See Satan’s lovely succubus
Lying on a sofa, indolent,
Parading her voluptuous
Flesh for your bedevilment.

Languidly lascivious, she
Plots your cruel subjugation,
Oozing sensuality,
Soliciting your adoration.

Utterly intoxicating!—
All her smiles and wicked ways,
All her blandishments must bring
Fevered nights and wasted days.

No need to fester in her pit:
It’s time to play another part.
Find a stake and sharpen it—
And drive it through her demon heart!


One thought to “Satanica”

  1. See beautiful ass of Satan
    lying on a couch, indolent,
    Parading her voluptuous masochist
    meat for malignancy.

    Languidly lecherous, she
    Prostitute his cruel subjugation,
    Oozy vulgar sensuality
    Asking your submission

    Absolutely intoxicating –
    All smiles and bad roads,
    all praise should bring
    feverish nights and days lost and submissive.

    No need to fester in his grave
    .It’s time to play another hand and vaginal fierce
    Find a stick and sharpen-
    And I drive it through his demon heart!


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