I am with you always


where are you
who were here once with me
why did you leave
why have you left me to my raging
never an answer
comes   never a whisper

never a
sigh   never the touch of
a hand on my
shoulder    never a kiss          i never
abandoned you     i am here
in the shadows     i am

wet with your
tears     i sleep in your bed
beside you           see
my face at the window    looking in
at you    my eyes like black holes
beyond me the sunlight

of the sea where are you my darling
in my arms lie
enfolded      be the blue sea in my
eyes      be the sun on my skin
i am with you always


One thought to “I am with you always”

  1. Your face I know I’ve seen before…..

    …..when in another place, another form
    My soul once lived…
    (part of a poem I wrote, once, about which yours reminded me)

    Sometimes our fancies drift to otherworldly loves we never had – at least in this life. Every now and then we think we might recognize that “someone” in a contemporary. I imagine many have had those same epiphanies every now and then. Sometimes, we just imagine them.

    I like this poem, Lasha Darkmoon.

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