An Angel Singing

I heard an angel singing
As I looked out to sea
And these were the words came winging
Over the waves to me:

“Sing! Sing! What matter if
You lack the perfect song?
What if your voice is cracked
And all your notes are wrong?

The woods would all be hushed
From farthest east to west
If no birds ever sang
But those that sang the best.”

One thought to “An Angel Singing”

  1. I like this poem!

    I have read once that poetry have been known to have strong equalizing effects on breathing and blood pressure patterns as well. These are mostly religious verses, such as the Catholic Rosary, or the OM Mantra, according to the Science blog. Both of these result in an approximate breathing pattern of six breaths a minute, which positively affects regulation of blood pressure.

    So next time you are feeling in need of a stress break, do yourself a favour — take a deep breath, and recite some of Lasha/Darkmoon poems aloud, or try out your favourite religious chant.

    Thanks for the post.

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