AMERICA VANQUISHED, Part 1: America as an Israeli Colony, by Dr Lasha Darkmoon ***

“We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” — Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

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—  John Scott Montecristo, Editor-in-Chief

“I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government,” Jewish columnist Joel Stein wrote in the Los Angeles Times in December 2008.  “I just care that we get to keep running them.”

Mr Stein’s reckless candor in admitting that the Jews ran America was to cost him his job at the LA Times.

If Americans have lost their country to organized Jewry, they lost it slowly and imperceptibly. Indeed, most Americans remain unaware that their country no longer belongs to them. They fervently believe they still live in a democracy. This was a takeover not without precedent, however. It had happened to Germany. It had happened to Russia. It has now happened to America.

Take Germany and Russia.

Germany, a mere shadow of what it might have been, is now a defeated and demoralized nation, thoroughly browbeaten by Jewry and terrified of their masters in Israel. Without stretching it too far, one could say that Germany has become Israel’s cash cow.

There is nothing particularly controversial about this observation. It had occurred to Eustace Mullins over twenty years ago:

To finance the State of Israel, which was created as a direct result of the Jewish victory over the Christian nations in World War II, Jews…now imposed enormous “reparations” demands on the conquered German people. To date, they have extorted more than thirty-five billion dollars from German workers, money which has been collected at the points of bayonets, not Jewish bayonets but the bayonets of the American Army, which has been maintained as an occupying force in West Germany for nearly four decades, solely to provide military power behind the puppet German Government which has as its primary function the furnishing of money for the parasitic state of Israel. (See here)

In December 2009, the Israelis demanded another billion euros from Germany ($1.4 billion). The survivors of the Holocaust, surprisingly, seem to increase in number with time. This prompted Norman Finkelstein’s mother to ask somewhat cynically, after she had been cheated out of her reparations money by the rabbis who administered the Holocaust Fund: “If everyone who claims to be a survivor actually is one, who did Hitler kill?”

Mullins is not exaggerating when he says that the American troops foisted on Germany after World War II were in fact an “occupying force”: an army moreover acting on behalf, and at the behest, of organized Jewry.

It was the Morgenthau Plan, specifically designed by the vengeful Henry Morgenthau as a collective punishment against the German people for the crimes of Hitler, that was to turn post-war Germany into “the largest concentration camp on earth.”

As late as 1991, German chancellors were still being forced, like enslaved vassals under the Roman Empire, to sign an “act of submission” to their Allied conquerors.

“The Jew Morgenthau wants to turn Germany into a giant potato patch,” Goebbels complained bitterly. He was right. Anti-Semites sometimes are.

Russia too, like Germany, was to fall under Jewish domination.

According to Solzhenitsyn in The Gulag Archipelago, 66 million Russian Christians were put to death on the orders of the Cheka or Russian secret police. Those devising the tortures, and giving the orders to rape and kill ethnic Russians, were mostly Jews. Yuri Slezkine’s candid quote from historian Leonard Shapiro is too well known to be casually dismissed: “Anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Cheka stood a very good chance of finding himself confronted with and possibly shot by a Jewish investigator.”

Out of 388 members of the new revolutionary government in Russia, only sixteen were real Russians.  “Apart from one negro,” we are told, “the rest were Jews.”

These revolutionaries did their best to hide their Jewish identities by taking new names. Lenin was originally Ulyanov, Trotsky was Bronstein, Zinoviev was Apfelbaum, Sverdlov was Solomon, Zinoviev was Radomyslsky, Radek was Sobelsohn, Litvonov was Wallach, Kamenev was Rosenfeld, Parvus was Helphand, Martov was Zederbaum, Bohrin was Nathanson. Not one of these Jewish revolutionaries was prepared to go under his own name or be identified as a Jew. Under Stalin, merely to draw attention to the fact that unpopular officials were Jewish was to incur the death penalty.

Another interesting titbit of information that court historians prefer not to mention is this: many of the Jews propping up the new Bolshevik government, happy to issue instructions for the torture and execution of Russian Christians, were actually Jews who had been shipped in from the East Side of New York. No surprise here. After all, the man who helped to finance the Russian Revolution from his base in Wall Street—to the tune of $20 million—was Jewish American banker Jacob Schiff.

A well-known French journal, L’Illustration, had this to say in its edition of September 14, 1918:

When one comes in contact with the functionaries serving in the Bolshevik Government, one feature strikes the attention: almost all of them are Jews. I am not at all anti-Semitic, but I must state what strikes the eye. Everywhere—in Petrograd, in Moscow, in provincial districts, in commissariats, in district offices, in Smolny, in the Soviets—I have met nothing but Jews and again Jews. (See here)

Germany…Russia…America. They all fell under Jewish hegemony. They had their hour in the sun, and then they had their eclipse.

It’s now America’s turn.

President George W. Bush and his Jewish entourage

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002. (Widely reported, see here)

Israel, America’s albatross

In Part 1 of my article, Goodbye, America, I discussed the problems facing America today and suggested that they are far more serious than those facing National Socialist Germany in the 1930s. Of the seven problems I listed, the four most intractable ones are these:

(1)     The nuclear-armed state of Israel and its Samson Option, neither of which  existed as threats to peace before the establishment of the Zionist state in the wake of  WW-2.

(2)     The presence of 60 million Christian Zionists in America who are hand in glove with our new Masters, aiding and abetting them in their violation of international law and the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people.

(3)     The existence of a tentacular network of Jewish organizations in America, such as the ADL and AIPAC, holding the entire country to ransom; specifically, its mercenary and morally bankrupt politicans.

(4)       The lethal weapon of multiculturalism, a weapon unavailable for use against either Germany or Russia but now deployed to devastating effect against America’s Euro-American majority. “Global elites view the White Western world as the main obstacle standing in the way of a future world government,” Pat Buchanan is widely reported to have said in a 2004 speech. “Multiculturalism is a tool used by such elites to dismantle White Western civilization.”

Given that the Jews managed to achieve almost complete control of Germany and Russia even before the foundation of the Jewish state in 1948, it must surely be obvious that their executive power has increased exponentially with the acquisition of a military base in the Middle East, armed to the teeth with the deadliest nuclear warheads, many of these aimed at European capitals and some of them probably at the United States. It would be foolish to think that a country that killed Americans in cold blood in the USS Liberty attack of 1967, would have any scruples about doing so on a much vaster scale if ever America became the object of their hatred.

It is important at his point to consider the hidden facts surrounding the foundation of the state of Israel, if only because this will help us to get a better perspective of the Jewish problem.

The Jews were given Israel on the tacit understanding that most of them would go and live there, leaving the rest of the world Judenfrei or Jew-free. They reneged on their collective promise however—made implicitly on their behalf by their then leaders Theodor Hertzl and Chaim Weizmann—and they prefer now to regard Israel as a second home and place of refuge if things get too hot for them elsewhere.

Israel’s first president, Chaim Weizmann, wrote in his memoirs:

Whenever the quantity of Jews in any country reaches the saturation point, that country reacts against them. [This] reaction…cannot be looked upon as anti-Semitism in the ordinary or vulgar sense of that word; it is a universal social and economic concomitant of Jewish immigration, and we cannot shake it off. —  Chaim Weizmann, Trial and Error (1949). Quoted in Albert S. Lindemann’s The Jew Accused, 1991 (p. 277).

Herzl himself had made the same point much earlier. Anti-Semitism, he wrote, is “an understandable reaction to Jewish defects.” And in his diary he added: “I find the anti-Semites are fully within their rights.” (See here)

Having been given a homeland on the tacit understanding that they had to go and live there, the Jews were clearly under an obligation to do so. The object of the exercise is otherwise defeated. So why is it that 58 percent of the world’s 14 million Jews now live in America and Europe and only 37 percent in Israel? It certainly needs to be asked: why were the Palestinians expelled from their own country in order to accommodate another people who mostly choose to live elsewhere?

A Palestinian woman being attacked by Jewish settlers

“Nothing here in America compares to the horrors of Palestine….
Women are raped by Israeli military officials….Palestinian children
are doused with gasoline and
set on fire for the amusement of the IDF.”
— Jonathan Azaziah, Mizrahi American Jew

It is almost universally believed, thanks to Jewish ownership of the mass media, that the UN created Israel and that everyone was delighted when this happened. This is demonstrably false. Even the US government—or 99 percent of it—was adamantly opposed to the foundation of Israel. Indeed, former Undersecretary of State Dean Acheson was one of many who raised strenuous objections to America recognizing the Jewish state, predicting that “the West would pay a high price for Israel.” In spite of all these misgivings, the Jews got their state.

In reality [Alison Weir notes] while the UN General Assembly recommended the creation of a Jewish state in part of Palestine, that recommendation was non-binding and never implemented by the Security Council.

Second, the General Assembly passed that recommendation only after Israel proponents threatened and bribed numerous countries in order to gain a required two-thirds of votes.

Third, the US administration supported the recommendation out of domestic electoral considerations, and took this position over the strenuous objections of the State Department, the CIA, and the Pentagon.

Despite the shallow patina of legality its partisans extracted from the General Assembly, Israel was born over the opposition of American experts and of  governments around the world, who opposed it on both pragmatic and moral grounds.

(Emphasis added)

Why the Zionist landgrabbers should now be held in such high esteem in America and elsewhere, and their Palestinian victims spat upon and spurned at every opportunity, can be easily explained.

Apart from the Jewish-owned mass media which has managed to glamorize and cast a rose-tinted glow over its Frankenstein monster, the answer lies in one word: Holocaust. The Zionists have managed to convince the world that they are the moral legatees of the victims of the Holocaust. As such, they remain the Ultimate Victims.

Like Finkelstein, we are entitled to express concern over the cheap exploitation of Jewish suffering. It is an undeniable fact that the Holocaust is a major industry and that it is used as moral blackmail and carte blanche for monstrous crimes.

Israeli writer Ari Shavit summed it up neatly when he said: “We may murder with impunity, because the Holocaust museum is on our side”.

The Enemy Within

It can be convincingly argued, with a wealth of supportive quotations, that the presence of Jews in large numbers in any given country has always had catastrophic consequences for that country. (See Weizmann and Herzl quotes above). Organized Jewry has now spread its influence far and wide via the internet, newspapers, magazines and books. Hollywood, its most effective hasbara agent, spreads its poisonous propaganda all over the world, offering the ill-educated masses its lies and distortions and its laissez-faire Freudian sexual morality. Meanwhile the porn industry, dominated by Jews, promotes the demoralization of countless millions, creating sex addicts even out of children and driving many of its victims to despair and suicide.

With the triumph of Jewry comes the subjugation and enslavement of the entire non-Jewish world. Christianity becomes the first casualty, the family unit the second. Homosexuality and radical feminism become more strident in their attitudes and more extreme in their demands, opening up a Pandora’s box of evils: the push to normalize pedophilia, for example, and the systematic corruption of children through the promotion of child porn in the classroom.

We are in a critical situation. It was never Palestine on its own that organized Jewry wanted. Palestine was simply to be their base of operations for the conquest of the rest of the world.  According to Israel Shamir:

Palestine is not the ultimate goal of the Jews; the world is.  Palestine is just the place for world state headquarters…..The Jews intend to turn Jerusalem into the supreme capital of the world, and its rebuilt temple into the focal point of the Spirit on Earth. Christianity will die, the spirit will depart from the nations in our part of the world, and our present dubious democracy will be supplanted by a vast theocratic state. De-spiritualized and uprooted, homeless and lonely, yesterday’s Masters of the World [WASPs] will become slaves in all but name….The Jewish universe is good for Jews. It is a curse for others.  In the US, as Jewish influence has grown steadily since 1968, the lives of ordinary people have worsened. A good time for the Jews is not a good time for mankind. The blessing of the Jews is a curse for others. The regimes that are “good for Jews” are rarely good for anybody else.

The runes are easy enough to read. From the domination of Germany and Russia, the Jews contrived to leapfrog to the domination of America.

We see through a glass darkly, but what we see through the gathering gloom is the grim specter of an American dystopia: a Third World country hardly worth living in for its rapidly diminishing Euro-American majority.

It costs the American taxpayer $12 million an hour just to keep US troops in Afghanistan, a country America decided to invade on a rollercoaster of neoconservative lies. “The neocons,” Gilad Azmon comments cuttingly in a recent book, “transform the American army into an Israeli mission force.”

Incredibly, America’s closest ally, Israel, has yet to contribute a single soldier to Washington’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nor are American Jews particularly noted for their presence, let alone their heroism, in the fighting forces. And yet they fight with their pens most valiantly, far from the din of battle. It is they who beat the war drums the loudest, who profit most from the wanton slaughter of innocents, and who “get others to fight and die for them.”

The days of wine and roses are over. The American Dream is dead. Like Germany and Russia before it, America lies vanquished.


“The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach. I can safely promise you that our race will soon take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave.” — Rabbi Emmanuel Rabbinovich, speech delivered at a special conference of European rabbis in Budapest, January 12, 1952

Ruled by a Jewish elite and their Shabbat goy underlings, beyond the reach of international law and hated throughout the world, America is now an Israeli colony in all but name.

CONTINUED IN….. America Vanquished, Part 2: America under Jewish Rule


Dr Lasha Darkmoon (email her) is an academic with higher degrees in Classics. She is also a poet and translator. Her articles can be sampled here, her poems here.

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John Scott Montecristo is the editor of this website. He is Lasha Darkmoon's cousin.
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174 Responses to AMERICA VANQUISHED, Part 1: America as an Israeli Colony, by Dr Lasha Darkmoon ***

  1. Damian W says:

    This is a fantastically well-written article. I read it in where it was dreadfully printed and with no pictures. Is that a picture of Rabbi Rabbinovich?

  2. Berenice says:

    Germany…Russia…America. They all fell under Jewish hegemony. They had their hour in the sun, and then they had their eclipse.

    It’s now America’s turn.

    Scary. History repeats itself. It’s certainly Weimar Germany all over again. The Jew-induced sexual decadence. Soon it’ll be the Soviet gulags. Who ae they building all those FEMA camps for? They’ve already started torturing their own citizens, and the guys giving the orders, and manning the Think Tanks that make it all acceptable, are Jews.

    Remember Dershowitz, Professor of Law at Harvard? This is the Jew who openly recommends torture for SUSPECTS! I read somewhere he wants NEEDLES stuck under people’s fingernails to get them to talk.

    Things are definitely getting pretty bad in America, but Darkmoon’s vision of the future is bleaker than bleakest. She is the Ultimate Pessimist.

    • Jerry says:

      “Remember Dershowitz, Professor of Law at Harvard? This is the Jew who openly recommends torture for SUSPECTS! I read somewhere he wants NEEDLES stuck under people’s fingernails to get them to talk.”

      Yeah, I remember that sickening statement vomited by that very detestable, modern day Bolshevik. Ourageous and un-American to say the least! I say let’s give this rodent and his fellow ratz a good, long therapy session using his recommendation for all past and on-going social, moral and cultural corruption, disruption and ruination of this once great republic and other white homelands.

  3. Mel Gibstein says:

    Another fine article Dr. I feel we have met in St. Louis perhaps?

  4. Alexander says:

    I certainly can’t disagree with anything written here. I have read that the rabbis worship Lucifer and even though Jesus said to them in John 8:44 that they worship their father the devil for some reason I always had trouble connecting the modern rabbi with the older one but on being presented with a picture of a learned rabbi giving the devil’s sign, then who am I to disagree.

    Regarding This article has just appeared on and a number of other websites WITHOUT the author’s knowledge or prior consent. congratulations on having fame thrust upon you!

    • Montecristo (Editor) says:

      I believe Israel Shamir was responsible for the publication of the article on So thanks to him! He sent the article, without Lasha’s knowledge, to Jeff Rense and recommended its publication. (Lasha had sent him a first draft last week because Shamir had some important quotes in it). Lasha had no idea the article had even been published on rense until a couple of hours ago!

  5. Jack says:

    Dirty Little Secrets – the hidden, awkward origins of World War 2 – the unexpected views of four key diplomats who were close to events

    Just consider the following:

    · Joseph P. Kennedy, U.S. Ambassador to Britain during the years immediately preceding WW2 was the father of the famous American Kennedy dynasty. James Forrestal the first US Secretary of Defense (1947-1949) quotes him as saying “Chamberlain (the British Prime Minister) stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war”. (The Forrestal Diaries ed. Millis, Cassell 1952 p129).

    · Count Jerzy Potocki, the Polish Ambassador in Washington, in a report to the Polish Foreign Office in January 1939, is quoted approvingly by the highly respected British military historian Major-General JFC Fuller. Concerning public opinion in America he says “Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands…when bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe… It is interesting to observe that in this carefully thought-out campaign… no reference at all is made to Soviet Russia. If that country is mentioned, it is referred to in a friendly manner and people are given the impression that Soviet Russia is part of the democratic group of countries… Jewry was able not only to establish a dangerous centre in the New World for the dissemination of hatred and enmity, but it also succeeded in dividing the world into two warlike camps…President Roosevelt has been given the power.. to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.” (Fuller, JFC: The Decisive Battles of the Western World vol 3 pp 372-374.)

    · Hugh Wilson, the American Ambassador in Berlin until 1938, the year before the war broke out, found anti-Semitism in Germany ‘understandable’. This was because before the advent of the Nazis, “the stage, the press, medicine and law [were] crowded with Jews…among the few with money to splurge, a high proportion [were] Jews…the leaders of the Bolshevist movement in Russia, a movement desperately feared in Germany, were Jews. One could feel the spreading resentment and hatred.” (Hugh Wilson: Diplomat between the Wars, Longmans 1941, quoted in Leonard Mosley, Lindbergh, Hodder 1976).

    · Sir Nevile Henderson, British Ambassador in Berlin ‘said further that the hostile attitude in Great Britain was the work of Jews and enemies of the Nazis, which was what Hitler thought himself’ (Taylor, AJP: The Origins of the Second World War Penguin 1965, 1987 etc p 324).

    Etc etc etc etc – see details at

  6. Jack says:

    It’s now official – there’s been no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors :

    Quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:
    ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ (page 83)

    I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.

    In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

  7. Mark Hess says:

    Outstanding, Ms. Darkmoon. Your compassion, reason, courage and love for humanity truly shine in your writings like this one. Many sincere thanks for writing it.

    • Darkmoon says:

      Your kind words have brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Mark.

      • tom says:

        Dry your tears, Lasha and just please keep writing these great articles bringing the sometimes very dark truths to the world!!

        Anyone who dismisses your articles is already lost…..


  8. Well done again Lasha and so pertinently. But there is justice in the world. My understanding of unprecedented horror is that Talmud-crazed goy-hating hunchbacks were emancipated after, say, Waterloo as the hammer of the one hated God’s perfectly just revenge for unprecedented, aggravated apostasy. History’s most terrible century began with genocide on Africa’s white tribe, and immune super crime has intensified to our own day. In the “60′s Revolution,” the one hated Church went down like a brain-shot elephant so there are no churches even to flee to if one does actually wake in fright. However, when Jewry finally grasps the total destruction of Catholicism has been successfully accomplished, Jews themselves will be heavily instrumental in rebuilding the earthly Church Militant, just as St Paul prophesied. I agree that this understanding is scarcely comprehensible because true religion has been so thoroughly discredited. But truth doesn’t change.

    • Berenice says:

      Well said, Michael. You give us some hope! So all will be well in the end, right? I wish I could feel it…!

    • tom says:

      The Roman Catholic Church will NEVER be completely destroyed by Judaism as it is the one true Church established by God Himself and He promised us “the gates of hell would not prevail against it,” and that He would be with it “even to the end of the world.” That, of course, doesn’t mean it won’t be attacked or have problems. Satan doesn’t waste his time attacking false religions.
      As Christ said to his apostles: If they’ve persecuted me, they will also persecute you……..

      • vox says:

        Jesus said the gates of hell would not prevail against the (in this case Peter’s) recognition of the Christ- not a church

        • thomas mallon says:

          The Catholic Church (almost alone) is not viciously attacked and distorted 24×7 by the media for nothing. It is the Zionist Evangelicals who have **already** been conquered. Better think on that, bud.

  9. peter bridge says:

    Hello Bright Darkmoon,
    Thank you for this. All this material I am fully familiar with but good to send on to the political innocents. Nothing has changed my decades long conviction that what happened to Russia is coming to America.
    When you say such things people start thinking of straitjackets. Cassandra etc.
    In ‘New Lies for Old’ Anatoly Golitsyn warned of the second, real, holocaust to come (Russia 1, USA 2).
    Have you read ‘Under the Sign of the Scorpion’ by Juri Lena? You must. Available as hard copy or download. The detail and the new info on the soviet jewish criminals is staggering. It really needs a push on the ‘Occidental Observer’ site. The same for Michael Hoffman’s books – It is sickening to delve into the judaic mind, but without s**t there is no fertiliser for new growth.
    Regards P., Australia.

  10. Junghans says:

    How true. By controlling the mass media, Jewry is able to dominate the discourse, and thus manipulate the popular mindset. Unbeknown to most so-called “gentiles”, America has, indeed, degenerated into a de-facto, Jewish run colony. It now functions as Jewry’s bank, and as Jewry’s military proxy, otherwise known as a ‘Golem’.

  11. Thank you so much for the link, Dr. Darkmoon. I am extremely honoured! Your work is an inspiration to me and to find one of my pieces as a link puts a wonderful big smile on my face…

  12. Joe Webb says:

    HI Lasha..shoot me an email please…your old one does not work. Joe

  13. thomas mallon says:

    Much of this is very compelling. But as we expose and make sure we do not fall into the temptation to hate (it is self-deceit to say this is not a temptation)—-otherwise we become like the worst of these. It’s time to demand justice, and just punishments for breaking the peace, for ruining the economy, time to get back to reason, fairness, the end of monopolies (esp)—-in short, and listen ye Dionysian pagans, back to the Christian moral consensus which before Calvin despised Calvin’s usury as much as his ruination of art and the humanizing effect of Jesus.

  14. J M Damon says:

    Thanks for this enlightening article.
    I would just add my voice to those who say — Don’t despair!
    As Michael points out, there is justice in the world.
    Resistance to Zionism is growing everywhere, thanks in no small part to humanistic Jews such as G. Atzmon and I. Shamir.
    Jews are an extraordinary people — both extraordinarily good and extrordinarily bad.
    Consider that the terms “Shoa Business” and “Holocaust Industry” were formulated by anti Zionist Jews.
    In my opinion the solution to the Jewish problem is to support the good Jews and oppose the bad ones.

    • Hi J M,
      It’s Zionism, is it? And “humanistic Jews” are going to solve the problem that we poor, pathetic whites are unable to solve. The terms Shoa Business and Holocaust Industry have not brought an end to the extortion, have they? Guenter Deckert invented the word Holo, but he doesn’t get any credit; Ernst Zundel doesn’t get any credit either — I’m sure he invented a phrase or two. Why is it only Jews get the positive media attention and all sorts of applause from liberal whites? Can it be because the Jews are running the whole show … and allow the good Jews to make us complacent?

      • turtle says:

        Somewhere I read a quote “Truth seeking is antisemetic”.
        Maybe we should change that to “Truthseeking is antizionist”.
        I have never been very good with definitions but I know some pedantic semetics who enjoy semantic obfuscation (try saying that 3 times fast : ) through objection to inaccurate generalisations.

  15. Eamon says:

    FWIW, here is some food for thought on the Catholic Church in our times…

    There is hope, but it does not come from any merely human agency. We are going to get hammered — and very soon — like none of us can imagine. Yes, it will result in a beautiful and complete ‘resurrection’, but most of those presently alive will no longer be in via. Here is an interesting and edifying book for those who might not have read about these things:

    November 2nd is All Souls’ Day…requiescant in pace. Godspeed :)

  16. Eamon says:

    IMO, the idea that there is justice in the world is, at this point in time, completely annihilated by a veritable mountain of evidence — at least where anything like ‘the system’ is concerned. The forces of Divine justice are beginning to move through the waters, but none of the mega-criminals of these times will see justice via the system — they OWN it. They will continue to “get away with” their lying, stealing, and mass murdering — but not for too much longer. The chastisement is on the way and the scum of the earth will be purged from the system. As for those who say, rightly, that the Church will never be destroyed, that does not mean that it could not be/has not been infiltrated and/or counterfeited. Consider this:

    I find particularly disturbing the evidence that Pope John Paul II participated in idolatrous worship among animists at Lake Togo in Africa:

    The Pope’s own newspaper reported how, upon his arrival at this place, “a sorcerer began to invoke the spirits: ‘Power of water, I invoke you. Ancestors, I invoke you.’” Following this invocation of “spirits,” the Pope was presented “with a receptacle full of water and flour. [He] first made a slight bow and then dispersed the mixture in all directions. In the morning he had performed the same action before Mass. That pagan rite [!] signifies that he who receives the water, symbol of prosperity, shares it with his ancestors by throwing it on the ground.” [L’Osservatore Romano, Italian edn., August 11, 1985, p. 5].

    Shortly after his return to Rome, the Pope expressed satisfaction with his public participation in the prayer and ritual of animists: “The prayer meeting in the sanctuary at Lake Togo was particularly striking. There I prayed for the first time with animists.” [La Croix, August 23, 1985].

    Karol Wojtyla’s mother was Emily Katz. His best friends were Judaics and he went to the synagogue with them at a time when everyone knew that such was strictly verboten. HeL-Lo-O!

    That which most take to be the Catholic Church is but a counterfeit, run by crypto-rabbis like Wojtyla and destroying the supernatural faith of hundreds of millions of people.

    Here is a cryptic comment from Wojtyla, found in the September 1983 issue of Queen Magazine, published by the Montfort Fathers from Bayshore, New York:

    Question: “Holy Father, what has become of the 3rd Secret of Fatima? According to Our Lady’s instructions, wasn’t it supposed to be revealed in 1960? And what will happen in the Church?”

    Response: “Because of the seriousness of its contents, in order not to encourage the world wide power of Communism to carry out certain coups, my Predecessors in the Chair of Peter have diplomatically preferred to withhold its publication.

    “On the other hand, it should be sufficient for all Christians to know this much.
    If there is a message in which it is said that the oceans will flood entire sections
    of the earth, that, from one moment to the other, millions of people will perish,
    there is no longer any point in really wanting to publish this secret message.
    Many want to know merely out of curiosity, or because of their taste for
    sensationalism, but they forget that to know implies for them a responsibility.
    It is dangerous to want to satisfy one’s curiosity only, if one is convinced that
    we can do nothing against a catastrophe that has been predicted.”

    Why mention the second part about the oceans and millions of deaths?

    Anyway, the world will not be renewed until Holy Church is renewed. That renewal will not take place until after the long-foretold chastisement. As dark as it may be now, it is going to get a lot darker during the next 18 months. Hold fast :)

  17. Floda says:

    Thank you Dr Lasha for another timely warning of what surely lies ahead for the White Race unless something changes within our people World wide.

    You mentioned four major issues in America today which were not present in National Socialist Germany of the 1930′s period. My thoughts sprang at once to what one sees in America which was certainly not available to 1930′s Germans and which may prove to be an obstacle to the Jews.

    Firstly, Americans are now more heavily armed than ever before in all history with over half the population owning a gun and that owners are overwhelmingly White males. In a 1994 survey it was estimated 300 Million guns were in private hands. Today there are probably many more. This will be an obstacle for our Jewish friends in the event they want to come knocking on Whitey’s door at 4Am like they did in Ukraine and Russia.

    Secondly, the Internet: It must be remembered the Germans were defeated militarily in WW2 ending in May 1945. In earlier 1920′s to 1933 Germany actually defeated the Jew by electing Herr Hitler who made life difficult for them and caused them to leave in great numbers. On the internet one can easily detect the beginnings of a huge backlash against World Jewry, especially in America.

    Combine an armed and extremely hostile to the ZOG White civilian population who are rapidly waking up to Jewish fraud in Banking, the Media/Politics (Ignoring, belittling Ron Paul) the endless Wars, not to mention the USS Liberty and the murderous 9/11 inside job for Jewish interests and what you have are the makings of a resistance movement.

    I suggest the resistance is already taking form. I find an interesting parallel with The ‘Oathkeepers’ movement in America today and 1930′ s Germany ‘Sturmabteilung’, or SA. Oathkeepers are former or current American military and Law enforcement officers. Anyone who swore the oath of allegiance and whose main mission is that they will refuse to obey orders involving violence against America citizens under any circumstances.

    If that isn’t a resistance to ZOG movement, I am a monkey’s uncle!

    Germany’s SA was somewhat similar in that it was comprised of former German Soldiers. The 1919 Versailles treaty forced upon Germany an army reduced in numbers approximating that of the numbers of the Fire brigade in the country. In the end the SA had 2 million men! Hitler used the SA as a kind of private army on his way to power.

    Sitting as I am in faraway Australia I see the ‘Occupy’ movement as the first stirring of a potential upheaval. Imagine what happens if there is a complete financial collapse and someone like Ron Paul is by a miracle, elected to POTUS and then the evil, ever scheming Jews do a JFK on him because he did abolish the FED and he did begin printing US Dollars backed by Silver. All hell would break loose and we would win just as the Russians eventually won and as the Germans of the 1930′s did.

    The question then would be, who on Earth wants America’s and Australia’s and Canada’s Jews? The facts are they can’t live among themselves and we cannot have these parasites live among our people. Israel is doomed anyway, so where to? Perhaps Madagascar, surrounded by Warships from all nations to prevent them escaping?

  18. Floda, forget organising resistance while the Satanic societies (not “the Jews”) control legitimiate authority and organised crime. Most Jewish people hate the silent Judaic commandment “Hate thy neighbour,” and most assimiliate in fear of Judaic despair of any enduring good in or after life; most yearn to be free of the unmentionable fear that they might just be instrinsically evil for having descended from the “Christ killers,” because the evidence of “Jewish” perfidy is overwhelming if Satan and free moral choice will are factored out. What Lasha surveyed is horrific chastisement/punishment, deliverance from which is strictly religious.

  19. Why is it that everyone the author quotes as critical of the Jews or of Israel is a Jew?! I think Pat Buchanen and Eustace Mullins are the only non-Jews mentioned. Why is it that all academics or pseudo-academics try so hard to convince us that we have all kinds of Jewish friends. It’s just not so. When are white European people going to be able to tell the truth while standing on their own two feet, not leaning on “friendly” Jews and giving them all the credit? Political correctness runs very deep.

    • Ruth Bernstein says:

      I am acquainted with your writings, madam. I was given something you wrote to read by my professor at college. I was appalled and had to rush to the washroom to sick up my lunch. You are a disgrace to civilized society, Caroline Yeager. I feel very sorry for you. You are an anti-Semitic bitch and a corrupter of youth.

      • Thank you Bernstein. Your attack is a badge of honor to me. It’s good to know I’m being read in college, even if it is a college you attend. To be antisemitic is to be someone who has realized the truth (a truth that cannot be changed by liberal belief in “the good jew” or a hundred Norman Finklesteins and Israel Shamirs), so I proudly wear the label. You will never find me denying it.

        However the bitch word belongs to you.

      • Gasan says:

        I think, your gefilte fish sandwich was to blame. Next time, try not to blame Caroline’s website and always check the expiration date on those fish sandwiches

      • Steven Lewis (@1776blues) says:

        And with your name calling Ms. Bernstein whats that make you? Please elaborate what exactly is it that, Carolyn, a fine author and excellent talk show host as well as an excellent historian, she wrote?

        Ms. Bernstein I wanted to vomit when I read your unfounded and vague attack on Carolyn. Resorting to name calling is pretty juvenile.

        Who is corrupting the youth? Consider mandatory teaching of the holohoax to American children; now that should make one vomit!

        Also, its pretty sad that this event that supposedly happened needs laws in several countries that prohibit investigating it, questioning it, or denying it. This should send up a huge red flag or turn on the brightest light warning everyone there is a huge problem.

      • Jerry says:

        “I was appalled and had to rush to the washroom to sick up my lunch.”

        I am “appalled” and made “sick” every time I hear another bogus, outrageous, improbable tale from the holocaust! Ditto when I see the endless anti-culture poison your tribe is feeding the mAsses via its television programs, movies, printed material, etc.

        “You are a disgrace to civilized society, Caroline Yeager.”

        Au contraire, Ruthstein, Caroline Yeager is an honorable, honest and decent woman. I’ve never found anything she has written to be untrue, unlike your tribe which constantly and consistantly LIES, DECEIVES, PREVARICATES and OBFUSCATES!

        Tis ugly Jews like YOU who are a “disgrace to civilized society!”

        “I feel very sorry for you.”

        Feel sorry for yourself, you condescending douche bag! And for the victims of your tribe’s criminality, nationwrecking and subversion!

        “You are an anti-Semitic bitch and a corrupter of youth.”

        Ha! That’s a laugh! Nothing could be further from the truth, you anti-Gentile dirtbag! YOU are merely projecting YOUR persona upon her, you nasty uber-bitch!

        Get a load of that Jewish ‘frying pan’ calling the kettle black! Tis YOUR tribe that is THE “corrupter of youth!” Just turn on MTV, for example! I can’t watch it for more than a minute before I am appalled” and made “sick” and start cursing like a sailor at the TV!

        • jessel meyer says:

          fuck u and all your tribe, u aint got nuthin on ruth, she’s my elder sister and she’s alrite. sorry about my speling but i”m dislecksick and i’m onley 14.

      • lobro says:

        ruth, with all due respect i seem to detect a familiar, oddly non-jewish cadence in your post.

        for all the anti-troll work you do, i don’t think that lasha (can’t remember under what pseudonim she appeared at xymphora) needs outside goosing, her work is excels on its own merits.

        try as you might, you had a late start and will never sound quite jewish, so why not just speak your true mind.

        to the next year in judenfrei jerusalem!

  20. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    The final campaign of these anti-Whites is well underway: White Genocide.

    They’ve opened the borders of every White country to a flood of non-Whites, which will interbreed Whites out of existence.

    How many families do you already know that have mixed children somewhere in them?

    These anti-Whites don’t demand that Japan flood itself with non-Japanese.

    They don’t demand that China flood itself with non-Chinese.

    But if you object to the flooding of white countries with non-whites, you are a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They call themselves anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White

    • Jerry says:

      “But if you object to the flooding of white countries with non-whites, you are a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

      Yeah, and Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are alive and well on this ‘flat’ earth we reside on.

      The “hoax of the twentieth century”, like Prof. Arthur Butz called it, MUST be smashed for the white tribe’s very survival and future of our children is at stake thanks to the immigration policies put in place because of this colossal MYTH!

  21. thomas mallon says:

    Lesbians / bisexuals (what else can we conclude from the poetry here?) should recuse themselves from discussions regarding popes. They have too many other axes to grind to be objective. All the criticisms here have been answered if people will take time to look and reflect.

    • Sardonicus says:

      I haven’t noticed any lesbian poetry here.

      I’ve seen some lesbian poems by Baudelaire and Verlaine translated here by Lasha Darkmoon, but I assure you neither Baudelaire or Verlaine were lesbians! :)

      Some of the best lesbian poetry ever written, in case you’re interested, was written by a man.

      He was the Frenchman Pierre Louys.


      • thomas mallon says:

        How about promiscuous poetry here then? Consider the snippet she has about jerking off a stranger in a theater (Don’t remove it, Lasha! Explain it!)?

        • Lucy Skipping says:

          The poem you refer to (“Indecent Encounter”) was removed from the site several months ago, but this was the Editor’s doing.

          He had received complaints from Darrell Wright, a former monk, about this poem and various others by a French poet called Petra Scandali whose lesbian verse Lasha had translated into English. Darrell didn’t like his poems to appear on a site which also published poems he considered “obscene”.

          Partly to placate the highminded Darrell and not to give offense to others of a delicate constitution, Montecristo the editor decided to delete all these potentially disturbing poems.

          Neither I nor my sister Lasha felt it was the right decision to remove these poems. But we have no say in the matter. We don’t own this website. Montecristo does. He’s the boss here.

        • Lucy Skipping says:

          thomas mallon says:
          November 3, 2011 at 5:47 am

          “Lesbians / bisexuals (what else can we conclude from the poetry here?) should recuse themselves from discussions regarding popes…”

          The poem you refer to, “Indecent Encounter”, was not an obscene or pornographic poem. Lasha wrote this poem purely as a literary exercise. It was originally a joke she’d read in a Joke Book. Someone challenged her to turn it into a poem. So she did.

          It’s not as if Lasha sat down and, impelled by salacious thoughts, wrote a porny poem. It’s a ribald and satircal poem, not a porny one. Any normal person who reads that poem is not going to get sexed up. They’re going to laugh.

          So get your head together, Thomas, and stop being such a darn prude!

          One other thing I want to assure you about is this: Lasha is NOT, as you seem to think, a lesbian or even a besexual. I’ve known her all my life. She’s my sister. And she’s 100 percent heterosexual.

          Yes, there are lesbian poems here. And anyone reading some of these poems (like “Solitaire” for example) would jump to the conclusion that Lasha was a lesbian. It’s undeniable that there’s a homoerotic streak in many of Lasha’s poems. She admits it. But writing lesbian verse and BEING a lesbian are two entirely different things, Thomas.

          You will understand better what I am saying if you realize that “Lasha Darkmoon” is a persona, not a person.

          “Lasha Darkmoon” may well have distinct lesbian traits, but the person BEHIND THE MASK, whose name may be “Laura”, is not a lesbian and has never had a lesbian experience.

          In other words, “Lasha Darkmoon” could well be lesbian or bisexual, as you yourself have noted — but “Laura”, the woman BEHIND “Lasha Darkmoon”, is most emphatically not!

          That is the truth. I know. Because I am Lasha’s younger sister and have known her since birth. We live in the same house together by the sea.

        • thomas mallon says:

          Lucy Skipping writes,

          “Neither I nor my sister Lasha felt it was the right decision to remove these poems. But we have no say in the matter. We don’t own this website. Montecristo does. He’s the boss”.

          O Yes? Poems about jerking off strangers in theaters—translated lesbian verse too? And Lasha has the balls to censure the licentious Jews about lewdness? Lewd they are if the media tells, but Lasha? What about dear Lasha?

      • thomas mallon says:

        Sardonicus writes, “I’ve seen some lesbian poems by Baudelaire and Verlaine translated here by Lasha Darkmoon…”

        O Yes?

        • thomas mallon says:

          Lucy Skipping writes.

          “Any normal person who reads that poem is not going to get sexed up. They’re going to laugh. ”

          O Yes? May I re-post it for the fun then?

        • thomas mallon says:

          Lucy skipping writes,

          “It’s undeniable that there’s a homoerotic streak in many of Lasha’s poems. She admits it.”


          “But writing lesbian verse and BEING a lesbian are two entirely different things, Thomas.”


      • Lucy Skipping says:

        Don’t be so confrontational, Thomas. Anyone would think you were a misogynist. Lasha lives a chaste life and would never dream of doing the horrible things you suggest. She’s the nearest thing I know to a Vestal Virgin.

  22. GusPeters says:

    Well said Harumpty Dumpty.

    I`ve yet to come across a single so-called “anti-racist” who will allow white people anywhere on this planet to say no to mass immigration and “assimilation”.

    It`s only white countries targeted for this demographic extermination(GENOCIDE) by these so-called “anti-racists”.

    I agree,Anti-racist IS a code word for anti-white.

  23. Well said GusPeters. Proof that racism does not exist is that it is hurled only at whites. However, berserk hatred of Europeans for preserving Christianity, and the lately matured absurdity of calling whites ‘Caucasian,’ of core Jewish stock, reveals why. Only Judaism teaches racial superiority and commands “Hate thy neighbour” to fend off maddening guilt typically onto host societies whose patriotism is called xenophobia. Nations do not hate their neighbours, they love their own. Wicked Judaism is the sole source of hatred called racism, and accusing Jews of anything is called anti-semitism to suppress the truth that only Jews despise or hate Jews. The Satanist Moses Hess, formative teacher of Karl Marx, was father of emancipated Jewry’s murderous racism. Its globalist version came to be called Zionism and its nationalist obverse came to be called Nazism. Hitler was financed in 1929 by New York finance to scream bloody murder against Jews to drive them out toward The Zionists’ Palestine projest. Master Race garbage and ultra-nationalism are solely from Judaism.

    • Michael McDonnell,
      As you cry out against hate, you drop your toxic garbage at the end of your comment. You may not like Nazism, but that is not a good enough reason to claim falsely, with no evidence, that “Hitler was financed in 1929 by New York finance to scream bloody murder against Jews ” for the Zionists’ Palestine project. I would like you to provide proof of that beyond simply naming a very sensationalist book titled “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.” I would be happy to debate the issue with you on any neutral site, following official rules of debate. I assure you you would lose, because you are wrong.

      • Jerry says:

        Well said, Carolyn. If Mr. McConnell were more (correctly) informed about the true history of that era, he’d direct his scorn at Jewish Communism and its sixty-six million victims* alone in Russia, Ukraine and surrounding Slavic countries in addition to the several million more indirect victims of this colossal tyranny, er, I mean, “workers paradise”, i.e., grieving family members and friends as well as those who suffered through and survived the inhumane conditions of the ghoulish gulags in the Siberian tundra run by joo-know-who.

        *The Red Holocaust.

  24. Jack says:

    Two Zionist trial runs of the
    ’6 Million’ story, some decades before WWII

    Max Nordau (1849-1923) was the co-founder of the World Zionist Organization together with Theodor Herzl.
    Have a look at this Max Nordau quote from Ben Hecht’s book ‘Perfidy’ – which is available for free in PDF format at (on page 232 of 261):
    In the Zionist Congress of 1911, 22 years before Hitler came to power, and three years before World War I, Nordau said, “How dare the smooth talkers, the clever official blabbers, open their mouths and boast of progress. . . . Here they hold jubilant peace conferences in which they talk against war. . . . But the same righteous Governments, who are so nobly, industriously active to establish the eternal peace, are preparing, by their own confession, complete annihilation for six million people, and there is nobody, except the doomed themselves, to raise his voice in protest although this is a worse crime than any war . . .” unquote.

    And take a look at the article from The American Hebrew, October 31 1919, prophesying a ‘holocaust’ of ‘six million’:
    The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!
    By Martin H. Glynn
    (Former Governor of the State of N.Y.)
    From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help, and eight hundred thousand little children cry for bread.
    These children, these men and women are our fellow-members of the human family, with the same claim on life as we, the same susceptibility to the winter’s cold, the same propensity to death before the fangs of hunger. Within them reside the illimitable possibilities for the advancement of the human race as naturally would reside in six million human beings. We may not be their keepers but we ought to be their helpers.
    In the face of death, in the throes of starvation there is no place for mental distinctions of creed, no place for physical differentiations of race. In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate, only the most idealistic promptings of human nature should sway the heart and move the hand.
    Six million men and women are dying from lack of the necessaries of life, etc etc etc

  25. john says:

    the jew doing the satanic hand sign is Yitzchak Ginzburg

    “If a Jew needs a kidney, is it allowed, in order to save his life, to take the kidney from a Goy (non-Jew), passing by, even if he is not guilty of anything? In my opinion, Torah allows it. The life of a Jew is priceless”– Lubavitcher rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

    “As for the Goyim… Zalman’s attitude (was): “Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.”…If every simple cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is a part of God. Therefore, something is special about Jewish DNA…” “…If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value,” he explained. “There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life.”— Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh in “Jewish Week,” the largest Jewish publication in the United States, April 26, 1996.

    “If you saw two people drowning, a Jew and a non-Jew, the Torah says you save the Jewish life first,” Rabbi Ginsburgh told the Jewish Week.

    “There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life.” — Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburgh in Jewish Week, the largest Jewish publication in the United States.

  26. Frankly Speaking says:

    Dr. Darkmoon, you are the paradigmatic example of the old adage that “no good deed goes unpunished”. Your truth-telling must have cost you dearly. I know of very few, if any, people with your courage, concern and eloquence. If I had a fortune, I would use it to subsidize your efforts. As this is most assuredly not the case, I will simply try and spread the word about your insights and Joan-of-Arc nission. I’ll start by stating that you are the ONLY person I know of who speaks the truth, consistently and fearlessly, to the Jewish perfidy wh/ surrounds us.

    What an odd people are the Jews—trapped in a vicious cycle entirely of their own making! Millenia ago, they stole others’ lands—then justified the act via their religious writings. So far, nothing new. Then. however, they took the road of casting hubristic, endogamous scorn onto the rest of humanity. They isolated themselves.

    In this stance, they engendered the anger, then the hatred of others who hosted their vile enclaves. These “others’ being more numerous, vented their wrath upon the Jews—either by isolating them (which they wanted anyway) or ultimately avenging the Jews’ slights and crimes.

    Incredibly, the inbred Jews have become an extremely brilliant and creative segment of humanity. They help humainty through science and the arts; but they also exploit them relentlessly: they violate their ethics and, above all else, they control them. They accomplish the latter through both overt and execrable actions and also extremely subtle, seditious machinations. Ultimately, when the exploited and agrieved wake up, they lash out. This, unfortunately allows the Jews to play a foxy game of “victim”. On it goes.

    The sad fact is that the vast, oceanic plupart of humanity is markedly less intelligent and less erudite that the Jew, and thus this state of affairs will perpetuate itself ad nauseum. One need only look to the American public—-its utter lack of sensibility and taste (fostered eagerly by the controlling Jews), and its pathologically self-destructive political actions—to see doom writ large.

    In a microcosmic but telling view, what Jews did to public education in the past 50 or so years ensures that the above endgame scenario will arrive scarcely impeded by the occasional “awakening” of the sheeple that the Jews presently control. They have never touched, even tangentially, a society without bringing about its demise. You don’t think Americans are dying by the score weekly in the Mideast “defending AMERICA” do you?

    Darkmoon and Buchanan are our only truth-tellers. Long live.


  27. Frankly Speaking says:

    Oooops, “nission” (above) is my spelling of “mission”! Yikes! Ignore the other numerous linguistic gaffs, and you’ll catch my drift despite them.

  28. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    It`s only white countries targeted for this demographic extermination(GENOCIDE) by these so-called “anti-racists”.

    I agree, Anti-racist IS a code word for anti-white.

    Nobody is saying that Africa needs diversity.

    Nobody is saying that Asia needs diversity.

    They are already 100% diverse.

    People are only telling white children in white countries that they need diversity.

    White Countries will be 100% diverse when there are no white people left.

    Diversity is a code-word for white genocide.
    African countries for Africans.
    Asian countries for Asians.
    Israel for Jews or you’re an anti-semite!
    White countries for everyone or you’re a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionje­­ws!

    • Jerry says:

      “Nobody is saying that Africa needs diversity.

      Nobody is saying that Asia needs diversity. ”

      Above all, nobody is saying that ISRAEL needs diversity! Right, Jews?

  29. Holocaust® Industry survivor says:

    Dumpty, both of those are excellent. May I use them?

  30. Harumphty Dumpty says:


    Absolutely! No attribution is necessary. Here’s the complete version:

    Our goal is to prevent White Genocide.

    We seek to overthrow the hegemony of the anti-Whites’ terminology (the r-word and all its relatives), and replace it with our pro-White terminology of “anti-White,” “pro-White,” and “White genocide.” And we hope to implant in every mind the phrase,

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    We proceed by the same method our anti-White enemies used successfully to implant their anti-White terminology: constant repetition of our phrases everyplace possible.

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