Saroth the Demon

Saroth  the  Demon

Here’s the nymphomaniac
Saroth the Demon on my back
Riding me with lustcrazed eyes
And crushing anaconda thighs!

And when I tell the bitch to stop
She licks her whip, she flicks her crop
And flogs me freaky until I
Fall at her feral feet and my

Homunculus revives and springs
Up, up again on ragged wings!—
And roars around her until She
Melts in the furnace that is Me.

— Saroth, Saroth, tell me why
We burn in hell,  both you and I.
And Saroth laughs and Saroth says:
Because there
is no other place!

Take this truth and hide it well:
There is no Heaven, only Hell!
Down, down, however low you go—
New hells, new wells, a newer low!