Succuba Singing

Weep no more, dry your eyes!
Let me show you where peace lies:
In my pussy lies your prize!

Spider, spider, weave for me
Your web of black iniquity
So I can snare my victims three—
Honour, Truth and Dignity!

Laughing, lilting, see me go
Where the girls of summer blow
In the gardens we all know.

In the gardens of delight
Where nobody laughs tonight
But the loathers of daylight.

O In is out and Out is in—
And where we end, there we begin.
The downward road snakes back above
For Evil is the bite of Love.

O aren’t you sick of all my lies?
Aren’t you weary of being wise?
Come, find peace between my thighs!


5 thoughts to “Succuba Singing”

  1. I have to tell you again, your poetry is stunning whatever the variety. Please get it published in book form so I get buy it all—Steve.

    PS I cut the chord of the Internet after 10 years, but for this weekly visit to the library next door. My email address has a “vacation response” but any post will get through for my next visit here.

    1. Many thanks, Steve. Nice to hear from you again. So what is to happen to your website if you have renounced the internet except on a once-a-week visit to the library? Why did you take this drastic step? Let me guess. Fear of contamination? If so, I don’t blame you…

  2. “….And where we end, there we begin…”

    How appropriate – and masterfully poetic! Outstanding, unbridled poetry!

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