9/11 bombshell — the truth about 9/11 will destroy Israel!

A US Marine Corps veteran and author asserts that Israel masterminded the 9/11 attacks, saying if Americans were informed of this, they would exterminate the Zionist regime.

“I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at the Headquarters Marine Corps, and I have made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period,” Alan Sabrosky, writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs, said in a clip appearing on the public video-sharing website You Tube.


“It is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation.” — Dr Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the US Army War College.


Sabrosky said his colleagues who are still serving in uniform initially react with incredulity to his assertions but upon his explanations regarding the controlled demolition of the buildings their disbelief gives way to rage.

“First is disbelief, and what I show them immediately afterwards is an interview with a Danish demolitions expert named Danny Jowenko, and it shows the third building at the World Trade Center going down – WTC7.”

“The thing that’s necessary is to tell people:

(1)  THREE buildings went down.
(2)  The third was NOT hit by a plane, it was wired for controlled demolition.
(3)  Therefore, ALL of them were wired for controlled demolition.

And at that point the reaction is rage. First disbelief, and then rage,”  he added.

Sabrosky said if the Americans were apprised of the truth behind the attacks, they would not hesitate to eliminate Israel without any consideration for the costs involved.


“If Americans ever know that Israel did this, they are going to scrub them off the earth,” he said.


On September 11, 2001, a series of coordinated attacks were carried out in the United States, reportedly leaving nearly 3,000 people dead.

The US government claimed that 19 terrorists, allegedly affiliated with the shadowy, Afghanistan-based al-Qaeda group, had hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners to carry out the attacks.

The official US account of the September 11 events has, however, been widely challenged by various quarters in the US and worldwide.

The US, under the administration of former President Bush, invaded Afghanistan in 2001 after claiming that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the members of al-Qaeda harbored by the then Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

The US also attacked Iraq in 2003, insisting that the oil-rich country was in possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

In his September 22, 2011 address to the UN General Assembly, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for an independent international probe into the 9/11 incident, saying the attacks provided the US with a convenient excuse to wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“The Zionists are playing this as truly an all-or-nothing exercise, because if they lose this one, if the American people ever realize what happened, they’re done,” Sabrosky concluded.

See Video here


The latest US allegation against Iran, accusing Iran of being involved in the 9/11 incident, is utterly “preposterous,” a respected political analyst tells Press TV.

James Fetzer, founder of Scholars for the 9/11 Truth, questioned the legality of a Thursday ruling by a US federal judge in Manhattan, alleging Iran’s involvement in the terrorist attacks. He described the judicial ruling as “quite preposterous.”

In an extraordinary move, the court also withdrew Saudi Arabia from the ten-year-old case, even though 15 of the 19 September 11 attackers were Saudi nationals.

Fetzer pointed to multiple investigations on the 9/11 incident by independent journalists, including Alan Sabrosky, Christopher Bolyn, Wayne Madsen, as well as other websites exclusively devoted to probe into the issue, insisting all those researches have revealed that “Israel, the MOSSAD, have played a key role in 9/11.”

The political analyst also made reference to the proposal by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during his address to the UN General Assembly, calling for an independent international probe into the 9/11 incident.

In his September 22 speech, Ahmadinejad said the US government has been involved in the 9/11 attacks or has allowed them to happen to find an excuse to wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Fetzer referred to Washington’s massive media campaign to put the blame of 9/11 on al-Qaeda in the wake of Ahmadinejad’s proposal, and questioned, “So who was it — Iran or al-Qaeda?”

On September 11, 2001, a series of coordinated attacks were carried out in the United States, reportedly leaving nearly 3,000 people dead.


Who did 9/11 — IRAN or  AL-Qaeda?
Or was it ISRAEL?


The US government claimed that 19 terrorists, allegedly affiliated with the shadowy, Afghanistan-based al-Qaeda group, had hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners to carry out the attacks.

The official US account of the September 11 events has, however, been widely challenged by various quarters in the US and worldwide.

The US, under the administration of former President Bush, invaded Afghanistan in 2001 after claiming that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the members of al-Qaeda harbored by the then Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

The US then attacked Iraq in 2003, insisting that the oil-rich country was in possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

This turned out to be the first Big Lie of the 21st century.

See  VIDEO here.


MARK GLENN: Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D, University of Michigan) is a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the US Army War College.

Now, not only that – Dr. Sabrosky correct me if I’m wrong here – not only are you a graduate of the US Army War College, but you were a director of studies there for some period of time – is that correct?

Dr ALAN SABROSKY: That’s correct. For five-and-a-half years.

MARK GLENN (MG): Dr. Sabrosky, I cannot think of an article that I have read in recent memory that basically sums up the problem that we are dealing with right now as accurately and as succinctly as this essay that you have written.

You have, for all intents and purposes, nailed this thing on the head.

I guess the reason why I got so excited over this article, Dr. Sabrosky, is because one of things that I have noted about the problem that we’re dealing with – in terms of Zionism, the power of the Jewish lobby, and what-not – is that everything is shrouded in some type of confusion or mystery, and I think deliberately so. I think one of the biggest components to this powerful foreign interest being able to get as far as it has.

I mean, let’s face it: it got away with attacking a United States ship for close to two hours killing 34 men – this was an act of war, they got away with it.

Not only did they get away with it, they were rewarded with three-billion dollars a year minimum.

When we look at the two wars that the United States finds herself in, and on the cusp of at least two others, and all of this for the benefit of a certain foreign country sitting on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea – they have been wildly successful at bringing all of this about and I think one of the main components of this is the fact that very few people really understand the nature of the problem – and I think that your article here basically lays out the problem, which is that when you have people that try to make this claim that they are loyal to America and, at the same time, loyal to a foreign government, it is a lie.

ALAN SABROSKY (AS): It is, and it’s more than that, Mark. What we need to stand up and say is that not only did they attack the USS Liberty, they did 9/11. They did it.

I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at the Headquarters Marine Corps, and I have made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100% certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period.

9/11 has led directly to 60,000 Americans dead and wounded, God knows how many hundreds of thousands of people in other countries that we’ve killed or wounded or made homeless, and it’s an on-going sore. It’s not your sore from the USS Liberty, it’s not my sore from Vietnam. Both of us have those, both of us care about. But this is an open wound.

And what Americans need to understand is that they did it. They did it. And if they do understand that, Israel’s going to disappear. Israel will flat-ass disappear from this Earth.

I sent a film to one of my colleagues and it basically had Americans grieving over their dead coming back. And I showed one of them — it was a woman — just wrenched by grief over her dead soldier. And I said, you know, if Americans ever know that Israel did this, they’re going to scrub them off the Earth, and they’re not going to give a rat’s ass — forgive my language — what the cost is.

Phil Tourney: Your article needs to be shipped off to the library of congress immediately.

AS: Well, I can tell you it’s being read by some people in Headquarters Marine Corps and at the Army War College. I sent it off to them this past week and I’ve had some long discussions with people up there, and there’s some really, really unhappy people.

MG: What are they saying, Dr. Sabrosky?

AS: Astonishment. The first thing, Mark, is astonishment. They didn’t know. They truly didn’t know. And these are not unintelligent people. They really didn’t know.

And the next statement is rage. Real rage. And the Zionists are playing this as truly an all-or-nothing exercise, because if they lose this one, if the American people ever realize what happened, they’re done.

And if this explodes, I’m going to go down with the rest of them [as a Jew myself]. And I know this. I flat-out know this. But if that was the price for making America whole again….But if that’s the price, then that’s the price I’ll pay. I mean that.

Phil Tourney:  You struck me very, very hard just a second ago when you talked about 911. You’re very willing to say that, yeah, they did it: 911. Yes, they did. And, you know, my heart broke.

MG: Just for the record, Dr. Sabrosky, it was about three years ago…and I made a prediction on the air….Someday, maybe a lot sooner than any of us realize, the United States is going to find herself at war with Israel. And I mean a real, live shooting war.

Now, technically speaking, we ARE at war with Israel because she is at war with us. She is out to destroy us. We just haven’t figured that out yet.

My personal prediction is that probably – again, sooner than any of us realize or would like to envision – Israel is going pull off another 9-11. She’s going to pull of another USS Liberty. Obviously, some pretty powerful people in some pretty prominent places, such as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mike Mullen, believe this is a possibility because he cut short a trip he made to Europe a few years ago to hastily fly to Israel to meet with his counterpart and warn him in no uncertain terms how important it was that there not be another USS Liberty part two.

I think that Israel has been watching all of this and has been saying, “We need to kind of let things cool a little bit for now — if we try to pull another one off right now, then that’s it: we’re going to blow our cover.”

AS: It’s not only a matter of blowing our cover. If Americans ever truly understand that – they’re history. It’ll be a bloody, brutal war – and they’re gone. I mean, it’s not even going to be a close contest. And they know that.

What they understand, I think, as well, is that their leverage is on the political appointments. Their leverage is not in the uniformed services…..the military has not been bought. The military is loyal but it has not been bought….I mentioned to a contact in Headquarters Marine Corps, I said, “You know they did 9/11…” and it was, “You don’t mean it.” I said, “Absolutely”.

And if they ever understand that, these people [the Jews] are history.

(To read the Mark Glenn / Dr Alan Sabrosky interview in full, click HERE)

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  1. We all know who did 9/11. It was Bin Laden and 19 Arabs. Anyone who says otherwise is a FILTHY LIAR and CONSPIRACY THEORIST. 9/11 has been thoroughly investigated by the highest government authorities. The 9/11 Commission Report cannot be doubted.

    A time will come — I hope soon — when 9/11 conspiracy theories that implicate Israel are classified as BLOOD LIBEL. Along with Holocaust denial, both these anti-Semitic defamations of the Jewish people should be made criminal offenses.

    9/11 “Truthers” are in fact all VICIOUS LIARS. Quite frankly, they should be arrested and incarcerated indefinitely for blood libel hate speech.

    Their leaders should be executed for spreading these abominable lies which could whip up anger and ungovernable rage against Jews and quite easily lead to a Second Holocaust.

    Dr Alan Sabrosky is undoubtedly a terrorist and should be arrested at once and tried for high treason.

    1. Go Back to Israel. Americans can think and say what ever we want and guess what 99% of us KNOW Israel had something to do with it. Payback is going to be fun.

    2. O yeah and by the way…It is called HOLOHOAX not “holocaust” we are done with the lies spread by you jews.

  2. holo-shmolocaust!

    is it up to the us army to save us from the goy soap factory?
    if they did that, would they still qualify for noble-noahide-warrior dog tag that various rubensteins around here bedecked them with?

    even though they end up pissing on the corpses of the Ancient Enemy … not to worry, only the bad apples would even dream of such act, i believe there are still 2-3 good apples left.

  3. I think it is unrealistic to assume that Americans, if they learned the truth,
    would destroy Israel. I am afraid the habits of propaganda and passivity
    go too deep for that. The best that could be hoped for is to educate a small
    group capable of real leadership to the truth of the judaic corruption of
    this nation. We have a lot of housecleaning that needs to be done,
    and dedicated and persevering leadership is needed.

  4. Odd that this is so dramatic that people would believe “Israel did 9/11” when so many Jews that took part in this were not Israeli (or even Israelites for that matter). Larry Silverstein lives in the New York area not the East Bank area. Wolfowitz, Feith, Zackheim, Pearl, Hellerstein, and on and on and on are not living in Palestine.

    It is schizophrenic to be so happy that a Jew none of us know anything about (Alan Sabrosky) who is no relation to Judah in any way is going to be advantageous to the worlds Jew problem. It took Sabrosky 10 years to say anything about 9/11. Maybe you can get Sabrosky to admit to the Lavon Affair, the attempted bombing of a Mexican congressional building not long after 9/11, the Jewish Federal Reserve Usury system that Jews arent supposed to take part in, Jew porn, Jew slave trade, Jew pedophilia, Jew media, Jew kosher takeover of our food supply, Jew ritual murder, Jews in the homosexual arena, Jews who are purposely using diversity to destroy all white countries, Jewish Bollockscoust lies, Jew wars and on and on and on. I dont think our hero Alan is going there do you?
    What does this benefit any of us? It can only be used to stunt any condemnation against them and that is what needs to be done as was done over 120 times (in which our own schoolbooks have disregarded). Nothing will be done about this problem until we grab the bull by the horns and rid it from our land(s).

    1. Hey asshole,he who is afraid of the trueth.The rag pickers tribe is.ra.el is NO MORE.Get it.Their seed was wipe out 1300 (bc?)

  5. Not to mention Mark Glenn who hates Whites and lives in the whitest state in the USA. He also says he is a Catholic who doesnt believe in Abraham or anything in the Old Testament. It is impossible to be so hypocritical, but people seem to buy it without doing their homework. Jesus quoted the Old Testament many times and Glenn wont debate ANYONE on it. Its best he sticks with his Jew guests.

    1. “Not to mention Mark Glenn who hates Whites and lives in the whitest state in the USA.”

      I’m white and I’ve known Mark Glenn for years. He doesn’t hate me! He just doesn’t like White Nationalists who suffer from Islamophobia. Mark has a great sympathy for Islam.

      Let’s face it, so many White nationalists are racists, though they pretend to be “racialist” to give themselves a good aura. In private you hear them talking about “niggers”. As a Catholic Christian, Mark Glenn is naturally not too keen on such types.

      BTW, what do you mean by “his Jew guests”?

      1. Yeah I guess those pictures of rednecks he posts all the time are white nationalists. Denmark protested against Muslims as they should, its a white country (Jews want them there to destroy Denmark) and Glenn goes after Denmark. As I said, Glenn will have his normal hypocrites on and nobody that will tell him the truth to his face. He brings Jews in the fold and that should never be forgiven. To bring in a Jew to trust to prove Jews are untrustworthy is psychotic. Thats the beautiful truth and the truth is never ugly unless of course you are a Jew.

        1. Do you want me to make a list of all his Jewish guests Atzmon, Sabrosky, Makow, Lenderman, Morris, Shamir, Vanunu, Morris Herman, Bob Tuskin and every Jew that claims they are against Israel that claim to be Jews there is (maybe 10 in the world, but enough to keep everyone from saying “duh it isnt ALL JEWS”. To save these 10 who may very well be liars (99% chance) we continue to do nothing.
          theuglytruth tut podcast March 24th with Jonathan Azazel {one hour and one minute in the recording} (he says his mother is an Iraqi Jew too and that real Judaism is good even though they are not related to Judah). He calls Glenn and Atzmon his brutha. Something stinks, but it aint coming from Denmark.

          I dont know how his Christian guests can even go along with the guy condemning Abraham when Jesus sure as hell didnt (Christian, Muslim or pseudo Jew).

          1. They also missed the fact that Loughner was a Jew and went into immediate protection mode for him. Him and some of his co-horts took the Nazi crap the media pumped us and ran with it as they are with the Zimmerman case (clearly a Hispanic Jew). You have to ask why?

      2. @ X
        “Not to mention Mark Glenn who hates Whites and lives in the whitest state in the USA.”

        Are you freaking kidding? This is a miss characterization of the man I knew for the last four years. One of his last guest on his podcast show was on other than Pastor Terry White of Florida. Mark Glenn gave him a forum on his show despite the fact this man of God has drew national and international condemnation for his Quran burning stunt show.

        Mark does not hate White people, but he despises the cowardly nature of defunct American-style White Supremacy, the sick hate mongers, and the racist. One their latest crime was the recent cruel murder of shaima Awahi in California. She was a mother of five children.

        It is precisely this kind of hate and crimes that Mark fights against, as well as the lost of our civil liberty. Mark wants nothing more than America to reclaims what it once stood for; home of the free and land of the brave. He wants America to be free again from Jewish control and domination. That is a sovereign nation. The envy of the rest of the world. Where people in other countries lined up in front of our embassies seeking an entry permit to come to America.

        You are certainly talking about the wrong Mark Glenn. Not the one from The Ugly Truth.

        1. Well said, Mahmoud. Both of us have known Mark Glenn for many years. And I would personally trust him with my life. As far as I’m concerned, Mark has passed every litmus test.

          So he’s a “Zionist troll”, is he, because he’s interviewed Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir and Vanunu?

          How much more absurd can you get?

          The thing about Mark is this: he is a passionate anti-Zionist who is absolutely against “organized Jewry” and the international pariah state of Israel, as I am myself. This does not mean he is an anti-Semite in the sense that he thinks ALL Jews are bad. He makes exceptions. And it is the exceptions he interviews.

          Anyone who refuses to interview Gilad Atzmon — on the grounds that Gilad is a secret Mossad agent — would have to be stark raving bonkers! 🙂

          It is to Mark’s credit that he interviews Jews like Gilad.

          1. quote-The thing about Mark is this: he is a passionate anti-Zionist who is absolutely against “organized Jewry” and the international pariah state of Israel, as I am myself. This does not mean he is an anti-Semite in the sense that he thinks ALL Jews are bad. He makes exceptions. And it is the exceptions he interviews. end quote

            We are going to need an interpreter for this absolutely intertwined pile of contradictions. These people dont know what a Jew is, they dont know who, not what Israel is, they dont know what a semite is. It is one lie repeating itself after another. These people are deliberately clueless. This is what the Jew does to stunt word meanings. All they have to do is pay enough people to continue to use words the wrong way (the Jew way). Maybe some day we can all start with a show explaining exactly what all these words actually mean so we arent all running in circles chasing our tails (I mean you folks).

          2. Well I see someone has moved my reply and replaced it with someone elses below. Isnt that swell (another shill). Miss Darkmoon, you know damned well I didnt write this comment below here.

  6. The comments posted are as revealing as the article itself. The former reveal the familiar pattern and truism: that those most shrill, those who resort to demonization , censorship, ad hominem attacks, and threats of institutional incarceration have neither truth, logic, or the weight of argument based on either one.

    1. Are you still working out at Golds (Goldsteins gym) and wearing Ralph Lipschitz shirts, Mark? Why do you continually quote Pat Buchanan when he most likely wants nothing to do with you? You are a Lutheran minister and you dont know what a Gentile is. Keep those phone lines cut off or you will be bombarded.

  7. “A time will come — I hope soon — when 9/11 conspiracy theories that implicate Israel are classified as BLOOD LIBEL. Along with Holocaust denial, both these anti-Semitic defamations of the Jewish people should be made criminal offenses.”

    So….if we don’t buy into your fantasies (your “Shoahbusiness”) and your version of “what happened” in NewYork 10 years ago, then we are subject to blood libel? If we question these events then we deserve to die? No body- and I mean NO BODY, tells me what I can and cannot believe. Your species (I do not even believe your kind are human) are not known for honesty in dealings with those outside your clan. It should come as no surprise to you that awareness of Jewish scheming is growing, and with it disgust for Jews. When I first saw the “911 attacks” on television, I said to myself: that looks like every other controlled demolition that I have ever seen before. So have others. We trust our senses. The Jewsmedia has lost most of its credibility with Americans, Ms. Barnstench, and so has the US goyvernment, which makes the government’s blessing of the “official version” of 911 meaningless. Corrupt governments eventually get replaced, Ms Barnstench, and woe unto your kind when that day comes.

  8. The article has just been updated with a supplement added: Part 3. This consists of a seminal 2010 interview between Mark Glenn and Dr Alan Sabrosky.

    1. I see Bob Woccastein is still pushing that vatican assassins/black pope crap. lol

  9. Lasha, many thanks for the honor of having this appear on your website and indeed for all your hard work. You are definitely oneof the big intellectual guns in our armory.

    My apologies as well for Mel Gibstein (aka ‘Richard from Florida) stinking up the place with his usual kvetching. He trolls all the websites and makes sure to ‘mark his territory’ with his usual inane and pointless comments. He once called into one of my radio programs and referred to Rep. Cynthia McKinney as a ‘gorilla’. And he thinks THIS is what is going to save this dying world and get us back our freedom and our once vibrant culture.

    And you are correct Lasha, I don’t hate whites. In fact, I don’t hate anyone. It is ideas I hate. As far as I am concerned all men (and women) were made in the image of God and–despite what neanderthals like ‘Gibstein’ things, God does not play favorites based upon a person’s color.

    thnx again for the traction


    1. why dont you handle me yourself Marky Mark instead of snitching people out as you always do? You arent having any luck censoring my comments here like you do on your site. I dont censor because Im for the truth. You want me crucified for telling it just like your brutha’s. Good luck with that! Maybe you can get one of your jew buddies on your show to help you expose me to the world. How many is it now you have stabbed in the back? You have no clue what Judaism, a Jew, a Christian or a Gentile even is and wouldnt admit it if someone put it right in your face. You cant accept the truth. Get one of your Jews to help you with the truth in Idaho (im sure you will get plenty of donors). Its all about the shekels. If its about the money you aint no Christian or an American. Get the wandering ashkenazi to splain you what a jew is, you’ll go far, maybe get Hannity’s spot, who knows?

    2. Mark should be able to provide truth I called her a gorilla, no? Lets hear it Mark. Prove it!

      Dont even talk to me till you do.

    3. Maybe one day (I wont hold my breath) you will post some Druze Jews. They dont look like Whites, Marky Mark either. Tell us about the Saudi’s who built the camps in Guantanamo or the Bosnian Muslims working all over Iraq, Afghanistan (not to mention people from every race, creed and color). Where is the inside info from any of them? No, you will use your time blaming White people and Jews as if we are one and the same. The truth means the whole truth, not half truths (and if you dont know it dont open your bagel hole).

  10. Mark loves Marines, just not White Marines (like 98% of them always have been). One Jew Marine and he is a sensation. Nope, nothing wrong here. We are all waiting on our seats edge for Jews to implicate themselves and then prove themselves not guilty in their courtrooms. How in thee hell did a Jew get into the Army war college anyway? They start wars they dont fight them.

  11. LOL…Always good for a chuckle, even if it is sad. And yes, it IS sad.

    Lasha, a friendly warning. I have dealt with ‘Richard’ over the years and can tell you first-hand that he is not ‘of perfectly sound mind’. The only one nuttier I have run into was the infamous ‘Dave from Massachusetts’ who used to call into the show as well. I can also tell you based upon the MANY conversations I have had with him that he sounds more like a Brooklyn Jew than a white Christian, and it has been my suspicion for sometime that he is actualyl a professional troublemaker from either ADL or SPLC whose job is to derail and intelligent conversation of the Jewish problem.

    Just a friendly heads up


    1. Thats always a good line “he is ADL”. If the ADL told the truth it would still be the truth, but you arent going to hear them tell any truth. You just keep bashing the Abe of the Bible like you have been and all your crypto guests will pretend you are a traditional Catholic. Face it, the truth is you just cant handle it (nor Sabrosky who could’ve fit right in with Tom Hanks in “Bachelor Party”

  12. Alan is wearing a Marine sweater so he must be a real gung ho Marine like Jews most certainly always are (gag).

  13. Yes, that’s right ‘Richard–ADL. They LOVE being able to point to anti-Zionist websites and where the comments sections are filled with garbage like you leave, referring to Jews as kikes, blacks as niggers, hispanics as spics, etc, etc, etc, all the while championing your ‘white pride’.

    So whether you–with your thick, Brooklyn accent, are actually ADL or not is immaterial. You do their dirty work for them by dragging otherwise intelligent discussion down to the gutter level so that the folks in the middle who have to choose between one side or the other naturally will avoid anti-jewish supremacist sites like the plague.

    And yes, Richard, you did refer to McKinny or as a gorilla, monkey or whatever. I don’t remember the specifics, whether it was the Liberty hour, Tillawi’s show or if I was filling in for Piper, but you said it distinctly. Congrats Einstein.

    1. So you already passed up the gorilla lie? Now you are on to other lies? RBN has archives- chalk it up or shut up.

  14. Yes its always intelligent to get those high IQ’d Jews on to give us the “intellectual truth”. You think intellect means truth? Einstein was a liar too. He stole from guess who?

  15. Ops I forgot your interview with the Alex Jones made man Geraldo I mean Mike Rivero. Shame on me.

  16. Its certainly is odd how you set Dave from Massatwosetts’ website up yourself and then turned on him. Anyone heard from Dave lately? Dave was on to the Jews of the Oracle network too. I guess he was good enough to get on your show whenever he wanted. You hated me from day one, which is why I knew you were a shill from day one. Never said a word about McKinney, Blacks, Hispanics or anyone, but Jews and you hated me. I get that a lot from Jews (and only Jews). Funny that Pastor Manning always asked me to call back to his show.

  17. Do I need to repeat that what the Ziocons wanted – they got it. They wanted a clash between the Judeo-Christian West and the Muslim East to destroy future Muslim threat to Israel by western armies invading and occupying Muslim lands – and they got it. Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are all consumed to 12th century. Iran, Syria, Algeria, Nigeria, Sudan and Pakistan are on Israel’s radar now.

    My experience has taught me that when Jewish groups call someone ‘conspiracy theorist’ – you bet he is telling the truth. Last year, Abe Foxman, the self-appointed guardian of Jews around the world – gave this fatwa: “Blaming Israel or Jews for 9/11 is anti-Semitism”.


  18. Of course, Israel did 9 11 and it’s still taboo to say it so Dr. Sabrosky is sticking his neck out and so is Mark Glenn. I love to contemplate this idea that everyone is going to get mad and get even; still I don’t think it will happen that way. Recently related to another issue this idea of Vietnam came up–how it is possible to win every battle and yet lose a war. In this case the official cover-up of 9 11, the mass media, and the Israeli “remake the middle east crowd” neo-cons are winning and winning or so it seems. And yet even as they win the battles the war is being lost. The ratings of the MSM are falling like Building 7, and the American public wants out of Afghanistan in huge numbers. Does that mean the larger public have stopped buying into the underlying reasons for the war, that is the official 9 11 story? We (the U.S.) won’t go to war with Israel. Yet I wouldn’t bet on Israel’s survival, and I can’t even say why…it’s that vague sense that the propaganda war is lost, and beneath the fakery is nothing that will stand the ravage of time, the Palestinian rage…

    1. I offered Mark Glenn time on the G Gordon Liddy show and he turned it down. I had the Jewish producer in a leg lock and he told me he would take Glenn on the show to tell the world about the Liberty (I put him on the spot on the air). He turned it down. Liddy isnt Limbaugh, but has a national audience opposed to Mark Glenns “happy antiZionist listeners”.
      Everything is “Zionism” nowadays, pedophilia, kosher monopolies, porn, murder, starting wars, everything Jews do bad is Zionism. This word changes definition like Jews change their names.

      1. Accept my blessings. I am Jewish. What you say delights my heart. I see we are on the same side. Greetings, dear kindred spirit.

      2. Pardon my ignorance of Jewish crimes – but here is a jew, Rich Cohen, who in his book, “Tough Jews: Father, Son, and Gangster Dreams” wrote that Jewish crime gansters were in fact the models for Italian mafia bosses like Lucky Luciano, Joe Adonis and Louis Capone.

        “First: Jews don’t tend to be only white collar kind of criminals. They can be cruel murderers.

        Second, Jews invented crimes.

        Third, Jews were the first ones to describe themselves as businessmen. They turned the crime into business and they build a network of crimes; gambling, prostitution, smuggling, extortion and protection money.

        Fourth, sad to say they were the first drug dealers in America!!

        Fifth, they were often “good Jews”. They went to synagogue and they defended Jews against American Nazis and anti-Semites.”


  19. melgibstein: you seems hogging all the comments. Administrator please, put excess fee. Stein can collapse himself. “Prime Uglies”. What is that?. As Dr. Töben has said, some “individuals” are labelled PRIME UGLIES because their thoughts, their very being is jarring and ugly, while they gloat over another’s misfortune, and eagerly attempt to bring about more misfortunes for others”.

    1. @ Assimbo IR
      @ Mark Glenn

      We have no monitoring policy on this site. Ms Darkmoon herself has received much personal abuse and puts up with it. I don’t think Mark Glenn’s reputation is being damaged in the slightest way by Mel Gibstein’s hostile comments. He has weathered the storm beautifully.

      Mark Glenn must expect to have his haters. It’s all par for the course. Lasha herself was viciously attacked a few weeks on the Occidental Observer by a mentally deranged neo-Nazi professing to be a White Nationalist. 35 of his defamatory comments had to be deleted.

      What had Lasha done to deserve his insane anger? Nothing! She had just written a splendid article called “Armageddon Approaches” which spread like wildfire all over the internet and earned her a record number of comments on the Occidental Observer (650 comments).

      The purport of this dynamic article, she told me, could be summed up in three words: DON’T ATTACK IRAN!


      * * *

      Thank you, Mark, for giving this article (“Armageddon Approaches”) traction by republishing it on your website. Lasha tells me she owes you a debt of gratitude going back several years. You were the one who published her earliest work and encouraged her to keep on writing when she was totally unknown…and just about to give up.

      Lasha, too, is used to abuse. She has been called a “Jewish lesbian”, though of course she is a white anglo-American Roman Catholic who has never in her life had lesbian sex — though she has translated the lesbian poetry of Baudelaire and Verlaine, which could possibly explain the foolish charge of lesbianism.

      Lasha has also, incredibly, been called a “Mossad agent” on the Ugly Truth site several years ago. She was highly amused when someone called her “Hitler’s little dollslut”. She couldn’t stop laughing.

      I guess we’ve all got to put up with some abuse on the internet. Trolls and loonies abound like bacteria. There’s no stopping them.

      We try not to monitor comments precisely for this reason: the trolls and the loonies add to the drama and excitement. They are a recipe against dullness.

      1. Yes Mel Gibstein is being hostile, but nobody has said Mel Gibstein is lying. Mel is hostile (like I want to Holocaust Mark Glenn oy vey!), Mel is crazy because he is allowed to tell the truth and you dont see folks telling the truth on sites like Glens. What is the difference from our Jewish media if we are not allowed to comment? Absolutely none. If you call someone a liar or someone is hostile, please prove it. Not one word I wrote was untrue. Was I being hostile to Mark Dumkopf by asking him if he was still working out at the biggest Jewish franchise gym in the world? You want me to pretend I never heard him say this? These guys are disinfo feeding on your weaknesses as Jews always do. Dumkopf and Glen claim to be Christians of truth, but certainly dont tell it like Jesus did. He never once used the word Zionist explaining Jews (mistranslated from the word Iudean). Ask Ben Friedman (you trust Jews more than you do me).

    2. you hate the truth and its ugly to you. Exactly my point. You didnt say why I was ugly, however. Maybe next time?


  21. Judaism has always based on miracles – From Passover, Purim, Semitism, Israel to 9/11. Talmudic G-d played the part of ‘vengeance’ against Jewish enemies and ‘lover’ for the Jews. In case of 9/11 – the Talmudic G-d played his both charateristics. He killed 2,846 Gentile Christians, Muslims, Hindus and atheists – but saved NINE of his beloved Jews.

    A ‘miracle’ from a Jewish website.


  22. Osama bin Laden and Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri are (or were) from 2 of the wealthiest and most influential families in Saudi Arabia and Egypt respectively (3 counting al-Zawahiri’s mother, an Azzam), and they and their relatives have had a decade to deny their involvement in 9/11, as has every Arab government and news media in the world. If you were being sought dead or alive by the most powerful military on earth, would you wait for a so-called “9/11 truth movement” to enlighten everyone?
    What difference would it have made in US foreign policy if no building had collapsed on 9/11? A warning letter to al Qaeda not to hijack and crash planes? Secretly demolishing huge hi-rises in NYC is not only impossible, there’s no motive for it and no evidence. There’s both for al Qaeda’s involvement in the suicide attacks of 9/11, as well as the suicide attacks on 2 US embassies in Africa in 1998, and the suicide attack on the USS Cole in Aden Harbor in 2000.



    [I tried several times to post my opinions at the PressTV link furnished here, the first cesspool of a web site where I saw this ignorant hate-mongering nonsense, and my comments were all blocked. What are these people afraid of?]

  23. Links modified in hopes of bypassing the “awaiting moderation”:

    Osama bin Laden and Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri are (or were) from 2 of the wealthiest and most influential families in Saudi Arabia and Egypt respectively (3 counting al-Zawahiri’s mother, an Azzam), and they and their relatives have had a decade to deny their involvement in 9/11, as has every Arab government and news media in the world. If you were being sought dead or alive by the most powerful military on earth, would you wait for a so-called “9/11 truth movement” to enlighten everyone?
    What difference would it have made in US foreign policy if no building had collapsed on 9/11? A warning letter to al Qaeda not to hijack and crash planes? Secretly demolishing huge hi-rises in NYC is not only impossible, there’s no motive for it and no evidence. There’s both for al Qaeda’s involvement in the suicide attacks of 9/11, as well as the suicide attacks on 2 US embassies in Africa in 1998, and the suicide attack on the USS Cole in Aden Harbor in 2000.



    [I tried several times to post my opinions at the PressTV link furnished here, the first cesspool of a web site where I saw this ignorant hate-mongering nonsense, and my comments were all blocked. What are these people afraid of?]

    1. another mossad liar.
      a viper’s nest of kol nidrean criminals who conspired to destroy what little the vampires left of america.
      PNAC’s paper, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”, makes statements about the need for a new Pearl Harbor (p. 63). Lewis Libby, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle and others who have recently resigned and/or have been caught up in criminal activity all co-authored.

      In 1970, Richard Perle was charged with spying for the state of Israel and leaking information about the CIA in regards to its nuclear deterrent program, to Russia. Perle, along with Douglas Feith and David Wurmser (all had jobs in the US defense department, Perle and Fieth have resigned) authored Israel’s “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.”

      from that pnac paper, check out page 63 (remove spaces from “h t t p”):
      h t t p://www.newamericancentury.org/RebuildingAmericasDefenses.pdf
      Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a NEW PEARL HARBOR.

      a pack of murderous jews, worthy heirs to marx, trotsky and beria now preach the revolution to us department of defense.
      maybe we could rename 9/11 to PERLE Harbor for clarity.

      and you, allenbury smith, if you are american, you ought to hang your brainwashed head in shame, go back to grade 4 for a primer on fact based logic.
      if you are a talmudist (clearly impossible to be both), walk tall, good job you’re doing for your slimy masters.

    2. Osama bin Laden and Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri are (or were) from 2 of the wealthiest and most influential families in Saudi Arabia and Egypt respectively and they and their relatives have had a decade to deny their involvement in 9/11, as has every Arab government and news media in the world. If you were being sought dead or alive by the most powerful military on earth, would you wait for a so-called “9/11 truth movement” to enlighten everyone?

      I’m afraid you reveal your stupendous ignorance here. Aren’t you aware that bin Laden categorically denied his involvement in 9/11 less than a week after the event?

      Here is Lasha Darkmoon in one of her previous articles:

      Bin Laden was not a man given to lying. On September 17, 2001 he issued a message to al-Jazeera, disclaiming all responsibility for 9-11.

      “I stress that I have not carried out this act, which appears to have been carried out by individuals with their own motivation.” (17 Sept. 2001)….“I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks… ” (28 Sept. 2001).



      1. Darkmoon goes on to say:

        “An obituary notice announcing his [bin Laden’s] funeral appeared in al-Wafd (an Egyptian newspaper) on December 26, 2001. It became perfectly safe after this date to issue bogus bin Laden tapes ad nauseam, threatening the west with fire and brimstone, given that the real Osama was no longer around to deny the authenticity of the same tapes.”

        There is no proof whatever that the bin Laden who was “killed” in Pakistan a year ago by American troops was the REAL bin Laden. Indeed, there’s no proof that anyone resembling bin Laden was killed at all. The dead body was disposed of in the sea before anyone could do a forensic test on it — or even photograph it.

        Very convenient.

        1. Gee, they sure fooled Pakistan and every other Arab country in the region. Why does no one know about bin Laden’s earlier demise except the 9/11 “truth movement”?
          His carcass was dumped at sea so people like you wouldn’t have a place to erect a shrine to him.

    3. @ Albury Smith, could you please explain to readers when then President Clinton refused and offer by Sudan to turn over Bin Laden in March, 1996 during a secret meeting in Virginia hotel?

      The Saudi expelled Bin Laden in 1991. Sudan did expell Bin Laden in May 1996 to Afghanistan.

      In 1998 Bill Clinton Bombs Aspirin factory in Sudan two weeks after 2 US embassies were bombed in Kenya and Tanzania. The US lied about the bombing that it was targeting VX poison gas factory. Later, it admit it was a mistake. US did payout for Sudan bombing mistake.

      The truth is, President Clinton ordered the bombing 3 days after he admitted to grand jury about his inappropriate sexual relation with Monica Lewinsky.
      What interesting about the desc ion to bomb Sudan is: the president never consulted the FBI, DOJ, or any chief of the 4 branches of the US armed forces.
      On Aug 20th, 1998 a pharmaceutical company in Sudan[civilian target was hit by 13 cruise missiles from aboard a US Navy ship.

      Wonder if our Army veteran consider that kind of attack as a terrorist act?
      Perhaps, you would consider this kind of aggression was a result of faulty intelligence.

      I am not holding my breath!

      1. The timeline for the Clinton missile attacks on Sudan and Afghanistan was determined by the bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, and ironically, the same people you’re now accusing of the 9/11 suicide attacks were against the action, saying that the Lewinsky witch hunt was a higher priority than al Qaeda terrorism. Are you saying that the US suicide bombed their own embassies too? Did they also suicide bomb the USS Cole? I’m trying to discern some logic here.
        US intelligence in Sudan was based on soil analysis around the factory, and the chemical signatures for some of the suspected agents were similar to common medications. What possible motive did the US have to attack Sudanese civilians, when al Qaeda had just moved to Afghanistan? If the government was just looking for an excuse to invade Afghanistan, why not do it then, or after the Cole attack? They may have made a mistake by targeting a factory in Sudan, but there’s overwhelming evidence that al Qaeda was behind THREE suicide attacks after 9/11, two of which were multiple attacks planned to occur around the same time.
        Do they have to draw you a picture?

        How many times did bin Laden or al-Zawahiri deny it between 2001 and today?

        1. With the exception of Zionist idiots – every political awared person knows that Israeli Mossad was behind not only 9/11 but other terrorist acts in over 25 countries – Many of which Israeli professor Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi recorded in his book “The Israeli Connection”.

          Tel Aviv is known to have supplied arms and military training to rebels, terrorists and dictators in the US (USS Liberty, JFK assassination, 9/11, etc.), Sudan, Syria, Kurds (in Turkey, Iraq and Iran), Britain (7/7), Burma, Argentina, Philippine, Kosova, Nigeria, India, Georgia, Uganda, South African apartheid regime, Egypt (church bombing), Indonesia (Bali bombing), Libya, Dubai, Lebanon (Beirut US barack bombing and Rafik Hariri’s assassination), Islamic Republic, Spain (Madrid train bombing), Pakistan, Yemen (USS Cole bombing), Malaysia, and Kenya.

          Israel’s record as one of world’s greatest terrorist entity is hardly reported in the Zionist-controlled western mass-media. For example, the 2002 bombing of Israeli owned Hotel Paradise in Mombassa, Kenya was a Mossad operation according to Israeli Hebrew daily Maariv (translated by Gilad Atzmon)…..


          1. Rehmat: “With the exception of Zionist idiots – every political awared [sic] person knows that Israeli Mossad was behind not only 9/11 but other terrorist acts in over 25 countries…”

            There is absolutely no evidence of any Israeli involvement in 9/11. Even the thugs behind it don’t deny it, and have very clearly stated why they did it. Al Qaeda does not engage in joint terrorist projects with Israel.
            Wouldn’t you go to the media and repeatedly announce your innocence if you were being sought dead or alive for something you didn’t do? They don’t want or need you to defend them, and the Arab media aren’t “Jew-controlled.”

  24. Aside from having absolutely no evidence for any Israeli or US government involvement in the al Qaeda suicide attacks of 9/11, you apparently didn’t even bother to read the PNAC paper you’re misusing to establish an imaginary perp and motive. Despite your dishonest statement above, nowhere in it is any need for a “new Pearl Harbor” expressed, and the huge expenditures they wanted for developing more sophisticated weaponry went instead to fund asymmetrical wars against insurgents in 2 backward countries, not to prepare for conventional wars with other superpowers. I’d suggest going back to grade 4 for some basic reading skills. If your idea of logic is that these alleged evildoers write papers in advance admitting their guilt, you might want to brush up a bit in that area too.
    I posted links to the people who were really behind the attacks, along with their own words concerning motive. Please feel free to read the first one and watch the second one.
    btw, I’m Gentile and a US Army Vietnam vet, not that either has anything to do with this discussion. I certainly don’t need any lectures from you on patriotism.

      1. I don’t know whose voice that was, but plenty of Jews died at the WTC on 9/11, and Israel had nothing at all to do with the al Qaeda suicide attacks there, or in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, and Aden Harbor.
        You’d also love to have what the attacks cost Larry Silverstein. $4.68 billion only begins to compensate for the lost cash flow, $10 million/month rent he’s still paying the PA for the property, ~$9 billion to replace the towers, and ~$700 million to rebuild WTC 7, which was only 14 years old in 2001, and almost fully occupied. He built and owned the first WTC 7, rebuilt it and paid off creditors with the insurance settlement, and is required by contract to rebuild the towers. Not too “lucky,” IMO.

        1. of Jews died at the WTC on 9/11, and Israel had nothing at all to do with the al Qaeda suicide attacks there

          i guess osama spoke perfect hebrew when he warned them (“them” being “plenty of jews”) via Odigo about pending attacks.

          But Alex Diamandis, vice president of sales and marketing, confirmed that workers in Odigo’s research and development and international sales office in Israel received a warning from another Odigo user approximately two hours prior to the first attack.

          The Odigo service includes a feature called People Finder that allows users to seek out and contact others based on certain interests or demographics. Diamandis said it was possible that the attack warning was broadcast to other Odigo members, but the company has not received reports of other recipients of the message.

          and of course, shortly afterwards, kobi alexander ran to israel with $57 million of stolen cash.
          fbi is wasting no time trying to extradite him, why bother when he is such a fine patriot, besides what’s 57 million compared to trillions stolen by other great j … i mean, americans, in the aftremath.
          they had to reward themselves on job (new pearl harbor) well done, right?

          1. Where in the PNAC paper was any NEED for a “new Pearl Harbor” expressed? What objective in it was gained by fighting 2 expensive wars against insurgents in poorly developed countries? Have you ever actually read it? Do you people even THINK?

    1. ok, patriot.
      standing shoulder to shoulder with such american superheros like feith, libby, wolfowitz, wurmser and perle.
      it would never strike you as remotely possible that any of them would have anything but us interests at heart.
      which, of course is why our courageous air ace, george w bush selected them to stand on guard against evil turbanheads (who all happily admitted to whatever rabbis charged them with, whether under waterboarding or in rita katz’s videos – feel free to look up their provenance) from coast to shining coast.
      let’s take a quick look at how this lantern-jawed defender of us interests named richard perle stacks up, chronologically.
      1970 – richard perle charged with spying against us for the lovely state of israel, our only true friend in the world (just ask frank lowy, the ex mossad commando who along larry silverstein took over the wtc lease in july 2001 … naturally, the question of timing could only be raised by a bugeyed conspirologist, no?),
      1996 – clean break / a new strategy for defending the realm, by richard perle and binyamin netanyahu (another true blue american, the us congress salutes him as the true POTUS), douglas feith (who as under sec of defense for policy under gw bush toiled selflessly for our great land … um, which one, irrelevant), where the argument for maximal destabilization, fragmentation and destruction of all middle eastern (non-jewish) states is marshaled with great urgency, starting with saddam’s iraq,
      1997 – pnac established by the selfsame richard perle (along with super-pats william kristol, eliot abrams and scooter libby, himself pardoned by gw bush), giving the future generations of us leaders a plausible blueprint – i mean, who would ever, ever question perle’s steely determination to further us welfare? spying for israel is not a crime in today’s environment, as you will no doubt confirm, it is the mark of highest devotion to these great united states of america … among other points raised, the crucial one is complaint about the glacial pace of jew-driven “revolution” absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new pearl harbor (well, you argue, how can one confuse pearl harbor with wtc, apart from the fact that saddam was behind both of them),
      2001, september 11 – a new perle … sorry wtc, comes down neatly, against all engineering principles, just like walls of jerico, while silverstein/lowy earnings shoot up thousandfold (actually way more, since they never put in a penny down on their lease purchase yet ended up with over 10 billion in insurance gravy – but only a hatemonger like me could ever hold grudge against these valiant isramericans, all of whom were saved by grace of yhwh, esp. silverstein, who for the first and last time skipped his morning breakfast atop the tower)
      2003 / now – endless wars for j … oops, i meant, american interests, the county became immeasurably richer and more respected worldwide for its brave stand against one-eyed mooslims.
      obama bin laden did 9/11
      saddam did 9/11
      gaddafi did 9/11

      hey, guess what
      iran did 9/11

      and who, other than obviously retarded lobro could ever question these charges?
      he … hee haw … thinks that mossad did it, when they only positioned themselves across hudson river in newark parking lot, cameras atop moving van to record the scene for yad vashem and do a little victory hora … fiddler on the van, anyone?
      well, fbi corrected their initial mistake of rounding them all up, after gw bush issued presidential medal of freedom to each and every one and they happily rode off into the israeli sunset, marine band playing merrily …

      oh, and shall we do some kristol ball gazing?
      how about,
      pakistan did 9/11
      russia did 9/11
      china did 9/11

      basically it is simple
      whoever jews accuse of anything, say, holocaust, also did uss liberty and 9/11.

      and whatever future new perle harbor attacks come up.

      may you live in even more interesting times, patriot.

      1. He’s only winding you up, Lobro. Wasting your valuable time. These Zionist trolls follow a simple tactic of repeating the same lie ad infinitum even when the lie has been shown to be a lie.

        9/11 was done by the Arabs. Period. The American government says so, and such an august body would never lie, would it? And the New York Times and every other Jew-owned mass media outlet back up the American government.

        Same thing applies to the Holocaust. 6 million died in gas chambers on the orders of Hitler. Period. American government says so. Every government says so. New York Times says so. Jew mass media says so.

        This is how Truth is decided. Not on a consideration of facts, but because the Big Boys say so at the behest of Big Media — which of course is Jew owned!

        If the Jew-owned media told us tomorrow that the moon is made of green cheese, this would then become the compulsory viewpoint. And anyone who dared to argue otherwise would suddenly become a nutty “conspiracy theorist”.

        1. let me tell you, pandora;
          it is a matter of short time before jew-owned media tell us that jesus christ, that progenitor of all antisemites, is boiled in green cheese.

          the story will progress by degrees to even more smelly substances while the goy public is boiled alongside like the proverbial frog.

        2. besides, it is not wasting time, imo, pandora.
          it sharpens the recall of facts and therefore the debating skills.
          repeated challenges destroy the lies and strengthen the truth.

          albury smith will deservedly wallow in his dogma’s impotence.

          1. If you can only respond to my comments with personal attacks, you really don’t have much to say, do you?

          2. nothing personal.
            it’s just that i don’t envy your position, divested as it is of any rhyme, reason or forensically defensible evidence.
            in your place, i’d run for cover, with the kind of ammo your neocon jew allies supplied, you’d lose an argument against a crack smoking addict with down syndrome.
            how absurd can they get?
            this absurd

            good luck

          3. wtc 7 wasn’t hit by planes unless you wish to challenge this claim.

            the federal fire code calls for automatic investigation for arson when a building is damaged by fire.
            yet it was never done, although manifestly required for wtc 7.

            go on, explain.

          4. @ xanadu

            what sublime bullshit zuroff spouts: ongoing assault on the accepted Holocaust narrative

            something that is accepted cannot be under assault, and an ongoing one at that.

            but this is typical jewspeak whereby they appropriate someone else’s language and insist on being in driver’s seat while they nudge it over the cliff into orwell-speak.
            accepted obviously means as dictated by jews

            ditto for every other term to which some quantifiable value can be attached, pluses are in the talmudist camp, i.e., what furthers their policies of world dominion and subjugation, whereas minuses are aimed at those who would thwart their infernal aims.

            by the way, i am bored to tears of smith’s patent nonsense, designed to wear the discussion down with statements that are as incoherent as they attempt to jerk a couple of tears …
            “and if you could explain to me why did gargoyle split into two on 19th floor of wtc 7 at precisely the time when young and radiant rudolf the red nosed raindeer made a phonecall to his lovely and smart pregnant fiancee whose parents you so disrespect”.


          1. Osama Bin Laden was already on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for the 2 suicide bombings of US embassies in 1998. What would be gained by disclosing sensitive intelligence sources and presenting a detailed case for his involvement in the 9/11 suicide attacks? Killing or capturing him twice? The fact that he wasn’t formally indicted does not mean that the FBI didn’t know who was behind 9/11:

            I’ve posted enough reasons countering your absurd claim that WTC 7 was secretly demolished. The cause of the fires was no big mystery, and the collapse was fully investigated by what’s probably the most respected team of forensic structural engineers and other experts in the world.
            There was no evidence for your explosive demolition nonsense, and you can’t even dream up a plausible motive for it. Silverstein lost a ton of money on 9/11, and US troops would have been sent to Afghanistan to attack al Qaeda without any building collapses at all, let alone one at ~5:21 PM. They should have been there after the suicide attack on the USS Cole in 2000, since Tomahawk missiles in 1998 weren’t enough.

          2. Osama Bin Laden was already on the FBI’s Most Wanted List for the 2 suicide bombings of US embassies in 1998. What would be gained by disclosing sensitive intelligence sources and presenting a detailed case for his involvement in the 9/11 suicide attacks?

            a sickeningly stupid argument.
            first, fbi need not disclose sensitive sources if they need protection.
            secondly, other propagandists manufacturing and spreading hasbara to aid wars for jews, such as judith miller of nyt (in cahoots with pardoned criminal scooter libby) freely listed her “sensitive sources” to generate yahoo support for destruction of iraq; no one seemed to worry overmuch about protection of sensitive sources.
            just a convenient cover for the truth, the latter obviously an odious concept to you.

            you spout nonsense designed to deodorize zionism such as destabilization of middle east is against israeli interests.
            this clearly unmasks your agenda; everyone here has either read the Clean Break or can at their will, where netanyahu and his band of traitors (perle, feith, wolfowitz, libby, abrams, kristol, wurmser) who should have their necks stretched at the nearest lamppost but so adored by enablers like you, argues forcefully for precisely this scenario, now seen in full swing.
            it would have been long over and under zionist boot if not for the sudden resistance by russia and china.

            as for holocaust denying, here again you show the mechanics of your operation: swallow any official dogma or myth whole, the facts be damned and disgorge it at the other end for hopefully receptive audiences.
            which we are not, take your lovely wares where there are eager buyers, such as hollywood.
            you will undoubtedly point to all the volumes of nuremberg collection as your “proof” and say “the world’s most respected historians and forensic experts attested to the absolute and unverifiable truth of holocaust and wtc 7”.

            yeah right.

            and richard gage is a shameless profiteer who engages in junk science
            and please do not engage in ad hominems

            listen, i see clearly enough who you are and your reasons for being here, no need for me to waste further time trying to engage you in a meaningful argument, unless i get paid the same rates as you.

          3. You asked me why the FBI didn’t add 9/11 to the charges against bin Laden and I explained it to you. They never claimed that he wasn’t behind 9/11, and he’s actually bragged about it. One alleged denial in late 2001 while he was under aerial bombardment and escaping into Pakistan, and not a peep out of him about his alleged innocence for the next ~10 years, or from any of his cohorts or relatives. Is that what you’d do if the US government sent their military to kill or capture you or someone in your family for no reason? What Arab government has ever denied his involvement in 9/11, or are they all Jew-controlled too?

          4. saudi, jordan, qatar, dubai, abu dhabi, emirates, bahrain … until recently egypt and tunisia … as of now, libya

            as iran was jew controlled until they threw the traitorous shah out, now they are in rabbinical crosshairs again, accused of masterminding 9/11 … and of course you agree with that, don’t you? otherwise you would be a Denier …

            mubarak’s closest advisor was benjamin ben-eliezer, a labor member of knesset.

            qatar’s absolute ruler makes regular debriefing appearances in israel and to get further marching orders (where to send mercenary troops, libya, syria, bahrain, iran next … what al-jazeera is allowed to say and what it must say, etc.)
            h t t p://www.infowars.com/qatari-emir-secretly-visited-israel/

            how about this: Meet Houda Ezra Ebrahim Nonoo, Bahrain’s Jewish U.S. ambassador

            h t t p://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/meet-houda-ezra-ebrahim-nonoo-bahrain-s-jewish-u-s-ambassador-1.349208

            which, of course, is why not a single charge was ever laid against a saudi national (osama and zahwairi excepted, meaning that they may not have been under jew control, or in fact, that osama died in december of 2001 as reported by benazir bhutto shortly before her assassination … wonder who …)

            truly, if you are gentile and christian, stop the aiding and abetting the nemesis of mankind and Christ, the Ancient Enemy.
            these days, as Christ is about to die and rise again, heed His words, saving yourself in process.

            otherwise, continue the satan’s toil in the sightless sewers of talmud.

          5. in fact, it cannot escape even you, that regardless of the nationalities of the alleged hijackers, none of whom were iranian, iraqi, afghan, syrian or libyan (ALL singled out for Clean-Break regime change), it is precisely the countries run by juden-free leaders that were earmarked for destruction and genocide (over 3 million in gulf 1, afghanistan, iraq and libya).
            but hey, real genocides are not to be talked about in polite company, only the spielberg-sponsored cartoons.

            meanwhile, despite 11 out of 19 “hijackers” being saudi, saudi government agencies were never brought under question, nor jordanian or egyptian for that matter.

            breathlessly awaiting one of the patently fake explanations, involving “national security” or “sensitive sources”.

          6. One alleged denial in late 2001 while he was under aerial bombardment and escaping into Pakistan, and not a peep out of him about his alleged innocence for the next ~10 years, or from any of his cohorts or relatives.

            by the way, he denied within a day or two of sep-11-01 thermite demolition.

            in 2007 benazir bhutto says obl died in december 2001

            and almost instantly, she is assassinated and “al-qaeda” claims responsibility via rita katz’s video production.

            now, how could real osama have denied 9/11 involvement for 10 years if he was dead?
            maybe the “world’s most respected experts from nist” could explain …

        3. Gee, why am I not surprised to see Holocaust deniers here? Do the Jews own all of the Arab media too, along with the governments of every nation in the world? Do they own bin Laden and al-Zawahiri’s relatives, or haven’t any of them noticed that the evil US wants to kill their family members for no reason, and even succeeds from time to time?
          Here’s bin Laden’s motive for 9/11:
          What’s Israel’s? Destabilizing the Middle East so they can get wiped off the map for being predominantly Jewish?

    2. I guess the question is: why did president Clinton refused the Sudanese offer to turn over Ben Laden to the US? Wouldn’t that have prevented the 2 US embassies bombing in Africa and the bombing of USS Cole in Yemen?

      Remember Sudan offer was made in March 1996,
      The 2 US embassies in Africa were bombed in 1998
      USS Cole bombing took place in 2000.
      Don’t tell me a student pilots who could not fly a Cessna airplane were able to commandeer a jumbo jet airliners into high rise buildings with precision.

      1. Hindsight’s wonderful, Mahmoud, but look at the reaction of his GOP opponents in 1998, when he launched Tomahawk missiles at al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan after the 2 US embassy bombings. The US simply didn’t take his threats seriously enough, and some in the legal community questioned whether we had sufficient cause to hold him, given the amount of evidence we had at the time. Bush did nothing after the Cole attack was definitely linked to al Qaeda, and it would have been a very good reason to invade Afghanistan.
        The FAA issued Hani Hanjour a commercial pilot certificate in April, 1999 for training on Boeing simulators, not Cessnas. I don’t think he could hang glide either, but steering an already airborne 757 into a huge target in perfect weather isn’t too difficult with the training he had. A more experienced pilot would have needed only one approach, but he came in too high and had to circle. Pretty odd hobby for someone to pursue, isn’t it?

        1. @ Albury Smith

          Out of interest, How much does the ADL pay you for posting here? Do you get paid per post or per word? I hear retired Jews can supplement their pensions by writing pro-Zionist comments on various websites.

          For your information, we have three other Jews trolling here: Ruth Bernstein, Yakob Klein, and Mel Gibstein. (The first two admit they are Jews, but the third doesn’t).

          I’m not too sure about Ruth Bernstein…can’t figure her out. She says her husband was eaten by a lion when they were on their honeymoon in Africa. Very sad if true, so I don’t want to knock her in case she’s still suffering from PTSD.

          Are you part of the same outfit?

          1. I’m not the topic here. Please address my comments instead of attacking me personally.

  25. I probably should not get involved with the Mel Gibstein dialogue but oh well… Mel thinks the point of the article is about personalities and so he is going after Mark Glenn and his Catholicism or his feelings about certain political movements, etc. But really the point is not about personalities here, but 9 11 and who did it. Yet that raises another problem because some people have read absolutely everything about 9 11 and have concluded based on mountains of evidence that there had to be the Israeli connection. Christopher Bollyn’s book is out and apparently it’s four volumes. You don’t write four volumes worth of evidence as an investigative journalist if you don’t have anything to say… Mel Gibstein seems to be coming from this warrior place where he is going to defend the Jewish people against all enemies, but he isn’t looking at the real enemy which is within. He can’t conceive that any of these people are talking about something real; it has to be prejudice, made up stuff. Sorry Mel it is not made up…

    1. quote~Mel Gibstein seems to be coming from this warrior place where he is going to defend the Jewish people~unquote

      Its just not worth the time. Put your reading glasses on next time and read it again………and no Ms Boinstein I aint no Jew either. These people lie in so many different ways its never surprising.

      No, she wasnt lying, she just completely misread every word you wrote bla bla bla… BALONEYY!

    2. kind of interesting that mel has neither time nor inclination to respond to albury smith’s thread … but can instantly summon old testament trivia like how many times letter “f” appears in leviticus

  26. re: nyccan.org/ and buildingwhat.org/
    To Whom it May Concern:
    If you need to mount a campaign to inform NYC council members and others of the fact that WTC 7 collapsed almost 7 hours after the North Tower came down on 9/11, then what was the reason for its alleged controlled demolition in the first place? Did the US government need an additional building collapse that day that took no lives, well after both towers, WTCs 3, 4, 5, and 6, four airliners, and part of the Pentagon had already been destroyed or badly damaged, and nearly 3000 innocent people had been violently murdered, to get its almost unanimous congressional resolution to go to war in Afghanistan where al Qaeda was headquartered and where President Clinton sent Tomahawk missiles in response to their previous coordinated and deadly suicide operations against two US embassies in Africa in 1998?
    How on earth do you “bring justice” to Mr. McIlvaine’s remarkable and beloved son Robert G. by libeling more than 210 NIST experts, Larry Silverstein, and countless others with absurd claims based on junk science by profiteering charlatans like Richard Gage and his “engineers,” and by harassing NYC council members for a new investigation when you obviously haven’t even bothered to read NCSTAR 1A, which is the product of a thorough and very competent investigation by people with real science and engineering credentials? Why do you urge people to “ask OFFICIALS to investigate Building 7,” when at least 125 of the scientists and engineers involved in the NIST investigation of WTC 7 were CIVILIANS from academia and private industry?
    Robert wasn’t even in WTC 7 when Muhammad Atta flew the hijacked Boeing 767 into WTC 1 ten stories below him on the morning of 9/11/01, and when he was suddenly and unexpectedly doomed to death along with everyone else in his group and everyone above the 92nd floor, nearly nine hours before the late afternoon collapse of WTC 7. The FDNY feared that it would eventually collapse, which is why they abandoned any effort to fight the fires and pulled everyone back a safe distance, preventing more “terrible loss of life,” as WTC 7’s owner later related in a PBS interview.
    Robert’s death was a tragic loss, and my profound sympathy for Mr. McIlvaine is hard to put into words, but I’d like you and anyone else who’s thinking of signing your petition to answer the following questions first, since you’ve fallen prey to the manipulative liars of the 9/11 “truth movement” and think Larry Silverstein destroyed his own property or knew about it:
    -Why would Larry Silverstein have publicly admitted even to knowing that there were planted explosives in WTC 7 in the first place?
    -What was Silverstein Properties’ and the FDNY’s motive for blowing up a perfectly good, 14 year-old building, losing hundreds of millions of dollars in cash flow from it for nine years and counting, spending ~$700 million, or most of the $861 million insurance settlement, on the replacement of it, and paying ~$500 million back to lenders?
    (note: it was built in 1986-1987, at least 15 years after asbestos was written out of all building codes, and it had no asbestos in its SFRM or elsewhere. There was some on the first 38 floors of the North Tower, most of which had been abated during various tenant fit-outs well before he won the lease by default when Vornado’s deal with the PA fell though, but none in the South Tower, which was built after the code change went into effect)

    -Why would any insurance company have paid him a dime instead of the $4.68 BILLION total he received if he publicly admitted to foreknowledge of or complicity in the alleged secret demolition of his property, but especially those based in Copenhagen, Zurich (2 of them), and London? They all contested his claim of two occurrences based on two separate plane crashes, and he won in court in a few instances based on individual contract wording, but there was never any question relating to the causes of any WTC collapse.

    -How did he or the FDNY know that flaming debris from a much taller collapsing hi-rise across the street would hit WTC 7, start multi-story fires in it, and break the water main to it, disabling the sprinklers and providing a cover story for the alleged controlled demolition?

    -If the explosives were pre-planted, which would have taken weeks or even months in a vacant building and have been completely impossible to do secretly in an occupied one, and Barry Jennings heard some of them go off around 10 AM, why was there any discussion at all in mid-afternoon about whether or not to demolish WTC 7 with the other apparently fireproof explosives allegedly planted a few stories higher?

    -Do controlled demolitions take seven or eight hours to collapse a building?

    -Do they leave no severed columns with copper residue on the ends, or any other evidence in the debris?

    -Do they leave ~12 stories on one corner standing?

    -Is the FDNY in the controlled demolition business? What other buildings, on fire or not, have they demolished before or since 9/11?

    -Please link me to a C/D contractor’s web site, and show me the use of “pull” or “pull it” to refer to building demolition using explosives, not one in which cables are used to pull an already damaged building over, as was done with WTC 6.

    -How does a “terrible loss of life” in the WTC towers affect a later decision to demolish a nearby building with no one in it?

    -A number of FDNY personnel were inside WTC 7 prior to the pullback order, presumably at risk from the alleged explosives, and most of the 343 FDNY fatalities resulted from the tower collapses, so why are there only a few FDNY in the 9/11 “truth movement”? You can count the number in this “truth” organization right here: firefightersfor911truth.org/?page_id=469 Are they simply not as astute as you are, or don’t they care what killed so many of their colleagues?

    -There was a pre-existing ConEd substation at the Vesey Street WTC 7 site in 1986, and the building was designed to straddle it, requiring some of the extremely long ~45′ girder and ~52′ beam spans inside that contributed to the 9/11 collapse. It was powered up and in full use on 9/11/01, and the demolition of a 200,000 ton, 47-story building directly on top of it very likely destroyed it completely. Do you know whether ConEd’s insurers just absorbed the loss of tens of millions of dollars in infrastructure damage and restoration and then subrogated Industrial Risk Insurers, since Larry Silverstein’s firm was still the responsible party, especially if he deliberately caused the damage?

    You are not honoring the memory of Mr. McIlvaine’s highly successful and accomplished young son or any of the other victims of the 9/11 al Qaeda attacks on the WTC towers by demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of the events that occurred that day, and by falsely implicating people who were totally uninvolved in the planning or execution of the Planes Operation, as 9/11 was known to the al Qaeda terrorists behind it.

    Sincere best wishes,


  27. With regards to the assertions that Mark Glenn ‘hates Whites’, I have a few comments to offer that might clarify this issue somewhat.

    About a year or so ago, Mark Glenn and a few others who are among his circle of associates – began to suggest and promote the idea that, since White Nationalists and Muslims shared a common enemy – the jews, that it would be a grand idea for these two groups to form an alliance with one another and find the common enemy together.

    Many of the more observant, wary and cautious members in the White Nationalist community were immediately alarmed by this suggestion – since the DHS has already successfully demonized Muslims and basically categorized any Muslim groups inside or outside of the USA as ‘terrorists’ or ‘potential domestic terrorists’. The question was asked by some: “Is this an attempt to lure White Nationalists into a trap?”

    I think it is pretty well known that ZOG hates and fears the rise of White Nationalism, since this group of people are very jew-wise and has perhaps the clearest understanding of any other demographic group in America of what sort of incredible and destructive evil is inside the ‘jewish agenda’. Thus, ZOG and DHS (one and the same, perhaps) would like nothing better than to find some way to prove that there is a link between White Nationalists and the already effectively demonized Muslim ‘fanatics’. This would give them an excuse to start assassinating White Nationalist leaders and members – as ‘suspected domestic terrorists’, or at a minimum, start lumping them into the same category as Muslim radicals and then using all of these new Patriot Act laws to arrest them based on their ideological beliefs.

    So, White Nationalists wisely opted to not follow the advice of Mark Glenn and his like-minded pals and there was no attempt to create this dangerous alliance.

    Ever since, Mark Glenn and at least one of his buddies – Keith Johnson, have kind of been spewing a little bit of their bitterness towards White Nationalists and I suspect that this is their way of blowing off steam over the failure of their idea to get this alliance set up. One really irritating tactic they’ve been using is to attempt to blur the distinctions between ‘White Nationalism’, ‘White Supremacists’ and ‘Southern White Christian-Zionists who love to lick the toe jam off of jew toes’. Oh, and also one other group – ‘White Christian Identity’ people. These four groups are very different in what they believe and in what they advocate as their particular ideology, but Glenn and Keith Johnson either do not understand the differences because they are too lazy to dig into it, or else they are deliberately trying to make it seem as though all of these groups are the same.

    Hence, I don’t completely believe that Mark Glenn ‘hates’ White people. I just think that he and his associates are expressing their frustration over not being able to lure the White Nationalists into what could very well be a trap, whether it was a coincidental trap or one that was deliberately set.

    1. Ignorance galore!! Islam has nothing in common with the so-called “White Nationalist” or “nationalism” for that matter.

      Mark Glenn is not a White. He has Arab family roots – as far as I know. On the other hand, most of White Nationalists are pro-Israel due to their common hatred toward Muslims.

      Islam preaches a universal faith – which despises cults like nationalism, skin color, race, gender and tribalism. It considers these physical and geographical difference as Allah’s mercy upon His creations to distinguish themselves without it a cause of superiority.

      Britain’s White Supremacist Neonazi organization, the pro-Israel English Defence League (EDL) is organizing a rally in Denmark’s second largest city of Aarhus in a bid to set up ‘an anti-Islamic alliances’ in Europe. The organizers expect 700 protesters from countries including France, Germany, Finland, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Romania will join the rally.


      1. totally true, rehmat and glenn is totally right.

        some of these ‘white power’ groups are nothing but a zionist front to fragment the opposition to the protocol plan for world ownership – divide and rule, the oldest trick in the jew book.

        when i hear the of preaching white supremacy coupled with hostility to islam, i see clearly the hidden hand yanking the puppet strings.

        like christianity, islam is an inclusive system and certainly not racist, whereas judaism is the exact opposite, exclusionary, racist, openly urging hate against non-jews.
        and these brown-nosed “whites” suck up to it for all they are worth, which is nothing – traitorous morons.

        1. totally true, rehmat and glenn is totally right.

          Of course they’re right. Mark Glenn’s position on Whites has been completely misunderstood. In all the time I have known him, MG has shown himself 100 percent in favor of ME — and I happen to be white!

          So how come he doesn’t hate me?

          MG distinguishes sharply, as I do, between most White people and that hard core of Whites known as “White Nationalists”. He has no time for the latter group if they happen to be pro-Zionist. After all, who in his right mind would want to support a Christian Zionist?

          Given that most White Nationalists are also passionate Islamophobes, it’s hard to see how any self-respecting Muslim could bear to be in their presence for more than five minutes.

          Muslims need to form links with genuine Christians who will have two characteristics:

          (1) A hatred of organized Jewry, the common Enemy.
          (2) A respect for Islam, and a feeling that Islam and Christianity are simply different paths to the same God.

          A Christian who despises the Quran and thinks his own scriptures infinitely superior is on the path to destruction. His hubris will bring him to hell.

          Love and humility demand respect for the Other.

    2. I really dont give a hoot about any of these morons. The fact that they are trusted is the big problem. Glenn hates white nationalists? He was hanging with David Duke and Donnie Black (Schwartz) of Stormfront not too long ago (he loves Jew white nationalists). This guy would do whatever a Jew would do to get his little head on the air stirring up some form of racial trouble. He is scared to take his kids to the beach in Idaho because some white guy like Loughner (laugh) might start shooting his family. If that isnt the biggest wad of BS you ever heard Im sure he’ll get some more.

  28. It’s now official – there’s been no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors :

    Quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:
    ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ (page 83)

    I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.

    In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    CODOH – Committee for Open Debate of the Holocaust – breaking the power of taboo


  29. German camps vs the Soviet Gulag

    People who complain about the German concentration camps in WW2, rarely complain about the very much larger Soviet Gulag camps, which Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (in his magnum opus The Gulag Archipelago, paperback edition, vol 2 p 79) describes as being under the control of the Jew Matvei Berman, the “Chief of Gulag”. Yakov Rappoport was deputy chief of construction (p 78). Solzhenitsyn credits Naftaly Frenkel, a ‘Turkish-born Jew’, with being works chief / chief overseer of the one-hundred-and-forty-mile-long Belomor (Baltic-White Sea) canal, built entirely with slave labour (p 72). Frenkel, Berman and Rappoport are amongst six men described by Solzhenitsyn as ‘hired murderers’, ‘each of whom accounted for thirty thousand lives’ (p 91).

    Wikipedia: “There were at least 476 separate camps, some of them comprising hundreds, even thousands of camp units. The most infamous complexes were those at arctic or subarctic regions. Today’s major industrial cities of the Russian Arctic such as Norilsk, Vorkuta, Kolyma and Magadan, were camps originally built by prisoners and run by ex-prisoners.. More than 14 million people passed through the Gulag from 1929 to 1953, with a further 6 to 7 million being deported and exiled to remote areas of the USSR. According to de-classified archive data released by the successor agency to the KGB after Perestroika, a total of 1,053,829 people died in the GULAG from 1934 to 1953, not counting those who died in labor colonies. The total population of the camps varied from 510,307 (in 1934) to 1,727,970 (in 1953).. Most Gulag inmates were not political prisoners, although the political prisoner population was always significant. People could be imprisoned in a Gulag camp for crimes such as unexcused absences from work, petty theft, or anti-government jokes. About half of the political prisoners were sent to Gulag prison camps without trial; per official data, there were more than 2.6 million imprisonment sentences in cases investigated by the secret police, 1921-1953.”

    Hitler saw the tremendous danger posed to Germany by Communism. He lived through attempted communist revolutions in Germany in 1919, led by the Jews Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. He appreciated the desperate need to eliminate this threat, a fact that earned him the immense hatred and animosity of the Jewish organisations and the media and politicians of the west which they could influence. After all, according to the Jewish writer Chaim Bermant, although Jews formed less than five percent of Russia’s population, they formed more than fifty percent of its revolutionaries. According to the Jewish writer Chaim Bermant in his book The Jews (1977, chapter 8):

    ‘It must be added that most of the leading revolutionaries who convulsed Europe in the final decades of the last century and the first decades of this one, stemmed from prosperous Jewish families.. They were perhaps typified by the father of revolution, Karl Marx.. Thus when, after the chaos of World War I, revolutions broke out all over Europe, Jews were everywhere at the helm; Trotsky, Sverdlov, Kamenev and Zinoviev in Russia, Bela Kun in Hungary, Kurt Eisner in Bavaria, and, most improbable of all, Rosa Luxemburg in Berlin.

    ‘To many outside observers, the Russian revolution looked like a Jewish conspiracy, especially when it was followed by Jewish-led revolutionary outbreaks in much of central Europe. The leadership of the Bolshevik Party had a preponderance of Jews.. Of the seven members of the Politburo, the inner cabinet of the country, four, Trotsky (Bronstein), Zinoviev (Radomsky), Kamenev (Rosenfeld) and Sverdlov, were Jews.’

  30. Zionist trial runs of “6 Million” Holocaust propaganda in 1911 – and 1919

    Max Nordau (1849-1923) was the co-founder of the World Zionist Organization together with Theodor Herzl.

    Have a look at this Max Nordau quote from Ben Hecht’s book ‘Perfidy’ – which is available for free in PDF format at
    http://www.hirhome.com/israel/perfidy.pdf (on page 232 of 261):

    In the Zionist Congress of 1911, 22 years before Hitler came to power, and three years before World War I, Nordau said, “How dare the smooth talkers, the clever official blabbers, open their mouths and boast of progress. . . . Here they hold jubilant peace conferences in which they talk against war. . . . But the same righteous Governments, who are so nobly, industriously active to establish the eternal peace, are preparing, by their own confession, complete annihilation for six million people, and there is nobody, except the doomed themselves, to raise his voice in protest although this is a worse crime than any war . . .” unquote.

  31. And take a look at the article from The American Hebrew, October 31 1919

    (see attached reproduction below), prophesying a ‘holocaust’ of ‘six million’:



    The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!
    By Martin H. Glynn
    (Former Governor of the State of N.Y.)

    From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help, and eight hundred thousand little children cry for bread.

    These children, these men and women are our fellow-members of the human family, with the same claim on life as we, the same susceptibility to the winter’s cold, the same propensity to death before the fangs of hunger. Within them reside the illimitable possibilities for the advancement of the human race as naturally would reside in six million human beings. We may not be their keepers but we ought to be their helpers.

    In the face of death, in the throes of starvation there is no place for mental distinctions of creed, no place for physical differentiations of race. In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate, only the most idealistic promptings of human nature should sway the heart and move the hand.

    Six million men and women are dying from lack of the necessaries of life; eight hundred thousand children cry for bread. And this fate is upon them through no fault of their own, through no transgression of the laws of God or man; but through the awful tyranny of war and a bigoted lust for Jewish blood.

    In this threatened holocaust of human life.. etc etc etc

  32. HoloSchmolo HolyBaloney:

    If we look at just two of the seemingly endless number of Jewish survivors, both Olga Lengyel in her book “Five Chimneys” and Kitty Hart in “Return to Auschwitz” agree that the crematoria handled roughly17,000 corpses per twenty-four hour shift and the “death pits” consumed another 8,000 cadavers a day. This implies almost
    100,000 corpses per four working days, or a million in 40 days, or six million in eight months. This absolutely strains all credibility to way beyond breaking

  33. our best, most trustworthy (according to albury smith) friends, providing surveillance to montreal subway and thus protection from the next false flag attack … well, doing their best, no guarantees, you know.

    just don’t say that because their ceo kobi alexander, the mossad officer took off to israel with 57 million stolen from us investors (on top of other charges) and their parent company, comverse got delisted from nasdaq, verint is not well deserving of this contract.
    that would be highly antisemitic, maybe you are a ho-ho-caust denier, huh?

    and just because their odigo system warned jews away from wtc on 9/11 and they held a similar contract for london tube when it got bombed … and refused to provide video clips relevant to the time and location, hey, friends are friends, whatever they do and enemies are enemies, whatever they don’t do.

    so, maybe one of these days a conveniently turbaned iranian-looking guy with backpack and all … you get my drift.

    1. and osama will speak from beyond the grave, via rita katz video, explain how his iranian partners did it.

  34. Most so-called ‘Catholics” never study the Old Testament, and simply don’t want to know the Truth about the Children of Israel before Nehemiah, {NO TALMUD} Talmud written/printed 500AD. – Moneychangers & Pharisees did not speak Yiddish and John 8:33 and John 8:44…simply are NOT Israelites.


    Avoiding the TRUTH about the “Jewish” issue does not make it go away, and simply demurring/averring {playing word games} “JEWS ARE ISRAEL” is the NADIR of Hypocrisy…running interference for the Talmudic terrorist…so-called “JEWS”, 90% of whom are descended from the ashkenazim “PROSELYTES”…


    Study again the parable of the Good Samaritan and read about the history of the Sepharvaim {mixed blood} inhabitants of Samaria.

    The LANGUAGE is the KEY, and the Braindeadgoy/”JEW” worshippers are getting pounded like a beatnik on a bongo…


  35. keep talking through yarmulke for added sound effect of loud wailing, rending of clothes, gnashing teeth, buzzing money counters, while goys die unmourned in their nameless millions.

    here are the actual Auschwitz Death Certificates captured by soviet army and kept secret for over 50 years while lies bred and multiplied, garnered untold billions in reparations, lakes of crocodile tears spilt, academy award winners, political clout unseen in history in civilization – all built on one giant Lie.

    The death certificates record the names of 68,864 individuals, who died at Auschwitz (Birkenau), of whom about 30,000 were listed as Jews.
    65,305 of the 68,864 names recorded on the death certificates can be found at these pages on houston.indymedia.org

    35,228 (37,148) have their religion recorded as Christian (30,852 Catholic, 2,145 Protestant, 1,858 Greek Orthodox, 280 Czech-Moravian, 93 Eastern Orthodox). 28,511 (30,065) have their religion recorded as Judaism.

    well, guess what?
    i am a christian, a catholic and my brothers and sisters outnumber yours.

    so cry me a river
    we sat down by rivers of babble-on … and we wept when we remembered zion
    (flush everything else down the memory hole please)

    and no, by the way, i am not laughing at the death of jews or anyone else, only at the enormity of the Lie which you peddle so eagerly to the exclusion of the real Truth and how the gullible swallow it, hook, line and sinker.

    and on this day commemorating the Crucifixion, i also mourn the tens of millions of christians and muslims whose martyrdom your kind joyously engineered from the days of sadistic queen esther onwards, through armenian genocide by the donmeh crypto jews, bolshevik abomination, ukrainian hlodomor, mass starving of the german nation (morgenthau plan), obscenity of palestinian 65 year drawn out torture, millions of recent dead in middle east, iraq, afghanistan, libya, syria.
    and i mourn the future ones as just as you eagerly support them – so, who is laughing?

    ditto for 9/11, for uss liberty, for past, present and future false flag operations.

    1. and let’s not be said that i am racist and have forgotten the tens of millions of african slaves and who were the greatest slave traders and owners of the new world.

      (slave markets were shut down on sabbath as sign of respect for the elite)

      the souls that perished under insane conditions at sea cannot be named but should they also be forgotten?

  36. lobro, you are a straight shooter, my friend! No beat around the bushes.

  37. Your bogus document and other crap is straight from neo-Nazi and White supremacist skinhead web sites, and is nothing more than hate propaganda. Many of the Nazi records of the Auschwitz death tolls were destroyed, but responsible historians’ conservative estimates for just that one place are well over a million.
    Auschwitz was also only one of more than 65 concentration, labor, or extermination camps the Nazis set up throughout Europe, including Warsaw, Treblinka, Mauthausen-Gusen, Belzec, Jasenovac, Kulmhof, Ravensbruck, Sobibor, Janowska, and Bergen-Belsen.
    In your sick little world, all of those predominantly or 100% Muslim countries you listed in one of the dumbest statements I’ve ever seen may be “TOTALLY JEW-CONTROLLED,” but they don’t run Poland, and the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum has been there for 6 decades or more.
    You still haven’t explained why no Arab country or MSM media source claims that bin Laden was framed for the suicide attacks of 9/11, and that Israel “really” did it, so knock yourself out. Last May might have been a good time for Pakistan to have enlightened us.

    1. Your bogus document and other crap is straight from neo-Nazi and White supremacist skinhead web sites, and is nothing more than hate propaganda.

      Four questions:

      (1) Are the figures given by the Red Cross and the political archives in Russia (less than a quarter of a million) to be classified as “neo-Nazi and White supremacist skinhead sources”?

      (2) How is that not a single gas chamber exists anywhere as an exhibit? Where have all those gas chambers gone to?

      (3) Did you know that there was a swimming pool at Auschwitz as well as a brothel for inmates?

      (4) If you and your Jewish friends are so secure in the knowledge that 6 million Jews died in gas chambers on the orders of Hitler, why do you need to throw Holocaust dissidents into prison in 16 countries? How come there’s free speech for YOU but not for those who disagree with you? Do you need to SILENCE your critics with coercion and bully boy tactics? Is VIOLENCE your substitute for logic?

      1. hey berenice, don’t waste time with him anymore.

        he is a 100% jew who says kol nidre on regular basis.

        truth to him is like cross to the vampire … hm, does that image ring some bell.

        his job is to gum up any meaningful exchange of infoormation, i am no longer participating in any debate involving him because i can see now that the mask has come off after acting all gentile-like with “don’t indulge in ad hominem, personal invective’ and whatnot – all of a sudden, the talmudic venom is spraying, “Your bogus document and other crap is straight from neo-Nazi and White supremacist skinhead web sites, and is nothing more than hate propaganda”.

        the fact that he can effortlessly run off all those obscure transit camps that most people never heard of shows his provenance, he surely articled at abe foxman’s adl little shop of zionist horrors.

        in fact, his co-branding “jew holocaust” and “arab islamofascists did 9/11” tells you that both tales are complete fabrications, employing the same army of high pressure salesmen and their intimidation tactics.

        one direction to look for truth is 180 degrees away from whatever he spouts.

      2. My family’s Christian, I’m not religious, and I have friends of all ethnicities, Berenice, not that it has anything to do with this discussion. The Germans have passed their own laws against defamation of Jews, and incitement to murder should be a crime everywhere, so I hope there are at least 15 more countries. Who really passed those laws and enforces them? Only Jews, assuming they even have substantial Jewish populations? Lobro claims they even “control” most Muslim countries, but I’ve seen no proof of that from him.
        Auschwitz was an extermination camp, regardless of your ridiculous yarns about how much fun it was, and the gas chambers have been thoroughly documented. Please link me to the Red Cross source for your preposterous lie about the number of Nazi victims of the Holocaust, since I’ve seen what passes for authenticity on here.
        You people are sick.

        1. The Germans have passed their own laws against defamation of Jews, and incitement to murder should be a crime everywhere, so I hope there are at least 15 more countries.

          I’m willing to suspend doubt for a moment and believe that you are a White Christian who has somehow let yourself be brainwashed into becoming a zombie apologist for the Jews, but surely you can see that the sentence you wrote above makes you lose all credibility?

          Can you present me with the slightest evidence that David Irving is guilty of “incitemen to murder”? Or Zundel? Or Dr Fredrick Toben?

          When have these Historical Revisionists ever demanded that Jews should be “murdered”?

          All of these are victims of your Jewish friends’ bully boy tactics. They have all had to serve time in prison for refusing to bow the knee to lying Jewish hasbara agents.

          And you know something? You have made them into heroes! You and your foolish Jewish friends have invested them with the aura of martyrdom!

          That give me hope. Why? Because it proves you and the Jews you back have to be basically stupid. Because, unable to prove your point by logic and the deployment of facts, you need to resort to physical violence and intimidation to make your point.

          You declare your intellectual bankruptcy when you need to resort to PRISON FOR THOUGHT CRIME.

        2. The Catholic Church learned by trial and error that it was a mistake burning “witches” (i.e., midwives and kooky crones) at the stake. They learned to their cost that it was a mistake to burn Giordano Bruno for trying to advance a scientific theory they disapproved of. They almost made the same mistake with Galileo.

          But you and your Jews have learned nothing from history. You don’t burn people at the stake for questioning your lying propaganda. Instead, you throw them into prison in 15 European countries — countries all under the Jewish ideological jackboot.

          Your time will come when you will be laughing stock. All the world will then know that the Holocaust was a hoax. And that 9-11 was a Jewish false flag attack on the United States in which you and your Jewish friends killed 3000 innocent Americans.

          A time will come, I predict, when The US and Israel will be at war — and that “shitty little country” in the Middle East, built on STOLEN LAND, will be wiped off the map!

          Don’t worry, I’ll have tears enough to shed when that happens.

          And if my tears aren’t enough, I’ll head for the nearest zoo and try to get the crocodiles to add to my tears! 🙂

      3. imprimatur of abe foxman is these keywords, you will find them whenever the curtain of deceit is drawn, revealing the shapeshifter in act:

        bogus document … no need to present evidence for “bogus” claim, challenge him and it is

        hate propaganda … judge hellerstein’s gavel comes down, verdict in before the court even convenes,

        crap … the same crap that jesus christ is boiled in as per wisdom and warmth of talmud?

        neo-Nazi and White supremacist skinhead … again, no need for evidence, however circumstantial, what can a mild mannered david duke with doctorate in history, who is always at pains to say that under no circumstances does he promote or condone violence of any kind, whose claims are quoted straight from the horses’ moths, i.e., jewish historians themselves, who used to brag about the slave trading practices of their people, do against the thundering echo chamber, the overbearing shofar of zion, whose every note opens wide the prison gates for those who refuse to prostrate themselves before the prince of lies.

        let’s remember:
        Here’s freedom to him who would speak,
        Here’s freedom to him who would write;
        For there’s none ever feared that the truth should be heard,
        Save him whom the truth would indict!

        robbie burns

        1. The Gedenkbuch is a German government document that records the names of those Jews known to have died in the German concentration camp system. It was presented as a gift, from Germany to Israel, in 1962. The Gedenkbuch contains 129,000 names.

          wonder why didn’t yad vashemaniacs make a stink over “only” 129,000 verifiable jewish deaths in the entire camp system due to all causes throughout the war.
          this is only 2% of the magic six million, where is the outrage of inglourious basterds?

  38. Jews cannot be Murderd, of course NO One on Earth has to be a “Jewish”;
    …the fundamental reality is more than 90% OF SOCALLED Jews can Know the Truth and stop being LYING MURDERERS for the synagogue of Satan, as clearly America is not being blessed for blessing the EDOMITES and the proselytes ASHKe NAZI M
    & BRAINDEADGOY = Jew Worshipping MORONS.

    Free Palestine

    Tell a “JEW” the Truth !!

    1. The “Palestinians” and their Iranian and other friends think bravely lobbing rockets into Israel’s civilian populations and then blaming them for defending themselves and/or retaliating is “the Truth”:
      Israel has had to fight for its survival since the ’40s, and the Arabs and Iran could easily end the conflict by leaving them alone. Unlike Islam, Judaism doesn’t proselytize, murder apostates, infidels, and blasphemers, and Israelis only inhabit a tiny speck of land compared to the Arab world around them, in countries where the “Palestinians” are really nationals. They also have a significant Muslim population that’s even represented in their government.
      Thanks in part to people like you, the killing continues…

      1. The “Palestinians” and their Iranian and other friends think bravely lobbing rockets into Israel’s civilian populations and then blaming them for defending themselves and/or retaliating is “the Truth”

        The Palestinians have no option but to lob rockets back at Israel when Israel has just attacked Gaza, assassinating yet another Palestinian leader and killing half a dozen innocent bystanders in the process.

        It’s known as RETALIATION! 🙂

        You spit in their their face, they spit back.


          1. Israel is always the first spitter. I understand that. He who spits first must expect to be spat upon.

            The Jews wouldn’t have been expelled from 109 countries for good behavior!

            Common sense tells us that if a man loses his job 109 times, there must be something seriously wrong with him.

            If the Jews have been kicked out of 109 countries from AD 250, it can only be because their behaviour has been consistently obnoxious and disgusting.

            I’m sorry you can’t see that, Mr Smith.


          2. I find it consistently obnoxious and disgusting to target a diverse group of <14 million people worldwide, simply because they're followers of a minority religion (that has no opinion whatsoever on your religious beliefs). If you hate them so much, please reject all of the benefits from any medical and scientific progress that humanity has ever gained from Jewish researchers and medical practitioners, and be sure not to patronize and enjoy any arts created or performed by Jewish people. They actually are engaged in pursuits other than ruling the world or destroying it, but you never know.

      2. For every Israeli citizen killed by a Palestinian firecracker, the cowardly Israelis make sure they exact “Jewish vengeance”, i.e., a HUNDRED INNOCENT PALESTINIANS KILLED.

        It amazes ne to think that anyone should back these unspeakable bullies who fabricated the Holocaust narrative to justify their systematic genocide of the Palestinians.

        Their time will come. They will not escape their karma. Maybe they will even experience a REAL Holocaust this time — not an imaginary one.

        1. Israel isn’t the instigator; they’ve been threatened, harassed, and attacked since the UN partitioned the land in the ’40s, and the rockets and other aggressions are used to provoke them whenever there’s a break in the fighting. If someone were lobbing “firecrackers” into your children’s playgrounds, you’d try to stop them too.
          Wanting to wipe a nation off the map for not being Muslim enough isn’t a very good reason to keep this thing going.
          Your comments on the murder of millions of innocent people are despicable. It doesn’t get much more “REAL” than what the Nazis did before and during WWII, whether you’d like to revise history or not.

          1. Israel isn’t the instigator; they’ve been threatened, harassed, and attacked since the UN partitioned the land in the ’40s, and the rockets and other aggressions are used to provoke them whenever there’s a break in the fighting.

            Really? Israel isn’t the instigator? Pull the other one!

            Read this, Albury Smith:

            Beer-Sheva, Israel – In response to the recent assassination of Zuhair al-Qaisi, the Secretary General of the Popular Resistance Committees in the Gaza Strip, along with another fighter, Palestinians fired rockets at southern Israel and the Israeli military launched air strikes at targets throughout the Strip.


            “Israel isn’t the instigator?”

            Do you know what “IN RESPONSE TO” means?

          2. Your comments on the murder of millions of innocent people are despicable.

            My comments would indeed be despicable if you could prove to me that millions actually died. Then I would certainly weep, for I have nothing against Jews per se and number many good Jews among my friends.

            Unfortunately, I am unable to turn on the tears for bogus victims in a fabricated Holocaust, living on extortionate reparations obtained by blackmail.

            Sorry about that, Mr Smith.


          3. “IN RESPONSE TO” Zuhair al-Qaisi, the former head of the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza? Think about that one for a minute.

        2. Proving to YOU that millions actually died in the Holocaust is apparently impossible, Berenice; you’re just way smarter than most of us. Your claim that the al Qaeda suicide attacks of 9/11 were committed by Israel is further proof.

          1. It’s not just ME, Mr Smith. It’s millions of other intelligent people who no longer get their news from the Jew-owned media. Like Dr Alan Sabrosky.

            “It is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation, ” says Dr Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the US Army War College.

            See article above! 🙂

          2. No, I am not 100 percent certain that the Holocaust was faked. I am just highly skeptical of the traditional narrative. And I don’t think you traditional believers in the Holocaust help your case in any way by resorting to intimidation in order to ram your beliefs down people’s throats.

            Belief, like love, should be voluntary. If you think intimidation, coercion, and threats of imprisonment will spook people into believing in the Holocaust you are sadly mistaken. These bullying tactics are counterproductive.

            Contrary to what you appear to think, Mr Smith, there are not just two possible attitudes to the Holocaust: belief and unbelief. There is a third or intermediate attitude: agnosticism or skepticism.

            I describe myself as a Holocaust agnostic. Or skeptic. This means I am open to persuasion. If you can convince me the Holocaust took place as you say it did, I will believe in the Holocaust. Not until then.

  39. hey folks.
    after observing his m-o for a while, i came to firm conclusion that he is a zionist troll, even if gentile (unlikely), in which case he trolls for cash.
    no way that anyone, no matter how blinded by ideology, cannot perceive the essential obscenity of israel and the group it represents in its dealing with the outside world, currently and historically without experiencing at least a measure of revulsion at the naked evil.
    well, he does, effortlessly, nothing matters to him, palestinian children roasted alive by white phosphorus? just rewards for someone (possibly shin bet proxies) lobbing some grade 3 science class coke can rockets.
    people who continually inhabited palestine sadistically expelled with cowardly world watching callously? justified by both torah and pseudocaust, the latter manufactured out of whole cloth for precisely this reason.

    actually, his whole reason for being here is simple: get the posters foaming in anger while he smirkingly sits back, spouts ever increasing stream of grotesque lies and succeeds in destroying Easter Sunday.

    don’t feed him anymore, ignore his posts and enjoy this day.

    1. Why would a tiny country like Israel want to start wars with Muslims in the Middle East? To convert them? Kill or persecute them for not being Jewish?
      Was the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan an Israeli false flag op too? Bin Laden’s clowns think they won that one, and wanted the Saudis to invite them in to keep Saddam from invading Saudi Arabia in 1990, instead of hosting the infidels from Western countries to get him out of Kuwait, where he had at least 5 times the force needed to win. US troops left SA long ago, partly because of pressure from Islamic fundamentalists, and combat troops are now out of Iraq too. Bin Laden tried at least 3 times to provoke a war in Afghanistan against the evil US, and the suicide attacks in 1998 and 2000 didn’t do it. US troops are scheduled to leave there in a year or two, so who gained what?
      You’re so blinded by prejudice and ignorance that you don’t even THINK.

      1. “Why would a tiny country like Israel want to start wars with Muslims in the Middle East?”

        Isn’t it obvious why?

        To make their “tiny country” a bit bigger by stealing more Arab land?

        To follow in Hitler’s footsteps and get themselves a bit more Lebensraum?

        To obtain a Greater Israel stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates?

        To become so powerful one day that they are in a position to do what their father Satan would love them to do: destroy the entire world and then destroy themselves.

        Remember, they’ve already threatened to use the Samson Option. Martin Van Creveld, a professor of military history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, has been quoted as saying:

        “Most European capitals are targets for our air force….We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.”


        So tell me, Albury Smith: what does it feel like to back a nation that threatens to blow the world up if it doesn’t get its way?

        1. I’m unaware of Martin Van Creveld’s influence over Israeli defense strategies, and have already seen what passes for honest sourcing on here, but what does it feel like to back a nation whose president threatens to wipe Israel off the map, just because they’re not Muslim?
          To answer your other question, it’s not at all obvious to me why Israel would want to start wars with Muslims in the Middle East. To get wiped off the map?

          1. You are obviously unaware that President Ahmadinejad of Iran at no time threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.” That is a Jewish fabrication based on a mischievous mistranslation of his words by the Israeli hasbara website MEMRI.

            It is not at all obvious to you why Israel should start wars with Muslim nations? It ought to be obvious: to steal more land! 🙂

            They have stolen land in Syria. They have stolen land in South Lebanon. And they have stolen 90 percent of historic Palestine. Their next serious objective is to steal the whole of South Lebanon up to the Litani River.

            The last time they tried it on in Lebanon, in 2006, the were driven back by Hezbollah with their tails between their legs. Which I guess is why Hezbollah are classified as dangerous “terrorists”: because they know how to win wars against land-grabbing Jews! 🙂

          2. Hezbollah’s much better at starting them than winning them, and when Israel tries land for peace, they just get more rockets aimed at their civilians afterward. Israel’s borders would stay the same or contract if they were safe from attack.

      2. Poor Zionazi “tiny country”, eh! So far its 4.5 million Jews have surpassed Shakespeare’s ‘Shylock’ – by sucking over $3,000 billion since 1970s. Ehud Barak boasted not long ago that Jewish army is the world’s fourth powerful army.

        Pity, in Summer, this powerful Jewish army was humiliated by less than 1500 Hizbullah freedom fighter in Summer 2006. The humiliation was so shocking that Olmert had admitted; “Israel doesn’t know how to defeat Hizbullah”.


    2. Why would a tiny country like Israel want to start wars with Muslims in the Middle East? … Kill or persecute them for not being Jewish?

      yes (a very resounding “yes” that informs every act of their inhuman evil and why they have absolutely no conscience towards those not considered human (goyim), it is their sacred duty to deceive, rob, cheat, lie to, kill, enslave and persecute gentiles at every turn)
      Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10. This is the saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tob shebe goyyim harog (“Even the best of the gentiles should all be killed“).

      from various ny papers (i didn’t say that all the press, esp. ny is jew-owned):
      Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg declared, “We have to recognize that Jewish blood and the blood of a goy are not the same thing.” (NY Times, June 6, 1989, p.5).

      Rabbi Yaacov Perrin said, “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” (NY Daily News, Feb. 28, 1994, p.6)

      Moses Maimonides is considered the greatest codifier and philosopher in Jewish history. He is often affectionately referred to as the Rambam, after the initials of his name and title, Rabenu Moshe Ben Maimon, “Our Rabbi, Moses son of Maimon.” [Maimonides’ Principles, edited by Aryeh Kaplan, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America,, p. 3].

      Here is what Maimonides (Rambam) taught concerning saving people’s lives, especially concerning saving the lives of gentiles and Christians, or even Jews who dared to deny the “divine inspiration” of the Talmud:

      Maimonides, Mishnah Torah, (Moznaim Publishing Corporation, Brooklyn, New York, 1990, Chapter 10, English Translation), p. 184:

      “Accordingly, if we see an idolater (gentile) being swept away or drowning in the river, we should not help him. If we see that his life is in danger, we should not save him.”

      i can see it coming in form of: “talmud was justifiably written in response to centuries of palestinians lobbing firecrackers that killed and injured no one into israeli backyards”.

      and on this day, need we delve into rabbinical teaching that christ is hung upside down immersed for eternity in vat of boiling excrement?
      undoubtedly a happy theme at passover gatherings.

      by deception you shall wage internet trolling.

        1. short biography of the neo-Nazi and White supremacist skinhead blogger
          Yossi Gurwitz
          I was raised as an Orthodox Jew, graduated from a Yeshiva (Nehalim), but saw the light and turned atheist at about the age of 17.

          hey, saw the light (the truth) and it didn’t incinerate him like the vampires rightfully fear.

        2. Invaluable link. Thanks. Nice to know rape now has received rabbincal blessing!

          Female masochists with rape fantasies, head for Israel! Hey, and don’t forget your burkas and morning-after pills.

          Ouch, maybe I shouldn’t have said! I’ll get myself into trouble with Albury Smith as well as the feminists. Not to menton the masochists with rape fantasies. 🙂

          1. y r u sayin rape is a good thing? i think u r h8ful! i dont like yore name eyether u r hidin behind your name.

            y r u talkin about burkas and rape and mornin after pils? r u sayin u want 2 go 2 izrayl and dress in a burka and get yoreself raped by IDF solders?

            who wood want 2 rape u silly? IDF solders dont rape ennywon, their not like that! i am jewish and I luv my 2nd cuntry izrayl moor than america wear i liv. so their!

            sorry bout my spelin but i am onely 14 and i am disleksik.

            buy every 1! i got 2 get 2 bed now…erly nite 4 me coz i got skool 2 morow!

      1. now if i was truly antisemitic, whatever that means, i would equally despise gurwitz, along with other apostates like shamir, cole, vanunu, shahak, atzmon, hoffman, brother nathaniel, makow, sabroski and others too numerous to list.

        but according to adl, it makes me even more antisemitic, through appreciation of self-hating jews.

  40. @ Albury Smith

    Let me compliment you, sir, on your remarkably fine posts in which you have run circles round the intellectual pygmies who frequent this deplorable site. I wish I could round them all up and put them in front of a firing squad. I hate them all with every bone in my body. Anyone who says bad things about Jews after the Holocaust deserves to die. And anyone who criticizes Israel should be given the death penalty.

    1. I wouldn’t go that far, Ruth, and got on here mostly because of the stupid claims that Israel was behind the al Qaeda suicide attacks of 9/11, but Holocaust denial really pisses me off too. People are murdered for saying bad things about Islam, and I’m a lot more tolerant than that, as are most Jews (I’m an agnostic from a Christian family).
      I do agree with you that the hate-mongers on here are despicable, however.

      1. Perhaps Albury, you would like to propose a perfectly innocent reason for the Israelis in a white van, who later went on Israeli TV and said that they were there to “document the event”. Who they were and what they were doing there?

        @ Darkmoon

        What’s going on Darkmoon – have you not learned anything from our encounter? And this goes for the rest of you, Berenice and Sardonicus? Now try to argue your points better, you two especially, and the rest of you, don’t get drawn into straw-man arguments that are put out there as dead-ends to make you look foolish. There’s more than enough simple evidence to prove to a rational audience, beyond reasonable doubt, that there was foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks and Jewish involvement.

        Now, I’ve got too much to do to give you all lessons and come back – especially with an article to write and arranging rendezvous on Match.com. I can’t bear for you all to look foolish though. More than that, I have jealous reasons, and don’t want to see our all time record of 202 comments beaten. That would be a tragedy, and I look forward to Darkmoon replying to my comments, because I am thoroughly interested in another argument.

        ‘I do agree with you that the hate-mongers on here are despicable’ – Look, he’s running circles around you all. Forgotten everything I’ve taught you already about keeping your language moderate and arguing your points reasonably?

        Look, even as I went: ‘given her admiration for the boundless nobility of the US soldier under all circumstances …even at Falluja, Haditha, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo!’ –what kind of juvenile, amateur comment is this? [perhaps it was a joke?] Have I at any time argued such a thing? Stick with the actual quotes rather than misquoting people and answering what you would have liked them to have said.

        Now remember what I have taught you, my young (slightly older but still young), Padawan learner, and tear into him like a starved wild do. You can do it – you’ve got the writing talent – and no more feeble excuses about lack of time. I expect nothing less.

        This is and easy one: ‘and when Israel tries land for peace, they just get more rockets aimed at their civilians afterward. Israel’s borders would stay the same or contract if they were safe from attack.’ – Victor Ostrovsky, ‘The making and unmaking of a Mossad Officer.’ This is a good starting point for countering this feeble argument.

          1. @ Albury

            “The men apprehended and questioned were asked what they were doing, and replied that they were recording the event; they did not say they went there for that purpose, and had other reasons for being there.”

            That’s a pretty contradictory statement that they were recording the event and that ‘they did not say they went there for that purpose, and had other reasons for being there’. ‘That purpose”? – what do you mean by this Albury? That “That purpose” does not relate to ‘that event’? I would very much like for you to expound this position. What were the other reasons for them being there – with video cameras? There is a lot to it. Can you explain to us with such lesser IQs how this coincidences regarding the Jews white van can be explained? I am just dying to know.

            “And replied that they were recording the event; they did not say they went there for that purpose”. Sorry Albury, this is just beyond my comprehension.

            Just for clarity: you have been accused of being a troll on this site – expand on this argument that a cynic may have to say about you (understand that I am only looking for answers myself, and so, am interested in both positions), and confirm that you are not.

            @ Darkmoon

            Hey, I hope that you checked out the website that I gave you? What did you think? I wish that I had all the answers, but experience on this earth teaches me that for us humans, there are things that we can just never explain. It is hard to look at two issues – the Christian teachings, and that of the teachings of others who seem to be able to explain these experiences so easily, and not see them as being contradictory.

            P.S. Here’s a good one: The Mandelbrot dilemma. Mandelbrot was a French mathematician, who disproved an old mathematical theory held by the British. The British though that they had accurately mapped out and calculated the exact length of the coastline of Britain. Mandelbrot proved them wrong however, and used higher resolution images of those used by the British, at the time, to show that the length of coastline was inaccurate. In fact, he showed that the more that one zoomed in on the images, the more jagged the rocks and coastline became: the longer the coastline became. Hence, The Mandelbrot dilemma: the more that one goes into the intricate nature of many problems, the more that one discovers that the finer details of the problems just continue to get more intricate the further one zooms in. The only conclusion that any sane and logical person can fathom, is that the end problem is just too complex, and has too many variables to allow the human mind to ever solve. (I like that one, and it just shows the uselessness of metaphysics and why philosophy should never be taken seriously as an academic subject). How are you anyway? Hope that you are doing well? Actually, I hope that you are all doing well?

            Any closer to constructing that light saber? Do you listen to Thepoliticalcesspool?

          2. @ Firebell

            Yes, I checked out the site you sent me. This one:


            Interesting. I think I told you in a previous email that my mother had had a fear psychic experiences, though I myself have experienced nothing in this regard. BTW, is your house still haunted?


            Listen, Firebell, I think you are a repository of serious psychological disturbances and are therefore responsible, without being aware of it, of generating Class A poltergeist phenomena.

            Take care, honey, and seek medical assistance pronto……….m^%g84$*”……ooops, fingers slipped on keyboard! …….that’s what comes of levitating when you’re trying to write. 🙂

          3. Lol – That is the sort of comment that one writes when they are sat up late in front of the computer after having had a lot of beers. I mean a lot! Can’t believe that any of it even made sense when I read it back now sober 🙂

            Yes it really is haunted, although I am the only person who has never seen anything. You will have to tell me about your mother’s experiences sometime.

        1. What’s going on Darkmoon – have you not learned anything from our encounter?

          Firebell, many thanks for condescending to grace our humble site with your august presence! 🙂

          What have I learned from our encounter? — The need for caution and cunning, dissimulation and duplicity!

          My Achilles heel, alas, is my naive sincerity. I tend to say what I mean. This is a serious fault I am workng on. 🙂

        2. The men apprehended and questioned were asked what they were doing, and replied that they were recording the event; they did not say they went there for that purpose, and had other reasons for being there. They were later deported after police and FBI interrogations determined that they weren’t involved in the coordinated suicide attacks.
          I think it’s safe to say that they weren’t hijacking any planes that day, and plenty of footage of the fires and collapses is readily available from numerous sources, so is everyone who aimed a camera at the WTC on 9/11 a suspect, or are you just trying to fit a square peg into a round hole?

          1. The “Five Dancing Israelis” were innocent, eh?

            So why were they dancing with delight as the Twin Towers came crashing down? Why were they giving High Fives?

            Just having a bit of innocent fun, were they, as 3000 Americans were put to death by 19 fiendishly clever Arabs armed only with box cutters?

        3. Now remember what I have taught you, my young Padawan learner…

          I’ll always be a novice. Forgive me for forgetting to plait my hair, sir. I’m still trying to build my lightsaber! 🙂

          1. @ Albury Smith, Lets not go as far as Pakistan and mix apples with ornages.
            Lets focus on your beloved country, Israel.
            On December 25, 1977 Knesset passed Israel’s anti-missionary law, mandating a possible five-year prison sentence for any Christian offering so little as a tract or cup of coffee to an Israeli as part of witnessing to him. That law has never been rescinded. The date it was passed was chosen to send a powerfully threatening message to idealistic Christians landing at Ben-Gurion Airport. This, in my own words, was their message:

            There is no free speech for Christians to witness as they like in Israel. Israel wants your dollars, your fighter planes, your unconditional support and blessing. We do not want any mention of your Jesus in the public squares of Israel. If you defy the law, you could go to prison—or at least be deported.

            The Jews of Disney/ABC sneeringly send a similarly pointed message to intimidated and unprotesting American Christians, cowering before success of ABC’s Christian-bashing sitcom, Good Christian Bitches (GCB)
            This statement was issued by Rev. Ted Pike on April 5, 2012.

            I was personally banned from two Jewish websits, and was told you are not welcome here. That was fellowing two comments of refuting their allegations. I even was polite and respectful in my comments. They just were scared to death
            death. They don’t wish to be exposed or challenged. This site is bending backward to give you a forum, event though you abuse your privillages. Why don’t show gratitude for a change instead of going in circles.

  41. Belief, like love, should be voluntary.

    hate to disagree, berenice but i expounded on this theme previously and not many got my drift.
    if the above statement was true, so would the claim that hate too is voluntary, which gives “hate crime” inquisitors the wide open field of persecution.
    i don’t choose to hate the idf sniper proudly wearing this t-shirt
    h t t p://news.sky.com/home/world-news/article/15245946
    The t-shirts were printed for Israeli soldiers at the end of periods of deployment or training courses and were discovered by Israeli newspaper Haaretz.
    One, printed for a platoon of Israeli snipers depicts an armed Palestinian pregnant women caught in the crosshairs of a rifle, with the disturbing caption in English: “1 shot 2 kills”.
    Another depicts a child carrying a gun also in the centre of a target.
    “The smaller, the harder,” read the words on the t-shirt.

    of course, the resident zionist will argue that sky-news is a neo-nazi skinhead site and the pictures are photoshopped.

    also may want to check out photos on this page, e.g., 18 or 37 and all the others showing the children of poor tiny nuclear state enthusiastically practicing weapon handling for the blessed day when they notch their first confirmed kill.
    h t t p://uprootedpalestinians.blogspot.mx/2011/03/meet-jewish-settlers.html

    btw, most of these are american born, straight out of brooklyn.

    so, to get back to topic, i hate them because i cannot help hating them.
    they are evil, pure and simple.
    if hating evil is a crime against talmudic lawgivers, so be it, i couldn’t help it even if i wanted to.

    more broadly, berenice, cerebral activity is voluntary, whereas these things (emotions) pertain to elsewhere … heart, guts, spine, wherever, whatever … and are involuntary, therefore should not be subject to prosecution (by justice), only persecution (by injustice), which is exactly what it is.

    and by the way, i don’t choose to deny “holocaust”; i cannot affirm what defies belief, given the paucity of verifiable evidence and mountain of laughably transparent lies.

  42. From an Israeli on being a Jew in Israel:

    Our condition in Israel has never been better than it is now! Only the television and the media make people think that the end of the world is near.

    Only 65 years ago, Jews were brought to death like sheep to slaughter. NO country, NO army. Only 60 years ago, seven Arab countries declared war on little Israel, the Jewish State, just a few hours after it was established.

    We were 650,000 Jews against the rest of the Arab world. No IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) or Air Force. We were only a small group of stubborn people with nowhere to go.

    Remember: Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, and Saudi Arabia, they all attacked at once. The state that the United Nations “gave” us was 65% desert. We started it from zero.

    Only 41 years ago, we fought three of the strongest countries in the Middle East , and we crushed them in the Six Day War.

    Over the years we fought different coalitions of Arab countries with modern armies and with huge amounts of Russian-Soviet ammunition, and we still won.

    Today we have a beautiful country, a powerful Army, a strong Air Force, an adequate Navy and a thriving high teach industry. Intel, Microsoft, and IBM have all developed their businesses here.

    Our doctors have won important prizes in the medical development field.

    We turned the desert into a prosperous land

    We sell oranges, flowers, and vegetables around the world

    We launched our own satellite! Three satellites at once! We are in good company; together with the USA (280 million residents), Russia (220 million residents), China (1.3 billion residents) and Europe ( France , England and Germany 350 million residents), we are one of the only countries in the world that have launched something into space!

    Israel today is among the few powerful countries that have nuclear technology & capabilities. (We will never admit it, but everyone knows.)

    To think that only 65 years ago we were disgraced and hopeless.

    We crawled out from the burning crematoriums of Europe.

    We won in all our wars. With a little bit of nothing we built an empire.

    Who are Khaled Mashal (leader of Hamas) or Hassan Nasrallah (leader of Hezbollah) trying to frighten us? They are amusing us.

    As we celebrate Independence Day, let’s not forget what this holy day is all about; we overcame everything.

    We overcame the Greeks; We overcame the Romans; We overcame the Spanish Inquisition; We overcame the Russians pogrom; We overcame Hitler, we overcame Germany and overcame the Holocaust; We overcame the armies of seven countries.

    Relax chevray (friends), we will overcome our current enemies.

    Never mind where you look in human history. Think about it, the Jewish nation, our condition has never been better than now. So let’s lift our heads up and remember:

    Never mind which country or culture tries to harm us or erase us from the world. We will still exist and persevere. Egypt ? Anyone know where the Egyptian empire disappeared to? The Greeks? Alexander Macedon? The Romans? Is anyone speaking Latin today? The Third Reich? Did anyone hear news from them lately?

    And look at us, the Bible nation – from slavery in Egypt , we are still here, still speaking the same language. Exactly here, exactly now.

    Maybe The Arabs don’t know it yet, but we are an eternal nation. All the time that we keep our identity, we will stay eternal. We are not worrying, complaining, crying, or fearing…

    Business here is beseder (fine). It can definitely be much better, but it is still fine. Don’t pay attention to the nonsense in the media, they will not tell you about our festivals here in Israel or about the people that continue living, going out, meeting friends.

    Yes, sometimes morale is down, so what? This is only because we are mourning the dead while they are celebrating spilled blood. And this is the reason we will survive after all.

  43. LIE #1
    Israel was created by European guilt over the Nazi Holocaust. Why should Palestinians pay the price?

    Three thousand years before the Holocaust, before there was a Roman Empire, Israel’s kings and prophets walked the streets of Jerusalem. The whole world knows that Isaiah did not speak his prophesies from Portugal, nor Jeremiah his lamentations from France. Revered by its people, Jerusalem is mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures 600 times – but not once in the Koran. Throughout its 2,000-year exile there was continuous Jewish presence in the Holy Land, with the modern rebirth of Israel beginning in the 1800s. Reclamation of the largely vacant land by pioneering Zionists blossomed into a Jewish majority long before the onset of Nazism.

    After the Holocaust, nearly 200,000 Shoah survivors found haven in the Jewish State, created by a two-thirds vote of the UN in 1947. Soon 800,000 Jews fleeing persecution in Arab countries arrived. In ensuing decades, Israel absorbed a million immigrants from the Soviet Union and thousands of Ethiopian Jews. Today, far from being a vestige of European guilt or colonialism, Israel is a diverse, cosmopolitan society, fulfilling the age-old dream of a people’s journey and ‘Return to Zion’- their ancient homeland.

    LIE #2
    Had Israel withdrawn to its June 1967 borders, peace would have come long ago.

    Since 1967, Israel has repeatedly conceded, “land for peace.” Following Egyptian President Sadat’s historic 1977 visit to Jerusalem and the Camp David Peace Accords, Israel withdrew from the vast Sinai Peninsula and has been at peace with Egypt ever since.

    In 1995, Jordan signed a peace treaty with Israel but neither the Palestinians nor 21 other Arab states have done so. In 1993, Israel signed the Oslo Accords ceding administrative control of the West Bank to the Palestinian Authority(formerly the PLO). The PA never fulfilled its promise to end propaganda attacks and drop the Palestinian National Charter’s call for Israel’s destruction.

    In 2000, Prime Minister Barak offered Yasser Arafat full sovereignty over 97% of the West Bank, a corridor to Gaza, and a capitol in the Arab section of Jerusalem. Arafat said NO. In 2008, PA President Abbas nixed virtually the same offer from Prime Minister Olmert. In 2005, Prime Minister Sharon unilaterally withdrew from Gaza. Taken over by terrorist Hamas, they turned dismantled Jewish communities into launching sites for suicide bombers and 8,000+ rockets into Israel proper. In 2010, Prime Minister Netanyahu renewed offers of unconditional negotiations leading to a Palestinian State, but Palestinians refused, demanding more unilateral Israeli concessions, including a total freeze of all Israeli construction in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

    LIE #3
    Israel is the main stumbling block to achieving a Two-State solution.

    The Palestinians themselves are the only stumbling block to achieving a Two-State solution. With whom should Israel negotiate? With President Abbas, who, for four years, has been barred by Hamas from visiting 1.5 million constituents in Gaza? With his Palestinian Authority, which continues to glorify terrorists and preaches hate in its educational system and the media? With Hamas, whose Iranianbacked leaders deny the Holocaust and use fanatical Jihadist rhetoric to call for Israel’s destruction?

    Today, it is a simple fact that while the State of Israel is prepared to recognize all Arab States, secular or Muslim, these states adamantly refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish State and demand “the right of return” of five million so-called Palestinian “refugees” – a sure guarantee for Israel’s demise.

    Nuclear Israel not Iran is the greatest threat to peace and stability.

    Though never acknowledged by Jerusalem, it is generally assumed that Israel has nuclear weapons. But unlike Pakistan, India, and North Korea, Israel never conducted nuclear tests. In 1973, when its very survival was imperiled by the surprise Egyptian-Syrian Yom Kippur attack, many assumed Israel would use nuclear weapons–but it did not. Contrary to public condemnations, many Arab leaders privately express relief that Israeli nuclear deterrence exists. While Israel has never threatened anyone, Tehran’s mullahs daily threaten to “wipe Israel from the map.” The U.S. and Europe can afford to wait to see what the Iranian regime does with its nuclear ambitions. But Israel cannot. She is on the front lines and remembers every day the price the Jewish people paid for not taking Hitler at his word. Israel is not prepared to sacrifice another six million Jews on the altar of the world’s indifference.

    LIE #5
    Israel is an Apartheid State deserving of International Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaigns.

    On both sides of the Atlantic, church groups, academics and unions are leading deceitful and often anti-Semitic boycott campaigns demonizing what they call the Jewish “apartheid” State.

    The truth is that unlike apartheid South Africa, Israel is a democratic state. Its 20% Arab minority enjoys all the political, economic and religious rights and freedoms of citizenship, including electing members of their choice to the Knesset (Parliament). Israeli Arabs and Palestinians have standing before Israel’s Supreme Court. In contrast, no Jew may own property in Jordan, no Christian or Jew can visit Islam’s holiest sites in Saudi Arabia.

    LIE #6
    Plans to build 1,600 more homes in East Jerusalem prove Israel is ‘Judaizing’ the Holy City.

    Enemies of Israel, exploit this phony issue. Jerusalem is holy to three great faiths. Its diverse population includes a Jewish majority with Muslim and Christian minorities. Since 1967, for the first time in history, there is full freedom of religion for all faiths in Jerusalem. Muslim and Christian religious bodies administer their own holy sites. Indeed, the Waqf is allowed to control Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, even though it rests on Solomon’s temple and is holy to BOTH Jews and Muslims.

    Meanwhile, Jerusalem’s municipality must meet the needs of a growing modern city. The unfortunately-timed announcement during U.S. Vice President Biden’s visit of 1600 new apartments in Ramat Shlomo, was not about Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, but for a long established, heavily populated Jewish neighborhood in Northern Jerusalem, where 250,000 Jews live (about the same population as Newark, N.J.) — an area that will never be relinquished by Israel.

    LIE #7
    Israeli policies endanger U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    The charge that Israel endangers U.S. troops in Iraq or the AF-Pak region is an update of the old “stab in the back” lie that Jews always betray their own friends, and the libel spouted by Henry Ford and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion that “Jews are the father of all wars.”

    U.S. General Petraeus has stated he considers Israel a great strategic asset for the U.S. and that his earlier remarks linking the safety of U.S. troops in the region to an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal (which 2/3 of Israelis want) were taken out of context. A resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict would benefit everyone, including the U.S. But an imposed return to what Abba Eban called “1967 Auschwitz borders” would endanger Israel’s survival and ultimately be disastrous for American interests and credibility in the world.

    LIE #8
    Israeli policies are the cause of worldwide anti-Semitism.

    From the Inquisition to the pogroms, to the 6,000,000 Jews murdered by the Nazis, history proves that Jew-hatred existed on a global scale before the creation of the State of Israel. In 2010, it would still exist even if Israel had never been created. For example, one poll indicates 40% of Europeans blame the recent global economic crisis on “Jews having too much economic power,” a canard that has nothing to do with Israel.

    The unsettled Palestinian-Israeli dispute aggravates Muslim-Jewish tensions, but it is not the root cause. During World War II, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a notorious Jewhater, helped the Nazis organize the 13th SS Division, made up of Muslims. Unfortunately, in addition to respectful references to Jewish patriarchs and prophets, the Koran also contains virulent anti-Semitic stereotypes that are widely invoked by Islamist extremists, including Hezbollah (whose agents blew up the Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires in 1994), to justify murdering Jews worldwide. The disappearance of Israel would only further embolden violent Jew-haters everywhere.

    LIE #9
    Israel, not Hamas, is responsible for the “humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza. Goldstone was right when he charged that Israel was guilty of war crimes against civilians.

    The Goldstone Report on Israel’s defensive war against Hamas-controlled Gaza, from which 8,000 rockets were fired after Israel’s unilateral withdrawal in 2005, is a biased product of the UN’s misnamed Human Rights Council. The UNHRC is obsessed with false anti-Israel resolutions. It refuses to address grievous human rights abuses in Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and beyond.

    Faced with similar attacks, every UN member-state including the U.S. and Canada would surely have acted more aggressively than the IDF did in Gaza.

    Yet, Richard Goldstone, a South African Jewish jurist, signed a document prepared by investigators whose main qualification was rabid anti-Israel bias. He accepted every anonymous libel against the IDF. But he insisted that hearings in Gaza be televised, guaranteeing that fearful Palestinians would never testify about Hamas’ use of civilians as human shields and their hiding of weapons in mosques and hospitals. Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz denounced Goldstone’s Report as a modern “blood libel” accusing Israeli soldiers of crimes they never committed.

    LIE #10
    The only hope for peace is a single, bi-national state, eliminating the Jewish State of Israel.

    The One-State solution, promoted by academics, is a non-starter because it would eliminate the Jewish homeland. However, the current pressures on Israel are equally dangerous. In effect, the world is demanding that Israel, the size of New Jersey, shrink further by accepting a Three-State solution: a PA state on the West Bank and a Hamas terrorist state controlling 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza. All this, as Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy in Lebanon, stockpiles 50,000 rockets, threatening northern and central Israel’s main population centers.

    In 2010, most Middle East experts believe that the only hope for enduring peace is two states with defined final borders. But too many diplomats, pundits, academics and church leaders ignore the fact that current polls show that while most Israelis favor a Two-State solution, most Palestinians continue to oppose it.


    1. This is rubbish and Israeli propaganda.
      Smith is nothing more than a mouth-piece for Israeli Foreign Ministary.
      He is a paid foot soldier whose job is to infltrate websites that are critical
      of IsraHell and spew Israeli propganda and talking points. In other word,
      distract readers from the real issues: Israeli occupation and its war crime against
      humanity. The illegal and inhumane siege of 1.7 million Palestinians in Gaza, Adminsitrative
      Detention Act. Kiddnapping at checkpoints and midnight raid. Lets not forget the targeted assassination. All of which are war crime and collective punishement by Israeli against the native inhimbants of Palestine. This Smithy dude is posting from an overseas location as indicated by time on his comment. Thanks for the earlier alert by one of our Guardian Angel here.

    2. To copy, cut, and paste is not a real and and meaningful debate.
      You are simply reguragating israeli hasabra and spitting it here.
      Time to get the face mask, it starts to stink from all of your litter, Smity.

      1. Apparently, Israelis not only can’t use any force to defend themselves; they can’t respond in writing either, and those defending them must be 100% original. Most of my comments here are written by me, Mahmoud, and your hateful friends have posted plenty of c&p links and material, so please spare us the hypocrisy. If you’re unhappy with something I took from somewhere else (and fully credited with a link or other source ID), address it, not me personally, since I made it very clear that I didn’t write it.

        1. You forget one thing, Albury.

          This site gives you total freedom of speech to put your pro-Zionist viewpoint here and to back the Jews to the hilt no matter what atrocities they commit. Your comments, though they are totally repulsive to every single poster here, HAVE NOT BEEN BLOCKED.

          Why is that the Zionist sites where you ideologically belong allow no such freedom of speech to the posters on THIS site? To people like Lobro, Berenice, Sardonicus, Kapoore, Rehmat and Mahmoud El-Yousseph? Why are they invariably BLOCKED on Zionist sites by your free-speech-loving Jews?

          You see, Albury, that’s the difference between Zionist sites and anti-zionist sites like this one. We publish your views. You refuse to publish ours. We give you absolute freedom of speech here. In return, you give us none.

          Why is that?

          Are you so afraid of exposing your Zionist readers to a contrary viewpoint?

          Will their universe collapse if they discover the truth about the Holocaust and 9/11?

          1. Why should anyone’s comments be blocked in any honest discussion, MONTECRISTO? I could hardly forget that mine haven’t been on here, given how often it happens on other 9/11 “truth movement” sites.
            I think you’ll find substantial Jewish representation in the ACLU and other organizations that staunchly defend free speech, even if it’s from Holocaust deniers and other hatemongers of any stripe. Try committing “blasphemy” in Pakistan and some other Islamic countries and see where it gets you. Theo Van Gogh, Salman Rushdie, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Danish cartoonists, and many others have found out, even if they were in Western countries.

          2. I don’t think you understand the point I am making. I am saying that you are given the privilege of free speech on this site and your comments are NOT blocked here. I could block them if I wished and give as my excuse that your comments constitute HATE SPEECH. I don’t do this, even though most of my posters regard your comments as utterly hateful.

            You understand what I am saying?

            In contrast, I am saying, my posters here are NOT allowed to post their comments on Zionist sites. They are NOT allowed to cast doubts on the official version of 9/11 or to question that 6 million Jews died in gas oven on the orders of Hitler. However polite and mild their language, they are NOT allowed to put their case. They are BLOCKED. SILENCED. Even if they criticize some new atrocity committed by Israel, their comments are BLOCKED.

            Why? I’ll tell you why. Because the Jews who run those sites have decided in advance that anyone who annoys them with a contrary opinion is indulging in HATE SPEECH.

            Do you honestly wish to assert that someone who questions the 6 millon figure is “hate mongering”? That he should be blocked and silenced for “hate speech”?

            Is it “hate speech” to say that Israel should stop stealing Palestinian land?

            I somehow doubt you will seriously address any of these questions, and I can well understand why most of my posters are getting thoroughly pissed off with you.

            You are abusing the hospitality of this site. Understand that. And yet we put up with you.

            The reason the Jews block us on their sites has nothing to do with hate speech and all to do with fear. They fear the Truth. At all costs, the Truth must be silenced.

          3. I’ve never questioned your right to speak, and certainly not your right to exist. Many Jews will go to extremes to defend your rights, so I don’t know where you got the idea that you’re being silenced.
            I’m blocked and permanently banned on numerous 9/11 “truth movement” sites, simply for questioning some of the assertions made. I was quickly banned at the Loose Change “forum” for asking someone why 12 different insurance companies, at least 4 of which are foreign-based, all paid Larry Silverstein a total of ~$4.68 BILLION if he publicly admitted to blowing up WTC 7. The moderator proudly announced to everyone that my question wasn’t “sincere enough,” and that he had no alternative but to ban me. Do you know a more sincere way to ask that question? This 9/11 “researcher” also banned me from posting on his dog-and-pony show:
            It’s very unusual for me to be allowed to comment on any web site that’s run by the 9/11 “truth movement.”

          4. b greatfull u r aloud to post hear then, idgit!

            i wish u wassint a jew mister coz u make me feel so darn ashaymed 2 b jewish. u r makin every 1 angrie hear and so they will also hayt ME coz i’m jewish.

            sory about my spelin mister but i’m onely 14 and i’m dislecksick.

          5. @ jessel meyer

            Shut up, Jessel. You are bringing shame on our race by your bad spelling and low IQ comments. Take a hike, will ya.

          6. Mr Albury,

            I’d like to meet you for coffee and bagels if you happen to be living anywhere near Fifth Avenue. I know just the place. Very romantic. Let me know if you are interested in extending your horizons.

          7. I don’t get to NYC very often, Ruth. It’s a ~2-hour schlep from Philly. 🙂

  44. AIPAC bombshell……

    The Democratic primary for four-term Islamophobe Jewish incumbent Joseph Isadore (Joe) Lieberman’s open Connecticut seat got interesting on Thursday night. Lee Whitnum, a former software engineer, writer, author and politician from Greenwich, Connecticut, who reminds Jewish lobby groups of former Rep. Cynthia McKinney, called one of her four opponents, Rep. Chris Murphy, “whore” for Murphy’s blind support for Israel Lobby (AIPAC)……


  45. It’s still April 8th here in the U.S. and Albury is already living April 9th, so he isn’t in the U.S. I doubt Mr. Smith is American and probably doesn’t know or care that much about 9 11, other than it irritates him when Israel is blamed. He probably doesn’t pay taxes that fight wars for Israel, nor has he probably had the experience of having his government bought out by AIPAC. He might not have access to Holocaust Revisionist sites since that might be illegal in the country where he lives, consequently, he basically hasn’t a clue about the revisionist arguments. Mr Smith sounds like he gets all his information from DEBKA (a Mossad internet site), or maybe he is the one writing for DEBKA (who knows). Notice how tidy Mr Smith’s reasons are–devoid of the blood and guts of war, devoid of depleted uranium, devoid of exploded body parts, and blood streaked faces of the innocent. He is one of the collateral damage guys, and ‘we made the desert bloom’ guys. He exudes that squeaky clean aura of a new suburb (Westbank settlement). He’s slickster salesman for everything Zionist? Agnostic /Christian background…well, anything is possible. Or maybe he isn’t human, but some kind of packaged program like an automated call in service.

  46. If Albury Smith’s logic is to be followed then there should be an Eastward Ho for the Europeans who colonized North America, otherwise it is an argument by occupation.
    If the rules of Israel claim to be the legitimate successors of the ancient rulers of Israel then the blood of Jesus is on their hands. If exhortations of Isiah are valid for modern Zionists today as they were over 2000 years ago then so is the New Testament valid for Christians to demand punishment for the blood for Christ in eternal damnation of Zionists who return to Palestine.
    The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom you had put to death by hanging Him on the cross.” Acts 5:30.

    The Jews exodus from Arab lands was the result of reaction to the formation of a Colonial-settler state at the tail end of European colonialism. In fact it was driven in many cases by acts of terror fomented by Israeli secret service.

    Zionist argument was heard in Europe and then in America becasue of a climate where European occupation was considered a norm. Zionists have over time adopted partial and quasi and false Jews to increase their numbers and indoctrinate them, specifically those who wanted to leave the Soviet Union for life in the West.

  47. linking to simon wiesenthal center, what more do you want?
    obey noahide law, crawl abjectly towards synagogue of satan, chains clinking, delivering children and freshly harvested organs to priests of moloch.

    i tell you, he is not only a jew but a real deal talmudist, ruth, yacob and jessel are budgies by comparison.
    i can now hear it in every word, reptilian coiling around the thread to choke the life out of it.

    just ignore him and continue conversation with each other, since the editorial policy does not include embargo.

    1. i tell you, he is not only a jew but a real deal talmudist, ruth, yacob and jessel are budgies by comparison.

      hey, just 2 wotch it! i aint no budgie! i’m danjerouus! Sory about my spelin lobro, but i’m onely 14 and i’m dislecksick.

      1. I asked this question before, and I am asking again:
        Is there an editorial policy about minors posting here?

        1. Well, yes. We take the view that minors with spelling problems are bound to improve their spelling by using this website. Banning them would be a breach of their human rights to a good education! 🙂

  48. A few days before Passover, the Israeli ambassador got up to speak at the UN. “Ladies and gentlemen,” he said. “I have much to say, but before I begin, let me tell you an old Passover story, as the holiday is almost upon us: When Moses was leading the Jews out of Egypt, he had to cross the near endless Sinai desert. The Israelites were so thirsty they could hardly go on, so Moses struck the side of a mountain with his staff and a pond appeared with crystal-clear water. Now the people rejoiced and drank to their hearts’ content, but Moses wished to cleanse his entire body, so he
    went over to the other side of the pond, took off his clothes and dived in. Only when he came out did he discover his clothes had been stolen, and I have good reason to believe that the Palestinians stole Moses’ clothes.”
    At this point, the Palestinian delegate jumped out of his chair and screamed. “You lying fool! Everyone knows there were no Palestinians at that time!”
    “Exactly,” said the Israel Ambassador. “And with that, let me begin my speech.”
    (not written by me)

    1. A man is taking a walk in Central park in New York.
      Suddenly he sees a little girl being attacked by a pit bull. He runs
      over and starts fighting with the dog.
      He succeeds in killing the dog and saving the girl’s life.
      A policeman who was watching the scene walks over and says: “You are a
      hero, tomorrow you can read it in all the newspapers:
      “Brave New Yorker saves the life of little girl”
      The man says: – “But I am not a New Yorker!”
      “Oh then it will say in newspapers in the morning:
      “Brave American saves life of little girl'” – the policeman answers.
      “But I am not an American!” – says the man. “Oh, what are you then?”
      The man says: – “I am a Palestinian!” The next day the newspapers says:
      “Islamic extremist kills American dog. Connections to terrorist networks
      are being explored”

      Some one send me this years back. Even if it was not a joke, it does reflect the sad sick mind set of people like Albury Smith, who goes through pain to distort reality.

      1. Despite your distorted sense of reality, Mahmoud, Jews have been in what’s now Israel far longer than “Palestinians,” and have a legitimate right to a small fraction of Middle East real estate. If you fear progress, avoid the many scientific and other contributions from a Jewish population that’s <14 million worldwide, but don't worry too much about being converted; they care much less about changing your beliefs than you do about killing or enlightening them.

        1. You sound like a broken records. Jews were alway minority in Paletine.
          They consititue less than 2% and owned less than 6% of the land prior to 1948.
          All Israeli leader were foreign born. Even the current Israeli P.M. is from your home town
          of Philly. If you are indded from there. Helen Thomas was right! I agree with her 110%. To solve the problem,
          , these Jews have to go to where they came from, and return what they stole from the Palestinian
          in the first place. You can bark like a dog unitl infiniti, no one is going to belive you and you will not
          change the fact in the ground.
          Yes, Israel wants piece, a piece of every Arab land.

          You may remember the story of King Soloman, where a woman made a false claim to another woman’s child.
          With his wisdom, king Solomon, said, he will split the child in half to satify both woman. So,
          what did the real woman said in response the King Solomon proposa? Please don’t, let her have my child.
          King Solomon knew then who is the real mother. He then ruled in her favor.

          And fyi, Palestinian are not treated equally under Israeli law. They are treated as a second class citizens. They are threathened harrassed all the time. They are not permitted to go worship freely. Christians included. Christmass tree is bannned in the squar of Betlehm. Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are gaged like animals.
          Can’t leave or get back in without Israee proir consent. The men are killed daily, so are children. If not they are jailed without charges or trail. Just bogus reason. Such as security reason or terrorism. Homes are confiscated daily and whole family are put on street. In addition illegal Jewish settlers attack Palestinian daily, by uprooting their trees and crops, harrasing children in the way to school or back home, and burning their place of worship to the ground.
          You sound like broken record.

          1. You sound like a one-trick pony, Mahmoud; if there’s something you’re unhappy about, the Jews did it.

        2. Once mentioned but never again

          King Merneptah Stele – 1208 BC

          The only time Israel was mentioned in the ancient Egyptian texts, the most meticulous and coherent of the world’s ancient civilizations and which covered the chronicles of nearly 3000 years, was in Merneptah Stele, a black granite slab engraved with a description of the victories of king Merneptah- son of the great Ramses II- in a military campaign against the Meshwesh Libyans and their Sea People allies, but its final two lines, line 26 & 27, refer to a prior military campaign in Canaan in the Near East.

          The stele which dates to about 1208 BC was discovered by renowned British archaeologist Flinders Petrie at Thebes in 1896.

          The Inscription contains a hymn and a list of the Pharaoh’s military victories. A tribe, whom Merenptah had victoriously smitten”I.si.ri.ar?”Or as Petrie quickly suggested that it read: “Israel!” is on the list of conquests. The mention of Israel is very short; it simply says, “Israel is laid waste, its seed is no more.”
          (IT’S SEED IS NO MORE.) Do you UNDERSTAND??? The rag pickers are no more/gone/byby.”Only they who call themself jews and ARE NOT”.Identity theft is not new,asshole.

        3. @ Albury Smith, since you claim to be a patritica American and an expert, I have two questions for you.
          This has been bugging me for a long time. Some how it does tie in to the title of this post.

          1- Why is Israel the only country in the world that can not be sued for war crimes in US court of law?
          2- How come Jewish American can serve in IOF or hold public office in Isreal whithout losting their citizenship?

  49. ho-ho-ho-the-plague-of-locusts and other stories from kabbala crypt.

    love those 100% “all wows” true stories, the wisdom, wit and warmth of the chosen geniuses who by strength of khazar intelligence always outwit the goy neanderthals, nuclear tipped david versus jawbone wielding terrorist goliath.

    and pray tell the other one, how two jews invented copper wire by fighting over a penny.
    dumb amalek would never have dreamed of it, right?

    so long as these are related in good, cooperative spirit of camaraderie, absent malice and racism …

    1. All religions are loaded with preposterous claims, lobro, not just Judaism. Immaculate conceptions and coming back from the dead are just 2 in Christianity. The history of Christ was written by people who didn’t live in his alleged era, and he’s mentioned very few times in the New Testament. Contemporary secular historians from that time period didn’t write about him at all, so before ridiculing ancient beliefs, take a look at some of your own.

      1. Jesus name peace be upon him is mentioned in Holy Quran 33 times. His miricle birth in mentioned in great details
        in chapter Mariam[Mary] may God be pleased with her.
        Fact is: Jews do not recognize Jesus[pbuh] and considered him a bastard and his mother is a hore.
        Muslim believe in Jesus[pbuh] as one of the greatest prophet. Insulting any of the prophet is offensive and distastefullfor Muslims. Mother Superior name was mentioned 27 times in the Holy Quran. God has chosen her above all women. She is the only woman mention by name in the Holy Quran. That shows respect!

  50. Ruth, like the German say, ” uber geschmuck mann soll sich nicht beschlagen.” In English, [never argue about taste.]

    Last time I check, this site is called DARKMOON and not E-Harmony.com
    I think if you get lucky/ the hock up with Albury Smith, you should consider making a contribution to Montecristo to help alleviating the cost of operating this site.

    1. i always thought she was a nice jewish gahl, nah, a princessss.

      shame on you ruth for offering your thrice-annointed bagel to a perfect stranger, you bring this site into disrepute, acting like a neonazi skinhead skank.

      1. Hey lobro, take ‘r easy on Rurth! She is dateless and desperate and have no place to go.

        1. Why all the petty personal attacks, Mahmoud? Ad hominem is legitimately banned on many discussion forums and used as an excuse to block comments on others claiming to be, even when someone hasn’t resorted to it at all, as I’ve learned on many occasions.

          1. Albury, Ruth is practically my cousin. This was said in jest. She referred to Arabs and
            Muslims by natsy adjectives I refuse to repeat.

            After all, where is you sense of morality
            when one commenter on this thread suggested that Lasha Darkmoon should be ganged raped
            by US soldiers stationed in Aghanistan?
            Obviously, you can not hide your hypocracy!

  51. Perhaps there were no Palestinians, but there were philistines and Canaanites etc. Modern Palestinians are biological and spiritual descendents of Moses and ancient people of Palestine, something the Jews could not accomplish. The covenant with the Jews was cancelled when they murdered the prophets and opposed Jesus. Joke is on the Khazar PM of Israel.

  52. Why haven’t the biological and spiritual descendents of the “Palestinians”—some of whom exiled themselves after promises from neighboring Arab belligerents that their homes would still be theirs after the Israeli Jews were defeated—absorbed them into their societies in Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and other nearby nations? The biological and spiritual descendents of the Muslims who stayed in Israel in 1948 make up ~20% of its current population, are free to follow any religion they want, participate in the Israeli government, and are not targets of state-sponsored harassment and murder, unlike Jews in many Arab countries.

    1. Muslims in Israel, especially intellectuals , are under constant government and Shin bet surveillance. They dare not say anything that would displease the Zionists nor can they make efforts to organize their freedom and union with the rest of the Palestinians. This is a mirage, not freedom, It is a manged spectacle. Even their cars and passports are separately identified, they live in their ghettos.
      The US has now learned from the Israelis how to curtail the privacy and civil rights of its Muslim population. Muslim-specific legislation is written by Zionist Congressman, inspired if not directed by Israel. It is implemented by Homeland Security run by Zionists stalwarts. We thus see an Israelization of American polity and society crazed by Zionist dominated media chorus for a security state.
      Political life even under Saddam had greater maneuverability than this ‘freedom’, it was more alive, the Shias and Kurds were in open revolt. Can you conceive of such a scenario in the US or Israel, they would be blown to kingdom come.
      Israel, a country where Muslims are cavity checked and undressed is not a free country for Muslims. I believe even the Jews of Israel, being prisoners of Zionism. Mere material gain, on account of political ascendency, is not freedom. True freedom lies in the freeing of the heart of prejudice, prejudice of the kind Zionism cultivates and thus damns its own adherents.

      Your adverts on this site underline this disease of the heart. By such argument you raise your own ilk above the rest. This sneering contempt of others is based on false genetics and a false interpretation of a covenant. This world-view now threatens humanity, because this Masada mentality is not one with the world . However it is now armed with 200 nukes and second hit capable submarines. Unfortunately people of Europe, especially the Germans, do not know that they will be the first victims of this holocaust of revenge. Zionist do not forgive, a tern unknown in their lexicon. Their autistic cognition only entertains memory but no forgiveness. The world should be beware of the impending doom fostered by a malicious geo-ethnicity incubated by a power which has dangerously mixed myth with power politics.
      This ‘circumcision’ separates Jews and gentiles for ever. The souls present at the Exodus are numbered, thus salvation is for the few. Who cares about the rest. ‘Special’ souls are recycled through reincarnation, much different from the Muslim view that every self has a beginning and a chance to flower and move towards salvation. This underlies the Muhammadan ethics taught at Taif, where after being humiliated, stoned, bloodied, beaten and driven out he is said to have refused the angels offer to crush the town of his opponents betwixt two mountains, instead he prayed for the eventual guidance of their progeny. Political religion of Israel admits none such accommodation, there is no common salvation and no common humanity.
      The increasing intolerance in Muslim societies is indeed deplorable, it is a refection the abandonment of adl and insaf, and an impious embrace of the modern concepts of selfishness. An attribute highly developed in the bastions of capitalism, where Zionsits greatly influence public policy, taste, fashion and morality.
      It is also a reaction against reach and cruelty of powerful countries , working , knowingly or unknowingly to further the Zionist agenda to disperse and fragment Muslim polity, the only potential challenge to Zionist hegemony.

  53. Pope John Paul II definately NOT Hitler youth, but he was a Freemason.

    Pius XII as Cardinal Pacelli was Hitler’s mate. He and Franz von Papen signed the Reichkonkordat.

    Hitler was put into power by the Jesuits. Hitler had been educated at a Jesuit school in Vienna. “Mein Kampf” was ghost written by Fr. Bernhardt Stempfle S.J. when he and Hitler were in prison together. Himmler, Jesuit educated based the SS on the ideas of the Jesuits.”They who call themself jews and are not.”

  54. You want to see someone that really hates Blacks? ~Reply to Mark Glenn earlier~ Go to freedomportal.net and check out Walt Disneys posts. He is Glenns brother in law. I suggest you Black folk dont go there to see this.

    What say you Marky Mark?

    This Jew Zimmerman really brings out the true colors of you shills. Now go on and chat with your hero Gilad Atzstein and our dear Jewish brutha Nathan. Run along little man.

  55. @ lobro

    What do you think of Wagner? Myself, I’ve never been able to listen to Wagner, but this is only because my tastes are so limited. Even if you don’t care for Wagner, you will find the essay linked below of extraordinary interest for what it has to say about Wagner’s hostile attitude to the Jews. The article is packed with useful information and quotes.


    1. sad to say, know almost nothing about wagner except that he was held in universal high esteem among fellow composers, even the jewish gustav mahler (though he converted to catholicism …).
      i like bruckner, his loyal disciple.

      Stephen Fry is possibly the most overrated and overexposed individual in the history of British entertainment, and has benefited enormously from the intellectual elite’s construction of Jewish genius to the point where he is routinely hailed in sections of this fawning media as a “genius” and a “national treasure.”

      i recoil even more at the mention of his judeo-french counterpart, bernard henri-levy (french fry?)

      the fact that fry had a love affair with the music of Richard Wagner doesn’t whet my appetite much.

      like you said, xanadu, vita brevis and there are too many worms escaping the can sometimes referred to as my head to keep track of everyone else’s 🙂

      but yes, if fates decreed me a long life, there should be some time set aside for wagner.

    2. One of my favorite writers is PG Wodehouse, creator of the inimitable Jeeves. Imagine my horror when Stephen Fry was cast as Jeeves in the BBC television series! No one could be less Jeevesian than Fry, the unctuous homosexual. How he got the part amazes me.

      That’s beside the point.

      The point is: how on earth do we shake off the pernicious influence of Jewry once and for all? They control just about everything. And everything they touch they contaminate. They are a force for universal corruption. They induce despair.

      And the general public, like lambs to the slaughter, move to their inevitable doom in a state of somnambulism — unaware of the very existence of this bloodsucking Enemy.

  56. Response to Albury Smith RE Building 7

    He knows full well the 47 storied 81 vertically columned steel framed high rise WTC7 took 6.5 + seconds to come straight down into its own footprint during its FINAL global collapse phase, described by eyewitness reports as ‘In the manner of Controlled Demolition”.

    He also knows 2.25 seconds of that was at FREE FALL speed and has to rely on the ‘new phenomenon’ magic bolt hypothesis of Pinocchio Sunder, leader of creatioNIST Agnotology, to explain the complete removal of the 81 vertical columns all at once to allow observed NO RESISTANT FREE FALL.

    The hypothesis is coming apart. We already know NIST WTC7 “Normal Office Furnishings Fires’ is a computer program. A construct. An ‘animation’. Un-tested and secret, not based on forensic study nor eyewitness testimony.
    We know that in this untested theory ‘critical collapse initiation’ began with fires already out on ONE floor [12] somehow heating 4 major beams enough to axially expand them in ONE direction, without SAG, breaking 3/4? shear [email protected]? centers,’walking’ the massive girder between columns 44 and 79 off its ONE seat, thus, in NIST La La, creating a ‘cascade collapse’ somehow spreading within split seconds throughout the super strong infrastructure
    and dropping it at FREE FALL, all concrete pulverized to nanothermate ridden DUST, 6.5seconds + later.
    We know that no steel framed high rise has EVER fallen in such manner due to fire. We KNOW that serious experts contested the breaking of shear studs http://uwaterloo911.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/david-proe-and-ianthomas-wtc7-comments.pdf
    and that NIST engineers themselves doubted the methods being used compiling the report http://uwaterloo911.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/fire-engineering-fmr-nist-cheif-challenges-niosh-wtc-report.pdf
    We know that major fire studies by Cardington institute with fires burning hotter and much longer produced NO such differential stresses breaking the shear studs.
    Yet NIST said that’s what happened.
    An NISTs ENTIRE theory rests upon those shear stud breaks.

    Recent studies presented
    based on study of WTC7 plans have utterly refuted the possibility of the axial expansion as presented by NIST, showing the strength of connection at column 79 seat and the skewed parameters of modeling data preclude seat failure.
    [NIST equations done on UNrestrained steel][Plates securing both sides of vertical girder flange to column,TWO lines of shear studs on internal girders], a presentation adding to the excellent work done by AE911truth researchers and definitive WTC7 ‘Mysterious Collapse’ book by D R Griffin, which identifies just HOW the differential stresses were CREATED in the model to crack the critical shear stud NCSTAR1-9:352 “No thermal Expansion or material degradation was considered for the concrete slab, as the slab was not heated in this analysis.

    Author – rogermorris


  57. I have no idea what the “Cardington institute” is, Roger, but the fire tests conducted by the U. of Edinburgh, the Imperial College of Science, British Steel (Corus PLC), SCI, BRE, etc. at the village of Cardington in Bedfordshire used an 8-story structure with no spans >9 meters, entirely different connections from those in WTC 7, and no asymmetrical areas even remotely comparable to the condition NE of Col. 79 in WTC 7. The floors were composite, but no mention of shear studs is made in their June, 2000 conclusions.
    If you have any statements by Dr. Asif Usmani or any of his fellow Cardington researchers that disagree with the NIST findings, please feel free to post links to them. You’ve obviously read their report as carefully as you’ve read NCSTAR 1A and 1-9, i.e. not at all, and are incapable of understanding that differential thermal expansion was inevitable in WTC 7 while being prevented by design in the Cardington frame.
    Do you even have a plausible motive and perpetrator for this alleged C/D at 5:21 PM on 9/11? You run away whenever I ask you to explain why Silverstein collected ~$4.68 BILLION from 12 different insurance companies, and couldn’t begin to explain what difference the collapse could possibly have made in post-9/11 US foreign policy decisions. Do you ever actually THINK, or just blindly regurgitate truther crap?

    1. you have no idea about anything Albury. obviously reading comprehension is not your forte.

      Im not roger, I just copied and pasted Rogers reply to you that you failed to answer at the link provided – perhaps you should post your non answer there too so that roger might reply, unlike you, he probably doesnt spend his entire life looking scouring the internet for every article related to 911.

      Youre a know nothing liar – as evidenced by your unqualified anonymous postings all over the internet, that you repeat 24/7 at every opportunity, as some sort of final arbiter on anything to do with 911, yet youre too scared to use your real name to debate anyone who disagrees with you. Well, thats because lies fear investigation right?. It is not people who question the fact that the official story does not stand up to the slightest scrutiny that have to supply you with answers to anything, the onus is on those who claim that the events of 911 did in fact happen as they say they did, beyond all reasonable doubt, as as the majority of the worlds population doesnt agree with the official version, i think its safe to say theres plenty of doubt.

      to this day, there has been no unfettered independent transparent investigation with subpoena power, and there is a preponderance of evidence that in fact suggest they did not.. Your gormless insidious bleatings have run their course, time to get a new hobby. No one cares what you think, and no one is asking youy anything, but, if you want to prove me wrong, show your true colours and lets debate this live, using real names, you can show everyone exactly what qualifications you have that you think make you such an expert, and argue why you think 911 does not warrant a proper investigation. ( dont bother regurgitating that nist and the 911 ommission report are anything but a cover up, as has been pointed out repeatedly over the years, as even slightly resembling an unfettered transparent independent investigation with subpoena power )


      — lol – http://luraypagefreepress.com/2012/04/16/karen-kwiatkowski-answering-bob-goodlattes-attacks/comment-page-1/#comment-575316

      whats wrong…

      you dont have the courage of your convictions to expose yourself – your real identity, .. to submit to a video debate? are you really that gutless lol.. i dont blame you. you know damn well everything you say is a lie.

      youre a filthy lying shill.. and everyone knows it..


  58. You’d definitely win the name-calling contest, but what you can’t do is intelligently address any of the comments I made to Roger’s post. The Cardington frame looked nothing like WTC 7’s framing, but explaining that to you is a waste of time. You look very foolish asking for another investigation when you don’t even understand the ones already conducted.

    btw, is “Informed” your first name and “Citizen” your last name?

    1. its not up to me or anyone to address anything you say idiot.

      its up to the people who perpetuate the lie of the official version of events to prove it beyond all reasonable doubt, to everyone else. simply .. they cant.

      there has been no unfettered independent transparent investigation with subpoena power.. such a terror attack deserves nothing less.. all that has been so far is coverups, and the majority of the world knows this, as do you.. as evidenced by poll after poll..

      youll find out my real name when we find out yours you stinking liar…
      anytime you want a video debate, but somehow i feel you lack the courage of your convictions to actually put your real name and face to anything you say, the shame and embarrassment it would bring to your poor pathetic family…

      off you go now shill.. hurry up.. track down some more 911 blogs to go paste your lies onto 🙂

  59. You’re incapable of answering simple questions, and obviously haven’t even read the reports from NIST, FEMA, and other qualified sources. I can’t help but wonder how you got so much smarter than all of those SEs with doctorates and PE certification, but it must be the magic of the 9/11 “truth movement,” huh?

    Here’s what the ASCE thinks of your crap:


    1. perhaps if you had the courage of your convictions to submit to a recorded debate, where your real name and reputation were on the line, you could explain your irrational assumption that anyone is obligated to answer anything you ask.

  60. This is a recorded debate. So far you’ve responded to nothing I’ve said.

    1. a “video” recorded debate, where your real name and reputation were on the line..

      and again. i nor anyone else are under any obligation to answer to you..

      who the hell do you think you are to question me? – or anyone?

      ohhh thats right.. your an anonymous unqualified shill who thinks he is the final arbiter on what is and what isnt factual regarding the events of 911.

      1. You won’t even debate me here, little stalker man, so why would it be any different on video?

        1. you have serious comprehension issues dont you. A video would expose you for what you really are.. an unqualified know nothing liar whos too ashamed and lack the courage of his convictions to put his real name and reputation on the line.

          if thats too hard for you to understand, then i think youve just demonstrated what sort of IQ you have.

  61. look citizen, you are wasting time with this troll.

    he is highly coached in his technique of obfuscation and frustrating debaters with intentionally opaque, technical sounding, yet utterly meaningless gibberish.

    you point out a string of impossible events, e.g.,

    impossibility of fires due to jet fuel to melt structural steel trusses,

    impossibility of perfect collapse (x3!?) without planned demolition,

    presence of thermate in otherwise impossibly powdered remains of steel,

    rapid removal and disposal of the above steel amounting to destruction of evidence,

    utter weirdness of a third building rapidly and perfectly collapsing despite not being hit, yet only those belonging to criminal jews silverstein and lowy fell down,

    no forensic investigation for arson in wtc7 despite clear and specific federal law mandating such investigation in such cases,

    historical curiosity of no other steel backed building ever having collapsed due to fire, especially in clean, orderly fashion without meticulously planned demolition (many examples of steel building – the latest in china – burning out of control for many days without falling down)

    jewless slaughter despite the same buildings being crammed with jews and israelis on any given day, the only goys were janitorial staff who massively perished

    and on and on and on …

    and his answer is very specific blather about how nist geniuses proved that if a specific boeing with 98.373 people of whom 19 were obese hit the first tower at that specific angle, with photocopier churning out reports on jewish financial perfidy and a washroom with 8 stalls, 2 of which had busted flushes in the opposite corner, the result, without any doubt will be 3 perfectly collapsed, though bomb-proof buildings and pentagon with the specific wing missing where accountants investigated a mysterious disappearance of 2.3 trillion dollars – rumsfeld just had no clue, sorry folks, dunno.
    2.3 trillion disapperaed, paper trail disappeared, accountants disappeared.
    goddamn magical flying jihadists, now everyone will blame jews and mossad, just because they happened to have benefitted enormously from each and every minute detail of 9/11 and its world-destroying consequences, 2 million dead muslims, 0 dead jews.

    albury “nist” smith got perfect explanation.
    perfect, because no one, this side of yhwh has any clue what he is yammering about.

    1. yes.. hes a waste of time, a waste of space, a waste of bandwidth.. all in all, hes a waste of everything, but. im calling him out for a showdown 🙂

      as you all can see, hes scared.. hes a chicken, hes a gutless lying coward who lacks the testicular fortitude and courage of his convictions to stake his name and reputation on what he says, to have a debate.. unlike all those who he derides as being buffoons, the hundreds of credible, knowledgable people, experts in their fields..and the overwhelming majority opinion of ordinary people all over the world – that with a little common sense, logic, and a little scrutiny.. know that it is impossible for the events of 911 to have happenned as we are being told..

      as he hides behind his computer, day in, day out, 24/7.. he calls me a “stalker” as he stalks his next elusive 911 blog that he can smear his anonymous, unqualified, unsolicited defecation all over.. because in his imagination, he is the final arbiter, of all that is, on the subject of 911..

      though in reality, he is nothing but a gutless coward, a gormless shill, a know nothing waste of space..

      but it is fun to point that out. 🙂

      1. It’s apparently fun to duck my questions too, little stalker man. You need a new hobby.

        1. lol – why do you feel im obliged to answer any of your questions?

          you need a new hoppy ya gutless loser.

          1. I thought you said you wanted a debate, little stalker man. How much proof would you like than Box Boy’s nothing but a liar?

          2. as soon as you work out who you really are little anonymous unqualified shill, the debate is on..

            though i doubt youll ever find the courage to debate anyone, including me, without the comfort of knowing you dont have to be held accountable for your lies.

            off you go littlechickenman..

  62. Lobro jabbers stupidly:
    “impossibility of fires due to jet fuel to melt structural steel trusses,”

    I have no clue what you’re yammering about, lobro. Please point out any claim made by NIST, FEMA, or other government agency or spokesman that steel melted to cause any of the WTC collapses.

    1. go away u sily man, u are anoying evry1, we dont wanna hear bout 911, we all no who dun it, and it dont mater to me cos no jews got kilt. g-d was lookin after us jews for shore, 4 how cum no jews dyed? can u tell me that? sory bout my spelin mr smith but i’m onely 14 and i’m dislecksick. buy 4 now, jessel meyer

    2. we all look forward to your video rebuttal of richard gages address to the Royal Institute of British Architects in London in June 2011.


      see if you can do it without any ad hominem, ohh, and dont forget to include verification of your (real) identity, and any experience and qualifications you may have ( rotflmao ) – because without that, anything you say remains simply the opinion of an anonymous shill who totally lacks credibility.

        1. video rebuttal little chicken man..
          ohh, and dont forget to include verification of your (real) identity, and any experience and qualifications you may have ( rotflmao ) – because without that, anything you say remains simply the opinion of an anonymous shill who totally lacks credibility.

          1. You just claimed that Box Boy addressed the RIBA, little stalker man, so who “totally lacks credibility”? Please feel free to cite any mention of him on the RIBA, ASCE, or AIA web sites.

  63. listen to what a number of professional psychologists have to say about those who refuse to accept or even look into the abundant evidence that 9/11 was a black op and that the official 9/11 Report is itself an absurd ‘conspiracy theory’:


    1. Your link doesn’t work, darrell, but if these are the “professional psychologists” who shill for Box Boy in Colorado, what’s the difference between that absurd video and pure ad hominem?

      1. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2011/09/psychologists-mental-health-questioning-911-sane.html

        you know very well the link darrell was referring to, as it has been given to you countless times during your pathetic career as an anonymous unqualified shill, otherwise how could you claim it is pure adhominem.

        perhaps youd like to go on video, declaring your true identity, and tell everyone why it is so unreasonable to want real answers to reasonable questions.

        and perhaps he didnt address THE RIBA.. and as you say, i was only at their facilities..

        but that doesnt mean members were not present does it.. you have to be registered to look at that link.. though a lot of your links lead to malware sites.. so im not that inclined to look further.

        and to answer your last question.. its you who lacks credibility you lying anonymous unqualified shill.

        1. Look at your video and open the link I posted, little stalker man. Box Boy was playing to a nearly empty house in London, and the RIBA doesn’t want him in their HQ again because he’s an embarrassment to real professionals in the building industry.
          Search “Richard Gage” on the AIA, ASCE, and RIBA web sites and see what you get.

          1. dont need to be logged in to see this page little chicken man.


            and if you think numbers at gages presentation mean anything, then you must be really concerned to know that an overwhelming majority of the population all over the world have doubts about the official version of events, believe the government is covering up, believe it is not unreasonable to have an unfettered independent transparent investigation with subpoena power.. you know, the normal course of events that usually takes place after a crime..

            now if youd agree to a recorded debate, you could explain to the rest of the world why you dont think its reasonable that the truth be revealed beyond all reasonable doubt.

            lol. but you wont do that will you… because youre a lying little chicken man shill eh..

        2. “Perhaps [Box Boy] didn’t address THE RIBA,” little stalker man? Yesterday you said “we all look forward to your video rebuttal of richard gages address to the Royal Institute of British Architects in London in June 2011,” so which is it?

          1. like i said fool with reading comprehension issues, that link you posted requires people to have an account and to be logged in.. im not doin that.

            now you can show me your evidence that there were no members of the RIBA present, as well as your qualifications and the authority RIBA gave you to speak on their behalf during a recorded debate..

            if only you were not so afraid of being exposed for the pathetic lying shill you are little chicken man

          2. and more on this…

            i just thought it quite demonstrative of your trolling record, that about halfway down this page..


            people are reffering to you, and your work..

            seems all your ilk are afraid of a proper debate.. you seem to prefer to remain unaccountable.. and like a broken record, keep spinning around furiously in the same place, never getting anywhere..

            if only you had half a clue, and were not such a frightened gutless lying loser.

          3. The 9/11 blogger site where people are attacking me personally and I’m not posting is your idea of a debate? My responses to them are on the bdonline site at this link:
            The guy who said that I paid to comment there is a liar, and I would gladly have posted at 9/11 blogger, but no one on the bdonline site told me that I was the topic there. I also would most likely have been banned immediately by the moderator, as I am on “forums” at most 9/11 “truth movement” web sites.
            You can register for free to read the comments following last year’s bdonline article, but twoofers managed to get the discussion shut down by flaming at me and others who don’t drink the Kool-Aid. You guys rock.

          4. You claimed that Box Boy addressed the RIBA, little stalker man. He didn’t, so own it; it’s just that simple. It’s also very easy to register at the bdonline site and read the comments from RIBA members and others about letting a clown like him rent space in their London HQ – something I don’t think they’ll do again.
            btw, have you searched the RIBA web site for references to “Richard Gage”? How about the AIA and ASCE sites? There’s no mention of any of your other 9/11 “truth movement” luminaries either.

      2. whats the difference between refering to gage as boxboy, and pure ad hominem?

        lol – your hypocrisy is pathetically amusing little chicken man.

        grow a pair, and debate anyone, including silly ol me.. on camera, with your identity verified, you know.. for credibilitys sake..

        if we do this right little chicken man.. it could go viral! – it could be the most watched video on youtube! – wouldnt you like the whole world to see what a master(de)bator you are?

        why spend day in, day out, all your life posting your unqualified anonymous opinion on web page after web page, when you could reach so many more people with a simple video?

        is it shame.. or embarrasment.. that is stopping you? fear maybe….. is it fear little chicken man.. that you will be exposed for what you truly are?

        whats wrong little chicken man.. tell me your problems, im listening…

        1. The AIA, ASCE, RIBA, NIST and other qualified professionals ignore you too, little stalker man, and it’s not from any lack of understanding they have of engineering or explosive demolition. If you really wanted to debate, you’d address the comments I’ve already made on here about Box Boy’s absurd claims.
          No self-respecting engineer would even dream of timing a building collapse to determine what caused it, but Box Boy can’t even do that accurately. The towers took ~15 and ~22 seconds respectively, and WTC 7’s facade took ~8.5 seconds.
          Do you just like liars or something?

          1. time and time again, all you questions and concerns are answered by people all over the web, but you simply ignore all that, and move onto the next blog only to repeat the same pattern.

            i didnt say i wanted a debate.. i was offering you the opportunity to prove that youre not a liar, that you really do know what youre talking about, via a recorded debate where you can display your qualifications and explain why you think its unreasonable for anyone to doubt anything about the official version of events.

            but.. for some reason, you seem scared to do that. afraid to expose yourself to the same scrutiny that those who speak out against the official version of events do.

            they stake their lives and reputations, while you sit behind your computer, hiding behind lies and anonimity.. letting loose with ad hominem attacks on anyone with a counter view to the myth that is the official version of events.

            youre a gutless lying shill… and guess what, it doesnt take a structural engineer to see that either.

          2. I have a counter view on timing building collapses to divine their causes, little stalker man, and I think Box Boy and others in your “truth movement” are lying about the times. Have you ever actually timed the tower and WTC 7 collapses yourself, or do you just believe liars?
            How did they get the WTC 7 time to the nearest 1/10 second, when no available video shows the bottom floors? It was 610′ high, and NIST showed that the top 242′ fell in 5.4 seconds, so did the bottom 368′ take only 1.1 seconds, or did your “researchers” just make up a time?

        1. I have an entire career in commercial construction management, and have done all of the field engineering on several multimillion-dollar buildings.
          Do you have any background for this discussion at all? You’d be laughed off any job I ever ran or worked on.

          1. no you dont liar. until you grow a pair and provide proof as to your claimed credentials and your identity, and put your name and reputation on the line like everyone else you anonymously attack.. then whatever you have to say is worth sweet stuff all.

            you have the chutzpah to call me a stalker lol, yet you stalk the internet looking for a place to park and spread your bile 24/7! – im just giving you a taste of your own medicine.. whats the matter princess? getting your feathers ruffled are we? too bad, cry more.

            youve posted the same idiotic blatherings on hundreds of webpages all over the internet, and on all of them youve been called out and embarrassed for the lying gormless shill you are.

            if you think anyone is being fooled by your anonymous unqualified gormless opinions, then you really are a fool.

            noone cares what you think little chicken man, you pathetic, lying, gutless skidmark on the underpants of humanity.

          2. Seriously, little stalker man, what do you do for a living? Are you in valet parking? Fast food prep? Gas pumping?
            And if “noone [sic] cares what [I] think,” why do you keep following me around? You obviously can’t discuss the topic intelligently, or your posts wouldn’t all be about me.

          3. as is evidenced by your extreme postings all over the internet, an intelligent conversation with you is impossible, as you have been told countless times on hundreds of posts, by many people… its obvious that noone cares what an anonymous lying unqualified shill has to say about anything.

            seriously little chicken man, ive told you ill debate you any time.. grow a pair, and say youll stake your name and reputation on your lies, by way of a video debate, with your identity revealed, as do all the others you simply attack while hiding behind your screen.

            i know thats too much to ask, for it will expose you for what you are.. a lying, gutless shill who doesnt have to courage of his convictions to own his comments.

            youre a gutless shill and you, and the whole world knows it, and trying to dodge the fact that youre too gutless to debate me on camera, by inferring that a valet parking attendant is an unworthy job, says a lot more about you than it does about parking attendants.

            put up or shut up shill.

          4. “You won’t debate me here, little stalker man. Why is that?”

            listen stupid little man, ill explain this one last time fool.

            until you prove your identity and credentials, anything you say is worth diddly squat. you say youre an expert prove it!

            youre the one making all the claims, are we just suppossed to believe you?

            im not making any claims, im simply pointing out that qualified experts from all over the world dont agree with the official version of events, and are denied a proper – transparent, independent, unfettered hearing.


            i accuse you of murder. instead of a trial, i gather some of my good friends, and we have a meeting. betweern us, we determine you to be guilty. despite there being no judge, no jury, and the only witnesses allowed are ones we like.

            you happy with that? despite the fact that you have witnesses that can prove it wasnt you?

            despite the fact you were not allowed to present that evidence.. you happy with my friends and i declaring you guilty, without your evidence ( or mine ) being scutinised by experts, for the case to be proven beyond all reasonable doubt?

            of course not, no reasonable person would.

            unlike you, im not making any claims, im just saying that experts who disagree, and theres countless of them, should be heard and their evidence scrutinised? wouldnt you want the opportunity to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that what you say is true?

            the fact is, you have been debated – ad nauseum, all over the internet, but you are not the final arbiter on this matter, and again, quite frankly, an annonymous opinion, from an unverified individual that spends his time 24/7 for years on end, promoting the scenario above as reasonable.. just cant be taken seriously.

            you have shown repeatedly, that you cant understand the concept that unless youre willing to own your comments, then youre nothing but a waste of time, regardless of your determination.

            dont pretend this is the first time this has been explained to you either.

            heres someone who is qualified to have an opinion, and who has the courage of his convictions to put his name to what he says..

            Professor Daniele Ganser (Switzerland) – 10 Years After 9/11 The Official Account Does Not Add Up


            so ill debate you anywhere, on the common sense reasons for a proper investigation, that the majority of the world agree with according to any poll..

            but why do you think anyone should listen to someone who wont divulge his identity or credentials.. eh ? eh ? eh? 🙂

            bit of a waste of time if you ask me..

            by the way.. a video debate shows im willing to expose myself as soon as you do, but i tell ya what, youll have to do a good job to convince me that those buildings are falling down, and not exploding outwards.. i know what i see.. i know the difference between an apple and an orange.

  64. dr paul craig roberts puts his name to his comments.
    About Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.


    see how much more credible his argument is when he puts his name to it.. its not rocket science albury, its common sense.

    i know youre going to ignore that all though, because quite frankly, thats your job.

    so. put up, or shut up. noone cares for the opinion of an anonymous, unqualified shill, who simply goes around regurgitation the same official fairy tale we have all heard countless times already, the same story we all know as good as you.. but noone believes any more, due to the overwhelming evidence and opinion of experts who find that the official story does not stand up to scrutiny.

    1. .. perhaps, as you are a self declared expert on every aspect of 911, ( though totally unverifiable due to your reluctance to prove any of your proclaimed credentials – we just have to take the word of an rando on the internet ) you might like to explain your understanding of a “false flag” event, and maybe you could give an example of such an event from history, as there are quite a few that have been confirmed.

      also – if you could expand a little on your understanding of governments that pay people to manipulate social media, blogs etc, via purpose built software to create personas to give the impression of a greater amount of support for government than what otherwise may actually be true.

      if youre unable to to answer these questions, ill be happy to provide examples for your edification.. or alternatively you could ask pretty much.. anyone else.

        1. “You won’t debate me here, little stalker man. Why is that?”

          so all you have in reply is a spray of ad hominem.. proves the point that you cant debate anything anyway.


          the official story doesnt stand up to scrutiny chicken man. nor do you.

  65. http://existentialistcowboy.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/fatal-holes-destroy-bushs-lies-about.html

    A man who does not know the truth is just an idiot but a man who knows the truth and calls it a lie is a crook! –Bertolt Brecht

    albury runs from the truth. he is an anonymous, unqualified cowardly liar, who not only doesnt have the courage of his convictions to debate where he uses his real name, he cant even do it anonymously.

    his time is running out, and he knows it. hes feeling the heat, poor, pitiful, gormless little shill.


  66. I think it’s time to investigate some of the bizarre and absurd claims made by Richard Gage, not the three WTC hi-rise collapses on 9/11, since they’ve already been thoroughly investigated by much more qualified, competent, and honest people. The NIST scientists and engineers were only able to time the top 18 stories, or 242′, of the collapse of WTC 7’s facade, and determined that it took 5.4 seconds, yet Gage and others in the 9/11 “truth movement” claim that the entire 610′ collapse only took ~6.5 seconds. Did the other 368′ fall in just over 1 second? How is he even able to give us a time to the nearest 1/10 of a second for the entire collapse when NIST couldn’t because buildings in the foreground blocked the view of video cameras?
    How can he claim that the towers nearly free fell when the loose, airborne debris from their upper stories was obviously falling much faster than the collapse zones, and began hitting the ground while at least 40 stories in each one were still intact? The North Tower was only down to the height of WTC 7 when debris from the upper stories first hit the ground. Was g miraculously increased on 9/11? They fell in ~15 and ~22 seconds respectively, nowhere near the ~9.25 seconds that free fall would have taken:


    yet he begins every presentation with his near free-fall claim. He’s also claimed that the dust clouds from the collapses were “pyroclastic,” but there are no reports of anyone’s skin being instantly peeled off, and he’s claimed that the fires in WTC 7 were minor, totally contradicting these NYC eyewitnesses:


    How could his claim that 400,000 yards of concrete were turned to fine powder be true, when there was less than 100,000 yards of concrete above grade in both towers combined? Does he know how to turn 400,000 yards of concrete to fine powder with explosives without leveling NYC?
    Has he ever seen a controlled demolition that left molten metal in the debris for months? Has he ever seen one that didn’t leave even one explosively-cut column in the debris? Since he claims that explosives were planted in the core columns to start the collapses, and that it was done from elevator shafts, has he even looked a floor plan of the cores above the 78th floor sky lobby? There were only 6 regular elevators above there, plus a freight and 2 express elevators, and they were only near 6 of the 47 core columns. Several of those were in the paths of the planes, and the perimeter columns collapsed first, so he’s not even making sense, especially considering the fact that 30 or more stories of core framing stood 15-25 seconds after each tower’s main collapse was over.
    We should investigate the nonsense coming from Richard Gage, as well as his “engineers.”


  67. I think it’s time to investigate some of the bizarre and absurd claims made by Richard Gage, not the three WTC hi-rise collapses on 9/11, since they’ve already been thoroughly investigated by much more qualified, competent, and honest people. The NIST scientists and engineers were only able to time the top 18 stories, or 242′, of the collapse of WTC 7’s facade, and determined that it took 5.4 seconds, yet Gage and others in the 9/11 “truth movement” claim that the entire 610′ collapse only took ~6.5 seconds. Did the other 368′ fall in just over 1 second? How is he even able to give us a time to the nearest 1/10 of a second for the entire collapse when NIST couldn’t because buildings in the foreground blocked the view of video cameras?
    How can he claim that the towers nearly free fell when the loose, airborne debris from their upper stories was obviously falling much faster than the collapse zones, and began hitting the ground while at least 40 stories in each one were still intact? The North Tower was only down to the height of WTC 7 when debris from the upper stories first hit the ground. Was g miraculously increased on 9/11? They fell in ~15 and ~22 seconds respectively, nowhere near the ~9.25 seconds that free fall would have taken:


    yet he begins every presentation with his near free-fall claim. He’s also claimed that the dust clouds from the collapses were “pyroclastic,” but there are no reports of anyone’s skin being instantly peeled off, and he’s claimed that the fires in WTC 7 were minor, totally contradicting these NYC eyewitnesses:


    How could his claim that 400,000 yards of concrete were turned to fine powder be true, when there was less than 100,000 yards of concrete above grade in both towers combined? Does he know how to turn 400,000 yards of concrete to fine powder with explosives without leveling NYC?
    Has he ever seen a controlled demolition that left molten metal in the debris for months? Has he ever seen one that didn’t leave even one explosively-cut column in the debris? Since he claims that explosives were planted in the core columns to start the collapses, and that it was done from elevator shafts, has he even looked a floor plan of the cores above the 78th floor sky lobby? There were only 6 regular elevators above there, plus a freight and 2 express elevators, and they were only near 6 of the 47 core columns. Several of those were in the paths of the planes, and the perimeter columns collapsed first, so he’s not even making sense, especially considering the fact that 30 or more stories of core framing stood 15-25 seconds after each tower’s main collapse was over.
    We should investigate the nonsense coming from Richard Gage, as well as his “engineers.”


  68. allblurry has been asked previously to explain why the government needed to lie here,


    but because he cant explain it, ( ie; he hasnt been told what the official response to this is yet ) he simply ignores it.

    either that, or hes not sure which direction the sun rises each morning.

    take your unsolicited, unqualified, incredible, anonymous cowardly, mentally retarded opinion little chicken man, and shove it where the sun dont shine. noone cares what you think.

  69. @ Informed Citizen
    @ Albury Smith




    — John Scott Montecristo

    1. Id just like to thank you and your readers for the opportunity to express my opinion however offensive some people may find the call for a proper transparent unfettered independent investigation into the events of 911 ( – even though such a thing be over a decade late.. the truth never dies, nor does it fear investigation….) to be, and above and beyond patience in my dealings with the verifiable mental retard commonly known as albury smith



      PS : see ya round little chicken man.

      1. An Invitatiion to write an article on 9/11

        @ Informed Citizen
        @Albury Smith
        @ Anyone Else

        It might be a good idea if one or more of you were to consider writing a brief essay for this website on the subject of 9/11.

        The type of essay I am looking for is NOT a conventional disquisition on 9/11 but a LIST OF NUMBERED POINTS. Point 1 would be the first paragraph, Point 2 the second paragraph, and so on. If you were making 30 points, there would be 30 paragraphs. A few (unnumbered) introductory paragraphs would not count. Each paragraph would have to be short and pithy, listing one point.

        Essay to be called something like: “Thirty Reasons for Rejecting the Mainstream View of 9/11”, or “Forty Reasons for Believing Osama bin Laden could not have done 9/11”, or “Twenty Reasons for believing Israel was behind 9/11.”

        Each point would list an implausibility of some kind in the traditional account, e.g., the impossibility of Building 7 coming down without controlled explosions, or the curious fact of that passport being found miraculously intact in the ruins of Ground Zero, or the strange fact that few Jews seem to have perished that day, or the stranger fact that Larry Silverstein and his family didn’t show up as usual for work that day, or the curious insider training that was gong on before 9/11, or the behavior of the five dancing Israelis.

        How many of these implausibilities exist? I don’t know. I suspect there could be well over 100. If someone could arrange them all in a neat list, that would be a great boon. I would consider publishing such an essay provided it was well-written and not too technical.

        Alternatively, Albury Smith is welcome to write and send us an essay with the title “20 Reasons why I reject all conspiracy theories and believe Muslim Terrorists were responsible for 9/11.” The same article being a vindication of the mainstream account and a rejection of any Jewish involvement.

        In fairness, I would consider publishing BOTH sides of the argument. Readers could then make up their minds which side they prefer.

        — Editor John Scott Montecristo

        1. if youll allow me this one last indulgence.

          i believe its quite obvious to most, that im not much of a writer, but i think what you propose is fine, if people were genuine and serious and approached it without hyperbole and ad hominem, as a way of giving those that havnt explored the questioning behind the official story, a chance to see what the fuss is about. there is in fact a whole heap of similar style articles already on the net that do list discrepancies and other reasons to doubt the official story, that already make a strong argument for a new investigation, such as links ive already posted here and another example…


          there are thousands of credible, qualified, respected people the world over, who have gone on the record, staking their reputations & livelihood, expressing their doubts and reasons for those doubts, about the events of 911, easily accessed via a persons favourite internet search engine. there is also an enormous amount of misinformation and disinformation though, which is why there is so much confusion about whats fact and what isnt.

          despite the confusion, the fact that opinion polls show overwhelmingly, continually growing support for a new investigation ( eg, a poll in germany found recently almost 90% of the population doubts the offical version, and even in new york, years ago, with only a minority of new yorkers having even heard of building 7.. there was considerable doubt ) yet there has never been any official answers to any of these concerns. they are simply ignored and left to the likes of albury to try to convince everyone there is no reason for concern.

          albury seems to think that because he has an answer for everything, there is no reason to hold a proper investigation, but his are not official answers, and he remains unaccountable. there is no way this can ever be solved simply by anonymous opinions going back and forth on the internet between albury and me, or anyone else, as is evidenced by the fact that albury has been doing this for years now, trying to convince people that a healthy dose of skepticism is actually an illness.. 🙂

          i think a strong case has already been made for a new, proper investigation, and that idea is understood by most people who have an interest in the matter and have looked into the issues, but despite what albury believes, if he wants to write an article on why he doesnt want his case to be scrutinised, tested and proven once and for all, ( in something other than a government sposored and organised investigation into the goverment itself – since when does someone who is accussed of something get to conduct their own investigation? ) that might make interesting reading, as truth fears no investigation, however, there is only one way ill be satisfied, and that is the same way crimes have been dealt with for centuries.

          im no expert, never claimed to be, and im not trying to prove anything here, rather im just trying to show my reasons, via links to credible opinions as oppossed to anonymous, unqualified, unacountable assertions, why i have doubts, and why i am advocating that it is not unreasonable for a proper, ie; independent, unfettered, transparent investigation be held, where cross examination, under oath, of expert testimony, eyewitness testimony, ALL evidence can be examined, as there are also many credible, respected criticisms of the NIST report, and the 911 Commission report, and it is the only way, where the truth can be found and proven one way or the other, beyond all reasonable doubt.

          again, thanks for allowing me my say.

          1. Good points, informed Citizen. No one can disagree with any of this.

            Unfortunately we are ruled by a criminal mafia who have already conducted a “thorough” investigation into the circumstances around 9/11—an event they themselves perpetrated or were complicit in—and they have decided, after “due consideration”, that the people they framed are guilty.

            The criminal mafia itself, located in Tel Aviv, with its main branch in Washington DC, is naturally beyond reproach. And the same criminal organization will soon, I suspect, be making it illegal to doubt their word. They, after all, are the Government.

            You yourself, Informed Citizen, will most likely be carted off to some FEMA camp for daring to speak your mind on this matter. And Albury Smith, I regret to say, will be your jailer.

            So get ready for a long happy stay behind bars! 🙂

          2. id relish the opportunity to look an albury in the eyes, and ive lived a life happy and long enough already that i fear naught what they might do – i might also however, be a little more predisposed than you, to a more optimistic outcome, and instead, i feel its all the alburys that fear, that a change is nigh, and it be they, wholl soon be the ones rattling their tin mugs across the bars..

            its through the work that you do, and others like you, giving voice to truth, that makes them desperate, because they understand the power of truth, they know it fears no investigation..

            and they know.. truth never surrenders.

            thats it for me now. thanks again. goodbye.

            PS. i could think of worse neighbours

  70. albury has never made a legitimate claim ;if he thinks that NIST examined the WTC in its entirety , they have not gone public with it . They were never called before the 911 Commission to testify . There were very few reliable witnesses at the 12 Public Meetings held by the commission of omission . they Omitted 10 times more info then they extracted from anyone . Informed Citizens deserve more respect than your blabbering , gibberish yelling .. I have checked some of your so called evidence and found less than what was produced in the 911 Report . You need to start from the beginning and forget all your previous findings .. thank you

    1. The 9/11 Commission Report had nothing to do with investigating the causes of any building collapse on 9/11, as you’d know if you actually read it. The only damaged or destroyed buildings mentioned in it are the WTC towers and the Pentagon, since they were targeted in the al Qaeda suicide attacks.

  71. @ informed citizen et al

    Your analysis is bang on.

    This ‘Albury Smith’ person clogged up the comments section of a website that I contribute to

    for the best part of a year

    – before finally being blocked –

    for relentlessly posting the same text-based suppression techniques that he has being cutting and pasting into this thread.

    He cares a lot about israel too, for some reason

    (despite its behavior)

    1. I was blocked on your ridiculous dog-and-pony show for disagreeing with your absurd C/D nonsense and posting facts and proof, ewingsc. I’m still waiting for you to explain to me why 12 different insurance companies, at least 4 of which are foreign-based, all paid Larry Silverstein a total of $4.68 billion if he publicly admitted to blowing up his property. It’s a lot easier just to ban me than answer that question, isn’t it?

      1. because they are jew-owned and controled, they are rowing in the same kabbalist boat acting monolithically for the advancement of the same goals as stated in the protocols/clean break: strategy for securing the realm/pnac.

        besides even if the money came out of their pockets, which i seriously doubt (jew will always sadistically squeeze the goy to pay for the murder of another goy, as a matter of diabolical pride), it is chump change to 2.3 trillion jew (under guidance of dov zakheim) stole from dod when the accounting office investigating disappearance of funds was blown up by a missile on 9-11.

        and you, if you really are a goy, should be ashamed of shilling tirelessly in abject service of the humanity’s greatest enemy, cutting and pasting the same meaningless inanities as ewingsc and informed citizin already observed.

        enjoy your daily 30 shekels, don’t spend them all on bagels.
        and don’t forget to turn the lights off at sunset tonight.

      2. let’s turn this question around.
        why did the insurance companies pay for wtc bldg 7, which did not get hit but supposedly came down due to fires, despite that fact that in clear contravention of the federal building code, the fire department did not investigate the possibility of arson?

        this is the only such exception in history of united states.
        but then, rules are made to be broken on behalf of your master, aren’t they?

        for a graphic account of how a steel structure (hotel in taiwan) falls when compromised on one side (like supposedly wtc#7) check this slow motion video.
        but newton’s laws have no power over talmud, do they?

        c’mon, let’s hear you dump forth a bunch of irrelevant factoids.

        1. So you “think” that a building that’s intact and undermined at its foundation should do the same thing as a building whose interior columns failed because of fires? That goes a long way toward explaining why you’re not a structural engineer.
          Your comment about investigating for arson’s completely absurd, since the cause of the fires in WTC 7 was witnessed by numerous people:




          Do you have any proof that Lloyd’s, Swiss Re, Copenhagen Re, Zurich Financial, and at least 8 other insurers are “jew-owned and controled [sic]”? How did the owner of WTC 7 or any insurer of the WTC gain anything from billions of dollars in losses, or doesn’t that matter, as long as you’re libeling Da’ Joos?

          1. Insurance companies don’t loose money by insurance payouts – they pass it on to their customers in the form of premiums. Actually, insurance is a complex interlinked system in which bets are spread out over numerous companies in the form of derivatives, even though they might be taken on and signed on behalf of one company. Many companies will therefore have a stake. Administration costs for claims are also paid for mainly by the government, which count as the biggest source of revenue for insurance companies. The insurance industry is heavily government subsidized. Losses that public companies make are foremost at the expense of shareholders and not management.

            Back to the Israelis in the white van: you have still not answered this puzzling event sufficiently Albury.

          2. If you were a Goy insurance manager, would you even dare to investigate 9/11 if it were suggested that there is evidence of it being an inside job? I don’t know many insurance managers who are armed with hundreds of nuclear missiles, a CIA, Department for Homeland Security, Mossad, F16s, Polonium and such like. Rather than having a personal stake in loosing nothing if not acting, they might have an interest in not acting when standing to loose everything?

          3. So it’s your understanding that 12 different insurance companies from all over the world just willingly paid out hundreds of millions of dollars each to someone who publicly admitted to insurance fraud? What did any of them, or Larry Silverstein, gain from this alleged secret demolition? His replacement costs far exceed the insurance settlement, he’s lost all cash flow from the towers and other leased buildings for more than a decade, and he’s still paying the PANYNJ ~$10 million/month for the property while he rebuilds. WTC 7 was nearly fully occupied in 2001 also, and tenants are just now beginning to return.
            I don’t think real estate investing and management are good career choices for you.

          4. In your little fantasy world, what were the detained Israelis doing that had anything at all to do with 4 coordinated hijackings and crashes by al Qaeda suicide terrorists, aside from photographing the towers along with thousands of others?

          5. Now you are getting very abusive, Albury and going off subject to hurl personal insults at people trying to raise valid points in response to your comments. If this was my website, I would have kicked you off already for this, rather than having my regulars upset without just cause, I am sorry to say. I raised an argument about insurance in relation to the first comment you made in this thread, and without fully responding to it directly, you deflected the argument and then hurled a personal insult: ‘I don’t think real estate investing and management are good career choices for you.’ This is also a strange insult, as it does not bear a direct relationship to the comment that I made. Further, when you started your second thread, you said ‘In your little fantasy world…’ What was the need for this Albury? The Israelis in the white van had set up their position before the two aircraft even hit the World Trade Centers. There was a lot that was suspicious about them that warranted the NYPD to pull over their van and detain them on suspicion of being connected to the attacks. This sits at the very centre of the 9/11 inside job theory, as it is one of the more obvious paper-trails linking Israel to the 9/11 attacks.

            I certainly for one do not have time to copy and paste or rewrite arguments and counterarguments for and against the 9/11 inside job theory. If you would like to have a sensible debate, then engage in one, but don’t start getting abusive.

          6. Please answer my question. The Israelis who were arrested, detained, and later deported did not “set up their position before the two aircraft even hit the World Trade Centers,” and only one eyewitness said anything at all about their behavior. They were asked by the NYPD what they were doing, and replied honestly that they were recording the events of 9/11, i.e. the massive fires in the towers (as thousands of others were also doing).
            How on earth does anyone aid two hijackings and crashes from where they were on the morning of 9/11/01? Did they point out where the WTC towers were, or tell the hijackers when would be a good time to crash the planes into them? I’m simply trying to make sense of your allegation.

      3. …why 12 different insurance companies, at least 4 of which are foreign-based, all paid Larry Silverstein a total of $4.68 billion if he publicly admitted to blowing up his property. It’s a lot easier just to ban me than answer that question, isn’t it?

        and not only silverstein.

        this from your favorite newspaper
        Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel

        why wasn’t he investigated for this and in fact, should have been charged with crimes against humanity … in fact, coming from a foreign statesman (likud leader at the time) this amounts to an act of war.

        the same answer easily applies to both questions and explains the immunity enjoyed by both hookworms.
        they are colonial overlords and can do whatever they please on us soil.
        usa has no soverignity, its subjects are coolies like yourself sweating in the internet mines of king silverstein.

        1. How does publicly stating an obvious fact implicate Israel in an al Qaeda suicide operation? Do Da’ Joos just go around admitting all of these alleged crimes like hijacking and crashing 4 US airliners, and secretly blowing up their property for no apparent reason except to lose billions of dollars?
          Logic isn’t your strong suit, is it?

      4. “I was blocked on your ridiculous dog-and-pony show for disagreeing with your absurd C/D nonsense and posting facts and proof, ewingsc. “

        I have spent a long time looking for such evidence. If you don’t mind, would you kindly post one link here for my benefit of irrefutable proof that leads you to believe unequivocally in the official version of events. Thank you.

        1. Find one thing wrong with this:
          You’ve provided NO evidence for your absurd claim of Israeli involvement in an al Qaeda suicide attack, and the idea that explosives secretly demolished any NYC hi-rise is beyond stupid. You’ve also provided no plausible and coherent motive for collapsing them, and it would be completely impossible to do without leaving evidence, both before and during the collapses, and in the debris afterward.

          1. There’s a lot wrong with that as far as being a source for irrefutable evidence goes. As far as i know, I have never claimed that Israel is responsible, I have posted links where others have claimed that evidence makes them a legitimate suspect though.

            While I was asking for conclusive evidence that the attacks were actually carried out by Al Quaeda, or evidence that proves Israel was NOT involved, I wasn’t aware that I was required to provide a motive for the attacks.

            If you want to argue about what is beyond stupid, I’d suggest the idea that all the supports across an entire building, can be removed simultaneously without the aid of some sort of explosive, in order for the acknowledged free fall acceleration of building 7 to occur, would be right up there at the top of the list, especially since evidence of thermitic material was found in the dust. Perhaps you can provide a link to an official response to those findings?

            Also up there on the top of the list of things beyond stupid, is to pretend there is no other evidence of explosives, as there are plenty of eye witness testimonies, videos and the very fact that, to most people, the twin towers looked very much like explosions, and building 7 resembled a controlled demolition in every way. To say there is no evidence, is beyond stupid.

          2. Here’s the link you requested:
            The 24 interior columns weighed 730# per lineal foot, and the 57 exterior columns weighed 500# per lineal foot, and no explosive known to mankind could have secretly severed even one of them without being heard on Long Island. The sound of even one being explosively cut would have been deafening at 2 blocks.
            All supports were not cut; the moment-connected exterior ones buckled simultaneously after the interior collapsed. If any of those massive columns had been explosively cut, a blind man would have been able to see evidence of it on the column ends.
            Your “theory” is completely impossible, and once again, what motive was there for it?

          1. That’s a very long page, I was unable to find any irrefutable evidence in support of the official story. Do you have ANY at all, or do you just enjoy wasting peoples time? I came asking for evidence, all I have from you is questions and directions to time wasting links. If you can not answer my request, and if you can not even answer what evidence is it that makes you support the official version of events, without question, then I’m left wondering why you even bothered to reply to my original inquiry.

          2. Sorry, I can’t read the links I posted for you; you have to do that yourself. You seem to enjoy ignoring evidence and then claiming that there isn’t any. I’d be glad to read your evidence of explosive demolition, but you’ve posted none.

  72. I’m yet to see a single piece of irrefutable evidence that supports the Governments theory.


    1. I’ve yet to see any evidence of explosive demolition at the WTC on 9/11, or of any Israeli involvement in the al Qaeda suicide attacks that day. I’ve seen nothing credibly refuting the NIST reports either.

      1. Thank you for your reply, though you didn’t really answer my question. I was seeking clear, unquestionable evidence that supports the Government theory. As for your concerns, there has been no official response to the any of the issues raised here, scientific, video, eye-witness and forensic evidence.


        I would still like to see irrefutable evidence that supports the Governments theory, or alternatively, an official refutation of the issues raised on that page.

        I don’t wish to seem rude, but it seems you’re arguing a case without any evidence. Thanks.

        1. Your Santa Clara “truth” nonsense has been thoroughly debunked. I’ve addressed much of it here, so what did I get wrong? Box Boy can’t even time collapses accurately, and timing one to determine what caused it is pure junk science.

  73. after having viewed most of a.s’s posts, i am convinced that he is a fulltime mossad troll, with a departmental backup to do quick research on which load of patent bullshit would snow the regular posters the most.

    waste of time belle.
    it doesn’t affect him in the least that the 5 fiddlers on the roof of the “moving van” were proven to be mossad operatives and even boasted about it on israeli tv, that high powered sayanim like derschowitz immediately got into the act to spring them (and over 100 others who got caught in subsequent fbi mopup) from the jail, that they were clearly setup beforehand to videotape the events, that they were dancing their disgusting folk dances, presumably the same ones danced after the slaughter of the amalek, the same one that the war criminals netanyahu, barak, and the bloated slab of meat formerly known as sharon danced on that day.

    listen, he likes them a great deal, because they are such loyal americans, just like him
    They were asked by the NYPD what they were doing, and replied honestly that they were recording the events

    ever heard of an honest … ahem, let’s not go there, except to say it would be a prime example of an urban legend.
    in fact, the 5 honestly dancing shlomos were arrested by newark police … arrested solely because you know, nj cops are such antisemites, luckily albury smith was on the spot with bail money.

    perverted liars and cowards, one and all.

    it does not affect him, because he is one of them, pure and simple, got his phd in lying.

    that everyone is getting frustrated at his “inability” to see the obvious is an asset to him, because he is simply sniggering away anything to do with truth.

    whatever i post here is not in attempt to make him see the light but to warn other posters not to waste time with the troll.

    if he is jewish, he prays in the synagogue of satan.
    if not, synagogue of sayan.

    1. Belle is very easily offended by abusive rhetoric, lobro, so please tone it down a little. I’m still trying to understand what the detained Israelis’ role was in hijacking and crashing the planes. Do suicide hijackers need ground control or something? Was it too difficult to see the WTC towers above the NYC skyline in perfect weather conditions?
      If they were just taking video after the planes hit, did they perhaps think that the crashes and fires wouldn’t attract enough media and other attention, so they wanted to be sure to document it? Please explain.

      1. You are paid for wasting people’s time. Period. Every time a poster replies to you at great length (like “Informed Citizen” or Lobro) he loses valuable energy which he could have put to better purposes.

        1. I’m paid as much as anyone else to post here, i.e. nothing. Please take some of that “valuable energy” to answer my question about the role of 5 Israelis in the al Qaeda plot to hijack and crash airliners. What could 5 guys on the ground in NJ have possibly done to aid in the attacks?

  74. @ Albury Smith

    Please take some of that “valuable energy” to answer my question about the role of 5 Israelis in the al Qaeda plot to hijack and crash airliners. What could 5 guys on the ground in NJ have possibly done to aid in the attacks?

    (posted here in its entirety for future reference)

    The very first people arrested on suspicion of involvement in the 9/11 attacks turned out to be five Israeli Jews: Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg (Sivan’s brother), Oded Ellner, Yaron Shmuel and Omer Marmari. Their white Urban Moving Systems van was stopped and they were arrested within hours of the attacks, on the afternoon of 9/11/01. Sivan Kurzberg, Ellner and Shmuel had been observed by several eyewitnesses at the rear parking lot of the Doric apartment complex in Union City, New Jersey. They were seen atop the van with cameras, high-fiving, smiling, joking with cries of joy and mockery, hugging each other, and taking photographs and video of the Twin Towers within a few minutes of the first plane impact.

    Source: KURZBERG, SIVAN ET AL (FBI report), Section 5

    In fact, they were seen filming atop the van before the local news radio station 1010 WINS had even broken the news of the first plane crash. The station actually had one of its sales team account executives on her cell phone to its newsroom before the first plane crashed after she noticed it was too low and was going to crash, and so were quickly able to patch her on air to provide a live report. When seen, Ellner was kneeling at the back of the van facing New York City with his camera and Kurzberg and Shmuel were facing him. After their film was developed and processed by the FBI, the photographs depicted all three Israelis visibly smiling. In one photo, Kurzberg could be seen flicking a lighter like he was at a rock concert as the North Tower burned in the background. This jovial celebration was taking place before the second impact, when innocent bystanders believed the incident was merely a tragic accident.

    When arrested, the Israelis – dubbed the “High-Fivers” by the FBI – were found to have airline tickets with immediate travel dates for destinations world-wide, and tie-ins to 9/11.

    Original source: The Record (Bergen County)

    Early reports said that these “tie-ins” were “maps of the city” with “certain places highlighted” linking the Israelis to the “bombing plot”. Carl Cameron’s subsequent Fox News report of 12/12/01 told of a “highly placed investigator” who admitted that there were tie-ins, but refused to provide details. The investigator stated, “Evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified, I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It is classified information.” In other words, there is evidence linking them, but the investigator can’t confirm the early reports regarding maps because Israel is too high in the pecking order.

    Marc Perelman of New York’s Jewish weekly The Forward reported on March 15, 2002 that the FBI had concluded that at least two of the Israelis were agents working for the Mossad, and their employer Urban Moving Systems Incorporated was a suspected intelligence front. On September 14, 2001, Urban’s owner Dominick Suter fled the U.S. for Israel. Perelman also tells on video of how he was able to confirm that, according to the FBI, two of the five Israelis were “Mossad agents”. Christopher Ketcham says the transcripts of the Carl Cameron report were later removed from the Fox News website following pressure from Abe Foxman of the ADL, and replaced with the rather Orwellian message: “This story no longer exists”.

    The FBI documents on the five Israelis were heavily redacted before release, with the more politically sensitive parts blanked out and classified until 2030 or 2035. Nevertheless, the information retained shows that Paul Kurzberg worked for the Jewish Agency, and his brother Sivan’s job in Israel had involved hunting Arabs of whom the Zionist regime did not approve. The FBI documents also show how the NS-2C Unit of its “National Security Division” from FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C., in a communication dated 09/24/2001, ordered FBI-Newark to call off its investigation of the Israelis and to “assist US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in any INS proceedings for the five Israeli Nationals in detention at the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York”. Dual US-Israeli citizen Michael Chertoff, who co-authored the USA Patriot Act” and headed the Justice Department’s Criminal Division in the aftermath of 9/11, is a prime suspect for pulling strings to get the Israelis released and sent home.

    All three Israelis lied, providing conflicting alibis of how they came to be seen at the Doric parking lot within such a short time of the first plane crash. Their alibis were physically impossible, given the time available for one of them to receive a telephone call from a friend alerting him to the news of a plane crash, then to read about the event on the Israeli news site YNET.co.il and the U.S. site CNN.com on two of their moving company’s sixteen computers, then for the three of them to make the bizarre decision that it would be worth leaving their workplace – and risk the wrath of their boss who was “tight with money” and normally did not let his employees take his vans for personal use – to “document” for “history” a simple plane crash that no innocent person could have known would turn out to be the defining event of the turn of the century, to gather up their cameras which they luckily had with them at work that day and run out to their employer’s van, to drive through rush hour traffic on what is normally a four to five-minute journey as they thought of a suitable location on the fly, make a left turn into an apartment block and drive around to the rear parking lot, get out and climb onto the roof of the van with their cameras, ending up at a location where one of them (Sivan Kurzberg) had been sighted the previous day posing as a “construction worker”, all of this having to occur within a few minutes before the local news radio station had broken the news of the first plane crash.

    In their first alibis, Shmuel claimed they were on the West Side Highway in New York City at the time of the “incident”, Kurzberg said they first climbed onto the Urban Moving Systems roof and were then stuck in heavy traffic before arriving at Doric, and Ellner claimed they stopped at a Gulf gas station on the way to Doric after hearing of the first plane crash. Ellner’s new, improved alibi was the variation in which he received a telephone call from a friend alerting him to the first plane crash, and two of the Israelis then spent “a few minutes” reading about the event on CNN.com and YNET.co.il before setting off to Doric.

    In the real world, as opposed to some fantasy dreamed up by tinfoil conspiracy kooks or concocted by inveterate liars about nineteen Arabs with box cutters, events occur in a certain well-defined order that all observers can agree on, unless they are traveling at relativistic velocities or someone has invented a way of bending the local space-time manifold. Websites such as CNN.com did not carry the news until after 8:49:34, and the first reports were of a fire, not a plane crash. Traffic to news sites was so heavy that many servers collapsed.

    CNN.com and the Israeli news site YNET.co.il did not have news posted about the first plane crash at a time such that several Israelis could browse the internet and read about it on Urban Moving’s computers for a “few minutes” (which would imply that there was already so much detail about the event on news sites that it must have been long after the first impact), then go on a four or five-minute journey through rush-hour traffic, make a left turn and drive around to a parking lot at the back of an apartment complex, jump out and climb onto the top of the van and turn on their cameras, all before the local AM news radio station 1010 WINS was able to broadcast its breaking news report from a WINS account executive who was on scene and actually on her cell phone to the WINS newsroom before the first plane crashed. And all in the time it takes for a Doric apartment resident to be prompted to look out of the window by the sound of the impact or explosion as the first plane slammed into the North Tower at approximately 8:46:30 a.m., to scan the area for a minute or two before observing the smoke from the WTC, then to “immediately” telephone her friend, and for her friend to grab her binoculars and look out of the window and see the three Israelis atop the van. No browsing the internet, leaving work to go on a drive through rush-hour traffic, or climbing onto the roof of a van required. And all in the time it takes another eyewitness at Doric to notice the disaster, to walk along to an apartment to inform his colleague within five minutes of the first impact, and for the colleague to stand up from painting the baseboard and look out of the window to see the three Israelis atop the van.

    The Doric location afforded an excellent view of both the North and South Towers across the Hudson River in New York City, and was an ideal location for recording video footage of planes approaching each Tower – one from the north and one from the south. In contrast, the Urban Moving Systems office and warehouse was north of the World Trade Center, and although it provided a view of the top of the North Tower, it would have been a lousy choice for anyone planning to “document” an event that included a plane approaching from the south to crash into the South Tower. Moreover, the Israelis quickly left the parking lot after the second plane crash, which would be puzzling behavior for wannabe journalists who’d just seen two plane crashes and were not to know there wouldn’t be a third. At the time they were seen celebrating the first plane crash they were not out on a delivery or collection as part of their job. Oded Ellner later said on Israeli TV that their purpose was to “document the event”.


    1. good one, xanadu, excellent post.

      albury smith is clearly a mossad asset, i don’t think we need bother with him anymore, he is here solely in order to gum up the discussion and waste maimum time.

      one proof (i will use spaces in http in order to avoid sitting in penalty box for multiple links):
      Why would a tiny country like Israel want to start wars with Muslims in the Middle East?
      (h t t p://www.darkmoon.me/2012/911-bombshell-%e2%80%94-the-truth-about-911-will-destroy-israel/comment-page-1/#comment-14572)

      … israel is sooo tiny and defenseless, c’mon guys please, it is just a smurf state, a lovable cartoon, please feel sorry for the whimpering fiddler on the roof, it only wishes to live in love + peace with arabs, we are all brothers, aren’t we

      but then, at some later date in response to my quoting netanyahu’s sadistic glee at thousands of murdered gentiles and in full awareness that no jews perished in the twin towers demolition
      Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel (my quote)

      but here he blows his cover:
      How does publicly stating an obvious fact implicate Israel in an al Qaeda suicide operation?

      obvious fact … he has no problem with obvious as long as it does not interfere with hasbara plan.
      except this is the main logistical problem with lying: since lie is by definition at odds with facts, you can’t keep track of all the contradictions and it will eventually trip you up. no problem when in yiddish comfort circle, they hate the truth anyway, hate and fear it.

      and then he has temerity to say this to me in the same post:
      Logic isn’t your strong suit, is it?

      yes it is, ignore my strong suit at your peril.

      1. RE: ISRAEL

        “I recently came across a remark by a Jesuit priest to the effect that “Every time I hear that Israel is America’s only friend in the Middle East, I remember that before Israel, America had no enemies in the Middle East” – a point well worth remembering.” – Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake)

        “People often ask about some new evidence or proof tying 9/11, in whole or in part, to Israel. Now I understand that there can never be absolute proof for some people barring a public confession from one of the Israeli planners or their American supporters, and that, I suspect, we will never obtain – although some of the statements made later in Israel by three of the Israelis arrested in Bergen, NJ filming the burning Twin Towers comes very close to that: One stated categorically that “our purpose was to document the event,” which should leave little doubt that they knew in advance of the attacks, whether or not they themselves personally had any further role in them.” – Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Demystifying 9/11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake)

        “…the Zionist capture of the US Government is for all intents and purposes complete. The Obama White House now speaks as Israel dictates, and not a person of consequence remains in the US Congress who will stand up and speak out against it.” – Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Palestine, Israel and America: The Strategic Void)

        “The lock to that gate is not in Washington, it is in the heartland of America where the Zionists have as of yet remarkably little influence. And the key to that lock is the open wound today which is 9/11 and the wars it spawned. Nail them on 9/11 and the cover-up of it, nail them for the wars they contrived and the wars they want the US to wage on Israel’s behalf, nail them for the lives and treasure America has spent and the lives it has taken waging America’s Jewish Wars, nail them often and hard, and the Zionists may end up wishing Germany had won WWII.” – Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Palestine, Israel and America: The Strategic Void)

        “So much links Israel to 9/11 – Only a public confession is missing.” – Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Israel’s Hidden Faces, A Long Day’s Night for Us All / Article, March 6th, 2011)

        “One of the great ironies is that two decades after the Berlin Wall fell, Israel has been constructing an “Apartheid Wall” around and within occupied Palestine, to protect Jewish settlers and contain Palestinian resistance.” – Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Israel’s Hidden Faces, A Long Day’s Night for Us All / Article, March 6th, 2011)

        “Few Americans therefore even suspect what much of the world knows: Israel, through the ownership of the mainstream media (MSM) and the leverage exercised by a hydra-headed pro-Israel lobby, effectively controls the US Government, especially the Congress. Indeed, the Congress has for decades accurately been described as “Israeli occupied territory.”
        This is particularly true of candidates for the Presidency. No one today can be a serious contender for President from either major party without what have become obligatory pledges of fealty to Israel and laudatory appearances before major Jewish audiences.” – Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Israel’s Hidden Faces, A Long Day’s Night for Us All / Article, March 6th, 2011)

        “…if we could “freeze frame” the CEOs of the largest U.S. Media companies in mid 2002, covering the aftermath of 9/11, the attack on Afghanistan and the lead-in to the war in Iraq, we would find that ten outspoken Zionists ran the vast majority of U.S. television networks and other media companies including movies, radio, and publishing at that time.
        Note that all except Rupert Murdoch are Americans and Jewish; Murdoch is an Australian, apparently with one Jewish grandparent, but a fervent & influential Zionist nonetheless.” – Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Israel’s Hidden Faces, A Long Day’s Night for Us All / Article, March 6th, 2011)

        Dr. Alan Sabrosky is an outspoken anti-Zionist Jew who writes articles for the website Veterans Today.

        Indeed, according to a recent poll, Israel has a lot of fence mending ( or pulling down ) to do if truly wants to be considered anything other than a pariah state in the eyes of the world community.


        1. Why does Sabrosky know that Israel was behind the 9/11 suicide attacks, and no nation in the world does? Even al Qaeda thinks it was one of theirs.

          1. You’d have to ask Mr Sabrosky himself why he thinks what he does as I’m not a mind reader.

            When you say that no nation in the world thinks Israel might have been involved, I don’t think it should be necessary to point out that elected leaders often say things that they might not personally agree with, as well as saying things that the majority of their citizens disagree with. Many Government officials, serving and past, have in fact expressed doubt and concern over the official narrative. It does raise the question, also, where is the evidence that it was anyone BUT Israel? It is far from a unique opinion though, as is evidenced by this article, and apart from the opinion of many other respected people around the world, if i were to guess why he thinks as he does, I’d suggest it may in part be due to the experience he has, and I’d guess, without any real evidence that shows who is responsible, he might be employing the investigative technique of looking at Motive, Means, Opportunity.

            Motive: >rense.com/general67/benefits.htm<
            Means + Opportunity. I feel given past history of State attacks on others, it is undeniable that Israel would have equal, if not far greater means than anything a group of terrorists living in hiding could muster.

            You might recall that shortly after Sept. 11 2001, we were promised we would soon see the evidence that would show conclusively who was in fact responsible, alas, that was never forthcoming. In the abscence of any real evidence to implicate anyone else, and given that many experts and people in the know, seem to believe it was other than Bin Laden, it would be remiss for investigators not to include Israel involvement in any investigations.

            You say Even al Qaeda thinks it was one of theirs.

            As far as I’m aware, the last official word from Bin Laden re the attacks, was in fact a denial. Perhaps you are referring to reports of a VHS video that was found in very fortuitous circumstances, that allegedly shows Bin Laden confessing, which was shortly after widely considered to be a fake.


            In fact, In Libya, Yemen, Syria, the USA Government has, and is actually arming known Al Quaeda fighters, so if Al Quaeda are terrorists, why is the USA supporting them?

            There is obviously good reasons that Israel is so poorly regarded these days.


            Regarding your questions about the "Dancing Israelis", Israel agents, I don't think the "hijackers" necessarily needed a ground crew, as you suggested, but the fact that they themselves said they were there to "document the event", plainly is evidence of foreknowledge. Which begs the question, if Israel knew what was about to happen, why didn't they warn America?

            Well, we've seen how Israel benefits from the attacks, so perhaps that's why, but another question, given that Israel didn't warn America, why in the world does America continue to fund Israel to the tune of about 80% of its total overall foreign aid?

            I've answered your questions to the best of my ability, although it is only my opinion, as I was not involved in the attacks, or in determining who was to be blamed as responsible. I feel the best people to direct questions towards would be those who would be in a position to know the answers, unfortunately, the Government has not only failed to provide evidence, it fails to respond to critical questions, or evidence that shows their account can not be true.

            If you have any proof, that shows Israel could not have been involved, or any proof that shows Osama Bin Laden was in fact the mastermind, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could provide a link to such evidence.

            I am still looking for one piece of irrefutable evidence that proves the governments case, surely, if it happened as they say, there must be something, there should be truckloads! What is it exactly that you are basing your arguments on, in support of the Government v's all the so far, officially unquestioned and non-responded to, evidence that supports a counter scenario?

          2. Bin Laden: Yes, I did it
            By David Bamber

            12:01AM GMT 11 Nov 2001

            OSAMA BIN LADEN has for the first time admitted that his al-Qa’eda group carried out the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon, the Telegraph can reveal.

            In a previously undisclosed video which has been circulating for 14 days among his supporters, he confesses that “history should be a witness that we are terrorists. Yes, we kill their innocents”.

            In the footage, shot in the Afghan mountains at the end of October, a smiling bin Laden goes on to say that the World Trade Centre’s twin towers were a “legitimate target” and the pilots who hijacked the planes were “blessed by Allah”.

            The killing of at least 4,537 people was justified, he claims, because they were “not civilians” but were working for the American system.

            Bin Laden also makes a direct personal threat against Tony Blair, the Prime Minister, for the first time, and warns nations such as Australia, Germany and Japan to stay out of the conflict.

            Related Articles
            America on war footing

            12 Sep 2001
            We are not bin Laden’s bankers, says sheikh

            09 Nov 2001
            Bush freezes assets of al-Qa’eda fundraisers

            08 Nov 2001
            Al-Jazeera faces UK ban

            05 Nov 2001
            Saudi royal family must battle bin Laden followers

            02 Nov 2001
            How we can prevent a nuclear nightmare

            24 Oct 2001
            The video will form the centrepiece of Britain and America’s new evidence against bin Laden, to be released this Wednesday.

            The footage, to which the Telegraph obtained access in the Middle East yesterday, was not made for public release via the al-Jazeera television network used by bin Laden for propaganda purposes in the past. It is believed to be intended as a rallying call to al-Qa’eda members.

            In the video, bin Laden says: “The Twin Towers were legitimate targets, they were supporting US economic power. These events were great by all measurement. What was destroyed were not only the towers, but the towers of morale in that country.”

            The hijackers were “blessed by Allah to destroy America’s economic and military landmarks”. He freely admits to being behind the attacks: “If avenging the killing of our people is terrorism then history should be a witness that we are terrorists. Yes, we kill their innocents and this is legal religiously and logically.”

            In a contradictory section, however, bin Laden justifies killing the occupants of the Twin Towers because they were not civilians – Islam forbids the killing of innocent civilians even in a holy war.

            He says: “The towers were supposed to be filled with supporters of the economical powers of the United States who are abusing the world. Those who talk about civilians should change their stand and reconsider their position. We are treating them like they treated us.”

            Bin Laden goes on to justify his entire terror campaign. “There are two types of terror, good and bad. What we are practising is good terror. We will not stop killing them and whoever supports them.”

            He directly threatens the lives of President Bush and Mr Blair. “Bush and Blair don’t understand anything but the power of force. Every time they kill us, we kill them, so the balance of terror can be achieved.” He also calls on all Muslims to join him. “It is the duty of every Muslim to fight. Killing Jews is top priority.”

            Bin Laden warns other nations to keep out of the conflict, implying that they could face terror attacks if they do not.

            In the video, he also claims responsibility for an unspecified terrorist outrage in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which he claims was sparked by secret messages in one of his videos.

            He admits for the first time using public pronouncements on video to whip up terrorism – a danger about which the British and American governments have warned broadcasters.

            It is significant that throughout the video he uses the personal pronouns “I” and “we” to claim responsibility for the attacks. In the past, he has spoken of the attackers only in the third person.

            Bin Laden has publicly issued four previous videos since September 11, always denying carrying out the atrocities.

            He now claims to have access to nuclear and chemical weapons. Bin Laden made the claims on Friday night during an interview with the English language Pakistani newspaper Dawn.

            He said: “If America used chemical or nuclear weapons against us, then we may retort with chemical and nuclear weapons. We have the weapons as deterrent.”

            Defence analysts dismissed these claims. They said that although bin Laden could have access to nuclear material through links with Pakistan or former Soviet republics, he was unlikely to have the technology to cause an explosion.

            A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We know that he was looking for that capability. We believe he does not have it.”

            Emergency powers to imprison suspected international terrorists indefinitely using special closed courts will be announced this week. The measure, which will require exemption from human rights legislation, will be used to round up about 20 suspects hiding in Britain beyond the reach of existing laws.


          3. Yes Albury, that is the fake video I referred to in my comment.

            There is more written here


            discussing the confession tape legitimacy, or otherwise, and it can not seriously be regarded as conclusive evidence. However, if it is to be given serious consideration, you'd have to also consider his later statements of denial, as legitimate, as does the CIA, and it raises the question of why he would confess to the crime, to only deny it later on. It's not logical, unless of course, they are fakes.

            “The video will form the centrepiece of Britain and America’s new evidence against bin Laden, to be released this Wednesday.”

            Yet no evidence was released that Wednesday, or any other Wednesday, or any other day of the week. There has been no irrefutable evidence to support the official case, and again I ask you, what evidence is it that on which you base your unequivocal belief in the official story?

          4. Osama bin Laden has admitted his role in the 9/11 suicide attacks numerous times, and allegedly denied it once while in Afghanistan and in imminent danger from US airstrikes shortly after 9/11.
            He’s also clearly spelled out his reasons:
            The telegraph.co.uk link I posted also contains admissions and comments from bin Laden on motive.
            Why hasn’t al Qaeda blamed Israel for 9/11 if they’re innocent of it? Why has no nation in the world claimed that Israel did it?
            You’ve provided no evidence whatsoever, and are most likely not more knowledgeable than every intelligence agency and legitimate media source in the world.

  75. So it was really 5 Israeli guys on the ground in NJ who hijacked and crashed the planes on 9/11, not the 19 Arabs who were actually on the flights? Despite the fabrications in your “Zionist Crimes” post, there’s no evidence at all that they had any foreknowledge of the al Qaeda suicide attacks, and the article provides no links corroborating that claim. They were apparently linked to Israeli intelligence, but were spying on Islamic terrorist groups in the US.

  76. imo this is no longer a question whether israel did 9-11 and whether the dancing jews were part of the slaughter.
    it is the question of albury’s agenda, since he, with equal zeal defends and promotes everything israel does while covering thier criminal tracks.

    Two important links:
    apart from lasha’s excellent post above, i recommend that you acquaint yourselves with this one as well.

    let’s look at some of albury’s claims:
    1. israel has no interest in stirring up trouble with arabs, it is just a tiny country
    2. but then takes it as obvious that 911 was a great boon for israel
    3. laments loudly and repeatedly for a 911 victim while trying to tar us with a guilt brush, a typical anne frankian maneuver, real yad vashem style weep-fest:
    How on earth do you “bring justice” to Mr. McIlvaine’s remarkable and beloved son Robert G. …
    Robert’s death was a tragic loss, and my profound sympathy for Mr. McIlvaine is hard to put into words …
    You are not honoring the memory of Mr. McIlvaine’s highly successful and accomplished young son …

    4. denies that 5 jew-dancers had anything to do with it
    Please answer my question. The Israelis who were arrested, detained, and later deported DID NOT “set up their position before the two aircraft even hit the World Trade Centers,” and ONLY ONE eyewitness said anything at all about their behavior. They were asked by the NYPD what they were doing, and replied HONESTLY that they were recording the events of 9/11
    … hm, in other words, too bad about young, talented, etc., robert g. macilvane’s tragic death but protecting the interests of zion comes first, lots more goy meat where that came from
    5. so now let’s look at attributable sources and evidence (including the police radio dispatches) a bit closer … refer to that second link from the top.
    The New York Times reported Thursday that a group of five men had set up video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers PRIOR to the attack on Tuesday, and were seen congratulating one another afterwards.
    PRIOR, albury, as reported in new york times, so dig yourself and your co-talmudists out of this one
    6. one of mossad operatives tries to mislead the police into closing a wrong tunnel while the others, dressed as palestinians bomb couple of other tunnels
    One anonymous phone call to the authorities actually led them to close down all of New York’s bridges and tunnels. The mystery caller told the 9-1-1 dispatcher that a group of Palestinians were mixing a bomb inside of a white van headed for the Holland Tunnel. Here’s the transcript from NBC News:
    Dispatcher: Jersey City police.
    Caller: Yes, we have a white van, 2 or 3 guys in there, they look like Palestinians and going around a building.
    Caller: There’s a minivan heading toward the Holland tunnel, I see the guy by Newark Airport mixing some junk and he has those sheikh uniform.
    Dispatcher: He has what?
    Caller: He’s dressed like an Arab.

    7. more than one Urban Moving Van in opertion
    Witnesses saw them jumping for joy in Liberty State Park after the initial impact. Later on, other witnesses saw them celebrating on a roof in Weehawken, and still more witnesses later saw them celebrating with high fives in a Jersey City parking lot.
    contrast this with albury’s insistence (in the post where he claims i am weak on logic) that ONLY ONE witness claims to have seen them celebrating, thus impugning their testimony and by extension, our gullibility or kookiness.
    8. police issue a “Be-on-the-Lookout” alert for a white mini-van heading for the city’s bridges and tunnels from New Jersey.
    White, 2000 Chevrolet van with ‘Urban Moving Systems’ sign on back seen at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ, at the time of first impact of jetliner into World Trade Center Three individuals with van were seen CELEBRATING AFTER INITIAL impact and subsequent explosion. FBI Newark Field Office requests that, if the van is located, hold for prints and detain individuals.
    When a van fitting that exact description was stopped just before crossing into New York, the suspicious “middle-easterners” were apprehended. Imagine the surprise of the police officers when these terror suspects turned out to be Israelis!
    According to ABC’s 20/20, when the van belonging to the cheering Israelis was stopped by the police, the driver of the van, Sivan Kurzberg, told the officers: “We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem.”
    Hey albury, how did he know instantly who to blame, same as the mystery caller who saw some guy in “sheikh uniform mixing junk at Newark airport”? btw, back in lovely homeland, sivan kurzberg’s daily job is arab hunting, according to the fbi profile.
    9. let albury impugn this source as well, jerusalem post
    American security services overnight stopped a car bomb on the George Washington Bridge. The van, packed with explosives, was stopped on an approach ramp to the bridge. Authorities suspect the terrorists intended to blow up the main crossing between New Jersey and New York, Army Radio reported.
    “…two suspects are in FBI custody after a truckload of explosives was discovered around the George Washington Bridge … The FBI … says enough explosives were in the truck to do great damage to the George Washington Bridge.”

    Note that the video download has been blocked … blame osama bin laden.
    taken straight from that link
    What’s really intriguing is that ABC’s 20/20 (15), the New York Post (16), and the New Jersey Bergen Record (17) all clearly and unambiguously reported that a white van with Israelis was intercepted on a ramp near Route 3, which leads directly to the Lincoln Tunnel.
    But the Jerusalem Post, Israeli National News (Arutz Sheva) (18), and Yediot America, (19) all reported, just as clearly and unambiguously, that a white van with Israelis was stopped on a ramp leading to the George Washington Bridge, which is several miles north of the Lincoln Tunnel.
    It appears as if there may actually have been two white vans involved, one stopped on each crossing. This would not only explain the conflicting reports as to the actual location of the arrests, but would also explain how so many credible eye-witnesses all saw celebrating “middle-easterners” in a white van in so many different locations. It also explains why the New York Post and Steve Gordon (lawyer for the 5 Israelis) originally described how three Israelis were arrested but later increased the total to five.
    Perhaps one van was meant to drop off a bomb while the other was meant to pick up the first set of drivers while re-crossing back into New Jersey? If a van was to be used as a parked time-bomb on the GW Bridge, then certainly the drivers would need to have a “get-away van” to pick them up and escape. And notice how the van (or vans) stayed away from the third major crossing -the Holland Tunnel- which was where the police had originally been directed to by that anti-Palestinian 9-1-1 “mystery caller”.
    A classic misdirection play.

    so there you have it albury smith.
    why don’t you tell us some more about poor, innocent mossadists who just wanted to take a couple of photos of themselves oozing tears for young, talented, radiant, etc, etc, robert g macilvane?
    and what a great tiny talented, etc, etc country israel is.
    and what a great employer you have.

      1. I’m retired, so I don’t have any employer, great or otherwise.
        You still haven’t explained how guys driving around with explosives in a van – a report that was quickly found to have been false – fit into an al Qaeda suicide plan to crash airliners into buildings. Were other vehicles exploded on bridges or crashed into buildings on 9/11?

  77. that link provided by smith is simon-wiesenthal-pure propaganda, full of self serving, self contradicting lies marshaled badly in service of damage control, what the site is all about.

    note the lying jew steve gordon, the lawyer who represented the mossad agents (even albury smith concedes the mossad reality)
    Mr. GORDON: They’re five young kids who–who left Israel, tried to leave a war zone, if you so will. They came to America. They came here, initially, for a vacation. They came here to work and they started work for a moving company.
    yeah right. from lasha’s post above:
    The FBI documents on the five Israelis were heavily redacted before release, with the more politically sensitive parts blanked out and classified until 2030 or 2035. Nevertheless, the information retained shows that Paul Kurzberg worked for the Jewish Agency, and his brother Sivan’s job in Israel had involved hunting Arabs of whom the Zionist regime did not approve

    MILLER: Now, the witness that we interviewed said that they were acting very strangely.

    Mr. GORDON: If her story is to be believed …
    kol nidre in action, while lying with every pore, accuse others of lying.

    how about this, brazen faced liars, from toronto globe and mail:
    The FBI seized and developed their photos, one of which shows Sivan Kurzberg flicking a cigarette lighter in front of the smouldering ruins in an apparently celebratory gesture.

    but of course, while the thought police enforcing the protocols of zion busily scrubs all pages from internet, albury’s hasbara (911myths.com) gets all the limelight.

    1. If I understand this yarn correctly, these 5 stupid Israelis were in on the al Qaeda plot to crash planes into the WTC and wanted everyone to know, so they went out and celebrated in public. The FBI was either too stupid to connect the dots, or were all in on it too, and only some anonymous Internet kook with a hatred of da’ Joos is smart enough to figure it all out. It even fooled al Qaeda, who still thinks that it was one of their suicide operations, just like the 2 coordinated US embassy suicide bombimgs in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam in 1998, and the suicide attack on the USS Cole in 2000.
      How fortunate that we have a 9/11 “truth movement”…

  78. No. They were arrested and failed a polygraph test, and detained for quite a while until Michael Chertoff got them off. They appeared on Israeli TV, and the whole thing was written up in Forward. These guys were Israelis working for the Israelis, not al quesda. There was another group of Israelis, though, that were following Mohammed Atta around, living next door in Hollywood Florida, etc. In fact, there were so many Israelis doing so many things just around 9 11 that I have almost lost track. Oh and the security systems in the airports that let the guys on the plane were Israeli, but no one could ever sue the airport security for allowing terrorists onto planes because airport security was protected by the Patriot Act. But frankly maybe there never were any terrorists on the planes because the security tapes that showed this have the wrong date on the bottom. What a bungled cover up that was. FBI did find one passport though that survived the fireball of the plane and ended up on the streets of New York–that is, by the way, a key piece of evidence identifying who did the attacks.

    1. You seem to have “almost lost track” of any corroboration for any of this nonsense too. If you think Suqami’s passport is “a key piece of evidence,” you’re also sadly mistaken; there was plenty of other evidence that would very quickly have put him on the preliminary FBI hijackers list. Did you find it equally suspicious that thousands of other combustible items from the planes survived the fireballs, and were scattered on the pavements below?

      1. Did you find it equally suspicious that thousands of other combustible items from the planes survived the fireballs, and were scattered on the pavements below?

        I find it extraordinarily suspicious that NO wreckage, of any of the planes, has ever been forensically matched aircraft said to have been destroyed that day.

        Two 9/11 Airliners, Flight 93 and 175, Were Only Just Recently Taken Off The FAA ‘Active’ List


        What irrefutable evidence is it that on which you base your unequivocal belief in the official story?

        1. Why don’t you ask American and United Airlines what happened to their planes?

  79. indeed, for once you are right, however unwittingly.
    their job was to
    1. film the crashes for further analysis – they were result of remotely controlled airliners operated through fts (flight termination systems) pods mounted under the jets’ fuselage as seen in many photographs. Prior to becoming pentagon’s comptroller under whose watch $2.3 trillion dollars mysteriously disappeared (ask albury, because rumsfeld was clueless, albury will state that osama bin laden stole the funds), dov zakheim headed the spc corporation that developed this drone guidance technology. In his spare time, he wrote a paper, included in pnac, that a pearl harbor type event was called on to advance the timetable of talmudic takeover of the us government.
    2. they showed the typically jewish glee at the death of thousands of innocent gentiles, including one robert g. macilvane, so dear to albury smith (but not as dear as all things zionist), but pretended to be muslim/arab/palestinian
    3. through a 9-1-1 emergency call, one tried to divert police attention to holland bridge connecting nyc to nj, while they drove explosive laden vans to washington and lincoln bridges, all the while dressed in arab garb. The idea, obviously was to cause further death and mayhem and bleame it on muslims, thereby fulfilling the “pearl harbor” requirement stated by dov zakheim that would lead to destruction of islamic nations of afghanistan, iraq, libya and present attempts to wipe out syria and iran, the loss of over 2 million innocent lives, not all of whom were named robert g. macilvane but as point of commonality were gentile, every single on of them. As always, jew is left to count blood profits and play eternal victim.
    4. clearly, the 5 jews that were caught were part of a larger mossad operation that included the demolition of the twin towers and building 7, 3000 goy lives and practically 0 jewish (certainly not a single israeli died at ground zero) as well as missile attack on the comptroller’s office in pentagon in order to exonerate the boss.

  80. You’ve obviously never read Rebuilding America’s Defenses if you think that it called for a “new Pearl Harbor,” unless you’re just being deliberately dishonest:
    The 9/11 attacks actually drew hundreds of billions of dollars away from the high-tech military projects that were advocated, and into asymmetrical warfare in 2 backward countries.

    1. Section V of Rebuilding America’s Defenses, entitled “Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force”, includes the sentence: “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor” (51).[14]

      If not a call, it at the very least was very clairvoyant. What high-tech military project did not go ahead specifically because of those attacks?

      Asymmetrical warfare? As in unbalanced, one sided? backward countries? I’m not sure it was all that asymmetrical given that the Americas finest are having trouble winning these wars against backward countries that have no Navy, no Air Force and no Army.

      The plans to attack and invade Iraq, were discussed by Bush two years prior to the Sept 11 attacks, and in fact, Gen Westley Clark explains how there was a plan to invade and take over 7 countries in 5 years.


      1. I forgot,
        the fact that the Patriot Act was written up before the attacks
        >georgewashington.blogspot.de/2006/12/before-911.html< is also suggestive of the fact they were just waiting for "something" to happen.

      2. I gave you the link to the document YOU cited. Instead of asking me what it says, READ IT.

        1. No, I asked for irrefutable evidence. You provided a useless link to a NIST report. NIST offer what they believe is PROBABLE.

          Science has proven their beliefs to be delusional and IMPOSSIBLE. NIST have nothing credible to offer, there are many experts that refute their findings. I’d ask you to try harder, but that would be a waste of my time, and yours, but frankly, that seems to be what you do best, so I doubt that would bother you.

          As you have absolutely nothing intelligent to offer, and tend to believe things in the absence of anything that could be described as credible evidence, I don’t think I’ll benefit at all from any further engagement with you. As you refuse to employ common sense, facts, science and logic in your arguments, your personal intellectual turmoil is none of my concern.

      3. oh yeah … 🙂 … i like this too

        The 9/11 attacks actually drew hundreds of billions of dollars away from the high-tech military projects that were advocated, and into asymmetrical warfare in 2 backward countries

        which 2 backward countries, i wonder / ok, afghanistan is one, where might jewsa is getting its forward ass kicked because, unlike alexander the great and others with more brains than firepower, noahideous think that they can hose the enemy with money launchers.

        and the other backward country?
        would be the same one that threatened the mighty usa with nuclear magic mushroom clouds over its cities, suburban soccer fields strafed by thousands of islamofascist drones (hey albury, give us a link, authenticated by rita katz as usual, to osama video where he thunders in broken yiddish about these things), weapons of very mass deception, et cetera, ad nauseam.

        or are you gainsaying the brightest, most heroic potus of all, who also served honorably in vietnam, shoulder to shoulder with other such heroes (don’t take it personally, i might just as well be talking about cheney, rumsfeld, wolfowitz, kristol tag team, perle, feith, (elliot) abrams, zakheim, libby, rubin, podhoretz, frum, foxman … the “a” team, all star commandos).

        if you deny it, then you are a … DENIER!!!

        i claim that they and 6 million other jews served in vietnam, gulf-1, afhganistan, iraq, libya and are ready and willing, nay, eager ZEALOTS to march on command into syria and iran (and afghanistan and russia and china …).
        and why, what is the source of such fervor?
        read Dual Patriot Act.

        1. I was obviously referring to Afghanistan and Iraq, 2 nations that could hardly be described as developed superpowers. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that the evil US no longer has a military presence in Iraq, and is disengaging from Afghanistan after wasting a couple of trillion dollars in them, so what do you think was gained from 9/11, and especially from the WTC building collapses?
          Your comments about US presidents who are ‘nam vets, Jews who served in the military, the Patriot Act, the “Dual” Patriot Act (whatever that is), etc. are too incoherent for a response.

    2. talk about deliberate dishonesty
      The 9/11 attacks actually drew hundreds of billions of dollars away from the high-tech military projects that were advocated, and into asymmetrical warfare in 2 backward countries

      at first it seemed that you come equipped with some research backing, maybe courtesy of some bank of analysts at wherever, mossad or one of its minor branches like cia.
      but more and more it becomes clear that you are just shovelling crap and hoping to pass unnoticed, the old jewish tactic.
      say a lie, get caught, so what, there is always a fallback position, beat a retreat without flinching, no sign of embarrassment, kol nidre training makes you a pro. and so on, down to a shriveled zero, the more you shrink, the more you resort to invective (“you people are sick”).

      a brief history of us “defense” budget (do rapists get victim counseling?)
      h t t p://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0904490.html
      (remove spaces in “h t t p”, i want to outwit not await moderation)
      year billions
      2000 311.7
      2001 307.8
      2002 328.7
      2003 404.91
      2004 455.91
      2005 495.31
      2006 535.91
      2007 527.41
      2008 494.41
      2009 494.31

      in more detail below

      h t t p://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-134258319.html
      For fiscal year (FY) 2005, military spending will be nearly $500 billion, which is greater in real terms than during any of the Reagan years and surpassed only by spending at the end of World War II in 1945 and 1946 and during the Korean War in 1952. The White House is asking for an FY 2006 Department of Defense (DOD) budget of $413.9 billion, WHICH DOES NOT INCLUDE FUNDING FOR MILITARY OPERATIONS IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN.

      The rest of the war aimed at dismantling and degrading the al Qaeda terrorist network will require unprecedented international intelligence and law enforcement cooperation, not expensive new planes, helicopters, and warships.

      According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), in 2003 (the last year for which there is comparative worldwide data) total U.S. defense expenditures were $404.9 billion. This amount exceeded the combined defense expenditures of the next 13 countries and was more than double the combined defense spending of the remaining 158 countries in the world

      and most of that money goes to jewish defense contractors, it does not include direct handouts to israel.

      wow, i feel so damn safe, don’t you?
      the only reason we haven’t been attacked by papua-new guinea (never again).

      h t t p://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_budget_of_the_United_States
      For the 2010 fiscal year, the president’s base budget of the Department of spending on “overseas contingency operations” brings the sum to $663.84 billion.
      When the budget was signed into law on October 28, 2009, the final size of the Department of Defense’s budget was $680 billion, $16 billion more than President Obama had requested.

      The recent invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were largely funded through supplementary spending bills outside the Federal Budget, so they are not included in the military budget figures listed below

      a little example of what happens on year-to-year basis
      Research, Development,
      Testing & Evaluation $79.1 billion +1.3%
      Family Housing $3.1 billion −20.2%

      hey, you are allegedly a nam vet, these figures must be dear to your heart, no?
      family housing accounts for less than 1/25th of rabbi zakheim’s r+d and even at that it took a 20% nosedive.
      keep dancing internet hora, maybe you and the family get an extra portion of fermented carp.

      everybody stand up and salute the neverending wars for the jews.

      1. and let’s not talk violence (when jews do it, it is called “defense”), jews tender sensitivities are easily offended, pentagon must have a supplementary $200 billion budget to combat “hate speech”.

        calling all troll heroes to action, eretz yisroel cowers in existential angst …

      2. Are you ever going to READ Rebuilding America’s Defenses, or just continue to misrepresent what it says? Pissing away hundreds of billions of dollars in Afghanistan and Iraq was not on the neocons’ wish list; they were advocating an extremely expensive overhaul of our major defense systems that are used in conventional wars against developed countries, i.e. high-tech planes, ships and munitions, and the money for that went to nation building. There was also no need or desire expressed for a “new Pearl Harbor.”

        1. pnac is a byproduct of clean break

          the ziocons ultimate desire is to subjugate all nations still outside their control, starting with the muslim ones nearest to israel: iraq, syria, libya, iran, pakistan.

          how about reading the clean break?

          ultimately, the war will move to russia and china.
          this is the grand idea, the promise of talmud, as karl marx called it … do you need a link to that too?
          (actually, the letter was from baruch levy to karl marx, not the other way around but the very fact that correspondence like this regularly took place tells you all you need to know about marx’s interests)

          the point being that you “hundreds of billions lost” will never be lost.
          your people will bleed america as dry as the victims of their passover human sacrifices. to the last penny.
          unless the masses wake up and smell imminent starvation, but even then it may be way too late, the mercenaries of xe-blackwater (now a division of monsanto) will take care of that little antisemitic problem.

        2. how about pissing away $2.3 TRILLION
          watch here how ONE DAY BEFORE 9-11 rumsfeld admits that $2.3 trillion are unaccounted for, in the domain of key pnac author dov zakheim previously ceo of spc corp whose principal product is remote plane guidance sytems and whose office investigating the missing $2.3 trillion was wiped out on 9-11 along with all documentation.
          it just so happened that rabbi zakheim was out of the office that day, just as silverstein for the first time missed having his customary breakfast at the top of the twin tower restaurant.
          11 years later, still no clue of what happened to the missing funds … it’s ok to attack iraq on pretext of searching for wmd but searching israel for our $2.3 trillion is out of question. not kosher.

          watch now how albury explains that it was all just a funny coincidence: rumsfeld announcement one day, 911 the next, wipeout of investigating office, demolition of middle east, everybody happy except the 911 truthers.

          in rabbi’s own words: the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor
          hey, but with a little help from yhwh and mossad, the rabbi came out a magical winner.
          just a coincidence.
          just a set of 100+ coincidences, each very weird on its own, impossible in the lifespan of the universe to happen simultaneously within one day.
          but try explaining this principle to albury smith.

          btw, out of 27 authors of pnac doc, 18 are clearly jews.
          another coincidence.

          1. Good grief…
            Rumsfeld gave away the plot one day before 9/11? To a sane and rational person, he was doing what a SecDef should do, i.e. express concern over lax accounting procedures in the DoD. It would take a lot more than a plane crash to wipe out all of the records of decades of accounting irregularities, overbilling, waste, corruption, etc. in defense spending.
            Please substantiate your claim that there were 18 Jewish participants on Thomas Donnelly’s PNAC team.

      3. You still haven’t explained how the al Qaeda suicide attacks of 9/11 fulfilled any of the wishes expressed in the PNAC’s Rebuilding America’s Defenses. I’d also like to know what difference you think no NYC building collapses on 9/11 would have made.

        1. no collapsed buildings (or blown up bridges) and in general, no false flag mass murders blamed on muslims translate directly into no middle east invasions, occupations, genocides, destruction of infrastructures and social degradation.

          iraq and libya are socialist, prosperous, with good standard of living, freedom and equality for women, good, free health care and education.
          afghanistan was struggling but taliban had at least wiped out opium trade and crime.

          and peace and prosperity among gentiles is considered a tragedy by jews,
          always in history as now they take remedial measures, in tzarist russia, austro-hungarian and ottoman empires, world wars, poisoning societies through corruption at the top and trickling down through control and manipulation of public opinion through media, justice, entertainment, arts and academia.

          so collapsed buildings, assassinations and atrocities while blaming it on others is something they’ve been experts at for a long time.

          1. There were no blown up bridges, and the catastrophic property damage and loss of life without any NYC building collapses on 9/11 would have resulted in exactly the same US foreign policy decisions. President Obama has set a timeline for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the US is not occupying Iraq, Libya, or any other M.E. country. I never supported Bush’s Iraq blunder, but don’t understand what you think the US gained from it or from attacking al Qaeda and the Taliban after 9/11.

            There are atrocities in the news practically every day in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc., and few to none of them have any connection to da’ Joos you hate so much. The EIJ assassination of Sadat did, however, since he had just signed a peace treaty with Israel.

          2. the rubble was carted off and disposed of with suspicious haste, amounting to destruction of evidence.
            i spoke to a nyc taxi driver (a joo, as a matter of fact) who told me police stopped him from taking a photo of twin towers steel being trucked on its way to the barge.
            therefore, it may well be that your precious nist investigation would have found it much more difficult to sell the story of 19 blethering jihadists carrying out such a sophisticated operation, pressures could have mounted to examine other aspects, like the joo airport security services that “let the jihadists in”, gross norad failure to intercept the airliners.
            moreover, there ar stories (i admit i don’t know much about that) of armored vans carrying stuff out of the u/g garage that belonged to some offices upstairs (we can look it up), the stuff that was presumably declared missing and covered by liability insurance policies.
            the loss of life may have been relatively insignificant w/o collapse, the graphic impact not as powerful and the pnac war party would not have got their pearl harbor moment necessary for a unilateral invasion of iraq and afghanistan.
            patriot act, homeland security, wholesale rape of the constitution that took place afterwards (bush: “it’s just a goddam piece of paper”, subsequently amply confirmed by obama), rendition, torture, anonymous assassination of anyone, including americans (well, not everyone, our favorite tribe is off-limits), all these zionist machinations may have been forestalled if the sale of 911 narrative had hit a snag.

            remember “shock and awe”?
            it applies to americans, primarily, through 911 choreography.
            a plane or two smacking into side of a building, leaving all sorts of traces available for forensics with minimal loss of life wouldn’t have done the trick.
            in fact, the phrase “shock and awe” comes from hebrew shekinah, which represents some kind of divine female entity that brings enlightenment
            Yhwh shall cause His Shekinah to shine for thee
            i think it is a jewish joke upon the goys.
            anyways, it would have been a second rate shekinah had the buildings remaind upright and the death toll minor.

            as for atrocities in libya and syria, they were entirely engineered by zio-west, let’s leave that aside for the moment, but just recall that disgusting noahide butch hillary clinton tossing her head back and laughing as gaddafi was diabolically tortured to death, “we came, we saw, he died”

            and us left iraq … how nice, how humane, good observation albury, what does it prove, what a nice bunch ziocons are?
            certainly iraq is a much better country, just like libya, after the visit by liberating cavalry, one thing neither of them has to worry about is managing their oil resources.
            and the treasures of baghdad museum are now in safe hands too (just a little aside).

            and isn’t it interesting that all the new administrations in iraq and libya (formerly known as al-qaeda mercenaries) are now friends with israel and that the al-qaeda mercenaries gathering like vultures outside syria promise to normalize relations with israel (e.g., no claim to golan heights) as soon as they are in power.

          3. What would not have been “suspicious haste,” according to you? Numerous PANYNJ, SEAoNY, FEMA BPAT, ASCE, NSF, and other engineers were on the WTC site during the entire ~8 months of cleanup, along with ~40,000 other people at one time or another, including experienced demolition contractors, and evidence of explosives would have been impossible for any of them to have missed. If any WTC building had been explosively demolished, millions of people would have known about it even without seeing evidence in the debris, since the sounds would have been heard many miles away. The scrap steel was worth ~$10 million for every 100,000 tons, and there was simply no reason to move and store hundreds of thousands of tons of it at huge expense just to satisfy twoofers.

            The “gross NORAD failure” is very clearly explained by this timeline:


            Your speculation on the difference between collapses and no collapses is totally unfounded; no nation with a military would tolerate even one high-profile hijacking and crash into an iconic building that resulted in hundreds of innocent people being killed, and 9/11 was part of an escalating series of suicide attacks from the same group. If Bush had just been looking for an excuse to attack al Qaeda, the investigation of the suicide attack on the USS Cole gave him one just before he took office, and Clinton most likely would have retaliated if he hadn’t been in his last month. Please note that the same GOP that you claim is so trigger-happy faulted Clinton for the Tomahawk missile strikes in 1998 after the 2 embassy suicide bombings, and failed to respond at all to the Cole attack.

            I guess it’s “interesting” that Iraq and Libya aren’t currently threatening Israel, but I’m sure they won’t disappoint you indefinitely, especially if Islamic fundamentalism gains a foothold. What you think the US has gained by any of its recent interventions in the M.E. is beyond me.

  81. @ Heroay

    “Heroay, I’m confused by the following… Did DARKMOON ban YOU? What happened? Please reply in a few SIMPLE words. Thanks.” (from: I DON’T UNDERSTAND!!)

    Of coz, how could you understand, if i didn’t send you HER EMAIL first…he-he!

    Heroay: I’m not quite sure what point you’re making…? As far as I know, no one has been banned from posting on darkmoon.me. I personally have banned no one, if only for the reason that I don’t own this site and have no power to ban anyone. The editor has often declared darkmoon.me “a free speech zone” but has reserved the right to delete comments in exceptional circumstances. This is when commenters recommend the total extermination of the Jews in post after post or preach violence. Such comments, usually coming from Zionist trolls, are seen as mischievous attempts to bring darkmoon.me into disrepute and get it shut down. Sincere best wishes, Lasha

    1. We don’t want this site to be a magnet for morons and intellectual skinheads.

    2. now i know why sara silver(not-wo)man doesn’t post too often, because she preaches violence?
      otherwise, some goy comedian might say something like
      “i hope nazis killed anne frank. i’d fucking do it in a second again”.

      har, har, har, go morons and intellectual skinheads.

  82. @ Albury Smith (May 21, 2012 at 11:29 am)

    Osama bin Laden has admitted his role in the 9/11 suicide attacks numerous times, and allegedly denied it once while in Afghanistan

    No, he has NOT “admitted his role in the 9/11 suicide attacks numerous times”. He denied it TWICE in the most emphatic terms (on Septermber 17 and September 28, 2001 — and then he was killed.

    All subsequent Bin Laden tapes claiming responsibilty for 9/11 have been PROVEN FAKES.


    1. I note that Darkmoon has kept a pretty low profile all during this heated debate on 9/11, posting only one comment. I find this disappointing. However, I googled around and found that she had written written an article some time ago about Bin Laden.

      This is what she has to say on the Bin Laden fake tapes:

      Though many taped messages have purportedly been issued by Osama bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri, not one of them after September 9, 2002 has been authenticated as genuine by independent experts such as the Dalle Molle Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence, based in Martigny, Switzerland. (Institut Dalle Molle d’Intelligence Artificielle Perceptive, now the IDIAP Research Institute).

      For further details of doctored bin Laden tapes, see here, here, here and here. [Links]

      The only “experts” to validate the later bin Laden tapes have been those same intelligence agencies whose reputation for deceiving the public is now legendary.

      Thus genuine videotapes delivered to al-Jazeera TV in late 2001, featuring an emaciated and white-bearded bin Laden disclaiming responsibility for 9-11, offer a bizarre contrast to the obviously fake bin Laden video tape of November 9, 2001—a tape conveniently “discovered” by American soldiers in an abandoned house in Jalalabad. Here a suspiciously plump and black-bearded Osama is suddenly found fessing up to 9-11.

      Bin Laden was not a man given to lying. On September 17, 2001 he issued a message to al-Jazeera, disclaiming all responsibility for 9-11.


      “I stress that I have not carried out this act, which appears to have been carried out by individuals with their own motivation.” (17 Sept. 2001)….“I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks… (28 Sept. 2001). See here and here. [Links]

      Bin Laden is now almost certainly dead. An obituary notice announcing his funeral appeared in Al-Wafd (an Egyptian newspaper) on December 26, 2001. It became perfectly safe after this date to issue bogus bin Laden tapes ad nauseam, threatening the west with fire and brimstone, given that the real Osama was no longer around to deny the authenticity of the same tapes.

      All these fake tapes and phoney bin Laden lookalikes are surely signs of acute desperation. The perpetrators of Abu Ghraib have not only lost the moral high ground — they have lost the war on terror.

      See original source HERE:


      1. Al Qaeda failed to mention that OBL was already dead last May, and promised revenge against the US for the SEAL attack that killed him. The Pakistani government also agreed that Navy SEALs killed him on May 2, 2012. Every nation in the world agrees with that assessment, as do all of the legitimate media worldwide.
        Twoofers must be really special people, huh?

        1. the same al-qaeda that with nato money, arms and surveillance help toppled gaddafi and laid waste to libya, securing its resources for the zio-west?

          the same al-qaeda that is today attempting to pull a similar abomination in syria?

          yes, the same al-qaeda, white house’s private death squad.
          who was it that originally set it up to push ussr out of afghan, cheney? … while rumsfeld was selling monsanto’s war chemicals to saddam.

          yeah, the real axis of evil … tel aviv, washington, london.
          and at every juncture, jews overseeing the work of lesser butchers.

          so you think this al-qaeda will speak the plain truth independently …

          1. You have a habit of mixing facts and fiction, lobro.
            Donald Rumsfeld was CEO of Searle when the US was selling agricultural fertilizer to Iraq in the late ’80s. The US had sided with Iraq against Iran because of the hostage taking incident a decade earlier. Monsanto acquired Searle in 1990 and Rumsfeld left. Fertilizer can be used to make chemical weapons, but it’s simply dishonest to claim that US industry sold war chemicals to anyone, and that the former CEO of an acquired company was involved in the transactions. Ramzi Yousef’s 1993 WTC bomb was made with fertilizer, and there’s no evidence to suggest that the manufacturer makes it for that purpose.
            The US also covertly armed and backed the Afghan mujaheddin during the Soviet occupation in the ’80s. They did not back al Qaeda, and knew little to nothing about OBL and his Arab-Afghans, who were more of a nuisance than a help to the real Afghan freedom fighters being aided by the US, since they were more interested in Islamic ideology and martyrdom than in killing Soviet troops and winning the war. Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, and the Saudis asked the US to intervene, so Saddam was no longer considered an ally. Da’ Joos had little to do with any of this.

  83. Here you are, Albury. No need for you to argue the toss with these guys. This article demolishes the 9/11 conspiracy therorists’ claptrap once and for all. It proves the truth of the official version of events, point by point.


    Lots of Jews died in that event, including a whole bunch Jewish schoolkids I was shepherding that day on a school trip. This was never mentioned at the time. Still hasn’t been because of the parents’ desire for anonymity and discretion.

    1. Thanks Yakob; that’s a keeper. There is nothing to confirm your Jewish schoolkids story, however.

      1. That article demolishes nothing. Devoid of any evidence, no wonder Albury says its a “keeper”

        “including a whole bunch Jewish schoolkids I was shepherding that day on a school trip. ”

        Prove it, LIAR

        “There is nothing to confirm your Jewish schoolkids story, however.”

        Nothing to confirm your Muslim Boxcutter story either. SHILL

        1. If you need a user name like “Building What,” then please explain the motive for the alleged demolition of WTC 7.

          1. “please explain the motive for the alleged demolition of WTC 7” – Securities and Exchange Commission in Building 7, which contained derivatives contracts which could have seen the US collapse economically like it did in 08-09? Max Keiser on insider trading on the day of 9/11. Here’s just one video:

            Was it Muslims with box-cutters who were capable of the “put options” on the airliners that day?

        2. Gee, how did you know that the SEC only had one office, that they had no electronic network, and that they were all in on 9/11?

          1. massively intelligent answer.
            9-11 official hallucination can never be questioned again after this reply, i am now a 100% believer.

            arabs did it, israel did not in any way profit, trillions were lost in defense contracts, muslim world is much better off, all the illuminati jews lost huge wads of money, the bankers, the insider traders, the truth is laid bare for all to see, the dancing mossadists did their heroic best to save the towers which fell as they should have, jampacked with ever suffering jews, netanyahu said “it is good (for muslims)”, no information has ever been redacted or kept hidden.

            guys, co-truthers, let’s pack it in and go home.
            the latest truth coming out of tel washington is that iran did 9-11.

            zionists are not our problem. their problem is our problem. palestinians are our problem.

            it is tuesday, it means palestinians did 9-11.
            if it is friday, it means iraqis did 9-11.
            sunday, iran did 9-11.
            wednesday, germany did 9-11.
            monday, you are a Denier.

            i say the time is to repay those ingluoriuos basterds, let ahmedinejad’s head feel the wrath of luisville slugger in hands of sandy koufax.

            fellow retards, let’s roll!

          2. The building trades unions profited from the attacks, so they must have done it, huh? What governments and media in the world are as enlightened as you are, and don’t believe that 9/11 was another al Qaeda suicide attack on the West? Pakistan? Yemen? Saudi Arabia? Please feel free to list all of them.

  84. actually, it is all very clear now.

    the reason the towers fell into their footprint as if due to explosive demolition and no jewish victims were located is that islamofascists were operating gas chambers and crematoria inside the buildings so that explosive cyanide and zyrkon-b blew the buildings up in manner of professional demolition and of course the reason no jews were ever found to have perished.

    thanks for the clue, yakob, hope you saved those kids shoes for display in holoseums around the world.

  85. something of interest, let’s hear a round of applause from our resident jews.
    Israel AG against prosecuting authors of book justifying killing of non-Jews

    “when we come upon a non-Jew who is not keeping the seven [Noahide] laws, and we kill him out of concern for the keeping of the seven laws, it is not prohibited.”
    (they can run but they can noahide)

    since israel’s ag and us ag customarily come from the same yeshiva, what’s sauce for joose is sause for gand … er, those of us in unquestioning compliance with noahide laws.
    obviously the “hate speech” laws cannot apply, read the fine print (they may even have it in latin script) in dual patriot act.

    and the primary noahide law is blind faith in holocaust and 9-11.

    albury, yakob, please put in a good word to call off that drone that was launched against me, yo.
    okay, fine, you are not trolls, deal?

    1. According to the article you posted, Israel’s AG, Yehuda Weinstein, is “tending toward not prosecuting the author or endorsers of ‘Torat Hamelech,'” a book which led to criminal investigations by Israel against four rabbis for incitement to racism and violence, and a Jewish ethicist disagrees with the Israeli government. It has little to nothing to do with this discussion, but what’s your point and which one do you agree with?

      1. the point should be clear to anyone heretical enough to think using his own head rather than absorb whatever is tossed his way by priesthood of holocaust and 9-11.

        there is a very strong connection there, the latter being entirely the offspring of the former.
        both were engendered to promote illuminati goals of world domination “fulfilling the promise of talmud”, lifting the quote from baruch levy’s letter to karl marx.
        don’t ask which goals, everyone knows exactly what they were/are.
        both are sacrosanct lies, guarded with vindictive jealosy by specialiged ranks of high priesthood as represented by such as cabalist monsters, abe foxman, dov zakheim and michael chertoff and their numerous cohorts, be they in adl or nist (i am sure there is a revolving door between them).
        to question either one is political suicide, as is to lesser extent to bring out the topics like uss liberty and other, more peripheral false flag operations.
        raising any issue regarding holocaust is maybe the world’s most universally criminalized act of formerly free speech, the odious “hate laws” enacted solely to provide the talmudic inquisitors with a broad spectrum weapon (in every single instance of “hate law” prosecution, the plaintiffs were jews, the defendants mostly white of european stock) and the time is fast approaching when the same laws will apply to the 9-11 truth movement.
        because they were both concieved in the same witches’ cauldron and require the same legal sustenance.
        otherwise they would both quickly shrivel up and expire miserably in the heat of the open, transparent inquiry.

        all rogermorris did was point out how nist came up with one, very remotely possible scenario involving a long chain of individually unlikely events, kind of a rube goldberg machine, to explain the collapse of wtc7 (the solomon bros bldg) and in the end pointed out the numerous ommissions that 9-11 truth activists pointed out in that report.

        and this is the crux, isn’t it, that everything about 9-11, as well as before and after involves tremendously unlikely events, which when strung out under assumption of statistical independence as required by not-an-inside-job theory, becomes more than astronomically unlikely story.
        and et every step, big or small, alarm bells ring incessantly, “jew, jew, jew, israel, israel, israel”.

        this is your nightmare, the one you ward off with chants of “elite group of highly-educated SEs and other experts“.

        who but an elitist to spray us with definition of “elite” and “HIGHLY educated”.
        presumably that group includes michael chertoff’s nephew who stealhily (until discovered) penned the popular mechanics article “debunking 9-11 myths”.

        yeah right.
        so tell us how and why, clear, logical, open minded thinking violates noahide laws, the ones that stand above the mere laws of physics.

        sorry to keep your research department busy on sabbath.

        1. I don’t have a sabbath, and there’s no indication that the two Chertoffs you mentioned are even related, let alone uncle and nephew. The PopMech contributor’s writing for someone else now, and was in the credits of any 9/11-related articles he worked on, so it was hardly “stealhily” [sic]. To my knowledge, he had no involvement in the NIST WTC investigations, but if everyone who agrees with NIST is suspect, don’t forget to include all of the engineers listed here:

          You may find that the events in the NIST hypotheses are “improbable,” but secretly demolishing hi-rises in Manhattan is impossible.

  86. To AlburySmith.

    Pertaining our last question regarding the 2.25 second FREE FALL of WTC7.

    To remind you. Within this 2.25 seconds of infiniteTIME, are captured the engineering feats of a magic never before seen., collected by an array of story teller creatioNISTs protected by States Secrets Privilege and the most venal of spies in a conspiracy so vast, it has sat upon the hearts of free humans a BURDEN yet to be undone.

    The PIVOTAL 2.25 second FREE FALL of this complex 81 vertically columned 47 storied Government secure steel framed high rise relies on ONE FORMULA. The critical Shear-stud break in creatioNIST analysis hypothetically occurring on ONE level [12/13], creating the ‘new phenomena’ of NIST’s Shyam ‘Pinocchio’ Sunder. Thermal Expansion:sequential building collapse due to ‘Normal Office Furnishings Fires.con”.

    WHEREBY 4 massive floor/ceiling beams connecting outer steel structure to internal Girder joining columns 44 to 79, on ONE floor, were theoretically heated by ‘Normal Office Furnishings Fires’ – OBSERVABLY OUT at the time – somehow axially expanding – by your own reckoning ONLY along their ‘top flange’ – breaking the line of 3/4″ shear [email protected] 22″ centers, thus freeing the beams/floor slabs without SAGGING which would pull inward the hanging heated steel beam ends, INSTEAD, by NISTs own calculation, beams heated WITHOUT heating the concrete floor slab sat DIRECT upon them[NCSTAR 1.9:352] and also, by NISTs own calculation not CONDUCTING heat anywhere except in the direction chosen by data input on ‘unrestrained ‘ steel, and; so managed to ‘walk'[push] the mass twin-lined shear-studded GIRDER between columns 44 and 79 off its ONE column seat at column 79.
    Thus creating the ‘house of card cascade collapse’ across many thousands of uncompromised cold bolt/weld connections of this super strong Government secure building, bringing it to a shattered disintegrated PILE
    all concrete pulverized to nanothermate ridden DUST,
    in its own footprint , walls neatly folded,
    6.5 + or – seconds later.
    A building, incidentally, that suffered major INTERNAL EXPLOSIONS before the Great Towers came down and throughout the morning as testified by eyewitness Barry JENNINGS.

    NOW. Albury. As you also know, the column connection at 79 was a three way connection. There were two other girder joins there. Neither of which were under attack by NIST algorithm. In the model, once the walking beams had broken the critical single seat join, and created the cascade, we are incredulous to learn the breach allowed internal column 79 to FREE-STAND over 7 stories for a second or so. Until, animated, it began to whip and PULL the ENTIRE 24 core column structure DOWN from WITHIN with no OBSERVABLE breakage of windows over that entire inner collapse first phase; then, a second later, independent, to PULL, in the ‘manner of Controlled Demolition”, the entire outer structure into a straight down sudden 6.5 second + – final ‘collapse’ phase. 2.25 seconds AT free fall.

    Questions pale when the reader realizes computations made for the destruct sequences did NOT reference twin lines of shear studs on internal Girder between 44 and 79; were made on UNrestrained steel, did not conduct heat[In a ‘thermal expansion model], and did ‘not heat the floor slab in the model’ to get the required stress differentials to allow the CRITICAL shear-stud break of 3/4″ shear studs @22″ centers down the beam lengths.
    Something never heard of before.
    The agnotological ‘New Phenomenon” of Shyam P Sunder.

    But FURTHER, we now learn the NIST analysis failed to address 4 other factors since identified by 911 activists
    1. max 4.6″ axial expansion of beams allowable.
    2. sat on a 12″ wide plate. Not “11 per NIST.
    3. Below it another plate @ 14″x1’6″ meaning walk off distance required to fail at 9.4″
    4. TWO plates welded one either side of girder vertical flange where it hits column, @5.1″ x 3/4″ x 1’6”, locking sideways movement of Girder thus preventing sideways ‘walk’ as contended by NIST.
    5. Two lines of shear studs on internal Girders.

    The 2.25 second FREE FALL exposes the infinite gap between the real and the creatioNIST fantasy I know you swim with, Albury SMITH.
    And DOUBT is the ocean from which every utterance you trawl is cast.

    1. I didn’t know that 2.25 seconds was an “infiniteTIME,” Roger, but what’s your calculation of the time for that stage of the collapse, assuming that the NIST hypothesis actually occurred? The approved Frankel submittals also showed that there were no shear studs on the 44/79 girder, so what’s your source of reference? I’d also like to know what effect these studs would have had at the temperatures normally reached in office fires. Don’t bother explaining how you got so much smarter than an elite group of highly-educated SEs and other experts, since I doubt whether you’ve figured that one out yourself.
      Perhaps you could cite some of those “Cardington Institute” findings?

      1. albury smith shill ( aka ass ) is an unqualified, anonymous troll, a demonstrable liar, who spends his life trolling any website that refers to 911 truth, posting his unsolicited absurd misinformation, disinformation and obfuscations on every page possible, tirelessly and repetitively.. all the while pretending to be some sort of final arbiter, on all things 911 who, while remaining anonymous, continually slanders qualified experts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fUT7XgLiTY

        the official version of events is nothing more than mere allegations. there has never been any credible evidence offered to support any of it. as a matter of fact, their own *evidence* actually proves 100% the official version of events can not be true, as a little investigation into the murray street engine shows… http://ckpi.typepad.com/christopher_king/2009/09/murray-street-engine.html

        It doesnt matter how or what was used to bring building 7 down, or if it took ten seconds or thirty. The fact that building 7 fell at freefall acceleration for ~2.5 seconds, as acknowledged begrudgingly by NIST, IS evidence that explosives were used as it is IMPOSSIBLE for all the structural support necessary for freefall acceleration to be achieved to be removed instantaneously and simultaneously without some form of controlled demolition. http://rememberbuilding7.org/

        as he well knows, and as he is unable to prove otherwise beyond any reasonable doubt, not just because he is an anonymous unqualified troll, but because the laws of physics applied just as much on 9-11 as they do today. any legitimate psychiatrist would therefore regard alburys position as insane. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2011/09/psychologists-mental-health-questioning-911-sane.html

        further evidence of his chutzpah can be witnessed via a simple internet search for “albury smith 9 11” – his pitiful efforts are quite amusing as he stuggles against an overwhelming growing majority of people who after looking into a few facts, find it not unreasonable for family members of the victims to be calling for a proper independent transparent unfettered investigation with subpoena power, as called for, by an overwhelming, continually growing, majority of the worlds population, a fact verifiable by past and recent polls. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2011/09/911-and-the-war-on-terror-polls-show-what-people-really-believe-10-years-later.html

  87. the fact is that all the 9-11 commission and nist reports are, undisguised attempts not to investigate 9-11 from different angles and try to select the most likely one according to all available and unrestricted evidence but on contrary, to conjure up some ridiculous set of links that point the finger of blame in direction demanded by the commander-in-chief, bejamin netanyahu and his staff.

    when the issue of highly suspicious international insider trading in puts and calls preceding 9-11 was brought before the commission, it was thrown out on the grounds that since it couldn’t be pinned on al-qaeda it was of no further interest.
    gavel slams, case closed, elite and highly educated liars smile smugly.

    kangaroos would hang their heads in shame if this was in their court.

    1. Jeepers; who else was in on the plot besides the SEC, 200+ NIST forensic SEs and other experts, the bipartisan 9/11 Commission members, Larry Silverstein, NORAD, FEMA, Rumsfeld, Daffy Duck, the FDNY, NYPD, FBI, CIA, the Mossad and all of the other Joos, President Bush’s kid and his sidekick Deadeye, both airlines, the NTSB, FAA, etc.?

    2. What were the put/call ratio and put volume for American and United Airlines on 9/11? What were they a week earlier?

      1. I just visited that one and posted the following:

        Albury Smith Reply:Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        May 28th, 2012 at 6:19 am

        The 9/11 “truth movement” is full of liars and thrives on deceit, but stealing someone’s user name and misrepresenting his opinions is a new low. The comments posted here on May 15th, 2012 at 5:44 am by someone calling himself “Albury Smith” are not mine.

    1. this moronic hatchet job to which you linked was created simply to smear people asking legitimate questions about 9-11 and the multilayered suppression of truth in its regard.
      the propaganda stops at nothing, to paraphrase your words,
      The 9/11 “truth suppression” is full of liars and thrives on deceit, but cheap ridiculing my making cartoonish comparisons is a new low.

      besides, the accounts of ships sunk after collision with icebergs are easily sourcable, numerous and verified.

      how about a comparison chart, for ever documented ship i name that went down due to an iceberg, you present a credible evidence of a steel building that collapsed neatly after a six hour fire.

      in fact, i challenge you to name one steel building that collapsed totally in any shape or manner due to fire of any length, never mind a meticulous self packing job that occurred not once but THREE TIMES ON THE SAME DAY.
      almost like a piece of software uninstalling itself.

      and show me one single instance of ANY building collapsing in a way that would do a demolition crew proud, go for it, use whatever other means, missile hits in lebanon, baghdad or gaza, earthquakes in turkey, pakistan, mexico city, bogota or wherever, arson of any sort, anywhere, no matter how shoddy the design and construction.

      show your stuff albury smith, don’t stoop to “a new low” by fishing for cartoons.

      or, if you insist, use your titanic video to draw legitimate parallels that stand up to scrutiny of even grade 12 or freshman level physics.

      1. I guess SFRM and other fireproofing should no longer be mandatory in all steel-framed hi-rise buildings, huh? Here are some examples of steel-framed buildings that have collapsed solely from fires:


        WTC 7 had no water pressure to sprinklers and hoses, and interior spans of ~45′ and ~52′ near column 79. What steel-framed buildings do you know of that have survived fires for 5 or 6 hours under those conditions? Are all of these eyewitnesses lying?




        They’re mostly FDNY, and lost 300+ of their colleagues in the WTC collapses on 9/11, so how do you explain the fact that they aren’t in your “truth movement”?

        1. I guess SFRM and other fireproofing should no longer be mandatory in all steel-framed hi-rise buildings, huh? Here are some examples of steel-framed buildings that have collapsed solely from fires:


          WTC 7 had no water pressure to sprinklers and hoses, and interior spans of ~45′ and ~52′ near column 79. What steel-framed buildings do you know of that have survived fires for 5 or 6 hours under those conditions? Are all of these eyewitnesses lying?




          They’re mostly FDNY, and lost 300+ of their colleagues in the WTC collapses on 9/11, so how do you explain the fact that they aren’t in your “truth movement”?

          1. NIST itself say fires in ‘normal office furnishings Fire’ burn for 20 to 30 minutes in one place as they range around ‘looking for combustibles. 5 to 6 hours under those four beams on floor 12 heating only the TOP flange but NOT the concrete floor slabs TOUCHING them, popping 3/4″ shear-studs @ 22″ centers at 103º to Axially expand in unison ‘walking’ the Girder off the column seat isn’t KNOWN to have actually HAPPENED Albright. It is ASSUMPTION. An HYPOTHESIS. A THEORY.
            Unproven. Untested in proper court of law. With expert cross-examination.
            Photographs also show the fires OUT on the critical floor before ‘collapse’ initiation.

            The whole of the NIST report is agnotological ‘assumption’ Albury. created by algorithms in black rooms. hidden by states secrets privilege. Drawn by cartooNISTs. Cardington found shear-studs don’t break under fire much HOTTER and LONGER than anything anywhere near reached WTC no-matter how you play the figures. Beams SAGGED but still held. You KNOW this. That is what composite beam/concrete floor slabs are DESIGNED to do. You are arguing boiling egg temperatures snapped massive shear-stud connections in a serious steel framed high rise KNOWING the data was doctored by doctor Pinocchio S. and his elite group of highly-educated SEs and other experts.
            I don’t know why people LIE Albury. Or why LIES control a CULTURE pretending FREEDOM™. You better ask around. But the 2.25 second FREE FALL of WTC7 is observable evidence of Controlled Demolition. Of what IS. That is what Controlled Demolition LOOKS LIKE.
            And the whole wide world is stuck in its COVER-UP.
            It sure feels like an infinity to me.

            1. albury smith is no more..

              he hasnt posted anything, anywhere, for over a month now.

              you killed him!


      2. Please show me evidence of C/D on the steel columns at the WTC. Your “researchers” claim they were all cut by explosives on 9/11, so where are the photos, eyewitness accounts, or even rumors of explosively-cut columns found in the debris? Columns cut with oxyacetylene torches are inadmissible.

          1. Yeah, they just “rushed” all of the steel out in a mere ~8 months, during which numerous SEs examined it, along with thousands of cleanup workers. A W14 X 730 cut with explosives would certainly have been noticed, and your “researchers” claim that 2 dozen were cut that way multiple times, so where are the photos and eyewitness accounts?

        1. You ask the same questions over and over and over, you’ve been answered over and over and over. ( though you habitually ignore all evidence, others might be interested tinyurl *dot* com/d9fhxvy ) People are not obliged to answer any of your questions. No one is required to prove anything to you. What you believe is of absolutly no consequence, except to you. The government is required to prove their argument beyond all reasonable doubt, and if you care to look, quite a few people believe the contradictory evidence that shows the official theory can not possibly be true.


          You’ll see there you’ve got quite a way to go, actually, a better way to put it would be, you are arguing a lost cause. No one finds anything you say credible in the least. Feverishly banging away at your keyboard, endlessly, mindlessly, ridiculously spouting the same debunked faith-based mythology, you’re one sick puppy, that’s for sure.

    2. besides if you do insist on drawing parallels with sinking of titanic, how come that it did not crumple into a pulverized heap of metal like you see in wrecking yards?
      that would be a valid comparison, since you insist on using this retarded video as your weapon.

      the brilliant minds (shall we say “elite and highly educated group”?) that composed it argue that because ice is demonstrably softer than steel and an iceberg sank a steel hulled ship, therefore it is equally plausible and defensible from a physics standpoint that holding a burning paper file to a steel truss will melt it sufficiently to cause the building to fall down.

      good work, albury, be justifiably proud of your video, i urge everyone to see it to see how 9-11 “debunkers” minds and methods operate.
      once again, the link

      1. We’re relying on high beams like you and roger to unravel the Titanic mystery for us, lobro. The bathtub demonstration in that superlative video is the smoking gun. 🙂

  88. it must have been a bunch of islamofascists with boxcutters hiding inside the ship’s hold responsible for the hull getting ripped open.

    1. I see nothing implausible (or amusing) in the very consistent accounts from all 4 planes of what happened onboard, lobro. Is it really incomprehensible to you that a gang of 5 young men with sharp pocket knives and the element of surprise could seize control of an airliner, and one of them with a commercial pilot certificate from the FAA could steer it into highly visible targets in perfect weather conditions?

      1. everything is perfectly comprehensible when an israeli airport security and screening company, that is shielded by an executive white house decree from any investigation is in charge of the deal.

        the same company that was “guarding” the london tube on 7-7 and i believe the madrid commuter train network at the time of their tragedy.
        and every time the same consisten story of young men (islamofascists) setting off explosives.
        it’s a great cv that company has, no doubt the reason why they now got the contract to oversee the montreal subway security among others.
        creme de la creme of consistency.

        and we are only scratching the surface here, albury, better get back to titanic, way safer.

        1. You’ve been “scratching the surface here” for a decade now, and still have no evidence at all that 9/11 was anything but another al Qaeda suicide attack on the West, as were the 2 US embassy suicide truck bombings, and the Cole suicide attack.

          1. How frustrating for you, You’ve been at this caper for years, but it seems you are actually driving people away from the official conspiracy theory! Hang on…. let me guess! You’re actually a truther in disguise! Reverse psychology! BRILLIANT! At this rate, if you keep going, it wont be long now before there is finally a proper investigation! Keep pretending it was Muslims with boxcutters, That seems to be a good way to get people thinking! Good job! Well done! 🙂


          2. in your modesty, forgot to add uss liberty and king david hotel

            unfortunately, this was before the jews 100% stranglehold on mass media and some truth managed to leak out and reach wider audiences, e.g., The Jews pretended to be an Arab working party. Having unloading from their lorry several milk churns filled with 225 kilogram’s of explosive, they placed them in the basement of the wing of the hotel occupied by the Secretariat.

            yeah, too bad the “elite and highly educated nist structural engineers” and pointy heads weren’t on hand to provide an alibi for jews and explain how only al-qaeda was able to carry out that attack.
            jews would never do it, oh no.
            we all know what an honest, truth loving bunch they are.

            “by truth you shall wage war” is mossad’s motto.
            my hebrew is kinda weak but you will confirm that truth translates to kol nidre.

          3. Were the explosions in the King David Hotel only heard by people within a block of it, lobro? How many real controlled demolitions start with explosives going off at ~10 AM to bring down a building at ~5:21 PM?
            I haven’t forgotten the liberty incident at all:

          4. Q: “How many real controlled demolitions start with explosives going off at ~10 AM to bring down a building at ~5:21 PM?”

            A: One example would be building 7 on Sept 11, 2001.


            Came down at freefall acceleration for over 2.5 seconds, and if not for the aid of controlled explosives, it then defied all known laws of science, physics, gravity, common sense and logic as is commonly understood today.

            Look into it, it is obvious, only a fool could deny it.

          5. I was referring to real controlled demolitions, not imaginary ones that make no sounds and leave no evidence in the debris. 24 of the columns in WTC 7 looked like this one:
            It is literally impossible to cut 215 square inches of steel in a split second multiple times with explosives and not have people at least 10 miles away hear it.
            Ashley Banfield’s a block or 2 away at 5:20 PM, speaking to her studio anchor on a live mike here:
            Did you hear any sounds of explosives? Did she comment on hearing explosives right before the collapse started?
            Charges powerful enough to have cut the W14 X 730 interior columns in WTC 7 would most likely have deafened her and everyone else nearby, and she didn’t even notice them. Go figure…

          6. [links altered to avoid “moderation”]
            I was referring to real controlled demolitions, not imaginary ones that make no sounds and leave no evidence in the debris. 24 of the columns in WTC 7 looked like this one:
            It is literally impossible to cut 215 square inches of steel in a split second multiple times with explosives and not have people at least 10 miles away hear it.
            Ashley Banfield’s a block or 2 away at 5:20 PM, speaking to her studio anchor on a live mike here:
            Did you hear any sounds of explosives? Did she comment on hearing explosives right before the collapse started?
            Charges powerful enough to have cut the W14 X 730 interior columns in WTC 7 would most likely have deafened her and everyone else nearby, and she didn’t even notice them. Go figure…

          7. [links altered again to avoid “moderation”]
            I was referring to real controlled demolitions, not imaginary ones that make no sounds and leave no evidence in the debris. 24 of the columns in WTC 7 looked like this one:
            It is literally impossible to cut 215 square inches of steel in a split second multiple times with explosives and not have people at least 10 miles away hear it.
            Ashley Banfield’s a block or 2 away at 5:20 PM, speaking to her studio anchor on a live mike here:
            Did you hear any sounds of explosives? Did she comment on hearing explosives right before the collapse started?
            Charges powerful enough to have cut the W14 X 730 interior columns in WTC 7 would most likely have deafened her and everyone else nearby, and she didn’t even notice them. Go figure…

        2. I am worried about you Albury. You seem to spend and have so much time arguing about 9/11. Do you not have a girlfriend or anything?

          1. I’m worried about you too. Do you not have an on-topic comment or anything?

  89. then there were these poor, misunderestimated, persecuted, chosen ones

    October, 2001 – Moshe Elmakias, Ron Katar, Ayelet Reisler

    driving a tractor-trailer truck, registered in Florida with the logo “Moving Systems Incorporated” painted on the sides

    (hey I’llbury – wasn’t that the same thing on the vans your fellow tribesmen were driving when busted in New York in September, 2001?)

    were detained in Pennsylvania for suspicious activities

    whereupon authorities found in their truck, suspicious items such as fraudulent travel logs and

    a Sony video camera and video tapes – showing strangely

    zoom-ins on the Sears Tower ???

    (I’ll bury – does these Israelis have some kind of phallic object fetishes what with the filming of towers in NewYork and Chicago?)

    and then these 2 Israelis, Salvador Guersson Smecke and Saur Ben Zvi (so alwa