Under cold moons

“Let me die beyond the sea…in the sacred haven…not under cold moons.”

Under cold moons

I must leave you
now, but I want you to know
there will never be another like you.
Before you came there was a yawning a—
byss. Then you came and the sky
rang with the song

of the angels!
The sun threw a net of gold
across the sea, the birds sang hosannas!
I wept. And I knew then the wounds of the
holy. And the kissing stones.
No other gods,

I promise! No
other altars. Incense to
you alone, my loveliest. Only this:
don’t lash me to the wall or let me gnash
my teeth in darkness through the
long night’s burning.

This my last wish:
let me die beyond the sea
in the sacred haven, not under cold
moons. There winter shadows twitch the veils of
darkness, and the hellcrow carks:
No more! No more!