Feast your eyes on my beauty. I am the
irresistible. Imagine me Lilith
now. I am the Eternal Feminine.

I am attar of girl in the long green
grass, flowerscent of the feminine wrapt
in the golden silk of the flesh, oozing

oestrogen and the summer’s honeygums.
I am Lilith under the lemon tree,
Lilith lolling in long lapping shadows.

I am imbued with Lilith, drenched with her
dewflesh. I am Lilith come back to life.
It is Lilith you long for. Her longlashed

eyes bewitch you from behind the gold mane
of my hair. She peeps from me. She’s the red
blood, sluicing through my veins like vintage wine.

My smile is her net, my eyes her drowning
pools. Stranger, I am waiting. Speak to me
now. I melt. I am Lilith in liquescence.

I am sea. I am river. I am the
ripe peach of the moon. Oh pluck me! take me
back to the lost gardens of paradise.

Painting: The Birth of Venus, by Manfred von Penz
Dedit mihi Dominus arte mercedem meam et in illa laudabo nomen Eius.


5 thoughts to “Lilith”

  1. I like your poetry. I like your site. I like your name! I am a poet and political satirist/critic. I am VERY concerned about what Israel and the U.S. plan to “do” to Iran.

    1. Thanks, ML Squier. I like your site too. Are you “Mad Plato”? If you’re crazy enough to like my poetry and my site, please feel free to contribute some of your poems to this site. We welcome contributions, but we prefer rhyme and meter and carefully constructed poems that are written from the heart. Sincerity, simplicity and beauty are what we value above all. These are qualities, we find, that are often lacking in modern free verse.

  2. Exquisitly erotic, dear poetess. Yet, if written from the heart, you surprise me.

    My most comprehensive understandings of Lilith came from my late friend, Eustace Mullins. (I met him as an alumnus of the same school, and we often visited.). I would wager you have read his “Curse of Canaan”.

    No matter how twisted the lady, she is, indeed, inticing. Apt subject!

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