How the Jews took over America

How the Jews took over America

A video detailing the role of organized Jewry in the subjugation of America from the Lavon affair and the USS Liberty incident to 9/11 and beyond…listing all the war criminals who are still at large. An invaluable reference work that requires repeated viewings.

Length: 125 mins

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  1. Outstanding video and a definite Must See/Listen To for those open-minded, clear-thinking, reality-living, individuals with eyes to see, ears to hear, minds to think and, most importantly, voices to speak the truth.

    “[I]n the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. ” – Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X

    “A half truth is the worst of all lies,because it can be defended in partiality.” – Solon – (c.638 BC-558 BC) Athenian statesman, lawmaker

    “History is an account mostly false, of events mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools.”– Ambrose Bierce, American writer, 1842-1914

    1. never read anything direct from hitler’s pen, always was taught that all i needed to know about him was told by charlie chaplin.

      well, i don’t know that chaplin could have written the above paragraph and moreover, whatever i saw quoted from mein kampf and other sources attributed to hitler spoke of uncommon depth and perspicacity.
      he studied and analyzed the jewish theory of lying, because this is their true torah, the holy of holies as evidenced by supreme status of kol nidre.

      which is why jews hate him so much and bestow the honor of the greatest lie ever told upon him.

      it might be said that the quickest way to ascertain the true character of some well know person is to pay attention to jewry’s reaction.

      the higher the quality, the more they smear him.

      all i’ve been called so far is a mere antisemite, which doesn’t indicate much.
      but it’s a start.

    2. As I was responding to melgibstein slanderous attack on Mark Glen of TUT site, I discovered his comment was deleted all of the sudden. Mark is an honorable man. In fairness to Mark Glenn, this coward should have posted his comment on TUT, not here. That way, Mark would be able to defend himself.

      It bugles my mind that Mel is accusing Mark or racism of blacks due to the fact that Mark’s brother-in-law may or may not be anti black.

      If you live in a house of glass, you do not throw stones at others!
      Just for the record, I ran into this comment posted by no other than melgibstien in the House of Melgibstein Blog. Obviously, the site does not generate much traffic.

      Mel, please stop you backstabbing of others on this site. That is not cool!

      1. Mahmoud,

        If these comments are really offensive to Mark Glenn, he can have them deleted. All he needs to do is ask our editor Montecristo. If Montecristo allows such comments to appear on this site, it is because he is trying his best to maintain a “free spech zone”.

        As you know, there are many comments that attack me also. Like the comment that said I should be gang-raped by every American soldier in Afghanistan. This comment was not removed, even though it hurt my feelings a lot.

        What would become of this site if every single comment of Mel Gibstein were removed? And every single comment of Albury Smith? And every single comment of Firebellinthenight? And every single comment of Ruth Bernstein?

        There wouldn’t be any free speech left, would there?

        1. Just to give all a heads up,mel gibstein DOES NOT believe in free speech.He has deleted all my comments I posted on his blog.He is a BIG HYPOCRITE wind bag know it all.Asshole.

          1. bob, mel gibstein blog is a sad and empty lot. That is the reason he swing by here.

        2. I’m not sure about a free speech issue. Getting rid of FIREBELLINTHENIGHT would be like having a disco without any music, or a BBQ without any meat, or a geography book without any maps.

          Actually, it would be more like Alice’s book without any pictures. Quite boring 😛

          Win anything on the National? I almost won at 150 to 1 – problem is, a different Neptune won 🙁

          1. What about, getting rid of FIREBELLINGTHENIGHT would be like having a mud bath without a pig!

          2. @ Firebell

            Don’t worry, dear. You will be banned from this site only over my dead body.

        3. Can’t argue with you logic Lasha! To be honest with you, I would only miss Ruth Bernstein comments. Reason? They are provocative, entertaining and funny. Beside that, Ruth comments has tendency to generate a lot of interest and traffic on every site she visit.

          1. @ Mahmoud

            Ruth and I have a lot in common. She apologized to me in a private email for saying I ought to be gang-raped by every soldier in Afghanistan.

            Her apology made me smile. It said: “Hey Lasha, I was only joking! I thought you wouldn’t mind being gang-raped!”

            What can you say to a woman like that, Mahmoud? At least she apologizes. I guess that’s a consolation.

  2. Stunning. My head is still reeling. There’s too much material here to absorb in one sitting. You need to set aside 2 hours to watch this without any annoying interruptions.

    This is not just about 9/11. It’s about the lead-up to 9/11 and the evil consequences of 9/11. Unless these criminals who planned and carried out 9/11 are brought swiftly to justice, America is doomed.

    As Darkmoon says, the criminals are “still at large”. We’ve got to catch them and put them on trial. A firing squad will do the rest. Better still, the hangman’s noose, as at Nuremberg.

  3. The ringleaders of this false flag attack are:

    (1) Members of Mossad and the Israeli government.
    (2) Top operatives of American Jewry in the Bush Administration, now working at the great Think Tanks in Washington and with close ties to the Obama adminstration.
    (3) Powerful neoconservatives and WASP corporate interests.

    Whatever American citizens carried out this operation in America belong to the 1 percent corporate elite, many of them undoubtedly Jewish and of dual nationality.

    Those who spy on America for Israel are the ones with sufficient motivation to kill thousands of their fellow American citizens on behalf of Israel.

  4. Anyone who has study of the Uinted States from objective source – would know that the United States was establaished as the first ‘Mason State’ by Zionists, both Jewish and Christians. One just has to look at several Masonic symbols at White House, Capital Hill, Supreme Court and US currency to find out what I’m talking about.

    Jewish elites provided finance to both sides during the Civil War. There were several Crypto Jews who occupied the White House; Abraham Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Obama to name a few who had (has) Jewish family roots.

    The Serfs (Jews) of Europe in the past – are now the rulers of the western world. In 2010, when a British foreign secretary David Miliband (a Zionist Jew) announced that British government has decided to expel an “un-named Israeli diplomat” in response to its passports being used in the Dubai assassination of one of Hamas’ leading freedom-fighters, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh – two members of Israeli Knesset, Aryeh Eldad and Michael Ben-Ari, called David Miliband and the entire British nation as “dogs” and “anti-Semite”.

    “I think British are behaving hypocritically and I don’t want to offend dogs on this issue, since some dogs are utterly loyal,” Aryeh Eldad of Israel National Union (MK).

    “The British may be dogs, but they are not loyal to us, but rather to an anti-Semitic system,” Michael Ben-Ari, MK…….

    1. David Miliband (a Zionist Jew) … decided to expel an “un-named Israeli diplomat”

      two members of Israeli Knesset, Aryeh Eldad and Michael Ben-Ari, called David Miliband … “dog” and “anti-Semite”

      don’t be fooled rehmat, goy blood was spilled, mission accomplished, now to control the opposition and dampen the reaction, expulsion and namecalling mean absolute nothing.

      even in my primary school we called that “jewish theatre” (all downtown toronto schools, even catholic ones had their fair share of them).

      i have no doubt that miliband personally issued those passports to cowardly mossad.
      i believe it was a 40-man-transvestite operation to murder an unarmed, unsuspectim victim, barak-in-bourkah, radars, satellites, awac planes, g$d knows what.
      if smith is right (which of course he is not), 19 saudis pulled off 9/11 with a negligible fraction of their resources .

      1. un-named Israeli diplomat means he never existed in first place, one of phantom jews six million strong, always ready to die in service of bullshit, several times a day if necessary.

  5. What motivation would Miliband have, to go against his own tribe? The mere expulsion of a diplomat is nothing, just part of the little drama, complete with outraged response, staged for your and my benefit. It is not as if that diplomat was burnt at the stake.

  6. @ xanadu,
    remember the exchange we had couple of weeks ago on relative (de) merits of classical against pop harmonics and frequencies?

    got it from but you may need a login + password to get in.

    Classical music is good for the soul and maybe the heart too. Mice with heart transplants survived twice as long if they listened to classical music rather than pop music after their operation.

    Masateru Uchiyama of Juntendo University Hospital in Tokyo, Japan, gave mice heart transplants from an unrelated donor which were therefore expected to be rejected. For a week following the operation, the mice continuously listened to Verdi’s opera La Traviata, a selection of Mozart concertos, music by Enya, or a range of single monotones.

    Mice exposed to opera fared best – they survived an average of 26 days, with those who listened to Mozart close behind at 20 days. Mice who listened to Enya survived for 11 days and the monotone group only seven days.

    The team tested the effects of La Traviata on deaf mice too. They survived for just seven days, reinforcing the likelihood that hearing the music, rather than another factor, such as feeling vibrations from the music, accounted for the difference.
    Calming effect

    Blood samples from the mice revealed that the classical music appeared to slow organ rejection by calming the immune system. The mice had lower concentrations of interleukin-2 and gamma interferon – both of which promote inflammation – and higher levels of substances that dampen inflammation, such as interleukins 4 and 10 (Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery, in press).

    i still suspect that something older, like scarlatti, albinoni, vivaldi or bach may do even better (back in the day when gentiles weren’t classified as perishable cattle)

    1. Many thanks. I have found the link very useful and saved the article for future use. I enjoy classical music, but I lack your wide experience of the subject. My tastes are narrow, being confined to music intended for only a few instruments played at a time: mostly sonatas and chamber music. String sonatas especially: Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven. I also love baroque music.

      Apart from Western classical music, I love Middle Eastern classical music, especially Turkish and Ottoman empire music. I love sad adagios above all, heartrending and bittersweet string music. Know any good pieces? The sadder the better! 🙂

      “The sweetest songs are those / That tell of saddest thought.” (Shelley)

      1. Actually, I’ve been doing a lot of research recently on “torture music” — the type the Americans love to inflict on their innocent victims in Gitmo and other places in an effort to extract information from them that turns out to be worthless 99.9% of the time.

        Trust the Yanks to love torture for torture’s sake.

        That’s what comes when you fall under Jewish masters and imbibe their deadly influence.

        Like Dershowitz, for example, who recommends torturing suspects by sticking needles under their fingernails.

        1. sadism is a sign of clinical impotence, an inbred khazar syndrome.

          i guess that having spent generations in subterranean counting houses with hoards of geld, licking ink off duck quills has its drawbacks, “superior iq” aside.

      2. our tastes are pretty matched actually.
        additionally, i am big on solo piano, especially beethoven sonatas and music by robert schumann (try to get everything by chilean keyboard giant, claudio arau – philips label).

        adagios, the choice is clear: tomaso albinoni.
        my collection is by i solisti veneti, all are great (x32, i think) but especially adagio in g minor (~8 min), oboe concerto in d minor, concerto in g minor for strings, op 10/8 (esp. largo).

        must hear that turkish/otoman stuff you referred to, generally very fond of middle eastern.

        also, this one caught my ear … don’t know whether it is sacral, tavern or love music, except that it is macedonian.

        and yes, this one was translated to me (cultural divide):
        h t t p://
        apparently a turkish noble got skunked by a catholic girl to whom he proposed because she insisted on monogamy 🙂

        my heart goes out to pasha.

  7. Anyone who study Zionist past history in Europe objectively, would find that they lied, deceived and cheated Germans by collaborating with Nazis; Russians under the guise of Communism; Italian while co-operating with Musolini’s fascist regime; British by declaring war against Germany, and American by draging them into WW II on British side, which promised them to divide Muslim-majority Palestine for European Jewry. Herzl even tried to fool Vatican – when he suggested to world Jewish leaders to convert to Catholism in a public ceremony, if the Pope promise to eradicate anti-Semitism within Christian societies.

    Karl Marx, Lenin and Herzl – though pretended to be Atheists – but they could not get rid of their inborn hatred of Gentile. Under Communist rule, thousands of churches and mosques were destroyed, but not a single Synagogue was touched. Similarly, both Christian and Muslim communities were persecuted and tens of millions of Christians and Muslims were killed – but not a single Jewish community was persecuted.

    Edwin N. Wright, an American State official and expert on Middle East affairs – and the author of book The Greatest Zionist Cover-up said in an interview:

    “President Truman was a US politician, needed Jewish money and votes to win an election. To the Zionists, Truman was a Messianic Savior chosen by Destiny…..I am not sure the Esther model is the one to hope for. Esther got her Gentile King (of Persia) drunk, then wheedled his signet ring and then sent an order to the Jews – so they slew 75,000 innocent Persians (Esther 9:16). The Book of Esther is not history. It is a parody. The Ahasuerus of Esther is probably the Seleucid King Antiochus IV Epiphanes (165 BC) and Mordechai is probably a symbol for Judas Macabues. Esther represents the beautiful dream of a Messianic Jewish state. There is lesson nevertheless in this immoral and violent story. A political marriage of any political power with Messianic Zionism is certain to produce disaster.”

    1. Karl Marx, Lenin and Herzl – though pretended to be Atheists – but they could not get rid of their inborn hatred of Gentile

      for whom wants to dig into this statement, a quite true one, there are riches of insight.
      somehow, their “religion” embraces atheism as a perfectly legitimate option.
      a religion based on neverending, self-replenishing hatred of everybody who is not a card-carrying tribe member, that affirms itself through works of malice, evil and iniquity as the supreme form of satisfaction.

      gentilecide is their nirvana, slavery their paradise, ruthless exploitation the elysian fields, deceit the pearly gates.

      think about what kind of religion is founded upon this bedrock of brimstone.
      by their works, ye shall know them.

  8. The Danish demolitions expert mentioned in this article, Danny Jowenko, died ‘mysteriously’ in a car crash a few years after pointing out that the collapse of WTC7 was a without a doubt a controlled demolition. The similar fate was shared by many others who knew too much – and weren’t supposed to – about the real perpetrators of the 9/11 black op.

    See, e.g.,

  9. Eye Spy Magazine, Number 78, 2012, P.16. (The month’s issue).

    “Mossad Director’s – Not So Secret Visit to New Delhi

    By sheer coincidence, and just 72-hours before the February incidents, Mossad Director Tamir Pardo led an intelligence delegation to New Delhi to hold talks with his Indian counterparts.

    According to one participant, the possibility of an “event” happening in New Delhi or India did not even arise. However officials have quietly admitted that one item on the agenda was the likelihood of an Iranian-sponsored “counter-attack” against Jewish targets in the country.

    Eye Spy believes on 1 February 2012, a secret Mossad signal sent to Israel’s embassy in New Delhi, warned that Hezbollah may try and launch an attack marking the anniversary of its assassinated chief – Imad Mughniyeh. This diplomatic security alert was followed by Mr Pardo’s visit to India.

    Many intelligence watchers believe the attacks were not anticipated, but these happenings strongly suggest otherwise. Hezbollah rejects any association with the attacks.”

    Interesting article also on the MV Artic sea mystery – P.32. Unsurprisingly, Israel was heavily involved. Spies and Identity Theft – “Mossad Officers in the guise of Langley’s Agent Provocateurs” – P. 38.

    “Between Jan 1968 and July 1970…4,568 bomb attacks occurred on US soil, a further 35,000 bomb threats were made. In the ten years following 9/11 120,000 people have been arrested for terrorist offences and 35,000have been convicted.” – P.41. How many bomb attacks on US soil since 9/11? Interpret them figures as you will.

    “The Office also serves as a bridge between the Mossad and MI6” – P. 12, in reference to BICOM – I had never heard of it before either. Dubya dubya dubya [dot]bicom[dot]org[dot]uk/

    I would highly recommend subscribing to the magazine for little tip-bits.

    @ Darkmoon
    I don’t know, some of this so called torture music includes some of the greatest hits ever made, although I prefer Thunder Road and Dancing in the Dark to Born in the USA. None of them though are even in the same league as Pavarotti or even Rammstein, especially such hits as Du Hast, Amerika, Feuer Frei, Rosenrot, Engel, Ich Will and Benzin.

    Good video, it did make mince-meat of Albury Smith’s foolish arguments and diverted the issue, going on the attack without having to argue in lengthy comments. I am impressed.
    @ everybody
    You all could have easily destroyed Albury Smith, by sticking to the Mossad white van. This would have forced him into defense: defending an indefensible position.

    Try this one in the future. You’ve all heard of the 1% and the 99%. Talk about the 100%ers and the 0%ers. We all know who I am talking about here in terms of loyalties and patriotism. Try using that comparison, it has quite a ring to it.

    Do check out Amerika:

    1. man of clear vision.
      funny how arun, his grandson got fired by jew seligman from gandhi institute of peace that arun founded.

      exactly the same as yehudi menuhin’s son when he complained about incessant attacks on wehrmacht veterans.

      maybe someday jews fire my grandson from lobro institute of common sense.

  10. 1880 petition (most of it) to sellout bismarck

    Wherever Christian and Jew enter into social relations, we see the Jew as master and the native-born Christian population in a servile position. The Jew takes only a vanishingly small part in the hard work of the great mass of our people; in field and workshop, in mines and on scaffolding, in swamps and canals – everywhere it is only the calloused hand of the Christian that is active. But it is above all the Jew who harvests the fruits of this labor. By far the greatest portion of capital produced by national labor is concentrated in Jewish hands. Jewish real estate keeps pace with the growth of mobile capital. Not only the proudest palaces of our cities belong to the Jewish masters (whose fathers or grandfathers crossed the borders of our fatherland as peddlers and hawkers), but the rural estate – this highly significant and conserving basis of our state structure – is falling into Jewish hands with ever greater frequency.
    Truly, in view of these conditions and because of the massive penetration of the Semitic element into all positions affording power and influence, the following question seems justified on an ethical as well as national standpoint: what future is left our fatherland if the Semitic element is allowed to make a conquest of our home ground for another generation as it has been allowed to do in the last two decades? If the concept of “fatherland” is not to be stripped of its ideal content, if the idea that it was our fathers who tore this land from the wilderness and fertilized it with their blood in a thousand battles is not to be lost, if the inward connection between German custom and morality and the Christian outlook and tradition is to be maintained, then an alien tribe may never, ever rise to rule on German soil. This tribe, to whom our humane legislation extended the rights of hospitality and the rights of the native, stands further from us in thought and feeling than any other people in the entire Aryan world. The danger to our national way of life must naturally mount not only when the Jews succeed in not only encroaching upon the national and religious consciousness of our people by means of the press, but also when they succeed in obtaining state offices, the bearers of which are obliged to guard over the idealistic goods of our nation. We think above all of the professions of teacher and judge. Both were inaccessible to Jews until very recently, and both must again be closed if the concept of authority, the feeling for legality and fatherland, are not to become confused and doubted by the nation. Even now the Germanic ideals of honor, loyalty, and genuine piety begin to be displaced to make room for a cosmopolitan pseudoideal.

    notice how they proudly call themselves antisemites, knowing full well their reasons stand up to moral scrutiny.
    replace “german” by whatever nationailty, e.g., “tanzanian” and it still resonates perfectly everywhere in the world today.

  11. I’m going to watch “Missing Links” again, although I’ve seen it several times. The truth, they say, is a strange attractor. I’ve been reading David Irving’s Nuremberg: the Last Battle. This is a fact filled history of the lead up to the trial and the trial itself, with detailed character portraits of the major players on both sides, plus a textual history of that moment in time. It’s chilling to realize that the German people or “Germanness” as a racial quality was seen as flawed, incurable. Suggestions such as “Should we eliminate all German people to get rid of the militaristic plague?” “Should all German people be forced into slave labor to serve in the Soviet Union–a free labor force for Stalin” were discussed in the lead up to the trial. It’s true that these suggestions came from Henry Morgenthau and other Jews within the Roosevelt Administration and luckily Roosevelt’s death prevented them from being implemented. Still the level of racisim in the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Executive toward Germans, the destruction of evidence, and the dismissal of international law were stunning. So, what does this have to do with 9 11? If it turns out that the tables turn and I am one of those that hopes they do; I’m still fearful that Jewishness as an inherent quality might be put on trial as Germanness was. We have to focus on criminals and not on peoples. Jewishness should never be put on trial. As bad as Nuremberg was as an example of justice gone awry, it was not half as bad as it could have been because there were still principled and courageous people that prevented the even more terrible disaster for the Germans . I fear the U.S. government is much worse today and I’m not sure if there are any principled people left with any power. So, I feel we need to be the principled ones and call for real justice with fair trials. We cannot sacrifice principles in this fight, even though the enemy behaves so horribly.

  12. The elephant in the room, Daniel 12 “set up” is the year 625BC and the Neo/Babylonian empire {which would cause the destruction of the Temple in 586/7BC of which Daniel would be familiar. Add 1260 = the year 636AD {add 1 to account for 0 moving BC to AD}
    and the battle of Yarmouk river, essentially the takeover of the Holy Land ,Jerusalem, and the Temple mount by Islam. {666 year of the Roman empire}
    Part 2 625BC + 1290 {+1} = 666 add the remaining 1335 takes you to the year 2001 {NY 9/11 perhaps?} Mans No is 6 {created on the 6th day} begin thus 6+Osama Bin Laden {6+Adolf Hitler 6+Gamal Nasser 6+Ronald Reagan} the following needs no 6 prefix New York. As you will doubtless wish to pooh pooh the above , try working out the chances of coincidence using the purely objective discipline of probability theory.
    Revelation 13 becomes {beast from the earth} apparent as well as GW.Bush reason to invade Iraq {Jeremiah 50/51} he being the one “snared”.Ezekiel 26 NY ?

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