The never-ending road: Gian Franco Spotti (Italian translation)


A translation of a Darkmoon adaption of a Sufi poem entitled ‘The Never-Ending Road’

amore mio,
non possono farti del male.
Non possono fartene affatto.
La tua anima è intatta.

Non preoccuparti del tuo destino
o di dove te ne andrai
o torturati con i pensieri
delle cose vergognose che
facesti tempo fa

Cresci dal passato
ma vivi nel presente:
Stringi il Momento di Adesso
Quell’Adesso sempre in evoluzione.

Ascolta, amore mio:
la luce è eterna.
Non può mai essere perfetta.
L’evoluzione si evolve da se stessa.
Solo l’Adesso è eterno.

Guarda i miliardi di stelle!
Guarda i miliardi di passi!
Guarda i miliardi di anime!
Guarda i miliardi di vie!
Guarda i miliardi di destini
Guarda i miliardi di modi di crescere

Ascolta, amore mio:
abbi coraggio!
restando senza macchia
mentre ti incammini sulla strada senza fine

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    We welcome this and two other Italian translations (see below) of Lasha Darkmoon’s poems and adaptions by distinguished Italian translator Gian Franco Spotti. On subsequent days, six more Gian Franco translations will be published, bringing this week’s total to nine translations.

    Apart from these nine translations, Gian Franco has translated ten other Darkmoon poems into Italian, making a grand total so far of nineteen on this site. He has also translated several of Lasha Darkmoon’s political articles into Italian and these have appeared on a number of websites in Italy. Gian Franco is a polymath and poet who is fluent in several foreign languages, including French, German, and of course English.

    Thank you, Gian, for taking the trouble to bring Lasha Darkmoon’s work to the attention of the Italians.

    — John Scott Montecristo, Editor

    1. Dear John
      you are welcome. I will go on translating Lasha’s poems because they are simply wonderful (although some of them are really hard to translate into italian and I’m afraid to do a bad job).
      Lasha’s poems simply derserve to be translated and known.
      I also would like to translate them in french and german (at least some of them) but time is not my friend for the moment.
      Keep in touch

      Gian Franco

      1. Big thank you to Gian Franco for spreading the word about the f Darkmoon’s work to Italian audience. That is truly a brilliant idea. I find her poems to be fascinating and the images she employed are very powerful and complementary.

        I have to privilege of meeting this young lady at The Ugly Truth about three years ago. Dr. Lasha Darkmoon is a lioness and an aspiration for the humanity. People like her are hard to get by, difficult to ignore, and impossible to forget.

        I have to confess, every time some one here mention her age of 33 yrs, I instantly think of the number of time the name of Jesus Christ[may peace be upon him] mentioned in the Holy Quran. It is exactly 33 times. That was also his age[33 yrs] when he died and his soul was raised to Heaven.

        I wish my friend Lasha a long, healthy and prosperous life.

      2. @ Gian Franco

        I second that motion.
        Regrettably, I don’t know Italian. I hope I would be able to read Lasha’s poems in German in the near future.

        Vielen Dank for heir. [thanking you in advance in German] or [literally: many thanks in advance.]

  2. Thanks for posting this and other two Gian Franco translations. Even without knowing much Italian, I can understand these translations quite easily by my knowledge of French and Spanish. When stuck, there is always the original Darkmoon poem to refer bacck to. I commend GF for his dedication in taking on Darkmoon. “Cage” is not an easy poem to translate.

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