Vampire Nights


Find me, grind me, give me
Love to make me whole:
Drill me, spill me, fill me—
Possess my empty soul!

Need me, seed me, bleed me
Never set me free!
Take me, break me, slake me—
Know my mystery!

Say me, sigh me, soothe me:
“None can take your place!”
Touch me, pet me, play me
Stroke my flawless face.

Bend me, rend me, ride me
Ravish me with delight—
Bite me, suck me, kiss me
In the crypts of night!

Pash me, plash me, pull me
Apart like Satan’s whore:

Drain me, stain me, pain me—
Make me beg for more!

Scare me, tear me, tell me
What I need to do—
Fill me, thrill me, kill me
Till I’m just like you.

An adaption of ‘Vampire Love’ by Singian

(Published here originally under the pen name ‘Anonyma’)

4 thoughts to “Vampire Nights”

  1. This is absolutely brilliant. A memorable poem. In fact, one of the best on this site. And the picture goes with the poem perfectly.

  2. J’adore cet poème…c’est hallucinant!
    Je suis poète moi-même… et je séche d’envie!

  3. This poem is written very well, and it is quite catchy and memorable. However, as with some of the other poems posted here, I have a hard time understanding the attraction to views of sexuality that are so dark. To view sex as something inherently dangerous, violent and dirty, as well as all about power, seems rather ugly, unreasonable and puritanical (anti-human/Yahweh-worshiping).

    About joy, spirit and beauty it ain’t. All sincere respect to the writer, but I do not get it. A good poem, though.

  4. Sometimes I think of telling others about this website but don’t, like for the last couple weeks, for example, ever since Vampire Nights has been posted. It was the same when other, even more disturbingly offensive prose and poetry was here (later happily removed, I might add). It’s not so much that this moderately lascivious and masochistic poem is on this site as that it’s the first thing a person sees when coming to this website. The first thing one sees makes an impression, sends a message. I realize it’s the first poem on the home page because it’s the last poem that’s been submitted and posted. But still, even though the poem is structurally beautiful and also powerful in the tragic picture it paints, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, so to speak, and when juxtaposed with most of the other poems here which are of noble, lofty, and inspiring content as well as structural appeal and other positive qualities, I think it belongs in a separate place besides where it now is, front and center, saying, “Welcome to the Lasha Darkmoon website! Check this out – this is the kind of beautiful poetry you’ll find here!”

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