“The universe is not only stranger than we imagine,
it is stranger than we can imagine.”
  — JBS Haldane

Many years ago, the author of this meditation spent six months in the Himalayas where she received various rules of good conduct from her Indian guru, a sage of the Vaishnava school who lived in a Himalayan cave 10,000 feet above sea level and who claimed to be a distant disciple of the legendary saint Mahavatar Babaji.

It is of Babaji and related spiritual matters that this author now wishes to write.

Babaji, born in Tamil Nadu on 30th November 203 A.D., is said to have discovered the secret of immortal youth and to be “in constant communion with Christ”, according to Paramahansa Yogananda in his Autobiography of a Yogi. Though now 1,809 years old, Babaji is reported to resemble a handsome young man in the flower of his youth. Some say he is seldom seen nowadays except in the higher regions of the Himalayas, either meditating on the shores of Lake Manosarovar (15,000 feet above sea level) or on Mount Kailash (21,700 feet above sea level).

Though skeptics will naturally claim that Babaji is a mythical figure, he has in fact been seen in relatively recent times by a number of witnesses of unimpeachable reputation, including the sage savant Lahiri Mahasaya in 1861.

While walking in the hills of  Dunagiri above Ranikhet, Lahiri Mahasaya heard a voice calling his name. Following the voice up the mountain, he met a “tall, divinely radiant sadhu”, who, to his amazement, knew his name and everything about him.

Mahavatar Babaji told Lahiri Mahasaya that he was his guru in a past life, then initiated him into Kriya Yoga and told him to pass on his teachings to others. Though Lahiri wished to remain with Mahavatar Babaji, this was not possible because of the austere conditions under which Babaji was accustomed to live, subsisting on little or no food and at piercingly cold temperatures in rarefied atmospheres.

Many others eyewitnesses, mostly disciples of Lahiri Mahasaya, have reported meeting Babaji in the Himalayas in more recent times and speaking with him on various spiritual matters. These include Lahiri Mahasaya’s chief disciple, Sri Yukteswar, and several other religious teachers such as Pranabananda Giri, Kebalananda Giri, Keshabananda, and Ram Gopal Muzumdar. (See here)

Lahiri Mahasaya went on to have many further meetings with Mahavatar Babaji. These are recounted in several books, including Paramhansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi, where this unworthy author, aged 9, read of Babaji for the first time and instantly fell in love with his noble countenance.

said to be over 1,800 years old, and still living in the High Himalayas

However extraordinary all this may seem, it is possible to argue that Babaji’s longevity is not necessarily a miraculous event. It may have a scientific basis. It may well have been achieved through cryogenics or life lived at exceptionally low temperatures.

Evans-Wentz writes of the yogic condition of “suspended animation or yogically induced hibernation.” These are temperatures approaching absolute zero, less than −269 °C (4 Kelvin), a point at which helium liquefies and at which advanced yogis can continue to exist like mammoths trapped in ice. With one significant difference, however: the yogi is still alive, though barely ticking over, suspended in a dream state lasting several centuries in which both full consciousness and out-of-the-body travel is possible.

“A practiced yogi,” Dr Evans-Wentz tells us, “may hibernate for very long periods—according to some yogis for centuries.” (See W.Y. Evans-Wentz, Tibet’s Great Yogi Milarepa, p.193, n.1).

It was while this author was still in the High Himalayas, receiving instructions from her beloved guru, that she first heard of Tummo, a form of yoga deriving from Tibetan Buddhism. This explained much to her feeble and uninformed mind that had hitherto caused her much bewilderment. She learned that it was possible to sit naked in perennial snows, by frozen rivers, in temperatures that would turn a polar bear into a block of ice, and generate an inner heat that would make one’s body feel like a warm stove—with the sweat literally oozing from one’s pores and running down one’s limbs.

The essence of Tummo Yoga is the recognition that all external phenomena (i.e., the outer world) are simply mirror images of one’s own mind. The practice of this form of meditation has a strange byproduct: the ability to produce intense body heat. Miranda Shaw writes:

This energy generates warmth as it accumulates and becomes an inner fire or inner heat (candālī) that burns away the dross of ignorance and ego-clinging.

— Miranda Shaw, Passionate Enlightenment: Women in Tantric Buddhism. Princeton University Press. p. 31.

In an old travel book written by a German scholar full of of esoteric lore, this curious passage will be found:

I also heard a great deal about Thumo, a combination of meditation and a particular breathing technique by means of which Tibetan yogis increase their bodily temperature. Thumo is supposed to render the yogi capable of meditating for days on end almost naked in a cold cell, or even in snow and ice, without any ill effects. Furthermore, so I was assured by Tibetans who had mastered this Yoga method, Thumo produces a gratifying sensation of lightness. Those who have learned the art of Thumo sometimes wear nothing but a single cotton garment known as a repa. Such yogis are called Repa after this garment; Mila Repa, the great poet, was one of them.

Where the Gods are Mountains: Three Years among the people of the Himalayas, by Rene von Nebesky-Wbjkowitz, translated from the German by Michael Bullock, p.227.

Tummo yoga… meditating in the snow (Pyrennes)

French explorer and expert on Tibetan Buddhism, Alexandra David-Neel, who died incidentally at the age of 101, had herself witnessed extraordinary yogic feats in the Himalayas. Writing of tummo yoga in the 1920s, she has this to say:

To spend the winter in a cave amidst the snows, at an altitude that varies between 11,000 and 18,000 feet, clad in a thin garment or even naked, and escape freezing, is a somewhat difficult achievement.

[This] is kept secret by the lamas who teach it.

Upon a frosty winter night, those who think themselves capable of victoriously enduring the test are led to the shore or a river or lake. If all of the streams are frozen a hole is made in the ice. A moonlight night with a hard wind blowing is usually chosen.

The neophytes sit on the ground, cross legged and naked. Sheets are dipped in the icy water, each man wraps himself in one of them and must dry it on his body. As soon as the sheet has become dry, it is again dipped in the water and placed on the novice’s body to be dried as before. This operation goes on until daybreak.

It is said some dry as many as forty sheets in one night.

It is difficult to get a perfectly correct idea about the extent of the results obtained through tummo training, but these feats are genuine. Hermits really do live naked, or wearing one single thin garment during the whole winter in the high regions I have mentioned. It has been said that some members of the Mount Everest expedition had an occasional glimpse of these naked anchorites.

—    Alexandra David-Neel, Magic and Mystery in Tibet

In the 1980s a group of scientists from Harvard Medical School, led by Dr Herbert Benson, went to study tummo yoga in Tibet. The scientists attached temperature sensors to the monks’ bodies. They discovered, to their surprise, that the temperature of the monks’ fingers and toes immediately shot up by as much as 15 degrees Fahrenheit, though their internal temperatures remained normal.

Tibet’s greatest yogi Milarepa is said to have been among the first to discover tummo yoga and to have practiced it while meditating in different caves in the mountains of Tibet. He passed it on to his student Gampopa. Gampopa in turn passed it on to his various disciples and it is in this way, through the student-teacher relationship, that these methods of ancient esoteric practice have been kept alive.

Modern western witnesses of this practice include not only the French explorer and Tibetan savant Alexandra David-Neel, but also Lama Anagarika Govinda and anthropologist Dr. John Crook.

During this author’s long sojourn among the snow peaks several years ago, in the company of her beloved guru and a handful of other aspirants to enlightenment, she was to witness many strange events and learn many secrets which she is forbidden to disclose. Enlightenment she did not herself achieve, though others apparently did so. All this author managed to do was to write a few poems, the bulk of which remain unpublished. These poems are of a mystical nature and she is at a loss to understand them, let alone know what to do with them. They are called, provisionally, Ten Canticles of the Angel Ayesha, and were written at lightening speed one after the other, as if to dictation. These ten prose poems, written in a semi-trance over ten days, were couched in a strange archaic language akin to seventeenth-century English, not unlike the prose found in the King James Version of the Bible.

Completely unconnected with the Ten Canticles, but written during the same transcendental period of rapture in the high Himalayas, in the flight from the alone to the Alone, was this short poem that has already been published here.

The original title, The Garden of Earthly Delights was later changed to Magic Kingdom.

VIDEO  :  3.32 mins.

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  1. Wow, fantastic! I had no idea a “Christmas meditation” could be so interesting! I expected a dull homily. Instead, I was delighted to read this learned discourse about Himalayan yogis who can hibernate for hundreds of years and generate body heat that keeps them alive in temperatures approaching absolute zero — something I would have thought well-nigh impossible before reading this mindblowing article.

    Keep the ball rolling, Lasha, and Happy Christmas! Take it easy, okay? . . . And no levitation!

    Ed Sallis,
    Sri Lanka.

  2. I was impressed by Autobiography of a Yoga but find much of the purported yoga magic not quite believable.

  3. Thank you, Lasha. This is such a balm for the soul. It’s good to know that a separate reality exists.

    “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in our philosophy.” (Hamlet)

    That’s true. I myself have had a near-death experience. And I know for sure that a hidden world exists that is beyond our wildest imaginings.

    1. Fuck you you nauseating heeb! Don’t you have some organs to harvest from disaster zone victims or something “godly” like that?

  4. I always knew you were losing your marbles. This proves it. Next you’ll be telling me you’ve seen people walking over fire.

    1. I myself have walked over fire. Barefooted. Several times. My sister walked before me. Neither of us got burnt. Someone else did though, someone with insufficient faith.

      The scientific explanations given for the phenomenon in Wikipedia are most unsatisfactory. This author is bluffing. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      The fact is, this is an inexplicable phenomenon. If it isn’t paranormal, it borders on the weird and uncanny.

  5. The artwork on its face is ugly and confused. Babaji andf all the other so-called masters have done nothing about the Jews. They do nothing about the Radiation from Fukushima and elsewhere and they depend upon hearsay evidence of their existence and “Emperor’s New Clothes” routines as does most of the Airy Fairy gurus that take suckers for their money every day.
    There are beings present now in our skies that are millions of years ahead of any and all gurus and “ass sitting” meditators who are only after their own evolvement which is in essence service to self and not others. They are of the Left handed path.
    Economic collapse due to Jews is coming and also Jew WWIII and not in the too distant future the Cayce “Avalanche” of the crust” which will sink millions of “spiritual” people in screaming agony but at least will finally cleanse their human shit covered countries of India/Nepal/Tibet once and for all.
    “Faith without works is dead.” Babaji et al gots no works. Proof is in the puddin’ as they say.

    1. We’re trying to take a rest from the Jews. Although you may find this beyond your comprehension, there’s a universe out there without a single Jew in sight.

          1. Yes, I know that. *Sigh.* That’s why I wouldn’t like the Chinese to take over the world. But I’m not sure I’d prefer a world in which the Jews were our masters. Just look at what the Jews did to 66 million White Christians in Russia when they had the whiphand. For sheer cruelty, the Jews win hands down.


  6. New Years is a good time to make resolutions and I hope people in the truth movement make resolutions to talk only about what they know. If you are in the so called white movement I hope you will make a resolution to know what a “race” is and where you actually come from. If you are using the word “Jew” I hope all of you make a resolution to find out where the word Jew came from and what it means. I hope people who bash the Bible make a resolution not to blame others who bash the Koran while you bash the Bible. I hope Ashkenazi’s make a resolution to explain to us how they are related to Judah or the people who believe Ashkenazi’s are related to Judah explain what they think a Jew is.
    I would like David Duke and Kevin MacDonald to show us how Ashkenazi Jews are somehow related to Aaron when Jews go by the relationship of the mother (the Cohanim) even though Aaron wasnt even a so called Jew.
    I would like all Bible bashers to man up and have open debates with true Christians instead of spewing out unfettered lies to their listeners. I would like all so called truthers to make a resolution to have wide open free speech instead of their usual Hannity programming (wide open phones) and to welcome in all views and not just the Jewish views of total anarchy.
    Lastly I hope that the so called truthers allow Christians the same air time they allow Jews like Gordon Duff, Atzmon, Cousin Miltie Nathaniel, Sabrosky, Rivero (they are all over the place) etc. Sadly we all know that will never happen and it is a disgrace to truth. So much for the truth movement when Jews are the only ones allowed to speak. The truth movement cant wait for a Duff article to come out to spread it around like the plague. That ought to tell you something about our so called truth movement. My resolution is to expose even the so called truthful Jews (when there is obviously no such thing).

    1. RE Christianity: “The concept that God wants blood is at the bottom of the atonement and rests up the most barbaric savagery.” Robert Ingersoll
      We all know what a Jew is. Semitic, Askenazi, Sephardic, all are loathsome.
      If God exists then he she or it is an ATHEIST. If you claim unity with giod then you are an atheist by DEFAULT. Religion has caused the false concept of separation to abound for cash down to get back together.
      “Thou art God” Do you grok?

      1. Almost every other word you just used came from a book you dont believe. In your mind there are no Ashkenazi’s, no Jews, no God, no Semites, etc.

        Tell us, what do YOU believe Commander? You are a space ship commander from planet Z?

        1. You have come very close.
          At age 12 I requested by ”prayer” to see some flying saucers as I had a strong interest in the subject. One day while on the schooldgrounds during morning recess in the 6th grade I was unconsciously waiting against a pole. I turned and saw 20 concave on the bottom round craft in tight military pass in review formation passing by for me with their bottoms tilted at a 45 degree angle directly at me. Silent as death. 5 groups of 4 each in offset Vs one behind the other.
          Events continue.

          1. Here is Dr (cough) Duke trashing the Old Testament.

            The hypocrite wont dare have a debate on the Bible because he will get steamrolled so he has a regular group of people on (none of them take calls whatsoever). This is a guy who took 10 years to say Jews did 9/11, excuse me “Zionists”, and Mikey Rivero was the guy who informed him. Mike believes he is a Judean, but he doesnt believe there was a Judah or an Israel.
            Dr Duke, you better keep those phones completely shut down because we will find out just how much you really know about white people and Christianity.
            The guy has no intentions on giving anyone the truth or he would have nothing to fear as far as open phones goes. He wants to be president and thinks we are going to win the war by giving him Jewish fiat money. What a pathetic joke folks! I called in to his show the other day and I think I had to say I was a crypto Jew before I could get on because the screener is more difficult to get past than the Hannity show.
            David Duke is so so concerned about the “chuldren”. This is a guy who claimed Jorge Zimmerman was white for nearly a month.

  7. There are eons of Time beyond our own. This temporal world in which we all now dwell will soon self-destruct (we, being part of it, will mostly be eliminated in the process – but some, perhaps in pure soul/spirit – will proceed onward to another Time). Many shun an awareness of that circumstance, but religions without exception teach it in one fashion or another. America’s own military establishment (great advances in knowledge have come about through acts of war) has successfully used “remote viewing”, for instance, to eliminate enemy installations and networks. Skip Atwood and Joe McMoneagle are pioneers and facilitators of this process. I have brushed on it, myself. It is real.

    Ergo, what we call “time travel” is certainly possible, although not in the physical realm per se – unless one can discipline oneself to the extent of physical hibernation, as the above-noted yogi allegedly has done. What mostly keeps us from it is a circumstantial tangent called “routine necessity”, which keeps us from taking time to explore these possibilities (and perhaps a lack of curiosity!).

    With so much of consequence going on around us, it is quite difficult to be able to resign oneself to seek these truths. But they DO exist.

    1. Melgibstein,

      I was not aware Davy Crocket was a Melungeon! The reason it interests me is because my family company owns several thousand acres of what was once – until only about fifty years ago – Crockett family land. I will be there in February and March to see over the place, there, while some of my rich kinfolk (I am relegated to obscurity) are away in warmer climes. I will make it a point to visit some of the Crocketts, and look more closely. They are very cordial and hospitable people. This part of their family still resides in Virginia.

      1. No, my family were no damn carpetbaggers, either! btw. We were just as looted by the damn Yankees as anyone. More so, even.

  8. Lasha Darkmoon,

    Thank-you for providing a space for free expression. Interesting thoughts on the ancient traditions of the Indian sub-continent. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year…

  9. Dear Laksha,

    Thanks so much for sharing your Magic Kingdom: A Christmas Meditation. It was a trip down memory lane for me as I have spent many periods of time in studying and reflecting upon the writings of many of those that you mention in your article. Mila Repa and Evans-Wentz and Paramahansa Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar are all old and dear friends.

    Those who have little or no understanding of the esoteric nature of Buddhism find it impossible to relate to and either disregard all the teachings as pure bunk or, like some commenting here, simply become abusive and crass as if that would debunk the experiences of those who have traveled in these realms of gold.

    In some respects it is true that not until East meets West in a spiritual understanding will we finally achieve peace on this heavenly abode that the Lord has given us for our collective learning.

    All blessings to you for your work. You obviously are able to blend the Christos with the teachings of the Gautama and utilize both for the good of all.

    Peace and Love in the times ahead,

    Arthur Topham
    The Radical Press

    1. and a blessed christmas to you arthur and may canada gain a few more warriors like you in the coming age.

      1. Thank you for your kind words, Arthur. Let me add my good wishes to my friend Lobro’s for your welfare in the difficult days ahead. I am only too aware of the vile persecutions you are being forced to undergo at the hands of the enemies of Christ. May these minions of the Devil, the destroyers of free speech for all but themselves and their ideological clones, soon receive their just deserts.

  10. What a lot of “tat” here today ! ! !

    Enlightenment ?? time travel ??? & of course this “witness many strange events and learn many secrets which she is forbidden to disclose.”
    Alas how can reality compete with the wonder of it all with spaced out God people soon to celebrate a Virgin Birth once again which incidentally seems to have happened historically more than once in the fantasy religious world.
    It seems charlatans have made use of religion to con a living out of the gullible and get their hands on the women since soon after “creation” time ???????????
    Is it any surprise that organised religion & Eastern mysticism attract lonely hearts & insecure “wankers” into world of delusion, mysticism , narcissistic infatuation
    and religion … a magical mystery psychotic realm, misinterpreted as “higher”, “spiritual” or even “heaven” itself & eternal life ????
    Halleguia boys & girls …..
    BTW —Central to Judaism was an obsession with a fierce tribal war god, Yahweh. With his blessing, misogynistic scribes encoded a raft of sex crimes which sanctified racial ambition. The sacred mission was to populate and subdue the earth. Judaism would bequeath its unfortunate mix of ignorance and intolerance to a wayward faction of heretics known to the world as Christians.
    Remember folks , sex is harmful to the soul.
    Mortification of the flesh and abstinence became the path to spiritual purity — —- meanwhile the “Gurus” help themselves to the pick of the bunch .
    “For over two millennia Christianity’s anti-sexual, puritanical doctrines inflicted untold damage on the mental, emotional and physical lives of countless millions of people. Only monumental hypocrisy and abuse leavened the deadly precepts into a cruel empire of servitude and violence.”


    1. An amusing polemic. But hardly original, or elucidatory of the matters examined.
      It will doubtless come as somewhat of a surprise to learn that the very first verse of the book you so clearly despise can be mathematically epitomised as a Star of Stars, constructed out of a uniquely trifigurate number and its reflectant. No psychoticism, misogynism, hypocrisy, or even charlatanism, is required. Just a smallish pinch of intelligence.
      Oh, and amongst a whole host of other astonishing revelations; the derivation of pi down to an accuracy of 4 significant figures. But I expect that one was immediately abused to “get ( their ) hands on the women”. You know how women just love an intelligent man who’s good with numbers, especially if they are the ones found on dollar bills.
      A comprehensive and thorough demolition of every belief you have ever had cobbled together for you can be experienced by accessing websites such as “The Other Bible Code”, or “The Bible Wheel”. I commend them to you. As a doctor, you would presumably lay claim to some slight familiarity with the basic principles of logic; in the places indicated you will be reduced to a degree of absolute silence you probably haven’t experienced since first grade. For God is not mocked; and certainly not by one such as you.
      Further to the various claims made here of meditations spanning centuries, deathless sages upon high mountain tops, flying saucers, and ineffable wonders encountered in faraway places, let me just say that there are certain spiritual forces present in this world which do not have your best interests at heart.
      So be warned.

  11. The human mind will always be a mystery to us, and God even more so. The devil and demons too, as well as the angels who chose to serve God rather than rebel. I don’t know if “Babaji… discovered the secret of immortal youth and to be ‘in constant communion with Christ’,” but he may very well have been in constant communion with some kind of spirit, most likely a demon, as eastern religions are chock full of them, even though they are often called ‘gods’.

    For a Christmas meditation, I think this one on the meaning of the Incarnation and birth of Christ to be immeasurably more pertinent:

    By the way, re- the supposed “yogic condition of suspended animation or yogically induced hibernation. These are temperatures approaching absolute zero, less than −269 °C” – where are those temperatures to be found outside of a laboratory or outer space? If such temperature is indeed achieved by a human being, then it definitely looks like preternatural phenomena – again, from demons.

    The angel said to Joseph, “You shall call his name Jesus [which means ‘savior’], for he will save his people from their sins.” (Mt 1:21 If we don’t think of ourselves as sinners in need of divine mercy and forgiveness, the mystery of Christ and Christmas will remain completely veiled to us and we will seek something that appeals more to our ego and our appetites – like eastern higher consciousness and living happily ever after on earth through some esoteric technique. Sorry to rain on your parade, but death. judgment, and heaven or hell await us whether like to think about it or not.

    Merry Christmas! May Christ, the Prince of Peace, bless us with the gift of peace – and also wisdom and humility to be able to discern truth from error, and good from evil.

    1. Thanks, Darrell. Long time no see! You can always be relied upon to keep us on the straight and narrow — the correct and orthodox path of Holy Mother Church — lest we venture into the thickets of heresy with the Abominable Darkmoon! 🙂

      1. Himalayan yogis…? What next?!? The Abominable Snowman?!? ….. Lasha, you need to get out a bit more!

    2. “If we don’t think of ourselves as sinners in need of divine mercy and forgiveness, the mystery of Christ and Christmas will remain completely veiled to us and we will seek something that appeals more to our ego and our appetites ”
      Darrell please gimme a break …. Jews are born with a more positive belief totally the opposite and that is probably why they are so successful.

      BTW didn’t you Christians steal the Jewish God — gimme a break — please.

  12. And all the time we were lead to believe that God created a male homo sapiens who later got circumcised to become God’s special males and donated one of his ribs to the creation of God’s “chosen special women” whom for generations and generations only reproduced members of God’s “chosen” regardless of the religious beliefs of the male that seeded her.

    A few years after multiplying themselves did not one of the chosen took it upon himself to do God’s work and opened up a sea so that his followers could cross without getting wet.

    But I digress. Meditation is good for the soul regardless of the season or holidays.

    Peace to one and all.

  13. Aw crap, I think I got this all wrong. First, I thought it was about “tummy-rubbing” or some such form of physical therapy. Then I thought it was about the merits of frozen yogurt. So much for speed-reading, eh? However, this stuff is entertaining as Hell. Seymour, sorry to shock you, but, although I may have yet to walk on fire, when I was a loony kid, my buddies and I used to light farts. Does that count?

    And Commander Z, why do they always have to be freakin’ SAUCERS? Why not things that look like asparagus, or flyin’ tennis raquets. I am not belittling UFO sightings—–I’ve seen some strange stuff in my day—–but why is it ALWAYS SAUCERS? C’mon, we can do better than incessantly spew the remnants of H. G. Wells. We need this to be put out in an audio track—the Stooges’ “Three Blind Mice” would be, by far, the best theme for this.

    I’ll hang out until they unearth a lump of 1800+ year-old frozen yoga, thank you very much. Now I shall go back and, as a dutiful atheist uncle, wrap presents for my kith and kin.

  14. Christmas and New Year has nothing to do with Christianity. Both events were created and kept alive by the anti-Christ “money-lenders (bankers)”.

    It’s interesting how these Hindu “holy men” preach “mediation” while believe in a religion which preaches and practices the extreme racism toward women and low-caste fellow Hindus (220 million untouchables) and hatred toward non-Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs.

    There are over 34 million Hindu widows in India, which are not allowed to remarry. In Hindu society, a widow is not allowed to remarry or even wear colorful clothes or jewellery. Widows are outcasted as witches and considered impure and burden on family and Hindu society in large. Some of the widows were forced to shave their heads and were blamed for the ‘untimely’ death of their husbands. Many of these widows end up working as prostitutes to survive. …

    1. i have seen hordes of these widows wandering the alleys of benares (varanasi).
      they don’t panhandle, presumably because they don’t think it worth the futile effort.
      with shaved heads, bereft of their no longer desired sexuality, they are a sad sight to behold, more pity and compassion extended to temple rats, monkeys and snakes.

      however, to judge hinduism as a system of thought and understanding by such inhumane practices is analogous to criticizing jesus the teacher for the follies of his presumed followers, the huge majority of them ignorant of the erstwhile Word, both clusters (hindus and christians) nothing more than bleating, ignorant, unthinking livestock (goy?) near-sightedly following the scamming priests.

      i suppose the same excuse may be valid for most jews, the difference being that the “erstwhile Word” is pure evil in their case, for example there is no excuse at all for saying and practicing kol nidre.

    2. @ Rehmat, I am deeply saddened on this day by what you said about the 34 million Hindu Widows in India.
      @ the avatar, Lets hope that Satanyahoo will suffer the same fate Eriel Sharon- Just go in a vegie state. Neither dead nor alife.

      @Lasha Darkmoon, you remind me of wine, the older youare , the better your writing gets.

  15. Merry Christmas everyone!

    Hopefully at some point the honest tears will come while meditating/contemplating/praying for his association.

    That’s the true Christmas spirit.

  16. Yogi Babaji?: So they can heat up in the snow and melt it. Can they make themselves into Frosty the Snowman in the middle of the Sahara? Sounds like a one trick pony act to me.
    If you go to Tibet to see this you do not have the sense God gave a goose.

    1. Your sad negativity and the desperate vacuum that is your soul “shines” through every pathetic comment you write, attempting to make everyone else here as miserable as you yourself are.

      You fail.

      Today is Christmas, and I am happy! I love the article! I am full of joy and nothing an old curmudgeon like you can do or say will persuade me to join you in offering the world your drooling spit and greeny viscous venom.

      Happy Christmas, Commander Z!

      Time you climbed aboard that space ship you mentioned earlier and zoomed off to Planet Sheol in the galaxy Gehenna!

      1. If nothing else, read the wikipedia entry on Dutch extreme cold ‘dare-devil’ Wim Hof. He is a devotee of the yoga spoken by Darkmoon.

  17. my best Christmas gift:
    -the complete disappearance of so called Israel-
    but ..
    i want netanyahoo alive so i can see his face in the news

  18. Lasha, we may be entering the magic times of the Tenth Kingdom, if you haven’t seen it I know you will love this movie, it is one of my favorites:

    Episode 1

    Twin Towers portal scene:

    Analysis: This made for TV movie was aired just before 911, it was one of those prophetic movies, that if TPTB pulled 911 it would trigger a series of events and change our world into a magic kingdom. This world will collapse and lead to a new era of a world transformed by entry into a new dimension where magic is real and common place.

    1. Twin Towers

      Come in Twin Towers — what is the latest —- over —
      The Twin Towers never hit the ground!
      A structural engineering firm involved in building the Trade Center estimated there should have been almost 1.2 million tons of rubble.
      But, what was seen was mainly dust and UNBURNED paper on the ground and a minimum of debris in the basements ,so Dr. Wood asks, “Where did it all go?”
      More pictures and records of documented testimony of dozens of firefighters and emergency rescue workers shows that the debris from the two 500,000+ ton Twin Towers was almost non-existent.
      This absence of a debris pile is the most convincing evidence that the Towers did not topple but were disintegrated on the spot in about 10 seconds each in what Dr. Wood calls “dustification”.

      Pictures of cars blocks away that were “toasted” or flipped over. We see large steel beams and columns bent, twisted, thinned and rusted in peculiar ways that heat cannot cause.
      Thanks to INDEPENDENT , engineers, architects, demolition specialists, pilots, intelligence officers and others who have done their homework the utter impossibility of the government’s cover story on 9/11 and systematically debunks it using testimony and scientific evidence.
      The CIA & MSM & the US Administration all did “their job” and kept the sheeple calm for a successful “mission complete” result or conditioning complete.

      1. Excellent points, Dr Mathew. The official version of 9/11 is now as dead as the dodo. The point is, however, that over 95% of Americans still believe in this nonsense.

        “What is Truth?” asked Pontius Plate.

        Truth is the official version of history as promoted by those who own the mass media. It’s sad to think that most of the history that is taught today is a complete distortion of the truth, especially the history of the 20th century.

        The heroes of modern history have been demonized, and the villains have been turned into heroes through persistent propaganda.

        1. The wrong side won WWII. That’s the problem. It would have been a far better world if these bastards had lost. They won because Satan was on their side. Which is why we now have a demonic world run by “the minions of Satan”, to quote Ms Darkmoon.

  19. merry christmas one and all! may you transcend the phenomenal realm in the blink of an eye and be reborn in a lotus flower in Amitabha Buddha’s land of ultimate bliss!
    is the yogi in the tanka painted sitting in the non lotus posture intentionally? that is pathetic! your so called magic kingdom is just the artists conception of the same old mundane reality of endless cycles of birth and death! if you wish to know the truth of this and other worlds…Shakyamuni Buddha, the world honored one, has bequeathed us a treasure trove of sutras (expositions/lectures) that are a blazing light exposing the demons’ army and their vile/evil essence and intent. simultaneously teaching us, all of us, how to leave suffering and attain bliss. praise the lords of peace!

    1. “If one is simply able to recite ‘Namo Amitabha Buddha’, one will certainly be reborn in the Land of Ultimate Bliss, where, transformationally born from a lotus, one will see the Buddha and awaken to the patience of the uncreated, never again to retreat to the Small Vehicle [HINAYANA], or to the status of a common person. If what I say is not so, I will gladly descend into the hells.”

      -Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

      1. Yes p3! Praise the Lords of Peace!
        So tragically opposed in Kali yuga.

        “That’s not a rabbi with Master Hua; that’s Brother David Steindl-Rast, a Catholic Benedictine monk. The occasion was the Third International Buddhist-Christian Conference, titled Buddhist-Christian Dialogue”

        The Venerable Master has a countenance (even captured) which you can see and feel, from a zillion miles away..

    1. What a ridiculous comment. is the nearest thing I know to a “free speech zone”. 50% of the comments published here would be deleted on every other site sites I know — and their writers permanently blocked.

      What other site would allow you complete freedom to abuse and vilify the central character behind the site, Lasha Darkmoon?

      Just try posting abusive personal comments to sites run by Gordon Duff, Mark Glenn, Kevin MacDonald, Les Visible, Noor Al-Haquika etc. etc. and see what happens to your comment!

      Instant deletion!

    2. This site is a refreshing change. There’s no censorship whatever here. Everything gets published except comments advocating physical violence, torture, and the complete extermination of the Jews.

      Damn right too!

      Basically, the editor of this site has to be on the lookout for Zionist trolls who are trying to sabotage his website. Experience has taught him that the most violent comments, calling for the mass murder of the Jews, are coming from Zionist Jews themselves.

      The agent provocateur is a sneaky bastard and we have to watch out for him.

      1. actually putting so-called “Jews” in the ovens of truth is the only cure…

        misunderstanding the context of the comments is a character trait of Pharisees, and twisted little dimwits who cannot see

        NOTSEES !

        No One on Earth HAS to be a “Jewish”…

        especially not the [Gog & Magog] … “Jewish” people !!!

      2. No censorship whatever? Really? The post I submitted must have got lost when I observed that Darkmoon achieved notoriety only to be contacted by complete stranger and soon to be New Jewish Best Friend Jill Karlin [a Jewish name]. Nor did I get a reply when I asked for evidence to support her claim of female sex addicts who start the day with a quick trawl of internet porn sites before breakfast. The yearning to believe something – anything – on sites like these is even more depressing when I consider how many [I can tell by the stylistic affectations they mistake for good writing] are probably of my own stock [English, or more properly Eloi], all as terminally dense as they are hopelessly naive, quoting Buddhism or the Bhagavad Gita to appear ‘spiritual’ and humanitarian, as clueless about racial biology as they are anxious to conceal the spinelessness that makes them desperate to be liked. I read that at least 98 out a hundred sites sympathetic to ‘white nationalism’ are run by the opposition, in which regard a new Jewish Best Friend or two is often a telling indication of what’s actually going on. We’re dealing with women and their feelings and an instinct for conciliation that puts us all at risk in the long run of course. White people are dumb.

  20. with all due respect to alexandra david-neel i have a problem with the following passage:
    The neophytes sit on the ground, cross legged and naked. Sheets are dipped in the icy water, each man wraps himself in one of them and must dry it on his body. As soon as the sheet has become dry, it is again dipped in the water and placed on the novice’s body to be dried as before. This operation goes on until daybreak.
    It is said some dry as many as forty sheets in one night.

    not quite sure how this is achieved.

    blankets (def. 1 calorie raises the temperature of 1 ml (g) of water by 1 deg. centigrade)
    i am guessing that each blanket can soak up 2 l of water and that in order to dry it, water must be heated from 0 to 40 degrees celsius, that is to say, 2000*40=80,000 cal/blanket. thus, 40 sheets would require 3,200,000 calories to dry. even assuming that we halve this amount, e.g., 1 l water just runs off onto the ground, it is still 1.6 million calories required.
    one easy way to verify this is to run 40 frozen blankets through a clothes dryer and measure the wattage spent doing so.

    let’s look at it two ways.

    first calculation
    the most strenuous cardio exercises, such as intensive cycling, boxing, rock climbing, etc., spend at maximum 1,500 cal/hr, given a healthy male that weighs 80 kg. this adds up to 12,000 cal in 8 hours (1 night) of nearly superhuman effort; even if one were to persist for 24 hours, only 36,000 calories would be spent (a daily average requirement is ~2,500 for a man). therefore, even if some tour-de-france steroidal maniac were to maintain this maximum effort for 24 hours, he would still fall short my a magnitude of 45 (i.e., 45 t-de-f cyclists would be needed to dry 40 blankets in one day, not one night or 135 of them to finish the blanket job in one night).

    second calculation
    maximum calories available in a body
    let’s assume the following, can be adjusted as information is refined.
    an adult male body weighs on average 80 kg and has on average 20% bodyfat content.
    one gram of fat burned gives 9 calories, one calorie is required to raise the temperature of one “gram” of water by one degree centigrade, hence 80*.2=16 kg of fat in human body is worth 144,000 calories.
    blood sugar contribution is negligible, if postprandial (after meal) blood glucose level is 180 mg/dl as per normal range set down by endocrinologists and there are (i am guessing here) 20 l of blood in an average sized human body, i.e., we are talking about 200 dl of blood, good for about 36 g sugar when well fed, which then translates to 144 cal at 4 cal/g sugar.
    keep in mind that these are calories theoretically available, the true number must be much lower by the time the death by multiple organ failure occurs. thus a human body has a theoretical maximum fuel worth 1.8 frozen blankets before hitting the physiological wall called death.

    but again, how is one to burn off 144,000 calories in one night, short of soaked in lighter fluid and set on fire?

    1. Very impressive, lobro, but to most people this will all be scientific gobbledegook. You miss the point. The rules of science apply only to the normal everyday world. They cannot, by definition, apply to paranormal phenomena.

      Doctors will tell you that miraculous cures do not occur and cannot occur. Yet accounts of miraculous cures are legion. Are the well-documented miracles of healing at Lourdes all bogus?

      1. i haven’t heard of any cripples growing a new leg at lourdes, if i did i would assume it to be a case of pulling one’s leg.

        yet, it is physiologically possible if the proper activation of stem cells were achieved, something that skinks and salamanders do routinely.

        maybe if one meditating adept was cooking the blankets while the other sat nearby in state of suspended frozen animation, the two would form a functioning heat pump … one dries 40 blankets while the other narrates the tale of exploits 1800 years later.

        anyway, don’t let me upset the apple cart, feel free to question my simple calculations the way i question even simpler expressions of belief.

        ’tis the season of santa clueless …

        1. You’re right, no one has ever grown a new leg again. That would be against the laws of physics. But there are different types of physics, aren’t there? And what seems to apply in the realm of Newtonian physics does not apply in the realm of quantum physics.

          In the world of Newtonian physics, for example, it is impossible to shoot the same bullet, at the identical moment, into two different ducks flying overhead. In the world of quantum physics, however, it is possible to shoot the same elementary particle simultaneously through two different holes in a screen.

          The paradox of Shrodinger’s Cat, which holds in quantum physics …

          … in which the same cat is alive and dead at the same time, makes no sense in the world of classical physics.

          Moi, I prefer to exist in a universe in which many things remain inexplicable. Why should I rule out the miraculous to satisfy the ingrained prejudices of a curmudgeon who insists that everything should be cut and dried?

          No, I’m not referring to you. So relax! I’m referring to a type of person who is all too familiar: the myopic individual who insists that everybody else should be confined to his own restricted range of vision.

          The blindworm grumbles that he can’t see what the eagle sees.

          1. ok, fine, it is not my wish to herd you into the dreary newtonian world at the expense of miraculous and magical.

            however to note: quantum mechanics has not supplanted the newtonian one, people don’t use quantum for shopping at walmart, weighing themselves at the scale, or in every possible everyday situation that requires a bit of calculation, the newtonian system works just about perfectly.

            at distances approaching planck’s length (1.6 x 10^(-35)), which is basically the smallest distance with even theoretical physical meaning, quantum theory takes over and forces out some pretty funny results.
            but this is the realm of individual unit particles, the various fermions, bosons, leptons, quarks … yes, streams of single electrons can exhibit such behavior as you described in the double slit experiment, they can “borrow” energy from future in order to jump through otherwise insurmountable barriers (it is like saying that the quicker you promise to repay a loan, the greater the amount the bank is willing to approve, e.g., i will lend you a million if you reapy it in a million of a second, where “future” is the banker).
            but to cohere trillions of basic particles that comprise your physical body in such a way that they all synchronize their borrowing pitch (“and on the count of 3, we all …”) is simply not a very convincing scenario.

            if i accept that milarepa lived through 1800 years atop mt. annapurna or wherever, he is more likely to have used some quantum mechanical trick than by going into a semifrozen state where his physiological processes were slowed down to less than 0.5% of normal rate.

            anyway, zombie apocalypse is more fun and it is at hand right now.

          2. This should interest lobro, being it aligns very closely to his conceptions achieved through science and math.

            “In actuality nothing is mystic. Everything functions according to natural laws.”

            Siddhis, Riddhis And Mystical Experiences…


          3. @ hp

            Thanks for this priceless link, hp. There is much of interest here. Trust me to pause with raised eyebrow 🙂 at this particular siddhi:

            “8) The ability to witness the pastimes between the demigods and the celestial girls called apsaras…”

            Celestial girls? … (Sigh) … The demigods have all the fun!

          4. @ lobro

            well, if she’d adopted YOUR line, that all these wonders are a lot of physically impossible stuff in the THRILLING newtonian world which is YOUR narrow intellectual habit, she’d have had to say Babaji was a fake and a charlatan, wouldn’t she?

            and there would have been no basis for an awesome christmas meditation article reflecting on the mysteries of nature and the wonders of god’s world, would there?

            try and write a more inspiring article yourself, without pouring scorn on darkmoon, who is doing her best to offer a message of hope and christmas cheer.

        2. Take firewalking. How does one walk over beds of burning coals? My own brother, a total skeptic, joined a group of 24 others in Toronto and walked over a long walkway of burning coals without getting the soles of his feet burnt. He was utterly gobsmacked! None of the others could understand how the feat had been accomplished.

          And not one of them was willing to accept the pathetic “scientific” explanation for the phenomenon provided by this sophomoric article in Wikipedia…

          where it says, among other things:

          “Firewalkers do not spend very much time on the embers, and they keep moving.”

          Yeah, I’ll buy that!

          Hop into a tank of boiling water and you’ll be fine — provided you hop out again very quickly! 🙂

          1. Thank you for that differentiation between classic physics (we were taught in school) and quantum physics. Although most of us are just beginning to have some concept of implications, they have Biblical exposure, as well. We just did not see it as such, perhaps.

            Look at Jesus’ question to the blind men, at Matthew 9:28 : “Believe ye that I am able to do

            They responded affirmative, and were healed.

            I cite this because it corresponds to truths I have discovered, but cannot explain – the most blaring example of which is the power of quartz crystal in the hands of a faithful healer. What causes the “rock” to respond?? It can be compared to walking on coals. It is what we attempt to explain by quantum physics (of which I am certainly no master!).

            Quite simply, it is Faith which translates to that great power – like the faith of the blind who BELIEVED that Jesus could heal them. Jesus’ mind was toned to “tap into” that energy – by His simple faith.

          2. I saw just the other day a woman practicing an incredible austerity. Beyond my small discipline, that’s for sure.

            I was following behind her as we walked down the street, past all the many storefront windows and mirrors and to my astonishment she did not look at herself in any windows or mirrors!
            Not even once!

            THAT’S impressive. I’m still awestruck.

    2. dammit, my response was auto-deleted during composition … a case of miraculous decomposition?
      let’s try again to piss off the hovering frozen sages.

      certain acts of faith based healing are made eminently possible by powers of persuasion, since it is well known that many illnesses are mediated by one’s psychological state, e.g., cancer and host of autoimmune diseases by stress.

      moreover, the so-called extrasensory perception is no longer a myth because human thought (in form of neural activity) has been read repeatedly by experimental machines (say hi to new FEMA scanners), not to mention dogs, horses, etc.

      but esp in no way invalidates the laws of physics the way levitation, superhuman heat output and life in state below freezing.
      when water forms ice crystals, they expand like shards of glass and irrevocably shred the tissue at cellular level, thus while you might be able to clone assorted milarepas alongside wooly mamoths, they will be equally mindless replicas of the originals, i.e., they would provide you with enlightenment of equal quality.

      man ain’t beer, you know, which faithfully reproduces reliably replicable enlightenment no matter how many times you freeze and thaw it.

      1. But, lobro, knowing that man is much more complex than beer or wine or brandy (I can and do make all three), isn’t it possible that he can depart into another “dimension” (an energy) and return in an improved state? Even the simple act of sleeping a peaceful sleep is well-recognized as a healing pursuit. I find that if I let beer alone, it becomes “flat”; uninterrupted, wine and brandy become vinegar. I find that if I, on the other hand, am so fortunate as to be blessed with “too much” peaceful sleep, I begin to feel really great! (I would like to do it more often than I am
        able, believe me!)

        Not everything is the same, therefore does not exist according to equal dogma (like different races of mankind).

        1. not sure about an altered state of consciousness being a different form of energy, but on the whole i do agree with what you said.
          and what you said is quite different from what whitefeather said, who by used isaac newton’s narrow intellect as a stick to beat me with.

          do go on by faith alone, the wonders of holocaust await those who reject the narrow confines of newtonian system, euclidean geometry and other such basketweaving pursuits.

          need i remind you whitefeather, that i am a denier, i.e., the insights brought to us by the winner of combined nobel prize in peace and physics, one elie wiesel are wasted on me … i just cannot come to grips with that magical formula, some things are true, rebbe, that never happened … … aw, my head hurts already.

          a practical question, whitefeather: after accepting ALL CLAIMS MADE BY VARIOUS PEOPLE IN THE ABOVE ARTICLE, on what basis will you be able to refute any of the claims made by various jews, to wit a few:
          moses walling up red sea and letting it flood the evil gypsies,
          geysers of blood spurting from the ground of babi yar 6 months after the jew corpses were presumably buried there,
          6 million dead jews, a magically immutable number, a universal constant like the speed of light in vacuum,
          and so nauseatingly on.

          because remember too, whitefeather that christmas is 1 day out of 365 and jew magic is the remaining 364 days.

          what’s sauce for the duck is sauce for the gander, i hope you don’t get hoisted on your petard.

          me, i like to play it safe.
          yes, i dream too, mostly of technicolor magic stuff, it does give me a psychological boost, maybe sufficient to keep me in good health for a while longer.
          but my dreams are my own, a private thing, i don’t go beyond my mostly newtonian bailiwick.

          disclaimer: i (used to) know a fair bit about quantum mechanics, actually the mathematical fundamentals (theory of linear functionals in hilbert spaces … my thesis supervisor wrote a standard treatise on that).
          that was a while ago, however and i don’t make a big deal out of it, having forgotten most of it.

          a standard laugh-line is when ooga-booga guys state confidently how “quantum mechanics represents non-linear physics”.
          nothing could be further from the truth, it as totally linear.

          1. Mr. lobro,

            For me, I must operate to a great extent ON faith, because I am no physicist beyond the point of absolutely knowing you guys are real – and right, on most issues. Your education is far beyond my own.

            One thing I can promise you, though: Me and my kind are not afraid of calculating Jews. I have faith in the words of 91 Psalms. We have, too, rifles and know-how to which to resort.

            Death is no more than a step toward a better place. Or nothing. Like Beckett once said: We will know when the time comes – not before. Ergo, there is no use in arguing it. There are so many more things we CAN discover, here and

          2. well, to round this off, it is a molehill and let’s leave it at that.
            if my intellect is narrow, so be it, it is my lot and i am not complaining about it, it was given to me by random or pseudo-random fates.

            far be it from me to run down lasha, one of the, if not THE finest people i never met.

            far be it from me, furthermore, to grinch this christmas or any other from the quietly and hopefully less quietly suffering gentiles.

            moreover, i did not object to the article as such, only raised couple of points referred to by some of the people quoted.
            nor am i calling them liars, i figure that given that snake oil marketing is a major industry in india (been there, seen that), they may have fallen prey to the scammers and their well meaning gullibility.
            i don’t know who babaji is nor does it matter much.
            i appreciate christ for what he said, not for the variety of miracles he seems to have wrought.
            thus i judge Him and everybody else by whatever timeless wisdom they serve and nothing else.
            if i can witness and use some basic forensic methods to verify some act of “supernatural” ability, i am willing to suspend my skepticism.

            in fact, the shroud of turin seems able to withstand scientific scrutiny, therefore i am by no means ready to write it off as fakery.
            many things that it displays were completely unknown at the time of its discovery and others are as of today beyond the best efforts to replicate, to the best of my knowledge.

            but my faith, whate there is that impacts on my narrow intellect, does not depend on the shroud of turin, if indeed it is demonstrated as a brilliant joke, i will not feel personally threatened.

          3. @ lobro

            hey man, sorry if i offended you. i’d had a lot of vino last night. makes a man kinda agggressive if he don’t know where he’s coming from or where he’s going. i read your post again. you got genius! i am in awe. quantum mechanics. equations. MSc degreees and whatnot. hey i am out of my depth man.

          4. okay, i take your point. it’s just that i don’t like a damper cast on wonder.

            how would you feel if you loved a piece of brilliant classical music and some wiseass like freud (who didn’t dig classical music) said to you, “lobro, you’re wasting your time being moved by that stuff. it’s just a series of meaningless sounds strung together.”

            you wouldn’t like that, would you, if you were into classical music.

            besides, i dont like to see darkmoon taken down and made to look silly. she was trying very hard to write a cheery christmas article. and you can’t do that if you’re all negative and naysaying and nihilistic.

            your attitude to miracles is very negative mr lobro. miracles and newton don’t go together. you know that. that’s the whole POINT of a miracle, isn’t it, it violates the rules of classical physics!

            hell, it wouldn’t BE a miracle if newton gave it his approval and said, “Fine! i like that! it obeys the laws of motion and gravitation, so i reckon it’s an acceptable miracle!”

            know what i mean? i’m talkin paradox. if it doesn’t turn newton on his head, and give him a kick in the ass for good measure, it ain’t a miracle IN THE FIRST PLACE, is it?!?

            all for now, pardner…i need to rustle up some brunch and give the missus her istructions for the day.

            speak to ya later…

  21. Dear Lasha,

    Thank you for this fascinating article! I’m honored.

    Years ago I met a British woman, (Annie Turner, a wonderful artist) who was living in the famous Swayambonath, (The Monkey Temple) in Kathmandu, Nepal. She had visitied Gangotri, the source of the Ganges in the Himilayas. She gave me a painting she did there of a naked Sadhu who was meditating in the ice. She told me she was wearing layers of Saris (with which her Indian mother had furnished her), and reveled in the Yogi’s countenance for all those hours. (I will attempt to post the painting for you).

    Unless you are soul dead, we are all on a pilgrimage to Paradise. The object is not necessarily to extend the human life. To live in joy and happiness in this life is a good thing. These guys have it down! Did not Jesus himself consistently remind us that The Kingdom of Heaven is within, or at hand? Did Jesus not consistently say that it is our FAITH which makes us whole and contributes to our healing? I imagine, if we are able to achieve this enlightened state in this body, in this life, that it would be fun to hang out for as long as possible. However, the promise of the adventure of our spiritualized pilgrimage to paradise is a journey which I, for one, look forward to.

    There is so much baggage which we clear in meditation: the benefits of which are innumerable. These meditators must be the highest beings on earth. Maybe they will have no remedial training when they are ready to depart the earth. (They will have skipped the rehab that most of us enter into when we leave).

    Jesus, when a young man, traveled, as a tutor, with two Hindus, a father and son, Ganid and Gonid. He learned much of the mystical teachings of the east.

    Our model , our brother, and our God, taught by His example.

    Thank you, Lasha. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    1. Same to you, darlingest. May you find peace and enightenment. And I wish you every sucess with your visionary paintings.

      This one, The Forest Primeval, painted on a table top, has many sweet memories for me:×697.jpg

      But this one, painted in Katmandu, The World Outside the Window, has a rare stillness and beauty about it that never fails to move me to tears.

      Keep well, dearest friend, and may the New Year bring you every happiness and good fortune…

    2. “Jesus, when a young man, traveled, as a tutor, with two Hindus, a father and son, Ganid and Gonid. ” Where you have this information from, Jill?May you provide the source, please?

      Merry Christmas and Happy 2013 to you and all readers.


    Wim Hof aka the Ice Man Finally Taken Seriously By Science

    I am proud to call him a good friend of mine, taught him TM in 78 when we lived in a big squatted house in Amsterdam. Later he discovered in Nature the Tummo Inner Fire Techniques which he teaches now to every one who wants to learn.

    CIA O

  23. Wonderful article, I already e-mailed it to many people I know including relatives in Mexico and South america. It is very interesting.


    vid counter: 14.21 The Ice Man Wim Hof: (…) Everyone can reach by their mind more depths within themselves…We’ ve got healing power, we really got it (…)

    ”Omnipresent Paramatmancan can cure anyone, doctor or no doctor”
    (Lahiri Mahasaya)

    “Imagination is the door through which disease as well as healing enters”
    (Sri Yukteswar)

    “According to your faith it is done unto you” (Jesus)

    “Think that way, then that will manifest itself” (Maharishi on “Soft Thinking”)

    CIA O

  25. an ode to mathematicians:

    A report released on Tuesday by the Central Bureau of Statistics, prepared for the Science and Technology Ministry’s National Council for Research and Development, found that in 2011 the following proportions of graduates had been living abroad
    [i.e., outside israel]
    for three years or more:

    Doctorates in science or engineering: more than 14%.
    Doctorates in the humanities or social sciences: 3.8%.
    All Doctorates: 10.5%.
    All Bachelors: 4.8%.
    All Masters: 4.2%.
    All graduates: about 5%.
    Bachelors in humanities or social sciences: 4%.
    Masters in humanities or social sciences: 3.1%.
    Bachelors in science and engineering: 6.7%.
    Masters in science and engineering: 8.5%.
    All graduates from 2003 to 2005: 2.5%.
    All graduates from the 1980s: 8.1%.
    All graduates from the end of the 1990s: 17.7%.
    Advanced degrees in medicine: 7.2%.

    such unbelievers …

    1. (Dr?!) Phibes you are in bed or probably the same as the other (dr?!)Mathew
      if the last is the case it, you are a Master and Bates (must be your last name).
      (See Mathew December 24, 2012 at 7:05 pm etc.).

      Dr. Master Bates, heal Thyself. India the Land of the Ved has throughout time given to the world truly and fully Enlightened Masters (charlatans will also be there as in any field in any country) The lavatory bowl in which you have hung your head prevent you from seeing this (or anything for that matter)

      CIA O

      1. He’s probably seeing Hinduism from a different perspective. Yours is the idealisic Hinduism of the Westerner who sees Hinduism through its highest manifestations — the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Gita. His is the Hinduism, in all probability, of the modern day Hindus who have become thoroughly Westernized and are unacquainted with their own religious classics.

        Remember Bhagavan Rajneesh and his sex-saturated ashrams and his 100 Rolls Royces? Rajneesh wasn’t exactly a good advertisement for Hinduism, was he?

        This is the type of Hinduism that “Dr Phibes” probably has in mind — the corrupt and tawdry Hinduism of the tabloid journalist.


          David Godman asks the great Advaita Guru Nisargadatta (1897-1981):
          (…) ‘In all the years that you have been teaching how many people have truly understood and experienced your teachings?’
          He was quiet for a moment, and then he said, ‘One. Maurice Frydman. Maurice was a Jnani (…)’

          (…) DG:
          I have met several people who knew Maurice, and all of them have extraordinary stories to tell about him. He visited Swami Ramdas in the 1930s and Ramdas apparently told him that this would be his final birth. That comment was recorded in Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi in the late 1930s, decades before he had his meetings with Maharaj. He was at various stages of his life a follower of Ramana Maharshi, Gandhi, and J. Krishnamurti. While he was a Gandhian he went to work for the raja of a small principality and somehow persuaded him to abdicate and hand over all his authority to people he had formerly ruled as an absolute monarch. His whole life is full of astonishing incidents such as these that are virtually unknown. I have been told by someone who used to be a senior Indian government official in the 1960s that it was Frydman who persuaded the then India Prime Minister Nehru to allow the Dalai Lama and the other exiled Tibetans to stay in India. Frydman apparently pestered him continuously for months until he finally gave his consent. None of these activities were ever publicly acknowledged because Frydman disliked publicity of any kind and always tried to do his work anonymously.

          Btw Maurice Frydman was a Polish Jew.

          CIA O

        1. Looks like an interesting website. This title caught my eye:
          What the fuck does Nisargadatta mean by “I Am”?


          Reminds me of Clinton’s “It depends what you mean by ‘is’.”

          1. @Xanadu

            Well, it is very well known what cabal strawman Clinton meant by deep.

            Nisargadatta is the Butcher of any and all concepts, of which I AM is the basic and last.

            CIA O

            CIA O

          2. Thanks. There are some unexpected gems found scattered here. Such as this which struck me quite forcibly:

            “. . . remember the two golden rules: no effort and no expectations.”

  26. Srila Prabhupada called Hindus who become Westernized “new crows.” He said, “Crows eat stool, but new crows eat more stool.”

    1. Thank you for the reminder. Tick, tock, tick, tock, The Christmas Clock goes tick, tock, tick, tock :

      Maybe this year I’ll remember to buy my Christmas shopping early, and not wait ’till the very last minute when the stores are pretty much empty of anything worth giving , and it’s like 5 minutes to closing time.

      The only one I enjoy buying gifts for is my dog, Teddy. A very cute and adorable Irish Wheaton/Cocker Spaniel terrier. Well , he has some French poodle in him tu, but we never mention that when we’re at the dog park. We don’t want anyone to think he’s a “cheese-eating surrender monkey” [ Teddy is rather passive and easy-going by nature. I don’t want to make matters worse for him. All the dogs at the park push him around as it is ] After all, I do live in one of ZOG’s most loyal and stead-fast colonial administrative outposts – Sacramento, CA.. The French are “cheese eating surrender monkeys”. One hears that from time-to-time here in one THE Major Freemason capitals of the West Coast of America . I try to avoid the topic of WW2 the best I can.

      The two major cultural choices here are die-hard intense Leftism/Communism or Zionist Christianity. That’s a major reason I Luv my Teddy the most and I much prefer to buy him gifts more than anyone else around here. It’s also a big golf city. Even the blue-collar workers here are gung-ho for golf. And of course, “we” all get “very concerned” if “our” front lawn is not perfectly green. Very Andrew Carnegie-ish. He’s the one who started the American green-lawn fanaticism/obsession to begin with. [ friggin’ immigrant].

      Personally, I don’t blame those who make their escapes outta here to go explore exotic places.

      “May your days be happy and bright,
      and your Christmas shopping,
      be very very lite.

  27. @ whitefeather

    i did not take anything you said too unkindly, not even a dig at my “education”.
    in the last 10 years internet has been my school, especially in opening my eyes to history and geopolitics and it has been far more valuable than all the previous schooling.

    one thing, btw, about newton.
    he was a deeply religious, mystical man and in some of his off-the-cuff sayings he prefigured developments that would follow centuries later, such as theory of gravitation (general relativity).
    i find that people sell him short while endlessly extolling einstein as schooling god on the nature of reality, the greatest mind in milky way and neighboring galaxies.

    enjoy brunch, sorry if i caused heartburn with my remarks, never meant to put down lasha, her last of all the people.

  28. ———“The Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute”—–
    Look for a branch near you or start your own.
    “Oh happy days” —– “Liberation through sex? —- “oh happy days” —
    Sexual practices as a must — “necessary for spiritual evolution”.
    Unfortunately “hell has no fury like a woman scorned” ????????????????

  29. Nice article, Lasha, thanks for Christmas gift. However, I have a note on one passage of it:”the yogic condition of “suspended animation or yogically induced hibernation.” These are temperatures approaching absolute zero, less than −269 °C (4 Kelvin), a point at which helium liquefies and at which advanced yogis can continue to exist like mammoths trapped in ice. With one significant difference, however: the yogi is still alive, though barely ticking over, suspended in a dream state lasting several centuries in which both full consciousness and out-of-the-body travel is possible.” It may be all possible except “−269 °C”: 1) such a temperature doesn’t exist in natural conditions on Earth. 2) It is immediately destructive for biological tissues. Dermatologists (and some wig makers 🙂 ) used liquid nitrogen to destroy skin tumors. 3) ability to withstand cold temperatures and lack of food is well documented and quite common among the saints of Russian Orthodox Church – St. Basil (most famous Moscow Cathedral is named after him) is one example, St. Ksenia of St.-Petersburg is another one among many.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New 2013 to you and all readers of your site.

  30. @mathew

    Dumbo Mathew, you have been digging (meditating, subud etc.) but not deep enough, hence you equate mediation with dreaming. Dream on. Being anti JC and using Mathew as a name: your nightmare is self-evident.

    CIA O

    CIA O

  31. Nisargadatta Maharaj like Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is a Diamond cutting through all Maya. Only MMY leaves more room for the ‘’the issues of the day”.

    No effort, no expectations is the rule of thumb in MMY’s mantra meditation, during the twenty minutes TM (or more in advanced practice) in the a.m and the p.m. Effort and expectations are part and parcel of ‘’the issues of the day’’ but they run more smoothly.

    A smooth 2013 for all of you.

    CIA O

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