America in Ruins, by John Kaminski

Hijacked by a foreign power, America crumbles into ruins.

(This edited article has had a few bits added to it by Lasha Darkmoon, including pictures and captions, but John Kaminski has provided the bulk of the text.  Here is the original source.)


As their nation disintegrates from a controlled financial demolition, engineered environmental disasters, and medical malpractice that has needlessly cost the lives of millions, the debilitated residents of the United States — perhaps too late to save themselves — are painfully waking up to the realization that their country has been taken over by a foreign power.

Their fortunes stolen by corrupt profiteers, their minds debilitated by behavioral deceptions, and their children condemned to perpetual wars that never needed to happen, the shell-shocked citizens of what was formerly the greatest country on Earth now face extermination and ruin because of the blatant lies they have been bamboozled into believing.

Their health weakened by toxic medications, their property stolen in swindles that were later legalized, and their futures annihilated by deadly addictions tapping into their own desires, the imminent destruction of America presages a worldwide catastrophe already well underway — one that foreshadows the extinction of all life on earth.

The world’s a mess;
Dystopia looms.
The cleaners confess
We’ve lost our brooms!—
And the doomed play chess
In their sunless rooms.
—   Anon, Where’s Heaven Now?

As the trees turn brown and the oceans congeal into toxic jelly, the blame for this unprecedented cataclysmic crisis in all its myriad manifestations inevitably leads back to the same source — to the shadowy cabal who control the money supply and continue to poison everything they touch.

The United States of America has not been run by Americans for a very long time, if ever.

A half-black Jew who changed his name to Alexander Hamilton derailed the experiment in participatory democracy at the very birth of the American republic. Chief aide to George Washington during the Revolutionary War, it was Hamilton who spearheaded the creation of a central bank that forever would prevent freedom-seeking European colonists from achieving their idealistic goals of liberty and happiness.

A little more than a century later, a mass influx of Russian Jews, disingenuously claiming persecution in their own homelands, descended on America like a pack of locusts. Through their corruption of the political process and the imposition of a colossal scam that let them charge Americans high rates of interest for their own money, these alien intruders precipitated the downward slide into deception and disease from which the US would never recover.

This same strategy today of uncontrolled immigration has collapsed America’s infrastructure into a meaningless morass of overburdened social services. These have utterly transformed the very ethos of the US from one of high-principled self-reliance into a degraded dependence on free lunches and a stealthy swindling of national resources.

The people, suffocating from the corrupt opportunism of their politicians and the criminal Jewish cabal who give the politicians their marching orders, lie buried under a mound of mendacities and oppressions. To all intents and purposes, the people are disenfranchised. They are allowed to vote, but they have no one to vote for but a bunch of scoundrels who get their orders from the Jews.

Every day, every hour, every minute,  you can prove to yourself that America is not run by Americans. All you need to do is to watch television. You will see there the impress of the Jew, the mark of his alien importations.

If you search hard enough for the reason why this great experiment in American democracy has failed, why it lies in ruins, you will find it in the Jewish takeover of America.

You will find endless advertisements for needless products of dubious value. You will be deliberately misled and misinformed on all important matters relating to foreign policy, and the crimes of Israel in particular will be presented to you in the most glowing colors. You will be expected to bend the knee, like the other brainwashed sheeple who constitute the bulk of the American population, and kiss the blood-spattered hands of the mass murderers engaged in systematic genocide in Palestine.

Witness the subjugation of America in its dying days, behold America in its tragic decrepitude!

Jewish TV networks! Jewish Hollywood movies! Jewish magazines! Jewish newspapers! Jewish porn! Jewish control of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court! Jewish control of universities and the American Federation of Teachers! Jewish control of the American Medical Association and the American Bar Association! Jewish advisors from Israel instructing American cops how to kill and taser American citizens!

Everyone in America is now afraid to speak out about Jews for fear of losing their jobs. AIPAC and the ADL have been emboldened to advocate imprisonment for those who dare to criticize Israel’s crimes against humanity. Christian denominations are worried about their tax-exempt status if they presume to comment on Israel’s war atrocities and human rights violations. Monsanto — once slave traders, then weapons makers — are now in control of the world’s food supply and have become the main peddlers of toxic chemicals. Meanwhile, Jewish control of the Internet through Google, Wikipedia, and the chokepoints of ISPs and wireless networks — all these conspire to terrify the American populace into fearful silence.

Sunk in slavery on all sides, and sick to death of their universal servitude, the American masses hardly know where to turn now in order to take refuge from the Talmudic terror that stalks them.


Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!

The bogus bogeyman of terrorism, constantly seared into American consciousness by hysterical commentators demanding citizens give up their freedoms in exchange for a security that benefits no one except the very rich, was actually created by the very same psychopaths who invent new enemies. Reaping huge profits from the sale of deadly weapons, these bloated profiteers maim and kill innocent civilians all over the world. Only one thing remains constant and invariable: the victims are never Jews, they are always  gentiles.

Those who issue the orders to kill, as in Stalin’s reign of terror, are always important Jews in the higher echelons of government, though their Shabat goy puppets and enablers occupy the limelight and take all the flak.

And still, after all this time, the vast majority of Americans are unaware of the identity of their own killers. Deluded into philosemitism by the Jew-owned mass media, they fail to recognize the fact that the Talmudic Jew is their deadliest enemy — and has been their deadliest enemy for the last 2000 years.

Meanwhile, the Jews sit back and count the money they have stolen from both sides of every conflict — conflicts they have themselves engineered and profited from mightily, sublimely indifferent to the mass misery they have caused.

Even at this late date, America’s so-called “intelligentsia” refuse to factor in the Jewish problem as the basic reason for virtually all of society’s ailments. In apprehensive silence, we all keep our fingers crossed and hope things will improve as the dance of death continues. As the Talmudic firestorm of rape and murder and systematic genocide rages all round us, threatening to consume America in one final conflagration,  we await with mounting horror — for what?

For this: the state of vegetable numbness and atrophy, of permanent spiritual catatonia — and of endless, silent night.


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  1. New American generations are kept brainwashed by Zionist lies about their western ancestors’ crimes against the world Jewry.

    Since 2004, the Auschwitz Jewish Center in Oswiecim and the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York have been sponsoring an annual two-week American Service Academies Program (ASAP) program to teach the future US military officers the Zionist narrative of the Nazi era Holocaust. This narrative (‘Six Million Died’) is the pillar of Zionist regime’s murderous policy against Palestinian people who never joined Nazi Army. Contrary to that 150,000 German Jews were part of the Nazi Army. Canadian Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut in his 1990 book, ‘The Man Who Would Be Messiah’ has claimed that Frankist Jews committed Holocaust.

    The officers are selected from West Point, the US Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, and the honors program of the United States Coast Guard Academy. In June 2012, 14 officers visited Auschwitz as part of the ASAP program. The Jewish Telegraph Agency reported that “the officers cleared weeds and brushed in the Jewish cemetery in Oswiecim” as part of the program.

    Before leaving for Poland, the participants are taught Zionist narratives of Holocaust by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and the Museum of Jewish Heritage. While in Poland, the officers tour sites of Jewish heritage, visit museums and memorials, hear lectures on Holocaust history and visit the sites of Nazi labor camps.

    The irony is – such pro-Israel brainwashing programs are, indirectly, paid by the American taxpayers. For example, Natasha Mozgovaya, reported in Israeli daily Ha’aretz in June 2012 that American Jewish groups received close to 97% Department of Homeland Security‘s (DHS) defense grants in 2012. In 2011, the Jewish groups had received 80% of the total grant


        “The glorified child Jesus”.

        Therese Neumann was born on Good Friday, April 9, 1898, in Konnersreuth, Bavaria, a remote farming village of 1400 people. The daughter of a tailor and the oldest of ten children, she grew up in a strict, but loving, Catholic home.

        Therese experienced her first vision of Christ—“The glorified child Jesus”—at age eleven during her First Communion, but didn’t consider it extraordinary; she thought this was what everyone experienced on this occasion. By 1913, she had decided to become a missionary nun and serve in Africa, but the outbreak of World War I delayed her entry into the convent

        Millions of people saw the stigmata and witnessed Therese’s weekly visions of Christ’s passion and death, among them, Paramhansa Yogananda in 1935. In Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda gives a first hand account of the stigmata and attests to the genuineness of Theresa’s visions.

        Yogananda later revealed that Therese had been Mary Magdalene in a past life, and for this reason, was blessed with Christ’s wounds and the weekly visions.* He explained that Therese’s life was intended to reassure Christians everywhere of the authenticity of Jesus’ life and crucifixion as recorded in the New Testament, and to show the ever-living bond between Christ and his disciples.

        CIA O


          In this remarkable book, Paramahansa Yogananda reveals the hidden yoga of the Gospels and confirms that Jesus, like the ancient sages and masters of the East, not only knew yoga but taught this universal science of God-realization to his closest disciples.

          Compiled from the author’s highly praised two-volume work, The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You, this insightful and compact book transcends the centuries of dogma and misunderstanding that have obscured the original teachings of Jesus, showing that he taught a unifying path by which seekers of all faiths can enter the kingdom of God.

          Topics include:
          • The lost years of Jesus in India
          • The ancient science of meditation: how to become a Christ
          • The true meaning of baptism
          • How the principles and methods of yoga parallel the teachings of the greatest Christian saints and mystics

          CIA O

          1. Peace be with Gabreal Jones.

            I am not a teacher.
            A teacher is a person who imposes false information on vulnerable individuals.
            The blind leading(teaching) the blind.

            My message is clear:
            Unless a person dies to(rejects), the teachings of this world, a person cannot be resurrected to life(be born again). This message cannot be accepted(understood) by those who reject me, they need to accept it in FAITH, for the simple reason that they are not able to comprehend it.

            When a person is born again,
            the truth within(Christ within), is restored.
            It will be wise to spend some time here:


          2. @duke

            We talk in circles which is a waste of precious time in this 2 seconds for twelve situation.

            Do I reject you? Yes!

            CIA O

          3. @duke

            But for all clarity, I don’t reject the historic authenticity of JC nor His Teachings:
            “Behold, the Kingdom of God is within You”

            CIA O

          4. Moving the deck chairs cannot prevent the
            Titanic from sinking.
            Time is running out.
            Be warned, the ship is going down.

            Luke 17
            28 Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they
            bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;
            29 But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone
            from heaven, and destroyed them all.
            32 Remember Lot’s wife.

            The Faithful Witness

  2. There is nothing but evil and sickness that comes from the minds of jews.

    Christians take a lot of blame from the Nationalists but here is a letter written by Christian leaders advocating stopping aid to israel.

    Also when shopping, check barcodes – this means it was made in israel


    1. It’s about time for the Christians to wake up How long are they going to tell us that we are in the last days, scaring the goy and telling them that women with child are the worst off. An obvious ploy by the jewish writers to discourage the Gentiles from procreating and all the while telling each other to multiply.
      Have Christians really been able to move mountains do greater works than the ficticous Jesus is claimed to have done. Has any one of them attained eternal life a false promise which really ends up saying die for Christ. The Whole Christ blood cult is based on lies and from page 1 the whole Bible is a book of lies.
      The only verifiable character amongst the apostles is Paul. Paul was the one sent by the jews to Preach the suicidal Gospel of the Essenes which the jews knew was a suicidal recipe which would ruin any society adopting it . By selling it to the Romans insured the Fall of the Roman Empire and this garbage of a religion telling the Romans to love their enemies, forgive those who do wrong to you, Resist not evil, pray for those that persecute you and all the rest of the recipe for defeat. Now the whole Western civilization has adopted the suicidal recipe. Meanwhile the jews don’t buy any of it and just can’t wait for the Europeans to wipe its self out.
      It is time to stop worshiping any jew or jew gawd and go back to the Gods of our ancestors. Do you really look forward to some kike king falling from the sky. Do you really believe that some jew on a white horse will come with a sword coming out of his mouth and bring you up in the sky.

      1. @ Farmer John

        Q. What do you get when you cross an atheist with a Jehovahs Witness?
        A. Someone who knocks at your door for no apparent reason.

        1. Maybe it will be you who gets the rude awakening. When you leave your body and find the army of the Druids, the Celts, the Vikings the WaffenSS, and all those burned at the stake under the forced christianity imposed upon them by the jesus blood cultists. When you learn that they do not forgive and they do not love their enemies and they are not married to the dead jew and rain ddown their rightful vengeance upon you. When you call out for the dead jew and he never shows up. The kike gawd who has been hiding out on Mount Sainai will not be there to welcome you to the ficticious heaven that you believed in. Yes you fell for the great lie. Odin will have his sonThor smach you with his hammer. When you realize that this Earth was the heaven created for you and like the kike jesus refused to call Earth your home. He got what he deserved and actually never existed but what fun it would have been whipping that kind of jew. So he calims that he will come and destroy this Earth. Remember that Jesus promised that in the future after he sets up his kingdom on Earth there will be no marriage. That will be because there will be no procreation because we will all be dead.
          New Living Translation (©2007)
          The LORD of Heaven’s Armies says, “The day of judgment is coming, burning like a furnace. On that day the arrogant and the wicked will be burned up like straw. They will be consumed–roots, branches, and all.
          So this kike will try to do this to Our Earth. Not if I can help if.

        2. @ duke

          Following the Fukushima latest news which is censored in the msm. bau!bau!! business as usual by the satanic jew baueRothschild cabal can lead only to one concluzion: the planet as a whole dances no longer on the volcano but in the volcano. Prosit!

          Doing the laundry this icy saturdaymorning in a wash-o-matic in Amsterdam: a fellow customer was reading La Peste of Camus. Tantallus/Sisyphus, samsara is no fun in a dark age, but mental economics says: the glass is half full. Jay Rockefeller who is one of the brainiacs behind Fukushima heads exit. But it is a good sign in itself but not yet enough. This Fukushima fucker&all his bilderberg including beatricks and bad Elisa II etc. should should end in a Fema holiday resort for the rest of their days.

          CIA O

  3. Please do not send me these bigited articles in the future. Your lies and deceptions against the Jews are dispictable. You are hate mongers bent on destroying our nation. J C Bengtson

    1. @ “Dr. KIKEston, STFU YOU FILTHY PARASITIC POS!!! YOUR TIME IS SHORT!!! Invest in hemp, b/c if there is a God, millions of you MFers will be hanging from lampposts soon!!!

    2. @ Dr John Bengtson

      Dr Bengtson, if it is any comfort to you, I too received an unsolicited email from the shameless Ms Darkmoon inviting me to comment on this website. I wrote to her complaining and demanded the removal of my name from her illicit “List.” I have yet to hear from her or receive an apology.

      1. Apology? When will you kikes apologise for ruining this country? Go live in your promised land. But all you jew parasites could never survive on your own and need a host to feed off of. Well 911 has changed all that and the sleeping giant has awoken. Juba the Mossad sniper should have taught the Marines who our real enemy is and it is you.

    3. @ bengston and fishlips

      if it’s any comfort to you, i am just as disgusted on being included with you, people might think i am a jew like yourselves and have, again like yourselves, contributed to the destruction of our (gentile, previously not noahide) nation.

      i refuse to have my good name contaminated by being on a same mailing list with a bunch of jews, lasha please be more careful on who you include.

      don’t throw me into the same mix with some fishlips.

      1. i think lasha shood have 2 lists: i 4 jews like me and i 4 goyim like u. that way therell b no komplaynts.

        4 a long time now lasha has left me orf her list, i dont no y. i think she vonted me 2 go away coz orf my spelin and dislecksia vich i no is very orfputtin.

        i dont think lasha shood discrimin-8 against dislecksicks, its not fare and its also antisemtick 4 bad spelin jews like me who vont to b asimil-8-ed and luvved.

        1. how would i know that she doesn’t in fact keep a separate list for joos like yoo?

          where she says all the good stuff about happy anticipation of future enslavement of goys like me, the promise of talmud.
          i am clearly kept off that list despite my good spelling and all … getting mighty suspicious here.

          would your jooeller uncle give me a discount on a gold cross to wear around my neck for protection?
          even if it is filled with tungsten underneath …

    4. Yo “doc” – learn to spell, and write English. Simply fulminating and spouting off only exposes you for what you are – An idiot.

      And re. Lasha – she has lost more brain cells than you ever had and will ever have… The woman is a genius.

    5. I find Dr. Bengtson’s response so typical, in that (as a Scandic, by his last name) he cannot think outside the box, even though he has a Doctorate.

      Dr. Darkmoon, I find much of the comment chatter to be of even less worth, than the unmoderated comments over at Occidental Dissent, until its moderator began deleting foolish, or merely annoying voices.

      While I can concur with much of the historically verifiable data Kaminski includes in this article, WE Whites are/have ourselves to blame, as well.

      Dr. Bengtson’s comments are so typical of the Upper Midwest of the USA, and Scandinavia in general. In refusing to look outside the box, we LET those whose hatred is eternal (John 8:44) use our own naivete to direct us. Cattle can stampede, and break free of those who would corral them, but only if they act in tandem.

      Here’s an article to explain why (at least in Norway with Breivik, and MN with Obama) the herd prefers to REMAIN a herd- until they awaken.

  4. “Meanwhile, the Jews sit back and count the money they have stolen from both sides of every conflict — conflicts they have themselves engineered and profited from mightily, sublimely indifferent to the mass misery they have caused….”

    My only criticism of the piece; replace sublimely indifferent to gloating over.

    1. I think Kaminski means MASS GENOCIDE is just another day at the office for these filthy parasitic sociopaths!

  5. This book puts meat on the bones of the excellent article by John Kaminski:
    The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals by Victor Marschalko

    and here:,%20Marschalko.pdf

    Have you started to read this yet? I am on page 161 at the moment and I started in earnest shortly after sending this to my entire email list on November 26. This is vital and true history that most are totally unaware of. I am hoping everyone here will have the courage to post it to their email lists or post it on their websites.

  6. Of course we could do what WE have been doing for 2000 years. Pssssst, come closer, “Lock them BACK up in the GHETTO”

    We must never take that option off the table, but I get the feeling some of us want to. We could continue to watch ourselves deteriorate into toxic jelly where John most likely believes we originated. So get your violin or get your ammo and lock and load. You will do one or the other if it kills you.

    1. @ melgibstein
      They were expelled from 109 countries and now we can all see why. I’m ready for 110!

      1. We have too many wimps who think we can change this with “articulate” prose and poetry or whatever this is. Americans are going to have to take this world back by brute force and no mercy (none). That is the only way this psychotic cabal is ever going to stop. You would think after 2000 years some of us would know this. Play time is almost over and the media has to go first.

        1. jews deserve jewish mercy, the one they always show to vanquished enemies.

          who could complain about that?

          only jews …

          1. Jews complained that the Jew who was caught poisoning the wells in France was tortured into saying he did it, yet Jews are now pro torture. Their words are meaningless because they cant be trusted ever. They may be speaking as if they are pro human one second like one of us and pro alien the next to eradicate us. They can never be taken for their word no matter how sweet it may sound (it’s mush). They get in to side you against someone other than them to destroy everyone. If they were dogs they would be Pointer’s, but the truth is a dog is far more honorable.

  7. Oh dear, how many more times do I need to remind you that the Judeans were fully exterminated back in 135-36 C.E. during the Shimon Bar Kokhba campaign. Don’t be mistaken. I have great admiration for warriors that seek liberty and independence from an invader. Jehuda of Gamala was another that has my full respect just the same as the one mentioned before. For goodness sake it was: The Almighty Roman Empire. Who the heck could beat them back then. No One. Much less the primitive Judeans. At least the gave it a shot. In this 2012 we commemorated 1880 years of the beginning of that campaign. This is fact. Go do a search of what Emperor Hadrian and Sextus Julius Severus both did then. Historians called General Severus “The Problem Fixer”. That’s what the job he was summoned for. No prisoners. Then again we all know where this inbreed sub-species really came from. For crying out loud go here again:
    Damn, I’m getting sick of people here that think these psychopath scumbags really came out of Canaan. No ethnic group within the human species did came out of there . Then again. How in hell someone can have DNA that’s been gone for one thousand eight hundred seventy six years. Man just like Coach Lombardi said many years ago: “What the hell is going on out here.” Coach we know what’s really going on. It’s called ZIONISM. A vermin philosophy criminal movement created by you know who.

    1. The “savage” Goths, ie Germans finally managed to over-run decadent Rome? This is what I have been indoctrinated with in Jew-Skool. Aryan, blonde hair, blue eyed strains hold physical beauty which the UGLY JEW detests! That is why so many were slaughtered by the Yids thru the years.

    2. Very intertesting link…thx KH.

      Again for those who don’t know it… or didn’t bother to look.

      The Australian prime minister is a fiery and crooked redhead.

      I wonder if she has descended from the Khazars especially given her recent support of Israel in wanting to vote against Palestines U.N. observer status. Thankfully heavy criticism from all sides in Australia forced her to reconsider but still only resulted in a pathetic decision to “abstain” from the vote.

    3. some clarification needed here, otherwise the story is incomplete and confusing.

      true that 90%+ of today’s jews are khazars, as confirmed by the latest epidemiological and genetic studies

      however, it is false to imagine that the erstwhile jews, today represented by sephardis were all that averse to evil.
      after all, khazars converted to judaism in 740 ad, whereas babylonian talmud (the earliest version) was composed between 3rd and 6th century ad.
      in the beginning, spanish jews were the ones primarily feared and blamed for cannibalism of christian boys such as william of norwich, apractice that was enthusiastically taken over and perfected by khazars by way of germany and central asia before that.

      torah, the book of yhwh’s dealings with his chosen maggots is a book of cruel perversion and greatly predates any khazarian crimes.
      khazars did not crucify jesus, as much as they would have enjoyed doing it, according to sarah silverman.

      the roots of evil go way back so that even the romans and the greeks found jews a repugnant race.

      therefore, the pre-khazarian jews don’t deserve heroic airbrushing, they were spawn of satan exactly as asserted by jesus.

      adding dogshit to pigshit cleanses neither.

      1. KH’s post was to illustrate the pointlessness of the term “anti- semetic” being used by modern day khazars claiming to be semites. This fact therefore invalidates their claim of ancestral rights to Palestine.

      2. lobro says
        “khazars did not crucify jesus … the roots of evil go way back so that even the romans and the greeks found jews a repugnant race.”
        Hmmmmm, good point!

      3. deseased belief system begets diseased minds with lies for brain cells. passed from generation to generation.

    4. Indeed KHAZAR HUNTER, it is khazar zionists and talmudists who are the enemies of mankind, not each and every jew as Kaminski wants us to believe. People like Atzmon and Lendman are definitely on our side, but that is ignored by those paid by the ADL to spread anti-semitism.
      The man who sent out the KALI YUGA REPORT for over 4 years, is being bombarded for months now, with hardware destructing malware that prevents him to continue waking up people. Kaminski’s articles would have brought others in jail, but not him : do I hear the word ‘protection’?
      The Khazars have more Neanderthal-genes than any other ethnic group, this plus the indoctrination from that sick and obscene Talmud (‘A rabbi died and left behind a 3-year old WIDOW … How could the diseased’s brother make her his wife ? By having sex with her …!’) makes them scary people.

    5. The “Judeans” were not all living in Judea when the Romans defeated their revolt, so they certainly were NOT all wiped out. Many Israelites had never returned from Babylon, plus many had migrated to Egypt, Rome, and other places in the Roman Empire. Jews were already “everywhere” in the known world then as they are today.

      1. After some research I did you may be right. The funny thing is, if their is still Judean DNA today, it must be in Iran. Interesting that this Zionist vermin has Iran in their scopes for the sick reasons we all know. Ezra the Scribe, who was most responsible for the fictional book known as the old testament aka Aramaic-Hebrew scriptures, is very possible some numbers of Judeans decided to remain in Persia and did not wanted to return after the Cyrus’s edict was in effect. It makes perfect sense. Some have been there for several generations. Had their lives, work, friends, families, everything in there. Why waste time and effort to go back to a place that they only heard as sentimental illusions. One thing, the ones at the time of the revolt living there, were replaced geographically to Egypt and Rome as slaves. Have an idea that in that sorry state, the survival percentages are basically none. So to me if we are to find authentic Judean DNA has to be in Persia. Of course the Ashkenazis have no intention of doing a genetic research. For if they do, they are gonna be in a load of trouble.

  8. The Jewish parasite has plans for us – genocide. The Department of Homeland Destruction has order billions of rounds of hollow point ammo. Why did they order ammunition that is banned by the Geneva convention and can’t be used by the military? Hollow point ammo isn’t good for target shooting unless of course we the people are the target.

    I believe they ordered 1,600 million rounds so that they could kill us with prejudice, causing maximum damage to our body tissue when those hollow point round fragment on entry into our (goy) bodies. That is the price we will pay for allowing them to operate in our nation and in a large part the reason the Jews could take over was that the vast majority of Christians could not resist the chosen ones because of their Biblical beliefs.

    So what to do? Why are we sitting like ducks awaiting the attack? Why don’t we do something? We are like gentle deer frozen in the headlights of an on rushing car. We can’t so anything until we talk about the Jews and the MSM and ADL has cornered us psychically so that we can’t talk about the Jewish enemy within. We the gentl peoples are so polite and that is pathetic, we need to rise and meet this threat.

    So if we actually get this civil war on and decide to do something can I suggest that this time we don’t ship the Jews off to another land, that is highly immoral to dump a plague on someone else. This time we fix it permanently, no more mister nice guy. This time we arrest them all and take away their books, the ones that can’t be reformed can live out the rest of their lives at camp FEMA. The ones that pledge renunciation to Judaism can be electronically tagged and monitored.

    And don’t forget to ban and confiscate and destroy all Jewish holy books including the Bible. Burn all of the damn Jewish trash until not one Hebrew letter exists.

  9. I don’t intend to linger long on his unsavory website, but I wish to leave my impressions before I depart for cleaner spaces.

    John Kaminski is an old-style bigot. He is stuck in the anti-Semitism of the Nazi era, unable to realize that recent scientific research has established that anti-Semitism is incompatible with good health. People with anti-Semitic attitudes have been found to have shorter lifespans and be more prone to serious conditions such as cancer.

    In an extensive survey of women with anti-Semitic characteristics, it was discovered that such females age prematurely and acquire wrinkles at an exceptionally early age. Warts and a tendency to hunchback and stooped shoulders are other afflictions one associates with anti-Semites.

    My own exceptionally robust health, I honestly believe, combined with an attractive physique which has often been remarked upon by my academic colleagues, can be ascribed entirely to my healthy philosemitic attitudes. I get on with Jews, and indeed may well have some of the superior DNA generally found among these extraordinary people who have survived so many persecutions and pogroms.

    To those who are concerned about their health and who wish to enhance their physical attractions, I would honestly recommend an annual trip to Israel. Swimming in the Mediterranean near Tel Aviv is said to confer unique benefits and will help to dissipate wrinkles and improver lung capacity to a remarkable degree.

    I will say no more. I know my comments here are unlikely to be appreciated owing to the low intellectual level of most of the posters here. Be that as it may.

    I have done my duty and I now depart with my head held high. Farewell, lesser beings of a lower evolutionary order. May you learn wisdom in some future incarnation.


    Gertrude Fischlippe

    1. Ha ha ha !!! Nice try FISHlips!!! lol (apt name also.) It has been documented over and over again that Jews age like reptiles, and get UGLIER by the day! Just open your eyes and LOOK at them. They can’t help that b/c of their reptilian dna. Why do you think the Yids in Hollyweird use so much plastic surgery, nose jobs etc? But it still doesn’t work for them b/c UGLY isn’t just skin deep with the filthy kikes, it goes right to the bone! If not for interbreeding with Goyim they ALL would have retained their TROLL-LIKE features like Golem in LOTR Trilogy. Their isn’t an UGLIER race on the Planet.

      1. You’d change your tune if you saw me. I was in a beauty pagaent age 6.

        However, I have no wish to exchange dialogue with uneducated bigots like you. I have better things to do with my time.

        I have been examining the poems on this site and am of the opinion that I was writing superior verse in my early teens. If not in my prepubescent years. Darkmoon is a mere doggerel writer. I feel sorry to think that she has wasted her life writing such trash.

        1. I remember that county fair. You certainly were the best looking piglet amongst those swine.

    2. @ GetRude Fishlips

      I am sure you are really smokin’ hot, a good catch … for money, lol.

      The anti-Jewism is building to an extreme and will make the WW2 era “anti-semitism” seem petty. What you fail to realize is that the world is onto the Jewish problem, and in this decline your tribe is going to wiped off the face of the earth along with your precious murderous little shithole state of Isahell.

      John Kaminski is a great man and one of the greatest writers of our age and who are you to criticize him? You should kneel before him and pray for forgiveness before the Universe smacks you down!

    3. She just cant help herself, she comes back over and over again. She probably has wet dreams about being ravaged by a tall blond man in a SS uniform.

    4. Gertrude,

      Your surname intrigues me! I can imagine your enticing physique; fischlippes engulfing an enlarged eel as you flash that gorgeous hide of yours in and out of the Mediterranean, just off Tel Aviv… Tell us more!

    5. I went to a fancy dress party the other day dressed as Adolf Hitler.
      Everyone thought it was hilarious.
      Until they found three dead Jews in the shower.

    6. @ Gertrude Fischlippe
      You’re an ugly old bat with beady eyes and a beaked nose and it doesn’t take a PhD to recognize that fact!

  10. Impressive rhetoric but I would remind John that not all Jews are Zionists and “Holocaust” swindlers.
    Consider that Jews gave us the concepts of “Shoah Business” and “Holocaust Industry.”
    We have Joseph Freedman to thank for inside information about how the US was bought/brought into World War I.

  11. “The Host and The Parasite: How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America ” by Greg Felton must have been Kaminski’s resource for this article.

    I take exception to the addition of the cartoon “THE WEB OF JEWISH CONTROL” to Kaminski’s article. Like some churches, there is some Jewish control of unions. The overwhelming majority of trade unions and the people in trade unions are not controlled by Jews. The rag trade (clothing) is dominated by the Jews. When the unions were able to achieve decent wages and working conditions, the factories were closed and the jobs shipped overseas to low wage non-white countries.

    Unions are the remnants of the old European trade guilds that were made illegal by Jewish bought politicians over 200 years ago. That opened he door for Jewish merchants to put the competition out of business.

  12. This book puts meat on the bones of the excellent article by John Kaminski:

    The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals by Victor Marschalko

    and here:,%20Marschalko.pdf

    I am on page 170 at the moment and I started in earnest shortly after sending this to my entire email list on November 26. This is vital and true history that most are totally unaware of. I am hoping everyone here will have the courage to post it to their email lists or post it on their websites.

  13. it’s now legal for the president to murder american citizens without paperwork. that means any of his representatives can do the same and get away with it. are we talking about your local policeman yet? the feds have been doing it for decades anyway, but now it’s actually the law. this they give you at the same time they’re authorizing 30,000 predator drones to patrol the us. it’s not a a good trend. kaminski is right that the usa is controlled by the zionist cabal, and has been for quite some time. but i do wish he would preserve the distinction between decent jewish people who do not support the state of israel and all the zionist sayanim. they’re the ones behind the 9-11 hit and the war on terror, which gives them the excuse to invade anywhere they like and rip out whatever resources. the drones are going to be for the real americans who organize against the zionists. are we seeing more and more explosions occurring in the usa now? notice the explosion in indianapolis? it’s still a mystery. will the first drone hit be publicized or will they call it something else? yes, judaism is a backward religion that would be better left in the past like all the others that put god on top of a pyramid. but zionism is a political movement that used judaism primarily as its support demographic. it’s not about religion other than that. of all the jews, and any others, who support zionism and israel, most would probably renege if they knew the whole story. most don’t know it yet but i do think a lot of people of all kinds are starting to see through the scam, figure out the lies of history and come to the understanding that america is in the hands of a faction. that’s all it is. it’s zionism, which is not the really same thing as judaism, though that is where it gets a lot of support, because most jews are as far in the dark as most catholics and muslims.
    lasha, i wish you would screen out the hate mongers and hysterical bigots. let people speak in civil terms or leave them out of the conversation.

    1. lasha, i wish you would screen out the hate mongers and hysterical bigots. let people speak in civil terms or leave them out of the conversation.

      Lasha has no control over what gets published here. She doesn’t own the website, her cousin Montecristo is the boss. She’s just a contributor like you.

      If she had control, don’t you think she would delete all the horrible insults she receives here from all kinds of people?

      1. Berenice,

        Even if she were in total control, it is my perception of her that she is too good a sport. She must be very amused by it all, don’t you think? (I can imagine the same could be said of you, yourself, kind girl!)

    2. Barkingdeer,
      If Lasha were to screen out hate mongers and hysterical bigots then *YOU* wouldn’t be able to post here!

    3. i guess you never use bug spray since you never know for certain which particular mosquitoes may be lusting for your blood.

    4. much more ethical to let the carnage of gentiles continue unabated.

      what’s another 60 million slaughtered christians compared to 60 jewish fingernails, one of whom may be innocent?

    5. it’s zionism, which is not the really same thing as judaism

      an interesting comment.
      care to point out the fundamental differences in morality of judaism vs. zionism?

      i always thought that there were none but i could be wrong … was it zionists who crucified jesus?

      don’t swat that bug, can’t you see it’s a scorpion, not a centipede …

    6. “You have not begun to appreciate the depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest great war, but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone.” – Marcus Eli Ravage, Century Magazine February, 1926

      “We Jews, who have posed as Saviors of the World, we are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners.” – Oscar Levy

      “…the revolutionary leaders nearly all belong to the Jewish race and the most effective revolutionary agency is the Jewish BundThe government has suffered more from that race than from all of its other subjects combined. Whenever a desperate deed is committed it is always done by a Jew and there is scarcely one loyal member of that race in the entire Empire.” [From “National Geographic Magazine,” May 1907, article titled “The Revolution In Russia”, written by William E. Curtis, p. 313.]

      H. H. BEAMISH, N.Y. speech, 1937
      “Communism is Judaism. The Jewish Revolution in Russia was in 1918.”

      HILARY COTTER, author of Cardinal Minszenty, The Truth About His Real “Crime,” page 6
      “Communism and Judaism are one and the same.”

      “Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism.” (The American Bulletin, Rabbi Stephen. Wise, May 5, 1935).

      On 4 April 1919 the Jewish Chronicle: “There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism.”

      But the Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism.” (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Rabbi Harry Waton, pp. 143-144).

      “His (God’s) intention will be realized through bloody struggles, wars and revolutions; the present social order will be destroyed together with all institutions that are bound up with the present social order. State capitalism and fascism will take the place of the present social order.” (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Rabbi Harry Waton, p. 225).

      “The invisible Money Power is working to control and enslave mankind. It financed Communism, Fascism, Marxism, Zionism, Socialism. All of these are directed to making the United States a member of a World Government.” –American Mercury Magazine, 1957

      the Central
      Committee of the Bolshevik Party was made up as follows:

      Bronstein (Trotsky) Jew
      Apfelbaum (Zinovief) Jew
      Lourie (Larine) Jew
      Ouritski Jew
      Volodarski Jew
      Rosenfeldt (Kamanef) Jew
      Smidovitch Jew
      Sverdlof (Yankel) Jew
      Nakhamkes (Steklof) Jew
      Ulyanov /Goldmann(Lenin) Jew
      Krylenko Russian
      Lounatcharski Russian

  14. It seems I have to write something similar to what follows almost every time I read one of Ms. Darkmoon’s posted articles. I was a classroom teacher for over 30 years. I witnessed the usurpation of public secondary education by the SDS types who had practically destroyed my college. The termites invading education were consistently politikikes, draft-dodgers and utterly amoral Machiavellian pustules. Our textbooks were exchanged for socialist tracts written by Howard Zinn and other traitors.

    Therein lie the seeds for the death of the Republic. Only in the classrooms of people such as I (and we were a microscopic minority) were any attempts made to liberate the kids from the Leftist brainwashing—otherwise all was Marxism in many guises: multiculturalism, environmentalism, “sharing”, co-dependent “coping”, “self-esteem” and other pseudo-psychiatric flapdoodle—-all the variants of the liberal disease.

    Therefore, since the kids’ brains are already in jars of politikike devisement, there is little or any hope that we will ever pull out of this death-spiral. Buchanan is oh, so right, but also more circumspect.

    The other underlying tragedy is that we have allowed stupid people to breed like rats. Hell, we’ve subsidized them. There was a time when only PROPERTY OWNERS could vote. We’ll never get back there, ever, and more’s the pity. When you can get a room full of people with “average” IQs, converse with them. You will be appalled, then terrified. Please memorize the following:


    We’re done, folks. The Party of Treason knows precisely how to stampede these morons and will do so for the reast of our lives, trust me. It will get worse and worse, and then, when the fecal matter finally impacts the air-circulation device, a fairly large component of the sheeple will rise up in impotent rage. All too late, of course. More than any currently recognized factor, it is the Malthusian growth of the world’s population which will doom Mankind. Just contemplate what per cent of this burgeoning mass shares or exceeds your IQ.

    Frightening, isn’t it?

    “Hey ‘Bamma, whay ma fone?! Whay ma munnie?!”

    We’re all set, folks. And just contemplate this—it’s your money being used to pay these fungi TO BREATH.

    Have fun!

    Sic semper any society which subsidizes, or even tolerates sloth and stupidity.

    1. Cheer up, Frankly. You’re still around to have your say. And what you say is right. It’s downhill all the way from now on. I was hoping for a military coup, but recent events have shown how impotent even our top generals are. Even Petraeus had no real power and was brought toppling down by a Jew (Cantor).

      If the goyim had a clue as to what awaited them, they would study the Soviet genocide of 60 million Russian Christians under the Bolshevik Butcher Jews. That’s what is lined up for America.

      Darkmoon should write a book called “American Genocide”, but who would publish it? All the biggest publishing companies are owned by Jews. Everything we are subjected to on TV or the media has been filtered through the Jew mind. Nothing gets to the masses but mental bread baked by Jews.

  15. I have lot to say, but I would like to know who really pulls the strings on this site! I have not posted anything, but I’m told that its a double post??????????? I smell a frigging front for theses make believe jews here !!!!!!!!!

    1. No one “pulls the strings” on this site. There is only ONE policy: no monitoring of posts. This is a “free speech zone” and you are free to say what you wish.

      If you post a comment and it does not get posted immediately and automatically, or if it disappears into the void, this is a computer anomaly and has NOTHING to do with the website’s editors. How could the Editor possibly know what you are about to say before he has read your posted comment?

      Comments are welcome here and NEVER stopped — which is technically impossible anyway. No one has ever been BLOCKED from posting. Other sites have far stricter monitoring. This is what confuses you.

      Comments with TWO links or more are automatically delayed for “monitoring”, but these are approved at once as soon as they are seen in the editorial chamber. This restriction is a feature of WordPress and is probably programmed into the system to prevent spam posts and multiple links to porn sites.

  16. “advertisements for needless products of dubious value”. Example: Windows 8 pushed forward by a company whose CEO, Steve Ballmer, said he stood by Israel.

  17. I. am. vindicated.

    I posted a comment on this site urging that all of the nationalists websites come together and plan an agenda that looks forward and anticipates things that the founding stock of this nation need to do in the future. I included in a list that we need to figure out what to do in case a state secedes and find a way to have leaders in place.

    Now someone else validates my opinions. We can’t just wait and see what happens, we need to stand together and plan ahead. We need to groom future leaders.

  18. Harvard University Approves Kinky Sex Club on campus

    Elite Jew University (25% Jewish intake) goes kinky. It’s now going to encourage students to take an interest in BSDM: bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism.

    “Fifty Shades of Grey” has hit the Ivy League as Harvard University, home to some of the nation’s top scholars, sanctioned a student bondage and kinky sex club on campus Friday, according to The Crimson.

    “Harvard College Munch” started as seven students meeting during their lunch hour to discuss quirky sex interests. Now, it’s grown to 30 members, and is one of 15 student organization that will be approved by the Committee on Student Life.

    “The impact on campus will be that students who feel outside of the sexual mainstream will now have a safe space to talk about their interests, to feel socially validated, and to build a community,” Harvard psychology lecturer and a sex columnist Dr. Justin Lehmiller, told ABC News.

  19. The immigrants are being brought in to be turned against the Whites in a Communist revolution. Communism and Zionism is nothing more than Talmudic Judaism in disguise, Communism manipulates the atheist idiots on the left and Zionism manipulates the religious idiots on the right. Whites have been targeted for genocide at the hands of Blacks and Hispanics.

    1. You just hit the nail on the head!

      Moses Hess began both Communism and Zionism, which are one in the same.

  20. Xanadu – I am bewildered about what to do about Harvard and the people who run it.

    This is an issue that White nationalists need to be thinking about and putting together a plan. Get out your contact list and present this problem for discussion and come up with a solution.

    This is what I’m talking about. Where is the organization among our White nationalist elites, writers and leaders? Its all well and good to put this item out here so that we become informed about it, and perhaps some brilliant person in this forum will actually offer a solution.

    But I seriously doubt it. The most that will happen is that people will bemoan the fact that this is happening. The intellectual elites need to put their heads together and find ways to fight back when the jew does something like this.

    Find a way to inform the public about what is being done, and who is doing it. There is no doubt that most people will be horrified at such a group at Harvard. The jew should be publicly shamed over this and White people, Christian people made aware of the gap between themselves and the jew influence upon our society. Even if we can’t stop Harvard, it will help our cause if Christian people realize what is being done.

    What if you wrote a public letter and sent it to Christian leaders and asked them to inform their churches and in some way take a public stand?

    Rev. Gradye Parsons
    Stated Clerk of the General Assembly
    Presbyterian Church (USA)
    Mark S. Hanson
    Presiding Bishop
    Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
    Bishop Rosemarie Wenner
    President, Council of Bishops
    United Methodist Church
    Peg Birk
    Transitional General Secretary
    National Council of Churches USA
    Shan Cretin
    General Secretary
    American Friends Service Committee
    J Ron Byler
    Executive Director
    Mennonite Central Committee U.S.
    Alexander Patico
    North American Secretary
    Orthodox Peace Fellowship
    Diane Randall
    Executive Secretary
    Friends Committee on National Legislation
    Dr. A. Roy Medley
    General Secretary
    American Baptist Churches, U.S.A.
    Rev. Geoffrey A. Black
    General Minister and President
    United Church of Christ
    Rev. Dr. Sharon E. Watkins
    General Minister and President
    Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
    Rev. Julia Brown Karimu
    President, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Division of Overseas Ministries
    Co-Executive, Global Ministries (UCC and Disciples)
    Rev. Dr. James A. Moos
    Executive Minister, United Church of Christ, Wider Church Ministries
    Co-Executive, Global Ministries (UCC and Disciples)
    Kathy McKneely
    Acting Director
    Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns
    Eli S. McCarthy, PhD
    Justice and Peace Director
    Conference of Major Superiors of Men (CMSM)

    1. Sex on Campussy

      “Xanadu – I am bewildered about what to do about Harvard and the people who run it…”

      So am I, Annis. Harvard has set a precedent. Other universities all over the country will follow suit. We can now expect to see bondage clubs for sexual perverts normalized on campus and spring up everywhere like poisonous mushrooms.

      These university sex clubs are not meant to be intellectual venues or “talking shops” for people with like-minded views on sadomasochism and sexual bondage. That’s just the facade. The actual point of the club is to provide an opportunity for student sadists and masochists to meet up and then sneak off to their rooms for a session of hot sex involving whips and chains. (Not just students. Nice Jewish Profs will turn up too, anxious to offer “advice” to their nubile students!)

      Here the student dominatrix, a hellacious Jewess clad in black leather and sporting thigh-length PVC boots, will meet her submissive WASP partner. And it will be lust at first sight! Clutching their dog-eared copies of Marx and the Marquis de Sade, the pervy young lovers will then adjourn to a candlelit “dungeon room” — doubtless provided by the university — where our Jewish dominatrix will stomp all over Mr Wimpy WASP and give him the humiliation he craves.

      Meanwhile, Miriam de Sade, dominatrix extraordinaire, will puff herself up with atavistic rage toward the goyim persecutors of her ancient race and exact vengeance for Auschwitz by giving Mr Wimpy WASP the thrashing of his life!

      She herself will naturally enjoy multiple orgasms and achieve mystical union with the Lord Satan . . . before heading for Hymie’s Greasy Spoon diner for bagels and gefilte fish.

      What fun and games! It won’t be long before all pretense to academic study ceases and aspirants to doctorates will discard their moldy old books. Henceforth, they will turn up for lectures with condoms, whips, chains, handcuffs and semen-spattered copies of The 120 Days of Sodom and Venus in Furs

      Brave new world! . . . Bliss in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven!

      1. How to stop this tidal wave of sewage? You tell me. It’s like giving King Canute advice on how to hold back the sea.

      2. These comments are disgusting. I don’t know why I bother with this website.

        Harvard is to be commended for taking the initiative in allaying student anxieties by enabling these young men and women to explore their sexual orientations in a safe and nurturing atmosphere.

        Ms Darkmoon, taking shelter behind her poster name “Xanadu”, does nothing to improve the situation by her puritanical tirade. I do believe this woman is not quite sane.

        1. @ Gertrude Fischlippe
          I don’t know why you bother with this website either. Are you taking a break from porn sites?

          1. Although reported by the WSJ to be the largest landowner in North America (by way of endowments), those people couldn’t raise a bean to keep from starving! They have nothing except their distinguished past to keep them going – and with which to impress the unaware masses.

            I suppose the degenerates and the children of the devil have successfully overcome that once-venerable (theological) school…

  21. Xanadu, I wish I had your way with words.

    Lets find some Harvard people and start a Christian prayer group. Do you know anyone at Harvard?

    1. No, I don’t. We must each do what we can in our own way. Tilting at every windmill in sight is not going to get us very far. There are a thousand windmills to tilt at; and Harvard, if I may say so, is a pretty small one compared to the mega windmills elsewhere with their great whirring fans.

      While Nero fiddles, Rome burns. Let the pervs at Harvard do as they please and good luck to them. What do bondage clubs at a privileged university matter when Palestine is on fire . . . and when the American government itself has fallen under foreign domination?

      Let’s tackle the big issues, Annis, each in our own way and according to our talents — and the small issues will look after themselves.

  22. The enemies of God, both Judaic and non-Judaic, may rage all they want. At the end of the day, He Who IS permits only that which harmonizes perfectly with His own designs. No evil is allowed whence a greater good is not drawn. Worry not about the rantings and ravings and doings of mere men — we do not even have the power of respiration or motion or cognition unless He supports us at every single moment. If He were no thinking of me at every single moment, I would simply return to the nothingness whence He drew my being. Only ONE has real power; adore Him and be of one will with Him. Peace on earth to men of good will.

    1. Good to see you back, Eamon…after such a long time. My, you have become quite pious! You scare me! 🙂

    2. When is this Judaec Gawd going to come pout from the burning bush he has been hiding behind for so long. Face it he is a myth and any God who had any sense at all would never call the Jews his chosen people.

        1. Snazzy,

          I happened to be looking through a family
          Bible the other day, and was very surprised to find, in the preface “to the reader” that “To the Jews was first committed the care of the Sacred Writings…”. The book was published and printed by Kimber & Sharpless, and sold in Philadelphia in 1798 (at a price of “4.75”). That was about a hundred years before Cyrus Scofield.

          Now, I am not contradicting you, by any means – but it surprised me to find that in such an old Bible. (I had thought, all along, that Jewish enhancement was largely due to Scofield and his Jewish masters, too.)

          It has piqued my interest.

          1. @ Gilbert Huntly
            That was in the preface and not part of scripture. What’s your point?

          2. Point is – The publishers of Scripture have inserted this since before Scofield (who did not, either, alter the Scripture, itself. He just added misleading notes in his “study bible”.)

            I thought that point would be clear enough. Pardon me for overestimating.

          3. @ Gilbert Huntly
            Kimber & Sharpless were a publishing company and inserted their OPINION in the preface. However, nowhere in the Bible does it say that “To the Jews was first committed the care of the Sacred Writings…”.

            Acts 15:14-17 (King James Version)

            14 Simeon (Peter) hath declared how God at the first did visit the Gentiles, to take out of them a people for his name.

            15 And to this agree the words of the prophets; as it is written,

            16 After this I will return, and will build again the tabernacle of David, which is fallen down; and I will build again the ruins thereof, and I will set it up:

            17 That the residue of men might seek after the Lord, and all the Gentiles, upon whom my name is called, saith the Lord, who doeth all these things.



            20.Mind is always a Judas, it can never become a Christ. Judas was the most knowledgeable disciple of Jesus. All the other apostles were illiterate; he was the most cultured. And it is natural, not accidental, that he betrayed Jesus. The heady people are always betrayers: they don’t know the beauty, the grace, of love, of commitment. They are traitors — the head is a traitor

            CIA O

      1. you are on the right trail, the answer will become obvious if you follow it.

        what kind of “god” would choose jews as his preferred followers?

        jesus said they worshipped in the synagogue of satan, their father was the devil.

        even without the above statement, the answer is clear: yhwh is devil, pure and simple.
        the bloodthristy torah, filled with genocide, human sacrifice, slavery, ripoffs, injustice and discrimination cannot be work of any other sort of deity, call me heretic but it is out there in plain sight.

        no way am i ever going to waste my time trying to penetrate old testament, i’ve seen enough.

  23. Today, Rabbi David Kramer 52, an American citizen, made his first appeance at Melbourne Magistrates Court on 12 charges of sexual abuses of his students under age of 16 at Chabad Yeshiva College in St Kilda East. During the court proceedings, Jewish lawyer for one of Rabbi’s victims yelled: “Welcome back to Australia Rabbi Kramer“.

    The offences are alleged to have happened while Kramer taught Jewish studies to boys in years 5 to 8 at the college between 1989 and 1992. Kramer fled to Israel in 1993, after several of his students accused him of sexual abuses. Later he returned to America where he was convicted and sentenced 7-year in jail in 2008 for sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy at Nusach Hari B’Nai Zion synagogue in St. Louis.

    As reaction to Rabbi Kramer’s history of child sex abuse in Australia, Israel and New York, Rabbi Ze’ev Smason established ‘Our Precious Children’ fund with the goal is to help meet some of the financial needs Jewish sexually abused children and their family members. This includes helping to cover the costs of rape counseling or small things such as purchasing an IPOD for the child.

    Rabbi Kramer was arrested in the US in April in response to Australia’s request for his extradition. He unsuccessfully fought the extradition order through the courts. He was surrendered by US authorities on November 29, 2012.

    Rabbi Kramer is one of two former Yeshivah College employees facing separate child sexual abuse charges. Former school security guard David Cyprys is due to stand trial in July on charges of child rape and other sexual abuse against 12 students in the 1980s.

    Senior Yeshivah College official have previously confirmed they did not report allegations of abuse levelled at Kramer to police as commanded by Jewish ’Mesirah’ – which prohibits Jews from telling the Civil Authorities of crimes being committed by other Jews.

    Last year, Rabbi David Zwiebel, executive vice president Agudath Israel, told a conference that even mandated reporters – teachers, social workers and people in certain other professions who are required by law to promptly report any suspected cases of sexual abuse – should consult a rabbi before going to the police.

    Read Rabbi Michael J. Broyde’s article on Mesirah, here.

  24. Israel receives over $2 billion annually in private donations from American citizens.

    Tax deductible ????

    Private donations to charities in most foreign countries are not tax deductible, but many private donations to Israel are, due to a special clause in the U.S.-Israel income tax treaty.

    A donation to a Palestinian charity could get you years in a US Gulag Prison.


    (…) White Dragon Society sources say that the Pope, the Rockefellers, The Queen, Obama and others decided to gang up on the Bush brothers who have now lost the ongoing power struggle in the West (…)

    (…) The Nazi Zionists and their proxy country Israel are also now rushing to try to set up their Middle Eastern kingdom before they lose all control of their US puppet state….

    and in an interesting paragrapph on Hamas he links to an article: (…) And Israel now has a new headache, especially if the Palestinian entity seeks membership of the International War Crimes Court in The Hague (…)

    BF back on track?

    CIA O

  26. Good News –at last the news is getting out to the dumbed down American crowd.

    America in Ruins — Hijacked by a foreign power, America crumbles into ruins.

    Celebrated on May 24th. 2011

    Absolutely — we have silently witnessed it happening openly before our eyes.

    It was even celebrated in a Monumental Historical event that “nobody” noticed.

    Zionist Jews who control Zionism & the USA had settled the USA into its coffin & with Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress on May 2011 getting 29 standing ovations the coffin was ceremoniously nailed shut as “dumb” America watched in SILENCE.

    Cameras rolled & APAIC professionals made note of every politicians not participating vigorously enough in their applause who needed future closer “scrutiny” as to their usefulness to that foreign power.

    Your 1 link as allowed by the “moderators” to help the Zionist cause.

  27. link:


    Two poems by two different Palestinian poets, both expressing essentially the same thing: the Zionist project in Palestine is over. The countdown has begun…

    Passers Between the Passing Words
    O those who pass between fleeting words
    carry your names, and be gone
    Rid our time of your hours, and be gone
    Steal what you will from the blueness of the sea
    And the sand of memory

    Take what pictures you will, so that you understand
    That which you never will:
    How a stone from our land builds the ceiling of our sky

    From you steel and fire, from us our flesh
    From you yet another tank, from us stones
    From you teargas, from us rain…

    It is time for you to be gone
    Live wherever you like, but do not live among us
    It is time for you to be gone
    Die wherever you like, but do not die among us
    For we have work to do in our land

    So leave our country
    Our land, our sea
    Our wheat, our salt, our wounds
    Everything, and leave
    The memories of memory
    those who pass between fleeting words!

    By Mahmoud Darwish

    Beginning of the End

    My People do not despair

    The hour of liberation approaching fast

    “Road Maps”, Road Blocks, “Peace Processes”, Blockades,
    Walls, Checkpoints, Prisons, Exile, Siege, Home-Demolition, Uprooting Trees,
    School Destruction, Machine-guns, F16, Drones, Bombs, White-phosphorus …
    Does not scare us into submission

    Swollen Bank Accounts, Casinos, Fat pockets, Fame, Membership into privileged Clubs…
    Does not lure us into accepting crumbs

    Sticks and Carrots are not for us
    Get that into your heads army of Zion

    We are the guardians of Palestine

    مرابطون إلى يوم الدين

    Yes declaring a semi-state

    on 11% of historic Palestine

    is rather pathetic

    It does not relinquish

    decades of thirst for justice…

    It does not satisfy

    Generations’ longing for freedom

    It does not show respect

    Rivers of blood of martyrs

    It does not heal

    Wounds of millions left disabled

    It does not caress

    Hearts of babies buried under rubble

    It does not bring back home

    A nation of exiled

    It does not rebuild

    Our Biblical villages

    It does not fulfill

    Our aspiration of liberation


    The countdown for the END of “state of Zion”

    Only just began

    1. palestinian sacrifice parallels that of a famous palestinian named jesus, who died for our sins.

      similarly, palestinians died, were exhiled, tortured and robbed for our sins, betrayal, appeasement, cowardice to face the historical truth.

      like jesus, they will be resurrected.

      and jews will be no more, once every gentile wakes up to the truth.

  28. Ever hear the story of Dr. Lani Kass ??????????????????????

    Dr. Kass a former Israeli military officer who became a senior Pentagon advisor,

    “Dr. Lani Kass Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.

    Q. —-But why has the U.S. Air Force website pulled her biography ???????

    A.—-Because Dr. Lani Kass is a former major in the Israeli air force.

    Somehow Dr. Lani Kass beat out all goyim applicants & became chief advisor on US Middle East Policy & an adviser to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon.

    Sorry only allowed 1 link


    But is this any wonder in dumbed down USA ????

    Because the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force “WAR” machine is a Jew named Norton Schwartz who has a well known loyalty to Israel & all things Jewish.

    Norton Schwartz was a member of the U.S. Air Force Academy Jewish choir before his 1973 graduation ???????????.

    In 2004 General Schwartz was awarded the Jewish Community Center’s Military Leadership Award. In accepting the award, General Schwartz said he was “proud to be identified as a Jew as well as an American military leader.”

    USA manages to place itself in the hands of Jews with strong loyalties to Israel.
    Ever seen the list of the above ??????
    Not allowed to post the list here — the “catch 22” imposed by the hasbara board.

    1. easy to circumvent, just mess up the link in an easy-to-fix way, e.g., “h*tp” for “http”.
      as an added benefit those unable to fix it don’t deserve to use the link.

  29. Arriving in the US as a Defense contractor in 1981 she is now “WHAT” ?????

    Dr. Strangelove, Made in Israel —by Philip Giraldi, April 15, 2010

    One would expect the Air Force’s top civilian adviser to be someone who has spent some time in the US military or who has a very particular educational or skills set that brings something special to what is, after all, a very senior and sensitive position. Not so. Dr. Lani Kass, who is the senior Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force General Norton A. Schwartz, was born, raised, and educated in Israel and then served in that country’s military where she reached the rank of major. She has a PhD in Russian studies but advises Air Force Generals on Cyberwarfare, terrorism, and the Middle East. And Kass appears to have close and continuing ties to her country of birth, frequently spicing her public statements with comments about life in Israel while parroting simplistic views of the nature of the Islamic threat that might have been scripted in Tel Aviv’s Foreign Ministry.

    The Dr. Lani Kass objective — To “foster a force of 21st century warriors, capable of delivering the full spectrum of kinetic and non-kinetic, lethal and non-lethal effects in the Air, Space, and Cyber domains.”

    All for mother Israel & the Biblical truths of Jews being destined to rule.

    Juden uber alles.

    “Dr. Kass was a key participant in the development of the national strategy for combating terrorism, as well as the national military strategic plan for the Global War on Terrorism.”

    On 9/10 the day before 9/11, the Washington Times printed an article on a US Army study which stated that the Israeli Mossad are capable of targeting US Forces with an attack to make it look like an attack by Muslim terrorists. ???????????????

    Blatantly Dr.Kass was appointed as a Top Middle East Adviser to Washington.

    Something a little odd here just as there was when the MSM never questioned 9/11 ?

  30. Thanks –lobro—- lets give it a try.

    So is the US a society that’s mentally & morally ill at the top & depraved illiterates & red necks in the majority, at the bottom ?

    Is there no shame ???

    Meanwhile have I got a tip for you ma boy ?? the “h#tp” for “http” maybe ?????




    “You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress. we controlthe media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel.”
    Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache 2009

    Remember Rahm Emmanuel yet another Israeli citizen & Orthodox Jew educated in a Talmudic yeshiva & served as a volunteer in the Israeli Defense Force & came from a family with ultra strong support for Zionism ? Well Rahm Emmanuel “somehow assumed the chair” of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) from where he relentlessly supported the Iraq War using his position on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to reward pro war candidates with campaign money while starving & running against anti war candidates.
    He is a war criminal & traitor to the US & together with many others should be charged with war crimes at the Hague.


  31. Do Americans have any shame whatsoever ?????

    Are any American aware of any of the following humiliations of US presidents &
    secretaries of state at the hands of Israel our loyal ally in the Middle East ?

    March, 1980, President Carter was forced to apologize after US UN representative Donald McHenry voted for a resolution that condemned Israel’s settlement policies in the occupied territories including East Jerusalem and which called on Israel to dismantle them. McHenry had replaced Andrew Young who was pressured to resign in 1979 after an Israeli newspaper revealed that he had held a secret meeting with a PLO representative which violated a US commitment to Israel and to the American Jewish community.

    June, 1980: After Carter requested a halt to Jewish settlements and his Secretary of State, Edmund Muskie, called the Jewish settlements an obstacle to peace, Prime Minister Menachem Begin announced plans to construct 10 NEW ones.

    In December, 1981, 14 days after signing what was described as a memorandum of strategic understanding (MSU) with the Reagan administration, Israel annexed the Golan Heights “which made it appear that the US either acquiesced in the move or else has absolutely no control over its own “ally’s” actions.

    In both cases the US, the source of Israel’s most sophisticated weapons & one third of its budget is totally insulted.
    A foreign country the size of New Jersey & a people comprising of 0.2 % of the World’s population openly shames the world’s only super power again & again.

    In August, 1982, the day after Reagan requested that Ariel Sharon end the bombing of Beirut, Sharon responded by ordering bombing runs over the city at precisely 2:42 and 3:38 in the afternoon, the times coinciding with the two UN resolutions (242 & 338) that requiring Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories.

    In March, 1991, Secretary of State James Baker complained to Congress that “Every time I have gone to Israel in connection with the peace process.., I have been met with an announcement of new settlement activity… It substantially weakens our hand in trying to bring about a peace process, and creates quite a predicament.”
    In 1990, he had become so disgusted with Israel’s intransigence on the settlements that he publicly gave out the phone number of the White House switchboard and told the Israelis, “When you’re serious about peace, call us.”

    In April 2002, after Pres. George W Bush demanded that Ariel Sharon pull Israeli forces out of Jenin, declaring “Enough is enough!,” he was besieged by a 100,000 emails from supporters of Israel, Jewish and Christian and accused by Bill Safire of choosing Yasser Arafat as a friend over Sharon and by George Will, of losing his “moral clarity.”
    Within days, a humiliated Bush was declaring Sharon “a man of peace” despite the fact that he had not withdrawn his troops from Jenin.

    In January 2009, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert publicly boasted that he had “shamed” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice by getting President Bush to prevent her from voting for a Gaza cease-fire resolution at the last moment that she herself had worked on for several days with Arab and European diplomats at the United Nations.

    Olmert bragged to an Israeli audience that he pulled Bush off a stage DURING A SPEECH to take his call when he learned about the pending vote and demanded that the president intervene.
    “I have no problem with what Olmert did,” Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League said .

    There you have it folks — a short history of how Jews dominate the USA.

  32. The Christians claim that their have ben two anti christs. Napoleon and Adolf Hitler both who fought against the Rothschild bankers. So they set up the senario that any great leader who comes who fights against jewish zionists banksters is the anti christ. This is the very reason that the white christians were so willing to fight and die for the jews and the whole bullshit religion has to be thrown in the trash. How many more date changes for the end of the world scenario that you all have been praying for for so long. It was Ellen White who said that it was going to happen back in the 1800″s and the lie has been repeated ever since but the date keeps changing. If enough people focus on this and channel enough of their occult energy on it you could actually make it happen. Especially since the jews control our military and also have plenty of nukes to go for the Sampson option. Look that generation which started in 1948 when Israel became a country ended in 1988 so it has already proven to be bull. Maybe it is because of spiritual warriors resisting this heinous thinking that has prevented it. The spiritual battle goes on and we never surrender. fuk the holly spook who supposedly impregnated the married jewish virgin Mary.

    1. You are talking about the pseudo(false) Christians, the true(real) Christians know that the anti-Christ is natural(unconverted) man.
      It is futile to use the so called ‘jews’ as a scapegoat for everything that is wrong.


  33. great article..
    i hope america is destroyed economically already ..
    i hope it does and then it starts again but .. with zero jew influence
    thats the only way palestine, my country, will be free.
    but, for now,
    america is worse than israel

  34. Another great post by John Kaminski. And it’s all true. And anything that he didn’t mention or go into deeply enough will be found in the comments. If you could only get two or three acquaintances or relatives to read this page…. but no; that’s not very likely, is it?

    All those earnest conservatives you know. They all love “Israel,” and won’t hear a nasty word said about the crappy little pirate state as they allow their minds to be filled like chocolate eclairs with the nonsense and half-truths pumped in by their favorite judas goat and anal-cyst on Clear Channel™. “Nation of imbeciles” is putting it mildly! Ah well, what can you do. Every now and again, I can use a bit of comic relief and I found some this evening on youtube. If you google “uncle obama’s banana” and look for the halfcaste girl in the magenta t-shirt doing funny signs with her arm, you may have a laugh or two. Damn, I’m tired to death of self-styled conservatives who don’t want to think and freely admit it!

  35. Since there are no posts on Pearl Harbor here today and it is Dec 7 I’ll post this here:

    This is December 7 and no posts on Pearl Harbor so let this be the pearl Harbor post.

    “This article was printed 30 Nov.1941. Pearl Harbor was hit Dec. 7 1941. Total death toll was 2,355, and they have the AUDACITY TO CALL THIS A SURPRISE ATTACK! MORE EVIDENCE OF DOMESTIC TREASON!”

    Then there was this investigation that prov
    ed that President Theodore Roosevelt not only knew but intentionally did not relay the information to the command at Pearl Harbor

    This shows the

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s
    Extensive Jewish Family Tree …

    Roosevelts were Jewish Dutch

    What more do I need to say.

  36. Great post! I agree totally with your insight John. America as we know it is finished she is starting to look like the rape victim she is due to the rapist parasites who have hijacked our country. It is strange how many Americans are continuing to sit back and relax while the country spirals down to hell day after day maybe it’s the coffee or Saturday night beer idk.


    december 8 2012

    (…) Russia Today has an excellent video report on Benjamin Netanyahu’s documented role in the criminal smuggling of nuclear triggers from the United States to Israel. If Netanyahu played an active role in the criminal smuggling, this makes him a nuclear criminal. Since both the Israeli president, Shimon Peres, and prime minister Netanyahu have been involved in such criminal activity for decades to create a nuclear arsenal this makes the Israeli government one run by criminals at the top. These are the same people who are behind the false-flag terrorism of 9-11. When will they be prosecuted for their crimes against the United States – and humanity? (…)

    CIA O

  38. Zionist Mafia never misses a chance to fabricate or blow-out Muslim hatred toward Christians or Jews living in Muslim societies. However, they will never mention the ethnic-cleansing of Christian communities in Russia, Ukraine and several other Europen countries in the past plus currently in Israel. While most Christian elites are affraid to mention Jewish hatred toward Christian – there are several Jew academic, authors and historians who are courageous enough to tell the truth. Dr. Israel Shahak, Benjamin H. freedman, Dr. Ariel Toaff, Dr. Elliott Horowitz, to name a few. All of them received the honor of being “antisemite” and “anti-Israel” by American Jewish Congress (AJC), Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and other pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups.

    Dr. Israel Shahak (died 2001) in his book, ‘Jewish History, Jewish Religion‘, says that it’s common practice among the Jews, especially in Israel, to insult Christian symbols, spit on Cross, burn New Testament, etc.

    Benjamin Freedman (died 1984), who coined the phrase Judaism = Talmud = Hate, said: “From the Birth of Jesus until this day, there have never been recorded more vicious and vile libelous blasphemies of Jesus, or Christians and the Christian faith by anyone, anywhere or anytime than you will find between the covers of the infamous “63 books” (Talmud).”

    Dr. Ariel Toaff in his book, ‘The Bloody Passovers‘, says that some Jewish communities in the past used to kidnap Christian children for ritual sacrifice (Blood Libel). According to Russian-Israeli Jewish writer Israel Shamir, the Israeli Jews are practicing the old-fashioned Blood Libel on Palestinian children these days.

    Dr. Elliott Horowitz, US-born Associate Professor of Jewish History at Israel’s Ba-Ilan University, in his book, ‘Reckless Rites: Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence‘ records historical Jewish violence against non-Jews especially the Christians – from the alleged massacre of thousands of Christians in seventh-century Jerusalem to later medieval attacks on Christian symbols such as the crucifix, transgressions that were often committed in full knowledge that their likely consequence would be death.

    Purim – as referred to in the book’s title – is the Jewish holiday spawned by the Old Testament’s Book of Esther – a holiday based on the massacre of 75,000 Persians. According to the author, this Jewish celebration of genocide has impacted negatively upon the Judaic attitude toward the “goyim” and vice versa. The powerful Jewish lobby groups have been trying for years to force the United States to commit a new and on a larger scale Purim in Iran for Israel.

    Melanie A. May’s book, ‘Jerusalem Testment: Palestinian Christians Speak, 1988-2008, records testimonies of heads of the three Christian churches in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Their voices cry out for the dispossessed in Palestine, including many Christians: “In the name of God, end the siege over Gaza; 1.5 million people imprisoned without proper food or medicine; 800,000 without electricity supply. This is illegal collective punishment—an immoral act in violation of basic human and natural laws. It cannot be tolerated anymore.”

  39. Hitler wasn’t the first ‘anti-semite’, he would have simply been the 110th leader of the human resistance to the Talmudic tribe since they had Jesus killed.
    Simply from reading Cicero’s writing clearly the Satanic tribe were creating all these ills for at least a millennia preceding that too.
    It’s not zionism, its Judaism that is the problem.

    Delenda Est Judaica!

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    1. @ Marian

      You are foolish to stubbornly persist with Microsoft’s default browser, IE Explorer … a software package that incidentally, stole most of its best ideas from Netscape.

      These days, there are many alternative, and feature-rich browsers available for download and easy installation. A simple search will throw up many names for you to consider. The Safari browser, although initially designed for the Macintosh, now has a MS-Windows version available. Opera is also a neat and very fast browser, although Opera tends to provide the best user experience on mobile devices (not PCs or laptops).

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      With “compatibility view” de-selected, pages will display normally in your crappy, Indian-coded, Internet Explorer browser. I operate a Microsoft-free environment on my computer, and therefore the content of this website has always displayed normally and correctly.

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