What Woman Wants: Gian Franco Spotti (Italian translation)


Cosa vuole una donna

A translation of Lasha Darkmoon’s ‘What Woman Wants’

“Cosa vuole una Donna?”
Non è una domanda
che devi porre.
Anzi, chiedi: come può una
donna essere dominata, come
tenerla relegata al suo dovere?

Come si può farle sapere
qual è il suo posto? Bisogna
tagliarle le orecchie?
Il modo in cui adopera le
sue furbizie il suo ingegno!
Come la si può fermare?

E’ stato saggio fare
uscire questo genio
dalla bottiglia?
Guarda l’uomo in catene, la donna
il suo padrone! E’ così che le
cose devono essere?

16 thoughts to “What Woman Wants: Gian Franco Spotti (Italian translation)”

  1. I don’t understand Italian nor I ever lived in a poetic dream – but the fact is a great majority of women in the so-called ‘liberated West’ – are not happy. A 2009 sudy proved my point of view.

    The study conducted by professors Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers (University of Pennsylvania) for the Social Science Reserch Network (SSRN) – concludes that though American women are better off economically since 1970s – socially they feel more miserable than before…..


  2. @ Rehmat

    I don’t like to disappoint you, Rehmat, but I think this research is highly suspicious. Especially if, as I believe, it’s two Jewish professors who are conducting this research. “Stevenson” may be a non-Jewish name, but the suffix -son is very Jewish. As for “Wolfers”, that sounds Jewish to me. I suspect all research from a Jewish source as serving a Jewish agenda. Truth is always a secondary consideration for Jews.

    The big question with them is always: “Is this good for the Jews? Does promoting this idea serve Jewish interests or not?”

    If it’s a false idea and serves Jewish interests, they promote it as the truth; and if a true idea and does not serve Jewish interersts, they denounce it as a lie.

    It is true that women are more miserable than they have ever been, but who is responsible for that? The Jews. They are responsible for abortion and sexual promiscuity. They are the chief disseminators of porn. They own the media and Hollywood and, through those means, help to shape the minds and moods of Americans.

    If women are miserable, say thank you to the Jews!

    As for women being economicaly better off than they were in the 1970s, that applies only to the women in highly paid skilled work. It doesn’t apply to the millons of women who have been laid off work in a country where the economy has been ruined by the Jews. And what about those women who have worked all their lives and seen their pension funds plundered by Jewish banksters and Wall Street sharks?

    As for the low-paid female jobs — cleaners and waitresses and such — anyone who claims that these exploited women are better off today than they were in the 1970s is either a liar or a Jew.

    One thing I will say for the Jews. They have expanded opportunities tremendously for women who wish to work in the porn industry. If you’re an out-of-work shiksa who is reasonably good-looking, and you don’t mind taking off your clothes and being screwed by a Jewish porn star like Ron Jeremy, there’s big bucks in it for you. Maybe.

    There’s also venereal disease, abortion, drug addiction, sex addiction, and the suicide ward.

    Thank you, Jews, for making life so happy for us all!

  3. Rehmat, funny that you picked up on that study of 09, which sparked a series of my own musings on the topic, right around the time of your own blogs’ initiation. http://vestigialvision.com/2009/06/15/duende/ took aim at what I considered to be the serial perpetrators of a campaign to debase women in their own view of themselves, but I was, at the time, much more circumspect in naming names or assigning blame to specfic ethnic groups or gender factions.

    It’s also amusing for me to look back through the pages of that same site and see the progression of thoughts that led to a narrowing of focus onto the cabbalistic talmudists as the chief villains of the narrative of cultural genocide which Darkmoon’s articles have borne such eloquent and impassioned witness to. With the benefit of hindsight, I can now see how her instinctual response as a poet and a female follows the same scent of betrayal and mischief as that which cast me upon my own trail…those within our own ranks who have fallen prey to the fleshly enticements, the pederasts, the pedophiles, the ‘transgendered’ and dual citizened usurpers of political power in our age, have worked the poison of their black magician masters for centuries now, until the point where we remaining inheritors of the traditions of civilization, east and west, are besieged and on the brink of being ousted from our few remaining places of refuge in this dark era.

    Your bringing a Muslim perspective to this issue of our common displacement from our own cultural homelands is most welcome, as I have long called for the unity of all peoples of the Book against their shared oppressors, whose chief device is the sowing of divisions(Shia vs Shiite – Catholic vs Orthodox etc.,) in order to divide and rule.

    As to exactly whom those oppressors may be, I will address the following comments to Sardonicus, who like others here has made no secret for his contempt for those who do not share his views on the subject. This obsession with foisting the role of villain upon “the jews'” is one in which you will find little ultimate reward. Not only do names in our current era do little to reflect the origins of those who bear them, the attempt to make everything fit to your agenda becomes similar to trying to placing a fly in the soup to get the waiter to reduce your bill. Literally millions of those of us with ‘Nordic’ background, throughout Europe and the UK have patronyms with SON, without any recourse for supposition of a “jewish” forebear. How you can expect to increase the credibility of your argument in defiance of that fact is a mystery.

    But bear in mind, my recent introduction to this site was marked by reading what one of the victims of your zeal at hunting shadows most rightly called the ‘surreal’ experience of the original “What Woman Want’s” entry – a highly entertaining ‘carnival of souls-esqe funhouse’ – that post and accompanying comments – taken as a whole, which led me subsequently to ascribe to Darkmoon’s site here a quality of Borges – like magic realism. Sometimes amusing, sometimes troubling, but always dream-like in the best of senses!

    I myself bear you no ill will for your wish to impugn and attack other commentators here for their imaginary ‘jewishness,’ and\or deviation from what you imagine to be the ONLY truth, a} because your opinion as I have seen it expressed here to date is not of great concern to me personally, and b}because of the necessity of rising above the level of the petty personal, imposed upon all of us with a sincere interest in defending our culture in this time of great crisis, so that we can remain united and focussed upon that common peril. Should you care to unequivocably sign on with that agenda, which I understand to be the implict mandate of Darkmoon’s venture here,(I speak only for myself and make no presupposition of anyone else’s position) I suspect that your contributions will carry more heft in the future, and be welcome as such. For my part, I’m inclined to supposed that over the top histrionics from both the pro and anti ‘jewish’ extremes emanate ultimately from the same source, in keeping with the longstanding sionist workbook to dissimulate and obscure.

    Those who attack “jews,” as opposed to the shadowy but discernable forces which manipulate them, as well as us, are in the same boat as those who would attack “germans” as a group for having been manipulated by a shadowy group of racial hegemonists who I would argue were but a mirror image of the talmudic racialists who controlled them. The argument exhausts itself in illogic and petulant finger pointing, of the kind one generally outgrows sometime during grade school.

    1. I get your point, Lorcy. I shouldn’t have attacked the “Jews”. That was rather silly and unsophisticated of me. Mea culpa. I should have distinguished, as Darkmoon constantly does, betweem “elite organized Jewry” (bad) and “ordinary individual jews” (often good).

      Unfortunately, in writing quickly and without due care, one tends to become slipshod and uses the word “Jews” as shorthand for “organized Jewry”. I’d like to assure you that Darkmoon herself falls into this error when writing informally for this Comments section, though she is far more circumspect when writing her articles.

      The name “Stevenson”, I admit, is far more likely to belong to a non-Jew than to a Jew, and it is ridiculous to accuse someone with the -SON suffix of being Jewish. I do so here only because Ms StevensSON is here linkled with a Ms WOLFERS, which I take to be a Jewish name, and because there is something about their common research that serves a distinctly Jewish agenda. It gives off an aroma of mendacity.

      1. A well crafted response Sardonicus, and one which allows me to put forward a couple of points on which our divergent viewpoints could conceivably mesh as much as collide. I welcome all well considered critique of the views I express here, in order that the praxis of our self defense moves forward.

        Raised upon the myth that that our families’ Scots-Irish forbears were, if white trash in the eyes of their English ‘betters,’ at least ethnically ‘whole,’ I have had to go through a long period of reconsideration, knowing now as I do that the investment of the Keltic and Teutonic worlds by a motley crew of Sephardic jews, refugee Templars, and stray Azkenazis is an established fact. A book such as “When Scotland Was Jewish” can be dismissed in it’s central thesis, (or in your case because of the authors’ name) but the takeaway from the mounting evidence is that these ‘alien’ elements have long intermingled with the racial core of the European subcontinent. I use the term ‘alien’ as a marker of what cultural values I consider to be outside those common to that racial core – others, such as yourself might use it to isolate a racial strain they believe to be outside it’s plurality. Speaking personally, I am quite comfortable with the distinction. My personal experience has lead me to believe that ‘jews’ are entirely capable of delisting themselves from those alien attributes of their birth, and becoming people of the highest value. In other words, even children indoctrinated to believe us goy are mere cattle, and lying and cheating are our due, can wean themselves of this disturbing pathology and remake themselves into upholders of civilized society. A debate of nature vs. nurture, if you will.

        Returning to my initial point, the result of this intermingling of ‘alien’ types is that none of our ‘western’ haplogroups are “pure” in the sense that the term is meant to imply. Whether that is good, bad, or indifferent is up to each of us to decide for ourselves, but the upshot is that there is every chance that a modicum of “jewish” or “alien” blood exists in any family background amongst us. When it becomes a primary issue of self-identity, this admixture, as I have previously alluded to here, can, in cases like that of Hitler and other typical Mischlinger halfcastes, lead to breakdowns in the psyche and sociopathic behavior.(Much of which I believe to be deliberately devised and controlled by demonic cabbalist forces – aka CIA Mossad/BnaiBrith MI-6 etc in the current day.)

        I believe that the opportunity Darkmoon presents us here is to enter into real debate about the implications of our ‘mixed’ heritage, our troubled selves and poisoned polity, and through mutual recognition of our common strengths and weakness’, strive for a consensus as to how to save the culture we have inherited for those who come after us. Wholeness returns from solidarity, self-acceptance, and willingness to sacrifice for the common good.

        My second point would be to say that in the matter of how we defend our culture, the widest possible network of alliances needs be sought. From Louis Farrakhan and the black separatists to Arab-Turkic-Persian-Indic nationalists and Asians of all descriptions, we need to be reaching out as brothers and sisters in a common cause against those whose hatred of ALL of what is HUMAN is the marker of their truly ALIEN status. Cabbalists seek to genetically modify our genome because they long ago sold their souls to the Devil, and it’s still the presence of “soul” which is our unique DNA signature in this universe.

        White, Black, Red, Brown or Yellow, we are all under attack from the same source. Our unity is “their” undoing.

        1. Weird thinking. Out of the box. Cabbalist conspiraces. Demonic possession. Selling one’s soul to the devil.

          I don’t object. I just say:

          “Weird thinking. Out of the box…etc etc…” 🙂

          1. Weird times, Berenice, weird worlds we be a part of. Strategies of adaptation apply.

            Lasha seems to know of same, in
            “Demon Worlds” she names the names.

            What grave compulsion majic draws, or
            is “Succuba Singing” just prettiful games?

            To light moths flit till finally paused, by
            wings fresh singed and lovers’ blames.

            I’m muchly more adept at making my mark via prose, and do there what I can to keep up to the dark motifs that constitute the norm here when expressed poetically…I’m looking around for an unburnt set of waxed wings, but I fear they’ve all been used up.

          2. @ Lorcan

            Hey, I didn’t know you were a poet! Why don’t you submit some of your work to this site…?

  4. phew, am i out of my depth here, like clubfooted hunchback igor barging onto a milanese fashion runway … but as far as i can tell, what woman wants is to be spoken to in eyetalian, yes?

    1. “…what woman wants is to be spoken to in eyetalian, yes?

      What a woman wants, Lobro, is to be able to light up a cigar as you do and not be stared at in an unseemly fashion. You know what they say: “A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke.”

      When I quoted this to an Englishman in a bar recently, he capped the quote by saying: “A cigar is only a cigar, but a good woman is a poke.”

      When I raised a horrified eyebrow in protest at his needless ribaldry, he hastily changed his tune. “I meant to say: ‘A cigar is only a cigar, but a good guy is a bloke.'”

      Silly man!

      1. if you would only instruct me in how to stare in seemly fashion, i will teach you how to light a cigar.

        (damn, there i go being unintentionally ribald, jeered grunting and limping off the runway)

  5. You do me great kindness, Sardonicus, yet in this case I fear it is unwarranted. Except for extemporaneous snippets of jejeune doggerel I have wisely stayed away from those realms outside of my talents – poetry most particularly!

    I was seeking a device by which to demonstrate to Berenice that the very same thoughts and words employed by me in pedestrian prose are absolutely integral to the poetical visions on display here -and my genuine puzzlement that these same words and themes used in different context would appear to her as “out of the box”!?!?

    Not that I greatly mind the description – I do like to avoid being “boxed in” by mental constructs or tired memes. That’s probably why I took to posting here, bored as I be with more self important places like Occidental Observer….after landing in what at first glance appeared a carnival-esque free-for-all of discordant voices.

    Darkmoon is clearly a Catholic of the old school days, where Juan de la Cruz&Teresa de Avila gave voice to their impassioned struggles with demons and darkness, all the while slying laying their schemes to ascend to angelic dimensions…Long may she wander, restless and abraided, till sated and made whole by her witness and wicked penances!

    1. I’m glad you like posting on this site. It has no pretensions. People know they can say what they wish here without fear of censorship. It’s a humble little meeting place for lovable kooks and maladapts and those who see through a glass darkly…

      1. True enough, that. It’s ALSO a highly charged (potential) launching pad for an effective defense against the dark forces which endanger the liberty to see anything at all, via any lense whatsoever. In asking myself how that could be, I’ve lately come to realize that it’s the very ‘kookiness’ and ‘maladaptation’ that provide the leverage to strike back against the empire.

        Of course, every site, and person, has their pretensions, but those of your site are refreshingly hoary, & therefore currently outside the full spectrum dominance of the cabbalist thought police, who effectively pollute and destroy ventures as noble as KMacs, and many others. In a former age, a ‘Lasha Darkmoon’ would have tempered her passions by crossing the way to Compostela via prostrations, in hopes of securing plenary indulgence. In this incarnation, though you throw off the veil, the outlines of the penitent remain visible to the searching eye…the hopes of many are pinned to the chafed and weary hide with which you seek to exculpate our imagined sins!

        Reading the poems here has given me better context from which to view the comments and commentators, who I increasingly come to enjoy as ‘players’ on the stage of some medieval fair-like theatrical production. It’s YOUR production, and I hope that the closing paragraph from my last comment was taken for the encomium it was meant as! ONWARDS!

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