In Memory of Rachel Corrie


In Memory of Rachel Corrie

Like all things pure and precious
Like holy bread and wine
I love the radiant Rachel
Who died for Palestine.

Once through a green field drifting
In the doldrums of the day
Watching ravens peck out lambs’ eyes
In their cruel, gloating way:

I remembered, I remembered,
How those raptors vulturine
Seized the land and plagued the people
Of historic Palestine.

How the snipers on the rooftops,
Armed with Uzis, standing tall,
Splash the blood of little children
On the weeping classroom walls.

How the settlers spit on Christians
In the land where Jesus died,
And how those who do the spitting
Have the world upon their side.

How they bulldoze people’s houses
Till the roofs crash on their heads
And the women lie all broken
With their babies in their beds.

How the wolfish killers wander
Through a vale of endless tears
Shooting children in their faces

While the world stands by and cheers.

How the bright-eyed Rachel Corries
Lie in cemeteries dead
While the birds of prey grow fatter—
And the world just turns its head.

Christ, come back and save these children,
Put an end to all their pain!
Put an end to evil Zion!
Palestine, come back again!

Lasha Darkmoon

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

20 thoughts to “In Memory of Rachel Corrie”

  1. Ms. Darkmoon,

    This poem is excellent and necessary. I am thankful that you wrote it. What happened to Ms. Corrie is absolutely heartbreaking, and her memory deserves to be loved and honored.

    I have enjoyed reading your thoughtful and challenging essays at The Occidental Observer. I especially appreciated “Our Rachel,” “Goodbye, America (Part 1),” and “Goodbye, America (Part 2).” However, all of them are outstanding.

    I hope that you will contribute to that website again– hopefully, soon. I believe they need more writers like you. If you have stayed away from the site because of the responses to “Our Rachel,” that is understandable. Many of them were completely insensitive, and totally inappropriate in their focus. Still, I wish that I would find new essays by you posted there.

    I hope that you are doing well. Thank you again.


  2. @ Mark Hess

    I am deeply moved by your kind words. Thank you for saying such nice things about my work, but thank you above all for recognizing the holiness and beauty of Rachel Corrie. She will remain for me always a symbol of what young women in our sick society ought to be. An iconic figure. A role model.

  3. Ms. Darkmoon,

    Thank you very much for your kind response. I appreciate it a lot.

    I recently reread “Goodbye, America! (Part 1).” Again, I was highly impressed with it. What you wrote about Christian-Zionists was more than justified. I am no moral exemplar, and I do not relish feeling anything approaching hatred for any group, but I cannot help but loathe that particular contingent. That they are the ones who are most active in pushing Old-Testament worshipping, puritanical views of sexuality on everyone else (views that are as destructive and obnoxious as those of Freud and Al Goldstein), while supporting and promoting Israel and all of the atrocious things our government does for that country, is so perverse that it is hard to process rationally.

    In that essay, you did a great job in comparing America to early 1900s Germany. Not too long ago, on The Occidental Observer site, I posted some comments in response to “Free to Lose: Jews, Whites and Libertarianism (Part 1)” that you might appreciate. They dealt with similar themes. I hope they were not too harsh. If you do read them, I would very much appreciate your critical feedback.

    Anyway, thank you, again. Have a lovely weekend.


  4. Ms. Darkmoon,

    I am sorry to bother you again. I had a question, and I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask it.

    Weeks ago, at The Occidental Observe site, I wrote a lengthy comment to “What Is and Isn’t Creative,” an article by Pierre de Craon. My response did not deal directly with the piece; it dealt with experiences and observations that it made me think about. It was rather lengthy and, admittedly, self-indulgent. That is probably why I received no feedback about it.

    Because of your background in art and your outstanding essays about the art world, I would truly appreciate having you critical thoughts on that comment.

    Again, I apologize if this is not the appropriate place to ask such a thing.

    Anyway, take care. I hope that you are doing well, and that you have a nice weekend.


    1. Mark: I know you post quite a lot on the Occidental Observer and I can remember reading one of your shorter comments recently. I’m not quite sure what particular comment of yours you would like me to read and reflect on, so to prevent misunderstanding, would you please post me a link to the relevant comment? I would then be able to click on the link and read the entire comment. Alternatively, feel free to copy and paste the entire comment here.

  5. Ms. Darkmoon,

    Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, my computer will not allow me to paste the comments, and I do not have a live messenger account that would enable me to simply email them. I am not very good at these kinds of things. Sorry.

    The response to “What Is and Isn’t Creative” was posted on June 10, 3:38am. The comments to “Free to Lose: Jews, Whites and Libertarianism” were posted on June 23, 9:01 pm and 10:10pm, and on June 24, 9:13pm.

    I certainly do not expect you to pursue this. Those comments are really not important If you do, I’d enjoy your feedback. If not, that’s perfectly fine.

    I hope that you are doing well. Thank you, again.


  6. @ Mark Hess

    I read your comments and found them of great interest, especially the one about the bad behavior of the skullcapped youths in that shop. If you are wondering why you received no response to your much longer comment in the Pierre de Craon thread, I think I know why. It is because all your comments deal with anecdotal evidence and belong to the genre of “autobiographical reminiscences.”

    However interesting the stories you relate—and they are interesting—they are interesting only in a novelistic way. You are obviously a good writer and have a fine style and it seems to me you have read a lot of fiction. This comes out in the way you write. For example, you relate how one of the women who worked in that store would go and hide in the back room whenever those insolent and kippa-capped Jewish boys showed up at the store…and how certain Jewesses at your university reacted to some of your remarks in a seminar by looking at you “with daggers in their eyes.”

    Very interesting no doubt, but where is the factual basis for any of this? How can the reader be sure you aren’t making up these stories, or exaggerating, just to make Jews look bad? I mean, be reasonable. What would a Jew think if he read your comments? He would say, “This is fiction, not fact! This guy is making all this up. He is obviously an anti-Semite inventing all these stories to make us Jews look bad.”

    Secondly, Mark, your comments are off topic. How can you possibly expect a response to off topic comments that could, in theory, be fictional? Your comments are interesting and well-written. Very much so. But they appeal to the reader only in a novelistic way.

    * * *

    Your comments would have received more response if, in order to buttress your argument that Jews tend to antagonize other people by their rude behavior, you had produced some solid factual evidence from the internet: for example, links to articles describing the shocking behaviour of Jewish youngsters when they travel as tourists to various foreign countries such as Poland: how hotels dread having to accommodate these youngsters who terrorize hotel staff and who urinate on the carpet in their rooms and stamp cigarette butts into it, even soiling their bedsheets with excrement. They vandalize the hotels they visit and, because they are Jews, they are not compelled to pay any damages.

    I remember reading several such articles long ago. How these youths, all from Israel, are escorted round Auschwitz concentration camp during the day. Wearing solemn expressions and bewailing the Holocaust…and literally spitting at Polish people in the streets, as if they were to blame! Just ordinary passersby who are unable to defend themselves in any way lest they be accused of “anti-Semitism”. These yobs are ferried round the streets by armed bodyguards from Israel, bullet-headed bruisers who make sure their charges are protected at all times no matter how badly they behave. Their appalling behavior is invariably excused by other Jews under the rubric of “Holocaust trauma”.

    Yes, these poor darlings have suffered “psychological damage” because of the ill-treatment endured by their grandparents over sixty years ago! This gives them an excuse to run amok in the foreign countries they happen to visit, terrorizing the citizens of those countries. After visiting Auschwitz concentration camp during the day, these wretched “victims” of Holocaust trauma adjourn to strip clubs and sex bars in the evening where they get drunk and make a thorough nuisance of themselves.

    Why do I relate all this? Simply to show you that if you were to write about things like this, you would get more response to your comments because you would now be dealing with verifiable FACTS. Documented facts. Facts that have been reported in newspapers and internet articles and therefore carry more weight than the type of anecdotal material you yourself present — material which, however fascinating, any Jew would reject at once as fanciful and fictive.

    Here are two links providing evidence of bad behaviour by Jewish hooligans in different tourist locations. I could supply many others.



    1. Ms. Darkmoon,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to read those comments, and to respond to them so thoughtfully and critically. It means a lot.

      I absolutely understand your point about the dangers and weaknesses in focusing on the anecdotal, even when writing a piece that is not meant to be taken as academic. Also, my response to “What Is and Isn’t Creative” did not at all deal with that essay directly, so it was reasonable that it seemed to be dismissed. I allowed myself to write something so lengthy and self-indulgent because I thought that some readers might relate to it (plus, I wanted to challenge some of the more hyper-masculine attitudes one often comes across on sites like TOO).

      By the way, everything I wrote in those comments dealing with the personal experiences of others and myself was true. Of course, even mentioning such honest observations means risking being labeled a “racist,” “a hate-monger,” and so forth. I do not enjoy having negative/hostile feelings towards other groups and individuals, and I absolutely do not want to advocate being unkind to anyone. It is difficult to deal honestly with these realities, and, at the same time, make it clear that you do not find happiness in belittling others without coming across like you are being disingenuous. I wish I were a better writer, so that I could find a way of doing that without having to spell it out.

      Thank you again, Ms. Darkmoon, for your feedback. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  7. Darkmoon, you are an anti-Semitic bitch. The “bad behavior” you relate about Israeli teenager tourists is no more than high spirits. Boys will be boys, ever heard that phrase?

    I don’t think much of your Rachel Corrie poem. It was banned by youtube. This is because it was grossly offensive and many people complained.

    Honestly, it’s people like you who ought to be exterminated by the pest control people. You have no understanding how hard life is for us in Israel, what with those fucking Palestinians stealing our land and shooting rockets at us night and day.

  8. Ruth Lerner talks about “those fucking Palestinians stealing our land.” That’s like saying “those fucking Indians who stole the white man’s land.”

    Although that kind of Orwellian Newspeak is to be expected by a Logos-rejecting Talmudic Jew like herself, what is the greatest tragedy is that so many benighted gentiles, and especially Christians, can read that statement as something proceeding from a sane mind. And a big source of that tragedy is of course the Jewish control of most of the media and of our culture in general. That’s why “In Memory of Rachel Corrie” was banned from Youtube. Organized Jewry has the power to do not only that, but to dictate US and NATO foreign policy, prevent Jews from being even accused of criminal activity, much less convicted, and to force the whole world into a moral cesspool, into spiritual emptiness and, barring a miracle, into another and worse world war. Thus they would fulfill the grave prediction of Our Lady of Fatima that if her requests were not heeded, “various nations will be annihilated” after the Revolutionary Jew had taken over Russia, beginning in 1917, “provoking wars, persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father,” and killing untold millions, making the Jewish ordeal during WWII pale in comparison.

    We are becoming more and more Judaized and don’t even perceive it. We just think that we’re good and are economically free and free to indulge our favorite appetites and maybe even think we’re the good guys fighting the good fight against Terrorism and promoting democracy and freedom around the world.

    We’re up against a gargantuan force for evil in both Talmudic Judaism and Zionism. Both are diseases of the mind and soul. There are others as well, of course, like Freemasonry, Bilderbergers, Religious Liberalism, but there’s something uniquely evil about organized Jewry. And it makes sense. Theologically the Jews had the highest calling from God, but they not only lost it by rejecting Christ, they then went, on account of the infinite gravity of the offense – deicide – to the status of being in a unique way children of the devil (Jn 8:44). The adage is true: Corruptio optimi pessima”, the corruption of what is best becomes the worst. Or in more colloquial language, “Lillies that fester smell much worse than weeds.”

    As for Lasha Darkmoon being an “anti-semitic bitch”, that’s not only not a nice thing to say to a good woman like Lasha, but you ought to know that the term “anti-semitic” is now going out of fashion, especially on account of the non-semitic ethnicity of most Jews. The new term is “anti-Judaic”, which means opposing the Jewish revolutionary spirit.

  9. Lucius Kinghtsword:

    You make some good points and you are clearly well-educated, but you have been brainwashed by the countless anti-Semites who have somehow managed to gain control over vast segments of the internet. It’s now more necessary than ever that this disruptive element be reclaimed by the mainstream. It’s only because the internet has gotten out of hand that intellectual upstarts like Darkmoon are allowed to spead their poisonous views far and wide.

    I will say one thing in favor of freedom of speech. It truly astonishes me that the editor of this blog has given me the freedom of speech to express my contempt for Darkmoon on his site. I fully expected my anti-Darkmoon comments to be deleted. Maybe the editor hasn’t read my comments yet, and I will be deleted once he gets round to noticing what I have said about his disgusting cousin.

    I won’t mince my words. I hate this anti-Semitic bitch and everything she stands for. In Stalin’s Russia, people were put to death for being disrespectful to Jews. Yes, anti-Semitism was a capital crime. I’m not suggesting that we in America should take a leaf out of Stalin’s book. No way. But what’s wrong with a stiff prison sentence and a bit of corporal punishment for the kind of anti-Semitic hate speech regularly dished out by this truly demonic woman? Honestly, a hundred lashes would do her good! I’d gladly volunteer to give this bitch a good thrashing myself.

    Okay, I’ve had my say. Obviously this blog is unmonitored. I wouldn’t be allowed to say things like this anywhere else. I appreciate the freedom of speech here. Maybe the editor of this site actually enjoys seeing his cousin torn apart verbally. Jeeze, what a bunch of sickos!

    I thought this was a poetry blog. It ain’t. It’s more like a stomping ground for anti-Semites.

    1. No one monitors the comments on this site. You are perfectly free to make a fool of yourself. Lasha couldn’t care less what you say about her.

  10. Lucius: Thanks for your intelligent comment. We welcome your contributions and hope you are keeping well.

  11. Thank you, Lucy, for your kind words.

    I believe that in order to keep alive the memory and the spirit of Rachel Corrie – intentionally and viciously crushed under a huge Israeli bulldozer while peacefully demonstrating against the Israeli destruction of Palestinian homes – it would be only fitting that there be a place on this website exposing the evil ideology of the Jewish revolutionary spirit – including its inherent racism (which the Jews only accuse others of, of course). Lasha has written well about this subject, and I wholeheartedly support her, as I also try to promote the writings of E Michael Jones, editor of “Culture Wars” magazine and author of the magisterial “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History”.

    May the spirit and memory of Rachel Corrie, martyr for the cause of justice, peace, and truth, live on as we not only continue to defend the dignity and rights of the oppressed Palestinian people, but also expose, denounce and seek to overcome the diabolical ideology which was the source of her murder, the murder of millions around the world through the Israeli Lobby control of US foreign policy, the murder of the human spirit through capitalism’s suppression of labor, and above all the murder of countless souls through Jewish subversion of faith and of the divinely established moral order.

  12. “I believe that in order to keep alive the memory and the spirit of Rachel Corrie… it would be only fitting that there be a place on this website exposing the evil ideology of the Jewish revolutionary spirit…”


    This website was initially intended to be a poetry website for Lasha’s poems and translations. Nothing more. Then I found myself posting little snippets of Lasha’s prose. A little bit after that it was other people’s poems. Thence it branched out into other people’s articles, beginning with Petra Scandali’s My Subway Sweetheart, soon to be followed by Lucius Knightsword’s eloquent attack on Lasha, I Accuse Lasha Darkmoon. Then there was Lasha’s first semi-political article, Too much sex is bad for you.

    These three articles, for one reason or other, have now been deleted.

    There is now only one political article on this site. It doesn’t really belong here. I had grave doubts about publishing it, not because of its inflammatory nature, but because serious political articles like this are out of place on a poetry website. They just don’t get the wide readership they deserve. The article I refer to is this:


    The reason we decided to publish it is because it’s only here temporarily. Until we manage to set up a proper political website. Then the article will be deleted on and be republished on our new website.

    You would of course be welcome to submit serious political essays of your own to this new site. Relax, I won’t be the editor! It will be someone else completely unknown to you.

    The reason it’s taking so long to set up this new site is that we are hampered by our very poor computer skills. We are also dependent on outside help which is at present not forthcoming. Still, we’ll get there…!

    All best wishes to you, Lucius. Take care.


  13. I like to think that all of you have good hearts, especially Rachel Corrie, yet I know you are so misinformed. You only listen to what you want to. You don’t know the facts about the incident, and the status of life here in Israel. You don’t know our history. I am a refugee from Azerbaijan, a Muslim country that respects Jews and Israel and understands what we are going through. We are surrounded by people who hate us, and have always done our best to make peace without comitting suicide. Arab pride is something that knows no boundaries and has no tolerance for anything besides Arabism and Islamism. If you knew what it was like to spend days in bomb shelters and wonder if your children will come home alive on their bus back from school, you might stay out of our conflict rather than brainwashing innocent girls like Rachel to do stupid things like stand in front of a bulldozer while the our army destroys a house lying over a weapons tunnel being used to smuggle weapons used to kill Israelis babies. Jewish and Israel culture never condones killing innocents. Yes it does happen, but it is collateral damage. I thought you knew Arabs and Muslims so well; why can’t you see that they celebrate? Just look at their media. Go to memri tv online or watch how they react to Samir Kuntar and massacres that have been carried out against Jews since before Israel was even formed in the early 1900’s. We are indigenous to this land, Hebrew and Aramaic, both Jewish languages was spoken here way before the Arabs invaded, and on top of that we do all we can and have done all we can do give rights to those who want us dead. Just read up on facts and what Israel has offered, and how Israeli Arabs live in our country today. You guys make me sad and I feel that the world is against us and doesn;t give a shuit about us. If I was dying you wouldnt help me or my people jyst because we are Zionist and love our country and our land and want to live. While even though I know you hate me, I would save your life.

  14. @ Havi

    Hmmm, what a nice Jewesss we have here!…the Eternal Victim, tragically misunderstood, universally unloved, an exile from Azerbaijan telling us what a fool Rachel Corrie was to get herself killed by the Nice Jews who are soooo friendly that they massacred ONLY 1400 Palestinians in the Gaza War, most of them women and children, while losing only 14 Israelis in the same carnage!

    She believes in the principle of “proportionality” I expect. 🙂

    Settlements? Occupied West Bank? Occupied East Jerusalem? Occupied Golan Heights? Oh, she doesn’t mind living on stolen land! Not our delectable Jewess! It was HER land, you see, even when she a model citizen living in Azerbaijan!

    USS Liberty? Oh gosh! What does it matter killing horrible Americans and lying about it? No problem if you’re a Nice Jewess! Baruch Goldstein? Come, come, our delightful Jewess probably burns candles at this mass murderers’s shrine in Israel!

    Did you know, honey, that you have more prostitutes in Israel per capita than any other country in the world? Did you know that most of the girls your Jewish men line up to fuck on the Sabbath are kidnapped girls from Moldavia and the Ukraine?

    No, I bet you didn’t!

    There’s not much you DO know. 🙂

  15. I have never heard of Rachel Corrie until I read this (very good) poem. Therefore, I will be sure to look up her name.

    No greater monument could be given your friend, Lasha Darkmoon. Hopefully, both you and I will merit the same, someday! I know Jews who would agree…


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