5 thoughts to “Killing the Unborn Child, by Darrell Wright [*POEM*]”

  1. ouch! that hurts! like a punch in the ribs! thats the last abortion i ever have!

  2. Brenda, that’s not funny. This poem makes an important statement. It’s written in the satirical style of Ogden Nash. I particularly liked the humorous use of the word “froloch”. A subtle and amusing neologism.

  3. I agree with you that “froloch” is an inspired touch. Obviously much better than “frolic” would have been—that would have fallen flat and jarred on the ear. However, I think the lines would read even better if “froloch” were spelt “frollock”. (FROLLOCK = frolic + rollick). “Mrs Moloch” could be changed to “Mrs Mollock”. Thus:

    “Mrs Mollock
    Loves to frollock
    In the mud…”

    That would give the poem a nice nursery rhyme effect, don’t you think?

  4. I don’t like this poem and think the editor showed poor taste in publishing it. The poet reveals himself, I regret to say, as rigid and authoritarian in his views. I can’t agree with his anti-abortion stand. It’s stupid.

    What about all the women who are raped? Are they to be forced to have their rapists’ babies? The Catholic Church is totally oblivious to this aspect of the problem. Like Lucius Knightsword, they show no understanding or flexibility on this point.

    Consider the stupidity inherent in these egregious lines:

    “Before they see the light
    She’ll often eat ’em…” (My italics)

    Tell me, Lucius, have you ever come across a case where a woman has eaten her own fetus? Pray, do give me ONE example!

    This sort of emotive and overblown language brings discredit on the entire pro-life movement. I’m surprised the editor of this site didn’t reject the poem for this reason.


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