No more Dirty Wars for Israel, by Mahmoud El-Yousseph

I was not impressed at all with the Israeli Prime Minister Benji Netanyahu’s address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC] Annual Policy Conference.

Netanyahu came to Washington for two reasons: (A), Secure presidential pardon for the convicted Jewish spy, Jonathon Pollard and (B), enlist U.S. comittment to bomb Iran. While US mainstream news media gave his rhetoric about Iran extensive coverage, not mentioning his request for Pollard’s release, whom Natanyahu visited in 2002. The release of Pollard was reported by Israeli daily Ynet. Pollard was a civilian intelligence analyst before being convicted of spying for Israel and who is serving a life sentence.

According to 16 US intelligence agencies and IAEA inspectors, Iran has no nukes, but Israel does. Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Israel (with nuclear weapons) refuses to sign and refuses to allow AEIA inspectors into their nuclear facility.

This begs the question, why is it Iran–and not Israel–being subjected to strangling sanctions? Iran has never threatened Israel, America, or any of its neighbors, whereas Israel is threatening to bomb Iran every day and has a long history of attacking and invading many Arab countries.


Israel is now making life a hell on earth for Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem as I write this.


Where is the outrage, threats of sanctions and the calls for Israel to adhere to the rules of civilized nations?

Thankfully, this time president Obama stood his ground and showed this arrogant and ungrateful guest some back bone. Netanyahoo (by all appearances) left America empty-handed. He did however succeed to a ceratin extent. As Dr. Hassan El-Najjar, the editor of Aljazeera,  put it:

“Netanyahu succeeded in putting the illegal Jewish settlements and the theft of Palestinian lands on the back burner.”

If I had to rate Benji’s barking–absurdly known as his ‘speech’ at the AIPAC conference—it deserves about a 3 out of 10.

Dull, boorish, and completely uninspired.

He was so overconfident in his actions, yet the words he spoke were plainly unconvincing. In general, it was a bad performance — even for this Israeli Drama Queen!

I believe Netanyahu’s demeanor throughout his speech will damage his likeability even amongst the faithful crowds at these AIPAC soirees. He showed us an ego that even the great hall couldn’t contain; the two body guards only reinforced that notion.

The way he leaned on the podium, holding those two letters aloft, revealed a sloppy and overconfident speaker. I will give him credit for begging for assistance, without really needing it. All the Congress knows what he came for. It  will certainly please AIPAC.

The bit about walking like a duck and quacking like a duck, and pushing the audience to engage in the final ‘it must be a duck’, was very tacky and undignified for a supposed statesman. The man seemed intoxicated with his own power.

In truth, no one should support a man like this. He is only a self-deceiving beggar who happens to have nuclear weapons. He wants a foreign state, America,  to sacrifice its citizens for HIS war.

This isn’t about Jewish survival. It’s about the “clean break strategy” that was implemented many years ago.

Netanyahu’s real objective is to get the American war machine to do his bidding through his congressional proxies. If this is the type of speech that excites the pro-Israel crowd, they are a sad and pathetic bunch indeed.

AIPAC speaks only for Israel, not for Jews — and certainly not for America.

AIPAC calls for war and not for diplomacy: one more war for Israel. A dirty and disastrous war: a war that neither they nor their children will be fighting.


Good red-blooded Americans should be screaming: no more dirty wars for Israel!




Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Retired USAF Veteran
[email protected]

7 thoughts to “No more Dirty Wars for Israel, by Mahmoud El-Yousseph”

  1. Book of Ishtar, Babyloonie goddess, rather. Except, how can gods and godesses ‘die’, unlike in real life, if real, Ashkenazi ‘jew-ess’ ‘Esther’ would have caused the massacre of innocents to save her treacherous breed?

    And how FAKE ‘Esther’? The Neanderthals from Shinar made the mistake of labeling their comrades as ‘jews’ in their copy-cat ‘book’. You figure the date… Ancient. But what chutzpah! The letter ‘J’ was not invented until the 12th C. AD, and the costume ‘jew’ until the 13th, for the Vulgate, even though the letter ‘I’ for ‘Ioudean’ or ‘Y’ for ‘Yehudim’ still remained, to our days.

    Now, what can one Khazar-Ashkenazi FAKE Yehudim or Yacobite (‘Israelite’) squatter, gift to another FAKE ‘natural born’ Kenyan dark-Ashkenazi? “FAKE Esther”, what else!

    From Planet of the Apes, we have regressed to Planet of the Fakes! DE-volution of the Species is a FACT! Pity!

    1. heroay – Book of Esther is part of Jewish Bible. The story of Quenn Esther of Persia ia a common knowledge in Iran. All famous Jewish religious festivals, Purim, Yom Kippur, Passover, Hanukkah, etc. are based on the miseries on non-Jewish people.

      Israel even has a ‘religious Jewish gay’ group called Havruta which celebrated Purim festival in Jerusalem in March. They read Jewish Megillah, the traditional scroll read on this Jewish religious holiday – reminding themselves how Jews were persecuted in Persia which forced Persian Jewish Queen Esther to order the genocide of 72,000 non-Jewish Persian.

  2. It’s always worth re-stating what all this is about, that is, “the clean break.” So, it is not about quaking nuclear ducks or any other nonsense. Many years ago (2002) I went to hear Henry Kissinger debate Shimon Peres at an event put on by the now defunct University of Judaism. They had this big screen that showed the faces of the debaters and I’ll never forget Shimon Peres’s face. I have never seen a more tragic face. It wasn’t much of a debate since both these men agreed about everything. They didn’t bother with this crowd of almost all Jews (and fervent ones at that) as to the reasons for the then upcoming war in Iraq. No need to mention weapons of mass destruction in this debate, it was all about “remaking the Middle East.” They essentially said we have this narrow window of opportunity and once it closes it’s going to be very hard to do it…. ponder that one. I guess they still think that door is open although at the time they said “seven year window of opportunity” and well… those years are gone. I’m glad that at least Obama is dragging this one out, although I wish somehow he would have kicked the whole lot of them down the White House stairs…

  3. Folks, it looks increasingly like this cold war with Iran is about to become very hot. Any more waiting and Iran will, through domestic industry, become too powerful to interfere with. The window of opportunity is closing fast. Military installations are buried too deep for bunker busters to hit. There will be many downed pilots, and mobile missile SAM sites, making a ground invasion necessary, although they will not be entering Tehran. Iran will be bombed back into the Stone Age. Cloud seeding, electromagnetic weapons and many secret and newly developed weapons will be employed. Iran may respond with chemical and biological weapons, and so might the West. The fog of war makes it too complicated for any one person to tell what the outcome will be, but the loss of life will be severe. Make no mistake, the West will not loose. Its leaders will use nuclear weapons to save themselves from entering into elections having been militarily defeated.

    Millions of brave men, who either had no other option than to go into the military because of the lack of jobs, or who had no idea that they were really serving Israel, are going to come back to West broken, exhausted, angry and unemployed. A broken economy will tear the nations apart. The future will be one of violence, poverty, misery and authoritarian governments.

    If you want to make any unmistakable gesture, then wash the flag – don’t burn it, and show your cause as being the patriotic one. Get a stamp, with “NO WAR IN IRAN FOR ISRAEL” written on it. Pay in cash, stamp every note you have with that message, and let it circulate through the economy. The cost of doing nothing will be waking up one day, and finding the once prosperous countries of the West reduced to the state post USSR Russia. It will never be capable of doing anything in the world again. Without its medicines, medical equipment, technological research and trade, the whole world will discover itself unimaginably worse off, as diseases and plagues spread through the third world in epidemics. There will no longer be a strong mediator to stop petty conflicts getting out of hand. Instead of focusing on all the grievances that the West has perpetrated, have some gratitude for what it has achieved for the life spans of the peoples of the world.

  4. On Friday, US Treasury Department issued subpoenas into an investigation against over three dozen former US high ranking government and military officials for accepting large sum of money in return for lobbying for an anti-Tehran government terrorist militant group, the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), known as ‘Munafiqun-e-Khalq (or People’s traitors) in Iran. The group is listed as a ‘terrorist organization’ by the State Department. Allegedly, these Judeo-Christians sold their souls to the devil for $30,000 to $160,000.

    All under investigation are the ‘Israel-Firsters’ belonging to the Republican, Democratic and Tea parties. The list includes former Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell (Jewish) of Pennsylvania and currently MSNBC contributor, Democratic Gov. Howard Dean (Jewish) of Vermont; former Republican Homeland Security Advisor to George W. Bush and currently CNN’s resident terror expert, Frances Townsend (Jewish), Bush’s Attorney General, Michael Mukasey (Jewish), and former UN ambassador John Bolton (crypto-Jew); former Republican Mayor of New York, Rudolph Guiliani (Zionist Christian); and ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh (crypto Jew) and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Hugh Shelton (friend of Jewish Army)……..

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