America Doomed, by Paul Craig Roberts. (Pictures and bolded notations by Lasha Darkmoon)***

“I realized America was lost. Evil had prevailed.”

Writers who are critical of Washington’s illegal wars and the overthrow of the US Constitution could soon find themselves in indefinite detention. This is because criticism of Washington’s policies can be alleged to be aiding Washington’s enemies—which might include charities that provide aid to bombed Palestinian children and flotillas that attempt to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The Bush/Obama regimes have put the foundation in place for imprisoning critics of the government without due process of law. The First Amendment is being all but restricted to rah-rah Americans who chant USA! USA! USA! Washington has set itself up as world prosecutor, forever berating other countries for human rights violations, while Washington alone bombs half a dozen countries into the stone  age and threatens several more with the same treatment, all the while violating US statutory law and the Geneva Conventions by torturing detainees.

Washington rounds up assorted foreign politicians, whose countries were afflicted with civil wars, and sends them off to be tried as war criminals, while its own war crimes continue to mount. However, if a person exposes Washington’s war crimes, that person is held without charges in conditions that approximate torture.

Bradley Manning is the case in point. Manning, a US soldier, is alleged to be the person who released to WikiLeaks the “Collateral Murder” video, which, in the words of Marjorie Cohn, “depicts U.S. forces in an Apache helicopter killing 12 unarmed civilians, including two Reuters journalists. People trying to rescue the wounded were also fired upon and killed.”

One of the Good Samaritans was a father with two small children. The video reveals the delight that US military personnel experienced in blowing them away from the distant skies. When it became clear that the Warriors Bringing The People Democracy had blown away two small children, instead of remorse we hear an executioner’s voice saying: “that’s what he gets for bringing children into a war zone.”

The quote is from memory, but it is accurate enough. When I first saw this video, I was astonished at the brazen war crime. It is completely obvious that the dozen or so murdered people were simply people walking along a street, threatening no one, unarmed, doing nothing out of the ordinary. It was not a war zone. The horror is that the US soldiers were playing video games with live people. You can tell from their commentary that they were having fun by killing these unsuspecting people walking along the street. They enjoyed killing the father who stopped to help and shooting up his vehicle with the two small children inside.

This was not an accident of a drone, fed with bad information, blowing up a school full of children, or a hospital, or a farmer’s family. This was American soldiers having fun with high tech toys killing anyone that they could pretend might be an enemy.

“American soldiers having fun with high tech toys…”

When I saw this, I realized that America was lost. Evil had prevailed.

I was about to write that nothing has been done about the crime. But something was done about it. An American soldier who recognized the horrific war crime knew that the US military knew about it and had done nothing about it. He also knew that as a US soldier he was required to report war crimes. But to whom? War crimes dismissed as “collateral damage” are the greatest part of Washington’s 21st century wars.

A soldier with a moral conscience gave the video to WikiLeaks. We don’t know who the soldier is. Washington alleges that the soldier is Bradley Manning, but Washington lies every time it opens its mouth. So we will never know.

All we know is that retribution did not fall on the perpetrators of the war crime. It fell upon the two accused of revealing it–Bradley Manning and Julian Assange.

Manning was held almost two years without charges being presented to a court. In December’s pre-trial hearings all Washington could come up with was concocted accusations. No evidence whatsoever. The prosecutor, a Captain Fein, told the court, if that is what it is, that Manning had been “trained and trusted to use multiple intelligence systems, and he used that training to defy that trust. He abused our trust.”

In other words, Manning gave the world the truth of a war crime that was being covered up, and Washington and the Pentagon regard a truth teller doing his duty under the US military code as an “abuser of trust.”

Captain Fein could not have put it any clearer. If you tell the truth and reveal Washington’s war crimes, you have aided the enemy. Captain Fein’s simple sentence has at one stroke abolished all whistleblower protections written into US statutory law and the First Amendment, and confined anyone with a moral conscience and sense of decency to indefinite detention and torture.


According to American officials, Manning is treated with kindness and consideration. This treatment consists of the following:

(1) Solitary confinement in a small cell for 23 hours a day, forcibly naked and without his prescription glasses so that he is effectively blind. He is allowed his glasses only when  reading; but if he pauses for a moment to muse on what he has read, his glasses are confiscated in case he attempts to commit suicide with them.  (2) Being hassled every five minutes with the infuriating question “Are you okay?” and being forced to answer “Yes.”  (3) One hour of “exercise” a day which involves walking round in circles in the prison yard with heavy shackles round his legs. His exercise is stopped instantly if he stumbles or pauses even for a second.  (4) He is not allowed to exercise in his cell to make up for his spitefully confiscated exercise while in the prison yard. (5)  At the whim of his jailers, he is forced to stand naked outside his cell while other prisoners are paraded past and allowed to mock his sufferings.

There is no record of Bradley Manning having been waterboarded so far, but future American detainees now face this additional prospect under the draconian National Defense Authorization Act passed by Obama on December 31, 2011.

On June 2, 2010, George W. Bush proudly confessed, “Yeah, we waterboarded…I’d do it again.”

President Barrack Obama appears to be equally unconcerned about the torture of American citizens.  When recently asked about the prosecution of Bush administration officials for torture, he answered evasively, “I’m a strong believer that it’s important to look forward and not backwards.”

Washington, in a brazen display of hypocrisy, accuses other countries of human rights abuses, while Congress has passed and President Obama has signed an indefinite detention and torture bill that US Representative Ron Paul says will accelerate America’s “slip into tyranny” and “descent into totalitarianism.”

In signing the Bill of Tyranny, President Obama indicated that he thought that the tyranny established by the bill did not go far enough. He announced that he was signing the bill with signing statements that reserved his right, regardless of any law, to send American citizens, deprived of due process and constitutional protection, abroad to be tortured.

This is the US government that claims to be a government of “freedom and democracy” and to be bringing “freedom and democracy” to others with bombs and invasions.

The past year gave us other ominous tyrannical developments. President Obama announced that he had a list of Americans whom he intended to assassinate without due process of law, and Homeland Security, itself an Orwellian name, announced that it had shifted its attention from terrorists to “domestic extremists.” The latter are undefined and consist of whomever Homeland Security so designates.

None of this was done behind closed doors. The murder of the US Constitution was a public crime witnessed by all.

Local and state police forces have been militarized not only in their equipment and armament but also in their attitude toward the public. Despite the absence of domestic terror attacks, Homeland Security conducts warrantless searches of cars and trucks on highways and of passengers using public transportation. A uniformed federal service is being trained to systematically violate the constitutional rights of citizens, and citizens are being trained to accept these violations as normal. The young have no memory of being able to board public transportation or use public roadways without intrusive searches or to gather in protest without being brutalized by the police. Liberty is being moved into the realm of myth and legend.

In such a system as is being constructed in public in front of our eyes, there is no freedom, no democracy, and no liberty. What stands before us is naked tyranny.

While America degenerates into a total police state, politicians constantly invoke “our values.” What are these values? Indefinite imprisonment without conviction in a court. Torture. Warrantless searches and home invasions. An epidemic of police brutality. Curtailment of free speech and peaceful assembly rights. Unprovoked aggression called “preemptive war.” Interference in the elections and internal affairs of other countries. Economic sanctions imposed on foreign populations whose leaders are not in Washington’s pocket.

If the American police state were merely an unintended consequence of a real war against terror, it could be dismantled when the war was over. However, the evidence is that the police state is an intended consequence. The PATRIOT Act is a voluminous and clever attack on the Constitution. It is not possible that it could have been written in the short time between 9/11 and its introduction in Congress. It was waiting on the shelf.

The dismantling of constitutionally protected civil liberties is purposeful, as is the accumulation of arbitrary and unaccountable powers in the executive branch of government. As there have been no terrorist events within the US in over a decade except for those known to have been organized by the FBI, there is no terrorist threat that justifies the establishment of a political regime of unaccountable power. It is being done on purpose under false pretenses, which means that there is an undeclared agenda. The threat that Americans face resides in Washington, D.C.

I suspect that turning things around internally through the political system is not in the cards. Our chance to resurrect liberty might come from Washington’s hubris. Imperial ambitions and drive for power can produce unmanageable upheavals and a loss of allies. Overreach abroad with a demoralized, unemployed and downtrodden population at home are not the ingredients of success.

How much longer will the Russian government permit NGOs funded by the US Endowment for Democracy to interfere in its elections and to organize political protests?  How much longer will China confuse its strategic interests with the American consumer market? How much longer will Japan, Canada, Australia, Britain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, and the Middle East oil states remain US puppets? How much longer can the dollar retain the reserve currency role when the Federal Reserve is monetizing vast quantities of debt?

America’s salvation will come when Washington suffers defeat of its hegemonic ambitions.

The American public has no way of knowing whether tortured detainees are terrorists or political opponents. Why are Americans prepared to take the word of a government that told them intentionally the lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was a threat to America?

Power attracts the worst kind of persons. As Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prove, democracies are not immune to the evil use of power. Indeed, identical inhumane treatment of prisoners goes on inside the US prison system for ordinary criminals.

Over-fed goon cops taser little children and people in wheel chairs. They body slam elderly grandmothers. The police are a horror. They represent a greater threat to citizens than do criminals.

Punishment without crime is now the American Way.

In one decade the US has been transformed from a free society into a police state. The American population, to the extent it is aware of what has occurred, has simply accepted the revolution from the top.

Americans seem to welcome the era of tyranny into which they are now entering.



Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. This is edited and quintessentialized version of The Outlook For Liberty is Dismal, with additional material by Lasha Darkmoon.

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  1. “There is something wrong in the American make-up. A fatal flaw in the American mentality. It’s always been there….Hell, we could see it with the extermination of the bison. Something very wrong, akin maybe to what’s wrong with Africans. Something beyond trashy.”

    — JB Campbell, The American Problem

    The idea that the Jews are the ultimate in evil must be cast to one aside. The evil that is now being done to our country is being done by white American trash, the very dregs of Western civilization. They’ve always been around, these scumrats. They didn’t need to Jews to corrupt them. They were infinitelty corruptible even before that.

    These are the cowardly chickenhawks who wage drone warfare on helpless brown people in the Third World, raining down death and destruction from Langley, Virginia. And elsewhere in front of their computer consoles. The Joystick Warriors. Despicable cowards!

    And who gives the order to torture Americans at his future whim and pleasure? A black homosexual who has lost his birth certificate!

    So don’t tell me the Jews are to blame for this sorry situation, hateful though they are in every way. Their evil is matched, and perhaps exceeded, by the evil of the brutalized goyim.

    1. Just to correct you in mentioning ‘white’ American trash. A majority of those of the jewish faith are white also, just as not all Christians are white, that’s what the name Ashkenazi represents. So it stands to reason that you must also include those of the jewish faith. However, we should also remember that the historical
      quote: “Let him, that is without Sin, cast the first stone”.

    2. The simle fact is the jews are to blame for what has happened to America. They own America. They own the American Congress and Senate. The ones that do the killing and the dying for the jews are filled with hate by jewish indoctrination programs. Compare Palestine and then look at America. The same type of situation. Why? Because the jews run both.

      The jews started WW1, WW2, The war on Korea, The war on Vietnam, The war on Irag, The war on Libia…. And now they want a war with Iran. The feckless goyim that do the killing and the dying facilitate all of this but the jews are the ultimate killers.

      1. Glenn Beck and company do not tell Americans the level of espionage Israel commits against the United States. There are a tremendous number of cases where secrets and weapons were sold to other countries by Israel. Ever heard of Rabbis’ selling human organs? The Mossad takes terrorism to a complete different level. Interesting America continues to allow these duel citizens to serve as mayors, and in high-level positions in our government. More people should familiarize themselves with the Talmud. You PETA folks should view some Kosher cow Killing. There is a reason the Jewish looting and supremacist attitudes historically have caused this “anti-Semitic” reaction everywhere they set up shop being kicked out of over 80 countries! These are Gods chosen people, the God of Evil – Satan.

    3. oh-you sardonicus viper… Only cos i don’t want to be blocked out of this forum do i NOT tell you and Campbell Soup what exactly you two ARE! You two cryptos are the ones to be thrown IN the garbage can, after your prison term. For treason, collusion with the enemy, and subversion against Americans. IF, you were actual citizens.

      The so-called ‘jews’, the Neanderthal rapine vandal Khazashkenazi inbred parasites ARE the ill of this planet, for EONS, you shameless IQ-70 inbred. And your tribal Obongo is a dark-‘jew’ illegal alien imposter Ashkenazi CIA (Mossad) asset (and his mother, working for the Ford Motor Foundation in Jew Yoke) serving his masters in kosher Tel Aviv and The City in London, pretentious little brain.

      If you had signed your kosher name you would not have made your pathetic self more identifiable than you already have. Did you train in the same cave with Campbell Soup?

      The ‘American Problem’ are all the Khazashkenazi maggots allowed a foothold in American soil. But clean up time is around the corner. 2013 will be a re-birth of this nation, one way or the ‘other’. Get your passportS in time, leeches.

    4. People have such short term memories and just react to the sound-bite of the day. The days of terror and abuses by our government have been symptomatically applied now on the home-front for over four decades .

      Each event unfolds a as lab-rat test experiment to gauge the population’s response and reactions to the event to refine “the Rules of Engagement” of population control and management.

      And let’s not forget the World Wars where tens of millions were brutally murdered as we all sat at home watching the propaganda films and news Reports designed to get us cheering on our side to inevitable victory.

      But you see back during those World Wars the Germans; Japaneses; British; and Americans each had their own propaganda versions of the same News Reels and films cheering on their side to inevitable victory and then the hard and cold reality of final event sinks in of defeat for one side or another and those propaganda pieces fade off into distant memory and then are lost.

      Kent State; Ruby Ridge; and then Waco were exercises to gauge the population as to: “What force the government Gang could use and get away with as they controlled the population’s reaction and response to the event”

      Substantially more effort and manpower went into spoon-feeding the population the selective presentation of the events; monitoring the responses; and dealing with the population’s reactions during and after the events then the events themselves.

      All reactions and responses from the population were categorized; reviewed; discussed; evaluated; and procedure protocol from the different compartmentalized government agencies were then modified for the most efficient manner for doing the exact same with the least repercussions and maximum control over what was viewed by the population.

      With Waco the population got a blow by blow play on national TV as to use of force against a hundred American citizens on the home-front as they were surrounded; a few killed; the remainder terrorized; then in one quick action the majority shot and burned alive on national TV; the crime scene then bulldozed over; and the few survivors who were not murdered given 20 to 30-year prison sentences.

      Population’s reactions gauged; reaction dealt with; and in end result no negative consequences for the perpetrators only rewards of pay-increases and promotions. Lab rat test completed; modifications to procedure enacted and the beat goes on.

      Information management is government’s main focus as any intentional or unintentional atrocity is perpetrated within the “Corporate” governance / management as it moves forward.

      Per Waco what the population did not hear was that all law enforcement for 800 miles surrounding Waco were instructed to pull over suspicious vehicles like Vans with Militia / government expose bumper stickers and search them for weapons.

      You see as Waco progressed many people from around the country who knew how to fight and were well armed were heading to Waco to try and get through to the hundred surrounded to fight with them with the attitude of: “You want to mess with them, you’re going to have to mess with me”

      Law Enforcement within that radius confiscated over 4000 firearms and made hundreds of arrests. The flow of people trying to get through to Waco was exponentially increasing each day.

      The timing to move on and kill the hundred surrounded to take them out was motivated by the exponential increase of armed people try to get through to back up the hundred. It was getting to the level where it would be getting out of hand.

      Could you imagine if the general population had learned that back then, a day latter a hundred-thousand or so armed people could have converged on Waco all at once and then a different outcome would have embedded itself over a hundred men; woman; and children being burnt alive and executed on national TV. But then it was the governments lab-test and not the populations.

      Until there is true and immediate consequences for all atrocities committed by the perpetrators of our own multi-trillion dollar syndicated corporate governance, we are all but just being masterfully entertained to accept the same being committed without consequence.

      No consequences no problem. True and immediate consequences and then the path to corrective action is in play.

      Walter Burien –

    5. ADL, SPLC, GLT, AIPAC, ECT….Think these wars are for the Easter Bunny?
      Who owns 96% of the world media, google it?
      Who are the main players in the banking cartel?
      Who owns our Congressmen, Senators, and Presidents?
      It is the Jews!

    1. That fatherless homosexual is an empty body, no soul. Imagine, ignored (and possibly ‘had’ at six by his sex pervert real father, Frank Marshall Davis, the one ‘fondling’ 13 year old ‘Annie’, in ‘Dreams of my -real- Father’) by his progenitor; abandoned by his 2-year contract ‘father’ Obama and his OWN mother… at age TWO!

      And his third, and contract, ‘father’, Soetoro, another CIA asset, all of them made of this robotic half-‘jew’ Manchurian Candidate an even better marionette than maniacal homosexual Dubya Boosh…

      And Obongo, that garbage, an imposter illegal alien, the ‘president’ of the US?!? What next after drones? Nukes? And no thanks to the kosher international mafia.

      Obongo knows what he is risking, together with the flock of treacherous dual-passport Khazashkenazi Neanderthal government operatives behind his illegal s-election. Who would want to be them trash, when the times call for Justice?

  2. What you say is true to a certain extent sardonicus, the very worst of our people are now in positions of power where they can abuse us at will. However, this situation was brought about by the jews. Wherever and whenever the jews are in control of a country totalitarianism is inevitably the end result. Millions of gentiles worked in the Soviet system of murder and oppression. Yet Communism and the mindset for mass murder and slavery was totally kosher. Can you honestly state that the US today would be the nightmarish place it is becoming if there were no jews there? Torture, mass murder, slavery and moral corruption and degredation are always the end result when the jew gains total control. The US today is a jew country in all but name, which is why it has become a horror show. The jew always brings out the worst in everyone.

    1. Right, Brian. Jews have 99.9% control over every layer of American society. Banking, the market place, all means of communication, the executive and legislative branches of government, the fundamentalist churches,every kind of entertainment, both liberal and conservative(neo) political discourse. I can’t think of anything they don’t control..can you?

      1. “I can’t think of anything they don’t control…can you?”

        They have control over everything — except themselves. And that will be their ultimate undoing. Quem Deus vult perdere prius dementat. (Whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad.)

        1. You have a point. Demographics are against them.In destroying America they will be destroying the goose that lay their golden egg.

  3. Americans are clueless because of the Jewish control of the media. The tribe promotes psychopaths into high office to do their dirty work for them and to shield themselves from accountability. They get these stupid gentile psychopaths to do the killing for the tribe’s greater plan. We know all the so called political leaders are surrounded by Jewish agents pulling the strings. Yes, there are millions of psychotic gentiles running loose in America blindly are supporting their own destruction. All the psychopaths need a speedy exit from this planet but who can do that job that so desperately needs to be done before we all parish?

    1. Only the military can save us, provided there is enough of uncorrupted leaders remaining in that institution. If not, only God can help us…if He wants to.

      1. @hermanking

        ‘Only the military can save us, provided there is enough of uncorrupted leaders remaining in that institution. If not, only God can help us…if He wants to.

        Dr Alan Sabrosky, who has many contacts with high ranking brass, has said that a large part of the US military is now aware of the Jewish lobby’s control of US and NATO foreign policy, and I believe he said that maybe 25% or more (and growing) in the military now know that Israel’s Mossad was principally responsible for the 9/11 black op which was used to initiate the bogus ‘War on Terror’ and growing police state at home.

        But it is true that ultimately only God can help us achieve the peace and well-being we desire. It was revealed in the Message of Fatima that God has confided the peace in the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and she herself numerous times has asked that we pray the rosary not only for the graces needed for salvation but also for world peace. She also said that ‘War is a punishment for sin,’ and that the sins of mankind are leading us all to the point where ‘various nations will be annihilated.’

      2. Skip the ‘religious’ rethoric, especially from the one clan that usurped primitive Essene-Nazarene Christianity.

        Simply put, American soldiers are coming out of the closet and preparing to combat not the American people, but the kosher rapine vandal Khazarian ‘jews’ in the Washington Latrine.

        Google “Vet Says Soldiers Are Starting to Wake Up to Gov’t Lies”, jewTube video. – Special Forces getting ready to train civilians how to resist martial law!… And with 37 Million guns in American homes, the kosher maggots don’t stand a chance.

        1. Absolutely right – God willing there must be light at the end of the tunnel. We will some how prevail…. but may loose a lot in the process.

        2. @heroay

          “And with 37 Million guns in American homes, the kosher maggots don’t stand a chance…”

          That’s what you think. Didn’t you know that George Soros is buying up all the ammunition factories?

          What are you guys gonna do when you can’t buy any more ammo?

  4. @ brian boru

    “What you say is true to a certain extent sardonicus, the very worst of our people are now in positions of power where they can abuse us at will. However, this situation was brought about by the jews. Wherever and whenever the jews are in control of a country totalitarianism is inevitably the end result….The US today is a jew country in all but name, which is why it has become a horror show. The jew always brings out the worst in everyone.”

    I am inclined to agree with you. Maybe I spoke too hastily. It seems the infinitely corruptible have been corrupted by the incorrigibly corrupt.

    In Stalin’s Soviet Union, all Stalin had to do was snap his fingers and point at someone and say “Kill him!” and the man would be a dead man. Stalin’s Jewish cronies had the same totalitarian powers over human life. They could order the execution of ANYONE at ANY TIME, without having to give a reason.

    Obama and his neoconservative cronies (mostly Jews) now have the same totalitarian powers over the American people.

    Paul Craig Roberts is not exagerrating. Democracy is dead and gone. The parallels between Stalin’s police state and contemporary Amerika are truly startling.

    The Great Terror in America is about to commence at any moment. Homeland Security is the New Cheka. Soon Jews will be giving the orders for the torture and indefinite incarceration, without trial, of vast numbers of innocent American dissidents in the new gulags known as FEMA camps.

    1. you sick kosher little devil… Roberts is KNOWN for his failure to ID kosheros by name, unlike Bro Nat, who had the fortune, insight, and blessing, to dump his Talmudic ‘religion’, that you embrace.

      Of course ‘deMobcrazy’ is dead! It was condemned by the Founders from day one. ONLY the kosher subversives keep repeating the mantra hoping to ‘subliminaly’ inject it into the Republic. IQ-70 FAIL.

      “soon ratoid ‘jews’ will be giving-blah-blah…” Who are you trying to scare, cheap disinfo mouth-piece?? Whenever anyone ‘forgets’ to mention there are 141 Million Americans holding 317 Million guns, 3 Billion bullets in stock, and a finger on the trigger, the parroting monkey could be labeled a simpleton scaremonger. Like you. And someone else.

      Let’s see… P.C.Robert’s complete post gives a dubious Buzz Word Quiz result: jews 0; israel 0; mossad 0; ashkenazi 0; khazar 0; guns 0; sheriff 0; militia 0; police 12; Americans 9; prison 7… Coincidence, or conspiracy? Failed!

      Got your passportS yet, pariah?

  5. A frightening article in which Lasha has considerable shortened PC Craig’s longer and more diffuse piece, without in any way detracting from the original version. In fact, this is the “pure essence” of the original article.

    The scary pictures help to enhance the overall effect and drive home the point that we are now in uncharted territory.

    Police State America was officially inaugurated on December 31, 2011 with the signing of the NDDA Act which abolishes the Bill of Rights and tells Americans in no uncertain terms: “YOU ARE NOW ALL SLAVES!”

  6. The Big Lie:
    Most Americans are indoctrinated to believe, that defending the Constitution, their Families or Girl at home, constitutes defending America’s way of life – freedom, justice and liberty. It has been used for decades by politicians and their propaganda machine, to drum-up support for wars and rumours of wars. The gullible John and Jane Doe went for it hand over heel, and joined the military industrial complex, in the assumption of doing something right and noble.

    However, the truth of the matter is quite different. The people who join the military, do NOT sacrifice their lives for their country, as they are made to believe, but for a hand full of wealthy bankers, financiers and multinational and international corporations who could care less about the country or the lives they scarifies in their greedy pursuit for wealth and power. These bankers, financiers and corporations have literally taken over the entire political process and control even the judicial system to the highest level. But in order to accomplish this tremendous task, they needed and have the support from the entertainment industry and the Media for propaganda purposes.

    Every American, who joins the military is unknowingly a pawn in a giant game, that he or she will never win in, like an actor on a stage of a theatre, and are expendable for the bankers and all their supporters. After all, the military don’t call an area of conflict a – theatre, for nothing.
    This corrupt system must and will come to an end, otherwise the once so benevolent America as I have known it, and as it has been portrait in the past, will come to a sad end, and rightly so. I might add, it won’t be a nice ending. America: Wake-Up!

    1. “However, the truth of the matter is quite different. The people who join the military, do NOT sacrifice their lives for their country, as they are made to believe, but for a hand full of wealthy bankers, financiers and multinational and international corporations who could care less about the country or the lives they scarifies in their greedy pursuit for wealth and power.”

      Quite right. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s sad to think that so much patriotic sentiment is founded on a colossal lie: that one is fighting in a noble cause in defense of America the Good. Our soldiers and dying and losing their limbs for nothing. All the wars they are waging are belligerent and unrighteous wars against innocent Third World people who never did America any harm.

      It is the Jews who have deceived our soldiers into dying for them…and it is the Jews who are now going to systematically destroy America as they once destroyed 66 million Christians in the Soviet Union.

      What the Jews did in the Soviet Union—genocide on a vast scale—they will now do to America unless they are stopped by a military coup.

  7. This information is alarming, much which has not been published in the daily news….and some of it can be questioned . However, our freedoms and liberities had slowly dwindled over the years to now where more and more are beginning to realize how much dictatorial powers Obama had usurped through “executive orders”.
    Neither is Congress keeping a good watch over the Execujtive Branch of government, as the people grew lax in doing the same.

    Time is due for a change, another Obama term can destroy the Constitution completely…It is time for the people to look and listen to what Ron Paul is saying and not be influenced by the slurs and anti publicity the media gives him…HE IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE who is speaking the truth, and not around it.
    We need to get back to Constitutional Government…as Benjamin Franklin warned: If we can keep it…

  8. It’s a pity to be diverted (as some commentators here are) from the many acute insights of Paul Craig Roberts’ piece with an angels-dancing-on-the-needle’s-head discussion about whether Jews or “poor white trash” are, in fact, more evil!

    No one who has been even half-awak this past decade could have failed to come across Roberts’ consistently excellent articles in which he has chronicled and diagnosed the precipitous and continuing decline of our American Empire. And Roberts has been clear: all of those who have not protested and tried to alter the ascension and predominance of militarism, corporatism, police brutality and mainstream media fraudulence–all are guilty: not only of losing the ideals of the dreamt-of American Republic, but of forsaking common sense and common decency in relation to their views of other human beings!

    Ms Darkmoon has done her usual excellent job highlighting and augmenting–in pictures and words–Mr Roberts important–nay, vital–warnings.

    1. “militarism, corporatism, police brutality and mainstream media fraudulence–all are guilty”… and you, and Roberts, not US, for utterly failing to mention here that the Military Industrial Complex, the CorpoRATS, ADL’s policy enforcers, and Mess kosher Media, are ALL Kosher, ie, ‘jew-daic’ Khazar Ashkenazi rapine vandal controlled, owned, financed, supervised, or blackmailed.

      Who got you trollos here in such number, ‘Megaphone’?

  9. I’ll have to dig out my copies of America’s one and only military genius, Homer Lea, who advised both sides before the outbreak of The Great War in 1914. If I remember correctly he said that the soldier was a product of civilian life and that one third were naturally brave, one third were naturally cowards, and one third was in the middle. The direction that the army was to take depended upon the caliber of the officers and their ability to sway the indifferent middle third. Today, it would appear that the officer class has lost whatever it was, that in times past, gave them that superior quality that we would cause us mere civilians to refer to them as “an officer and a gentleman.”

  10. Thank you to Paul Craig Roberts for writing yet another important article warning us of our dire circumstances. I have tried to understand how all of our institutions are so incredibly corrupted, and the only answer seems to be fear. The abuse of courageous whistle blowers is used as an example to silence others. Everyone has something to lose whether it is the opportunities for children or social standing or a career. In other words, most people don’t have to be tortured and detained to keep silent, and I am one of the silent ones. But I avoid supporting the corrupt media. And I have turned my back on so called “popular culture.” Somehow or other we have to steal the pearl back from the dragon’s mouth. Evil is by nature parasitic and not self sustaining. They have to keep coming up with a new flavor of the week, and yet all the flavors taste the same–that insipid narrative that pervades all systems of communications. We have to keep trying to elect good officials, keep our local communities as vibrant as possible, cultivate what culture we can separate from the monsters, speak the truth when possible, and I suppose if we must sacrifice ourselves as Manning did.

    1. Blind? Have you noticed that Roberts NOT ONCE has mentioned the fetid word ‘jew’… NOT ONCE? Compromised? Or loyal servant?

  11. I am disappointed with this article, thinking to myself that Ms Darkmoon had possibly done Paul Craig Roberts a disservice in compressing his original piece and leaving out the important bits, so I forced myself to read the original.

    To my dismay and disgust, the original was even worse, since it was stuffed with a lot of extraneous material which had no bearing on the original topic—whatever that was supposed to be.

    Paul Craig Roberts is a vastly overestimated writer who is very careful (unlike the rash and impulsive Ms Darkmoon) not to point a finger of blame at the Jews. Darkmoon has no hestitaion in giving vent to her constant anti-Semitism, something her critics in academia are now reconciled to. She is a cheap anti-Semite, neither more nor less, with impressive academic degrees and a background in the writing of execrably bad poetry.

    With Paul Craig Roberts one has to be more circumspect before one condemns him. This is because of his past work for the government and his known expertise as an economist. Having consulted my rabbi, however, I am reliably informed that Roberts is not an original thinker. He says nothing that has not been said before by numerous anti-Semites. His distiction lies in the fact that he never mentions the word “Jew”, while nevertheless hinting that Jews could be behind every evil thing perpetrated in the world.

    My rabbi tells me Mr Roberts is fundamentally flawed. A third-rate intellect, not very bright, but with a good literary style. In fact, all style and no content.

    The idea that America is on its last legs and that Obama is going to start ordering the assassination of men like Mr Roberts, at the earliest opportunity, is too absurd for consideration.

    Mind you, if he WAS bumped off I don’t think the world would be any poorer for his loss!

    1. Gee Ms Bernstein, so Mr Roberts is an anti-Semite. All these ‘numerous’ anti-Semites. They’re everywhere! Vicious, holocaust denying anti-Semites crawling all over the internet and voting for that most dangerous anti-Semite, Ron Paul. I don’t know how you sleep at nights. Besides, Jews are innocent, they never commit financial fraud, honest! They don’t OWN the World’s media so they can easily cover up their alleged crimes. They had nothing to do with the mass murder of 3,000 New Yorkers on 911 and they would NEVER use white phosphor cluster bombs to murder hundreds of Gaza schoolchildren, honest!

      Jews are a light unto Nations, it is simply another vicious anti-Semite smear to suggest Israeli Mirage Jets tried to sink the USS Liberty killing nearly 40 young Americans and wounding dozens more in 1967. All those who claim to have been on that ship are LIARS and anti-Semites who probably claim Anne Frank’s famous diary was partly written in Ball Point pen not in use until 1952 fully eight years after the poor little girl died of typhus in Auschwitz. The goys are waking up, isn’t that internet a bummer?

    2. So, Ms. Bernstein, you had to consult your rabbi to know what to think. That would seem to render you an automaton, i.e., an idiot. And I suspect your rabbi knows more about pedophilia among his ranks than he does about the goyim. You are disgusting.

      1. Consulting a Rabbi? You mean consulting a sicko human being that believes that all of us”gentiles” are subhuman and to be nothing more than slaves when your so called and very twisted “master race” attains world dominion?

        And consulting a freak that thinks its ok to suck blood from foreskins removed during circumcisions? And consulting a freak that follows a psycho book called the Talmud that believes it is ok to have sex with children under the age of 3?

        Gee… To me I would rather consult a magic 8 ball first before I would seek consultation with a Rabbi freak!

    3. Roothie, are you the SAME one?? “…very careful… not to point a finger of blame at the Jews.” He is not ‘careful’, he is protective of your Hive. He is one who doesn’t want the rapine FED abolished, just ‘controlled’. HAH!

      “…His distiction lies in the fact that he **never** mentions the word “jew”…” You said it, not me (again).

      “…hinting that ‘jews’ could be behind **every evil** thing perpetrated in the world.” Again, you said it, not me (again).

      And you are not a ‘jew’. The letter ‘J’ was invented in the 12th C. Anno Domini, and the word ‘jew’ was first used in the Latin Vulgate in the 13th C., Year of our Lord. So dare call yourself for what you really are, a rapine vandal Khazar Ashkenazi Neanderthal inbred parasite (of tax-robbed American dollars), and genocidal terrorist of Palestine. Please?

      Your spawner was Yapheth, via Gomer and Magog. Ashkenazim, and Khazars. You, ‘Semite’? Bah!

      Oh-yes, careful of your deranged, greedy rabbino. In all his Talmudic ‘wisdom’, he might still see you as a valuable ($) two-kidney-carrier. And steal one while you sleep.

  12. To me it feels like we’re back in January 1914. It looks like it will be interesting. All the chess pieces are in place for WW3. Some claim it has already begun. Our Jewish friends in the financial sector have seen to it that the entire World Banking system is totally out of control, almost every Bank is insolvent with un-repayable debt. The so-called Arab spring has removed/destabilized Middle Eastern regimes, Libya’s Ghaddafi was shot in the head, all his and all Libyas assets were seized by London and Wall Street shysters, the same fate awaits Syria.

    Syria and Iran have a mutual defence pact, once NATO forces do to Syria what they did to Libya, Iran is in. Exactly what the criminals and swindlers running Israel want. Where this leads is almost unthinkable. Russia and China will side with Iran and a nuclear hell breaks loose. If the West wins all debts are extinguished and the NWO rules. The recent escalation of tension in the Persian gulf has one purpose: Like Pearl Harbour the Warmongering bastards want Iran to fire the first shot. To me the great irony of this is if Iran DID have nukes they wouldn’t dare.

  13. To Ruth Bernstein: In another series of comments, weren’t you the one who was advocating porn as wonderfully beneficial to the sex life, and society in general… I can’t help wondering what your “Rabbi” thinks of that. If you consult him so much on everything even what you read like the quality of Paul Craig Roberts original thought, you must have consulted him on practically everything. Maybe this “consulting of Rabbis” is the tragic flaw in Jewish culture because it discourages independent thought. I have to say that for a religion that supposedly values “questioning” the questions are always reframed depending on what the Rabbi says. Those most in the dark about what is happening in plain sight to our country are people such as yourself, Ruth, who rely far too much on what a Rabbi thinks.

  14. I am broadly in sympathy with the comments of the lively and intelligent Ruth Bernstein. Why is this woman attacked merely because she ventures the opinion that the articles on this website give sustenance to anti-Semites? Please be more careful before you attack Jews for everything! I note with astonishment that Jews are now being blamed for the attack on the USS Liberty and, yes, hard to believe, even on America itself on September 11, 2001.

    Please try and remember it was Israel that has stood by America through thick and thin, supporting the Mother Country at all times against our common Enemy: the Islamofascist minions of Satan who occupy the Middle East and whose continued presence in Palestine is such a thorn in the flesh of Judeo-Christian civilization.

    I do not call for the extermination of these brown-skinned followers of the Prince of Darkness, but I do think it is necessary to conquer their countries and teach them how to behave properly.

    Now that Libya has been brought into line and Iraq pacified, it is necessary to extend the same treatment to Syria. Iran cannot be allowed to develop nuclear weapons, given that Iranian President Ahmadinejad has already threatened the complete destruction of New York and Tel Aviv, albeit in veiled terms.

    Israel is short of oil and water. Both of these are available in Iran and Iraq. We have no option but to take from these evil Islamofascist countries, by force of arms, the oil and water that belong to us by right and which mere chance has placed on their accursed soils.

    If their people resist us, we must destroy them. This is realpolitik. He who has might is always right. The Strong rule.

    Yes, like Ms Bernstein I am deeply disappointed with the level of discourse on this site. Try and understand that without its Jews America would be lost. We Jews are the source of America’s strength, for we create the wealth to finance America’s endless wars which help to cull world population and get rid of unnecessary Third World populations which clutter up the planet.

    The world is divided into two types of nations: the predators and the prey. Which would you rather be: the triumphant predator or the abject prey? This is what Israel and America have in common: we are both unashamedly predator nations whose wealth and prosperity depend on the ruthless exploitation of inferior races. So be it.

    Better to be a shark than a little fish.

    1. Don’t you see, the average ‘jew’ are the ‘little’ fish and the sionist sharks are ready to eat you?

    2. Ummm… Should you not be a Semite first before you go and mistakenly call everyone against your twisted logic “anti-semites”. You should know (and obviously you do, knowing your Kol Nidre penchance to lie), that Khazars are absolutely NOT Semites.

      The real Semites are those Palestinians that you are presently trying to exterminate.

  15. I came across this excellent article yesterday, but am glad to see it here, too. As for America…

    The USA came into existence during a time of innumerable and immense philosophical errors. Despite all of the good ideas worked into the foundation of the US, the errors that made it into the mix guaranteed that we’d come to this uncomfortable place. One small point that cannot be repeated enough: Liberty is a means, not an end.

    As for being “saved” by the military, as one reader mentioned, that isn’t going to happen. The main reason, which may not be what most think, is this: our main problem isn’t any kind of external threat; it lies within our own hearts. This is true throughout the entire world, not just in the US. There will be military/warlike activity throughout the entire world and peace will eventually be achieved. However, peace will be what it always is: the fruit of living a well-ordered life in harmony with the will of the Source of all life. Unless and until an individual (or a community of individuals) becomes humble of heart, real, profound peace — which is what we all seek — is morally impossible.

    God alone can restore order and peace; men, of themselves, do not possess such power. Whether we are Judaic or non-Judaic, Christian or anti-Christian, or little green/grey beings from Mars, we are where we are precisely because we have wandered from God and his path for us. His adorable will IS goodness and we can only find peace by being in harmony with his designs, all of which are the perfect embodiment and expression of infinite love. Godspeed to you and yours in 2012 and beyond.

  16. “The farther backward one is able to look, the farther forward one hopefully can see”, attributed to Winston Churchill and to confirm Mr. Craig’s forecast one needs only to go back to Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s 2002 book Two Centuries Together, the Nobel Laureate and 11-year veteran of the Bolshevik gulag expresses outrage that Jewish intellectuals were still refusing to recognize their ethnic responsibility in the slaughter of millions of Christians.

    Solzhenitsyn also denounces modern Jews who pose as victims of an “antisemitic” Bolshevik government when that government was in fact heavily Jewish and Jews were among the worst perpetrators.

    This selective amnesia is necessary for a people who ceaselessly proclaim their “innocence” of any provocative acts, as we regularly note in their writings, for example in an editorial in Israel magazine of April 2003, “the first Israeli monthly magazine in the French language” written under the name of a certain André Darmon.
    He wrote: “To kill a Jew or a child makes God cry, for we are exterminating [in the Jew] the bearer of universal ethics and innocence.”

    Happy New Year all.

  17. I’m sorry I blamed Ruth for your comments Yakob. I realize that you were the one that loves porn… And I do feel sorry for Ruth who probably is just trying to defend her religion. Unfortunately, both you and Ruth are on the wrong side of history right now, and the U.S. is there with you. Personally I believe that Israel attacked the U.S.S. Liberty and the whole incident was covered up. I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams how destroying Iraq, Iran, Lebanon is of any benefit to Israel or the U.S., and that is the creepiest part of these wars that they are being fought for no perceivable reason. Maybe in the end when the U.S. is broke the Turkish Empire will come back and the Israelis can rule by proxy or some such unforeseen consequence. I realize you can’t imagine that Israel could have been involved in 9 11, but here you have also probably been deceived. I realize that you are most likely true believers in the standard Holocaust story (human lampshades and all), and again there too you have been bamboozled. But if you can for a moment imagine that you have been wrong about these historical events how much anger that would generate against (not you personally) but Jews in general; then you would begin to grasp what is going on here.
    I agree with you that this anger is very unfortunate because so many innocent people such as yourself and Ruth who are merely deceived but not perpetrating any crime are caught up in the blame. Hopefully, rationality will win the day, and the criminals will be punished and the innocent will not; but you have only to look at what has happened to innocent Germans to see the handwriting on the wall.

  18. @ Yakob;

    “This is realpolitik. He who has might is always right. The Strong rule.”
    – interesting…that was Herr Hitler’s reasoning also!
    “This is what Israel and America have in common: we are both unashamedly predator nations whose wealth and prosperity depend on the ruthless exploitation of inferior races. So be it. ”
    – Finally, a Jew who admits to us that Jews are predators! (although perhaps you meant to say “parasites”? That would seem to be much more descriptive).

  19. We all know who killed America but we have yet to see our own complicity due to our beliefs. The “Jews” are only 1.5% of the American population so how is it this tiny minority operates with such impunity, how is it that a tribe of genocidal psychopaths took over America without even a whimper from the vast majority?

    The not so obvious reason is Christianity, the bastard offspring of Judaism that buys into Jewish supremacy because the Bible says so. Christians believe in the Bible as the word of god, they believe that Jews are god’s chosen, they believe the dead Jew on a cross as their personal savior, they agree with the racism of the Jewish deity Jehovah. Thus when Jews order Christian soldiers to murder, rape, torture fictional enemies created by the 911 false flag that Israel executed, Christians obey because Christians are the collared dogs of the Jews.

    Look at the laughable excuse of presidential candidates clamoring to attack Iran to see how far Americans have departed reality because of their religious beliefs. What objective statement can we make about the political situation in America? Mitt Romney and Rick Santorem are Jew whores, Bachmann and Palin are Jew whores and so are the Evangelical preachers and their unthinking zombified flocks. We can summarize that Christians are Jew whores, that they believe in the Jew god, that they assist the Jews in their conquest of the world.

    Judaism is a mental illness and so is Christianity. There is no angry god Jehovah, there is no judgment or hell, and thus there is no need for a savior. It is fiction, very bad fiction. Jesus, Christianity, and reading the Bible can NOT save you, it only leads you deeper into the pit of Jewish thinking. Christianity is doomed because it is inextricably linked to its origin, Judaism; and Judaism is being exposed as the most racist, vile, death cult the world has every seen.

    I agree with these comments about the Jew wrecking of America but there is no Jesus coming back to save us. That’s a fanciful myth that keeps you disempowered. If Jesus was real then why would you have to do anything? Jesus is myth that keeps you from doing anything about your servitude to Jews. Jesus bonds you to the Jews, America is a nation full of Jesus believers, thus America is doomed. Americans are currently voting for more of the same.

    Everyday we witness the next level of vile depravity of Israel, the latest off the chart crime being Fukushima. Four nuclear reactors melted down because an Israeli Dimona security company called Magna PLC had uploaded the Stuxnet virus that prevented the Siemens controls from operating properly and automatically shutting down the nuclear reactors when the earthquake hit. Engineers had designed nuclear power plants to be fail safe, they had not counted that very sick religious fanatics would intentionally cause the fail safe to fail. Now radiation is spewing into the air and oceans non stop. Those that believe and practice Judaism aren’t just killing America and her last vestiges of freedom, they are killing the planet.

    We as a species are being threatened with extinction. What should we do? What is the highest love response? We must end Judaism, we must not allow anyone to practice Judaism. All of the Jewish holy books must be destroyed, no human shall ever read the Torah again. That is what a sane society must do, that is what we must do to remain on this planet.

  20. Bradley Manning Should be free. Blowing the whistle on war crimes is not a crime.
    If any one should be tried for war crimes, violating the oat of office and underminging our constitutional rights, it should the president of the United State of America and his accomplices.

    Hand salute to Dr. Paul Graig Roberts, and thank you for the post

  21. @ Phishna

    “Everyday we witness the next level of vile depravity of Israel, the latest off the chart crime being Fukushima. Four nuclear reactors melted down because an Israeli Dimona security company called Magna PLC had uploaded the Stuxnet virus that prevented the Siemens controls from operating properly and automatically shutting down the nuclear reactors when the earthquake hit.”

    I am not questioning your good faith or knowledge, but I would like to ask you if there is any solid proof that Israel was behind Fukushima. If you are correct, I would imagine that the Japanese must be hopping mad with the Jews for having done this and would regard it as an act of war.

    Woudn’t the Japanese be complaining loudly if Israel had sabotaged their nuclear reactors? Wouldn’t they be seeking revenge? Wouldn’t they, at the very least, have expelled the Israeli ambassador from Tokyo?

    1. According to Ben Fulford on the Jeff Rense radio show, Japan kicked out all of the Israeli diplomats immediately after the Fukushima disaster.

      You can watch plenty of youtube videos of those reactors exploding sky high:

      You have to understand that nuclear reactors are designed to be fail safe, they were designed to be automatically shutdown in case of a tsunami or earthquake, so how is it they exploded?

      Mark Glenn wrote an excellent article on the connection of Fukushima and the Stuxnet virus:

      Journalist Accuses Israel of Fukushima Sabotage

      1. @ Phishna

        Many thanks. I will read these links with great interest. I had no idea these allegations were being made. As far as I know, there has not been even a hint of any of this in the mainstream media!

        Just goes to show.

  22. @Phishna:

    – Many people have developed “plans” of that sort or similar in their imaginations-the problem is that all this planning (actually, daydreaming) is all over the internet such as here; or here; , and then there are the “intellectuals” in our “movement” here; and so forth and on, and on. The problem is, you see that until the daydreaming gets moved out of the world of the mind and translated into the physical world (reality), until then all these “plans” are just an outlet for the impotent and frustrated among us. THAT is the problem with White people. We don’t really DO anything. Whites do not seem to be able to get together physically (the Net doesn’t count!) and develop a plan of action and actually carry it out. This is why you don’t see any organizations dedicated to helping our own people (the White equivalent of the NAACP- which by the way was not developed or even headed by black pe0ple- that was the result of Jewish planning and power), why there is no “White People’s Political Party”, etc. This is why the Oligarchy that actually rules the US is not really afraid of Whites- for now. But there is the element of the unexpected that they feel the need to deal with, and perhaps that explains the dismantling of the US constitution and the Patriot act and so forth. They do fear the public’s ownership of guns and watch for the coming legislation that will ban private ownership thereof forever. That will surely be their next move.

  23. Yesterday, Obama admitted in a speech at the Pentagon that the US forces cannot fight two major ground wars simultaneously. He said that’s reason US withrew from Iraq and is in the process winding-down its forces in Afghanistan. In other words, Obama is reassembling US military power for the new major ground war with the Islamic Republic.

    American journalist, editor and author, Tom Engelhardt’s, latest article: “Over the last decade, the US has been taught a repitive lesson when it comes to ground wars on the Eurasian mainland: don’t launch them. The debacle of the impending double defeat this time around couldn’t be more obvious. The only question that remains is just how humiliating the coming retreat from Afghanistan will turn out to be. the longer the US stays, the more devastating below to its power“.

    The US has already lost Iraq to Islamic Iran and once everything settle-down in Afghanistan – most probably it will also look toward Iran for protection.

    1. it is not that simple (to fool Americnas any more). Tel Aviv says there are 1 MILLION sayanim in the US (the good ol’ ‘jews’ in the neighborhood), out of some 5 Million ‘jews’? That’s 20-25% are ‘sleeper’ cells, waiting for an order to execute… and order.

      The majority of the hive are polluting the NE, and the Washington Latrine. Government/fianance/rapine jobs, naturally. And what’s left, ‘good’ ones, are the silent ones who NEVER by themselves and as a group, ever revolt publicly and denounce the treacherous and criminal activities of their breed. And when they do, they sound as hypocritical as RUTH BEERSTAIN and other fakes.

      ‘Zionism’ is not a race. But Khazars and Ashkenazis are. ‘jew’ is just a cover to rapine Palestine.

      1. How DARE you call me Ruth “Beerstain!” You have no manners. You ought to be horse-whipped.

        Believe me, you disgusting bit of human trash, the day will come when people like me will hold the whiphand over people like you. We will have you flayed alive and your testicles squeezed to pulp in nutcrackers.

        Then you will know who your Master is.

      2. Hey Hoary, don’t try to Root the Beerstain.

        Israel would be a fine place were it not for the Israelis. The US would be better without yanks.

        Wrath, it feeds them. There’s some sort of kabbalistic devil-brewing cluster-fcuk going on, and I don’t much care for it. Not like those Aztecs who were just trying sincerely and diligently to placate their Sun-gods by ripping out hearts 24/7 with captive queues snaking out for miles like a Sepultura gig in Sau Paulo. But these Jewishe and their allies seem to forget that the Absolute is by definition a quality exclusive to God, and the only road to the top of that mountain is therefore through God. Let’s get the little burnt rabbinical offering on that one – as a stab in the dark, I’ll wager the advice will be to use some very clever disguises and drink lots of goy blood? C’mon fellas, get with the pogrom or you won’t be invited to the real party.

    2. Consider that anyone who practices a religion that stipulates that they are better than all others, that they are God’s chosen and directed by God to exploit others might be the root of the problem.

      Is it Zionism or the “Jews” is huge debate, after spending some time studying this issue it seems clear to me that Zionism is the only logical expression of Judaism. Also let’s clarify the term “Jew”: someone who believes and practices Judaism, its not a race since Jews have members from all races just as Catholics represent all races. Just because someone is born Catholic doesn’t mean that they believe it anymore than a person born Jewish has to buy into supremacy memes.

      Zionism is the problem but the root of the problem is the religion that spawned it. No sane person should believe in Judaism or any of its derivative memeplexes like Christianity. Jehovah doesn’t exist, there is NO hell and there is NO devil and there is NO savior. It’s all a huge lie and those that beLIEve this lie are causing the problem.

  24. Forgive me Darkmoon, although I agree with most of the post-except the police in the US, they in my humble opinion are 90% honest and hard working keeping the peace with a tough job in a terrible economy, and no I am not a cop.
    My concern is about Mr Roberts whom I thought was in jail. How can he still post?

      1. Thank you Reh, I will check it out more fully. Looks pretty good so far. Peace be upon you.

    1. @ Kevin John

      “Forgive me Darkmoon, although I agree with most of the post — except the police in the US, they in my humble opinion are 90% honest and hard working keeping the peace with a tough job in a terrible economy, and no I am not a cop.”

      Let’s hope you’re right.

      Others take a different view. They believe the sole function of the police is to protect the property of the rich. And bully, harass and humiliate the public.

      Listen to Bruce Campbell:

      “The police are renegades who show us every day…that they are ready to kill us for no apparent reason. They take delight in causing pain and terror. Anyone who gets arrested faces permanent nerve damage from sharp-edged handcuffs clamped down too tightly, which the cops always do. Plastic ties can do the same thing. Female victims just naturally get sexually abused.”

      JB Campbell, Let’s Fight!

  25. Any consideration to the establishment of similar organizations to the ADL that represent significant populations/ethnics/religions in the USA?

    It seems logical to consider such approaches as a means of “equality” for all American citizens with one passport [american] only.

    1. Ron Paul is already on Jewish Lobby’s ‘black list’ for calling abolition of $3 billion annual military aid to Israel and suggesting that Washington has to learn to live in peace with a nuclear Iran. For such ‘anti-Semitic’ statements, the Republican Jewish Coalition has refused to let Ron Paul attend its presidential-candidates forum to be held on December 7, 2011. The RJC’s executive director, Matt Beooks gave the reason for not inviting Ron Paul: “Because the organization, as it stated numerous times in the past – rejects his misguided and extreme views…”.

      Abraham Foxman, national director of Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has summed this one very nicely: “With the exception of Ron Paul, there is not much difference between the parties (Republican, Democrat and Tea Party)“.

  26. For me anti-semitism is as much of a scourge as any form of racism and I would like to see it ended. The best way to end anti-semitism is to remove the causes:
    l.Bring home all American troops from all Middle Eastern countries, end all military contracts, and maintain only a small embassy staff as in a country where we have normal relations–like Morocco or Italy. This would end the perception that the U.S. is fighting Israel’s wars.
    2. End all foreign aid to Middle Eastern countries including Israel. I’ve heard arguments that the aid is mere pittance but when Americans are homeless, hungry, and unemployed any amount of aid is an affront. Plus Israel says it doesn’t need the aid and it is one of the richest countries in the world. I’m sure Israel’s neighbors don’t need our aid either
    3. Have AIPAC register as an agent of a foreign government, which it for all practical purposes is.
    4. Accept only bids from American companies for government contracts.
    5. No dual citizens of any country should be advising the president or serving in high offices in any three branches of government
    6. All special sweet heart deals with Israeli companies should be confined to the private sector, that is, no training of police in Israel; no Israeli control of airport security systems; or Israeli companies involved in American elections.
    7. Restore academic freedom at the university level so that subjects like the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and the Holocaust of WWII can be researched and debated without students or professors fearing for their jobs and careers. The argument has been that freely debating the Holocaust insults the victims of the Holocaust. But at this point most survivors of the Holocaust are dead, or very old. An 18 year old in World War II would be in his nineties by now.
    8. Have a new investigation of 9 11. At least 30% of the American public has doubts whether the real culprits have been identified–that is the 19 Arabs with box cutters, living in a cave system (that has never been found) did not take down the world’s number 1 superpower. The perception is that Israel was involved for a number of reasons but primarily because Israeli agents were arrested that day. Wouldn’t it really clear the air to find out who really did this and then file criminal charges?
    9. End the Patriot Act, and persecution of American citizens without due process of the law. This may not be directly related to Israel but the perception is that it is Israeli firsters like Joseph Leiberman who are advocating this.
    10. Doesn’t the ownership of the media by a few people violate some anti-trust law? We need more diversity of opinion in our media, and so apply anti-trust laws if necessarily to break up media conglomerates. A more open media would take away the perception that Jews run the media.

    If we end the perceived causes of anti-semitism, chances are it would disappear on its own accord. Most people resent for a reason and the above reasons are fixable. In fact, there is a Congressman running for president right now who is running on a platfom that includes at least half of these recommendations.

  27. @ heroay

    I have enjoyed reading your spirited attacks on Sardonicus and others on this site. Keep up the good work! You need not be concerned about your posts being deleted.

    According to the Editor, John Scott Montecristo, this is “a free speech zone.” Your comments would have been deleted on most other ostensibly “respectable” sites. Namby-pamby “anti-Zionist” sites whose names I won’t mention. You know the sites I mean.

    Thanks to Ms Darkmoon’s influence, this site is a refreshing exception—and you are free to say here almost anything you want.

  28. America is in trouble precisely because of the information in the article. They are tyrants and oppressors.

    As an agnostic, I find it shocking, albeit not surprising, that the most hatred and ignorance is coming from apparent christians, who are spouting off hatred about Jews, blacks & homosexuals. Religion flies planes into buildings and the blatant ignorance on the postings after the article confirm this. Look out! The white trash is tossing rocks around at everyone.

  29. Mercury fillings: I’m not going to argue religion with an agnostic but I do doubt your statement, “religion flies planes into buildings.” I’m assuming you are referring to the official story of 911 that has the Muslim hijackers flying planes into the WTC. Yet numerous reports of the so called Muslim hijackers have them snorting cocaine, letting prostitutes lap dance on them, and drinking alcohol–this is not devout Muslim behavior. It’s been 10 plus years and we still don’t have a conviction of any 9 11 terrorists. Even Osama was not wanted by the FBI and then there is the shameful treatment of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who as far as I know is the only identified terrorist charged with 9 11. I’m giving a list taken from wikipedia (hardly a 9 11 truth site)
    –captured in 2003
    –claims to have been naked during interrogation….Human Rights Watch reported that he was taken to a secret prison where he was waterboarded 183 times
    –2006 he described his torture and waterboarding to the International Red Cross
    -2007 after 4 years of capitivity and torture he confessed to masterminding Sept. 11th attacks.
    –2008 New York Times said he was in another secret prison outside of Warsaw, again underwent torture
    –Ali Kahn claimed that Khalid Sheikh Moammed’s children 6 & 8 were abused and tortured
    –2006 President Bush admitts to secret prisons
    –CIA claims many of the confessions gotten from Khalid were “white noise” Essentially he confessed to everything under torture
    –2008 charged with Sept 11 attacks.
    –Multiple human rights groups charged the military with not providing him a fair trial
    –2009 he was tranferred from Guantanamo Bay to face trial in New York, the military dropped official charges
    –2010 legal council halted without warning
    –2011 the case is transferred back to military court.
    –2012 (not in wikipedia) it seems that the recent military bill that passed under the sponsorship of Carl Levin, and other ziocons has some language in it to keep Khalid from ever having a non-military trial (hmmm.. don’t get it but that was what I read)
    Some oddities.. Is this the real Khalid? Khalid attended college in the U.S. and became proficient in English. Not only is this individual not recognizable by his professors and classmates but he needs a translator as he speaks zero English. Maybe they got the wrong man all along. Or more importantly do they care?
    So, don’t jump so quickly to the conclusion that there is an airtight case against any Muslim doing any attack in a plane. The fact remains that no one has proven anything about 9 11 in a court of law. And we don’t know for absolute certainty the religion or lack of religion of the people who committed the crimes of 9 11.

    1. Cut to the chase, man. The buildings collapsed by thermite infestation, and the authorities came up short on whether any particular religious mob subscribed to ancient thermite dogma, so it just seemed logical to ask the occultists to go ahead and manifest the antichrist by any available means and ask him. Perhaps the old backbiter can show some clear leadership and point mercury fillings in the right direction – towards the real TOOTH.

  30. But in all seriousness, PCR’s style is good, he articulates and evinces righteous indignation in the reader. However, the free, democratic US was only ever a fairy-tale. Having seen the pic of George Washington at his inauguration, one notes the preponderance of Masonic regalia, and then one considers the words of the “Pope” of Masonry, Pike, later revealing that the luciferian illuminati agenda had long infiltrated Masonry’s upper eschelons, that vehicle driven by the Eurotrash precious metal kabbalist octopus .

    One further considers the Athenian “democratic experiment”, which resulted in the commencement of 1 war per 2 years on average for 100 years, and the only worthy philospher Socrates offing himself in disgust. A 30 year war with Sparta, who tried everything to keep the peddlers and pornographers at bay, fought to the utter exhaustion of all participants, and the glee of those behind the scenes. Aristotle married a banker’s daughter.

    So, now that the hidden hand has revealed itself, now that the unholy alliance of Jews and secret society types have stepped forth and said “the US is our attack poodle, and we shall treat it as we please”, what is to be done? Quit dancing with the corpse, for one thing.

  31. America is indeed, doomed – but the Israeli humanoid reptilian Zionist Slimeball AGENTs of the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan), who are controlling America, are equally DOOMED! (Ezekiel 22:20). MAZEL TOV to THEM!

    America is being run by ALIENS – and has been for a very long time. THEY LIVE (John Carpenter knew) and are infesting humanity at all levels of human society and CULTure – especially Governments and the Military. Welcome to Gulag America and to Gulag Earth. Most of the ALIENS are still underground (DUMBS – Phil Schneider & William Pawelec) but THEY will soon emerge for a Mutual MELT-down. But first, 911-II, Martial Law, FEMA camps and the GRAND DEPRESSION (DIP#2), conjured up by Zionist Slimeballs Sorcerer Greenspan & his Apprentice Bernanke, will be visited upon America before TSHTF.

    “Remember your God before the silver cord is loosed” (SOON!). Time, itself, is running out!

  32. “America is being run by ALIENS – and has been for a very long time. THEY LIVE (John Carpenter knew) and are infesting humanity at all levels of human society …”

    – statements like this (and their power to drive sane and serious people away) are what usually kills a website like this one. To promote intelligent dialogue and progress in discussions involving the article being discussed here, or any topic for that matter, banter that obviously comes from wingnuts like this should be purged (regardless of your inclination to include every statement made in the interests of being inclusive so as not to offend people’s rights to “free speech”, Darkmoon).
    As soon as I see mention made by a poster that includes such obvious nonsense as :
    “HAARP is a government funded mind-control project”, “cell towers are mind-control devices”, “alien species secretly rule the earth”, “the Masons secretly rule the earth”, and so on, then the web site is in danger of losing serious contributors to conversation and as a matter of fact, most people will see this stuff, chuckle and move on to other sites,

  33. I think it’s time for George, et al to move on to other sites where he can enjoy and digest the BS which seems to be more to his liking! Have your DNA checked, George, you could well be one of THEM and not know it.

  34. PS “Wingnuts” is something a crypto Zionist Slimeball shill in the Abe Foxman tradition would spew out. Satanic ALIENS rule Gulag Earth and America. It’s self-evident to anyone with only half a working brain who has done his/her homework. Start with viewing the Phil Schneider videos (filmed before Phil was “rubbed out” by those ALIENS). Then move on to the “Disclosure” project and the William Pawelec interview – both very sane and credible men who spoke from personal experience!

  35. “Satanic ALIENS rule Gulag Earth and America. It’s self-evident to anyone with only half a working brain who has done his/her homework…”

    LOL, yes well it is self-evident to you probably because you are one of those with “half a working brain”.
    “Start with viewing the Phil Schneider videos …” I suggest that you stop viewing such tripe as it has obviously affected your ability to distinguish reality from fantasy- and that is regarded by psychiatrists as a sign of mental illness.
    ““Wingnuts” is something a crypto Zionist Slimeball shill in the Abe Foxman tradition would spew out.” – The usual response from the childish among us: “You are actually a Jew in disguise!” In other words; “you are a Jew because you do not believe (or disagree with) me!”
    Have fun driving people away from this site. No doubt you are a “Godsend” (and I get a charge out of that moniker- a sure sign of megalomania if ever there was one); to the forces trying to destroy Western Civilization. In any case, I’m out of here and so will be anyone who happens on more of your silly posts.

  36. One BIG problem with America is the millions of mindless sheeple (like George) who REFUSE to investigate the facts, even though they are readily available on the Internet (assuming George is not a crypto Zionist Slimeball Shill). The masses have been brainwashed by years of ALIEN “programming” of their subconscious through their TV sets and the MSM. Those ALIENS have become much more sophisticated in the last few thousand years! Now, THEY no longer look like humanoid reptilians with wings (Nephilim) and scales but look just like homo sapiens. :O One sure-fire way to spot one of THEM is to ask: “Who did 911?”. When our VP Joseph Biden was confronted with that question, he just stood there with his mouth hanging open and finally just turned away from the questioner without saying anything. The ALIENS in our midst would rather shrivel up and die than admit that THEY did 911! (among many other nasty CRIMES against America and humanity, too numerous for a Schindler-type list).

  37. With Jews you lose. Most nations realised this at some point and tried to banish them. America on the other hand seems to have bent over and spread it’s cheeks wide for the cut Jewish alien to enter its guts.

    1. Well, Shlemil, I agree (at least) to your first two sentences. Just about every autonomous country, from Greece, to Rome, to Spain and all other Yurpeen countries who have acted as a host to these termites, has come acropper and then some. It is simply a case of universal myopia. The Jews’ brand of myopia goes further, however—theirs, rather than being ignorant, haphazard reaction to events, is a conscious, culturally-imbedded DRIVE to lower all humanity to their level, and, ultimately to a position under their collective heel. Many Jews do not recognize this on the surface, but they all act, at various stages in their lives to further its ultimate goal.

  38. Most of the many Jews I know are wonderful people. Fortunately, I don’t know any Israeli Zionist Slimeball ALIENS – and I will avoid THEM like the plague!

    “You don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist (Slimeball)” – Joseph Biden.

  39. Aliens don’t have much of a history before the 13th Century at the University of Paris when Aristotle was outlawed and everyone began considering on the possibility of multiple universes. And if there are multiple universes then there could be multiple beings. Maybe lunatics inhabited the moon and fiery beings inhabited the sun, and maybe martians inhabited Mars. However, demons have a very good historical pedigree that covers all cultures and the history of all cultures. Demons are those things that consume the soul energy just like the worms take care of the flesh and viruses and bacteria rush in opportunistically to suck on us at a cellular level. I am just reporting what I have read about them because who knows for sure if they really exist at all; but they have been named by every religion and culture. They could be hallucinated in illness or with psychedelic drugs. Maybe aliens are really demons but they just got a new name when people started speculating about other planets and beings. Who knows. So, this is my problem with aliens when people start blaming them for everything. Why are they so modern and linked with science fiction.

  40. @kapoor

    there is a lot of evidence that ‘aliens’ are indeed demons, when it’s not just a hoax, that is. many people who have taken part in occult practices have testified that ufo experiences, including preternatural occurences, even diabolical infestation, often accompany such practices.

    and in the 13th Century at the University of Paris, Aristotle was supreme, his works had been translated into latin in the 12th and were widely circulating in the 13th C. st thomas aquinas and his teacher st albert the great knew all of aristotle, as well as plato, and found in aristotle a more structured and ‘realistic’ philosophical system to utilize as a ‘handmaiden of theology’. they were the greatest teachers in paris at the time, but the augustinian school and that of the fathers of the church who utilized platonic philosophy have a great contribution to make, and their philosophy and theology complement beautifully the thomistic and other scholastic ‘baptizing’ of aristotle.

    1. there is a lot of evidence that ‘aliens’ are indeed demons…

      Surely “aliens” can’t be demons if they are good aliens?
      Or would that make them angels?

  41. i should add that the kind of aristotelianism that WAS condemned at the univ. of paris and later by the catholic church was the averroistic interpretation of aristotle, embraced by certain theologians such as siger of brabant, which claimed, among other things, that something could be true in philosophy and at the same time false in theology. st thomas clearly showed this position to be erroneous, esp. in his monumental summa theologiae, part I, q. 1.

    1. curious about how you might depict the interplay between philosophy and theology, one has etymological root in “wisdom” and the other in “god”.

      if you were to draw a venn diagram, would one be s subset of the other or would they merely interect (i doubt that you’d describe them as disjoint, that would be like saying that wisdom and divine are incompatible concepts).

      on the previous post dealing with occult and demonic, i would observe that these practices are in their nature anti-faith, i.e., a state such that if faith were given a positive sign, atheism a zero, it would be negative.

      put differently, faith can only fluorish in absence of proof of “superantural”, otherwise it becomes a coercion, which, by the way, is the state of the modern (“scientific”) mind, i.e., the statement “i only believe what is manifestly clear and experimentally verifiable”, in which there is no question of free choice.

      i think that this divergence was the wedge that drove the church and early experimentalists apart, namely, science cannot tolerate faith, the latter operating in the realm of a extension of science.

  42. @ berenice

    Surely “aliens” can’t be demons if they are good aliens?
    Or would that make them angels?

    remember that the devil and the other fallen angels often make themselves appear as “angels of light” in order to deceive many.

  43. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read? edddgkdfkekf

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