By lonely windows

By lonely windows

See the damned at twilight sitting
by their lonely windows where

night’s black shadows, ghostly flitting,
mark their features with despair.

Here they swoon in rooms of fire
raging for red moons that bring
satisfaction of desire
such as make their demons sing.

Pale and trembling, sick with anguish,
lashed on by their old
see them in long shadows languish
for their dead loves in convulsions.

Crazed with lust, they waste their treasures,
lost and doomed to their devices:
secret sins and sickly pleasures
and sad, solitary vices.

7 thoughts to “By lonely windows”

  1. What sadness, Professor! You have a grave, poetic observation on certain lives – but I doubt it reflects your own. You, m’lady, are a deep well of reflection!


    1. Lasha is not a “Professor”. This is this last thing she would like to be called. She has described herself more than once as an “anti-intellectual”.

      1. The little I’ve been able to figure out about Lasha is that she is NOT, as the word “Professor” suggests, a bespectacled bluestocking type! And she does NOT (as some uncharitable person recently suggested) have a wart on the tip of a nose! I happen to know this from my detailed investigations. Her nose is fine! Lasha is in every way the embodiment of her name…

        1. did i really say that?
          apologees … just getting my imagination under control in order not to “waste my treasures”.

  2. Well, I call her “Professor” out of respect – AND because I find her site of great interest, and applaud her audacity. No, I do not have perception of her being the “blue -stocking” type; rather, I perceive (and wish to continue to perceive) her being a beautiful, exotic woman. (Her website certainly suggests it – and I think she has accomplished what she intended thereby.)

    Whether or not she is a jewess matters little to me. I do not think she IS – but, again, it makes no difference. I am what I am, and am willing to take-on all assaults. I can tell by her style and content she is somewhat “anti-intellectual” – especially by her intentional distaste for explicit punctuation and references to “archaic” verse/tack. That is fine with me. By her own parlay, she is about twenty years my junior, and it is understandable that she is more rebellious against her roots. She will get over it. Having always been an admirer and champion of strong and beautiful women, my hat is off to her!

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