Rosa Mystica

Long to sail
sea of dreams all day,
summer the winds sighing;
honey sun in heaven
larks on fire flying.

Long to find
green the fields of longing;
time where everlasting
rivers flow and flowers
live on without dying.

Long to rest
eyes of her in pools,
moon their darkness dazzling;
forgiveness in her smile
and an end to crying.

2 thoughts to “Rosa Mystica”

  1. Humm…….. Lil’ girl got hurt somewhere? Prior incarnation? Or did i read it upside down??

  2. All my life, I have been a sucker for damsels in distress! Lasha Darkmoon, this is more a call of an injured heart than a poetic composition. You make me wish I could help! (maybe – hopefully – you’ve gotten over it by now)

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