Gay Parades Banned in Moscow for 100 Years, by Pandora Pushkin (Satire)

Source: Gay parades banned in Moscow for 100 years


Civilization is safe in other parts of the world, it seems, including Israel, where there are no plans to restrict homosexuality or prevent public displays of affection between members of the same sex.

“We’re a civilized bunch here,” my Jewish classmate Miriam K wrote to me this morning from Tel Aviv. “So if you want to take up lesbianism at any time, dear Pandora, hop on a plane to Tel Aviv — you’re always welcome!”

I had to explain to Miriam that if I were that way inclined, I would hardly need to visit Tel Aviv, since I could get the same action in San Francisco. “It’s only gay parades that are being banned in Moscow,” I added. “Not gay sex!”

Miriam was delighted to hear this.

“In that case,” she said, “I don’t mind visiting Moscow, though I must say I will miss the chance of picking up my soulmate in the crowd of pulsating bodies.”

I was not interested in pursuing this conversation with Miriam who is, if the truth be told, an incredibly depraved young Jewess without a moral compass.

Anyway . . . to change the subject!

 Here is Nikolay Alexeyev who has been campaigning for years for the right to stage gay pride parades in Russia.

Ain’t he cute?

In order to spite dear old Nikolay and his kind, Moscow’s top court has upheld a ban on gay pride marches in the Russian capital for the next 100 years!

Russia’s best-known gay rights campaigner, Nikolay had previously gone to court hoping to overturn the city council’s ban on gay parades. The silly boy had actually demanded the right to stage such parades in Moscow for the next 100 years, somehow implying that he didn’t mind what happened when the hundred years was up.

This illogicality on his part obviously didn’t go down very well with the mayor and aldermen of Moscow, not to mention the good burghers of the city — assuming they have mayors, aldermen and burghers in Moscow. I know they have burgers, but I’m not sure about burghers. I’ll have to check!

Nickolay also opposes St Petersburg’s ban on spreading “homosexual propaganda”. The European Court of Human Rights has told Russia to pay him damages. This is because the European Court of Human Rights believes that spreading propaganda is a “human right”, especially if it’s war propaganda or homosexual propaganda. If it is propaganda for traditional moral values and ethical decency, they are understandably not so keen on its dissemination.

I mean, let’s face it, who wants to be decent nowadays? I’ve never heard anything so outrageous. At this rate, they will be threatening to bring back capital punshment, torture, and the Ten Commandments. Actually, they have brought back torture. So it’s geting pretty scary. It could be the Ten Commandments next.

On Friday Nickolay said he would go back to the European Court in Strasbourg to push for a recognition that Moscow’s ban on gay pride marches — past, present and future — was unconstitutional.

Well, that’s interesting, because almost everything done in the United States nowadays is “unconstitutional”, including targeted assassinations, imprisonment without due process, and torture for fun.

The Moscow city government argues that the gay parade would risk causing public disorder and that most Muscovites do not support such an event.

I think this is a shocking attitude to take. It implies there’s something wrong with public disorder. Which is ridiculous. It implies that the democratic will of the people of Moscow, who are strangely enough called “Muscovites” instead of “Moscovites”, ought to be taken into account. Which is even more ridiculous.

Americans will not sympathize with these views since they know it’s now an American tradition never to implement the will of the people. If the people want something, the American government strongly believes, every attempt should be made to give them the opposite. If they want peace, for example, it’s best to give them war. If they want a fairer distribution of wealth, it’s best to rob the poor to make the rich richer. If they want job security, it’s best to export their jobs to the Third World. In short, if they want to be happy, it’s best to make them thoroughly miserable.

This is how government now works in America. It’s called neo-democracy. Not very different from tyranny, in point of fact, but please don’t tell the sheeple that!

When riots in the streets break out and half the American population find themseves behind bars — apart, that is, for the children of Abraham who will fulfil the role of prison warders — the sheeple will be told that locking them up is the new freedom.

And the sillybillies will believe it!

In September, the Council of Europe — the main human rights watchdog in Europe — will examine Russia’s response to a previous European Court ruling on the gay rights issue, Russian media report.

In October 2010 the court said Russia had discriminated against Mr Alexeyev on grounds of sexual orientation. It had considered Moscow’s ban on gay parades covering the period 2006-2008, obviously under the bizarre impression that they had a perfect right to stick their long noses into Russia’s private affairs.

That Russia is a sovereign country, in which Russians decide what is best for themselves, is a principle that has apparently not penetrated the thick skulls of these European politicians — the same politicians, incidentally, who blinked and turned their eyes the other way when pedophilia was running rampant in Belgium during the time of the Dutroux child murders.

You will gather from this that the European Court of Human Rights is not unlike the American government. It also believes staunchly in neo-democracy, i.e., giving the people exactly the opposite of what they want. For their own good, you understand.

It is deeply disturbing to think that loving couples like the above will no longer be able to show their mutual affection in public for the next hundred years in Moscow’s Gay Pride Parades. They will be forced to confine their amorous activities to the private sphere. Is this right or fair? I don’t think so! Russia is clearly showing signs of degeneracy. This is not how civilized countries ought to behave.

I vote we bomb Iran, where they are just as bad, And then take out Russia. And maybe China too.

All these anti-democratric countries, where the will of ordinary people is taken into account, are obviously a threat to civilization and democratic values.

These horrible countries also have a lot of oil and gas, though of course this is totally irrelevant. So why did I mention it? Hmmm, I guess it’s because I’m not very bright — in fact, I’m virtually a moron.



Pandora Pushkin is a writer of satirical spoofs. She is looking for her soulmate, preferably a wig maker, but refuses to provide an email address. This is a pity, because she is quite an attractive young lady.

78 thoughts to “Gay Parades Banned in Moscow for 100 Years, by Pandora Pushkin (Satire)”

  1. Thanks, Pandora. A most amusing article. I admire your gay attitude to life. Oooops, I mean, your merry outlook. 🙂

    Btw, I am also seeking my soulmate, but unfortunately I am not a wig maker. On the off chance that you might wish to contact me, you can obtain my email address from Montecristo or Ms Darkmoon.

    I am an associate professor of History at a Welsh university, age 45, married, but seeking divorce. I am ready for adventure, travel, or anything else you care to name.

    Bye for now, Pandora.

    Take Care,

    Alexander S.

  2. This is a serious subject, Pandora. I resent your flippant attitude. Your facetious tone does not amuse me. I regard you as a most unpleasant homophobe. Is that really you in that silly green wig?

    Honestly, your style leaves much to be desired.

    Your salacious picture of two gay young men kissing was inappropriate. I wish you had not posted it. Such pictures of male bodies can be quite inflammatory. You are an irresponsible young woman with very little of substance in your head.


    1. How odd that you should find the pics of the two gays kissing “inappropriate”, but you did not complain about the two “hunks” embracing, their genitalia printing through their red panties. It is also quite “queer” that you do not complain about the parade itself being “salacious”, for such parades always are. Homosexuality, quite apart from the admonitions against it in the bible is biologically aberrant. Apart from procreation, sex has no biological function at all (yes, we all know it feels good, but if it did not, there would be no children).
      “Such pictures of male bodies can be quite inflammatory.” – We can well imagine which part of you was inflamed by the pictures. Hooray for Moscow!

      1. I agree George. Hooray for Moscow. We are already aware Tel Aviv is decadent and pushes her agenda in America. What we need to do is get AIPAC out and take our country back!

    2. Well John, given the fact you were so inflamed by the “salacious” photos of men kissing – it’s small wonder you would find little substance in “any” woman!

        1. I have found a College that accept gay people
          It is interesting. I have a gay colegue who has finish he’d doctorate degree. ATIS INTERNATIONAL BIBLE COLLEGE ,GOOGLE IT.

  3. @ John Abelard, there is no such thing as a homophobe. There are simply normal people in this world that find this kind of behavior unnatural and abhorrent.

    1. The person calling you a homophobe, is clearly a Christophobe.

      Which means, he is damned for all eternity.
      His cards lose this hand…. every time.

    1. Q: Who do faggots have trouble getting car insurance?
      A: Because they get rear ended so many times.

  4. As a satire, this is very good, Pandora Pushkin. Though perhaps your comment “a Jew without a moral compass” was less intentionally so? 🙂

    Though perhaps most of them would not care one way or the other if gay parades were banned elsewhere, you can bet some will object if we abolished private central banks 😉

  5. SazzyLilSmartAzz—if that is a near facsimile of you in the little photo, you get my vote. Also, you’re right on the money in every comment. I liked that satirical article by Pandora Pushkin, but she could learn from you that brevity is indeed the soul of wit.
    I also agree with you that a complete uncoupling of America and Israel is in order. Let’s stop fighting Israel’s wars for it, buy the oil from the Arabs, and watch how America suddenly gets taken off the Islamist hate-list. 70+ years of grossly asymmetrical monetary and militarty aid to Israel brought down the TradeCenter Towers, no doubt about it. Even that Marxist Mulatto in the White House is sensitive to the outrages perpetrated upon the US by our masters in Tel Aviv.

    Hell, let’s bomb the Jewish illegal settlements. Then clean up the rubble, rebuild the squalid little Palestinian homes, give same back to the original owners and be done with it.

    Carrion—and, Sazzy, if you’re free for the week-end, I have a dazzling little bungalow right on the coast of Maine! 😉

    1. @Frankly Speaking – That’s me and I’m taken but this unholy alliance with Israel has cost the American people blood, money and morality. Our culture has been destroyed by the Frankfurt’s school of cultural Marxism. Feminism and homosexuality were introduced during the sixties to break down the home and family and the roots of the problem are AIPAC and other jewish lobbies.
      I’m all for bombing the illegal jewish settlements that have turned the Palestinian people into slaves in Gaza and Americans should wake up because our tax dollars are supporting genocide and slavery. There is an effort underway to expand the “greater Israel” by killing Assad and attacking Iran. However, Israel will not do this herself because the Israelis are cowards and the IDF only know how to kill children. They will get the Americans to go to war for them and when they are finished with the Americans they will turn us into the “new Palestine.” We can’t put faith in either Obama or Romney because they are both Zionist puppets. The “real” president of America is Benjamin Netanyahu.

  6. jew heaven, clearly, where talmudic heroes retire to blow the trumpets of jericho until closets come crashing down, exposing 72 male virgins.

    russia has again proven itself to be the last refuge of christianity.

    just one question though: what happens after 100 years?

  7. I don’t know if Moscow has banned gay parades or if Russia cares about what its citizens want; but I want to believe it. I want to believe at some point there is a reversal of decadence because everyone tires of it. The Russians suffered so much it’s almost incomprehensible, and they had such an evolved culture in music, literature, and mysticism. Maybe one day we Americans will be like Russians and we’ll revert to normal. Is that possible? Do half of us have to get lined up against the wall like the Russians were, or shot down in the streets, or starved while the government exports grain. I get it!! I really get where all this is going. I personally could care less what gay people do but that is just half of it. What is offensive is that we have to support it whether we are interested or not. Every time I walk out of the grocery store I am confronted by gay rights activists who are worried about gay rights in—California?? The crisis is whether California parents of gay kids have enough respect for gayness. One day the amoral society will offer pre-natal testing to see if the fetus is gay and then if the fetus is gay, parents will have the choice to either abort or have the fetus shot up with correcting hormones. How strange that will be? The anti-abortionists will be fighting for gay fetuses. But, of course, that is where it’s heading, isn’t it.

    1. “One day the amoral society will offer pre-natal testing to see if the fetus is gay and then if the fetus is gay, parents will have the choice to either abort or have the fetus shot up with correcting hormones.”

      The idea implicit in your comment is that homosexuals are all born that way — that they come equipped with a gay gene — and that they are therefore not to blame for their condition. Though it may be true that some homosexual are born that way, the idea that all homosexuals are homosexuals even before they are born is homsexual propaganda. Don’t believe a word of it.

      Homosexuality is a habit that can be picked up. It is often a lifestyle choice. It’s also a fetish that can be acquired. When men and women go to prison, they can become homosexual because of their close proximity to each other. They weren’t born that way, were they?

      The idea that homosexuals, like poets, are born—not made—has been conclusively knocked on the head. A paper in Scientific American says:

      “Research designed to prove that gays and lesbians are “born that way” has come up empty—there is no scientific evidence that being gay or lesbian is genetically determined.” — John Horgan, “Gay Genes, Revisited,” Scientific American, p. 26, November 1995.

      1. If homosexuality was genetic, then surely the gene would have been wiped out a long time ago. That it is not suggests that people were not born that way at all, and that it is a lifestyle choice and one affected by environment.

      2. I somehow thought–haven’t checked it out recently–that gayness in males (not sure about females) was an allergic response on the part of the mother to the male hormones while in womb. That isn’t really genetic but a pre-natal condition. And like most allergic responses there would be testing for that and “corrections” for that. Now that may have changed in the last couple of years, but about 2010 that idea had currency. A mother might have several boys that are not gay but farther down the line might develop the allergy. Sorry if I’m wrong. I should really have checked it out before I wrote it.

      3. I agree with Dr. Darkmoon, that homosexual behavior not necessarily inherited, but acquired. And a the Russian Orthodox Church reportedly stated “propaganda of sin” [on the streets and media] actually spread the disease.

        As a short note to Pandora Pushkin, – you have obtained such a refined gift of Word from The Creator! It is exquisite pleasure to read your texts. Your poem “In Memory of Rachel Corrie” obtainable from touched me deeply. Everybody have to see and hear it.
        Your last name called my attention and I hope you will excuse my curiosity, but… what are your antecedents? Are you from the same Pushkins as the great Aleksandr Sergeevich? Hope you understand me right – I don’t mean to be intrusive or inappropriately personal. By the way I used to be a wig maker while living in Moscow and still hold my skills :).

    2. A logical argument that helps to convince me that homosexuals are not born with ineradicable homosexual tendencies is this. If they were born that way, hopelessly homosexual, they would hardly enjoy so much heterosexual sex.

      It is amazing to learn that 93 percent of lesbians have frequent sex with men.

      When one learns that lesbians actually have twice the number of lifetime male lovers than straight women do, one has to laugh at the notion that lesbians are hopelessly trapped in homosexuality.

      The same argument applies to gay men: the number of their female partners is so vast that most heterosexual men are left far behind!

      Note. Only 7% of lesbians are “pure” lesbians, sleeping with women alone and avoiding all sexual contact with men. A whopping 93% of lesbians not only sleep with men, but do so more frequently than straight women do! This is because of the inherent promiscuity found in all gays, whose list of lifetime sexual partners far exceeds that of the heterosexual population.

    3. not convinced that all these arguments that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice like smoking.
      how come i (and most people) can instantly tell a homo from 100 meters away and cannot spot a smoker until they light up?

      personally, i could not imagine being turned on by a man even if the world were suddenly bereft of women.
      those pictures are deeply disgusting like watching maggots squirm inside dead flesh (or group shots of heads of state surrounded by chabad lubavitchers, same thing really) … maybe extreme hunger can drive one to eat that meat.
      some animals will not eat meat they haven’t caught, others prefer carrion, this is genetic, not learned.

      my best educated guess, for the lack of trustworthy epidemiological evidence is that most of sexual orientation is present at birth, some, where the subject is a shade of grey rather than black/white can be induced to prefer one or the other but is still capable of both attractions.

      promiscuity, on the other hand is a mostly learned behavior that can be modified.

      like smoking.

      note that in some instances, it may be the combination of genetic and lifestyle factors that determine behavior, like addiction, addiction to sex being one of them.

      in the end, i would say that homosexuality and jewishness have similar roots that are mostly inbred and some are learned.
      there is such a thing as a gaydar and jewdar, neither infallible but can be tuned to a good instrument by observation yet there is no smokedar or vegetariandar nor ever will be.

      1. You have not persuaded me to change my mind. I have no reason to believe that your “gaydar” is any more efficient than mine. 🙂

        I, too, can spot a gay person a mile away if he goes out of his way to “camp it up” and put on a coy lisp, or flutter his fingers, or swings his hips in a suggestive manner, or wears a pink shirt, or puts a dash of mascara over his eyes or a spot a blusher on his cheeks.

        If your “gaydar” snaps into operation on occasions such as these, well, big deal! You hardly win a gold star for spotting the blindingly obvious! 🙂


        The kind of “burlesque” gay I have described above may well constitute a very small minority of gays. Most gays remained “in the closet” in past times because they had to remain that way. Obama is rumored to be gay. Does he make that obvious every time he goes on TV? Does your “gaydar” tell you Obama is gay?

        Every year there are millions of young men and women who break the news to their parents that they are gay. They “out” themselves. In almost every single case, without exception, the parents are shocked.

        Can you explain how their “gaydar” failed to work with their nearest and dearest?

        Are you telling me that you, a total stranger to these young men and women, would be able to spot their gayness at once with your famous “gaydar” when their own parents have failed to do so after a lifetime of living with their children?!? 🙂

      2. As for spotting lesbians with this “gaydar” you claim to have, sure, you can spot it only if these lesbians are in a bar or somewhere else and making it blindingly obvious by their behavior that they are lesbians! If they are kissing and canoodling…or if one is obviously a butch dyke and the other a femme.

        However, there is such a thing as a “lipstick lesbian”, a femme lesbian who has all the mannerisms of a normal female. Such lesbians dislike butch lesbians and only consort with other lipstick lesbians or femmes. In company, such a lesbian couple would be behaving exactly like two feminine women. So it’s hard to see how your “gaydar” would detect their lesbian nature.

        Sure, your “gaydar” would only work if they let it work by kissing and carrying on in front of your eyes!

        You can hardly take credit for that.

        I repeat: when millions of parents are shocked to learn that their children are gay every year, how come their gaydar didn’t alert them to the fact that their children were gay?

        Lots of men become gay in the navy who weren’t born gay. I know of many women who became lesbians in prison. They were totally straight before they were put behind bars. A spell inside “turned” them. When these women come out of prison, many of them continue with their lesbian relationships or become bisexual.

        Note: I’m not saying that ALL homosexuals were born heterosexual and went queer as a result of lifestyle choices. Some are obviously born homosexual. I merely quoted a finding from a prestigious science publication:

        “Research designed to prove that gays and lesbians are “born that way” has come up empty—there is no scientific evidence that being gay or lesbian is genetically determined.” — John Horgan, “Gay Genes, Revisited,” Scientific American, p. 26, November 1995.

        1. if learned, learned where, in the family?
          this would imply that one or both parents promoted such orientation and would likely be gay themselves.

          secondly, there would be heavy prevalence among siblings.

          have both of these conditions been demonstrated by large scale surveys?

          for example, the following could be done.

          randomize a number of families, e.g., 200-300 with two or more siblings, at least one of which is gay.

          next, consider the other siblings.
          if the prevalence of straight ones matches that in the wider society, it would go against your hypothesis, since one would assume that the same pressures that converted one sibling would equally affect the others and therefore you would see statistically higher prevalence of gays among remaining siblings.

          otherwise we are just shooting shit, sorry, anecdotal evidence.

        2. moreover, your argument that the parents were generally unaware of their kids homosexuality works against your hypothesis, namely that it is learned.
          it merely proves that parents are
          1) heterosexual, and
          2) blinded by parental love, like birds supporting cuckoo parasitical offspring.

        3. There is an article on the internet, “An Inquiry of the Maternal Immune Hypothesis.” Apparently “gayness” often shows up in men with older brothers. The numbers don’t match perfectly, but the “older biological brother” hypothesis could account for about 1 in 7 male homosexuals. It’s not a perfect theory as there are researchers who say there is no such thing as antibodies against maleness that develop over time in the mother. It has not been entirely dismssed, though. And paranoid me thinks–with the homosexual orientation of the ruling elite they might not want that uncomfortable info to get out if it were true. Then, a parent could choose to not have a gay son and there might be 1 in 7 less gay males around to parade and so forth. Some of it no doubt is lifestyle choice, or learned behavior, and some might be Mom’s hormones. I vote for the hormones and also the dropping of the issue before it hits the Mom circuit because who wants to have a gay child–not even the neoliberals.

          1. Thanks, kapoore, I’ll check out the article you mention. Sounds interesting. I read somewhere that stress during pregnancy can have unfortunate results for the child. If the child is male, it can be very low in testosterone and end up homosexual.

        4. Just a note on interesting words coincidence that may be worth attention: “Gaydar” is a jewish last name of at least 4 generations of marxist destroyers of Russia. In very big disregard, to put it softly, among millions of Russians. As for capability to detect smokers by their appearance, – “Yours truly” can do that in most of cases even from 20 meters distance, – skin quality doesn’t lie. However, that can be one of the skills of a professional wig maker. 🙂

        5. Actually this reply went wrongly to another post, so I decided to put it where it was intended to be:

          Just a note on interesting words coincidence that may be worth attention: “Gaydar” is a jewish last name of at least 4 generations of marxist destroyers of Russia. In very big disregard, to put it softly, among millions of Russians. As for capability to detect smokers by their appearance, – “Yours truly” can do that in most of cases even from 20 meters distance, – skin quality doesn’t lie. However, that can be one of the skills of a professional wig maker.

  8. Tel Aviv has long pride itself to be gay parade world capital and a city with world’s largest numbers of brothels – 280 on them.

    Early this year, a world-wide survey by and American Airlines, 43% LGBT voted for Tel Aviv, followed by New York (14%), Toronto (7%), Sao Paulo (6%), Madrid and London (5% each) and New Orleans and Mexico city (4% each).

    American pastor Ted Pike claimed in July 2010 that when it comes to gay and lesbian rights, Jews have always in the front rows. It’s not that they’re commanded by the Old Testament to do that, but because “they are driven by militant Judaism to breakdown Christian civilization so total Jewish control can be achieved“.

    Canadian Jew writer and blogger, Eric Walberg, wrote in 2006 that “Gays and Jews are of same feather”

  9. These perverts need to be pushed back into the closet and have the doors bolted shut. Our society is already burdened with enough problems of much greater import (funny money, illegitimate wars, etc…) than to have to worry about degenerates such as these. Let them live out their pathetic, useless lives under cover of darkness where their unnatural drives lead them.

    I feel that I’ve wasted 2 minutes of my life just typing on this abhorrent subject.

  10. The Jewish Mentality of Al Goldstein ‘Pioneer Pornographer’ Sick Scum Bag

    Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw magazine, said (on, ‘The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.” Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged …


  11. I agree completely with Pandora: the Russians are totally out of touch with what real democracy is. Banning gay parades simply shows that, unlike the more enlightened Zionist west, they haven’t understood that whoever offers the magic drug to the masses that keeps the pain of their broken link to the Divine at bay will rule.

    The golden rule of western (neo) democracy is this: let them screw whoever, whenever, wherever and whatever they want. C’mon Russia, join the real world!

  12. As Zebbo up in the Ozarks opined….”if the idea that homosexuals, lesbians like poets, are born—not made- then they must be the “offsprings” of homosexuals and/or lesbians.”

    Zebbo has been known to adjucate matters between sexual partners who disagree as to which one of them plays the “male” part and which one plays the “female” part during their sexual encounters.

    A wise man that Zebbo!.

  13. A homo finally decides he could no longer hide his sexuality from his parents, so he went over to their house and found his mother in the kitchen cooking. He sat down at the table, let out a big sigh and said, “Mum, I have something to tell you. I’m gay.”
    His mother made no reply or gave any response, and the queer was about to repeat it to make sure she had heard him, when she turned away from the pot she was stirring and calmly said, “You’re gay? Doesn’t that mean that men put their penis’s in your anus?”
    “Yes mum, they do.” He replied.
    “And you put other men’s penis’s in your mouth, right?” she asked calmly.
    “Uh, yes mum I do.” The faggot said nervously.
    His mother went back to stirring the pot, then suddenly whirled round, with a snarling face and hit him over the head with a frying pan and screamed, “Don’t you dare complain about the taste of my cooking again!”

    1. SazzyLilSmartAzz on, best homo joke I ever heard! During biblical time, God turned earth upside down on them as a punishment.
      Can you name the only country in the Middle East that holds anual Pride Parade?
      Give up?
      Here is a clue:
      It was the first country to introduce terrorism, as well as neuclear weapon.

  14. dont know if they are gay; the obnoxious, west sponsored, vaginators sentenced 2 yrs in prison.


    all western sponsored agitators should receive gulag time.

    1. in fact, even if not lesbians, they are equally or more nauseating than the tel aviv greaseballs, because they go out of their way to hork in society’s face.

      why don’t they take their reeking act to yad vashem who will no doubt be happy to augment their obscene collection of fake children’s shoes with some riot-proof tampons.

  15. Heeeeyyy. I used to look that good! Better!
    Wait a second…
    Is that my brother!!?

    On a more serious matter; surely deists believe we living entities, all of us, are female.
    Only ceptin’ you know Who.

    (i got my fingers crossed)

      1. ugh, meant to be reply to mahmoud couple of posts up.

        of course you are right homer, forgot that you too have some insight into the matter.

        but explain to this ignoramus about deists’ views and Who is ‘ception to the rule.

  16. @Matt Houston, the golden Rule, as you put it “let them screw whatever, whenever” agreed, wholeheartedly. But parades? What’s to celebrate? Sodomy? Carnal lust? Mans lower nature? Enlightened Zionist West…Are you being facetious?

  17. lobro, I will say the Gita on its own part says everything perfectly.
    Especially the ending.

    And in short, Who is ‘ception to the rule is you know Who. By any other Name.
    Repeat this a million times – there is a who? but there is no Who?

      1. hp: Repeat this a million times – there is a who? but there is no Who?

        lobro: got it, homer. who rhymes with “Who”, that’s who.

        Looks like two senior Mossad agents have set up shop at, exchanging coded messages for next false-flag attack on great American city, leading to Blitzkrieg on Iran in next six weeks.

        Not too difficult cracking this Talmudic code if you are intelligent counter-agent like Agent “X”.

        A submarine missile attack on American city is here advised by Agent A, “Homer”. This name being a clever anagram of “Ho, mer!” Meaning, “Hey, let’s do it by sea!”

        Mer = ‘Sea’ (in French).

        To which submarine attack Agent B, “Lobro”, gives his assent in the cunningly rearranged letters of his name “Lo, bro!”

        Montecristo, watch out! Your site has been taken over by Mossad agents planning major attack on America!

        1. one possibility is that “jew” rhymes with “who”.

          since it could not have been overlooked by anyone with poetic talent, it proves to me beyond doubt that agent ‘X’ cannot be associated with this blog.

          besides, lasha darmoon would have no trouble decoding the exchange but there is no way she would have revealed it to some giftless amateur sleuth.

          thanks anyway for telling me about gita ending, i was about to order one on amazon.
          instead i will go for “om, peace and war” by the great russian writer pandora pushkin.

      2. “lobro, I will say the Gita on its own part says everything perfectly. Especially the ending.”

        Coded meaning? Not too sure. Will have to figure out secret meaning of final words of Gita. My own copy ends with these words: “OM. PEACE. PEACE. PEACE.”

        Possible meaning?

        OM = MO (Modus operandi)
        PEACE = WAR (in Newspeak or Orwellian parlance)

        So this is what Agent A (“Homer”) is basically saying: “Make war, not love!”

        A false-flag attack is clearly being plotted and planned on this website under our very noses! How shocking!

  18. All I can say about this matter is its not a normal way of life that our father YAHWEH gave to us. Its from the otherside and their father is sATAN and the european ones are the twice the child of hell! I can’t fanton why two fudge packers or two lip lickers think they can reproduce. I only bend my knee to my father YAHWEH. But I will thank him for giving me my wife!!! A marriage is between a man and a woman only they can reproduce!!! Miss Puskin I would love to know you better, but I married a very beautiful and intelligent Russian lady, since I could not find any in america they are jewerised here in the west.

    1. Miss Pushkin I would love to know you better, but I married a very beautiful and intelligent Russian lady, since I could not find any in america they are jewerised here in the west.

      thanks Ziggy, it’s nice to know someone has expressed an interest in li’l ole me! … but i am so pleased all the same for you that you have found your soulmate in mother russia.

      meanwhile, as for me, i seek my soulmate in the occident … but like it says in my mini-bio, he should preferably be a wig maker.

      for some reason i cannot explain, i need to marry a wig maker.

      bad people will think this is because i have ulterior motives and wish to hook up with a man who gives me free wigs. let them think what they want. i have my reasons, but these are private and confidential…

      1. haha — wigmaker?

        did you ever know one who wasn’t a JEWs.

        It goes back to that bald-ass dood called the Great Khagan Bulan.

        The uterus of his 10th wife (concubine really) was the uterus of origination from which all chains of materian umbilicals lead. It’s so reassuring to know, that my mother’s uterus had the tattoo “Appellation Jewish Uterus Controllée.” I remember it from during my gestation in her womb. Underneath that was her Certified Uterus Number … it was something like T000123 or something. So I (big letters) have the satisfaction of knowing that I have a chain of maternal umbilicals which go back to the uterus of Jewish origination, the 10th wife of the Khagan Bulan. He was a bald headed genetic deformity. That’s why he needed a wig (since you apparently have unstoppable compulsion to copulate with wig makers). He was great grandfather to Ghengis Kahn or something. GK was great grandfather for Queen Victoria. They were all bald headed knuckle draggers with bad teeth. Bad genetics. But he knew power. After Pope Constantine gave the crown to Charlesmagne (who had lots of natural hair and thus had no need of wig makers), Khagan the Khazar got the Pope to sell him a patent on the “Jew” word. So Pope Constantine sold Khagan the patent, and the word became sacred. It had never existed before, except as a slur word.

        Khagan was a Ching. He was a genetic deformity who was kicked out of Mongolia. When he setup camp on the banks of the Dnieper, the word was eventually changed to “King.” He truly was King Chong. Later they made a movie of him, as King Kong. But he was still a Jew, even though in the movie they did deceptive things like have him be all hairy and stuff. The real Ching Kong was the Great Khagan Bulan, who purchased a patent on the word from the Pope, who would sell anything to anybody, as long as he could rape a few children on the banks of the Dnieper. There may be more of a connection between Chink Kong and 911 than we imagine. At the time the movie was made, the 911 Towers did not exist (they were built in the 70s), so the Empire State Building would have been the point of attack. Crawling with the hairy Ching Kong, who was stealing all our chicks, it was even hit by airplanes … hmmm.

        Back to baldie, and his penchant for wigs … because of his genetic deformity, he was the one who started the whole “high class” thing of kings (chings) wearing wigs back in Victorian Europe. Every king (ching) needed a wig. They even called themselves philosophical Whigs. I’m kind of an anarchist whig myself actually. haha! that must be why I’m so fucked up.

        hey, pandora … open your box
        ‘n’ marry meeeee instead!
        if you’ll promise to make my bed
        I’ll to do my best to make your head

      2. Hello, Pandie, may i spoil the party? While Ziggy got his soul-mate in Russia, i almost got killed by one of them, literally (she is a bio-chemist…uh-oh!) As for soul mates in America, wait til the khazars are expelled and the country cleanses itself from corrosion, corruption, and coca-cola.

        Now, wigs. Am not a mind-reader, fortune teller, or psycho-loco-logist, but your fixation on wigs possibly just might be… not ulterior motives… freebies… lush, plush hair… or exotic colors… but just simply, maybe… b.a.l.d.n.e.s.s…. got the hint? Keep posting, though, and never mind the gossip!

  19. Satan has devised endless ways to blaspheme the name of YHVH. This is one of the strategies; but there are many others.
    Remember that even if guilty of a single act of rebellion against Him, you are guilty of all. No-one will be judged purely on account of their activities in this area; instead, they will be judged on whether or not they despised His offer of salvation, which is made to all; including those who are heterosexual; but every bit as depraved as those characterized above.
    This piece reveals a single example of the fact that the whole world lies in the hands of the evil one.
    But redemption is near.
    Those wishing to investigate when this will occur should visit the website “The Daniel Timeline”.

  20. Dave McGowan, in his Laurel Canyon series, mentions wig makers. Specificaly, Tex Watson of the Manson family.
    *** By the spring of 1968, when Charles Watson met Charles Manson at Dennis Wilson’s home, Tex was the modish co-owner of Crown Wig Creations on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Through that business enterprise, he had developed extensive Hollywood contacts – contacts that came in handy when he began handling large drug transactions and large piles of cash for Charlie Manson. Tex Watson soon grew so close to Manson that, according to Ed Sanders, he was known to complain at times “that he actually thought he was Charlie.”***
    Kinda funky huh?
    Jay Sebring ,hair stylist to the stars, also figures heavily in McGowan’s LC series.
    But hey, read that masterpiece for yourselves, it is by far the best thing I have ever read on the web.

  21. THIS link offers a strangely unsettling synopsis of much of Dave McGowan’s work.

    Also, a very peculiar synchronicity
    ***Charles “Tex” Watson, who allegedly led the death squad responsible for the carnage at Cielo Drive, lived for a time in a home on – guess where? – Wonderland Avenue. During that time, curiously enough, Watson co-owned and worked in a wig shop in Beverly Hills, Crown Wig Creations, Ltd., that was located near the mouth of Benedict Canyon. Meanwhile, one of Jay Sebring’s primary claims-to-fame was his expertise in crafting men’s hairpieces, which he did in his shop near the mouth of Laurel Canyon. A typical day then in the late 1960s would find Watson crafting hairpieces for an upscale Hollywood clientele near Benedict Canyon, and then returning home to Laurel Canyon, while Sebring crafted hairpieces for an upscale Hollywood clientele near Laurel Canyon, and then returned home to Benedict Canyon. And then one crazy day, as we all know, one of them became a killer and the other his victim. But there’s nothing odd about that, I suppose, so let’s move on.***
    (I had a tough time rumaging around McGowan’s piece for that last link.)

  22. In Amsterdam, Euro- if not (still) the world’s- gay capital, something funny happened last week on the gay front. A well known gay photographer, Erwin Olaf, kissed his friend in front of a snackbar, apparently too much for the opinionion of the owner of the eatfacility, the gay couple ignored his warnings and a ”threatening” so says Olaf, situation emerged. EO organised a massive kiss-in rally 15th august in front of the shop during which he spit a provocative tv reporter of the broadcast org. ”Geen Stijl” (=No Style) full in the face, you’ll find it on you tube. Apparently EO is a kind of embassador of a Amsterdam committee to promote “tolerance&courtesy” and has been forced by the commitee to lay down his function as such. EO has apologised to all involved. Btw I lived for 25 years in the ”grachtengordel” canal centre of Amsterdam and just a week ago I realised that this city being the home of the Jewish banksters since they were expelled from Spain/Portugal in 1492 (>>1670 Dutch prince William II who was married to crown princess Mary Stuart became King of England and took the Jew usury Banksters after centuries of their exile in England with him>>USA>>>…) was built by them in the shape of a menorah. Roughly viewed the Zuid As, the South Ax with Schiphol Airport as its standard. The Mossad ”security” company ICTS has its international headquarters near Schiphol airport. The Israeli G4S (yes, you read their logo correct: gas…) that did the ”security” at the London Olympics is part of the same network. They did not get their nuclear fire work there to start WW III. Let the committee arise…. (btw I am not against any sexual restrictions except sex with children and cats,dogs, elephants etc.) but gay’s since the sixties have gone a little over the top.
    Like photographer EO, G4S etc. should be made to lay down its “security” functions.
    Let the committee arise.

  23. My understanding is, Russians do not mind homosexuals, call them “blue men”, so long as these blues don’t get fresh and invasive. But the ‘parades’, stop’em, kick’em, book’em; do SOMETHING! It’s the damned ashkenazi-khazar pariahs causing trouble, everywhere. Want a REMEDY for this turd Niko-laid? CANNING! Six lashes (oops!) and the nuisance will NEVER bother anyone again! Keep their piggery to themselves, nobody will bother them (normally), but get ‘promiscuous’, and get CANNED. And if they bother children, get HANGED. Thanks, Darkmoon, made me laugh at U.S. (and ‘yew-world) REALITY (what satire?? It’s the bleeding truth!!)… But please, remove these disgusting pics… it’s really really BAD taste…

  24. in the muslim countries that i have visited, homosexuals are tolerated.
    the society doesnt care as long as the social fabric isnt attacked, destroyed.

    a minority should go about its business without trying to dominate, manipulate, destroy the majority culture.

    in u.s./west, the christian created social fabric is attacked by jewry and its gays, feminists.

  25. a strong, vital culture is not easily threatened and is thus tolerant of minorities, so long as they are not aggressive and insulting.

    this is precisely what jews are engendering with their vagina monologues, pussy riots and other revolting, putrid creations.

    can jew create anything tasteful or useful?
    that would be a great offense to their subterranean master, just look at their “art”, lichtenstein, kokoschka, etc., a true reflection of what they refer to as their souls.

    as for gay bashing, it always seems to me the product of deep insecurities, bullying teens, closet gays that exhibit hyper pseudo-machismo, women who regret the loss of opportunity (many women think that queers look better than regular joes).

    as long as they don’t spit their subculture in my face, i could care less what they do in private.

  26. Vagina monologues. Pussy riots. In the Warmoestreet in Amsterdam- the oldest Stock Exchange of the world is situated also there in this street at the Beurs (=wallet) square- there is a gay dark room club called Dirty Dicks”… hihi…funny names. Btw i was told by a entrepreneur type of a man whom i think was not lying about it that he launched the first ever dark room in a gay cafe in Nova York fka New Amsterdam.
    @lobro …as long as they don’t spit their subculture in my face, i could care less what they do in private… that line says it all…
    EO, the gay photographers initials, are also the initials of the Evangelische Omroep, a non-catholic Evangelical broadcast corporation in the Netherlands. What i meant. EO and many of his come/rades makes of his sexual preference a kind of institutionalised religion. But anyway the sex revo of the sixties- jew instigated or not with whatever purpose, some label it as the beginning of the taking down of the family as the building block of present day society, could very well helas, helas, be the case- has nevertheless been a major lib move in the (western) world.
    I lived in 77 opposite the Rijksmuseum at the Weteringschans. Looking at a map just now just it is exactly the first part of the standard of the menorah of Mokum (jiddish name for the Heblew – must be a Chinese Jew Gay Amsterdam btw- Makom meaning
    town. Why this closing comment on the most natural religion the world has ever brought forth? My downstairs neigbours was a vegetarian restaurant The Garden. They were sent the Rajneesh Times (of the Tantric Sage l.k.a. Osho). One of the editions on the stairs not yet opened by them caught my attention, naughty me,
    oopzz, opened it. The main article was about the sexual development of every wo/man from 0-21 years.
    0-7 In Tantra, so says R. this is a natural stage for every child of auto-sexuality. S/he
    plays with the own genitals – their own auto, private parts (in Dutch schaamdelen litt. Shamefull parts, the calvinist influence) and should be allowed to do so, the child is happy to do so. No father/mother hand-leave it johnny or joan- should intervene.
    7-14 In Tantra so says R. this is a natural homosexual stage. For Johnnie to jump on Joan is too much of a terra incognita. Johnny plays with little Pete and Joanny does the same with little Mary. Also this should be allowed by the caring raisers of the child.
    14-21 Johnny’s train enters the station of Mary making both happy (or is allowed to make any rides to any station)
    Then by the age of 21 when the body is matured the wo/man is naturally enlightened by the light of Life, the Light of Bliss.
    Nutty Yahu, who grew up to twin towers Satanyahu- good name Noor for this Talmud made psycho- must have become a wrath-child having when he looked in the eyes of the rabbi who first cut his God given play toy/peepee and than ended this Earth entrance operation by sucking it. Talmud practises and the like or practitioners who ignorantly rigidly stick to them anywhere should be cut off, then Human Life will naturally normalise Itself and we will move on to higher&higher worlds.

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