Slavery, Gun Control and the Jewish Elites, by Rehmat

Edited slightly and presented with pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon
“Slave auctions were postponed if they fell on a Jewish holiday. In Curacao in the seventeenth century, as well as in the British colonies of Barbados and Jamaica in the eighteenth century, Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated.”  —  Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael, Jews and Judaism in the United States: a Documentary Work.

Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, has called Minister Louis Farrakhan, who is head of the Nation of Islam, an antisemite.  This is because of Farrakhan’s criticism of Steven Spielberg’s latest movie Lincoln in which Spielberg ignored the fact that Jewish elites had funded both sides during the American Civil War, and that they had played a major role in the African slave which the hated president Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) wanted to stop.

And yet Rabbi Isaac M. Wise in his eulogy of President Lincoln had said:

“The lamented Abraham Lincoln believed himself to be bone from our bone and flesh from our flesh. He supposed himself to be a descendant of Hebrew parentage. He said so in my presence.”

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg is founder of the Shoah Foundation. He has been rebuked by several fellow Jewish scholars for making sensational stories to promote the Zionist version of ‘Six Million Died’. In order to prove the Jewish Lobby grip over American politics, the movie Lincoln was actually screened at the US Senate on December 19, 2012.

According to Nation of Islam research, the Jew Erlanger loaned $7 million dollars to the Confederacy (about $125 million in today’s money). Erlanger made the deal through a Jewish lawyer and slaveowner from Louisiana named Judah P. Benjamin, who served as the Vice President of the Confederacy as well as its Secretary of War. He was known as the “brains of the Confederacy.” So important was the Jew Benjamin to the slaveholders that a picture of his face appeared on their money.

Apparently Judah Benjamin failed to pass Spielberg’s audition, because he is not in the movie!

Benjamin was to flee from America, taking a huge number of  cotton bales with him in order to finance his extravagant lifestyle in exile. After the war, he used his slave-picked cotton profits to invest in a new start-up organization – a terrorist group, wait for it,  known as the Ku Klux Klan!

Other Jewish elites missing from Steven Spielberg’s movie include America’s first Jewish senator, David Yulee (Florida), a fanatical supporter of African slavery and ethnic-cleansing of Native Indians; New York Jewish banker and chairman of the Democratic Party, August Belmont; and New York-based Rabbi Morris Raphall, who aided and abetted the slaveholders by publicly proclaiming that God Himself supported slavery!

Spielberg wants us to believe that Blacks were President Lincoln’s main problem, but Lincoln had lots of trouble with the Jews of his time. An official of Lincoln’s government actually deemed the main Jewish organization, the B’nai B’rith, to be a “disloyal organization [that] helps the traitors”. (Read Nation of Islam article here)

“God himself approves of the slave trade.” — Rabbi Morris Raphall

Steven Spielberg’s 1997 so-called historic movie Amistad also dealt with Black slavery. The movie blamed White Christians for trading in nearly 100 million African slaves, out of which only 10 million reached western countries, while the rest perished during the voyage.

Apart from the fact that Jews were the kingpins behind the slave trade, a fact which Spielberg conveniently omits to mention, Jewish historian Edward Bristow in his 1982 book, Prostitution and Prejudice, wrote that Jewish elites were involved in an entirely different kind of slavery: sex slavery.

The Jews had exploited White women and children for centuries in the sex slave and prostitution industries and they were the chief owners of the most sumptuous brothels throughout Europe.  Apparently a huge number of the prostitutes in these brothels were Jewesses who had been lured into a life of sexual degradation by their fellow Jews. For more information on this shocking subject, see Lasha Darkmoon’s “Sex and the Jews: Letter to a Jewish Correspondent.”

For another article on this topic by Dr William Peirce, see here.


Since the recent Sandy Hook shootings, which according to Republican politician Michael Harris, was the handiwork of an  Israeli death squad, Jewish organizations along with Barack Obama are leading the current campaign in support of gun control.

On December 2, 2011, American Jewish journalist, Max Blumenthal, wrote in the Lebanese daily al-Akhbar that American domestic security services are totally controlled by the local Israeli agents. This could be the reason that Jewish groups consider guns in Americans’ hands as a serious threat to their domination of American government and law enforcement agencies.

Adam Bilzerian wrote on December 22 that even after their experience under Nazi rule, when Jews were not permitted to possess guns, Jewish Americans are the loudest proponents of gun control.

In fact, every piece of gun legislation in the US has been introduced or sponsored by Jewish lawmakers – from Rep. Emanuel Cellar (in 1968) to Senators Lautenberg and Feinstein (in 2005). Read the article in full here.

BETWEEN 1917 AND 1953. 
(See HERE)
W   H   Y  ?

Why is gun control in America so important to Jews?

Arnon Soffer, Ariel Sharon’s adviser,
explaining how important it is for Jews
to kill… and kill… and go on killing.

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  1. Dynamite! Normal human beings need to cross-reference these epiphanies to every category of human endeavor and initiate appropriate action, which is, namely, to deprive Jews of their citizenship in every country in the world, because they are not now and never have been sincere citizens of those countries, but rather saboteurs and agents of exploitation and debasement in service to the dark and bloody epitome of unfathomable evil contained in the teachings of the Talmud. How normal non-Jewish human beings can fail to see the kosher hand behind all the elements of the destruction of our world remains a complete mystery to me.

    • turtle says:

      Is it ALL jews or Rothchild Zionists?

      • Joe says:

        Is it ALL jews or Rothchild Zionists? Good question but one showing a lack of knowledge of history. 109 expulsions from 89 countries all well before zionism was even a thought in their minds. The answer to your query is yes it is all faithful jews because the fount of our suffering and their evilness is judaism not zionism. I have read folks blaming Islam for the actions of judaics, some claim the Quran makes the claims found only in the talmud or the rabbinical interpretations of its passages. Once you have a grasp on history the likes of Icke becomes easily seen misdirection. The only requirement for us to completely miss the target is to be off by one ten thousand of a second of arc. Icke and others are expert at directing your gaze and attention this far off target.

        • Trisha says:

          Try to pay attention to Oranje/Nassau-Windsor/Saxe/Coburg/Gotha-Hanover-Hohenzolern royal dynasty. They are descendandts of Charlemagne de facto heirs of Roman Empire. This dynasty gave 38 US presidents.

          It is not about bankers it is all about who makes rules. Why they make rules to make bankers happy? Because they are happy too. With HSBC EU and US has cardinal chance to punish bankers on case supporting terrorism and trade with enemy act. They got courts, police and military. So they can confiscate all their property with death penalty for treason. What they do with it?

          They build 3rd reich and now they build 4th Roman Empire. Bankers serve them, am sure

    • Floda says:

      You’re right about that John, but I am encouraged by what I see on the net in places like this and elsewhere. I regret that Dr McDonald had to curtail readers comments at TOO, there were some very entertaining commentators some of whom I see here. Maybe Lasha can help us get together again?

    • Joe says:

      @ John Kaminski

      There’s plenty of innate corruption amongst the “normal non-Jewish human beings ” you mention. Maybe the corruption is not as intense as amongst the Jews, still, normal non-Jewish human beings aren’t that wonderful.

      We all know the Jews were kicked out of many countries throughout history. What’s very rarely mentioned is that the Jews were always allowed back in. The non-jewish elite seem to like the Jews around.

      Also rarely mentioned : Life for the average citizens in any country the Jews were kicked out didn’t improve very much. Hardly at all, really.

      It’s difficult to see the Jewish role in world affairs when so many of your own kind support the Jewish agenda. What happened at the turn of the 19/20 th century with the Scofeld bible, is a perfect example.

      Scofeld [ I don't know if he was a Jew or not ] was on the Rothschild’s payroll. His job was to write a bible that placed the Jewish people/Israel at the very center of the universe. The bible was first published in 1909. Just in time for the Federal Reserve Act, just in time for the Balfour Declaration.

      That so many Christian pastors were so easily persuaded to toss out Christ as the center of the universe and replace Him with the Jews is beyond cavil. How easily, and how quickly , so many Christian pastors switched bibles. They were not “duped” or “hoodwinked “. We’re all given free will and volition by the Holy Creator. The Christian pastors knew full well they were selling out.

      Also, the Christian lawmakers who took their Christmas break in 1913 knew fully well in October of 1913 the Federal Reserve Act would be coming up for a vote during the Christmas break. Considering the importance of the Act, they could have brought their families to Washington for Christmas and just voted against the FR Act. They were not “duped” or “hoodwinked”. They knew fully well what they were doing. Their collective absence during the FR Act vote in Congress was a collective vote of “Yea”.

      What many times passes for Christian “naivete” is often a convenient device to cover up support and acquiescence to a not-so-Christian agenda. Hence, the infamous Christian smirk.

      When the Christian lawmakers returned to Washington after the Christmas break, they turned a deaf ear, and a blind eye, to Senator Lindberg. Lindberg was on his own. He was thrown to the wolves by his own kind. There’s no denying that without distorting history.

      The Jews tell a lot of lies about themselves. We — those of us who are Christians — tell quite a few lies about ourselves also. We’re not as “nice”, or as “naive”, or as “benevolent” , as we tell ourselves.

      The love of war, especially internecine war, and the mercenary spirit, runs deep in the blood of the white, Caucasian Christian race. It has always been so. It’s innate, and it runs deep. We are easily “duped” because we want to be “duped”. The so-called “naivete” is a cover up to hide our own innate faults. Faults that seriously need to be reflected on, individually and collectively . My race produces alot of “Sir” Bomber Harris types, for example. Bomber Harris led the fire-bombing raid over Dresden. Very gung-ho. Couldn’t care less he was fire-bombing his own kind — his own race.

      The talmudic Jews play on , appeal to, our innate faults. Seems to me the Jews don’t have to appeal too hard to get a war going. So many of my own kind love the agenda. That’s the truth. It can’t truly be denied without distorting history.

      It’s difficult to see the Jewish role when your own kind is flying air force bombers over your city and fire-bombing everything in sight, and loving every minute of it. Soon, many of my own kind will be directing drone strikes at us — their own kind. And they won’t give it a second thought.

      I don’t mind at all learning about the Jewish role in world’s affairs. The Jews are very intense. I think it’s a good thing the talmud is now online. Maybe more people will wake up to the way we’re ruled, and reject the agenda of the ruling class. I just think we should also be examing our own innate faults as we talk about the Jews. The world is the way it is because of everyone’s thinking and behavior.

      I see alot of phoniness amongst my own kind. I’m too busy trying to protect myself from my own kind, to dwell on the Jews. A Jew stole 10,000 dollars from me once. Horrible. A few years later, a non-jew Italian lawyer [ Im Italian myself] , and “friend” of my family, stole 75,000 dollars from me. It happens alot within all groups. [ I knew an Israeli living in NYC who stole alot of money from his fellow Jews in America]

      The love of internecine war, and the mercenary spirit , runs deep in the blood of my race. That can not be denied without distorting history. We all should be striving to clean up our own respective houses. Both Jews and Christians are culpable for destroying the West. The Christian leaders throughout history were not “duped”. We’re all given free will and volition from the Holy Creator.

      The Christian pastors should be saying the above ; They’re too busy taking Uncle Sam’s 501c3 tax break to the bank to be bothered. They love their 501c3 tax break more than they love The Word, that’s for sure. It’s beyond cavil.

      • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

        @ Joe
        Scofield wasn’t jewish but he was on the payroll.

        How Christians were Hoodwinked by the Scofield Bible.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          The Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy

          Ever wonder why so many Christians support America’s many wars, especially in the Middle East? A new Christianity has emerged from the Twentieth Century called Christian Zionism or what could be called, “Angry Evangelicalism,” or “Dispensationalism on Steroids.” What motivates a nationally known, evangelical preacher like John Hagee to call for a preemptive strike against Iran when it is contrary to what Jesus taught and commanded his followers to do? This “Roots of Zionism” presentation may be the first of its kind with a factual explanation of how Christianity’s latest apostate epidemic was launched with the publishing of C. I. Scofield’s reference Bible in 1909, and the influence of the notes in it. While purposefully reaching and helping many under Christian Zionist influence by featuring its identification and cure, this 2nd edition offers hope to all people, regardless of faith, who may also wish to leave it’s grasp. Film clips include action inside Gaza Strip and a moving interview with Shareen, a young Palestinian woman living in Gaza. Check out our website: for the latest news on Christian Zionism and the “Angry” evangelicals.

          Some background on cyrus scofield and his bible

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          John Hagee with Benny Hinn: Praying For War in the Name of Jesus

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          The Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Joe
          The jews were also the ones who murdered the Lindberg baby.

          The Purple Gang – Jewish Organized Crime
          Its reign was brief but the Purple Gang made enough of an impression to have become suspects in everything from the St. Valentine Day’s Massacre to the kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh’s baby.

      • lobro says:

        Life for the average citizens in any country the Jews were kicked out didn’t improve very much

        tell it to germans in the period between national socialists coming to power and ww2.

        i don’t expect to see many jews in paradise either.

        • Joe says:

          @ lobro

          I can’t tell it to the Germans who lived from the time the National Sociaists came to power and WW2 because they died in most most horrific bombing raids in history. All of Germany was carpet-bombed.

          Hitler and the Nazi Party was financed from Wall St via IG Farben corporation. While all of Germany’s cities were left in ruins, IG Farben facilities were left unscathed during the war. The allied commanders gave IG Farben a free pass.

          IGF was the very foundation of Nazi military strength, yet the allied commanders gave a IGF free pass while bombing Germany’s ivilian population.

          Google : ” Who Owned IG Farben During World War Two”

          Hitler’s role was to lead Germany to destuction and deliver unto the jews their “religious” holocaust narrative.

          There were plenty of jews in the nazi party and in the nazi military, in top positions. Plenty of info online for anyone who cares about this subject.

          Google : ” Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers”

          The jews were dragged out of thir homes on the orders of their own rabbis. Disgusting. While disgusting, on the other hand, the jews were in work camps out in the country, safe from all the bombing raids. After the war, the jews high-tailed it to Israel, the US, South America, etc., while Germany was left in ruins, and millions of Germans were left dead in the rubble.

          Google : ” Hitler Was A Jew Himself”

          Go the the Haaretz article. Haaretz is an Israeli newspaper. Even the jews seem to be waking up the reality of Hitler [ at least some of them are].

          Hitler was born in hell — but not for the reasons the zionists tell us.

          The holocaust narrative, and the whole narrative concerning Nazi Germany, is falling apart. All the info is online. Plenty of info out there for those who care about the truth of Nazi Germany.

          Wall Street financed Hitler and the rise of Nazi Germany. It was a planned set-up to destroy Germany/the German people.

        • Joe says:

          Excuse me. I was focused on Germany. I mentioned the bombing raids over Germany were the worst bombinbg raids in history. I didn’t mean to down play what happened in Japan — In Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

          The thing about the bombing of Germany : Every city in Germany was reduced to rubble. Although the allies used conventional bombs, the destruction was just as intense as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And the intensity of the carpet-bombing was spread out throughout ALL of Germany.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          How Hitler defied the bankers

          Many people take joy in saying Wall Street and Jewish bankers “financed Hitler.” There is plenty of documented evidence that Wall Street and Jewish bankers did indeed help finance Hitler at first, partly because it allowed the bankers to get rich (as I will describe below) and partly in order to control Stalin. However, when Germany broke free from the bankers, the bankers declared a world war against Germany.

          When we look at all the facts, the charge that “Jews financed Hitler” becomes irrelevant. Los Angeles Attorney Ellen Brown discusses this topic in her book Web Of Debt…

          When Hitler came to power, Germany was hopelessly broke. The Treaty of Versailles had imposed crushing reparations on the German people, demanding that Germans repay every nation’s costs of the war. These costs totaled three times the value of all the property in Germany.

          Private currency speculators caused the German mark to plummet, precipitating one of the worst runaway inflations in modern times. A wheelbarrow full of 100 billion-mark banknotes could not buy a loaf of bread. The national treasury was empty. Countless homes and farms were lost to speculators and to private (Jewish controlled) banks. Germans lived in hovels. They were starving.
          Nothing like this had ever happened before – the total destruction of the national currency, plus the wiping out of people’s savings and businesses. On top of this came a global depression. Germany had no choice but to succumb to debt slavery under international (mainly Jewish) bankers until 1933, when the National Socialists came to power. At that point the German government thwarted the international banking cartels by issuing its own money. World Jewry responded by declaring a global boycott against Germany.
          Hitler began a national credit program by devising a plan of public works that included flood control, repair of public buildings and private residences, and construction of new roads, bridges, canals, and port facilities. All these were paid for with money that no longer came from the private international bankers.
          The projected cost of these various programs was fixed at one billion units of the national currency. To pay for this, the German government (not the international bankers) issued bills of exchange, called Labor Treasury Certificates. In this way the National Socialists put millions of people to work, and paid them with Treasury Certificates.

          Under the National Socialists, Germany’s money wasn’t backed by gold (which was owned by the international bankers). It was essentially a receipt for labor and materials delivered to the government. Hitler said, “For every mark issued, we required the equivalent of a mark’s worth of work done, or goods produced.” The government paid workers in Certificates. Workers spent those Certificates on other goods and services, thus creating more jobs for more people. In this way the German people climbed out of the crushing debt imposed on them by the international bankers.
          Within two years, the unemployment problem had been solved, and Germany was back on its feet. It had a solid, stable currency, with no debt, and no inflation, at a time when millions of people in the United States and other Western countries (controlled by international bankers) were still out of work. Within five years, Germany went from the poorest nation in Europe to the richest.
          Germany even managed to restore foreign trade, despite the international bankers’ denial of foreign credit to Germany, and despite the global boycott by Jewish-owned industries. Germany succeeded in this by exchanging equipment and commodities directly with other countries, using a barter system that cut the bankers out of the picture. Germany flourished, since barter eliminates national debt and trade deficits. (Venezuela does the same thing today when it trades oil for commodities, plus medical help, and so on. Hence the bankers are trying to squeeze Venezuela.)
          Germany’s economic freedom was short-lived; but it left several monuments, including the famous Autobahn, the world’s first extensive superhighway.
          Hjalmar Schacht, a Rothschild agent who was temporarily head of the German central bank, summed it up thus… An American banker had commented, “Dr. Schacht, you should come to America. We’ve lots of money and that’s real banking.” Schacht replied, “You should come to Berlin. We don’t have money. That’s real banking.”

          (Schact, the Rothschild agent, actually supported the private international bankers against Germany, and was rewarded by having all charges against him dropped at the Nuremberg trials.)
          This economic freedom made Hitler extremely popular with the German people. Germany was rescued from English economic theory, which says that all currency must be borrowed against the gold owned by a private and secretive banking cartel — such as the Federal Reserve, or the Central Bank of Europe — rather than issued by the government for the benefit of the people.

          Canadian researcher Dr. Henry Makow (who is Jewish himself) says the main reason why the bankers arranged for a world war against Germany was that Hitler sidestepped the bankers by creating his own money, thereby freeing the German people. Worse, this freedom and prosperity threatened to spread to other nations. Hitler had to be stopped!
          Makow quotes from the 1938 interrogation of C. G. Rakovsky, one of the founders of Soviet Bolsevism and a Trotsky intimate. Rakovsky was tried in show trials in the USSR under Stalin. According to Rakovsky, Hitler was at first funded by the international bankers, through the bankers’ agent Hjalmar Schacht. The bankers financed Hitler in order to control Stalin, who had usurped power from their agent Trotsky. Then Hitler became an even bigger threat than Stalin when Hitler started printing his own money.
          (Stalin came to power in 1922, which was eleven years before Hitler came to power.)
          Rakovsky said:
          “Hitler took over the privilege of manufacturing money, and not only physical moneys, but also financial ones. He took over the machinery of falsification and put it to work for the benefit of the people. Can you possibly imagine what would have come if this had infected a number of other states?” (Henry Makow, “Hitler Did Not Want War,” March 21, 2004).
          Economist Henry C K Liu writes of Germany’s remarkable transformation:
          “The Nazis came to power in 1933 when the German economy was in total collapse, with ruinous war-reparation obligations and zero prospects for foreign investment or credit. Through an independent monetary policy of sovereign credit and a full-employment public-works program, the Third Reich was able to turn a bankrupt Germany, stripped of overseas colonies, into the strongest economy in Europe within four years, even before armament spending began.” (Henry C. K. Liu, “Nazism and the German Economic Miracle,” Asia Times (May 24, 2005).

          In Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People (1984), Sheldon Emry commented:
          “Germany issued debt-free and interest-free money from 1935 on, which accounts for Germany’s startling rise from the depression to a world power in five years. The German government financed its entire operations from 1935 to 1945 without gold, and without debt. It took the entire Capitalist and Communist world to destroy the German revolution, and bring Europe back under the heel of the Bankers.”
          These facts do not appear in any textbooks today, since Jews own most publishing companies. What does appear is the disastrous runaway inflation suffered in 1923 by the Weimar Republic, which governed Germany from 1919 to 1933. Today’s textbooks use this inflation to twist truth into its opposite. They cite the radical devaluation of the German mark as an example of what goes wrong when governments print their own money, rather than borrow it from private cartels.
          In reality, the Weimar financial crisis began with the impossible reparations payments imposed at the Treaty of Versailles. Hjalmar Schacht – the Rothschild agent who was currency commissioner for the Republic — opposed letting the German government print its own money…

          “The Treaty of Versailles is a model of ingenious measures for the economic destruction of Germany. Germany could not find any way of holding its head above the water, other than by the inflationary expedient of printing bank notes.”
          Schact echoes the textbook lie that Weimar inflation was caused when the German government printed its own money. However, in his 1967 book The Magic of Money, Schact let the cat out of the bag by revealing that it was the PRIVATELY-OWNED Reichsbank, not the German government, that was pumping new currency into the economy. Thus, the PRIVATE BANK caused the Weimar hyper-inflation.
          Like the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Reichsbank was overseen by appointed government officials, but was operated for private gain. What drove the wartime inflation into hyperinflation was speculation by foreign investors, who sold the mark short, betting on its decreasing value. In the manipulative device known as the short sale, speculators borrow something they don’t own, sell it, and then “cover” by buying it back at the lower price.

          Speculation in the German mark was made possible because the PRIVATELY OWNED Reichsbank (not yet under Nazi control) made massive amounts of currency available for borrowing. This currency, like U.S. currency today, was created with accounting entries on the bank’s books. Then the funny-money was lent at compound interest. When the Reichsbank could not keep up with the voracious demand for marks, other private banks were allowed to create marks out of nothing, and to lend them at interest. The result was runaway debt and inflation.
          Thus, according to Schacht himself, the German government did not cause the Weimar hyperinflation. On the contrary, the government (under the National Socialists) got hyperinflation under control. The National Socialists put the Reichsbank under strict government regulation, and took prompt corrective measures to eliminate foreign speculation. One of those measures was to eliminate easy access to funny-money loans from private banks. Then Hitler got Germany back on its feet by having the public government issue Treasury Certificates.
          Schacht , the Rotchschild agent, disapproved of this government fiat money, and wound up getting fired as head of the Reichsbank when he refused to issue it. Nonetheless, he acknowledged in his later memoirs that allowing the government to issue the money it needed did not produce the price inflation predicted by classical economic theory, which says that currency must be borrowed from private cartels.
          What causes hyper-inflation is uncontrolled speculation. When speculation is coupled with debt (owed to private banking cartels) the result is disaster. On the other hand, when a government issues currency in carefully measured ways, it causes supply and demand to increase together, leaving prices unaffected. Hence there is no inflation, no debt, no unemployment, and no need for income taxes.
          Naturally this terrifies the bankers, since it eliminates their powers. It also terrifies Jews, since their control of banking allows them to buy the media, the government, and everything else.

          Therefore, to those who delight in saying “Jews financed Hitler,” I ask that they please look at all the facts.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          The Fake Legends of Adolf Hitler’s “Jewish Grandfather”

          How and why it got started, and why it’s not true

          By Carolyn Yeager

          March 2011

          The rumor that Adolf Hitler was the grandson of a Rothschild seems to have been hatched in the mind of a crypto-Jewish propagandist working in the United States’ first unified intelligence agency, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Not long after, a former high Nazi official, waiting for his execution, “confessed” to discovering a “Jewish grandfather” in Hitler’s background. These fabrications have been thoroughly debunked, and the true story of Hitler’s family background is told below.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Joe
          Okay Mr. Jew. Enough with the holoco$t propaganda; enough with sympathy for the devil. There were no gas chambers or ovens and only a couple of thousand jews died of typhus.

          Holocaust Revisionism for Beginners – David McCalden (full)

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          9 hours of free internet video about how the holocaust is a hoax
          Seeing the hoax as part of a belief system which justifies war

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          Ernst Zündel interviews David Cole-part 1

          (There are 6 parts to this interview)

          In the early 1990s, a young Jewish man, David Cole, joined the burgeoning Revisionist movement. Controversial from the start, Cole did some excellent Revisionist work in the beginning, visiting concentration camps in Eastern Europe and ferreting out an important admission from Dr. Franciszek Piper, Director of the Auschwitz State Museum, Auschwitz, that the buildings marketed to tourists as gas chambers are, in fact, altered reconstructions after World War II.

          In this interview, widely acknowledged as a classic, Cole chats with a relaxed Ernst Zündel about the results of his fact-finding trips – and his incisive conclusions about the modus operandi of the Jewish Lobby that needs villains in order to cement and maintain its grip on a patently incorrect interpretation of history for its own political ends.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          “Germany Must Perish”

          Jewish Theodore Kauffman’s genocidal screed.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          What Hitler Had to Say About Guns
          by MATT KOEHL
          THERE IS NO CIVIC FREEDOM without the freedom to keep and bear arms.

          America’s Founding Fathers recognized this simple fact when they wrote the Constitution. That’s why they demanded a Bill of Rights. And along with freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion, they stated—in the plainest of English—that “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

          Why did these men feel so strongly about this? Was it because they were concerned about the pleasure and enjoyment of hunters and sportsmen? Was it because they wanted to assure the inalienable right of target shooting? Was it merely so they could defend themselves against thugs and common criminals?

          These may all be good and valid grounds for possessing firearms. But the real reason the Founding Fathers fought for a Second Amendment was something entirely different: They wanted to provide free men with a RECOURSE OF LAST RESORT against tyranny and usurpation by government out of control.

          In every country that the Communists ever took over, the first thing they did was seize private firearms and make possession of a weapon a criminal offense. They realized that only a disarmed population can ever be totally enslaved.
          Now there are those who want to do the same thing in this country. Using uncontrolled crime and an isolated, overhyped-up incident by one lone individual as a pretext—the very behavior and crime caused by liberal permissiveness—they are seeking to disarm every American. Their purpose is to criminalize decent citizens who dare to exercise their constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Why?

          What plans do these opponents of the Bill of Rights have in mind for the rest of us, plans they don’t care to discuss—until we no longer have access to weapons?

          Today they want to take away our guns. What will they want to take away next?

          It is rather ironic that under Hitler, every German citizen was ENCOURAGED to have at least one rifle, one shotgun and one handgun.

          That’s right—unlike the liberals and America’s Communist allies of World War II, Adolf Hitler favored the private ownership of weapons!

          That’s not what you’ve been told. There are a lot of things you haven’t been told.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          Gun Control in Germany, 1928-1945

          by WILLIAM L. PIERCE

          A common belief among defenders of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is that the National Socialist government of Germany under Adolf Hitler did not permit the private ownership of firearms. Totalitarian governments, they have been taught in their high school civics classes, do not trust their citizens and do not dare permit them to keep firearms. Thus, one often hears the statement, “You know, the first thing the Nazis did when they came to power was outlaw firearms,” or, “The first thing Hitler did in Germany was round up all the guns.”

          One can understand why many American gun owners want to believe this. They see in the current effort of their own government to take away their right to keep and bear arms a limitation of an essential element of their freedom and a move toward tyranny, and they want to characterize the gun-grabbers in the most negative way they can. Adolf Hitler has been vilified continuously for the past 60 years or so by the mass media in America, and certainly no politician or officeholder wants to be compared with him. If the gun-confiscation effort can be portrayed convincingly as something of which Hitler would have approved, it will have been effectively tarred.

          This identification of the inclination to deny citizens the right to keep and bear arms with National Socialism and Adolf Hitler has been strengthened recently by clever magazine advertisements which show Hitler with his arm outstretched in a Roman salute under a heading: “All in favor of gun control raise your right hand.” A Jewish group, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO), quite noisy for its size, has been especially zealous in promoting the idea that the current gun-control effort in America has its roots in Germany during the Hitler period. This group has gone so far as to claim in several articles published in popular magazines read by firearms enthusiasts that the current restrictive legislation being proposed by the U.S. government is modeled on a gun-control statute enacted by Germany’s National Socialist government: the German Weapons Law (Waffengesetz) of March 18, 1938.

          Again, one can understand the motivation of the JPFO. Many non-Jewish firearms owners are well aware that the movement to restrict their rights is led and promoted primarily by Jews, and anti-Jewish feeling has been growing among them. They know that the controlled news media, which are almost unanimously in favor of abridging or abolishing the Second Amendment, are very much under the influence of Jews, and they know that the most vocal anti-gun legislators in the Congress also are Jews. It is natural for a group such as the JPFO to mount a damage-control effort and attempt to prevent anti-Jewish feeling from becoming even stronger among gun owners. Their strategy is to deflect the blame from their kinsmen in the media and the government and direct it onto their most hated enemies, the National Socialists — or at least to create enough smoke to obscure the facts and keep the gun-owning public confused.

          Unfortunately for those who would like to link Hitler and the National Socialists with gun control, the entire premise for such an effort is false. German firearms legislation under Hitler, far from banning private ownership, actually facilitated the keeping and bearing of arms by German citizens by eliminating or ameliorating restrictive laws which had been enacted by the government preceding his: a left-center government, which had contained a number of Jews.

          It is not just that the National Socialist firearms legislation was the opposite of what it has been claimed to have been by persons who want to tar modern gun-grabbers with the “Nazi” brush: the whole spirit of Hitler’s government was starkly different from its portrayal by America’s mass media. The facts, in brief, are these:

          The National Socialist government of Germany, unlike the government in Washington today, did not fear its citizens. Adolf Hitler was the most popular leader Germany has ever had. Unlike American presidents, he did not have to wear body armor and have shields or bulletproof glass in front of him whenever he spoke in public. At public celebrations he rode standing in an open car as it moved slowly through cheering crowds. Communists made several attempts to assassinate him, and his government stamped down hard on Communism, virtually wiping it out in Germany. Between upright, law-abiding German citizens and Adolf Hitler, however, there was a real love affair, with mutual trust and respect.

          The spirit of National Socialism was one of manliness, and individual self-defense and self- reliance were central to the National Socialist view of the way a citizen should behave. The notion of banning firearms ownership was utterly alien to National Socialism. In the German universities, where National Socialism gained its earliest footholds and which later became its strongest bastions, dueling was an accepted practice. Although the liberal-Jewish governments in Germany after the First World War attempted to ban dueling, it persisted illegally until it was again legalized by the National Socialists. Fencing, target shooting, and other martial arts were immensely popular in Germany, and the National Socialists encouraged young Germans to become proficient in these activities, believing that they were important for the development of a man’s character.

          Gun registration and licensing (for long guns as well as for handguns) were legislated by an anti-National Socialist government in Germany in 1928, five years before the National Socialists gained power. Hitler became Chancellor on January 30, 1933. Five years later his government got around to rewriting the gun law enacted a decade earlier by his predecessors, substantially ameliorating it in the process (for example, long guns were exempted from the requirement for a purchase permit; the legal age for gun ownership was lowered from 20 to 18 years; the period of validity of a permit to carry weapons was extended from one to three years; and provisions restricting the amount of ammunition or the number of firearms an individual could own were dropped). Hitler’s government may be criticized for leaving certain restrictions and licensing requirements in the law, but the National Socialists had no intention of preventing law-abiding Germans from keeping or bearing arms. Again, the firearms law enacted by Hitler’s government enhanced the rights of Germans to keep and bear arms; no new restrictions were added, and many pre-existing restrictions were relaxed or eliminated.

          At the end of the Second World War, American GIs in the occupying force were astounded to discover how many German civilians owned private firearms. Tens of thousands of pistols looted from German homes by GIs were brought back to the United States after the war. In 1945 General Eisenhower ordered all privately owned firearms in the American occupation zone of Germany confiscated, and Germans were required to hand in their shotguns and rifles as well as any handguns which had not already been stolen. In the Soviet occupation zone German civilians were summarily shot if they were found in possession of even a single cartridge.
          Jews, it should be noted, were not Germans, even if they had been born in Germany. The National Socialists defined citizenship in ethnic terms, and under Hitler Jews were not accorded full rights of citizenship. National Socialist legislation progressively excluded Jews from key professions: teaching, the media, the practice of law, etc. The aim was not only to free German life from an oppressive and degenerative Jewish influence, but to persuade Jews to emigrate. The German Weapons Law of March 18, 1938, specifically excluded Jews from manufacturing or dealing in firearms or munitions, but it did not exclude them from owning or bearing personal firearms. The exclusion of Jews from the firearms business rankled them as much as any other exclusion, and in their typically ethnocentric fashion they have misrepresented the law involved as an anti-gun law in an effort to cast their enemies in a bad light.

          It should be noted in passing that the restrictions placed on Jews by the National Socialists had the intended effect: between 1933 and 1939 two-thirds of the Jews residing in Germany emigrated, reducing the Jewish population of the country from 600,000 when Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 to 200,000 at the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. Jews in the United States, looking at this period from their own narrowly focused viewpoint, have described these peacetime years of the National Socialist government as a time of darkness, terror and regression, whereas for the German people it was a time of hope, joy, and spiritual and material renewal.

          Much the same type of distortion is seen in the portrayal of the United States in the early 1950s: the so-called “McCarthy Era.” Senator Joseph McCarthy (Republican, Wisconsin) used his position as chairman of the Senate’s Government Operations Committee to expose the widespread Communist infiltration of the U.S. government and other U.S. institutions which had taken place during the Second World War. A substantial majority of the Communists who were dragged reluctantly out into the light of day by his efforts were Jews. As a result, the controlled media always have portrayed the period as one of terror and repression, when everyone was frightened of Senator McCarthy’s “witch hunt.” Of course, it was nothing of the sort to non-Jewish Americans, who were not intimidated in the least. History viewed through a Jewish lens — i.e., through media controlled by Jews — always is distorted in a way corresponding to Jewish interests and concerns.

          [To understand the significance of the German Weapons Law of March 18, 1938, enacted by the National Socialists, and the Law on Firearms and Ammunition of April 12, 1928, which was enacted by an anti-National Socialist government, a little background information first may help the reader.]

          After Germany’s defeat in the First World War (a defeat in which Germany’s Jews played no small part, demoralizing the home front with demonstrations and other subversive activity, much as they did in America during the Vietnam war), the Kaiser abdicated, and liberals and leftists seized control of the government in 1918. Hitler, recovering in a military hospital from a British poison-gas attack which had blinded him temporarily, made the decision to go into politics and fight against the traitors he felt were responsible for Germany’s distress.

          The tendency of Germany’s new rulers after the First World War was much the same as it is for the liberals in America today: they promoted cosmopolitanism, internationalism and egalitarianism. By 1923 economic conditions in Germany had become catastrophic, and there was much public unrest. The Communists had made major inroads into the labor movement and were a growing threat to the country.

          Hitler had indeed gone into politics, and his National Socialists battled the Communists in the streets of Germany’s cities and gradually came to be seen by many patriotic Germans in the working class and the middle class as the only force which could save Germany from a Communist takeover and total ruin. Hitler’s National Socialists continued to win recruits and gain strength during the 1920s. The Communists, with aid from the Soviet Union, also continued to grow. The political situation became increasingly unstable, as the government lost popular support.

          The government’s response was to substantially tighten up restrictions on the rights of German citizens to keep and bear arms. The Law on Firearms and Ammunition of April 12, 1928, was the most substantial effort in this regard. This law was enacted by a left-center government hostile to the National Socialists (the government was headed by Chancellor Wilhelm Marx and consisted of a coalition of Socialists, including many Jews and Catholic Centrists).

          Five years later, in 1933, the National Socialists were in power, Hitler headed the government, and the Communist threat was crushed decisively. The National Socialists began undoing the social and economic damage done by their predecessors. Germany was restored to full employment, degeneracy and corruption were rooted out, Jews and their collaborators were removed from one facet of national life after another, and the German people entered a new era of national freedom, health, and prosperity.

          Finally, in 1938, the National Socialist government got around to enacting a new firearms law to replace the one enacted by their opponents ten years earlier. The highlights of the 1938 law, especially as it applied to ordinary citizens, rather than manufacturers or dealers, follow:

          Handguns may be purchased only on submission of a Weapons Acquisition Permit(Waffenerwerbschein), which must be used within one year from the date of issue. Muzzle- loading handguns are exempted from the permit requirement. [The 1928 law had required a permit for the purchase of long guns as well, but the National Socialists dropped this requirement.]

          Holders of a permit to carry weapons (Waffenschein) or of a hunting license do not need a Weapons Acquisition Permit in order to acquire a handgun.

          A hunting license authorizes its bearer to carry hunting weapons and handguns.

          Firearms and ammunition, as well as swords and knives, may not be sold to minors under the age of 18 years. [The age limit had been 20 years in the 1928 law.]

          Whoever carries a firearm outside of his dwelling, his place of employment, his place of business, or his fenced property must have on his person a Weapons Permit (Waffenschein). A permit is not required, however, for carrying a firearm for use at a police-approved shooting range.

          A permit to acquire a handgun or to carry firearms may only be issued to persons whose trustworthiness is not in question and who can show a need for a permit. In particular, a permit may not be issued to:
          persons under the age of 18 years;
          legally incompetent or mentally retarded persons;
          Gypsies or vagabonds;
          persons under mandatory police supervision [i.e., on parole] or otherwise temporarily without civil rights;
          persons convicted of treason or high treason or known to be engaged in activities hostile to the state;
          persons who for assault, trespass, a breach of the peace, resistance to authority, a criminal offense or misdemeanor, or a hunting or fishing violation were legally sentenced to a term of imprisonment of more than two weeks, if three years have not passed since the term of imprisonment.
          The manufacture, sale, carrying, possession, and import of the following are prohibited:
          “trick” firearms, designed so as to conceal their function (e.g., cane guns and belt-buckle pistols);
          any firearm equipped with a silencer and any rifle equipped with a spotlight;
          cartridges with .22 caliber, hollow-point bullets.

          That is the essence. Numerous other provisions of the law relate to firearms manufacturers, importers and dealers; to acquisition and carrying of firearms by police, military and other official personnel; to the maximum fees which can be charged for permits (3 Reichsmark); to tourists bringing firearms into Germany; and to the fines and other penalties to be levied for violations.

          The requirements of “trustworthiness” and of proof of need when obtaining a permit are troubling, but it should be noted that they were simply carried over from the 1928 law: they were not formulated by the National Socialists. Under the National Socialists these requirements were interpreted liberally: a person who did not fall into one of the prohibited categories listed above was considered trustworthy, and a statement such as, “I often carry sums of money,” was accepted as proof of need.

          The prohibitions of spotlight-equipped rifles and hollow-point .22 caliber ammunition were based on considerations that the former were unsporting when used for hunting, and the latter were inhumane.

          The German firearms laws were published by the German government in the Reichsgesetzblatt. The most pertinent part of the National Socialist Firearms Law — the part pertaining to the purchase, ownership, and carrying of firearms by private citizens — is Part IV of the Law. Two separate and distinct types of permits are referred to: a Weapons Acquisition Permit (Waffenerwerbschein), required only for purchasing a handgun; and a Weapons Permit (Waffenschein), required for carrying any firearm in public. Interestingly enough, as also mentioned above, a hunting license could take the place of both these permits.

          When you [consider the National Socialist law and that which preceded it], you will understand that it was Hitler’s enemies, not Hitler, who should be compared with the gun-control advocates in America today. Then as now it was the Jews, not the National Socialists, who wanted the people’s right of self-defense restricted. You will understand that those who continue to make the claim that Hitler was a gun-grabber are either ignorant or dishonest.

          And you will understand that it was not until 1945, when the Communist and democratic victors of the Second World War had installed occupation governments to rule over the conquered Germans that German citizens were finally and completely denied the right to armed self-defense.


  2. nooralhaqiqa says:

    Excellent piece Lasha. This is a topic with which I am all too familiar. The author is bang on, of course; I will add this to my ongoing series on Jews and slavery. Never forget they were behind the enslavement of millions of British Isle folk as well. Your illustrations are great. I noticed that the children in the image are painted in what seems to be an Arabic room going by the architecture.

    We were taught in school that only Causasians and Arabs took slaves, and of course those taken by Arabs met all sorts of unsavory ends at the hands of Muslim fiends. (Or first woman in some handsome Pasha’s palace!) Then I learned about slavery over my life and NEVER was the word Jew EVER to be found! Those pious people with were exempt from such worldly crimes… NOT!

    Body parts, slavery, whatever. It matters not if there is any form of gain to be made off the flesh of an animal.. ooops, gentile.

    The Irish were decimated, anyone in the British Isles could be “press ganged” at the whim of … well thugs who worked for various organizations. White slaves were treated even worse than black because they were so easy to take, they were gentile and Catholic/Christian, ongoing genocide of the Irish dictated the need. The women were of special value for breeding to create lighter slaves with more delicate features.

    Did you know that a great number of the women of the Russian white nobility ended up in Jewish brothels in the Far East? Many sold themselves out of desperation. More often than not, Jewesses ran the places.

    We forget that every day an Orthodox Jew thanks his God for not being born a gentile or a woman and holds us all in disregard on some level.

    • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

      Yes, I am half Irish and no one ever speaks about the fact that my ancestors were slaves along with the Scottish and some British as well. Thank you!

      • Franklin Ryckaert says:

        See the book They were white and they were slaves., by Michael Hoffman. The slavery of the Irish and the centuries long cruel behavior of the British in Ireland cannot be blamed on the Jews. Not to mention the Potato Famine (1845-1852), which was (at least partly so) in reality a man made genocide. Perhaps there were some Jewish financiers in the background of all of this, but the perpetrators certainly were the British.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Franklin Ryckaert
          I have read the book and I am currently doing further research into this (personal) matter. I was raised to believe the British enslaved my people and also instigation the Potato Famine which took the lives of 6 million Irish people. Yes, you read that number right.

          I have found that Oliver Cromwell sold us out to the jews just as Obama is selling us out to the jews.

          Jewish actions hostile to Irish people

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          I meant instigated. Sorry for the misspelling.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          Oliver Cromwell’s New Model Army waged a war against Irish Confederate Catholics and English Royalists in Ireland as part of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms between the years 1649 and 1653. Some of the most controversial aspects of this campaign were the Siege of Drogheda and Sack of Wexford, where massacres took place.

          Cromwell was anti-Irish and pro-Jewish; he let the Jews back into the British Isles and his activities were funded by Jewish bankers from Amsterdam such as Menasseh Ben Israel.✡

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          The jews started a sectarian war between the Catholics and Protestants headed by Cromwell and Menasseh ben Israel. Of course, this should surprise no one since that’s what the jew does.

          The name of his demonic game is divide and conquer.

        • Dawn French says:

          The reason Cromwell went to Ireland was because Ireland had brought itself into the Civil War, backing the King. The Irish complain too much…they entered someone elses kitchen and then complained about the heat.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Dawn French
          So, you are telling us that the quest for freedom from tyranny is something no one should complain about? You’re telling us that freedom of religion is something we should not complain about? You’re telling us that starving people to death is perfectly okay?

          Are you jewish?

          Exactly whose kitchen did we enter to be denied simple human rights? It was the kitc hen of Menasseh ben Israel and his Shabbot goy Oliver Cromwell. The jews got everything the Irish were denied and they are still complaining!

        • Dawn French says:


          What I’m pointing out is that by its own choosing Ireland entered the English Civil War on the side of the King – the Cavaliers.

          As it turned out they backed the losing side, and it was inevitable – and totally normal for the times – that the Irish forces in Ireland would be visited upon harshly by the victorius Roundheads.

          Yes we can talk about Cromwell being too harsh, and then there is the matter of Irish protagonists being rounded up and sent off to the colonies effectively as slaves. And so on.

          But, the reason it happened was becuse Ireland MEDDLED in the English Civil War. The Irish formed a pact with the Cavaliers and organized fighting forces in support of him. I’m sorry, but in those days, doing that was what they call a ‘big boys’ game. The Irish rolled the dice in a high stakes game, with much to gain and much to lose. They lost.

        • Dawn French says:


          p.s. It’s a relatively minor point but FWIW “Britain” as in the UK wasn’t formed until the early 18th century. So in Cromwell’s time we are talking about the English not the British. The role of the Scottish at the time was much more complex because they were Protestant.
          The Scottish Presbyterian Church were very pure in their thinking. Very ahead of the game in the Protestant fold. Remembering the ink was still wet on the English and Scottish transition from Catholicism (it was pretty much in living memory). Early on in Protestantism the Monarch more or less replaced the role and function of the Pope as God’s representative on Earth. Clearly, once the dust had settled this arrangement was going to be a problem for Protestants because for them it was an article of faith that no Man stood between any other Man and God. And the King was a Man.
          The Scottish Presbyterian’s saw this early, and drafted a Covenant which made it clear. But the King of England – in fact a Scott, a Stuart – was more adamant than any before that he really was the embodiment of God to the Realm.
          So the Scots were not happy with the situation AT ALL. But nor were they happy with the idea of the King losing his head, because their Covenant needed to be signed by a King.
          So it was complex. In the end, the English Civil War had everything to do with the King’s attitude to being God on Earth, and this in the end had everything to do with the Catholic / Protestant schism. The King may even have been Popish. Certainly his successor was. Certainly that would have been a reason for the Irish backing.

          I’ve said all this because I wanted y’all to see just how alien and distant that world really was. We have long forgotten what their world was about, what was important to them, what people were willing to kill and die for.

          If they were here now, I assure you, they would drop all the greivances between them, and turn shoulder to shoulder to the enemy of all of us, of our times. And they’d tell us to stop talking about the past save that which can make us stronger and more united.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Dawn French
          What I’m trying to point out was the role Cromwell played with the jews in bringing about sectarianism. Cromwell was anti-Irish and pro-jew.

          The English Civil War led to the trial and execution of Charles I, the exile of his son, Charles II, and replacement of English monarchy with, first, the Commonwealth of England (1649–53), and then with a Protectorate (1653–59), under Oliver Cromwell’s personal rule.

          The monopoly of the Church of England on Christian worship in England ended with the victors consolidating the established Protestant Ascendancy in Ireland.

          The execution of Charles, led to an eleven year gap in the rule of the Stuarts (1649 to 1660) and it witnessed the rise to supreme power of Oliver Cromwell – whose signature can be clearly seen on the death warrant of Charles.

          1656 Cromwell, having executed King Charles I, readmits the Jews. The order leading to the execution of the King was drawn up by a Dutch Jew, Isaac Dorislaus, and approved by a rigged court. According to tradition, Cromwell had intended to sell St. Paul’s Cathedral to the Jews for use as their central synagogue.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Dawn French
          My issue is not with the English. I think you are misunderstanding. My issue is with the jew and his puppets. Today, Great Britain is plagued with jews and they even have their own jewish lobby as in the US. I am a White Nationalist and the Brits are my kith and kin. However, I feel you’re a bit harsh in saying the Irish starved themselves to death which lacks credibility.

          Here are a few examples which led to the English expulsion of the Jews in 1290 AD:

          1144 A.D. Norwich: A twelve year-old boy was crucified and his side pierced at the Jewish Passover. His body was found in a sack hidden in a tree. A converted Jew to Christianity named Theobald of Cambridge informed the authorities that the Jews took blood every year from a Christian child because they thought that only by so doing could they ever return to Palestine. The boy has ever since been known as St. William.

          1160 A.D. Gloucester: The body of a child named Harold was found in the river with the wounds of crucifixion.

          1255 A.D. Lincoln: A boy named Hugh was tortured and crucified by the Jews. The boy’s mother found the body in a well on the premises of a Jew named Jopin. 18 Jews were hanged for the crime by King Henry III.

          1290 A.D. Oxford: The Patent Roll 18 Of Edward I, 21st June 1290 contains an order for the Gaol delivery of a Jew named Isaac de Pulet for the murder and blood letting of a Christian boy. Only one month after this, King Edward I issued his decree expelling the Jews from England.

          JEWISH BANKERS FROM AMSTERDAM led by the Jewish financier and army contractor of Cromwell’s New Model Army, Fernandez Carvajal and assisted by Portuguese Ambassador De Souza, a Marano (secret Jew), saw an opportunity to exploit in the civil unrest led by Oliver Cromwell in 1643.

          A stable Christian society of ancient traditions binding the Monarchy, Church, State, nobles and people into one solemn bond was disrupted by Calvin’s Protestant uprising. The Jews of Amsterdam exploited this civil unrest and made their move. They contacted Oliver Cromwell in a series of letters:

          Cromwell To Ebenezer Pratt of the Mulheim Synagogue in Amsterdam,
          16th June 1647:

          — “In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England: This however impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which do not at present exist. Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with arrangements for procuring an assassin, though willing to help in his escape.” —

          To Oliver Cromwell From Ebenezer Pratt, 12th July 1647:
          — “Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles removed and Jews admitted. Assassination too dangerous. Charles shall be given opportunity to escape: His recapture will make trial and execution possible. The support will be liberal, but useless to discuss terms until trial commences.” —

          Cromwell had carried out the orders of the Jewish financiers and beheaded, (yes, Cromwell and his Jewish sponsors must face Christ!), King Charles I on January 30 1649.

          Beginning in 1655, Cromwell, through his alliance with the Jewish bankers of Amsterdam and specifically with Manasseh Ben Israel and his brother-in-law, David Abravanel Dormido, initiated the resettlement of the Jews in England.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Dawn French
          And since we’re on the subject of blacks …

          “Jews conspired to destroy the White South African government and murder the Boer – Afrikaaner people”

          In the 19th century the British fought wars to subject the Boer states to British Rule. In 1948, the Boers took power democratically, with the election of the National Party.

          In the 1960s the government of Hendrik Verwoerd took power and implemented the formal separate but equal policies in South Africa. These policies made South Africa the economically strongest nation in Africa, and gave the blacks in South Africa (and the Whites) the highest standards of living of any African nation.

          Verwoerd’s policies had two main opponents. One was a Jew named Harry Oppenheimer, the other a Jew named Anton Ruppert. Both controlled banking monopolies in the country, and wanted “rights” extended to black South Africans for the purpose of extending their money lending business. Oppenheimer had ties to the Rothschild banking family and to the US CIA, which throughout the 1970s through 1990s supported the overthrow of white South African rule, at the direction of the Jew Henry Kissinger.

          Oppenheimer lobbied the Rothschilds to overthrow Verwoerd, who had publicly denounced the Jewish banking monopolies in Parliament. The Rothschilds secured the support of the Rockefeller, Carnegie and other “Anglo” families in the United States, and had those institutions lobby against the white government. Rockfeller influenced the Council on Foreign Relations and its members in the US government in particular to oppose white rule.

          African National Congress – ANC
          Legendary Jewish Heroes of Black Rule in South Africa – Stamps

          Baruch Hirson Eli Weinberg

          Ester Barsel Hymie Barsel

          Hilda Bernstein Helen Suzman (Gavronsky)

          Lionel “Rusty” Bernstein Norma Kitson

          Ray Alexander Ronald Segal

          Ruth First Yetta Barenblatt
          More info about stamps and personages

          In 1963 a group of Jews founded the “African” National Congress. The ANC was founded by Lionel Bernstein, Bob Hepple, Dennis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, Hazel Goldreich and James Kantor, with a few African front men — Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki (father of Thabo Mbeki), Raymond Mhlaba, and Ahmed Kathrada. In this, the ANC followed the model the Jews established when they founded the NAACP in the United States, with the exception that the ANC was a much more violent and openly communist organization. These Jews and their African National Congress received funding and support from both the Soviet Union and the US CIA.

          In particular, Ruth First, the Jewish wife of Jewish Soviet KGB Colonel Joe Slovo, a leader of the South African Communist Party, was primarily responsible for funneling funds to this “African” National Congress.

          In 1966 the CIA financed the assassination of President Verwoerd, through their “lone nut” operative Demetrio Tsafendas, a Greek immigrant to South Africa. In particular, Oppenheimer’s South African Foundation funneled CIA money to Hendrik Van Den Bergh of the South African Security Police and John Vorster, the Minister of Justice, who were the men who recruited Tsafendas to assassinate Verwoerd.

          By the 1970s the Jewish campaign to subvert South Africa was having no effect. The economy was unaffected by sanctions and communist unrest was minimal — though much was made of it in the Jewish owned elements of the US press.

          In 1978 the CIA recruited Pik Botha, the South African foreign minister, as a spy and used him to subvert the South African government, working with Samuel Huntington and Chester Crocker, Botha was assigned to undermine and alter the attitudes of the South African government regarding black rule.

          Botha recruited Minister of Sports Piet Koornhof **and Head of Military Intelligence General Tienie Groenewald to the CIA-Jew operation. Groenewald in particular passed on the names of Afrikaaner nationalist and white rights activists to MI6 and the CIA, and arranged for acts of violence and harassment, COINTELPRO style, against Boer activists in the country.

          In the late 1970s and the early 1980s the banking families, Oppenheimer in particular, began to speculate in the Rand for the purpose of devaluing the currency. Inflation rose to 7 percent and growth fell to 3 percent, with inflation reaching 16 percent in the early 1980s.

          In 1989 a Freemason with ties to B’nai B’rith, the Jewish Masonic fraternity which controls the ADL, was elected President of South Africa. President Frederik De Klerk was a Jewish-backed candidate with ties to the international Zionist establishment. De Klerk worked for, and eventually achieved, the Jewish goal of black rule in South Africa.

          Today, South Africa’s central bank is run by a Jew named Gill Marcus, with the black frontman named Tito Mboweni taking instructions. Trevor Manuel, a Jew, is the Minister of Finance. Alec Erwin, a Jew, is the Minister of Trade and Industry. Helena Dolny, the Jewish ex-wife of KGB Colonel Joe Slovo, runs the Land Bank. Ronnie Kasrils, a Jew, is the Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry. Louise Tager, a Jew, is chairman of the railway system, Spoornet. Michael Katz, a Jew, is the chief consultant on taxation. Meyer Kahn, a Jew, is the managing director of the police service. Three Jews — Richard Goldstone, Arthur Chaskalson, and Albert Sachs — sit on the South African Supreme Court.

          What has happened in South Africa under the name of “democracy” and “diversity” has been the Jewish takeover of their country. As with all Jewish governments, South Africa is now a failed nation. It is poor, it is crime ridden, and it is not safe to walk the streets.

          The Jews wage war on anyone who opposes their total domination of the world’s economy. They also work to make sure they control the governments of every single developed country in the world. Jews use whatever tools they can — phony allegations of “racism” or pleas for “democracy”, for instance — to win stupid, thoughtless non-Jews to their cause, but all celebrated communist, socialist, “democratic” and/or anti-racist groups in the world are Jewish run and Jewish financed.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          De Beers (jewish)

          De Beers are a family of companies that controversially dominate the diamond, diamond mining, diamond hops, diamond trading and industrial diamond manufacturing sectors. De Beers is active in every category of industrial diamond mining: open-pit, underground, large-scale alluvial, coastal and deep sea.[1] Mining takes place in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Canada.

          The company was founded by Cecil Rhodes, who was financed by Alfred Beit and Rothschild.[2] In 1927, Ernest Oppenheimer, a German Jewish immigrant to Britain who had earlier founded mining giant Anglo American plc with American financier J.P. Morgan,[3] managed to wrest control of the empire, building and consolidating the company’s global monopoly over the diamond industry until his retirement. During this time, he was involved in a number of controversies, including price fixing, antitrust behaviour and an allegation of not releasing industrial diamonds for the US war effort during World War II.[4][5]

          The Second Boer War proved to be a challenging time for the company. Kimberley was besieged as soon as war broke out, thereby threatening the company’s valuable mines. Rhodes personally moved into the city at the onset of the siege in order to put political pressure on the British government to divert military resources towards relieving the siege rather than more strategic war objectives. Despite being at odds with the military,[13] Rhodes placed the full resources of the company at the disposal of the defenders, manufacturing shells, defences, an armoured train and a gun named Long Cecil in the company workshops.[14]

          Oppenheimer was very concerned about the discovery of diamonds in 1908 in German South West Africa, fearing that the increased supply would swamp the market and force prices down.[4][5]

          De Beers is well known for its monopolistic practices throughout the 20th century, whereby it used its dominant position to manipulate the international diamond market.[6][18] The company used several methods to exercise this control over the market: Firstly, it convinced independent producers to join its single channel monopoly, it flooded the market with diamonds similar to those of producers who refused to join the cartel, and lastly, it purchased and stockpiled diamonds produced by other manufacturers in order to control prices through supply.[19]

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          Blood Diamonds from (jewish) DeBeers

          The History of Blood Diamonds and DeBeers.

      • nooralhaqiqa says:

        I have read in the past that the Irish potato famine was a created situation. Starvation has long been a favourite technique of the Jews to get rid of an enemy ~ cheap and effective. Many folks I have spoken to concur. The Brits wanted the Irish country Of course most of the businesses and a great number of the aristocracy were Jewish, many with Rothschild ties.

        People forget that a gentile is a gentile despite the colour of the skin as far as these folks are concerned. Therefore…. to be used as required.

        Scottish slaves were worked out of the sugar cane fields in the Caribbean… usually to death.

        If you check into the archives of Snippits you will find numerous articles full of links to the topic of White slavery as well as white sex slavery which I treat separately.

        Being of Irish stock I took great interest in that although my ancestors only came him at the turn of the last century. The Brits also press ganged anyone they wanted from the lower classes especially and they were slaved to death more often than not.

        Look into “indentures” and you will find more sources of White slavery.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          Don’t forget there were also British people used for slavery; jews don’t discriminate. They hate all non-jews and they had their puppets in Britain during those days and the US, UK and Canada, etc have today. Look up the history of Oliver Cromwell.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          Cromwell was in the pay of the jews.

          Cromwell was indeed a butcher who massacred both Scottish Presbyterians and Irish Catholics.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ nooralhaqiqa
          You are 100% correct! The jews use food as a weapon!

        • Brownhawk says:

          And are doing so again. Monsanto anyone?

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Brownhawk
          Excellent point!

        • Dawn French says:

          The potato famine was created by there being only a few strains of potato all of which turned out susceptible to the same disease.

          The Irish tend to blame the British for what resulted but the only reasonable component of the blame is basically that the British should have done more to help.

          The Irish elites at the time did almost nothing to help their own people (and I’m talking about the Catholic elites not English transplants). These are the real villians in this story. Irish were left starving at the gates of rich farmer holdings.

          Did you know that Ireland food exports ran a MASSIVE SURPLUS through every year of the famine? That’s right. Irish farmers produced a surplus of food. But they didn’t want to give the food away or sell it at a price local (starving) people could pay.

          But Britain, even though it did send aid, gets the blame, because they didn’t understand the severity of the situation until it was too late. Why not? Well, Ireland was a long way away in those days. And then there was that trade surplus in food, which kind of indicated there wasn’t a problem.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Dawn French

          Not only did the Irish suffer but the Scottish and the poor British as well. The British government was being financed by a bunch of stinking jews!

          In 1290 the King of England, Edward IV banished the Jews to France, which in turn drove them out 20 years later.

          In 1656 after the “puritan” civil war and regicide that created the Commonwealth under Cromwell, the Jews were invited to reestablish themselves in England, who by this time had moved to Amsterdam and Venice.

          Shortly afterwards the Jewish operating base in the New World, New Amsterdam, became New York. In 1691, two remarkable men, William Paterson and Charles Montagu

          – look them up — appeared to promote, as a solution to England’s debt crisis, the creation of the private Bank of England for which Royal Charter was granted through the passage of the Tonnage Act of 1694 the building housing it being built upon the the spot where once stood a temple to Mithras, the Roman God of Contracts.

          Here is some of the history of the early days of that Bank.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Dawn French
          The jews used food as a weapon in Russia and they are currently starving the Palestinian people. They recently decided it would be a good idea to starve the Iranians as well.

          Starvation is a slow and painful death; so, don’t try and tell us the Irish were responsible for their own deaths.

          Israeli officials: Starve Iranians to stop nukes


        • Harbinger says:

          Dawn French,

          “The potato famine was created by there being only a few strains of potato all of which turned out susceptible to the same disease.”

          I read your little debate with Sazzy above on something I’ve done a great deal of reading on – the English civil war and Cromwell. I have no intention in debating it with you especially when you come up with not just the HIS-story everyone’s indoctrinated into accepting but quotes as I have quoted above. The Irish famine had nothing to do with potatoes as we were all conveniently lectured at school into believing (along with 6million murdered Jews) but the FACT that the crown’s soldiers were removing food from the Irish (cereal crops, vegetables, animal produce etc), at gunpoint (for feeding of the armed forces at home and abroad), leaving them nothing to live on. In other words it was yet another carefully planned genocide. The English people were then, no different to Americans today – a tool to be used to murder in order to fulfill an agenda.

          Now I don’t know what nationality you are although your support of Cromwell and slightly negative views on the Celtic peoples, leads me to English nationalism. But sadly, Cromwell is not the man ignorant English nationalists believe him to be. Everyone likes to prattle on about him telling the rotten parliament to flee but do they know the real reason why he had Charles’ head lopped off? Well it’s really quite simple when you put the pieces together – Cromwell’s roundhead movement was funded entirely by Dutch bankers (Jews) and considering that the 1293 Edict of Expulsion still stood (and does still to this day), then it’s really not so hard to join the dots.

  3. Joe says:

    Maybe the Gun Grab is some kind of talmudic celebration of the 100th year anniversary of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      And the 16th and 17th Amendments to the US Constitution were also “ratified” (ahem) that same year. Moreover, the ADL was created that same year.
      These legislations each had facility in assisting each other’s purposes to the designs which have assisted communism, used the power of the US to destroy opposition to global communism/conquest, and brought the United States to the brink of financial ruin.

      In Rehmat’s informative, concise article, the reference to Judah P. Benjamin omitted the fact that he fled to London after the war and reassumed his position as an agent for The Bank of England. Also, he was Secretary of The Treasury (James Seddon was Secretary of War), all of which makes for hard circumstantial evidence of there having been Rotheschilde financing of BOTH sides.

      Many of the slave ships listed at the first of Rehmat’s article were re-outfitted boats which looked like large yachts – and were, indeed, home-ported at Newport, Rhode Island and The New York Yacht Club. The reason for this was that long before the American War Between the States happend, all of the Southern States had outlawed the importation of African slaves. The ships had to be swift and discreet. (One of the first Acts of The Assembly of Virginia, for instance, was to outlaw African slave imports in 1789.). The “black market” was born.

      The Songolese kings in the southern Sudan were the richest boys in Africa because they had their men go inland and capture new meat for the markets in west Africa. (Does anyone honestly believe that white British, Portugese, or Dutch traders trekked into the jungles to get Kunta Kente???!). (Because of their enjoyment of dual trade with Arabs, their most prized possessions were their Arabian horses – and even today, some of the finest horsemen in the world are to be found there among President Obongo’s ancestors!) :)

      I cannot see what I have already written between interruptions, so I am going to stop. What I can say without doubt, though, is that Steven Speilberg is still part of the ongoing scheme of Jew lies and conquests to enslave the whole of the non-jew world.

      • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

        @ Gilbert Huntly
        It’s commonplace for jews to fund and encourage both sides of any war; that’s what they did during the Civil War in America! They managed to kill more White Christians this way.

        • Gilbert Huntly says:

          Absolutely, Sazzy. The more I dissect for myself what is going on in America RIGHT NOW, the easier it is to understand the context of the rest of our history – and much of the world’s. It just keeps getting more obvious!

        • Joe says:

          Google :

          ” Judah Benjamin + August Belmont + American Civil War +”

          ” Judah Benjamin + Golden Circle +”

          ” Judah Benjamin + Confederate Secret Service +”

          Yes, Benjamin got the hell of the South just as the Yankees marched into Richmond. He made sure to burn alot of Confederate government papers & manuscripts before high-tailing it to London. He also burned All of his personal papers,letters,etc. right before he died.

          Judah Benjamin was on the Queen’s Council. He was born in a slave plantation manor home in the West Indies ; Just like Alexander Hamilton, another golden circle boy.

          Google : ” Albert Pike + Confederate Secret Service +”

          Pike was a jew, and a total satanist.

          The -War- Between -The -States was conjured up in the b’nai b’rith freemasonry halls of Charleston, South Carolina [ in conjunction with the bankers in London & the big-shots in Newport, Rhode Island ]. The Southern plantation owners wanted what they called a Golden Circle Empire. [ slave/ drug empire]

          The plan was to break off with the North and join together — with force if necessary — with Mexico, Central America, Cuba, and Brazil, and move the capital of their “beloved” Dixie to Havana, Cuba !!! That’s how much they loved Dixie.

          25% of the whites in the South had slaves. Many of those slave holders were jews. The 75% of whites who didn’t have slaves were at a great disadvantage as the economy was a monopoly, and the slave holders ruled. Many whites were thrown into deep poverty because of the slave economic system : Hard to compete against slave labor.

          The slave owners only planted cash crops. They imported their food stuffs from the North. They didn’t even buy their food stuffs from the Southern yeoman farmers !! The cash- crop farming practices of the large plantation owners, by the way, ruined the soil in many areas of the South, denuding the soil of minerals to this day.

          Sherman burned down the farmhouses of the Christian brethren farmers in his March- To- The- Sea. “Brethren farmers” is an old-fashioned term for Christian pacificist farmers ; They had nothing at all to do with the war, slavery, or causing any kind of trouble ; Yet, it was their farms and farmhouses that were burned down and destroyed.

          In the meantime, Sherman didn’t touch the large plantations in the South. Sherman also by-passed Charleston, SC — the very place the war was conjured up in the first place, the place were so many of the South’s most influential warmongers lived and did business ; They went unscathed. [ 2 large plantations down south suffered in the war, only 2]

          Google : ” Judah Benjamin + August Belmont + American Civil War +”

          An excellent site for history.

          The mainstream history books written by the court historians are extremely abridged — so many lies of omission — it’s a great Crime and Sin against all of us – Of all races, faiths, and backgrounds.

        • nooralhaqiqa says:

          I have just reposted this article on my blog with a zillion images and links to Judah Benjamin and his cohort ALbert Pike, as founders of the KKK as well as compadres of the Presidents of the time.

        • Gilbert Huntly says:


          You have provided some interesting aspects to this thread. However, I do not think the “Golden Circle Empire” was as widely popular among white landowners as may be suspected. Yes, there was definite interest in more southerly destinations for commerce by many (and was a product of natural instinct for improving whatever business with which one is occupied), but by no means did southerners rely on outside sources for their daily bread.

          All large manors had “kitchen gardens” and food crops. ( They did not need to “go north” to get their food – unless they just had a hankerin’ for some great Vermont cheddar, or something of that nature.:))

          The immediate aim of Sheridan and Hunter in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia was to DESTROY food production and inhibit martial resistance. Same with Sherman in Georgia.

          Of course, that does not preclude your own theory – which is damn interesting!

    • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

      The Gun Grab is to leave Americans defenseless so they will become victims just as they have done to the countries of th UK, Canada and Australia!

    • Joe says:

      If you look into the rise of bolshevism you will see what is happening here is almost an exact match of the events then and laws being implemented here match those forced on the russians. T.h.e.y. must disarm us before t.h.e.y. can take us wholly and kill the majority of us. DHS gives the vast majority of its funds and materials to jews. Those among us crying about Sharia law are ignorant of talmudic law which has already been intergrated into our laws and is growing just like the parasite t.h.e.y . are. Look into where the Russian jews who were bolshevism recieved their funds. That little piece of the puzzle will be an eye opener because the same corporations, jewish corporations are funding the rise of the jew here.
      T=the H=hebrews E=enslaving Y=you

    • Brownhawk says:

      Not to mention that this may be the year when the Fed is sacrificed and discarded into the dustbin of history. It having served its nefarious purpose, to be replaced by an equally onerous gold standard – or whatever they deem necessary to perpetuate control.

  4. Denise says:

    Great article! Thanks for the info! Consolidated info is a wonderful resource.

  5. Annis says:

    We can’t even put the ten commandments in the court house but we must pay tribute to filthy rabbis every time we shop for groceries. Jim Baker went to jail for his fraud. Obviously rabbis are committing fraud so how are they getting away with it? rabbies are ACTUALLY violating separation of church and state. How in the hell can they make us pay tribute to these creeps and freaks. We pay a tribute to rabbis!

    Unbelievable what the jews are doing now. No nothing they do could surprise anyone. You have to read the following.

  6. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    This is a terrific article and I hope “everyone” reads it. White people have been blamed for black slavery when it was the jews who were the culprits!

    Blacks & Jews: A Graphic History

    • Joe says:

      Have you looked into Professor Tony Martin of Wellesley College? He was the brunt of jewish perfidy and malice for speaking the truth about t.h.e.m.
      T=the H=hebrews E=enslaving M=mankind

    • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

      Dr. Cecil Roth

      “The Jews of the Joden Savanne [Surinam] were also foremost in the suppression of the successive negro revolts, from 1690 to 1722: these as a matter of fact were largely directed against them, as being the greatest slave-holders of the region.”

      History of the Marranos (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1932), p. 292.

    • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

      Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise

      The leader of the American Reform Jews, wrote of the California Indians:

      “…though not total savages, [they] are very primitive and ignorant….[They do] nothing besides loafing and begging….They catch trout in the river, and then sell them to buy ammunition, shoot rabbits, birds, eat various roots and wild plants, also snakes, frogs, dogs, cats, and rats, and say, ‘Me work no.’ In conversation with several of them I found that they have no particular home and are heathens.”

      • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

        Dr. Arnold Wiznitzer

        “The West India Company, which monopolized imports of slaves from Africa, sold slaves at public auctions against cash payment. It happened that cash was mostly in the hands of Jews. The buyers who appeared at the auctions were almost always Jews, and because of this lack of competitors they could buy slaves at low prices. On the other hand, there also was no competition in the selling of the slaves to the plantation owners and other buyers, and most of them purchased on credit payable at the next harvest in sugar. Profits up to 300 percent of the purchase value were often realized with high interest rates….If it happened that the date of such an auction fell on a Jewish holiday the auction had to be postponed. This occurred on Friday, October 21, 1644.”

        Jews in Colonial Brazil (1960), pp. 72-3; [Note: Wiznitzer, Arnold Aharon, educator; Born in Austria, December 20, 1899; Ph.D., University of Vienna, 1920; Doctor of Hebrew Literature, Jewish Theological Seminary of America; Emeritus research professor, University of Judaism, Los Angeles; Contributor to historical journals in the United States and Brazil including the Journal of Jewish Social Studies and the Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society. Former president, Brazilian-Jewish Institute of Historical Research.]

  7. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Jews of the Black Holocaust: A-G

    “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor.”

    All of the following “Chosen People” are confirmed to have participated in the Black African slave trade. According to their own literature, each one is a prominent historical figure and most are highly regarded and respected by Jews themselves. Even the most prominent of Jewish Americans never voiced any reservation whatsoever about this practice. Writes Rabbi Bertram W. Korn, “it is realistic to conclude that any Jew who could afford to own slaves [and needed them] would do so.” In fact, “Jews participated in every aspect and process of the exploitation of the defenseless blacks.” Here, in alphabetical order, is an annotated listing of just a few of those.

    Click on link to continue …

  8. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    The Jewish Role in the African Slave Trade – Lecture by Dr Tony Martin
    (A black professor)

  9. Joe says:

    Google :

    ” Jews + Communism + The Talmud ”
    ” Jews + Communism + The Talmud + Noahide Laws ”

    Also :

    The Noahide Laws were signed into US law by the great “anti-communist” president, Ronnie Reagan. Google :

    ” Education Day + Noahide Laws + Ronald Reagan”

    The Jews are trying hard for a massive Gun Grab so they can implement their murderous talmudic “religious” agenda. The agenda is mass murder.

    The talmud was truly written in hell.

  10. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    “Prof. Tony Martin: Tactics of Suppression – IHR Conference.”

    Sadly, the Professor died but his name and work live on.

  11. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    “Jewish leaders demand Farrakhan denounce “Secret Relationship” book”

    Louis Farrakhan revealed details of a meeting with Jewish leaders who demanded that he denounce the book, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”.

  12. Rehmat says:

    Anyone doubt the Christians’ BLOOD LIBEL allegation Jewish elites? A few years ago, an American Catholic women-rights activist and blogger, Joanna Francis, said that Jews still practice the heinous crime, but under modern name – ABORTION. I told her, it’s called “human organ harvesting”.

    Earlier this week, Romanian police detained two Israeli Jewish medics, Dr. Rapahel Ron-El, a fertility specialist at Assaf Harofeh Hospital in central Israel and his technical assistant Daphna Komarovsky for illegally harvesting eggs from local women.

    More on Jews harvesting non-Jewish human organs.

  13. Franklin Ryckaert says:

    It is incorrect to say that 100 million Africans were transported as slaves to the New World and that only 10 million of them survived the voyage. According to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database from 1525 to 1866 12,5 million Africans were shipped to the New World, of whom 10,7 survived the voyage. 388,000 landed in North America.(source : : How many slaves landed in the US?).

    Besides, it would simply be impossible for 100 million Africans to be exported out of Africa, since the population of sub-Sahara Africa at that period never rose above 68 million. Absurd exaggerations serve no purpose.

  14. Citizen X says:

    Jews may soon become a moot point as per the Prophecy of St. Malachy for the last Pope is now in play. “Peter of Rome” will preside over the “…THEN SHALL THE 7 HILLS OF ROME FALL.”

      • Brownhawk says:

        Yes he was.

        A component of this Satanic perfidy has to do with what is called “prophecy”.

        Its controlling aspect is a manipulated manufacturing of ‘historical’ events in order to maintain a twisted, psychopathic condition reflected by the suffering and misery Satanism imposes on the World. It seeks to spread its own self-hatred by cultivating base instincts on humanity.

        This of course is fatalism at its worst, and is instrumental in propagating a doom and gloom mentality of hopeless inevitability – Enslave the World by making the goyim accept their ‘fate’ as the inferior Beings they are supposed to know they are, accomplished with a complete demoralization of the spirit.

        And thank you Sazzy for the important work you’re doing. I hope I’ve made my position on things more clear. We all need to understand our responsibility as spiritual warriors in fighting this evil to our last breath.

        • Harbinger says:


          This of course is fatalism at its worst, and is instrumental in propagating a doom and gloom mentality of hopeless inevitability

          I’m a realist; what an optimist calls a pessimist. Those who do see a hopeless inevitability are not the sheeple, not the masses, but the very much awake. Those who are falling down the rabbit hole on a mad voyage of enlightenment. The sheeple haven’t a clue what’s going on, well outwith the facade they believe to be reality. I see myself becoming a pariah if I continue trying to awaken the asleep. I have no problem with that but I do even attempting to enlighten arseholes to lazy and disconcerned to educate themselves on reality.

          The Jews are not our primary concern but instead our fellow goyim are. And quite frankly, if they all fall into Marx’s abyss then it serves them right – there are none more blind than those who will not see.

        • Brownhawk says:


          You’re right of course, and thank you for putting my thoughts in a proper perspective.

          But whatever evil (s)hits the proverbial fan, any “inevitability” has only to do with this Worldly morass. And there is no such thing as hopelessness when it comes to the truth of Spirit.

        • Harbinger says:

          Hi Brownhawk,

          And there is no such thing as hopelessness when it comes to the truth of Spirit.

          I wholeheartedly agree. A slave is only a slave who believes he’s/she’s a slave. And it’s really that simple. Of course the problem arises when you have to live in a society that’s swimming in immorality, decadence and benevolent/tyrannical dictatorship. I couldn’t live in one and I certainly would never allow myself to be imprisoned within one. I think it would mean that those who wish to be free, not subjugated within a dystopia, would have to look at the reality that they would become a wandering folk, nomads, with no place to call their home. The masses will continue to be overwhelmingly asleep because technology will continue to advance to keep them so. Worse still I foresee a future where eugenics will create humans (I use that term lightly) who will be unable to think or remember, simply intelligent enough to push the buttons on the machines that keeps the slaves running the society for their godlike superiors. The longer people remain within society, the higher the chance of this happening. The longer they eat the processed foods, the heavily chemically polluted foodstuffs, the poisonous vaccinations, the spraying of the skies and the drugs from the pharmaceutical companies, the more this horrific reality beckons. Cities are the mortars and the education and msm the pestles. If there is hell on earth this is most certainly it.

    • Joe says:

      @ Citizen X

      Christianity was greatly usurped. Google :

      ” The Light of Christ in The Vedas”

      No good reason to wish the Muslims destruction. The Muslims as a whole, including the Arabs, never did anything to us. It was USrael who started ALL the turmoil and war in the Middle East and in Afghanistan in the very first place.

      I spent a month in Egypt. The people there were very normal, polite, friendly, and it was palpable to me they wanted peace with the West. The didn’t understand why the US was attacking them. Yet, they were cordial and friendly with me. I travelled in Palestine/Israel also. The Palestinians are a down-to-earth, friendly, warm people. Both the Muslim Palestinians and the Christian Palestinians treated me with warmth & friendship.

      USrael is pushing the Muslims, especially the Arabs, to the very limits of their tolerance and patience. It’s horrible to go to the Middle East and see first hand all the Palestinian children covered with burns, missing limbs, blind,deaf, hungry, etc from he horrific attack they’re under. They hardly deserve it. They NEVER did anything to harm the West at all.

      I don’t even want to see violence come to the jews, not really. I want the jews and the freemasons to flush their god-damned talmuds down the toilet. There are some jews in Israel who want peace. They’re greatly out-numbered & overwhelmed by their fellow jews so propagandized and brain-washed , unfortunately.

      The talmud has just Got To Go.

      • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

        Trillions of people have been murdered by the jews throughout the centuries. They were expelled 109 times but they continue on with their racism and expect us to forgive them for all their crimes. They use Hollywood and the media as propaganda of hatred yet instituted “hate laws” so we couldn’t speak out against their murderous acts! It’s more than the Talmud. The Judaics are like wild, rabid dogs … crazed and ready to again!

        • Pablito says:

          I hope Miss SmartAzz is joking about Jews murdering “trillions of people.” I don’t think the total number of humans who have ever lived even adds up to one trillion.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          Perhaps “Miss Smart Azz is exaggerating since she doesn’t know the “exact” number but it certainly soars into millions and millions. Do you know the exact number Mr. Pablito or is it easier to sit back and criticize?

        • lobro says:

          if we follow jew math, trillions is a very modest figure.
          the true jew (although words “true” and “jew” rhyme, their meanings are moral poles apart) death toll is about 120,000 as per red cross records who had full access to german ww2 camps and data collection (being german, it was impeccable).
          thus, the kaballa pattycaked that number into a 60-fold inflation.

          applying the same to the minimum number of jew victims (russia, germany, africa, ukraine, armenia, middle east), the true number, which is in neighborhood of 200 million is easily seen to balloon into trillions after applying the same multiplier.

          me entiendes, pablito?

      • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

        No Talmuds have been flushed down the toilet; only Christian Bibles and the Koran. Anyone who has mercy on a poisonous snake deserves to be bitten!

        • Joe says:


          Well, I really don’t think I deserve to be bitten by a snake. I shall be careful in the future. I’ll make sure I keep my distance from any snake if I’m overwhelmed with mercifulness.

          I’m from New York City. I grew up there. I can handle myself fine against snakes, without getting bit, or falling into a snake den.

          I just don’t see how violence is going to solve anything though. It never has in the past. I would have less mercy, your word, for jews if there weren’t so many non-jewish sell-outs to the jew agenda.

          I come across alot of articles on the net about jews and their behavior/thinking [ I have no problem with reading about jew perfidy], but I hardly come across articles about Freemasons. Freemasonry is where the big-shot non-jews go to take their secret oaths to the jew bankers. We need to start pointing to our own sell-outs as we talk about the jews, and the talmud.

          The talmud — the thinking, the agenda, of the talmud– is filtered down to us via Freemasonry.

          It’s a two-headed snake we’re dealing with. Jews and Freemasons. The snake is owned by the bankers — the bankers being satanists. Satanism comes from the talmud also.

          Time to include freemasonry into our discussions, I think.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Joe
          I have no desire to see you bitten by a poisonous snake but their religion and ideologies are entrenched from the day they are born; so much that is has become instinctual for them to bite but in a sneaky, subtle way.

          2 Cor 11: 3. But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.13. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

          14. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

          15. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

      • Gabreal Jones says:

        (….) The second conclusion is less masochistic and certainly less boring. My volume of letters, and popularity on the Internet, plummeted when I finally learned, when I finally realized, in all its gory insanity, what actually was contained in the mysterious and mostly unknown set of books called the Talmud! Precious few people know, even today, how absolutely filthy they are. How anti-human, and anti-life (…)

        (…) The one satisfaction I have in all this is that today, there are many more people sounding like me as I sounded back then. Though still far short of sufficient to avert the colossal catastrophe that is unstoppably headed our way, it’s no longer taboo to discuss Israel’s bloody fingerprints all over American foreign policy, or even that homosexual Jews run most of America’s universities, as well as the White House and the Congress (…)

        (…) So keep talking to your invisible friend (…) John Kaminski concludes. He should read the Autobiography of a Yogi of Yogananda, or other more recent publication that this E

  15. Annis says:

    Consider how Hispanics flood into our country so they can be our slaves. They’ll live 20 to a trailer and work for $5 a day. They’ll live in the hills of California where they start fires. They’ll risk death in the desert or crammed into the back of a big rig just to be able to be here. Chinese come here on slave ships voluntarily too.

    Does anyone believe that blacks would not have voluntarily done the same thing if they had been offered the opportunity rather than being captured by their own people and sold?

    That’s the irony of it all. We can’t keep non Whites OUT of our country.

    I wrote a movie script, Belling the Cat, about the source of a lot of our troubles, the jew, and you can read it here if anyone cares to.

    • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

      @ Annis
      La Raza is an organization funded by the jews and so are the Brown Berets. Illegal means illegal. The jews want them here to create race riots!

      Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848)
      This treaty, signed on February 2, 1848, ended the war between the United States and Mexico. By its terms, Mexico ceded 55 percent of its territory, including parts of present-day Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah, to the United States.

  16. Pingback: Slavery, Gun Control and the Jewish Elites | S I R I U S N E T W O R K

  17. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Steven Spielberg Lincoln historian disagrees:

    Kate Masur, an associate professor of history at Northwestern has seen Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” which opens nationally on Friday. Something about the production is bothering her.

    The first scene is arresting: Two black soldiers speak with the president about their experiences in combat. One, a corporal, raises the problem of unequal promotions and pay in the Union Army. Two White soldiers join them, and the scene concludes as the corporal walks away, movingly reciting the final lines of the Gettysburg Address.

    Unfortunately it is all downhill from there, at least as far as black characters are concerned. As a historian who watched the film on Saturday night in Chicago, I was not surprised to find that Mr. Spielberg took liberties with the historical record. As in “Schindler’s List” and “Saving Private Ryan,” his purpose is more to entertain and inspire than to educate.

  18. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Jacob Rader Marcus

    “All through the eighteenth century, into the early nineteenth, Jews in the North were to own black servants; in the South, the few plantations owned by Jews were tilled with slave labor. In 1820, over 75 percent of all Jewish families in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves, employed as domestic servants; almost 40 percent of all Jewish householders in the United States owned one slave or more. There were no protests against slavery as such by Jews in the South, where they were always outnumbered at least 100 to 1….But very few Jews anywhere in the United States protested against chattel slavery on moral grounds.” United States Jewry, 1776-1985 (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1989), p. 586.

    Marcus describes the mockery of the Indian by Hyam Myer’s “Wild West Show” in his book, The Colonial American Jew:

    “[Myer sought] formal permission to exhibit some Mohawks in Europe. Myers sailed with the Indians before the proper certificate was forthcoming from the Indian Commissioner, and had already begun to parade them in Holland and in the taverns of London when the Lords of Trade urged Lieutenant-Governor Cadwallader Colden in New York to have Johnson put an end to the undertaking. From all indications Myers made no money on his grand European tour, for he ended up owing the Indians money – or refusing to pay them. Then, as now, there was “no business like show business!”

  19. Dr. Mathew says:

    Rehmat—- thank you for all the information you put out here & elsewhere.
    It must be a tremendous shock to people who had NO IDEA —
    The Goyim has been fooled forever by subtle way Jews play their “Victim” cards leading with the “Holohaux”& the propaganda “Pogrom” history put out in the world media over the last 200 years. The Jewish effort and its result has been masterful in the extreme.
    Thank you again — humanity owes you a tremendous debt of gratitude.

  20. kapoore says:

    Great article Rehmet, and so timely with the Academy Awards Sunday, where the movie “Lincoln” will probably win to wild applause while millions of TV viewers will feel as if something great has happened.

    The words that keep drifting through my mind are, “no insight, no insight.” It does take awhile to get it: Jewish guilt is about making other people feel guilty, the best gentiles are the ones that make Jews feel good, to criticize Jews is to become an anti-semite, a good man is a man who makes money no matter how, etc.

    I’ve been thinking about Sandy Hook too. I happen to believe that people were killed but probably not by skinny 120 pound Adam Lanza who was supposedly carrying his body weight in bullets as well as four guns and a rifle. He then shoots his way through shatter proof glass with a very noisy assault style rifle but for some reason no one hears him do it, and somehow gets in to kill 27 people in about 7 minutes–it’s like a super villain in a cartoon, “the morning Adam Lanza emerged from his basement and turns into Rambo.” What relates maybe to this article is that they wouldn’t let the medical teams into the school to treat anyone (maybe the medics could have saved someone), and then they wouldn’t let the parents see the bodies. And the coroner didn’t seem to know how many bodies there were. So I can see some of the kids dying and all of the adults but I can see the hit team deciding to take some of the kids to sell. After all they can get supposedly 200,000 per child in the slave market. Maybe that’s what was in the back of the van being driven by nuns. If a few of those children are still alive and we had a half way decent public official, they would be returned to their heartbroken parents no matter what it took. But we don’t seem to have a half way decent public official.

    So no insight on the part of the American public, which seems to have no limitation when it comes to being bamboozled. There is no insight on the part of many (not all ) Jews who really don’t get it and probably never will.

  21. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Who Brought the Slaves to America?
    By Walter White Jr., 1968

    The story of the slaves in America begins with Christopher Columbus. His voyage to America was not financed by Queen Isabella, but by Luis de Santangelo, who advanced the sum of 17,000 ducats (about 5,000 pounds-today equal to 50,000 pounds) to finance the voyage, which began on August 3, 1492.

    Columbus was accompanied by five ‘maranos’ (Jews who had foresworn their religion and supposedly became Catholics), Luis de Torres, interpreter, Marco, the surgeon, Bemal, the physician, Alonzo de la Calle and Gabriel Sanchez (1).

    Gabriel Sanchez, abetted by the other four Jews, sold Columbus on the idea of capturing 500 Indians and selling them as slaves in Seville, Spain, which was done. Columbus did not receive any of the money from the sale of the slaves, but he became the victim of a conspiracy fostered by Bemal, the ship’s doctor. He, Columbus, suffered injustice and imprisonment as his reward. Betrayed by the five maranos (Jews) whom he had trusted and helped. This, ironically, was the beginning of slavery in the Americas (2).

    The Jews were expelled from Spain on August 2, 1492, and from Portugal in 1497. Many of these Jews emigrated to Holland, where they set up the Dutch West Indies Company to exploit the new world.

    In 1654, the first Jew, Jacob Barsimson, emigrated from Holland to New Amsterdam (New York) and in the next decade many more followed him, settling along the East Coast, principally in New Amsterdam and Newport, Rhode Island. They were prevented by ordinances issued by Governor Peter Stuyvesant from engaging in the domestic economy, so they quickly discovered that the territory inhabited by the Indians would be a fertile field. There were no laws preventing the Jews from trading with the Indians.

    The first Jew to begin trading with the Indians was Hayman Levy, who imported cheap glass beads, textiles, earrings, armbands and other cheap adornments from Holland which were traded for valuable fur pelts. Hayman Levy was soon joined by Jews Nicholas Lowe and Joseph Simon. Lowe conceived the idea of trading rum and whiskey to the Indians and set up a distillery in Newport, where these two liquors were produced. Within a short time there were 22 distilleries in Newport, all of them owned by Jews, manufacturing and distributing ‘firewater.’ The story of the debauching of the Indians with its resultant massacres of the early settlers, is a dramatic story in itself.

    It is essential to comprehend the seaport of Newport. It is important in order to recognize the Jewish share in the Slave commerce. There was a period when it was commonly referred to as ‘The Jewish Newport-World center of Slave Commerce.’ All together, at this time, there were in North America six Jewish communities: Newport, Charleston, New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, and Savanuah. There were also many other Jews, scattered over the entire East Coast. Although New York held first place in the settlers of Jews in North America, Newport held second place.

    New York was also the main source of Kosher meat, supplying the North American settlements, then the West Indies and also South America. Now Newport took over! Newport also became the great trade harbour of the East Coast of North America. There, vessels from other ports met, to exchange commodities. Newport, as previously mentioned, represented the foremost place in the commerce of rum, whiskey, and liquor dealings. And to conclude, it finally became the Main Center of Slave dealings. It was from this port that the ships left on their way across the ocean, to gather their black human cargo and then derive great sums of money in exchange for them.

    An authentic, contemporary report, based on authority, indicates that of 128 Slave ships, for instance, unloaded in Charleston, within one year, their “Cargo,” 120 of these were undersigned by Jews from Newport and Charleston by their own name. About the rest of them, one can surmise, although they were entered as Boston (1), Norfolk (2), and Baltimore (4), their real owners were similarly the Jewish slave dealers from Newport and Charleston.

    One is able to assess the Jewish share in the entire dealings of the Newport, if one considers the undertaking of a lone Jew, the Portuguese, Aaron Lopez, who plays an important part in the over-all story of the Jews and Slavery.

    Concerning the entire commerce of the Colonies, and the later State of Rhode Island, (which included Newport) bills of lading, concessions, receipts, and port clearances carried the signature name of the Jew Aaron Lopez (3). This all took place during the years 1726 to 1774. He had therefore more than 50% of all dealings under his personal control for almost fifty years. Aside from that there were other ships which he owned, but sailed under other names.

    In the year 1749, the first Masonic Lodge was established. Ninety percent of the members of this first lodge, fourteen all told, were Jews. And one knows that only so-called “prominent” individuals were accepted. Twenty years later, the second Masonic Lodge, “King David,” was established. It is a fact that all of these members were Jews.

    In the meantime, the Jewish influence in Newport had reached such proportions that President George Washington decided to pay them a visit. Upon his appearance, both of the Masonic Lodges sent an emissary—a Jew named Moses Seixas (4) —to approach the President with a petition, in which the Jews of Newport stated: “If you will permit the children of Abraham to approach you with a request, to tell you that we honor you, and feel an alliance…… and then: “Until the present time the valuable rights of a free citizen have been withheld. However, now we see a new government coming into being based on the Majesty of the people, a government, not sanctioning any bigotry nor persecution of the Jew, rather, to concede the freedom of thought, which each shares, whatever Nation or Language, as a part of the great Government machine.”

    It is necessary at this point to consider the disclosures as to who in reality obtained this legendary freedom in America at the founding of the Union. To be sure, the province became independent and severed from the English Jurisdiction. However, we can see from the petition (5) which Moses Seixas offered President Washington in the name of the Jews of Newport, that it was not in reality this type of freedom which they had in mind. They were merely concerned about themselves, and their “own civil rights,” which had been withheld. Therefore, following the Revolutionary War, the Jews were accorded equal rights, and freed of all restrictions!

    And the Negroes? The Revolutionary War not withstanding, they remained Slaves! In the year 1750, one sixth of the population in New York was Negroid, and proportionately in the Southern parts of the Country, they outnumbered the others, but the proclamation of Freedom did not touch them. More of this later.

    Let us scrutinize at close range this dismal handwork of the Jews which gave them influence and power, so we may comprehend the Slave Trade; for there has been so much written since that time by the zealous Jewish writers, that at the present, long since removed, it might appear natural, for the time element has a tendency to make things nebulous.

    Let us follow the journey of one ship, owned by a slave dealer, [JEW] Aaron Lopez, which had made many trips to the African coast.

    For instance, in the month of May, 1752, the ship “Abigail” was equipped with about 9,000 gallons of rum, a great supply of iron foot and hand restraints, pistols, powder, sabres, and a lot of worthless tin ornaments, and under the command of the Jewish Captain Freedman, sailed off for Africa. There were but two Mates and six sailors comprising the crew. Three and one half months later they landed on the African Coast. Meantime, there had been constructed an African Agency, by the Jewish slave dealers, who had corralled them, and prepared them for sale. This organization reaching deep into Africa, had many ramifications, including the heads of groups, villages, etc. This method to win over these leaders for the Jewish slave trade, was similar to’ that which the Jews had employed with the Indians.

    At first, they presented them with rum, and soon found themselves in an alcoholic delirium. When the gold dust, and ivory supply was exhausted, they were induced to sell their descendants. At first their wives, and then their youths. Then they began warfare among each other, plotted and developed mostly by the Jews, and if they captured prisoners, these, too, were exchanged for rum, ammunitions and weapons to the Jews’, using them for further campaigns to capture more Negroes. The captured Blacks were linked two by two and driven through the medieval forests to the coast. These painful treks required weeks, and some of them frequently became ill, and felled by exhaustion, and many unable to rise even though the bull whip was applied as an encourager. They were left to die and were devoured by wild beasts. It was not unusual to see the bones of the dead laying in the tropical sun, a sad and gruesome reminder to those who would later on tread this path.

    It has been calculated that for each Negro who withstood the rigors of this wandering, there still had to be the long voyage across the ocean, before they reached American soil, nine out of ten died! And when one considers that there was a yearly exodus of ONE MILLION black slaves, then, and only then, can one assess the tremendous and extensive exodus of the African people. At present Africa is thinly populated, not alone due to the 1,000,000 literally dragged out of huts, but due to the five to nine million who never reached their destination. Once they reached the coast, the black slaves were driven together, and restraints were applied to hold them until the next transport ship docked. The agents—many of them Jews—who represented the Chief, then began the deal with the Captain. Each Negro was personally presented to him. But the captains had learned to become suspicious. The Black one must move his fingers, arms, legs, and the entire body to insure that there were not any fractures. Even the teeth were examined. If a tooth was lacking, it lowered the price. Most of the Jew agents knew how to treat sick Negroes with chemicals in order to sell them as sound. Each Negro was valued at about 100 gallons of rum, 100 pounds of gun powder, or in cash between 18 to 20 dollars. The notations of a captain inform us that on September 5, 1763, one Negro brought as much as 200 gallons of rum, due to the bidding among the agents, raising the price.

    Women under 25 years, pregnant or not, resulted in the same measure, if they were well and comely. Any over 25 years lost 25%.

    And here it should be stated that those Negroes, purchased free at the African Coast for 20 to 40 dollars, were then resold by the same slave dealers in America for two thousand dollars.

    This gives one an idea how the Jews managed to acquire tremendous fortunes. Following the bargaining, Captain Freedman paid the bill, either in merchandise or cash. He also recalled some advice which his Jewish employers gave him as he left Newport for Africa: “Pour as much water into the rum as you possibly can.” In this manner the Negro chiefs were cheated two times by the Newport Jews!

    The next step was to shave the hair from the head of the acquired slaves. Then they were bound and branded with a hot iron, either on the back, or the hip, identifying them with their owners. Now the Negro slave was indeed the property of the Jewish purchaser. If he fled he could be identified. Following this procedure, there was a farewell celebration. There were instances when entire families were brought out of the interior, to the coast, and then separated through the buyer—the father going with one ship, the sons and daughters into another. These “farewell” celebrations were usually packed with emotion, tears, drama and sadness. There was little joy, if ever.

    The following day the transport began from land to ship. It was managed by taking four to six Negroes at one time in rowboats to the ship. Of course the slave dealers were aware of how the Negro loved his homeland above all else, and could only be induced by great force to leave it. So, some of the Negroes would leap into the water. But here the overseers were prepared with sharp dogs and retrieved the fleeing men. Other Negroes preferred drowning. What came aboard alive was immediately undressed. Here was another opportunity to jump overboard and reach land and freedom. But the slave dealers were pitiless and ruthless; they were merely concerned to get their Black cargo to America with the least loss. Therefore, an escapee, recaptured, had both of his legs cut off before the eyes of the remaining Negroes in order to restore “Order.”

    On board the ship the Negroes were separated into three groups. The men were placed in one part of the ship. The women into another, whereby the lusty Captain arranged it so that the youngest, mostly comely Negro women were accessible to him.

    The children remained on deck, covered with a cloth in bad weather. In this fashion the slave ship proceeded on its journey to America. In the main, the ships were too small, and not at all suitable to transport people. They were barely equipped to transport animals, which the Negroes were likened to. In one space, one meter high (39 inches) these unfortunate creatures were placed into a horizontal position, pressed close together. Mostly they were chained together. In this position they had to remain for three months, until the end of the voyage. Rarely was there a captain who sympathized with them or evidenced any feelings whatever for these pitiable creatures. Occasionally they would be taken in groups to the deck for fresh air, shackled in irons.

    Somehow, these Negroes were expendable and endured much. On occasion, one of them became insane, killing the other one pressed closely to him. They also had their fingernails closely cut so they could not tear at each other’s flesh. The most horrible battles came about among the men, to acquire a centimeter or two for a comfortable position. It was then that the slave overseer stepped in with his bullwhip. The unimaginable, horrible, human excrement in which these slaves had to endure these trips is impossible to describe.

    In the women’s quarters the same conditions prevailed. Women gave birth to children lying pressed closely together. The younger Negro women were constantly raped by the captain and the crew resulting, thereby, a new type of Mulatto as they came to America.

    In Virginia, or in any of the other Southern port cities, the slaves were transferred to the land and immediately sold. A regular auction would take place, following the method of purchase in Africa. The highest bidder obtained the “Ware.” In many cases—due to the indescribable filth—some of the Blacks became ill during the sea voyage from Africa to America. They became unemployable. In such cases the captain accepted any price. It was rare to dispose of them for no one wanted to purchase a sick Negro. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Jewish, unethical doctor senses a new form of revenue. They purchased the sick Negro for a small sum, then treated him, and sold him for a large sum. On occasion, the captain would be left with a few Negroes for whom he did not find a buyer. In that case he returned to Newport and sold them to the Jews for cheap domestic help. In other cases, the Jew owner of the ships took them over. This is why the city of Newport and its surroundings had 4,697 black slaves in the year 1756.

    Slavery did not extend to the North. Moreover, in many of the North American Colonies, slavery was strictly forbidden. Georgia came under discussion; likewise also Philadelphia. And again it was the Jews who managed a loophole, which had given them freedom following the Revolutionary War, so, they schemed to make slave trading legal.

    One had but to read the names of those persons living in Philadelphia who were requesting the elimination of existing laws regarding the slavery dealing. They were: the Jews Sandiford, Lay, Woolman, Solomon, and Benezet. That explained it all! But let us turn back to the slave ship “Abigail.” Its captain—and we are reading from his ship’s books—did a profitable business. He sold all of his Negroes in Virginia, invested some of the money in tobacco, rice, sugar, and cotton, and went on to Newport where he deposited his wares.

    We learn from Captain Freedman’s books that the “Abigail” was a small ship and could only accommodate 56 people. He managed, however, to clear from one trip 6,621 dollars, which he in turn delievered to the owner of the ship: one Aaron Lopez.

    The staggering amounts of money acquired by the Jew ship owners and slavery dealers is better illustrated when we emphasize the many years in which this sale and purchase of human flesh was practiced. Prior to 1661, all of the Colonies had laws prohibiting slavery. It was in that year that the Jews had become powerful enough to bring about the repeal of these laws, and slavery began in earnest.

    The Jews had discovered that the Colonists needed additional manpower to help them clear their fields for planting, helping in the construction of dwellings, and in general to help with harvesting their crops. This was particularly true of the Southern states which we have referred to earlier. The Southerners had vast tracts of rich soil suitable for rice, cotton, tobacco and cane sugar. At first, impoverished Europeans were recruited. English prison doors were opened and finally prisoners ot war from England and Holland were brought to the Colonies, made to work until they had paid the cost of transporting them by ship and then set free.

    It doesn’t take a Jew long to discover what his brothers are doing, so a group of Jews settled in Charleston, South Carolina, where they set up distilleries for making rum and whiskey. They, too, learned that they could trade with the natives on the West Coast of Africa for ivory, and several ships were purchased and sent to Africa, trading the usual glass beads and other cheap ornaments for ivory, which, however, took up but little space on board ship. It occurred to these Jew traders that they could supply the plantations in the South with ‘Black ivory’, needed under swampy and malarial conditions which European labor could not tolerate without sickness, and which would not only fill the holds of their ships, but bring enormous profits. (This same group had earlier tried selling Indians as slaves but they found them completely unsatisfactory, as the Indians would not tolerate this type of work.) Thus, another segment of the slave trading had become active and profitable out of Charleston, South Carolina. Several shiploads of Black slaves were sent by the Dutch West Indies Company to Manhattan.

    During this time there were a number of plantation owners established in the West Indies and two Jews, Eyrger and SayUer, with strong Rothschild connections in Spain, formed an agency called ASIENTO, which later operated in Holland and England. It was through these connections that Jews in Holland and England exerted influence and both of these connections cooperated in helping the Jews provide Black Slaves for the Colonists.

    With the yearly capture and transport of one million Black slaves it is not difficult to figure that from 1661 to 1774 (one hundred thirteen years) approximately one hundred ten million slaves had been removed from their native land. About ten percent, or ELEVEN MILLION, Black slaves reached the Colonies alive.

    We have talked about the small ship “Abigail” which could accommodate only 56 people and yet the profits per trip were enormous, with little or no investment. There were many other ships but we will concentrate here on only a few, such as the “La Fortuna,” “Hannah,” “Sally” or the “Venue” which made very great profits. The “La Fortuna,” by the way, transported approximately 217 slaves on each trip. The owner cleared not less than $41,438.00 from such a trip. These were dollars which the slave dealers ‘could keep’. And these were dollars of value which would buy a great deal in return.

    When one considers that the Jews of Newport owned about 300 slave-transporting ships, active without interruption, docking at Newport-Africa, Charleston, (or Virginia), one can approximate the tremendous earnings which made their way to Jewish ship owners. Indeed, the Jews admit, that of the 600 ships, leaving Newport harbor into all the world, “at least half of them” went their way to Africa, and we know what these ships going to Africa “were seeking.”

    The fact that Aaron Lopez had control of over more than half of the combined deals in the Colonies of Rhode Island, with Newport, is well-known. The well-known Rabbi Morris A. Gutstein, in his book, The Story of the Jews in Newport, attempts to remove these facts, maintaining that there is not any evidence that the Jews were connected with the Slave Trade. It is therefore imperative to prove that the Jew was indeed connected with the slave trading. Especially so since this rabbi insists they had made great contributions, and how very “blessed” their residence became for the city of Newport. Surely Morris A. Gutstein will grant us permission to present the facts which he was unable to find.

    Turning to one report of the Chamber of Commerce of the “Rhode Island Colony” in the year 1764, we find, for instance, that in the year 1723 “a few merchants in Newport” devised the idea to send their Newport rum to the coast of Africa. It developed into such a great export that in the matter of a few years “several thousand (hogsheads)” of rum went that way. To which purpose did this rum serve?

    The Carnegie Institute in Washington, D.C., presents and makes public authentic documents entitled “Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade in America”. We wish to present a few facts from this particular collection of original documents and scrutinize them at closer range, and not at all to prove the heretofore Rabbi Morris A. Gutstein in error. In this collection of the first American institute of learning, we evaluate the capital “Rhode Island” which contributed the main share of the public documentation regarding the Slave trading. Here we find documented the recipients of the numerous shipping letters, also letters to the Slave dealers, and correspondence to the ship’s captains, who were about 15% Jews, living in Newport. Among these we find, for instance, the Jew Isaac Elizar. He wrote a letter to Captain Christopher Champlin on February 6, 1763, saying he would like to be an agent for a load of slaves. Then follows the Jew Abraham Pereira Mendez, and one of the main slave dealers, Jacob Rod Rivera-the father-in-law of Aaron Lopez. And then there is Aaron Lopez, himself, and many, many more other Jews. Although we have considered Aaron Lopez several times, the size of this documented treatise limits us, and we cannot describe all of the writers concerned in the Slavery Dealing correspondence, their names and the special dates—rather, we wish to study the documentation of the ‘Carnegie Institute’ itself—keeping Aaron Lopez in mind. We wish to see what in the main this Jew was pursuing and what his business was. This is due to the fact that Rabbi Morris A. Gutstein presents him as a “lofty and fine civilian of Newport” who was so generous and even “made contributions to welfare.”

    In a great number of published original unprejudiced writings in the Carnegie Institute, we find that Aaron Lopez pursued a tremendous commerce in rum with the African coast in exchange for slaves. These irrefutable facts are as follows:

    • June 22, 1764, a letter by Captain William Stead to Aaron Lopez.

    • July 22, 1765, a letter by Aaron Lopez to Captain Nathaniel Briggs.

    • July 22, 1765, a letter to Captain Abraham All.

    • February 4, 1766, a letter to Captain William Stead by Aaron Lopez.

    • March 7, 1766, a letter by Captain William Stead to Aaron Lopez.

    • February 20, 1766, a letter by Aaron Lopez to Captain William Stead.

    • October 8, 1766, a letter by Captain William Stead to Aaron Lopez.

    • February 9, 1767, a letter by Captain William Stead to Aaron Lopez.

    Aside from that, there are similar statements out of letters by Aaron Lopez in the original, which he directed to the Captains Henry Cruger, David Mill, Henry White, Thomas Dolbeare, and William Moore. Indeed, one letter by Captain William Moore to Aaron Lopez & Company, is particularly revealing, and of special mention at this point. We wish to remark on the main contents of this letter in which Captain Moore writes: “I wish to advise you that your ship ‘Ann’ docked here night before last with 112 slaves, consisting of 35 men, 16 large youths, 21 small boys, 29 women, 2 grown girls, 9 small girls, and I assure you this is such a one rumcargo (rum in exchange for slaves) which I have not yet encountered, among the entire group there may be five to which one could take exception.”

    The date of the above letter was November 27, 1773. We have not yet concluded, because of lack of space, the excerpts and grateful compilations made available by the “Carnegie Institute.”
    On November 29, 1767, the Jew Abraham Pereira Mendez—who had been cheated by one of his kind—from Charleston, where he had journeyed to better control his Black cargo, wrote Aaron Lopez at Newport:

    “These Negroes, which Captain Abraham All delivered to me, were in such poor condition due to the poor transportation, that I was forced to sell 8 boys and girls for a mere 27 (pounds), 2 other for 45 (pounds) and two women each for 35 (pounds).” (No doubt, English money)

    Abraham Pereia Mendez was very angry and accused Aaron Lopez of “cheating” him. This letter delineates to us that this generous and fine citizen of Newport was insatiable in his greed for money. This is what caused the Rabbi Morris A. Gutstein to present this nobleman, Aaron Lopez, to pursue his objectionable methods. Negroes presented to him but a commodity.

    In all of the letters which the “Carnegie Institute” published, it stresses the lack of human sympathy for the poor Negro slaves. This lack of feeling and compassion for the abused and pitiful Blacks at the hands of their Jewish dealers, can be read out of the diary of a captain who manned a ship owned by Aaron Lopez. The entrees concern a trip from the African Coast to Charleston. Moreover, they are authentic documents, published by the “Camegie Institute” in Washington, D.C., calling attention to an organization which had heretofore known little or nothing about; neither had they encountered further publicity in books or newspapers. Therefore, it is not to be wondered at that the facts of the leading share of American Jews in the slave trade could be pointed out as a monopoly, and unknown to the non-Jewish Americans, including the great masses of people all over the world. Others, however, acquainted with the facts, had good reason to remain painfully quiet.

    The captain of another ship, the “Othello” among other things, makes the following entries in his diary:

    • February 6th: One man drowned in the process of loading.
    • March 18th: Two women went overboard because they had not been locked up.
    • April 6th: One man dead with Flux. (No doubt an illness.)
    • April 13th: One woman dead with Flux.
    • May 7th: One man dead with Flux.
    • June 16th: One man dead by Kap Henry.
    • June 21st: One man dead by James Fluss.
    • July 5th: One woman dead with fever.
    • July 6th: One girl, sick for two months, died.

    This vessel was on its way for five months. What terrible and unspeakable suffering was the lot of these millions of Blacks, who were torn with brutal force from their friendly African huts, jammed together, like animals below deck, and then sold with less concern than selling a head of cattle. Small wonder that ten of them died, being purchased for just a few dollars, and then sold for the sum of $2,000.00.

    Some Negroes managed, through insurrection, to gain control of one or another ship and turned it around, with full sails, toward their African home. The crew of one slave ship, “Three Friends” for instance, tortured their Black cargo in such a manner that the Negroes reciprocated in a bloody rebellion. They killed the captain and the entire crew and threw the dead overboard. They then sailed back to Africa where they had barely escaped their hard-won freedom.

    A similar fate struck the slave ship “Amistad”. Among the slaves was the son of an enemy tribal chief. Once the ship was under way, he schemed with his compatriots to attack the ship’s crew. Following a bloody battle, they managed to capture the captain. The Negro prince forced him to turn back to Africa, then in the evening, under cover of darkness, he changed his course, zigzagged for months untfl he came close to the American coast, and encountered a government ship. This took place in the year 1839 when slave trading was already forbidden and illegal.

    The Negro slaves were freed and the captain punished. These sea voyages were not without danger when they had Black cargo, which accounts for the fact that the Jews most always engaged non-Jewish captains.

    The slave dealers preferred to remain in their offices and counted the fat winnings following each journey, such as Aaron Lopez, who left his heirs one of the largest fortunes in the New England era.

    When reviewing the documented facts contained herein, it is important that one always remembers that it was a lucky captain who did not lose more than 9 out of 19 slaves on the return trip.

    It is equally important to remember that these poor Black creatures had to lie in human excrement for the entire trip. Think of it! No wonder sickness and disease took such a high toll. Remember the figures: approximately one hundred ten million Black people were captured and removed from their homeland in Africa. Only ELEVEN MILLION of these Black slaves reached the Colonies alive.

    And the Jews still talk about the Germans and Hitler and how six million Jews were exterminated during World War II. This is the greatest LIE ever perpetrated upon the people of the world-whereas the story of the poor Black slaves is documented. Documented with TRUTH. The evidence is still available for the people of the world to see.

    The “Carnegie Institute of Technology” is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    As this document is distributed, eventually reaching the hands of the Jew, the evidence will probably be removed and destroyed until finally all documentation is removed which is damaging to the Jew. The Jews have been engaged in this practice for centuries. Truth, however—truth which bears fact cannot remain covered or hidden forever—and more truths are being disclosed by those of us who intend to free America of these sons of the devil—the Jews.

    The published documentation contained herein was obtained from the Carnegie Institute of Learning, presently known as “The Carnegie Institute of Technology.”

    The following is a partial of the slave ships owned by Jews:

    • ‘Abigail’ by Aaron Lopez.
    • Moses Levy and Jacob Franks.
    • ‘Crown’ by Isaac Levy and Nathan Simpson.
    • ‘Nassau’by Moses Levy.
    • ‘Four Sisters’ by Moses Levy.
    • ‘Anne & Eliza’ by Justus Bosch and John Abrams.
    • ‘Prudent Betty’ by Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix.
    • ‘Hester’ by Mordecai and David Gomez.
    • ‘Elizabeth’ by David and Mordecai Gomez.
    • ‘Antigua’ by Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell.
    • ‘Betsy’by Wm. DeWoolf.
    • ‘PoUy’by James DeWoolf.
    • ‘White Horse’ by Jan de Sweevts.
    • ‘Expedition’ by John and Jacob Rosevelt.
    • ‘Charlotte’ by Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks.
    • ‘Caracoa’ by Moses and Sam Levy.

    Slave-runners, also owned by Jews were the ‘La Fortuna’, the ‘Hannah’, the ‘Sally’, and the ‘Venue’.

    Some of the Jews of Newport and Charleston who were engaged in the distillery or slavery trade, or both, were: Isaac Gomez, Hayman Levy, Jacob Malhado, Naphtaly Myers, David Hart, Joseph Jacobs, Moses Ben Franks, Moses Gomez, Isaac Dias, Benjamin Levy, David Jeshuvum, Jacob Pinto, Jacob Turk, Daniel Gomez, James Lucana, Jan de Sweevts, Felix (cha-cha) de Souza (known as the ‘Prince of Slavers’ and second only to Aaron Lopez), Simeon Potter, Isaac Elizer, Jacob Rod, Jacol) Itodrigues Rivera, Haym Isaac Carregal, Abraham Touro, Moses Hays, Moses Lopez, Judah Touro, Abrtham Mendes and Abraham All.

    Of some 600 ships leaving the port of Newport, more than 300 were engaged in the slave trade. A typical cargo of one ship, ‘La Fortuna’, was 217 slaves which cost about $4,300 and sold for $41,438.00.

    Only about 10% of the slave ship captains were Jews, not wanting to subject themselves to the rigors of the 6-month journey. They preferred to stay at home and continue their distillery operations which continued to supply rum and whiskey to the Indians for many years at a very great profit.

    Elizabeth Donnan, 4 Vols. Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America, Washington, D.C., 1930-1935.
    “Carnegie Institute of Technology,” Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    Adventures of an African Slaver, by Malcolm Cowley, 1928. Published by Albert and Charles Bori, New York.
    The Story of the Jews in Newport, by Rabbi Morris A. Gutstein.
    The Jew Discovem America, by Cthmar Krainz.
    The International Jew, by Henry Ford.
    The Plot Against the Church, by Maurice Pinay.
    Protocol for World Conquest, 1956, by The Central Conference of American Rabbis.
    Behind Communism, by Frank L. Britton

    We cannot undertake even this brief history of the modern Jew without taking note of a phenomenon which his confounded Gentile societies for twenty centuries. This is the ability of the Jewish people to collectively retain their identity despite centuries of exposure to Christian civilization. To any student of Judaism, or to the Jews themselves, this phenomenon is partly explained by the fact that Judaism is neither mainly a religion, nor mainly a raciai matter, nor yet is it simply a matter of nationality. Rather it is all three, it is a kind of trinity. Judaism is best described as a nationality built on the twin pillars of race and religion. All this is closely related to another aspect of Judaism, namely the persecution myth. Since first appearing in history, we find the Jews propagating the idea that they are an abused and persecuted people, and this idea is, and has always been, central in Jewish thinking. The myth of persecution is the adhesive and cement of Judaism: without it Jews would have long since ceased to exist, their racial-religious nationality notwithstanding.

    End of original essay

    The following references are addes by the editor to facilitate your research.

    1. Ref. The International Jew by Henry Ford

    2. Adventures of an African Slaver by Malcolm Cowley, 1928, p.11

    3. Aaron Lopez and his family arrived in Newport around 1750 from New York via Lisbon, Portugal. Lopez arrived in the new world as a member of a “Marrano” family with the Christian name of “Don Duarte Lopez.” Lopez immediately dropped his Christian name and took the Hebrew name of Aaron and submitted to ritual circumcision. Within twenty years, Lopez owned or had interests in over 80 sailing vessels. Lopez was also one of the original founders and contributors of Touro Synagogue and by the end of his life was recognized as one of the “Merchant Princes” of early America. His merchant trading interests included rum, molasses, dry goods and African slaves.

    4. Moses Levy and the Moses Seixas families both lived in one of Newport’s large colonial mansions at 29 Touro Street. Seixas was a founding member of the nation’s oldest Jewish Masonic Lodge (King David in Newport) and Grand Master of the Masonic Order of Rhode Island. Seixas was well known as the Cashier of the Bank of Rhode Island. President (Parnas) of Touro Synagogue at the time of the George Washington visit and letter to the congregation, Seixas also performed the Covenant of Circumcision (B’rith Milah). Prominent merchant and trader Moses Levy of New York and Newport was one of several Ashkenazi Jewish families in Newport at that time. Levy owned the Touro Street Mansion and willed the property to Moses Seixas in 1792.

    5. “Sir: Permit the children of the stock of Abraham to approach you with the most cordial affection and esteem for your person and merit, and to join with our fellow-citizens in welcoming you to Newport. …

    Deprived as we hitherto have been of the invaluable rights of free citizens, we now-with a deep sense of gratitude to the Almighty Disposer of all events — behold a government erected by the majesty of the people-a government which to bigotry gives no sanction, to persecution no assistance, but generously affording to all liberty of conscience and immunities of citizenship, deeming every one of whatever nation, tongue, or language, equal parts of the great governmental machine.

    This so ample and extensive Federal Union, whose base is philanthropy, mutual confidence and public virtue, we cannot but acknowledge to be the work of the great God, who rules in the armies of the heavens and among the inhabitants of the earth, doing whatever seemeth to Him good.

    For all the blessings of civil and religious liberty which we enjoy under an equal and benign administration, we desire to send up our thanks to the Ancient of days, the great Preserver of men, beseeching Him that the angels who conducted our forefathers through the wilderness into the promised land may graciously conduct you through all the difficulties and dangers of this mortal life; and when, like Joshua, full of days and full of honors, you are gathered to your fathers, may you be admitted into the heavenly paradise to partake of the water of life and the tree of immortality.

    Done and signed by order of the Hebrew Congregation in Newport, Rhode Island, August 17, 1790.
    Moses Seixas, Warden”

    • lobro says:

      a valuable font of information, much to ponder here.
      given what they have done to humanity, it can be argued that it is criminal to argue against violent means of resistance.

      consider a simple fact, had there been no jews, there would have been at least 200 million lives saved in terms of direct effect, not to mention untold ones in terms of hunger, disease, misery, environmental damage and so on.
      and what about future wipeouts, undoubtedly meticulously planned already to dwarf anything from the already nasty past and in early stages of execution, e.g., global food monopoly and access denial?

      i only have one question: it was my impression that the first jews arrived in the states (new york and rhode island) from the dutch colonies in brazil where they have already established slave import on a massive scale in order to expand this onfernal business to north america and the caribbean.

      it almost seems that the expulsion of the filth from spain by isabella + ferdinand only served to spread the plague to hitherto unaffected parts of the earth … another reason to consider frequently argued-for expulsion with caution.

  22. Joe says:

    @ SazzyLilSmartAzz

    I know you didn’t really mean you wanted me to get bit by a snake. I was trying to be a smart azz — but I guess I need a little bit more practice.

    I like smart azzezz. You leave alot of information for the reader, not just opinion. You back up your opinions with information [ websites to go to, etc] . I respect that.

    I don’t have the ultimate answers about anything. I’m trying my best to make my way through this crazy world [ as we all are ].

    When discussing all the problems in this present day world, I’m reminded of a Latin expression from the days of the ancient Roman empire : ” Deos enim religuos accepimus, Caesares dedimus”

    { The gods were handed down to us, but we created the Caesers ourselves }

    The jews get away with so much because there’s alot of non-jews who seem to like the jew agenda. Many of our presidents have been freemasons, for example. Freemasonry and the talmud and the whole jew commie agenda go hand-in-hand. I just wanted to make that point.

    • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

      Well, I didn’t feel you came off as a smart azz but you may practice more if you feel it’s worth your time. I think searching for the answers seems a wiser way to spend your time since it could be running out (for all of us).

      Actually, I could sit here all day and type my opinions but I have a personal motto; everyone is entitled to his own opinions but no one is entitled to his own facts so that’s why I leave links and info.

      Point taken and well made. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think it was Aesop who said, “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.”

  23. Joe says:

    @ SazzyLilSmartAzz

    Thank you.

    In my search for some answers — in this case about the Sandy Hook shooting — a commentator mentioned Sandy Hook [ kapoore] — I came across a video about United Way Charity organisation & Sandy Hook.

    United Way put up a web page about the shooting 2 days before the actual shooting took place. The web page was asking for donations for the victims of the Newton, Conn school shooting. Two days before the actual mayhem. Amazing.

    There’re 2 videos at this link. The 1st one is about the “crisis actors”. The 2nd one is about United Way.

    I mention this for all the readers who may not have heard about this, or may not know about the video concerning United Way.

    • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

      Yes, I know. I think we’ve all been following Sandy Hook and I’m convinced this was a DHS operation to take away our 2nd Amendment Rights. I’m not saying no one was killed but I don’t think this story adds up at all and I don’t believe Adam Lanza was guilty. In fact, there is no evidence he even existed since 2009.

      We all know the jews are behind this; look who has been screaming to take our guns away for decades. Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Mayor Bloomfield; all jews!

      Did you notice how Obama came out crying crocodile tears within less than six hours after it happened?

      Adam Lanza Did Not Exist – The Sandy Hook Hoax

      • Joe says:

        @ SazzyLilSmartAzz

        Yes. We’re on the same page, same paragraph, same sentence, same Word, about Sandy Hook.

        Just my opinion :

        I think something went greatly awry with the mossad/sayanim operation when the NY police caught up with the israeli couple in their Greenwich Village apt. They had an apt full of weapons, maps of Newton, and they even their plan for a Newton school shooting written down. The cops also have videos of them traveling back and forth from NYC to Newton.

        I think the israeli couple were an integral part of the operation. I suspect the sayanim in Conn thought they could pull it off w/o the israeli couple’s involvement — and hired “crisis actors” and put on a giant show in lieu of the real thing.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Joe,
          Exactly but most people didn’t hear or pay attention to that article. Later turns out later the media tried to claim the jew was a Nazi! LOL!!!

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          Now Village Bomber Jewish Aaron Greene Was a Nazi All Along


          Remember the West Village bomb-maker who went to Harvard and was dyed-in-the-wool Occupy Wall Street?

          Remember how he didn’t go to Harvard? Remember how he had no connection to Occupy and didn’t have any political affiliations or motivations at all?

          Remember how yes he did too?

          No? Don’t remember any of that? All previous iterations of this story safely stowed down the memory hole?

          Good. Because here’s the new official version: Aaron Greene, (WHO IS JEWISH) arrested last week in his apartment for possession of firearms and the explosive powder HMTD, is a Nazi-lover. Who went to Harvard.

          The lead from today’s New York Post:

          “The Nazi-loving Harvard grad busted with bomb-making materials in his Greenwich Village apartment was planning to blow up the Washington Arch with high-grade explosives, police officials said.”

          Nazi-loving? Yes.

          “Law enforcement also characterized Greene as an Adolf Hitler-wannabe. Greene allegedly signed off on several letters with the lightning bolt symbol commonly associated with Hitler’s SS. In one missive, he repeatedly used the word ‘kill’ and the phrase ‘kill them all,’ sources said.

          ‘Greene told his girlfriend’s parents that his grandfather was a Nazi during WWII,’ said one law enforcement source.”

          Leaving aside the fact that this evidence seems at least as likely to identify Greene as an extended-adolescent dumbass as it is to pin him as a committed National Socialist — the Daily Beast’s depiction of Greene and his girlfriend as hapless fuck-ups has always seemed more plausible than other portraits — today’s Nazi angle is still interesting.

          That’s because it represents a full 180-degree revolution of the compass needle of Greene’s political orientation as reported in the press. No longer a pinko malcontent, Greene has metamorphosed in the Post into an aspiring brownshirt. Post reporters keep uncritically transcribing the whispers of anonymous police sources even when they contradict themselves. And it’s done without any sort of correction. The Post never associated a drug-addled weapons-horder with a popular movement for economic justice! On the contrary, it says he is a Nazi-lover. Eurasia has always been at war with Eastasia.

          Meanwhile, Greene went to Harvard, goddamnit. That part stays in. It’s too good to fact-check.

      • Franklin Ryckaert says:

        Sandy Hook was clearly a PSY OP by the government in order to further the gun control agenda. But we have to ask ourselves why they were so clumsy in the execution of the whole operation? There were simply too many and too obvious “mistakes” to believe that it was all accidental. I think it was intentional for the following reasons :
        1) To test how many of the public still don’t get it and how many do (that can be easily tested by following the Internet).
        2) To test how many of those who do get it take any action ( answer : none).
        This will have convinced the government that they can get away with any action they want no matter how many “truthers” on the Internet talk about it.

        As for Obama’s “crocodile tears”, did you notice that at one time he wiped off his “tears” above his eyebrows? But I think this “mistake” too was intentional!

    • Floda says:

      Another odd thing about the Dark Night shooting was the death of a woman, a nurse, who treated many of the wounded at the scene, was she DROWNED a few weeks afterwards.

      Made me think.

      Here is a woman, presumably a youngish woman, (the screening was at midnight) with the control and the cool presence of mind to tend to the wounded in the mayhem of a mass shooting in which as many as 80 persons may have been injured.

      A few weeks pass and she drowns? That does not seem kosher to me, people like that don’t drown. I see dark bastardry.

  24. Gloria Steinham says:

    Feminism, birth control, and pornography are 3 weapons Jews use to destroy:

    • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

      @ Gloria Steinham

      Many people suppose that feminism today is a continuation of the reform movement of the past. They occasionally notice a ranting Bella Abzug or an icy Gloria Steinem but imagine them to be merely the froth of extremism on an otherwise sensible movement. That is not the case; the extremists are the movement.[1]

      These radical feminist organizations promise equality for women, but in truth they are more interested in promoting a socialist/Marxist agenda which includes abortion and contraception on demand, hatred for the traditional family, and particularly venomous hatred for the Catholic Church and her moral teachings. Tammy Bruce, former president of the Los Angeles chapter of N.O.W. writes that NOW’s leaders have “become apologists for a president [Clinton] who sexually harassed an underling,”[2] and have overlooked Clinton’s behavior because, in the words of the radical feminists themselves, he “has been so good on all our issues” (particularly abortion on demand).

      David Reardon, in an article entitled “The Seduction of Feminism,” writes that women’s rights groups years ago had an entirely different orientation. Some of these groups condemned artificial contraceptive methods as “unnatural, injurious, and offensive” to women [Linda Gordon, Woman's Body, Woman's Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America (New York: Grossman, 1976), 97]. They also believed that contraceptives would reduce women to a role of being sexual objects for their mates [Ibid., 98], and that contraceptives would turn wives into little more than prostitutes, always “safe” for husbands to exploit to satisfy their passions [ibid., 117]. David Reardon also writes:

      Widespread contraceptive use … would also encourage promiscuity, thus undermining their call for mutual chastity. They particularly feared that the availability of contraceptives would lure even more husbands and sons who were presently chaste into illicit sexual exploits, exposing even more young women to seduction, abuse, and abandonment. [ibid., 98]

      Feminism’s founding mothers also condemned abortion from two directions. First, they insisted it was immoral to kill an unborn child. Susan B. Anthony, Victoria Woodhill, and virtually every other noted feminist leader of the last century described abortion as “infanticide” and “child-murder.” [Mary Krane Derr, "Man's Inhumanity to Woman Makes Countless Infants Die: The Early Feminist Case Against Abortion" (Kansas City, MO: Feminists for Life, 1991).]

      The radical feminists of today reject all of these pro-life, pro-family positions.

      • Franklin Ryckaert says:

        Feminism was originally a well intenioned movement by white women for the improvement of the fate of women. Then it got infiltrated by Jews, corrupted and used for destructive purposes. As such it became a great “success”.

        The same happened with the socialist movement, originally founded by idealistic white men for the improvement of the fate of the working class. Then the Jews infiltrated and corrupted it, using it for their destructive “revolutionary” purposes. Marx called the original idealistic socialists contemptuously “Utopian” socialists. The Jews didn’t want a Utopia, they wanted an horrible Dystopia. That too became a great “success”.

        It is the same with all movements the Jews infiltrate.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Franklin Ryckaert
          Exactly, the White feminists were organizing to improve the fate of women but had no desire to destroy their family or their culture!

          The jewish feminists wanted to destroy the family and even incorporated lesbianism into the movement.

          Feminism – a form of Jewish Control


        • 1776blues says:


          “Feminism – a form of Jewish Control”

          You are correct! Thanks for the link Sazzy, will watch. And as usual you continue to provide a wealth of important information. I always enjoy your posts.

        • Harbinger says:


          If you care to look into the English feminist movement you’ll find the suffragettes movement. Looking into that and you’ll find the Pankhursts. Look into them and you’ll see Fabian socialism.

          Bottom line, I don’t think feminism was ever inflitrated. I think its goals were set out from its inception especially when one realizes that Fabian Docialism is all about promoting the “water on a stone/dropping a frog into water and heating it slowly agenda”, that is, the drastic change of society over a long period of time so as to keep the detrimental agenda hidden to the public.

        • Brownhawk says:

          Good point.

          What prompted a reaction that saw the need for a feminist movement to BEGIN with?

          Smells like a classic Problem-Reaction-Solution set-up to me.

          Another Hegelian rhapsody celebrating an increment of the British- Israel “Great Work of Ages”.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Brownhawk,
          Harbinger could be right but I’d have to do more research. I believe the initial reason was the voting issue.

        • Franklin Ryckaert says:

          Whatever feminism originally was, it has transformed in something wholly destructive. To teach women to hate men, hate marriage, hate motherhood, promote abortion, slut behavior or lesbianism is sure way to destroy society. I am not against equal rights for women or the possibility to chose a career instead of marriage for the few who want that, or to combine (part time) work with marriage for some who want that, but we cannot deny the biological and emotional differences between men and women and the different roles in society this implies. As always with Marxism, feminism as a form of cultural Marxism is a war against nature, a war that of course never can be won, but that is extremely destructive in the process. This societal destruction is the true aim of Jewish feminism. I don’t think it originally was also the aim of the non-Jewish feminists. Nicolas Rockefeller confessed to Aaron Russo that their aim of feminism was the destabilization of society, but I know the Rockefellers work for the Rothschilds. Have you any information that the Fabians are a front organization for the Jews?

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          @ Franklin Ryckaert
          I am a White woman and I agree with you 100%! This god awful movement was to destroy the White race and White culture and it’s taking its toll with multiculturalism, race mixing and abortion!

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  26. Amerikagulag says:

    When will the insidious religion of Judaism be OUTLAWED worldwide? Then this clique terrorist organization can be called what they really are; “enemies of humanity”.

    The torah and the talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.

  27. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Amerikagulag says:
    February 24, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    When will the insidious religion of Judaism be OUTLAWED worldwide? Then this clique terrorist organization can be called what they really are; “enemies of humanity”.

    The torah and the talmud are weapons of mass destruction and their adherents are enemies of humanity.
    If wishes were horses – beggers would ride. Action speaks louder than words! (Sorry, but that’s about as original as I can be pertaining to this subject).

  28. Joe says:

    @ Gilbert Huntly

    – and anyone interested in the history of the South –

    ” The Impending Crisis of the South”

    Th title of a book written in 1857 by a Southerner, Hinton R. Helper. Helper was a Southerner opposed to the slave economic system. He saw clearly the baneful effects of the monopoly of the large slave plantation owners had over the South.

    His work may be of interest. It’s online.

    Also — as concerns the Golden Circle Empire : The expression was only known/used amongst the big-shot jews and the big-shot freemasons in the ante-bellum South.

    The history books mention the tariff issues, the issue of state’s rights, and the slavery issue, as causes of the WBTS. While true to a degree, the desire of the Jews down South to start up a “Golden Circle ” empire with Mexico, Central America, Cuba, the West Indies, and Brazil is completely left out of the history books. This leaves our understanding of what truly happened during that time period blurred and distorted.

    The desire for a Golden Circle empire was a very big dynamic as to why there was a war for Southern secession. When the South lost, many Jews in the South high-tailed it to Wall St and Washington and started to agitate for empire [ and a central bank] form the North.

    They won a victory with empire-builder Teddy Roosevelt. He won the presidency through the assassination of McKinley. Teddy was a golden circle boy. His mother was a Georgia Bullock. The Bullocks played a leading role in the Confederate Secret Service. Roosevelt was a golden circle boy at heart. He got the US on the road to empire big-time.

    They won another victory with Woodrow Wilson ; Yet another Southern golden circle boy, the Wilson family very much supported Southern aspirations throughout the WTBS. Woodrow’s parents lived in Ohio at the time of the war, but they were Southerners. Woodrow’s father was a minister, but was also a Freemason { Scottish Rite} After the war, the Wilsons moved to Virginia. Woodrow was raised to be a golden circle boy .

    Wilson gave the Jews their long -planned -for Central Bank with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. 48 years after the end of the WBTS, the Jews won the Central Bank they always wanted, plus the US govt was well on it’s well to Empire by that time, thanks to Bullock/Roosevelt — the”teddy bear”.

    In many important ways, the now “Yankee” empire can be traced back historically to the slave economic system, and the desire of the slavemongers to have a slave/opium empire : A Golden Circle, as they called it.

    Roosevelt started the FBI around 1907. The FBI can be traced back historically to the Confederte Secret Service. Roosevelt’s Attorney General was Joseph Bonaparte, from Napolean Bonaparte family fame. The Bonaparte’s supported the Golden Circle dreams of the Southern Jews/Freemasons.

    All the info is online.

    I’m replying to you here because there was no “reply” icon after your comment to my post about the website and the War Between The States. has alot of information about Roosevelt and Bonaparte, and Wilson as well. Make sure to look into the role of Mazzini and the Vatican during the WBTS, and Herbert Hoover’s background while you’re at the site. Very interesting. Who says history is boring? I think it’s fascinating myself.

    • Gilbert Huntly says:

      Me too, Joe!

      Good morning. I had not heard enough to remember the “Golden Circle” implications of my own Southern heritage – until now. It will be a joy to look into it, and find some way to go back and weave it into a book I have been piddling with for a few years – if I find enough to make it worthwhile(!). Some of you on this site have mesmerized me with your abundant knowledge – but, you know, a careful man has to trek around and find out for himself, too; and a wise man needs to understand and define his own limitations as to how much he really needs to know and apply with his time allotted on this earth. (We have to ask ourselves: What are we going to do with all this information???!) :)

      I grew up around family and friends who still had descendants of slaves residing on their places – and a whole bunch of antiquities from that era, including papers and books – which abundantly provide testimony to the times. However, NONE mentioned the Golden Circle. Thinking back on it, though, I can perceive some things which might be evidential…

      This jew thing is almost overwhelming. To think it has even grown and conquered so much is frightening to contemplate – and makes it extremely difficult to figure out how to live with it. I know that even Thomas Jefferson’s home, “Monticello”, was bought and brought back to good repair by a certain
      “Commodore” Uriah Levy. (The Confederate government seized it from him early after Virginia seceeded.. I have to wonder, now, if all that was Golden Circle related..)

      Thanks, Joe. Unfortunately, I am not able to dedicate all my time to research and writing because I have chores to do. The only reason I have been on here so much is that I have had “walking pneumonia” for awhile, now, and have had to take some time to mend myself. (Wish I could go back thirty years to college and have the interests I now have!)

      • Joe says:

        @ Gilbert Huntly

        Yes. It’s important to be careful when treking around. The website will present aspects of history we don’t read in our extremely abridged history books. Still, of course, one must be discerning when reading any website, book, newspaper, magazine, etc.. That’s been true throughout all of history. We live in a world of lies, that’s for sure. Still, I think is a good place to start an exploration of history never mentioned in the mainstream “matrix”. Still, please be discerning. [ I want your book to come out right. Good luck with your book project, by the way].

        I’m retired now. I spend a lot of time online [ I don't like golf ] I enjoy history. I’ve been reading history books since I was about 8 0r 9. Love it. Majored in it.

        What’s going on these days in the US and all around the world is very overwhelming to me. My heart goes out to the young children. They will be faced with challenges & obstacles as great — if not Much greater — than any other generation of Amercans. Certainly, they will face challenges alot greater than my Extremely spoiled “do your own thing” generation.

        For me, the best thing about the times we live in is the internet. There’s so much information available to us now — I’m amazed. A great invention. While there’re alot of liars online, there’s enough truth online for any discerning reader with his/her heart-in-the-right-place.

        I’ve always been very curious. I always went to the library when I was a kid. Read everything I could. The funny thing is : The more I read, the more confused I got. Alot of things didn’t seem to fit right, especially as concerns history. It’s very sad how controlled our education is. Although I majored in history, I had never heard of Eustache Mullins in all my years of high school and college, for example. Very sad commentary about the educational system. We truly do live in a “matrix”.

        ” What are we going to do with all this information? ” Good question. If, by chance, you come across some truth in your search for information — Share The Truth. That’s the best thing we can do with all this information. Help others break out of the matrix.

        While the jews are very much part of the matrix — the world of lies — the matrix transcends the jews — I’m reminded of the story in the New Testament when satan takes Christ to the top of the mountain and shows Him the whole world. We see clearly who owns and controls the matrix.

        Personally, I think the whole jew/christian thing in the West is a giant hegelian dialectic set up to greatly divide all of us. It was set up in ancient times.

        Speaking of all things Southern, Eustache Mullins, “Curse of Canaan”, is an intriguing & compelling book to read about how the matrix we have in the West started way back in the days of Babylon. I now know what the old-time ministers meant when they said, “Get ye out of Babylon”. I never knew what they were talking about when I was a kid.

        I mention “all things Southern” because Eustache Mullins was a Southerner. An honest man/historian who searched for truth in this world — found some truth — and shared his findings with us. He did not have it easy in his life. He spoke too much truth. Google : ” Eustache Mullins + Ezra Pound” .

        All of Mullins books are online now. A great gift to us. His work was not available before the internet. His works can be found with a simple engine seach. The books are in pdf format.

        The War- Between -The- States was conjured up in the City of London, together with the jew/freemason halls of Charleston/New Orleans/Newport,RI. The bankers started making their plans to divide the US very soon after Andrew Jackson gave the international bankers a good kick in the a**. The war was very much planned in London, and the jews/freemason both down South & up North did everything they could to foment the war for their banking g*ds.

        Although I think the jew/christian thing is a giant hegelian dialectic, I retain my love for Christ, the Light of Christ. Google : ” The Light of Christ in The Vedas”. By-pass the hegelian dialectic.

        It’s good thing to go searching for truth in a world of lies. If anything, the truth will help protect your mind, your heart, your spirit, from the baneful effects of a matrix conjured up in hell and designed to have all of us at one another’s throats over every issue/topic/subject under the sun.

        Searching for truth will help protect your sanity. If you come across some truth : Share It. That’s all that the Holy Creator asks of us. The rest is in His hands.

        • Gabreal Jones says:


          I agree with you. The matrix transcends jews. It is the same old story of good (life supporting) and bad (indirectly life supporting, to see it thorougly, positive). The bad is removed automatically as life advances/evolves, the principle of the snowplough. It takes more than one human life time though.
          The problem with this jew talmud/ot stuff that it is viewed by many in the socalled truth movement as only a jew thing. Nonsense it is a (sub)normal way of human functioning to see other Life forms (outside the skin and the tribe) as low lives. In that way a lot of whites but, blacks, red, yellow, purple whatever skincolour are
          trying to whitewash their past…. A thing which is a wrong interpretation of the historic teachings of JC of 2000 yrs ago, if you believe in Him etc.

          CIA O

        • Gilbert Huntly says:

          Thanks, Joe

          Incidentally, I knew Eustace Mullins – went to the same undergraduate school about forty years later than he – but we became friends about fifteen years before he passed away. I think I have ALL his books, and I connected his nephew (who had bushels of them in storage) with Scriptures for America Worldwide to sell and republish a few. I have lent a few out, and need to get them back!

          Anyhow, take a good look at The World Order if you get a chance. E published it in 1989, and I think it his most excellent work besides Secrets of The Federal Reserve. It almost leads one by the hand as to how and why we are in the miserable situation we are in, now. (Oh my! If I had that book back in the seventies, I could have graduated Phi Beta Kappa with added honors!). (or might have been assassinated).

          My real name is not Gilbert Huntly.

        • SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

          Eustace Mullins – The New World Order Video (Full Length)

        • Joe says:

          Now that I know you were friends with Eustache Mullins, you simply must forget your chores you mentioned and write the book !!
          [ just kidding ]

          Thanks for the info about “The World Order”. I will read it. I’m glad more people are finding out about Mullins. He deserves recognition. He has my highest respect.

          [ you probably would have been either assassinated, or thrown into a mental "health" institution] You would not have have graduated with any kind of honors : As they say in New York City,
          ” fuggedaboutit”.

        • Gilbert Huntly says:

          Thanks, Joe

          Incidentally, I knew Eustace Mullins – went to the same undergraduate school about forty years later than he – but we became friends about fifteen years before he passed away. I think I have ALL his books, and I connected his nephew (who had bushels of them in storage) with Scriptures for America Worldwide to sell and republish a few. I have lent a few out, and need to get them back!

          Anyhow, take a good look at The World Order if you get a chance. E published it in 1989, and I think it his most excellent work besides Secrets of The Federal Reserve. It almost leads one by the hand as to how and why we are in the miserable situation we are in, now. (Oh my! If I had that book back in the seventies, I could have graduated Phi Beta Kappa with added honors!). (or might have been assassinated).

          People like Lasha Darkmoon and some of her regular posters ASTOUND me with their seemingly off-hand knowledge! They all must be tenured professors at some high-dollar schools….

          Btw, my real name is not Gilbert Huntly, either.

        • Brownhawk says:

          The matrix may transcend the Jews, but they are of course the major movers and shakers, the primary agents installing its (Satans) apparatus.

          And I would say, with all due respect to Eustace Mullins, that the entire scope of the matrix is exceedingly more ancient than the Babylonians.

        • Gabreal Jones says:

          What I mean is this- Dzenghis Khan for example
          (1155-1227 after JC) the Mongol Conqueror said to have been ‘in charge’ of the largest world empire. Was no boyscout, was no jew, but must have somehow the same agenda as the talmud/ot.

          There are plenty of such examples. How long this world has been? Way beyond than what we have been taught in our schools.

          Just stumbled upon a book in the Rotterdam Central Library about the Dutch roots of Manhattan: the Island at the Center of the World. Emailed its author, Russel Shorto in short about Christopher Bollyn’s Solving 9/11
          The Deception That Changed The World.

          Martin van Creveld the Israeli miltary strategist
          in a prominent Dutch paper, Elsevier, in 2002 produced this Samson option sound: (…) we have hundreds of nuclear warheads and rockets to target all European capitals. We have the possibility to drag the world with us if we go under (…)

          Should have been a s.o.s. of this looney van C. but the recent Dutch elections were held
          12 sept. 2012……..

          But more people are waking up to the raw fact 911sraeldididit!! Only we have to communicate, tell them. It certainly has its value that we do it,
          The London bombing by these Ziolympigs was widely anounced in advance together with 9/11
          in that cardgame, but did not come about….So keep the s.o.s. going and bring them to justice.

          CIA O

    • Brownhawk says:

      Sounds like the reasons for Mckinley’s assassination were similar to Kennedys that paved the way for the power-mad buffoon LBJ

      Teddy Rooseveldt:

      Speak obnoxiously and shove a big stick up your jewish ass


      • Joe says:

        …..but teddy was soooo cute, he was a “teddy bear”…….

        • hp says:

          For 100 years Hegel had said it best and then along came Santayana with his (new and improved) version which in truth was a devolved version for the devolving intellectuals along with their devolving societies of cheaters and cheated.

          Seems like a minor, perhaps insignificant little adjustment, but an adjustment it was.

          Either version rings of the truth, not that this matters or has effected an iota of evolution, whatsoever.

          Hegel: “We learn from History that people learn nothing from History”

          Santayana: “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

          See the difference?

        • Joe says:

          Google : ” McKinley Assassination + Jews”

          ” McKinley Assassination + Jews + Theodore Roosevelt”

          Lots of evidence jews took out JFK as well. He wanted to put an end to the Federal Reserve, and he didn’t want Israel to have nukes.

  29. Lonnie says:

    Excellent article Lasha.

    So when are we all going to joining JB Campbell are get serious about putting these pricks 6 feet under? Really, haven’t we over-diagnosed the problem?

    You can only deal with people with reason or force. OBVIOUS reason is not working.

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