Syria: A catastrophe in the making, by Lasha Darkmoon

Syria lies waiting, exposed and vulnerable.
When will the vultures move in for kill?


The Syrian situation changes by the hour. Writing about it can be a frustrating task, for almost everything one says about it has to be modified later as new events occur. This is where we stand right now:

The UK and France have backed out of joining the US in its plan to attack Syria. They say they want to wait for more evidence of Syrian “wrongdoing”. They point out that they will feel happier about attacking Syria if and when the UN chemical inspectors in Syria have completed their report. The US, which has already made up its mind that the Assad government is guilty, is apparently not interested in “evidence of guilt”. It is now determined to “go it alone.”

A barrage of missiles fired at regime targets from the sea appears to be the most likely option. These include the Presidential palace, Military intelligence, the National Security HQ, the Ministry of Defense, Parliament, and the Central bank. The regime’s greatest strength, its elite forces, foremost among which is the 4th armored division, will have to be taken out. Syria’s substantial air defenses, which include multiple arrays of Russian-made missiles, will also have to be destroyed.

If stockpiles of chemical weapons are hit in the punitive process, deadly neurotoxins will be released over a wide region, causing huge numbers of deaths among civilians. Far more innocent people are likely to die at America’s hands than were killed in recent chemical attacks laid to Assad’s account.

Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, warned the West of “extremely dangerous consequences”, and went on to add that “using force without the approval of the UN Security Council is a very grave violation of international law.”

Russia does not wish to get involved in any future conflict, Lavrov hinted, but the implication was that Russia might have to get involved if Mad Dog America went too far—for example, by killing Russian advisers, many of whom are to be found in Syria right now. Any attack on Russian ships in the region, moreover, could lead to only one outcome: World War III.

The Obama administration has rejected seeking Congressional approval for its planned attack on Syria, doubtless afraid that the US Congress will strongly disapprove of its headlong rush into “a totally unapproved, extralegal war.”

For the same reason, the US government has ordered the UN inspectors to leave Syria at once, without completing their report, “apparently hoping to avoid the report proving them wrong and throwing a monkey wrench into the war scheme.”

The UN inspectors will be forced to leave Syria today (Saturday, August 31) before completing their investigation satisfactorily.

The UN inspectors’ report is in any case a red herring.

All the participants know very well that the inspectors’ mandate is simply to ascertain if a chemical attack actually took place, not to point the finger of blame at any particular party.

The chemical attack in Syria, which has reportedly claimed the lives of 322 civilians, has been described by US secretary of state John Kerry as a “moral obscenity”.

The American-backed military dictatorship in Egypt, however, killed 1,295 innocent civilians in a two-day period. Did America protest? On the contrary, they backed the carnage there. And Kerry even went so far as to make the fatuous comment that the military dictatorship, which had just ousted a democratically elected government, was doing its best to “restore democracy.” (Seumas Milne, The Guardian, 28 August, “An attack on Syria will only spread the war and killing”).

To paraphrase an excellent point made by Paul Craig Roberts here: one reason for the rush to war is to prevent the UN inspectors coming up with a contradictory report, thus disproving Washington’s unsubstantiated claim that Assad was responsible for killing his own people with nerve gas. This would only serve to underline the fact that Washington was itself responsible for a false flag attack against Syria, carried out by its own hired terrorists known as “the Syrian rebels.”

This disreputable bunch of jihadis, including remnants of Al Qaeda, are arguably the ones responsible for herding a large number of children into one place and then gassing them to death—the blame then being pinned on the Syrian government by Washington.


Syrian children probably killed by the Syrian “rebels” with chemical weapons given to them by Israel. So think many respected commentators like George Galloway. (See here). Others believe that the chemical weapons came from the Saudis, but then who gave the Saudis the chemical weapons? No gold stars for guessing that.

The planned attack on Syria will be America’s ninth military intervention in a Muslim country in 15 years. These are eight other Muslim countries America has attacked under the pretence that it wants peace with the world: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Mali, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan. After it has attacked Syria, at the bidding of its Zionist master, America then intends to round off its  “peace mission” by destroying Iran.

America is one of those countries constantly looking for pretexts to attack other sovereign states, usually democratic ones, in the interests of its Zionist master; and if there are no pretexts for war, it will invent pretexts—and then fabricate the evidence to justify its belligerence. It did this in Vietnam with the Gulf of Tonkin incident; and it did so again to spectacular effect in Iraq, inventing imaginary weapons of mass destruction which could apparently reach London in 45 minutes.

In retaliation for an alleged Al Qaeda attack, America bombed a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan, killing and wounding scores of innocent Sudanese civilians. America doesn’t seem to care who it kills. Its latest “hate affair” with Syria is a case in point. Should America wait for the UN inspectors to gather their evidence and present a full report? Good heavens, no! Why bother?  Bomb first, ask questions later!

The use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime is, according to US Secretary of State John Kerry, a “moral obscenity“, but the infinitely more lethal deployment of nuclear weapons by America and Israel is evidently not.

While we don’t know for sure that Assad has used chemical weapons—and the likelihood is that he has not—we do know for sure that America used atom bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Quite needlessly, as it turns out. Since the war was effectively over and Japan was only too anxious to surrender.

 We also know for a fact that America has used vast quantities of depleted uranium in Iraq, causing monstrous birth deformities there, and that it has used white phosphorus and Agent Orange both in the Middle East and beyond.

It smacks of hypocrisy for America to scold Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons. This is one pot that certainly can’t afford to call the kettle black.

Paul Craig Roberts again:

The corrupt British government has declared that Syria can be attacked without UN authorization, just as Serbia and Libya were militarily attacked without UN authorization. In other words, the Western democracies have already established precedents for violating international law. “International law? We don’t need no stinking international law!” The West knows only one rule: Might is Right. As long as the West has the Might, the West has the Right.


This is what the US does almost every day of the week in “Afpak” (the region between Afghanistan and Pakistan) to Afghan and Pakistani civilians, mostly women and children, with its killer drones. It’s what the Israelis have been doing in Israel to the Palestinians for the last 65 years. These two nations that openly flout international law, America and Israel, have killed between them a thousand times—perhaps ten thousand times—more innocent civilians than Assad is alleged to have killed in recent chemical attacks.

America and its belligerent allies have recently found that they can no longer launch unprovoked attacks on Israel’s enemies within the confines of international law. To do so they need unanimous agreement between the five permanent members of the Security Council: the US, Britain, France, Russia, and China. Russia and China have rightly refused to give these international banditti the right to go on the rampage.

No matter. The world’s Superpower has recently found a crafty way to get round international law. It is called the ‘Responsibility to Protect‘ (R2P). This sneaky  little device now gives America and its allies carte blanche to meddle in any part of the world they want—in order to “protect” people from their own governments. This is now its threadbare justification for attacking Syria.

It’s strange how R2P has never been used as an excuse for America to meddle in Israeli affairs. Don’t the Palestinians need “protecting” from systematic abuse and ethnic cleansing? Apparently not. When Israel is the oppressor, that’s fine and dandy.

R2P has no application in Egypt either. The American-backed dictatorship in Egypt is free to kill Egyptian civilians by the score. America yawns, shrugs, and remains totally unconcerned.

The Syrians, for some reason, are a different kettle of fish. They need “protecting” from the Evil Assad who, as you might expect, has been compared to Hitler. America’s compassion, completely dormant when it comes to the Palestinians and the Egyptians, suddenly bubbles up and overflows over Syria.

The only trouble is, the Syrian people have not asked America to rescue them from the evil clutches of their leader Bashar al-Assad. They much prefer Mr Assad, their democratically elected leader, to their self-appointed “rescuer” Barack Obama.

Responsibility to protect? America? Is this the country whose leaders were apparently ready to launch a devastating false flag attack against their own people in the 1960s, in several American cities, in order to have a pretext for declaring war on Cuba which they planned to blame for the same attack?

This dirty little operation was known as Operation Northwoods. It was aborted by President Kennedy. Which is probably one of the reasons why he was assassinated.

In America it’s the good guys who bite the dust.

Finally, who killed almost 3000 American civilians on September 11, 2001? Was it really 19 Muslims with box cutters, or was it a false flag attack engineered by the Bush administration with the help of Mossad and their Israel Firster friends in America?

Many people think America killed its own people on 9/11, with the help of Israel and American neoconservatives, all of them eagerly anticipating a “Pearl Harbor” type incident—a momentous event that would give them an excuse to attack the Muslim world and make America into the Israelified police state that it has now become under Homeland Insecurity.

It seems to me that if America is prepared to kill its own people on American soil, then it has no justification whatever for meddling in foreign countries and “protecting” people who don’t ask to be protected.

If I were a Syrian, I would want America to keep its distance.  I would politely request  these kindly Americans to stop trying to “improve” my life by killing my mother and father, my uncles and aunts, my brothers and sisters. I would beg them to stop killing children. I would beseech them to stop bombing mosques in which people are praying. I would implore them not to bomb our hospitals, killing the sick and dying in their beds. I would ask them to spare the wounded and women giving birth. This is not the way, I would tell them, to bring freedom and democracy to a country.

I don’t think mass murder is a good way to protect people.

Truly, a collective psychosis appears to run through certain segments of the American public. Their politicans, by and large, clearly belong in psychiatric institutions. Instead of sitting in Congress, they should be sitting in padded cells.

“In the long run, it’s perhaps best that they are politicians,” a friend told me the other day. “Otherwise they’d have been serial killers.”

I shook my head sadly.

“Not so,” I said. “They kill more people as politicians than they would as serial killers. Bush and Blair achieved a far higher score than Jack the Ripper.”

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John Scott Montecristo is the editor of this website. He is Lasha Darkmoon's cousin.
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  1. EDITOR says:

    Owing to computer problems, your comment may not appear at once when posted. However, it should show up in 20-30 minutes. Try posting your comment again if doesn’t get through the first time. Apologies for inconvenience.

  2. The situation is well chronicled. However, you forgot one matter that would clarify and contextualize the whole tragedy by way of an added narrative behind the scene, so to speak: the allegations that Germans during World War Two gassed millions of people in homicidal gas chambers.
    This fantasy-fact is indeed a powerful fiction that to this very day still keeps that proverbial post World War Two ball rolling along.
    But there are cracks appearing in this official narrative that still enjoys legal protection. Perceptive minds now can see how the 9:11 narrative was only possible because the Holocaust narrative still enjoys some traction.
    It is time to dismember it and instead re-evaluate its destructive role in the current global political circus.

    • Ed Salis says:

      Good point, Dr Toben. But remember this article is about the Syrian crisis. It has very little to do with the Holocaust.

      • Harold Smith says:

        The Syrian crisis is Jewish treachery. The “Holocaust (TM)” is Jewish treachery. Almost everything in between, e.g., 9/11: the direct or indirect result of Jewish treachery. Please don’t try to make distinctions where there are none.

      • turtle says:

        The assumption of guilt and U.S. rhetoric justifying this new war war (without proof) is disgusting.

        Obama claims: “Nobody wants to do it!”…. yeah right…

        Here is a list of American international “interventions” from 1945-1999:

        You can add another whole bunch to this list starting with the U.S. attack on its own people on September 11th 2001.

      • Far from it, Mr Salis, the overarching narrative that currently holds all things together is the perverse value system embodied within the Holocaust-Shoah narrative that saturates the current “freedom and democracy” ideology.
        That the US President has decided to attack Syria so close to 9:11 is also symbolic of a desperate attempt to produce facts on the ground, which will then occupy concerned citizens in an effort to re-establish some semblance of justice.
        As to the below Jewish treachery comment: just remember – don’t only blame the Jews, also blame those that bend to their pressure.
        We are in a battle-of-the-wills that transcends Jewish matters; when a minority sets the agenda for a majority, don’t blame the minority doing what NATURE also enables the majority to do …

        • Harold Smith says:

          Your point is well taken, as I have realized for a long time that without the complicity of the corrupt, small-minded Goy masses, we would be laughing at the Jews rather than letting them lead us to destruction.

          But in order to have a chance to solve a problem, it’s necessary to have a good understanding of the problem, and that requires us differentiate between the primary problem, the race war – launched by the Jewish collective, against the non-Jewish balance of humanity – and its sequelae.

    • Herman King says:

      the holocaust, as pointed out by Rabbi Benjamin Weintraub, is a religion based on numerology, not an historical occurrence.

    • Paul Relgne says:

      It is time for the Truth to be known:

  3. Ed Salis says:

    I just posted a comment praising the article to the skies and it just vanished into thin air! No sight of it anywhere.

    So I posted it again, as instructed. And I got the popup message, “Sorry, you just said that!”

    Oh, computers!

    • Ed Salis says:

      I think this website is being sabotaged by Darkmoon haters. Here’s an article I just came across. A pingback, in fact.

      • Harbinger says:

        Hi Ed,

        I just read the link and was laughing all the way through it.

        “For a start:- What do Free State Voice, Lasha Darkmoon, PressTV and Veterans Today have in common? The most obvious answer is that they all attack the Jews and Israel [5]. Not sincere and evidence based criticisms, but attacks designed to incite hatred towards the Jewish people and the World’s only Jewish state [6]. “

        And we DO attack Israel because firstly it shouldn’t exist. Secondly it has no right to exist. Thirdly it is breaking UN indigenous rights policy with its displacing of the Palestinian peoples. Fourthly it’s breaking almost every UN resolution in regards to its treatment of the Palestinian people. Fifthly it’s a rogue state, with no right to have nuclear weapons. Sixthly, along with the USA, it’s the biggest threat to world peace.

        And towards the end there was this:

        “Is it possible that Western backed forces carried out a chemical attack on Syrian civilians with the intention of framing the Assad regime in order to create a pretext for a more open attack on Syria? Yes, it is possible. Unlikely, but certainly not beyond the realm of possibility. Having said that, there is no substantial evidence provided or cogent argument made in any of the Duff Darkmoon pieces which should convince anyone of the likelihood of that possibility.”

        We clearly see from reading the whole article that the author clearly has an agenda, is most certainly a Zionist and from reading, very possibly Jewish and therefore, anti any Islamic state that poses a direct threat to Israel (everyone). Therefore, although he/she says it’s a possibility that the chemical attack was a false flag, perpetrated upon the Syrians by the west, but highly unlikely, what does he/she know that we don’t, or should I say, who’s he/she working for?

        Maybe the author never came across this gem from Christopher Bollyn:

        I quote:

        “Israel has granted oil exploration rights inside Syria, in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, to Genie Energy. Rupert Murdoch and Lord Jacob Rothschild are major shareholders of Genie Energy – which also has interests in shale gas in the United States and shale oil in Israel. Dick Cheney is also on the company’s advisory board.”


        “The fact that Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch are invested in oil exploration efforts in occupied Syria suggests that they support the overthrow of the Assad government in Damascus in order to weaken Syria and divide the nation in much the same way as Yugoslavia was dismembered in the 1990s.”

        There really is no defence for those behind the attack on the Syrian people, that is, the western backed rebel forces, very likely with special forces help.

        • Ed Salis says:

          “For a start:- What do Free State Voice, Lasha Darkmoon, PressTV and Veterans Today have in common? The most obvious answer is that they all attack the Jews and Israel [5]. Not sincere and evidence based criticisms, but attacks designed to incite hatred towards the Jewish people and the World’s only Jewish state.


          The phrase in bold print is a clear giveaway that the writer of the piece is a Zionist Jew.

          Note the curious phrase “the world’s ONLY JEWISH STATE”, somehow indicating that MORE Jewish states might be desirable… but that, alas, there was only ONE wretched state for this persecuted people.

          Hey, they need more Lebensraum!

        • Harbinger says:

          “The phrase in bold print is a clear giveaway that the writer of the piece is a Zionist Jew. “

          Not necessarily or decisive Ed. The author could be a Zionist Christian, or a politically correct employee, keeping their job in a Jewish owned business outlet for example. Not all who attack people who attack Jewry are Jews and/or Zionist Jews.

          “…somehow indicating that MORE Jewish states might be desirable”

          Again not decisive and it doesn’t imply more Jewish states are needed. If anything it promotes sympathetic propaganda to Jews and Zion and that they should be allowed their own land to call home, just like any other people in this world.

  4. gravitas says:

    At some point in the next few hours or days, it is likely that deeply damaged collection of moral cretins known as “Western leaders” will sit down behind the gargantuan phalanxes of heavily armed security that keeps their well-wadded rumps safe and cozy and give the nod to some close-cropped flunky laden with medals for mendacious time-serving and relentless butt-covering to launch the airstrikes that will kill a large number of human beings who had absolutely nothing to do with the alleged chemical weapon attacks allegedly carried out by Syrian government forces.

    That is to say, the leaders of the West, particularly the notoriously bloodthirsty nations of the United States and Great Britain, will murder a number of their fellow human beings for no reason whatsoever.

    What’s more, they know this and admit it beforehand, speaking under oath, as the U.S. military chief did this week, of the inevitable “collateral damage” the coming attacks will cause.

    These Western leaders, primarily Barack Obama and the pathetic, feckless ex-PR shill David Cameron, will knowingly murder an unknown number of people while braying all the while of their own righteousness and the strict “legality” of their acts of mass murder.

    They will be supported in these murders by the leaders of the so-called opposition parties, who will, as always, line up like automatons and spew out mindless, spineless rhetoric in favor of murdering people, because they too are deeply damaged moral cretins who hope one day to have the opportunity to sit in well-wadded comfort and order human beings to be killed.

  5. gravitas says:

    These wretched, cowardly weaklings — the leaders, their opposition, their minions — believe that the exercise of brutal, death-dealing power (at a distance; always, always at a safe distance!) will somehow fill up the howling emptiness inside them.

    It will not, of course, but they are too stupid to know this. Or else they are already so far steeped in blood that they can’t stop, can’t go back. their humanity is already lost.

  6. Harbinger says:

    “If I were a Syrian, I would want America to keep its distance.  I would politely request  these kindly Americans to stop trying to “improve” my life by killing my mother and father, my uncles and aunts, my brothers and sisters. I would beg them to stop killing children. I would beseech them to stop bombing mosques in which people are praying. I would implore them not to bomb our hospitals, killing the sick and dying in their beds. I would ask them to spare the wounded and women giving birth. This is not the way, I would tell them, to bring freedom and democracy to a country.”

    Excellently put Lasha. People somehow think that killing a country’s population of civilians equates to removing its ruling regime. “Ahhh,” people will say “but the regime is protected by an armed force so you have to fight them. It’s not so simple to just send in a politician assassination squad.” You of course reply, this is true but what if the majority of people support the regime? How can any attack on a foreign land be justified under this situation? The answer is it can’t. Any attack is for esoteric reasons that the msm won’t inform you such as:

    1. installation of a Rothschild private bank and control of a country through debt usury.
    2. removal of leadership in order to replace it with controlled puppets.
    3. theft of natural resources and building of global corporation outlets (fast food, pharma, communication etc).
    4. future colonisation of that land.
    5. removing of ally in the planned assault on Iran.
    6. the complete destruction of the Islamic culture, its religion and people.

    It’s all FUBAR and the majority of the western population will be watching this war from their armchairs, that is UNLESS Russia decides to get involved and people ACTUALLY start to take notice and become concerned. Who knows, maybe they might become so irate that they start grabbing politicians and high ranking people of the NWO and hang them high from lamposts up and and down the country, waking up to the gravity of the situation, of the distinct possibility, that a countdown has started to the immediate ending of their lives and their loved ones? I’m not holding my breath…..

    • Sardonicus says:

      “. . . UNLESS Russia decides to get involved.”

      Do you think Russia WILL get involved? I note that Lavrov announced somewhere that Russia had no intention of embroiling itself in military action. Komrad Lobro seems to think that every time Putin fails to take action it’s because he’s saving his strength for a later occasion. But Lobro evades the issue by failing to state what the litmus test is.

      You yourself have said that Syria is the litmus test. I agree with you. So does Lasha. I don’t think we can keep putting off the litmus test by saying, “Iran is the litmust test.”

      And what if Putin twiddles his thumbs when Iran is attacked?

      “Ah, but Putin ain’t ready yet!” I can hear Komrad Lobro saying. “The wily fox is biding his time until Moscow is attacked!” :)

      • Harbinger says:

        Well Sardonicus,

        It appears that Russia is stepping up the pressure:

        Putin is also seriously pissed off at Saudi Arabia, threatening a huge air strike on it if the west attacks Syria:

        This is, if true, sending a clear warning sign to the west but the bottom line is will the doggy bite or continue to bark?

        I see Lobros point though. I don’t want to see Syrians die, innocent victims like all previous millions in Zion’s War of Terror and creation of their NWO. It has to stop and Lobro will most certainly agree. However if Russia does become involved Lobro believes it’d be playing his hand to early. I disagree and quite frankly believed Russia should have shown its hand in Afghanistan, seeking the aid of ALL Islamic states then, uniting Iraq, Libya, (both now gone), Syria, Pakistan, the African states, Pakistan and Iran. It should also have sought allies with China & North Korea. It’s agenda? Stopping the Zionist controlled, gentile populated, war machine advancing anymore.

        While Russia ponders, more potential allies fall and more resources, instrumental to the western war machine’s survival are procured. Not just that but Russia becomes surrounded. Worst of all though, millions die and even more displaced, seeing their countries and cultures shattered. And the hatred for the ignorant, easily deceived and controlled, western goyim grows.

        In my last reply on the previous article I gave a link to Russia’s war machine and resources. Although the war machine lacks in comparison to America, it’s resources dominate. Both countries produce the same oil, yet Russia uses only 1/6th daily compared to America. It also has 3 times more proven oil reserves. Therefore, if Russia launched a massive air strike on Saudi Arabia, it would cripple America’s advance. Panic would set in homeland America as oil prices shoot through the roof. Very possible civil unrest and the war machine would halt. Also very possible military revolt and the likelihood of civil war dwells, although very slightly.

        America WOULD NOT SURVIVE a Vietnam scenario, that is, a long drawn out war with Russia simply because of resources. It lost Vietnam, even though it greatly outnumbered the Vietcong. It hasn’t really won in Afghanistan or Iraq, as these lands have erupted into warlord fighting and sectarian hell. Russia was not just an equaling superpower but IS the world’s second biggest military power. A war against Russia WILL wake people up and thankfully so.

        The Zionist war machine of terror MUST be stopped at all costs. Russia simply can’t afford to remain idle any longer and should be strengthening ties with China and other powerful states, telling them simply “Ally with us. Stop the western Zionist led assault on Syria or else you’ll be in their path for global hegemony and it will be just a matter of time before they destroy your civilisation as well.”

        • fritz says:

          Harbinger, the article, where it was written, that Russia threatened to attack Saudi Arabia (in retaliation) originated from Sorcha Faal, (conspiracy seller), as I found out, but it is possible that Brit.papers had more about that and Sorcha just copied it from them. Many blogs took that also.
          Tierry Nessyn, good infoed on voltairenet, also said he thinks an attack from the US/GB/France was less likely than an attack from the Saudies (maybe with mercenaries).
          I don’t know about Putin. Be we have war-mongering, that can be to hide, that the banksters are in confusion, or it can lead to the next war.
          What Frederik Toeben said about the “gassings” in WW2 as also now, it has strange parallels – also that the NWO, jewish bankers want to extend control by war. Only that now they destroy the US also and Israel as well.
          there was a link in the comments to the previous article (VinnyFromBensonhurst) wich later Joe possibly mixed with nonsense – and that blog describes the military equipment and rockets, so that it would lead in 5 minutes to self-immolation of the Israeli Empire.

        • fritz says:

          Sorry, name spelled wrong – not “Tierry Nessyn” – it should read Tierry Meyssan
          Will see if he will write more .

        • Harbinger says:

          Well fritz, that’s very interesting. I did at first think it somewhat odd that Saudi would threaten Russia with Winter Olymic violence courtesy of controlled Chechnyen rebels. Then again, anything’s possible in today’s climate.

          There is however no doubt in my mind that the takedown of the USA as the only global superpower is planned and the very possible handing over the reigns to China. Look at history here? The British Empire was the world’s largest manufacturing base. WW1 eventually saw the end of Britain as an empire, manufacturing giant and only global superpower. America took over. Now China is the world’s largest manufacturing base, staying out of resource eating wars and not forgetting becoming heavily involved in resource rich Africa.

          So the plan is going ahead.

          Will Israel self immolate? Not if the Rothschilds have any say in the matter (and they do) along with the west’s, Zion policy controlled governments.
          You know from the Wesley Clark list that the seven nations marked for obliteration is almost nearing its goal.

          Ultimately though, America’s continuing venture into the middle east is signing its own doom that’s for sure. A destroyed military and nation, massive depression, civil unrest, race war….. is all on the cards and all because of Zionism.

          As for the gassings, parallels will be drawn with the holocaust and the 3rd Reich but ALSO Saddam’s gassings in Falujah.

          Whatever happens though Russia HAS to get involved. It’s reluctance to do so and subsequent sitting on the fence proves where its loyalties lie.

        • fritz says:

          That’s likely so, Rothschild &Co. is Israel. If they are rationally thinking or total insane by now? Those bankers have driven their game of finance into unreal realms, perhaps they are thinking that they are all powerful with all the puppets on their strings and lies in politics and media.

        • Harbinger says:


          “perhaps they are thinking that they are all powerful with all the puppets on their strings and lies in politics and media.”

          They don’t think, they know and moreso very much are. I think people are incredibly foolish to think otherwise.

          They have brought the world to its knees through control of money and usury usage. They are above the law, free to commit genocide on whichever people they so desire. Their psychopathy knows no limitations. And why? Power through manipulation of every major establishment and harvesting the weakness of gentiles who put their selfish, material desires over goodness, honesty and liberty.

          This is merely the tip of the iceberg. Their agenda is an age old one. I do truly believe they’ll scorch the whole earth, while protected in their underground cities, destroying all life on earth, only in later years to emerge and start nature off again, having successfully created an arc/s of all life on earth with their vast wealth.

          These people epitomise great evil, yet they believe otherwise, never realising only that which created life on planet earth has the power to take it away. If the bible is true, then they will all share the fate of Nimrod for their future generations have no right to exist and their permanent removal is really the only thing that will avert the forthcoming global genocide.

        • fritz says:

          Ja as you wrote, Harbinger, isn’t it nearly unbelievable that in all western countries politics and media are doing without protesting what they are told by the bankers and their neocon propaganda-machine..- with the exception of Island. In Germany this was not so obvious until the Gaza-attack maybe, here it was more following the “american way of life” (only propaganda as P.Craig Roberts said) Many politicians are connected through the Atlantic Bridge or similar institutions.
          But Jews are less visible. But then they control the US from inside occupying all crucial points. But Mearsheimer and Walt have been published here also.
          It must be that after the fall of the Soviet Empire, which the bankers controlled also to assume, they started a new phase with the Neocon- war on terror. And no one should forget the genocide inside Bolshevism on Christan Russians. I’m trying to remind that.

        • Harbinger says:


          My only explanation for willing politicians and editors to happily allow Jewish bankers the freedom to destroy other nations AND there own is either:

          a. They’re crypto Jews themselves with hidden history concealing their identity

          b. They’re being blackmailed for something thhey did when young

          c. They’re masons

          d. They look forward to the promised financial gains

          e. A mix of some or all of the above.

          Then there are the journalists who do what they’re told through fear of losing their job or worse, their career through blacklisting.

          But really fritz, it’s the members of the armed forces who I have the biggest problem with along with the public. The armed forces happily obey, kill and never question while the public simply emerge themselves in a world of nonsense.

          Until the system is COMPLETELY obliterated, nothing will change.

      • lobro says:

        Litmus is a water-soluble mixture of different dyes extracted from lichens, especially Roccella tinctoria.

        so you think that replacing roccella tinctoria by putin orthodoxia results in an even better litmus test? with both you and lasha so damn convinced, maybe time to produce some reasoning for it.
        how about replacing roccella tinctoria with say, sauerkraut?
        or replacing putin with evo morales, would you not say that if evo “twiddles his thumbs” (as opposed to what, “thumbs down” plus a a 20 aircraft task force dispatched from bolivia to mediterranean?), this is another true litmus test?
        and if not, i ask you why not.
        answer and think about what you just said.

        or present a proof that russia has not just the nuclear but conventional capability to face the combined mass of usa and nato lackeys for a lengthy standoff.

        easy to say that any shit that happens that aids talmudic plan is to be laid at putin’s feet because he failed to protect us even though he could.

        but i am asking you to give us some demonstration by way of figures, the troops, logistics, airpower, navy.
        just having a few nifty anti-aircraft missiles is not the proof.
        we are talking sustained war here.

        maybe he does have that ability, insha’allah, in which case the zioturds, who know these things way better than us will pull back and continue with their impotent racket.

        maybe you will feel better if russia were to miscalculate the moment, get itself dragged into a massive war prematurely, a featherweight against heavyweight, loses and the wolfowitz is at YOUR door, because now there is nothing to interfere, abandon all hope ye who enter the portal of talmudist hell.

      • lobro says:

        The Full Story on Why Obama Backed Down on Syria

        chabad lobrovitch has no idea why, surely nothing to do with his talmudist komrade putin … “who stole my litmus”, rages obama.

        but for those with appreciation of logic behind geopolitical posturing and manuevering, the big opponents are feinting, ducking and weaving, neither willing to throw the big shot until they are certain it will seal the deal.

        the shin bet game theorists are at work around the clock exhausting all scenarios, likely and less likely, so if they are holding back, there must be something that you are unable or unwilling to see.

        which is that putin is not one of them.
        and everything that it entails.

  7. Gabreal Jones says:

    LuciD article of LD!

    Here are some excerpts of MMY Press Conferences from 2004 – alas not put on the j-tube by the TM org.- expressing the same:


    MMY Press Conference, 20 October 2004

    They create terrorism somewhere, then, in the name of subsiding terrorism, they occupy the country and sell arms. The whole thing is very wicked and cruel…..

    When we look to the politics of the world, it is so dirty. American politics are creating devastating destruction. They are pouncing on countries in the name of terrorism.

    They create terrorists and then pounce on them. It is very shameful.

    But the US Peace Government can take away this shameful blot from American life as soon as possible if the American people will uphold the cause of peace and the techniques of peace.

    Otherwise, sail into the direction you are going–sail, and drown…..

    If the religious teachers of the President support the murder of people, they will go to hell. How can they say, ‘Merciful Father’, and support the death of large numbers of people? The whole thing is very ugly and bad…..

    In the worldwide press there is a big treachery going on. All the news that comes is filtered (…)

    Paul Watson- 8/30 – asks:
    Will the mainstream media ignore a story that could derail the march to war?

    (…) Respected 20 year Middle Eastern reporter and Associated Press, BBC and NPR correspondent Dale Gavrak was told by Syrian rebels (on the payroll of USsrael, gj) that they were responsible for last week’s chemical weapons incident in Ghouta (…)

    CIA O

  8. Gabreal Jones says:

    And this extremely profound scientific statement by MMY in his Press Conference
    17 July 2002, in the prelude to the Bush II invasion of Iraq:

    (….) The destroyers of the world can create ashes in human society, but they cannot escape the door of hell (…)

    CIA O

  9. Paul Relgne says:

    It is time for the Truth to be known:

    This happen at the end of WW2 and kept secret from the general public.
    Hidden from the public, this tragedy will come back on Jewmerica and all those
    that assisted her in this genocide.

    If you read and watch this, I mean IF you do, you’ll get a better understanding of
    the evil, men will and can do, and the hatred against their fellow humans. I can now
    see, why Germans and Germany had been vilified by the victors: To cover their
    evil deeds and make the looser the villain to sooth their own conscience.

    No members of a nation that identifies themselves as Christian would be able to
    do this to a fellow human being, only those, that have an utter contempt and hatred
    of the Christian faith. Those were the ones in government back than, and are still
    running America and the western nations today.

    But a new dawn is approaching: The Dawn of Truth, to expose evil and those evil
    perpetrators who have hidden behind Lies and Deception and held the world
    hostage for far to long.

    • fritz says:

      As James Bacque wrote, it was Morgenthau and the so called Morgenthau-Boys, mainly, who committed these crimes against German prisoners of war. They declared them to be displaced persons or something, so the Geneva convention didn’t apply. And they held it secret from the American public. Gen. Patton died at that time in a “car-accident”. He was not agreeing with Eisenhower’s plans. – What happened to the Iraqis, a lot of that goes on account of the Neocons and the Israelis did demand it with most of the Jews, because of “Babylon” most likely. With Gaza, over 95% of the Jews wanted the IDF to attack.

  10. siegfried says:

    the daily mail hat this on a very short time than it was gone but some body made a copy go to bottom right to make it larger
    how the will make a false flag against Syria

  11. Charlieboy says:

    This is a very incisive and moving chronicle by Dr. Darkmoon. All very true.

    One thing, especially, which is very revealing insofar as the plight of America is her statement ‘the good guys bite the dust’. Sort of hits home (to this American, anyway), that the real America is long-gone, and what is left is being owned and operated by the Enemy Within.

    America had to be conquered, first; only then could she be used as the engine of destruction for which she has been used. Many of us who are left – disenfranchised and furious about the situation – can only hope our military, from the colonels, down, disrupt the agendas. The Big Agenda is The Whole World. America HAD to be at the top of the list, or the rest could not be accomplished. What we are witnessing is the systematic, step-by-step fulfilling of a centuries old agenda. When the time comes, the
    Satanists (and that is really WHAT they are) will not really care what piece of geographic space they have to destroy to complete their campaign.

    But there will be no full-scale, hot war. Not now.

  12. omop says:

    Straight from the so called horse’s mouth…….

    The Jewish Times of Israel editor, veteran Zionist Supremacist and agent David Horovitz, has shown the world the true nature of Zionist Supremacism in a hatred-filled editorial attacking “perfidious Albion” for daring not to believe Jewish propaganda about Syria.

    In an editorial titled “Perfidious Albion hands murderous Assad a spectacular victory,” Horovitz asserted that “ a perfect storm of British ineptitude and gutlessness sent the wrong message to the butcher of Damascus, and left Israel more certain than ever that it can only rely on itself.”

    The Times of Israel is a Jerusalem-based online newspaper founded in 2012 by UK-born but now “Israeli” Horovitz and his US-based capital partner Seth Klarman.

    Horovitz’s hatred of the country he was born in, and its native people, drips from the wording in his editorial. He says that the British decision not to immediately attack Syria just because the Zionists said they should, was the result of “political ineptitude, short-sighted expediency, and gutlessness.”

  13. Charlieboy says:

    Well, I am glad that the move by Great Britain helped America save enough face so that imposter President (Soetoro) can get on TV and concede to Congress their rightful place in the chain of command. (I just now heard the traitor speak.)(But I noticed he called it a ‘constitutional DEMOCRACY’.)(It used to be a REPUBLIC.)

  14. fritz says:

    Charlieboy,the people in the house of commons sure will be happy to read the article by Horrorvitz, as he shows what he thinks about democracy, fair trial with rel proof of the allegations against a foreign country. Have not read israeli papers, but they probably will feel threatened again by the tyrant and antisemite Pres.Assad. The Jews maybe clever in misleading people, but then they jump over the line of decent behavior, or credible things (haven’t found the word) as A.Hitler predicted (maybe in his testament), and start dancing on the tables. Israel is behind the murder-gangs also, I read here and there a bit.

  15. James says:

    Dear Readers,
    Stop blaming America. You don’t know what you are talking about. Look deep into cast of criminals who are really responsible for almost all wars during the past 4 centuries. The ones that “call the shots”. You will find them in The Empire of the City. The Obama administration doesn’t call the shots. They obey the “shot callers”. The United States, Inc. has been doing that for over at least 130 years. If peace loving humans wish to stop this criminal madness, the perps will be found in The Empire of the City; the City of London, Vatican City, and the city of Washington, D.C.

  16. Toshiyori says:

    It should be apparent to everyone that U.S. foreign Policy in the Middle East has absolutely nothing to do with propagating freedom and democracy, and everything to do with creating chaos, destruction and death on behalf of Israel. For the greater Israel — Eretz Israel — is to be built on the bones of millions of murdered Muslims. See their blood dripping from the claws of the monsters: Obama, Kerry, Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld! Oh, what joy it must bring to Netanyahu’s stony little heart!
    Readers interested in a Buddhist perspective on this crisis may enjoy Vol. XV, Leaf 71, of “The Organ for the Universal Buddhist League” posted at Thank you so much.

  17. “Constitutional democracy” is an oxymoron. Assholes who can make some kind of sense of that deserve what they will get.

    Abraham pleaded with Yahweh to spare Sodom and Gomorrah if there were 50 righteous living there. Yahweh said he would spare it for 50 righteous. These negotiations continued until Abraham was pleading to spare it if there were 10 righteous living there. Yahweh said he would spare it. Abraham didn’t press it after that.

    When you see a ball of fire that will also consume YOU, call it victory. Who can live with these assholes anyway?

  18. Harriet says:

    he Zionist Regime Will Seek to Destroy Syria–and Iran (Part I)

    “In 1924, just four years after Winston Churchill wrote his controversial article “Zionism vs. Bolshevism: The Struggle for the Soul of the Jewish People,” Jewish novelist, intellectual, and lecturer in history Maurice Samuel wrote in his book You Gentiles,

    “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever. Nothing that you [Gentiles] will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which is not in your nature to build.”[2]

    –Writes Columnist Jonas E. Alexis

    Read the full article here:

  19. Dublinmick says:

    Of course this is just one guy’s opinion but it could spiral amazingly out of control.

    Have to wonder if this is Cliff High’s Israeli mistake the computer program talks about.

  20. flyingcossack says:

    america didnt kill americans on 911 … jews killed americans on 911
    russia didnt genocide themselves … jews holocausted russia

    america hasnt had any wars in the last 150 years … the jews have had many wars … and have trolled americans into fighting for them … and have trolled russians into fighting for them … now they will troll them to fight each other, to destroy both

    russia should defend syria … but its more important that they put light on zionism … or murder game will never end

    youve demonstrated in the past that you know the truth, lasha, so why the change of language? … you arent stupid, this has to be deliberate … help the american zombies out by continuing to educate them, so that they can separate themselves from the devil

    darkmoon put a bullseye on the zombies instead of the devil because:
    (a) mossad kidnapped lasha, and are now posting in her stead
    (b) devil managed to negotiate with lasha
    (c) lasha got knocked up so hard last night that in her brain’s scattered ebullience, her standards for truth went vainly amiss
    (d) lasha is trying to piss off god in order to get him involved … which is strange … it would be like an ant building two ant hills in front of your doorstep to piss you off … also, god is always here, he doesnt need to be summoned … you connect to him with the truth
    (e) lasha was cointelpro from the start … how that push is coming to shove … is shoving in the opposite direction


    • TheRealOriginalJoe says:

      (e) is the correct answer, flyingcossack

      … so it naturally follows (b) is also correct. That’s why Lasha named the website Darkmoon, in “honor” to the jew satanic “goddess” lilith. “darkmoon” is a code-word symbolizing the satanic jew “goddess” “lilith”. jews always leave clue about themselves.

      (b) and (e) are the correct answers.

      • Sardonicus says:

        Thanks for these pearls of wisdom, Joe. Now that we know Lasha has made a satanic pact with the Devil and is a worshipper of the baby-easting goddess Lilith, we’ll have to watch our step with her! :)

        One thing I don’t understand: why do you continue to bombard this site night and day with long posts about satanic rituals, darkmoon goddesses, kabalah bracelets, and rabbis flying around on broomsticks?

        Are you on medication? Do your warders allow you your own personal computer in your cell, or do you have to use the computer in the prison library?

        Just asking . . .

    • Harbinger says:

      “america didnt kill americans on 911 … jews killed americans on 911″

      Americans DID kill Americans on 9/11.
      Like it or not Jews ARE Americans and nothing you can say otherwise will change this simple fact.

      America (as we know it) was set up by Europeans, who took it from the natives. We can argue they were just coming home to a land already populated by Europeans thousands of years ago (Solutreans 17,000bc ) but it doesn’t change the fact that if you’re BORN in America, you’re an American. America, whether you like it or not, evolved into a globalist state. Through greed, people were shipped in to make profit for landowners. Thus the wind was then sewn.

      Not only were American Jews involved in 9/11 but so too were Europeans Americans and probably African and Asian ones too. All were complicit in the crime.

      “america hasnt had any wars in the last 150 years … the jews have had many wars … and have trolled americans into fighting for them … and have trolled russians into fighting for them … now they will troll them to fight each other, to destroy both”

      Who’s the bigger fool? The fool or the fool that follows?
      I pity those armed forces personnel for their wanton obedience, wilful ignorance and reluctance to read/have read in the past the writing upon the wall. In fact I have more contempt for them than the Jew ordering them about. You can’t expect the Zionist Jew to resist its very nature, but you can with the gentile. One is programmed after birth while the other when he/she becomes a ‘private’ in a private corporation.

      The gentile is just as much to blame, if not more, for the ‘war of terror’. Our weakness to speak and more importantly follow the truth is our downfall. We have allowed these Talmudists free reign over us and in doing so have sealed our own, sorry, miserable fate to be.

      I grow tired of reading people’s one sided story all the time. Sure, Jews are pulling the strings but that’s only because we’ve allowed them too.

      As for the rest of your comment; your subsequent attack on Lasha, it’s unfounded. Your five points are laughable to say the least. Lasha doesn’t need myself or anyone to defend her. Moreso she doesn’t need to defend herself in this article for she has merely spoken truth, as per usual, truth you find hard to accept.

      • Sardonicus says:

        Well said, Harbinger. You are one poster I trust absolutely. Thank God you’re here to hold the fort and inject some sanity and judicious common sense into the dialogue!

        flyingcossack’s statement above that Lasha has made a deal with the devil and is a secret Mossad agent is too ridiculous for comment. The only person who agrees with him is the notorious “Joe”, banned from almost every other website because he is a certified lunatic or himself a Zionist troll! :)

        It’s amazing to think that the monitor actually allows flyingcossack and “Joe” the total freedom of speech to abuse and vilify Lasha on this site.

        Lasha herself seems totally unconcerned.

        • Harbinger says:


          Thankyou but I merely write what needs to be written. One must always accept their own guilt in any given situation and flyingcossack sadly seems to believe the gentiles are guiltless, being led by a force they must obey. The word ‘no’ goes a long way. Until he sees this and many who believe like he that to heal and move on they must accept their part in any wrongdoings, he (and others like him) will forever remain wounded and ‘stuck in a rut’.

          This ‘only doing my job’ epithet, sadly attributed to guards from Germany’s work camps and immortalised at Nuremberg, rings true in defining the gentiles within the western war machine. If I were to kill a man at the orders of another, outwith the military, the court would imprison me for life. However the military are granted a license to kill, by politicians and no trials for murder? What makes a politician’s death orders any different to that of a crime boss? The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

          As for allowing Joe and Flyingcossack the freedom to express their opinions, I commend Montecristo for upholding liberty in his moderating.
          We are fighting an enemy who wish to destroy liberty and freedom. What message would we be sending by following suit, censoring opinion? We’re all adults here and if attacks on people cannot be rebuked and rescinded then they must hold truths therefore worthy of remaining. But to come to Lasha’s defence, her past articles prove her intent and where her loyalty lies. Her article on the Jewish destruction of art introduced me to her on the Occidental Observer website. No emancipated Jew, with loyalty to their nation; no Zionist and no shabbas goy would ever have written such an honest and damning article of Jewish control and manipulation of the arts as Lasha did. Flyingcossack is just angry. He’s frustrated at reality and rightly so. He’s ‘lashing’ out irate at the overwhelming ignorance of his fellow man. It will pass. He will find peace. Do not scold him too much for his outburst. After all, if we never made mistakes how would we ever learn?

      • dances with ziotrolls says:

        In fact I have more contempt for them than the Jew ordering them about

        The gentile is just as much to blame, if not more, for the ‘war of terror’.

        this has been obvious from your first post … the only reason you havent been stamped yet, is because you were a good source to out your teammates

        are you the ziotroll in lasha’s ear putting the bullseye on american zombies

        • Harbinger says:

          dances with ziotrolls,

          Because I paint the obvious, that is to state the gentiles do the bidding and dirty work of the Talmudists, it therefore makes me a ziotroll? Are you truly being serious? Your hatred within and illogical deduction has just reminded me of the witch sketch in Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail and you, epitomise the ignorance of the mob, trying vehemently to burn a woman as a witch, even going so far as to put a carrot over her nose to influence outcome.

          You’ll need to try a lot harder to ‘burn me as a witch’ accusing me of Zioinist complicity because I rightfully point out that gentiles are doing all the killing.

        • Sardonicus says:

          @ Harbinger

          Harbinger, I commend you for your patience. These guys have misunderstood the situation entirely. Nowhere in any of Darkmoon’s articles is she making the slightest attempt to shift the blame from the Jews to the Americans or from the Jews to the Russians.

          She has repeatedly said that organized Jewry call the shots, that the Jews are the Puppet Masters and the goyim who do their bidding are the puppets. Her best article to date, America Vanquished, is about an America vanquished by American Jews. Part 1 of this aricle is actually subtitled, “America as an Israeli Colony.”

          Similarly, Darkmoon has made it absolutely clear, in article after article, that the Russian Revolution was a Jewish Revolution. She mentions by name all the Jews behind the Revolution. She points out that most of the leaders, the top officials in the cheka and in the gulags, were Jews. However, most of the mass murders were carried out by native Russians at the bidding of the Jews. There were simply not enough Jews around to do all the killing that was needed

          Exactly the same situation pertains in America. It’s mostly Americans, not Jews, who have carried out the killing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Very few Jews sign up as soldiers. They avoid fighting. It’s too dangerous for them!

          But the Jews give the orders in the background. They control Congress, the White House, the Pentagon, and Homeland Security. The American police force has now been thoroughly Israelified.

          All this Darkmoon has pointed out repeatedly.

          These people who are attacking her are not fools or Zionist trolls. I certainly don’t think flyingcossack is either a fool or a troll. He’s just got it wrong. I don’t think he is properly acquainted with Darkmoon’s past writings. If he was, he wouldn’t says such unjust things.

        • Sardonicus says:

          However, I do think “Joe” is either a Zionist troll or a mentally unbalanced sicko. He has been banned from every other site. He abuses Lasha and even calls her a “cunt” (amazing that he is allowed such freedom of speech here), and the reason he is so abusive is that he is on permanent monitoring and is not allowed to hog this website with his interminable drivel.

          Montecristo, I ask you to seriously consider putting a permanent block on this maniac. He seldom says anything of interest. He is a narcissist and a showoff. And I am sick of his posturing and abusiveness.

          Time to give this mental patient the push.

    • flyingcossack says:

      the ziotrolls can come out and kiss each other on the asses … and attempt to define by association … but it adds no weight to their misdirection

      the point remains … did americans holocaust russians, ukrainians, turks, and poles … or was it jews … if jews are the common element of the wars and genocides, how many times has the author mentioned jews, and how many times americans

      • flyingcossack says:

        a ziotroll is whispering nonsense in your ear lasha … dont feed the america/russia genocide … help the american zombies out by continuing to educate them, so that they can separate themselves from the devil

      • Harbinger says:

        “the point remains … did americans holocaust russians, ukrainians, turks, and poles … or was it jews …”

        I really have no need to answer this as my answer to your previous has been given, refuting your argument. Liberal slur words are used to stifle and shut down debate. Why follow and imitate? Anyone who has ever read myself, Sardonicus and Lasha knows we are not zionist supporting trolls so why call us so, other than to disrupt debate?

        Were gentile Russians responsible for the deaths of their fellow gentile Russians, Ukranians and Poles (Katyn forest) or just Jews?
        Were Americans responsible for the deaths of Germans, Turks and Japanese in WWI & II or just Jews? Who carried the guns and pulled the trigger? Did the Jew or did the gentile?
        Were Americans responsible for the deaths of Koreans and Vietcong or just the Jews? Who carried the guns and pulled the trigger?
        Look at the history of all conflicts America has been involved in and ask “WHO PULLED THE TRIGGER”

        All gentiles of this world who do the bidding of Jewry are not just to blame but more GUILTY through seeing the dirty deed through. It shows the weakness of humanity to refuse to say no, going into foreign lands, killing the natives and believing their sins absolved because “they were told to do so.” It reads straight out of Dante’s Inferno but unlike our willing dupes, Dante knew he’d done wrong and no man of the cloth could redeem him for his butchery.

        Your biggest error flyingcossack is your tunnel vision. You see only what you want to see and it will be your undoing.

      • MadMeirKahaneJewess says:

        @ Sardonicus

        I know “Joe” belongs locked-up in a mental facility because he’s a downright virulently anti-Semitic mentally unbalanced sicko.

  21. Rehmat says:

    The Obama administration has the same “reliable source” that Syrian army used the chemical weapons – as Dubya Bush had that Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons. In both cases, the “reliable source” is Israel. Israeli was the first country which claimed that Syrian army used chemical weapons in areas under pro-USraeli anti-Assad rebels.

    British MP George Galloway, claimed the very second day that it’s Israel which gave chemical weapons to the rebels. On Wednesday, Russian media claimed that a rebel group has admitted using the chemical weapons which it received from Saudi Arabia (kin Jewish brothers of Israel).

  22. barkingdeer says:

    john kerry is another crypto jew. his real name is cohen or kohn, which means priest. except that he’s not a real jew. he’s another ashkenazi type imposter, like the bolsheviks who run the rothschilds’ estate of israel in palestine. the real jews do not approve of israel. all the prime ministers – presidents – the rulers of israel have been from poland, except netanyahu, who’s father was born there. notice the poles backed the us coalition in the iraq invasion. as far as i can guess, the bolsheviks still control russia. whatever putin does will be ok with them, or he will wind up like harrison, taylor, lincoln, garfield, mckinley, harding, kennedy and probably the real reagan. statistically, you had better odds of survival as an infantryman in vietnam than you do as president of the united states. john kerry was the major shill in the so-called us presidential election of 2004. al gore served the purpose in 2000, of taking up space so as to make sure bush got the office. us presidents rule, under the british queen, who reigns. the queen can kill any legislation raised in the usa, and it is her, with the city of london, who enacts policy outside the us congress through her puppet president. the american people are totally clueless. they’re clueless enough to have their sons and daughters killed in these machinations. bush’s iraq debacle served the purpose of keeping the profits generated by the american working class diverted into the military industrial complex power pyramid, so that the american middle class will never get out of debt, as dictated in the report from iron mountain, much to the continued satisfaction of the rothschilds’ city of london global central banking cartel. they want another expensive show over there now. so, further destabilization the entire area is the agenda of all these bolsheviks and the trainload of dimwitted, greedy warmongering contractors attached to the pentagon feeding trough. they all want to keep riding the bloody gravy train, but it does them no good to destroy the whole world with a global nuclear holocaust, which could happen anyway if things go far enough astray. assad in reality is just another despotic police state monarch, albeit presiding over a fairly modern state. he’s pretty much the same stripe as as mubarak, saddam and the russian czars. therefore there are plenty of excuse to hate him too. you will notice he was, like mubarak and even saddam at one time, ok with the western rulers. if the usa hits syria and imposes sanctions, like it did with iraq, it will just as likely be for the purpose of killing any popular uprising that might possibly evolve the area into a more democratic and socialistic society, where the natural resource wealth might be shared with the workers, and a state bank instituted instead of the privately owed rothschild model. probably most of the rebels in syria have good cause and perhaps such high aspirations. but their revolution will be co-opted like all the others. the question now is that, since the british parliament, the us congress, france, russia, china and the un aren’t going along this time over the gas attack, which any fool can see was the work of the mossad bolsheviks, there is the chance that those same agents provocateur will actually hit one or two american or russian warships with a sunburn missile, or whatever is the latest version of that weapon. maybe both. ww3 could very well be in the offing now.

    • hp says:

      I remember very well when John Kerry (and Wesley Clark) had their Mad Maddy Albright moments. You know; “I just found out I’m Jewish.”
      It was right around the time of Carny Prince Bill’s, Maddy’s and Wesley’s big Kosovo adventure.

      In Kerry’s case, the within hand’s reach Torah sitting there on his brother’s night stand all those years should have been a clue.. Ya think?

  23. Harriet says:

    It is all Jew orchestrated. Crime in most places is engineered by them.

    What is going on in the Arab countries is sad.

    This is what’s going on in South Africa.

  24. Patrick Willis says:

    Drenched with truth Lasha, another arrow to the heart. Thank you. Great to see the ever eloquent Frederick Toben, as always.

    Looking forward to your VT days… :)

    • Sardonicus says:

      Be on your guard, Patrick! Lasha has made a pact with the devil. According to “flyingcossack” and banned poster “Joe”, Lasha is a Mossad agent and secret worshipper of the baby-eating goddess Lilith. :)

      (See above)

      • Joe says:

        Lasha is so enamored with the satanic jew “goddess” lilith — Lasha actually named her darkmoon website in honor of the satanic jew “goddess”, that’s how much Lasha is enamored with a satanic jew “goddess” .

        There’s a lot more I can say about jews, but I don’t have the patience to write a 40 volume set of encyclopedias. Who has the patience. Who can be bothered.

        Quid novi ex Africa?

      • ziotroll hasbara sayanim says:

        ill gladly wear the title if it puts light on the cockroaches

        if you are gonna define-by-association and put words in my mouth, ill entertain you … ill gladly be made into a spectacle if it puts light on the darkness … ill even buy you the 4x4s and nails

        obscure language will live in obscurity … there are so many that understand now, we can cut the pretenses … there is no more need for deft language, or we will devolve into confusion

  25. Harriet says:

    ADL slams German ‘Spiegel’ author for telling the truth about the Jewish state

    Read more

  26. Arch Stanton says:

    Once again in Syria we see the lessons of the Jewish Torah in action. Presently we find the lesson of the moral imperative being applied exactly as it is taught in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Like Syria, the reason Sodom had to be destroyed was because its people were “wicked.” “And the Lord said, because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous” and “But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly.” The utter destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is based on these sparse descriptions of “wickedness.” Why were the Sodomites wicked? Simply because they refused to accede to the “Lord God’s” demands for a valuable resource. To validate the extensiveness of this wickedness, we find Abraham’s famous countdown. “And Abraham drew near, and said, Wilt thou also destroy the righteous with the wicked? Peradventure there be fifty righteous within the city: wilt thou also destroy and not spare the place for the fifty righteous that are therein?” And so it goes down to the count of ten “righteous men”. Unsurprisingly, the lord cannot find even ten righteous men among Abraham’s former ally at the battle of Siddim Vale. There is no irony in the fact that Abraham and Lot had both been allied with King Bera of Sodom long before the Lord God’s proclamation of “wickedness” had been made; in fact that is why Lot was living in Sodom. What invariably goes unnoticed by Christian readers is Abraham’s “thees es my seester” extortion scam involving Pharaoh. “Say, I pray thee, thou art my sister: that it may be well with me for thy sake; and my soul shall live because of thee.” This extortion scam, enforced by the Lord God’s muscle, “And the LORD plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai Abram’s wife” led to Abram acquiring large herds of cattle that required copious amount of water to survive. “And he (Pharaoh) entreated Abram well for her sake: and he had sheep, and oxen, and he asses, and menservants, and maidservants, and she asses, and camels. [ . . .] And Abram went up out of Egypt, he, and his wife, and all that he had, and Lot with him, into the south. And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold.” As the new boy on the block – er – plains, Abraham had allowed Lot to pick his location and promised to go the opposite direction to the dry land of Canaan, were his herds would suffer from a lack of water. “Is not the whole land before thee? Separate thyself, I pray thee, from me: if thou wilt take the left hand, then I will go to the right; or if thou depart to the right hand, then I will go to the left.” As the Lord God had precipitated the “seester” extortion plot, Abraham’s herds were, at least in part, the Lord God’s by default. Thus we find the land of Sodom was well watered and it is the theft of this valuable resource that is the real reason for the attack on Sodom and Gomorrah. “And Lot lifted up his eyes, and beheld all the plain of Jordan, that it was well watered every where, before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, even as the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt, as thou comest unto Zoar.” Of course the one thing remaining after holocausting Sodom would be the water well. But the Lord God certainly doesn’t look very righteous slaughtering an entire people simply to steal their water. Therefore, the moral imperative is invoked to cover the actual crime being committed. Was it any different with Iraq? Is it any different with Iran or Syria? Must these people be destroyed because they are wicked? Or is this covering the real crime of ensuring Israeli hegemony over that oily region and its resources? I remember hearing jews saying that if people had read Mien Kampf, Nazi Germany would have never existed. Perhaps but I posit that at if people read the Jew’s Bible, they would find out exactly how these people operate and why the world has become mired in what are otherwise seemingly endless and senseless wars.

    By the way take a look at this description in Genesis 2. “And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold; And the gold of that land is good:” So where might one find a place in the Middle East that has a river with multiple heads that could be described as a garden with a quantity of gold graded “good” surrounding it? Give up? Try a Google space map of the Middle East to find these rivers, then review the Tutankhamen exhibit. More to the point, examine the following description again. “before the Lord destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, even as the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt, as thou comest unto Zoar. Also be sure to see the .

    • Watch “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” much? Did you find that little treatise on that little WN Satanist site that Bill White exposed? And what happened to Bill White for shaking that tree and watching all of the perverts fall out of it?

      So, you sympathize with the fudgepackers. I don’t think even the fudgepackers would sympathize with what the sodomites were doing. Read the book of Jasher about that. OR… don’t. You don’t seem to have the comprehension for such things.

      Judah asked why they couldn’t just kill all the Canaanites NOW?!?! Yahweh said “because the sin of the amorites is not yet complete”. Do you know what that sin is? Are the Syrians doing that? Indeed, they have laws against it and they enforce those laws. So, it’s not the Israelites doing that. Are you having some trouble spotting the Canaanite in the temple?

      Furthermore, that justice was served consistently. The whole tribe of Benjamin came within a few hundred of being annihilated by the other tribes of Israel, for acting like sodomites. Also, the Israelites themselves suffered the same fate as the people they displaced, for doing the same things – acting like jews. Saul had them by the balls and let them go, in disobedience, or we wouldn’t have this plague now.

      I think Burrelle’s transcripts would have the transcript for “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. I hear the book is better. You can get all the Oprah’s too.

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  28. Rehmat says:

    A few facts the Jewish-dominated press will never tell you about Syria.

    1. Syria (al-Sham) was dismantled by the French-British occupation forces into Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan after the WW I.

    2. President Bashar and his father Hafez Assad have kept peace with Israel since the later occupied Syrian territory of Golan Heights.

    3. Former President Hafez Assad, under Washington’s orders, sent Syrian military into Lebanon in the late 1980s to protect the US-Israeli interests in Lebanon.

    4. Syria is ruled by the Arab Socialist Ba’athist Party, whose atheist members belong
    to Alawite, Sunni, Christian and Druz religions.

    5. Bashar is member of Alawite minority – a sort of Shia sect whose followers don’t perform daily Muslim prayers and don’t build mosques in their towns.

    Bashar al-Assad is being called “Hitler” by the Jewish Lobby now, because he supports Hizbullah and Hamas against Israel – and receives economic and military aid from Iran.

    The curren war cry over Syria by the ZOG Europe is due to the fact that ZOG’s Crusaders are losing war in Syria.

  29. Ingrid B says:

    Lasha always manages to paint the whole picture graphically..

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