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    1. Okay, I believe you. It’s a great picture. Very gothic. You have talent and imagination. I will delete the picture if you insist, but I now ask your permission to use it.

      How could I ask your permission before if I didn’t know how to get in touch with you?

  1. Lasha,

    I don’t think there’s any legal requirement to delete pictures that can be obtained from Google images. They are in the public domain.

    Besides, “Mistabys” has given you no proof that he/she owns the right to the picture. Anyone can write in to a website and claim to be “Mistabys”. How can you be sure this is not an imposter?

    1. Thanks for your input, Sardonicus. But I’ve already given Mistabys my word. I’ll do what Mistabys wants.

  2. there are other pictures, lasha.

    besides the woman in the picture looks … you know …

    you can do better than that.

    1. I like the picture. It has a certain quality. A je ne sais quoi . . .

      Let’s see what Mistabys says. I await his/her instructions.

      Funny name, that. Makes you think. Could it be be an abbreviation of “Mr Abyss” or “Mystic Abyss”?

      1. Here you go. I reckon you could ask her.


      1. The right eye is icy blue, the left brown. Kind of a Siberian Husky look.


      2. i am sticking to my first comment.

        besides, vampires are androgynous parasitical bloodsuckers who take advantage of dumb hosts who invite them into their homes.
        they operate under cover of darkness, the sight of crucifix and the light of truth burn them.
        they sleep in secrecy of their native soil (wherever the hell that is).
        whoever comingles with them is marked similarly and joins the tribe in perdition, et cetera, et cetera, read my lips.

        sound familiar?
        i think the peasants concocted this allegory to avoid being charged with hate speech by overlords.

        it might be sexy for some but the effect is lost on me.

        1. “i think the peasants concocted this allegory to avoid being charged with hate speech by overlords.”

          A profound and highly original remark, Lord Lobro. I never thought of the vampire myth in those terms before. You’ve struck a rich vein of gold there.

          This doesn’t however explain the extreme fascination among the young today for the vampire cult and all things gothic, as is typified by Ms. Mistabys who is doing her best to look lethal and lovely and kiss-me-deadly.

          Here she is again, looking like an understudy for Lady Dracula. Imagine the Carpathian mountains in the background, wolves howling under the full moon, and the flash of lightening over haunted graveyards…


          1. so did mistah biz agree to your using his-her pictures?

            and yes, it is always full moon over carpathian mountains.
            i am there right now and can testify to that … cross my heart and hope to be bitten.

          2. This doesn’t however explain the extreme fascination among the young today for the vampire cult

            consider too the extreme fascination with death and blasphemy of christian symbols as seen in pop culture, all the tattoos and clothing imprinted with skulls and lizards, exaggerated crosses worn ornamentally and sometimes upside down, the worship of ugly and unwell.

            and who is the driver of drivel?

            and don’t get me started on “art” scene where appreciation of old masterpieces is considered hick while degenerate and utterly incoherent assumes the mantle of estoric depth … hitler was better painter than just about anyone hung in galleries over the past 70 years.

            but why am i preaching to the choir, you know this hundred times better than i.

            in fact, the morbid fascination of today’s youth, as moronic as any in history is quite easily explained.

          3. and yes, it is always full moon over carpathian mountains. i am there right now and can testify to that … cross my heart and hope to be bitten.

            Love at first bite, huh?

        2. Not to mention that they’re all 600 or 800 years old and yet they still hang out with high school kids.

          Wow, that’s awesome..

        3. @ lobro

          so did mistah biz agree to your using his-her pictures?

          Well, I haven’t contacted Mistabys’s personal email address to ask her permission. I asked her permission above, didn’t I? So it’s up to her to tell me what she wants me to do … in the comments section here.

          I’ll do what she says.

          She’s taking a long time to respond, I must say. Maybe it’s daytime in Transylvania and all the vampires are fast asleep in their coffins, each in their crypt, waiting for the shadows of night to fall. Maybe she’s sleeping in after a busy night of blood drinking…

          I’m keeping my fingers crossed she’s okay.

  3. Actually, this piece is more kind than, say, the poetess’s ‘Succuba Singing’. In this, she admonishes the poor fool to stay away… In the other, she invites. Both poems have their seductive qualities. One cannot help but wonder (especially a man!) what events in life inspired these verses.

    I am very fascinated by Lasha Darkmoon’s poetry. Somewhere in her psyche there is a PROFOUND candor…

    1. “Profound candor” my wop butt lasha is about “profound candor”. Lasha isn’t about any kind of candor period. Lasha is yet another online jew liar feigning to be a “truth-teller”. More accurately, Lasha is a donmeh jew, and she entitled her website “Darkmoon” in “honor” of the jew-satanic-jew goddess “Lilith”.

      Lasha isn’t about any kind of candor. She’s about Satanism. The name of her website is the most honest thing about her website. Other than that, she’s a liar.

        1. Truly. I mean it. Some of you seem so damn well-informed – and by comparison, I am just a naive redneck.
          WHAT is a ‘donmeh jew’????

          Lasha, are YOU up to answering that for me?? (I don’t really care if you are a jew, or not, btw. I just visit yours and Monty’s site because I find you very interesting, and I like you.)(I’m not SUCH a stupid redneck that I believe you’re altogether candid, but your articles are great, and you have been kind enough to show-off some of my poetry.)

          Yes, guys – I am a stupid goy who doesn’t hate all jews, if you want. I enjoy your commentary and your display of knowledge. FYI, I am not prone to stay on the computer all day, and therefore cannot immediately respond to answers or comments, but I’ll respond whenever I encounter something to which it would be amiss not to do so. Thank you.

          1. @ Gilbert Huntly

            If you don’t know what “Donmeh Jews” are, if you don’t know what the expression means , can it be possible you’re so incapable and so stupid you can’t even figure out how to do an online search for the meaning of the expression “Donmeh Jews” on your own initiative ?

            Or, should Lasha also spoon feed you your baby mush food as you sit secure in your baby high-seat, all ready for mommy to feed and take care of you, while she simultaneously explains the term “Donmeh Jews” to you? Should she also change your Pamper diapers also after she feeds you and explains the expression “Donmeh Jews” to you?

          2. gilbert,

            donmeh are cryptos originating in 16th century in turkey who are followers of an antichrist prototype by name of sabbatai tzvi (zevi ), who marketed himself as messiah untilsu ltan forced him into conversion and the followers, well, followed.

            the gay dictator mustafa kamal ataturk who deposed the last sultan and brought in opressively secular style of government was a donmeh.
            as such they planned and directed the slaughter of armenians.

  4. @ Salvatore Joe

    Oh, no! I would not THINK to be so industrious as to deprive you the opportunity to exert your superior knowledge! I know you THRIVE on jiggling your fat ass on your hemorrhoid cushion while vigorously attacking someone with your fat, pudgy, sticky fingers tip-tap-tapping across the keyboard. Have you taken time to shower this month, or have your wardens not let you out of your cell???? (I guess they can always open the food trap and high-pressure-hose you down when the stench starts permeating the rest of the asylum.)

    1. I apologize for being mean, Joe. But while we’re on the subject (and you seem to know SO MUCH about these matters) – do you think she’ll let me breast-feed????! 🙂

  5. @ Gilbert Huntly

    I didn’t take offense at your remarks. No need to apologize, but thank you anyway. I get bored here in the “asylum” so sometimes I start trouble.

    The wardens here encourage me to take out my frustrations online so I don’t take out my frustrations on them. That’s why they gave me my very own computer, complete with GOOGLE and YouTube Search Engines so I can do online searches for topics and subjects that I’m unfamiliar with. That’s how we learn.

    I’m not fat by-the-way. I’m skinny. I’m a skinny spaghetti bender, not a “fat-ass” spaghetti-bender. I was always a skinny Italian kid. While skinny, I’m also thick-skinned, not a sensitive one, not a sensitive poet type.

    I’m grateful the wardens here let me have my very own computer so I can take out my frustrations online and not on the wardens. If I were to take out my frustrations on the wardens they would deny me the Saturday night special here at the “asylum” : Spaghetti-and-Meatballs. My favorite all-time dish, though raviolis and meatballs comes in a very close second.

    I have to sign- off now, yesh li ke’ev rosh. Crying babies always give me a ke’ev rosh.

  6. @ Gilbert Huntly

    Keep composing those romantic poems which is your forte, and you’ll have all the women around wanting to breast feed you 24/7/365, no problem there dude. You never know until you try. Never give up.

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