Charles Baudelaire’s ‘Hymn to Satan’

Translated from French by Lasha Darkmoon


O you among all angels consummate,
God stripped of  honour, God betrayed by fate,
Satan, have pity on my long despair!

O Prince of exiles, you who suffered wrong,
Who still undaunted rise up ever strong,
Satan, have pity on my long despair!

You, lord and master of the occult art,
Wise healer of the harrowed human heart,
Satan, have pity on my long despair!

You who, through love, beneath malignant skies,
Give lepers their first taste of paradise,
Satan, have pity on my long despair!

You who, in teaching girls to act like whores,
Bring them to rags and syphilitic sores,
Satan, have pity on my long despair!

You who, on a tall building’s outer ledge,
Propel the sleepwalker toward the edge,
Satan, have pity on my long despair!

You who, to soothe his soul, inspires man
To make the best gunpowder that he can,
Satan, have pity on my long despair!

You who, with death, your darling in delusion,
Invented Hope—that beautiful illusion—
Satan, have pity on my long despair!

O refuge of all who in God’s angry eyes
Have failed the entrance test to paradise,
Satan, have pity on my long despair!

—    §   —

Glory and praise to thee, Satan on high
Who reigned in heaven once, yet vanquished lie
In deepest hell now—plunged in dreams and silence!

Grant that my soul rest one day in thy presence:
There where the Tree of Knowledge spreads its shade,
Building a brave new temple round your head.


youtube presentation: Demon Worlds

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

78 thoughts to “Charles Baudelaire’s ‘Hymn to Satan’”

  1. ok b realistic even a child born yestaz kows satan 4 wat he really is a bastard adouchebag n yall know wat else .

  2. @ Jael

    The fact that Satan is a “douchebag” is not, if I may say so, a particularly original thought. The Devil has never been very popular except among a few mentally deranged minorities.

    In any case, this has nothing to do with Baudelaire’s poem.

    Hymn to Satan insists on seeing Satan as a heroic figure, a victim of God the Oppressor. And why is God seen as an oppressor? Because the “victim”, in this case the poet Baudelaire, is so fascinated by the lures of evil and the temptations of the flesh that he says sotto voce to God: “God, f**k off!”

    I’m afraid all this won’t do. Satanism is simply a mental disease suffered by sex addicts.

    And Baudelaire, like every other Satanist, was a victim of chronic sexual addiction.


      1. I will shit on your fucking lord. He’s just a selfish pig. Believe me, I know…

  3. first off there is no such thing as the devil or satan they r fairy tales parents use to keep kids in check..his real name is Lucifer the light bringer look it upand he was cast out of Heaven by his brother the archangel Micheal because GOD created us the hairless apes and told the angels to love man like they were GOD Lucifer saw how flawed we really were genocidal hate filled creatures and refused to adore mankind and was cast out for it

  4. well if u think about it, if u believe in good then u have to “believe” in satan, cuz he came from heaven, and also, its pretty funny how you christans are sayin fuck you and wat not,, thats not very godly

    1. are you out of your mind or your just under the power of evil. you have to repent. if you dont, remember, the woman clothed by the sun will kill satan and of coures you, which is mama mary.

    1. maybe were mortals. but we are mortals who beleives in one god, the most powerful of all. tell to your boss satan that his days are over. for the virgin mother of god will kill him and throw him to his own hell and burn him forever.

      1. Well, your boss claims he is all powerful and you bought that.. However, my beloved Satan is still here with us, and we are basking in his presence still. As to how bad he is – well, Satan is not the one bestowing cancer on children and taking them to HIS kingdom – ask your “nice” boss about that.. At least once you grow a spine.

    1. Lasha Darkmoon’s translation of Baudelaire’s ‘Hymn to Satan’ does not make her a Satanist! She believes very strongly in God. (Editor)

      1. yeah, but she is almost equally attracted to the other side, no denying that.
        i know xanadu pretty well by now.

        and mean no disrespect, i think all those who deny the satanic and carnal powers are hypocritical wimps.

        you cannot defeat the enemy if you refuse to meet him face to face.

        1. Calling me “Satanic” now, are you? Tsk, tsk, and I have tried so hard to be virtuous… 🙂

          1. what virtue is there in something easily achievable?

            one thing i never accused you off is reaching for the low hanging fruit.

            or being boring …


      1. as is the magical teapot in space and the easter bunny. let them come into your life and change you

    3. absolutely nowhere. unless you consider whatever is above these people’s heads at the time they are preying, that is what they are praying to, and is therefore their god. do not hate on the ceiling fan worshipers though, haha

    1. Personal experience. If you’ve been to China, you know China exists. If you’ve traveled into the heartlands of God, you know God exists. If you find it hard to believe in God right now, it’s because your mind is darkened by the evil you see all around you in the world. Purify yourself, and live a clean life, and God will reveal himself to you. Nothing is more certain than the existence of God. Be sure of that.

      1. if you believe in god, its because you deny yourself the priveledge of learning all of the evidence and interesting stories science has to offer us. noone ever said a crocoduck existed, and there are tons of transitional fossils. look it up for yourself, if you believe you are right, then you have nothing to fear from what you will find. after all, evolution has never been proven, … right? cuz its just a theory, like gravitaion, or the theory that the earth revolves around the sun. scientific theory has a totally different definition than the convintional word theory. look it up and be educated.


  5. Lucifer was once an angel too, but he rebelled against God and all of his angels and took demons with him (Demons are angels who rebelled with Lucifer or Satan)
    It’s funny because if you look up the word ‘Demon’ in Latin, it translates to
    Because they are intelligent, you shouldn’t apologise for being human.\
    Repenting is bullshit.

    1. its interesting how religion makes curiosity and intelligence sound evil. but demons dont exist buddy

  6. “It’s funny because if you look up the word ‘Demon’ in Latin, it translates to Intelligent. Because they are intelligent, you shouldn’t apologise for being human. Repenting is bullsit.”

    I’m sure demons are exceptionally intelligent. I ought to know. I am possessed! 🙂

    Joking aside, I don’t understand your hostile attitude to “repentance”. If you kill your mother or father and later feel very sorry about this, how can repentance be “bullshit”? Can you explain.

  7. God can go fuck himself or herself , or whoever the fuck IT is cause I DON”T KNOW and neither do you.
    I Trust the darkness since the darkness welcomes me as i am , unclean and impure, while your light views , i’m pictured as a sinner even before i am born.
    Which god would allow bad things to happen to good people , or even test his most loyal subjects ,
    Honestly ,abraham must have said , screw u god i’m going home , but the bible is just another fairy tale we are bound to believe in.
    Wake up, there is no god and there never will be , release the chains that bind you down and start living as a person rather than a soul trapped in a shell.

    1. You don’t sound very happy with your freedom! Maybe it’s because you’re trapped in some shell of your own. Why don’t you try removing your own chains? 🙂

    2. GET THEE HENCE, satan Darkness Within: FOR IT IS WRITTEN, THOU SHALT WORSHIP THE LORD THY GOD, AND HIM ONLY SHALT THOU SERVE. remember my friend where you came from and who created you from the very beginning remember….

      1. and it is also written that if a virgin is raped by a man, she has to marry him. gee, so all you have to do to have an attractive wife is to rape her? it is also written that when elisha was teased by children because of his bald head, he called down the wrath of god on them and god sent fiecrce bears to tear them to pieces. its also written to stone your children to death if they ever disobey you. it is also written that you may not kill your slave, you may only beat them so that they are unable to move for days on end. it is also written drink plenty of wine, and have a good time (solomon, check if you doubt me), then it is written be not drunk with wine. do not mistake me, im not a satanist, i dont believe in any religions. but satanism is only believed by sick minded individuals who desire the evil in the world. christians are mearly clinging to a belief so they dont have to face the fact that there is nothing after you die. you cease to exist. so you deney facts and cling to this for dear life. satanists, are just seriously wrong in the head, or they were nerds in school and think worshiping the devil makes them cool

    3. the bible is not a fairytale and my God is a loving God. even if you curse him he is calling out to you…the only chains are those that bind you to this world, the despair you face every night and the unforgiveness that eats away at your soul. and you keep asking the same questions…what is my purpose and what was a destined for in this life, and I can tell you, you wont know and all this diminishes will your soul and the more you try to find satisfaction from this world you wont be satisfied…Every man was given his FREE WILL to choose you decide your own path in life…But if you have never given Christ a chance how will you know…just give him a chance…even if you hate Him…He is not a bad person you know.

    4. Darkness, the word “sin” is an unfortunate choice of words from the practitioners of religion. It’s such a loaded word, so much baggage, so much moralism. All it means, really, is “imperfection”.

      We are not sinners because we sin; we sin because we are sinners. We have imperfections, big or small, that lead us into unhappiness. I don’t know why God made the world this way, I struggle with it (but not that much).

  8. Please give Christ a chance to change you…the veil might be removed and you will see that he is the way, the truth and the life. Praise Lord God Almighty!! amen.

    1. and i believe in the magical teapot in space even though its invisible and cant be seen. you cant prove to me that it doesnt exist. i think that teapot loves me. i have a pesonal relationship with it even though it never answers any of my prayers.

        1. no sir, youre lost. you believe in a god that can be disproven by the fact you can see the stars at night. they are millions of light years away. a light year is the distance light travels in 1 year. and the fact we can see them means to any person with decent intelligence that in order for us to see the stars, the light had to travel millions of light years to get here. if it takes light one year for every lightyear, we are seeing how the stars looked millions, sometimes billions of years ago. so the bible’s depiction of the age of the earth, about 6000 years, is completely refuted. thats only one of many other examples, but i wont go into anymore. ive already written alot of them on this page already. well i will throw in one more thing. many of the stories from the bible are very obviously based on egyption and babylonian stories that existed long before the hebrews. they werent inspired, they were taken from other cutures.

  9. if there is a god, or satan, he most certainly is not the same person that you, or any other religion prays to. the story of genesis has been debunked countless times. i myself used to be a christian, but as a biology major and pocessing the scientiffic curiosity i did, i had to face the facts. i remember the way i was delt with as a child. my father told me that evolution was when some snot decided it wanted to be a fish, then he thought he grow some legs and become a monkey. then the monkey fell out of a tree, got his tail ripped off, he lost his fur and stood up, and that was man. of course, i thought to myself, how could anyone believe this? youd have to be an idiot. imagine my surprise when i was finally sent to public school (i had been homeschooled until the 4th grade) and found what evolution really was. why had my christian dad lied to me? he taught me not to lie, but he broke gods law to hide something from me. or he actually was so closed minded that he had never actually read the theory that he trashed all the time. i was very confused, but still faithfull to my religion because i began to cover myself as he had. i kind of blocked everything that disagreed with god out of my mind. i yelled at my science teachers, telling them to repent. however, i still loved science. so i continued to watch nova and other scientific shows, until one day, i saw a video on the internet that was titled something about the lies of evolution (the exact title escapes me, it was years ago, but it was something along those lines). i thought, oh boy, now i can finally have some evidence to protect my faith. in it, however, were the various claims creationists made to try and disqualify evolution. like the crocoduck by kirk cameron, and why are there still monkeys if we rvolved from monkeys? there are no transitional fossils, and so on. it listed every single on ive ever heard. however, this video, after each one provided the scientific explanation, evidence, and in some cases of something as stupid as the crocoduck and “theres no transitional fossils” just completely showed them to be downright decietful and lies. it disproved every single “proof” i had been taught to discredit evolution. i was distraught, angry at first theyd say such things. but then my curiostity kicked in. i couldnt cage myself any longer, i had to look up all the facts myself. i studied the bible mercilessly, along with the origin of species. i looked desparately for any evidence for god that made any sence. all i found was more evidence against him. i began to read richard dawkins and others, who refuted creationism so easily, but the people he proved wrong, just simply didnt even listen to it. its like they couldnt hear parts of what theyw ere aying. i saw then that all of religion, was brainwashing. these people werent rational. i could no longer be associated with such ignorant people who clinged to the writing of stone aged desert people. now i shal share some xamples to just enlighten you a little bit. look at the stars. the fact that you can see these stars which are millions, sometimes billions of light years away should mean something to you. heres a little science lesson. a light year, is measured by the distance light travels IN ONE YEAR. therefore, if a star is millions of light years away, it had to take millions of years for the light to travel long enough for you to see it. there are many transitional fossils showing the change of one kind of anumal to another. a few examples are fish to land creatures, dinosaurs to birds, reptiles to mammals, land dwelling whales to the sea dwellers of today, and the most proven, with many fossils, is apelike creature to man. all of these fossils exist. how do you explain them? they are not just apes, and they are not deformed man. the dna is too varied to our own, yet similar. the upright posture, and increasing intelligence, all lead to the same conclusion. god didnt create any of the life existing today. thats for you young earth folks. other aspects of the bible are false as well. the flood for example. the ark noah built was not even close to the size required to hold 2 of each kind of animal. also, it didnt contain all animals, despite what it says. all of the extinct dinosaurs and prehistoric animals you claim died in the flood for example. the second is the food source. if you read your bible it says it rained for 40 days, but after that they were still floating around for about a year. if there was not room for the animals, how did they keep enough food, how did they keep the meat for the carnivores from going bad, or enough water to drink? you have to remember, after the rain stopped, there was no source of fresh water. which leads me to another point. mixing fresh and saltwater is a deadly combination for the majority of water dwelling life. if the flood happened, we should not have any fish alive today, that cant survive in salt water and fresh water mixed together. no freshwater fish at all. how did they keep the carnuvors in the rediculously tight spaces from eating the herbivores? if they ate one animal, an entire species goes extint. also, all the animals and people had to inbreed in order to repopulate the earth. lets just take a quick guess at what 100 generations of inbreeding would have done to all life on this planet. apart from the flood, you have the hebrew migration from egypt. your very own bible scholars estimate the number of isrealites to have been in the millions. not counting the animals, or their carts and pocessions, they would have had to for a line immensly wide, but in order to stay in the red sea, that width has to be limited. so the line of people has to be extremely long as well. so long in fact that it would have been a huge expanse of time (i forgot the exact figure but i will find it and post it later. its mind boggeling) then you have the 40 years in the wilderness. a few million jews in the desert would have needed literally extremely long freight trains a day shipped in to them of food, wood to cook the food, and fresh water. not only that, but it says in the bible that they were to deficate outside the camp. pretty bad for tho ones in the middle since they would have had to make a 13 mile wide camp! then you have the fact that absolutely no evidence shows they were even there. youd think that that many people might have left some evidence in the desert sand, which is excelant at preserving things. i could go on and on, but this is getting to long already. the fact is that if the supernatural stories in the bible arent true, youve lost most of the bible. christianity, judaism, and islam, are not even possibly true. unless youre one of those idiots who said god hid all the evidence that would support him, and planted all the evidence agaisnt him. but why would a loving god try to trick people into thinking he didnt exist? then you have the satanists. the occult. your beliefs have been proven false far more often than the other religions have. all of the tricks and “miracles” produced by the occult have been debunked. firewalking, spoon bending, fortune telling, voodoo, astrology, its all been proven false by people who were once in your ranks, but became tired of using illusions to fool people. they are several rather famous people who make it clear to their audience they are using illusions. and they perform every single one of the tasks you claim are supernatural. how can you possibly even believe this stuff? the satanists just do it cuz it pisses the christians off, and it seems badass and cool, and probably have some sort of mental problems. the christians do it because they were raised in it, or joined it before they knew all the facts of the natural world, and are too stubborn and set in their beliefs, to think otherwise. they openly deney facts that are staring them right in the face, in favor of a faith, which is by definition belief in something without seeing, or having evidence for it. bot of you are wrong and have set in your minds primitive thinking that punishes curiosity.

  10. @ ben

    I see you’ve done much thinking about what you say. In a world where indifference about these important matters is much more common, your diligent search for what is true is commendable.

    Rather than go over the many things mentioned and your own understanding of them, I would just ask a couple questions:

    1. If there were an all-powerful God, would not miracles then be possible? Is it not possible, if that were the case, that the intrinsic laws of nature could be temporarily suspended by the very creator of those laws? And could not God work slowly through an evolutionary process just as easily as quickly?

    2. Is there a better explanation for what happened to the body of Jesus than the gospel account of his resurrection? Is there even one that is in the most remote sense plausible? There is a good book (among others) available for free online called The Third Day by Arnold Lunn which discusses this in a most rigorously logical and analytical manner.

    3. How can we even explain this person, Jesus of Nazareth, his words, his actions, except by saying that he is either who he said he was, the Son of the eternal Father in heaven, who came into his own creation in order to redeem it through his willing sacrifice of himself to atone for the sins of others, or alternatively that he is a megalomaniac liar, or else a lunatic? There is really no other option between these three possibilities. Lord, Liar, or Lunatic. Reading one or more of the gospels (Mark’s is the shortest) would be better than reading commentaries on them for coming to an answer to this question.

    But this is not just a simple rational exercise like doing a math problem. There is the element of one’s free will involved. The will can refuse to acknowledge what the intellect knows or at least perceives to be true. So maybe the “Prayer of the Agnostic” is good to include here:

    O God, if there is a God, save my soul, if I have a soul!.

    All the best in your continued search for the seemingly often elusive truth.

    1. yes, thank you for the input, and ive heard of some of those as well. i was just stating some speciffic incidences because i remember when i was a christian, i blindly believed noone could prove the bible wrong. i actually considered that to be evidence against evolution. that the bible was true. i decided to show some examples of how ridiculously absurd it is. the writers show they clearly made it up. to get through to these people, ive found that you have to painstakingly take each belief and disprove it, you have to show them that it was obviously made up, and then let them decide if they can live with themselves continuing to worship nothing. i understand you cant prove a negative, but through study, it seems that to say theres a god, and exception to the natural laws, doesnt make any sense. so although i cant prove that some god somewhere doesnt exist (i can prove that a caring god does not) neither can a christian prove to me that theres no magical invisble monkey in the sky that i pray too.

        1. The Holy Bible is the only source of life !!!!

          Dont go away from the Catalic churc
          became a catolich i beleave in you ,
          you must beleave Jesus Christ!!!

  11. Let Jesus Christ our gratest Lord have moursy on youres soules.

    Let are souls serve Jesus Christ becouse he is our Saveour!!!



  12. I love Jesus Christ and this pictur is offul move it!!
    Why are you humiliating your Lord and Father Jesus Christ !!?!!?!?!?!

    Just He can save you, Jesu Christ!!!!! He is the king an the Lord for all time !!!

    Prais Jesus Christ And the Virgin Mary Mother of God!!!!!!

  13. The Urantia Book ( the 5th Epocal Revelation) will explain all questions re. Lucifer, Caligastia, and the war in the cosmos. God gives us free will, the mind, the arena of choice.

  14. u guys are fags !!!! lmfao dude Satan rocks the soul : ) and smokers unite ….. i am STONER ….. Satan lived for our sins and poor satan gets judged for it : ( lmfao

  15. Wtf, whom ever wrote this needs to stop playing with themselves. This entity is nothing to play games with. He has the absolute worst intentions for you. I’m not gonna preach you do what you want I’m responsible for me and mine, but you are opening a realm you can’t even began to understand.

  16. you all have some valid points so far. and i’m not taking any sides but someone said earlier that all satan was guilty of was refusing to love humans. so why would you serve some one who despises you. also if god is “all knowing” than either one of @ things are true , either god created the world knowing it would be tainted by sin , or god was out smarted by the searpent that convinced adam and eve to disobey god.

  17. I hope this isn’t too off topic but I’ve been reading recently about our occult minded “elite, shadow government, etc.” And all of that is related to the truncated pyramid as on the American dollar bill with eye of Providence in the triangle up top. I thought how “over left brain,” materialistic thinking is like the cut-off pyramid, and the misuse of the dialectic. Originally the pyramid was the hierarchy of being and the dialectic was the negative method to rise above the mind to the divine vision. However, in our current predicament the dialectic is a circular trap where the elite play one side against the other, and the hierarchy instead of being an ascent is utterly perverted and corrupted and a tool of manipulation. Once we get what is going on and catch them at the game; the game is more or less up. The pyramid collapses, not unlike the famous Tower card of the Tarot, which ironically is also a vision of a collapsing hierachy.

    1. Pay no attention to all that nonsense about the dollar bill. Such occult esoterica ain’t going to solve our problems! Keep our eye on the ball.

  18. Anti-Christ, Satan, Dajjal …… What’s in the name!

    In 1869 popular book entitled La Juif, le judaisme et la judaisation des peuples chretiens written by Gougenot Mousseaux – in which Mousseaux pictured Antichrist as a Jewish king whom all nations would accept as their savior. Mousseaux writes: “the Jews will raise up a man with a genius for political imposture, a sinister bewitcher around whom fanatical multitudes will cluster. The Jews will hail this man as the Messiah, but he will be more than that. After destroying the authority of Christianity, he will unite mankind on the basis of universal peace and brotherhood, and bestow on it a superabundance of material goods. For these great services, the Gentile nations will accept him, exalt him, and worship him as a god – but in reality, for all his apparent benevolence, he will be Satan’s instrument for the perdition of mankind.”

    The top pro-Israel evangelist preacher, Rev. John Hagee, in his televised sermon on March 16, 2003 described Anti-Christ being a “half Jewish” – “There is a pharase in Scripture used solely to identify the Jewish people. It suggests that this man (Anti-Christ) is atleast going to be partially Jewish, as was Adolf Hitler, as was Karl Marx….This fierce gay Jew would slaughter one-third of Earth’s population and make Adolf Hitler look like a choirboy….”

    Rev. Pat Robrtson on his TV show The 700 Club, made a similar statement in 2002, based on Biblical prophecy of The Beast (Anti-Christ).

    Turkish scholar Harun Yahya in the article titled The Messiah Dajjal Has Secretly Started Work wrote:

    “The Dajjal is attempting to deceive Christians in the name of preparing the groundwork for the coming of the Messiah. Making preparations for the coming of Prophet ‘Isa (as) is of course a great service and is an expression of very pleasing love and respect shown to the prophet. However, the Dajjal aims to make the people he takes under his spell do this by very different means, depicting oppression and bloodshed as legitimate. In fact, according to the indications in the hadith, the Dajjal’s endeavors in this regard will not come to an end until Prophet ‘Isa (as) returns to earth, and he will continue to deceive the people he gathers round him in the name of service to Allah and to religion, and loyalty to Prophet ‘Isa (as). Neither the unmasking of these wiles of the Dajjal, nor warning people who fall under his spell and incite terror, violence, war and bloodshed will be enough to halt the Dajjal. Some Christians will pay no heed to these warnings, because of the Dajjal making the claims exactly as they are expecting, his appearing at the expected time, and his performing fake marvels that they imagine to be miracles. The strife of the Dajjal, the number of his supporters and the extent of their Dajjal-like actions will increase still further (Allah knows best, of course)…..”

    On December 5, 2005 – Sartre in article titled USrael and Armageddon wrote: “You don’t have to be a follower of Cyrus Scofield to be duped into believing that the rogue nation of Israel is Zion. all those faithfully challenged love their celebrated dispensationalist saint. But what about the remaining secular nut cases that run to the defense of that despotic state that claims to be democracy? “O, woe is me, To have seen what I have seen, see what I see!” – yes, we are all Hamlets when it come to being exploited by the propagandists of perdition…..”

    1. Interesting post, Rehmat…but I don’t think you are right in claiming that Hitler was partly Jewish. This is Zionist misinformation…sand thrown in your eyes.

    2. of course he wasn’t jewish.
      it is one of their favorite tactics, to smear someone they fear and detest by judaic brush, for example gaddafi was accused of being a jew before his vile martyrdom by – you guessed it – jews, especially after that ambassador of talmud, bernard henri-levy showed up in benghazi to urge ever widening kosher slaughter.
      israeli papers wrote that his son was married to some jewish call girl …
      interesting that they themselves cannot think of a worse calumny.

      by the way, bhl is now doing his rerun in syria (apparently delivered some war toxins to “rebels” to carry out a black op against the regime, a la halabja, until russian intelligence tipped syria off), how long before the same hatchet job is done on assad.

  19. @ lobro

    I like your posts and would like to encourage you to continue your contributions to this brave little site. I feel sorry for Darkmoon who appears to have been isolated and made an intellectual pariah for the unforgivable crime of speaking her mind. The vile abuse and persecution this young woman has received almost beggars belief.

    I have seen her called a “lesbian Jewess” on one Zionist site and a “paranoid schizophrenic” on another. I simply cannot understand this.

    I feel strongly that this hostility to Darkmoon may have something to do with the growing misogyny we see all round us…a legacy of radical feminism (mostly Jewish in origin) and the Slut Culture which encourages women to look and behave like whores.

    If Darkmoon had been a man, I’m sure she would have received much kinder treatment.

    Being a woman today is a liability.

    1. let lasha draw strength from abuse heaped on her by pharisees, it is a testimonial to her impact.
      and if i am a cipher greater than zero (i know of some who would vehemently disagree and insist that i am way below zero), maybe she can derive comfort from my respect.
      she is doubtlessly brave, also inquisitive and hews closely to truth, be it objectively accessible or her inner truth.

      as for women like her, they are indeed a tiny minority beset by verminous pests from all angles, much like early christians, whose numbers, though small have dwindled into obscurity ever after.
      those calling themselves christians today are but a joke or insult, take your pick.
      i think she is one of the real ones, like bishop williamson.

  20. I’m not a devil worshipper, i’m a christian, not a strong one but still, anyway, I am very interested in the art and pictures and the history of satan, i’m also interested in the illuminati, but that’s because i’m interested in culture and things like that, I like the hymn by the way, just cuz I like it, don’t mean I believe in it 🙂

  21. Good to know where you are and I am sure that God has his eye on you and all of your little insignificant demons in here.

    Illuminati has two sides, Mary Ann Williamson and some numbnut guy that decided to stand for the darkness who’s name doesnt deserve to ever be written.

    Satans days are numbered and his followers are going with him to his eventual destination.

  22. i believe in both. god and satan. i’m a dark person and remains that way yes i sometimes see the light. but i like the dark better. but that still dont mean i dont believe in god.

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