with tenderness
now the sea churns my ashes.
May my smile be with you always.

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To a Passing Stranger, by Charles Baudelaire (trans. Darkmoon)

The deafening traffic roared round me in the street.
Tall, slim, in full mourning, noble in her
grief, a woman passed by, with one stately hand
lifting and swinging the rich hem of her gown:

Swiftfooted, aristocratic, statuesque.
As for me, like a maniac possessed, I drank
from her eye…livid sky, where tempests take shape,
the sweetness that enthrals, the pleasure that kills!

A lightening flash . . . then night! Lovely passerby,
whose glance has suddenly given me new life,
will I see you again only in Eternity?

Elsewhere—far from here! too late! perhaps never!
Where you flee, where I go, neither of us knows—
O you whom I might have loved, O you who knew it!

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Elegy for the True West, by Caryl Johnston [*POEM*]

“What my heart longs for, my conscience would forbid…”

What my heart longs for, my conscience would forbid—
Here’s two thousand years of history, neatly said.
In our late abandonment, we lie along the road—

Too long and hard!—and wonder why we bothered.

Scratching at free love, we found its claw to differ
When it shoved into our throats the gloved hand of power.
So nothing was what it seemed, we said then—
It was a way of getting round this bitter, bitter bend.

Love will have  a conscience, else all will be dead—
The flower springing from the past opens at the head,
Or else it springs, and withers prematurely.
And we are there by now—even past it, surely.


Caryl Johnston is a poet and writer/editor who lives in Philadelphia. Here is one of her blogs. The above poem is taken from her book Indulge Me Once (

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Germany Then, America Now: A Talk Between Bro. Nathanael Kapner and Joe Cortina. (Pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon) ***

“It’s disgusting how the Jews are taking everything by storm….Even the Rome of Seutonius  has never known such orgies as the pervert ball of Berlin.” — Jewish writer Stefan Zweig

Over a year ago, Dr Lasha Darkmoon wrote an article called Germany Then, America Now, in which striking parallels were drawn between pre-Hitler Germany and contemporary America. Darkmoon was to conclude that  America—for seven reason she lists in this expanded article here—is now in a far worse condition than Germany was before the ascent of Hitler to power in 1933. The same point is now made, but with further facts and fascinating details, in a recent article called Weimar Meets America: A Study in National Collapse. Brother Nathanael Kapner of Zionist Watch is interviewing ex- Green Beret Joe Cortina, a special operations officer and US Army Training Center commander. — John Scott Montecristo, Editor

Br Nathanael: Is there a parallel between Germany’s Weimar Republic and America today?

Joe Cortina: Yes. The similarities of the situation are a warning direct from the wisdom of philosopher George Santana, “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

Br Nathanael: Let’s look at that history. Americans are hard pressed today. Was there anything like this among the Germans prior to the coming of the Third Reich in 1933?

Joe Cortina: The Germans of the Weimar period were in a horrible situation: out of work—declining purchasing power of their currency—starved— humiliated—robbed of land and dominated by Jews to much the same extent as we now see in America.

The Germans of that period were virtually all Christians with strong family values and a Christian work ethic.

This is the case in America. However, with the media occupied by Jews—the courts controlled by Jews—and finance under the reign of Jews—all Christian expression is either stifled or ridiculed, and all opportunities for an expression of a White Christian work ethic has been shipped overseas by Jewish investment bankers.

Br Nathanael: Let’s start with the media. Any parallels between Weimar and America today?

Joe Cortina: Weimar’s media was controlled almost exclusively by Jews.

The two largest German newspapers before 1933 were in Jewish hands: Leopold Ullstein, August Scherl, and Rudolf Mosse. These Jews had a virtual monopoly on the German press.

Their chief publication was the Berliner Tageblatt which for many years was looked upon abroad as representative of German public opinion.

The editor of this paper was Theodor Wolff, a Jew, who also took a prominent part in politics. All editorials, all policy, all thought was totally under Jewish control—America’s sad state today.

Br Nathanael: How about parallels in employment?

Joe Cortina: There were no ‘unemployed Jews’ in the midst of mass unemployment since Jews would not get their hands ‘dirty’ to do honest hard work.

The Jews led privileged lives of luxury while the average German struggled to keep his family fed. The Jewish statistician, Alfred Marcus, estimated the average Jewish income for 1930 as three times the average income of the rest of the population. Sound familiar?

RICH JEW STRADDLING THE WORLD, Anti-Semitic Cartoon, c.1935

Br Nathanael: How about parallels in finance?

Joe Cortina: Once again the Jew dominated and strangled the working German.

First of all, the Jewish banker, Max Warburg, represented fallen Germany at Versailles and was instrumental in forming the Weimar Republic. Hugo Pruess, a Jew, wrote Weimar’s constitution.

The result was that between 1925 and 1929 four of the six members of the controlling board of the Reichsbank directors were Jews including Jakob Goldschmidt and Rudolf Havenstein.

With unpatriotic Jews at the head of Germany’s monetary policy, whose ties with international Jewry took precedence over Germany’s interests, hyperinflation set in and the German Mark became worthless. America is now about to experience its own “Weimar Moment.”

Br Nathanael: And last, any similarities regarding moral degradation?

Joe Cortina: The floodgates were opened for Jewish depravity when all barriers in the form of censorship during the monarchy were removed after Germany’s defeat in 1918.

Then a torrent of immoral literature, films and plays poured into Germany, primarily nourished by Jews. Weimar Jewish poet, Stefan Zweig, feared a backlash against Jewry when he termed the transformation of Berlin “into the Babylon of the World.”

“Even the Rome of Suetonius has never known such orgies as the pervert balls of Berlin,” observed Zweig, “where hundreds of men costumed as women and hundreds of women dressed as men danced under the benevolent eyes of the police.”

Zweig had written to Martin Buber, saying, “It’s disgusting how Jews are taking everything by storm. Should it not be our responsibility to anticipate the justified Anti-semitic indignation and call our people back to their senses.”

Dominatrix and Slave :  Weimar Berlin (1920s). “The decay of moral values in all areas of life—the period of deepest German degradation—coincided exactly with the height of jewish power in Germany.” — Dr Friederich Karl Wiehe, Germany and the Jewish Question.

Br Nathanael: Can you be more specific regarding immoral literature, films and plays produced by German Jewry?

Joe Cortina: Publishing houses like Benjamin Harz, Leon Hirsch, and Jacobsthal & Co, were putting out books that undermined Christian sexual mores.

The titles say it all: “Sittengeschichte des Lasters” (History Of Morals and Vices), “Bilderlexikon der Erotic” (Picture Lexicon of Eroticism), “Sittengischichte des Geheime und Verbotene” (History of the Secret and the Forbidden).

Jews, by the way, waged an energetic campaign for free abortion. Jews such as Dr Max Hodann, Dr Lothar Wolf, Martha Ruben-Wolf, and Alfons Goldschmidt wrote numerous articles encouraging abortion and birth control.

Br Nathanael: Film and theatre?

Joe Cortina: Leading the film and theatre business in Weimar were Jews such as Josef von Sternberg, Bertolt Brecht, Erich Pommer, and a host of other Jewish purveyors of filth.

A random choice of film and theatre titles sheds light on the spirit of Jewish-produced depravity during the Weimar period: “Sundige Mutter” (Sinful Mama), “Wenn Ein Weib Den Weg Verliert” (When A Woman Loses Her Way), “Zieh Dich Aus” (Get Undressed) – “Tausend Nackte Frauen” (One Thousand Naked Women).

But once Hitler came into power, he put an end to the endless filth coming out of the Jewish film and theatre industry. But for now there’s no end to the filth coming out of Jewish Hollywood.

1920s model from the book “The Hot Girls Of Weimar Berlin”. Cocaine, the favorite drug of the sexually depraved, was often tucked away inside the top of a girl’s stockings or under her garter—a place felt to be safe from the prying fingers of the police.

Br Nathanael: Can you sum it all up for us?

Joe Cortina: What the Jews did to the Germans during the Weimar period they are now doing to the American people.

They have stolen our wealth—our freedoms—our prosperity—our traditions— our moral character—our honor, our wholesomeness, and our Christian heritage.

Should a strong new voice of clarity and conviction appear and convince me and my family that he could and would lead us out of this occupation by aliens and unite our people in a just cause—ending Jewish influence—I would follow him since there is no other choice—no other hope—you’re damn right I would.

Perhaps Jewry would do well to learn a lesson from Weimar and how it was addressed by the Third Reich—because next time it just might be the whole world screaming for justice and an end of Jewry’s evil. This time, once and for all!

Hither tried to rescue Germany from the Jews—and failed. WHO WILL RESCUE AMERICA?


Joe Cortina’s experiences as an intelligence investigator and anti-terrorist adviser brought him to such hotbeds of turmoil as the State of Israel, adjacent Middle East nations, and Central America. His website, My Name Is Joe Cortina, is a showcase of crimes committed against humanity by the Zionist global elite.

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