Under swooning moons of magic


Leave me, Léthyn, let me go—
Give me wings to fly again!

This is all you need to know:

Passion always ends in pain.

In the golden summer season
When the fruit on every tree

Offered its own secret poison

You, my Léthyn, came to me.

In the Gardens of Delight
Where the pleasure river ran,

There you taught me that the night

Was made for woman and for man.

Under swooning moons of magic,
There you wrapped my raven heart

In your smiles, my dark angelic

Other Self, my counterpart.

There you taught me love must die,
There I learnt the bitter truth

That love was built upon a lie

Of beauty, and the dreams of youth.

One day you’ll bear my ancient burden
And be the broken reed I am,

And I shall sleep in the Always Garden

Like a leaf on the Tree of Time.