In Memoriam Matris

“Now the sea churns my ashes…”

Wisdom has etched these lines in your face.
A sad knowledge looks out of your eyes.
You have been there, you have seen it all.

The world turned your head once.
Like me, you rushed headlong into love.
You were swept away by passion.

You learned the hard way. You took
your knocks in the factory of life.
Now you look out of this picture at me.

— Can you see the smile behind my eyes?
This is all that remains of me now.
This is all I have left to give you.

Remember me with tenderness
now the sea churns my ashes.
May my smile be with you always.

3 thoughts to “In Memoriam Matris”

  1. I had tears in my eyes reading this beautiful poem, all the more moving because of its simplicity and obvious sincerity.

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