Many have given me sorrow

In  imitation  of   Heine

Many have given me sorrow
many have made me sad
some with the love they bore me
some with the hate they had.

They filled up my cup with poison—
envy, suspicion, doubt:
and many had much to give me
before they left it out!

But the one whose poison made me
sicken and almost die,
gave me neither love nor hatred—
just a cold look in the eye.

You were the one who gave me
vinegar mixed with gall:
a look that went right through me—
you never saw me at all!

One thought to “Many have given me sorrow”

  1. I am looking through all your posted poetry, Lasha, and find a variety of sentiments and attitudes – befitting the poet. This piece is a really good one. It is sincere. It is a reflection of bearing sorrow for discovering the reality that many are “dead” around you; or for sensing that perhaps no one really cares what you have to say.

    Such is the way things have become, here in America. The elections yesterday demonstrate a deep divide – but, more particularly, it is saddening to know that so many have so little thought about the general state of affairs, it is impossible to resurrect our republic. That is a frustration, and gives timely empathy to your words, dear poetess.

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