Down and Out in America: Letter from a Russian Émigré

Translated from Russian.
Edited and embellished by Lasha Darkmoon.

Dear Dmitry,

I hope you don’t mind that this is in Russian. I think that this way I can be more completely honest. I am a relatively recent graduate of one of the many faceless post-Soviet institutions of higher learning, with a degree in philosophy. Last year I moved to the USA and married an American woman.

The question of when the modern capitalist system is going to collapse has interested me since my student years, and I have approached it from various directions: from the commonplace conspiracy theories to the serious works of Oswald Spengler and Noam Chomsky. Unfortunately, I still can’t fathom what it is that keeps this capitalist system going.

My wife is a very pleasant woman, but a typical white conservative American. Whenever any political question comes up, she starts ranting about the Constitution. She calls herself a libertarian conservative and a constitutionalist. I used to think she was well-educated and understood what she was talking about. In fact, she is the one who introduced me to America. I once believed everything she told me about the country. But as I found out later, she understands nothing about politics. She merely parrots everything she hears on television or reads in the trashy American newspapers:  populist nonsense spouted by Severin, O’Reilly, Limbaugh and other mass media clowns.

Well, I’m not going to try to prove to my wife that she is wrong on a subject that I don’t quite understand myself. After all, she’s a good wife. I try to steer clear of any political questions when I’m with her or the family, although I do not always succeed. Perhaps if I knew a bit more, I would be able to explain things to my wife better, but our family was one of the first to be flattened by the real estate market collapse. My wife went bankrupt, lost her bank account, house, job, and everything else a little before I got here.  So we can’t even buy anything online.

In that talk you gave at the conference in Ireland, you mentioned that there are certain regions of the US where the common people only eat garbage food from places like Walmart. This consists of junk food crammed with artificial colors and flavors and other dangerous chemicals. Such a diet, you pointed out, “makes people a little bit crazy.”

To my deep regret, I have to agree with you. I have seen it happen. With my own eyes.

Various witty Russian commentators love to heap ridicule on the “dumb Americans” and on the USA as a generally stupid country. But if they spent a bit of time living here and paid closer attention, they would realize that it is not the low cultural level that distinguishes Americans from, say, Russians: both, on average, are quite beastly.

Even when I visited here before, as a student, my first impression was of a country full of madmen, ranging from the marginally competent to the totally insane. And the further south I traveled, the more obvious this mental instability of the American population became.

At first I marveled at this, thinking to myself: look at how intoxicating the spirit of liberty can be! But now I understand that this is a catastrophe. That American society is brainwashed and alienated in the extreme. And that all Americans have left is this: to batten on each other, cannibalize each other, and play each others as suckers. They have become a nation of zombies and vampires, sucking each other’s blood.

I feel the pernicious influence of all this on my own family. Right here and now. You don’t have to be a brilliant visionary to realize that in the current situation all these endless suburbs, built on the North American model, are slowly but surely turning into mass graves for the millions of former members of the middle class.

Those that do not turn into mass graves will become nature preserves — stocked with wild animals that were once human.

My family is turning feral under my very eyes.

Lack of resources has forced us to live according to the Soviet model, three generations under one roof. There are six of us. Only one of us works and has to support the other five. As a result, we are all bitter and twisted human beings, constantly on edge and at the end of our tethers.

Everyone in our household is going to pieces slowly. Gradually becoming insane from  idleness and boredom. The television is never turned off. Its noise is a constant background: the jingle of advertisements, the car chases, the gunshots, the maddening muzac, the sex and the violence.

The female side of the family has been sucked into social networks and associated toys. Everyone is cultivating their own special psychosis, and periodically turns vicious.

In these suburbs, a person without a car is like a man without legs. Joblessness doesn’t  allow any of us to earn money for gas. The house we rent is almost completely isolated from the outside world. The only information that seeps in comes from the lying mass media.

I understand that millions of families throughout America live this way. This is what turns people into political dissidents. Then into revolutionaries. Others take to petty crime, stealing from supermarkets. The young, in sheer frustration, join street gangs. They start sniffing glue and raping farm animals.


For me, as for you, this is the second collapse. You left the USSR before things fell apart. I was still there to see it all happen as a child. I saw what happened when people were finally told that they had been conned for over seventy years. See, they were then offered a candy bar as a consolation prize!

Russian society is now finished. The Jews finished it off. It grieves me to see that the same people have now got their hooks into America.

They call themselves neoconservatives…but most of them are Jews…or led by Jews.

These vermin are now beating the war drums for the devastation of Iran. Not content with having been defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan, after having started illegal wars there built on a stupendous mound of filthy lies, they now long to incinerate innocent women and children in Iran.

I look at the dead faces of Americans around me, their bloodshot eyes like the eyes of demented rats. Poor wretches, they don’t even know what’s happening to them! That they are being led like lambs to the slaughterhouse, unaware of the fate that awaits them.

According to Solzhenitsyn, 66 million Russian Christians were cruelly put to death in the gulags by Stalin and his Jews.  These Americans don’t know this. They’ve never heard of Solzhenitsyn. They think the word gulag is a Hungarian meat dish.

Any day now, my friend, any day now … I see the coming doom of America! … I see the Lord of Terror fall from the skies!

I have said enough. Goodbye, dear friend! Remember me in your prayers…

New Hampshire

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  1. amurderkans pray for money and revenge.
    amurderka will die from stupidity and ignorance.
    the jew state of the jews will die from the infinite hates of its hatefilled citizens (palestinians are not citizens of the jew state of the jews).

  2. a damn fine article.

    it is not just the trailer trash who are ignorant and unconcerned, i know from personal experience that most of the non-jew elite are just as dumbed down, even at the nation’s top college campuses, e.g., harvard, the supposedly brightest minds are dimwits, bulbs flickering out into darkness.

    yeah, they have their guns, their trigger fingers and complete inability to connect the only two dots worth connecting.
    they will just as likely or more likely, shoot each other than aim at their oppressors.

    66 million dead americans? not an outlandish scenario.
    the only difference is they won’t be christians, there are almost no true christians left there.

    1. I’d say 66 million is a low estimate, lets bump it up to 100 million, one third of population.

      Homeland Security has now ordered somewhere near 1.6 billion rounds, that’s 1,600 million rounds of hollow point ammo. That’s plenty of ammo to kill much more.

      So lets bump it up to 2/3 USA pop, 200,000,000.

      Zombie Apocalypse, its here, just go to the mall or McDonalds.

    2. Boy howdy ain’t that the truth.
      Especially about the non-Jew elite.

      I was employed by a seminary for 23 years.
      Damn did I have fun!

  3. Yuri,

    This year I took a wonderful trip to Russia where I visited Moscow and St. Petersburg: what beautiful cities. I have a relative in St. Petersburg (living with a Russian) and they are trying to figure out whether to come to the U.S. or stay in Russia. I begged them to stay in Russia because I know what it’s like here and I can see that Russia at least has a rich culture. Not only that, Russia seems like a better place to raise kids with a far superior educational system. I actually have hope for Russia. I think it will revive.

    Anyway, it is possible to make it here but it is not easy. If you have a PhD in philosophy, and want to teach in a university–forget it, almost. The key to success in the U.S. is to do a zillion internships in college, and then go to work right out of school, starting at the rock bottom. Work ten years without a vacation, or almost no vacation–Christmas day off, that’s it. Work like your life depended on it every day, and never complain although you may have a rage-aholic boss, and work for low pay.
    Sometimes you’ll have to switch jobs if you don’t get a raise, but never leave one job until you have the other. Accept that life is unending work, and major job stress. Accept that you are a cog in the corporate machine. Take classes constantly outside of work to upgrade your skills, get night school degrees, never miss work. Yes, it is possible to work here in the U.S. but I’m not sure it is life as a Russian would recognize it.

  4. Yuri,

    Now I have second thoughts about a strategy. First of all, write a book. Americans don’t read but they are very impressed when someone writes a book. You can publish it relatively easily yourself–it doesn’t matter. It’s like a resume only better. Get together a website with your book on it and write some essays comparing U.S. and Russian society. Do book reviews of books being written in Russian, put on there the real history of the Communists (revolutionary porn), add recipes for Russian dishes, and mixed drinks with vodka–as you well know Americans consume jibberish–volumes of it. Mix in the true with the made up–most don’t know the difference. Russians are obsessed with quality–with the best of everything–from the best marching band to the best chess player. Americans could care less about quality so keep your Russian and American standards separate. Good luck!!

  5. Gentlefolk,

    It has occurred to me that much of the bewilderment encountered in America is from the relatively young who have been taught to expect too much. In the dumbing-down process imposed on them by careful planning, the falsehood spread among them – all the hodgepodge of racial non-kindred – is that they “can do anything!”. How disillusioned they become when they discover their subsequent (conditioned) shortfalls really do exist! THAT is whence comes the societal pathology. The revenge. The killing urge. Even the cannibalism.

    Now that it has manifested itself by means of (Jewish) tampering with [our] society, the
    verity of Yuri’s letter is spot-on.

    America and Canada are beautiful and productive pieces of ground. It is up to we who know to continue sounding the alarm. Believe me, I completely understand the frustration of dealing with the “non-Jew elite” (to use kapoore’s reference). I would call most of my own people by that cite. But, regardless, Americans HAVE their guns, and there is a rapidly growing number who, I believe, are very willing to use them, and point them in the proper direction. That is very much to our advantage.

    The problem for Yuri’s going back to Russia is that he may have to go through the same crap, again. Solzhenitsyn lamented the lack of firearms among the populace of Russia, and admonished Americans to hold onto, and use, theirs. I do see it is becoming more apparent; and the Jew name-calling of “Bubba” and “rednecks” is doing us a service by hardening our resolve.

    Go buy a gun, Yuri, and learn how to use it. You already know what happens to people who do not.

    1. Agree. First of what jews started to do during so called “february revolution” of 1917 – they started to confiscate guns under pretext of “security reasons” – read Prince Nikolay Zhevakhov “jewish revolution”. After that they started “red terror” that took millions of lives of the best and brightest of Russia. Now campaigning against availability of weapons to general public is going in America under same flags of “security reasons”. One difference though – in Russia it was violent, in America it is still on information and propaganda stage. but this stage will be easily enforced by the US repressive apparatus – it is created and huge and ready to be applied on massive scale. and it will be easier than it was in Russia – first of all technologies of mass controls are very much evolved during last 100 years, secondly American society is atomistic, isn’t as united as Russian was at the end of XIX, start of XX century. White Russians fought trotskyist during 4 years. Modern trotskyist didn’t forget this, believe me. Their slogan:”Never forget, never forgive” is the same on all languages and they rule american politics now. Until recently mostly international US policy -“World war will became world [jewish] revolution” – these are words of trotsky from 100 years ago are perfectly in the line with contemporary us/israel attitudes.

  6. Noam Chomsky is a ‘Crypto Zionist’.

    Roger Tucker, Jew Editor/Publisher of “One Democratic State” website – in a recent article, titled “Open Letter to Uri Avnery, Noam Chomsky and Jimmy Carter”, claimed that none of them is friend to Palestinian victims of the foreign Zionist Jew settlers because in fact they themselves are ‘Crypto-Zionists’ hiding behind the facade of ‘humanism’.

    1. 911 was the seminal event that led to the rise of the Amerikan Gulag. But Chomsky, a Jewish gatekeeper says it doesn’t matter, and he never points the finger at Israel or the Jews.

      “(Noam Chomsky) says, referring to what critics of the official narrative allege, “what does it matter even if it was true, it wouldn’t be significant?” ”

      Now watch this and see how this Jewish professor dismisses and belittles 911 research:

      Noam Chomsky is in the same sinking boat as Alex Jones, the shills are being outed and torpedoed, ONE BY ONE WE WILL TAKE THEM DOWN!

      1. To say that it really doesn’t matter if the Jews did 9/11 is as moronic a statement as saying it really doesn’t matter if the Jews killed Jesus Christ or were guilty of ritual murder and cannibalism throughout the Middle Ages. Nor does it matter all that much, Chomsky would argue, if Jack the Ripper was a Jew.

        The fact that all these truths would enshrine antisemitism as a valid philosophy, and give the human race solid grounds for demanding the extermination of the Jews, apparently has not occurred to Chomsky.

  7. A few years ago lobro whipped off the wittiest best Chomsky line ever!
    (he makes it look easy)

    “Chomsky would have us all believe the Romans crucified Jesus for oil.”

    1. did i really!?
      no recollection at all, lots has been said in the last few years.
      glad you remembered it though and attributed it to me, whether true or not 🙂

        1. Rowan, Grettir, Fritz, Xanadu, Tiger Eye, Xenophile, Smekhvo (?) etc., etc., etc. Great folks!

          I think Rowan has me a as non-person again.
          You know, a smartass.
          Odd that smart ass could outweigh the truth with Rowan.
          (he reads too much)

          1. Tsk, tsk!

            De Rowano nil nisi bonum. (Concerning Rowan naught but the good may be said.)

            On peril of excommunication! 🙂

          2. yes, that was a lively bunch, missed, all.

            smekhovo was russian and an exceptionally astute and informed poster.

            give me liberty or make me a non-person!

          3. For some reason, neither smekhovo nor xenophile approved of me. This was because they were sticklers for relevance and hated it if people introduced too many off-topic comments. Which they regarded as “distractions”. I guess they had every reason to disapprove of me because I had no idea how to behave in those days. I was an unruly bitch.

            Traducteur is a poster I miss. We got on well together. He lacked all pretentiousness and he was passionate about Palestine.

            Hmm…so where have all the flowers gone…?

          4. ?Hmm…so where have all the flowers gone…?”

            I wonder about Smekhovo particularly.
            He actually disappeared quite some time before the inevitable wearing out of that little klatch.

            Smekhovo is exceptional.

            “On peril of excommunication!”

            I think of it more as a vacation.

            “give me liberty or make me a non-person!”

            More of both, please.

          5. Yes, 5 dancing shlomos, Atlan Man and the 100% all in; Salman Hussein.

            I believe there was a Lauri, as well. (haha)

      1. I never did it either. It’s what they do in New York. And for beettr or worse, the American Jewish community has to fall in line behind NY when it comes to Jewish trends, fads, stereotypes, etc. I never understood that “rule” till I moved there either.

  8. I am a relatively recent graduate of one of the many faceless post-Soviet institutions of higher learning, with a degree in philosophy. Last year I moved to the USA and married an American woman.

    The above two sentences are most likely a lie. Specifically, the problems are in “degree in philosophy”‘ “moved to America”, and “married an American woman”. Every ex-Soviet knows that this is not how things work.

    Nice article though.

    1. The above two sentences are most likely a lie.

      The above sentence is most likely a moronic statement made by an imbecile who thinks something is true because he says so. No need for evidence. His lofty diktat that X is Y is enough to prove his case.

      1. Ruth, you seem to be copying me as far as evidence [un]provided goes.

        But really, I know I am right and see no need to provide evidence. It makes no difference whether the author of the article is a Russian emigre.

        1. Well, stick to writing “comments” then, where your word alone is thought sufficient to prove the truth of whatever you say.

          Don’t ever try to write a scientific treatise or historical essay or any fact-based article where evidence is necessary.

          Do I need to provide evidence that you are an imbecile? No, I don’t. My absolute conviction that you are an imbecile is quite enough, right?

  9. Lucky Darkmoon! She’s just had four pingbacks for “America Vanquished”, Part 2. How come FOUR identical pingbacks for Part 2 but not a single pingback for Part 1?

    Beautifully presented with a big clear font, but I’d love to know the language of the site operator. Is it a European language?

    Any idea, anyone, what language this is…? Could it be Russian?

    1. it probably is russian, although the site seems run by and for cossacks, who are some sort of paramilitary social caste in russia, ukraine and kazakhstan (kazakh – cossack?).
      just don’t call them hillbillies because there are no hills there, as far as i know.
      and unlike our homebred hillbillies, they know the jew and remember.

      i think that it was cossacks primarily, who were subjected to the jew instigated and run holodomor genocide, as retribution for their anti-bolshevik activities and loyalty to the imperial family.

      it wouldn’t surprise me that they see themselves (maybe in loose alliance with like minded slavs like serbs and montenegrins) as the final christian bulwark against the plague of talmud.

      1. The Cossacks were famed for their wild horse-riding skills and their cruelty. But maybe it was Jewish Hollywood that gave them this image. Just as the “Nazis” are indelibly stamped with the image of mindless sadism thanks to several decades of cinematic propaganda.

        1. of course.

          wild and cruel, they tied anne frank to the horse tail and dragged her all the way to birobidjan death camp.

          … lest you feel bad about holodomor.

          the jew justice operates like that, they invent a group-attributable crime against jews, both before and after the actual one committed by them as a buffer.

          then celebrate with human sacrifice (christian boys preferred) at their blood spattered holidays.

          death to islamofascistamalekocossackianfarsipersianegyptianyeshaworshippers (this term to be expanded in future to include all gentiles, one nation at time).

      2. My father told me about the Cossacks at the end of the war.
        They were the bulk of all that was left, with their horses and carts, and when they met the Americans they would literally break their (the American’s) bones with unrestrained joy the like of which my father, a combat soldier, had never seen or felt.

        This lasted for some short months and just as quickly and violently disappeared. The Russians would now literally tear Americans to pieces, if caught.

        Then they killed Patton.

        1. “when they met the Americans they would literally break their (the American’s) bones with unrestrained joy the like of which my father, a combat soldier, had never seen or felt.” Yes, it was like that. not only among cossacks, but among most of Russians before talmudic rule of bolsheviks. One of the founders of zionism – Zhabotinsky, wrote that when he met Russian Imperial Army soldiers during WWI he was overwhelmed by their joy of life, unity, ethnic pride and love to their Tzar and Motherland. Few years after trotsky squads exterminated whole villages of this people using mass murders of women, children and elders alike while using chemical weapons of mass destruction (gazes) against their men.

  10. I copy and paste this remarkable comment from the site. I missed it first time round. In many way, a priceless comment. And absolutely on-topic, because it is also written by a Russian émigré (like the above article) who appears to identify Lasha Darkmoon as belonging to an old aristocratic Russian family . . . though obviously not born in the Soviet Union but in some other unspecified country:

    November 5, 2011 at 9:50 am

    To Lady Lashova Alexandrovich
    (aka Lasha Darkmoon)
    from Prince Pushkin of Kiev

    Lady Lashova, greetings!

    Thank you, dear lady, for including me in your list! It is indeed an honor! Let me begin by saying this: Your latest article, America Vanquished, came as a big surprise to me. I didn’t know you had it in you, Lashova, to write like this!

    I had always been under the distinct impression you were a person of relatively mediocre talents—a pedestrian intellect in many ways. In fact, a pretty stupid woman. Good heavens, you surprised me! This was actually a beautifully written article. Congratulations!

    It gave me much food for thought, let me tell you, this shocking article of yours. Yes, much food for thought, as I took my daily stroll by the shores of Lake Leman — by misty Lake Leman in Switzerland, Lashova, where I now live in melancholy exile from the land of our forefathers, dear Mother Russia.

    By the way, I was deeply impressed by the wit and charm and sheer acumen of many of your commenters: Lorcan, Berenice, Thomas Mallon, Carolyn Yeager, Invictus, and several others. These people are thinkers! You have quite a lot of high-powered philosophers writing to your site, Lashova, giving you the benefit of their weighty opinions ! How exciting, how refreshing!

    Here now are few comments from me, your distant friend and admirer and former implacable enemy, Prince Pushkin of Kiev.

    They come in addition to the well-deserved praises you have received from others. Consider them carefully, Lashova, and do not despise them because they stem from an unworthy source: from someone you once hated and probably still hold in supreme abhorrence.

    It’s good to see that you made mention in your essay of the Russian Catastrophe—the Secret Holocaust mentioned by Eustace Mullins—from which I can tell you Russia is still reeling. As a retired Russian diplomat now residing in Switzerland, and with many contacts still in Mother Russia, I can tell you with certainty that we Russians have not yet forgotten the savage blows inflicted on millions of her people by the Jew-dominated regimes of Lenin and Stalin.

    I am happy to see that you quoted the incomparable Israel Shamir, a genuine lover of Russia and a force for good in this world, and that you also made mention of Solzhenitsyn who has given us first-hand knowledge of daily life in the grim gulags when Russia lay under the heel of Stalin and his bloodthirsty crew of Jewish mass murderers.

    You mentioned Yuri Slezkine, too, and his classic quote: “Anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Cheka stood a very good chance of finding himself confronted with and possibly shot by a Jewish investigator.”

    It is with good Jews such as Israel Shamir and Yuri Slezkine that we should stay on friendly terms.

    We must never forget the good Jews, Lasha. We must rally to their support. All the more so in that they receive a good deal of hammering and mindless abuse simply because they ARE Jews. Yes, they are blamed for the crimes and misdemeanors of the bad Jews. It is so wrong.

    I am relieved, Lashova—but not too surprised—to hear you say:

    “I am not the gloomy philosopher you make out…or one who has given up all hope. I am merry in my days and there is often a smile on my lips. Even in the midst of terror, there are always times of relaxation and felicity.”

    I also agree with you on “the need for an apocalyptic approach. Armageddon surely looms.” Absolutely, dear Lashova. You’ve hit the nail on the head! For a mere woman, you do have a few remarkably original thoughts sometimes.

    To avoid Armageddon, however, should we not explore the possibility of going beyond the Bible and the three monotheistic religions that sprung out of it and which are now entwined in a deadly embrace: an undercover combat?

    The one advantage the Russians have over the others is that they actually managed to survive the Apocalypse of 1917-21 which you described in such stark and vivid terms in your article.

    Then came the traumatic events of 1991 and the shock therapy of the 1990s in Russia. Nietzsche was right when he said that the disease that tries to kill you, but fails, only makes you a stronger person. I don’t know for sure if Russians merely survived, or survived to become wiser and better people. Who knows…?

    It’s interesting to note that Solzhenitsyn seemed to be more confident and robust in his defense of the West against the onslaughts of Communism, a mostly Jewish invention, than the West was in the 1970-80s.

    I know many educated Russians who care deeply about the state of the world, but few among them seem to be united by a common purpose or goal. No vital new idea energizes them. They are lacking something. This is very sad. It weighs my spirit down with gloom.

    You mince no words about the deadly grip the Zionists have over America and other choke points in the world, especially in the mass media and pop culture. And yet, you are the first to admit:

    “One thing I do fear, Lorcan. And that is to be mistaken for an anti-Semite. Aren’t you? Though I may rail at the Jews, it is really organized Jewry, not individual Jews, who are the objects of my criticism. Like you, I know good Jews who are as worried as you or I are at the way the world is going to hell in a handcart. I love these Jews. Truly. They are noble, and I would hate to be the object of their contempt and regarded as a cheap and common Jew hater.”

    That is a comment I can certainly applaud, Lashova. Well done! Again, you surprise me. I never knew women were capable of such noble sentiments and sensitivity.

    I think many Jews are now trying to think out of the “Jew Box”. I’ve even heard of Budd-Jews, or Jewish Buddhists, who feel that the Box of Monotheism is too tight, too constricting, to meet the challenges of a new Armageddon.

    With all due respect and prayers to our Christian God, it is perhaps time to think of getting out of the Christian Church box: the Roman Catholic box, the Protestant box, the Greek and Russian Orthodox box.

    In order to fulfil the promise of harmonious interaction of humans with humans, we need to continue on the path of Jesus when he put the moral qualities of his followers above the dubious claim that the seed of Abraham entitles one race to rule the word.

    I am not suggesting the repudiation of Christianity. By no means. I am suggesting rather that we cut away the dross of Christianity and retain its rare essence. Its je ne sais quoi. Its creative affirmation in the conditions of terror and tribulation that now loom over the world and its benighted people.

    I leave you now, Lady Lashova, with a final quote from my favorite philosopher — the man who said “I am dynamite” and “What does not destroy me, makes me stronger”—and it is a quote I often ponder as I take my daily stroll round the misty shores of Lake Leman, wrapped in melancholy thoughts of the doom that menaces mankind.

    “Formula of my happiness: a Yes, a No, a Straight Line, a Goal.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

    Lady Lashova Alexandovich, farewell! I hope you have fully recovered from your recent illness. Your letter to me certainly seemed to exude a supreme health of the spirit.

    Peace and light, Lashova, and many compliments and felicitations from your Ancient Enemy,

    — Ivan K,
    Prince Pushkin of Kiev,

    1. “Lasha Aleksandrovich” dont sound quite Russian – Lasha Aleksandrovna would be for that purpose.
      In regard to “jewish questions” and permanent excuses of “not be against individual jews”, or “to have many (or some) jewish friends”, “very decent persons” that we can see and hear here and there – it is actually weaken our positions. The subject in question was resolved centuries ago: “we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” So, is our struggle against humans e.g. jews or against evil spirit of talmudism that is trying to dominate the modern world?

    2. “The one advantage the Russians have over the others is that they actually managed to survive the Apocalypse of 1917-21” Survived, but at what cost? To have country and people decapitated at least twice in 20 years span (1917-1922 and 1937-1945)? There should be at least 600 millions of Russians now instead of 130 millions people broken morally, physically and genetically, living in constant conflict with themselves.

  11. Come to think of it, “Lasha” is a popular Russian name. And so is “Lashova”.

    I speculate that “Ivan K”, Prince Pushkin of Kiev, is a former lover of Lady Lashova who betrayed her in some dreadful manner . . . so as to merit the description of “implacable enemy.”

    Or maybe he administered Lashova’s family estate eand embezzled her inheritance, forcing the cheated heiress into exile from Mother Russia.

    So here she is now, wandering the earth forlornly like Ahasuerus, the Wandering Jew, consoling herself with bittersweet love poetry and diatribes against the satanic forces that rule the world . . .

    The plot thickens . . . 🙂

    1. Rather than seek Lasha’s identity, it is noteworthy that both she and her “enemy” share the same sentiment about individual jews they know. Like myself, they would rather not be known as blanket “Jew Haters”, but, rather, involve themselves in the vending of historic accounts of Jewry, in general.

      It is sad how Eustace Mullins was so attacked after his exposé on The Federal Reserve. He was labelled “anti-semitic”, and was unjustly denied the wide recognition he deserved. It really bothered him. I have never known a kinder and more intellectually-refined gentleman than Eustace. I was proud to be his friend. Though I do not know Lasha, or this “Prince Pushkin” (and am tempted to think his beautiful letter to Lasha may even be a “fishing trip”), I like its genuine tone.

      It is hard to think I am an American so easily moved to violence – even if that may be the only “solution” – but that is my breed. Even so, it is good to think there are those more worldly than I who understand the same motivators, but who are not as easily prompted. Thank you, for sharing this, Sardonicus.

      1. Sorry to repeat myself, but reading your comment I decided to repost it because I think it is important: In regard to “jewish questions” and permanent excuses of “not be against individual jews”, or “to have many (or some) jewish friends”, “very decent persons” that we can see and hear here and there – it is actually weaken our positions. The subject in question was resolved centuries ago: “We are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” So, is our struggle against humans e.g. jews or against evil spirit of talmudism that is trying to dominate the modern world?

        1. Georgia is quite different from Russia and I am not familiar with names there.

          As Russian myself, I assure you we do not have a first name of Lasha. There are similarly sounding names, such as Dasha (from Daria), Natasha (Natalia), and some others, but not Lasha.

          Furthermore, I cannot think of a single Russian first name that is based on place name.

  12. The USA certainly does not have to fall in the same jewditch as the USSR. Read the timely tip of Kevin Barrett to us President Obama.

    Now it’s payback time. Why Obama should bust Netanyahu for 9/11.

    (…) To put it simply: The Rothschild-led bankster cartel has been occupying Palestine since 1917. And it has been occupying the USA since the Federal Reserve coup d’état of 1913. So the US and Iran are actually allies, not adversaries, in the battle against Zionist dollar hegemony (…)

    Now, that is a excellent change of Gestallt shown by a Euro-American academic turned Muslim.

    Obama and allied forces in the US military and intelligence communities have a chance to do what no US President since JFK has dared to do: Tell Israel to go to hell (…)

    (…) But does President Obama have the courage, integrity and statesmanship to save the world’s biggest power, the USA, from a filthy little country run by certifiable madmen? (…)

    Let us in prayers give Obama the support to be no jew whore for 4 years more.

    CIA O

  13. Behind The News By BF The Zen Man From Tokyo:

    The Dragon family and governments of the non-Western world acted decisively to get Barak Obama re-elected as president because a Romney victory would have meant World War 3, according to multiple sources.

    Obama was cut off of his election finances by the Pope and the Queen three weeks before the election and would have lost if the Dragon family and others did not step in and finance him, according to CIA and Asian government sources. Obama returned the favor by complying to a request to purge Bush/Nazi operatives from the government and the military, the sources say.

    That is why Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and other bush operatives were fired. The purge at the pentagon and agencies included CIA Chief David Petraeus, Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, US Army General Carter Ham, Brigadier General Jeffery A. Sinclair, and US Navy Commander Joseph E. Darlak, according to CIA and other agency sources.

    Obama now has a totally different set of handlers and teleprompter script writers than he did in his first term. The agenda he is expected to follow is to set the stage for a swords to plowshares transition of the military industrial complex.
    He is also expected to oversee the dismantling of the Federal Reserve Board

    CIA O

  14. Interestingly, while noting the effects of TV, Yuri cannot fathom the fact that it is the lies perpetrated by this very medium that keeps this “capitalist system” going. People live by their television. As such, they remain blind to anything not covered on the Fox news network. Therefore, until the eviction notice arrives in the mail, the goyim masses simply soldier on like nothing is amiss. However, every day more and more are joining the ranks of the disenfranchised who can no longer deny that indeed, something is very, very, wrong with this country.

    What is wrong is Jews, but those held to account for America’s leadership, dare not notice this fact lest they are labeled “anti-Semite” and thereby become reduced to blubbering masses of spineless jelly as they beg forgiveness from their paymasters. So the bovine masses continue their mindless dance of death around a glowing tube; absorbing its ephemeral emanations of security contained within flashing, thumping, computerized images falsely portraying a caring, protective, government. The American government is anything but and this fact will soon become horribly apparent as the Soviet styled Homeland Security passes out billions of rounds of ammunition to domestic forces while the new American gulags open their doors for business.

    While arguing endlessly over whether it is democrats, republicans, big government, big business, the Illuminati or space aliens that are to blame for the destruction evident all around them, Americans ignore the truth in plain sight. To wit – the government will soon destroy them in the same manner the son of a Rabbi’s Soviet government murdered the indigenous population of Russia. Yet many who do recognize some facet of this truth are feign to blame “all the Jews” for their metastasizing misfortune. “Are there not good Jews among the bad” they ask? As I recall, that was the very question put to God by Abraham regarding the fate of the Sodomites. In the final analysis, what was the outcome for Sodom and its subdivision Gomorrah?

    Once again, a segment of the population divides itself on niggling matters. To them I ask, why not use the Jew’s own standards of accountability? The Jews blamed the whole of the German population for the Nazis, even as they now hold every non-jew population in the Middle East responsible for their government’s actions. Do they not hold the Iranian people responsible for their support of the government? Of course, there are those among all nations who do not support their government. These are what Jews refer to as “collateral causalities” as the Marines charge in shouting their Judaic slogan, “KILL! Kill them all! Let God sort them out!” In fact, not only has the Israeli government been doing this to the Palestinians, they recently demonstrated this same attitude once again by randomly firing a missile into the civilian sector of Syria, ostensibly in retaliation for an alleged strike against a military outpost.

    Ultimately, like the U.S. Marines, the God of the Torah succinctly sums up the Jew’s attitude for assigning responsibility, “Kill them all! Men, women, children! Kill their animals! Poison their wells! Salt their land! But take their virgins for slaves.” Sans perhaps slaves, isn’t this exactly what they have done to countries like Iraq, Egypt and Libya through the auspices of their American proxy? Of course the Jews have seen the danger in their claims for accountability and thus have employed the Hollow hoax to inoculate the goyim masses against using their own standards.

    The minute one places collective blame on the Jews, the specter of another holocaust rises like a six pointed phoenix from the ashes, once again validating their claim for universal persecution. In turn, this serves to increase their collective cohesiveness. As Rabbi rabbit might say with a sly grin, “Please, not the persecution patch! For YHVH’s sake, don’t throw us into the persecution patch! Anything but the persecution patch! You can read our Talmud or call us Nazis, just don’t throw us into the persecution patch!”

    Watching the white man deal with Jews is like watching a toddler play chess with a master. In this game however, one cannot play by the rules for the rules are not only made by Jews, but are, with boring regularity, tailored to fit by their Talmudic legal scholars. It will take another Hitler or Jesus to cut through the Kosher Gordian Knot that now binds western civilization. But don’t hold your breath waiting for a savior, the Jews learned their lessons well from these past attempts to challenge their power.


    1. Checkmate?
      Not quite.
      We will be able to win after we’ll get to know the enemy tactics, not before. It is embedded in talmud and they start to learn it since early childhood. Not before we learn it as well we will have strategic advantage. They do know it during centuries, this why “goy studying talmud should be killed”. They may look big and strong and fearsome, but they aren’t invincible – don’t make this mistake. Don’t loose the fight before it is finished. Finally, the Word was said already: “I have spoken all this to you in order that in me you may have peace. In the world you have affliction. But keep up your courage: *I* have won the victory over the world.” (John 16:33) This why they fear and hate Christ so much. As wrote Prince Nikolay Zhevakhov in his brilliant book “jewish revolution” – jews are collective anti-Christ. But again – it is vital that every Christian or Muslim or virtually any person should study and know talmidic teachings because we are living now in the world throughly penetrated by evil spirit of talmudism, frequentely without understanding it like blind guinea pigs and therefore not acting, but reacting, loosing strategic initiative. And he, who don’t have strategic initiative, how he can win even the battle, not mentioning the war?

  15. speaking of “good” jews, does anyone consider the following.

    given that they, practically by definition of what constitutes a jew, worship at the child skull festooned altar of kol nidre, where one and only one oath binds them to the lord of evil, who do you know that theren’t a legion of deeply embedded sayanim whose job is precisely that, to feign “good” jews?
    in fact, the devil of the protocols would be hugely remiss to have overlooked this opportunity to insert a poison pill into the heart of christian mercy and morality.

    in my book, i automatically assume that they are all bad and let them build credibility one run of the ladder out of hell at time.
    i think that israel shamir has worked his way out.

    maybe michael hoffman, brother nathaniel, shlomo sands, israel shahak, ariel toaff, mordechai vanunu …

    less credibility but still in running for the “good” label, henry makow, michel chossudovsky …

    certainly not mondoweiss guy, noam chomsky and scores of “liberal jews” with a zionist erection bulging out.
    they and shabbas gatekeepers like jimmy carter are more toxic than out and out scorpions like yitzhak ginsburg and his unwholesome ilk, because goys are misled down a blind alley with the only exit into a slaughterhouse.

    1. “in my book, i automatically assume that they are all bad and let them build credibility one rung of the ladder out of hell at time.”

      And how about Ruthie and Jessel? Are they good or bad Jews? Come to think of it, are they Jews at all? 🙂

      1. Seymour Zak is definitely a baddie…but I’m not so sure about Ruth and Jessel. As far as I know, Jessel hasn’t made a single political comment so far! All she does is give us highly original spelling lessons.

      2. i somehow doubt that they are jews, especially ruth.

        i mean, “bernstein” is not a jewish name, right? 🙂

        but maybe that’s the sign of a good jew, when the turing machine can no longer discern judaic essence.

    1. hah.

      i can see the age old talmudic script unfolding … texas accused of haboring terrists, responsible for 9/11 (19 flyin’ texans, ala slim pickens in dr strangelove), satellite photos shown in the united nations of squintin’ george bush humping his pet goat, 5k dead twin tower jews suing the state for several trillion, nato scum called in, all the starving unemployed mercenaries poles, greeks, belgians, canadians, nigerians, al-qaedians, trained in negev for the lone star conditions, false flags, black ops, yellow-rose revolution tweeted worldwide, the new dronestan … and chomsky will say that it is a war for texas oil, only by fluke that texas is on eretz yisroel map.

  16. “Russian society is now finished. The Jews finished it off. It grieves me to see that the same people have now got their hooks into America.
    They call themselves neoconservatives…but most of them are Jews…or led by Jews.
    I look at the dead faces of Americans around me, their bloodshot eyes like the eyes of demented rats. Poor wretches, they don’t even know what’s happening to them! That they are being led like lambs to the slaughterhouse, unaware of the fate that awaits them.”

    We can’t even call them Jews!

  17. I am sorry, Yuri. America once was a better place. I would turn off the T.V., though. You don’t need to have that on all day long. And community activism does help. America is an organized place with tons of organizations. I can’t say they have the cultural depth of a Russian community, but it’s better than watching T.V. and more real. But even if you write a book, have a website, are a local activist, belong to clubs (hiking, biking, camping, book clubs, choral groups, rowing, you name it, your kids school, run for mayor, hike the Sierra Nevada) still, in those vacant moments the eerie reality comes through and it’s all worth it but… where are those words that say it. We live in an artificial world and there is this immense lack of awareness. Something like that. It’s so boring, but TV is the worst. I NEVER watch it, NEVER!!

  18. Peace be with you Yuri,

    Why pick on the USA, everything is a sham, even this blog is a sham, the hatred for
    fellow human beings(Jews) expressed in this blog, is a symptom of the decadence .

    The time has come, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess.


  19. “the hatred for fellow human beings (Jews) expressed in this blog, is a symptom of the decadence .”

    Duke, you are either a jew or a fool. WAKE UP.

    Just one quote:

    “Despite the extremely malleable capacities intrinsic to the Talmud, one of its historical standards to our own day — in the Orthodox context (which is what all Jews were till the Enlightenment) – is religiously sanctioned racism, rooted in the Chosen People ethos and the notion that Jews were superior to all others and destined to remain “apart” from them.

    “The Talmudic mind,” says Norman Cantor, “is hostile to ethnic equality and to universalism. It is very anxious to enforce an ideal of communal purity. All possible contacts with Gentiles are to be avoided.” [CANTOR, p. 206]

    “It is the Talmudic mentality and customs,” wrote David Goldstein, a Jewish apostate, in 1940, “that are largely responsible for the enmity of non-Jews towards Jews. This enmity also exists among Jews themselves, for revolt is the keynote of modern Jews, revolt against Rabbinism, Orthodox Judaism, which is Talmudism.” [GOLDSTEIN, p. 130]

    “Learning the classic Jewish texts in the yeshivot (religious schools) of both western and eastern Europe,” notes Edwin Boraz, “involved generations of traditions. The Talmud became part of the genetic code of our people.” [BORAZ, p. 3] From “Jewish Tribal Review,”

    So, who’s the REAL hater? Those who crucified Christ, who will NEVER be absolved from this crime, no matter what President, Premier, or Pope may say. The witness of Scripture is against them, for all time.

    1. ” And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten
      of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us,
      and washed us from our sins in his own blood,” Rev 1:5

      ” Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are
      Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship
      before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” Rev 2:9

      The Faithful Witness

      1. c’mon dude, what do you think today’s jews are, the real ones from ancient times or the residents of the synagogue of satan?

        what do theur actions say about who they are?

        ever heard of khazars?

        1. Peace be with lobro,

          All those who reject the truth are from the synagogue of Satan, it is not only the so called ‘jews’, natural man(sinful man) is constantly projecting his irrational mindset on some evil ‘out there’. Evil is within. Now is the time of judgment, the sheep are being separated from the goats.


          1. Crowley was a self inventor of rituals and what he did was to rebel against his religious upbringing with as much depravity as he could. The meaning of Satan is Enemy of Jehova. It has evolved from being an angel first appearing when testing Job by inflicting affirmates upon him as a bet to Jehova that he would not remain devout. But as other cultures invaded Israel first Persia then Greece Satin took on images from their gods which evolved. The main image shown today is a devilized version of the Greek God Pan, Satanism is not about human sacrifice and blood rituals but these are from Judaism. Because the European Religions are the most threatening to the Jews so Satin is delegated to all forms of spiritual practice that is not either Christian, Judaism or Muslin which are the three Abrahamic Religions.
            Jesus Christ was invented in the 4′th Century and was created out of a combination of 18 pagan gods and the storyline of the Gospels also taken from pagan stories but reframed to include Jesus. The INRI inscribed upon the cross is a symbol meaning the Jewish people. So by getting a lot of people to channel 0ccult energy to this symbol they send their occult power to the Jews. This is what gives them a lot of occult power and drains the occult power from the practitioners. Also any God only takes on a energy field of combined thought form from the ones creating it. Therefore the God Odin and his son Thor have very weak energy fields and only if a revival in worship of them would bring their power back. Even if they are mythical they do have real elements of Nature behind them and are more real than a dead jew. They are also of My ancestors tribe and deserve worship and by searching out the genealogy of followers will make My people heroes and forget all those jews from the bible.
            The Abrahamic religions started with a guy who was going to disect and BBQ his own son to his blood cult god and ended with a guy that asked his followers to eat his body and drink his blood. Christians are always saying “Wash in the Blood of Jesus” pretty Gross. Gross is also a Jewish name which fits them.

  20. it also appears the same satanic cult still owns the media, prints the currency and operates a kosher brothel called congress….

    and has a stool sculpture deity cult compound in Palestine dedicated to spreading terrorism to the four corners of the globe…with branch offices in NY, DC, LONDON, PARIS, FRANKFURT,….anywhere there is a BANK….

    and hates Jesus….it’s their “Religion”….
    and they pay the scriptwriters, too.

  21. I just listened to a Jeff Rense piece on pedophelia in Hollywood–how the casting couch is just as much for little kids to sleep with the producer as of age actresses and actors. So, if someone boycotts street drugs because they don’t like the drug cartels or boycotts Israeli products because they don’t like the killing fields of Gaza; then just think every time you turn on that TV or go to a movie you might be supporting pedophelia and I don’t think producers come with labels of clean or not clean. This is an excellent reason to boycott TV, Hollywood, and basically ban the beast from your house.

    1. “I just listened to a Jeff Rense piece on pedophelia in Hollywood–how the casting couch is just as much for little kids to sleep with the producer as of age actresses and actors.”

      Do you have a link for this article? I’d like to read it.

  22. Sardonicus,

    It was on the Jeff Rense radio show and I can’t remember what the link was. However, if you look up Corey Feldman and pedophilia you’ll get a youtube video of Feldman being interviewed on the major networks. So at the moment it’s an available youtube phenomena. And a lot of websites have picked it up. I think it came up on the Jeff Rense show as part of it being the “talk of the town,” so to speak. The Feldman video is the evidence against the industry.

  23. I just want to add a comment on pedophile producers. California has the most draconian laws possible for sex crimes against children. If someone is convicted of pedophilia he/she will never see daylight again. Also, prison inmates put pedophiles at the bottom rung of the crimes and consequently a sentencing to prison is almost a death sentence. Finally, it doesn’t seem that the statues run out on this crime as many of the pedophile priests committed their deviant acts in the 1950s. The church had more or less cleaned up its act by the time the convictions started coming down–at least that is my understanding. It is not too late for child actors and actresses of yesteryear to press charges and I hope they do. We want to be rid of the vermin in all walks of life.

    1. I just want to add a comment on pedophile producers. California has the most draconian laws possible for sex crimes against children. If someone is convicted of pedophilia he/she will never see daylight again.

      You may well be right about California’s law enforcement officers taking “draconian” steps against pedophiles caught in California. But don’t be deceived into investing these law enforcement officers with all sorts of Christian virtues they do not have.

      Today, most porn movies and porn videos in America are produced by Jews in the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. This is located just north-east of Los Angeles in a sprawl of seedy suburbs known to locals as “Porn Valley” or “the Other Hollywood”.

      California’s law enforcement officers know only too well that California produces more porn than ALL the other states of America put together and that the center of this industry is “Porn Valley”, a short bus ride from Los Angeles.

      You are probably unaware that 55 percent of the world’s child porn is produced in America and that this industry is almost certainly concentrated in the San Fernando Valley or “Porn Valley.” Almost without exception every single movie studio in this area is owned by a Jew.

      So tell me, Kapoore, why don’t these conscientious law officers in California clamp down on the Jewish child porn producers on their doorstep?

      It seems they are too busy tracking down individual pedophiles to bother with the Big Fish — the Jewish child porn producers operating under their very noses!

      Maybe they’ve been bought off.

      Don’t you think it’s pretty disgusting going after the little fish and deliberately giving the Big Fish a pass?

  24. Xanadu,

    I know where the porn is produced and I know who produces it. I live in the San Fernando Valley. I just hoped that I could scare some of the vermin off the couch with the kids. The day will come when they will be prosecuted and I hope it’s soon. And California does have draconian laws against sex crimes, but usually it’s poor Mexicans, Blacks, and other poor folk that end up being convicted and sent to prison for the gang rape treatment. It is a death sentence. So, no rich J….h producers don’t go. But one day it will all come crashing down… Like the banks, like the IDF, like a lot else. But isn’t it always the case that the people about to fall into the abyss haven’t a clue.

  25. You should learn how you can get out of America. Visit to get a copy of the How to Escape America Guide or sign up for an emigration consultation. Life is much better in New Zealand and Australia with higher wages and better living standards. Americans do not realise how bad they have things.

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