It is finished


It is finished. Yes, this is the last time!
Never again the hook in the mouth, howling
To be cut free. Never again the same

Cage for cooping, wolftrap in wood of wailing.

What ways to heal the grieving heart? These three:
Prayer and fasting and a daily dying.
And if a fourth were needed, let it be
The crowning touch that sanctifies: forgiving.

Forgiveness absolute and unconditional
For all who crave forgiveness and who cry
For meaningfulness and the eternal,
And like the sibyl say—I long to die!

And may this mantra make your anguish end:
It is finished, finished, it is finished!

One thought to “It is finished”

  1. A beautiful poem, although somewhat extreme in its quasi-idolatry of animals (perhaps the influence of Eastern religion on Lasha). No more catching fish and torturing them with those ghastly hooks! Yeah, sure, sounds like heaven on earth….

    Many people don’t know that when Christ said on the cross, ‘It is finished,’ it was in the sense of ‘It is accomplished,’ i.e. the redemption of the world. the Vulgate translation says very movingly and poetically, ‘Consumatum est.’

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