Crimes of the Bolsheviks, by Isabella Fanfani (ed.) ***


A revised and re-edited version of A Sea of Blood: the Truth about Bolshevik Russia, a 12,000-word pamphlet originally published in Munich (1926) and authored by a Russian émigré  known as “Dr Gregor”.

Pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon

1.  Introduction

Nine years have already passed since an indescribable crime against humanity, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, was systematically begun. Now in its ninth year [1926], a government exists which calls itself a worker-and-peasant government—but not one true worker or farmer has ever sat on it. For nine years, torture has been used in the name of democra­cy as an official instrument of the state. And in the name of socialism millions of upright individu­als have been murdered, put to death through starvation, or banished from home and hearth to every distant part of the globe.

In the name of the proletariat the Russian people has been subjugated by rank foreigners, their speech has been silenced, and their bodies sent—to the cheers of the [Jewish] Third International — into mass graves.

An old Russian expression says: “There are never more lies told than before a war and after a hunt.” And in point of fact the Great War [WW1] never had a true armistice; it never really ended. And the hunt for more human skulls — of course only Chris­tian and Aryan skulls will do — continues in accordance with a sinister and systematic plan. And thus the great lie blooms forth, in effect a form of worship of the Father of Lies,  by that international scum calling itself the Bolsheviks.

Mundus vult decipi! — the world wants to be deceived! It believes Soviet lies and fairy tales and even participates in this sick comedy, sending delegations of well-known people, leftists of course, incapable of understanding the Russian language, and sympathetic to boot with the goals of the Third International!

[The 3rd Internationale was the third great convention meeting held by ultra-radical Jews and Marxists in 1919 to coordinate Communist activities worldwide.]

Off these foreign guests go to Soviet Russia to “study” the situation. These splendid chaps have no idea what Russia was like before the Bolsheviks—and what it could have become without them in the meantime! On the other hand, the Soviet Union’s new friends show great knowledge and appreciation for our Russian caviar and vodka! The caviar is good, the vodka burns like fire going down, and in the brain-fog of democratic good will one somehow misses the rivers of blood, the dashed brain fragments, and the slithering clatter of mil­lions of slaves’ chains.

And so internationalist democracy celebrates its rites of sacrifice. The Christian lamb is slaughtered, and Annias and Caiaphas [Jewish leaders in the Sanhedrin who condemned Jesus to death], today representing international stock market capital, are the guests of honor at the feast.

Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky

The four Jews—Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky—who helped to destroy the Christian Russia of the tsars and replace it with an atheistic Communism in which 66 million Russian Christians were put to death in the gulags run by the  cheka.

2.  The systematic destruction of Russia

The old Russia no longer exists.

In its place we have a vast desert: its intelligentsia 90% annihilated, its middle class throttled, its work­ing class made serfs once again — but this time serfs in state-owned factories, workers who just for using the word “strike” can be put up against the wall! As for the farmer, now he is a mere beast of burden, a camel in the Soviet-made Sahara, laboring without question for his Jewish exploiters and nearly without pay.

For a non-initiate it must be entirely incomprehensible how such a mighty empire, seemingly in one night of revolution, could be set aflame at all four corners and destroyed.

However, in one night it did not happen.

The events of March 1917 — Kerensky’s middle-class overthrow of the tsar — and of November 1917 — the Bolshevik putsch against Kerensky’s government — were only the visible re­sult of years of patient, mole-like undermining activities by the Jewish Internationale: a work which did not begin in the criminal minds of Marx, Kautsky and Engels, but instead in an earlier alliance of Jewry with the higher grades of world Freemasonry.

These lofty “idealists” have tortured and killed, in the name of Russia’s workers and peasants — and according to their very own statistics — the following numbers of victims in the first four years of the glorious Russian Revolution: 28 bishops of the Church, 1,215 priests and 6,000 monks. Why? Just because they were bishops, priests and monks, and because they believed in God — who is of course merely a disposable middle-class superstition.

Next come 8,800 Christian doctors and their aides. Why? Because they represented non-Jewish middle-class medicine.

Now come the officers: 54,650 army and naval officers, 10,500 police offi­cers (lieutenant-rank and above) and 48,500 lower-ranking policemen. And for what reason? Because they were military and police officers, and we all know that “militarism” is no longer permissible for any nationalistic and Aryan-conscious white people. It is only allowed to Red bandits, who call themselves proletarians, to dig the real proletariat a mass grave.

Then there are 260,000 flag-loyal soldiers of the old army, all now executed. But even this statistic is trifling. Now come the intelligentsia: teachers, professors, engineers, building contractors, writers and judges — especially judges, because these were the most dangerous for a state ruled by convicted felons.

To them let us add lawyers, district attorneys and all the college-educated occupations — to reach the number of 361,825 murdered members of our most mentally demanding professions. I will not even tarry over our annihilated class of large landowners, consisting of 12,950 persons.

And when someone asks me how the Russian intelligentsia can bear the Bolshevik yoke, I always answer that the Russian intelligentsia is either literally six feet under or in exile, and that the tiny remainder left over has suffered such a blood-letting and systematic humiliation through the communist steamroller that they have forfeited every last bit of self-esteem and personal honor.

Finally, we come to the modest numbers of workers and peasants executed by the worker-and-peasant state. They amount to only 192,350 workers and 815,000 peasants. All these figures are official statistics pub­lished by the Cheka [forerunner of the KGB] and printed in easily obtainable Bolshevik newspapers during this period when the anti-communist White Russian forces were fighting Trotsky and the Red Army, [1917-1921].

All these facts can be verified in the complete volumes of informa­tion or excerpts published in 1922 by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kingdom of Serbia, the only coun­try in Europe which is fighting mercilessly against the disease of communism.

Even this enormous number of casualties is small compared to the mentally ill persons now running around free in Soviet Russia — four million eight hundred thousand of them. But this is no surprise. Even the old Russia did not have enough sanatoria and hospitals for them. Now the whole country has become a madhouse.

The murders continue and the blood flows on, albeit only Christian and Aryan blood.

When during the 1922 Famine, 30,000 human beings were dying every day, Jewish leader Trotsky made the sarcastic remark: “All the better — look at the paperwork that will save us now!”

3.  Tsars assassinated by the Jews

After Nicholas I, his son Alexander II mounted the throne, a true friend of his people. In 1861 he  abolished serfdom and gave the peasants land. This reform happened through the mir arrangement of village communities — an institution far closer to true and sincere communism than the capitalistic, tax-exploitative system we see in Soviet Russia today.

This same tsar, Alexander II, who in 1864 gave his people a whole new trial procedure for their court system — then the fairest and most progressive in Europe — underwent seven attempts to assas­sinate him, until finally, in an eighth attempt perpetrated by Goldmann, Liebermann and Zuckermann — can anyone mistake their race? — successfully carried out the wishes of London.

[Great Britain was by this time in the control of the Jewish bankers of the City of London.]

Alexander II, the great benefactor of his nation, was dynamited on March 1, 1881 — the very day that he was to bestow on his country a new, constitutional form of government.

Alexander II was gone.

Alexander III now became tsar. With respect to this monarch who preserved Euro­pean peace, we Russians were all convinced that when he died in 1894, he had succumbed to a normal illness — in this case an acute kidney infection. How great was afterward our amazement when we learned — on the run, in exile, and from Jewish sources — that this tsar too had fallen victim to the criminal minds of the tribe of Judah.

The Jew Saltus exults over this fact in his book The Imperial Orgy, published in New York in 1920. In·his foam-mouthed delirium over the successful downfall of the Christian-Aryan world he explains in his book how the Jews, working with the Entente powers — England, France, the U.S. and Italy — got rid of the tsars one after the other.

He further relates that, at the same time as Russian churches were praying for the health of the tsar, he was being cursed in the synagogues.

To the bedside of the sick tsar his personal physician, Zakharin, was summoned. Zakharin, a perfectly good Russian name, and yet — a Jew. When he arrived to see the tsar in Livadiya, he had the medicine all ready for him in his vest pocket. The kind of medicine is easy to imagine: a one-way ticket into the next world.

After the trusting tsar had swallowed the medication and was rolling in pain on his bed, Zakharin bent over-him — according to Saltus — with a diabolical grin on his face.

The tsar choked out the words “Who are you?”

Zakharin’s  answer: “I am a Jew!” And with enormous chutzpah, he then turned to the empress and the tsar’s ministers and said: “Not to worry, his majesty is only talking in a fever!”

Then he bent over the dying man and grinned at him again: “You are breathing your last breath—and we have won!”

This comes straight from the Jew Saltus in his book The Imperial Orgy.

4.  The murder of millions of Christians by the Cheka

And then the Russian Revolution came.

Who were these friends of the common people who in the name of freedom, equality, and democracy began annihilating the Christian-Aryan population?

Undoubtedly there were among them some true idealists who really believed that they could use murder and manslaughter, robbery and theft, to make a happier world and a new paradise of equality. The well-known result, however, was a living hell consisting of hunger, deprivation, despair and an equality only in one’s right to be murdered by the Jewish-controlled Cheka [forerunner of the KGB].

The word “Cheka” is not only an acronym in Russian for “Special Commission for Fighting Counter-Revolution,” but also a Yiddish expression for ani­mal slaughter. How fitting this expression! We Christians, who are called “goyim” or cattle, are in the Jewish view mere animals. Yahweh gave us human faces, however, so as to spare the Jews the distress of having servants who looked like animals. [Paraphrased]

The first provisional government [after the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II and just before the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution] consisted exclusively of Freemasons of Romance-language initiation, from France or Italy, and funded by English money. The criminality of this “provisional government” knew no bounds, because it did the most despicable thing a government can do. It ignored the promises, purposes and ideals for which it was put in power—and for which it had overthrown the Tsar, head of state.

The nine months of this “government” was nothing but a gestation period, and horribly pregnant Russia gave birth to the mis­carriage from hell on October 27, 1917. It can rightly be said that power was lying there on the street and the Bolsheviks merely picked it up. To provide a show for the friendly democracies abroad,  there had to be street battles in Russia. And so the prime minister Kerensky, a half-Jew whose real name was Kirbis, meaning “pumpkin”, deliberately sent a battalion of women and young officer cadets into the jaws of a howling and murderous mob, where they were sadistically annihilated. Meanwhile Kerensky, dressed in a sailor suit, fled St. Petersburg.

Just before that, Kerensky had signed — for publicity reasons — an arrest warrant against the “traitor Trotsky” [Bronstein]. But when General Polovtsev showed up with his Cossacks in Trotsky’s apartment to arrest him, there sitting in a plush armchair with Trotsky was Kerensky, sipping a liqueur. He took the arrest warrant from the aston­ished general’s hand, theatrically tore it up, and sent the general on his way — a man who lacked the courage to simply arrest both these scum — for in a revolution, the first one to pick up his stick is on top.

In any case, the Russian and foreign publics were to be treated to scenes of urban warfare and bloodshed.

Aryan blood, of course.

5.  Lenin, a syphilitic psychopath

The Mensheviks, or “majority people”, wanted a peaceful socialist welfare state and limited state ownership of industries as in Sweden. The Bolsheviks, or  “minority people” [i.e., mostly Jews] wanted a reign of terror and total nationalization under Lenin and Trotsky.

The Mensheviks made only one condition: that Lenin explain himself with respect to allegations of theft from the Party. When the convention began and Lenin was challenged to give an account of himself, he stood up, stuck his hands in his pockets and proclaimed that his standing was so high in the party that he owed no one any answers.

When Lenin first arrived in Russia from Germany, he was already demented from untreated or poorly treated syphilis.


With this softening of the brain — a sort of gumming of the tissues — he was now fully qualified to pour his criminal fantasies into the ears of the foaming mob.

Russia already stood in flames, and the shabby gang of brigands were encouraged by Lenin’s slogan, “Rob back what they robbed from us!”

And so the mob hurled themselves upon the meager remains of Russian society. Under the joyful croakings of Jewry, Mother Russia was submerged.

The brain disease which afflicted Lenin continued to take its course. One insane idea after an­other issued forth from his government. The most renowned doctors in Germany boarded airplanes in an attempt to jerry-rig this decrepit swindler statesman, but he descended further and further into mental confusion. It is said that before his death he experienced a few shafts of mental light during which he crawled on all fours on the carpet and whimpered pitifully “Forgive me, Lord, forgive!”

Truly, truly the “international proletariat” can be proud: its leader a thief, its prophet a syphilitic, its greatest man a mass murderer.

Instead of leading mankind into the bright light above the clouds, it has jammed human­ity down into the sewer, and it is no accident that his mausoleum —“Lenin’s tomb” — looks today like a public lavatory.

The last of the Romanovs, Tsar Nicholas II and his family

After the February Revolution of 1917, Nicholas II abdicated his throne and took refuge with his family in a house in Yekaterinburg. The Czar, his wife, his son, his four daughters, his servants and family doctor were all killed in the same room by the Bolsheviks on the night of July 17, 1918. It has since been confirmed that Lenin ordered the clandestine killings from Moscow.

Veteran British journalist Robert Wilton explains in his cult classic, The Fall of the Romanovs, how the murder of the Tsar and his family was orchestrated entirely by Jews:

“The whole record of Bolshevism in Russia is indeliby impressed with the stamp of an alien invasion. The murder of the Tsar, deliberately planned by the Jew Sverdlov, and carried out by the Jews Goloshchekin, Syromolotov, Safarov, Voikov, and Yorovsky, is the act not of the Russan people, but of this hostile invader.” (Robert Wilton, The Fall of the Romanovs, p.148).

6.  Trotsky, another killer of Christians

Lenin’s great rival was a man who nearly exceeds him in treachery, viciousness and sadistic love of executions:  the Jew Laibe Bronstein, who now calls himself Leo Trotsky.

This Bronstein-Trotsky character formerly was an ultra-radical writer of gall-dripping articles for Jewish newspapers. But long before the war he was an agent of the tsarist secret police in Vienna, reporting on Russian Jews who had deserted from the Russian armed forces.

Trotsky, a full-blooded Jew, betrayed his racial brothers to the Russian government for 150 gold crowns a month [about $200]. This perhaps tells us all we need to know about him.

He moved to St. Petersburg and founded a very bourgeois and capitalist freight-moving business. Later he got into the business of lopping off heads when it became more advantageous to be a commu­nist. The whole communist system under Soviet Judea is shot through with bizarre values. While pure communism is said to promise a community of sharing, the slogan of Russian communism seems to be: “What’s mine is mine — and what’s yours is mine, too!”


“This anti-Bolshevik propaganda poster, dated to 1919, shows Leon Trotsky (born Lev Davidovich Bronstein) as a devil.  Elements of the imagery reveal anti-Semitism: a popular  anti-communist tactic was to overplay the role of Jews in the Russian Bolshevik Revolution.” (From a Zionist website, attempting to minimize the role played by Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution. See here).

The Chinese soldiers, presiding here over a mound of corpses and shooting Russian Christians to death, were hired mercenaries for the Jewish Bolsheviks. They did the Jews’ dirty work for them. Their reputation for sadistic torture on behalf of their Bolshevik employers was legendary. Thus they were responsible for introducing into Europe the infamous “rat torture”, a variation of which was to appear later as the horrendous climax of  Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four.


“We must turn Russia into a desert populated by white negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of. The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, not a right-wing tyranny. It will be a red tyranny and not a white one. We mean the word ‘red’ literally, because we shall shed such floods of blood as will make all the human losses suffered in the capitalist wars pale by comparison. The biggest bankers across the ocean will work in the closest possible contact with us. If we win the revolution, we shall establish the power of Zionism upon the wreckage of the revolution’s funeral, and we shall became a power before which the whole world will sink to its knees. We shall show what real power is. By means of terror and bloodbaths, we shall reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence.”

— From the ‘Memoirs of Aron Simanovich’, quoted in The Nature of Zionism by Vladimir Stepin, Moscow, 1993, and translated from Russian into English by Clive Lindhurst.

7.  Fiendish tortures devised by the Jewish Cheka

For all time these names — the Jew Trotsky, the Pole Dzherzhinski, the Russian Moros,  the Latvians Lazis and Peter — all these being the original creators of the infamous Cheka — will stand out in world history as mass mur­derers.

Even the bloodiest persecutions of Christians under Tiberius or Nero and the most grotesque tortures of the Spanish Inquisition under Torquemada — a converted Jew — pale by comparison with the indescribably gruesome deeds committed by the Jewish and Latvian run Cheka.

A whole shelf of books with both written and photographic documentation has been published on this theme.

I need mention only The Blood Intoxication of the Bolsheviks by Nilostonsky, The Battle Against Bolshevism by Avalov, The Plague over Russia by Albert Rosenberg, Soviet Russia by Katharina Haug-Houg, and The Cheka by Georg Popov.

[Here now are some of the gruesome tortures devised by the Jewish Cheka for its mostly Russian Christian victims.]

When the Reds occupied a city, they took hostages — such as people wearing ties or workers in their Sunday best. They stripped them naked and then bound onto the stomach of the murder victim an empty flower pot into which a ravenous, starving rat was placed. Through the small water hole in the base of the flower pot a red-hot iron rod was pushed to torment the rat and make him wild, causing him to try to burrow himself away from the rod — and deep into the abdomen of the horrified human victim.

THE RAT TORTURE: A red-hot poker, when pushed through the bars of the cage, would force the maddened rat to escape by gnawing its way into the stomach of the human prisoner.

They lined up other victims in military formation, then ordered the first row to place one hand upon a wooden table. A nail was driven through the hand into the wood. Then they cut a full circle around the wrist skin, drenched the hand in boiling water and  pulled the hand and finger skin right off. This  they called “making gloves”.

Interestingly, each torture chamber had its own special torture lady, always a Jewess or Latvian female, usually with a nickname such as “Dora, the glove maker” or “Rosa, the glove lady.”

It comes as no surprise to us to learn that the chief justice of a criminal court in Moscow is also a Jewess, Anya Glusmann, who is said to love pronounc­ing death sentences above all else, and, according to a fawning newspaper article about her, she loves flowers and perfume after a “hard day’s work.”

There is more: such as placing a man’s head on an anvil, then slowly exploding it using a huge iron hammer with ever-increasing weights.

Those fated to suffer the same death the following day were ordered to pick up the brain and bone pieces, the nerve tissue and blood which they witnessed flying around the room. When ordered to their work they were told: “You are digging your own grave. You must be happy that tomor­row your own kind will be picking up the pieces of your cadavers.”

As for men of the cloth, they would bring priests into a church, marry them with a sow or mare in a sarcastic ceremony and then nail them to the cross over the altar.

The bishop of Voronesh was plunged live into a giant kettle of boiling water and his monks were forced at revolver point to take spoonfuls of this “soup”.

High-ranking clergymen had their eyes gouged out, the tongue severed, and the ears sliced off.

Then they were buried alive.

Or their abdomen was opened with a knife and the first section of their intestines was nailed to a telephone pole. They were then forced to run around the pole as their entrails unwound until death came.

Officers of the Russian navy were steamed to death in their own engine rooms.

They were chained to ce­ment blocks and hurled off the piers so that their tethered corpses, decomposing and rising under the waves, formed hideous, tossing forests of the dead.

General Viren of Kronstadt had both his arms hacked off and was then paraded around the downtown area until it became boring, whereupon he was shot.

Human beings had burning cigars pushed into their open eyes until they were blind, their entire body being roasted on spits.

Heads were squeezed slowly to the bursting point with special brain vises.

The German Army discovered a chamber full of these and similar devices, including a testicle-cracker, in an underground chamber in Ukraine in 1941. Adapted dentist drills were used to drill deep into the brain.

They sawed off the top of people’s skulls and forced others to eat their brains, whereupon the eaters then came under the saw and in turn had their own brains eaten. [Paraphrased]

Entire families were arrested and children tortured before the eyes of their bound parents, or the wife was tormented before the eyes of her husband or the reverse.

The Bolsheviks drove nails into empty wooden bar­rels, then jammed human beings inside, rolling the barrels around merrily.

Mass graves of people buried alive were found by the White Army. Victims of live burial usually have dirt in their mouth and nostrils from trying to breathe. The writhing bodies of these people were found in the most bizarre contortions.

And all this in the sweet name of freedom and democracy!

*          *          *

(Further corroboration for these horrendous crimes will be found in this recent article by Dr Lasha Darkmoon. The most detailed and impassioned account, however, remains Eustace Mullin’s cult classic The Secret Holocaust. The real holocaust was a Christian Holocaust by Jews of sixty-six million, mostly Christians.)


Isabella Fanfani is freelance writer and art illustrator who lives in Lausanne, Switzerland. This article is an update of a similar article published here a few months ago.

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John Scott Montecristo is the editor of this website. He is Lasha Darkmoon's cousin.
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198 Responses to Crimes of the Bolsheviks, by Isabella Fanfani (ed.) ***

  1. prince of Israel says:

    Were the intention of this piece to remember the victims or to reveal unknown crimes of the bolshevic leaders, it would read quite differently.

    This piece is an attempt to paint all Jews as bolshevic leaders, with a natural bloodlust.

    However clearly it’s the propagators of this information and their supporters who carry on with blood-lust.

    Surely millions of Jews (of any variety) don’t deserve to be grouped with the few bolshevics.

    Should one argue that bolshevic history or the Talmud etc be a reflection of the collective Jews, than by your application christians as a whole deserve to be grouped with blood-thirsty muderers they descend from (see history), and as such in your own hatred of the Jews heaping upon them responsibility for the crimes of the bolshevics, justify what the bolshevics perpetrated on the Russian christian society, for crimes committed by generations of christians, against the non-christian world.

    That intellectual-honesty has been side-lined in this community to allow for unmeasured hate of Jews as a group many of whom have contributed the greatest pearls of civilization despite being persecuted their lives through, shows the true intentions here.

    I am a Talmudic Jew.
    I have been taught by the schooling I received from Talmudic Judaism that Jews have sacrificed their individual puruits to forward the initiative of harmony in G-d’s world. We do so, not by political means, but through praise and kindness to both Jew and gentile.

    Obviously no quote referencing the Talmudic law that charity be given to both Jew and gentile.

    In closing, if one were to attribute the bolshevoc crimes to ‘Jews’ as a whole (despite the idiocy of such an approach), so too one ought to attribute the American Revolution to ‘Jews’ as whole (especially considering spreading morality and harmony to the people of the world is a recognized and accepted Jewish initative), for an introduction to this subject maybe a cursory review of Haym Salomon and his coonection to the US revolution is in order.

    If only evidenced by John Adams’ (leading US revolutionary, first VP and second POTUS) opining: “the Hebrews (Jews) contributed more to the civilizing of humanity than other people”.

    Need I mention overwhelming Jewish support for Lincoln and the emancipation (which should have taken place a hundred years earlier if not for the general blood-lust of the [non-Jewish] colonists).

    What is most ironic is how (talmudic) Judaism is blamed for such crimes as perpetrated by the bolshevics while they (the bolshevics) not only were no supporters of Judaism but rejected Judaism in their own lives.
    As such it stands to reason that their criminal tendencies come from their rejection of Judaism and absorbing of a G-dless outlook, rather than the product of Judaism.

    Today thousands upon thousands of Talmudic Rabbis have reached every corner of the globe spreading THE Jewish message of peace and value of every human being and acknowledgement of spirituality and the ONE G-d of morality, justice and harmony.

    This being the case, your website serves to counter the actual interest of Judaism, peace and prosperity for all, as I am a living witness.

    Whether it be Lenin, Trotsky or international war-mongering bankers, surely one thing above all else missing from their lives is the ONE G-d and the Harmony His spirituality imbues.

    At-best one can blame the Jews for failing to imbue Jewish values and make a living example of Judaism in the perpetrators of these crimes.

    While at the same time one can blame the catholic church for making of a Jew a tourqemada, or shall we stop the baseless generalizations.

    Surely one thing remains true, Judaism serves to awaken and reinforce awareness of the spirituality that unites ALL under the ONE true G-d.

    One’s joy and/or sorrow is felt by all.

    Let’s make our future brighter and share Joy for all.

    Yours Truly,

    prince of Israel (Jacob)

    “And ALL the world will fill with the knowledge of G-d like waters covers the sea.”

    • Sen10L says:

      Words above from typical Prince of Talmudic bs. Jews had a slave monopoly. No reference because it is lie. And lastly, your tribe is a tribe of blood lust; harmony and goodwill from yours is a joke. Go and peddle your disinfo to some other cattle such as your blind brethern. Your tribe slaughtered all in your conquest of ME and are still it today.

    • heroay says:

      prick of israHell (for Palestinians), are you syphilitic? Your distortions of reality can only come from a demented creature with a decaying brain mass. Search “Pedophilia: The Talmud’s Dirty Secret” – Rev. Pike; then pretend, in any other forum, you all blood beasts of rapine possess any sanctity or good will for ‘goy’ humanity. Replying to anything on your diatribe would be a shameful waste of space, and i am not paying for the bandwith.

    • There has never in the History of the Hebrew people ever been a Descendent of the Hebrew Children of Israel that was a “Jew” or a “Jewish”. The Talmud is an Anti-Israelite “Religion” if you can call the Stool Sculpture Deity Cult a “Religion”. Stupid will never change true, despite the braindeadgoy Talmudvision watching, ” jew worshiping” OXYMORONS called “Judeo-Christians”. Really, Gog & Magog “Japhetic” Ashkenazim PROSELYTES should [] make Exodus to Khazaria, and right soon. Mazel tov. [;article=139305;title=APFN] …There are No “JEWS” in the Old Testament. Jesus @ Matthew 13 prophesies the destination for the workers of iniquity…

  2. kapoore says:

    Even though it’s hard to read these forbidden histories I feel compelled to continue reading. I’ve also read Under the Sign of the Scorpion–also now very expensive to get or unavailable. Kakob Klein would be incapable of believing anything negative about Jews or Judaism. There is an iron clad denial system in place in the Jewish world that prevents even the smallest inkling of insight into what it might feel like to be a victim of Jewish bias and Jewish monolithic cultural blindness. “Hear no evil; see no evil.” There is no such thing as evil in Judaism to most American Jews. It doesn’t matter that for decades Israeli soldiers have flattened ancient orchards, and shot 2 year olds; or have run over an American activist with a bull dozer; or that the Mossad agents were present and apparently involved in the destruction in New York on 9 11; or that the U.S. government was lied into a trillion dollar war in the Middle East by dual Israeli citizen neocons. It doesn’t matter that the majority of the criminals in the latest banking fraud were Jewish, and remain upstanding members of the Jewish community, and that the fraud targeted the most vulnerable minorities and poor of our society. And that these fraudsters won’t be prosecuted because they are Jewish, or that Bernie Maddoff is doing time in a luxury prison–not in prison with street criminals. It doesn’t matter either that Holocaust survivors tales nearly always turn out to be partially fabricated or pure fictions. The narrative of victimhood remains in tact. I know because I live in the Jewish community and the conversation hasn’t changed in 30 years–Jews are smart, talented, and for some crazy, unjust reason eternal victims. How can there be truth and reconciliation when there is no insight? Any remark, article, history, or person who draws negative attention to any of the above realities is automatically dismissed. All of the above problems simply have zero to do with anything Jewish..emphatically nothing can ever be wrong with anyone Jewish. It’s the unwritten LAW. So for the sake of all those 2 year olds, those Russians shot and fiendishly abused, those tortured and murdered for crimes they didn’t commit, and those who suffer through decades in silence; it’s important to risk putting these alternatives histories out there. So at least this very small minority of witnesses will know and empathize with the real victims.

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  4. Thomas Mallon says:

    I ‘pen’ a few thoughts about Prince of Israel’s response and when posted it jumps about a third of the way (more or less) up the page. What gives with that?!

  5. Rehmat says:

    I’m curious why the writer missed Josef Stalin who slaughtered more Muslims than the other four Jews! Stalin being ‘Jewish’ is disputed but all his three wives were Jewish. Furthermore, Stalin has the honor of establishing the very first Jewish state of Birobidjan (or Birobidzhan) in May 1934.

    • DARKMOON says:

      “I’m curious why the writer missed Josef Stalin who slaughtered more Muslims than the other four Jews!”

      Isabella Fanfani’s article was based on a document called “The Sea of Blood”. For some reason, this hardly makes mention of Stalin. It focuses instead on the Jewish component of the Cheka.

      Stalin can be seen as the ultimate Shabbat goy, more “Jewish” in his Communist ideology and his amoral fanaticism than most of the Jews around him.

      The question of whether Stalin was a crypto-Jew has not been seriously debated. Those who maintain that he was a Jew have produced no convincing evidence for this. The most one can argue is that Stalin, by virtue of the “Jewishness” of his temperament and the fact that he operated in a thoroughly Jewish milieu, must have had some Jewish blood in him that he was unaware of.

      Many people must be partly Jewish, after all, without knowing it.

      There are two arguments one can push to claim that Stalin MAY have been Jewish, though neither of these arguments amount to proof:

      (1) Stalin’s mother was known to have despised her husband and taken several lovers with his knowledge. Her husband was clearly in two minds about his “son”, never quite sure if this unruly brat was actually his son. Theoretically, it was therefore possibe that Stalin’s mother cohabited with a Jew to produce Stalin. It must be remembered that Georgia, the region in which Stalin was born, had quite a lot of Jews in it.

      (2) The region known as Georgia, from earliest antiquity, had a thriving Jewish community. Intermarriage had taken place over several centuries. It therefore follows that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Georgians had some Jewish blood in their veins without knowing it.

      Even today, Georgia is heavily Jewish. Many Israelis vacation in Georgia and have second homes there. Georgia is is fact a “Little Israel”.

      The fact that Stalin was a Georgian therefore increases the possibility that he may have had some Jewish blood in him. He certainly looked like a Jew and behaved in precisely the same manner as all the other Jews taking orders from him.

      • heroay says:

        Dear Darkmoon, you have a GREAT website. Amazing how many awakened ones dwell on this place, how much they have learned, how much they have read. i wonder their age, and if young, it would be even more amazing, promising, and expected.

        On the case for ‘jew-ism’ of Stalin, he did look ‘jew-daic’. No coincidence he sprouted from ‘old Khazaria’. Though being ‘cousins’ through Yapeth (NO ‘J’ then), the Ashkenazim from Gomer and Khazars from Magog, Stalin could be Ashkenazi from Shinar Babylonia heritage. Khazars the light skinned, blond hair; Ashkenazim dark haired, dark skinned. Same evil, degenerate DNA, though.

        And the present misinformants want to pose Stalin simply as ‘non-jew’, to shift blame away from the evil breed itself for the millionaire slaughter of innocent Christians, ‘accredited’ to this bi-pedal quasi-beast.

        Another interesting ‘coincidence’. At Yalta, 3 ‘jew-daic’ war criminal beasts, crypto Churchill, out-of-the-closet Roosevelt, and this animal, crypto ‘Uncle’ Stalin, sat side by side in blood-soaked camaraderie, believing the U.S. would be their next slaugthering field. NOT.

  6. Dave says:

    “They” have been very effective a suppressing the really big, unembellished holocaust which killed 60 million Christians all of these years, but thanks to the net, we’re seeing who the most murderous, devious tribe on earth is.
    Is there any wonder that senator Joseph Lieberman (dual citizen Jew) and the chief of the FCC, Julius Genachowski, a talmudic Jew, wish to have an internet killswitch?
    Don’t expect to see any movies about this holocaust by Steven “Spielberg” or Roman “Polanski”.

    • I have photographs of Lieberman in full tefelin in the company of Chabad Lubavitchers. Also one of him at a GM ritual, er… whatever it is they call the circumcision ritual.. oh, yes a bris. Joey boy is fully Talmudic … fully.

      If I could I would post them here for you.. but…

  7. Elisabeth Angel says:

    Mr. Mallon wrote:
    “Prince of Israel (Jacob) has 1.) given a reasoned response to charges that Jews have committed more murders in the 20th century than even Nazis and…”

    It is time for anyone considering themselves intelligent readers of history, and/or seriously desirous for peace and justice on earth, to leave out the “even the Nazis” kind of comment, and start learning the truth about 20th century German history.

    The Germans in WWII (which is when I assume you are implying that they committed a huge number of murders) committed the fewest atrocities, including killing of civilians, of any of the main participants in said war. The “Holocaust”, as many here seem already to know, was a massive criminal fraud. The Germans were the biggest victims of the war, BY FAR, insofar as losses relative to their population — and the vast majority of those losses were after the cease fire (not “peace treaty” there wasn’t one). A million or so in Eisenhower’s death camps where German prisoners were starved to death on the bare ground without even tents, at least 5 million civilians starved to death from the Allies stealing the German food stores and then not allowing the people enough calories to live on, at least 3 million Auslandsdeutsche (Konrad Adenauer believed it was 6 million) brutally murdered in the course of being expelled from their ancestral homelands. Not to mention the well over 2 million German women and girls who were raped. All for losing a DEFENSIVE war that was forced on them by the Jewish-controlled “good guys.”

    People use the phrase a lot these days “No peace without justice.” Well, “No justice without truth” is equally true. Plenty of information is available on the Internet. You won’t find it in book stores, because of who controls them. If you are interested, and want help finding sites, you can go to and click on some of the Revisionist History links there.

    • heroay says:

      Elizabeth, i recommend all my email and personal friends to replace at each instance the ‘Nazi Germany’ propaganda slot, especially from graphics, for ‘Bolshevik (or Boljewvik) Criminals’ instead. Re-educating the Children of the Matrix. It works.

  8. harry fredericks says:

    yes, Solztenyitsin verifies much of this in his writings. This material needs to be widely known and comprehended.

    What is not generally known, due to popular hype, coupled with the rampant rewriting of history, is that Stalin (Djugashvilli) was about to invade the west, when Germany interfered by preempting Russias invasion with its own. The plan was that Russia conquer westward and subue and subject all of Europe to Jewish communist rule. Germanys’ forces were puny when compared to those of Stalin, who reportedly boasted 24000 tanks. Too, the three conspirators behind this were Churchill. Roosevelt, Stalin. Poland was likewise involved as were the Vatican and the Jesuits.

    When reading the history of the eastern European past, I became fixated upon the “Sarmatians”. Once the lords of ‘Nineveh’ before renaming that biblical city as ‘Novgorod’, and moving on. The Sarmatians worshipped Baal, and were outcasts as a result uf their cruelty. They set about hiding themselves: Disguising their real nature from the world. I believe these may be the ancestors of the endlessly cruel and malicious zionists that have wrought such horror and destruction upon the world.

  9. thomas mallon says:

    This is what I posted earlier, but somehow it got placed way up in stead of in place:

    Prince of Israel (Jacob) has 1.) given a reasoned response to charges that Jews have committed more murders in the 20th century than even Nazis and 2.) any crimes committed by such mass murdering Jews shows the absence of Talmudic Judaism and God in their lives, not the expression of these.

    Prince of Israel deserves a reasoned response, not ridicule. I look forward to simple answers and facts—or, however unlikely, a silence which could suggest he at least argued well.

    Now I add this from the above article,

    “An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name “Genrikh Yagoda,” the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU’s deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin’s collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system. After Stalin no longer viewed him favorably, Yagoda was demoted and executed, and was replaced as chief hangman in 1936 by Yezhov, the “bloodthirsty dwarf.” —-Stalin’s Jews: We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish by Sever Plocker at

    And see the Solzhenitsyn testimony above also. No liar, he. Russians died at the hands of Jews and Jews filled their places. Note again Genrikh Yagoda,” a monster, systematically “…responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people” that’s more than the awful crimes of the Nazis against Jews and others. One man with much horrendous power and presiding in part over the Jewish killing machine (though Jews were hardly the only ones who genocidally killed)! Yet people are largely unaware of all this. As for saying these atrocities do not reflect true Judaism but rather the repudiation of it, would that logic not be the same for the German people, or any people whose leaders embark on genocide? Why no hunting down such Jewish ‘monsters’ to the ends of the earth if justice for all humanity is the goal? Why no Jewish howling and oft-repeated media warnings against such and the Machine which annihilated so many? But all that people, young and old, hear about is the six million (I have no reason to doubt that number if the majority of historians do not) as if they were the only victims who mattered. Something is wrong in all of this. It should be fixed for the sake of goodwill.

    • heroay says:

      Thomas Mellon, you are ‘good’. i have read slightly several of your posts, and i agreed with you, foolishly, for more interest in other posters and the obvious ‘jew-daic’ trolls. But your harsh criticism of Jollyroger brought me back HERE.

      Your double-speak, after more careful reading, is obvious. You can’t, like a typical Ashkenazi parasite, a Khazarian vandal, or a hypochrite Pharisee, conceal the ‘tail’ in the ‘J’, after youself.

      *-Your cynical defense of “prick of israHell” is pathetic. Bro to bro?

      *-Your “…absence of Talmudic Judaism and Moloch in their lives”, pathetic. It’s the fulfillment of it!

      *-”…more than the awful crimes of the Nazis against Jews and others”. What crimes, other than the perpetrated by the Ashkenazi cell guards? You are as vague as you claim Jollyroger is. At least, what he said can be proved by simply reading revised History. Most of the dead at the German camps were due to Typhus. NO Zyklon, NO ovens, NO lampshades. But WHO started WW2 (and WW1, for that matter), if not these same ‘victimized’ animals? And NO holocaust; 6 Mil an utter impossibility and a LIE, a modern rapine industry against goys to this day, and the ’cause’ for ‘israHell’ (for Palestinians).

      *-”…would that logic not be the same for the German people…?” Even if the Germans had become murdering machines like their military, won’t you agree it was the Kazashkenazi Konspirators who started it all in 1933 by declaring World War on Germany, the MOST advanced country economically in the world, after Hitler kicked out the rapine Money Lenders from Babylonia?

      *-”…(I have no reason to doubt that number if the majority of historians do not)”. Cliché. But how do you ‘reason’ it? Reading ‘which’ historians? Instead, read “Simple Arithmetic vs the 6 Million Myth”. If you can’t agree, even if using your toes to count, you are one of them.

  10. thomas mallon says:

    Recent News that most will never hear

    (Our sins are constantly paraded, 24×7, in the corporate media, so we need to show how the nihilist infection created by the same media has hit all, especially the moguls themselves who spend their days and nights going after our daughters and sons with their Bernays type ‘programming,’ destroying all decency for lucre).

    1. The Brooklyn DA arrested an astounding 89 Orthodox men on charges of child sex abuse — forcing open a community that sometimes covers up such crimes

    Read more:

    2. Hate All Non-Jews, Skvere Rabbis Say…”A recently published book written by a Skvere hasidic rabbi and endorsed by the Skvere Rebbe himself tells Skvere hasidim and other Jews to hate all gentiles. Gentiles are wholly evil, the book says. They spiritually pollute the world, and even looking at their faces is harmful”.

  11. Jollyroger says:

    Of course yacob is a zionist jew filth, lying, bolshevik bastard. He and his entire tribe of shit eating jew filth are no better than the rats and cockroaches who infest the rest of the human race. The jew is the plague. It is the STD. It is AIDS and every other illness that infects the earth.
    The jew is the murdering communist, the sexually perverted sadist, the child molester and pedophile and organ thief, drug dealer and porno pervert. The jew is the destroyer of nations and their wealth. The jew is the demagogue, hypocrite, liar, arrogant narcissist and coward. They are yellow through and though…that’s why they send others out to do their dirty work for them.
    The jew is nothing more than a throwback. The jew is profoundly the worst example of humanity ever to be found on this planet. There is absolutely nothing so devious, degenerate and despicable as the jew. They are totally without conscience, empathy or any form of humility. The jew is in fact neither human nor is it any form of humanity. The jew has proven to be less than human. The jew is the enemy of humanity, decency and morality. There is no such thing as a moral jew…they are all immoral.
    The jew is the common enemy of humanity and should be eradicated.

    • Montecristo says:

      This is a free speech zone and I am therefore allowing you say this on my site. However, I would like to caution you and inform you that such inflammatory language is counter-productive. It gets us nowhere.

      So you hate the Jews so much that you would like to see all of them annihilated?

      Big deal.

      I am honestly wondering if you are a genuine anti-Semitic exterminationist or a Zionist troll trying to bring this website into disrepute.

      We’ll have to see…!

      • heroay says:

        Montecristo, please be condescendant and tolerant. i have read Jolly’s post, twice, and i can’t smell a rat in there, although am admittedly no mind reader.

        Rather, J. seems well informed; sensitive to the pain inflicted upon the world by the beastly ones; perhaps a Scorpio; and perhaps has cleansed his body and brain of the imposed poisoning with Fluoride in our drinking water, same as the Boljewviks and later the Nazis did to their prisioners to ‘apease’ them.

        Believe me, that cleansing does amazing things to our Adrenaline. It’s no longer ‘fight or flight’. It’s ‘Fight’.

        And as long as he avoids a direct call for extermination (wanted subconsciously by these rats who cannot control themselves, sick as they are), the Beast from Babylon won’t have a hold to grab on and excuse itself from due punishment; earthly, then hellish.

        • Montecristo says:

          @ heroay

          I enjoy reading your posts. Keep them coming. However, you must realize that I must take precautions against Zionist trolls who are deliberately trying to sabotage this website by posting tongue-in-cheek anti-Semitic comments calling for the extermination of ALL Jews.

          “Jollyroger” says quite plainly: “The Jew is the common enemy of humanity and should be eradicated.” You can’t get more extreme than that, can you? He is virtually saying: “Kill all Jews!”

          My website could be shut down if it was felt (by the authorities) that I actually endorsed and encouraged such bloodcurdling calls to violence.

          However, take note: I have not deleted a single comment so far. Nor will I do so except as a last resort.

  12. kapoore says:

    In response to Jollyroger: It is far more likely that Yakob is an upper middle class reader of the New York Times, a consumer of “culture,” with a full social schedule of dinner dates. He knows a lot about movie trivia, pop music (probably jazz), etc. But whereever he goes he makes it well known that he is the child of a holocaust survivor and uses that like a psychological weapon when anyone brings up the word “Jewish.” He knows quite a few gentiles, but more Jews. He basks in the wealth of Jewish victimhood (that is the movie versions) and gives money to Israel but might not even practice Judaism. I say to him: Down the road another reality will emerge that will probably be less kind to all of us who consume culture and dine out. Witness the carnage of a once prosperous Russian intelligencia. Looking at the ruins of Rome the Renaissance writers praised the virtues that could conquer fickle fortune. Nothing endures, Yakob, so wake up. And we won’t be victims just because we didn’t see it coming.

    • DARKMOON says:

      The Jew is witnessing his hour in the sun. He is now at the zenith of his power and splendor, gloating in his supremacy. But it won’t last. Blowback is inevitable. The law of karma is built into the fabric of the universe. When pay-back time comes, I wouldn’t like to be a Jew.

      • lobro says:

        “The law of karma is built into the fabric of the universe”

        though unprovable, this makes eminent sense almost to the point of being axiomatic.
        its physical equivalent may be stated as the principle of conservation of energy, whose violation has never been observed, maybe the most profound of all physical laws.
        one may argue that scales of justice (karma) are its psychic representation.

        if this principle is seen as antisemitic, tough.

        • "X" says:

          Newton’s Laws of Motion would be anti-Semitic if he added a fourth one: YOU JEWS GOTTA MOVE FROM ISRAEL!

  13. thomas mallon says:

    `Jollyroger you are worse than a crude son of a bitch, you sound positively sick. Stick to facts or get back on your meds. Only babies should operate on the infantile level.

  14. Steve Campbell says:

    U.S. War Department, 1919: The Power & Aims of International Jewry

    Michael Hoffman – The Prop Masters

    Truth about the Talmud: Racist, Rabbinic Hate Literature by Michael Hoffman

  15. Pingback: Crimes of the Bolsheviks - Stormfront

  16. Spruce says:

    What happened in Russia is what America has in store if Israel and organized Jewry get any more powerful.

  17. Roobit says:

    I’ll get to your article later on and will of course link to it. Same people, spiritual and often physical descendants of the Bolsheviks, still run Russian. There are many mysteries in this (for myself at least) and things like I cannot explain – like today’s Russia is essentially a Jewish controlled state with 70% to 80% of top government officials as well as the media being (ethnically) Jewish, never mind the “Russian” billionaires. On the other hand, the business of institutionalized Russophobia, most rabid anti-Russian propaganda one now sees in the US and in the pro-American media in vassal states (of the likes that was unthinkable even in the Cold War era) and US antagonism toward Russia is also Jewish directed. That makes a very strange equation.

  18. Mahmoud El-Yousseph says:

    Bravo to Isabella Fanfani for her courage and eye -opener article.
    I know this happened nearly 100 years ago and may sound an old news.
    However we are bombarded daily with news about the Holocaust with no end in sight.
    So, why all of the sudden Yaccob Klein and Miss Ruth are very disturbed by this piece of history?

    If you have the right to attack the president, lawmakers, politicians, or celebrities who do not follow your agenda, then others are equally entitled to express their views. Intimidation, blackmail and smear tactic are rejected in a democracy.

    Does, your mantra, “never again” applied to Jews only or to the rest of us? If your answer is the latter, they why on earth does Dr. Death wish for Dr. Darkmoon to be tortured and eliminated from the face of the earth? Rejoicing the suffering of other people is repugnant and sickening.

    But once again, why anyone should be surprise by either Yaccob or Ruth? They are part of the same group who where rejoicing the mass slaughter of Palestinian women and children in Gaza few years ago. They were dancing and singing on the streets of N.Y. C. and Cleveland, Ohio and were calling on Israel to nuke Gaza and wipe it from the face of the earth.

    Truth of the matter is, Isabella Fanfani should be praised for her master piece. As far as Dr. Darkmoon, instead of insulting her, and wishing her ill, this woman deserve a statue erected in her honor for her work and courage. She is a fearless truth-teller and a true Christian. I am glad I crossed path with her four years ago.

  19. j t says:

    Correction: 4 (not 3) on-board Judeo-Masonry WWII war ‘tools’ – Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, and Hitler
    Hitler: Anti-semite spoofing Jowsing C-Hosen (over the top obvious!!!)
    Mershimer, Chomsky, Finkelstein, Gilad, Shamu the, Darkmoon Acolytes, Neo-phytes, Racialists of all persuasions: Academics masquerading as scholars
    Frogs in slowly boiling water: Populous between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
    Civil, safe, legal, sober discourse on the “J” topic: Disinfo bullshit
    Christianity: Judeo-Masonry construct (going somewhere after this lifetime dumb-ass?)
    Commander Z: Correct
    Thomas Mallon: Wolf (Carolyn Yeager) in disguise. Hitler as Aryan ruse…….
    Golda Meir et al: Too chosenly sexy!

    • heroay says:

      j-ust t-rolling, your decimated English is not easy to follow, but since your 4th ‘tool’ was destroyed, unlike the other ‘jew’ glorified 3, where is your proof besides your mouth?

      ‘Racialists’ of all persuasions? You mean, it’s bad to call a spade a demonic Talmudic ‘jew’? Like your bro ‘prick of israHell’ (for Palestinians).

      ‘Jew topic, disinfo BS’? Still live under a rock? Change diapers often enough? Maybe it’s you, not the ‘topic’.

      ‘Judeo-Masonry construct’? Read the thread before spewing your indigested sandwich across the board. For starters, ‘Judeo’ is a no-no. Get a clue.

      ‘Commando el-ZAPO correct’?? Maybe you are him – Worldchanger?… No, have to admit, his English was passable; he graduated Elementary after all these years.

      • Berenice says:

        You are as obscure in your language as the man you attack! However, I think your heart is in the right place and you are backing the right horse! I wonder who he means by “Darkmoon acolytes”? I’m not quite sure why he is attacking Darkmoon. What has she said that he objects to? He does not explain…

  20. j t says:

    Thomas Mallon: Jowser? Does ya thinks? Too obvious.
    Golda Meir et al (Carolyn Yeager): Too chosenly sexy!
    What is absolutely mind boggling is how chosen people can spend their one life practicing deception, trolling sites, engaging in phony-ass debates with fellow tribals. Too fucking infantile, indeed, Mallontops! Me thinks my race is superior!!!

  21. Mannstein says:

    Lenin and Stalin may have been non Jews but their willing executioners were no doubt Jews.

    • Rehmat says:

      According to TIME, June 13, 2001 – Validimir Lenin was part JEWISH….,8599,2077413,00.html

    • Lucy Skipping says:

      @ Mannstein

      “Lenin and Stalin may have been non Jews but their willing executioners were no doubt Jews.”

      Correction: Lenin was half-Jewish on his mother’s side. This is now common knowledge, though it was unknown at the time that Churchill first wrote about Lenin and mistakenly mentioned that he was non-Jewish.

      As for Stalin, he too MAY have been partly Jewish. The best statement on this is my sister Lasha Darkmoon’s extended comment here. I copy and paste the relevant bit:

      Stalin can be seen as the ultimate Shabbat goy, more “Jewish” in his Communist ideology and his amoral fanaticism than most of the Jews around him.

      The question of whether Stalin was a crypto-Jew has not been seriously debated. Those who maintain that he was a Jew have produced no convincing evidence for this. The most one can argue is that Stalin, by virtue of the “Jewishness” of his temperament and the fact that he operated in a thoroughly Jewish milieu, must have had some Jewish blood in him that he was unaware of.

      Many people must be partly Jewish, after all, without knowing it.

      There are two arguments one can push to claim that Stalin MAY have been Jewish, though neither of these arguments amount to proof:

      (1) Stalin’s mother was known to have despised her husband and taken several lovers with his knowledge. Her husband was clearly in two minds about his “son”, never quite sure if this unruly brat was actually his son. Theoretically, it was therefore possibe that Stalin’s mother cohabited with a Jew to produce Stalin. It must be remembered that Georgia, the region in which Stalin was born, had quite a lot of Jews in it.

      (2) The region known as Georgia, from earliest antiquity, had a thriving Jewish community. Intermarriage had taken place over several centuries. It therefore follows that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Georgians had some Jewish blood in their veins without knowing it.

      Even today, Georgia is heavily Jewish. Many Israelis vacation in Georgia and have second homes there. Georgia is is fact a “Little Israel”.

      The fact that Stalin was a Georgian therefore increases the possibility that he may have had some Jewish blood in him. He certainly looked like a Jew and behaved in precisely the same manner as all the other Jews taking orders from him.

      * * *

      I need add only one thing Lasha forgot to mention: Georgia sits right in the heart of the Caucasus region known in anient times as KHAZARIA. So Stalin was born and bred in the country from which the Ashkenazi Jews originally came. I strongly suspect that he was a descendant of Ahkenazi Jews. He not only looked Jewish, he had the mindset of a Jew. And the people he moved amongst and felt most comfortable with were always Jews. He even had three Jewish mistresses.

      • Lorcan says:

        Darkmoon’s original comment, as quoted here, was an accurate one; Lucy Skipping’s addendum is not, and the distinction needs be noted, in order to keep the site from slipping further into sloppy speculation and pointless regurgitation of already worn to death disputation. Truth remains a potent weapon in the hands of those who resist talmudist tryanny -only so long as it is guarded zealously, and not sacrificed to expediency or intellectual laziness.

        Georgia was at no time a part of the Khazarian Empire – a cursory glance at the map can end that fiction…their writ never extended beyond the Caucasus Mountains. ( It was, and remains, a largely Christian bastion in the heart of a very threatening Sabbatean Golem.

        Stalin’s past is as shadowy as that of most of the other major string pullers of the C20th century. There is little reason to doubt that there was a”jewish” element to it – and much reason to doubt that has much traction in explaining his political career. A career which could be summed up as an ongoing a
        battle for control of Russia against the very Khazarian-Trotskyite sionist forces which he is here being ludicrously aligned with!

        That Stalin was a monster there is no doubt – that he was a Khazarian sionist monster is a misrepresentation of history on par with the 6 million holohoax. He died at the hands of his ‘jewish’ enemies in the so called Doctor’s Plot. The most plausible result of his having a putative jewish background would be that he surivived for so long from having inside knowledge of the devious nature of his enemies.

        When I first saw this re-presentation of a not so new article here, I wondered at the wisdom of the editor to present such a broad target to a new echelon of tel aviv trolls. While he appears to be aware of the danger via hindsight(he accurately notes the potential consequences of allowing the hasbara shills’ extremist disinfo), I doubt that a cost-benefit analysis would show much advantage to recycling this article and bringing further attention onto the Darkmoon site from those elements which seek to repress all potential resistance to their program.

        • Sardonicus says:

          @ Lorcan

          “Georgia was at no time a part of the Khazarian Empire – a cursory glance at the map can end that fiction…”

          You misunderstand Ms Skipping. She never said Georgia was part of the Khazarian Empire. She said that the country known today as Georgia is located in exactly the same geographical region as the ancient kingdom of Khazaria, i.e., between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Khazaria was more extensive and extended further to the north, but Georgia would have fitted into the southern half of Khazaria. For you to cast doubts on this is merely to quibble.

          This is what an expert on these matters says. I copy and paste for your beneft.

          Timeline of the Rothschild family

          “They [Ashkenazi Jews] are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now predominantly occupied by Georgia.”

          Check out these maps and have the humility to admit you were wrong.


          GEORGIA (2): DITTO

          GEORGIA AT ITS PEAK OF MILITARY DOMINANCE (12C), from Wikipedia, stretches between BLACK SEA AND CASPIAN SEA


          I repeat the expert quote from above:

          “They [Ashkenazi Jews] are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now predominantly occupied by Georgia.”

          Lucy Skipping was right. She has done her research. You should graciously admit your error…but frankly I don’t think you have it in you to do so, given the general air of omniscience and Olympian condescension which appears to be your hallmark.

        • Lorcan says:

          “omniscience and Olympian condescension which appears to be your hallmark.”

          Really, Sardonicus, I had previously credited you will much more on the ball than this! That you would need to recycle your barbs in the same day to different correspondents is a sign of the intellectual laziness I had warned about!….but that in doing so, you would carelessly lump me in with the incoherent ones whom you so properly trashed!?!?

          Hmm, I fear you have fallen upon your own sword sir.

          Not only is my rebuttal of LS’s misinterpretation of history completely accurate, the extent to which you resort to rhetorical overkill in blind abeyance to the completely transparent nature of the literal and graphical points of fact I made is a testament to the degree of dissolution this site will be subject to if respect for the truth is not adhered to!

          It is your apology that will therefore be forthcoming, my dear Sardonicus, once you have returned to our plane after the effects of your home brewed absinthe have worn off.

          Till then, to your health!

        • Sardonicus says:


          I have nothing against you personally. In fact, you amuse and entertain me far more than the average dunderhead on this site.

          I stand by my original contention, however, that Ms Skipping is right: that the region known as Georgia more or less coincides geographically with the southern half of ancient Khazaria.

          Not only do all the maps confirm this, but this quote from an expert in these matters hammers it home:

          “They [Ashkenazi Jews] are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now predominantly occupied by Georgia.”

          What could be clearer than that?

        • Lorcan says:

          My dear Sardonicus –
          We are in complete agreement as to the degree of levity each of provides the other…and that is no small matter in these darkening days!

          That said,(and no personal aspersions were implied or directed: only bemusement that you should recycle the same invective so recently employed against an obviously mentally challenged tel aviv shill!)…there are surely areas of knowledge to which I would defer to the greater wisdom of yourself, and your alter ego LS…but history is not one of them…nor geography…were you to but look at your own chosen map references with candour, and realize that the appropriate timelines that must be respected in using such references are violated in every important aspect, a good deal of the remaining fog would lift from the morass of befuddlement that your experiments with wormwood-derived libations has apparently left you in!

          THEN indeed, things would seem “clearer.”

          Until the time of your choice, when such a moment of clarity appeals to your inner muse, I can only advise that choosing to call Daryl Bradford Smith an “expert” on the matter at hand is like giving personal power of attorney over your affairs to Yakub Klein – not something, in other words, anyone sane of mind would do…poor Daryl is akin to the guy with only one tool in his box…he “hammers home” everything he sees, cause everything he sees is a nail!

          I remain confident however, that it was but a moment of temporary madness in your case! To your continued good health and felicity!

        • Sardonicus says:

          @ Lorcan

          Unlike you, Lorcy, I am always prepared to admit I am wrong. At the present moment, I am not persuaded that you have made your point.

          All I have from you right now is your repeated assertion that you are a smart cookie who knows his history and geography, whereas Ms Skipping and I are woefully deficient in our knowledge of these two areas.

          You also assure me that Daryl Bradford Smith is an imbecile compared to yourself.

          I’m sorry, dear Lorcy, but you will have to do better than this! I am not at all convinced that you are the genius du jour. :)

        • Lorcan says:

          Having lashed yourself to the prow of a sinking ship, Sardonicus, you appear to be appealing to me to rescue both yourself and the HMS Skipping: only out of my inveterate kindness and good nature will I this one last time throw you a line….

          Now, your first clue needs be that to play fast and loose with quotations is a slippery slope down which you will tumble to a fiery depth!

          “Georgia sits right in the heart of the Caucasus region known in anient times as KHAZARIA. So Stalin was born and bred in the country from which the Ashkenazi Jews originally came.” That is the Skippings’ actual quote which I have successfully exposed to be untrue…your re-rendering of that same quote in the vain pursuit of her defence(“You misunderstand Ms Skipping. She never said Georgia was part of the Khazarian Empire. She said that the country known today as Georgia is located in exactly the same geographical region as the ancient kingdom of Khazaria, i.e., between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.”) was an embarrassing faux pas on your part that I chose to not make note of in order to generously allow you the time to dig your lance out of the ground into which you drove it.

          But you repeat the same mistake here again of putting words into other peoples mouths’(“You also assure me that Daryl Bradford Smith is an imbecile compared to yourself”)… the expense of accuracy and respect for the protocol of the jousting art. This is a sophomoric mistake that may have played well for you in the realm of wooden rocking horse games, but is not likely to add to your credit here. Each occasion on which your thrust goes wide of the mark will likely result in a penetration of your scale mail, and ensuing bloodying.

          It is not for me to tutor you further in this regard…I have turned my steed and ridden so as to allow you the dignity of a pause to reflect upon your torn pennant. To take this misplaced effort to champion the cause of your belle any further my dear Sardonicus would be unwise: none of us here wish to see you imitate the thrashings of a June bug after a head on encounter with a solid wall.
          -Notrisco al buono, stingo el reo!

        • Sardonicus says:

          Amazing that you should think the above a refutation of what Ms Skipping and I have stated: that Georgia and Khazaria cover roughly the same geographical area between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. I say “roughly” because Khazaria was more extensive and extended northwards, whereas Georgia coincides with much of southern Khazaria. A simple glance at the maps I provided will amply prove this. Surely you can believe the evidence of your own eyes?

          It saddens me to think that a man of such intelligence as yourself should continue to insist on the rightness of his position out of sheer pertinacity and egotism. Are you less of a man for admitting you are wrong?

          BTW, I note you are a mediaevalist. Many of your metaphors of tourneys and joustings and pennants could have leapt straight from the pages of Chaucer (“The Knight’s Tale”) or Froissart. Interesting.

          Are you by any chance an academic with a background in medieval social history? If so, you are out of our depths in the field of Khazarian Studies! The first thing a novice student of this recondite subject must do is to acquaint himself with the geographical location of Khazaria on a map.

          You will find that Georgia is roughly in the same area as Khazaria, its northern half coinciding with parts of South Khazaria. They interlock.

          As Ms Skipping rightly points out, this is the area from which the Ashkenazi Jews fanned out across Europe in later centuries. We know for a fact that Georgia has always been a hotbed of Jews, as indeed Khazaria was.

          The fact that Stalin was born and bred in Georgia therefore increases the possibility of his having some Jewish blood.

  22. Tho not many of us actually believe in Satan and the persons of true religion, the essential satanism of Judaic movements is detailed with merciful brevity in Marx: Prophet of Darkness. Communism’s hidden forces revealed. by RICHARD WURMBRAND 1986. Judaism is not a religion, it is anti-religion and anti-human, which expalins why most Jews assimilate in fear for their sanity and humanity.

  23. Sorry. URL fixed –
    Tho not many of us actually believe in Satan and the persons of true religion, the essential satanism of Judaic movements is detailed with merciful brevity in Marx: Prophet of Darkness. Communism’s hidden forces revealed. by RICHARD WURMBRAND 1986. Judaism is not a religion, it is anti-religion and anti-human, which expalins why most Jews assimilate in fear for their sanity and humanity.

  24. Dante Ardenz says:

    Ths is Jewish,masters of all that is hate!Remember all,the neoconservative movment in the USa and Britain are made up of all Trokskyites!The Republicans of today are the Bolshivicks of yesteryear!Amazing.Look at the program;Unconditional support for Isreal.Wall Street Bankers who destroy manufacturing in trade deals,as to take down the middle class.The lowering of cultural standards,and dismisal of beauty in the arts,commerce,and archatecture.The attacks on the poor,making others poorer.As the Jews wealth increase to dominate the economy of the USA,these former’liberals’ became tax cutters for the rich to preserve what they have.Constant wars,and confusion.The most insipid was the buying off of Christianity.Vatican 2,than the idiot TV Preachers who teach us to love the dear Jews,enemies of Christ,and Western Civilization,and all the peoples and cultures of the earth as to create what Trotsky called White Niggers!(I apologige for any black person for the phrase).Read IMPERIUM BY FRANCIS PARKER YOCKEY,available from;The American Free PREss 188-699-NEWS.Sevetri Devi Archive.Com.Adolf The Great.Com.The David Irving Action Report.Com.

  25. thomas mallon says:

    JT digression. He writes, Christianity: Judeo-Masonry construct (going somewhere after this lifetime dumb-ass?)

    Right. Like this life is ho-hum ordinary, not a miracle, not a sign and wonder. And as if J T, he who cannot explain his own arse—who thinks everything there is came from nothing at all—can now dictate to heaven and earth that there is no soul which returns to the God who alone can explain that anything at all exists. What an omniscient man!

    But There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are ever dreamt of in your philosophy.

  26. Rehmat says:

    A latest Jewish propaganda piece from Russian daily Pravda: “Animal fear of Jews in Arab states” and my response to it.

  27. Amerikagulag says:

    The torah and the talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.

    • Doomlady says:


      I like your name…I hope it’s not prophetic.

      • Eamon says:

        The Talmud is, effectively, the nullification of God’s word, which word includes the Torah (the first five books of the Bible). Just to give you an idea of how opposed the one is to the other:

        Karaites believe in the Torah, but do not believe in the Talmud. The Synagogue of Satan, which adheres to the Talmud while giving only lip service to the Torah, persecutes the Karaites.

        In other words, the Torah is nothing like a weapon of mass destruction. Carry on…

  28. Sardonicus says:

    @ Spruce: December 4, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    “What happened in Russia is what America has in store if Israel and organized Jewry get any more powerful.”

    Exactly. Darkmoon has already predicted this in “America Vanquished” (Part 2):

    “We should never forget what happened when Jews were a hostile elite in the USSR,” Prof. Kevin MacDonald notes bleakly. “The loathing and contempt for the traditional people and culture of Russia was a major factor in the avid Jewish participation in the greatest crimes of the 20th century.”

    MacDonald is referring to the systematic murder of over 50 million Russians under Lenin and Stalin: a period of mass murder spanning 36 years (1917-1953).

    The new American elite—as I pointed out in Part 1 of this article, “America as an Israeli Colony”—is a Jewish elite. Exactly like the elite in Bolshevik Russia and Stalin’s USSR. And it is essentially a hostile elite that “loathes the nation it rules.”

    So we need to watch out.

    Because what happened to millions of Russians in the first half of the 20th century—systematic genocide—could well happen to millions of Americans in the foreseeable future.

    “It is quite possible,” Kevin MacDonald muses, “that we are entering into a racial dystopia of unimaginable cruelty.”

    See original for embedded links:

    • Rehmat says:

      The “organized Jewry” has already achieved the necessary power.

      On December 4, several Jewish groups and two GOP presidential candidates, Islamophobe Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney have demanded that Barack Obama axe, Howard Gutman, his Jewish ambassador to Belgium. Why? Because, Howard claims that Muslims don’t hate Jews for being Jewish and blames the Zionist regime for creating ‘anti-Semitism’ among Muslims and the Westerners……

      • thomas mallon says:

        Regarding the Jews and their Gulags in Russia. My own study tells me it is probable that Communists V. Lenin and Joseph Stalin used the Jews to dish out Communist wrath on the “counter-revolutionaries”. The Jews were chosen by Stalin esp because he saw their lust for power in Russia and every other place in history—which is why Stalin prepared to destroy them after their bloody work for him was completed.

        Communists and Fascists have no friends, and the first ones to die after things have settled down a tad are those who know where the bodies are buried—just like Hitler had his Night of the Long Knives.

        So it is wise to watch all revolutionaries, but esp the ones most likely to employ nihilist Jews & others just before they get theirs in the back by their very own employers.

  29. j t says:

    Correct Mr. Mallon, I have no personal imaginary folk heroes and, more importantly, see limited value in explanatory constructs – Christian, Liberal, Talmudist, Nudist, Atheist, Conservative, Conservationist, Conversationist, Racialist, Nationalist, Naturalist, Expressionist, Impressionist, Constitutionalist among them; strikes me as the hallmark of those who would label and pigeon-hole or seek refuge and comfort.

    If I am to believe surveys, roughly 3 out of 4 Americans believe in angels. I’ll try not to snicker. Perhaps the same ratio believe in ghosts. Hell, if someone wants to believe in gnomes or the tooth ferry, who am I to begrudge them the right. Freedom is the right to believe in benevolent imaginary folk heroes; further, to consort and sleep with whomever, irrespective of race, gender, age, etc. And to raise the middle finger to those who suggest otherwise or that one imaginary folk hero is more legitimate than another. If you do, you deserve and should be ridiculed and marginalized to no end. Mr. Mallon, I’m sure you have a deep soul.

    Religion and Christianity. Indoctrination disguised as education at best. Child abuse more likely. In the U.S. show me a child who describes himself or herself as Mormon and with 100% correlation I will show you a child who was raised by self-described Mormons. No child would ever embrace if left to his or her devices. Would an adult convert to marry another adult and vice versa? Of course, but no ‘Mormon’ child exists in the U.S. absent a Mormon parent/guardian. 100$ correlation.

    To borrow a construct or two, a ‘Talmudist’ might claim that Jesus’ mother was a harlot who slept around and a ‘Christian’ might claim that Jesus’ mother was a virgin and Jesus the result of a virgin birth. Know what? Only one is a possibility, but both the Talmudist and Christian are dumb-asses (I know, another construct) for fixating on the banally ancient.

    Tell me, Mr. Mallon, is the ‘Christian’ Judeo-Mason construct more valid than someone who believes in re-incarnation? Answer: Only dumb-asses engage in this philosophical debate. Believe in whomever and whatever you want. Your chosen race or an imaginary being. And if you do, be prepared to be mocked.

    Philosophy 101 Quiz:

    1. Bin Laden died in a) 2001, b) 2011, or c) still alive A Jowser answers (b)
    2. Man has stepped foot on the moon, which, at 238,000 miles from Earth……. True or false. A Jowser answers true. Armstrong, Collins, Aldrin pulled off one of the heroic 20th Century disappearing acts; no Lindbergh-type ticker tape parades for these on-board Appalloing Uber-shills.
    3. Jason Lezak – Journeyman Jowser – legitimately caught Alain Bernard to win U.S. Olympic Gold in Bejing (circa ’08), thus assuring Phelps of 8 Golds. True or false. A Jowser answers, “Can anyone utter Macabiah Games?” Imagine a Journeryman Jowser – age 30-something Brit catching Jamaicans Bolt or Powelll to win Olympic Gold for England in the upcoming 2012 Zion games, only to see Bolt win Jamaican Gold 3 days later, as Bernard did 3 days after being caught by the pedestrian Lezak. Possible? Only if that athlete is Jowserish!!!!! Is Sandy Koufax available?
    4. To mark 20 years since his Fall ’91 announcement that he is HIV+, Magic Johnson will announce that he has ‘Full Blown ASS!’ True or false. Never was, is not, and never will be HIV+. Let’s get them wild Africaner Banshees!!!!!!!
    5. Leni Reifenstahl – Jowser? In old age, spitting image of Bette Midler (if age progressed)? AshkeNAZI Propagandist? Yes, Yes, Yes.
    6. Julian Assange. Rock star or Moosadamassa agent. Kurt Cobain flavor of month one year ago – gracing covers of magazines – then exposed and, just as suddenly, gone. Al Gore. Same treatment. A woman comes out of woodwork – really, after 4 years?!!! – to accuse him of sexual groping? Right, only after Copenhagen expose’. Sure beats a rape rap, huh? Tipper’s first call? To Nicole Kidman, of course, for Lenny’s number. What’s a white woman most in need of after years of keeping up appearances? Assange? Agent.

    I drop these gems the way Irene Z shits diamonds for Spielberg; after a morning cup of coffee.

    Where was I? Oh ya, Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Don Rickles, Richard Belzer, Woody Allen, etc. Stop it, trollers, shills, sisters, debate steerers, and constructionists (aka Christian indoctrinairies and extraordinairees, wolves in disguise, purveyors of racialist crap). You’re killing me with the insipidly, low-brow Jowser humor.

    No mention among the purveyors of racialist crap of the eradication of indigenous species the world over. In poker parlance, a ‘tell’……….

    Honesty, truth, integrity, disclosure, courage, kindness, are values. And humor!

    Down on your knees, chosen ones! Service the beast!

    Commander Z, reinforcements needed! The remedies are wearing thin………….

    • Sardonicus says:

      It seems you regard yourself as the bee’s knees for omniscience. That comes through from the morass of indigestible prose that has sprung from your keyboard.

      A pity you lack the one essential characteristic of the good writer: comprehensibility.

      Who cares what you say if they don’t know what you’re saying?

    • thomas mallon says:

      What a wordster JT is! Most everything he writes is (literally) of yawning length and absurd.

      Go to GK Chesterton or CS Lewis for the answers to your absurd comparisons, JT. I could mention scores and scores of others through the centuries but these two alone will rip you a new one and make thee humble.

      The most profound truths are generally the most simple ones—and there is a reason you protest against God (the three Letters signifying O so much more, that cannot go away) whatever theological confusions are your at the same time.

      Both peasants and the greatest scholars of all time endlessly reflect on the One who explains Everything while you explain nothing but your futile negative. You wonder and mock that we could live again as immortal souls. I wonder that we ever lived at all!

  30. Pingback: ENGLISH YouTube Jews close my account and lie about it; mega-churches; US Senate approves bestiality for military; crimes against Russians by the Jewish bolsheviks

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