No Return, by Gilbert Huntly [*POEM*]

No Return

Far, far across the roiling sea
My lover waits in reverie
While penning verse she writes for me—
And my return.

Her brow, so perfect and refined,
Casts shadows dancing on the rhyme
While candles waver, marking time
For my return.

Her fingers, coaxing pen to write
Poetic love she feels inside,
Awaiting dawn, the changing tide—
And my return.

Alas! No more our arms we’ll link!
And as this noble ship does sink
I cry her name, while on the brink
Of No Return.

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3 thoughts to “No Return, by Gilbert Huntly [*POEM*]”

  1. A verse for GH:

    Who’s the lovely lady … with brow so perfect and refined?
    I hope she comes back to you …back to you
    One day, in the forseeable future, and be more kind!
    May she be true to you … true to you.

  2. Thank you for you kind words, Bernice. A man must be true to himself, if he would have a woman be true to him, in kind.

    She in the picture is beautiful, isn’t she?!


  3. There will be a cast party after the play. We’ll all be there with congratulations all around for our performances. One “with brow so perfect and refined” awaits now.

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