WORLD IQ FIGURES: With brief notes on Ashkenazi Jews and the Khazarian Thesis of Koestler, by Lasha Darkmoon ***

RED: Higher IQs of 100 or more. 
: Lower IQs of under 80

1     Afghanistan     83
2     Albania     90
3     Algeria     84
4      Angola     69

5     Antigua & Barbuda     75

6     Argentina     96
7     Armenia     93
8     Australia     98
9     Austria     102
10   Azerbaijan     87

11     Bahamas     78
12     Bahrain     83
13     Bangladesh     81
14     Barbados     78
15     Belarus     96
16     Belgium     100
17     Belize     83
18     Benin     69
19     Bhutan     78
20     Bolivia     85
21     Botswana     72
22     Brazil     87
23     Brunei     92
24     Bulgaria     93
25     Burkina Faso     66
26     Burma (Myanmar)     86
27     Burundi     70

28     Cambodia     89
29     Cameroon     70
30    Canada     97
31     Cape Verde     78
32     Central African Rep.     68
33     Chad     72

34     Chile     93
35     China     100
36     Colombia     88
37     Comoros     79
38     Congo (Braz)   73
39     Congo (Zaire)  65

40     Costa Rica     91

41     Côte d’Ivoire
42     Croatia     90
43     Cuba     85
44     Cyprus     92

45     Czech Republic     97

46     Denmark     98
47     Djibouti     68
48     Dominica     75

49     Dominican Republic     84

50     Ecuador     80
51      Egypt     83
52     El Salvador     84
53     Equatorial Guinea     59
54     Eritrea     68

55     Estonia     97
56     Ethiopia     63

57     Fiji     84
58     Finland     97
59     France     98

60     Gabon     66
61     Gambia     64

62     Georgia     93
63     Germany     102
64     Ghana     71
65     Greece     92
66     Grenada     75
67     Guatemala     79
68     Guinea     63

69     Guinea-Bissau     63
70     Guyana     84
71     Haiti     72
72     Honduras     84

73     Hong Kong     107

74     Hungary     99

75     Iceland     98
76     India     81
77     Indonesia     89
78     Iran     84
79     Iraq     87
80     Ireland     93
81     Israel     94   (Ashkenazi Jews = 117.
See endnote on Jewish IQ)

82     Italy     102

83     Jamaica     72
84     Japan     105
85     Jordan     87

86     Kazakhstan     93
87     Kenya     72
88     Kiribati     84
89     Korea, North     105
90     Korea, South     106

91     Kuwait     83
92     Kyrgyzstan     87

The "yellow races" enjoy the highest IQs in the world, with the Hong Kong scoring the top IQ here (107)With the single exception of Ashkanazi Jews (see Endnote), the “yellow races” enjoy the highest IQs in the world, with the Hong Kong Chinese scoring most (107), South Koreans (106), North Koreans (105), Japanese (105). In comparison, the average Caucasian has an IQ of 100 or less.

93     Laos     89
94     Latvia     97
95     Lebanon     86
96     Lesotho     72
97     Liberia     64

98     Libya     84
99     Lithuania     97*
100    Luxembourg     101

101     Macedonia     93
102     Madagascar     79
103     Malawi     71

104     Malaysia     92
105     Maldives     81
106     Mali     68
107     Malta     95
108     Marshall Islands     84
109     Mauritania     73
110     Mauritius     81
111     Mexico     87
112     Micronesia     84
113     Moldova     95
114     Mongolia     98
115     Morocco     85
116     Mosambique     72

117     Namibia     72
118     Nepal     78

119     Netherlands     102
120     New Zealand     100

121     Nicaragua     84
122     Niger     67
123     Nigeria     67

124     Norway     98
125     Oman     83
126     Pakistan     81
127     Panama     84
128     Papua New Guinea     84
129     Paraguay     85
130     Peru     90
131     Philippines     86
132     Poland     99
133     Portugal     95
134     Puerto Rico     84

135     Qatar     78

136     Romania     94
137     Russia     96

138     Rwanda     70

139     Samoa (Western)     87
140     Sao Tome/Principe     59
141     Saudi Arabia     83
142     Senegal     64
143     Seychelles     81
144     Sierra Leone     64
145     Singapore     100
146     Slovakia     96
147     Slovenia     95
148     Solomon Islands     84
149     Somalia     68
150     South Africa     72

151     Spain     99
152     Sri Lanka     81
153     St. Kitts & Nevis     75
154     St. Lucia     75
155     St.Vincent/Grenadines     75

156     Sudan     72
157     Suriname     89
158     Swaziland     72
159     Sweden     101
160     Switzerland     101
161      Syria     87

162     Taiwan     104
163     Tajikistan     87
164     Tanzania     72
165     Thailand     91
166     Togo     69
167     Tonga     87
168     Trinidad & Tobago     80
169     Tunisia     84
170     Turkey     90
171     Turkmenistan     87

172     Uganda     73
173     Ukraine     96
174     United Arab Emirates     83
175     United Kingdom     100

176     United States     98

177     Uruguay     96
178     Uzbekistan     87

179     Vanuatu     84
180     Venezuela     88
181     Vietnam     96
182     Yemen     83
183     Yugoslavia     93

184     Zambia     77
185     Zimbabwe   66

Endnote on Jewish IQ:

ASHKENAZI JEWS: Unlike the “average” Jew in Israel whose IQ is given above as 94, the Ashkenazi Jew is said to have an average IQ of 117: 10 points above the Hong Kong Chinese (107), 20 points above the Canadians (97), 30 points above the Mexicans (87), and 50 points above the Nigerians (67).

“The 2005 paper “Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence” by Cochran, Hardy, and Harpending, argued on the basis of inherited diseases and the peculiar economic situation of Ashkenazi Jews in medieval Europe, that Ashkenazi Jews as a group now inherit a cognitive profile that includes higher verbal and mathematical intelligence than other ethnic groups, along with lower spatial intelligence.

One observational basis for inferring that Ashkenazi Jews have high intelligence is their prevalance in intellectually demanding fields. From 1901–2010, 21.5% of Nobel prize winners were Jewish, while Jews make up a much smaller fraction of the population of the countries represented. For example, 36% of Nobel prize winners from the United States have been Jewish, while Jews make up 2.1% of the U.S. population.

G. Cochran, J. Hardy and H. Harpending additionally cite the disproportionately high percentage of Ashkenazi Chess Grandmasters and Fields Medalists in mathematics, as well as winners of the Turing Award in computer science.

Their median IQ is calculated at 117 in From Chance to Choice: Genetics and Justice (2000), published by Cambridge University Press. This is 10 points higher than the generally-accepted IQ of their closest rivals—Northeast Asians—and almost 20% higher than the global average.”

See Ashkenai Jewish Intelligence.

“Other researchers who study the Ashkenazim have asserted an IQ number a bit lower than 117, but all have agreed that these children of Abraham are on top of the IQ chart. Plus, contemplate this astounding tidbit: Ashkenazi “visual-spatial” test scores are typically lower than the norm; this means their abilities in the other two categories, language and math, are absolutely astounding.

Nobel Prizes: Since 1950, 29% of the awards have gone to Ashkenazim, even though they represent only 0.25% of humanity. Ashkenazi achievement in this arena is 117 times greater than their population.

Hungary in the 1930s: Ashkenazim were 6% of the population, but they comprised 55.7% of physicians, 49.2% of attorneys, 30.4% of engineers, and 59.4% of bank officers; plus, they owned 49.4% of the metallurgy industry, 41.6% of machine manufacturing, 72.8% of clothing manufacturing, and, as housing owners, they received 45.1% of Budapest rental income. Jews were similarly successful in nearby nations, like Poland and Germany.

USA (today): Ashkenazi Jews comprise 2.2% of the USA population, but they represent 30% of faculty at elite colleges, 21% of Ivy League students, 25% of the Turing Award winners, 23% of the wealthiest Americans, and 38% of the Oscar-winning film directors.

Israel: In 1922, this swamp and desert land was inhabited by a impoverished population of 752,000. Today there are 7,746,000 residents, with an Ashkenazi majority that have elevated it into a high-tech entrepreneurial nation with the highest per capita income in the region.”

See: Why is the IQ of Ashkenazi Jews so high?

The simplest explanation for the huge IQ difference between the fair-skinned Ashkenazi Jews and swarthier Jews of Semitic appearance (e.g., Sephardic Jews) is a so-called conspiracy theory known as the “Khazarian thesis”.

Popularized by Arthur Koestler in The Thirtheenth Tribe and accepted by notable Jewish scholars themselves (e.g. Prof. Shlomo Sand), this basically states that the Ashkenazi Jews are “false Jews” or aliens of an entirely different race masquerading as Semitic Jews. Originating in a region known as “Khazaria”, these Turko-Tartaric tribes converted to Judaism in the 8th century. So they were “Jews” only by religious conversion, not by blood. As such, being essentially “false Jews”, they have no historic link to the Holy Land and no Biblical claim whatever to Palestine.


Descended from the Khazars, a Turkic race originally from Central Asia and related to the Hun, Uigur and Magyar tribes, the ancestors of the Ashkenazi “Jews” had settled in Khazaria in the Black Sea/Caspian Sea area at some point in the Dark Ages. Of wholly Asiatic origin, they became “Jews” later only by religious conversion in the 8th century. This is controversial.  Because, if true, it means that Ahhkenazi Jews have no ancestral links with the Holy Land. Abraham and Moses were NOT their ancestors. Any claim made to Palestine on Biblical grounds by Ashkenazi Jews—who comprise the bulk of Israel’s population today—would therefore be a spurious claim.

The Khazarian thesis of Koestler has been rejected by other notable scholars. Prof. Kevin MacDonald is one of these. He states categorically: “Modern population genetic studies show conclusively that Jews are indeed an ethnic entity and that widely dispersed Jewish groups are more similar to each other than to the peoples they have lived among for hundreds or thousands of years.” (See here).

There are two significant weaknesses with this anti-Khazarian thesis, i.e., with the idea that Ashkenazi Jews and other Jews are pretty much the same and originate from the same “Semitic” race that produced Abraham and Moses.

(1) Studies that show “genetic similarities” between Ashkenazi Jews and other widely dispersed Jewish groups do not necessarily disprove the Khazarian thesis. This is because intermarriage between the Ashkenazis and the non-Askenazi or “Semitic” Jews was frequent in Khazaria from the 8th century onward, and indeed anywhere else in the world where the fair-skinned Khazarian “Jews” (= Jews by conversion) mingled with and married the darker Semitic Jews.

(2)  The huge gap of 23 points between the IQ levels of Israeli Jews (94) and Ashkenazi Jews (117) cannot be satisfactorily explained if we believe, as MacDonald states, “that Jews are indeed an ethnic entity and that widely dispersed Jewish groups are more similar to each other than to the peoples they have lived among for hundreds or thousands of years.”

If we examine the IQs of the Northeast Asians, for example, we note that these genetically related races all have very similar IQs: Hong Kong Chinese (107), South Koreans (106), North Koreans (105), Japanese (105), Taiwanese (104), Mainland Chinese (100). None of these genetically related races is 23 points higher than any of the others, though taken as a whole they are 23 points higher than most of the African races. The conclusion is obvious: the fact that the Northeast Asians and the Africans have such a huge difference in their IQs is a proof, if any were needed, that these races are genetically unrelated.

If we take the European or Caucasian races, we note exactly the same thing: a striking similarity of IQs: Germany (102), Austria (102), Italy (102), Netherlands (102), Sweden (101), Switzerland (101), Belgium (100), UK (100), Spain (99), Hungary (99), Poland (99), France (98), Denmark (98), Norway (98).

Note that not one of these European races is 23 points higher in IQ than any of the others, though taken as a whole they are 23 pints higher than the African nations. The conclusion is again obvious: the fact that the Europeans and the Africans have such a huge difference in their IQs is a proof, if any were needed, that Europeans and Africans are genetically unrelated.

From this we arrive at the indisputable conclusion that a huge differences in IQ between one group and another group essentially means that the groups belong to different races. If, for example, every Caucasian nation mentioned above had similar IQs of around 100, but ONE European nation—”Ruritania”, let’s say— had an average IQ of 130, one would have to conclude that the “Ruritarians” did not, and could not, belong to the same Caucasian race as all the others.

It is this that gives credence to Koestler’s Khazarian thesis: that the Ashkenazi “Jews” are not really Jews, and that they are Jews only by conversion to Judaism.

Conclusion: The 23 point difference in IQs between Ashkenazis and non-Ashkenazis would seem to demonstrate conclusively that these people belong to entirely different races. If they belonged to the same “Semitic” race, they would follow the general rule of having similar IQs.

Speaking of anti-Semitism, Koestler was to write that it was based  “on a misapprehension shared by both the killers and their victims.”

The story of the Khazar Empire, he went on to add, gave an entirely new twist to “the distorted view that all Jews were genetically related and belonged to the same Semitic race.”

This began to look, he concluded controversially, “like the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated.”

— See The Thirteenth Tribe, Part 2, “The Heritage”


SOURCE OF STATISTICS: Intelligence and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations by Richard Lynn

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115 Responses to WORLD IQ FIGURES: With brief notes on Ashkenazi Jews and the Khazarian Thesis of Koestler, by Lasha Darkmoon ***

  1. Rehmat says:

    Looks like the Khazarian (Ashkenazi) Jews have humiliated their Muslim Turk brothers in IQ as they did in politics and fooling the Christian world. Historically, both Ashkenazi and the rest of world Jewry are non-Semites (they’re not decedents of prophet Jacob’s 12 sons). They’re either Asiatic Turks or North African Berbers.

    As far as Dr. Kevin’s opinion of race and religion is concerned – I don’t see much difference between him and Ducth MP Geert.

    A survey released in Israel on the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day a few days ago – shows 70% of Israeli Jews believe they’re the “Chosen People” – which is not based on their IQ being lesser than Chinese. IQ is a new crap invented by White Supremacists to degrade other races.

    I wonder who got better IQ among the three French presidential candidates? Two of them are Jewish while the third belongs to a White supremacist party.

    • daedalus says:

      Good point.

      Many ‘so-called’ White Supremacists are actually descended from
      the regions of Scotland or Germany. And those people make the tick
      tack test takers from Khazaland look like two year olds.

      But dream on. The puffed up Khazars are worth little

  2. lobro says:

    i have couple of observations to make here.

    it seems that economic differences reflect the differences in iq scores more than anything else and correlate well with ashkenazi position on top of the list.
    how else to explain the 20+ disparity between say, belize or trinidad on one hand (~80) and ethiopia or gambia on the other (~60), given that the population is black in all cases.

    the fly in the ointment is north korea … widespread availability of rigorous education?
    or cultural emphasis on the same?

    • Dukakis says:

      widespread availability of rigorous education?
      or cultural emphasis on the same?

      Do you really believe the figures for N. Korea are accurate?

  3. Rehmat says:

    Canadian-born Jewish writer, David Brooks, in his January 12, 2010 Op-Ed column ”The Tel Aviv Cluster’ in the New York Times boasted many Jewish achievements considering they make-up only 0.2% of world’s population. He claimed that 54% of world chess champions, 27% of the Nobel physics laureates and 31% of the medicine laureates are Jewish. David Brooks also adds that though Jews make only 2% of United States population – 21% of Ivy League student bodies, 26% of the Kennedy Center honorees, 37% of Academy Award winning directors, 38% of those on a recent Business Week list of leading philanthropists and 51% of Pulitzer Prize winners for non-fiction are Jewish. I, too, find them very laudable. But then David Brooks come out of his Hasbara (propaganda) liter-box by equating these Jewish achiement with Israeli achievements – as if the great majority of 12.7 million world Jewish population lives inside Jewish occupied Palestine.

    However, Canadian ‘New Scientist ‘ magazine has reported that the scientific growth in Islamic Iran has grown eleven times faster than any other country in the world – during both in 2010 and 2011.

    Both cases debunk the “IQ theory”.

  4. lobro says:

    i think that the “iq theory” is greatly skewed to favor those with access to funds, power, education and time to pursue such goals, i.e., jews, who after all invented the field of psychology.
    it in way accounts for deeper insights or pursuit of truth and honor, only ratlike speed to negotiate shallow mazes.
    facility to perform well on iq tests can be trained, it is by no means as congenital or racially inate as claimed.
    i believe that there are numerous other ways to define “intelligence”, which is really the ability to survive in a given environment – and the current environment is all jewish.

  5. kapoore says:

    My reading of the IQ thesis is that Darkmoon is right and most European Jews are
    Khazars because they have similar IQ. They are powerful left brain thinkers–great at math and criticism. Maybe that is the Jewish guilt syndrome, the culture of critique, etc. But they are deficient in right brain thinking (spacial awareness), and that makes sense to me. They make better critics than artists. This would also explain the ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ enigma. And that is probably why the Jewish ruled America is about to fall off the cliff; we are completely deficient in visionaries. Of course, any study that lumps a whole group together and doesn’t account for individual differences has inherent limitations.

  6. hp says:

    Most common sentence in any language or ethnic arena?

    “He was a great guy; until I got to know him.”

    But thank God for, as kapoore points out, individuals.

  7. Karen says:

    Most IQ tests are based on the Cattell-Horn-Caroll theory of fluid intelligence(Gf) and Crystallized intelligence(Gc) in which numeracy and literacy are of prime importance. These abilities are crucial in mathematics, technology, business acumen and the sciences but fail to measure broader intelligence which entails philosophy, creativity, and so forth. This is not ‘sour grapes’ as my IQ is 130 and I failed a grade in public school and another in high school and how proficient these tests are is questionable as math and science have never been my strong points. On the other hand, taking a hard look at our modern society it’s easy to see how the Ashkenazis thrive.

  8. lobro says:

    is it my imagination or is the anglo in the race-face picture wearing a yarmulke?

  9. Jack F. says:

    The Khazar theory was never taken seriously by reputable Western or even Islamic historians (see Bernard Lewis). Recent genetic studies at Duke University as well as other places demonstrating the genetic similarity between American Jews and Arabs (as compared to the lack of similarity between American Jews and Europeans) really should put the Khazar theory to rest. It persists for political reasons. The IQ studies of Jews are generally poorly done and not definitive. However, the accomplishments are real and are perhaps IQ related. That is certainly a more plausible explanation of Jewish success than the usual calumny directed at Jews. However, the reasons for the achievements are only speculative at this point.

    Darkmoon’s explanation that the supposed 23 point IQ differential between European Jews and Israelis must be genetically based is interesting but it is a rather weak argument. We have yet the technology to separate out genetic and environmental effects as the cause of IQ differences between ethnic groups. If the Russian IQ is indeed 96 and the European Jewish IQ is indeed 117, then that difference of 21 points should argue against European Jews being related to the Khazar, at least using Darkmoon’s approach.

    There is much that is still not understood about IQ and there is much that is still not understood about Jewish success. Such matters should be approached with objectivity and sensitivity and not emotionality and hateful discourse.

    • DARKMOON says:

      My views are not set in stone. I would be prepared to abandon the Khazarian thesis if the alternative explanations were more convincing. To my mind, they are not.

      Remember that the Khazarian thesis was originally propounded and popularized by a Jew, Arthur Koestler, and that other well-informed Jews have fully accepted it, notably Prof. Shlomo Sand and Gilad Atzmon.

      Such prominent Jewish supporters of the Khazarian thesis can hardly be accused of anti-Semitism; or, as you put it, of “emotionality and hateful discourse.”

      • Asthor says:

        in answer to the quote of :”If the Russian IQ is indeed 96 and the European Jewish IQ is indeed 117, then that difference of 21 points should argue against European Jews being related to the Khazar, at least using Darkmoon’s approach.” – it seems to be reasoning, not evidence based data. What does it mean “Russian IQ”? How it was calculated? Is it of random selection of population of Russia that hold 185 different ethnic groups? Or ethnic Russians? If so from where? It seems to be somewhat artificial calculation of median IQ from random (and may be not statistically significant) selection of humans living on territory of Russian federation that is 1/6 part of land on this planet. As well IQ test is specifically designed and in application of it and results obtained there are many factors that can change a score such as language, type of test given etc. Finally, over the centuries and constant odds Russians built country that in XIX century spanned from central Europe to San-Francisco, created one of the biggest civilizations humanity knows with many pioneers’ cultural and technological advances. By the way jews took many treasures from Russia not just in material but in cultural sense as well (just look on jewish music from mid-XX century and you will find many heavy “borrowings” from Russian composers of XIX, start of XX century. 2-nd Concert of Rachmaninov for piano is just one evident example. Jews don’t have any composers like Bach, Wagner or Tchaikovsky or writers like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky or Hugo. So Nobel prizes, silly Oscars and all their achievements of “jewish XX century” in many cases just exchange (or even intercourse, if you will :) ) between same members of the”Society for Mutual Admiration” that they form.

    • Asthor says:

      I honestly doubt these Russian IQ number of 96. Ethnic Russian people are much smarter in my opinion (and from my own experience of course) :) I guess this data isn’t correct.

  10. lobro says:

    however this subject is presented, the stink of hasbara persists.
    so let’s try this angle then:
    if sephardic jews score is 94, then in terms of occupying elite positions in us society they should be a non-entity, especially given that most us jews are khazars, pardon, ashkenazy (in fact, if ashks are removed from israel, that score should drop considerably).

    can someone confirm that there are no sephardic jews plugging up judiciary, business, academia, politics, health “care” (‘and from this learn ye, that it is forbidden to heal a Gentile even for payment…’), media and entertainment?
    (by rights, it should be way less than in two sephardis in thousand such positions, due to both low prevalence and low iq)

  11. Mahmoud El-Yousseph says:

    lobro, I think I may have the answer to your question. And I could care less about this monster score on the IQ test!

    I made sure the reference you were looking for is in bold letters.

    According to several reports, the terrorist Benjamin Goldstein, an American doctor from Brooklyn, was known as a racist and Arab-hater since an early age. He changed his name to Baruch and in 1982 joined the fanatic terror group Kach of Maier Kahana. In 1983 he came to occupied Palestine and lived in the illegal colony Kiryat Arba’, home to some of the most fanatic Zionist colonists. Goldstein, who was later labelled “mentally deranged”, served in the Israeli terror army and was wearing an Israeli military uniform when he committed the massacre. On that morning in February, Goldstein, well-known to everyone including the IOF as being fanatic, made his way towards the Ibrahimi mosque heavily armed with automatic machine guns, several bullet magazines and hand grenades. He passed at least two IOF army checkpoints on the way to the Ibrahimi and was allowed to enter a mosque filled with unarmed worshipers. After 10 minutes of shooting and throwing hand grenades at worshiper, he was subdued and killed with a fire extinguisher. Number of Palestinians murdered was 29 and 300 were injured.

    Goldstein immigrated to Israel in 1983.[1] He served as a physician in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), first as a conscript, then in the reserve forces. Following the end of his active duty, Goldstein worked as a physician and lived in the Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba near Hebron, where he worked as an emergency doctor, and was involved in treating victims of Arab-Israeli violence.[9]

    • Johntyd says:

      Arabs do ‘goldsteins’ without the benefits of a medical education. I wish he had killed more of you scum.

  12. hahaha says:

















    • Lucy Skipping says:

      I adore Koreans. They have such nice slanty eyes. But I do wish they were a bit taller!

      • Mahmoud El-Yousseph says:

        Taller is not better! I lived once in Korea for about a month back in the late 80s. Those people were down to earth, even though I have trouble communicating to them.

        I know it is not easy for people with short stature, especially children. They are constantly subject for bulling and name calling. Then when they get older, they have hard time finding a date and get carded for beer and cigarettes. But in genera, short people tend to live longer and do well in life as adults.

        Just look at our 4th. US president, James Madison. He was 5’4″ and weighed about 100 lb. He is considered one of the founding fathers, or the father of our Constitution. By contrast, President LBJ was 6’3 1/2″ tall. And what is he most remember for?

        a(Vietnam War, b(Civil Rights Act, and of course c( the cover up of the assault on the USS Liberty.[June 8th, 1967], where 34 sailors were murdered and 174 injured in a deliberate attack by no other than so called our closest friend in the Middle East.

        Speaking of height of US presidents, President Abe Lincoln is my favorite among all of them. He was the tallest US president. He stood at 6’4″ tall.

        Sorry for getting off topic!

        • Lucy Skipping says:

          @ Mahmoud

          I’m glad you went off topic! Nothing infuriates me more than a person who insists that I should “keep to the point”. Life is made up of irrelevancies and distractions.

          Have you ever been to a dinner party where your host insisted that no one should gossip or introduce a new and “irrelevant” topic of conversation?

          He has invited you to his house to discuss only ONE subject: what a great guy he is!

          A boring evening, no?

        • Overcoming Diversity says:

          Being short is almost as bad as being retarded…

      • wowee says:

        Of course you can’t mention anything nice or bad about Koreans (or any group of Asians) without the imposed caricatured ways in which they are perceived. Anyway, your affronted view against this one ethnic group is uncalled for. I understand that the physical characteristics of a Korean is not like other ethnic race, and may even stand out, but to freely use against as an ad hominem in an argument is just cheap. If you can’t say anything nice or intelligent, don’t even bother to reply, although I doubt that you’re capable.

    • Paul says:

      “only 49million so.Koreans”. You’ve answered you own stupid hypothesis.
      Better get a Jewish accountant, short and slanty.

    • Overcoming Diversity says:

      Ok Smartass then the USA will withdraw it’s 35000 troops and see if that Ivy League Education helps in battle with your North Korean Brothers…

  13. Mahmoud El-Yousseph says:

    At the eulogy of Goldstein, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel Goldstein described Barukh as a person “having a higher status than saints.” The rabbi was referring to the fact that throughout his career, Dr. Barukh Goldstein refused to treat any Arab or non-Jewish wounded. The rabbi continued saying that Barukh was a “Royal Martyr” and “It is not peace agreements which recover lands, it is blood that recovers lands.”

  14. lobro says:

    can’t leave this bone unchewed, have a serious problem when i hear these echoes.
    The Khazar theory was never taken seriously by reputable Western or even Islamic historians (see Bernard Lewis)
    first of all, who bestows the august mantle of “reputability”?
    lewis is a jew and a zionist, so by that measure alone he is reputable, no?
    and yes, it uniquely qualifies him to be an islamic historian or islamologist, hear, hear.
    … conflict of interest being something they are unashamedly proud of, like michael chertoff in charge of investigating mossad’s blowing up twin towers.

    so, let’s move a bit deeper into the realm of hypocrisy (i do not necessarily impute hypocrisy to the author, the intention may have been an honorable one, though ignorant, with the same end result).
    Such matters should be approached with objectivity and sensitivity and not emotionality and hateful discourse.
    how very christian, isn’t it, and we are all good christians, so let’s never run out of cheeks to turn.
    meanwhile: Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies (“subterfuges”) to circumvent a Gentile
    so, a sensitive soul may say, “jewish deceit is understandable in light of their history of suffering and persecution, when precisely 6 million (as ordained in kabbalah) perished at the hands of evil goys, to end up adorning millions of lampshades, cosmetic products and mattresses”.
    whereas, an insensitive soul, like yours truly might respond: “ok, let’s investigate those claims”
    and immediately get slapped down for hate speech, how dare you bring odious notion of truth into this discourse, thus further inflaming the famous hypersensitivity, you sir, are not christian.
    Gittin 57a. Jesus is being boiled in “hot excrement.”, but this is just a figure of hasbara, the famous yiddish sense of humor, right? you take it seriously, again you indulge in hate speech (or should there be a sub-class: hate listening/reading).

    sensitivity and understanding in practice:
    In 1994, the 80 year old Lady Jane Birdwood was arrested and prosecuted in a criminal court in London, England for the “crime” of publishing in her pamphlet, The Longest Hatred, the truthful statement that the Talmud contains anti-Gentile and anti-Christian passages. (She was accused of violating the Public Order Act of 1986).

    In the course of her Orwellian thought-crime trial, which was ignored by the U.S. media, a rabbi was called as a prosecution witness. The rabbi proceeded to flatly deny that the Talmud contained anti-Gentile or anti-Christian passages and on the basis of the rabbi’s “prestige,” this elderly and ailing woman was sentenced to three months in jail and fined the equivalent of $1,000.

    and moreover, while through kol nidre, they are urged to make lying their intellectual and moral centerpiece, we are proscribed from pursuing the truth:

    In the following passage, we learn that the Sages specifically forbid non-Jews to read the Talmud, on pain of death.

    GEMARA. … R. Johanan said: A heathen who studies the Torah deserves death, for it is written, Moses commanded us a law for an inheritance; it is our inheritance, not theirs.

    — Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 59a
    Soncino 1961 Edition, page 400

    so yes, let’s play the game by jewish rules (the only rules allowed);
    we treat them with sensitivity and kid gloves, because it is the christian way as well as politically correct (correctitude defined by them, pursuit of truth and veracity banned outright), while they treat us with brutality, treachery and slaughter – because we caused them so much suffering, that the mere questioning or investigation of that claim constitutes further unbearable suffering and a crime beyond goy’s limited imagination.

    play ball!

    • Montecristo says:

      I was appalled to read about the ill-treatment of 80-year-old Lady Jane Birdwood in England.

      The legal system in America is far worse though. They have an Injustice system there…where most people who get into trouble with the law are more or less guaranteed unfair treatment.

      I sometimes wonder if it’s any better in Canada.

      Jews are over-represented in the legal system of all these countries. Their influence is invariably pernicious. You will note that Jewish criminals seem to get the lightest sentences, assuming they get convicted at all.

      • Asthor says:

        US is overfilled with talmudic spirit. I would say America now holds international hegemony of evil talmudic spirit after so called “jewish state” on territory of Palestine, of course. This talmudic spirit is everywhere in the US: in its mass “culture”, public discourse, people’s mentality, heavy militarization, repressive apparatus and of course, bureaucracy and legal system.

      • Gilbert Huntly says:

        Mr. Montecristo,

        I was “an officer of the court” in America for fifteen years (among other things). What you say is definitely true. It is, also, the very reason I, myself, was getting censored; and decided to fold and take another stand.

        A good run is better than a poor stand. The whole Babylonian
        jewish system meets out injustice on a daily basis. I want no part in its dividends, and gleefully anticipate its eminent demise.

  15. bbnazeer says:

    IQ business: Very intriguing.
    A few points:
    1. Nobel laureates are chosen based on nominations. Previous laureates have clout and make nominations. As the club grows , if the laureates increase foran organized sub group, that group will increase as they nominate each other. An organized subgroup that flouts rules of fair plays succeeds for a while, till found out.
    2. People with good ideas are more likely to be promoted or appointed to positions of leverage if they are part of a network. The tight network helps its members. Promising candidates are promoted and eventually you have a winner. People who can leverage power especially in disciplines such as medicine and biology will have access to the newest ideas by running the conferences, reviewing papers and commanding resources.
    It helps them to ask the right questions with the resources at hand. People of average intelligence given the best environment thus reach their potential.
    3. Laureates do not have the highest IQs. In fact follow up of people of with the highest IQ did not yield any greater levels of achievements than people with above average IQ.
    4. IQ may follow a U shaped curve in achievement.
    5. Some of the mental gymnastics come out from deeply disturbed and autistic individuals who have severe personality disorders or are deeply selfish. Their brains are computer-like, empathy, a highly developed human quality, is not their strong suit
    .Such people may have role in understanding the material universe, but cannot be trusted to lead the human project. It would be a disaster.
    6. A recent study of Israeli women of reproductive age discovered fragile X carrier frequencies of 1:70 in 9459 women and 1:113 of 14,334 women in a second study. A 1:259 prevalence of female carriers of FMR1 premutation-size alleles was reported for the general population. So the IQ figures do not jive.
    Tay-Sachs disease, a common mental disorder in the Ashkenazim has now been reduced by 90% in that population using genetic testing and counseling. Thus the genetics of that population is being altered.
    State funding for the genetics studies of specific disorders in the US was driven by certain interests in view of the increased incidence of recessive disorders in t population to which they belonged. Self interest pure and simple.

  16. hp says:

    So it seems as though the cutoff line for perspiration (and blisters) manifests somewhere slightly above 107?

    Hmmm. I’ll have to sit down quietly, induce a state of recollection and see what I saw or didn’t see.

    Of course there’s always that pesky exception(s) to the rule, mucking things up.
    I’m working up a sweat just thinking about it.


  17. Mahmoud El-Yousseph says:

    hp, could you please decode your message?
    With all due respect, I have no clue what you are trying to say.
    You seem to be unhappy and distressed about something. If you’re more clear,
    I am sure somebody will come to you aid or at least offer an advice.

  18. lobro says:

    i got it.
    but then, i’ve known homer and his ways for some time.
    khazars don’t break sweat and have never heard of blisters.
    yet, homer’s iq is way above 107, i know that too, yet he has broken sweat and popped blisters on many an occasion … happy exception, hp.

  19. hp says:

    lobro to the rescue, right on cue.

    Yeah, I’ve even been known to pop a smile or two, especially when passing on some of that original humor of yours, lobro.

    I laugh every time I think about God reordering the universe for Einstein!
    Another original. I wish I could do that. I really do.

    Thank you my friend.

  20. Xanadu says:

    @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    “hp, could you please decode your message? With all due respect, I have no clue what you are trying to say.”

    Lobro to the rescue? Yeah, sure! Only trouble is, Lobs himself needs decoding! :)

    You must understand, dear Mahmoud, that hp and Lobro belong to a very rare species, a dying breed of high IQ sages who tend to speak in an obscure argot of their own that is designed to test the intellectual faculties of lesser mortals such as you and me.

    Both these high-powered seers have sat for a long time at the feet of an even more obscurantist sage, the Right Reverend Rowan Berkeley, from whom they have culled much wisdom and mastered the supreme art of speaking like the oracle at Delphi and the Sphinx of Egypt! :)

    I understand that Lobro, a Canadian mathematician, lives somewhere in Central America, or maybe Mexico, home of the hallucinogenic peyote plant. Obviously this has been an influence! He likes smoking cigars, contemplating sunset and sea from his porch, wrapped in transcendental meditations and dreams of the Infinite.

    As for hp, I have no doubt that this enigmatic and inscrutable figure is one of the original Himalayan mahatmas, mentioned by Madame Blavatsky, who at some stage in his life decided to emigrate to the United States—by teleportation, I would imagine!—and here he now lives in America, disguised as a normal human being.

    The better to disguise his seerlike origins, hp has acquired a rifle, a bike, and the works of HL Mencken, whose witticisms he frequently quotes, much to the delectation of all and sundry.

    I have enjoyed a long but infrequent correspondence wih hp over the years, hoping that some of his wisdom might rub off on to me. His knowledge of Hindu philosophy, particularly of Vedanta, is profound. That he should write to this humble website at all is indeed an honor.

    I am therefore all the more angry with myself to think that I said something recently to give grave offense to this Homeric sage. I did not mean to do so. I slipped up and uttered some inanity…in the way we lower-IQ female airheads often do.

    So I take this opportunity to apologize to hp. And, for that matter, to the incomparable Lobro.

    To both hp and Lobro now, kind greetings and sisterly kisses of contrition! :)

    (Lasha Darkmoon)

    • Berenice says:

      I’d like to meet these guys. They sound interesting. I have a weakness for cigar-smoking mathematicians and rifle-toting mahatmas!

  21. hp says:

    Holy mackerel Xanadu, what a kick in the pants!

    I’m pretty sure I’m now required to lock my doors, pull the shades down and sit in the dark polishing my idols, repenting for your sins!

    Such a naughty girl you’ve been..

    You are also marvelously sensitive, elegant and fierce.

  22. lobro says:

    done sitting at reverend’s feet, he kicked me off-site after i bit him on the ankle one time too many.

    thanks berenice, your weakness makes me feel stronger.

    and as for “holy mackerel”, i always thought that was a canuck curiosity of speech, far from texas … but then sri homer has teleported far and wide …

  23. Sardonicus says:

    I must say this website has collected some odd types to it. Darkmoon leads the pack, the oddest of enigmas. A magnet to eccentrics of one kind or another. Anyone who writes crazy poems like “The Gybroch” has to be slightly off her head. If she’s not writing about sex with aliens, she’s knocking Jews. I can’t see the connection.

  24. Darrell says:

    @ Sardonicus

    Yes, Lasha is certainly an enigma. Every human being is, first of all because of the mysterious union of physical body and immaterial soul we all possess. Second, because of Original Sin, our ‘fallen’ human nature, creating a profound and painful kind of war between our higher and lower natures, between passion and reason: darkness of intellect, weakness of will, the fury of concupicence, along with the enigmas of suffering and death.

    But I agree with you that Lasha displays an unusually pronounced and provocative amount of enigmatic qualities. I believe it is because of the combination of her gifted intellect, her vivid imagination, and her extended immersion in Eastern religion, in which demons dwell and delight to confuse, debase, pervert, and ultimately destroy their human prey and bring them to damnation. Yes, Hinduism and other Eastern religions are full of demons. Ingenuously dabble with them, frolic with them, fear them – you will fall with them.

    I think the key to understanding her poem, ‘The Gybroch’ is found in the closing lines:

    Now the moon hangs high in heaven—
    Or else it hangs in hell!—
    Like the moon in a madman’s painting
    Seen from a padded cell.

    I believe Lasha suffers deeply on account of the ‘padded cell’ she has voluntarily entered, and is a prime candidate for ever-deeper falls into the hellish realm of madness. Like the blind moth she flies into the entrancing and alluring fire, only to be consumed.

    The spiritual warfare of life is challenging enough without dancing with demons.

    • lobro says:

      sed quia tepidus es et nec frigidus nec calidus incipiam te evomere ex ore meo
      “because you are tepid, and neither cold nor hot, i spit you out of my mouth” (vulgata, i believe somewhere in apocalyse/revelations)

      it is a cool statement, meaning that there are no shortcuts to spiritual closure, no free ride, you must do the full gauntlet.
      no need to travel east for this modicum of wisdom.

      and lasha/xanadu is doing it, hats off to this profound and suffering girl.
      whatever the detractors say, she’s got my respect.

  25. hp says:

    “Deep within the heart of every evangelist lies the wreck of a car salesman.”

    H.L. Mencken

    • "X" says:

      Naughty, naughty! I know exactly what you are saying, you subtle avatar of Vishnu!

      • Catholic Observer says:

        “I believe Lasha suffers deeply…a prime candidate for ever-deeper falls into the hellish realm of madness. Like the blind moth she flies into the entrancing and alluring fire, only to be consumed…”


        “Sexual desire is a sort of somnambulism while it lasts — something in the depth of the conscience plucking at the sleeve with a warning to stand and go no further.

        Sexual desire is incalculable and uncalculating. It can fix itself anywhere: can will incompatibles: can will what it does not want.

        Desire for one woman may momentarily eclipse love for another, and the eclipsed love can outlast the desire, so that a moment comes when the love is in full possession again, and the dead desire seems mere emptiness and degradation.

        Everyone knows all this, but knowing it does not cure it.”

        — FJ Sheed, Famous Roman Catholic writer

  26. Yakob Klein says:

    @ Darrell

    “I believe Lasha suffers deeply on account of the ‘padded cell’ she has voluntarily entered, and is a prime candidate for ever-deeper falls into the hellish realm of madness. Like the blind moth she flies into the entrancing and alluring fire, only to be consumed. The spiritual warfare of life is challenging enough without dancing with demons.”

    Well said, sir. Your eloquence and psychological insight into Ms Darkmoon’s particular pathology has left me breathless. I could not have put it better myself.

    I have for a long time suspected that this lady is a one-time CIA agent who has been kicked out of her job for two reasons:

    (1) Her distasteful anti-Zionism which to my mind is indistinguishable from the most virulent ant-Semitism. I really do believe we have a female version of Hitler here. An exterminationist, if ever there was one, who would like to see every Jew in the world dead.

    (2) Her mental instability which she has demonstrated on more than one occasion. I remember reading an entire article devoted just to her on the internet, a kind of forum or discussion group, in which every single commenter had bad things to say about her. Quotes from her ravings on the Xymphora website were given, I believe, which demonstrated beyond all doubt that this lady was (to put it mildly) a total nutcase. She apparently pretended to be about 20 different people of both sexes and was driven off the site in disgust by angry commenters there who’d had enough of her disruptive behavior and zany kookiness. In any case, she has been described as a certified “paranoid schizophrenic”.

    I expect this comment will be deleted. So far, I’m happy to say, none of my comments have been removed, though they have been equally hostile to Darkmoon.

    I am given to understand that this site is “a free speech zone” and you can say virtually anything you want here. Which is why I do. In the hope that I will be allowed to speak my mind.

    I would like to use the F-word in connection with Darkmoon, but I will refrain. My breeding forbids it. One does not need to descend into gutter language to make known one’s feelings of intense loathing for this apology for a human being.

  27. hp says:


    That last paragraph should be carved into stone as a new/old testament to the DNA of such a peculiar life form.

    Oh .. right … never mind.

  28. Vindex says:

    I’ve just discovered this site. It’s like dropping into Wizard of Oz country or Alice in Wonderland! No one keeps to the point. Everyone goes off at a tangent. Everyone is abusing everyone else. And no one bothers to keep order or monitor all the absurdities.

    And yet, I have to say, I am not bored. I am tickled and amused by everything I read here.

    It’s like all the mad geniuses in the loonybin had decided to start dashing off comments to this one particular website:

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      Ditto, Vindex! I often hide, here, every time I escape my straight jacket!

      But I do not think Lasha Darkmoon is insane, at all… She has a WONDERFUL sense of humor, is of very high intellect, and is not intimidated by critics Which means she is quite secure in her diversity. Which means she is quite sane.

      Which may or may not mean I, myself, am just the opposite…. (if that makes you happy)

  29. Darrell says:

    @ Yakob Klein

    I’m surprized to see a Zionist Jew agree with me on something, esp. since I totally agree with Lasha in her realistic, counter-cultural, and courageous stand against the racist, inhuman, oppressive, parasitic, genocidal, and ultimately diabolical Jewish ideology, of which Zionism is just one its ugly and nefarious heads.

    See E Michael Jones’s magisterial The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History

    And yes, hp, I’m a wreck – kind of like you, only different.

    By the way, I’m very fond of Lasha, and in many ways feel a close spiritual kinship with her, not least beacause we are both admittedly dysfunctional Catholics. It’s just that I believe that the Church teaaches with the authority of Ch

  30. Darrell says:

    Oops! As I was saying, It’s just that I believe that the Church teaches with the authority of Christ, despite the sinfulness of its members.

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