I regret

I  regret

I regret
that you will never belong to me
who were once my true love
in a past life.

I regret
I shall never walk with you
by the sea, or look into
the deep ocean of your eyes.

I regret
I shall never see you
smiling, never touch you,
never kiss your mouth.

I regret
that you are lost to me
forever, that our days
are already numbered.

I regret
everything, but one thing:
that I was there
when you needed me.

I regret
nothing more than this:
that we who never met
must say goodbye so soon.


3 thoughts to “I regret”

  1. I’d like to know if Lasha, a practicing Catholic according to what I can tell, believes in reincarnation, or whether this is an example of her imaginative flight of fantasy. And if it’s the same regarding fate: “our days are already numbered.” The Christian understanding of providence, including God’s foreknowledge of all things, is contrary to the eastern concept of fate. According to the former, God knows when my last day will be, but I can act contrary to God’s will and expedite my own death contrary to God’s plan for my life. Definitely a very profound and mind-boggling subject! (And maybe Lasha would say I’m analyzing too deeply what should be more experienced, and above all, emotionally felt.)

  2. Maybe you should try your hand at a happy poem once in a while. Say, hooking up with the police and gang raping a loved one or, perhaps, the pleasures of being in a lynch mob. Something along those lines.

    Oh, and I love your artwork; it really is wonderful!

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