The Unknown Oonána

The Unknown Oonána

What is it that drives you
into the arms of sorrow?
Why are you always sighing?
Cry to me to save you
and I’ll come tomorrow
if you keep on crying.

You lust for the Stranger
in the hope that nirvana
will be found in her lonely
arms. It’s me you long for!—
the Unknown Oonána—
the One! the Onl

9 thoughts to “The Unknown Oonána”

    1. Noor,

      Many thanks for your kind words. Hope you had a Happy Christmas. BTW, I cc’d you a Christmas card (along with a few other select people), but my email was blocked by your server! Sorry about this.

      Just to let you know that many servers, including hotmail, have now put me on a proscribed list so that I can no longer send out links to new articles. In future, the only way I will be able to contact you (without being blocked) is through your Comments column. Hope you don’t mind…?

      Sincere best wishes,


      1. Lasha,

        Sorry to hear your Lists are being blocked. It’s because of your anti-Zionist writings. You can expect this sort of persecution from the powers-that-be. They are trying to make it hot for you and restrict your readership. They’d like to muzzle you and shut you down permanently.

  1. Here is Les Visible prabhu’s latest poem.
    Forgive me if I offend or intrude upon Lasha’s domain in a rude manner..
    Perhaps Lasha, if so inclined, might find an more appropriate place.

    His Rachel Corrie Moment (In Memory of Asma al-Mughayr). (by Les Visible)

    the cross-hairs fix
    across the rooftops

    wind from the south-
    ….five knots

    and leading
    across the space where birds
    have flown

    but now
    in the cold Ashka-Nazi eye

    the young girls form
    moves in laughing dance

    arms gathering the laundry
    she dreams
    and surely she must hope
    of a world and a life beyond today

    as finger tightens
    upon trigger…

    when it came
    the explosion was

    of such a force that…

    he came too

    like Romeo’s ghost upon
    the imagination’s palanquin of night

    the bearers of the darkness
    they toiled
    underneath the thrust

    of bullet and finger touching
    the silenced heart

    blood like a fountain
    sprayed upon the sheets…

    ….some secret code
    that she read as
    she fell dying to the roof


    his Rachel Corrie moment come
    round at last.

    1. Many thanks for sharing this moving poem with us, Homer. Poor Asma. A child shot through the head by an Israeli sniper. And then her 16-year-old brother. It bring tears to my eyes—tears of rage—when I think of what those demonic Israelis have managed to get away with. I hope and pray their karma catches up with them soon.

      Incidentally, this website is not “Lasha’s domain”. That is a misconception. is owned entirely by John Scott Montecristo. Lasha has no control on what gets published here.

    2. “his Rachel Corrie moment come
      round at last” …
      i think visible was paying homage to “what rough yeats” here, giving the similarity of terrain.

      may the hour of justice come closer to all in 2012.

  2. lobro: Amen to that. Happy New Year to all. Hope 2012 is the year PALESTINE will be FREE and INDEPENDENT. Rachel Corrie has paid a down payment with her life, as many others over the years toward this noble cause.

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