Ukraine: “The war will be nuclear”, by Paul Craig Roberts

The looting of Ukraine has begun. Putin faces a dilemma. If he responds forcefully to further American provocations, it will lead to nuclear war.

Slightly edited and annotated by Lasha Darkmoon

nuclear-war“The war will be nuclear . . . ”
—  Paul Craig Roberts

According to a report in Kommersant-Ukraine, the finance ministry of Washington’s stooges in Kiev who are pretending to be a government has prepared an economic austerity plan that will cut Ukrainian pensions from $160 to $80 so that Western bankers who lent money to Ukraine can be repaid at the expense of Ukraine’s poor.

It is Greece all over again.

Before anything approaching stability and legitimacy has been obtained for the puppet government put in power by the Washington orchestrated coup against the legitimate, elected Ukraine government, the Western looters are already at work. Naive protesters who believed the propaganda that EU membership offered a better life are due to lose half of their pension by April. But this is only the beginning.

The corrupt Western media describes loans as “aid.” However, the 11 billion euros that the EU is offering Kiev is not aid. It is a loan. Moreover, it comes with many strings, including Kiev’s acceptance of an IMF austerity plan.

Remember now, gullible Ukrainians participated in the protests that were used to overthrow their elected government, because they believed the lies told to them by Washington-financed NGOs that once they joined the EU they would have streets paved with gold. Instead they are getting cuts in their pensions and an IMF austerity plan.

The austerity plan will cut social services, funds for education, layoff government workers, devalue the currency, thus raising the prices of imports which include Russian gas, thus electricity, and open Ukrainian assets to takeover by Western corporations.

Ukraine’s agriculture lands will pass into the hands of American agribusiness. What remains of the country will be thoroughly looted by the West.

The other part of the Western plan hasn’t worked out very well either.

Washington’s Ukrainian stooges lost control of the protests to organized and armed ultra-nationalists. These groups, whose roots go back to those who fought for Hitler during World War 2, engaged in words and deeds that sent southern and eastern Ukraine clamoring to be returned to Russia where they resided prior to the 1950s when the Soviet communist party stuck them into Ukraine.

At this time of writing it looks like Crimea has seceded from Ukraine. Washington and its NATO puppets can do nothing but bluster and threaten sanctions.

The White House Fool has demonstrated the impotence of the “US sole superpower” by issuing sanctions against unknown persons, whoever they are — against people responsible for returning Crimea to Russia, where it belonged about 200 years before. According to Solzhenitsyn, a drunk Khrushchev (who happened to be of Ukrainian ethnicity) moved the southern and eastern Russian provinces of the Crimea  into Ukraine.

Having observed the events in western Ukraine, those Russian provinces now want to go back home. To where they initially belonged. To the Russian federation. Just as South Ossetia wanted nothing to do with Georgia.

Washington’s stooges in Kiev can do nothing about Crimea except bluster.

Under the Russian-Ukraine agreement, Russia is permitted 25,000 troops in Crimea. The US/EU media’s deploring of a “Russian invasion of 16,000 troops” is either total ignorance or complicity in Washington’s lies.

Obviously, the US/EU media is corrupt. Only a fool would rely on their reports. Any media that would believe anything Washington says after George W. Bush and Dick Cheney sent Secretary of State Colin Powell to the UN to peddle the regime’s lies about “Iraqi weapons of mass destruction,”  is clearly a collection of bought-and-paid for whores.

In the former Russian provinces of eastern Ukraine, Putin’s low-key approach to the strategic threat that Washington has brought to Russia has given Washington a chance to hold on to a major industrial complex that serves the Russian economy and military. The people themselves in eastern Ukraine are in the streets demanding separation from the unelected government that Washington’s coup has imposed in Kiev. Washington, realizing that its incompetence has lost Crimea, had its Kiev stooges appoint Ukrainian oligarchs, against whom the Maiden protests were partly directed, to governing positions in eastern Ukraine cities.

These oligarchs have their own private militias in addition to the police and any Ukrainian military units that are still functioning.

The leaders of the protesting Russians are being arrested and disappeared.

Washington and its EU puppets, who proclaim their support for self-determination, are only for self-determination when it can be orchestrated in their favor. Therefore, Washington is busy at work suppressing self-determination in eastern Ukraine.

This is a dilemma for Putin.

His low-key approach has allowed Washington to seize the initiative in eastern Ukraine.

The oligarchs Taruta and Kolomoyskiy have been put in power in Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk, and are carrying out arrests of Russians and committing unspeakable crimes, but you will never hear about their crimes from the US prostitute media.

Note by Lasha Darkmoon

Kolomoyskiy is President of the European Jewish Congress. Only a few days ago Putin called him “an incredible swindler”. This Jewish oligarch has seized power in Dnepropetrovsk which happens to contain the biggest Jewish center in the whole of Europe. It also contains the giant Yuzhmash industrial complex where the USSR’s intercontinental missiles were made, among them the dreaded “Satana” which could completely alter the face of New York.   

As for Taruta, he is  one of the financial sponsors of the “antisemitic”  Right Sector and extremist Svoboda party. Donetsk, one of the richest industrial areas in Ukraine, has now fallen into his rapacious hands. 

(With full ackkowledgements to my learned friend “Asthor”, an expert in all things Russian).

Washington’s strategy is to arrest and deep-six the leaders of the secessionists so that there are no authorities left to request Putin’s intervention.

If Putin has drones, he has the option of taking out Taruta and Kolomoyskiy.

If Putin lets Washington retain the Russian provinces of eastern Ukraine, he will have demonstrated a weakness that Washington will exploit. Washington will exploit that weakness to the point that Washington forces Putin into war.

The war will be nuclear.

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John Scott Montecristo is the editor of this website. He is Lasha Darkmoon's cousin.
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184 Responses to Ukraine: “The war will be nuclear”, by Paul Craig Roberts

  1. Yuri says:

    Ukrainians have got great chance to become mambers of European civilization in no time. They exposed great will and intellect. Maidan in Kiev used to be the cleanest and safest place in the city. People there stayed days, weeks and months showing their active attitude and willingness to go their own way to Europe in terms of culture, law, creative work.
    Expelled Yanukovich, who was plundering the contry, escaped to Putin.
    It is clear now that Yanukovich’s team has privitized about 50% of country resourses and Yanukovich has become the greatest thief of Ukraine in all the times.

    Now Puting is using Yanukovich name as formal reason to open a war against Ukraine willing to drag Ukrainians back to post-soviet stall.
    Bruttal russian propaganda has poisoned braines of some people who are not willing to analize facts and now many of Russians and even Ukrainians are prepared to kill each other and this war is already on while the western countries “express their ever rising concern”.
    Puting will not stop!
    Help Ukraine with your military power!

    • peter vojtaa says:

      You must be crazy, Ukraine is classic regime change orchestrated from CIA….How much did you scream, when 1300 people including 400 women and childern was slotered by Israels war machine only couple years back in Gaza Massacre?, how much did you scream about US/Nato attack on Libya, former Yogoslavia and list goes on and on…..When US does killing /always hunderts of towsends/ and destroy country after country – it usually calls it humanitarien missions, bringing democracy etc……When China or Iran makes bussines with other countries – its called “export of terrorism”. Wake up mate! The main artical US exports is 1, Endless terrorism, 2, weapons 3, military bases.
      The biggest and truth axis of evil on this planet remains US administration, Zionist entity in Palestine and Saudi Arabia.
      Russia and China remain protector of World Peace …if you like it or not. I wish Russia would and claim territory up to Dnepr river!!!!! peter czech

    • ShillSniffer says:

      Yuri is obviously not called Yuri, and he is not in Ukraine.

      When a shill spews his BS, he does so in clear sections.
      First: they praise the “victim” with roses and petals
      Second: they name their target
      Third: they cry for help

      The truth of the matter is that the USSA, the EU, and Israel are all falling over themselves to see how quick they can get FREE RUSSIA back under their bolshevik/comunist whip.

      • Alex says:

        Actually, many people of Ukraine naively believe that west is bringing them peace for some reason. They see west as a savior, yeah I’m surrounded by not so bright people.

    • Asthor says:

      Well, specially this sentence of “maidan being the cleanest and safest place in Kiev” caught my attention. maidan after 3 months of concentration of thousands of people was (and still is) THE DIRTIEST imaginable place, smelling of HUMAN EXCREMENTS (aka SHIT) of 90+ days of thousands of people) and burned tires. What of safety – killings of men and violence of women happened practically every day in and around of “maidan” tents.×426.jpg

    • Mark says:

      I can only say that of the two dozen or so Russian Ukrainians that I know, NONE seem to be enthusiastic about Crimea or any of eastern Ukraine becoming part of Russia. They regard the possibility of an independent Crimea/east as a “last ditch” proposal, and a losing one at that.

      These are actually university-educated professionals who learned Ukrainian language as a way to do more and better business, despite how much it sounds like “retarded people trying to speak proper Russian”.

      In all reality, if Russia thinks that they can take in up to 10 million people, and handle their social costs and pensions despite that these people have not paid one penny of Russian taxes for the last twenty or so years without having very detrimental effects on their domestic economy, let them shoot themseves in the feet… all the easier for China in the west in the next few years.

      Too bad that they had to throw Transdnistra “under the bus” to get Crimea… as well as set a precedent concerning “referendums” for other regions of Russia “proper” – Chechnya, and the rest…

      • Wyrken says:


        Why would university-educated professionals come to your mother’s basement?

        Liberalism will fall and you soros-funded parasites with it.

    • Wyrken says:

      How I would use military power is tactical nuclear strikes followed by invasion and the complete annhilation of the maidan regime.

      Poroshenko and his oligarch masters would be sent to South African prisons with a bunch of soaps.

      Suck an infected dick, maidanist scumbag, soon enough your masters will be the ones who goes bankrupt.

  2. kapoore says:

    Thanks for this incredibly depressing article… I hope Paul Craig Roberts is wrong but he could be right. I took the tour of the underground Cold War bomb shelter in Moscow–down 16 flights of stairs (something like that) and into a cavern kept in tact since the 50s. I watched a movie from the 50s featuring nuclear explosions and people burning up–real people –when a test bomb misfired. The Moscow underground is also a bomb shelter for the people of the City–it is vast. Russians are ready for a nuclear war on multiple levels and they are preparing for it. We are not ready or prepared. I live in Los Angeles which would be decimated in a nuclear attack–we have zero preparation.

    But why would our leaders lead us into a nuclear war with Russia? As Paul Craig Roberts informs us: our leaders in D.C. are stooges. And they are also Neocon creeps and morons who probably either minimize the damage of a tiny nuclear confrontation (as they might think of it) or minimize the risk that Russia will go to war. Do not doubt for a moment that Russian won’t go into a nuclear war!! It is clear as day to me that we have to let the Ukraine go and allow the people of that country to decide for themselves who they want as allies and trading partners. The “oligarchs” are mafia bosses surrounded by armed guards and beautiful women. Everything they own they stole, and we should let the people have it back.

    Another possibility is that Putin will decide to play it cool and just take back Crimea and let the rest of the Ukraine (which is half ethnic Russians) starve under the IMF austerity plan–more organ harvesting for the Israeli organ trade and more white slave girls for the Israeli sex trade. These are a very war hardened people who know how to suffer long term. I pray for them and for ourselves in either case.

    In the meantime the American people are about as aware of all this as they are of the next sports season. CNN is on in the background mixing stories of movie stars with misinformation cooked up in Neocon think tanks. We have allowed this Neocon vermin to infect the halls of power and we are mute due to political correctness. Afterall no one wants to suffer the defamation of being called an “anti-semite.”

    Probably what will happen is really the best out of a worst case scenario. We won’t go to war. The Empire will limp along leaving a trail of bankrupt countries in its wake. Germany, Russia, and China will continue their thriving cross continental trade and build more fast railroads networks that have replaced the old silk road. One day maybe Germany will decide to just drop out of the E.U., switch over to the “new currency”, the dollar will crash, the Empire will crash. Israel will become the backwater theocracy it is moving toward, and the planet will be saved for another day. Let’s hope for that happy day.

    • lobro says:

      In the meantime the American people are about as aware of all this as they are of the next sports season.

      you give them much too much credit kapo, geopolitical ignorance is an item of pride there and if you asked the congress gnats to find crimea on the map, i doubt that more than 3 goys would succeed, if only by luck.
      of course the jews know, they know at all times where all the purim eggs are buried.
      mccain has been there but couldn’t locate it if you pressed a gun muzzle to his head.

      glad you too see the great window of opportunity for germany to escape the juden gulag and thereby help liberate the rest of the sane world.
      ¡Ojalá! that it happens.

      • Sardonicus says:

        “…glad you too see the great window of opportunity for germany to escape the juden gulag and thereby help liberate the rest of the sane world.”

        Can’t see it happening, lobro, except in an Alice in Wonderland world!

        Good title for a new Pandora Pushkin satirical article though: “Merkel asks Putin if Germany can join Russian federation.” :)

        Hey Vlad, help us to get this occupying army of Yanks out of our country! Free us from this Holocaust scam so that we don’t have to keep paying “reparations” to these rootless cosmopolitan parasites for ever!

        Yes . . . a bit unlikely . . . but nevertheless a consummation devoutly to be wished.

        • bostongoy says:

          i cant either ,german people are probably the most jew propagandized people on the planet ,but then again there have been some nationalist movements and midnight torch marches , and i am surprised by positive developments in france of all places such an egalatarian society where diuedonne and the quenelle have gone viral with any luck the germans will take note of what is happening
          maybe the lifelong draconian enforcement of propagana will backfire big time and explode soon in germany as it seems to be in france

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  5. Pat says:

    Roberts is a kook with degrees. He is an alarmist who never names Washington’s Ukrainian stooges. He has books and tapes for sale for those who wished to be alarmed by him. He NEVER mentions Jews.
    Russia could not exploit Afghanistan’s opium like the US because the the army of illiterates ran them out with nothing more than shoulder fired weapons; no planes or tanks or ships needed to whip Russia. The Russians did not use any nukes there, with hundreds of billions of dollars for the taking.
    Russia could not supply basic needs at the winter Olympics, a chance to show their expertise. They pose NO threat, other than to provoke fear for bankers.
    The only wars the Russians win are the ones with help and collusion from the inside, and help from the US and CIA.

    I claim Russia has NO nukes.

    • Harold Smith says:

      So you’re Jewish?

    • Fearless Freddie says:

      Pat, I have for a long time suspected that Paul misses his schedulled meds from time to time. Nonetheless, it’s always fun to have occasional visits from barkng-mad hysterics. All we have to do is drill and/or extract our petro-chemical supplies and sell them to YURP, thereby yanking them off the Russian tit. Add in a little monetary harrassment of the foreign-living (and investing) Russian oligarchs and the fecal matter will definitely bend the blades of Putin’s personal air-circulating device. Inside wire from the NSA says he would be ripe for assassination. They (the oligarchs) have his nmber—but as that foxy old Jew Ben ____ on Cavuto said “Putin has THEIR number”. I still believe that Putin’s too wise to really stir things up and force the Porch-Monkey-in-Chief’s hand.

      Paul’s fun because he’s so foo keen cracked. Can you believe an idiot like that was a cabinet member—–oh, wait………..:-D

    • Wladyslaw says:

      And you either have no brains or an ego larger than what brain you do have. Which is it?
      And oh yes, the U.S. was run out of Vietnam by “gooks” in black pajamas led by GO players. The only war the U.S. Empire has been able to win is the fight for the little island of Grenada. Woopee. Kills millions of people trying otherwise. in order to impose its will for corporate gain that somehow is always congruent with geostrategic goals. Congrats stooge. Who pays you? And BTW, my mother was a Jew who fought in the Polish resistance Home Army. Her first kill was at age 17, a German occupation officer. Her last lesson to me was about the Russian will to survive and rebuild. They defeated both Napoleon and Hitler. Wanna try?

      • Asthor says:

        Stalin on Russian people:
        “All of this [weight] will fall on the shoulders of the Russian people. But the Russian people is a great people. Russian people is a good people. The Russian people has a clear mind. It seemed to be born to help other nations. Russian people has inherent great courage, especially in difficult times, in dangerous times. It is initiative. It is persistent. It is dreamer people. He has a purpose. Because of this it is more difficult for him than for other nations. But the Russian people can be rely upon in any trouble. It is irresistible, inexhaustible.”

        Excerpt rom my previous post here:

    • Kevin says:

      I agree. Don’t kid yourself most of the world leaders are in on it for the jews. A super power taking crap from a nigger in the black house? Come on! The only person who ever beat the usg military machine was Red Cloud and that was before the jew boys took over the world. You show me another Red Cloud and I’ll show you someone who’d stand up and slaughter the jew boys and christiantard’s asses!

  6. Commander Z says:

    Get out of the cities NOW!!! Those in cites are basically dead men walking.

  7. Sardonicus says:

    @ Pat

    “The only wars the Russians win are the ones with help and collusion from the inside, and help from the US and CIA.”

    Pity the Americans didn’t do much better in Afghanistan and Iraq. $3 trillion on each invasion and nothing to show for their pains. Chased off ignominiously with their tails between their legs. War criminals with egg all over their faces.

    They couldn’t even pull off 9/11 without leaving their fingerprints all over their botched job.

    • Pat says:

      Nothing to show? Just trillions $$$ in off-books opium for Jew bankers to launder, and invent derivatives 100 times that. Not bad return for $3 trillion.

  8. Tyron Parsons says:

    So here is what you have folks. The EU is controlled by the City of London Jews as is Russia and US/DC via their central bank. Ukraine had a “legit Gov” but it was overthrown by Mossad/CIA. Even though ousted Yanukovich, who was plundering the country for Russia is gone, now the EU-US/DC- “Israel” Jews are in charge. These forces installed Jewish puppets masquerading as “Christians” to replace Yanukovich to continue the plunder but through the IMF.

    Putin is not a real Russian Nationalist just like the group that performed the coup in Ukraine are not real Ukrainian nationalists. He and they are “Jewish” puppets.

    It seems to be a wider, full blown WW3 is in the making here with Jewish power brokers creating this false narrative pushed by the MSM (and you know who controls that). KGB trained Obama, who’s mother is Jewish (Which makes him a Jew according to the “Jews”) is engaged in a huge hegelian dialectic psy-op with “ex” KGB Putin and my money is on the real target of this being America. Why? Again, as this escalates, economic wars will ensure which will crush the US economy/dollar. This will be the trigger for the perfect storm (as I have often described) here in America culminating in a real time physical military invasion of our nation. The target in Russia, Ukraine and America was and is always, whites/Europeans/true Christian populations.

    Russia will respond to these events, eventually invading the ME through Georgia, Turkey to put “Israel” in check. The question remains, when will this hit? This year, 2015,16? Stay tuned.

  9. Commander Z says:

    Sent: Saturday, March 08, 2014 9:47 AM

    Subject: Warning Shots Fired At OSCE Mission In Crimea; Russia Threatens Treaty Force Majeure Over “Unfriendly NATO Threats” | Zero Hedge

  10. lobro says:

    game on.
    “the war will be nuclear” and it may be on tonight, hopefully won’t interfere with prime time slots, what’s on, south shores or survivor?

    Kiev is preparing full-scale invasion in Crimea

    time to stockpile grubs and fatten up roaches for the nuclear season.

  11. KaK says:

    Jews Jews Jews..Every where you look Jews.. Every BAD thing comes attached to a Jew.

  12. Tyron Parsons says:

    WW3 started on Sept 11, 2001. WW1 was 3 years long. WW2 was 9 years long. 9×3=27.

    After WW1 came the League of Nations. After WW2 came the United Nations. This WW3 is slated to last 27 years, ending in 2028. So if the League of Nations came first and the UN came second, when do you think the JWO out of “Israel” will be completed out of “Israel”?

    This war will not go full blown thermonuclear. It will be primarily conventional with limited use of mini nukes and other weapons of mass destruction. No one wins in a full blown thermonuclear exchange.

    So called Israel will soon be giving “Jews” worldwide, citizenship. Why? Because they know then the SHTF, “Jews” who will be rightly blamed as the source of the problem and will thus be running back to “Israel” for “safety. This will be illusionary because now, they will all be in ONE PLACE to finally deal with.

    The survivors in white/European-Christian nations, otherwise known formerly as Christendom- the nations and authentic ethnic people of Israel/Judah at the four corners of the earth, will unite and take over that abomination called falsely “Israel”.

    Only question is, will the main anti Christ already be reigning when this happens or will Satan, masquerading as a “light” to deceive even the elect (if that were possible) come from within our ranks after we conquer fake “Israel”?

  13. JohnG says:

    The CIA is now the American Division of the Israeli Mossad and the “oligarchs” being installed to return and loot Russia’s wealth again are “jewligarchs”.
    Paul Craig should take note here. The puppet can’t install his master.

    • bostongoy says:

      PCR works with the trends journal/research institute , jewrald celente has admitted that “70% of our staff are jewish”

      • Kevin says:

        I wrote PCR off along time ago! If you don’t say the “j” word, holohoax and 911 was an insided job you are part of the problem!

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  15. lobro says:

    had another look at that shamir article and looked at the video of the incident.
    though in russian, the impact is clear.

    A personal friend of Mr Kolomoysky, prominent member of the then-opposition, Parliamentarian and present head of administration Sergey Pashinsky was stopped by police as he removed a sniper’s rifle with a silencer from the scene of murder. This discovery was briefly reported in the New York Times, but later removed.

    so let’s line up our ducks in a row and see what we get.

    1. kolomoysky, a jew bandit who earned every dime of his 2+ billion through corruption, ripoff and looting is a revered figure in talmudic community, which presents him with dnepropetrovsk region as a purim gift.

    2. his great friend, an idf sniper sergey pashinsky is caught murdering someone on the maidan square and is rewarded with chairing the current administration.

    3. most interesting, the “paper of record”, the world’s most prestigious newspaper, the nyt briefly mentions it (slipped in under the editorial radar) and the item is instantly deleted, the writer certainly sacked.

    nyt and the economist are 2 primary rothschild mouthpieces, ie, the voice of the elders of zion.
    they go to great lengths, like kissinger and chomsky to pretend to be impartial observers.
    it tells me without a hint of doubt that the entire blueprint was drawn up in one of their secret luxurious hideouts in france, white-gloved negroes scurrying with trays of champagne and caviar as they plotted another genocide, with delicious details of who pashinsky will aim at etc, and maybe a preamble for the greatest genocide yet to follow.

    when their judgment comes, the choice of hellfire will be radioactive to boot.

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  17. Joe Webb says:

    lots of silliness above. Roberts will die soon, which probably explains his hysteria.

    My prediction: no war, nuclear or otherwise, jews will gnash their teeth as their role is further exposed, corruption will continue unabated….generally, and Ukraine will get another round of the same old.

    Joe Webb

    • Pat says:

      Exactly. Roberts sells fear. He names no one. Russia will NOT use nukes. They have none. Total hoax. Paper Bear. Jew long-term food suppliers make out, again. The Jew bankers play the goyim in fine tune.

  18. Ingrid B says:

    my advice, wait and see, after all, what can we, the people, do??

  19. hp says:

    “Srila Prabhupada, you are my hero. You are the fearless pure devotee of the Lord. Once on a morning walk in Mayapura when everyone was discussing their fearful concerns about nuclear war you said, “If the bomb comes we will look up in the sky and say, ‘Here comes Krsna.’”

    • Brownhawk says:

      Or a reasonable facsimile thereof

    • Brownhawk says:


      But just who IS this destroyer of Worlds? What would have to be a prerequisite for a destroying act to occur?

      The answer lies with an understanding of what we call “matter”. For a setting of science to exist that makes the creation of what we know as nuclear technology even POSSIBLE represents a great sacrilige. An abomination to God.

      This is because it requires the true state of matter, which is spirit, to be circumvented. ‘Besmirched’. Dis-graced (dissing God).

      In any world where the integrity of spirit is honored, there IS no destruction. Not possible; inalienable.

      Therefore the need to ask, just who IS Krishna?

      I realize this is a revolutionary idea, and I don’t expect many to understand it, quite frankly. Not yet, anyway. But what it means makes me sorry to break the news, but if Krishna is to be affiliated with a nuclear bomb, than he is in league with what can only be termed “jewish physics”.

    • X says:

      “Once on a morning walk in Mayapura when everyone was discussing their fearful concerns about nuclear war you said, “If the bomb comes we will look up in the sky and say, ‘Here comes Krsna.’”

      Beautiful. (Or “Here comes Christ”).

      In other words, when megadeath and mass extinction finally come and the sky is rolled up like a carpet, it doesn’t matter. Because all is in Krishna’s hands, and all is as it should be.

      “And all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well…” (Julian of Norwich).

      • hp says:

        It’s not a matter of destroyer of worlds, per se, but a matter of that 100% guarantee; the destruction (death) of each of us as individuals will come.
        None of us has to die anyone’s death but our own.

        I practice to remember Krishna, Xanadu to remember Christ, Muslims to remember says Allah, someone else says mother! or Buddha or the King, etc., etc. This is the reason for practice and training and all that repetition. To remember.

        Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 9.25
        “Those who worship the demigods will take birth among the demigods; those who worship the ancestors go to the ancestors; those who worship ghosts and spirits will take birth among such beings; and those who worship Me will live with Me.”

        • Brownhawk says:


          are you sure of your phrasing there? death of the individual? Then what? Isness?

          individual: a) of or relating to a single human being
          b)by or for one person
          c)existing as a distinct entity; separate*

          *not “separate” as being in a state of separation from the Divine, but as intrinsic to that singularity of Being.

          Lose your individuality and relinquish your inherent Divinity.

        • Brownhawk says:

          Why are you here, now to experience all of this, hp?

          Could you be perhaps, like Clarence the angel who needs to earn some wings? Or reincarnation. What’s up with that?

      • hp says:

        (Or “Here comes Christ”)


        • hp says:


          When I say ‘death’ I’m obviously referring to death of our physical body. Given the subject matter this should be apparent..

          No living entity ever loses their individuality. Forgetful of it at times, perhaps. Misplace it at times, perhaps. Willfully deny the Lord, perhaps. Wallow in material senses with no end to desires and wanting, perhaps. But lose their individuality? No.

          Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 2.12


          Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.

        • Brownhawk says:

          “Here comes krishna” “Here comes Christ”

          Really? Sounds like the same old trap to me.

          “The bomb” is a symbol of everything that it antithetical to those two personages. (Christ at any rate)
          It is a Satanic celebration of its greatest scientific achievement of blasphemy! And whose detonations have occured for probably millions of years (re: in ancient India) A celebration that caps off this death culture we call “Life”.

          But this isn’t living. This is captivity. And while physical death is an expected reality(and a piece of cake I might add), does it also make it an acceptable one?

          Matter is spirit is matter and so on. And while it is true that who you really are always has and always will exist, existence in this state of physical exclusivity that results in a death experience runs contrary to the Divine Intent. What do you suppose Christ was referring to when he spoke of the “end of death”? Not upon the end of yours that de-parts you from this World(as it is falsely constituted), but in and of itself AS an experience.

          To say death (i.e.; a disruption in true Life’s continuum) is simply a part of Life is an anathema to the truth of Creation.

        • lobro says:

          brownhawk, hp is one of the finest, a truly good and gentle soul.
          don’t misread him because of some syntax.

          i think you both refer to the exact same thing.

        • Xanadu says:

          hp is in a league of his own. I have no problem understanding what he is saying.

          Here comes Krishna . . . here come Christ . . .

          hp is expressing a religious attitude to life. Death is as much a part of life as life is. Both life and death are sacred.

          So . . . when annihilation comes . . . here come Krishna.

          Not only easy to understand, but beautifully expressed.

        • Sardonicus says:


          You want to ask yourself: when annihilation comes, whether from from flood or fire or nuclear megadeath, does Krishna approve?

          The answer is YES.

          Many civilizations have come and gone. Many planets have probably been destroyed after nuclear wars, but life goes on.

          And Krishna watches the shadow show with slow, unblinking eyes and does not disapprove. He gives his assent to the dawn light, and he gives his assent to the darkness.

          All creatures are free to create their destinies and, if they wish, blow themselves up. Free will is essential. Otherwise we would all be automatons.

  20. Harold Smith says:

    As usual, PCR makes perfect sense.

    He predicts war and he predicts nuclear war because he understands the nature of the breathtaking evil that is the USraeli Empire.

    As some of the (apparent) Jews here have pointed out, PCR doesn’t mention Jews. I don’t know why he doesn’t explicitly name the Jews (I’m sure he understands their role in the destruction of our planet), but that doesn’t really detract from his essay.

    The Jew-controlled West is now openly targeting Russia, and Russia will have to either cede its sovereignty (and its dignity) to the USraeli Empire, or it will have to fight. There’s no middle ground here, is there?

    PCR knows that the madmen running the USraeli Empire will not stop. Being Jews, they will either dominate and control the whole world, or there’ll be no world (as we knew it).

    Thus PCR’s predictions are simple, straightforward logical conclusions based on a good understanding of the nature of the evil at work here.

    • Pat says:

      PCR is a white sold-out traitor. As Asst Sec of Treas under Reagan, he knows Jew bankers own the Fed Res and control Congress and the Prez and all media in US. He is part of the problem. A profit patriot selling fear, and no names.

      • Harold Smith says:

        He’s obviously not a “sold-out a traitor”. I can’t speak for him, so I can’t say why he doesn’t publicly name the Jew as the root cause of our impending destruction, but it may be a calculated decision he made, e.g., so as to expand his reading audience through sites like lewrockwell (sites that would not host his writings if he explicitly named the Jew).

        And as to his being an “alarmist” or “selling fear”? With bloodthirsty, criminally insane, Jewish supremacist madmen in complete control of the “U.S. government”, what reasonable person isn’t an “alarmist”?

        The Jews are now openly confronting Russia (and China). The Jews offer them a choice between a humiliating subservience and nuclear war. If Russia and China we’re smart, they’d launch a nuclear first strike right now against their deadly implacable foe.

        • Pat says:

          He knows them all. He was paid by the Jews at the WSJ for decades. I call him an alarmist because he knows them and tells us nothing but fear the weapons, and he offers no solutions. Just be scared.

  21. Asthor says:

    Well, here is news: “Highly dangerous type of weaponry – man-portable air defense systems (MANPADs) – have gone missing from two Ukrainian military units, according to a high-ranking official in Kiev. Several, and maybe even several dozen 9K38 Igla (Needle) air defense systems (SA-18 Grouse in NATO’s classification) have been stolen, a Ukrainian military official, who wished to remain anonymous, told RIA Novosti. The shortage was, according to him, registered in Ukraine’s 80th airmobile regiment, which had 54 MANPADs, and the 27th airmobile brigade, stationed 45 km away from Lvov, which possessed 90 Iglas. The new leadership of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry is, according to the RIA source, taking measures to “camouflage the grave situation” by adding old and experimental items of the weapon to the stockpile. The Igla MANPADs are designed to strike down low-flying targets. Their distribution is regulated by a number of international agreements since it’s highly undesirable that this type of weapon gets into the hands of terrorists. Russia and the US have an agreement on MANPADs’ distribution. ”
    Well, here is news: “Highly dangerous type of weaponry – man-portable air defense systems (MANPADs) – have gone missing from two Ukrainian military units, according to a high-ranking official in Kiev. Several, and maybe even several dozen 9K38 Igla (Needle) air defense systems (SA-18 Grouse in NATO’s classification) have been stolen, a Ukrainian military official, who wished to remain anonymous, told RIA Novosti. The shortage was, according to him, registered in Ukraine’s 80th airmobile regiment, which had 54 MANPADs, and the 27th airmobile brigade, stationed 45 km away from Lvov, which possessed 90 Iglas. The new leadership of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry is, according to the RIA source, taking measures to “camouflage the grave situation” by adding old and experimental items of the weapon to the stockpile. The Igla MANPADs are designed to strike down low-flying targets. Their distribution is regulated by a number of international agreements since it’s highly undesirable that this type of weapon gets into the hands of terrorists. Russia and the US have an agreement on MANPADs’ distribution. ”
    Ukranian gold reserves are transferred out of country two days ago.
    Crimea referendum is scheduled in one week. Looks like we might have new purim war in 2014. They like to start wars on purim, you know…

    • Tyron Parsons says:

      The air defense weapons were probably taken either by true Ukrainian Nationalists, Pro Russia Ukrainians or the Russians themselves. Why? The US sent a whole bunch of Jet Fighters to Poland for “exorcises”.

      So, if an air-war breaks out, the above mentioned want to defend themselves either against EU/US air assault or if they are Ukrainian Nationalists, they may wish to defend themselves against both Russia and the EU/US. If that is the case, those folks have a much better idea of who has their hands on the minarets that make the EU, US and Russia dance to their tune.

    • Asthor says:

      These “Highly dangerous type of weaponry – man-portable air defense systems (MANPADs)” were stolen by (or even simply given to) the “Right Sector” terrorists. Grandsons of Hitler collaborators from division SS “Galitchina”, battalions “Roland” and “Nachtigal”. No other options in L’vov, frankly speaking. How they will use it? Certainly not against US fighters jets in Poland. Most probably, against Russian civilian planes landing or taking off from Kiev (or other city) airports.

      • Tyron Parsons says:


        Where did you get the info it is the Jew lead “ultra nationalists” that took the weapons? If you’re right, then you’re right. They will be used against Russia.

        • Asthor says:

          Well, here is the potpourri from some of my previous comments on the topic (not complete, but it will be easier to get the image of the situation)

          “All Ukranian “opposition” members so loved by Victoria Nuland, Mayer Nudelman granddaughter are jews. What a surprise! But lets go one by one.
          Klitchko grandmother – Tamara Yefimovna Etinson is 100% jewess.
          Yulia Timoshenko is granddaughter of Abram Kelmanovich Kapitelman.
          Grandmother of Oleg Tyagnibok- leader of the “ultra-right Ukranian nationalist party” “Svoboda” did have very proud, but not at all ukranian-sound last name, – Frotman. Favorite pick of US state department Arseny Yatzenyuk is son of Maria Grogorievna Bakai and therefore descendant of very famous talmudist teacher – Rabbi Bakai. His wife is no less than “khasid princess” from Gur (Ger) jewish dynasty from Poland. Ukranian oligarch Petro Poroshenko was born as Walzman indeed. Lutzenko is citizen of Israel. Former mayor of Odessa and Kitchko’s handler – Edouard Iosifovich Gurvitz -guess who? Mayor of biggest Ukranian industrial city and once a capital of Soviet Ukraine-Kharkiv is Hennadiy Adolfovych Kernes (also widely known as “Hepa”, who was proudly born in very Jewish family of Adolf Lazarevych Kernes and Hanna Abramovna. He is not very active in opposition because Kharkov region is practically 100% Russian speaking area, but anyway, you know… Just in case. It is nice to have “bipartisan approach” and “be able to reach across the aisle” as they said in Washington…

          And one more detail. Colorful one, I would say…
          The giant, 108 kilogram pure gold menora was donated by Ukranian “businessman” Vadim Rabinovich to be put in reconstructed third temple in Jerusalem. Just for sake of ukranian-israeli friendship, you know. See it by yourselves:

          In accordance to Christian eschatology the reconstruction of the third temple of jerusalem is clear sign of the end of the times. In the reconstructed third temple anti-Christ (aka prince of this world, aka jewish messiah, aka moshiakh) will be crowned by jews as their supreme ruler that will bring whole world to their domination, and all the nations (except small group of people) will bow in front of him. He will also end all terrible conflicts and wars on earth that will ravage the world by then and bring the time of peace and prosperity. For short time however. 3 and a half year only. If you are interested what come next – read Revelation of Saint John and other prophecies on the topic.
          In talmudic law jew is not responsible for causing indirect death of the other person, specially if the other person is goi, e.g. not human. Such cases include situations when jew didn’t kill somebody by himself, but indirectly, by proxy, by hands of others or because of starvation, for example.
          Just one more detail… Sorry but it is difficult to leave the topic. So, here we go: Victoria Nuland, granddaughter of syphilis-infected immigrant from western part of Russian Empire Mayer Nudelman and daughter of mentally insane man with lengthy hospitalizations in mental institutions who was candidate for lobotomy and is on lifelong treatments by psychotropic drugs and massive electroshock therapy is coming “from a talented, energetic [Jewish] family that is part of the Permanent Government of the United States. It doesn’t really matter who wins the Presidential election: some Kagan-Nuland will be doing something somewhere in your name and on your dime.
          The Kagan connection is via her husband, Robert Kagan. As noted by Your Lying Eyes, “Robert and brother Fred seem to have strategically implanted themselves in key policy-making positions within the Democratic and Republican party apparatus. Robert is embedded at Brookings, while Fred is ensconsed at AEI. So we have another Jewish neocon family tree, beginning with Donald Kagan, a Yale historian whose history of the Peloponnesia War has been used by neocons as a rationale for invasions of countries Israel doesn’t like (see Sailer). Donald Kagan was also a signatory to a 2002 letter to George W. Bush put out by Bill Kristol’s Project for the New American Century (PNAC) equating threats to Israel (Iran, Syria, Iraq) with threats to the U.S.
          The next generation, Fred Kagan (American Enterprise Institute) and Robert Kagan (Brookings) are neocon stalwarts as well. (E.g., Donald, Robert and Frederick are all signatories to the neocon manifesto, Rebuilding America’s Defenses (2000), put out by PNAC.) They and their wives, are all graduates of elite universities and well entrenched in the neocon thinktank/government infrastructure. Fred’s wife Kimberly (nee Kessler) is the head of the Institute for the Study of War and holds typical neocon positions.
          And although U.S. policy toward Ukraine likely stems from other issues besides the neocon hostility toward Russia (the latter due to issues such as Putin’s crackdown on the oligarchs and Russia’s support of Israel’s enemies, Iran and Syria), there be little doubt that Nuland’s energetic support of the pro-EU opposition to the Yanukovych government dovetails with the attitudes of her neocon network. Our Permanent Government at work.” Quote from recent essay by Kevin MacDonald on permanent government of the US, aspiring to be worldwide one.

          Again, with footnotes for better understanding :
          Well, this is funny video on Ukraine/Crimea situation:


          1)Yarosh-leader of “Right Sector” ultra nationalists militant group behind coup d’etat in Kiev,

          2)Tyagnobok – leader of ultranationalist and “anti-semitic” “Svoboda” party, (partially jewish by himself-as most of “ukranian opposition leaders”) calling to “regain nuclear military power of Ukraine in 3 to 6 months”)

          3)Klitchko – former boxer made politician, “leader” of “Udar” (“knock”) party – partially jewish, resident of Germany and possible political pick of Angela Merkel for President of Ukraine:


          4)Yatzenyuk – US State Department Viktoria Nuland (Nudelman) pick for prime-minister of Ukraine, descendant by maternal line of famous talmudist Rabbi Bakai, so 100% galakhic jew.

          5)Stierlitz – famous fictional person, a “super-spy”, “Schtandartenfuerer SS” Max Otto von Stierlitz/Soviet intelligence officer in Berlin Headquarter during WWII, from hugely popular 1970′s movie “17 moments of Spring”

          6) “Butthead with the Kalashnikov in Parliament…and with the prosecutor” Aleksandr Muzychko (aka “Sashko Biliy”) reckless terrorist from the “Right Sector” known for brutal killing and tortures of Russian POW during Chechen wars of 1990′s

          6)Dmitry Kiselyov- is a Russian journalist. In December 2013 he was appointed by Russian President Vladimir Putin head of the official Russian news agency.

          6)“Necktie eater” is former Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili (he was so overwhelmed with fear during 2008 South Ossetia/Abkhazia war that chew his own tie being alive on Georgian TV broadcast. Friend of John “insane” McCaine. Rabidly Russophobic. He was one of the main speakers on “Maidan”

          7)Vladimir Putin – President of Russia :)

    • Joe Webb says:

      you know, this is the computer age….and sources are a tad easier to cite than the old days. Anybody making large claims should cite their sources, Otherwise, it is just junk info. Joe Webb

      • Tyron Parsons says:


        I do not deny what you posted above about the “Jews”, new temple etc but the question was, how do you know the “ultra nationalists” led by the “jews” did the stealing of the anti aircraft weapons? Since the Ukrainian Jews are in control of Ukraine and most of their military (except in Crimea region) I would think it would be termed a “theft”. This is why I proposed it being their opposition.

        I also think it is a mistake to categorize Putin as anti “jew” Israel.
        So called “Israel” is backed both sides and Putin is very much against authentic Russian nationalists who oppose his jewish sponsored multicultural campaign in Russia (lots of minorities Putin is letting inside Russia). Putin jails authentic Russian Nationalists and it should be remembered, the City of London Jews control Russia’s central bank. So what we have is another false narrative when all sides are being controlled by the Jews against their age old enemy, whites/Europeans-Christians- Patriots-Nationalists.

  22. Greg Bacon says:

    Nuclear war is a definite possibility, as the banksters are getting desperate that their big con game of fiat USD is starting to implode. When the USD goes down, so does their luxurious lifestyle and control of nations, absolute horror to not be able to buy those $40,000 bottles of French wine and those 250 million dollar yachts and having 10 mansions to live in, scattered around the world.

    Back during the Iran-Contra affair of the 1980′s, LTC Oliver North had engineered a deal with some Soviet generals to engage the two nations in a ‘limited’ exchange of nukes to take the heat off President Reagan.

    Between more people waking up and seeing that 9/11 was a FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB orchestrated by Israel, with help from traitors in the WH, the FBI, CIA, NSA and the Pentagon, funded by those ‘Too Big to Fail’ Jew run Wall Street banks and the USD’s inevitable crash, those deranged bankster SOB’s wouldn’t hesitate to get the world involved in a nuke exchange, since they’d rather see the entire world go up in flames than being chased down, arrested and brought to trial….the lucky ones would get a ‘Color Revolution’ on the spot, a red one, colored by all that banker blood.

    • Charlieboy says:

      Unfortunately, I think you are mostly correct, Greg Bacon – with the exception that it is a final OPTION, rather than a desired initial strategy. Too many completed underground facilities/refuges for it to have not been considered.

      Some years ago, I looked into ship salvage from the obsolete fleet of U.S. Navy vessels. Besides the almost-impossible ‘red-tape’ compliance, I discovered that many of the larger vessels, viz., destroyers, were being heavily bid for by fronts for very wealthy individuals to outfit for ‘floating domiciles’ for when SHTF (one can place a lot of supplies in the holds of those girls!).

      It would be interesting to be privy to the ‘safe waters’ for those ‘domiciles’….

  23. JohnG says:

    Good comment Harold. This is all about how far Israel can push it’s “misguided war mule” America against it’s Christian brothers in Russia. Israel is down to it’s last Christian nation willing to send their sons and daughters to war and go bankrupt while doing it for the advancement of Organized Jewry. And that nation is America.

    • Tyron Parsons says:

      “Israel is down to it’s last Christian nation willing to send their sons and daughters to war and go bankrupt while doing it for the advancement of Organized Jewry. And that nation is America.”

      That is changing as we speak- thank God.

      • bostongoy says:

        once that happens they will just use the chinese or some other asian nation or those boston dynamics petman robots but that is a long way off

        • Tyron Parsons says:

          The Jews have been building up eastern nations so they are strong enough to cancel out western nations when WW3 goes more full blown. The end goal is for them to have “Israel” as the only nation standing.

          The 3 city states (London/Vatican/DC-US Corporations) must be destroyed as well so their power can be transfered to “Israel” to complete their world Government.

  24. JohnG says:

    I feel for the future of America today
    It has “danced with the devil” for far too long and if it ever does get the courage to resist the monster that is ruling over him, Israel, the results might be far worse than 911 .

  25. Asthor says:

    P.S. Dear Lasha, thanks for your kind words. They mean a lot.

  26. Randa says:

    Putin’s first action will be to disappear Washington DC from the map.

  27. Asthor says:

    Well, this is funny video on Ukraine/Crimea situation:

  28. Asthor says:

    Well, this is funny video on Ukraine/Crimea situation:

    “Necktie eater” is former Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili (he was so overwhelmed with fear during 2008 South Ossetia/Abkhazia war that chew his own tie being alive on Georgian TV broadcast.

  29. Joe Webb says:

    the US dollar is not “going down” because the US is still the safest country economically.

    Also, even if there was another currency that a group of countries decided to trade in, it would barely dent the strength of the dollar. Any currency is worth what it can buy. The Fiat Money idea is false; always was and always will be.

    For example Cuba over the years has presented a Cuban peso pegged at X to the US dollar…depending on the times. That Cuban peso has always been worth about what it can buy, almost nothing. The Cubans have decades of experience with a genuine fiat money…that is worthless…almost.

    The only thing that will harm the US dollar is inflation, which many from both left, right and center, keep claiming is right around the next corner.

    Central Bank nonsense also needs to be cleared out of many folk’s thinking. Keynes was correct in general, and the only thing that will/could prove him wrong is if stagnation continues indefinitely and there is therefore no way to tighten up credit without a severe contraction. At that point, and it could happen, then the Keynesian view will have not been proven wrong, just outlived its time…that time being the normal expansion and contraction of the capitalist economy.

    What is different now is that because wages, etc. are down because of globalization’s cheap foreign labor, and to some degree, too many stupid people (Blacks and Mexicans) in the economy who cannot produce the way Whites can produce, there is not enough consumer demand to buy and keep everything afloat.

    Then again there is the huge drag on the economy from welfare…the blacks and browns do not pull their own weight. The counter-revolution is starting in the huge refusal to pay so much tax ….by Whites

    White middle income people are getting hammered from below and from above.

    In short, there is too much Capital and not enough Wages. Then Capital parties and bubbles while consumers …don’t consume, they just tighten belts and worry. Worry and reduced consumption do not drive a strong economy.

    Some day we will have a national capitalism that works for our White people, until then, I again, predict, more stagnation of the economy, more attacks on financial capitalism and the Jews, and more movement toward the counter-revolution.

    Joe Webb

    • Pat says:

      You are correct. The USD is NOT going down. There are plenty of zeros available to add to any number of digits on the ledger sheets necessary to keep their system going until the total ‘plastic/chip’ system becomes available and mandated by fiat.

      BTW… Castro was given Cuba to supply the US food companies with cheap sugar, and a drop-off base for drugs, as the US CIA and military run all over the world to take out dictators.

      • Tyron Parsons says:

        The US dollar is INDEED going down. It is worth only 3% of what it was worth when the “Fed” was erected in 1913. The US Dollar MUST go down so the “Jews” can bring in a regional currency (that is their plan). These regional currencies will be short lived because after this WW3 is over, they plan on a one world currency which will be digital like bitcoin.

        Obama officials have already admitted the obvious. They plan to KILL THE DOLLAR and that is exactly what the KGB trained “Jew” (Obama’s Mom was a Jewess) is going as we speak.

        Just the fact that the Bric nations are gaining power, that nations are dropping it as a reserve currency should make this obvious to you. The reserve status is really the only thing keeping it viable at all. Why do you think all the eastern nations, Bric nations are backing their currencies with Gold etc? Because when the economic wars heat up which is an inevitable outcome of this WW3, they want to protect their buying power with something with tangible value. The US dollar is pegged to oil and is in reserve status but if for example Russia drops it’s US debt, drops the US Dollar as reserve and then makes moves toward the ME, this alone would be enough to have devastating consequences to the dollar.

        I would expect hyperinflation to start in such a scenario and this is the perfect pretext to introduce a regional north American currency.

        • Brownhawk says:

          Doncha know, Tyron

          People like cruisin down dat river in Africa. Heck, they’re not even at the level of whistlin past the graveyard!

        • lobro says:

          look at it this way (i like to keep things as simple as occam’s razor allows)

          let’s say you are a jew, in charge of printing currency, among other privileges.
          through inflation, speculation and other forms of debasement, you drive it down to near worthless levels, 3% of original value.
          you starve the people of jobs and security by offshoring everything to other beasts of burden.
          so on top of worthless currency which you print like walmart flyers, even the nominal value of things like real estate plummets.
          so you buy everything in sight, land, buildings, businesses, people, slavery in perpetuity because the formula ensures that debt can never be repaid, generations of innocent slaves born into inescapable bondage.

          what’s not to like for a jew?

          the only thing that makes him squirm is the thought of a global intifada, slaves refusing to be slaves, where is my shabbos goy to turn off the money printer on sabbath?

        • Pat says:

          Like I said:

          There are plenty of zeros available to add to any number of digits on the ledger sheets necessary to keep their system going until the total ‘plastic/chip’ system becomes available and mandated by fiat.

          You said “like digital Bitcoin” fashion, where I said: until the total ‘plastic/chip’ system becomes available and mandated by fiat. That is the same meaning. It will probably be another 50 years or so.

        • Tyron Parsons says:


          If the ‘Jews’ of the city of London Corp wanted to keep the US Dollar afloat they could but this is not in the cards. This isn’t their plan. Like the law of thermodynamics, one cannot keep a fiat currency afloat when people who have bought the debt cash it in. One cannot keep a fiat dollar afloat when the only thing tangible it is pegged to (oil) will be in jeopardy when war comes full blown to the ME. One cannot keep it afloat when nations continually join brics and drop the dollar as their reserve currency.

          They PLAN- repeat, PLAN on crashing the dollar because if they do not, they cannot crush whites/Europeans-patriots-Christians in the west and it is these people who are the ONLY thing standing in the “Jews” way to have the JWO completed. DC Corp must go down. London Corp must go down. Vatican Corp must go down and if these 3 power centers now controlled by the usual suspects are slated for destruction so their power (Belief system/Finance/Military Control) can be transfered to “Israel”, pray tell how the dollar will be afloat, especially in light of their desire to have a one world currency out of “Israel”?

          50 years? No way buddy. This WW3 started in 2001 and is planned to last till 2028. The planet will be in total disarray with social orders turned on their head by this time.The revolutionaries they used to bring it about will be dead and survivors in the west will be confused and exhausted looking for something to project their ideals onto. Only then will people be willing to accept their end game, a one world dictator as chief priest of a New World Religion and Chief Executive of a New World Government. Only then will people accept the Mark (probably a chip in hand or forehead) that none can buy or sell without.

          Don’t believe it? Wait and watch…..

        • Pat says:

          Ty, unless you are one of the ‘Jews’ of the city of London Corp, YOU are guessing, just like I AM. 2028 is past my timeline on this 80+ year vacation to the Blue Planet.

          BTW, WW3 started with Korea and extended to Nam. Then Iraq a couple times and Afghanistan would be WW5 or WW6. WW7 is next.

        • Tyron Parsons says:


          No, to say unless one is a ‘Jew’ of the City of London Corp they can only guess as to their plans is ignoring the fact that people can and do know the truth and that includes the truth of the “Jews” plans- goals.

          Just because you guess doesn’t mean other’s are. Greek scriptures, “Jewish” writings, including their admissions and common sense fixed to an understanding of geo political reality is key to knowing what is coming up.

          Just simply knowing what their end goal is and how this is the crux of every move made worldwide by these elite is enough info to be able to predict their moves with an accuracy percentage of above 80%.

        • Pat says:

          Ty, old boy, you cannot predict anything about Jews. You are guessing.

  30. Brownhawk says:

    History is always repeating itself, but not always exactly the same way. Notice how Ziggy, then Hilory likened Putin to Hitler when referencing the Sudetenland and Czech. in 1938-39? And lyin their asses off?

    Back then it was Hitler moving eastward towards Russia and rounding up the jews along the way. This time it’s the ‘jews’ moving eastward towards Russia and ’rounding up’ the goys along the way.

    So I suppose with this coup d’etat in Ukraine we could be at the equivalent of March 1939 upon der fuhrer’s triumphant ride through Prague (75 years ago this month). We’ll see if Western Ukraine somehow becomes the flash point equivalent of Poland 1939, also in conventional warfare style.

    So when? September?

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