Germany Then, America Now: A Talk Between Bro. Nathanael Kapner and Joe Cortina. (Pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon) ***

“It’s disgusting how the Jews are taking everything by storm….Even the Rome of Seutonius  has never known such orgies as the pervert ball of Berlin.” — Jewish writer Stefan Zweig

Over a year ago, Dr Lasha Darkmoon wrote an article called Germany Then, America Now, in which striking parallels were drawn between pre-Hitler Germany and contemporary America. Darkmoon was to conclude that  America—for seven reason she lists in this expanded article here—is now in a far worse condition than Germany was before the ascent of Hitler to power in 1933. The same point is now made, but with further facts and fascinating details, in a recent article called Weimar Meets America: A Study in National Collapse. Brother Nathanael Kapner of Zionist Watch is interviewing ex- Green Beret Joe Cortina, a special operations officer and US Army Training Center commander. — John Scott Montecristo, Editor

Br Nathanael: Is there a parallel between Germany’s Weimar Republic and America today?

Joe Cortina: Yes. The similarities of the situation are a warning direct from the wisdom of philosopher George Santana, “Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

Br Nathanael: Let’s look at that history. Americans are hard pressed today. Was there anything like this among the Germans prior to the coming of the Third Reich in 1933?

Joe Cortina: The Germans of the Weimar period were in a horrible situation: out of work—declining purchasing power of their currency—starved— humiliated—robbed of land and dominated by Jews to much the same extent as we now see in America.

The Germans of that period were virtually all Christians with strong family values and a Christian work ethic.

This is the case in America. However, with the media occupied by Jews—the courts controlled by Jews—and finance under the reign of Jews—all Christian expression is either stifled or ridiculed, and all opportunities for an expression of a White Christian work ethic has been shipped overseas by Jewish investment bankers.

Br Nathanael: Let’s start with the media. Any parallels between Weimar and America today?

Joe Cortina: Weimar’s media was controlled almost exclusively by Jews.

The two largest German newspapers before 1933 were in Jewish hands: Leopold Ullstein, August Scherl, and Rudolf Mosse. These Jews had a virtual monopoly on the German press.

Their chief publication was the Berliner Tageblatt which for many years was looked upon abroad as representative of German public opinion.

The editor of this paper was Theodor Wolff, a Jew, who also took a prominent part in politics. All editorials, all policy, all thought was totally under Jewish control—America’s sad state today.

Br Nathanael: How about parallels in employment?

Joe Cortina: There were no ‘unemployed Jews’ in the midst of mass unemployment since Jews would not get their hands ‘dirty’ to do honest hard work.

The Jews led privileged lives of luxury while the average German struggled to keep his family fed. The Jewish statistician, Alfred Marcus, estimated the average Jewish income for 1930 as three times the average income of the rest of the population. Sound familiar?

RICH JEW STRADDLING THE WORLD, Anti-Semitic Cartoon, c.1935

Br Nathanael: How about parallels in finance?

Joe Cortina: Once again the Jew dominated and strangled the working German.

First of all, the Jewish banker, Max Warburg, represented fallen Germany at Versailles and was instrumental in forming the Weimar Republic. Hugo Pruess, a Jew, wrote Weimar’s constitution.

The result was that between 1925 and 1929 four of the six members of the controlling board of the Reichsbank directors were Jews including Jakob Goldschmidt and Rudolf Havenstein.

With unpatriotic Jews at the head of Germany’s monetary policy, whose ties with international Jewry took precedence over Germany’s interests, hyperinflation set in and the German Mark became worthless. America is now about to experience its own “Weimar Moment.”

Br Nathanael: And last, any similarities regarding moral degradation?

Joe Cortina: The floodgates were opened for Jewish depravity when all barriers in the form of censorship during the monarchy were removed after Germany’s defeat in 1918.

Then a torrent of immoral literature, films and plays poured into Germany, primarily nourished by Jews. Weimar Jewish poet, Stefan Zweig, feared a backlash against Jewry when he termed the transformation of Berlin “into the Babylon of the World.”

“Even the Rome of Suetonius has never known such orgies as the pervert balls of Berlin,” observed Zweig, “where hundreds of men costumed as women and hundreds of women dressed as men danced under the benevolent eyes of the police.”

Zweig had written to Martin Buber, saying, “It’s disgusting how Jews are taking everything by storm. Should it not be our responsibility to anticipate the justified Anti-semitic indignation and call our people back to their senses.”

Dominatrix and Slave :  Weimar Berlin (1920s). “The decay of moral values in all areas of life—the period of deepest German degradation—coincided exactly with the height of jewish power in Germany.” — Dr Friederich Karl Wiehe, Germany and the Jewish Question.

Br Nathanael: Can you be more specific regarding immoral literature, films and plays produced by German Jewry?

Joe Cortina: Publishing houses like Benjamin Harz, Leon Hirsch, and Jacobsthal & Co, were putting out books that undermined Christian sexual mores.

The titles say it all: “Sittengeschichte des Lasters” (History Of Morals and Vices), “Bilderlexikon der Erotic” (Picture Lexicon of Eroticism), “Sittengischichte des Geheime und Verbotene” (History of the Secret and the Forbidden).

Jews, by the way, waged an energetic campaign for free abortion. Jews such as Dr Max Hodann, Dr Lothar Wolf, Martha Ruben-Wolf, and Alfons Goldschmidt wrote numerous articles encouraging abortion and birth control.

Br Nathanael: Film and theatre?

Joe Cortina: Leading the film and theatre business in Weimar were Jews such as Josef von Sternberg, Bertolt Brecht, Erich Pommer, and a host of other Jewish purveyors of filth.

A random choice of film and theatre titles sheds light on the spirit of Jewish-produced depravity during the Weimar period: “Sundige Mutter” (Sinful Mama), “Wenn Ein Weib Den Weg Verliert” (When A Woman Loses Her Way), “Zieh Dich Aus” (Get Undressed) – “Tausend Nackte Frauen” (One Thousand Naked Women).

But once Hitler came into power, he put an end to the endless filth coming out of the Jewish film and theatre industry. But for now there’s no end to the filth coming out of Jewish Hollywood.

1920s model from the book “The Hot Girls Of Weimar Berlin”. Cocaine, the favorite drug of the sexually depraved, was often tucked away inside the top of a girl’s stockings or under her garter—a place felt to be safe from the prying fingers of the police.

Br Nathanael: Can you sum it all up for us?

Joe Cortina: What the Jews did to the Germans during the Weimar period they are now doing to the American people.

They have stolen our wealth—our freedoms—our prosperity—our traditions— our moral character—our honor, our wholesomeness, and our Christian heritage.

Should a strong new voice of clarity and conviction appear and convince me and my family that he could and would lead us out of this occupation by aliens and unite our people in a just cause—ending Jewish influence—I would follow him since there is no other choice—no other hope—you’re damn right I would.

Perhaps Jewry would do well to learn a lesson from Weimar and how it was addressed by the Third Reich—because next time it just might be the whole world screaming for justice and an end of Jewry’s evil. This time, once and for all!

Hither tried to rescue Germany from the Jews—and failed. WHO WILL RESCUE AMERICA?


Joe Cortina’s experiences as an intelligence investigator and anti-terrorist adviser brought him to such hotbeds of turmoil as the State of Israel, adjacent Middle East nations, and Central America. His website, My Name Is Joe Cortina, is a showcase of crimes committed against humanity by the Zionist global elite.

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  1. How can we convince the brainwashed majority? When I try to wake them up, they just roll their eyes and think:”another antisemite.”

  2. The great question is: Is it Germany 1930 going on to the answer, or is it Russia 1917 going over the edge.
    For many reasons I tend to the latter as the destruction of our culture is so far gone and the people are blind and deaf.
    In many ways the coming, ongoing, financial crash may the best thing as it will focus the peoples attention on what is really important. But the opposition will be absolutely ruthless. The cons of Pearl Harbour and 9/11 will be nothing as to what the jews will do to defend their shekelfield.
    Americans! – watch the centre of the real criminal empire, Britain’s City of London. They conspired with R/velt for WWII and certainly have a great deal to do with the financial downfall of the USA.
    The head of Burke’s Peerage warned that the jews and the english aristocracy have interbred to the extent that the interests of one are the interests of the other.
    The USA was built on principle over principal and if it goes so goes the rest of the world.

  3. The group, whose name we dare not speak, has done its best to cast shame on anyone who attempts to declare their devotion to the Catholic Church. Consequently, I am making every effort to shout my Catholic beliefs. The Catholic Church constitutes the lone remaining organized resistance to the dictatorship of the Zionist movement. To paraphrase a prominent Zionist, every day I think of something which I can do to further the cause of the Catholic Church and free America.

    1. I don’t agree that the Catholic Church stands against the Jews.Certainly not since Vatican 2 when the Masonic/Jewish conspiracy took it over.Jewish media darling John Paul 2 a true NEOCONSERVATIVE(The real enemy)was part Jew,his mthers name was Katz.He recognized Israel,visited Synagouges Of Satan,and called Jews our ‘older brother,’which is pure bunk.Worse he elevated crypto-Jews to high positions.When a true Catholic,Pat Buchanan ran for President e was ignored,or denounced by Catholics just because of his stances against war,and Israel.Bishop Wiliamson who question the Holocaust was banned from entering Catholic Churches in the USA!Face it!Todays Church is Rothchild controlled.The Vatican have desposits in there banks.Plus,that family,hey own 57% US Federal Reserve since 1913.They own us.

      1. The Church is at present under the tutelage and control of the Khazashkenazi parasite scum (‘jews’ my foot), and since mid-sixties when their ‘pope’ was installed, just like dark-ashkenazi Obongo was installed at the Tarnished House in the JuSA.

        Regardless on one’s beef with the Church OR Madkow, the reality of these world parasites is disgusting.

        With one big difference today: These animals ARE X-posed by the Net. Their fate is SEALED, no matter what. So Be It!

  4. Darkmoon,

    You must be desperate to recycle this trash. Germany never had it so good as in the days of the Weimar Republic. I remember reading about Auden and Isherwood: how they loved taking trips to Berlin to pick up boys and enjoy all the delicious pleasures of the flesh denied to them in a puritanical America and Britain.

    If the world has become increasingly like Weimar Germany, more sexually liberated in its outlook than it was in Victorian times, that is all to the good. Porn is a blessing, not a curse. I have found it exceptionally useful when my current boyfriend is on leave, posted to Iraq or Afghanistan. Even when he’s around, I make extensive use of porn to satisfy my instinctual urges. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

    Nor does it adds credit to your pathetic site, Darkmoon, that you should rehash the half-baked ideas of Brother Nathanael Kapner, a Zionist agent doing his best on behalf of Israel to stir up a planned and systematic program of anti-Semitism. Kapner, I assure you, is a Mossad agent. Has been for years. This is common knowledge in Jewish circles.

    As for that lunkhead Joe Cortina, all brawn and no brain, forget it! That guy barely knows his ass from his elbow. All he can do is spout virulent anti-Semitism. It’s really sad to see him make such a spectacle of himself.

    1. Ruth,
      If the world were to follow your example we’d be in Hell right now.
      Kapner and Cortina have more character than you ever dreamt of.
      Time to grow up and realize your sins.

    2. On December 10, 2011 at 8:18 pm Ruth Bernstein says:

      “Porn is a blessing, not a curse.”

      The prosecution rests . . .

      More “blessing” from “God’s Chosen People” here:

      And, of course, we have this “contribution” to human decency here:

      This Ruth character (whatever her real name is) would apparently endorse the following as another “blessing”:

      “Dr. Jules Masserman, past president of the American Psychiatry Association, sexually assaulted four of his female patients during drug-induced sleep … Although only ten percent of psychiatrists admit to sexually abusing patients, interestingly, 65 percent say new patients tell them of being abused sexually by their former psychiatrist.” [“That vast apparative of putative concern, psychiatry, is largely a Jewish monopoly.” — Kahn, Roger. The Passionate People, William Morris, Inc., 1968, p. 53 / “All over the world, Jews are drawn to the profession of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy. The 1990 roster of the International Psychoanalytical Association reads like the membership list of a synagogue.” — Earl Hopper, Psychotherapy and the ‘Jewish Experience.’ European Judaism, Spring 1996, p. 17-25 / “An area of medicine which Jews have made almost their own is psychiatry, though it is perhaps still too early to say whether it constitutes a positive advance in human welfare.” — Chaim Bermant, The Jews, Times Mirror, 1977, p. 119]”

    3. Hey, Jew person! You are so full of it. Porn is good; death is good. Get lost you zombie moron.

    4. Hey Ruth, you gave me a good idea what to get you for your birthday!
      I don’t know why you have such a bad luck with men. You first boy friend according to you[on the Ugly Truth web site] was gobbled by a lion in Africa. Now you current one is neither around to keep you happy and satisfied. Even if he is around, you have to rely on sexual toys instead.

      Ruth, that is rootless and pathetic! It is even worse when insult a man like Joe Cortina. This man was tested. He is a patriot who served our country and put himself in harm way long before you were conceived. You warship Israhell, where as Joe puts America first, second and third.

      After reading you post, I feel you are an embarrassment no only to Jews, but also to your gender. You shame has no boundary!

    5. ‘Rootie’, while you pretend to be a woman hooked to a man, a most honorable proposition within ‘normalcy’, the more you spew, the more you sound like a filthy AIDS bearing ‘jew-daic’ homosexual. Although yentas are known to be quite cynical and degenerate, especially their lesbians, the homos from Babylonia topple them. And fat and sassy, rolling on the floor?

      But stupidity within your limited IQ and the natural shamelessness of your inbred race keeps bringing you back to forums and threads for a beating or two. Masochist on top?

      Quite contrary to your baseless comments, it is you who keeps ‘recycling’ and ‘bouncing’ around, hoping for attention and sympathy, and credibility, in your filthy, despised and isolated world of deceit and rapine, so your bosses keep hiring you to dis-inform ‘the enemy’. Not making it, flunkie.

      Get a job, work for a living, become a human being; before the Beast is cast into Abyss. And you as part of it.

      1. @ heroay

        I intend to report you to the ADL for defamation of character. This post is unspeakably vile. Its allegations that I am a male homosexual are particularly galling.

        For your information, I am in fact an attractive bisexual female, 5’10”, who is equally in demand as a sexual partner by BOTH sexes, including transsexuals.

        I have a good body, so I put it to use, and I see no shame in that.

        There is too much prudery in Christian and Islamic societies. The truth is: the New World Order has no room in it for silly religions like this any more. Even sexual perversion is normal. I recommend it highly if you are bored with virtue, as I am.

        Here is an article in a well-known newspaper by one of our proudest Jewish novelists, Howard Jacobson, recommending sexual perversion for everyone, so I really don’t know what all this fuss is about.


        1. Please tell Abe we said hello:

          ” . . . and then he raped her.”

          Your threats, all you have left apparently, reminds me of the behavior of rats that cannot escape a ship that has been implicitly fated to sink into its own talmudic/satanic filth but has already left safe harbor . . . but this is WAY over your little perverted “brain.”

    6. A broad, sweeping statement about how good it was in the days of the Weimar is risky – I think a certain class of people may have experienced this – the disconnected controlling class and the elite – but for the average person life was anything but easy… check your facts.

      I agree with you about porn – seems hundreds of millions of people (mostly men) enjoy it, and I think it’s perfectly healthy and normal, as is homosexuality, and everything in between. Hell, the earth is totally overpopulated, so seems to me that procreating everytime we have a sexual urge is insanity…. plus, what kind of pervert goes judging what other people do with their sex lives and thier genitals? (I know, I know, a bigoted, moralizing, self-riteous religious pervert)…

      Which brings me to religion. Bunk! Dangerous bunk at that. I have a lot more to say about it, but you’d have to read my stuff to find out why.

      Antisemitism – I’m not anti-Semitic – I love the Semitic people… but I think the Jews who stole the term, stole Palestine, stole peoples homes, lives, culture, massacred hundreds of thousands, expelled almost an entire nation while bleating “anti-Semitism”, simultaniously arranging permanent, walled prison camps which they could bomb and terrorize every day – no escape – just for their vengeful, hateful, Old Testament mentality (not to mention insatiable, psychotic greed) – and then covered the whole scam up by their power of global manipulation…. are white-supremacist scum. I’d suggest people start reading – books like “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” by Ilan Pappe to get some idea of this is shameful ideology that they support. Jews need to be confronted openly, worldwide, by everyone they associate with, to see if they support Israel, or if they work for an end to this “Jewish state” of thiers. Unless they work to end the monster that was created in their name they should be shunned by all levels of open society – as supremacists, racists, bigots and liers – complicit in the greatest crime of modern times.

      Butt – that’s just my opinion.

      1. In singing the praises of porn—and therefore of compulsive masturbation and even serial killing to which porn invariably leads—you reveal yourself as a pathetic degenerate. The Jews would be happy if all the goyim were like you. A sexually demoralized and godless wanker.

        No sir, we don’t need anti-Zionists like you to fight the Jews for us! You are a product of Jewry. You USE the porn they produce, for they are behind the porn industry, and so you are helping to make them richer every time you buy their porn DVDs or see one of their filthy porn movies which exploit and degrade women.

        Can’t you see you are a just VICTIM of the Jews?

        1. Mary, I’m an active, participating part of my creator – of course I don’t believe in yours. My only concern is for people being hurt by Zionism. Zionism is a Jewish elitist ideology supported to this day by the vast majority of world Jewry. It is rooted in nineteenth century supremacist colonialist mentality and has no place in this day and age. The gross injustice against Palestine (not to mention the entire Middle East) is perpetrated by Jews and covered up by Zionist distortion of facts in media, education, law, literature, modern culture, propaganda, etc. Most non-Jews are completely unaware of the genocidal nature of the state of Israel. Most Jews are probably in the dark, too, but this monster has been created in their name and they have an obligation to uncover the facts and put an end to it. Ordinary people are pumped full, on a daily basis, of Holocaust industry output, the purpose of which is to invoke sympathy for Jews and a blind eye to the actions of Jews in regard to support for the criminal state of Israel. That’s my gripe. Jews can put an end to this. They have all the power, all the influence. That most don’t is no longer acceptable. I am calling for justice based on a principal that every human life is of equal value.

          You, however, appear to have an obsession with in the intimate, private, erotic interactions between my hands and penis! You make no mention of justice, equality, racism etc.

          Furthermore, you make ridiculous assumptions in your fantasies about my “wanking”….
          What if I was gay, liked older men, and found mutilated (cut) penises repulsive? What if, instead of buying DVD’s I just belonged to an adult video website? There’d be no ‘female victim of cock’ syndrome to hang on to, no ‘likes them young’ to invoke images of helpless victims, no ‘Jewish porn’ because poor Jewish boys have their penises cut/mutilated on the 8th day of their lives. No Jewish “evil” theory to grasp onto because nothing’s being bought. It’s all online! It’s free! Hundreds of millions of ordinary people are happily doing it every day – popping up video clips of themselves doing all kinds of weird things for all to see! I’ll let you in on a secret Mary – human beings are the most evolved of primates. Our sexuality reflects that. Now please get over your obsession with my dick and start thinking about your humanity!

          1. If only you knew how Jewish you sound! Wilhelm Reich would have been proud of you. And Freud, too, who once said: “If only Americans knew, we are bringing them the plague!”

            The fact that millions are jerking off to free internet porn does not make this an acceptable or decent way to pass the time. I bet if you were married you would conceal this behavior from your wife. And most of the girls I know would have nothing to do with a guy who carried on like this and felt no shame. No girl wants a wanker as a boyfriend.

            If you had a young daughter and she came into the room while you were drooling over internet porn, would you go on regardless or would you click off at once in guilt and shame?

            You are to be commended for your attitude to the criminal state of Israel. This makes me feel you have redeeming qualities. There’s still hope for you.

            We are more than Darwinian primates, my friend. We are gods in the making. So learn to behave a bit more nobly and clean up your act.

          2. Mary, if I’m not too late, you’re beautiful and thank you for expressing the sovereignty of Heart over the Loins. The war is indeed spiritual, and dark forces constantly tempt us with the knowledge that we have no mast to which we can lash ourselves (except for Lasha D maybe), but instead a growing faith. Rise and free ourselves from sin!


    Brother Nate and Cortina are both part of the Jew blood lust meme of Christianity.
    “The concept that God wants blood is at the bottom of the Atonement and rests upon the most barbaric savagery.” Robert G. Ingersoll
    All Christians carry the Jew system on their backs when they enter a church or read the Bible or pray to Jesus. This is why the Jews have enslaved the world.
    It is a win/win situation for the Jews. Cortina says there are NO good Jews and then he talks with AN INSTRUMENT OF JEWRY, namely Brother Nate who dresses in drag and dispenses forgiveness in his church for cash down.
    When will you people ever wake up?

    1. Commando ZERO, aka ‘world changer’, is it your decadent DNA who makes of you an ‘excellent’ one-track repeating tape of sheer nonsense, and who believes the unattainable world around you is dumber than you?

      With your futile arguments, you truly believe you can persuade 33% of the world population to switch away from their ingrained beliefs and personal drives, and all for what, some useless comments, typical of your Internet tripe?

      Give you a tip: Spend some time (a year or two) pretending to attack the Talmudic religion of Hell and its breed of parasitic, rapine devils, and maybe, just maybe, you will fool a few newbies to the Net when you come after Christianity or Christians, and even have an orgasm on your ‘suck-cess’. Although, by then, this pestilence called ‘juda-ism’, your backdrop, will be just a dark page in the history of the world.

  6. There are obvious parallels here and I am glad to see the views aired and the comparison made. However, I disagree with the despairing tone. I believe the Neoconservative regime in the States is becoming increasingly hysterical and out of touch. In my opinion, the rest of us would do better, on the contrary, to become increasingly confident. They had their chance and they screwed it up beyond repair. Now it is just a matter of time before the chickens come home to roost. Their arrogance bespeaks an underlying insecurity. The BEST they can hope for is an apocalyptic world war. And in some ways, that may be a good thing – an all-consuming conflict that will disrupt the current power structure’s stability and enable us a dynamic albeit chaotic period to rewire the system. That is unless, of course, someone like Ron Paul gets elected in 2012. Then we could fix the bulk of the problem peacefully and without getting too tribal. Personally, I believe they’ll never let go of the reins without a nasty fight. But hey, the Wheel of Fortune could swing in our direction. La di da.

    Average people ARE becoming more aware of the problem of Jewish/Israeli interference in the US. 911 was an obvious set-up that anyone with common sense and a sharp eye can detect and time will only increase the magnifying glass of truth (Building 7!!! I say). For a sample of this, just scan through youtube’s videos on 911 conspiracies and see how wildly popular they are and how many millions of people have viewed them. Younger generations will only continue to look at the phenomenon with an increasingly cold objective eye. The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street are good signs of populist revolutionary reform against business as usual. The wars in the Middle East were definitely not the smashing success that the Neocons hoped for. Everyone already senses that THEY are going to try and manufacture yet another war with Iran just like they did with Iraq. And Obama may start it to convince his Israel backers of his loyalty which will send the rest of the Peace-Dems out of the Party (what precious irony!). The financial structure of the Eastern Establishment is on the verge of going broke and collapsing upon itself. The massive baliouts are a sign of this. The dominant Israel lobby is dangerously close to revealing its nefarious hand in our fiscal and foreign policy affairs which will backfire upon them because Americans don’t like the idea of being ruled by a foreign power. When this is made more obvious to them, they will react forcefully.

    The RJC (Republican Jewish Coalition) recently made a huge faux pas in excluding Ron Paul from their forum. Look what happened. Paul got quadruple the media coverage and was able to elaborate on the absolute rationality of his views which resonate heavily with Red State America despite what the fishbowl entombed neo-cons insist. While Matt Brooks, director of RJC, tried to write him off as “misguided and extreme” and Ari Fleischer tweeted about how Paul was “nuts” the rest of us got to see the transparency of a noble soul openly air his side with the media:
    (Will it take Jon Stewart’s ridicule to point out the silliness of the Republican masquerade? Maybe. I certainly prefer his candor and honesty to the neocon veneer.)

    Why adopt a fatalistic perspective? Never forget that the individual citizens of the United States are armed to the teeth and have grown up tall and strong on a vision of their past that idealizes a rugged frontier individualism. Even if they goad us into a war with the Muslims, guess who’s next? The 50 million Christians that you put fully into the camp of the Israelites also really do believe in Jesus and they also remember who had him killed because the Bible tells them so. They are true believers. These very same people also see an enemy in Washington whether it wears a trunk or is braying. They don’t like it that they can’t openly celebrate Christmas or Easter or pray in school etc.

    All in all, it’s a good time to be alive. I’m looking forward to the “drammer” up ahead.

    1. An exceptionally well-writen and illuminating post. I hope there are grounds for the optimism you advocate.

      I see Americans plunged in a dark cloud of somnambulism…sleepwalkers stumbling through the mist. All it needs is some catastrophic event to wake them all up.

      Maybe this will World War III.

    2. 50 million ‘Christians’ who do not believe the same things about what Jesus actually teaches and, therefore, about what they themselves must believe and do, can hardly be called a unified force. This pathetic situation is a large part of why many scoff at organized religion. As for Dr. Paul, while I appreciate his sincerity and his consistency, he is just an modern-day conservative — which means he is nothing little more than a liberal in slow-motion. While many would take exception to this idea, it is a cold, hard fact. The men whose ideals Dr. Paul espouses were the flaming liberals of their own day. The whole thing just slides slowly downhill into the cosmic cesspool, with each successive generation of ‘conservatives’ holding more ‘liberal’ ideas that the flaming liberals of the past. Dr. Paul seeks to turn back the philosophical clock some two hundred-plus years. As much as I might be inclined to rejoice at the prospect of being transplanted into a sleepy village of 200 to 300 years ago, that is not going to be good enough to get us out of our present predicament. We have been traveling a manifestly-wrong road for much longer. Our ideals are WAY off and we will not see any notable return to sanity until we get our heads on straight and purge our hearts of highly-destructive, materialistic attachments. As much as we’d all like to see a little more liberty and sanity, it is too late in the game for that — it has reached the stage where it is all or nothing, and most of us don’t even have the first clue about what “all” encompasses in this case. The Cult of Liberty is the bastard offspring of the demonic French Revolution — and it was put in motion by the very forces that call the shots now. Otherwise-intelligent people call for more liberty, but they could not define it to save their lives. Liberty is a MEANS, not an END — and the difference between those two perspectives cannot be measured. Books about this deep subject could be and need to be written, and long, serious conversations need to be held, but the comments section of Darkmoon’s site is not the place to do either. Godspeed.

    3. Ron Paul? Are you out of whack (or just “wack”, depending on linguistic heritage… or not) – anyway, 3 points re economic policy:
      (a) Paul’s a goldbug
      (b) Paul’s an Austrian School-ist
      (c) Can’t recall the last one, but the first 2 should tell you enough. Gold market is a monopoly, Rothbard et al admit they are nihilists (read, um, Kabbalists?)

  7. This is indeed fascinating.It must be understood that there is a healthy difference between the perversion of Weimar,and the Wal-Mart,Jerry Springer culture of the USA today,and healthy erotica,beauty and care of the body.Judeo-Christianity was the Jewish poison injected into the Greco-Roman world.When that doctrine swung Pagan it was passable,but when it swung’Biblical’it became a disaster which divided and destroyed the White nations,and now is the moronic Christian Zionist movement controlling the Republican party today.Adolf Hitler broke the left/right cycle which the Jews set up,then,and now.His movement,both dreamy,and practical inspired all to achieve through a healthy life in community with others, which aspired to beauty and achievment.The slogan was:WE MARCH AGAINST THE LEFT AND THE RIGHT!Unless this is understood by we who fight Zion,than the battle for our liberation will be lost.

  8. Porn is certainly a blessing to you hebes Ruth. What profits!! And it degrades the goyishe animals as well!! Your tribe is responsible for more human suffering and death and cultural and environmental destruction than all people on earth combined. Of course you and your ilk would think of the Weimar period with nostalgia even as any normal German would remember it with horror. I assure you that the Slavs haven’t forgotten what you did to them and most of the Islamic world has received the message loud and clear. Millions of people in the west are becoming jew-aware despite your control of the traditional media, and later it will be tens of millions. Unlike the 1930s when you scurried like rats from an awakened Germany you will soon find it difficult to find a bolt hole to escape to from the fate you so justly deserve. I know that the world will suffer greviously in the process but there will never be peace unless your vile life-form is permanently dealt with. Your hubris will ensure that this will come about.

    1. Excellent comment; well thought out. It is clear that you have been thinking on these topics for a long time, and at MANY levels.

      What so many missed here:

      amist my admittedly too long editorial, is the fact satan’s earthly brethren, the liar per se including the vile filth that murdered Russia, also seek to “contribute” to our detachment from the Creator by virtue of their “Big Bang” fairy tale. Note the first three names in that link. Again, I was long on words here, but the satanic convolutions ensnare everything, LITERALLY!

  9. This is a provocative article which does cover some of the terrible conditions in the Weimar Republic–conditions precipitated by Germany’s defeat (and betrayal) in World War I, the vindictive and horrific Versaille Treaty, and, yes, the perfidies of the world’s banking system and its overseers. One can’t escape the conclusion that cultural decline and financial collapse are intertwined. The warning to America should sound loud and clear.

    There is at least one instance where Mr. Cortina paints with too broad a brush. I don’t think anyone who has seriously considered the work of Bertolt Brecht could ever consider him one of the “Jewish purveyors of filth.”

    To more deeply probe what was happening in Germany and why there was so fervent a reaction against Jewish influence, one should also take note of the terrifying events that were taking place in the 20s and 30s in the Soviet Union–the massacre of innocents in Ukraine, etc.–and how this Slavic and Semitic “Revolution” impacted the German soul and laid the groundwork for Germany’s search for a deliverer, a savior!

    We are indeed teetering on the brink now in the Disunited States. We’d better heed the warning of history and artists (like Brecht, Zweig, etc.) and our own citizen-journalists (Paul Craig Roberts, William Blum, Gilad Atzmon, Kathy Kelley, etc.) if we hope to avoid Weimar’s tragic fate!

    1. Brecht? Really? You think Galileo was a goddamn hero for wiping his arse all over the Church without a shred of proof? Revisionist history is ok when it operates on hard physical evidence, such as the absence of Prussian Blue residue in the Auchwitz Garage. “Bad revisionist” when “working class hero”- socialist/communist agenda manifest.

  10. A few things, Christianity did not come from Judaism, this is a jewish lie upheld by jewish controlled churches. Christianity is a Greek term ad means, Hallowed, or Called Out. The religion of the Called Out was from the time of ‘Adam the singular man’, he lived in the midst of a nation of Adamites, as he was called out, he was not the first man on earth but the first one Hallowed or if a Greek term was to be applied, he was ‘Christ-osed’. Jesus is called the 2nd Adam, this does not mean Jesus was the only man on the planet in the same way Adam-the-man was not the first man, he was simply the first called our, and if Jesus was the 2nd Adam, Adam was the fisrst christ. The Bible uses ancient saying now taken litteral by those who do not have a clue. Eve was not made from a rib bone of Adam, taken from the rib is an ancient saying, to mean, taken from ones tribe, rib being of a cage, and a cage is an enclosed area. Many terms for enclosed areas mean tribal regions, such as garden, seen in names as Stutgard, and ‘town’, meaning enclosed area and in Dutch, Tuin (town) means garden and so on. Judaism is a perversion that grew out of Christianity and the churches were designed to break away from the perverted religions of Judea but soon they simply went back to Judean tradions and so these are the Judeo-Christians, a pervertion. It is time to get that Judaism out of Christianity.
    Jews have created an imposter religion because they are an imposter people, they are not even Israelites, let allone the People of the Book, or God’s chosen.

    1. de witt, primitive Christianity of the Master and his Disciples, came from the Nazarenes… The ‘Jesus’ of ‘Nazareth’ (en-Nasira) was actually ISSUS-Issa-Isu-Isus-Iesa-IESHOUA-Yeshua ‘the Nazarene’… Or, the Essenes of Qumran. And so was John the baptist.

      As for ‘Adam’, here is the Christ’s opinion of the alleged father of humanity:

      “And ISSUS said: ‘Adam came from great power and great wealth, but he was not worthy of you. For had he been worthy, he would not have tasted death’ – Logion 85 – The gospel according to Thomas”

    2. There is no denying to the fact that modern Christianity is a mixture of the Old Testament and the Roman Paganism. Christianity, has not much to do with the teachings of Jesus – but the teachings of St. Paul and the Pagan Roman King who blessed the modern Christianity in 325 CE.

      Out of 27 Books of the New Testament – four are borrowed from the Jewish Old Testament and 14 of St. Paul’s Treaties.

      Jesus, of course, was not a Jew. He was an Israelite (Hebrew) who came to correct the corrupted Torah (OT). The real Jesus was not a meak, but a Reformer and a good fighter.

  11. Bernstein parrots the filth she learned from her tribe and is to be ignored perhaps pities. Her views are meant to inflame certainly not to spread any type of validity to what she really thinks.

    Just throw her into the cesspool of feces that they mention so frequently in the Talmud. She will be right at home…

      1. @ heroay

        I intend to circulate these anti-Semitic remarks to my extensive list.

        As for the woman who has inflamed your unnecessary anger, the exotic female with the headscarf known as “Noor”, I have checked out her site and find it thoroughly antisocial and subversive. This woman deserves to be put in front of a firing squad. She is misusing her artistic talents and spreading anti-Semitic propaganda by means of ad hominem attacks on innocent Jews.

        1. However, I reserve my main anger for Darkmoon. This woman, imho, is the Ultimate in Evil. Not only does she expend ever ounce of energy in vilifying my people and blaming them for every wicked thing in the world, she also writes morally degrading and blasphemous poetry.

          She has repeatedly sung hymns of praise to that terrorist bitch Rachel Corrie, who wanted to commit suicide and thought the best way she could do it was to go to Israel and throw herself under a bulldozer. In this way, the evil scum sought publicity for a spectacular death as a “martyr”. And she has fooled many into building a cult of anti-Semitism round her.

          Darkmoon has written a poem in honor of this terrorist. My friends and I saw the video of this poem one day by sheer chance when someone emailed it to us against our wills. I ran and sicked up in the toilet bowl after I’d seen it. We were all very angry with Darkmoon and decided to complain about her to YouTube. So that’s what we did. And the video was then banned.

          That tells you something, doesn’t it? There are literally MILLIONS of YouTube videos. So if a video is banned, like this one, it has to be pretty sickening.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Darkmoon is a secret Hitler lover. I bet she gets off sexually on pictures of Adolf. Some people are just too evil to live.

          1. Ruth, you are evil scum and you know it. You and your family love to push the envelope of perversion and depravity.

  12. According to an uncle who had the opportunity to travel and spend time in several North African countries he claimed that the so called “red light districts [ concentrations of brothels were part of Jewish ghettos] in the major cities. He also included several European capitals as having their Jewish ghettos made up of several brothels. chief among them he stated were Amsterdam, Paris and others.

    Whether America Now is alike Germany Then the adage of history repeating itself as the years roll by the defining moment cannot be too far off.

    1. Yes, and when Israhell was declared Ben gurion invited all the jewish whores of North Africa to come to TelAviv and become the Mothers of Israel. And they did, and they are!

  13. my trouble with bernstein is that she is making a poor case for jews, they should look for a better rep in this forum.
    i think that their best argument would be along the lines of the “grand inquisitor” from bros karamazov, if you chose to be chosen, then play your part to the hilt, the hell with lame attempts at moralizing.
    build your arguments around darwinianism, might-is-right … but the trouble then, of course is, how do you square that with eternal jew addiction to whining and curling into fetal ball of victimhood?
    making sense is prohibitively expensive, it would cost them some precious geld …

  14. therefore their best course of action is to try and make the rest of us even stupider than themselves, the reverse side of the “chosen” coin … which is exactly the policy.

  15. Once again Lasha is our leading light. She is indespensible. My reaction to the Jews’ domination of this fair republic is that we didn’t pay attention until, due to what the Jews have done to undermine our education system, it was indeed ‘way too late. The legions of uneducated, brutalized, moronic youth around us are our future. “Whigger” culture is the harbinger of far worse to come. Wait ’til the hordes of illegitimi come out of the cities to eat of our substance.

    One of my oldest and dearest friends abandoned his Jewish background simply because he realized what Jews have meant to the world throughout recorded history. He could no longer face this reality. Jews have never been even tangentially associated with a society or culture which they have not ultimately debased and destroyed. Although it is undeniably true, that Jews have advanced science and the arts almost as no other people could have, they must also own up to the fact that, underneath all, they are culturally commited to destroy all non-Jewish cultures, societies, mores and values.

    In an endless campaign of sedition, usurpation of influence and power and the purposeful destruction of the cultures they have invaded, they have, for all intents and purposes, destroyed Western Civilization. It is utterly accurate to credit them with three evil “isms”: to wit—socialism, communism and Freudianism—-all designed to rot the west to its core. These constitute the doom of the West. Ironically, the Jews’ weakening of our fabric and ruination of our untutored youth will merely open the door to THEIR most relentless enemy. By drilling holes in the hull of our boat, they have doomed themselves. Demographics alone will probably be the end, but Islamism is going to move in where there is least resistance. The Dutch and the Swedes have woken up, but England slumbers on, as does her tutee, the US.

    America’s only hope is to come forthrightly out, declare the problem, and strive to resurrect that which the WASPs essentially formalized during the Northern Renaissance.

    I can, just as Lasha, relate that my worst experiences as a representational painter, came at the hands of the local (Massachusetts) art galleries and dealers—all run or monopolized by Jews. They will hang only modern filth on their walls. It is nauseating to see wealthy people—many oft them Wasps, who should know better—buying “art” which is essentially execrable dribblings or horrifically tasteless. If you want to boil it down the the paradigmatic microcosmic symbol, you might consider the Guggenheim—from its founders to its repugnant contents.

  16. I should have added that, so complete is the domination of the Jewish intelligentsia over us sheepish WASPs, that we have spent untold amounts of blood and wealth to support that vile and villainous “state” of Israel. 65 or so years of supporting that pustulescent state.

    There is a gold-star mother just down the street from my house. She was a life-long liberal and now, having lost her son in Afghanistan, she sees things in a different light. 9/11 would never have happened had not the US, from Truman onwards, supported Israel. Israel is an obscene entity, born of an unwise world-wide sympathetic reaction to the Holocaust. By supporting it, at the expense of its neighbors, and by arming it to the teeth, we brought 9/11 down upon our own numbed Zionist-puppet heads.

    Obama may be a fraud, a communist and an imbecile, but at least his instincts, re Israel, are better than any Republican or conservative in America. I say this as a conservative and a Republican. Ron Paul, for all the negative reactions he generates, is spot-on, re our foreign policy. We are a gaggle of dwarfish ibeciles standing unsteadily upon the shoulders of giants like George Washington, whose sage advice we studiously ignore at our own peril.

    In a Ron Paulist moment, I have seen the way clear—we should simply buy the Arabs’ oil until we can ressurect our own domestic production capacity. THEN we should bail out of the Middle East and let those semitic vermin sort out their own problems—they certainly are not OUR problems. If Israel wants our support, they must drop their monopolies of our media, banking, entertainment industries, college faculties, etc. and exercise influence on America concomitant with their proportionate share of our overall population. Let’s start by opening all Jewish-heavy communities to urban blacks and Hispanic illegals. THEN the chickens shall surely be roosting properly!!!!

    1. @ Frankly Speaking

      Brilliant. You see the problem very clearly and express yourself in translucent prose. Many other posters also see the problem, but unfortunately I see no solutions on the horizon.

      The one consolation is this: they are getting so intoxicated by their power that I foresee a time when they will no longer be able to control themselves. The world will then see them for what they are: pathological nutcases.

      Give them enough rope and, with a bit of luck, they will hang themselves.

  17. Well – I do believe there are a few Jews with honest minds. For example, Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, a French Jewish historian wrote him an open letter to Hollywood Jewish Moghul Steven Spielberg:

    I feel it my duty as a Jew and after 20 years study of the historical problem of the holocaust, to call your attention to the facts. Facts are very stubborn and as no one can gainsay them, our congeners have been compelled to make disgusting politicians enact stalino-orwellian laws which forbid to mention anything concerning the dogma of the ‘six-million-gas-chambers,’ definitively reduced to perpetual worship of this alchemy……..

  18. Hey Ruth, unless you can provide us with reference or links regarding you claim that Brother Nathanael Kapner is a Zionist agent doing his best on behalf of Israel to stir up a planned and systematic program of anti-Semitism, then you should eat your words. Another word, you are a liar!

    Then again you claim as if you are an authority, by assuring us that Kapner is a Mossad agent. Has been for years. This is common knowledge in Jewish circles. Again, you fail to provide any shred of evidence.

    Back in 2004, the state of Israhell implanted a Palestinian agent to work BTselem, the Israeli Human Rights group that monitors Israeli Human Rights violation against Palestinians. The main goal was to undermine the work of BTselem. Then IsraHell tipped the PA that the man was an Israeli spy. He was arrested and was charged with espionage.

    You are using the same old dirty trick that your shit hole in Middle East used in the past. If you can’t beat them, smear their names, assassinate their character, or do any trick that undermine their credibility. At the end, something might stick.

    1. not so crypto, after all.
      chomsky was derschowitz’s mentor in jew camp for some talmudist bonding.

      both found careers as “liberal” gatekeepers, except that derschowitz couldn’t keep his bloodlust for goy sweetmeats under control and has since been fully outed.

      meanwhile, i have no doubt that chomsky is one of the learned elders, a pack populated by well camouflaged yet highly venomous vipers like soros and kissinger.

  19. First a few remarks to Ruth and then Commander Z. The problem with porn is not that sexuality should be repressed, or that we should all return to the Victorians. The problem with porn is that it has created a culture of pedophilia: this is a documented fact. There is a direct correlation with the rise of porn and the rise of pedophilia. It’s the unintended consequences that hurt us. And if someone thinks that women in general are better off in a pornographic society, think again. Few women can match the expectations of porn programmed men. I think there was more romance and more sexual happiness before porn took over our minds.
    For Commander Z on the meme of Christianity… hard to penetrate your programming as well, mr. z. Religions are symbol systems, and when we look at someone else’s symbolic reality it resembles a cartoon. So you are a cartoon character to me–mr. z meme man–and I am a cartoon character to you as a Christian. It’s OK if we want to just be cutting and sarcastic but if we want to go beyond to understanding then it’s useful to realize the interiority of someone else’s symbolic universe–not that we can ever really match completely what someone else is experiencing but we recognize it for what it is. What comes out of that symbolic universe as an effect says something of that interior experience–I think of the art and music of the church more than the history, which was written in the 30 years war against the Catholic Church by Protestants. What has Meme Man created? What is your exteriority other than nihilism?
    Personally I love Nathaniel Kapner and watch his videos. Still, I don’t think we can say that Weimar Germany is America, despite the common features of Jews owning the media, etc. This is a much, much more integrated society where children from half Jewish families probably outnumber children from families where both parents are Jewish. The economic ills that have hit Americans in general have hit Jews, the family problems that afflict the general public also afflict Jewish families, and on it goes. Jewish life in America is not tight knit and monolithic but dispersed. I’m not a prophet but I would say that in a generation Jewish power will have peaked and declined. Despite the differences, though, we have dangerous Zionist movement that acts as an enemy within by initiating these wars for Israel and pushing propaganda through the media. Jeff Gates in his website Criminal State is probably right. Maybe it’s the internet and dialogues like this that can make a difference this time around.

  20. Ruth, what you said about Rachel Corrie is mean spirited. In fact it is a rehash of the Israeli propaganda machine to their crime against this young American woman, who has a heart bigger than the state of Texas.

    Mark Reynolds: You put that nasty bitch in her place with her vile and shallow threat.
    When I hear the name Rachel Corrie, the name of other American heroine such as: Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony and Harriet Tubman spring in my mind.

    Finally, Ruth, you should stick your head in shame. Here is what a free and true American journalist have to say about the murder of of the young and beautiful Rachel Corrie.

    Rachel Corrie’s murder, The real terrorist was an Israeli.


    Rachel Corrie, the US citizen/Palestinian Martyr.
    The real terrorist was an Israeli.

    His weapon was not a bomb, but an army bulldozer.

    And Rachel Corrie of Olympia, just 23, was the victim, run over and killed by bone-crushing steel, made in the USA.

    You could certainly sum up Sunday’s tragedy in the Gaza Strip that way. That’s in sharp contrast to how Israel is often portrayed in this unending Middle East conflict:

    As the bigger victim of an inexcusable Palestinian terror.

    Try telling that to Rachel’s family and friends.

    Tell that to her colleagues in the International Solidarity Movement, who believe in non-violent opposition to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    Tell it to the Palestinians who suffer brutality and injustice at the hands of Israel’s government.

    People here may not know — or care — about Palestinians who suffer a daily barrage of bullets and bulldozers.

    Then someone like Rachel — an activist committed to peaceful protest — is killed and we all sit up and take notice.

    After all, Rachel was American.

    Looked like the girl next door, which in fact is what she was.

    “It’s a shame this is what it takes,” Peter Lippman of Jewish Voices Against the Occupation told me.

    Lippman spoke Sunday at the University of Washington after a screening of a movie that showed the horrors of Palestinian life.

    Of course, there is another side to the sobering story.

    Israel has been subject to a reign of terror by Palestinian suicide bombers and gunmen.

    At least 700 Israelis have died since September 2000, as well as 2,100 Palestinians who’ve been killed by Israelis over the same period.

    Israelis have urged their government to do what it must to protect innocent citizens. And the government has, which explains the ongoing power plays, humiliating confrontations and killings of Palestinians.

    Rachel’s death, captured on camera, put a local face on the faraway suffering.

    “I’m upset,” Lippman sighed, “about what happened.”

    With good reason.

    The Israeli military insists Rachel’s death was accidental, and that might turn out to be the official ruling.

    But it defies the accounts of witnesses and seems to counter common sense.

    Rachel was trying to prevent the army from demolishing a Palestinian home in a strip of land near a refugee camp. In broad daylight, she wore a bright-colored orange vest — with reflective stripes — that could have been spotted from the moon.

    Photos make it clear she was holding a bullhorn and standing in front of the bulldozer. At one point, she began shouting at the driver.

    “There’s no way he didn’t see her, since she was practically looking into the cabin,” a fellow activist told Haaretz, a daily newspaper in Israel.

    Even if the vehicle had blind spots — that is a remote possibility — how does that explain this?

    Witnesses say the bulldozer ran over Rachel, and then reversed its path and ran over her again.

    Sounds just like the bulldozer stories Palestinians have been talking about for years. Sounds just like murder.

    The relative silence of the United States government on Rachel’s death is appalling, especially since American tax money cascades into coffers of the Israeli government and allows the military to obtain bullets, and Caterpillar bulldozers.

    President Bush, who is preoccupied with war matters, spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Israel says it is investigating, and will get to the bottom of it.

    Don’t hold your breath.

    Do, however, take a moment to remember Rachel — a brave, vocal, impassioned crusader. She was a doer who found her purpose in life.

    Her spirit reminds me of Amy Biehl, a young California woman who became so incensed by injustice blacks were suffering under apartheid in South Africa that she picked up and moved there.

    Amy wanted to be an agent of positive change — and paid with her life. In 1993, a group of black youths beat and stabbed her because of something so ridiculous — the color of her skin. They thought she was an Afrikaner.

    Amy’s death put the international spotlight on the plight of South Africa’s dispossessed. Rachel’s death ought to do the same for the Palestinian situation.

    Otherwise, her life will have been lost in vain.

    Rachel was not naive. She knew the risks of acting as a human shield for Palestinians. She realized the rewards, too.

    “I don’t know if many of the children here have ever existed without tank-shell holes in their walls and the towers of an occupying army surveying them,” Rachel wrote in an e-mail. “No amount of reading, attendance at conferences, documentary viewing and word of mouth could have prepared me for the reality of the situation here. You just can’t imagine it unless you see it.”

    Rachel did, and Rachel died. We can only hope the blood she shed on bulldozed soil sows change.

  21. Dear all,
    I wrote the following nearly 4 years ago in honor of Rachel Corrie.
    Ruth, eat your heart out! If your Jewish owned and controlled lame news media did not publish this piece below, other free alternative media outlet did.

    Noor: thanks for chewing up this Jewess bitch and spitting her out! She get what she deserved.

    Please note the article bellow is a tribute to Rachel Corrie:
    It was originally published by in March, 2007.

    rachel corrie: justice delayed is justice denied
    By crescentandcross 14 Comments
    Categories: Uncategorized

    I sat down seven years ago this month with my son Adam and told him about the tragic death of a brave American woman named Rachel Corrie. As I informed him who she was, where and how she died, he stared at her two photographs in the paper and said, “Daddy, I will name my first daughter Rachel.” Adam was only nine years old, and I couldn’t have been more proud of him.

    Rachel Corrie had a heart bigger than Texas. She paid the ultimate price fighting to uphold the international law that bans collective punishment.

    Rachel was a 23 year-old Evergreen State College student from Olympia, WA. Rachel responded to the U.S. and Israeli rejection of a UN Resolution recommending an International Peace Keeping Force be sent into Palestine to serve as a human rights monitor there by enlisting in the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

    ISM is a group of international volunteers who partake in non-violent direct action resistance to the Israeli occupation. Members of the group live in Palestinian communities and experience first-hand the violence to which Palestinians are subjected every day by the Israeli military.

    Rachel Corrie shared the Palestinian suffering and took some of the risks they are unfortunately forced to live with. Rachel dashed off to the Rafah refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. It was important for her to show that the world had not forgotten these people, and that individuals from all over the world are willing to interrupt their comfortable lives to come and risk themselves for the sake of the Palestinians and draw international attention to their plight.

    In Rafah, Rachel acted as a human shield, escorting people to water wells and school children between their homes and schools in order to discourage Israeli soldiers from firing at them. Rachel also helped Palestinian children with their homework and with their English language. She was also setting up a sister-city relationship between her home town of Olympia and Rafah. Sadly, her dream vanished on March 16, 2003 when her life was cut short in a savage way.

    According to 21 year-old eyewitness Joseph Smith, an ISM member from Missouri: “On that tragic day, Rachel stood in the pathway of an Israeli military bulldozer attempting to demolish the house of a Palestinian physician who was a friend of Rachel and her group, and in whose house Rachel and other activists often stayed.

    Rachel was wearing a fluorescent-orange jacket with reflective stripping and armed with a megaphone. Rachel sat in the pathway of the bulldozer. She was 8-10 feet in front of the bulldozer and began waving. The bulldozer continued driving forward, headed straight for Rachel. When it was so closed that it was moving the earth beneath her, Rachel climbed onto the pile of rubble being pushed by the bulldozer. She got so high onto it that she was at an eye-level with the cab of the bulldozer. Her head and upper torso were above the bulldozer’s blade. The driver and co-operator could clearly see her. Rachel was crushed to death under the 10-ton U.S.-made machine.”

    Israel claimed the driver didn’t see her. However, eyewitness accounts and Associated Press photos show Rachel standing in direct view of the bulldozer driver, dressed in a bright orange jacket and speaking into a megaphone. The driver would have to be blind and deaf not to notice that!

    The next day, Palestinians in Rafah flew the U.S. flag for the first time during a memorial service held in honor of Rachel. Even that did not stop Israeli soldiers from raiding and disrupting the service.

    Seven years later, Israel has failed to provide any proof that the Palestinian family, any of their children, Rachel and/or ISM has any link to terrorism. Nor there was a tunnel underneath the house to smuggle weapons. In fact, Israel demolished the house that Rachel tried to protect. And ISM is now nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Price with special recognition to Rachel Corrie. In her memories many streets in Palestine were named after her, so were new-born baby girls, and women’s empowerment centers. Documentaries about her life were made in every country, even Israel.

    America acted cold-blooded in the death of Rachel Corrie, but screamed bloody murder regarding the kidnapping and death of Jewish-American reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002. I remember the outrage, public condemnations, and call for justice. Mr. Pearl was equally killed in a brutal way. The master mind of his murder is now in U.S. custody. In 1985, when a 69 year-old Jewish-American, Leon Klinghoffer was murdered aboard the hijacked Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro in the Mediterranean, U.S. fighter jets intercepted the Egyptian plane carrying his killer and forced it to land in Italy. His killers are now serving jail time. In 2003, US special forces in Iraq arrested the master-mind of the cruise ship hijacking. He died later of a heart attack in US custody.

    Every red-blooded American should have been outraged by the death of Rachel Corrie. Her picture never made it to the front page, and even a Maryland College newspaper cartoonist depicted her as a stupid girl. The Wall Street Journal shamelessly accused her of being a terrorist sympathizer. The truth of the matter is, Rachel was a brilliant and brave American who stood for peace and justice. She had a rare courage and unflinching determination.

    It is about time that our government stopped catering to Israel and its powerful lobby in the United States. It is a travesty of justice that an American citizen was killed in cold blood by Israel with no condemnation or investigation. Who will hold Israel responsible and call for a full and transparent investigation in the tragic death of Rachel Corrie? Justice delayed is justice denied!

    As her former teacher said, “Rachel had a big heart that was hard to carry.” A heart that is bigger than Texas. Rachel Corrie deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor.

    Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    [email protected]

    * Rachel’s parents and sister are currently in the city of Haifa participating in a civil case against the state of Israel for intentional and unlawful killing and gross negligence in Rachel’s death.

    1. What probably annoys Ruth Bernstein is not so much Darkmoon’s video called “In Memory of Rachel Corrie”, but her full-length article called “Our Rachel”. This is undoubtedly the best article on the life and death of Rachel I have ever read. It was published on the Occidental Observer last March to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Rachel’s death.

      Though the video “In Memory of Rachel Corrie”was banned by YouTube or uTube (I forget which), it was later released by another website. Here it is. It’s only 3-4 minutes.

  22. Hi lasha: Thank you for adding me to your e-mail list;i do appreciate your highly informative and historically accurate blogs. I highly recommend to all who subscribe to your website,or read your posts on the occidental observer,that they reread your original piece”germany then,america now”from last year.The seven reasons why america is in worse shape than weimar germany is spot on right and chilling at the same time.Possibly an eight reason would be the growth of the “holocaust industry” and the dumbing down of our educational system to the point where critical thinking and questioning is not encouraged…………..keep up the good work,lasha. P.S. i agree only a military coup or revolution will ……………….david

  23. Maybe I glanced over the comments a bit quick, but it sure seems there’s a bunch of whiny PC pussies crying about all kinds of stupid shit. WTF is going on? Is everyone being sprayed with a new chemtrail mix?

    Anyways, love the article which all the drama queens seemed to have forgotten about completely. Another thing I’d like to add… not only was the Weimar incredibly unfair to all native Germans and was in control of unloyal corrupt jews, those German jews were also communists. Avid communists.
    NYC’s Jacob Schiff funding Trotsky a.k.a. Bronstein for the 1905 Russian Revolution attempt using the same tactics of bombing civilians in false flag attacks and blaming the Tsar’s police. They had to declare martial law. Sound familiar?

    Anyways, what I wanted to say is that once the Bolsheviks gained power, it was the of Germany jewish freemasons , like Warburg, who funded Lenin & Trotsky. All reaped 100’s of millions each in both swiss marks and dollars in just the 1st 3 yrs. Ukraine’s 1st famine happened 2 yrs later for nothing. CHEKA jewish police stole all their food and killed anyone hiding any. 5.5 million died in 1921.

    It’s bizarre when you finally dig up the real facts. We get fed nazis & Hitler since birth as the ultimate evil, but in reality, what the jews did in Russia in the 1st 20 years was worse than anything even in biblical times. 100x worse than even the worst myths of the “jewish holocaust”. They killed 6 million in the 1st 2 yrs for insane shit like ‘being too attractive’. Watch Juri Lina’s Is there any wonder there’s never any movies or documentaries about it?

  24. “Watch Juri Lina’s Is there any wonder there’s never any movies or documentaries about it?”

    Can you please supply a link to this…and any other useful article(s) dealing with the things you refer to?


    1. it stands to reason, in fact another reason for them to kill all goys as per talmudist blueprint.
      since in relative terms anyway, all goys are more attractive.

  25. The naked human body when cared for is beautiful and sex between people who care for each other is beautiful. Pornography today is ugly and degrading, part of the jewish/materialist scheme to deprive us of our humanity, to literally turn us into cattle/goyim. Rejection of Christianity is not necessarily nihilism but can be acceptance of a superior spirituality which embraces the manifest universe not a vindictive demiurge, tribal god of the people who are working to destroy us.

  26. Karen, I think your response was directed toward my comments and I would like to respond. What I was trying to convey to Commander Z was that our interior experience of a religion is expressed in an exterior way in what we create in the world. J.S. Bach’s music is an example of Bach’s Christian feelings as are the great artistic achievements of the Renaissance. If we are going to examine the Christian history in its negative aspects (such as the Inquisition, etc); we also have to recognize the Christian achievements. At the same time there was an inquisition there were also great leaps forward in science, many came directly out of the Christian monastic intellectual tradition. We also owe the wording of our constitution to the Christian debates that occurred in Church Councils in the 14th and 15th Centuries. I don’t think you can reduce an entire civilization to a “meme.”
    The reason I brought up nihilism also has to do with the history of anti-Christianity, which arose in the secret societies of the 17th and 18th centuries. I associate anti-Christianity with the French Revolution when secret societies orchestrated attacks on clerics. The Russian Revolution was the step child of the French Revolution, and here again there was an enormous amount of anti-Christian propaganda and murder of clerics. In other words, anti-Christianity has a history in the occult and in the secret societies and when I encounter it I am very suspicious that this is the source. The biggest anti-Christian of the 20th Century was none other than Aleister Crowley, and his thinking permeates popular culture as anti-Christianity to this day. He was also a spy, maybe a double agent, and might have been responsible for some murders. Many anti-Christians are nihilists because their “memes” are based in the occult or possibly philosophers associated with the occult.
    I am not saying that there is no such thing as an anti-religious religion or a trans-religion religion that is very good. A lot of people are just non-religious and prefer outdoor sports, and that includes most of my relatives. But they aren’t really anti-Christians, either. I have been up and down the new age religions and haven’t really found one, but maybe it’s out there. I have no problem with another person’s religion whether it is Mormonism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, whatever. It is only when someone vehemently attacks my own religion that I feel I need to respond. Commander Z seemed like a sort of low grade canned type of character. He reminded me of a cartoon and that is why I called him Mr. Meme Man.
    You, on the other hand, seem to be a pretty nice person. And I wish you luck in your seeking.

    1. The inquisition isnt Christian simply because it has nothing of Jesus in it.
      Its a judeochristian deception.
      The inquisition was directed by Rome by an administration that was not in any way delegated by Christ, using methods specifically denounced by Christ for goals decidedly antiChristian.
      At best, Catholic beaurocracy most closely mirrors the hebrew pharasees, so that hardly passes as anything ‘Christian’ any more than Ford can represent for or otherwise obligate Rolls Royce.
      This should be obvious, a fraud cannot impeach what it only pretends to be but isnt.
      If you dont understand that a liar and thief cannot represent or obligate honestly its victim, you have no business even having a religion.

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    From: Hare Phishna
    To: World Changer
    Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2011 11:23 PM
    Subject: Re: Brother Kappy’s Jew blood Lie about Christmas.

    I made a recent post on one of his blogs and it was heavily edited, he is a liar

    From: World Changer

    To: “[email protected]
    Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2011 6:44 PM
    Subject: Fw: Brother Kappy’s Jew blood Lie about Christmas.

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    Subject: Brother Kappy’s Jew blood Lie about Christmas.



    1. I have no problem with people who want to celebrate the solstice or worship the sun or practice Mithra worship–which I think supposedly had something to do with the precession of the equinoxes, right? I thought I would be very interested in paganism because I love the ancient world in general but I like the pagan philosophies better filtered through Christianity. For example, I thought if I liked Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite (Christian Platonism), I would like Proclus (pagan Platonism), but Proclus was too dry for me and Mithraism as well. But if it is your cup of tea, Commander Z; might as well go for it. I completely disagree with you about Brother Kapner. If you have the right to become a sun worshipper even though it’s hard to imagine you were raised in the religion, why doesn’t he have the right to choose Christianity , even though he was born Jewish.

    2. Try and understand that Commander Z is a paranoid schizophrenic with one obsessive idea that consumes him night and day: a burning hatred of Christianity.

      Maybe he was abused as a child by people who were purportedly Christian and this has left him with a kink in his brain. He thinks: “All Christians are evil and need to be exterminated.”

      Commander Z is well known on other websites. He uses different names but his style is unmistakable. He has been banned from most of these sites.

      He now takes advantage of the “No Monitoring” policy on, one of the few remaining websites which is a genuine free speech zone.

    3. A deceiver wraps himself in truths as he attempts to impeach or degrade them at the same time.
      He’s made himself a caricature and while pretending to preach to the choir he does little if anything to convince those on the sidelines.

      It would be interesting to see what his money angle is on this, I mean, after the day is done where does he go and what does he do?

      Specifically, his support of the professional antiChristian Putin, who follows exactly old testament priorities and methods while attacking other Christians with churches less associated with the Russian imperial courts and even communist govts while Captive Nation Christians were shipped off by their millions to disappear forever into the forests and mines of Siberia for decades, all courtesy of Putins tender mercies at the KGB.

      Even one wrong component invalidates any equation its included in, that’s why obsessive attention to the truth and facts cannot be overlooked.

  28. Kapoore, I understand what you’re saying and reluctantly agree. Everything I love and admire culturally, music, art, literature has its roots in the Christian era and our enemies despise these achievements and are working to degrade and destroy them. I’m not searching so much as trying to reconcile the Christian Idea with Christian Practice.

  29. The ADL and several Jewish groups have slammed Rep. Allen West (R-FL) for saying: “If Joesph Goebbels was around, he would be very proud of the Democratic Party, because they have an incredible propaganda machine. Let’s be honest, you know, some of the people in the media are complicit with this an enabling them to get the type of message out“.

    Abe Foxman, national director ADL, in a letter to Rep. Allen West has demanded him to apologies for his words before they cause further harm. “It’s high time to excise analogies to Nazi and Hitler from the political vocabulary. It doesn’t serve us as Americans, and cheapen our political discourse,” wrote Foxman of ‘double standards’.

    Personally, I think the ADL is upset because Allen West has accused the mainstream media most of which is owned by six Jewish companies.

    Paul Joesph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, portrayed as ‘Jew hater’ – had in fact some interesting family connections with the Jews. Joesph Goebbels’ father, Fritz Goebbel, had a very dear Jewish friend, Dr. Josef Joseph, who acted as godfather for the young Goebbels. Paul Goebbels’ middle name may had been to honor his godfather. Goebbels’ favorite professor at Heidelberg was Friedrich Gundolf, who was Jewish. Goebbels’ long-time girlfriend, Else Janke, was daughter of a Jewish mother. Goebbels married Magda Quandt whose stepfather, Friedländer, was Jewish.

    Until then – Goebbels had no anti-Semitic characteristics. However, things changed once Goebbel found out that Magda was having affair with a Jew named Victor Chaim Arlosoroff. Arlosoroff, subsequently became an important Zionist figure. After Hitler came to power, he was the Zionist representative in the negotiations with the new Nazi government that resulted in the Haavara (Transfer) agreement, whereby German Jews could emigrate to Palestine with their property. In June 1933 Arlosoroff was murdered in Tel Aviv by members of the Jabotinsky faction of the Zionist movement.

  30. It’s 2012 already.

    Let’s let go of the mere differences of opinion and now rally around a real American Solution to Criminal Jewry.

    Plan A: nonviolent and Constitutional. Very doable. We don’t need big money, jew media, nor tv. We only need us.
    Plan B: the ultimate solution, necessarily violent, to be employed only after Plan A.

    Click my name for all the details.
    All nonjew Americans must Awake, Unite, and Win.

  31. “Leading the film and theatre business in Weimar were Jews such as Josef von Sternberg, Bertolt Brecht, Erich Pommer, and a host of other Jewish purveyors of filth.”

    What utter nonsense.

    Josef von Sternberg was an American film director and was never a part of Weimar film business. He shot one single film in Germany “The Blue Angel” starring Marlene Dietrich and Emil Jannings in immortal performances, and if you consider this masterpiece “filth” you have no idea what cinema is or what art is.

    Likewise Erich Pommer produced the greatest masterworks of Weimar cinema including Lang’s “Nibelungen” and “Metropolis” and Murnau’s “Faust”, which are btw as Germanic as it gets.

    Thirdly, Bertolt Brecht was not a Jew, and he did not produce “filth”either, but leftist plays such as the “Three-Penny-Opera”.

  32. LOL. All these comments make me think that this is a transcript of a “discussion” on the Jewish question in some Mosque, most likely in Gaza

  33. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t
    appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways,
    just wanted to say superb blog!

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