Les Visible’s “In Search of Rest” (video), read by Patrick Willis


Les Visible’s  “In Search of Rest” (10 mins)
Read by Patrick Willis

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Les Visible is a gifted poet, musician, recording artist and controversial political commentator. He has maintained a lifelong love affair with the hermetic sciences, the martial arts, and mysticism. A collection of his works in various media can be found 


Les Visible’s mystical poem “In Search of Rest”, recited here superbly by performance artist Patrick Willis, has been described by Lasha Darkmoon as  “a priceless gem of beatitude, a work of pure genius that grows on you the more you listen to it.”

—  John Scott Montecristo, Editor


12 thoughts to “Les Visible’s “In Search of Rest” (video), read by Patrick Willis”

  1. REST – is a state of mind. Different people find it in different ways. Some find it in music, some in drugs, some in wars, some in others’ miseries – and a few in spirituality. Malcolm X was among those few.

    “There were ten thousands of pilgrims, from all over the world. They were of all colors, from blue-eyed blondes to black-skinned Africans. But we were all participating in the same ritual, displaying a spirit of unity and brotherhood that my experiences in America had led me to believe never could exist between the White and non-White”.


  2. Some achieve rest, some have rest as a very nice default setting and some have rest thrust upon them.

    Isn’t the first step of genuine spiritual growth/realization … “you are not the body.”

    Aren’t we all spirit souls, individual spirit souls who animate this body for A) sensory saturation (our willful desires) and B) we need this what amounts to a very elaborate earth model machine to simply exist on this material planet.

    What then of all this black, white, brown, Chinese, Russian, Christian, Muslim, Hindu ?

    Though this is the most common and standard malady of spiritual immaturity doesn’t mean it’s acceptable, proper or inevitable.

    Within every one of the above group descriptors there are those very rare few who truly do realize this, and are thereby closer (one) to each other via their non-identification with the body. Far more united in spirit than might ever be found in a singular sect/religion.

    As is said and said very accurately; “we have met the enemy and he is us.”
    Though this was meant as a political material definition it readily applies to the spiritual (or lack of) reality as well.

    I’m not saying, lest anyone gets ruffled, that I am in any way more spiritual or advanced than anyone else. In fact, that I see this first truth of spirit (we are not the body) as ultimate truth and am so lax and retarded in my progress towards God’s best wishes for me, likely makes me rather unremarkable and even pathetic.

    Ya think?

    Just for starters.

      1. Maybe you will agree with me when I tell you I saw a flying saucer (after a bong hit). Did I tell you about my encounter with Sasquatch? I defeated him and dumped him in the river.

        1. u have a bad rep2tayshun. my freinds say 2 r evil. y r u postin hear? sory bout my spellin but i’m onely 14 and i sufer from dislecksia.

          1. You have a learning disability, I’ll excuse you for that, but you will have to go with your friends.

            Why am I posting here? I don’t think my excuse will ever be adequate enough so I will have to decline. Why are you here? Arent you supposed to be you know… in a kosher place? By the way I touched your food in the grocery store and rewrapped it.

  3. Sorry if I distracted from what is a very wonderful rendition of Les Visible’s message of life by Patrick W.

    What a pair!

    Les Visible is so very profoundly intelligent, uniquely witty and just a beautiful soul.

    1. I agree. Les Visible is a genius! So is Patrick Willis.
      Trouble is, we know so little about these people.
      Where does LesV live? Where does PatrickW hang out?
      Are they earthlings or extraterrestrials?
      As Mahmoud like to say, Enquiring minds wish to know!

  4. BTW, Patrick Willis has done some brilliant videos of Darkmoon’s work. I wish he’d do some more. He’s got just the right voice and intonations to bring out the “dark excitement” underlying much of Darkmoon’s dubious work.

    (I don’t use the word “dubious” in a derogatory sense…it’s just that I don’t know what LD is saying half the time…her prose is easy to understand, sharp and clear, but her poetry is wrapped in clouds of mysticism and madness!)

    There are several good Darkmoon poems crying out for video and/or musical treatment and Willis would be just the guy to do the job beautifully. “The Gybroch” is one such poem. Just made for Willis.


    Its weird otherworldly atmosphere and dark “alien sexuality” should be just up Willis’s street. In a way, it’s reminiscent of his take on Darkmoon’s “Demon World’s”, with its scary pictures taken from the paintings of some crazy British artist.

    And if Willis is trying to stay away from sex and concentrate on mysticism, like he does in the above briliant poem of the incomparable Les Visible, then maybe he ought to give Darkmoon’s “The Keys of the Unseen” a shot. This is a very beautiful poem.


  5. I’m in love with Les Visible. Have been for a long time. Trouble is, I’ve also fallen for Patrick Willis. His voice sends a shiver down my spine.

    Not easy when you don’t know who to choose!

    I think I’ll go bake some cookies. (Grin)

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