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“Jews have sex on the brain. And they have transmitted their obsession to the rest of society. We have all become infected with the sex virus.”

“What was forbidden is now permitted.” — Rabbi Samuel Dresner

“What was forbidden is now permitted.” — Rabbi Samuel Dresner

A few months ago, I received an angry email from a young woman called Victoria. Having ticked me off severely for various things I’d said in an article—and after a further exchange of emotional letters—Victoria, who was half Jewish, told me she would no longer be writing to me. So I wrote her a valedictory note in which I took my leave of her with the friendly words, “Farewell, my dear Jewess!

Silence ensued for several weeks. And then, to my surprise, I received another confrontational letter from Victoria informing me that she was writing to me again (a) “to correct certain misconceptions you have”, and (b) to tell me that writing to me was “pointless.”

I found this quite amusing. It’s not often I get letters listing all my shortcomings and telling me how pointless it is writing to me. It makes a change. Victoria had taken offense at the term ‘Jewess’Referring to me as a ‘Jewess’ was very offensive and condescending,” she scolded, “because I am only part Jewish.…But I guess in your racist mind,  the fact that I am even part Jewish is enough of a reason for you to deny my humanity completely. Continuing any further correspondence with you is pointless.”

This is the letter I wrote Victoria in response to her final communication. I don’t usually write such long letters to my correspondents, complete with a scholarly apparatus of facts, figures, citations, embedded links and picture illustrations.  On this occasion, I decided to make an exception.

Dear Victoria,

Your condemnation of the word “Jewess” as anti-Semitic would be accepted, I think, as fair comment nowadays. I meant no offense, but in any case please accept my apologies.

You may not be aware of this, Victoria, but it’s a sad fact that because of severe economic hardships endured by Jews in past centuries, many Jewish girls were forced into a life of prostitution. In all the great European cities, a certain type of prostitute was always to be found: exotic and semi-Asiatic in appearance. She was Jewish, and she was very much in demand. The word “Jewess” therefore entered the language as a loose synonym for “Jewish prostitute”.

When Baudelaire writes a poem about a Parisian prostitute with whom he had just spent the night, he refers to her simply as a “Jewess”. That was enough to identify her as a prostitute. “Une nuit que j’étais près d’une affreuse Juive…” (“One night as I lay next to a frightful Jewess…”).

When Keats refers to Jewish prostitutes in an unpublished poetic fragment quoted in a private letter (1819), he doesn’t call them “prostitutes”. He just calls them “Jewesses”. Why? Because so many Jewesses were prostitutes that the two terms had virtually become interchangeable. “Nor in obscurèd purlieus would he seek / For curlèd Jewesses with ankles neat, / Who as they walk abroad make tinkling with their feet.”  (See here.)

Keats is here referring to the typical Jewess with her “curly” ringlets. The tinkling ankle bells he mentions were often worn in past eras by prostitutes to signal their approach. Ever since Ancient India, such bells have been prostitute accessories.

You say you are “half Jewish”, Victoria, and that your family originally came from the Ukraine. Did you know that Odessa, the fourth largest city of Ukraine, was once a magnet for prostitute lovers from all over Europe? The city was famous for its sumptuous brothels, all supervised by Jewish madams who had formerly been prostitutes themselves. As for the girls working in those brothels, they were predominantly Jewish. Valued for their seductive charms, these joygirls were referred to simply as “Jewesses.”

Here is a pertinent  quote:

By the 1860s a French visitor to Odessa wrote that Jews there were responsible for a white slavery market in Russian women to Turkey. This is feasible, especially since we know that Jewish brothel-keepers were already in place at the other end in Constantinople. The 1889 census shows that Jewish women ran 30 of 36 licensed brothels in Kherson province, where Odessa was located. In 1908 the American consul there claimed that the whole business of prostitution is almost exclusively in the hands of Jews. Jewesses were prominent in the practice of prostitution. Thus, of 5127 licensed prostitutes in 1889, 1122 or 22 per cent were Jewish. (See here; Note: 22% is significantly high, given that Jews constituted only 4% of the Ukrainian population.

A Rabbi Rosenak of the German Union of Rabbis writes in 1902 that up to 50% of the prostitutes in his area were Jewish. He deplores the fact and considers it “inconceivable” that so many Jewish women should go astray.

Theda Bara (born  Theodosia Goodman, 1885–1955), Jewish silent screen actress famous for her femme fatale roles. Note the corkscrew curls mentioned earlier by Keats (“curled Jewesses”). The  classic Hollywood femme fatale, Wikipedia tells us, was “often foreign, of an indeterminate Eastern European or Asian ancestry.” THEDA BARA, by the way, is an anagram for ARAB DEATH. Go figure.

Theda Bara (born Theodosia Goodman, 1885–1955), Jewish silent screen actress famous for her femme fatale roles. Note the corkscrew curls mentioned earlier by Keats (“curlèd Jewesses”). The classic Hollywood femme fatale, Wikipedia tells us, was “often foreign, of an indeterminate Eastern European or Asian ancestry.” The name THEDA BARA, significantly, is an anagram for ARAB DEATH.

Jewish prostitution flourished throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Jewish procuresses ran the brothels, luring both Christian and Jewish girls into a life of prostitution. One Jewish madam was known as “Lucky Sarah”, so named because she was lucky enough to have founded the lucrative Hungarian export trade in girls. Hungarian girls were considered sexy. They had those dark, long-lashed eyes and exotic high cheek bones that so many men find attractive. In short, the Jewish look one finds enshrined in Hollywood’s first femme fatale, Theda Bara, also known as “the Vamp”. (See opposite)

Equally well-known to the Jewish Underworld of the time was Sarah Grossman, another Jewish procuress nicknamed “The Turk” because of the number of girls she had tricked into a life of prostitution in Constantinople. Two major sex emporiums were the industrial towns of Czernowitz and Lemberg. Here countless girls were enticed into a life of sex slavery. In 1892 a famous mass trial of twenty-seven procurers was held in Lemberg.  All the defendants were Jewish. The trial received so much attention, we are told, that it marked “a high water point for the anti-Semites.”

A major device of the procurers was a Jewish ceremony referred to as the stillah chuppah. This included a religious wedding ceremony which had no civil validity. The soon-to-be abducted female would be misled into believing that she was married with the rights of a wife, only to discover later that her legal rights were nil. Innumerable Jewesses found themselves tossed into brothels by this device.  (See here).
Slave Auction Jean Leon Jerome, 1866. Jews were the foremost entrepreneurs in the White Slave traffic, selling even own abducted young Jewesses as sex slaves along with kidnapped women and children of other races. The girls were paraded naked and always asked to open their mouths wide and show their teeth. Like horses, they had to endure their teeth being inspected and tapped  for soundness. soundness.

Slave Auction, Jean Leon Jerome, 1866. Jews were the foremost entrepreneurs in the White Slave traffic, selling even  young Jewesses as sex slaves along with abducted  women and children of other races. The girls were paraded naked before customers and always asked to open their mouth wide. Like horses, they had to let their teeth be inspected and tapped for soundness. 

You see what is happening here, Victoria?  Vast numbers of innocent Jewish girls were tricked into a life of prostitution by their fellow Jews. It was their own race who tricked them and sold them down the river. It reminds me of the Jewish rabbis who tricked Norman Finkelstein’s mother out of her fair share of Holocaust reparations.

These are the facts, Victoria. They are the truth. Resist the truth if you want, but truth will prevail in the end. Rather than dismiss me as an “anti-Semite” for drawing the obvious conclusions from these well-known historical data, you should come to terms with the fact that most ordinary Jews are the dupes and victims of organized Jewry. It’s not these ordinary Jews I criticize or condemn, it’s their rabbinical and ideological controllers: the Puppet Masters, or the “Masters of Discourse,” to use Israel Shamir’s apt phrase.

It’s not the sheep, it’s the Bad Shepherds, who are the problem.

No class of men appears to be quite as sex-obsessed as the Orthodox Jews and the rabbinate. If you compare the religious texts of the various world religions, you will find that all of them—with the single exception of Judaism—maintain a high moral tone throughout. They don’t keep harping on about breasts and penisesprostitutes and semen. Judaism does.

Consider this inflammatory passage from the Hebrew English Bible, enough to bring a blush to any maidenly cheek:

There she lusted after her lovers whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses. So you longed for the lewdness of your youth when in Egypt your bosom was caressed and your young breasts fondled. (Ezekiel 23: 20-21).

The number of Victorian damsels who must have swooned away over that passage is probably beyond computation.

Turn to the Babylonian Talmud and you will find yourself suddenly transported into a hothouse world of indelicate anecdotes dealing specifically with prostitutes and their rabbinical (or yeshiva student) clients. There are so many of these stories in the Talmud that a special name had to be invented for them: aggadah. Though these instructive anecdotes touch on all conceivable topics, usually with a rabbi as the central figure, sex often looms large. It can certainly be argued that Judaism is more obsessed with sex than any other world religion. (Scroll down to “Contents”, here.)

One such story starts like this:

They said of Rabbi Elazar ben Dordia that he did not leave one prostitute in the world that he did not come to. One time he heard that there was a certain prostitute in a town by the sea who took a purse of dinars for her price.  He took a purse of dinars and went and crossed seven rivers to reach her… (Tractate Avodah Zara 17a)

Another story begins:

There was once a man who heard that there was a prostitute in a town by the sea who took four hundred gold coins as her price.  He sent to her four hundred gold coins and set a time to come to her.  When his time came, he went. She said “Let him come in.”  When he entered, she sat naked on the top bed…etc. etc.   (Tractate Menachot, 44a)

The Talmud is full of such stories about rabbis and their students paying visits to prostitutes. Since the word “pornography” literally means “writing about prostitutes,” the Talmud is perhaps the only religious classic that could be described—in a literal sense—as pornographic.

We read in the Talmud of Rahab the harlot, for example, first mentioned in the book of Joshua. One of the most bewitching  femmes  fatales of antiquity, on a par with Helen of Troy and the fabulous Corinthian courtesan Lais mentioned by Demosthenes, the beautiful Rahab first began to sell her body at the age of ten. “There was no prince or ruler who had not slept with Rahab the prostitute,” the Talmud informs us breathlessly. (Tractate Zavachim  116b).

The rabbis, being the religious rulers of the day, were among the first to enjoy this nubile nymphette’s favors. Pedophilia? Yes, the Talmud is full of it. We are told of this Jewish Lolita: “They [the rabbis] allow her an honored place in Jewish tradition….Her past as a harlot is not held against her, and is almost entirely forgotten once she converts to Judaism.” (See here).

Nothing changes. Plus ça change. Pedophilia is okay, it seems, if you happen to be a Jewish rabbi or Roman Polanski—but not if you’re a Catholic priest.

Lester.gif - 3

Pedophilia is not the only sexual perversion to which the Talmud appears to be tolerant. There is also voyeurism. An interesting anecdote relates how Kahane, a yeshiva student, hides under his rabbi’s bed and eavesdrops on him making love to his wife. He is discovered there and severely reprimanded by his teacher who orders him to leave the room at once. The student refuses. “No, I won’t!” he says. “For this is Torah, and I must learn!”

The rabbi is forced to take this into consideration. Spying on people having sex is arguably okay if your motive for doing so is a passion for the Higher Knowledge. (See  The Passionate Talmud, Introduction, p. 1).

Another section of the Talmud deals with bestiality. Widows are advised not to keep dogs. Why?  “Because”, one is told, “there’s some suspicion about what a woman who’s already tasted the pleasures of the flesh might do with her pet.”

I am not exaggerating when I say that the Talmud’s obsession with sex is unique among world religions. Amazingly, it has to be the only religious text in the world to discuss and compare the penis size of its most venerated sages. (See The Passionate Talmud,  Introduction, p. 1).


Fast forward to the 21st century and we find that the contemporary rabbinate can hardly be cited as models of sexual restraint.

Brothel scene

Brothel scene (painting)

Turn from the Talmud to Ilana Hammerman’s  In Foreign Parts: Trafficking in Women in Israel and you will read harrowing accounts of Israel’s contemporary sex-service industry. Innocent young girls, many of them underage, are kidnapped in Russia and Eastern Europe and forced into a life of prostitution in Tel Aviv. Locked up without food, subject to threats and violence by their Jewish pimps, these wretched girls are sometimes expected to sleep with up to sixty customers a day. Their most assiduous clients, sporting black hats and bushy beards, are “religious” Orthodox Jews taking a sabbatical from their wives.

Here is the kind of eye-popping revelation we come across in Hammerman’s shocking book:

I had a very famous rabbi who would come and order a girl to have sex with him in the doggie position, and would ask her to bark,” a former brothel owner testified at a [Knesset] parliamentary committee. One of the working women, presented as a devout Christian, expresses an aversion to her religious clients: “They had a big black hat and under it [another] little black hat and they were real perverts. (See here).

According to a CNN report in 1998, Israel now has the highest per capita consumption of prostitute services in the world. One million visits are paid to prostitutes each month, making brothel hopping one of the nation’s most popular pastimes. Thousands of women are abducted annually—mostly from Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Uzbekistan and China— and sold into sex slavery in Israel. “The situation,” Jewish author David Weinberg wrote in a 1998 article about prostitution in Israel, entitled Not So Holy Land, “is enough to make you cry in despair—or vomit from shame.”

Jews certainly have sex on the brain. And they have transmitted their obsession to the rest of society. We have all become infected, to a certain degree, with the sex virus.

“I’m such a sex machine,” Radio talk show host Howard Stern boasts. “I could take a piece of wood and turn it into something erotic.”

Woody Allen, loyal supporter of pedophile Roman Polanski, was accused by his estranged wife Mia Farrow of sexually abusing their 7-year-old daughter Dylan. Woody is best known today for his brilliant witticism: “Don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone I love.”

Hope Weissman, a Jewish professor at Wesleyan university in Connecticut, was the first to give a course on pornography in which her students were expected to “study” the most obscene pornographic magazines and witness a striptease performance by (Jewish) porn star Annie Sprinkle which may have included her famous routine of letting people peer up her vagina with a flashlight. (See below)

In  2001, Jewish professor Peter Singer put in a good word for bestiality at Princeton university, suggesting in an essay called Heavy Petting that one might like to get it on with a dog. Again in 2001, a Jewish community in England made big news when three strippers were invited to perform sexually explicit acts in a synagogue, possibly with the resident rabbi in full attendance.

In 1998, Israeli commentator Jonathan Rosenblum, noting that a CNN documentary had revealed that Israel now had the highest rate of prostitution in the world, had this to say: “Once again anti-Semites portray us as sexual libertines and perverts to undermine our moral authority. Today we cheerfully admit the charges.” (See here).

Annie Sprinkle (Ellen Steinberg): Jewish performance artist, prostitute, porn actress, feminist icon, and lesbian diva of depravity. Her idea of “art” is to masturbate onstage with sex toys, her legs wide open, and invite members of a predominantly male audience to peer up her vagina with torchlight and speculum. Sprinkle’s show was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, a mini-empire controlled by the hidden hand of organized Jewry.

Annie Sprinkle (Ellen Steinberg): Jewish feminist, porn actress, and lesbian diva of depravity. She would masturbate onstage with a dildo and then invite members of the audience to peer up her vagina with torchlight and speculum. Peeping charge: $5 . Sprinkle’s show was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, a mini-empire controlled by the hidden hand of organized Jewry. American taxpayers were conned into subsidizing this sleazy sexual voyeurism—billed as “performance art.”

Of one thing we can be reasonably certain: any society that attracts large numbers of Jews can expect within a few years to enter a spiral of decadence. Moral anarchy sets in. Sexual promiscuity throws open its Pandora’s box of evils. We saw it in Weimar Germany. We see it gathering pace in America today. We see it above all in Israel, a society of fanatical settlers and rabid right-wing rabbis: a country surely doomed to implode from within, sooner or later, under the pressure of its own moral and military excesses.

I cannot help feeling that a great storm is brewing and that only a military coup or revolution can now save America. Save it from what?  From the spiritual cancer that is consuming it from within, and from the iniquitous wars into which it is being lured— Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and soon perhaps Iran—on behalf of a foreign nation and its disinfo agents in America.

Unless a miracle soon occurs and some charismatic leader comes to our rescue, an unimaginably bleak future surely awaits us: a future in which the only consolations left to us will be mindless entertainment, drugs, alcohol, sexual intoxication — and suicide.

Sincere best wishes, Victoria, and good luck to you in the days of terror and tribulation that lie ahead.

Lasha Darkmoon


A revised and updated version of Sex and the Jews: Letter to a Jewish Correspondent.

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145 Responses to SECRET SEX LIFE OF THE JEWS, by Lasha Darkmoon

  1. Gabreal Jones says:

    I’m not plying the devil’s advocate here, but it is not only jews who are the perverts. Neither are they the only perps behind the War of Terror etc. that could lead via a WW III to a Jew World Order.

    They have their non- jewish collaborators, their minions . They have their personnel.
    This very moment I suggest to you, LD in particular, to the Maharishi Channel (3) to witness the Ati Rudra Bhisheka Yagya by 1500 Maharishi Vedic Pandits live from the Brahmstan in India. The Light is switched on, nevertheless.

    CIA O

    • Sardonicus says:

      Quite true. Your comment is spot-on and very perceptive and we wish others could see the obvious truth you have stated here. Nor do we accuse you of playing the Devil’s advocate for the Jews.

      Dr Darkmoon has been one of the first to point out what you have just said: that non-Jews are just as corrupt sexually as Jews. For example, Kinsey had an enormously corrupting effect on society and he was himself a complete sexual pervert. LD dealt with Kinsey in her classic essay “Masters of Porn: The Systematic Promotion of Sexual Deviance.”

      This essay was recently reissued on Veterans Today under the byline of Jonas Alexis, another excellent writer on sexual politics. It also appeared on E. Michael Jones’ Culture Wars site and in numerous other places, including the Occidental Observer where it was published originally. It has now become a cult article.

      In this essay and elsewhere, Darkmoon makes the point that Jews play a remarkably prominent part in the systematic corruption of the goyim. For example, Jews dominate the porn industry and produce all the filth that contaminates the minds of the masses. The Jews are ultimately to blame, Darkmoon points out, because of their control of the mass media. They are the principal mindbenders and social engineeers.

      So you need to distinguish, GJ, between the Eternal Corrupters of Morals (the Jews) and the Infinitelty Corruptible (the goyim). It takes two to tango. The Jews know only too well how to exploit human weakness.

      The world would have been a better place, I think you will admit, if Jews had been quarantined and not allowed to poison the wellsprings of life.

  2. lobro says:

    only got past 2-3 top paragraphs so far, promise to read everything.
    but this requires another look:
    But I guess in your racist mind, the fact that I am even part Jewish is enough of a reason for you to deny my humanity completely.

    there really is no grounds for dispute, all she is looking for is partial admission to humanity.
    tell her that she is 50% human, everyone happy, truth served.

    she’s got ethnicity of one of those mythological hybrids … a gargoyle.

    • Seymour Zak says:

      I will deal with you later, you incorrigible anti-Semite. It’s time someone put you in your place and gave you the verbal trouncing you deserve. How dare you refer to the much-maligned Victoria as a “mythological hybrid” and a “gargoyle”! I feel great sympathy for this Jewish woman who was reacting with well-justified anger to Dr Moonbeam’s outrageous anti-Semitism.

      • lobro says:

        apology to gargoyles, they are quite harmless despite the looks.

      • Dr Dagmar B says:

        Why are people so interested in Jewish sex fantasies? In fact, why are they interested in anything Jewish at all?

        I have had emails from this stupid Victoria person too, on and off. Must be a shameful thing to cringe at the word Jewess, when you are one!

        After Lasha’s in-depth writing about Jewesses, I can understand Victoria’s not wanting to called by the appellation either.


        • Franklin Ryckaert says:

          Members of certain groups who feel “insulted” by being called by the name of their group thereby admit themselves that their group is somehow inferior. You cannot “insult” an Englishman by calling him an Englishman, but apparently you can insult Jews, Gypsies and negroes by calling them by their names.

  3. no one HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound…

    “THEY” could come out…

    100% of so-called “Jews” are not Hebrews & NOT “Israelites”….!

    …a healthy BODY will not tolerate parasites…

  4. Seymour Zak says:

    “What was forbidden is now permitted.” — Rabbi Samuel Dresner

    No such rabbi exists. This entire article is a total fabrication. It reads like a satirical spoof. Darkmoon gives antisemitism a bad name.

  5. Noor says:

    Well, dear, you nailed it again. Isn’t it wonderful how good things come out of ridiculous situations? I know that I must post this and add a lot of my own commentary since so much of this material I have covered before. But this is excellent and cannot be left. I have a few images in stock that are .. er… erotic or downright artistic pornographic from the Victorian era that I am thinking of posting with it as well. I don’t know where to begin.

    Oh, never forget the Zwi Migdal. They fit right into all of this and were exclusively Jewish abductors and pimps who preyed especially on European girls. It is not mentioned but I am sure they sold their sisters into slavery as well. Russian elite women fleeing the Bolsheviks had no money in most cases and worked in brothels run primarily by Jewish madams once they reached the Orient.


    These folks are just being good jewish boys living life as they see fit, harvesting the chattel foolish enough to fall for their blather and charm.

    Regarding the filth known as Annie S… she is but one of several such creatures, the most public and popular being Sarah Silverman especially her old tv programme. The Vagina Monologues was a Jewish female production.

    BTW the grounds for your being charged with anti semitism is almost too silly to be considered but then again, we know well how prone to hysteria many of these people seem to be.

    I cannot remember who it was, but he was Jewish, who said something along the line that the two things the Jews do best are kvetch and make money.

    In today’s world, the two are often one in the same.

  6. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Fascinating article and letter, Dr. Darkmoon! In all fairness, though (and I believe you would concur), it is very difficult to distinguish between Jew and gentile, nowadays, as to who is the most sexually corrupt. I have done business with some very fine, morally-rigid Jews whose demeanor was both kind and proper. Maybe it was a veneer (and I have some suspicion, in retrospect and from yours and others’ quite informative articles), but at the times, it seemed genuine enough. Who really knows the mind of ANY man??

    Also, it has been my own experience – and you have nailed it, indeed – that many women of jewish extraction, especially those Hungarians, are alluring in the most basic ways to any man (especially myself). As a gen-you-wine WASP, I had to marry with consideration to pedigree of offspring – and but for my child, the marriage did not turn out to be happy. In fact, because of my libido, my wife suggested I get a mistress – but not bring her anywhere around our hometown. Guess what kind of ‘kitchen pass’ THAT morphed into??!

    In trying to study the origins of whence began the enmity between our kind and Judaism, I examined the Book of Esther. In short, King Ahasuerus was so taken by his princess, Esther, that he avenged her (quite proper and righteous) defense of her beloved uncle, Mordecai. (Of course, if you go on to the Book of Kings 2, you find the inference of Babylon’s influence on Judah and Benjamin, which Eustace Mullins took some time to explain to me one day on his front porch – but which sort of passed over my head, at the time.)

    A lot of whom we call ‘jews’ are just born into their circumstances, as are we. None of us can determine the cards we’re dealt. Though I far more thoroughly understand the differences between Jew and gentile, Israel and Khazar, now that I have been exposed to yours and Kaminski’s coverage of the topic, it still rubs my anti-hypocrisy bone to cast all blame on Judaism. ‘It takes two to tango’, and I absolutely believe that you, Lasha Darkmoon, agree and understand. Seymour Zak and others are doing no more than defending their tribe in this forum; and like Esther, it is understandable. What is MOST unfortunate, though, is the evolutionary circumstance of our ancient rivalry. The Jews should be afraid, and I cannot blame them. When ‘The Saxon Learns to Hate’ (cite the poem), he hates very well!

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  9. kapoore says:

    Living as I do in the capital of porn, I still wouldn’t know anything about it’s history if not for Darkmoon’s excellent articles on the topic. Porn is one of those things that exists in plain sight but is rarely noticed. I was reading recently about the porn industry and they are in an uproar because California wants condom use required to prevent the spread of HIV. Porn execs threatened to take their billion dollar industry elsewhere but where else do they have such a good deal where over the hill in Hollywood are beautiful girls from all over America trying to be super models and movie stars and not making it. So, they get lured back over the hill (the Hollywood hills) to residential streets with quiet houses (of the Valley) where they become porn stars–good pickings for the porn industry. Can you imagine if the porn industry moved to Toronto or some other place and had to scour the neighborhoods for the pretty girls. No, as you say there has to be some crisis for these girls and women to end up in this industry like a war or poverty or in the case here of runaways and starlets.

    Also, Darkmoon, you have made me think about the difference between intimacy and erotic arousal. Now therapists are having to think twice about advising a couple to seek porn as a way to fix dysfunction because the man could just get aroused by the computer screen rather than his wife. If we think back to the early moments of sexual awakening it didn’t have that dreary boredom of porn but the sweetness of intimacy.

    But why??? I’m not sure, very puzzling, and I can see that in some well off Jewish families they don’t think twice about paying for plastic boobs for their daughters or for allowing their daughter to become a drunken tramp, getting driven around the streets in a limo–cause at least she isn’t driving drunk. Some day, though, she could marry a nice Jewish boy and have a big wedding–nice Jewish girl marries nice jewish boy end of story. There are lots of inside joke about that too–tell me about this nice Jewish girl, is she good in bed… I say yes but that is just my opinion you have to ask her other lovers, etc.

  10. omop says:

    Sex according to the Talmud…..

    Yebamoth 63a. States that Adam had sexual intercourse with all the animals in the Garden of Eden.

    Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years “and a day” old).

    Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

    Kethuboth 11b. “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.”

    Yebamoth 59b. A woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a Jewish priest. A woman who has sex with a demon is also eligible to marry a Jewish priest.

    So it is written!

  11. Erik Severin says:

    Although not in disagreement with you in your assessment of Jews, nevertheless I’ve noticed that you have a puritanical hang up about sexual matters. As mentioned by another commenter, not withstanding the sleaziness of yids, every culture has elements of their populations focused on sexual matters. Some degree of interest in sex is common to most persons. People raised in the cultures of Europe, especially Northwest Europe, tend to still be influenced by the inhibitions and restrictions of Puritanism. That puritanical influence was excessively and unnaturally restrictive of natural sexual interest leading, I believe, to a lot of our criminal sexual deviations of serious consequence like serial rape and murder, paedophilia and other destructive behaviors.
    Persons of Western European background needed, and were ready for a degree of liberation from sexual repression. Jews are simply more capable of organizing resistance to traditions for others than are the Westerners themselves. Although, like you, I believe their motives to be destructive for the goyim.

  12. Ron Chapman says:

    G’day Gilbert,

    You say: “A lot of whom we call ‘jews’ are just born into their circumstances, as are we. None of us can determine the cards we’re dealt.”
    That seems to imply that you think that Jewishness is genetic and not merely a political ideology. However, Jews are NOT dealt genetic cards that determine them for life with the poor dears thus being stuck with their Talmudic ideology without any “say” in the matter. The latest Jewish scholarship on the subject says that’s bullshit. Dr Eran Elhaik (Johns Hopkins University) has recently demonstrated that a majority but not all Jews are of Khazarian origins and hence Jews are not a race, nor are they Semites. See eg: Israeli historian: ‘Jews are not Semitic people’

    Accordingly Jews are NOT a race. They are ethno-centric political ideologues masquerading as a religion AND a race although they are neither. Jews are created by Talmudic mind control in segregated living environments typified by the Kol Nidre ritual, and held together by nepotism, self interest and Holocaustianity.

    Once an ensouled human is an adult s/he is free to choose their philosophy of life and the political ideology with which they identify. And while the mind control and social engineering that Jews lavish on their offspring may be hard to discard, it can be done. Being a “Jew” thus becomes a choice just like any other ideological stance such as being a WASP.

    Thinking you are special and chosen by g-d and hence truly super intelligent; and sooo exceptional that you can -UCK the rest of humanity is not mandatory, its just a paradigm which one can change if one thinks about it. Great humans like Benjamin Freedman and Aaron Russo did it and currently people like Brother Nathanael Kapner and 108Morris 108 are doing it.

    Your anti-hypocrisy bone may be leading you astray if its telling you that Jews are merely doing a tango with the rest of humanity. For starters to flesh out that idea you will need to demonstrate that the HoloHoax took place and that will require forensic evidence and not just the hearsay testimony of millions of Jewish survivors of WWII whose very existence gives the LIE to their Blood Libel calumny of the German nation. And before you tell us that Jewish hearsay evidence trumps the total lack of forensic evidence and the meticulous German statistics (see eg: Official German Record of all Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp from May of 1940 through December of 1944. See:
    And: Official Red Cross Records Show Holocaust Was a Fraud? See: you’ll need to discount the effects of the Kol Nidre.

    As you mention Eustace Mullins you will no doubt be familiar with what he says about THE WILL OF CANAAN”, the testament of Canaan, Shem’s wicked nephew who bequeathed to his Canaanite children the following formula for vice which they, under various names, the most recent appellation being “Jews” – have adhered to ever since. The will of Canaan reads:
    “Love one another (that is, of this tribe only), love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth.”

    Eustace Mullins says: ‘This remarkable document, the Will of Canaan, is to be found in only one place in all the world’s theological literature, the Babylonian Talmud, where it is presented thusly, “Five things did Canaan charge his sons: love one another, love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and do not speak the truth.” Pes. 113b.

    The fact that the Jews – today’s neo-Pharisees – are faithful to Canaan’s testamentary injunction is evidenced by the popularity of Kol Nidre liturgy. See eg: Yom Kippur and the Kol Nidrei Liar’s Liturgy. – And: Kol Nidre – Judaism’s License To Lie. –—Judaism-s-License-To-Lie.shtml

    • Sardonicus says:

      “Accordingly Jews are NOT a race. They are ethno-centric political ideologues masquerading as a religion AND a race although they are neither.”

      You are under a misconception. You have also misunderstood the work of
      Dr Eran Elhaik. You say he “has recently demonstrated that a majority but not all Jews are of Khazarian origins and hence Jews are not a race, nor are they Semites.”

      He does NOT say that “Jews are not a race”, he says that all who call themselves Jews (Ashkenazim and Sephardics) are not ONE race. The Ashkenazi Jews are of Khazarian origin and they belong to a Turko-Mongoloid race with a definite genetic component.

      It is this genetic component that makes them prone to Tay-Sachs disease. An Ashkenazi “Jew” could change his religion to Christianity. He would still have a Jewish nose and be subject to Tay-Sachs disease, wouldn’t he?

      Because of his genes and because of his race!

      • Bob in DC says:

        They are not a singular race. They are mongrels.

        Where “Race” = “Blood” … jews = blood poison.

        They are a crime syndicate cult.

        • lobro says:

          they don’t qualify for mongrels, more like mongreloids.

          inbred drooling spastic hunchback midgets subsisting on the nectar of distilled evil wallowing in perversion like swine in excrement.

          otherwise nice.

        • Greg Bacon says:

          wallowing in perversion like swine in excrement

          Right next to the Jew’s favorite folk hero, Jesus?

  13. joe webb says:

    I peered into the vagina of a gal, maybe the same one you remark, about 1975 in San Francisco, at the Hooker’s Ball, a COYOTE affair (Come off your old tired ethics) which was a prostitute NGO of the times.. It was of clinical interest, to see all the little buds, sort of like inside a fig. Not titillating, at least to me, but interesting of course. Sort of like getting the picture up close where one usually does not see the tree because of the forest.

    I have had a number of Jewish girl-friends, back in the days when I was not an anti-semite. To be fair, they were pretty nice gals and Very interested in sex. They were much more interested in sex than other goy girl-friends. Of course, it may have that my Viking good looks was especially attractive to them. Most of them also complained about whining jewish men, etc.

    Is it physiological or “cultural?” I have oft stated that the Jews were pastoralists and not agriculturalists. That means that animals and breeding was uppermost in their minds, at least with regard to everyday survival. This would focus attention on Good Blood (genes) and lead to eugenics, which might explain high Jewish IQ of 110 average today amongst at least Ashkenazis. (Otoh, maybe their high IQ was also in part achieved by marrying smart rich Aryans.)

    Faussette has written that the Old Testament is actually a Darwinian text….blood, soil, eugenics, Kill the Enemy, love your own race, etc. (The Occidental Quarterly a while back…see the archives.)

    With such a pronounced interest in breeding, and with an “existential” threat of So Many Enemies, the need to reproduce would encourage sex talk, and hopefully, sex itself. Thus Sex is Good. Survival is , Good.

    Then, in the West generally, there was always the problem of too many babies and hence exposure of enfants, abortions, etc. The Christian ethics of sexual control was probably more a structural need than with the Jews. Still, sexual control is not absent in the Jewish tradition. But cabballa is particularly zany with regard to sex, and led to Dr. Freud, etc.

    It is safe to say that Biology is pronounced in Jewish texts, while in Christian texts, it is not. Christ says to overcome your narcissism, and sex has a large narcissistic component. The OT and the rabbis focus on obeying G-d and the law, not personal introspection. If the Torah says it is ok to fuck children, all right.

    Authoritarianism is therefore a large part of Judaism, along with Collectivism…which is good for racial survival. Us v. Them. The Jews are right and we are wrong…we want to Save everybody, the Jews want to enslave everybody. They are, from a biological perspective, correct.

    All of that said, when one has no particular Project of Saving The World, but rather, of survival of oneself and one’s racial cohort, there is nothing to do but to make money, give it to one’s Ingroup-race, thereby gaining personal power and prestige, as well as preserving the group, and attack the Other at all points, cultural, political, military. And fuck.

    This is what Jews do. Then there is sex. I saw an ad on TV for viagra (Niagra Falls of cum…I recall an ad guy remarking to a group of us that we were in the “helping professions” and that he was an ad guy and in the “hurting profession.”) and this guy on TV said ” why miss out on the best thing in life?”

    This is why Christians have invented celibacy for priests, etc. We Whites know that The Best Thing in life is not orgasms. However, the Howard Sterns of the jew-world are busy subverting us. And, for those of us dumb enough…we subvert ourselves. You may have read the mad-dog George Bataille….a real hoot.

    Since the average Ashkenazi Jew is on average 50% Semitic and 50% White European, the semitic genes are there. You may have noticed that Arabs , like Jews, have this Sex Thing. They were also pastoralists historically. I am a racialist, and that means that I think that genes count….very much.

    Whites have High Altruism. We have much higher Altruism traits than other races. That means we Feel for others. That gets us in trouble with regard to immigration and race-equality nonsense, but, it means that we have a large capacity for self-control, including our sexual appetites. Jews just don’t have altruism like we do. They do however, have strong communal instincts and that means they Obey the rabbi, whether the political rabbi or the literal rabbi. If the rabbi Freud say screw, they screw, if the rabbi Sharon says butcher, they butcher.

    It is great to be told to do things that you really want to do anyway, like Howard Stern, who never had an impulse of disinterested love.

    Joe Webb

  14. Ingrid B says:

    Did not even the war criminal, and politician, Livny, use her “charms” to further the jewish/zionist cause?

    • Noor says:

      Charms? Tzipi?
      HAHA oxymoron there Ingrid.
      But yes she did admit a year or two ago to having been a honey pot and assassin for Mossad. Hard to imagine her attracting anyone to be honest… but then she does not exactly move in a sweet crowd.

      • Sardonicus says:

        I’m sure Seymour Zak would find her attractive. I once knew a guy who was turned on by Golda Meir and Madeleine Albright. He found it hard to choose between them.

  15. Timothy Dunlap says:

    Seymour Zak:

    Shabtai Zvi, Sabbatea Zevi, wrote: “Blessed are You our Master, our Lord the King of the Universe, who permits the forbidden.”

    Rabbi Samuel Dresner criticized Hollywood for a “…debased view of the human body and spirit…”

    Rabbi Dresner also wrote this, ““Exploitation says nature is holy and thereby unleashes the beast within us. Escape says nature is unholy and thereby frustrates are natural desires. Sanctification says nature is neither holy or unholy, but is waiting to be made holy and it thereby sublimates our natural desires…”

    In case your search engine is broken.

  16. Choyung says:

    Princess Matisse BDSM mastress ist especially cute. :-)
    She wirks with the Weekly paper “The Stranger” from Seattle.

    Here are some of her articles to look and research.

    I wonder, which religions the weekly papers, the mouthpiece of the adult industry in the US, are controlled by. Perhaps it is mainly Jewish too – as one notices when one
    reads the articles which were written about Cjharles Krafft: First he was a cool artist and than a mean minded Nazi… First, when they thought he makes an anitfashist statement he was endorsed than they let him fall down. Nobody is able to see Charles Krafft for himself. The art as his expression – if one is ablee to look at his work free of conditioning his becomes totally benign – nobody can even fathom yet that we can attempt to look at the universe free of concepts and conditioning. It happens when we enter the present moment, wehn we are truly here and presence ourself without any agenda be it good or bad. We may notice arising thoughts… art.. – that is all. It all harmlessly vanishes. No trace of action must be attempted. We do what is obvious, have a tea – go to the restroom. We do ot need to speak ill of anybody then, unless there is harm done (which causes suffering and is clearly noticable – no story needs to be created about that). So the writers create a story about motives, and another story – nothing of which has anything to do with anything at all – whatsoever.I term it BRAINFUCK… nothing else. But that too can be ignored… it’s not a big deal, just know that this happened and vanished… and as a concept let it go…,d.cGE

    Anyway, the Weekly Papers of the North West and CA are possibly all just belonging to the adult industry complex which us ruled by whom on general? Not that it matters but I like to know with whom I work if I use their services for advertising business.

    Who knows? If anybody has ideas, who works with whom and how these papers are related to the eternally empty and materialistic Frankfurter Pseudo-Culture School, —perhaps all over the US—, wherever they publish, it is interesting to know more about the relationships of these papers with each other and the adult Industry, BDSM Movements, for instance. After all, we want to know how free we really can be, and how we can avoid manipulations, indoctrination and Propaganda – all which wants to exploit our potential and our life force. What comes truly from our own curiosity and how much humans just do because it appears to be all so cool. I notice often that the collective welfare of human beings, society and the world is little being talked about.

    Who is doing what with whom and manipulates? Once that is clear – we can look through the manipulation perhaps a bit easier. If not: the rule of the thumb is: that which reduces suffering for the majority of beings on the planet and increases happiness can’t be wrong… Here we are speaking values and not pseudoculture. Long lasting LOVE, family and life lomg friendly relations with neighbors and friends after all – they matter grteatly and they are needed to creaty a functional society with more justice and care.

    Yes, how to become a free human being – that deep inner spsiritual freedom may not be found in that which they want to fill our brains with – modern (often Jewish dominated) pseudoculture . It has to become from our own core and from within. How to access our inner wealth, however, is up to us to research and share from a place of authenticity and not from superficial manipulaiton? Sharing autenticity also includes caring for others deeply.

    (My English is not so good, I am sorry for spelling errors, I can’t find them all).

    Much to you and above all “peace of heart.” ♥

  17. Harriet says:


    I can understand your English and is pretty good. So please come back to this site and speak your mind.

  18. Harriet says:

    Red Cross is a criminal organization that is deceiving people and collecting donations while harming humanity.

    Another Zionist crime!

    “The Red Cross Scam”

    The Red Cross is a disaster ‘racket’ in the business of making money from people’s misery, especially with totally engineered disasters such as 9/11.

    So-called ‘charities’ are nothing more than a means of extracting even more money
    from the masses to swell the already overflowing coffers of the mega-rich.

    (Editor’s Note: This excerpt from John Hamer’s book, The Falsification of History: Our Distorted Reality (2012), presents a disturbing image of the Red Cross. I suspect there is much more to be revealed about this outfit.)

    - See more at:

    Specially for the benefit of Lasha the following:

    Chapter V:

    The American Red Cross Mission in Russia — 1917
    American Red Cross Mission to Russia — 1917
    American Red Cross Mission to Rumania
    Thompson in Kerensky’s Russia
    Thompson Gives the Bolsheviks $1 Million
    Socialist Mining Promoter Raymond Robins
    The International Red Cross and Revolution

  19. Harriet says:

    “Red Cross Role in the Kenya Mall Shooting Hoax”

    Make no mistake about it the Red Cross is a globalist entity and a mere extension of the Zionist-controlled UN. It’s involvement in the Nairobi mall hoax is suspect and gives further proof of the degree of this hoax.

    Note: more will be updated to this post as soon as possible, as there is much revelation in this film that this is a set-up by the Red Cross and that, despite all claims otherwise, there were no truly severely injured people or fatalities.”

    Read more here:

  20. Arch Stanton says:

    Curiouser and curiouser. The Temple priests of antiquity, the Kohanim, also wore bells on the bottom of their garments, ostensibly to let YHVH know when they approached the Holy of Holies. Giving rise to the question what YHVH might be doing behind the curtain. Knowing what these bells symbolized among the Jewesses, I’ll leave it to the imagination of why they wore bells in the first place. Of course, no Bible discussion would be complete without the retelling of how Jacob, ne Israel, swindled his brother Esau out of both his inheritance and birthright. While Esau was a “man’s man” his brother Jacob, father of Israel, was a momma’s boy who dressed in pretty robes and stayed behind in the tent to sharpen his cooking skills. Mother Rebekah had to wrap his forearms in goat skin and sinew to replicate the arms of his manly brother Esau. Perhaps Jacob should be called the mother of Israel. Later Jacob has a midnight wrestling match with God (or an angel, depending on who’s telling the story) and winds up dislocating his hip! To this day Jews still do not eat the shank of the Lamb in honor of this “wrestling match.” One can only wonder exactly what god was doing sneaking into Jacob’s tent at midnight and what kind of attack he expected to mount. Then again one might wonder exactly how Jacob was dressed for the evening encounter.

  21. paul maleski says:

    The goyim must never ever allow our children to come into contact with the Slakhtal jew. As an aside– Have you observed how the Slakhtal involves itself so eagerly with children charities?-Esther Rantzen and co. for example. She is a pedigree Slakhtal, wipe away the kosher TV make up and you will see the estranged rancid wretch for what she is. My message to the jew is this: ‘Leave our kids alone!’

  22. turtle says:

    So I had to check King James on Ezekiel 23: 20-21

    20 For she doted upon their paramours, whose flesh is as the flesh of asses, and whose issue is like the issue of horses.
    21 Thus thou calledst to remembrance the lewdness of thy youth, in bruising thy teats by the Egyptians for the paps of thy youth.

    All very interesting but am not sure if it is good to flesh out the issue any further.

  23. Madame Butterfly says:

    This is the version Darkmoon gave. I much prefer it to the King James version:

    “There she lusted after her lovers whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses. So you longed for the lewdness of your youth when in Egypt your bosom was caressed and your young breasts fondled.” (Ezekiel 23: 20-21).

    You will find it here:

    • lobro says:

      annie skanky (ellen steinberg until she got embarrassed of being called “jewess”) has issue with this verse, says ezekiel zakie is anti-feminist, sues for pain + suffering, claims all 45 of her lesbian grandmothers, aunts, sisters perished in gynocaust, “no he-donkey is ever going to fondle my young breasts”.

  24. Awakened says:

    I see too much compassion here in the comment sections for that scum called the “Khazars”. But hey, everyone to their opinions and thoughts. In my personal experience and opinion, every “yid” is worthless scum. To trust one or to even give the slightest benefit of the doubt to one is complete folly and error. It goes with the adage; give them an inch and they take mile.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      You are probably correct, but until I see an end to the minions of white trash it would be quite difficult (for me, at least) to delineate twixt the twain! :)

  25. kapoore says:

    I appreciate Darkmoon’s highlighting these historical facts, and also showing how abusive prostitution is of women’s humanity. Still, I don’t see sexual perverts bringing the whole country down. I’m more afraid of the medical establishment and their abuse of women and children. A woman can avoid prostitution (at least usually) but most women can’t avoid doctors who poison them with vaccines and refuse to listen to their concerns about their children’s health. We are in deep trouble when we have no trustworthy institutions. Medical exploitation like sexual exploitation is based on economic determinism. If someone has enough money he/she can hire a private nurse to guard against medical mistakes, but poor people and especially poor women have no protection for themselves or for their children against a brutal and cold hearted medical dictatorship. We live in a corporate fascist state that cares nothing for our personal choices. Sexual manipulation is only a part of it. We are under constant pressure to conform to and be true believers in the “narrative.” One day, though, as Darkmoon predicts the whole house of cards will come down and it might not be necessarily so bad.

  26. Greg Bacon says:

    “They keep you doped with religion, sex and TV… A working class hero is something to be.”

    John Lennon

  27. paul maleski says:

    I believe that John Lennon was a multi-millionaire Landlord when he wrote and sung those gut wrenching words. I want to know just who are these mysterious ‘they’?I am convinced his suicided ex manager Brian Samuel Epstein knew who were the ‘they’. Lennon was a phoney brought up with a silverish spoon in his wannabe scouse mouth. As for me, first of 7, from a post war pre-fab council house, on an estate peopled by bombed out inner town slum families and yes, our tin houses and its inhabitants were looked down on by the surrounding riff-raff. Despite all that humorous humiliation, I have no time for working class heroes. The only spoon I can remember, was the robust sugar bucket spoon in the Floating Bridge cafe, patronised by: teetotal, bible-bashing, honest, hardworking dockworkers, it was riveted to a steel chain.

  28. Mike V. says:

    Um, maybe it’s just me, I don’t know, but all this talk of Jews and sex and debauchery seems rather…Reptilian…wouldn’t you say?


    • Madame Butterfly says:

      Sure, we get your message loud and clear: talking about sex and Jews is “reptilian”. Tell me, MV, where did you acquire your originality?

      So Lasha’s a snake, right? And all who reflect on Jewish debauchery and sexual perversion and comment on these matters in a responsible manner are “slimy serpents.”

      You alone are above it all. Standing above the snakepit, watching the reptiles mating below, with a superior smile on your face.

  29. Harriet says:

    A New World Order Potpourri: Quotes from Biden, Bush, Kissinger

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