When Satan Rules, edited by Lasha Darkmoon

Has the Prince of Darkness taken over the world?

5339082038a10416626799l.jpg  -  1WHEN  SATAN  RULES

This dialogue is based on a review by James B. Phillips of Hugh Akins’ book Synagogue Rising and various comments in response to that review. Lasha Darkmoon has edited and abridged this dialogue by intercutting selected comments in a creative collage—so as the give the impression of a live debate. To read the original article, click here.  — John Scott Montecristo, Editor

JAMES B. PHILLIPS: A few Jewish psychopaths—those behind the French and Russian revolutions, the two world wars, Vatican II, 9/11 and the phony War on Terror—are clearly not the Jewish people as a whole. As Hugh Akins argues in his outstanding 750-page tome, Synagogue Rising, these revolutionary Jews must be exposed, resisted and defeated, lest Organized Evil emerges triumphant.

RICHARD: I know all about what’s going on in Catholicism in Texas, so I can say with absolute certainty that to call this a “Catholic Book” is misnomer. Catholics around here genuflect before the Israeli flag. Some of the old ladies wear Star of David necklaces instead of the traditional crucifix.

What must be understood is that the Catholic Church of the Inquisition, and the belief that Jews lost their covenant with God for rejecting Jesus, no longer exists.

Vatican II is the general marker for the replacement of traditional Catholicism with this new dumbed down simulacrum version.

JAMES B. PHILLIPS: If anything is meticulously documented in Synagogue Rising, it is this first fact: the Catholic Church has no equal throughout history in waging a just and powerful counter-offensive against the Synagogue of Satan in all its manifestations. The testimony of history speaks for itself. Revolutionary Judaism never had a more formidable enemy than the Catholic Church—and they know it

RICHARD: Here’s what Catholic children are now being taught and what even adults believe: the idea that the Jewish Covenant is forever. Jesus came for the Jews first, but when they rejected him, he accepted Gentile converts—to make the Jews jealous, so that they would eventually see the error of their ways and repent.

Christians are just “grafted in”. So we better be careful, because when the Jews return to Jesus on Judgement Day, they might kick us out! This nonsense is a gateway to Christian Zionism. The current Pope Benedict XVI came up with this stuff, which I have no doubt is why he is Pope today.

JAMES B. PHILLIPS: Today’s Catholic papacy, sub-hierarchy, clergy and lay leaders have not just reneged on their moral duty to militate against World Jewry but have appallingly lent themselves—mind, body and soul—to the vast propaganda machine of the diabolical Elders of Zion. Since the internal rupture that took place at the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), the Church has sold its soul to Talmudic Judaism, esoteric Freemasonry and Rabbinic Bolshevism. This “New Church”, as it is called, has emerged as one of the Jewish cryptocracy’s most valued allies, completely reversing not only Biblical teachings on the Jews but twenty full centuries of Catholic resistance to Jewry’s Luciferian Masterplan. This masterplan is aimed at destroying Christianity and building a new international social order. And it is based on the Talmud, which has aptly been described as “the preeminent hate literature of all time.”

jew-study.jpg  -  2


Here the student will read about Jesus Christ being boiled in excrement in hell and how it is okay to have sex with 3-year-old girls.

RICHARD: Organized religions are all political entities. They massage how their members are supposed to think to suit current political agendas. Make no mistake, the insiders of the Vatican and Zionism are working toward the same end: globalization.

ALBERTA: I think you are missing the point about the infiltration of the Masonic/Judeo cults into the Church. It took centuries, it did not ‘just happen’. It was a coordinated effort to bring social upheaval through revolutions and two World Wars to what once was Christian Europe. Added to these social upheavals was the plan to subvert the teaching orders of the Jesuits, Dominicans and the Franciscans by recruiting homosexuals and promising them a career path in the Church.

JAMES B. PHILLIPS: The New World Order under Judaic hegemony is what was envisioned by just about every prominent Talmud-poisoned Jew throughout history: from the first-century sage Rabbi Simon ben Yohai to the highly venerated Rabbi Moses ben-Maimon, both of them leading advocates of the extermination of all non-Jews. This group includes the philosopher Baruch de Spinoza, the so-called “father of 18th century Enlightenment”, a movement that helped to launch the emancipation of the Jews. It also included Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founding father of the financial dynasty that today literally rules the world, not to mention the Rabbi Shneur Zalman, founder of the Chabad-Lubavitch, one of the most powerful anti-Christian sects on earth today; Moses Hess, a pioneer of modern socialism; and Isaac Roenbourg, William Renau and Reuben Rodacher, co-founders of the supremely powerful Judaic-Masonic B’nai B’rith.

ALBERTA: This onslaught on Christianity, I believe, will soon come to an end. Our Blessed Mother has given us warnings since her appearance in Quito, Ecuador, in the early part of the 17th century. She warned about these secret societies plotting against the Church, and against Christian culture and morals—which would come to fruition, she said, in the latter half of the 20th century. She promised a resounding defeat of this evil cabal when all seemed utterly lost.

LASHA DARKMOON:  The apparitions of Magna Mater at Fatima are of far greater importance than previous apparitions. To this day, along with the Turin Shroud and the miraculous cures at Lourdes, the miracle of the sun at Fatima remains inexplicable.

698.jpg - 3

THE “MIRACLE OF THE SUN” AT FATIMA … October 13, 1917, witnessed by 70,000 people

“Before the astonished eyes of the crowd, eagerly gazing up at the sky, the sun suddenly trembled and started gyrating, making incredible movements outside all cosmic laws. It literally started dancing.“  — Columnist Avelino de Almeida, in O Seculo, Portugal’s most influential and anti-clerical newspaper.

Miracle at Fatima


“The sun stood forth in the clear zenith like a great silver disk … which they could look at without blinking. While they gazed, the huge ball began to ‘dance’—that was the word the beholders applied to it. Now it was whirling like a gigantic fire-wheel. After doing this for a time, it stopped. Then it rotated again, with dizzy, sickening speed…. Madly gyrating in this manner, the fiery orb seemed to tremble, to shudder, and then to plunge precipitately, in a mighty zigzag, toward the crowd. A fearful cry broke from the lips of thousands of terrified persons as they fell upon their knees, thinking the end of the world had come.”  — Another eyewitness account.

JAMES B. PHILLIPS: To subvert Christian values has been the goal of such revolutionary Jews as Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginzberg, strongman of Zionist fanaticism, who is believed to be, along with Lord Rothschild, one of the authors of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism; Max and Paul Warburg, the moneymen that bankrolled Hitler and created the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve bank; Rabbi Judah Magnes, co-founder of the American Jewish Committee and the Order of B’nai-Zion; Felix Lazerus Pinkus, one of the founders of the Judaic-Masonic Ordo Templi Orientis; Isaiah “Si” Kenan, founder of AZCPA, which later morphed into the American Israel Public Affairs Committee known as AIPAC—an organization which today controls the White House and Congress and both Republican and Democratic national committees.

ADAM:  I noticed an interesting observation in the Occidental Observer which encapsulates my own viewpoint. Kevin MacDonald writes:

An article in Haaretz (“Israeli Jew turned Catholic priest named head of papal court”) describes one David Maria Jaeger who “converted” from Judaism to Catholicism and will now become a member of the highest court in the Vatican. The word ‘converted’ is in quotes because it’s apparent that Jaeger has in no sense ceased being a Jew. Jaeger was born in Tel Aviv and had a Jewish religious education before assuming his high position in the Church.
Beginning in the 15th century in Spain, people like Jaeger were called Conversos or Marranos (pigs)—Jews who had the appearance but not the reality of having converted to Catholicism. The Inquisition was designed to ferret such people out and subject them to penalties. Indeed, a major problem in the eyes of the Inquisition was that the Church itself had been infiltrated by Jews pretending to be Catholics.
In the contemporary world, crypto-Judaism in the Church results in high office and, who knows, perhaps election as the next pope.” (Ellipses omitted, see here)

JOHN: When I was growing up in the 1970s we still had nuns in habits who gave their lives for God and the Catholic Church. Nuns used to be models of humility and obedience; convents flourished across the world. But as time went on the liberation of women struck at the Church too and began to undermine it.

By the 1980s nuns were becoming extinct. The new nun was liberated from the veil and the interior life of contemplation and sacrifice. In her place appeared your fierce, in-your-face feminist nun who wanted to jockey with the men for position and power.

Soon girls were allowed to be altar boys, in obvious preparation for eventual ordination to the sacred priesthood. Here is where we are today. Increasing pressure is being applied to the Church. The great liberalization of modern society wreaks its destruction on traditional values.

If it goes on like this, I will be forced to embrace Islam.

TIM: Some may ask, why doesn’t God expose this foul sect? He does. He allows the stench of their hypocrisy and sexual sins to rise to Heaven. He exposes their diabolical heresies to the four winds. He has revealed to us their connections to Judeo-Masonry. Those who fail to notice will be punished. Because they don’t care. Why should God enlighten them if they care nothing for Christian values and teachings?

JAMES B. PHILLIPS: Totalitarianism is the clandestine and criminal work of the same Judeo-Masonic master planners, the criminal overlords known as the Elders of Zion. Totalitarianism has many manifestations: Bolshevism, Nazism, Fascism, Zionism, as well as the fast-developing American autocracy wearing the deceptive mask of Homeland Security and the Welfare/Warfare State of the Left-Right Axis of Evil.

HENRY MAKOW: In 1917, Illuminati Jewish banker Louis Marshall said, “Zionism is but an incident of a far reaching plan. It is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon.” Indeed, Zionism is like the Queen in a chess game. It is an essential weapon, but the ultimate goal is a satanic monopoly over human life—political, economic and spiritual.

LASHA DARKMOON: The question is: what can we do to throw off the shackles of our new masters? The only legal recourse we have, while we wait for deliverance by a military coup or revolution, is the inner jihad, self-conquest: to acquire knowledge and wisdom and transmit these to others in our daily lives.


“To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.”  —  Revelations 2:7

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128 Responses to When Satan Rules, edited by Lasha Darkmoon

  1. Montecristo says:

    Owing to ongoing computer problems, your comment may not be displayed in the Comment panel or appear until 20-30 minutes later. Bear with us. Either wait for your comment to appear or try posting it again. Thank you.

    • Salvatore says:

      When satan rules, us truth-tellers get “banned” from one controlled-opposition website after another, or are put under heavy-duty “monitoring” at the other ones — even the websites which purport to be ALL about “truth seeking”, “truth telling”, “truth loving”. When satan rules, the Moon grows Dark, and all the slimy slithering snakes and lizards crawl out from under their rocks and outta their snake pits, when satan rules ; When satan rules and lilith sits at satan’s left-hand, and truthful posts get deleted left and right and everywhere in every direction the truthful posts disappear into the darkness of a Darkmoon night…… but it all rolls over my shoulders like water …. It’s all in His hands :


  2. Rehmat (reposted by Ed.) says:

    Since, the comment section doesn’t appear on the latest three posts – I like to post my comment on the Satan Agenda here.

    In order to Samuel Hatington’s “Clash of Civilations”, berween Christianity and Islam – first coined by Jewish Orientalist Dr. Barnard Lewis, to materialize, the Zionist Lobby is trying to paint Christian minorities under Muslim-rules, as “the Jews of the Europe” in the past.


  3. Harbinger says:

    Lasha: “The question is: what can we do to throw off the shackles of our new masters? The only legal recourse we have, while we wait for deliverance by a military coup or revolution, is the inner jihad, self-conquest: to acquire knowledge and wisdom and transmit these to others in our daily lives.”

    The peaceful way is acquiring wisdom through knowledge, but I’ve found that courtesy of msm and academia brainwashing, gentiles will rally to the defence of Judaism and attack anyone who speaks out against them. Yes we need to wrestle all major institutions out of the hands of these hateful talmudists but then in trying to you come up against tye gentile mentioned, Judeo defence problem.

    A military coup is really nothing more than a hope and a prayer. How many gentiles are in positions of military power who know what’s going on? The Jews were a massive minority within Christian Russia yet subverted and controlled the huge Russian military. I think realistically you can forget about that.

    So it leaves revolution as our only hope and what revolution was not a pre planned Jewish affair? The Hungarian Revolution was originally an anti Jewish pogrom, but the others? No grass roots there and moreso, one colossal difference to then (of the time of revolutions) and now is no massive surveillance state and a msm & academia indoctrination machine.

    The situation is truly grim, but reality dictates that the people deserve the society they live in. Far too many people, nay, the overwhelming majority have been brainwashed into living the happy lie compared to the unhappy truth. People ask me am I happy. I reply: “of course not. How can I be when what is really going on in this world? How can I turn a blind eye at the western waged wars in the middle east, the ongoing vaccine poisoning of the African (and world) peoples and the banker controlled governments making people’s lives hell? How can I be happy when I see mass immigration turn my race into a minority within their own lands? How can I be happy when I see the acceptance of sexual deviency in society as a norm paving the way forward for all immoralities to be one day accepted as natural? How can I ………..etc etc “.

    This is their downfall – an existance of falsehoods wrapped up in cultural marxism and moral relativity. Worse still either their ignorance to the few, pushing the buttons and/or their wilful complacency into accepting their slavery under a psychopathic elite who utterly loathe them.

    • Xanadu says:

      @ Harbinger

      Any attempt to organize serious resistance to organized Jewry would at once get you in jail. You’d be charged with spreading hatred and plotting terrorism. This is the problem we face. Our masters demand abject servitude.

      I’m not saying we should fall on our knees and kiss the ground where they walk, though soon they will be demanding even that as their rightful due.

      I’m just pointing out that any form of serious and meaningful resistance to the tyrants who rule us woud be regarded as “illegal”. Bear in mind that they don’t even need to invoke the law to imprison and torture people nowadays. They are a law unto themselves. They kill innocent people daily all over the world and they don’t give a damn. So why should they not crush you underfoot like a worm if you get on their nerves?

      If you have any suggestions such as a detailed 10-point plan for regaining all our lost liberties, let me know. No platitudes please, such as “Let’s take back the media!”

      Easier said than done. How is Joe Blow “to take back the media”? How does he set about it? Stop buying the newspapers? Switch off the TV? I’ve already done those two things, Harbinger. And it hasn’t helped all that much.

      I can still feel the weight of the boot on my neck.

      • Harbinger says:


        My reply above was not a rebuttal of your article. We are on the same page very much on the current situation we all face.

        “I’m just pointing out that any form of serious and meaningful resistance to the tyrants who rule us woud be regarded as “illegal”. Bear in mind that they don’t even need to invoke the law to imprison and torture people nowadays. They are a law unto themselves. They kill innocent people daily all over the world and they don’t give a damn. So why should they not crush you underfoot like a worm if you get on their nerves?”

        And I can’t fault a word. You mistakenly think I am attacking you whereas I am very much in agreement. Your above quote sums it up. I know were I to become threat they’d try to destroy my character. I know if that didn’t work they’d target my family and loved ones and eventually ‘remove’ me if that didn’t work either.
        I have written SO MANY TIMES on the control they wield and power they have.

        I would never, ever write down a plan on how to wrestle control from our controllers firstly because you don’t tell your opponents your strategy and secondly, I’d be incriminating myself in due process.
        The obvious way is education, understanding our enemy and working as a group of individuals NOT an individual group, to overcoming our problems.

        And as for the platitude of taking back the msm, well, we do it the same way the Jews did it – we buy them out, through a court and lay plans in motion to ‘keep it in the family’ and never allow it under Jewish control again. We would do exactly the same with all other institutions. In order to defeat our enemy we would have to become like them, even to the creation of forming a secret society to parallel freemasonry. We would in essence stop Jewry from attaining any positions of power within society where they would then have the ability to mould it into however they wish it so, as they are doing today.

        The reality of the situation shows only two ways of removing Jewry from their destructive positions in power – lawfully or unlawfully, legally or illegally.

        To finish, [here in the UK] the 1290 Edict of Expulsion still lies in place and has never been repealed (to my knowledge and could be wrong) by royal decree. It therefore means that any Jew living in the UK is breaking the law. It therefore means that any Jewish owned business would essentially be void and should cease business immediately. Simply put, I think our ‘way out’ from the dreadful situation we’re in lies very much in the past and that’s where we must look for our answers and ‘ammunition’.

        • Xanadu says:

          “You mistakenly think I am attacking you whereas I am very much in agreement.”

          Relax, dear Harbinger. I didn’t for a moment think you were attacking me. I apologize if I gave that impression. I realize that you are one of the astutest and most knowledgeable posters on this site. In fact, I have learned much from you.

          Anyway, I realize that what I wrote in the article was inadequate and unlikely to please the man of action. “Self-conquest” has no charms as a prescription for improving the dire world situation we find ourselves in. I’m only too aware of that.

          How does my wretched “self-conquest” help the Palestianian child who is hudded in a wheelchair, crying helplessly after the death of her entire family?

        • Charlieboy says:

          You know the answer that, yourself, Xanadu. But if you are looking for answers short of immediate, lethal confrontation, there aren’t any.

        • Harbinger says:


          You humble me and thank you for your incredibly kind words. I believe you’ve made me blush!

          Self conquest is ultimately the start but for those past midway and nearing the finish line, a much more affirmative and direct plan of action is needed.

          Finally, no. Your ‘self conquest’ won’t help the Palestinian child, but then neither will I, the ‘man of action’ either. Don’t get me wrong though, in my hastiness, tye thought of leaving the UK to help the Palestinians has played on my mind more often than I can remember. However, I’m a perfectionist in life and making a dent is not my style. I don’t want to be a thorn in someone’s side, I want to be a claymore. That said, much needs to be done to help the Palestinians, a feat currently out of our current capabilities. However, the future is another story altogether.

        • Ben says:

          Your soul buddy Michael James (he used to post at Gnostic Liberation for a while, then I think he died or went insane or something) did advise British officials on how to enact the Edict of Expulsion. Because the UK has legally moved past a straight rule by any royal decrees, he was ignored. You should try and succeed where poor Mr. James failed!

        • Harbinger says:

          Hi Ben,

          I used to be in regular contact with Mike via email. His story is very fulfilled and incredibly interesting but also very sad. He did write for the GLF and now and again has articles on the Truthseeker website (there’s a whole list of his past articles there).

          He isn’t dead and didn’t go insane. I do know that he, through grief (possibly depression) attempted suicide not so long ago and has come off a hunger strike.

          In a nutshell, he’s a brilliant journalist. In his youth he flirted with many of the elites and got the skinny on much in life. His subsequent research into government corruption and Jewish perfidy got him blacklisted as a journalist and now lives in Germany, doing a shitty job in order to receive his social benefits.

          Two other men (Simon Shepherd & Stephen Whittle aka Luke O’Farrel) in their court case defense, arrested for ‘inciting racial hatred’ in the UK (but really for their publication of their ‘Tales from the Holohoax’ comic) tried the Edict of Expulsion route and got nowhere. They also tried the “We aren’t anti semitic because the Ashkenazi aren’t semites” route also and it, of course, failed.

          These two, also known as the Heretical Two, were imprisoned for a total of some 9 years or so between them. As I said because the Jewish string pullers fell foul of them, however saying that, Stephen Whittle really doesn’t like non whites (Asians & Blacks).

          Going down the Edict/Ashkenazi aren’t semites route in a UK court of law WON’T work. It’s not that it’s not true, on the contrary, far from it, but the judiciary, like all other major institutions are completely under Jewish control. Can you think of the ripple effect that would be caused were the Edict reinforced here? It would be far worse than the exposing of the holocaust lies. Too many people up within the aristocracy as well as high up in the public service (that’s a laugh) would have too much to lose and so the lie must be protected at all costs.

          The Edict of Expulsion WILL NEVER BE ENFORCED.

        • Harbinger says:

          P.S. Ben,

          If I did pursue action in trying to enforce the Edict of Expulsion, I would most certainly find myself, in the eyes of the law, “attempting to incite racial hatred”, just like the Heretical Two (Simon Shepherd and Stephen Whittle). I would be arrested, tried and most certainly found guilty and imprisoned for, I don’t know, 4/5 years perhaps?

          Understand that the first Race Relations act was established in 1965. Why? Well, like the anti semitism laws in Russia, our controllers knew that come 1971, Edward Heath would deceive the British public and take the UK into the EEC, thus destroying its sovereignty (Read up on Albert Burgess’ “A Case for Treason” as well as “The Great Deception: Can the European Union Survive?” by Richard North and Christopher Booker) and more importantly allow waves of immigration into the UK, to destroy the culture, break up the majority indigenous block, create constant friction between both and utterly obliterate one of the bastions of the west.

          There’s also no doubt in my mind whatsoever that when these Acts were created, it was most certainly known that the people would ‘eventually’ cotton on to the whole agenda and realise that an alien group, a parasite, a people who have created angst among the indigenous wherever they’ve been and subsequently expelled from their lands, have in fact, like a hawk wasp’s larvae, burrowed deep into the very heart of the UK and are destroying it from the inside out. And thus, protection for this parasitic group was instantly created, instantly hamstringing the indigenous’ ability to fight back against what is essentially, the genocide of their people and destruction of their culture.

          The only way ever, that the Edict of Expulsion would ever be reinforced, would be AFTER a people’s insurrection, the taking back of government for the people, by the people, the immediate removal of the monarchy and the control of the police and military. Sadly, the majority of people in the UK don’t just not know of the Edict of 1290, but simply don’t care about the current situation of society within their island. The indigenous are globalists, mindless automatons who care only for their TV programmes, their fast food, their celebrity culture and their sports (football). They deserve to become extinct, because they’re not worth fighting for and sacrificing my life for either. Should I see a huge polar shift in the collective consciousness, then maybe I’ll reconsider, but quite frankly, I’m doing my best to survive, constantly trying to break away from the system and society for good and find what I really, truly want to do, to find fulfilment within my life, once I have. Many people have risen up to free the people of this land, only to be, in turn, attacked by them. Sod that as far as I’m concerned. I’m not putting myself up to be a martyr for a majority of brain dead halfwits who couldn’t give a shit.

    • Charlieboy says:


      Then the only way to defeat our enemies is as Lasha said: Make OURSELVES better. Of course, there is no quick fix; but there has been no quick conquest of total global domination, either. One of the hallmarks of our weakened state is that we are attenuated to immediate gratification.

      In the foregoing interview, I believe it was [the] Phillip who mentioned that Jesus came to conduct the Jews from Judaism. Never saw that. But I DID read where He said “I came not but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” (Matthew 15:22, I believe…)

      If one is on any sort of spiritual quest, at all, in terms of Jesus and jews and gentiles oh my(!), it would be wise to closely consider the identity of ISRAEL instead of letting the John Hagees of the world misguide Scriptural truths.

      (btw, all this IS a spiritual dimension of which we speak, here, whether we accept it, or not)

      Zionist Christians, radical Islamists, radical atheists – ALL are manipulated by the crafty Judaic zionists for their own ends. It is the rest of us who have to teach our own better.

    • turtle says:

      How about sending this article to everyone you know (if you haven’t done so already) and then being prepared to defend your beliefs against the tsunami of criticism and ridicule.

      First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. – Mahatma Gandhi

      This too if they won’t be convinced.


  4. Seymour Zaq says:

    I don’t believe in miracles.

    • lobro says:

      what kind of jew are you zaqui?

      jews dryfooting it across red sea, holocaust, 9/11 …
      more miracles there than you can shake your tefilin at.

      try saying that during your mandatory holocaust refresher and see a miracle happen, zaqui perpwalked to the nearset fema reeducation camp.
      you’ll come out a believer.
      believe me.

      • Seymour Zaq says:

        It’s because you are a pitiful goy that you believe in miracles. The Red Sea miracle is simply an allegory to show that Jews can get from Point A to B without worrying about the obstacles in their path. As the waters of the Red Sea parted to allow the Jews to cross over, so all obstacles disappear before the determined efforts of the resourceful, problem-solving Jew.

        You’ve heard of the proverb: where there’s a will there’s a way. The corollary to this proverb is: where’s a Jew, there’s a way of overcoming all obstacles and getting what your heart desires.

        How do you explain the fact that most of the world’s wealth today is in Jewish hands? Isn’t Lord Rothschild a far greater miracle worker than Jesus Christ? Rothschild doesn’t walk over water, he walks over gold.

        • lobro says:

          well, miracles are lies according to you and jews are cosmic liars, so i guess we are in agreement.

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  6. Sardonicus says:

    @ Harbinger

    What you say is undeniably true. But how can Darkmoon recommend violence and live to tell the tale? Anyone who decided to “take action”, what would he do? Start learning how to build crude nail bombs? Bomb Tescos and Marks and Spencer and kill a few innocent people? … and leave a note saying, “These companies are owned by Jews! That’s why I killed three old ladies and four children and injured 16 other people! Serve them right for patronizing Jew shops that do business with Israel!”

    Conspiring with like-minded people? To do what? Acquire guns? With what in mind? Wait outside a synagogue and shoot a few people as they exit? All this is so damn futile. It’s just killing innocent people. You might as well kill youreself.

    The authorities monitor every email and phone call. So you can’t call up your buddies and plan revolution! I’m not sure how the guys in the football team are going to mount a revolution, are you?

    Did you know that in America people aren’t even allowed to meet as a Bible study group? That’s regarded as “suspicious”. They could be saying nasty things about the government and planning mischief. All such groups are infiltrated and have their informers.

    Understand this, Harbinger: everything you do to overturn the established order, to change the status quo, is ILLEGAL! And as soon as you confer with others to plot and plan it, the authorities catch you and put you away for a long time.

    What Darkmoon is recommending is the inner jihad, even though she knows that is not enough to effect the huge changes we need. But it’s a start. If you could work on yourself to get all clued up, to become knowledgeable and wise, and if you transmitted your knowledge and wisdom to 12 other people, wouldn’t the world be a far better place? And if everyone did it, you know what? — There would be no more sheeple!

    And that’s a damn good start.

    • Harbinger says:


      Interesting reply. It’s condemning violence which you are stating I’ve advocated. Only one problem there; I haven’t anywhere in my reply, OTHER than REVOLUTION. Did I state violent revolt? Surely you know that a revolution can be peaceful, just as much as it can be violent? I really don’t like people putting words in my mouth.

      “If you could work on yourself to get all clued up, to become knowledgeable and wise….”

      Don’t you think the above statement is somewhat wrong? I find it quite insulting actually and I think those who have read what I’ve written, here, on other sites and on my own (now gone) blog would agree. It’s because I’m clued up, knowledgeable and wise that I come to the conclusions I do. It’s because I’ve looked at the problem from every possible angle I write what I do. I’m a realist. What an optimist calls a pessimist. I see plain as the light of day that society has been irreparably damaged through years of Pavlovian indoctrination. I’ve been shouting out about the cracks in the dam for some time now, sad to see the cracks are leaking water, soon to collapse where no dam will be.

      Do you seriously think I don’t know what’s needed? If you do you haven’t written anything I’ve written. I truly believe we’re all totally screwed but my persona still keeps fighting against impossible odds. I tried to educate people on waking up, but realised THEY have to awaken, through THEIR own understanding.

      You won’t stop the creation of the NWO. It’s already here. I accepted that truth. You and many haven’t yet. You’re waiting for some catastrophic event, a hundredth monkey situation to waken the globalist automatons from their happy, ignorant slumber. I don’t because it won’t happen. If the French & Russian revolutions, sinking of the Lusitania, WW1, bombing of Pearl Harbour, WW2, Gulf of Tonkin incident, USS Liberty, Oklahoma, Kuwait, Yugoslavia, 9/11, 7/7 etc etc won’t wake the people, what in the hell will? Geeezzzz, it’s like someone always believing their next lottery ticket will scoop the jackpot.

      I see reality for what it is and people for what they are. I came to the conclusion that human suffering and tyranny reigns because the people wish it through their wilful compliance. Never in human history, thanks to the internet and education (reading & writing) have people ever had so much truth and knowledge available to them and what do the masses do? – watch TV, celebrity, Hollywood propaganda and read print media indoctrination – PEOPLE DESERVE THE HELL THAT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN, FOR THEY’VE ALLOWED IT TO BE THROUGH THEIR IGNORANCE AND WILFUL ACCEPTANCE OF CONTROL OVER THEM.

      • Sardonicus says:

        @ Harbinger

        “If you could work on yourself to get all clued up, to become knowledgeable and wise….”

        You are far too sensitive for your own good, Harbinger. I was not attacking you. The above remark was not really aimed at you personally but at the general reader. The word “you” was used in the same way as people use the word “one”: it was intended to have a universal application.

        I realize from your previous posts that you are already far more “clued-up” than the average poster on this site, including myself. I fully acknowledge your superior wisdom, so I would ask you to bear this in mind and not be misled by my careless and slipdhod way of expresion.

        In any case, if I’ve given you any offense in any way, I apologize. No offense was intended.

        • Sardonicus says:

          And here now is a joke, Harbinger, which I hope will make you laugh and chill out a bit. Now please don’t take offense at that innocuous remark. When I say, I “hope” you will laugh, I am not for a moment suggesting that you could be deficient in a sense of humor.

          I am sure, cher ami, that you have the same capacity for humor as all of us lesser mortals! :)


          A Greek and an Italian were talking one day, discussing who had the superior culture. Over coffee, the Greek says, “Well, we Greeks built the Parthenon.”

          The Italian replies, “We Italians built the Coliseum.”

          The Greek retorts “We Greeks gave birth to mathematics.”

          The Italian, nodding, says: “But we built the Roman Empire. ”

          And so on and so on until the Greek comes up with what he thinks will end the discussion. With a flourish of finality he says, “We invented sex!”

          The Italian replies, “That’s true, but it was the Italians who included women!”

        • Harbinger says:

          And yes I do laugh and did laugh at your joke. Thankyou for that.

        • Harbinger says:


          No offence has been taken and no apology necessary. I ‘jumped the gun’ so to speak as I did consider your ‘you’ to be like the collective ‘we’.

          I like this site purely for the many fountains of wisdom who express their views. As above with Lasha, you humble me with your kind words but I think we all have wisdom who write here (other than old Seymour that is) and are all superior wisdomly (new word perhaps?) in our own specialised subjects.

  7. kapoore says:

    I think it’s possible to say that the Judaic/Masonic order was born out of the Council of Basel in 1431 when the Council decided to lift the ban on the Hebrew texts. It was an age of humanism and even though the language of the Council would not sound politically correct to the modern ear it was an attempt to move away from the brutal practices of medieval torture. For example, at one time there was a practice of hanging upsidedown for usury (Hang Man of the Tarot). In the 1431 Council this lifting of the ban carried the hope that in understanding the Hebrew perspective through their texts the Church could better debate and convert them. This brought on a whole slew of Hebrew translations that developed into what we now call the “occult” or the “occult revival.” Since most of these intellectual pursuits were carried out by priests like Pico Della Mirandola or Athanasius Kircher or Trithemius, a fair amount of the most esoteric elements of the Christian tradition were infused into the matrix and this is unfortunate because now we are at risk of throwing the baby out with the bath water. In other words, Catholic doctrine became part of the occult matrix and that is what makes it alluring–not the real Kabbalah or the real Talmud which are as dry and boring and ridiculous as it gets. For example, one of the primary texts of the geniune Kabbala is mainly concerned with what Adam and Eve were up to in the Garden of Eden, that is, did they have sex or not, and speculation on that. There was little Pythagorean mathematics if any in the Kabbalah, but the Catholics in hopes of marrying the two traditions created what is called the Christian Kabbalah, which is almost purely Christian without any Christ.

    I see this de-Christianizing of Christian intellectual tradition a lot and I wonder if that doesn’t open the door to evil. It is the franchise idea that something can retain its authenticity if cheaper ingredients are substituted in… but of course nothing is more anti-Christian in every way then the occult and at the same time nothing has borrowed more heavily from it and then somehow forgotten that this is what happened.

    The main substitute ingredient in the occult is from Jacob Frank who brought this strange mixture of Islam/Christianity/heretical Judaism into the 18th Century lodges.

    So there is something to the idea that we can take apart the pieces of Judaic Masonry without ever being in a lodge or in on the secret, which I obviously don’t have. What re-converted me to Christianity, though, was the writing of the Russian mystic Vladimir Soloviev and his Lectures on Divine Humanity where he argues that the “equality and brotherhood” of socialism are fake and cannot be substituted for the Equality of God, etc. Also, Truth is fundamental to geniune Christianity and cannot be substituted for the “relativism” promoted by the likes of Aleister Crowley and crew. So, basically I say keep the good research of identifying the names and the faked and substituted ingredients and put it out there as not the real deal. And also within that geniune tradition is overcoming of the appetites. They (the demons) cannot control you except through your appetites because according to Tradition the mind is God’s gift to humanity, where the demons cannot go. We need to control our appetites and use our minds to defeat them.

  8. Darrell says:

    Good article, but I would only add ‘moral virtue” to the ‘inner jihad’ you call for: ‘self-conquest: to acquire knowledge and wisdom [and moral virtue] and transmit these to others in our daily lives.’ And this also requires prayer, since this is a spiritual battle. Our Lady of Fatima asked for the rosary to be recited every day in each of her 6 apparitions, in order to overcome this great evil which has taken over the world and infiltrated the Church.

  9. fritz says:

    historical reference also: From:”Rabinical literature by Johann Andreas Eisenmenger ” exists a translation but only in excerpts / parts of the good classic, the first that revealed talmud and rabbinical traditions:#
    Cover of: Rabinical literature by Johann Andreas Eisenmenger
    Rabinical literature
    or, The traditions of the Jews, contained in their Talmud and other mystical writings. Likewise the opinions of that people concerning Messiah, and the time and manner of his appearing; with an appendix comprizing Buxtorf’s account of the religious customs and ceremonies of that nation; also, A preliminary enquiry into the origin, progress, authority, and usefulness of these traditions; wherein the sense of the strange allegories in the Talmud and Jewish authors is explained.
    By the Revd. Mr. J. P. Stehelin.
    Published 1748 by J. Robinson in London .

  10. melgibstein says:

    The irony of it all is the word “Jew” is used here uncteen times by everyone and not one of them knows what a Jew even is.

    You cant use the word “Jew” for Judeans (any and all), people of the biological House of Judah (Israelites), the lineage of Judah through the male, Kenite Khazarian Ashkenazi’s who have no connection to Palestine or Sephardic Jews who are “mixed Canaanite Idumeans” all at the same time.

    ITS LUNACY!!! How long are you fruitcakes going to fall for this Jewish twist speak?

  11. melgibstein says:

    Ive got a new name for a tree, its no longer the Yew tree, from now on it’s the Jew tree. So from now on at least distinguish a Jew from the Yew tree so we know the difference or if you will you can just jumble it into the heap and we can use our imagination wtf you are talking about as usual like retards.

    Is it not important to know which Jew we are talking about? I think we should all go back to speaking Greek. The Phoenicians spoke a semitic language and gave their alphabet to the Greeks so if we speak Greek we cant even be antisemites. Ha!

  12. Darrell says:

    In this struggle against the forces of darkness we are called first of all to seek the salvation of our immortal souls, for ‘if souls aren’t saved, nothing is saved’. Jesus said, ‘Seek first the kingdom of heaven [as opposed to heaven on earth], and everything else will be added unto you.’ And Our Lady of Fatima said, ‘Pray the rosary every day for the conversion of sinners and for peace.’ Our knowledge and living of The Message of Fatima is crucial in overcoming the ‘Synagogue of Satan’, and even more importantly, in helping us overcome sin in our own lives.

  13. kapoore says:

    I agree with the comment that grounds the miraculous in the context of a deep morality. Outside of the moral imperative I am not sure what is meant by religion.
    For example, the so called leaders of the Catholic church who harden their hearts against the phlight of the Palestinians who are being systematically deprived of their water source might recall mathew 25:41… “For I was hungered and you gave me no meat. For I was thirsty and you gave me no drink.” This is the passage that refers to the sheep and the goats. It is interesting that this passage has been banished from the politically correct discourse and confiscated to refer to the Holocaust as the dividing up between those who were chosen to die and those who were fit to work (or at least that is the narrative).

    Once upon a time a religious leader had to ask himself/herself whether she had fed the hungry, given water to the thirsty, clothed the naked, and visited the sick. Once a leader had to ask if he was a sheep or a goat. Sometimes I think they’re all a bunch of goats the way they suck up to the power elite and the same goes for we Americans who support the theft of water and land from those who have the least. We aren’t sheeple; we’re goats. If the Catholic leaders would tell their followers that until Israel gives back the water and land taken from the Palestinians they were to buy no products from Israel per the words of Jesus that we are to give water to the thirsty; then we might finally see a truer peace accord on the table. As long as water is not part of the deal we shouldn’t support it if we call ourselves Christians.

    As far as the comment on the Jews… being Judaics… in modern language there are Jews and no one would know what you are talking about if you said Judaics.

    • lobro says:

      i heard a local proverb recently during ramadan, that you cannot be a muslim if your neighbor is hungry.

      i have seen more unquestioning acts of charity and mercy in impoverished countries than in the wealthy ones.

      vladimir solovyev, huh?
      will look him up.

  14. Harold Smith says:

    James Phillips said:

    “A few Jewish psychopaths—those behind the French and Russian revolutions, the two world wars, Vatican II, 9/11 and the phony War on Terror—are clearly not the Jewish people as a whole.”


    I disagree. If that were true, the Holocaust lie would never have gotten the traction that it did, for example. What we have here is a whole “race” of liars. Being “Jewish” means putting tribal loyalty ahead of anything and everything else, e.g., moral concerns, laws, patriotism, etc.

    Jews act against us (i.e. the non-Jewish balance of humanity) as a collective, not as a handful of psychopaths.


    James Phillips said:

    “Totalitarianism is the clandestine and criminal work of the same Judeo-Masonic master planners, the criminal overlords known as the Elders of Zion. Totalitarianism has many manifestations: Bolshevism, Nazism, Fascism, Zionism, as well as the fast-developing American autocracy wearing the deceptive mask of Homeland Security and the Welfare/Warfare State of the Left-Right Axis of Evil.”


    How can you even put Nazism in the same sentence as Bolshevism and Zionism? Nazi Germany was “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” compared to the Satanic Jew-controlled governments of “the West”. In any case, Nazism was a response to Jewish treachery.

  15. Harold Smith says:

    The “Jews” (a term that everyone understands) are leading the world to destruction, but “melgibstein” wants to argue semantics? LOL!

    • Charlieboy says:

      Everyone here understands the IMPLICATION’ Harold. NOT everyone, here, understands the difference between jew and Israel – including, it seems, yourself.

      • fritz says:

        If the Israelis stood by themselves and maybe did a limited lobbying in the US for their nation, one could say Jews are another people than Israelis. But facts are different. Why do they have to own Hollywood and the media all over the West, infiltrate the system of education, law to bring it down to a primitive level, to a morale of inhumane materialism, and with finance to enslave all with mountains of debts to shadow banking insane speculations and gambling behind any decent persons imagination. Only a very few jews are up against the NWO, which is Zionist obviously.
        Be it Zionism, International finance or Bolshevism are only historical fashions of the same destruction of christian or traditional values.

      • Harold Smith says:

        Huh? Are you responding to something I wrote?

        • fritz says:

          no, just generally answering to the always returning argument, in this case Charlieboy, just here before my comment, if I didn’t misunderstand him

        • Harold Smith says:

          Sorry Fritz, I meant to direct my comments to “Charlieboy”.

  16. barkingdeer says:

    at this point i chastise people for repeating anything barrack obama says. why lend it any energy?
    it’s the same with this endless argument over which religion is doing it to the other.
    the repetition of the satan myth is a mainstay of establishment religion. the truth is – there is no devil. so let’s drop that too.
    there is no need to destroy christianity or any other religion. they will all die out as completely irrelevant as soon as people stop entertaining them, and as soon a people stop feeding their children into their various indoctrination programs. they’ll die out because they’re not real in the first place. while the environmental dilemmas the planet faces over on the sidelines actually are real.
    lasha is right about one thing – it’s all about enlightenment. enlightenment is about focusing on the futuristic vision, and then cutting out all intercourse otherwise. remember, most of what you think you know is wrong. fall back and regroup around your own locales. stop repeating the religio-political mythology. let nature take its course.

  17. Darrell says:

    @barking deer

    If you don’t believe in the devil, then he is very pleased. It is perhaps his greatest ruse in bringing souls under his dominion and to damnation, although Our Lady of Fatima revealed that ‘More souls go to hell on account of sins of the flesh than for any other reason.’ I think unrepentant sin and disbelief in the devil go hand in hand.

    As for the ‘irrelevance of religion’, I like GK Chesterton’s quote: ‘Get rid of the supernatural, and what remains is the unnatural.’

    • Xanadu says:

      “If you don’t believe in the devil, then he is very pleased. It is perhaps his greatest ruse in bringing souls under his dominion and to damnation…”

      Charles Baudelaire: “The devil’s greatest wile is to trick you into thinking he does not exist.”

  18. Joe says:

    You know… I really enjoy the truth divulged in these articles. But, then — all of a sudden in the middle — comes this bullshit about “Fatima” and it’s related “miracles”. C’mon. Don’t you realize that your sane readers view this as the insanity that it is?!

    All you have to do is realize that your eternal enemies – the Jews – have been up to these Satanic tricks since almost the beginning of written history. It is their belief system – devolved into their physical DNA through the centuries – which has to be eradicated from this earth. Countering their evil-doings with comments about Fatima, Christ’s “miracles” or any other such nonsense only serves to perpetuate their ongoing scheme for world-conquest and the enslavement of all normal humans.

    Simply look to nature and her laws to validate all of the truths in the world. Even “good” and “evil” can be easily distinguished as “natural” or “unnatural” laws.

    Please don’t waste your or our time with nonsensical accounts of miracles from on-high. The Jews will only be deposed by the will and deeds of all of US as sensible, sentient human beings. Their evil philosophy (if one can call it that) must be called out… it must be fought… it must be eliminated from this earth. When that blessed moment arrives, real history – that based upon the unhindered path of nature – will take shape.

  19. Darrell says:

    Hey Joe, you admit that the Jewish cabal is ‘Satanic’ but you still think overcoming this Satanic force can be done by merely human means. I can almost hear Satan laughing and saying, “Bring it on!”

    As for the Message of Fatima being irrelevant, did you know that the Blessed Virgin said to the 3 children in July 1917, 4 months before the Bolshevik Revolution, “If my requests are not heeded, Russia will spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars, persecution of the Church…. various nations will be annihilated”? If that’s not relevant, I don’t know what is.

    • Joe says:

      And Zeus said he’d punish Hercules if he didn’t slay the Hydra. What’s the difference? I’m not trying to make fun of any specific peoples’ faith… it’s just that some miracles are more valid than others throughout history. An honest, thinking person looks at ALL of these claims through a third-person lens. This usually humbles any “believer” into understanding the folly of his or her own devotion to any specific named-God or established religion. Mankind will NEVER know who or what God is. And it is the hieght of arrogance to claim to know such things. All we can grasp is the arena of this world and the laws (of nature) that we must obey. Therefore, we, as a societal body, must reject the pathogen of Judaism before it kills us all – just as our bodies would strive to eject any bacillus that would do the same.

    • lobro says:

      i must agree with joe.

      it is not only a folly but also a sin, if you think about it, to kick back and expect the divine providence to clean up the mess essentially of our making, since it was us, the humanity, who allowed ourselves to be infected by this foul disease and now choose to do nothing about it.
      that is extreme sloth and thus one of the cardinal sins according to the list, right?

      what needs to be done is the following:

      educate the rest about the true nature of disease until some critical mass, e.g., 70% of informed population is reached,

      decide on the common policy to eradicate disease (and i don’t mean wholesale amalek-style slaughter but selective and appropriate punishment of the guilty and total, absolute ban and criminalization of all things judaic, since it clearly constitutes a criminal mind and thinking at the most fundamental level),

      and get to work in an organized, controlled fashion.

      and thereafter maintain vigilance against possible lapses into crypto-judaism as it happened during the spanish inquisition, whose primary goal was precisely that, to guard against cryptos corrupting the society again.

      • lobro says:

        actually, the first order of action is to eliminate traitors in our midst, those who for the sake of filthy lucre and power allowed themselves to be corrupted and are consciously acting against their own kind.

        recall that in dante’s inferno, the deepest level (i think canto 34) is reserved for betrayers (of country, family and benefactors), the foremost among them lucifer and judas iscariot.

        let see someone accuse me of antisemitism for this sentiment.

        • jessel meyer says:

          let see someone accuse me of antisemitism for this sentiment.

          i wont accuse u of antisemitism but why dont u like jews?

        • lobro says:

          let me try to answer this seriously however tough that task is, jessel.

          let us posit hypothetically an anthropomorphic species called hyungies and describe them in terms of their habits, belief-system and behavior.

          hyungies then, see themselves as not just the center but the sole object of the creation of universe, whose only purpose is to be subjugated to faithfully serve hyungies.

          their ethics don’t extend one iota beyond themselves, any action against a non-hyungy, no matter how outlandishly, bizzarely, pathologically destructive is perfectly legal, condoned and in fact encouraged by their belief system.

          their most precious emotions are of hatred and contempt for non-hyungy species, the most honored skills are of deception, destruction and parasitism off non-hyungies.
          all of their holidays, numerous because for parasites any useful work is considered an affront, are of the vindictive sort calculated to stoke feelings of enmity and desire for revenge for invented wrongs, where hyungy witchdoctors do crazy voodoo dances and perform sarficies on innocents – the purer the innocence, the more potent the effect of sacrifice.

          i wont accuse u of anti-non-hyungyism but why do u like hyungies?

        • jessel meyer says:

          i bet your a hyunggi in disgize! wot u r sayin is verry hirtfull an ofensivv my oldur bruther sez. my rabbi tole me 2 moniter this websit thats why im hear…

        • lobro says:

          if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.
          that way it won’t be hurtful.

        • lobro says:

          did your rabbi also tell you to divulge his instructions?
          i remember you saying that you are very bright.

          sounds like reverse monitoring to me.

        • flyingcossack says:

          lol … i think i will steal your hypothetical species and make a movie out of them

          with a couple minor additions … hyungies are repulsed by the cross, they are allergic to sunlight, and are offended by their reflection

  20. Joe says:

    And Zeus said he’d punish Hercules if he didn’t slay the Hydra. I’m not trying to condemn or make fun of anyone’s beliefs. All I’m pointing out is that it seems some peoples’ interpretations of “miracles” are more valid than others. The idea of Odin throwing lightning bolts from the sky is no more ridiculous than Moses opening the Red Sea. Or Jesus raising the dead… or the image of Mary appearing in a grilled cheese sandwich. Let’s just concentrate on reality. We have a “people” whose whole existence is geared toward enslaving all other peoples… period. We “other” peoples must recognize this pathogen in our midst and remove it. It’s as simple as that.
    And I only use the word “Satanic” as an adjective to describe absolute evil. I’m sorry if you took it literally.

  21. Toshiyori says:

    If the illustration of the sun over Fatima is accurate, perhaps people saw a swastika with curved arms: A portent of Germany’s awakening, and also (sadly) of the next Jewish war.

  22. wilson says:

    Death is the issue. Judaism (Torah-Talmudism: not a religion, but a legal system) has no concept of “afterlife”, so legality replaces morality. The Law which underlies all laws, is the law of cause & effect. Either pay for it, in this life…or the next.
    “As you sow, so shall you reap”. Jesus showed us how to use the law of cause & effect, to benefit all: “Do unto others whatever you would have them do unto you. This is the law and the prophets”,(Mathew 7:12). Our brief life spans, here, are but preparations for the next life. Jesus came for individuals– not tribes or nations or groups. Bloodline guarantees nothing. Life is the Way of The Cross for each of us. We pray for the souls of the Jews and the Shabbat Goyim. They pulled off Fukushima. Death is the issue.

  23. fritz says:

    The problem with the Jews is of religious dimensions, since they follow the political program undermining all social cultures and coherence of others, and religion was the heart of occidental cultures. And to add to that: Jesus has warned to follow the Pharisees, in Matthew 23. Martin Luther did not accept the pope of the church of Rome in the 16.century and did not so much propagate an universal church, more one of a people, German in his case, but he also found out how the Jews were subverting christian society. But in modern time after these revolutions and world-wars, Douglas Reed’s Controversy of Zion uncovers an sheds a light on these anti-european strategies.
    The summary http://www.controversyofzion.info/Summary_eng.htm
    it was revealing for me, if we don’t have time to read the whole book.
    To react only in a personal way is good for one, but then we have at least some responsibility to others and gentile society. We have not invented ourselves on our own, language, literature, culture are inherited, are traditions of a people.

  24. TOM GREEN says:

    As a practising traditionalist Roman Catholic It’s good to see that Lasha is aware of the Fatima apparitions and their message as she mentions the miracle of the sun. The newspapers of that time published photos of it too.
    However, even more important than that miracle was Our Lady’s message about divine chastisement if men do not mend their ways and if the Pope does not consecrate Russia to Mary’s Immaculate Heart in a solemn ceremony in union with the Catholic bishops of the word. If the Consecration is not done and bear in mind She asked for this way back in 1917….Russia (meaning Communism) will spread her errors throughout the world and “whole nations will be annihilated”; these are the Virgin Mary’s own words, remember.
    She also said “In the end it will be done but it will be late.” The question is will it be done in time to prevent the divine chastisement. If done as She requested there will be 2 results for the world:

    1. Russia will be converted to Catholicism and
    2. a period of peace will be granted to the world

    Yours in Christ,

  25. barkingdeer says:

    the fact is – no human being knows what happens to him after he dies, if anything. if we could all just start with that much truth we might find the right path.
    that is the basic understanding of every human being who comes into this world, until he is captured into the religious indoctrination process, where his little head is filled up with religious dogma, none of which is provable. religion is a self-perpetuating power structure that has no real validity but only remains because of its programs of indoctrination and ritual; that and the fact that it accumulates wealth tax free.
    in fact the bolsheviks made restrictions against the religious indoctrination of children one of their requirements for allowing the roman catholic and orthodox christian religions to continue to operate, in the period between the so-called russian revolution and ww2.
    it was the constant state of conflict between the orthodox czars and the roman vatican that enabled the bolsheviks to grab power, at which point initially the roman catholic faction was grateful for their decree of separation of church and state. the point is – those christians couldn’t even get along with each other. even while the bolsheviks were robbing them both they still couldn’t get over their antagonism against each other. the truth is – religion as we know it is only politics.
    as long as the vatican is wealthy it will act in its own financial interest first, to maintain its wealth.
    a redefinition if wealth in the general consciousness is coming up on the way to the next paradigm. the redefinition is based in the appreciation of nature. the earth is the real god. it brought you here and it will provide everything you need free of charge if you restore it to its natural state. establishment religion is the antecedent of the corporo-fascist state. their methodologies are destroying the planet hand in hand.
    don’t get me wrong. i do believe in miracles. but miracles are only an advanced form of mental technology. some people have figured out how to do them, but it’s probably best if everybody doesn’t.

  26. Bob Brooks says:

    It is very apparent to me that all the problems in this world have their roots in the “religions” created by mankind. Evidently various “rulers” throughout history have invented religions in order to control the people.
    Humans must learn to be tolerant, to seek to get along with others, so that the war mentality will gradually dissolve. We must get away from the “money” motivation if we want to learn the lesson of treating others as we wish to be treated.
    We remember nothing before our births, and I see no need of there being any conscious existence after our deaths.
    “The dead know nothing” is a fact we must come to live with.

  27. No Name says:

    If you want to throw off Satan, just follow the commandment given in Genesis 1v28: “subdue the earth”. Much of the world is made by Satan or carries his signature. See your US$1 bill with the “all-seeing eye”, the continued suffering of the Native Americans and stop confusing yourself with Jewish conspiracy theory. Until you follow the command, take back the power you’ve given to men, and be equal, your mind will get confused.


  28. Choyung says:

    Find your own authentic spirituality (not new agerdom). Realize your relation to the highest and serve creation. Do not buy junk, have little wealth, trade with each other, refuse the mark of the beast, stay healthy, ignore their news and teachings and turn inward. This place can neither be privatized nor globalized. Practice desires happiness and have good boundaries. Keep these people away. Just as they isolate isolate as well to like minded people. Learn from Buddhist psychology (it dies not contradict believe) how to flow with ever present infinite awareness.

    If Jesus comes recognize him.

    • Choyung says:

      Also, sometimes have authentic conversation with electronic devices left at home. Don’t allow yourself to be monitored at all times. Leave no electronics in your bed room. Be intimate without a camera watching you. No Internet sex as it is stored.

      A good practice is speak as little as possible unless you see the person infront of you.

      You can also give lots of false data and keywords when you communicate as to over load their system

      It is good to remove the acu at the cellphone sometimes. Put scotch tape on all of the computer cams and hang your flat screen TV with a cloth or unplug it.

      Go shopping with cash as it is nobodies business. It is good to not leave traces.
      Try to do as much business without leaving paper trails. Exchange food and services as a gift to people so nobody can suck your life force dry.

      Practice introspection a lot and become your own best friend. Take good care of your health and exercise outside in nature more. Practice Yoga, Pilates at home. Be your own best friend and than share only what is necessary with others. become a private and trustworthy person and a loyal friend to others, authentic.

      Do not buy what you don’t need and be a human being and not a consumer. Evolve your spirituality and your relation to the Divine Being.

      Multiculturalism is not the same as universalism – here the cultures and languages are deep and spiritually uplifting and in multiculturalism culture is reduced to dining out ethnic and listening to a song or 2 but you don’t get the upliftment for the most part as in true universalism, the art and music which creates a mystic feeling of unity with the Beloved.

      There is nothing what the NWO can give but pseudo culture. If we are not even human beings for them – we need to do everything to distance and boycott virtually everything. Above all, do not believe any narrative about history, terrorism, wars. Chances are more people die in car accidents than in terror related situations. Take it easy and do the things you enjoy doing which full hear heart up with love. See they, the conspiracy practitioners, do not seem to have a heart. We, the conspiracy observers (it can be observed without knowing a theory, hence conspiracy theorist does not apply), we can have a rich life if we cultivate our ultimate superiority over the elite and that is: develop your compassion and love and service mindness towards all beings alive.

      We will see who will become true human beings – or Divine Beings… It can be only those who can love and serve creation. Those who hurt creation are not our leaders and cannot be our examples, we should never work for them and avoid them like poison. They only bring us unhappiness and bad karma.

      The rule is to stay away and to become your own best friend first and then friendship with others is not so needy and more lasting. We do not need this horrible evil elite. They are doing something very very wrong towards creation and what we need is almost the help of aliens to get them kicked out of their treacherous activities towards precious humanity and all of creation.

      In a way, all of this is such a waste of energy. Let’s hope things are not true and turn out alright in its own. I would not look forward fighting something so vastly negative as this force which wants to hurt us. It is only natural that people do not wish to look there.

      As a rule: always believe the opposite than the values they want to teach. If they teach ti fuck kids – don’t do it. If they tell you to be gay – discover your true nature. If they tell you to change your sex – meditate – because even the change of sex will not bring lasting happiness. If they tell you to go to war – don’t go. If they tell you pron is cool – cultivate true love and intimacy.

      Always do the opposite and you become closer to happiness. Avoid TV and Hollywood as well – it so sucks. there is nothing this society gives but your own creativity. What they give us to consume is worthless junk.

      Also, rediscover the wisdom of your ancestors wherever they came from and let their ways not die out. Go back thousands of years.

      Good luck…

  29. Strawman says:

    Interesting article as always. The problem we all face though is how to avoid or rectify it. I have wrestled this problem for many, many years. Forever it seems because of the difficulty of finding kindred spirits. Maybe as several enlightened texts dictate that we ‘be in the world, not of the world’ is our only course of action. I believe that it is our only hope. That when the day comes, as all of us believe it will, we must be resolute in fighting. There will be no rally cry, there will be no trumpet in the distance telling us in which direction to ride and in fact you may have no choice other than to fight on your own doorstep. But fight! Do not meekly accept the long march to the train station for you surely know what awaits you at the end of that ride. Godspeed to us all.

  30. Ares says:


    Sell The People On The Virtues Of Moral Relativism:

    “Now that the populace is willing to forgo certain liberties for the sake of security, they have been softened up enough for reprogramming to begin. The establishment will tell the people that the principles they used to hold so dear are actually weaknesses that make them vulnerable to the enemy. In order to defeat an enemy so monstrous, they claim, we must become monstrous ourselves. We must be willing to do ANYTHING, no matter how vile or contrary to natural law, in order to win.

    Honesty must be replaced with deceit. Dissent must be replaced with silence. Peace must be replaced with violence. The independent should be treated with suspicion. The outspoken treated with contempt. Women and children are no longer people to be protected, but targets to be eliminated. The innocent dead become collateral damage. The innocent living become informants to be tortured and exploited. Good men are labeled cowards because they refuse to “do what needs to be done,” while evil men are labeled heroes for having the “strength of will” to abandon their conscience.

    Thus, the criminal leadership makes once honorable citizens accomplices in the crime. The more disgusting the crime, the more apt the people will be to defend it and the system in general, simply because they have been inducted into the dark ceremony of moral ambiguity.

    The actions of the state become the actions of all society. A single minded collectivist culture is born, one in which every person is a small piece of the greater machine. And, that which the machine is guilty of, every man is guilty of. Therefore, it becomes the ultimate and absurd purpose of each person within the system to DENY the crime, deny the guilt, and make certain that the machine continues to function for generations to come.”

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