Chanson d’Automne (Verlaine translation)

Chanson d’Automne

the long sobbing
of violins
in fall of year
sickens my soul
and grieves it…all
hopes perish here

see woebegone
me pale and wan
how time’s a-creeping
on slow…while i
remember my
lost youth a-weeping

and so i go
on winds of woe
borne on by grief
hither and thither
like a dry wither
ing yellow leaf

One thought to “Chanson d’Automne (Verlaine translation)”

  1. Incredible translation…. Your article on the music of poetry is my favorite yet. I believe knowing this information has a transformative effect on all who read it because we then become more conscious of our word choices even in daily conversations, and the use of slang and jargon may change with conscious choices. Thanks for all you do. Love and blessings, Your cyber admirer, Jill

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