Jews Against Humans, by JB Campbell

This essay—original source here—has been slightly edited and embellished with pictures, captions and comments by Lasha Darkmoon. 

DISCLAIMER. The views expressed in this controversial exposé of Jewish crimes are those of its author, JB Campbell, and do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone associated with this website.  — Editor, John Scott Montecristo

I don’t know what Jews are, but I know what they are not, which is human.  I don’t know where they come from.  For that matter, I don’t know where we come from, but it’s not the same place.

Jews are aliens in every sense of the word.  They even cultivate an alien appearance.  Is there anything as strange as an orthodox Jew with his sinister black clothes and curly earlocks and ugly fedora?  And of course bathing is not the custom of the orthodox, so they smell very bad all the time.  They do this on purpose, for effect, for the shock value on us humans.

Thanks to the latest Gaza slaughter, things are coming into focus for many more people.  Many people are wondering:  what’s wrong with Jews?  Why is it so easy for them to kill people?  Why do they enjoy it so much?  Thanks to the Internet, millions are now wondering this online.  Before the Internet, there was no place to wonder this in public.  We weren’t allowed to wonder anything about Jews except how wonderful they are.

Today the world knows that Jews aren’t wonderful.  The world knows that Jews are dreadful.  And the Jews know this.  The Jews want the world to think of them as dreadful and to be afraid of them.  They want the world to fear the Jewish nuclear arsenal which they coyly decline to discuss.  One of their military professors, Martin van Creveld, was authorized to threaten Europe with Jewish nuclear attack if Europe should turn against Israel.

Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld, threatening:
“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome.  Most European capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”

Based on the total FUBAR by Israel of its part of Operation Cyanide in 1967, we have to wonder if the Jewish arsenal is really a carefully contrived hoax. The Jewish nuclear arsenal, I suspect, may well be a huge bluff. The weapons are possibly faulty or decayed, which would explain the frantic insistence that Netanyahu uses to exhort Obama to attack Iran on Israel’s behalf.

Pretty much everything we think we know about Jews is a Jewish hoax. For example, their Jewishness.  The Jewishness of Jews is the number one Jewish fable.

The Jewish writer Arthur Koestler demolished this fable back in 1976 with his best seller, The Thirteenth Tribe, the first popular look we got at the Khazars and their descendants, the Ashkenazim.  The Ashkenazim are the ersatz Hebrews who happen to make up the entire leadership of Israel.

Three years ago an Israeli named Shlomo Sand ripped off Koestler with a virtually identical book, The Invention of the Jewish People.  This book again took the Jews by surprise, undercutting the basis of Zionism, the alien invasion, occupation and mass theft and murder of Palestine.  Like the Koestler book, it wrecked the “anti-Semitism” racket.  Both authors explained to their Israeli readers that they, the Israeli readers, were neither Semitic nor Hebrew.  Same for the New York readers and the LA readers and the Miami readers.  They’re all fake, wannabe Jews.

Briefly, the people of Khazaria were, around 800 AD, ordered by their king to adopt the law of the Hebrews as their own.  We can’t call it a religion.  The Talmud and the Old Testament are actually manuals of war against humanity based on harsh racial laws.  There is no mercy for their human enemies in these very unpleasant works.  The name of their god, YHVH, also means the Jewish people.  This allows them to choose themselves and to worship themselves in what we could call a closed loop of extreme and violent narcissism.

Their priests insist that non-Jews are on this planet to serve them.  And that it is kosher that non-Jews can be cheated, lied to and murdered with impunity.  This Jewish principle is honored on their most sacred holiday, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  Another hoax, because they atone for nothing.  Instead of atoning for their crimes against humanity, they declare a new war three times on this “holy day,” with the thrice-recited oath, the Kol Nidre.  This vile “prayer” is a personal declaration of war against the humans.  It is a warning that nothing a Jew says for the next year is true.

“All vows, obligations, oaths, and anathemas…which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next… we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths.”
(See here)

The Jewish story is a tale of murderous insanity, as we have seen over the past week in tiny Gaza.  The first time we actually see this in the modern era is in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.  Shortly after Jews massacred the entire family of Tsar Nikolas in 1918, Trotsky’s Red Army newspaper announced:

“Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies by the scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands. Let them drown themselves in their own blood. Let there be floods of blood of the bourgeoisie — more blood, as much as possible!”

—  Quoted in Anne Applebaum’s Gulag: A History of the Soviet Camps, p.9

“Bourgeoisie” is the Communist word of contempt for the middle class; it is also said to be a coded word for the hated non-Jewish or gentile masses.

Trotsky himself wrote about the murder of the Tsar’s family:  “The decision was not only expedient but necessary. The severity of this punishment showed everyone that we would continue to fight on mercilessly, stopping at nothing. The execution of the Tsar’s family was needed not only in order to frighten, horrify, and instill a sense of hopelessness in the enemy but also to shake up our own ranks, to show that there was no turning back, that ahead lay either total victory or total doom.  This Lenin sensed well.”

Trotsky’s real name was Bronstein.  Lenin (Ulyanov) was revealed in declassified Soviet documents as a Jew.  Their Jewish colleague, Grigori Zinoviev, said this at a Communist meeting in 1918:

“We must carry along with us 90 million out of the 100 million of Soviet Russia’s inhabitants. As for the rest, we have nothing to say to them. They must be annihilated.”

The Jews murdered a lot more than ten million Russians and other peoples by the time they were done.  Hell, they probably killed that many just in Ukraine, rather than the advertised three million.  The generally recognized  Soviet death toll is over sixty million souls.  Some researchers insist that the appetite of the GULAG for seventy years of extermination of normal people by working them to death would have exceeded even the Communist Chinese death toll.

[LD: The most conservative figure for the Soviet Holocaust, now agreed upon by specialist historians and even cited in the Times newspaper (UK) is 50 million dead Russians.  This figure, likely to be on the low side, was achieved within a 36-year period of mass murder (1917-1953), initiated by Lenin the half-Jew and continued by Stalin, a Georgian non-Jew, who surrounded himself on all sides with Jewish commissars and sexy young Jewesses he liked to bed. However, Solzhenitsyn calculates the figure at 66 million, which is also cited by Eustace Mullins in his classic essay, The Secret Holocaust. It should be noted that one Jew alone, the infamous Lazar Kaganovich, personally claimed responsibility for killing twenty million non-Jews in the Soviet Union.]

The Jew traditionally has sought to be the invisible power behind the throne.  We usually didn’t see powerful Jews in the US government until Louis Brandeis was appointed by Wilson to the Supreme Court in 1916.  JFK had the Rostow brothers as advisors and Johnson had Abe Fortas and Arthur Goldberg working for him.  Then all hell broke loose with Nixon appointing Henry Kissinger as his national security advisor and then secretary of state!

That unleashed the Jewish dogs of hell which erupted in the Reagan administration with the so-called “neo-conservatives,” virtually all Jewish Communists who switched to the Republican Party and made it pro-Israel.  Communism and Zionism are virtually identical forms of terrorism except the former is based in New York and Moscow and the latter is based in New York and Tel Aviv.  The Communists pretended to be our enemies and the Zionists pretend to be our friends.

Peter S. sent me an important point yesterday which prompted this essay:

“On behalf of his sponsors, the Rothschilds, Napoleon Bonaparte commissioned a fabricated history of Ancient Egypt from Jean Francois Champollion for the purpose of “validating” the Torah so the Rothschilds could use it to back up their claim for Palestine. They did not want Palestine for the Jews, they wanted the Jews for Palestine, to be human shields for Mossad, the private intelligence and assassination service of the Lombardy bankers since Babylon.”

The same could be said for Cyrus Schofield and his Zionist concordance bible.  This ex-convict (for fraud and forgery) was sponsored by the infamous Jewish lawyer, Samuel Untermeyer, and the Jewish fixer, Bernard Baruch, to annotate the Bible to justify Ashkenazi Jews flooding into Palestine.  This Schofield propaganda is the basis for the Christian fundamentalists’ fanatical support for Jewish terrorism and dominance in the Middle East.

Untermeyer and Baruch teamed up in 1917 to pressure President Wilson to declare war against Germany, according to Benjamin Freedman, who later accompanied Wilson to Versailles to lower the boom on the defeated Germans, which led to incredible suffering, mass starvation, hyperinflation and the eventual violent deaths of millions of Germans and millions of others due to the actions of the Jewish monsters.

And then the same Untermeyer and Baruch pushed America into World War II with Untermeyer being authorized by the Jewish syndicate to declare Jewish economic war on Germany in 1933, when it became clear that Adolf Hitler was demonstrating to the world how to achieve prosperity with no Jewish gold, despite the denial of Jewish debt-based currency to the starving peoples of the world by the Jewish Federal Reserve.

This, in the middle of the Great World Depression, was the German Economic Miracle that took destitute Germany from starvation to full employment in a year and a half, simply by issuing debt-free currency.  For this greatest of all offenses to Jewish finance capitalism, Germany had to be fire-bombed into smoking rubble and, again, subjected to slow death by starvation.  According to James Bacque in Crimes and Mercies, Dwight Eisenhower’s post-war starvation orders resulted in the deaths of from nine to twelve million Germans from the end of the war to 1948.

In an interview after he was out of office, Eisenhower said the smartest thing he’d ever done was to ask Bernard Baruch for advice on his career when he was a lieutenant-colonel going nowhere in 1939.  Soon he was on the fast-track to five stars and the mass slaughter of the German people on behalf of Judaism – and the presidency as his reward.

That’s why I say that the Jews are some alien life form that is totally hostile to the Earth’s human population.  I don’t pretend to know whence they came, or claim that they are reptiles.  They act like reptiles and are certainly as cold-blooded and heartless as reptiles and what I do know is that they have to be wiped out entirely, just as rattlesnakes under your house have to be exterminated.  The Jewish mayor of New York has the face of a reptile, so I can see how this idea got started.

This is the guy who prohibited food being given to the hungry because it didn’t come up to his Jewish idea of nutritional value!  If a non-Jew had done this, the New York papers would have made him into a laughingstock.  But a Jew must not be mocked in New York—or anywhere else.

Remember one thing:  famine is the favorite Jewish method of extermination.  It costs nothing and it produces an agonizing death. It’s what’s planned for America when the Jews think the time is right.  The reader must prepare for the famine that is planned for us by the Jews.  Have a look at Ukraine’s Holodomor. (See Dees cartoon here)

This is the model for what they, the Jews, plan for us in America.

Precious metals will not be precious in a famine.  Food, water and ammunition will be precious.  These are the things we will need to survive and destroy Judaism.

While there is no actual connection between the Ashkenazi Jews and the legendary characters of the Old Testament, today’s Jews base their behavior on that of the legendary Jews.  The number one role model is Joseph, eleventh son of Jacob, as told in Genesis.  Study this story of contrived shortages and deliberately-caused famine.  It is the story of the Federal Reserve and Monsanto.

If we continue on our present course of government borrowing from Jewish lenders, our monetary system will kill us because society will collapse.  If we continue to eat poisoned food provided by Jewish Monsanto, we are doomed.  The monetary policy can be fixed virtually overnight but our genetically modified food may not be so easily neutralized.

*          *          *

Some say, forget about Gaza – concentrate on America.  Well, we can’t forget about Gaza because that’s our baby.  Gaza and the rest of Palestine is running in blood again because of the Jewish American government.  The only thing we Americans can do is kill this Jewish government that is using Israel as its agent of sadism, murder and total destruction.

Israel itself doesn’t do much damage compared with the American air force and army obliterating whole countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.  Israel can’t do much because it is run by inept and kill-crazy but lazy Jews.  But Jewish finance capitalism is the quartermaster of the Jewish American death machine.  Without Jewish financing, Communism and Zionism collapse.  The US military will also collapse without Jewish funding.  Without Jewish direction, the US military will stop threatening the world with extinction.

So our first great task as American revolutionaries is to destroy every vestige of Judaism in America, in government, banking, the food chain, medicine and information (mind control).

Everywhere we find Judaism, we must eradicate it.

The first step toward anti-Jewish action is to discuss this with friends and family.  Jewish friends must be dropped and Jews in general shunned.  After all, what has any Jew whom you know done or said anything to stop Israel from its plan to nuke Iran?  As Brother Nathanael has warned, every Jew is politically aware and sees all issues by one measurement:  “Is this good for Jews?”  If your Jewish friends aren’t talking, it’s because they approve what America and Israel are doing to the humans.

Put as simply as possible – what the Jews have done to their human enemies must be done to them.  Everywhere in the world but mainly in Jewish America.  They’ve slaughtered millions of Middle Eastern human enemies in the past two decades, not even to mention the damage they did, the blood they spilled, in Russia and Germany.  On a one-for-one basis, the Jews owe us humans just about their entire population, whatever that is.

It’s only fair.

One thing is certain: if we do not remove every aspect of Jewish control from our lives, the human race will die out.

The day of reckoning is at hand . . .


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John Scott Montecristo is the editor of this website. He is Lasha Darkmoon's cousin.
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377 Responses to Jews Against Humans, by JB Campbell

  1. Balthazar says:

    I’ve just finished reading this. It’s pretty edgy and extreme, bordering on the seditious, but I must thank the Editor for having the courage to publish it — even though he feels the need to preface the article with a disclaimer. No need!

    These thoughts have occurred to many of us. If we are not allowed to read such thoughts, who can stop us thinking them?

    Not the Thought Police.

    • Herman King says:

      Right. Our thoughts are our own as long as we don’t voice them. Too bad we aren’t telepaths.

      • Yukon Jack says:

        We are telepathic, our subconscious minds are communicating, that’s why we all met here to consciously discuss what we are feeling inside.

    • Dr. Mathew says:

      Good comment.—Extreme but but perhaps necessary to be said.

      Ahmadinejad almost exact words that it is the neocon Jewish regime in Israel which represents world Jewery has to be wiped out.

      “On a one-for-one basis, the Jews owe us humans just about their entire population, whatever that is.—- It’s only fair.”
      BTW — for JB Campbell’s information the world Jewish population is roughly about 0.2% or 14,000,000.

      “One thing is certain: if we do not remove every aspect of Jewish control from our lives, the human race will die out.”

      Possibly true as these Ashksnazi Jews are completely ruthless nuclear armed thugs to whom all others are scum.

      Remember Judaism is a monotheistic “religion” in which the existence of a personal God called Yahweh or (Jehovah) is assumed: not only a vengeful God, but a God who favors his own people, the Jews, and considers them the “Chosen”.

      The 45 % of world Jews who are Atheists cleverly use dumb Christians who believe in the same God & anything & everything in their Jewish Bible especially that their God has chosen Jews as his (her) favorites.

      With Jewish funding & Jewish direction, the Jewish American military death machine is bringing about untold world suffering and perhaps extinction.

      The nature of Jewish supremacy unknown to non Jews is lethal because it is ideological & classifies mankind into two distinct species, Jews (chosen with a special divine Jewish soul) and Non-Jews (who no matter how good they are can never achieve the moral, intellectual or spiritual standard of the “chosen”)

      • R. Johnson says:

        The history of the of Semitic (Sephardim) and Kazar (Ashkenazim) “Jews” is the most complex set of social, political, religious and economic circumstances I have ever studied. Without excellent revelatory (Urantia Book) and painstakingly-researched sources from authors such as Benjamin Freedman, Douglas Reed, Arthur Koestler, Archibald Maule Ramsay, Elizabeth Dilling, Eustace Mullins, Nesta Webster, Israel Shahak and many, many others, it would be impossible to discern the big picture and know to the fullest practical extent the true story.

        Today’s sickening global Zionist reality is under the direct authority of Sephardic rabbi power and money. They have spawned and sponsored the Rothschilds and their many predecessors over the last 3500 years. Prior to the reign of the rabbis, other tribes and whole races have carried on and passed down the Luciferian tradition (antithetical in every way to the Father’s divine plan of creation, evolution, ascension and perfection) beginning at the time of the Lucifer Rebellion 200,000 years ago, hence initiating the period known as Kali Yuga.

        Fortunately, this world has officially exited from this long period of ignorance and darkness and entered into an extended, perhaps permanent, period of enlightenment called Sat Yuga. We are now in a time of intense transformation where the human race (the 99%) is shedding its old evil ways of living fostered by the 1% (Zionist rank and file, Ashkenazim; and their Zionist leadership, Sephardim rabbis).

        Starting with the international banking system, the entire Establishment (now controlled by the Zionists) power structure will continue to crumble into oblivion. By the very nature of its self-serving philosophy of money lust, greed and supremacism, Zionism is self-destructive and will annihilate itself in the face of the ever-growing positive spiritual influences and universal natural law. We are all witnessing Zionism in its death throes.

        I suggest we all continue to pursue knowledge of the divine attributes of truth, beauty and goodness and find ways to implement these in practical ways for the benefit of our respective societies. The entire governing and power structure of our benighted sphere will collapse and humanity’s best will need to step forward and put in place new systems of administration and governance that benefit ALL of our brothers and sisters bringing about a true brotherhood of man dominated by love and mercy. The future belongs to all the good people among us. Please join in.

  2. Balthazar says:

    Full marks to Lasha Darkmoon, too, for her apt illustrations and shrewd comments added to this superbly written article. JB Campbell is one of the most original thinkers I know. He actually says in plain language what hundreds of thousands are thinking but dare not say. He speaks for the oppressed White masses living under a Jewish dictatorship disguised as a democracy.

  3. There were never any so-called “Jews” in the Old Testament…

    stealing and lying,

    specifically Identity Theft and fraud doesn’t change the truth

    Jesus said it best…@ John 8:44

    follow up and fill in the holes in your memory bank

    not knowing doesn’t change the Truth, and being stupid doesn’t change the Truth

    Know the Truth <—— what "Jews" hate !

    • Oldtimer says:

      “Know the Truth <—— what "Jews" hate !"
      Thank You Anthony, you are an honest person.

    • AquaTarkus says:

      The first time the ethnic misnomer that his sub-species go by saw the light of printing on Richard B. Sheridan comedy play “The Rivals” in 1775. Martin’s website although like many researchers, he borrowed it from Ben Freedman’s ” Facts are Facts” article has it there: Also before Prof. Koestler’s book H.G Wells had the Khazars impostors thing hands down in his work Outline of History Vol. 2. The English have had an interesting relation with these inbreeds. Eddie Longshanks was the first to smell the stench and the filth in the 13th Century and look what he did. Oliver Cromwellstein allowed the feces back in the 17th. Oliver was the original Blairs, Browns and Camerons.

  4. Gabreal Jones says:

    Christ-all-clear article. Did not JC excorsise demons into pigs and drove the pigs then into the sea? I take it as an an allegory but the meaning is clear, we have to get rid of the (jew) mess.

    Sterilise the Palestinians, Dutch jewish writer Leon de Winter said in a meeting this week. The US Israeli ambassodor to the Netherlands was also attending.
    It is actually good that he said it and that it reached the msm. It will turn public opinion against them jews. Leon de W…… did his parents gave him this name with Leon Trotsky (aka Bronstein) the jew commie butcher in mind? He got attacked with an ice axe in Mexico and died the next day,……

    This jewwriter’s remark, a misplaced sarcastic jew joke, will serve like the ice axe attack on LT, I mean he does not need to get killed, but particularly in this Gaza aftermath Leon de W. is shooting in his own foot.

    CIA O

    • Gabreal Jones says:


      btw not only for the oppressed White masses……..ever heard of a rainbow, balthasar?

    • mothman777 says:

      The Talmud calls Gentile souls ‘pig souls’, so Jesus was just showing how it’s done, that is, a technique of Kapparot by passing bad karma off onto innocent ‘pigs’.

      And of course Jesus was fond of talking in parables, so indirectly named the Gentiles as pig animal souls that can be used to bear the burden of Jewish karma. All animal souls are held to be demonic, originating in ‘Satan’, and that includes all Gentile peoples, and they are held to be irredeemably evil and guilty of all sin and sinful propensity for all eternity.

      The Jews hold that all sin comes from the Gentiles alone, as the souls of Gentiles are held to be of Satanic substance, not of God’s, so they believe it is only right to cast all their bad karma back onto the Gentiles, or back where it came from as they believe.

      That is all the Jewish monster called Jesus was demonstrating how to do, a simple sadistic act of black magic, pure evil, making helpless and innocent creatures undergo suffering for the evil deeds of those Jews, since sin is held in the Jewish religion to be the cause of all disease, and all Jews are held to be eternally sinless, being of the substance of ‘God’, ‘Himself’, so their sin had to be sent back to the ‘real’ perpetrators, the demon souls called pigs, who are also classed as pig souls even when they incarnate as Gentiles.

      Gentile souls are classed as animal souls in the Talmud and Torah, that have temporarily been given human-like form, purely in order to better serve the Jews as slaves, for that alone, and for no other reason.

      It is from within this monstrous Jewish belief system that Jesus is prophesied, just another evil monster, just like the rest of the self-serving Jewish ‘holy men’, who belief in salvation for the gangster cult alone, and to hell for all eternity with the rest of us.

      • Rick Johnson says:

        Your interpretation of Jesus’ healing of Amos, the Kheresa lunatic, is understandable but incorrect. I have included this story as it appears in the Urantia Book, which you may access online at Likewise, your reading of Jesus’ mission and ministry on this earth is altogether misinformed. If you have the interest, I would highly recommend for you to read all 775 pages on the Life and Teachings of Jesus. It is a remarkable revelation and one that is sure to touch your heart.


        151:6.1 Although most of the near-by eastern shore of the lake sloped up gently to the highlands beyond, at this particular spot there was a steep hillside, the shore in some places dropping sheer down into the lake. Pointing up to the side of the near-by hill, Jesus said: “Let us go up on this hillside for our breakfast and under some of the shelters rest and talk.”

        151:6.2 This entire hillside was covered with caverns which had been hewn out of the rock. Many of these niches were ancient sepulchres. About halfway up the hillside on a small, relatively level spot was the cemetery of the little village of Kheresa. As Jesus and his associates passed near this burial ground, a lunatic who lived in these hillside caverns rushed up to them. This demented man was well known about these parts, having onetime been bound with fetters and chains and confined in one of the grottoes. Long since he had broken his shackles and now roamed at will among the tombs and abandoned sepulchres. *

        151:6.3 This man, whose name was Amos, was afflicted with a periodic form of insanity. There were considerable spells when he would find some clothing and deport himself fairly well among his fellows. During one of these lucid intervals he had gone over to Bethsaida, where he heard the preaching of Jesus and the apostles, and at that time had become a halfhearted believer in the gospel of the kingdom. But soon a stormy phase of his trouble appeared, and he fled to the tombs, where he moaned, cried out aloud, and so conducted himself as to terrorize all who chanced to meet him.

        151:6.4 When Amos recognized Jesus, he fell down at his feet and exclaimed: “I know you, Jesus, but I am possessed of many devils, and I beseech that you will not torment me.” This man truly believed that his periodic mental affliction was due to the fact that, at such times, evil or unclean spirits entered into him and dominated his mind and body. His troubles were mostly emotional—his brain was not grossly diseased.

        151:6.5 Jesus, looking down upon the man crouching like an animal at his feet, reached down and, taking him by the hand, stood him up and said to him: “Amos, you are not possessed of a devil; you have already heard the good news that you are a son of God. I command you to come out of this spell.” And when Amos heard Jesus speak these words, there occurred such a transformation in his intellect that he was immediately restored to his right mind and the normal control of his emotions. By this time a considerable crowd had assembled from the near-by village, and these people, augmented by the swine herders from the highland above them, were astonished to see the lunatic sitting with Jesus and his followers, in possession of his right mind and freely conversing with them.

        151:6.6 As the swine herders rushed into the village to spread the news of the taming of the lunatic, the dogs charged upon a small and untended herd of about thirty swine and drove most of them over a precipice into the sea. And it was this incidental occurrence, in connection with the presence of Jesus and the supposed miraculous curing of the lunatic, that gave origin to the legend that Jesus had cured Amos by casting a legion of devils out of him, and that these devils had entered into the herd of swine, causing them forthwith to rush headlong to their destruction in the sea below. Before the day was over, this episode was published abroad by the swine tenders, and the whole village believed it. Amos most certainly believed this story; he saw the swine tumbling over the brow of the hill shortly after his troubled mind had quieted down, and he always believed that they carried with them the very evil spirits which had so long tormented and afflicted him. And this had a good deal to do with the permanency of his cure. It is equally true that all of Jesus’ apostles (save Thomas) believed that the episode of the swine was directly connected with the cure of Amos.

        151:6.7 Jesus did not obtain the rest he was looking for. Most of that day he was thronged by those who came in response to the word that Amos had been cured, and who were attracted by the story that the demons had gone out of the lunatic into the herd of swine. And so, after only one night of rest, early Tuesday morning Jesus and his friends were awakened by a delegation of these swine-raising gentiles who had come to urge that he depart from their midst. Said their spokesman to Peter and Andrew: “Fishermen of Galilee, depart from us and take your prophet with you. We know he is a holy man, but the gods of our country do not know him, and we stand in danger of losing many swine. The fear of you has descended upon us, so that we pray you to go hence.” And when Jesus heard them, he said to Andrew, “Let us return to our place.”

        151:6.8 As they were about to depart, Amos besought Jesus to permit him to go back with them, but the Master would not consent. Said Jesus to Amos: “Forget not that you are a son of God. Return to your own people and show them what great things God has done for you.” And Amos went about publishing that Jesus had cast a legion of devils out of his troubled soul, and that these evil spirits had entered into a herd of swine, driving them to quick destruction. And he did not stop until he had gone into all the cities of the Decapolis, declaring what great things Jesus had done for him.

        • mothman777 says:

          Thankyou for your communication, but I still see that the original Bible in the New Testament of the Gospel of Mathew contains various statements that Jesus only came to save the Jews, and was a Jew himself.

          The lunatic was a Jew, and the method of atonement used by Jesus, a Jewish messiah, was a method of black magic that the Jewish people have always used, to wipe their bad karma on others, to save a fellow Jew, the lunatic.

          Jesus was predicted in the Jewish scriptures, this fact according, to the Christians, being the very means of validating him as the predicted Jewish messiah Jesus.

          Hence the crude and primitive black magic rituals of Kapparot, the slaughter of the passover lamb, and the crucifixion of the ‘Lamb of God’, Jesus, all being blood rituals whereby sin is transferred to another, and that other is then ritually slaughtered on the behalf of the Jews, after the bad karma has been assimilated within the subtle auric body of the victim.

          This is done in order that when the victim reincarnates, they will have all the bad karma of the Jews upon them, but not know that this is so, thinking their suffering to be a result of their own misdeeds, whilst then living in a different geographical locality, their minds wiped so that they cannot remember who murdered them, or who unjustly forced their bad karma, with all its attendant suffering, upon them, though the Jesus myth has him as being a willing and fully conscious victim of course.

          I have never studied the Urantia beliefs, though I have come across quite a number of different sects offering whitewashed versions of Jesus, each version to suit the requirement s of a new cult; indeed, Jesus really is a ‘man for all seasons’ in that he can be reinvented and adopted to suit any purpose whatsoever by any cult at all, at least in their imagination. Jesus always was, in any case, someone lacking any genuine historicity, being entirely a character invented for a certain purpose every time.

  5. Seymour Zak says:

    @ Balthazar

    Are you a cretin? This has to worst article I have ever read! The mere title, “Jews Against Humans”, is an INSULT. An intended insult. I will take steps to have JB Campbell brought to justice. Have no fear. This man belongs in a FEMA camp.

    For such as him—political dissidents with diseased minds—these rehabilitation centers are now being built. There is a network of such camps all over the country and they are waiting to be filled with sick terrorists such as Campbell.

    And filled they will be — by scum such as Campbell and the poetic whoreslut Darkmoon who is just as bad.

    Go on, Editor, delete this post if you want! I couldn’t care less! FUCK YOU!

    • Yukon Jack says:

      No SeeNoMore Zak, you are the insane Talmudic psychopath that will be put in a FEMA camp very soon. We have had enough of you and your evil.

      JB Campbell is a great patriot while you are a lying seditious little Jew shit. Israel did 911 and military intelligence knows it, your time is about up.

      Please get off this forum and go somewhere else, can I suggest hell?

    • russ hook says:

      A JEW is the most COWARDLY POS on the planet. Their time is at hand, and I want to be on the front lines when they are EXTERMINATED!!!

  6. Seymour Zak says:

    So you think Jews were responsible for Soviet atrocities? For the death of 66 million Christians under Stalin? This is one of the greatest anti-Semitic canards invented! It is intended to deflect attention from the German Holocaust of 6 million Jews!

    Idiots, that you cannot see this!

    Solzhenitsyn went senile in his old age. The crap he wrote about Jews has tarnished his name and reputation forever. He can no longer be regarded as a reliable witness. He has NO CREDIBILITY! Fuck the Nobel Prize! They gave it to that nigger Obama — and all he wants to do is offer Israel up as a burnt sacrifice to the Mad Mullahs of Tehran.

    Ye Gods, give me patience!

    Sooner or later, I predict, Israel will become so angry at all this criminal anti-Semitism that it will have no alternative but to resort to the Samson Option.

    And then, ka-BOOM! the whole world will go up in smoke! Neither Jew nor gentile will survive. We’ll all be dead.

    • Banjo_Billy says:

      The Kikenvermin invented the 6 million dead Jews to distract the world from the 66 Million murdered Russians and Ukranians. It’s a ploy. That’s all you ever hear about, the 6 million Jews, because it crowds out all other considerations. The 6 million number was devised from the 600,000 Hebrew Hyksos who escaped from Pharaoh multiplied by the 10 Jews required to pray in a minion (quarum). It is a Jewish code word that represents “all Jews in the world”. So, when the Jews hear the number “6 mllion” they know “this means you, too.”

    • heroay says:

      Seymore Zucks, either you are a paid ‘tease’, or a fully demented, lying ashkenazi inbred.

      Sometimes i wish the kosher piggery in Tel Aviv would go berserk and heed your ‘advise’ to ‘nuke the world’. One, only ONE Satan from Putin will roast and crystalize your parasitic breed in israHell. But he has more than one…

      The moment Dimona begins to open its underground bunkers, Satan will fly unstoppable, 10 warheads spreading death and desolation, oblivion, on the most putrid place on Earth, ever. Fake israHell, to Hell; ka-BOOM(S)!

      As for israHell’s air force, all locked down, on the cross-hairs, candidates for instantaneous extinction, with, obvious, unstoppable Russian missiles. China and Iran, won’t even bother to include them. Wanton overkill.

    • R. Johnson says:

      Your time is limited here on my planet. I don’t know how you’re leaving, but you will be heard from no more, soon.

    • Rick Johnson says:

      Most unlikely we’d all be dead; though likely the Israelis have the asocial, anti-human, psychopathic tendency to follow through with their suicidal Samson Option, I am 100% confident that this collective scourge on humanity referred to as Zionism will pass harmlessly in the night to their inevitable rendezvous with self-extermination–total and complete annihilation. They have become incompatible with cosmic reality and universal natural law. The day will arrive soon when the majority of sane, God-loving humanity will rise up in chorus to say our good-byes to the evil, alien nation of Israel and all of its evil worldly connections. Hasta la vista, baby.

  7. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Ditto! Balthazar has said it well.

    Mr. Campbell is a great scribe of thought which needs writing – as well as a great philosopher and champion of Truth (which takes brass cojones!).

    Ms. Darkmoon, you are a priceless gem.

  8. Seymour Zak says:

    We’ll all be dead like the noble dead at Auschwitz for whom I weep tears of blood… like the great Elie Wiesel…my role model and hero.


  9. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Do not mistake me for “ditto” of Seymour Zak! (the sneaky Jew slid it in between these posts!)

    • Seymour Zak says:

      Your hostile comment has been noted. I will not forgive or forget.

      • Gilbert Huntly says:

        With hands, knives, swords and horse, guns or boots – I would like to meet you, too. My founding fathers and my country have been misused and looted by your kind long enough. Blood has flowed on your account long enough. Lies have been endured from your kind long enough.

        Why don’t you just encourage your people to back down, while it is still possible? I would embrace you and be friends.

        • Seymour Zak says:

          You’re a dead man walking.

        • Gilbert Huntly says:

          Cool. Now I will be sure to oppose your kind in all things – and have no reservations.

        • Gilbert Huntly says:

          Oh, btw, see more: I also have friends in very “high places”, and you will be noted forthwith.

          As for you and me – if you have the balls, meet me, yourself. If you are so sinister and powerful, I do not doubt you can find me. Liars and their people will have their place in Hell – and I am not opposed to helping them expedite their journey.

        • russ hook says:

          You can’t trust any REPTILE KIKE!! Embrace them with a DAGGER in your hand , if you must embrace them!!!

      • Rick Johnson says:

        typical Jew talk.
        Revenge is your middle name. You choose to eternally remember the painful moments in your life as if they were someone else’s fault. You show no mercy and hold grudges all your living days. How’s that working for you?

    • Oldtimer says:

      The jews are all sneaky.

      • Yukon Jack says:

        Yes they are sneaky. They are also cowards, notice how they chickened out with the ground invasion of Gaza. The sneaky Jews couldn’t even find the courage to roll tanks in on defenseless civilians. Sure they can bomb Gaza from the sky because there’s nothing to oppose our F-16′s.

        The Jews must be getting claustrophobic in their little sandy shithole nowadays, they can’t invade Lebanon or Syria and now they can’t even get it up with Gaza. What a laugh, they have state of the art military hardware they connived at our expense yet can’t invaded a open air prison camp with their invincible Merkava tanks.

        So much for greater Israel. It’s over folks. The Zionists should pack it up and head for a new location.

        • Balthazar says:

          Don’t say that. They’ll head for America.

        • Yukon Jack says:

          Agreed. No nation wants them and no nation should dump them off on unsuspecting souls. It is immoral to send Jews elsewhere unless you want to destroy your enemy – the Jews are the ultimate destroyers, they are sneaky and infiltrate and takeover.

          Dealing with this Jewish problem is a monumental waste of time as we should be rebuilding a better society without Jews, so we should expedite getting rid of this problem.

        • Rick Johnson says:

          Hopefully, off terra firma.

  10. Gabreal Jones says:

    @seymour zak

    say no more, go to jew shrink, and after he jumped out of the window when he studied your sick macaroni, jump as well, both ending up in hell, where you already lived in while in the body. Normal people are waking up saying NO to you subnormal psickos.

    CIA O

  11. Patrick says:

    The time has come. This vermin called the jew has to be expunged from the earth, and soon. They make me sick to my stomach and, as the eternal enemy of the human race, they need to be exterminated wherever found.

  12. Annis says:

    Wow. Amazing article.

    We’re told that jews have the highest IQs. When I think of jews I think of serial killer, Ted Bundy. He had a very high IQ and defended himself in a Florida courtroom and when the trial was over and the Judge was sentencing him, the judge told him, Mr Bundy you could have been a lawyer. You are intelligent enough that you could have been anything you wanted.

    The problem was that there was something twisted in Bundy’s brain. Something wrong with the wiring. That is how I see jews. There is something sick and twisted in the wiring of their brains. They do nothing but tear down and destroy and they’ve been doing it for hundreds and hundreds of years. They are a parasitic cancerous plague on the world.

    Its bred in their bones, wired in their brains and in the DNA.

    • Oldtimer says:


    • Arch Stanton says:

      The Tabernacle and its sacrificial system

      Long before the Temple came the era of the Tabernacle, where the sacrifice was a ceremonial bloodlust. It was a place where priests butchered animals to atone for sins against their god Yahweh.

      Originally, the Torah referred to the first five books of the Old Testament. The books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy contain the Levirate laws forming the basis for Judaism’s sacrificial system. This system is naturally founded on the sacrifice of both blood offerings, in the form of specified animals, and non-blood offerings in the form of specified grains. In the early days of the sacrificial system, the Tabernacle was nothing more than a moving slaughterhouse, a place where priests butchered animals. It is telling that only the best animals, the least “blemished”, could be offered for sacrifice.
      The indication as to the true purpose of the sacrificial system lay in the fact that priests took ten percent of the choicest cuts of meat for themselves and burned only the fat and viscera upon the altar as “sweet savor” to the lord. The remaining meat was then returned to the sinner. Think about this for a moment, the Lord preferred fat and viscera to the prime cuts commanded by the priests.

      Imagine for a moment, your priest as a butcher. Imagine going to church on Sunday and seeing your priest at the alter slitting the throat of various parishioners pets, catching their blood in a golden bowl and then splashing it around the alter as he dances around in a trance-like state chanting pleas to God for the forgiveness of sins and begging for salvation. After the service, you say to your spouse, “Boy that certainly was a different sermon this week wasn’t it dear?” Your spouse replies, “Oh I don’t know, next week is communion, when we eat the body Christ and drink his blood. Speaking of that, let’s hurry to the restaurant before the church crowd gets there.”
      After making their sacrifice, the Hebrew sinner was marked with blood, mixed with other bodily fluids, on either the forehead or the big toe. This mixture ensured longevity of the mark. The blood marking was visible proof that a tribesman had paid his “sin tax”. Later, this mark was washed off in a ritual purification bath called the Mikveh, at which time the sacrificial cycle began anew.

      However, this marking system had one obvious, glaring drawback. Blood is a commonly available substance produced by the higher organisms. In their attempt to control the easily counterfeited blood marking, priests forbade their followers from butchering their own animals or even possessing the instruments for doing so. This was the primary reason for the kosher slaughter, a process where the living animal’s throat is slit to ensure the pumping heart will drain the blood as completely as possible. This also led to the prohibition of various implements and practices used in the butchering process. The priests defined these as “clean” or “unclean”, but think “legal” or “illegal”, as these are in fact legalistic dictates that have almost nothing to do with hygiene.

      Any contact with blood was strictly prohibited, like that produced by menstruating women or “lepers”, which meant anyone with running sores. As a result, a byzantine legal structure arose to control the minutiae of everyday life. There is a forgettable tract in the Mishna that elaborates on the cleanliness of a bowl. The upshot of this legal commandment is that if a bowl in intact, then it is unclean; but if the bowl is smashed into pieces of which the largest piece is no larger than the tip of a man’s finger, then it is clean. This makes absolutely no sense unless one understands the bowl in question can be used to hold and mix blood products.

      Eventually the phylactery replaced the blood marking. This was a small box attached to the forehead or the back of the wrist holding a scroll with a passage from the Torah. The scroll changed in accordance with the sacrificial cycle; and like tabs on a license plate, it could be checked as proof that Temple followers were current on their sacrificial tribute. Despite this modification, Levirite laws concerning blood products remained in full force.

      Imagine yourself as a very young child of a primitive, nomadic, tribesman. Having heard only stories, you are dimly aware of the importance of a much talked about, upcoming ritual. You are aware this ritual occurs on regular basis and the anxiousness of your parents is palpable when discussing the subject.

      On the prescribed day, the day the ritual begins. You follow your parents down to a running stream. A man richly attired in strange garb stands in the middle of the stream. One by one, your neighbors walk into the stream where the man mutters strange words as he immerses them in the water while rubbing their forehead with the palm of his hand. After your father has undergone the ritual immersion, you note the red mark he always wears on is forehead has disappeared. The ritual continues until every adult in the village has undergone immersion. You hear someone nearby whispering that the sacred cycle has ended.

      The following day, your mother wakes you earlier than usual and your family spends the morning in careful preparation for the days activities. You want to play with your friends, but your mother insists you attended to her demands. You accompany your father as he goes out among his meager collection of animals. He spends quite a bit of time inspecting the herd until he finally chooses a prized sheep. This animal happens to be one of your favorites. You have often played with the sheep, chasing them around the meadows and finally catching one, you buried your face in its soft wool. Your nose takes delight in the earthy smell of the sheep. It is the smell of life and life seems to be everywhere among the hills where the herds roam.

      Later that morning, your father takes you by the hand and with animal in tow, you are dragged to a portable slaughterhouse your parents refer to as the “Tabernacle.” Here you are to witness the important ritual they have been discussing over the preceding weeks. You enter a large enclosure surrounded by a fence made of cloth. In the middle of the enclosure is an odd tent-like structure with rude wooden columns and entry doors. A number of wooden tables, sagging oddly along the longitudinal center line, are set up in the makeshift courtyard directly in front of the tent. Soon, other families begin arriving with their animals.

      Finally, the ceremony begins. A neighbor of yours steps forward and presents a prized calf to one of several strangely dressed men, like the men you saw at the stream the day before. Your parents refer to these men as “priests”. One by one, the sinners step forward and present their animal to a priest who then hoists it upon one of the many tables. Your neighbor drops to his knees in front of the priest, closes his eyes and begins chanting something unintelligible. As you witness this your father grabs your hand and places it alongside his on the prized sheep. You can feel its heart racing. The animal’s transmits its terror though the palm of your hand. The priest takes hold of the struggling animal and with quick, practiced motion, slits its throat with a razor sharp knife. The animal struggles, kicking and bellowing in protest, as geysers of blood erupts from its jugular vein. A froth of blood spews forth, splattering you and everyone present. You can feel the spark of life draining through its hide as the stillness of death overcomes the animal. You look down at the viscous red fluid splattered on the front of your robe. You stare with revulsion at the red stains soaking into the fibers as the stench of death assaults your nostrils and addles your sense.

      Even before the animal has ceased struggling, you look up from your bloodstained robe to see the head priest/butcher moving quickly to catch the animal’s blood in a golden bowl. Now you realize the sagging tabletop forms a trough that allows the blood to flow from the end, where the priest awaits with his bowl. With eyelids half closed and muttering some strange incantation, he seems to be in a trance. Shouting, he lifts the golden bowl skyward at arms length before splashing the congealing blood over and around base of the altar. The priest then comes out of his trance and begins eviscerating the animal. During this process, the animal’s bloody guts are laid aside so they can later be burned on the altar as sweet savor to the lord, who evidently has an abiding taste for burnt fat and viscera.

      In just a few strokes, the priest/butcher finishes his gory task. Working rapidly, he begins cutting the animal’s joints. As he separates the portions of meat, he carefully lays aside a large portion of the best cuts for himself. He then returns the remaining meat to your neighbor, who by now has given the priest full admission of his sins.

      After the sacrifice is complete, the priest produces a smaller bowl with a cupful of the animal’s blood. The priest mixes it with another bodily fluid that appears to be semen. He uses his thumb to smear a large daub of the mixture on the forehead of the entranced, chanting sinner kneeling before him with closed eyes. Then, with a loud shout, the priest/butcher declares that by this act, your neighbor’s sins have been atoned. Your neighbor staggers to his feet and like a drunk, lurches away from the butchering table with a beatific look on his face, even as the priest calls for the next sinner to step forward with his animal.

      Suddenly you feel the full emotional horror of the fate awaiting the other animals brought to the ritual. All the while, these men called priests, howl, chant and dance about, reciting their ritualistic incantations that beg god’s forgiveness; it must have been a bloody spectacle. The bloodlust continues well into evening. What you never witness is the secret ceremony inside the Tabernacle’s tent where the high priest in a final act of crazed bloodlust drinks the sacrificial blood before the mercy seat.

      The Levirate injunction against consuming blood is a public admonishment to restrict the use of blood products. However, the priesthood exempted itself from its own laws and secretly does not observe such restrictions. This covert act, along with the acceptable act of consuming sacrificial meat, will later be replayed by Yeshu during his last supper, when he symbolically offers wine and bread representing his blood and body to his disciples. A few days later the priests fold their Tabernacle tent and move on. They will move to the next tribe where the sacrificial cycle will be played out once again.

      Consider the effect of this gruesome spectacle on a child. Blood spewing everywhere, chanting priests mesmerized in their crazed bloodlust, driven by the howling and grunting of animals bleeding out the last of their life on the ground. The restless bleating of animals, now aware of their fate. Sinners raising their hands towards the heavens as they cry out for god’s forgiveness. Imagine your parents continually consumed with the thought of blood and the avoidance of it, thoughts that translate into an unnatural obsession about the stuff.

      Extrapolate this horror out over the generational millennium and you have the foundations of a psychopathic bloodlust. This is not a preference, not a peculiar, incidental twist in a few exceptional personalities. By design, it is a culturally inbred condition; one that can neither be altered nor escaped. This culture of blood has permeated the very core of Judaism until it has become a genetic component of their race.

      Today, this mindset can be amply viewed in their books, movies and TV shows, where overriding themes are those of murder, mayhem and bloodlust. Yet, these imaginary reflections become the realities foisted upon the unsuspecting goyim, i.e. “cattle”.

    • russ hook says:

      Lawyers are SCUM, and why do you idolize them???? Bundy was most likely mind controlled by the CIA as a Manchurian Candidate. There are thousands of them who were engineered/created by the CIA/Military/ZOG. This is probably way over your head!

      • Mary Sparrowdancer says:

        Actually, I was a witness to some of the Bundy stuff and was contacted by Sheriff Katsaris when they found my driver’s license in Bundy’s possession. From what I observed, Bundy had a twin brother who was truly off the deep end. The twin brother frequently showed up in public here wearing a black and red cape. He had a chipped front tooth and he openly terrorized women and was thrown out of elite downtown bars in Tallahassee. The other twin, the one they arrested, was calm and soft spoken. I told Katsaris that they had arrested the wrong twin, and he replied that they were aware of the other twin, but felt they had the right Bundy. Whatever was going on with the Bundy saga, there is a lot more to be told.

    • John says:

      A great many Jewish Zionists exhibit behavior consistent with sociopathic personality disorder. Are there studies showing Jewish people more likely sociopathic than the Gentile population?

      If sociopathic behavior is hereditary, did this destructive abnormality originate with the Jews?

  13. Blake says:

    It’s been a coverup by a complicit zionist owned media. Even Ben Zion Dinur, the father of Israeli historiography, was not hesitant about describing the Khazars as the origin of the Jews in Eastern Europe, and describes Khazaria as ‘the mother of the diasporas’ in Eastern Europe.

  14. Mel Gibstein says:

    Not sure how he went from Koestler’s false Jews to giving trust to Brother Nathan, but he did. In Campbell’s logic America needs to eradicate Christianity because Jews are pretending to be the people of the Old Testament.

    I agree wholeheartedly that Campbell doesnt know where Jews come from or non Jews and that is the root of the problem that most writers on this site never seem to even want to get to the bottom of. Kol Nidre is not Old Testament and according to this logic, Joseph with the many colored coat (like the Scots) threw himself in a hole to be captured by the Egyptians (with the help of the Ishmaelites), faked being a great builder (how many Jews do you know that have built anything?) and then tricked the Egyptians into bringing his family of Jews in (that were called Israelites not Jews). At least Campbell is willing to admit something did occur in Egypt in those days, some of which wound up in Scotland, hence the name Scota, where the bagpipes, beer, the harp and many other things came with them (the clans and coats of many colors). If we are going to wipe out Jews and what Campbell calls Judaism and all the people who believe it, Kaganovich will be a choir boy compared to him. I suggest Campbell studies his own past. Not knocking him for it because Jews have done a fantastic job of wiping out most white people’s past to the point that they dont even want to look by design.

    Other than that I agree with everything else.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      The true, original Jews were as much Israelite as any other. However, when Nebuchannezzer sent to Josiah, King of Israel, for a few boys to “instruct in the ways of Babylon”, Josiah sent him boys from Judah and Benjamin. When they returned, “educated”, they became the Scribes and Pharisees, et. al. With power came the temptation to oppress, and they made life difficult for the rest of their brethren, who then migrated north and west. Eventually, they, themselves, broke stride, and began to breed into Edom. Their descendants must have been the inspiration for the Khazars, who have been said to have acquired their mantle – either by right, or by theft. We will never know. Yet, great controversy has pursued them since, and I suppose it is as much a matter of survival as breeding which has brought them to powerful dimension. Yes, they are very bright – evening often endearing – but becoming aware of their nature is sometimes a painful process. It has imposed itself on me and very close members of my family who have embraced Jewish friends for decades. Fortunately, I can now see the history of it and how it has afflicted my people and my country.

      There was a poem written by someone – I think Kipling – entitled “When the Saxon Learns to Hate.”. It would be nice if someone here could inform me of where I might find it.

      • Mel Gibstein says:

        I think you are right if I understand you correctly. Why would Jews, who Campbell believes are the people of the Old Testament have anything to do with the BABYLONIAN Talmud anywhere in their religion or even keep the name of “Jew” knowing this? Many people dont know that words were corrupted to mean two things and this has to be addressed. As is everything else, the truth is always deeper.

        Kipling as I understand it knew who the Saxon’s were and he knew who he was.

        One has to ask why Jews would have to create a Schofield reference Bible to corrupt the real thing.

        • Gilbert Huntly says:

          Thank you for this reference, Mr. Gibstein. (!). It is not in my character – or yours, I believe – to hate. I HATE to have to hate. Yet, whether or not someone accuses me of being inhuman, too, I must admit to strong admiration of King David and his appeal to God when he said “Lord, have I not loved what You loved, and hated what You hate?”. The best I can do for me and mine is to seek to please Him, too. I truly believe that.

          Micah 6:8 reads: He has told you, O man, what is good;
          And what does the Lord require of you
          But to do justice, to love mercy,
          And to walk humbly with your God?

          Many Jews – and many of our own kind – have brought us near ruin because they have not considered this admonition. Especially the Jews since Oliver Cromwell ceded them the financial district of London in the 1640s.
          From there (in the empire whereon the “sun never set”) they have manipulated mass murder and looting for centuries. It is time these “Saxons” got really pissed!

        • Gilbert Huntly says:

          Btw, I do understand that David was no more a Jew than was Jesus.

      • seek and ye shall find…

        search engines are amazing

        still no “Jews” in the Old Testament….

  15. Rehmat says:

    Calling 12.7 million Jews ‘inhuman’ – is calling 65 million Christian Evangelists and Vatican is also ‘inhuman’. The evangelists believe that their SALVATION is through their dedicated services to Jews – while the Vatican has declared that the Jews did not hanged Jesus and the New Testament’s accusating Jews of that crime is a BIG LIE.

    Pope Benedict XVI in his book entitled Jesus of Nazareth-Part II – has exonerated Jews for Jesus’ death. “There is no basis in Scripture for the argument that the Jewish people as a whole were responsible for Jesus’ death,” Pope says.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      Yes. “Inhuman” is too much. But I believe Mr. Campbell likely used it for shock and emphatic value. We must be careful with our words. Good people can get Hirt.

    • Mel Gibstein says:

      Who are the Jewish people? It was the Judeans that wanted Christ dead from day one not Judahites (his own mother and step father were Judahites and all the apostles outside Judas were Benjaminites also of the House of Judah). Why would they want to kill their own messiah? It was Herod, an Edomite that wanted him dead (the king of Iudea) and all the other Edomites he placed into high office. You cant confuse Judahite with Judean so the Pope can be right and wrong at the same time, but not distinguishing between the two makes him wrong. No doubt there were some Judahites that were duped by the Edomites as they still are, many of them right here too.

    • is the Pope “Jewish”…?

      90% of modern day so-called “jews” are descended from the Khazars…who had no part in the Crucifying Jesus….is that good news or what…?

      Amazing how the “Jewish” Pope could twist that one around….

      could one possibly entertain the notion that the “Jewish” hijacked Vatican doesn’t know about the Talmud ?

      • Mel Gibstein says:

        I once asked a priest about the Talmud and got what seems to be the status quo answer you will get from all priests, Judeo pastors, etc. They tell you they dont know anything about it and tell you they only teach Christianity. The truth is Christians dont have an army as one famous Commie once said and wouldnt tell the truth even if they knew it for fear of the Jews (many are of course Jews themselves working on the inside as they do in all organizations). They wont discuss it because it leads to more and more information. Like many areas on the internet, there are more sites and internet personalities there to stunt information rather than give more of it. Luckily there are a couple of people spreading truth and you can tell who they are because they dont fear free speech or debates from anyone. Anyone can run his pie hole with the phones cut off and controlled radio shows, but they can’t hide their ignorance on word meanings and history. If certain words have two meanings and they dont know this they are just as dangerous as the Jews who deliberately corrupted those words to begin with. It appears that many are deliberately perpetuating the age old Jewish lies, but its too late now. The cat is out of the bag and it’s turning into a tiger.

      • Rehmat says:

        As vice-president Biden had described himself that being a “Zionist doen’t mean one has to be Jewish”.

        According to my former Polish Catholic engineering assistant, late Pope John Paul II was born to a Polish Jewish mother and Polish Catholic father.

        Joanna Francis, an American Catholic blogger and women’s rights activists had claimed in 2006 that Pope Benedict XVI is a “Zionist double agent”. In 2011, the Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon has upset both Catholic communities and Jewish Lobby by calling Pope Benedict XVI a Nazi.

    • Banjo_Billy says:

      Pope Ratzinger is well-named; he is a zinger of a rat. What he claims, goes against 2000 years of Christianity and cannot be taken as other than modern kissing of Jewish ass. After all, the Jew bankers own the Vatican and have since the 1800s when the Rothschilds began loaning money to the Popes.

    • heroay says:

      Re-math, you are a crypto, so what can anyone expect from a crypto? Deception. Disinformation. Treachery. Lies. We have already met.

      95% of 12.7 mil animals ARE inhuman. The ashkenazi Neanderthals. Just look around to their worldwide criminal enterprise. The ‘good’ wans, a handful, cover up. You do.

      You cannot compare inhuman beasts, to deceived, retard suckers (the foolish churchian-ziotics); much less, include today’s Vatican in the equation, run by a ‘German’ satanic ashkenazi, excusing by mouth, terrorism and criminality of his, your, distant pharisaical cousins.

      A kosher plot to ‘sanitize’ their blood stained hands, garments, and mouths (blood-sucking rituals). They can’t. You can’t. Insistence is futile.

      The Christ was nailed to a Tau ‘cross’, by demands from your demented, criminal, farcical cousins. To hell with the Pope’s opinion; the very criminals stated ‘his blood is in our hands’… Want cake?

      But since you all ashkenazis and khazar impostors assumed the Pharisaical legacy, so you assumed their crime on the Christ.

      And you will all pay for it. The Prophecy will be fulfilled. Beast(s) to Abyss, for a thousand years (tenfold)… So Be It!

  16. kapoore says:

    Darkmoon gives us the edgiest of all sites. In ordinary times this article would be way over the top, but it does capture the anger among those who have connected the dots and have seen the full picture. By that I mean the Jewish 20th Century with the Russian Revolution, World War I and II, and the propaganda turned history, then Palestine, and the Federal Reserve’s manufactured wars. All are unfortunately Jewish dominated events.

    But there is another way of looking at Jews as all too human. Just taking off on the last couple of comments relating to the Biblical Exile. It is very common to turn religion into an instrument of control as the Jews of the Exile did. No one knows if (in fact archeologists doubt) that the people who returned from Exile were the same ones that were deported. The Babylonian Jews that did come back rewrote all the texts of the First Temple into a new narrative and that is where we get the Torah. But the Psalms were ancient, and buried in the Torah are poetic treasures. Also, the people who did not get shipped off were still practicing the First Temple religion and they loathed the Temple being taken over by these foreign usurpers. The non-Exile people became the early Christians, but as always there is continuous mixing of ideas and that also is very human.

    I personally do not like the whole reptilian movement but I believe it may explain some things. “Reptilians” are humans who are stuck in their cerebellum, which is the part of the brain we share with the reptiles. When the cerebellum gets damaged you get autistic like behavior with obsessive compulsive habits, loss of coordination, and certain types of high intelligence. It’s possible through interbreeding and some genetic vulnerabilities that Jews are more prone to damage of the cerebellum–hence the reptile idea. Reptilian humans come, though, in every shape, color, and race, therefore Reptilian humans are humans.

    I do not like the idea of targeting one group of people en mass for extermination, and I am not sure that JB Campbell isn’t being rhetorical in his call to do this. I think he is being provocative and menacing for a reason, perhaps to goad the Jews that might read this into some serious self-examination. And here is the central point and the central problem–call it tragic flaw–and that is the lack of ability to self-examine that predominates in Jewish culture. ( I don’t mean the ability to be subjective which is all too common among Jews but to go outside oneself and see oneself as others do) We cannot rise above our animal natures whether we are more cerebellum or more cerebral if we do not consciously choose to control our animal natures by practicing virtue. This is the gift from the ancient world that the early Church Fathers wisely incorporated into the Christian ethos. If we do not practice virtue and rise above we are stuck in appetites of our animal nature. As Americans we have lost the desire to control our appetites and that is why we are so fat, so lazy, so caught up in stupidity and even if we are not particularly reptilian we are far from all we can be, and were when we actively developed character. (Jefferson woke up every day and swam in a cold river, for example. )

    Sorry for the long response and I doubt anyone will read it but it’s hard to know what to say after reading this article. I am not sure we are so perfect to pass judgment en mass against anyone for starters, but I do appreciate that the truth of history is being revealed and it should sober us all. I’m caught between two thoughts. One is that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones, and the other is that the lies are eroding and the truth is being revealed.

  17. john says:

    Zak and Balthazar should be given full coverage.

    These arrogant sickheads need to be ‘illuminated’.

    More and more —-and more and more people have researched the universe of lies and duplicities of not only the mainlyAshkeNAZIs and the sick arrogant equally war-mongering christian zio-fundies who slaveringly worship at the altar of the Holohoaxianity. PS Don’t forget bed pals the Salafists.

  18. joe webb says:

    As far as I know from recent articles on Jewish blood (genes), the average Ashkenazi Jew is half White and half semitic. This is from DNA testing, etc.

    The Khazar argument seems to have been discredited.

    Also, while generally sharing the aversion, to put it mildly, to Jews, I still simply chalk them up to a Darwinian Dynamic: ingroup v. outgroup. Amity for the ingroup and enmity for the outgroup.

    What may explain the Jewish extremist character of ethnic chauvinism is their in-breeding (which has retained the genetic foundational aspects more or less….more when defection/expulsion is considered as a way of purging the faint of heart) AND their very small numbers…surrounded by a sea of goyim…which make them very very nervous…as they ought to be.

    Otoh, I read that about half of US Jews have little stated interest in Israel. OF course, the other side of the coin in this regard is that they are therefore Liberals who love the Blacks, Mexicans and assorted freaks who hate Whites.

    So, probably 95% of Jews remain dangerous for Whites. Joe

    • Blake says:

      Discredited by who though. Only those ashamed of their past – ie Slavics in search of a semetic past.

    • mothman777 says:

      You are right, they all did the same evil on 9/11, failing to tell their Gentile workmates that they were about to be turned to dust, and not turning up for work that day, even though most of the internet is filled with fake stories that there were no 4,000 Jews who never turned up at the WTC that day.

      The Jerusalem Post, however, tells the truth, as it tells of the check that was run into the fate of all the Jews who were normally working in that area, and it gives an account of how they collated all 4,000 names of Jews who should have been there, and only one single Jew died that day in the WTC/Pentagon, with another two Jews dying on the crashed planes allegedly, (if any planes existed that is, as images of planes, even those images that were obviously not the same passenger planes that took off, were found to have been artificially added to the fake film shots of planes hitting the towers later on, with the fuselage of one jet actually being shown to pass right through one tower entirely intact).

      The Jews have such chutzpah that they even want us to see it was fake film, just so we can become exasperated by witnessing the power of hypnosis that their Jew-controlled media holds over the majority of sheeple in telling and convincing them that it was genuine film nonetheless.

      See ’911missinglinks’ also, for the rest of the picture about whodunnit.

      How the Jews love to play that trick, so they can joke with each other how easy it is to hypnotize us simple animals, though George Bush gave a vastly inflated figure for the number of Jews that died that day, so as not to let people suss out that it was a Mossad op helped by him. Maybe the Jew they let get wasted was one who could not be trusted, so they let him have it.

      No matter what different sects of Judaism they belong to, they seem to recognize each other as real Jews even if people in the west are silly enough to believe the supposedly helpful propaganda that they are mostly really Gentiles.

      The article on Rense dot com shows that the Jews in Israel are not of Gentile proselyte origin at all, and the recent studies published in the New York Times and by Dr Karl Skorecki show that all Jews in fact share the same DNA dating back at least 3,300 years, even before they all split up.

      From the rense dot com site:
      Gene Research Shows Jews And Palestinians Almost Identical
      By Robin McKie Science
      Editor The Observer – London (11-25-01) 4-15-2

      Mossad – The Israeli Connection To 911
      By Christopher Bollyn
      Exclusive to American Free Press

      Also from aish dot com:
      The Cohanim – DNA Connection
      The fascinating story of how DNA studies confirm an ancient biblical tradition. by Rabbi Yaakov Kleiman

      This last article proves that most Jews today really are Jews, not proselyte Gentiles, so people are no longer justified in saying that the Ashkenazim Jews in Israel doing all the bad stuff are not true Jews, and that all true Jews are entirely innocent of the crimes of these supposed extremely good Gentile actors pretending for some reason to be Jews. Both Ashkenazim and Sephardim have clear and identical genetic roots dating back 3,300 years, before they split in to separate communities around 1000 CE.

      • lobro says:

        ashkenazy jews are mostly khazar genetic stock with a bit of sephardic content due to babylonian rabbis who migrated to khazaria in 7th century.
        this is quite a recent study led by a jew at johns hopkins using the whole genome wide, previously unavailable data.

        on the other hand, the sephardic jews are nearly identical with today’s palestinians (as highlighted in a subsequently redacted publication – robin mackie).

        either way, both groups subscribe unreservedly to the evil luciferian cult, which is what counts.

        the only point about khazars (90% of today’s jews) is that under no circumstances are they entitled to even a square inch of palestinian soil.

        if you ask me, the jews are hardly entitled to any soil of the planet earth, they need to go back to pluto or whatever hell-planet they derive from.

        • mothman777 says:

          I will agree with you there. They intend to kill all other races, and maintain adherence to scriptures that demand the extermination of all other races, yet insult the intelligence of us all by falsely stating that such quotes are merely Muslim or ‘Nazi’ propaganda lies.

          So how should the other races treat them? Even when the gentleman Adolf Hitler offered to relocate them all, sending as many as he could to Palestine, though not ever intending them to have a state there, as he had spoken against that in Mein Kampf, bending over backwards to be absolutely humane, acknowledging their right to retain genetic purity, which Hitler wanted all other races to retain, though he did not legally forbid racial intermarriage of Caucasian Germans with blacks or Asians for instance, the Jews still made their malicious and unfounded little holocaust stories up and then caused up to 12 million Germans to be murdered after the war.

          One WWII British politician whose words I read a couple of days ago stated that the German resistance who were trying to kill Hitler and help the ‘Allies’ (traitors) just didn’t get it. They were all to be targets as Germans too, from the very beginning, as all Germans were, even before Hitler came to power.

          Even Churchill said that it would not matter even if a Jesuit priest was running Germany, or even if the NSDAP was not in power, it would not make any difference, as the strength of all the German people was ‘to be smashed, once and for all’ anyway, with Churchill requesting the RAF to devise a plan to gas bomb the entire German people, or bomb them with anthrax, equally lethal in comparison to atomic bombs. The Jewish American top trial lawyer Louis Nizer wrote a book discussing the pros and cons killing or sterilizing the entire German population. These are the terms Jews think in. They have no care for the truth that all souls are eternal spiritual beings expanded from the same God.

          Thank God that particular psychotic urge of Jew Churchill never came to pass, though before Dresden, he said “How do we light up 600,000?”, before raining down white phosphorous bombs on women and children, as they ran on fire, trying to reach the River Elbe, through streets knee deep in boiling liquid human fat, before their legs melted too, and they were submerged to drown. The few that made it to the river, burning like human torches, tried to duck under the water to put the white phosphorus out, but as soon as they came up for air, the white phosphorous reignited, so they had only the option of drowning themselves to avoid the agony. That is what Jews do to Gentiles, because they are screaming insane with hatred.

          A British propaganda film was made to show the British RAF pilots being told exactly where the principal concentration of refugees would be congregated, in the Dresden marketplace, and the film depicted the pilots as having being told to avoid the marketplace so as not to harm the innocent civilians.

          In reality, the RAF were told explicitly to concentrate bombing on the market area. The extermination of as many Germans as possible was intended even before Adolf Hitler and National Socialism ever got elected to power in Germany.

          And so, just as the Jewish scriptures dictate, any nation of people that consider themselves equal human beings to the Jews, and remain independent, not submitting their tribute to the Jewish master race via the usurious Jewish fractional reserve banking system, must be physically exterminated, purely for making the ‘mistake’ of daring to think that they are human too.

          The Jews will surely succeed in killing most Gentiles, because the Gentiles have been selectively bred for docility and acquiescence, lack of initiative, moral cowardice, and physical and mental weakness, using the reverse of eugenics for many hundreds of years of Jews.

          This has been accomplished easily by the tactic of repeatedly selecting all the finest and fittest Gentiles with initiative and intellect to fight in their wars. All the ‘stand up guys’ from each successive generation have been selected, to kill each other in wars that the Jews arrange. This has left a bunch of dopey zombies, and the finishing touches are just being added now with bucket loads of fluoride to lobotomize them all, especially in America, the British Jews’ company the USA, where powdered egg contains 900ppm fluoride and instant dried tea contains a staggering 90,000 ppm fluoride, check it out, it is staggering what they are doing to damage those poor people.

          People are all dying now. The Jews should get the same option they give to the Gentile Americans through the Noahide Laws, which George Bush instituted in 1991 through Congress, empowering any federal emergency administration that comes to power in a state of emergency to suspend the constitution and behead all Gentiles by guillotine.

          It is so impossible for the fluoride-lobotomized sheeple to believe this fact about the Noahide Laws that no one will believe it, but that is none the less law now in the US, and guillotines are installed all over America on military bases, ready for Gentile troops to behead any non-Jew Gentile that they wish to behead. I have no idea how many other countries have the Noahide laws empowered for use under an emergency administration, and I suspect that such information will be ‘D’ noticed in Jewish-governed Britain for instance. We Gentiles are dead meat anyway unless we attract massive attention to this issue and encourage all Gentiles to elect our own political and military administrations.

          The alternative is the Marxist NWO, in which all non-Jewish races and peoples will perish in a revolutionary holocaust, as wished for by the Jew Karl Marx, to bring in a one world Jewish government that will only have the Jewish race to administer to all over the world, all other races and peoples having being totally exterminated. “Some call it Marxism…, I call it Judaism” Rabbi Stephen Wise.

        • lobro says:

          can hardly think of anything to add, certainly nothing to disagree with.

          one little thing: a plan this deep and thorough cannot be of human origin.
          as i stated on previous occasions, it can only originate with some demonic agency, jews being truly its chosen, faithful, enthusiastic executors.

          it doesn’t make sense to apply the moral code to them reserved for other human groups.

          as jb campbell pointed out, gentiles are the only humans on the planet, jews fall squarely outside that classification, hence unprotected by the above code of conduct.
          they chose it for themselves, let them lie in bed of their own making.

  19. omop says:

    A friend found a wikipedia site on the expulsion of Jews from England in the 1200′s. Seems the hatred began a long time ago.

    Jewish Ritual Murder in England Before 1290

    Arnold S. Leese

    The first known case occurred in 1144; after that, cases cropped up from time to time until the Jews were expelled from the realm by Edward I. The most famous of these incidents was that of Little St. Hugh of Lincoln in 1255. I record these cases in chronological order; and I do not deny the possibility that some of them, in which details are lacking, were “trumped up” ones, where death may have been due to causes other than ritual murder and the Jews blamed for it; but the case of St. Hugh, particularly, was juridically decided, and the Close and Patent Rolls of the Realm record definitely cases at London, Winchester and Oxford. There seems no reason to doubt that many cases of ritual murder have been unsuspected and even undiscovered.

    1144, Norwich. A twelve year-old boy was crucified and his side pierced at the Jewish Passover. His body was found in a sack hidden in a tree. A converted Jew, called Theobald of Cambridge, confessed that the Jews took blood every year from a Christian child because they thought that only by so doing could they ever obtain their freedom and return to Palestine; and that it was their custom to draw lots to decide whence the blood was to be supplied; Theobald said that last year the lot fell to Narbonne, but in this year to Norwich. The boy was locally beatified and has ever since been known as St. William. The Sheriff, probably bribed, refused to bring the Jews to trial.

    In J. C. Cox’s Norfolk Churches, vol. II, p. 47, as also in the Victoria County History of Norfolk, 1906, vol.. II, is an illustration of an old painted rood-screen depicting the ritual murder of St. William; the screen itself is in Loddon Church, Norfolk, unless the power of Jewish money has had it removed. No-one denies this case as a historical event, but the Jews of course say it was not a ritual murder. The Jew, C. Roth, in his The Ritual Murder Libel and the Jew (1935) says: “Modern enquirers, after careful examination of the facts, have concluded that the child probably lost consciousness in consequence of a cataleptic fit, and was buried prematurely by his relatives.” How these modern enquirers arrived at a conclusion like that after all these years, Mr. Roth does not say; nor is it a compliment to the Church to suggest that its ministers would allow the boy’s death to be celebrated as the martyrdom of a saint without having satisfied themselves that wounds on the body confirmed the crucifixion and piercing of the side. And why the relatives should bury the boy in a sack and then dig it up and hang it in a tree would puzzle even a Jew to explain.

    John Foxe’s Acts and Monuments of the Church records this ritual murder, as did the Ballandists and other historians. The Prior, William Turbe, who afterwards became Bishop of Norwich, was the leading light in insisting that the crime was one of Jewish ritual murder; in the Dictionary of National Biography (edited by a Jew!) it is made clear that his career, quite apart from this ritual murder case, is that of a man of great strength of character and moral courage.

    1160, Gloucester. The body of a child named Harold was found in the river with the usual wounds of crucifixion. Sometimes wrongly dated 1168. (Recorded in Monumenta Germania Historica, vol. VI (Erfurt Annals); Polychronicon, R. Higdon; Chronicles, R. Grafton, p. 46.)

    1181, Bury St. Edmunds. A child called Robert was sacrificed at Passover. The child was buried in the church and its presence there was supposed to cause miracles. (Authority: Rohrbacher, from the Chronicle of Gervase of Canterbury.)

    1192, Winchester. A boy crucified. Mentioned in the Jewish Encyclopaedia as being a false charge. Details lacking.

    1232, Winchester. Boy crucified. Details lacking. (Mentioned in Hyamson’s History of the Jews in England; also in Annals of Winchester; and conclusively in the Close Roll 16, Henry III, m.8, 26.6.1232.)

    1235, Norwich. In this case, Jews stole a child and hid him with a view to crucifying him. Haydn’s Dictionary of Dates of date 1847, says of this case, “They [the Jews] circumcise and attempt to crucify a child at Norwich; the offenders are condemned in a fine of 20,000 marks.” (Further authority Huillard Breolles, Grande Chronique, III, 86; also Close Roll, 19 Henry III, m.23.)

    1244, London. A child’s body found unburied in the cemetery of St. Benedict, with ritual cuts. Buried with great pomp in St. Paul’s. (Authority: Social England, vol. I, p. 407, edited by H. D. Traill.)

    1255, Lincoln. A boy called Hugh was kidnapped by the Jews and crucified and tortured in hatred of Jesus Christ. The boy’s mother found the body in a well on the premises of a Jew called Jopin or Copinus. This Jew, promised by the judge his life if he confessed, did so, and 91 Jews were arrested; eventually 18 were hanged for the

    • mothman777 says:

      I believe these ritual killings to be a variant of Kapparot, whereby the karma of the Jew is transposed onto an innocent, and the torture element is required to open the child up for the auric graft to take thoroughly. That is how Jews remain completely beyond the clutches of the law of karma, as they have sussed out the robotic mechanism of it, and have worked out how to tweak it to their advantage, being the crafty little demons that they are.

      In London, a few years ago, an undercover police officer witnessed a ritual child sacrifice taking place in a London Church used by a black African ‘Christian’ denomination, and it was reported that 300-500 children go missing permanently in London every 3 months. It was also stated that the fate of many of them was indeed to end up as child sacrificial victims. A black African church was the culprit that time, performing muti, which is similar in principle to Kapparot, moving subtle auric substance from one physical body to another, and it is a particularly nasty practice that the South African police have been trying to stamp out for years, though it forms a major part of traditional folk medicine, as if you are ill, and old, the theory is that by injecting a little ‘youth’ harvested from the body of a young child, the old person will become rejuvenated and relieved of their illness.

      No doubt, with their similar mentality, the Jews will be keen to cover up for such a compliant and understanding movement of people, and will seek to maintain them, as at the very least, they can be used as a scapegoat to blame for the disappearance of children at any time if required, whilst on the other hand, they can provide a massive network who can provide smuggled or kidnapped or runaway children regularly for the ritual black magic blood sacrifices done by the Jews, also.

      Newspaper reports at that time concerning this ritual murder, that had been witnessed by the undercover officer, who said he had no doubt that it was taking place elsewhere on a vast scale, quickly dwindled, and articles on the internet were quickly removed by the demonic powers that be.

    • lobro says:

      Theobald said that last year the lot fell to Narbonne, but in this year to Norwich

      in fact, theobald said the following (as recorded by thomas of monmouth in his meticulous collection, paraphrased here).

      on every purim (“lots” in hebrew, one month ahead of easter / passover), rabbis from all over europe gathered in narbonne, southern france that was under the rule of the mark of spain gathered to cast lots to decide which city’s jews had the honor of carrying out the sacrifice of a young christian boy at easter in diabolical parody of the crucifixion of christ.
      (at that time most of the jews were sephardis living in muslim spain profitably involved in trade enslaved and castrated christian boys, thus the choice of narbonne in languedoc)

      originally, purim was to commemorate the slaughter of persians under the rule of genocidal jewess esther when supposedly a minister named hamam had cast lots to decide on pogrom of jews.
      it never made sense why that particular casting of lots was necessary … do jews cast lots before carrying out assaults on gaza?
      therefore, i think that “lots” (purim) had always meant one and only one thing: determing who does the hunting, murdering and cannibalizing a christian child, so that his blood is kneaded into their matzo rolls.

  20. Annis says:

    My comments must now await moderation? I give up Lasha, I thought I was simply stating in my first comment on this article, in plain English what the article said. Now I’m being moderated? Honestly I give up.

    • Montecristo says:

      You are not being picked on. Moderation is AUTOMATIC if you post 2 LINKS or more. This is how WordPress is set up. It is beyond our editorial control. If you wish to avoid moderation, you must post no more than ONE link at a time.

  21. Yukon Jack says:

    LMFAO JB just nailed these fookers:

    “The name of their god, YHVH, also means the Jewish people. This allows them to choose themselves and to worship themselves in what we could call a closed loop of extreme and violent narcissism.”

    Exactly!!! Precisely!!! The Jew “god” is the Jews themselves, so when you worship Jehovah (or YHVH or any of the other hundreds of names) you are actually sending you love and devotion and psychic energy and personal power to the Jews!!!

    Christianity is actually Jew WHOREship!!!

    No wonder why almost no Christian will stand up and say anything about the genocide of Palestine. They are slaved to the Jews, Christianity is Jew worship for gentiles.

    Here is a reference expanding on this idea (btw not an endorsement of the site):

    • aj says:

      Jack, I think the centuries of hatred of Christ and Christianity are far better road markers than the modern subservience of leading Christians as to the importance of Christianity.

      Lots of horse manure from “truthers” which ignores the essential hatred of Christ and Christianity by the Jews.

      John 8:44 couldn’t be clearer or more accurate: “You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

      Nothing would please the JEWS more than to have the sheeple duped into dumping Christianity.

      We need mass awareness of how an honest money system should run. Take away the Jews money power and they’re done. Babylonian Rules to follow: no Jews in banking, media, government, education, or law. An Inquisition will be necessary and Gold Stars for the Jews and their cleverness.

      • Yukon Jack says:

        I oppose the Jews because they are destroying the world by many means: money, drug trafficking, porn, law, war, etc. But the biggest destruction of all is they have enlisted gentiles (gentle peoples) by indoctrinating them into their mindset.

        Jews are a very tiny minority buy they rule because you buy their ideas from a massive program of Christian indoctrination. Christians are aiding and abetting Jews, the brainwashed masses think the rule of law is ok, they think the wars are justified, they love Jewish fiat money. The entire Evangelical movement 100% endorses Israel, what Christian doesn’t think highly of the chosen ones?

        I am free but I meet many that want to regulate me, own me, persecute me, indoctrinate me. Most of them are Christian. For example the cops that harass me for pot are Christian. Who they hell do they think they are telling me what I can do for myself? Do I tell them what to do? Do I go to their homes and tell them how to behave?

        Charles Giuliani of Oracle Broadcasting repeats often that Christianity is Judaism for gentiles.

        Christians are Jewish in the sense they are moral supremacists. Christians form the main body of the judging god cult, they are the enforcers of Jewish ideas.

        I want to live on a planet with no Jew or Jew wannabe. I oppose Christianity not just because it is bad myth, but primarily because Christians oppose freedom, my viewpoint has nothing to do with what Jews want, like to destroy Christianity.

        If Christianity was destroyed then how could Jews hide their actions? If nobody believed in a Jewish savior or Jews as chosen ones then how could the world not see them for what they are?

        • aj says:

          Jack, look at the list of Christian nations that booted the Jews out

          If Christianity were really a tool of the Jews, then none of those expulsions should have happened.

          Vatican II was the Jewish conniving to make Christianity less “anti-Semitic.” Christianity has always been fundamentally anti-Jew and the Jews know it. Hence, Vatican II and the hundreds of years of hatred.

          Yes, the Pope is a tool, yes, the “Christian” Zionists are dupes, yes, yes, but the fact is nothing would please the Talmudic Cult more than the destruction of Christianity.

          Jesus named them for what they are.

        • Yukon Jack says:

          I’ve talked to many Christians about what Jesus had to say about the Jews. Almost all of them had never heard of any of it. The problem with Christians is that they do not follow the teachings of their guru, for instance how many Christians identify with Palestinians and their suffering? Even worse a large percentage have been Zionized, the Evangelicals should be called Revengelicals.

          Just where is Christian compassion nowadays? Where are the fiery sermons condemning Israeli butchery? What preacher is taking center stage and condemning the political establishment for sending money to the land of evil Judea.

          Christians are mostly mum and don’t care, their silence is an endorsement of Israel. If you want the freedom to criticize Jewish atrocities then Christianity is not a good religion to hold dear as it commands you to hold the Jews as god’s chosen.

    • russ hook says:

      Thanx YJ! Christianity is all about NEUTERING people. It is quite evident that Christians do ZERO to fight the Jew World ODOR! Religion is a tool to control, and INDOCTRINATE the masses, and keep them in line, fighting for their own SLAVERY.

      • aj says:

        Read Walsh’s Isabella of Spain or Jones’ The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit both outstanding and long on details of Christians dealing with the Jewish problem.

      • mothman777 says:

        Russ, I just want to say that I really appreciate what you have written here, and that you and Yukon Jack have got that just right.

    • Mary Sparrowdancer says:

      This is precisely why we should not allow the posting of the “10 Commandments” in public areas such as courthouses, parks, etc. The first three (or four, depending on the version) are commandments that we shall all worship the “god” of the Jews – Jehovah. This was NOT the god that Jesus (Greek transliteration: Yios Zeus) was representing. He was the opponent of Jehovah and was taking down all of the mindless Jewish laws.

    • mothman777 says:

      I agree with that statement about the true nature of Judaism and Christianity 100%.

      Why on earth should Gentiles take a Jewish Messiah, justifying that ‘saviour’ as valid because the Messiah fulfills loads of prophesies in Jewish scripture. But the Christians never want to look too deeply into the rest of Jewish prophesy, that when the Messiah comes, all Gentiles will be exterminated from the entire planet, and their souls sent to hell under the Angel Duma.

      Their thinking process dies out at that point and they numb themselves due to the hypnotic effect of the Yahweh elemental that the Jews have constructed to manipulate the consciousness of the Gentiles.

      The Yahweh elemental has the same hypnotic effect on the Muslims when it is called ‘Allah’.

    • lobro says:

      from the above sub-thread, i gather that “christianity” definitely has zero to do with christ.

      don’t dump the baby with the bathwater.

      if any of you have any issues with the sayings and deeds of jesus, out with it.

      christianity as we know it today is in the same relation to christ as the various ministries and departments of justice are to the concept of justice.

      as journalism as practiced has with impartial reporting and analysis of events and developments in order to educate the reader about truth.

      as history as taught in schools has to do with actual historical truth.

      therefore, i would urge everybody to drop the delusional debates on which belief system is validated or which one sucks because all that circular tail chasing aids the smirking enemy hiding in the background and plotting our demise.

      • Miriam K says:

        I’m afraid, dear Lobro, that your comment is wasted on the myopic imbeciles you are addressing. Your arguments would be completely lost on them, like spit in the wind.

        I learned two things in the early days of my conversion:

        (1) Anyone who is truly steeped in Indian religious and philosophical thought is bound to be sympathetic to Christianity. A good example is Gandhi. He was always quoting the New Testament, though he was a Hindu. I don’t see our friend Homer (hp) knocking Christianity.

        It is very rare to find a Christian, however, who is mad about Indian philosophy. Bede Jarrett, a Benedictine monk who had an ashram in India, is one exception. So am I. I adore Indian philosophy, but these pretenders to Indian wisdom I can only regard with a mixture of pity and revulsion.

        (2) Anyone who jabbers on about his own religion, as these people do, and arrogantly attacks other religions simply has to be a fake.

        This is because humility is inseparable from goodness. It is the very essence of virtue. No arrogant chatterbox can ever enter the kingdom of heaven.

        He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know. (Lao-tzu)

        They are ignorant of this basic truth.

        • lobro says:

          kingdom of heaven would be a pretty irritating place with a chatterbox chewing your ear off for eternity, wouldn’t it.

          my fear is that they succeed where trolls failed; to chase regulars off the darkmoon site in search of saner spaces.

        • mothman777 says:

          So you wish to employ the common hasbara trick of imputing mental illness in someone who is not of your opinion.

          You are another cheeky cunt who would obviously be better suited working for comrade Stalin in the KGB. They were fond of labeling anyone who did not agree with them as mentally ill also.

          To adhere to your mindlessly sadistic ‘Christian’ belief system, that intends to burn all others alive for all eternity is purely an evil psychosis. I spoke to you before very politely, but you attack me viciously in return, hiding behind your keyboard, so you are nothing but a complete nutter.

          Or I suppose you would have us all believe that burning people alive for all eternity has nothing at all to do with the ‘real’ Jesus as you know him, in your special little interpretation of Christianity that no one else knows about.

          Do you really think that burning people alive constitutes a genuine and compassionate spiritual path, and do you think that burning people alive for all eternity is obviously perfectly sane, and that I am not, for questioning the need for burning people alive for all eternity? Of course you don’t really, or do you? Surely, you just pose on here as a ‘Christian’ who does, like all the the other sayanim do, to hide your real Jewish identity, whilst trying to undermine people who really do see through the Judaic plan for world domination and extermination of all other peoples.

          The Vaishnava faith completely outclasses the Christian nonsense, and you just want to oppose Vaishnavism and other genuine faiths that actually are spiritual, to drive the sheeple Goyim headlong into spiritual suicide, to put their faith in an entirely dysfunctional belief system that goes one step forward, 1,000,000 steps backwards, every time, thereby serving your Mossad bosses in Israel, by crippling the spiritual development of all the Goyim, to render them mere sacks of meat, so deeply under hypnosis that they can easily be made to kill each other whenever their Jewish politicians command them to go to war against each other, as they always have done for hundreds and hundreds of years, whilst the rabbis laugh and rub their hands together, whilst counting their money and admiring their new lands.

          Christians are not spiritually free; they are slave prisoners of the Jews, being held in the deepest darkness of spiritual ignorance.

          Is burning people alive for all eternity without ever stopping something you are able to defend? You won’t engage me on here about it because you are a gutless fraud and an ignoramus, not to mention a traitor to all Gentiles, and to the real God, Krishna.

          Christianity was invented merely as a means to make all Gentiles compliant to the Jewish NWO religion.

          You are far too intelligent to believe in all that ridiculous Christian crap anyway. Who are you trying to kid?

        • Miriam K says:

          @ frothman666

          Lobro never said he believes in eternal hellfire, nor has he ever professed to be a Christian. All the time I’ve know him he has been a skeptical agnostic. So your entire post, which accuses him of being a Christian who believes in eternal hellfire, is so much piss in the wind.

          You are full of sound and fury, Mr Frothman, signifying nothing.

          Ever heard the proverb, Empty vessels make most noise?

        • lobro says:

          you are babbling omnidirectionally.

          all i commented on previously was that you hogged the thread with multiple posts on some dogma incomprehensible to most posters and completely unrelated to the matter at hand, which is the jewish threat and thereby drove regular contributors off, something neither albury smyth nor seymour zak were capable of despite their best efforts.

          now you come charging full tilt at the straw man, accusing me of saying kol nidre and other outlandish imputations, when all i said was that if you really insist on shitting on jesus, as you have repeatedly done, not only does it place your own professed religion in grave doubt of bespittled intolerance but not once did you grab the bull by the horns and said something like
          “jesus said this, which is completely wrong because of that”.

          no, you resort to invective like calling me “another cheeky cunt” and so on.
          a fine reflection you are on hinduism, looking good, real good.

          so go on, we all await breathlessly for another endless chain of posts on how vishnuyaya has 18 heads yammering in 1400 languages at the same time while deriding a prophet who spoke in simple, direct terms that you cannot, dare not address directly, only by horking your psychobabble venom that masquerades as “spirituality”.

          and by the way.

          among the most loyal allies of israel today are the hindu fundamentalists in india who slavishly follow mossad blueprint for false flag ops of murder and mayhem in kashmir, pakistan and their own cities like mumbhai and delhi, firebombing subways, offices, malls, hotels just in order to smear the innocent muslims of pakistan and iran.

          however, i would never disrespect the original thinkers of hindu philosophy on account of these brain dead fanatics, which would be a mirror reaction to yours against christianity.

          whether you decide to give your mouth a well deserved break and regroup those braincells is your call but i think that just about every poster here will agree with the main thrust of this post.

        • mothman777 says:

          It is you who is the ‘fake’ with your sanctimonious claptrap. There is something very seriously dodgy about you, since you cannot make an intelligent attempt at replying to the perfectly clear spiritual logic that I have presented in my comment of 12:03 am. Get lost you nasty little sayan troll.

        • Miriam K says:

          There is something very seriously dodgy about you, since you cannot make an intelligent attempt at replying to the perfectly clear spiritual logic that I have presented in my comment of 12:03 am. Get lost you nasty little sayan troll.

          There’s nothing either “spiritual” or “logical” about any of your posts.

          Firstly, your abusiveness (see quote above) demonstrates your own nastiness. And nastiness, being your default position, disqualifies you from spirituality. Who would wish to take you as their guru? Not me. Even the Vaishnava sages would reject you as a disciple. You are unfit even to be a disciple, let alone a guru. This is because you lack the humility of a disciple.

          Secondly, you are the very antithesis of “logical”. You don’t reasom. You spend all your time either making unverifiable statements or abusing people who reject your crapulous creeds.

          I invite you, most politely, to go boil your head. I hope you will take the hint and disappear. This site will do better without you.

        • mothman777 says:

          You talk shit. You propose a cowardly compromise of religious syncretism with belief systems that intend for the eternal burning alive or boiling alive in hell of all non-adherents.

          Real spirituality is real compassion. Merely sucking up to all religions as a complete coward with the ‘one size fits all pseudo-philosophy’ that foolishly claims all religions lead to the same place is no good at all.

          The Srimad Bhagavatam, as well as pure common sense, says that the three main Abrahamic religions are typical religions of the demons who predominate in Kali Yuga. What else could such a religion be that fully intends to condemn all other souls for all eternity, confined in constant torture in their imaginary ‘Hell’? Do you really, honestly consider that ‘spiritual’? You are demented.

          The Judaic ‘God’ Yahweh is held to be the source and end goal of all Jewish souls alone, to become one soul alone, in self-worshipping atheistic advaitist manner.

          You sling insults but you have no solid ground upon which to do so. I do not attack all other religions at all.

          Even advaitist faiths (not the Jewish version) lead to the attainment of temporary and partial liberation in the Brahman light, but they never factually enable anyone to actually become that infinitude of ‘white light’, as souls are merely given the illusion of merging there as an act of compassion by Krishna when they want ‘to become God’ very cheaply, and the Brahman light does not fully awaken the soul to it’s full potential, that it can properly attain only in the spiritual sky, Vaikuntha, with Krishna.

          And what the hell are you doing opening your mouth for? Just remember the words of your friend Lao Tzu, or have you become him now, as your belief system falsely claims? Just like you, he also could not keep his mouth shut it seems. Your ‘enlightenment’ and his is devoid of all thought and speech is it not? So just shut up and be what you claim you are, hypocrite.

      • mothman777 says:

        Show me a true spiritual teacher, who does not intend all Jews to each have 2,800 Gentile slaves, as the Talmud states the Jews will have, when the Jewish Messiah comes, this statement being in conformity with the statement of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who is the personal adviser to Israeli President Netanyahu.

        Show me a teacher who does not have it prophesied about him, that when he comes, all the world will become the possession of the Jews, and that the Jewish faith alone will rule over the world, as that too is one of the prophesies concerning the Jewish Messiah, that you call ‘Jesus, our Lord’.

        Show me a true spiritual teacher, about whom it is not prophesied that when he, the messiah comes, all Gentiles will be exterminated from the entire planet, and their souls sent to hell under the Angel Duma. Those are some of the rest of the prophesies concerning the Jewish Messiah, that Christians claim their present ‘Jesus’ is, after they say he fulfilled 365 Jewish prophesies, proving that he is Jesus.

        Then surely, the rest of the prophesies must also be applied to Jesus too, unless people just willfully choose to self-hypnotize and blind themselves to the overwhelming implications of the real truth, that the present Jesus really is the Jewish messiah, and the Jews are laughing up their sleeves as they lie to us and tell us he is not, whilst they make a few little stories up to show everyone how this cannot be so, whilst they falsely claim they really don’t like Jesus at all.

        But the Jews love to play head games, like Kol Nidre, so telling us one thing whilst meaning the opposite. Besides, the Jews all believe that they become God ultimately, so many people can function in the role of Messiah, from Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Trotsky, Lenin, and the Jews who invented all the different types of atomic and nuclear weapons, and the GMO technology etc, not forgetting the fact that a massive percentage of the food crops we Gentiles all eat today are the result of a different GM technique several decades old that most people don’t even know about; the blasting of seeds with atomic radiation to produce random mutations in their genomes, with the resulting mutant crops then being consumed by us all with unforeseeable consequences to our health and to our genomes.

        Do you see how it might be a little confusing for any Gentile who can actually think straight, to try to work out exactly how it is that a genocidal psycho like the Messiah prophesied in the Talmud and Torah, can, at one and the same time, after fulfilling 365 prophesies proving that he really is the Messiah of the Jews, somehow be of some benefit to the Gentiles, when the same Talmud secretly (till we got hold of it) states that all Gentiles in the entire world will be exterminated when that same Messiah comes? Do you see how it is a little confusing?

        Find me someone who preaches a real message of genuine universal compassion, such as the Sikh teachers have done, like Guru Nanak, or the many genuine Vaishnava teachers down through the centuries, who do not merely aim to save just the Jews, as the Jewish Messiah does, but actually intend to ensure that souls in all societies, in all species, on all planets, in all dimensions, in all universes, can have access to God, called Krishna in the Sikh and Vaishnava traditions (God actually has no name, so Krishna is merely a Sanskrit descriptive term, meaning ‘the all attractive’ (Person), in the same manner as we in the west call God ‘the Creator’.

        And no, saying the above does not make me someone ‘aiding the smirking enemy hiding in the background’.

        I wish for the Jewish religion to be made illegal throughout the entire world, due to it being an extremely harmful criminal terrorist cult. I want Israel disarmed and dissolved, with all Israeli and other Jews from throughout the world sent to Birobidzan, as hostile aliens, for reeducation, minus their Torahs and Talmuds, and kept in exile, under strict supervision, to prevent them attempting further terrorist outrages in the pursuit of world domination and genocide of all Gentile races, until the disease of that terrorist cult is banished from their sick and sadistic minds.

        Following the Jewish ‘Jesus’ will really aid the ‘smirking enemy’. The Christian faith, that has been cunningly provided for you to be hypnotized by, as the traitorous works of Jerry Falwell, Schofield etc. might indicate to you if you can begin to suspect that you have been totally ‘had’ by the Jewish Jesus, is the means of hypnosis being inflicted upon you by the Jews.

        If you can understand how the ‘fundamentalist’ followers of Schofield’s Bible and Jerry Falwell have been ‘had’, then surely you might also quite reasonably be able to suspect the possibility that someone might be trying to deceive you as well, and they they might be the very same Jews. It is not beyond he bounds of reasonable possibility is it?

        The very fact that most fundamentalist Christians are rabidly in support of Israel might indicate to you that you are a little ‘odd’ still opposing Israel, whilst you are still ‘with’ ‘Jesus’. Why don’t you just go the whole hog, they must be asking, and join your Christian ‘buddies’ and support Israel? And that is how deceived you look to me right now, and I am sorry to have to say it, as I don’t want to make you so upset that you can’t think straight, as I would like you to begin to accept what I am saying to you.

        If there is a real spiritual teacher called Jesus, that you want to maintain connection with, I strongly recommend that you be realistic about it, and make thoroughly sure that the Jesus you want to keep has nothing whatsoever to do with the Bible, the Talmud, the Torah, or the Jews, and is a teacher that can understand that all souls can eventually return to being with the true God, whatever you choose to call Him in the language of your choice. Following anything opposite to these recommendations is nothing less than committing spiritual suicide. If the Jesus you accept mentions the Jewish faith, or the Bible, as having anything to do with him in any way, then you should steer well clear, as the game is rigged from the start.

        No, I am not plotting your demise. The Jews are, and it is their trick to get you to swallow the notion of a real Jesus of the type in the Bible, whilst you humble yourself, and then, when you are nicely softened up, they will find it all the easier to enslave and kill you whilst you are a Christian, because Jesus says in Mathew that he only came to save the Jews. See my essays at ‘Mothman777′s Blog’ to see what I am talking about more deeply.

        If you want to survive the Jews, you want to get right away from the Jews, and choose a real faith, not of Jewish origin, or related to it in any way, that is truly relevant and compassionate to Gentiles.

        The stuff about Jesus instructing his disciples to preach to other peoples besides the Jews is all a later addition to the Bible. Tyndale, who translated the original Bible from Latin into English, thus inadvertently exposing the real truth that Jesus only came to save the Jews, was garrotted and burned at the stake in England for making the Bible available for all to read in English language. Does that sound a little fishy to you? Like, why on Earth would anyone have to murder someone in such a foul manner just for bringing to Bible to everyone, and it was the Church of the Bible that did it, see what I mean? Were they good ‘Christians’ that murdered him?

        Then they had to add to the Bible that Jesus sent the disciples all around the world to minister to all souls, and not just the Jews, but that was never included in the original Bible. Check it out.

        See the excellent article by Hugh Fogelman: ‘Missionaries – They Do Not Know What They Are Doing’.

        You are being made a fool of by the Jews as long as you remain a ‘Christian’, at least a regular, fundamentalist one; it is not the other way around.

        How much mercy do you think you can expect from the real God if you are willing for all other people to be burned alive for all eternity? Like merely for being a Humanist, or an atheist, or a Buddhist, or a Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Zoroastrian, Daoist, Shaman, or animist aboriginal tribal person who has never seen a Bible in their life? Zero, that is how much, and that is why the Jews gave you that religion, so that you would have zero spiritual protection from the real, living God, by accepting that horrific torture as being deserved by all others, so that then you would become completely exposed to whatever torture the Jews wish to inflict on you, without you having the slightest spiritual claim for the right to protection from the real God. Yahweh is the self invented ‘God’ of the self-worshiping Jews, and is not the ‘living’ true God of all souls throughout infinity. Yahweh is merely an ‘elemental’ magical tool, created by ritual occult work, using black magic blood sacrifice, hence the massive amount of blood work in the Jewish religion, and the massive amount of ritual sacrifice of millions of Gentiles in repeated wars is arranged by the Jews, to take bodily energy from the dead, in the form of ‘prana’ or ‘chi’, to maintain the structure of this elemental called Yahweh, and to keep it energized.

        Krishna, however, does not require any ritual sacrifice or ritual blood work, as He is alive eternally, without any beginning, well before the creation of this dimension, and He supports the manifestation of this dimension, ultimately from His own substance, rather than He Himself requiring any support from this dimension to maintain His own existence, as the non-living false ‘God’ Yahweh does.

        Only the rabbis controlling the Yahweh as a psychic tool and psychic weapon are living; Yahweh is just a non-living mass of energy under their conscious manipulation and direction.

        Ultimately, the Jews believe that they will all remerge as one living soul, and that this ‘Yahweh’ will serve as a tool to assist their occult work during the period of their remerging.

        For instance, discarnate Jewish souls can take refuge within ‘Yahweh’, in between incarnations, before again being reincarnate as Jews to continue their work for world domination, outside the law of karma, due to their ritual killings in the ritual of Kapparot, and ritual sacrifice of children, which pass all negative karma onto innocents, so that they avoid reincarnating outside the Jewish religion, or in any lower species, like a cow or horse, or sheep.

        • the avatar says:

          well mothman777
          i found this in regards to the first part of your essay above …
          “The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races…and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel…will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition…” –Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574…..

        • mothman777 says:

          Yep, and dissolution means genocide in that particular context.

      • mothman777 says:

        So you are not a ‘Christian’ in the orthodox sense then, but want to keep Jesus; here you are then, here are the words of Jesus, who presumably, in your fantasy version of him, is a totally nice person, not remotely related to that naughty Jewish religion:

        “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished” (Matthew 5:17-18).

        You and Miriam K are full of crap. And I am telling you so.

        Name your missing contributors.

        Personally, I find the extent of the compassion of the Vaishnava faith infinitely greater than that of the crap in the Bible.

        And if you are one of those idiots that say the real Jesus has nothing to do with the Bible, and that he was not connected to the Jewish religion, you are not living in the real world. Read the words above, and try to tell me that Jesus is nothing to do with the Bible or the Jews.

        The words of the prophets and the law are in the Torah and the Talmud, and they demand the extermination of all Gentiles.

        To put it in plain language before you, Jesus was saying that he would support the fulfillment of the laws and the words of the prophets to the last letter. Those words include direct instructions for the Jews to take over the entire world, destroy all other religions, and to exterminate all Gentiles as non-living demonic beings.

        You obviously know nothing of my beliefs either, because Vaishnavism is not Hinduism, and I am thoroughly against the ignorance of the present administration in India that is attempting to form a military alliance with Israel.

        The present Indian administration fails to understand the true mindset of the Jews, that all Gentile souls are demonic, non-living, and should all be exterminated. Jews do not form genuine alliances. When Israel sees how strong India is, it will drain India dry, leaving it as a dried-out husk, just like it is doing to America, and then Israel will destroy India too, just like it has always intended to do.

  22. georgewells says:

    When we have: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everybody, what do we have overtime?

    We have more and more non-whites in White countries since the right of Whites to exclusive territory is denied them.

    We have fewer and fewer White people.

    When we mix more non-whites and fewer Whites in the same living space, what do we get?

    In time, White extinction. Its called White genocide because this does not happen by chance. It is being forced upon Whites just like a rapist does not take no for an answer.

    How is this not so? How is this not White genocide?

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

    • Zigmund says:

      Now you’re waking up, these make believe’s are from asia. They where kicked out and settled in Khararia and mixed with the Turks they are not white. Now you see why they want to destroy the white race. We are YAHWEHS children the white race is. There is no old or new testiments the bible was called the books, but there is 425 years miss between the books and ask why because that book tells you who YAHYEHS children are. Hint our people got their name from going up into the causacas and heading west all white countries. The catholic church was invented in 325 AD all others religions where spun out of it by the catholic church. A very informative site is many old books to read and learn from, just one of many such sites. Their time is getting short thats why we’re in a free fall.

      • mothman777 says:

        Why the hell would we white people want to adopt a Jewish god that wants to exterminate all other races and peoples?

        If we were originally Jews, WE would be the ones with the Torah and the Talmud. It seems to me that someone else already has those scriptures; they are called the Jewish people, who the scientist Dr Karl Skorecki has already proven to be real, original, authentic Jews, with Sephardic and Ashkenazim genes being the same, and dating back over 3,300 years, before they split up from being one community in Israel in the past.

        There is a rash of people on the internet at the moment all stating that white people, in England and Iceland for instance, are the true Jews. What nonsense that is.

        Yahweh was never God to begin with, being an artificial elemental construct by ritual blood black magic, and therefore we could never ever have been the true, original Jews.

        We white people, a different race from the Jews, had our own deities, with one Godhead, variously accepted by different Scandinavians and Europeans as Woden or Thor, and they were linked with the worship of Shiva and Krishna in India, who again, are both accepted as the supreme deity depending on different sects of Hinduism.

        Vikings were regular travelers to India to do trade there, and shared much of the Indian religion with them, and incorporated much of vedic culture into their own worship of their Nordic gods.

        Originally, vedic history states all the world worshiped Krishna, and then self-worship crept in as people lost faith in the real God, and reinvented themselves as their own ‘God’, just as the Jews have done.

        The Jews are completely alien to us; we do not want, or need their false god. We were never ‘Jews’, but Vaishnavas – associates and devotees of Lord Krishna, in the true original instance, as even the ‘Jews’ were, and the entire Jewish religion needs to be dissolved as it is so harmful. What would white people do with scriptures that tell them to annihilate all other peoples of the world? I think the entire ”we whites are the true Jews’ business as being some Jewish psy-op in it’s origins quite frankly, and I am sorry for people who fall victim to it, because it is merely false propaganda.

        I have no idea if you yourself are merely commenting on the possibility of this, or if you are accepting this theory as fact and recommending the adoption of it to others. But I would recommend you consider the origin of ‘Yahweh’ as being merely an artificial construct, an ‘elemental’ in occult terms, with no origin in the eternal spiritual absolute whatsoever.

        And the Jewish religion is a total non-runner, except in the useless and spiritually irrelevant field of material world domination, and materially incarnate souls are all classed in vedic understanding as not spiritually alive (until they reconnect with their God and communal higher self, Krishna), so the Jewish practice will only serve to maintain souls in a state of unconsciousness, or spiritual death.

        • Zigmund says:

          Thats right they are of their father sATAN and our father is YAHWEH.

        • mothman777 says:

          No, there is no ‘Satan’; the Jews just made him up, just like they made Yahweh up. Krishna is the real Lord God in Sri Brahma Samhita, a scripture held to date back many millions of years, though only one chapter out of 100 survives today, and other vedic scriptures talk of dynasties of kings existing on this earth hundreds of millions of years ago.

          Yahweh is just a self-invented pseudo-’God’, invented by the demonic atheists in Kali Yuga, who view themselves as God.

          ‘Yahweh’, merely a robotic ‘elemental’ construct by means of ritual black magic blood sacrifice, under the conscious control of the minds of the rabbis, built from stolen prana, or material life force, does not go back before the beginning of Kali Yuga. Krishna, the true living Lord God, does, as His spiritual faith was practiced all round the globe before then.

  23. Toshiyori says:

    In Toshiyori’s opinion, the “United States” (as such) will not survive the 21st century. Already, the plunderers are at work here, just as they were in the last days of the old Soviet Union. Whether the Jews abandon a completely ruined and impoverished America, or whether desperate politicians in Washington — grasping at straws — destroy themselves by unleasing W.W. III, is beside the point. Without US patronage, Israel will find itself isolated and vulnerable. The world must see to it that, when Israel ceases to exist, the AshkeNAZIS are not permitted to scatter in a second diaspora and perpetuate the Zionist plague. Toshiyori neither knows nor cares what “Jews” are, whether human or Hell-being. But he believes Zionism must be torn out, root and branch, if humanity is to survive.

  24. Tim says:

    Like the curate’s egg, this piece is good in parts, but bad in others. For example;
    “…The Talmud and the Old Testament are actually manuals of war against humanity based on harsh racial laws….”
    The writer should get up to speed on this topic. The Tanakh, or OT as it is more commonly known in the Christian world, is the Word of God, and that not a God of the Jews only, but of all of us. The Talmud is something entirely different; viz., the perverted, blasphemous, and satanic Traditions of the Elders, which rabbis would have you believe was transmitted orally at Mt Sinai, without a single reference in the Bible to this alleged, but imaginary, event. The OT by way of contrast makes it very clear that the stranger living with the C of I must be treated in the same manner as they treat each other, so God is not a God of an external, but of an internal circumcision, ie one of the heart, and He is therefore the God of all men.
    “But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth Me, that I am the Lord which executeth lovingkindness judgement and righteousness in the earth, for in these things I delight, sayeth the Lord”.
    The protection afforded to the stranger is because God reminds them that they too were once slaves and outcasts in a foreign land, the land of Egypt. Their treatment of the Palestinians today gives ample witness of how completely they have forgotten this simple truth. But many times, the Jews and Israelites themselves are punished by God for departing from the standards which He set not just for them, but for all mankind, eg at the time of the Assyrian invasion and the later exile to Babylon, so it is not possible to make a credible case that the Jews and YHVH are set against everyone else; this is simply facile and unworthy of serious consideration.
    God’s first commandment makes it clear that we must love our neighbour as ourselves, whether he be Jew or Gentile. But the unprovoked attack by the Amalekites upon the relatively helpless children of Israel as they departed from Egypt was indeed a reason for their subsequent divinely-ordained extermination, and Saul was removed from the kingship because he failed to eliminate them completely on the occasion of a later meeting between them. For all the hand-wringing which goes on in this regard, bear in mind that these peoples relentlessly sacrificed their children to Baal, and we, as non Jews, and therefore by the writer’s implication a morally-superior type of human being, sacrifice ours too, on the altar of a “Woman’s Right to Choose”.
    I believe the number of such murders is in the region of 50 million to date in the US alone; and these people were also engaged in many of the activities which are condemned by a righteous God, activities which we are foolish enough to condone today, such as the worship of idols, American or otherwise, adultery, homosexuality, pornography, the rampant murder of our own as well as foreign persons, paedophilia, and bestiality, all of which are abominations to God, and indeed to any right-thinking person. Much of the opprobium poured out upon the Jew; and I agree that the present day inhabitants of that land bear little if any racial connection with those aboriginal recipients of God’s favour; applies to those Jews, almost certainly the majority, who have displaced God’s revealed will with the Satanic precepts of the Talmud, or as they say, the water of divine wisdom has been replaced by the spiced wine of rabbinical authority.
    The writer furthermore suggests that the name of God is synonymous with that of the Jewish people, and as such, they worship themselves. They may well do that, but the name of God means “I am that I am”, which clearly is in the singular, and establishes a definite separation, as one would expect, between the name of God and the name of a people whom once He chose, but who today are all those who will come to acknowledge Him as the Son of God, the once-visible but now ascended incarnation of that same ineffable Power.

  25. georgewells says:

    Trotsky invented the word RACIST as a tool of assault against White people.

    How many White people feel somewhat defenseless in defending themselves in some ways by the threat of the use of the slur RACIST that could be used against them?

    Susan Sontag, “whites are the cancer of history.”
    That’s a White genocidal comment, correct?

    When we have: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everybody, what do we have overtime?

    No White people, agreed?

  26. GTRman says:

    Win win for the k*ke . We ignore them at our peril , yet feed them with our disgust .

  27. Jews trying to understand the Holocaust narrative may care to assess my, starting with a survey of “Proof the holocaust never happened….”

  28. The absolute bottom line is religious.
    The one true, the one hated God, whose name alone the rabbis teach Jews to curse, “emancipated” Jewry in the 19thC Pale of Settlement as the hammer of His perfectly just revenge upon apostate humanity. There is justice in the world.
    Return to God or deserve this horror.
    That’s it, though there are no churches left even to flee to if one does actually wake in fright.

    • Patrick says:

      Enlightenment is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.

    • hp says:

      Mr. McDonald,

      Anyone anywhere can sit down by the road or under a tree and worship God.
      Easy to chant Japa, Rosary, prayer, meditation, contemplation, read, etc.

      Doesn’t cost anything.
      Don’t need a building.
      Don’t need outside ‘support.’
      Don’t need much, really.

      Anything is better than mundane materialism.

  29. Editor says:

    JB Campbell has asked us to post this comment of his here:

    An important line was omitted:

    “Based on the total FUBAR by Israel of its part of Operation Cyanide in 1967, we have to wonder if the Jewish arsenal is really a carefully contrived hoax.”

    This could be the most pertinent sentence in the essay. The Jewish nuclear arsenal may be a huge bluff. I suspect the weapons are faulty or decayed, which would explain the frantic insistence that Netanyahu uses to exhort Obama to attack Iran. This insistence has many people puzzled.

    John Kaminski has reproduced my screenplay about Operation Cyanide (joint US/Israel attack on USS Liberty, planned nuking of Cairo) on his website.


    Message to JB Campbell from Lasha D:

    “I will insert the missing sentence in the published article tomorrow. Sorry for leaving this out. Mea culpa.”

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