Robert Crump cartoon strip: ‘When the goddamn Jews take over America’

Robert Crumb, cult cartoonist

The cartoon strip published below — “When the Goddamn Jews take over America” — is not, as its title might suggest, anti-Semitic in intent. On the contrary, it is a highly sophisticated satirical spoof by Judeophile cartoonist Robert Crumb that brings together a number of anti-Semitic “canards” and “stereotypes”. Far from being anti-Semitic, the cartoon strip is therefore an attempt to poke fun at the anti-Semites and their ridiculous “conspiracy theories” about Jews.

It must be remembered that Robert Crumb’s second wife, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, was Jewish. Born into a middle-class Jewish family in New York, the Goldsmiths, Aline was a highly talented underground comics artist in her own right. She was known to collaborate with her husband Robert on many of his assignments. So it is more than likely that Aline collaborated with Crumb on this particular cartoon strip with its tongue-in-cheek anti-Semitism.

When Aline met Robert in 1978, it was love at first sight. She was attracted to the bearded humorist because she thought he was Jewish. This is what she has to say:

“I had read Robert’s work before I met him and I thought he was Jewish because he was so whiny. He’s such a kvetch. When I saw Robert’s comics, I thought: here is Jewish humor at its best. When my grandparents met him, they thought he was a rabbinical student. When we finally told them the truth, they were really disappointed. My grandmother tried to get him to convert [to Judaism] for years. Robert seems to be somewhat of a Jewophile because I’m his second Jewish wife. (See here)

Robert Crumb and his Jewish wife, Aline Kominsky-Crumb

Cartoonist Robert Crumb and his Jewish wife, Aline Kominsky-Crumb

If Crumb’s humor is “Jewish humor at its best”, this does not say much for Jewish humor — however anarchic and irreverent Jewish humor is meant to be. Crumb’s work has elicted harsh comment from many critics. It has been denounced as racist, anti-feminist, and sexually perverted.

Crumb’s contributions, for example, appeared in Nasty Tales, a 1970s British publication that faced obscenity charges at the Old Bailey courthouse in London in 1972. Though the publishers were acquitted on that occasion, the mud stuck to Crumb — and his reputation as an unwholesome influence with sex on the brain has persisted.

R. Crumb’s Sex Obsessions, a collection of the cartoonist’s most explicit sex-oriented drawings and comic strips, was released from TASCHEN in November 2007. This may have boosted Crumb’s reputation among pornophiles, but it diminished his appeal elsewhere.

In August 2001, on Crumb being invited to attend a graphics artist festival in Sydney, Australia, an Australian tabloid labeled him a “self-confessed sex pervert”. The hostile headline asked, Cult genius or filthy weirdo?

Note. A Crumb cartoon depicting a big-breasted female  receiving oral sex from a man at a bus stop has been deleted from this point in the text at the request of the writer of this article, after complaints from a few readers. — Editor

As a result of this “unjustified” abuse, Crumb had second thoughts about visiting the rude antipodean Crumbophobes and decided to cancel his trip to Australia in a fit of pique.

Today, Crumb and his Jewish wife Aline reside in a small village near Sauve in the South of France, where they are often visited by their family.

Soon after completing this cartoon depicting the everyday life of a typical American  family,  Crumb decided to consecrate his genius to illustrating  the Book of Genesis.

Partly because of his Jewish connections and his distinctly Jewish humor—possibly the result of heavy collaboration with his Jewish wife—Crumb’s reputation as a cult figure is guaranteed. He received the world’s ultimate accolade by recognition and publication in the Thanksgiving edition (2004) of  The New Yorker, a magazine (as we know) under full Jewish ownership, like the bulk of America’s mass media.

You will note that the above statement is itself an anti-Semitic “canard”, i.e., an allegedly false belief offensive to Jews — but one that happens, nevertheless, to be true!

The mass-media-under-Jewish-ownership “canard”, ironically, is utilized by Crumb himself in Frame 3 of the cartoon strip below: “AND THESE YIDS HAVE SECURED TOTALLY THEIR GREASY HANDS OWNERSHIP OF THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE OF MIND CONTROL IN THE MODERN WORLD — THE MASS MEDIA!”

Knowing all this, it’s amazing to think that so many otherwise intelligent people should regard the cartoon strip below as “anti-Semitic”  when it is in fact almost the reverse: a satirical spoof by a philosemite and his Jewish wife.


“Xanadu” is an alternative pen name used by Lasha Darkmoon, usually for online comments and short impromptu pieces.

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  1. Xanadu/Lasha

    Thanks for this fascinating post. I agree with your assessment that “cult” cartoonist Crumb is a Jew lover rather than an anti-Semite. His Jewish wife probably helped him cobble this piece together. Jew and shabbat goy, they make a perfect pair.

  2. I’m not sure it was wise to include this picture though:

    You have some extremely prudish readers on this site and they are bound to kick up a fuss over this picture. I have in mind, in particular, Mr Darrell Wright (aka Lucius Knightsword), the guy who was a Catholic monk for 13 years.

    Having lived an unworldly life for so long, far from the embrace of the Deadly Sex, Darrell starts screaming whenever he sees a naked female ankle! I fear this pic of a perv at a bus stop shoving his head up a sexy bimbo’s ass is going to get Darrell frothing with rage and demanding the pic’s instant removal! 🙂

    Darrell, whom I respect deeply and whose intellect I sincerely admire, should perhaps think twice before he objects to this admittedly saucy pic. There is good reason for you posting the picture, Lasha/Xanadu. It was to provide *evidence* that cartoonist Crumb was indeed sex-obsessed, and that the the Australian tabloid that screamed “CULT GENIUS OF FILTHY WEIRDO?” was actually making a very good point.

    If anything, a picture like this does far more than ten lines of text to drive home the message that Crumb IS a “filthy weirdo”. That he has a one-track mind. That he has sex on the brain.

    Robert Crumb, a shabbat goy through and through, has acquired all the characteristics of a Jew from his Jewish wife and his Jewish contacts in the comic books industry. To all intents and purposes, he IS a Jew. With his Jewish looks and Jewish temperament, he reminds me of that remark made by Jewish porn star Nina Hartley: “I’ve yet to meet a Jewish guy who wasn’t a horny rabbit.”

    Bear in mind that it was another horny Jew, Woodie Allen, who said: “Don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone you love.”

    1. Personally, I don’t think the picture you refer to is particularly salacious or likely to corrupt any normal, healthy-minded male. I would describe it simply it as saucy, ribald, and in very bad taste. But that’s precisely what Robert Crumb is striving for: bad taste. He is the ultimate Bad Taste artist.

    2. I’ve met more than one hot jewish woman who likes goyim, I met one at a Christmas party but her husband hustled her out right after she arrived and cozied up to me, the damn jealous kike.

  3. by coincidence i check in here to see whats new and what do i see? another antisemitic article pretending its NOT antsemitic. like hell it aint!

    i really feel sorry for this darkmoon chick, she’s now posting obscene pictures like i never seen before, corrupting innocent readers like me and making me feel rotten.

    i mean, how can a guy shove his head up a gal’s thingermejingy? its totally impossible! no guy’s ever done that to ME. i wouldnt even let him try. its disGUSting!

    darkmoon, i have 2 words for u: FUCK OFF!

  4. i’m not impressed with big fancy words like “canard” and “stereotype” like profs in college use when they want to get us gals into bed. they use these fine words for seduction purposes. take it from me, i know.

    i knew a gal at college who hopped into bed right away with an associate prof when he walks up to her at a party and goes, “will you be my nockurnal plaything?” she giggels and gives in right away, the dumb cluck, not being able to resist the word “nockturnal”, fancy that. 3 sillabels, see, thats 2 more than she’s used 2!

    yeah, so i figure this darkmoon chick is angling to see how many guys she can lure into in her sex net by using fancy words like “canard” and “stereotype”. it wont wash darkmoon so give it up u antisemitic loser.

    1. My best friend, a college prof, was hustled by pretty female students so often, it broke up his marriage. Women aren’t the only sex who swaps pleasure for good grades.

  5. @ Sardonicus

    Having lived an unworldly life for so long, far from the embrace of the Deadly Sex, Darrell starts screaming whenever he sees a naked female ankle! I fear this pic of a perv at a bus stop shoving his head up a sexy bimbo’s ass is going to get Darrell frothing with rage and demanding the pic’s instant removal! 🙂

    Thanks for the amusing criticism – quite exaggerated I should say. Actually, I believe sex is a very good thing, but it is also very delicate and when abused, quickly becomes an indomitable monster, ensnaring many souls and leading them to perdition. As Our Lady of Fatima revealed, More souls go to hell on account of [unrepented] sins of the flesh than for any other reason. Not that they are the most serious sins (although sodomy is one of the four sins that “cry to heaven for vengeance”), but they are so prevalent. Sr Lucia, the last living Fatima seer, said “sins of the flesh” refers primarily to sins against chastity, also called sins of impurity. The reason for this statement is not only because sins against chastity are the most common but also, as Sr Lucia stated, “because of conscience”. In other words, sins of impurity are less likely to be repented of than other sins. Why? 1) because the sense of injustice committed, which is the primary stimulus to repent of one’s sins, is not strongly felt when engaging in them, with the exception of adultery; 2) there is a greater sense of shame when committing certain impure acts and hence greater difficulty confessing them in the sacrament of confession (for Catholics and Orthodox), or even repenting of them in one’s heart; 3) sexual activity of all kinds is presented by our post-Christian – even anti-Christian – popular culture as natural and good, and sexual abstinence is even taught to be unhealthy. The Sixth Commandment, relating to chastity, has always been called “the difficult commandment.” Today, with pornography everywhere and women and girls dressing more immodestly than ever, it can almost be called “the impossible commandment.” However, Jesus assures us: “What is impossible with men is possible with God.” (Lk 18:27) We may add that all who invoke the Blessed Virgin Mary for help in overcoming sins of impurity, will receive the grace to do so, as she herself has revealed to St Bridget of Sweden and various other saints. And those who strive to live chaste lives know from experience, when sins of impurity are humbly repented of and confessed, a great burden is removed from our consciences, and we experience that peace of soul that the world and carnal indulgence cannot give.

    This leads us to mention the important virtue of modesty, the “guardian of chastity”. The Fatima seer Blessed Jacinta Marto, before she died, said Our Lady had told her that certain fashions would be introduced that would greatly offend Our Lord, who himself had said, “Every one who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Mt 5.28). Saint John Chrysostom instructed women of all times about dress when in the fourth century he declared: “You carry your snare everywhere and spread your nets in all places. You allege that you never invited others to sin. You did not, indeed, by your words, but you have done so by your dress and your deportment. … When you have made another sin in his heart, how can you be innocent? Tell me, whom does this world condemn? Whom do judges punish? Those who drink poison or those who prepare it and administer the fatal potion? You have prepared the abominable cup, you have given the death dealing drink, and you are more criminal than are those who poison the body; you murder not the body but the soul.” The late Father Bernard A. Kunkel, a great defender of modesty and decency, said concerning the words of Our Lady of Fatima: “She knew that…forces of evil would design these fashions, together with the filthy literature…movies and television shows…all as part of their program to break down morality, especially among the young people. Our Lady was only exposing this plan.”

    The cartoon doesn’t make me angry and I won’t ask for its removal. Though I think it beneath the dignity of a website run mostly by Catholics, I’m not as offended by this as I am when a fellow Catholic like Lasha writes and translates works which deal with things which seriously offend against the virtue of purity, as she did with the (now happily removed) prose piece by Scandoli. As Christ said, For him to whom more is given, more will be required.

    I accept the always unpopular moral teachings of the Catholic Church. If for that reason I’m considered “puritanical” or a “fanatic”, that’s OK with me. I’d rather be on the side of Christ and be ridiculed than be on the side of the “world” and be thought “normal” (remember that Christ called Satan “the Prince of this world”). But thanks for sharing you thoughts and for the other considerate words you had to say.

    1. I have enjoyed reading this. Thank you for taking the trouble to reply in such detail. One can see that the via monastica has made a lasting impression upon you. That’s good. Even though you now live in the world, you are not a worldling.

      I certainly don’t consider you “puritanical” or a “fanatic” and I guess I must apologize for using the word “prudish”to describe you. What I am trying to say is that this is what you would seem to be in the perception of worldlings and those who live a more permissive lifestyle.

      In a dissolute world, saints become laughable figures. Good men and women must expect mockery in Sodom and Gomorrah. Am I right?

      As for Lasha’s sins, I’m sure she is aware of them. Which is why she puts up with your constant carpings and castigations! She knows you have a point each time you remind her how much more virtuous she could be!

      She is a product, I fear, of desensitization. Remember those words from the cross. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

      Lasha, I believe, is unaware of the shock she gives other more sensitively attuned souls such as yourself. This is because what is shocking to you is no longer shocking to her. She has become numb to shock.

    2. Moderation in all things but sex itself is no sin. The Shakers and Essenes ran out of virgins so that’s why both are extinct.

  6. @ Darrell Wright

    “The cartoon doesn’t make me angry and I won’t ask for its removal.”

    I am relieved, because I was in two minds about including this cartoon which I admit is in very bad taste.

    I would probably have removed the cartoon if the troika of editors had disapproved of it strongly, or if someone else I knew and respected had raised a sufficient outcry.

    As it is, I’ve decided to soften the cartoon’s impact of crudity by adding another similar cartoon just under it which is not nearly as crude. This additional cartoon reinforces the moral point I am making and does so in a much subtler way.

  7. @Xanadu

    I’ve decided to soften the cartoon’s impact of crudity by adding another similar cartoon just under it which is not nearly as crude.

    Actually, I believe the new cartoon is even more offensive than the first, as it depicts not only group incest but also the even more offensive beastiality – even involving children. All of that is much worse than the crude but mostly obscured oral sex depicted in the bus stop cartoon. I think it should be removed, even though you submitted it to give evidence of Crumb’s philo-Semitism. The end does not justify the means. What would be even better is to leave out both cartoons while providing links for those who desire to enter Crumb’s perverted world for a peek, including some descriptive caveat. The “Take over America” cartoon and “Sex Obsessions” cover page are surely sufficient for a Darkmoon sample of Crumb.

    1. I must disagree with you entirely, Darrel. No disrespect intended. If Lasha were to take your advice, she would be very foolish indeed. Far from the second cartoon being “more offensive” than the first, it is (to me) relatively innocuous from the purely pictorial viewpoint. There’s nothing “salacious” about it after all. No one can possibly get “turned on” by it, though I can imagine some men getting all hot and flustered with the FIRST cartoon showing a big-boobed woman being given cunnilinctus.

      As for the second cartoon that depicts incest and bestiality and is therefore (in your estimation) utterly abominable, I would like to draw to your attention to the fact that this particular cartoon is the one that is found in the giant comic book of Crumb’s cartoons sold in every high street bookstore in America. It is the OTHER cartoon of the big-boobed woman at the bus stop that was EXCLUDED from the book, as being much more shocking!

      So you see, Darrell, it’s all a matter of taste.

      I back Lasha absolutely in what she has done here and I urge her NOT to take your advice.

      I, too, like you, was once a religious (7 yrs), so you can hardly accuse me of being a profane worldling with depraved and corrupt values! I still go to Mass, you know. Every Sunday.

      1. @ Berenice

        I agree with you. Though I respect Darrell Wright and think he is entitled to his opinion, I don’t thing it is appropriate for a poster to demand changes to an article written by a seasoned author — particularly if his opinion runs counter to the sincere opinion of several other posters.

      2. An apt quote: “going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car.”If a Christian is one that follows teachings of the New Testament (aka Jesus Christ) I have never met one solitary Christian.

  8. So you have exposed it…the Jews run the media…the media runs the world… and perhaps if the 100th monkey turns, and the paradigm shifts, these media moguls, will be shifted and this will all be a thing of the past and focusing on life on earth helping and serving one another, whatever that service entails, and being kind and well meaning and generous with one another…. I think it is a question of focus and so all we can do is focus ourselves upon God and good… I hadn’t heard the name RCrumb in a lonnnnnng time.

    1. “So you have exposed it…the Jews run the media…the media runs the world…”

      I don’t think Lasha has “exposed” it, Jill. Not in the sense you claim. Lasha’s article is not an exposé. What Lasha has said about the Jewish control of the mass media is common knowledge — except among Jews who don’t like to admit what everyone else has known for a long, long time!

      If anyone were to claim at a public meeting at Harvard University (25% Jewish) that Jews control the media, he would probably be EXPELLED by the Jewish authorities who run the university. One is not allowed to SAY, Jill, what everyone knows is the TRUTH. The bigwig Jews won’t allow it!

      And so the the idea that Jews own the media is sweepingly dismissed by the Jewish-controlled mainstream as an “anti-Semitic CANARD”, i.e., a false belief offensive to Jews. Why, Jill? It happens to be true!

      If even the philosemitic Crumb and his Jewish wife can write a cartoon strip mentioning how the Jews own the mass media, it’s because this belief is more than a “canard”. It’s a cliché. A truism. A proven fact!

      No exposé here by Lasha, I’m afraid. She’s merely restating the obvious. What is common knowledge!

      See here:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=6bc2bd2b04c1d861&biw=1440&bih=760

      1. I’m afraid evangelicals don’t know it. They even reject what their own saviour said about jews. I doubt Jesus was a jew. He was born a Galileean (most of whom were gentiles) and he and the jews traded insults throughout the New Testament. So why assume he was jewish? Because jews said he was? Har har.

  9. A few years ago I saw the movie “Crumb” dir. by Terry Zwigoff. It rubbed me the wrong way because it blames Mummy for everything that’s “wrong” with the whole damn Crumb family. They were just too white, can’t you see, and that’s why they’re messed up, with one brother killing himself and the other eating long rags to “purify” his digeestive system. And “poor” Robert turning out as he did. I feel like someone’s poured shit over me, just thinking about that film.

    I also read that comic about when the jews take over America and its similar one about when the blacks take over America. I say, no publicity is bad publicity. I’m not losing sleep.

      1. This has happened but remember it was jews that turned them loose (through integration and civil rights).Every misnamed civil liberties organization (or nearly all) was created by jews. They created the NAACP not because they like blacks but because blacks create so much mischief for whites, They created the ACLU to protect communists because most jews were communist.
        I hate to say it, but the world be better off if the jews were annhiliated. Whites are on the verge of being annihilated.

  10. @Berenice and Sardonicus

    this particular cartoon is the one that is found in the giant comic book of Crumb’s cartoons sold in every high street bookstore in America. It is the OTHER cartoon of the big-boobed woman at the bus stop that was EXCLUDED from the book, as being much more shocking!

    So you see, Darrell, it’s all a matter of taste.

    Do you think it’s possible that the incestuous Christian family cartoon cum bestiality was included and the other was not was because the Jewish “Arbiters of Taste” and “Masters of Discourse” who control the publishing industry thought it more ideologically acceptable to them, as it perversely ridicules Christianity? I don’t know, but if most liquor stores even cover up their “adult” magazines and videos, is it really unreasonable to do the electronic equivalent of providing a link to the offensive cartoons?

    Although neither of them would strongly provoke a man to lust, the “family” cartoon is extremely offensive, and not just to Christians. A toddler having sex with a dog? Come on! I know our pornographic culture has incrementally desensitized almost all of us to the point of numbness, but should we not at least do what we can to become re-sensitized? Try thinking about something like the Blessed Virgin Mary weeping for her wayward children and then ask yourself what the right thing to do is.

    Yes, some things are a “matter of taste”, but this goes beyond taste into the realm of morality. If we must walk in the darkness of our culture of death and depravity, should we not at least carry the light of truth, goodness, and beauty?

    Also, I didn’t “demand” that either cartoon be deleted. I only asked that they be deleted. And then I moified that by asking that they be seen by clicking on a link. Is that really too much to ask?

    This website has to decide what kind of identity it wants to have. It puts up Scandoli for a while, then removes it. (Thank you, Lucy, for standing your ground on that one!) Then it puts this up. It sounds like the proverbial dog returning to its vomit.

    Be good, think of the Blessed Virgin, do the right thing, be happy – hide both of them behind the cover of links. Then people can see them if they want and the person who comes to this website looking for something beautiful and inspiring doesn’t have to have shit thrown in their face. So no demand, no threat. Nothing but a humble request. Thank you.

    1. Or think of the orphan children and nuns swept away by the 1900 hurricane while the children sang hymns and prayed to a merciless god. Reminds me of Shakespeare’s take on praying:”nor trouble deaf heaven with your bootless cries.”

  11. @ Darrell Wright

    Darrell Wright makes a few good points and I hate having to oppose the wishes of such an obviously clean-living and religious-minded man.

    He invokes the Virgin Mary at every opportunity and expects us all to walk in the footsteps of the Apostles, never deviating from the path of virtue.

    Would that his demands (or “requests” as he calls them) were reasonable!

    I agree absolutely with Sardonicus and Berenice that Lasha has made the right decision in the choice of her cartoons. That’s three against one. Darrel is overruled!

    If Darrell would now like to tell us that he he has no time for democracy and prefers getting his own way always, trampling on the rights and wishes of other people like a Roman emperor trampling on his slaves, let him say so.

    I don’t think Lasha Darkmoon is a slut, as Darrell Wright constantly implies and suggests. Like all of us, Lasha has her faults and is undoubtedly a sinner. If Darrell Wright has no sins of his own, let him cast the first stone at Lasha.

    The trouble is, this wouldn’t be the FIRST stone Darrell Wright has cast at Lasha! He is constantly casting stones at her. Constantly finding fault with her, assuming a superior virtue. If it isn’t her *disgusting* translations of the “obscene” Scandali, it’s the *disgusting* pictures she chooses to illustrate the work of a *disgusting* cartoonist!

    Everyone and everything is *disgusting” to Darrell Wright!

    Cartoonist Crumb is disgusting for his disgusting comics. Scandali is *disgusting” for her disgusting poems. And Lasha Darkmoon is doubly if not triply *disgusting* for translating the disgusting Scandali and choosing *disgusting* pictures to illustrate the work of the *disgusting* Crumb!

    Not much hope for anyone, is there, Darrell? Not with you around! For a religious man, you are curiously lacking in humility.

    Tell me, Darrell: do you honestly think that the Virgin Mary, who has seen into your heart and knows all the sins you have ever committed, loves you more and thinks more highly of you than she loves Lasha Darkmoon?

    Is Lasha the sinner here and you the saint? Do you have a hotline to the Almighty just because you have spent thirteen years in a monastery?

    Please enlighten us.

  12. I enjoyed this very much.

    I must admit though, even a little exposure (which is always overexposure) to the psychopathology of the alien poseur(s) aggravates me.
    I’m thinking it’s genetic.

    Inevitably I experience a dizzying twilightish deja vu and begin to feel perhaps a little sympathy for them before realizing I’m merely hallucinating; and then I chuckle.

    All’s well that ends well, eh?

    P.S. Like H. L. Mencken quipped … “Say what you will about the Ten Commandments, you must always come back to the pleasant fact that there are only ten of them.”

  13. @Reginald

    I don’t know if I can “enlighten” you and I have no “hotline to the Almighty”, but I wouldn’t mind making a few clarifications and comments:

    1. I know I’m lacking in humility and do not think I’m superior in virtue to anyone.
    2. I don’t remember using the word “disgusting” for this or any of Lasha’s writings. Maybe I did for the Scandoli prose piece, I forget.
    3. I don’t remember ever implying that I thought Lasha was immoral, much less a “slut”. In fact I’ve grown to like and admire her and think a lot of her poetry and political and cultural analysis is superb in content, form, and style. We’ve developed what you might call a fledgling e-friendship through a number of emails. I have profited much from her writings. She has taught me some important things and she has said she has appreciated some of the things I’ve written to her.
    4. I believe Christian tradition would call my admonitions “spiritual works of mercy”.
    5. I believe in the importance of speaking the truth with charity. I apologize for any instances in which I have failed to do that.
    6. I acknowledge yours and everyone else’s right to their opinion and accept the fact that I’ve been outvoted so far on this issue (and remember I only recommended links to the 2 cartoons, not their deletion). But I also hope that you’ll respect mine and that you’ll pardon me for preferring God’s opinion to yours:) (and that doesn’t imply a “hotline to the Almighty”, unless of course merely knowing something about Christian moral theology means that.

    By the way, you sound a lot like Montecristo. Farewell, and peace be with you.

    1. “By the way, you sound a lot like Montecristo.”

      That’s the editor of this website, I presume? Well, I don’t know what “Montecristo” sounds like since he’s never written to me. Nor have I come across any of his comments on this website.

      As for me, I am an accountant from Nebraska whose wife told me I might find this website interesting, and I’ve been following it for 3 months now, without contributing any comments of my own. This was my first comment. Btw, my wife is a frequent commenter here…tho she’s asked me not to reveal her name.

      i think this business about what is decent and not decent to publish on this website should be an editorial decision. I understand there are 3 editors and I don’t think they can all be accused of immorality just because they don’t always come up to monastic standards.

      Your idea, Mr Wright, that God has an opinion on this matter and that YOU alone happen to know what his opinion is, is so much balloon juice. I’ve never heard such arrogance!

      1. There are hundreds of pictures on this website. Not one of them is in the slightest way salacious or titillating ot likely to provoke a man or woman to lust. As far as I’m concerned, this website is not a pornographic website. If anyone suggests it is, by sly innuendo, that person is in need of psychotherapy.

  14. It’s impossible to please everyone and please myself also. So I’ve decided to compromse by making an alteration to the text that will please no one, but that eases my conscience slightly.

    I have asked the editor to delete one of the two pictures under discussion, but to retain the other one.

    The picture I have kept, though offensive—as it is meant to be—can in no way be described as “sexually disturbing” or “titillating”, whereas the deleted picture of a big-breasted female receiving oral sex at a bus stop certainly can be seen (by some) as sexually disturbing and titillating. Hence its deletion in the interests of decency.

    1. A little compromise never hurt anyone. I can still get visually tittiliated though I’m over 83 years old. But never by pornography.But by visualizing beautiful. sexy women I have known and lusted after. Nor do I think I am sinning.

  15. Crumb may be the most degenerate excuse for an artist and human being, but those 2 cartoons, i.e., When the Jews Take Over America; & When the Negroes Take Over America, are worth their weight in gold. If I could, I’d distribute them to every home in the U.S.A. I don’t care what his intentions were, whether he is satirizing or not. Most folks can’t distinguish a spoof from a serious message.

    And thank you, Lasha!

  16. Xanada,

    I have always been fascinated by your eloquent style in writing. It is very stimulating thought provocative, and entertaining. You piece is well argued and documented.

    As far as jessel meyer comment, I would say, The Ugly Truth website has Jewess Ruth Steiner and Darkmoon has jessel meyer. By resorting to profanity and cussing in this message board, she only illustrate her of lack of intellect.

    If she claims to be innocent Jewish girl who just stumble upon this site then get sexually disturbed by the images she saw. It is therefor your mistake Lasha for not putting a disclaimer for innocent Jewish girls. Lets hope she does not sue you or the 3 eidors !

    BTW, speaking of the editors, please give my warm regards to Montecristo

    As Arnold would say, I’ll be back!

    1. mahmoud,

      its a small world. the girl u refer to on theuglytruth as “ruth steiner” is actually my older sister ruth bernstein.

      ruthie has often spoken to me about u mahmoud and told me what an EVIL ANTISEMITE u are! yes, i know all about u, u horrible man, and the bad things u are saying about jews all the time! how can u be so EVIL?!?

      it was u muslims who did 9-11…i can never forget that…my dearly beloved boyfriend bernie died there and i later went and picked up his ashes from the rubble around ground zero. i recognized his ashes at once cuz of his monogramed silver bracelet lying on top of the ashes. u bastards killled my bernie, the love of my life, and 3o,000 other people like the nazis killed 6 million jews.

      muslims and nazis, what difference mahmoud, you tell ME!

      1. Doubt muslims did 911. It was Israelis that were caught redhanded photographing the Twin Towers and applauding. It slipped into the mainstream media only because they were mistaken for Arabs. (Remember Dan Rather’s tearful interview with Peter Jennings)? I believe it was Mossad with the help of high US officials. The only officials that have the authotity to order a standdown to the military during an attack are the president and vice president.You think an old, sick Arab did that by sending an e-mail from a cave in Afghanistan thousands of miles away? I find such gullibility stupefying.

      2. jessel meyer.
        The only Nazis that exist are AshkaNAZI ! The National Socialists didn’t kill 6 million jews. There were no gas chambers and the few thousand who expired died of typhus. Muslims didn’t do 911; Jews did 911 and they also attacked the USS Liberty. Crypto jews murdered 1.5 million Armenian Christians and jewish Bolsheviks murdered millions of Ukrainian people. Israel stole the land of Palestine and has been committing genocide on the indigenous people for 64 years. The only true Semites alive today are the Arabs.

        Pity your ashes can’t be pulled from the rubble around ground zero instead of the Gentiles!

  17. @Reginald

    When I mentioned “preferring God’s opinion to yours” I did not actually mean to say that I believe God has opinions, it was a feeble attempt at wit while trying to make a point. Hence the little smiley face. God has infinite knowledge and therefore no opinions.

    In further response to your “Do you have a hotline to the Almighty just because you have spent thirteen years in a monastery?”, let me just add that the monastic experience gave me no hotline, but in a very real sense being a Catholic does, but that can only be seen as true if one first accepts the divinity of Christ, and then has eyes to see that he founded a church upon the apostles with Peter as its head, a church given the power and authority to teach religious and moral truth in his name. For example, “You are Peter (the name means “rock”), and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” (Mt 16.18-19) “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth.” (Jn 16.13) Note that Christ did not say “I will guide you in all virtue.” Only truth. There will be Judases in every generation. But the Church has also produced great saints.

    So yes, I suppose I can say that I, and also Lasha and Lucy and Montecristo and every other Catholic in the world has a certain “hotline to the Almighty” by means of the teachings of the church Christ founded. Peter was a bishop and the first pope, and the other apostles were the other first bishops. Their successors (through episcopal ordination) still teach with the guidance of the “Spirit of truth” today. Does that make them holy? No. That requires more, like choosing to live a virtuous life – something I need to work harder at myself. Just knowing the truth as taught by Christ and his church will not save me, but I am immeasurably grateful to have that divinely established “hotline” to the truth in the eternally important areas of faith and morals, belief and behavior. It all follows the acceptance of the truth that Jesus was almighty God, the second Person of the Blessed Trinity who freely became man in order to open the gates of heaven barred shut by the “Original Sin” of our first parents. It’s the most amazing story ever told. And what’s even more amazing and mind-boggling is that it’s true.

    1. I can’t resist asking: do you devout Christians know that there is NO contemporary mention in history of Jesus Christ? NONE, Nada, zilch.Even the great philosopher Philo who wrote volumes during that time never heard of him. And do you know there is NO archaeological evidence of an Exodus, of a large group wandering in the desert for forty years. (Just think how much debris their camps would have left). Only a dubious fragment mentioning the House of David found in Egypt, (David was a commom name then)_ Nothing in Jerusalem, nothing anywhere about Solomon.No evidence of breaching the Egyptian fortifications along the border of Canaan, the cities sacked in southern Israel were by the Sea Peoples,etc etc. Afraid the Holy Bible is a lot of Jewish fairy tales. I’ll take reason and science anyday over faith. Gult members had faith in Jim Jones and you know what happened to them.

      1. @ Herman King
        Cornelius Tacitus (ca. 56-120) was a Roman senator, consul and governor of the Roman province of Anatolia (covering most of modern-day Turkey) as well as one of ancient Rome’s greatest historians. Late in his life he wrote a 16-volume history of the Roman emperors, the Annals.

        No friend to either Nero or Christians, Tacitus writes that Nero blamed “a class hated for their abominations, called Christians by the populace.” He goes on to explain that “Christus [Christ], from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty [crucifixion] during the reign of Tiberius at the hand of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus, and a most mischievous superstition, thus checked for the moment, again broke out not only in Judaea, the first source of the evil, but even in Rome …” ( Annals, 15:44, quoted by Lee Strobel, The Case for Christ, 1998, p. 82).

        A contemporary of Tacitus, Caius Suetonius Tranquillus (ca. 69-140), overseer of Rome’s libraries and court official to several emperors, writes that the emperor Claudius “banished the Jews from Rome, who were continually making disturbances, Chrestus [Christ] being their leader” ( Lives of the First Twelve Caesars: Life of Claudius, quoted by Grant Jeffrey, Jesus: The Great Debate, 1999, p. 163). This banishment of Jews from Rome is mentioned in Acts 18:2

        Also, “Pliny the younger, the Roman legate of Bithynia-Pontus (what is now north-central Turkey) in the early second century, wrote to the emperor Trajan, requesting advice on how to deal with Christians who refused to reverence Caesar’s image. Pliny noted that these Christians met regularly and sang hymns ‘to Christ as if to a god’ ( Letters 10:96.7). The phrase ‘as if to a God’ suggests that Pliny knew Jesus had been a person who had lived on earth but was reluctant to call him divine” (Craig Blomberg, The Historical Reliability of the Gospels, 1987, p. 196).

        From these historical sources, none connected in any way with the Bible, we see references to these facts:

        • A group called “Christians” derived its name from “Christus” (Christ).

        • This “Christus” was executed during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of Pontius Pilate (Tiberius reigned A.D. 14-37; Pilate held office from 26 to 36 or 37).

        • This new movement involved “a most mischievous superstition,” quite possibly a reference to Christians’ belief that Jesus rose from the dead after His crucifixion.

        • This new movement begun by Christians began in Judea and spread to Rome.

        • Early Christians considered Christ to be a divine Being.

        Testimony from Josephus

        Flavius Josephus, a prominent Jewish historian of the first century, is well known to historians and scholars. Born into a priestly family in A.D. 37, Josephus was well educated and commanded a Jewish detachment in Galilee during the Jewish revolt of 66-70 until his capture by the Romans. At the end of the war he went to Rome with the Roman general Titus, where he lived and wrote until his death about A.D. 100.

        Josephus twice mentions Jesus in his monumental work Antiquities of the Jews, written A.D. 90-95. His most extensive quote reads:

        “Now, there was about this time Jesus, a wise man, if it be lawful to call him a man, for he was a doer of wonderful works,—a teacher of such men as received the truth with pleasure. He drew over to him both many of the Jews, and many of the Gentiles. He was [the] Christ; and when Pilate, at the suggestion of the principal men amongst us, had condemned him to the cross, those that loved him at the first did not forsake him, for he appeared to them alive again the third day, as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him; and the tribe of Christians, so named from him, are not extinct at this day” ( Antiquities, Book 18, chapter 3, section 3).

        While many scholars dispute parts or all of the passage, it is quoted as above by the historian Eusebius as early as 315.

        A second mention of Jesus by Josephus is seldom disputed by scholars. It concerns the martyrdom of James, His half brother: “Festus was now dead, and Albinus was but upon the road; so he assembled the sanhedrin of the judges, and brought before them the brother of Jesus, who was called Christ, whose name was James, and some others [or some of his companions;] and when he had formed an accusation against them as breakers of the law, he delivered them to be stoned …” ( Antiquities, 20:9:1).

        Another prominent figure from the Gospels mentioned by Josephus is John the Baptizer: “Herod, who feared lest the great influence John had over the people might put it into his power and inclination to raise a rebellion,…thought it best, by putting him to death, to prevent any mischief he might cause…Accordingly he was sent a prisoner, out of Herod’s suspicious temper, to Macherus,…and was there put to death” ( Antiquities, 18:5:2).

        Although Josephus was never a Christian, in his works we find mention of many other figures from the Gospels and other New Testament books. These include the family of the Herods; the Judean procurators and members of the high priestly families. His books, like the writings of the Roman historians and officials, provide powerful independent corroboration of the historical accuracy of the Gospels and the existence of Jesus Christ.

  18. @ Darrell

    I apologize if anything I said offended you in my previous posts. No offense intended. From the way you write, I can see you’re a better-informed and more highly educated person than I am. My education is purely mathematical. I’ve been in accountancy since age 19. The world of theology is a closed book to me. I don’t disbelieve in God, but I’m on the borderlines of belief. I have an evangelist in the family, however. Yes, my wife is working on me! 🙂

  19. I should probably in justice and for the sake of clarity and completeness add that there are other “hotlines to the Almighty” besides the teachings of Christ and his church. One is prayer. God speaks to everyone through their conscience, and prayer helps us to not only hear the voice of God in our conscience amidst the cacophony of opposing voices and the pleading of our often undisciplined passions, and the many distractions in our lives, but also gives us the power, the strength of will to overcome our self-centered desires and passions and to choose self-perfecting virtue over self-destructive sin.

    Even agnostics can pray. The “Prayer of the Agnostic” goes like this: “O God, if there is a God, save my soul, if I have a soul.” One step up from that is the simple yet profound prayer of one in need: “God, help me!” And of returning thanks: “Thank you, God”. And of humble and sincere contrition: “Forgive me, God.”

    Thank you, Reginald. It appears that your previous more passion-driven comments are now happily taking a back seat to present amicable and reason-inspired discourse. All the best to you.

    As a mathematician with a more scientific predisposition in looking at things, a good book that might interest you is Thomas Dubay’s The Evidential Power of Beauty: Where Science and Theology Meet.

    See also “Pascal, Selections” at He was a great mathematician as well as a profound philosophical thinker.

    We only see with the heart, which guides the way for the eyes.(Pascal, paraphrased)

  20. muslims and nazis, what difference mahmoud, you tell ME!

    I agree, they have a lot in common; both are accused of crimes they didn’t commit.

    1. Muslims and Jews slaughtered cattle in the most cruel way, slitting their throats without stunning them, so they died slowly. That’s the kosher way.Hitler outlawed that practice. Another reason for jews to hate him.He also was a leader for women’s rights. That’s one reason women loved him. And the only people whose guns he confiscated were the jews who had vowed to kill him. Sometime in the future when minds mesmerized by the jews, awaken to realitythere will be a profound re-evaluation of Hitler and National Socialism in general. I confidently predict that.

  21. This piece(text and commentary) is a gem for anyone hoping to sort out what is going on in the imaginal galaxy of “Darkmoons'” world(s). Though I can’t agree with the assessment she makes of the motives behind Crumbs’ piece, that issue seems entirely secondary to me. That the work of a well known but relatively minor pornographic animator should so capture her attention is a testament to the concern{obsession seems to strong a word, but not far off the mark} this poetess of metaphysical bent has with matters of the flesh.

    Even a cursory glance at Darkmoon’s poetry betrays this same concern*, which is to concretize certain predelictions of the soul into an appearance of greater worldliness, as if, by making them less ‘fantastical’ they can become in some way more connected to her waking reality. And therefore bridge the terrible gap between the disconnected selves.

    That is an enterprise doomed to failure, and I think that her ongoing public efforts in this direction are part of an acknowledgement of same, not yet come fully conscious. It is none the less fascinating to observe for all of it’s impossibility, however.

    Here in the midst of what appears at first glance a modest presentation of some erotically themed poetics, is a hard core polemical exhibition of no holds barred spiritual warfare against an alien species threatening extinction to humankind! It’s as if two entirely different layers of reality are laid one on top of another, and a resulting composite is produced….a kaleidescopic, yea, hallucinagenic composite which when sufficiently twisted and turned by the steady hand, can yet produce a remarkable ‘hyper-real’ view of the world that we actually inhabit.

    Her genius is to see in the ultra-materialistic worldview of the talmudist cult the poison which brings us down from the flights of grace where our spirits would ‘naturally’ send us. Those whom she (rightly or wrongly) calls ‘jews’ have not the capacity or desire for such higher dimensions, they are indeed devoid of that which animates the spirit, content with rapaciously and salaciously grasping the visible detritus of the paradise from which we are fallen.

    And so, she succeeds, in enriching our understanding of the macabre world of the black magicians in which we are enmeshed, exactly where she fails, in bridging the chasm in her self. Sounds like the work of a real ‘artist’ does it not!

    *much to my chagrin I have not secured the assistance of our ”Abbottess” B. in corroborating this assertion via review of the scandalous (and missing) “Scandoli” files, but I’ll go with my guts and suppose they indeed would provide further proof, were they available to the prying eye of the latecoming and uninitiated here!

    1. I love Darkmoon’s poetry. In today’s culture, more people write poetry than read it. I once fascinated girls with my poems and reciting of poetry. Now girls are more interested in football and texting trivia.O for the days of yore when we had the lute instead of the electric guitar, when no one had ever heard of the semi-literate truck driver who sang like a nigger (Don’t censor this harmless southern slurring of the word Negro (which you know is Spanish for black but Jesse Jackson and his ilk must not have or they wouldn’t have insisted on being called black instead of negro (the same word)!

  22. @ Lorcan

    I guess I am the “Abbottess B” you are referring to? If so, I’d be interested to know what I have done to deserve such a distinguished title? 🙂

    I did write quite a long comment telling you all about the material deleted from this site, but the comment got lost in transit.

    BTW, I am not an “insider” as you suggested. I’m just an ordinary poster who happens to know what’s been going on here because I was here right from the beginning. I’m an old hand. You, on the other hand, are a newcomer to the site.

    1. Berenice,
      most gratifying to see this veritable tsunami of background info.

      As you divided your response into three segments, not sure what to respond to – but if it is correct to assume that your middle response = the ‘lost in transit’ reply, then allow me to ask if there is not an alternative respository of these deleted poems somewhere on the web, or alternatively, if they could not be now placed somewhere such? Even my best forensics have failed to trace the missing items, so we seem at the mercy of yourself as sole custodian now.

      I’m mulling over how to best answer the question posed regarding your title, while trying to remember that comments are best kept brief. The Scandali poems seem a vital part of the evidence necessary to give as concise a response as possible…it’s difficult to rely upon hearsay evidence without inducing further speculative drift…even though your synopsis of the issue is much appreciated.

      1. I am the”sole custodian”, as you put it, of only a few select Scandali poems. Most of the deleted material has been lost. I can’t trace it on the internet either. If it exists, it exists only within the buried archives of this site. And it is deliberately being suppressed against the expressed wishes of Lasha Darkmoon. I find it amazing that the editor of this site, John Scott Montecristo, should treat his own cousin in this cavalier fashion.

        @ Montecristo

        Okay, John, if you want to delete this coment, go ahead! But I’m determined to speak my mind.

        It was you who said this site was a “free speech zone”, so I’m exercising that right now.

        I want to tell you that you are guilty of a type of infanticide.

        Those exquisite poems were the mental and spiritual children of two remarkable women—and you deleted them out of existence against the expressed wishes of both those women.

        That is infanticide.

  23. @ Lorcan

    Basically, the material deleted from this site was of a fairly explicit sexual nature. In my humble estimation, however, it was not obscene. It certainly would not have provoked anyone to lust, nor was it written with salacious intent. (I think Lasha argued this point quite convincingly).

    Most of the deleted material consisted of poems written in French by an aristocratic young lesbian known as Petra Scandali. They were beautifully translated into English by LD, using rhyme and meter. I suspect they were an improvement on the orginal French. I still have most of these poems in my possession. I’m glad I saved them. They are minor masterpieces. Gems of clarity, shining with the clear light of sincere passion.

    Not all these poems are lesbian. It’s clear that Scandali is bisexual. A prose piece Scandali wrote for the site (“My Subway Sweetheart”) describes a real-life encounter between herself and a strange man in a subway train during the rush hour. Pretty electrifying stuff, beautifully written and with all the ingredients of a well-crafted short story. (Translated by LD from the French of course).

    Lasha’s own contribution to this deleted material was a poem called “Indecent Encounter.” Unfortunately, I did not save it. I assumed it was safe. It could hardly be described as obscene. At the most, you could say it was ribald in a Chaucerian way. It described what happens to a young girl who goes to the movies with her boyfriend. They take a seat next to a strange man who begins to show an inordinate interest in the girl—and starts groping her, even with her boyfriend sitting next to her on the other side!

    Lasha’s sister, Lucy Skipping, one of the sub-editors of this site, claims that Lasha did not make up this hilarious story. She’d apparently come across it in a Joke Book. It had made her laugh. It was a a beautiful “dirty joke” (= ribald) with a marvelous twist at the end. Lucy challenged Lasha to make the joke into a poem. So that’s what Lasha did.

    I appeal to John Scott Montecristo, the editor of this site, not to be such a damn prude. Please restore this poem to the site. It’s too good to be lost!

  24. @ Lorcan

    The hidden reason for the deletions

    If I may explain: all this material was up and running on the site for several months. Then it was deleted, in one fell swoop, shortly after a poster called Darrell Wright raised strong objections to it. Mr Wright wrote an impassioned plea to the Editor, denouncing Darkmoon for her immorality and claiming she couldn’t be a genuine Catholic to write and translate such shameless obscenities.

    I was amazed when this all-out attack on Darkmoon was actually published on the site as a full-length article, complete with scandalous quotations illustratring Darkmoon’s depravity. I forget what the article was called, but it’s been permanently deleted along with tons of other stuff. (Including a serious full-length political article by Darkmoon called “Too Much Sex Is Bad For You”).

    Darrell Wright is apparently a former monk. Several of his poems are to be found on this site (See under “Other Poets”). As you might expect, Darrell’s poems are the exact opposite of Scandali’s: very highminded and chaste. There is even a Hymn to the Virgin Mary.

    I just want to say that I have nothing against Darrell Wright for his role in this sad affair. I respect him. He writes well. He had every right, as a former Catholic monk, to object to the profanity and crude carnality of the material that was subsequently deleted. But good heavens! he objected even to the Baudelaire and Verlaine translations published here! He made it clear that the world would have been a better place if these French poets had never lived! Talk about prudery!

    The real reason for the deletion of all this controversial material had nothing to do, in my honest opinion, with the censorious interventions of this monkish scribe Darrell Wright. No, Mr Wright would not have swayed the Editor of this site. No way.

    I think one of two factors was involved here: either the Editor thought the controversial sex material was bad for Lasha’s “image” as a serious writer of political essays and so he decided to delete it, or else Lasha was bitten by Catholic guilt feelings and in a fit of remorse asked for the deletions to be made herself.

    I favor the second theory, because at no time has Lasha shown the slightest resentment against Darrell Wright for getting her poems deleted. She seems to get on fine with Mr Wright and even helps to choose the pictures for his poems. (I understand she is the “Picture Editor” of the site, helping to choose the pictures, but she has no role in running the site or any say in editorial decisions).

    I appeal to the Editor of this site once again to reconsider his decision. Some of the deletions should be restored. Not all, but some.

    Lasha’s original poem, “Indecent Encounter”, should definitely be restored AT ONCE! Anyone who objects to this satirical poem on the grounds of its “obscenity” has serious mental problems.

  25. Wow! Clearly while digging up what I thought to be an ant hill, I’ve uncovered a hornet’s nest. Being a “newcomer” here, as you point out Berenice, I don’t have a dog in this race, so I’m at this point interested in hearing the viewpoint of the ‘editor’ as much or more as putting forward any more ideas of my own.

    I do have a particular take on all of this that I suppose may set you back even more than my previous “outta the box” offerings Berenice, but I am now all the more aware of the importance of getting the background detail in order to best put the case forward!

    At any rate, reading your latest would cause me to believe that you have now changed from your favouring of theory #2?

    1. I think it’s a bit of both. Lasha is torn. She wants the poems to be restored but she was browbeaten into asking for their suppression. That’s my theory.

      They have exploited her Catholic guilt feelings and made he feel she’s done something shameful by translating such “obscene” poems, which her ancestor Baudelaire would have been proud of writing.

      As a good Catholic, LD obviously cannot go to Mass and receive the sacraments if she is also the writer of “obscene” poems. The thing is, they are NOT obscene. Baudelaire, who was also a committed Catholic—though not a very good one—could have written them. Though even he would never have written such a bizarre poem as “Demon Worlds” which has been made into a stunning YouTube video.

      It’s clear to me that Lasha has been heavily influenced by her remote ancestor. Many of her poems, like Baudelaire’s, are fleurs du mal or “flowers of evil”. I think these have been misunderstood — as attempts to glamorize evil.

      Any reading of LD’s articles would reveal an impassioned concern for traditional moral values and a distaste for all kinds of sexual excess. She is the Ultimate Puritan. You only have to read “Sex Plague” to see this puritanical aspect of her character. She is one of those rare females who appears to be repelled by the very thing that fascinates her: Sex, the Forbidden Fruit.

      I have been following Lasha’s career closely only because I went to university in England with her sister Lucy. (Her poems will also be found on this site). According to Lucy, who adores Lasha, Lasha is a totally dysfunctional person who needs protecting. A bit schizoid, in fact.

      BTW, I hope I’m going to be allowed to speak frankly here. Without being deleted. Maybe I’m testing the Editor’s patience and powers of tolerance…

  26. Berenice, thank you for linking “Sex Plague.” That is a powerful piece, although I fail to see how it supports the idea that LD is anything like the Ultimate Puritan. Fighting against the misuse of something, whether via excess or defect, and championing its right use, is hardly a fault — whereas puritanism, as I understand it, is fundamentally erroneous.

    The world is completely inundated with filth. LD’s works, from what I know (which is likely far less than what you know), seek to expose the evil and, to whatever degree possible, rage against it.

    As for her needing protection — an idea with which I am neither agreeing nor disagreeing — who doesn’t? There is an unspeakably-intense war being waged and it has eternal consequences. Even the strongest among us would be absolute toast within a nanosecond if we did not receive protection from God and His angels. This is a very dark hour and countless souls are being lost precisely because those who should be looking out for them have utterly abandoned their posts. I realize you probably know all that, but I mention it all the same. Godspeed.

  27. Indeed… It is a case of the demon-like, conscienceless sociopaths leading the willfully-blind who do not possess (or no longer possess) the love of the truth. One group appears to have never really possessed normal, complete human natures; the other, at some point along the way, exchanged theirs for what amounts to a mess of pottage. Blind I can deal with; sociopaths and the willfully blind are another story altogether. Godspeed to you and yours.

  28. an effective way of combatting the obvious truth is to exaggerate it to the point of absurdity, which is the talmudists’ last stand.

    as for xanadu’s alleged obessession with carnal matters, i suspect that these, like obssessions generally, arise from neglect rather than overindulgence.

    one may see its antithesis in many jews’ obssession with spirituality as something forever foreign and unattainable to materialistic parasites only able to scavenge off the corrosion and decay they initiated.
    this is because spirituality denotes growth and synthesis while direction and endpoint of the self-“chosen” are irrevocably tied in with that of entropy.

    their anguish and traumas are intimately tied in to this realization, i.e., they are victimized by an immutable and universal law (can’t serve two masters).
    despite squalling about possession of an exclusive soul while we are just temporal organic forms, the truth haunts them in their disturbed sleep.

  29. This is not the first website I’ve scanned that appears to be much more intellectual than I am prepared to enter. Just want to say that I was born 1936 in Iowa and have found R Crumbs art resonating — cartooning or ricky ticky 1930s cheap suit serenading. Whether or not the jews rule the world it’s a fascinating place and I’m glad to have been here for the ride. Long live Mr & Mrs Crumb!!!

    1. An intellectual website? This? You must be joking! I do my intellectual slumming here. This is an arty-crafty, Jew-bashing porn site for low brows.

  30. Oh I loved this because it is so true-every bit of it–Especially the end…….SO,ENCOURAGING…thanks Lasha Darkmoon!!! And may God bless and protect you as we all continue down this path of discovery of the real truth. The more naysayers spewing their vicious lies only means that you’re getting better and better, hitting it where it hurts!

  31. Jessel Meyer,yer either a hasbara or just another sniveling,limp-wristed,bagel-eating,mamas boy mockie…LOL.

  32. Fun, and you’re right too. For sure a joke. his famous sexisim is also a put on, he likes to make fun of by acting like. And he even own it when it’s his own foibles he’s mocking, says so straight up. Upsets some but approve of it or not the intent is good.

    but, um….past tenses? Aline Kominsky is quite alive still and they are happy couple of cooks in france at the moment i think still making stuff together from time to time?

    “It must be remembered that Robert Crumb’s second wife, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, was Jewish. Born into a middle-class Jewish family in New York, the Goldsmiths, Aline was a highly talented underground comics artist in her own right. She was known to collaborate with her husband Robert on many of his assignments.”

  33. Funny!!!!! I want to get in touch with R. Crumb as I have an idea regarding Hero’s Of Da Blues. I’m a musician, I live and work in south Louisiana. I have a cool idea Id like to talk with Mr. Crumb about. Thank you. Paula Rangell 85046 Hgwy 437, Covington, Louisiana 70435. 504-388-0266

  34. Would like to read my papers on my discover of Genetics/DNA male Y gene and the Jews and other European nations?

  35. So sorry to see that this man is so mentally ill. It’s really very sad to witness a thing like this, especially for his loved ones. I hope Mr. Crumb’s family gets him the mental help that he desperately needs. Get well, Mr. Crumb. Help is on its way and I’m praying for you!

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