The Keys of the Unseen


It is I
who hold the Keys of the Unseen.
All the treasures of knowledge are laid bare
before me. All images
of time—past, present and future—
I make them,

I weave them
into my web, I cherish them
dearly. Not a leaf falls to the ground with
out my knowledge. Not a blade
of grass grows in the far field un-
seen by me.

Not a snow
drop lifts its head in the shadowed
woods, that does not live its dark secret life.
All things have their histories
written down in Sijjin in the
Book of Deeds.

that can be known, is known. Someone
knows it. I am the one who visits you
at night in dreams, who sees all
you do in the secret room. One
day I will

raise you up
from the dead. You will be with me
where I am, and I shall show you the stained
sheets of your life. And I shall
wash away your sins, and you will
have clean sheets

again. And
your sheets will be shining white as
they dry in the sun on the bleaching fields
of heaven, the dewspangled
fields and sparrow hedges, hidden
in my mind.