Our Noble Warriors, edited by Pandora Pushkin


The official line for the atrocity carried out in Kandahar has now been clearly established: a US soldier went off base alone in the night and proceeded to kill 16 civilians in a nearby village before setting fire to the bodies.

Tensions were already inflamed over the burning of the Quran by American soldiers, and following on from the revelation of “kill teams” collecting body parts as “trophies” and the leaked footage of troops urinating on dead Afghans.

The latest line from the US government on the killings has been to discuss at length the mental state of the gunman. Initially, he was described as being possibly “deranged” at the time of the shootings; then, it was stated that he had suffered a “mental breakdown”, yet another soldier from Fort Lewis-McChord to have buckled under the strain of warfare and gone on a killing spree — a considerably more common trait for US soldiers than their NATO allies.

Additional reports have since emerged pointing to a “traumatic brain injury”.

So far, nothing seems out of the ordinary with this narrative – until you include the eyewitnesses.

According to PakTribune: “One Afghan father who said his children were killed in the shooting spree accused soldiers of later burning the bodies.” Reuters were told by witnesses that “a group of US soldiers” arrived at the village and were responsible for the killings.

Resident Haji Samad said:

They [the Americans] poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them … I saw that all 11 of my relatives were killed, including my children and grandchildren.

A neighbour, Agha Lala, added, “They were all drunk and shooting all over the place.”

Afghan children on their way to school…only too aware that they, too, could one day fall victims to the psychopaths in uniform who have occupied their country.

The official response from the US came shortly after: “Based on the preliminary information we have this account is flatly wrong,” the official said. “We believe one US service member acted alone, not a group of US soldiers.”

No information has been provided to refute the testimony of the eyewitnesses, who also described shots being fired from several directions.

As Afghan lawmaker Abdul Rahim Ayubi observed,

It is not possible for only one American soldier to come out of his base, kill a number of people far away, burn the bodies, go to another house and kill civilians there, then walk at least 2 kilometers and enter another house, kill civilians and burn them.

Local Panjwai councilman, Abdul Ghani, corroborated the unlikelihood of a single shooter, stating, “The villagers said they were hearing machine gun fire and pistol fire from different directions.”


Afghan President Hamid Karzai to America: “You killed our children!”

While objectively-speaking the evidence would point towards multiple shooters, once again the media have taken the pronouncements of unnamed “US officials” as gospel truth.

The official line has been set in stone: in print and on the TV news channels.

As for the eyewitness accounts of drunken troops killing over a wider area, firing wildly, urinating on the dead bodies and then burning them—that, predictably, has been expunged from the record and gone down the Orwellian memory  hole.

It never happened.


Thank you, America.

Based on this article By Andy Dilks.
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Pandora Alexandrovna Pushkin is a Russian-American academic and human rights activist.



Comment offered by Northerntruthseeker:

I have been just as disgusted as everyone else has been over the last week since learning of the attack on a group of 16 innocent Afghan civilians by some 20 US soldiers in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan.

That brutal attack, in which some nine women and children were needlessly slaughtered, was bad enough, but now today come new allegations that at least two of the women were raped by these US soldiers before being killed.

Two members of the fact-finding mission, Hamidzi Lali and Shakila Hashemi, told the general meeting of Afghanistan’s parliament on Saturday that the American troopers raped two Afghan women before starting the massacre.

It is no wonder that the people of Afghanistan are all up in arms over this latest senseless murder by the American occupiers of their country. There have naturally been new calls for the immediate withdrawal of all American and NATO forces from the country. The Americans have been in Afghanistan for ten years now—and they have definitely overstayed their “welcome”.

For the last few days, I have been watching the US news media outlets try to spin this latest act of cold-blooded murder, as they vainly try to get America off the hook. They have failing miserably. Instead, they have turned themselves into laughing stocks.

The real farce is that the US Government is continuing to spin this story as an act committed by a “lone gunman”. All the evidence shows otherwise.

The simple fact is again that America and NATO shouldn’t even be in Afghanistan in the first place.  They were only sent there on command of their Rothschild Jewish masters to have the Opium poppy fields put back into production — this for the financial benefit of Lord Rothschild.

Now, 10 years later, they have literally destroyed Afghanistan. They have left it irradiated with depleted uranium—for the next four billion years!  They have killed thousands of innocent Afghan civilians. They now have the impudence to suggest that, when they leave the country officially, they will nevertheless leave behind some of their troops as permanent “peace keepers”.

This latest act of murder by psychopathic American soldiers underlines an obvious point. America is not interested in peacekeeping. The Afghan people want America to leave. Every single American. Right now. They see the Americans as the rest of the world sees them: as brutal occupiers.

The 20 or so American soldiers responsible for this atrocity must be brought to justice immediately.

The US must not only apologize to the Afghan nation for this latest massacre, but  it must withdraw its forces from Afghanistan at once.

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  1. This isn’t the military I fought with in Viet Nam, they are more like the idf small caps on purpose. If you read the parchments you know the reason behind it.

  2. There is a contradiction with a multiracial military. They have to love each other at the same time that they hate the Towel Head enemy. If any Towel Heads or Negros are in their force there is cognitive dissonance. Special forces tend to be all White and not have that problem.

  3. This article — I refer in particular to the pictures and their captions — is subversive in the extreme. It is deeply disrespectful to our American servicemen. They deserve better than this juvenile display of contempt.

    I don’t know who this Pandora Pushkin is, but I suspect she is one of Ms Darkmoon’s dubious retinue.

    If the mentally unstable Ms Darkmoon is responsible for these pictures and captions, she deserves to be gang-raped by every American soldier in Afghanistan.

    1. 😀

      you are an interesting case, ruth.
      i suspect that you have been gang raped by your index finger after reading some of lasha’s poetry.

      just a question, forgive my ignorance.
      are such pursuits allowed on sabbath?

      deeply respectfully yours …

        1. did i miss it / so sorry
          save me some hamam’s ears please, but without earwax, still a bit on squamish side

    2. This heinous act is the culmination of 10 years of U.S. war atrocities against the Afghan people. It’s not that slaughtering unarmed civilians including children up close is more criminal than bombing them from a helicopter or a drone. But this recent massacre has exposed the true nature of the crime of occupation before the world – even before the people of the United States.

      So many horrible acts by U.S. troops have been blamed by the Pentagon brass on the individual soldier’s state of mind. But they all fit a tragic pattern rooted in colonial occupations. Soldiers urinating on the bodies of captured Afghans showed the utmost contempt for the people the White House claims to be helping. Burning the Quran showed contempt for their beliefs. And now, breaking into their homes and murdering children breaks down all boundaries to unspeakable horror. 16 people murdered. 9 were children and many more wounded.

      Ruth, the soldier/soldiers who committed this massacre should face the firing squad! Not praised or rewarded for their war crimes. That is true inIsraHell.

      The pictures and captions tells the bitter truth about this decade ugly war.
      Sometime the truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Obviously, you sympathize with the aggressors rather than the victim. It hard to understand your logic of reasoning. How could you be such a cold-blooded? Where is you mercy and compassion Miss Ruth? I thought your book of Torah states that Judaism stand on three pillars; peace, freedom and justice.” You owe to practice what your holy book breaches rather than the other way around.

      Besides, why they insist on attacking and insulting Darkmoon instead of responding to others who take shots at you. I think Lasha always shows you respect. I almost fell out of my chair laughing after reading lobro’s comment.

    3. Interesting choice of words “our American servicemen”, Ruth. But if you’re an Israeli/Jew, it’s a fitting choice of words as well.

      Interestingly enough, the people responsible for the pictures are those very same “American servicemen” who are unknowingly fighting Israel’s wars .

      And the idea that Ms. Darkmoon ought to be gang-raped by every American soldier in Afghanistan for putting captions beneath those pictures is just pure jewish hatred of the goyim.

      Ruthie, why are you such a hateful and demonic person?

    1. This is an off-topic comment, Berenice. Strick to the point please.

      In any case, how would any well-bred woman know that porn actress wear crosses between their breasts?

      If you were what you should be, you would be ignorant of such things.

  4. Editor,

    I think there is a case for monitoring comments. Insulting, anti-feminist, off-topic comments should not be allowed. This would only deter intellgent females from posting on this site.

    1. rUTH you were the first to cast the stone, so owe up to it. I believe this is still america not israhell, your father is satan not YAHWEH my father, the blood of his murder is on your hands.

    2. Ruth, the editor/ moderator of this site made it million time clear: This is ” a free speech zone.” He even allows ” terrorist sympathizer” like youself to post comments here. So, instead of whining and complaining, be happy.

    3. The jews are always at it: ISSUING ORDERS FOR THE GOOD OF “US” ALL. They “know what’s best”. They frame the arguments and set down the rules. And if any goyim so much as strays, the jew goes ballistic and issues orders for the good of us all.

      Ruthie, why are you such a totalitarian control freak? Is it in those inbred genes of yours? Centuries of cousins making more cousins?


  5. As a father, these images are deeply moving and disturbing, but it does bring the story closer to home. Any one who is not moved by these images and the captions is not human. I should add that s/he heart is an empty hole.

  6. It is clear as day that it is time for the American army to leave as quickly as possible. First of all, we are no longer wanted there–as if these people ever knew why we were there in the first place, most have never heard of 9 11. But now we must leave. There is a beneficial side to even the darkest most gruesome incident, and for this one it is a mirror held up to see who we are: we have become a drunk, violent, and disrespectful force that has won no hearts and minds. PERIOD. So, we must immediately begin bringing all troops, and contractors home until there is no American presence there at all. No excuses!!

  7. The greatness of the civilization of a nation, group, people or race is judged by how it treats its enemies, especially defenseless men , women and children. A measure is to ask, does it apply the same rules to itself as it does to others? The Qur’an states (in paraphrase) it is not that you don’t have a book of guidance, you do not judge by it. The US has a constitution (book) but it changes the rules as it deems fit.
    The Confucian teaching “What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others” is echoed in other religions thus: Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets (Matthew). The Prophet Muhammad is said to have taught thus:
    A Bedouin came to the prophet, grabbed the stirrup of his camel and said: O the messenger of God! Teach me something to go to heaven with it. Prophet said: “As you would have people do to you, do to them; and what you dislike to be done to you, don’t do to them. Now let the stirrup go! [This maxim is enough for you; go and act in accordance with it!]”
    The level of a civilization can be judged by the treatment of the dead enemy. For certain, warriors of great nations and civilizations do not urinate in the mouths of dead men as seen in the recent video of few good men opening the mouths of the dead by the toes of their boots and then urinating into it. Perhaps the war colleges will teach their marines and soldiers the lesson of Sophocles’ Antigone that the respect for the dead and right to respectful burial is above the law of kings (read state). Civilized people of good will should stage this play all over the world and modify it according to the events of today.

  8. Kapoore , very well said, and I second you motion. NATO and US forces were never been invited there in the first place. They are trespassers, invader, and occupiers. The Afghan fighters were once described by former president Ronald Reagan as the “equivilant of our founding fathers. Like it or not, they are fighting their freedom and independence, like America did in the 1700s. Even George W. once let it slip, when he said, I would not like it if my country get occupied. I even hate to quote this moron president, who was arrested 3 times and graduate from college with “C” average.

  9. Rachel Corrie did not go to Gaza to engage in combat: she went to try to thwart it. Along with her fellow members of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), she believed that the Israeli military’s incursions could be slowed by the presence of highly visible “internationals.” The killing of Palestinian civilians may have become commonplace, the thinking went, but Israel doesn’t want the diplomatic or media scandals that would come if it killed a U.S. student.
    In a way, Corrie was harnessing the very thing that she disliked most about her country—the belief that American lives are worth more than any others—and trying to use it to save a few Palestinian homes from demolition.
    Believing her fluorescent orange jacket would serve as armor, Corrie stood in front of bulldozers, slept beside wells and escorted children to school. If suicide bombers turn their bodies into weapons of death, Corrie turned hers into the opposite—a weapon of life, a “human shield.”
    When that Israeli bulldozer driver looked at Corrie’s orange jacket and pressed the accelerator, her strategy failed. She was crushed to death by a 10,000 lb US made bulldozer on this day- March 16, 2003. She was a 23 years-old Evergreen College student and peace activist from Olympia, Washington. Palestinian people in Gaza and else where flew the US flag for the first time in her honor. To Palestinians, Rachel was and continue to be as an Angel of Mercy. Rest In Peace, Rachel Corrie!

  10. It may interest readers to know that the original title of this article was “AMERICAN PSYCHOPATHS IN UNIFORM.” I was all for it. So was my old school chum Pandora Pushkin whom I love like a spiritual sister. Ah, the lovely Pandora with her large violet eyes, like unfathomable pools of mystery! How she must have hated seeing her title changed by the autocratic editor of this website.

    Though the editor is my cousin, I must protest at his ill-treatment of my beautiful soul sister. He is acting like a chauvinist pig. I must ask him to reconsider, in all humility, the folly of his ways.

    I will now give some marvelous quotations from a new article by Fred Reed (called “More Fun Atrocities”) to prove my point that the original title of this article, “American Psychopaths in Uniform”, was an appropriate title.

    1. “Ah, the lovely Pandora with her large violet eyes, like unfathomable pools of mystery!

      Hmmm, Pandora sounds gorgalicious!…I know one lesbian on this site, Ruth Bernstein, who I suspect is already getting quite moist in all the wrong places! 🙂

        1. this is not a nice thing to say. i know ruth an she is not lesbain beleeve me tho many lesbains are arfter her. hi ruth honey hope your keepin well, long time no speke 2 u, i mist u honey on the other site, so glad to see u hear agin. sorry evry-1 4 my bad spelin, but i’m disleksick and i’m onely 14, never lernt to spel proper and cant eyether no mater how much i try. but 4 now evry-1

        2. pointless to bring facts, logic and truth into debate with judaics.
          better off declaring marquis of queensbury rules to a swarm of centipedes.

          their method is to start at some inane midpoint, like:
          j: why are you such a hateful racist?
          g: i am not, i simply point out your evil deeds based no doubt on equally evil ideology
          j: you have no right to judge someone chosen by g$d
          g: there you go, so who is the racist
          j: behind such attacks is desire to incite another holocaust, which is why not an iota of its story can be questioned
          g: but the story is jam packed with internal contradictions, blatantly impossible lies and ravings of lunatic witnesses, can’t have a second event if there was no first
          j: there you go, exactly as i predicted, which proves that you are a hateful racist
          ………… the wheel with six spokes turns once, continues ad nauseam ………..
          g: i am not, i simply point out ta-da-la-la …

          which is why i no longer debate jews, so what if an atrocity is placed squarely before them?
          inwardly, they are pleased and proud and quite turned on by the gore, in line with satanic commandments of talmud, outwardly they deny everything and go back to the cycle described above (why are you such a hateful racist).
          that way they keep their sadistic cool while your head may explode as proof that jews are rational and goys mindless, blabbering maniacs.

          1. Arguing with a Jew is a thankless task.

            The dumb ones just abuse you. And the smart ones tie you up in logical sophistries, fabricate facts, simulate outrage, allege anti-Semitism and Imminent Holocaust.

            If all else fails, they launch ad hominems, report you to ADL or Homeland Security, and finally have you bumped off by Mossad.

            Give me a dumb Jew any day. 🙂

  11. The American Soldier as Trained Psychopath

    Quote 1:

    “Under a leaden sun that beat down like a soft rubber truncheon, we unlearned civilization….We ran in formation shouting Kill! Kill! Kill! We learned that it is better to shoot an enemy in the bowels than the head because trying to keep him alive would strain medical resources….We learned flame throwers, and how to burn the enemy alive….We learned to use white phosphorus…to cover enemies in burning goop that you can’t put out. We learned to be what human beings shouldn’t be. We felt an exhilarating freedom, of not being subject to moral constraints. We learned to suppress conscience. This, more than the use of weapons, is the goal of military training….”

    The suppression of conscience. Beautifully put. This is the hallmark of the psychopath and the serial killer: a DEAD CONSCIENCE.

    And here they are in America, actually training our boys to be conscienceless killers.



    Quote 2:

    “Typically the soldier is young, not too bright, poorly educated, and not real sure what the war is about. You cannot train him to hate the enemy according to fine distinctions. They are all gooks, dinks, slopes, zipperheads, sand niggers, towel heads. And so he comes to hate them all. Viets, Afghans, Iraqis, Cambodians, Laotians, whatever, are weird, alien, dirty, can’t talk English, sneaky, and you can just tell they don’t like Americans. Watch their eyes….They are animals, they don’t deserve to live. And so the atrocities come. Always. Inevitably.”


    Appropriately, this description of the “typical” Amercan soldier comes from a website called zombiesoup.net.

    It appears that the typical American soldier is a zombie.

    The word “human” can barely apply to this dead-eyed hunk of testosterone-fueled flesh with his bloodlust and his constant killing sprees: his multiple rapings of women, his collection of gruesome body parts as trophies, his urination on the bodies of his dead victims.

    All this grand guignol horror is laid on for him, this psychopathic zombie, by the psychopaths who sit in Washington. These psychopaths don’t do any killing themselves. They’re all chickenhaws, and they get others to kill and die for them.

    I asked my friend Pandora what made these armchair warriors tick. She answered, “I reckon they get their kicks jerking off. That’s the oldest game in town.”

    Excuse me while I go sick up in yonder toilet bowl.

    1. Having a very well paid job in academia, and a working in a comfortable air conditioned office, well removed from the poverty and multicultural ghettos suffered by the common working people of the West, it must be very easy to surf the internet and sympathize with Muslims in the Islamic world, seeing them as the victims.

      Might I suggest though, that for the average person in the West, they do not see most Muslims as the victims, but as the aggressors posing a clear and present danger to the West and to liberal democracy? As supremacists who believe that their religion should be the law of the land and not the innocents? It might be even harder if you don’t watch CNN and all the rest of the alphabet soup, like the great majority of people do, and see the unpalatable acts carried out in the name of Islam. If anything, most people believe that CNN and the rest greatly underplay acts carried out by Muslims, in the name of ‘fostering good community relations’. How about the Muslim sex grooming in the once great land of England, for example, which various commentators have been highlighting for many years? The BBC Her Majesties Police Service simply covered it up. The examples are endless.

      How about the fact most people look at the Taliban and their Afghan regime and see women prevented from receiving education? Something that you yourself had the liberty of, because people fought for that right, risking life and limb for that it. Funny how we always seem to hear about the atrocities committed by a few, but nothing about the schools that our troops are building. We always hear the grievances but never the gratitude. What about the troops who are fighting pitch battles outside schools as the Taliban prevent women from entering, and force them to wear, what looks to the western majority as a tent over their heads? We seldom hear about this.

      Maybe there are people at the top who get off on killing children and a few rogue elements at the bottom that do – I’ve never met a person who agrees with killing children at all, or who would ever wish it. I’ve only ever met people in the military who want to stop the Taliban so that women can be free from wearing a tent, and have an education and economic freedom.

      But then, if you work in an air-conditioned office, have never lived in a poor house in or near an Islamic area, and don’t watch CNN, then it must be very easy to dehumanize our soldiers, and not to see them as brave and noble men, risking their VERY LIVES in a hostile foreign land, to fight for a better future for the peoples of Afghanistan, rather than staying in the West to continue a comfortable life. I imagine then, that in your situation, that it is very easy to dehumanize our soldiers – very hard to see the perspective from our ‘poor wretched soldiers’, their families and of the populace. Very hard indeed!

      To those who imagine that the brave men of 82nd airborne board an aircraft, to be put in harms way, do it to engage in a psychopathic rampage, then I can only recommend a psychiatrist.

      1. (1) How do you know Darkmoon has a comfortable job in academia and works out of an air-conditioned office? To my knowledge, she has never said this. Even if this is true and not a figment of your imagnation, how is it relevant?

        (2) How do you know Darkmoon has no first-hand knowledge of the Islamic world? From what I read, her knowledge of the Islamic world is far greater than you suppose. She has actually lived in Islamic countries and studied their cultures.

        (3) What are Americans doing in Afghanistan anyway? Can you explain? Why are they there, can you tell me? Are they there, as you seem to suggest, to make sure Afghan women can attend schools and not have to wear tent-like appendages on their heads?

        (4) What gives Americans the right to stick their big noses into the affairs of other countries? Since they can’t keep order even in America—more prisoners than any other country in the world—by what right do they go off to Afghanistan and meddle in its internal affairs?

        Can you explain?

        I bet you won’t even try.

        May I remind you that the Taliban you are speaking of were once referred to by our former President Ronald Reagen as the equivilant of our founding fathers.” No only that, we did provided them with money and weapon when they were fighting the former Soviet Union occupying army of their land. Now the occupier of their land has different name, all of the sudden they beocme evildoers. Why does the word hypocracy comes to mind?

    2. There was a time, make no mistake, when people like yourself, would have coated in tar and chicken feathers and booted out of the country.

      mam, your portrayal, and dehumanization of our soldiers is disgusting, and a disgrace. I hope that no reasonable publication ever publishes your work ever again. There is a word for narrow minded people, mam, who only ever see one side of the story, and that word is a bigot.

      1. You defend the indefensible. That’s your problem. The man who killed those 16 innocent Afghans, most of them children, was a psychopath. And you think he’s a great guy?

        Oh yes, I hear you say: he was a “bad apple”. And you conveniently forget that the whole point of the article — which Darkmoon, incidentally, DID NOT WRITE — was that this was not ONE psychotic soldier going on the rampage. He was accompanied by his buddies. They were drunk, and they were pissing on children, and shooting them in the head, and setting fire to their bodies.

        All Darkmoon has done is contribute a few comments to someone else’s article, which she has a right to do. As you have. She has my backing. And she has Lobro’s backing.

        We don’t like psychopathic killers in uniform, okay? If you like them, this isn’t the site for you. This is site for peace activists, not for US Army killers and their apologists.

        The only way you evil bastards can shut us up is by shooting us, and torturing us, and pissing on us, and setting fire to our bodies. And I’m sure you’d love to do that to us, what with the all the experience you’ve had doing it to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Get the message, buddy. We don’t respect child killers here. We don’t give them medals.

          1. Can you tell me who the Taliban are and what they are fighting for? I’ll tell you. They are known as “freedom fighters”. They are defending their country, Afghanistan, from the American invaders. Just as Hamas and Hezbollah are freedom fighters, defending their respective territories from the Jewish occupier, the Taliban are doing the same in Afghanistan: defending their territory against illegal American occupation.

            You and your brutal bunch of lunkhead American soldiers, including NATO, are now in occupation of a foreign country where you have no right to be. Get it?

            So the assumption that the American occupiers are in some way *morally superior* to the Taliban is a stupid assumption we reject.

            Your crude mentality is displayed by the fact that you actually believe it is a MATURE way to behave to PISS on the bodies of dead Taliban soldiers!

            “Noble American warriors” don’t go pissing on dead people’s bodies, no matter how evil they think those people are!

            Do you understand this, you shameless apologist for American brutality?

            As it is, the soldiers you seem so keen on defending are far WORSE. They piss on the bodies of innocent and defenseless Afghan CHILDREN. The children have been dragged out of bed in the middle of the night and shot in the head. Their bodies are then burned.

            And meanwhile our “noble warriors” are reeling round drunkenly and shooting at every Afghan civilian in sight!

            Yes, I know you can’t handle this. Maybe you have a son in Afghanistan and you love him and you know damn well he’s doing his best to…to what?

            You tell me, buddy. Please do. If you know someone fighting in Afghanistan, tell me what you think he is fighting for.

            Free the Afghan women from slavery? Remove their veils and force them to wear miniskirts up to their asses, like all good American women should do? Ban the Quran and force everyone to buy Playboy magazine and Hustler, which are available for American troops on every military base in the world so that they can jerk off whenever they wish?

            Is this your idea of the “noble” American soldier?

            To me and my friends, this American soldier is a bad joke. He is not a noble creature. He is a sick animal.

            He is fighting and dying for an illusion. His evil leaders in Washington have lied to him and conned him into dying for them in an ignoble cause.

            Rule Number One of the Just and Noble War: don’t piss on Enemy corpses! Don’t rape the Enemy’s women! Don’t kill their children!

            I invite YOU to have the last word. Be my guest.

  13. Well, I can simply say that you need to turn these soldier’s guns toward the real enemy within. The babarians are inside the gates. Direct these so-called murderers and their frustrations where it belongs. Darkmoon is scapegoating the American soldier. It is inherent in christianity,(judaism for the goy) to scapegoat the “offender”. Women are not qualified to judge military action or what men think of defense or offense. So all I have to say to darkmoon is shut the hell up. You proved yourself by passing propaganda that this is “fascism” which this ongoing mess is not anywhere near fascism.

    1. Well, I can simply say that you need to turn these soldier’s guns toward the real enemy within. The babarians are inside the gates. Direct these so-called murderers and their frustrations where it belongs. Darkmoon is scapegoating the American soldier.

      I think this makes a good point. In her haste to express her indignation against an atrocity committed by an American soldier against helpless Afghan civilians, most of them children, the incorrigible Darkmoon has “scapegoated” the American psychopath who committed the atrocity.

      Darkmoon owes you abject apologies, dear Carmen. Next time her wrath will hopefully be directed toward the real villains: the 16 Afghan “terrorists” killed by our Noble American Warrior, including the EIGHT CHILDREN who died in the “crossfire”.

      Yes, Carmen, I think you are right, we must make allowances for our Noble All-America Hero who is only simulating the actions of a psychopathic serial killer.

      He’s quite a nice guy really, isn’t he? — just the kind of He Man you would like to go to bed with, I have no doubt, just before he strangles you slowly to death. 🙂

      Here is Justin Raimondo describing the Prince Charming you make such shameless excuses for:

      Think of it: he went out in the dead of night, at three in the morning, armed to the teeth, and snuck into a village where sleeping children were cradled in their beds. Taking careful aim, he knelt and started firing: one after another these young girls and boys had their heads blown off.

      One news account described a bullet hole right between the eyes of one young victim. That’s some pretty good shooting there, soldier: all that training, financed by the US taxpayers, paid off!

      His work there finished, our serial killer went to another house, where he repeated his grisly work. After it was over, he gathered the bodies together and set them ablaze, in a display of “shock and awe” and cleansing fire…it would have made an award-winning shockumentary, the story of a square-jawed over-deployed American soldier and straight-as-an-arrow patriot who just wanted to serve his country and wound up becoming a mass murderer.


    2. Women are not qualified to judge military action or what men think of defense or offense.

      So you classify the mass murder of women and children as “military action”, do you? And only MEN are fit to pronounce judgment on the rightness or wrongness of such an act of wanton murder?

      So what are you, Carmen, a man or a woman? And as a matter of interest, do you regard your previous comment as an intelligent one? Because I don’t.

  14. Sard, who cares what you think of my comments. Re-read what I wrote and let it sink in. I never buy into the masters of the lie!!!! The fact that fire was used something tells me this was a kosher act as per the mold testament and the talmud.

  15. “The fact that fire was used something tells me this was a kosher act as per the mold testament and the talmud.”

    What are you getting at…? Can you clarify…? You are not exactly a model of clarity! The sentence above is not even grammatical. 🙂

    1. Sardonicus, old friend, don’t waste your breath on this woman. She’s obviously got a screw loose. When she’s proved wrong, she resorts to arrogant bluster.

  16. LOL, This stupid article was sent to my e-mail address. Darkmoon, you have no right invading my privacy. Please be gone or you will be reported!

    1. We don’t know how your email address got on our list. These things happen with multiple listings. We will remove your address, so relax. Please note that Darkmoon did not write the article, so why are you attacking her? How can she be “invading” your privacy? If that had been the case, why did you voluntarily post 3 comments?

    2. Don’t be like that, Carmen. Don’t you know we’re pulling your leg? Pay no attention to Solly. He’s past redemption. (“Solly” is short for “Solomon”, I believe, so we know which side of the track HE is from!). As for myself, I have nothing but the deepest respect for your views.

    1. i recall seeing no us soldier serving under department of defense who died in his home country.

      always polluting foreign lands with his noahide steroid fueled lardass.
      never invited, never welcomed.
      his spilled guts always a cause for celebration, nicaragua, cuba, philipines, germany, italy, mexico, lebanon, korea, china, vietnam, afghanistan, pakistan, iraq, laos, cambodia, panama, grenada, syria, iran.

      what an ungrateful world, feel symapthy and unending gratitude for our valiant hero, the hellfire drone in flesh.
      without him, our economy based on monsanto, raytheon, goldsack and blackwater would stagnate and collapse.
      that needs defending.

        1. this looks like it was typed by ruth’s pet budgie.

          i guess it gets to jump up and down on keyboard during sabbath.

        1. Yes, I can read. I was just having some fun 🙂

          FWIW, answering a question with a question is common — and it is a completely legitimate way of answering a question, even if it is not what is desired or expected. For my part, I should hope none of us gets actual enjoyment out of seeing anyone dead; that would be kinda creepy. LD has now answered. Carry on…

    1. I’ve never seen a dead American soldier…not with my own eyes. Nor have most Americans. If I did, I would feel nothing but sadness at the waste of a young life. Maybe I’d even shed a tear for this Unknown Soldier if I saw in his face the lineaments of nobility…if I could bring myself to believe that he had lived honorably and died an honorable death.

      Yes, I do believe I would be moved to tears if I felt that his passing had left the world poorer, with his widowed wife bereft and his children heartbroken. I am not a monster. I am human too.

      My tears are not usually for the dead, however. They are out of their misery. It’s for the wounded survivors I feel the greatest pity. For those blinded by shrapnel. For the horribly disfigured, with their faces blown away. For those without arms or legs, their backs broken, bedridden forever. Life must be a living hell for these.

      In order to keep their sanity, these wretched soldiers need to believe that what they fought for was worth fighting for. They will have to tell themselves that they fought for freedom and democracy. That they were protecting the homeland from dangerous terrorists with brown skins and bushy black beards.

      And when Obama and Bush and the other warmongers and chickenhawks visit them in their hospital wards, these shattered soldiers will doubtlessly long to kiss the hands and grovel at the feet of these Great Men who conned them into the slaughterhouse of war.

      Woe betide these wounded war veterans if they should ever discover the Truth: of the lies that sent them to war and of the unspeakable evil of their rulers.

      1. Darkmoon;
        Off topic is Ms. Pushkin related to Alexander Pushkin the great writer from Russia. I think his writing are very well brought fought, I just finished Eugene Onegin. I really enjoy when I’m in Russia with the rich back ground of writers they have. Have a nice weekend.

        1. No, Pandora Pushkin is not in any way related to the great Russian writer Alexander Pushkin. I believe “Pushkin” is an extremely common name in Russia. Even in America and Europe there are thousands of Pushkins.

  17. Agreed…lies that sent them to war. This has been such a long, bloody, and useless war. My head spins thinking of TV talking heads laying out strategies. We bombed mountain caves for terroriest that lived in underground bunkers stocked with sophisticated electronics (yes, the headquarters for 9 11). But, of course, those bunkers were never found, just a degraded water supply from bomb debris run off. And what about the strategies and surges that have disappeared down a memory rabbit hole. Remember the tons of propaganda against the way Muslim men treat their women. How does this bloody incident rank in comparison. Let’s toss the “terrible Muslim male” lie on the heap of burned childrens’ corpses. Remember the novel A Cup of Tea that everyone who belonged to a book club read and then somehow it was all made up. Finally at the very bottom of the piles of corpses is the lie of all lies–9 11, the reason for the war in the first place. Shouldn’t someone be up against the wall by now, or marched off to jail, or waterboarded or something for all this carnage and all these lies, or at least a trial by an international court? Can’t someone put a stop to this? Obama, are you heartless. Are you a controlled entity? Why can’t you end this nightmare war tomorrow?

  18. First urinating on dead Afghan bodies, followed by Holy Qur’an burning and latest massacre of 16 Afghan civilians by a homicidal western Christian slodier – show that some interested anti-Muslim hands don’t want the western occupation of 100% Muslim country to end.

    As expected, Taliban leaders have suspended peace talk with United Stated negotiated by Qatar’s western-puppet Al-Thani dynasty . Earlier, Pakistan closed down two US-NATO supply routes to Afghanistan.

    Last week, Gen. James Mattis, chief of US Central Command (CentCom) held talks with high-ranking military and government officials in Islamabad seeking Pakistani cooperation to get 23,000 US troops out of Afghanistan later this year.

    To the great surprise to Obama’s Zionist-controlled administration – US appointed Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai demanded this week that NATO withdraw forces from the small, rural outposts that are the heart of its war of terror against Afghan population.

    “Afghanistan is ready right now to take all security responsibilities completely. To speed up this process, authority should be given to Afghans,” Karzai said in a statement issued shortly after he met with visiting Defense Secretary Israel-Firster Leon E. Panetta.

    This week, British prime minister David Cameron told his host Barack Obama in the White House that under public pressure, his government has decided to pull out British soldiers from Afghanistan.

    “If we maintain a steady, responsible transition process, which is what we’ve designed, then I am confident that we can put Afghans in a position where they can deal with their own security,” Obama told reporters after his meeting with Cameron.

    Occupation of Afghanistan was planned by Bush administration early 2001 but they needed a major attack on American interests to bring the US public on board its evil scheme. The Israeli Mossad and local Zionist elites provided that opportunity on September 11, 2001.

    These evil people needed Afghanistan under USrael control for the following reasons:

    1. to increase opium cultivation in Afghanistan .

    2. to construct a oil pipeline from Caspian Sea to Pakistani port of Gwader and from there to Israel’s Haifa refinery by shipping.

    3. to establish military bases near Iran and Chinese borders.


  19. An update by Arthur Topham, editor of the Northerntruthseeker, has been added to the article. Please read it. It catches the general mood and encapsulates popular sentiment: American military misbehavior is unacceptable The world’s Superbully must mend its ways and cease to be a constant aggressor in other people’s sovereign countries.

    1. Apologies, the editor of the Northerntruthseeker is NOT Arthur Topham. The writer of the update is an entirely different person who wishes to remain anonymous. He has no connection whatsoever with Arthur Topham.

  20. I have been to Kandahar and on the base there and it is ridiculous that one soldier would be able to or even want to go outside the base on his own through numerous checkpoints and be allowed to attack a civilian town miles away in the desert. There have been numerous reports that Afghani’s have made themselves that it was several soldiers (some reports say 20).
    I have always been against these occupations, but one must always keep him or herself focused on the head of the snake. The information we get from Iraq and Afghanistan is from liars with an agenda. They would like nothing more than for us to hate our own kids in the military so they can turn them against us. These kids have been propagandized all their lives in school, from the media, etc. and have no jobs whatsoever to go to because of a plethora of reasons that we allowed to continue ourselves.
    The war starts at home. We all better know who the war is with and we better start realizing that they will use these instances to do nothing but divide us. Stay focused on the synagogue of satan or fall right into their traps.

    1. An exceptionally wise comment. I am glad you added this as a corrective to some of the excesses of sentiment expressed here, including my own.

      On the face of it, it is manifestly absurd to suggest that every American soldier is a psychopathic monster. Such a grotesque caricature is clearly offensive in the extreme. I deeply regret if this is the impression I have managed to convey.

      What cannot be denied, however, is that there is a *culture of brutality* in the US armed forces.

      A normal, well-balanced boy from a good American home will go out to Afghanistan with stars in his eyes, anxious to kill the “evil terrorists” who (he is told) are menacing America.

      After several duties in that hellhole, this callow youth gradually morphs into…well, not necessarily a “psychopathic monster”…but into a highly traumatized young man who is unrecognizable when he gets back home.

      He has post traumatic stress disorder. He is wounded and in pain. He has seen his best friends die; or their arms and legs have been blown off. He has been led astray into savage acts of violence by his macho mates. In short, the wretched boy has become mentally unbalanced. Scarred for life.

      This is what we are talking about here.

      Yes, I get your point about the necessity of nor allowing ourselves to fall prey to the Divide and Rule principle…of not allowing ourselves to hate every young American who fought for his Evil Masters and thought he was fighting for his country…and for freedom and democracy.

      The struggle, as you wisely say, begins at home. Our true enemies are the powerful ones who manipulate us and pull our strings. They are the corporate liars, the media cheats, the warmongers of Wall Street.

      This is the sad truth: our Rulers are the secret Enemy and we are their victims. The American elite, controlled by organized Jewry, are the enemy. And it is we, the people, who they are waging a deadly war against.

      1. I am relieved to have seen a renunciation; I think that that is as close to an apology as you are going to give. Perhaps next time then, you should think twice before getting on your keyboard and launching into a tirade against our boys in the military. I won’t be holding my breath though.

        ‘I deeply regret if this is the impression I have managed to convey.’ – There’s no ‘if’ about it, you actually called our servicemen zombies, and continued to the point of almost complete dehumanization, into something more like the emotional bond held by an abortionist towards a ‘fetus’.

        As for ‘anxious to kill the “evil terrorists” who (he is told) are menacing America’, perhaps some empathy would be in order, for the poor peoples living in the multicultural ghettos, and in the farms and villages throughout the land. They might perhaps, not share your view of a peaceful Islamic world, having come across child sex grooming and gang rape, (like is happening across Norway, almost always committed by Muslims against the Kafir). They might think about the many white no-go areas which have sprung up all across Europe, where women face the very real prospect of being raped, just for being the Kafir and not wearing the burka or hijab. What exactly therefore do you mean, ‘he is told’, are they so intellectually backwards that they cannot see with their own eyes the crimes committed in the name of Islam? Mam, you are missing the forest for the trees. Are the American elite responsible for these actions? Did they provoke the Muslims into rape and pillage across all the towns they reside in across Europe? What did the American fledgling republic do to the Islamic world, that Barbary pirates attacked its ships, looted and pillaged them, and took its women as slaves? Nothing. They were just Kafir: http://www.city-journal.org/html/17_2_urbanities-thomas_jefferson.html . Has there ever been a time in history when the West and Islamic world has gotten along together peacefully? What a whitewashing of history it would be to answer this question with a yes! Does it begin to make sense why so many men would risk their very lives in a harsh foreign land, to fight the very religion that they can see already in the West, preparing for its full glory triumph of violence? A very dark nightmare indeed!

        Muslim fundamentalists would hate us even if we were not there in the Middle East, as evidenced by their aggressive expansions in the past and present. They don’t have to be representative of all the Muslims at all; there only have to be enough of the fundamentalists in the population. What about the teacher who innocently named a teddy bear Muhammad, to see the whole MENA region go up in flames? Some religion of peace and tolerance!

        Might I suggest, that in your haste to create unity against a so called ‘common enemy’; that you have constrained yourself within a discourse which paves over the crimes and transgressions committed in the name of Islam? Crimes and transgressions that many people can clearly see with their own eyes. If your goal is to achieve unity against a ‘common enemy’, then, may I suggest constructively, that it is first, time to accept the unpalatable nature of the teachings of Islam, the actions of the followers of the ‘religion of peace’, and the violence and bloodshed which follows them everywhere they go.

        Does it start to make sense why an injured soldier might shake the hand of Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney – men who have launched a war against an Islamic world, that common folks do not want to see coming to a town near them. Not now. Not ever.

        How romantic it must be, to live the life of a peasant woman in Yemen. The property of her husband, with few of the legal rights granted to women in the West, and with no chance to achieve any goals and dreams in life. Does it start to make sense why so many men will join the military, to fight this rapidly expanding Islamic world? Prepared to lay down their very lives for a better world.

        It must be very easy to sit there comfortably, with a sheltered life, condemning our military men and women, and romanticizing Islam, whilst living far removed from any real dangers posed by Muslims, in our many urban areas. It might be very easy to romanticize and apologize for it, if the only Muslims you know are those with higher IQs, and Westernized, who are not representative of our urban areas, where Islamic fundamentalism runs rampant.

        Seeing it from the perspective of the many, who join up with the military, because of their experiences with Islamism, and after having seen the effects of Islam in their towns across the West, it must be very hard to empathize with them. Very hard indeed! No?


          You are a newcomer to this website and have completely misunderstood Darkmoon’s complex views on this matter. You are obviously a White Nationalist who has learned your Islamophobia from Kevin MacDonald’s Occidental Observer site.

          Yes, we have all read those articles of Muslim rapists in Norway and Sweden, and of Muslim pimps in Britain grooming young white girls, but aren’t you falling into exactly the same logical error that Darkmoon fell into when she extrapolated from SOME psychopaths in the US armed forces to the grotesque generalization that ALL US soldiers were psychopaths?

          From the fact that SOME Muslims are rapists, aren’t you jumping to the absurd generalization that ALL Muslims are a bad lot?

          Let me assure you of one thing, my friend. I live in Britain. I meet Muslims EVERY day! The men are NOT all rapists! They are NOT grooming every White girl they meet into a life of prostitution!

          I have young female relatives who go to school with Muslims. The Muslims treat them with respect and dignity. They are kind and law-abiding citizens. They trouble no one. It’s the White trash and the blacks who give my female relatives all the hassle. Especially the blacks.

          Perhaps you ought to have a word with the two Muslim posters on our site, Rehmat and Mahmoud El-Yousseph. Mahmoud, incidentally, is a retired USA air force veteran. And Rehmat is not only a talented bloggist but a commenter on the Occidental Observer.

          Ask these two Muslim gentlemen if THEY are rapists, or if they are grooming young girls for prostitution!

          And then get back to us! 🙂

          1. Perhaps you have misunderstood what I wrote, and what I was talking about. Please reread it.

          2. Perhaps you ought to read Lasha Darkmoon a bit more before you jump to conclusions about her. Would Kevin MacDonald publish Darkmoon if she were as disreputable a writer you think she is? Have you ever read her articles on art and sex? They are well worth reading.


            Go in peace, friend. My blessings. Strive for more tolerance and understanding.

            In fairness to other readers, I feel compled to respond to some of the allegation you made about Islam.
            I should add that I have read serveral of your comments and skipped through the other due to lack of time.
            One thing is clear to me that you are ill informed about Islam and its treatment of women. Secondly, most of your allegations i have seen on atiMuslim website, such as Jihad watch. So, it is easy to copy, cut and paste. That said, heere is some of the rights of Muslim woman under Islamic law:
            1. During the period of engagement, a woman is to be on the receiving side of gifts.

            2. At the time of marriage, it is the duty of the husband, not the bride’s family. He is supposed to pay for a marital gift. The Quran called it a gift, and it is exclusively the right of the woman. She doesn’t have to spend it on the household, she doesn’t have to give it to her father or anyone else.

            3. If the woman happened to own any property prior to marriage, she retains that property after marriage. It remains under her control. Also, in most Muslim countries, the woman keeps her own last name, and her own identity.

            4. If the woman has any earnings during her marital life, by way of investments of her property or as a result of work, she doesn’t have to spend one penny of that income on the household, it is entirely hers.

            5. The full maintenance and support of a married woman is the entire responsibility of her husband, even though she might be richer than he is. She doesn’t have to spend a penny.

            6. At the time of divorce, there are certain guarantees during the waiting period and even beyond for a woman’s support.

            7. If the widow or divorcee has children, she’s entitled to child support.

            In return for these listed securities, it is clear why the Islamic laws pertaining to inheritance give men a higher share. From the social standpoint, as a daughter we find that credit goes to Islam for stopping the barbaric practice of pre-Islamic Arabs of female infanticide. These ignorant people used to bury female daughters alive. The Quran forbade the practice, making it a crime. Sura 81 Additionally, the Quran condemned the chauvinistic attitudes of some people who used to greet the birth of a boy with gladness, but sadness in the case of a girl.

            The duty, not the right, the duty of education, as the Prophet said, is a duty on every Muslim, male and female.

            As far as treatment of daughters is concerned, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, “Anyone who has two daughters, and did not bury them, did not insult them and brought them up properly, he and I will be like this,” holding his two fingers close together. Another version adds, “And also did not favor his sons over daughters.” One time the Prophet, peace be upon him, was seated. A companion was sitting with him. The companion’s son came. He kissed his son and put him on his lap. Then his daughter came, and he just sat her by his side. The Prophet told the man, “You did not do Justice,” meaning he should have treated the daughter equally, kissed her and put her in his lap also. Indeed, whenever the Prophet’s daughter Fatimah came to him, in front of everyone, he stood up, kissed her and let her sit in his favorite place where he’d been sitting.

            From the marital standpoint, the Quran clearly indicates in Suras 30:20 and 42:11 that marriage is not just an inevitable evil, marriage is not somebody getting married to his master or slave, but rather to his partner. Sura 30:21 reads, “Among His Signs is this, that he created for you mates from among yourselves, that they may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): Verily in that are signs for those who reflect.” There are numerous verses in the Quran to the same effect.

            Secondly, the approval and consent of the girl to marriage is a prerequisite for the validity of marriage in Islam. She has the right to say yes or no.

            Husbands’ and wives’ duties are mutual responsibilities. They might not be identical duties, but the totality of rights and responsibilities are balanced. The Quran says, “Women have the same rights (in relation to their husbands) as are expected in all decency from them, while men stand a step above them.” Sura 2:228. This only specifies the degree of responsibility, not privilege, in man’s role as provider, protector, maintainer, and leader of the family. The same Sura speaks about divorce, about consultation between husband and wife, even in the case of divorce. When there are family disputes, first the Quran appeals to reason and the consideration of positive aspects of one’s spouse, “Dwell with your wives in kindness for even if you hate them, you might be hating someone in whom God has placed so much good.” 4:19

            If that appeal does not succeed, and problems between the husband and wife continue, there are measures that can be applied. Some of these measures are done privately between husband and wife. Some of them might appear harsh, but there are qualifications to restrict excessive or abusive use of these measures. These measures are considered an attempt to save a marriage rather than break a family apart. If the situation does not improve, even with the limitation and prevention of excesses, the next step is a family council. One arbiter from his family and one from her family should sit together with the couple and try to resolve the problems.

            If a divorce becomes necessary, there are many detailed procedures in Islamic law that really knock down the common notion that divorce in Islam is very easy and that it is the sole right of man. It is not the sole right of man alone and neither is it true that all you have to say is: “I divorce you three times,” and that’s it. Islam also has laws regarding custody of children. I was very surprised to see newspapers making the false claim that in all cases custody goes to the father. Custody involves the interest of the child, and laws often favor the mother of young children.

            Polygamy has become so mythical in the minds of many people that they assume being Muslim means having four wives. This is a false notion, of course. A very renowned anthropologist, Edward Westenmark, in his two-volume work, “History of Human Marriage,” notes that there has been polygamy in virtually every culture and religion, including Judaism and Christianity. But the point here is not to say, “Why blame Islam?” Actually, Islam is the only religion even among Abrahamic faiths, that specifically limited the practice of polygamy that existed before Islam and established very strict conditions for guidance. The question, “How could any man have two wives? That’s terrible!” reflects ethnocentrism. We assume that because we’re living in the West and it seems strange, and we assume it must apply to all cultures, all times, under all circumstances. This simply isn’t true. Let me give you one current-day example. In the savage attack on Afghanistan, genocide was committed on the Afghani people. It is estimated that 1-1.5 million people lost their lives, a great majority of whom were men of a marriageable age. Now, with a great shortage of men, what will happen to their widows, their orphans and their daughters of marriageable age? Is it better to leave them in a camp, with a handout? Or better a man is willing to take care of his fallen comrade’s wife and children?

            It is obvious that monogamy is the norm for Muslims. If we assume that having four wives is the norm, then we assume a population of 80% female and 20% male, which is an impossibility on the aggregate level. The only verse in the Quran that speaks about polygamy, speaks about limiting not instituting polygamy. The verse was revealed after the Battle of Uhud in which many Muslims were martyred, leaving behind wives and children in need of support. This verse shows the spirit and reason of the revelation.

            The Quran placed obedience to parents immediately after worship of God. 3:14 “We commanded mankind to be kind to his parents,” and then speaks of the mother. In a very succinct statement, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, “Paradise is at the feet of mothers.” Once a man came to him and asked, “O, Messenger, who among mankind is worthy of my kindness and love?” The Prophet answered, “Your mother.” “Who next?” “Your mother.” “Who next?” “Your mother.” Only after the third time he said, “And your father.”

            As a sister in faith, in blood, we find the Quran speaks about men and women, that they should cooperate and collaborate in goodness. Sura 9:17 speaks about men and women as supporters and helpers of each other, ordaining the good and forbidding the evil, establishing prayers and doing charity. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) echoed what the Quran said, “I command you to be kind to women.” In one of his last commands in his farewell pilgrimage before his death, he kept repeating, “I command you to be kind and considerate to women.” In another hadith, he said, “It is only the generous in character who is good to women, and only the evil one who insults them.”

            On the question of attire, the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet did not say women must adopt a particular dress of a particular country. It only gives basic boundaries, and for a committed Muslim woman, she doesn’t follow this simply because her father or husband tells her, but because Allah already stated that as a requirement in the Quran, and was explained through revelation given to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, that this was not to restrict woman, but to provide a virtuous society where sexual attraction is not the main obsession of everyone. This forces everyone to respect the woman for what she is as a human being, as an intellectual and a spiritual being, rather than being diverted to her sexuality.

            Finally, a few words about political involvement. The verse quoted earlier, Sura 9:17, which speaks about men and women being supporters and helpers of each other was taken by some jurists to mean that it involves also public life. How could they ordain the good and forbid the evil without women being active in the affairs of their society? According to the Quran, I’m not talking about the practices of Muslims, in Sura 60:12, we read about Muslim women making “bayyah” to the Prophet. Bayyah as an Islamic term is somewhat analogous, to a degree, to what we would call an election, or oath of allegiance. And that was given in his capacity not only as a Prophet, but as a head of state, as he was already the head of state in Medina.

            During the rein of Umar, women participated in law making. Umar made a proposal of a certain regulation concerning marriage. A woman in the mosque stood up and said, “Umar, you can’t do that.” Umar did not tell her, “Shut up, you are a woman, you have nothing to do with politics, etc.” He asked, “Why?” She made her argument on the basis of Quran. In front of everybody, he stood up and said, “The woman is right and Umar is wrong,” and he withdrew his proposal. That was the spirit in the early days of Islam.

            In the most authentic collection of hadith, Hadith Bukhari, a section is devoted to the participation of women, not only in public affairs, but in the battlefield, too, and not only as logistical support. Women carried arms, and when there was great danger to the Muslims, they volunteered to participate even in the battlefield.

            The problems presented here are not the problems of Islam. They are problems of a lack of commitment, lack of application, or misapplication of Islamic teachings by Muslims themselves. The topics I have tried to cover here represent and exemplify the big gap that exists between the true teachings of Islam as derived from its original sources and its projected image in the West and the way some Muslims behave in the disregard of those noble teachings.

            There’s no question that the Western media has played an important role in perpetuating these misconceptions. But in fairness, we should not blame the media alone. Western culture, in writings about other religions, in particular Islam, have distorted images. From books, novels, even in the academic circle, and sermons from the pulpit in places of worship, these kinds of prejudices are perpetuated.

            There are fair and honorable people in the media who are receptive to correction of inaccuracies, and who present the facts, when the facts become manifest, as we have seen in the coverage of the barbaric and cruel treatment of the Palestinians n the Occupied Territories. What I would suggest to the media is instead of depending on the distorted information about Islam, they should keep in touch with educated Muslims, and remember, the U.S. has between 5 and 6 million Muslims. Only through correct representation and open communication with Muslims in America can the media give a fair analysis of current events, given the background of those conflicts, and provide a great service to society.

          4. @ Bernice. He is not going to ask me. But if he did, Heavens forbid, the answer is absolutely not.
            @BELLINTHENIGT. I do have a question for you though. Why a Jew can grow a beard he is practicing his faith, but whcing his faith, but when a Muslim does, he is an extremist or a terrorist?

            I am holding my breath!

          5. I bet you this person never met a Muslim in his life or even read the Holy Quran.
            Darkmoon is entitled to criticise our illegal invasion and occupation of several Muslim countries.
            Women are usually are morally superier to men. If we have a woman president like Dr. Lasha Darkmoon America will be in much better shape. We will have more friends and less enemies.

            And yes, America doe not respect child killers!
            May be some one should tell Sara Bitch Palin who are the real savages are. As far as I know, she has as of now not commented on tis ugly crime. But she did defend the marines urinating on dead Afghani.

            Now we find out through Rehmat that former US leaders and many members of the Tea Party were taking bribes form a foreign terrorist organization. Can BELLINGTHENIGT please comment on this lates devoloplent?
            I am not holding my breath!

            But, I can assure you if these officials have recieved payment form Hamas or Hezbullah, they would have been
            behind bars in Gitmo and will serve life sentence for their crimes.

          6. Mahmoud El-Yousseph

            I will try to respond to a few of your comments.

            Mahmoud El-Yousseph says:
            March 19, 2012 at 5:27 am
            @ Bernice. He is not going to ask me. But if he did, Heavens forbid, the answer is absolutely not.
            @BELLINTHENIGT. I do have a question for you though. Why a Jew can grow a beard he is practicing his faith, but whcing his faith, but when a Muslim does, he is an extremist or a terrorist?
            Firstly, I am not going to respond to the first question (the long one) you asked – it is just far too long (not got the time), but will try to be as general as possible with it. ‘but whcing his faith’ – not sure about this bit with the typo, but get the message. The question I think is slightly complex, so I will try to condense my answer: I think that it is a question to which you mostly already know the answer. We could say firstly, that is an opinion held by the mass of the population that Muslims with beards are in general more fundamental in their beliefs than their non-bearded brethren. Muslims who are more fundamental in their beliefs, most people would believe, are more likely to be terrorists and extremists. As for Jews having a beard as a sign of their faith, that is a question that I think you might be able to answer yourself. Being a regular (I assume) to this site, then you would, I think, hold the view that Jews control the media (my own view is that the media is far more complex than this). It would therefore go without saying that most people have simply never heard of the Talmud and when they think about Jews, they think of persecution and people who mind their own business, thereby believing these people to be sincere and religious. I would guess that my brief answer to this is something that you already would have speculated to, round about?

            Secondly, if I were an FBI profiler, or airport security personnel, and had little more to go on in terms of flags, other than features, then a Muslim with a beard would be a stronger candidate for a potential incident than one without. Would you disagree with this? I don’t recall a Jew ever causing an incident on a plane. Sure, there have been lots of terrorist attacks, such as Black September, and more terrorist might not have had beards than did, but if you take the argument broadly without specifics, then you can see where I am coming from: bearded people appear to be more likely to be fundamentalists than shaven men.

            I’ll try to answer the longer question when I get the time. It’s not the best of arguments, and answers I can supply (due to other commitments taking time), but the best I can muster up for the time being without having to rewrite it all and double check everything, so I hope that you get the gist of what I say, and answer it generally?

            See, it can be fun when we debate properly, and not everyone is launching into vicious attacks against me, with wild accusations of things I did not say.

          7. Excuse who the hell do you think you are! I ‘m white and proud of it. I’m also a proud nationist, I feel sorry for your own undoings and self hate against your own people. Why has the MSM not said a word of the murder of a white women that has been married for 65 years in a home invasion in Ok. Yes it was bye a black and where is this being told!!! NO WHERE because the white people are the blame, excuse me you are full of shit!

        2. Zigmund we need to talk sometime. Smokers are more likely to change their brand than a person is to change their beliefs. Don’t even try – just reach out to those who are looking for something, otherwise you will just get angry. Check out BUGS if you want to make an impact and The Politcal Cesspool if you want to learn how to debate.

          Well Folks,
          Had a great time, sorry that we have had our differences. I just don’t get that warm fuzzy feeling. Who knows, you might hear the name again one day. Bet you will never forget it.

          I leave you with four minutes of sheer bliss. Sit back, relax, listen to the music and wait and see till the end:


      2. I didnt mean to cut you down in any way. The fact is most people dont know whats going on over there. These young kids are confined to a base and led by the nose every day of their lives over there. It is a complete abomination to all of our American kids. Trust me its all races and creeds too (and I mean all). Jews are all over it in the contracting and the entire operation. The left hand doesnt know what the right is doing other than the Jews at the top. Any way you look at it it is murder to us and to them. Everyone reading this must stay focused on the head. Not just now, but every day in the future as well.

        1. Make sense to me. If you want to kill the snake, hit it on the head.
          Otherwise, the will be more attrocities like the one that took place
          in Kanadar on March 11th. The victims were all unarmed civilians.
          Which includes 4 men, 4 women, 9 children[five of the whome weres seblings; two boys and 3 sisters]
          The mother of the 5 siblings was also murdered. The father was visiting cousins in a different village
          with his 4 years-old son, Habib[a boy name and its origanlly Arabic. It means “beloved”] descided
          to stay overnight, because it was dangerous to travel at night.
          So the father get a phone call in the morning as he was ready to go home. He was told, there was
          a shooting in the village and some of his family members were injured. Whe her arrived, he witnessed what it look like a massacre with some of the bodies burned. 6 people were injured. Children were among them.

          These people don’t need an applogy or dirty money from America, what they want the most is:

      1. ‘ISLAMOPHOBIA IS A JEWISH GENERATED DISEASE!’ – I’ve heard some wild conspiracy theories in my time.

    1. Disliking Islam is not a phobia. Fearing, degrading and bashing Islam and its 1.2 billion followers is.
      Liking or disliking a group is a personal prefrence. However phobia if a fear based on false and preconcieved notion.

  21. logic (even less than) 101:
    if disliking islam is not a phobia, neither is disliking judaism.
    if disliking judaism is antisemitism then antisemitism is not a phobia either.
    so what is it, then that it should be treated like a psychological abberation?

    by the way: in my travels in india with a female companion, we agreed that by far the most obscenely leering, shamelessly aggressive ones were hindus, not muslims and especially not buddhists (northern mountains) or christians (north, far east or south).
    muslims in e.g., hyderabad, were quite discreet and dignified by comparison with drooling, panting crowds of hindus everywhere.
    for this reason, most women travelers dressed in baggy, non-descript clothes of the sleeping bag variety.

    morever, i would like one of these islam baiters to name a single anti-american incident in middle east preceding the foundation of vampire entity by the vampires for the vampires.
    not even one.

      1. Jefferson’s victory over the Muslims lives on today in the Marine Hymn, with the line, “From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, We fight our country’s battles in the air, on land and sea.”

        It wasn’t until 1815 that the problem was fully settled by the total defeat of all the Muslim slave trading pirates.

        Jefferson had been right. The “medium of war” was the only way to put and end to the Muslim problem. Mr. Ellison was right about Jefferson. He was a “visionary” wise enough to read and learn about the enemy from their own Muslim book of jihad.

        1. so happy to hear that the muslim slave trading pirates have been totally defeated.

          can we with equal optimism await the day soon when the jewish slave trading pirates have been totally defeated?

          note their history in business
          and present enthusiastic involvement

          worldwide underworld of White slavery, drugs, loan-sharking, protection rackets, murder for hire, money-laundering and other kinds of criminal activity
          not sure that barbary coast buccaneers were quite that diversified.
          but we got them, problem solved, let’s go back to spinning the dreidles.

    1. Hear, hear! Words of wisdom from a man who knows what he’s talking about. Such a refreshing change from the Islamophobic racists here who don’t even know they’ve been schooled by the Jews into their Muslim-bashing!

      1. One is an Islamophobic racist to speak out against Islam? To do this one has been schooled by the Jews? Criticizing Islam is called Islam bashing?


    As a matter of interest, who do you hate more: Muslims or Jews? Do you honestly believe that the Islamists are a greater threat to America than the Talmudists? A straightforward answer please.

    1. What a preposterous question, who do I hate more. I challenge you, when at any stage have I ever said that I hate Muslims?

      1. At what stage have I ever dehumanized a Muslim? I challenge you again. When our soldiers are attacked as zombies and subhuman, then this hits a nerve. And I would like a full unreserved apology. At what stage have I ever condoned the killing of innocent Afghan children? I challenge you. At what stage have I even ever said that I agreed with the war in Afghanistan?

        Perhaps one might try to put themselves in the shoes of a poor or normal person, who grows up amongst fundamental Islam in his country, and in Europe, and tries to empathies with why he will risk his life for a better world, instead of a callous, slanderous rebuke against him. How hard it must be for someone very so reasonably well off, and in a nice area to have such empathy?

        1. How full of hatred and bitterness, that person who feels that way about our soldiers must be.

          1. Perhaps she really wants Americans to die in ships off Iran, just to prove a point? Perhaps they would be getting what they deserved? I SINCERELY HOPE NOT!

          2. For all its faults, America, and Europe has, in their scientific achievements made the world a better place, as evidenced in the increased lifespan of the peoples of the third world. How about a bit of gratitude, instead of all the grievances?

          3. @fbn,
            maybe you live long enough to someday bear witness to … say, chinese troops occupying america, american babies born with obscene deformities due to chemical, biological and radioactive agents, drones blowing up schools in heartland at a whim, imperial troops picking up all-american apple cheeked girls (are you blonde? no, good for you) after having voided into the mouths of dead defenders, still in their suspenders and overalls, “cold, dead hands” gripping hunting rifles and pitchforks …

            but with your zen-like training, patience, respect and understanding, it will be a breeze for you.
            because you know full well that what goes round comes round, some call it karma.

            hats off.

          4. What a hate filled comment Lobro. At what stage have I ever said that America and Europe are perfect? I challenge you. Your premature babies are surviving now, due to technology invented in the West. Your mortality is increasing, due to inoculations invented by the West. I condemn naked aggression, needlessly enacted in every form. Who would wish for chemical weapons on anybody? What kind of sikko would do that? I challenge you to find any instance when I have wished for that? What a disgusting subtle threat Lobro.

          5. you asked for full, unqualified love and respect for our fighting boys, for the old glory and star spangled banner raised all over the umma crescent, eternal gratitude that we are keeping the muslim devil in check, wherever, at whatever the cost, guilty until we choose to “prove” otherwise or aipac finally grows an iota of conscience and yanks back our leash (surely you are bright enough to see that our marching orders are written in hebrew, always were).


            and what else would you like m’am?
            salute our living room heroes, high-fiving it after joysticking another hellfire missile into an afghan wedding.

            what else would prove our patriotism, america, right or wrong (still remember those vietnam days).

            look, the krauts have rebuit dresden, yee-haw, target rich territory … oh no, hells bells, she prefers that christian white meat remain intact.

            by the way, what’s your take on dresden, thumbs up or down / pride or shame.

          6. @ BELLINTHENIGT, before you ask the readers to give credit and show gratitude to scientific acheivment, how about comdmning first the war crimes comitted by the West the theft of natural resource in those countries that the West helped increased their life expectancy? Lets show more objectivety rather than selective morality! May be then, readers will take you more seriously.

  23. I’m a US Air Force veteran, and I have to say this article is the biggest piece of unmitigated garbage I’ve read in a long time. It looks like the sort of excrement you see produced by the stalinist propagandists who coddled Saddam and still cover for Kim and Assad. It also shows a lot of ignorance. For instance, “depleted uranium” isn’t radioactive. Its called depleted for a reason: all the radioactive isotopes have been removed from it, so its “depleted” of radioactivity, but I guess you are just relying on the ignorance of your followers to not be aware of this sort of fact.

    As for the SINGLE individual who committed this atrocity, he seems to have been redeployed far too many times and snapped from PTSD. I agree that if he is otherwise mentally healthy he should be given a court martial under the UCMJ, and if found guilty of mass murder, I would support his execution. His behavior is NOT how US soldiers are trained to operate. That won’t bring back those he killed, for sure, but this site is a propaganda rag, pure and simple.

    1. your own war buddies disputing you
      but i take it you had a bird’s eye view of fun on the ground.

      next, check this out, (i am only allowed 1 link otherwise put on hold, remove the space in h ttp)
      h ttp://www.examiner.com/public-policy-in-boston/spike-birth-defects-fallujah-may-be-due-to-depleted-uranium-weaponry

      Since the 2004 military assault on Fallujah, birth defects in the city have been found in 15% of all newborns. In addition, 11% of babies have been born premature and spontaneous abortions have occurred in 14% of pregnancies. There has been a 12 fold increase in childhood cancer and the incidence of cardiac abnormalities among newborns is 13 times higher than in Europe. There also has been a distortion of the sex-ratio among newborns similar to that seen in children born to atom bomb survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Total birth defects in Fallujah are said to be 11 times higher than the world average for a population of similar size.

  24. besides, what are we arguing about here anyway?
    this discussion is turning me into a moron, i guess to level the playing field.

    usa invaded, occupied and totalled 2 countries, having caused million (+) deaths and is drooling at prospect of more killing … and demands our undying love and appreciation for that.


    because of 9/11.
    because not a single afghan participated.
    because not a single iraqi participated.
    because no trace of wmd was ever found in iraq (but they are all evil by the very definition of their faith, so it’s ok).
    because, it was not proven that a single muslim participated, except for some highly suspect manchurian candidates posing in 3rd rate airfields.

    because those, by far the most likely culprits are exactly the same planning and directing these campaigns, the antichrist himself.
    yes, firebells and mike lorrey, bow to him, show him your respect.
    while he pisses holy kosher fluid in mouths of adoring goys.

    1. @ lobro

      You have my full support. So does Darkmoon whose heart is in the right place. These guys who have descended on this site like a plague of locusts are not Zionist trolls, but they obviously sympathize with Zion’s aims.

      One of these brainwashed bigots, when asked a simple question—”Who do you hate more, Jews or Muslims? — refused to answer, stating slimily that he hated no one.

      Yet note: every word he says is pure ISLAMOPHOBIA! Reeking with Muslim hatred! And not a word in criticism meanwhile of the Jews or their twisted Talmudic values!

      As for the other jerk-off artist, this moron claims that ONLY ONE AMERICAN PSYCHOPATH was involved when there is now indisputable evidence that TWENTY U.S. SOLDIERS took part in this orgy of rape, corpse-defilement, murder of helpless children, urination and burning of dead bodies. And all the while these animals were laughing and staggering around drunk.

      Deny it as much as you want, you sick apologists for army psychopaths, but the truth is known to many, if not to you! The world knows what America is!

      “Why do they hate us?” these bloodthirsty bastards keep wailing, even as they stomp with their big boots on the mangled bodies of little children!

      Read this, you Muslim-haters and sicko psychopath lovers:

      Up to 20 US troops executed Panjwai massacre

      Up to 20 US troops behind Kandahar bloodbath

      Note: There’s also increasing evidence that two women at Kandahar were GANG-RAPED by these TWENTY American psychopaths!

      So what do you want to do, Muslim-bashing sickos? Join the queue of rapists?

      1. Afghan President Hamid Karzai, for once telling the truth, described the American forces as “demons” and the burning of Korans earlier this month as “Satanic acts that will never be forgiven.”

        He said the massacre in Kandahar province “was not the first incident. Indeed it was the 100th, the 200th and 500th incident.”

        He told a press conference, “This has been going on for too long. It is the end of the rope here.”

        Questions mount over US account of Afghanistan massacre

      2. no point even continuing discussion with such truth haters.
        doesn’t matter be they zionist or zio-xians, when the talmudic soul-sucking disease takes hold, truth burns them like vitriol.
        and i am not interested in anything but, my sword, my weapon of choice is the truth.
        the only way to defeat me in any debate is to correct me on certifiable facts.

        by the way, firebells sure sounds like a woman, and i addressed her as such.

  25. FIREBELLINTHENIGHT’s sense of history is laughable. Removing the pirate menace was a good thing. Pirates are bad, unless they are your ancestors, so you write a battle hymn for that, funny thing is that pirates are romanticized in the US. Every movie goer and visitor to the Disney fantasies can vouch. But oh! these are pirates of the Caribbean, the likes of the Englishman Drake and other Dutch pirates who stole from the Spanish, who in turn had stolen from the Native Americans to conquer the world with these ill gotten gains. The surprising thing is that people of such thinking believe that the extermination of Iraqis and Afghans is important to spread Jeffersonian democracy—through the barrel of a tank’s gun and F16 missiles of course. Please stop these fairy stories. US has history of fighting weak enemies , small wars and defeating them piecemeal with overwhelming fire power from a distance. This is the story of the colonization of North American continent and then its overseas empire, Hawaii, Philippines and now the Mideast. The story of atrocities is long, starting from extermination of entire villages in the Philippines, for which Purple Hearts were distributed. I was amazed to read about this in a book meant for children. Purim does not come close to flame throwers, napalm and phosphorous bombs. There was this minor non-event, therefore not mentioned in US history books about World War II, the starvation to death of more than a million Germans after the end of the war. This lesson of killing through non-violence, learnt in Germany ,was repeated in Iraqi sanctions where over a half a million children died. Firebell does not know that that fetal abnormality rate has skyrocketed in Iraq since the war. Doctors do not know if it was depleted Uranium or some other chemical monstrosity that we know nothing about. If depleted Uranium is so safe, why not test it on your own civilian population. I will not mention the atomic bombs, the Mai Lai’s in Vietnam and so on, the brothelization of Germany and turning of post-war Japan into a plastic nation. I do not wish to mention Geronimo, whose tribe was starved and branded as terrorists in their own land. Entire nations became museum pieces under Jeferosn’s democracy, but we should only remember his elimination of pirates. Pirates committed crimes at the scale of human criminals. The crimes of the modern enlightenment state are beyond human, these are impersonal, destroy nations, eliminate entire language groups, animals, plants, in fact all creatures great and small.
    The US appears to be keenly aware of what the Soviets had in mind when they said it is easy to commit murder but more difficult to arrange a suicide. They were talking about individual dissidents, the US appears to be applying it to entire nations.
    I must say though that the US soldier is human, but after the fact, (just like the US historian who writes history full of compassion of enemies killed and wiped out a 100 years ago) because in spite of brains washing, selective history, false belief in exceptionalism and daily dose of glorification of their own instruments of tyranny and surveillance, he/she cannot live with what he/she did or witnessed, hence the t suicide rate is very high in these veterans of genocidal wars it seems that all kinds of self-glorification and brain washing techniques starting with Pirates of the Caribbean to labeling of Muslim as terrorists eventually fails and some individuals of conscience cannot live with themselves.
    False notions about Greek democracy and Roman columns does not make a nation civilized or human. It must learn to respect ad live with others. If you falsely claim ancient Greece read Antigone and despair.

    1. @ bbnazeer, that was an excellent response to FIREBELLINTHENIGHT’s sense of history. I couldn’t have said it any better.

      @ FIREBELLINTHENIGHT. I read your lengthy comment to me. Yes, you are right in a way. No you did not say you hate Islam. You only made several false allegation about the Islamic faith that were totally incorrect. After all, you do hold hostile attitude toward Muslims in general. Thus make you either an Islamophoeb or ill informed. Well, since we live in America, every one is entitled to their view, even if those views are bigoted.

      Here is trivia question of the day.

      Q: What does Monica Lewinsky, Richard Reid [Shoe Bomber] and Mohamed Merah?

      A: All three of them visited Israel prior to making international news.

      1. correction: the trivia question of the day should have read.

        Q: What does Monica Lewinsky, Richard Reid [Shoe Bomber] and Mohamed Merah have in common?

        A: All three of them visited Israel prior to making international new

        1. Here’s the point I’ve been trying to make about this above article Mahmoud:

          This following article is well written, in measured tones, and places blame at the people at the top, not the normal foot soldier who is only trying to serve his country, and does not really know what is going on in the world:

          ‘While I would never wish this sort of tragedy on anyone, it should be criminal for hypocrites like Obama, Bush, Santorum, Romney, etc. to lobby for war/occupation without having once served in the front lines of a combat unit themselves. At the very least, they should volunteer their own children for service if they feel so strongly about the matter.

          However, these illegal and unconstitutional wars/occupations for Israel are not worth the lives and manhood of boys who have shown more courage than any of the current career politicians ever have.

          The only mistake they possibly made was volunteering to sacrifice so much on behalf of an empire that doesn’t deserve them.’


          You make an interesting point about the three newsmakers. We will never know. Will answer your first point when I can.

          1. … soldier who is only trying to serve his country, and does not really know what is going on in the world

            here are my questions three, belle:

            1. how is it possible to serve you country if clueless (how can you know about your country if you don’t know about the world – like a christian missionary who’s never seen the new testament – actually, i suspect there are thousands of those)

            2. how would a grunt know that he is serving his country and not the (hypothetical) drug dealing/organ snatching commanding officer (say at camp bondsteel/kosovo or bagram/afghanistan), given his near universal ignorance ofthe constitution and just about everything other than tattooing or muscle building

            3. given the above 3 uncertainties, what justifies your respect for such a “serviceman”?
            (i don’t respect a waiter that doesn’t know what was served at my table)

            you can take my criticism, knowing you have an iron-clad butt.

          2. Lobro,

            Thanks for your input, which is fresh and challenging as always. I think that the point that I was trying to raise in this, was to suggest that that the article in question, was in fact counter-productive to any kind of movement which would like our armed forces to be removed from Afghanistan. In general, and I believe there is evidence to suggest this was the case in Vietnam: people who burn flags turn people (especially the middle-classes) away from our cause and create an atmosphere of apathy and apprehension from taking it up. I would argue furthermore to that point that our friend Milton Freedman kept the war in Vietnam going, by helping to end the draft, thus removing political pressure from those better off people who could vote with their wallets for a cessation of the conflict. To quickly chase an old rabbit, I would argue that compulsory military service (where the politicians’ sons and daughters are sent to the front line) prevents wars, and leads to the type of discipline that suits men best in bringing out their better qualities. The Swiss army does not seem to have the problems of the American army after all.

            I believe that criticizing the armed forces in general, for all its faults (and there is undoubtedly a culture of violence in the US army), does not strike a chord with the populace, and that whilst the soldiers in question performed an unspeakable act, which should be highlighted, the focus off criticism should be directed to those at the top, like Bush, Obama and AIPAC. There are war crimes in every war, and this can never be avoided, because some who serve will have mental problems, or will be in plain English just evil (I think though that a psychologist would disagree with that term). Those at the top undoubtedly know this, and whilst they might criticize others, with them the blame should lie solely and absolutely.

            Supporting out troops, wishing for them the best, wishing for no bloodshed and praying that no civilians are killed is a sure path to victory for our cause, and one that those at the top loathe the most. Criticizing our armed forces only keeps wars going, marginalizes us, turns the patriotic working classis against us, and it is wholly wrong. If I am accused of being a bigot (I will answer them accusations later on), then surely those who live comfy lives, and have never experienced the sort of life and circumstances that those who seek to join the armed forces have, surely are.

            Remember this: during the conflict in Vietnam – who were the most vocal critics and flag burners? That’s pretty obvious – today’s hostile elite.

            Hope that this answers your question.

          1. the only war i would support and would in fact enlist for, is the just war.

            against the squatter entity.
            the war to end all wars 😉
            (since every single since sixties (not to mention ww1 + 2) was in service of the same entity)

            but yes, compulsory service to beat the snot out of young lardass nozzleheads is a good idea.
            also leaves a large segment of population able to raise an organized and effective rebellion against the kind of government we’ve been having thes last couple of decades.
            if not much, much earlier … woodrow wilson?

          2. FIREBELLINTHENIGHT, Since we are on the same page, let me tell you that my favorite US president that ever lived was Abe Lincoln. He stated that the right of dissent is the highest form of patriotism. I don’t like disrespecting and burning the flag. In fact, I never have had one until after 9/11.

            I remember listening to a story on Paul Harvey news after that faith day. A man has took down the old glory that flew over the state capitol in Sacramento during Vietnam War protest has send it back in the mail with note that said, “I am sorry.”
            No name was signed.
            See the point I am trying to make, people will be will to give their lives for their country if need be. On the other hand, if their country pursue a misguided policy, such as foreign intervention, regime change, and commit atrocities and war crime in their names, then people have a moral obligation and duty to challenge it. That is the general attitude here.
            Welcome aboard!

          3. @ lobro

            Hi, I like your posts. You are brilliant! You are obviously one of “us”. Surely you can see that entering into any argument with Firebellinthenight (whom you refer to strangely as “Belle”) is a thankless task.

            A guy like this would have been kicked off most anti-Zionist sites a long time ago:

            (1) For his blatant Islamophobia.

            (2) For his constant pleading for Zion. (e.g., he wants to deflect our attention for the Afghan victims of US army atrocity and instead shed buckets of tears for the JEWISH victims of an alleged Muslim assassin in France. He is as concerned with eliciting sympathey for Jews as he is for badmouthing Muslims and Islam.

            Disliking Islam is a phobia?” he asks innocently (see above), thereby implying that Islamophobia is okay and that Muslim bashing is a good thing. And then he says later on, “When have I ever said I hate Muslims?”

            (3) For his personal ad hominem attacks on Lasha Darkmoon. The man seems totally unaware that Darkmoon DID NOT WRITE THE ARTICLE! She is not responsible for it! It was EDITED by Pandora Pushkin. He makes defamatory comments about both PP and LD, trying to cast doubts on their identity, suggesting they could be the same person, and even questioning their sex. You couldn’t get more personal .

            All this falls under the rubric of PERSONAL DEFAMATION.

            I wrote to the editor demanding the deletion of this disgusting troll’s defamatory posts. They were deleted. The first time ANY posts have been deleted on this site.

            Obviously there is a limit to free speech. You can criticize an article and say you don’t like it. That’s okay. But you should NOT be allowed to defame Darkmoon personally and make all sort of UNPROVABLE ALLEGATIONMS about her possible identity and sex.

            What next? The scumbag will soon be hurling personal abuse at Darkmoon, suggesting she is a transvestite freak with one leg who just happens to be an Al Qaeda supporter! — that is, if he is allowed to continue posting his vile defamations here.

            I strongly urge the editor of this site to BLOCK all future posts from this mentally unbalanced troll if he continues to make personal innuendos about Ms Darkmoon, Pandora Pushkin, or anyone else associated with this site.

          4. hey sardonicus,
            my take on firebellsinthenight:

            it is a feisty woman prof of either law or poli-sci and a polemicist that will on occasion be a devil’s advocate for the sake of a good scrap.
            it is not my sense though that she is a zionist and in fact doesn’t like them much.

            on the other hand, she is an american white “patriot” (whatever that means, as if patriotism is some virtue … hey belle, we can argue this one, right?) and believes in an automated salute in a knee jerk fashion … motives to be questioned in the aftermath, not a priori.

            anyway, my hunch, we shall see.
            while composing an answer or two, i ended up pursuing some useful tangents, such as what exactly is the discord between the normal definition of hate and the zionist, legalistic one (hate is any disagreement or criticism of ideology, policies and actions of zionism, talmud, israel, diaspora, aipac, adl and any of their offshoots (organ reapers, white slavers, rabbi pedophiles, etc.)).

            so, even if she is in fact a zionist agent or sympathizer, which i quite doubt, her opposition is of sufficiently high quality to spur a productive thought.
            i am generally in perfect agreement with myself but it does not fuel great self-debates.

            as for her ad-hominems against lasha, i think she moderated her views considerably.

            now, i’ve known lasha for some time and i can tell you that for all her genius, or maybe because of it, she is not a linear debater like i am.
            i treat these arguments like a rugby player who knows which set of posts are his and which belong to opposition and are to be conquered.

            maybe it is a woman thing in that they can be self-contradictory without undue discomfort, as can be seen in her poetry, sublime, vulgar, profound and obscene pretty much at the same time.

            lasha/xanadu/x rules.

            and i have no problem with her support team and cast of characters, mostly her family.

          5. @ Lobro

            Interesting comment from you as usual, lobro. You are definitely “one of us”. I agree with you that Firebell is not necessarily a Zionist troll, but I find it hard to accept your theory that he/she is an essentially benign poster acting as a devil’s advocate.

            The reason I can’t accept this is because of the unmistakable hostility of Firebell’s tone whenever Muslims, Islam, or Lasha Darkmoon are mentioned. Maybe he doesn’t like Darkmoon precisely because she is so PRO-Islamic.

            Which is why I suspect Firebell of being a Zionist, because no one hates Muslims more than Jews.

            However, I take your point that Firebell could also be a White Nationalist who hates Muslims. This, too, is a strong possibility. For hatred of Muslims is a characteristic of many White nationalists.

            Witness the virulently Islamophobic Norwegian mass murder and White Nationalist hero Anders Breveik.

            And witness his ardent fan Richard Spencer, White nationalist too, whose writings actually inspired Breveik to mass murder and whom Breveik quoted at such great length in his Manifesto.

            However much you may choose to act as an apologist for this unpleasant character, I think you would agree that he has no right to post defamatory personal comments here about Lasha Darkmoon.

            He is too free with his tongue, taking advantage of this site’s remarkable freedom of speech policy.

            It’s amazing to me that the editor of this site doesn’t block him immediately. I would. I wouldn’t put up with his shit a moment longer.

          6. Re Firebell

            @ Sardonicus
            @ Berenice

            I have no complaints to make about Firebell. None whatever. If his recent comments were deleted, it was not my doing. I’ve had far worse things said about me elsewhere.

            If you think I am upset at anything Firebell has said about me, you are sadly mistaken. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a pussycat! Completely harmless.

            So let him say what he wants and treat him with the courtesy and respect to which he is entitled.

          7. ‘And witness his ardent fan Richard Spencer’ – that is not defaming Richard Spencer Berenice? ‘White Nationalist hero Anders Breveik.’ – Anders Breveik did more than anybody this decade to set back a White nationalist movement. I don’t know of any white nationalists who call him a hero. ‘defamatory personal comments here about Lasha Darkmoon’ – I have defamed her by making untrue statements?

            – I don’t accept the legitimacy of the word Islamophobe. I don’t have a phobia of Islam – I have a phobia of spiders, and consider the word just plain name calling.

            ‘Maybe he doesn’t like Darkmoon precisely because she is so PRO-Islamic.’ – I have never said that I dislike her (she has in fact inspired me to start writing myself), I did on the TOO website find the following comment: ‘I am pro-Iranian. If Iran is attacked, I will be backing Iran. I will refuse to back its attackers and I will be praying for their defeat.’ I think I did find another one similar, but am simply not going to go back through a long list now. I found this a most horrifying comment. This is not the brand of Christianity that I subscribe to. If Iran is attacked, I will be praying for an end to the conflict, and praying for all troops, that they will not be harmed, and for all civilians caught in the crossfire. I won’t wish for anybody to get hurt, or for there to be any victor, and for those responsible to be held to account in a court of law.

            I liked many articles that she had written and visited this site. I wanted to look over that comment, believing that it was written in haste. When I got back after a weekend break, found a new article on the site, and found a comment about our soldiers, then this upset me, and I wanted to reply. My comments were perfectly rational and moderate in tone considering the circumstances. I argued a case that this was unfair to our soldiers, and it was unfair to criticize them without trying to place oneself in the shoes of people, who are mostly from poor homes, and to understand and empathize with the circumstances where they might feel a need to join the armed forces.

            The point that I was trying to make was two fold, would Lasha or anyone else have made these comments if a family member was in the armed forces, she is a writer incognito after all, and can’t tell close family members what she believes – it stands to reason therefore, that most (nearly all) of our soldiers are unenlightened about what is going on in the world. It might, I argued, be very hard to empathize with someone from a poor background, and understand the reasons that they enter the armed forces. If one was to try to put someone else’s boot on then they may view things in a different light. I am very sorry that she did not respond to this, I would have liked to have heard an answer. I believe that it would have been courteous at the least, since I did spend a while writing my argument. I do not believe that I picked up on one person unfairly, I can respond to this more fully if one would like?

            I would have very much like to have engaged in a debate, and feel that it would have been very interesting. I am very sorry that this did not happen, as Lasha is a very fine writer.

            I would have liked to give her a link to an explosive article, that I believe she would have loved to write. I came across an article in an obscure intelligence publication many years ago concerning the USS Liberty, and a radical angle on the real reasons for the attack. The synopsis for the article was that there were Zionist spies in the Whitehouse, who ordered US ships to be armed and ready with nuclear missiles. The USS Liberty was to be attacked, and blamed on Egypt so that the Zionist spies in the Whitehouse would get the president to respond with a full nuclear strike on Egypt. Egypt was literally minutes away from being blown off the face of the earth. It would have been great for such a talented writer to have written the piece, and would be front page on almost every alternative media web site. It would have been quoted extensively on the Internet, and I believe that this would be an article that Lasha would never again be able to surpass ever again even if she lived to be a million years old. I am sorry that she did not want to engage with me. I wish that I could write it, but for time and having never written anything for a publication before would never be taken seriously. Lasha can and could have always replied to me, and I would have argued my side in return to arrive at a logical conclusion. My points were logical, and well argued. Mahmoud El-Yousseph replied, and we have started an interesting discussion which I have enjoyed.

            ‘I take your point that Firebell could also be a White Nationalist who hates Muslims’ – I have never said that I hate Muslims, I find Islam a threat to my country and simply take a contrary view. I do not hate any individual Muslim, and they should be judged according to their actions. I have got a take on the founding of Islam which is controversial, and one which many in the early church held. I won’t go into this but under the appropriate setting.

            As for attempting to divert attention from crimes in Palestine, that somebody accused me of, I have argued this point before. It does not matter how many Palestinians are killed by Israel – there is only one thing that you will ever hear about in the media, and that is the one lone assassin who takes action against Jews or others. Like the Anders Breveik case, even if it has taken decades to create a viable movement, one event and everything is for nothing. The government will simply have the excuse to crack down on anybody they want to crack down on. Keep your language moderate, and the media does not have the fuel to smear you easily. You will also win a lot of support with well argued statements.

            ‘It’s amazing to me that the editor of this site doesn’t block him immediately. I would. I wouldn’t put up with his shit a moment longer.’ – But you are free to using language like this? I don’t talk like that – I argue my points. The editor of this site is free to kick me off whenever he chooses, but it might be like one who argues for democracy and then bans opposition parties.

            – I did comment on the article, and raised some legitimate points about it.

            I am very sorry that my comments (I’m not sure which ones, this section is far too long now) might have been deleted. I stand by every one without retreat, apology or surrender.

          8. @ darkmoon (the one above this should be addressed to @ Berenice)

            ‘As far as I’m concerned, he’s a pussycat! Completely harmless.’ – I take that positively and have never made any threats against anybody and condemn violence. The solutions to our problems will be done in the proper non-violent political field through activism.
            ‘So let him say what he wants and treat him with the courtesy and respect to which he is entitled.’ – Thank you, it is a pity that I was all alone and others sought to attack me and accuse me of things that I have never said, and to misconstrue my statements and arguments.

            I believe that you are a very fine writer, and I am sorry that I felt the need to disagree so vehemently. I felt I was right to do so though, as those comments and the article upset me.

          9. A soldier has a duty to refuse a direct order if the order is illegal, immoral or unethical. Nurmberg Tribunal made this very clear. While it is true to kill the snake you should hit the head first, that does not exempt the soldier. Remember, Hitler never push the trigger! So the foot soldier and his commander are equally guilty in the crime. Be it in Gaza, Kandahar, Iraq or you name it.

            My second point here is about the latest comment by fireball’s
            First of all, I am not sure if Fireball is a she or a he. Nevertheless, the comment made, and I am simply copying it. < I have never said that I hate Muslims, I find Islam a threat to my country and simply take a contrary view.

            Could you please explain to readers why Islam is threat to your country.

            As far as I know, Muslims are ordered to obey the laws and live by the rules of the host nation, even if it runs against their held believe.
            Let me give you two examples.

            1-A Muslim man can marry up to 4 women. Right! How come you don't see Muslim men lined up in front of the court house?
            2- Muslims are expected to defend the country they live in if it comes under attack. There are over 5000 Muslim men and women in uniform serving in the US armed forces who are willing to give their life for the defense "your" or I should say our country to be more accurate. Your truly served for 20 years, and my oldest son served for 6. That beg the question, Have you ever been in uniform? Inquiring mind wants to know!

            March 25, 2012 at 12:48 am

            An exceptionally fine comment. No one can possibly object to any this. I offer you my sincere apologies for the ill-treatment you have received on this site.

            I also think it deplorable that some of your comments have been deleted. How this happened I have no idea. This is in direct violation of this website’s policy of offering here a so-called “free speech zone”.

            I’ve already made it clear that I have no real control over what gets published on this site. My own essays and poems have often been deleted without prior consultation with me. This is common knowledge.

            One final point: if I failed to engage with you in personal argumentation when you brought up various objections to what I had written, it is not for the reason you suppose. The truth is, I just don’t have the time to post long and elaborate comments.

            However, I hope to deal with your criticisms at some future date in a full-length article. That is, if I can find the time.

            Meanwhile, feel free to say what you want here. As they say, Be my guest!

          11. @ Darkmoon

            I came across the article on the USS Liberty, in an article of Eye Spy magazine in England: ‘USS Liberty. Warship attacked by Israel. ES16, 2003’, can probably be ordered as a back issue (I do not know if it was ever published in the US). As I remember the article, there was a radical new angle presented, that Zionist spies in the White House had ordered US Naval ships to be armed and readied with nuclear missiles. The plan was for Israel to attack the Liberty, and for it to be blamed on Egypt, thus for a nuclear strike to be launched against Egypt. The plan was foiled and then covered up, and luckily the Liberty was not sunk (That is how I remember the article anyway).

            It did not occur to me at the time to pass this article on, and I am surprised that whenever the USS Liberty is mentioned this has never been presented. I wish that I had kept the magazine – it was an obscure magazine at the time, and few people will have come across it.

            The world needs to hear this story given current events, and it will be utterly sensational (I hope that this is the right issue, the year seems to be right).

            I would enjoy reading your criticisms of my comments in a future article. I believe that we both have some interesting points to make and I think many paradoxical differences as well. I would however very much like to see an article on the USS Liberty, if I remember it right, to be written, and I feel that it would have amazing potential and repercussions.

            @ Sardonicus

            I think that it would be too easy to use your own comments and to turn them around against you. Instead I will respond to the articles deleted. Ruth Bernstein made a comment that I wished to respond to in a way that nobody else had. I first commented that she had indeed raised many legitimate points about the article, but that these crimes were indeed abhorrent, and the issue needed to be raised. Ruth said ‘I don’t know who this Pandora Pushkin is, but I suspect she is one of Ms Darkmoon’s dubious retinue.’ My comment was perfectly fair in response. I replied that I did not know if the author of that comment (Ruth) was real, or somebody posting under a different name, as she seemed to be implying this was what Pandora Pushkin was. I continued that I did not know if Lasha Darkmoon was even a woman (you don’t know if I am a man, woman, somebody high up, low down or what state I live in), I only that I am real. What on earth is wrong with this statement – I’ve never seen her in my life, it seems logical? So I turned around Ruth’s comment using it against her. How in the world did that defame anybody with untrue statements?

            ‘If the mentally unstable Ms Darkmoon’ – I responded to this statement also and said that whilst some of lasha’s ideas seemed at odds with majority opinion this was not a sign of mental instability. All our opinions in here are. I said that if she wanted to make hurtful and offensive comments, then she should back them up with evidence. Again I turned her own comment around and against her – she can’t find any evidence, but her own comment is evidence against her. Ruth further said: ‘she deserves to be gang-raped by every American soldier in Afghanistan’. I replied and said “what a contemptible statement”. These are perfectly rational observations.

            SazzyLilSmartAzz says: March 20, 2012 at 5:54 pm
            ‘Says the beaked nosed piece of dog dung Ruth Bernstein.’. Why have my comments been deleted but not his or hers? I replied to this, ‘how does that make you any different’ – I did not mean of course that she was a beaked nosed piece of dog dung – that is quite obvious to any moderately intelligent person (why though if I had have meant this was her comment kept and not mine?). It is pretty obvious I was suggesting that by her/his comment that they were both of the same caste of name callers, and that their responses could have been better constructed.
            I think that you should read what people have actually said instead of jumping to conclusions about what you think that they have said Sardonicus, as you have got a few things wrong. I think that if you were to be more careful in your language, and especially its tone, then this would really help you, and who knows, you might make a fine writer like Lasha one day.
            @ lobro
            ‘it is a feisty woman prof of either law or poli-sci’ – Thank you, I am just a person of moderately higher than average IQ who works a regular job, and was failed by an appalling education system which lacks discipline, and whose modern teaching ideas have obviously failed spectacularly:
            ‘not only ends her sentences with prepositions’ – I had no idea whatsoever that one was not supposed to do this, I have missed out on so much due to bad teaching.
            @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph
            Again, I think that you might be best to answer these questions yourself. Firstly I would like to put it into some perspective – I have never seen a Muslim person who has wished for anything other than the best for Christians at Christmas time. The contempt for Christianity held by our elites is not due to Islam in any way shape or form. The decadence in society is not a result of Muslims either. I believe that we as a civilization have far greater threats to deal with, such as Cultural Marxism, modern banking, Darwinism (it would make life so much easier if I could believe in it, as creationism seems to look silly in today’s world), Liberalism and money entering the political sphere amongst many more. The problem exists when there are too many Muslims in a Western country, and this creates conflict as two different ideologies collide with both groups attempting to protect their own culture and heritage, and the peoples of Western stock feel themselves under attack. A great number of Muslims in a Muslim country is not a problem for Muslim countries. Too many in a Western country creates social tensions and conflict. I believe that this does not lead to a peaceful world, and so see Islam as a threat due to its growing population in the West. I would like to see immigration from Islamic countries ceased, and repatriation when morally just. I would like to see a land purchase somewhere in Africa, where Christians from the third world can flee to when they find themselves under threat from Islamic states. My arguments are perfectly rational – I don’t want a conflict, but peace and a better world.
            ‘A soldier has a duty to refuse a direct order if the order is illegal, immoral or unethical.’ – I don’t know of any soldiers who have been able to refuse a tour of duty after entering the military and finding the war unethical. I think that this would be very hard to do if not impossible. It is a shame in a way that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been repealed, as this allows for a get out clause. ‘How come you don’t see Muslim men lined up in front of the court house?’ – well in England and Sweden, the police services often turn a blind eye. I don’t know the law in Utah on polygamy. They just don’t do it in the West is another reason. It is illegal, and people don’t want to break the law and find themselves in front of a court. I think that you might be able to provide some better answers? ‘Have you ever been in uniform?’ – yes and have never been mobilized to a foreign country.
            I think that I have written enough for now.
            Firebell in the night was a quote from Thomas Jefferson.

          12. hey firebell, how do you like the following?

            ‘I am pro-firebell. If firebell is attacked, I will be backing firebell. I will refuse to back his/her attackers and I will be praying for their defeat.’ …
            I found this a most horrifying comment.
            … If firebell is attacked, I will be praying for an end to the conflict, and praying for all thugs, that they will not be harmed …

            how’s that, all very high minded, not to mention realistic.

            mad dog us and its even more insane owner israel (eretz israel, which includes most of the western hemisphere), possessing thousands of nuclear warheads and great eagerness to use them will peacefully quit and crawl before the august and impartial us justice (however you define justice).
            they will apear before judge hellerstein and hundreds of his all-american judicial brethren and humbly reap the punishment.

            more statements like that and i am on my way to becoming polyannafrank.

          13. @ Lobro

            Well put, komrad! I am so pleased you are a commenter on this site. You have an infallible instinct, as I’ve pointed out before on xymphora, for detecting bulls**it. If only you could persuade a few likeminded pals of yours on xymphora to hop over to this site occasionally!

            I do wish the incomparable hp would show up here more often. He posted a few comments on the “Armageddon Approaches” thread on the Occidental Observer. I was genuinely surprised at the specialist knowledge he showed about US weapons technology.

            I had associated hp almost exclusively with Indian mysticism, Advaita, Krishna consciousness, witty Mencken quotes, rifles, bikes, and pithy bon mots on all kinds of subjects. Yet here he was arguing with various high-powered posters about Aegis weapons systems and missile technology.

            It came as quite a surprise to me.


            I have never seen a Muslim person who has wished for anything other than the best for Christians at Christmas time. The contempt for Christianity held by our elites is not due to Islam in any way shape or form. The decadence in society is not a result of Muslims either.

            Why don’t you cut to the chase and state the obvious? The only people hostile to Christmas are the Jews, the same Talmudic misfits who would like the see the destruction of BOTH Christianity and Islam.

            (Why are you reluctant to use the word “Jews” instead of the euphemism you use: “elites”?)

            It goes without saying that the decadence in Western society in not due to Muslims. It is due almost 100% to the Jews. (And to the white nominal Christians they have managed to corrupt).

            If anything, Muslims have a stricter code of morality than most Christians do, especially in regard to sexual matters. In many ways, they resemble the early Christians. They have a very high sense of personal honor.

            And there is nothing in the slightest degree offensive about the Quran, especially if you compare it to the Old Testament. If you compare it to the Talmud, it’s like comparing vintage wine to strychnine.

            The Muslim rapists you get in Sweden and Norway, and the grooming of young girls in England by Pakistani gangs, are indeed regrettable phenomena. Aberrations. Totally unheard of in Islamic countries. They can hardly be described as representative of Muslims as a whole.

            When psychotic US soldiers go berserk in American-occupied countries all over the world, you spring to the defense of the US armed forces, claiming the psychotic soldiers are “bad apples”. So why don’t you apply the same “bad apples argument” to the Muslim rapists in Sweden and Norway? Why aren’t they, too, “bad apples”?

            You are clearly guilty of double standards here, Firebell. Any logician will tell you that.

          15. The problem exists when there are too many Muslims in a Western country, and this creates conflict as two different ideologies collide with both groups attempting to protect their own culture and heritage, and the peoples of Western stock feel themselves under attack.

            This is the conventional mainstream view, as promoted by our Jew-owned media. There’s another way of looking at it. It is this:

            While it is true that “Western ideology” and “Islamic ideology” are incompatible and give rise to inevitable conflicts, you fail to realize that the “Western ideology” you support has been colonized by “Jewish ideology”.

            In other words, “Western ideology” is no longer the Christian ideology it once was. Due to Jewish Hollywood and the Jew-owned media, “Western ideology” has now morphed into Jewish ideology. Most Americans have had their souls stolen from them. They now have Jew souls. They think like Jews, feel like Jews. They have become thoroughly “Jewified”.

            As a result, there is now a conflict between “Western ideology” (= Jewified and corrupted Christian culture) and “Islamic ideology”. Admittedly, these ideologies don’t mix. They are at total variance.

            The enormous mistake you make is in your assumption that we ought to support this bastardized “Western ideology” that has been constructed for us by the Jews.

            * * * * *

            Two other points of paramount importance:

            (1) If we had a truly Christian society, shorn of all its Jewish influence, the Muslims in our midst would be quite happy living in such a society and assimilating to it. This is because the moral values of the Quran are more or less identical to the moral values of Christianity at its purest and best. Remember that Muslims respect Jesus Christ and his teachings, whereas Talmudic Jews hold Christ in hatred and contempt.

            The idea that Muslims want to force Islam on the West, at the point of a sword, is another Jew-inspired lie.

            I have never known a Muslim who abused my religion (Christianity) or tried to persuade me that I had to adopt Islam — or die!

            (2) Rejecting the Jewified “Western ideology” does NOT mean that we have to adopt Islam (and sharia law) as the only other alternative. It does NOT mean that all Western men will be forced to grow bushy beards! It does NOT mean that Western women will be forced to wear ankle-length dresses and veils! These are all Jew lies. They deceive no one but fools.

            What is needed is to de-colonize Christrian culture of its toxic Jewish influences.

            You don’t get filthy Jewish porn magazines on sale in Tehran. You get them on sale in Tel Aviv and New York. Jewified cities built on a sewage of porn culture.

            CONCLUSION: The “Western” society you defend is indefensible. Because it has been colonized by toxic Jewish values. Muslims are right to hate this toxic society.

            They don’t demand an Islamification of Western society. What they want is what I want, and what most true Christians and right-minded Western agnostics and atheists want: the complete DE-JEWIFICATION of Western society and a return to traditional moral values.

          16. happy to have kicked such a lengthy and worthy thread into productive unraveling.
            couple of comments to lasha xanadu (i don’t know why but i prefer xanadu, that’s how i got to know you).
            and yes, firebell.
            up there, someplace, she said most of my post was incoherent.
            maybe so, but let me spell it out plainly.

            hate is an emotional, not legal construct that has been hijacked to worship at bespittled yhwh’s altar of yad vashem.

            as far as i know, emotions cannot be directed like a bicycle but grow either spontaneously (like fear) or through a lengthy process of nurture (like love).
            would you arrest and charge someone with the crime of fearfulness, insecurity, anxiety, love, affection, shame and so on?
            then why hate?
            huh, firebells? am i still incoherent?

            and now for xanadu:
            When psychotic US soldiers go berserk in American-occupied countries all over the world, you spring to the defense of the US armed forces, claiming the psychotic soldiers are “bad apples”. So why don’t you apply the same “bad apples argument” to the Muslim rapists in Sweden and Norway? Why aren’t they, too, “bad apples”?

            You are clearly guilty of double standards here, Firebell. Any logician will tell you that.

            you don’t need me as the designated bullshit hunter, xanadu.
            you are eminently qualified for the job yourself.

          17. Apologies for the delay in posting this.
            All comments go automatically for monitoring if they contain TWO or more links.
            This is beyond our control. (EDITOR)

            @ Darkmoon

            ‘Why don’t you cut to the chase and state the obvious?’ – Why didn’t you cut to the chase and state what was obvious to you then instead of telling me to? If ‘It goes without saying that the decadence in Western society in not due to Muslims’, it also goes without saying that I did not need to name who is responsible.

            Why are you reluctant to use the word “Jews” instead of the euphemism you use: “elites”?) – Firstly it could become too habit forming, and if ever the subject of what is wrong with the world were to be brought up in a social context, and my lips were loose, I would have a back out clause that I meant something else. I would also not want to get too carried away, because heaven forbid, I walked into a library and got a ‘holocaust’ book out, and wrote in it that it was untrue, I might keep my career by the skin of my teeth if I wrote it in pencil and it could be erased. I try to avoid it when I can. Also, Jew seems like a very impolite, vulgar and dirty word, I feel uncomfortable with it therefore. I haven’t looked at it enough to have formed an opinion, it would be great if some information was to magically appear in my inbox.

            ‘If anything, Muslims have a stricter code of morality than most Christians do’ – It also has differences. It isn’t the same as say, 1940s America. It can be seen in some ways as comparing apples and grapes. I’ve seen many of videos on Liveleak of how this morality is enforced, especially in Wahabi Saudi Arabia and Yemen. In regards to sexual matters, there are many other areas where this is not the case. When George Bush for example, said that the US was fighting in Iraq for “moms and dads”, he might have been better saying “The US is fighting for many, many, many moms and lots of dads”. Issues of honor killings could also be argued, but these might be weak arguments, as they seem mainly routed in culture. Temporary marriage is another. You are right though that many Muslims do have stricter morality codes than many Christians, but sometimes in different ways. I’ve never seen any pro-life protesters who were Muslims protesting outside abortion mills.

            ‘And there is nothing in the slightest degree offensive about the Quran, especially if you compare it to the Old Testament.’ – Why would I have to, we were given the New Testament. As Jesus said of the Old Testament, this was given to a people whose hearts were hard. ‘If you compare it to the Talmud, it’s like comparing vintage wine to strychnine.’ – Well alcohol free vintage wine anyway. This is a bit of chasing a rabbit – I can’t disagree on this last one.
            ‘Totally unheard of in Islamic countries.’ – But not in the West, this in part answers the second comment. ‘They can hardly be described as representative of Muslims as a whole.’ – One would think that they might condemn it a bit louder. Nick Griffin turned up to a town in Manchester – thousands of Muslims turned up to heckle him – they should have been out protesting many years ago when problems were uncovered. They should have been out protesting that these people did not represent them. The communities should hang their heads in shame for not acting. The Sikhs and Hindus are not doing it – this is not a race issue in any way. Christians around the world condemned the pedophile priests loudly – it was much bigger news. The so called Jewish media kept quiet about grooming and rapes, and it took a big campaign to finally report it. When they did, they lined up all the usual suspects, the so called ‘moderates’ with generous State funding to condemn it.
            ‘When psychotic US soldiers go berserk in American-occupied countries all over the world, you spring to the defense of the US armed forces’ – Rightly so, the elite gentile and Jew alike have nothing but contempt for the armed forces, seeing it as the last bastion where conservative values are held dear. ‘So why don’t you apply the same “bad apples argument” to the Muslim rapists in Sweden and Norway?’ – I’ve explained this point previously. I don’t believe that a logician would be able to support your conclusion of double standards. Although you will disagree will almost all that I write, I do raise some good points, as do you.
            ‘This is the conventional mainstream view, as promoted by our Jew-owned media’ – Not really, they tend to stay quiet about the issue, instead falling back on positive feel good statements. They only speak out when Jews are attacked to justify more ‘protection laws’ and sympathy. Although I’ve not owned a television in a long time now, I do get to watch it every now and then. I do get newspapers rather than just relying on a few internet sites.
            “Western ideology” you support has been colonized by “Jewish ideology”. – Western ideology can mean many different things in different contexts, and I do not support any of the parts of ‘Western ideology’ which are debauched. ‘“Western ideology” is no longer the Christian ideology it once was’ – in the wider scope definitely, especially under influence of ‘Jewish Hollywood and the Jew-owned media’. ‘They have become thoroughly “Jewified”.’ – They have indeed fallen for many Jewish ideologies, especially liberalism, capitalism, atheism (I would argue that is true) and separation of church and state. I can’t disagree with this at all.
            ‘As a result, there is now a conflict between “Western ideology” (= Jewified and corrupted Christian culture) and “Islamic ideology”.’ – There has always been a conflict between ‘Western ideology’ (in the Christian context) and ‘Islamic ideology’ since the founding of Islam. Christianity was beginning to proliferate across the whole of the MENA region until Islam came.
            ‘The enormous mistake you make is in your assumption that we ought to support this bastardized “Western ideology” that has been constructed for us by the Jews.’ – This is not a mistake that I have made at all, it is your assumption and interpretation of what you think I have meant. I have said before that I do not support many of the degenerate elements in Western society, and that ‘Western ideology’ can be a very broad term with different meaning to different people.
            – Does ‘assimilating’ mean free to convert? I think that they might have problems with that concept.
            ‘The idea that Muslims want to force Islam on the West, at the point of a sword, is another Jew-inspired lie.’ – It happened in North Africa. It happens in Pakistan, it happens in Egypt and in Chechnya. ‘I have never known a Muslim who abused my religion (Christianity) or tried to persuade me that I had to adopt Islam — or die!’ – I am glad to hear that you have been safe and have had many good experiences. I hope that you have had the opportunity to travel the world a lot, and have had many rewarding life changing experiences. It has happened in the past though in many cases, but mainly without the threat convert or be decapitated. ‘Rejecting the Jewified “Western ideology” does NOT mean that we have to adopt Islam (and sharia law) as the only other alternative.’ – I know, that’s why I am a nationalist, we will create a better world and will create lots of wonderful technology that we can share with the rest of the world, especially in medicine, water desalination and energy. Thorium nuclear reactors have lots of potential for us all, and so does Hydrogen-3 and solar energy in a post peak-oil world.
            ‘They don’t demand an Islamification of Western society.’: http://www.pakistankakhudahafiz.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Muslims-carrying-banners-declaring-Islam-will-dominate-the-world-protest-at-the-visit-of-Mr-Wilders-to-the-UK.jpg – not many do, but enough to be a worry and a plausible threat.
            ‘The “Western” society you defend is indefensible. Because it has been colonized by toxic Jewish values.’ – As I’ve made clear, I don’t support the parts of Western society which are debauched, and I’m not seeking to defend any of that. I wish for the best for all people.
            As I said before though, this has to be put into perspective, and I see Darwinism and Christian Zionism amongst others, as a far, far bigger threat to Western civilization than Islam.

            Now where did all that come from? I said that I was leaving (and was going to) and looked back to try to see everybody shedding tears (yea right) and them comments came up. What was that all about – I thought you were going to write it in an article – that’s what I was going to wait for. You did not have to spend any time replying. Now don’t reply this time, you’ve got far more important things to do with your time! I could not let it go unanswered since you must have spent an hour or so writing it – I had to extend the courtesy at least.

            I am not giving everyone else a warm and fuzzy feeling by being here, seems as I disagree one or two trigger subjects. I don’t want your regulars to leave you. I am best in my own sphere, and leaving all you fine people to your own.

            If you’re not angry (I haven’t a clue), I would like to have a go at writing the article on the Liberty? I really must be going back to my own sphere though. Now why did it suddenly appear as I was leaving? It could be that you……..naaaa…..that we…..naaa can’t be. Can’t be at all.
            If I should stay
            I would only be in the way
            So I’ll go but…
            This song might make sense though if….
            …naaaa, can’t be. 😛
            Good hunting, wishing for the best for you all.

          18. An interesting post, Firebell. Neither Lasha nor I want you to leave. You make some excellent points, but I think the original hostility you encountered sprung from a misinterpretation of what you were trying to say. As you can see, the hostility has died down and you are now more appreciated.

            If I may ask you a personal question: are you male or female?

            As Mahmoud likes to say, “Inquiring mind wishes to know!”

  26. Here is a slightly sanitized version of “OUR NOBLE WARRIORS” on Truthseeker.

    The Editor has left out the final picture and 2-3 of the more “offensive” captions. But it’s a beautiful job. Truthseeker is a great website.

    Bookmark it, everyone.


    1. Apologies for the delay in posting this.
      All comments go automatically for monitoring if they contain TWO or more links.
      This is beyond our control. (EDITOR)

      Sister Lasha, I am lost for words by your two lengthy comments in defense of Islam.
      All what I can say is, I am very grateful. Too bad you do not occupy the White House! America would
      be nicer and gentler nation. You comments deeply moved me and gave me hope that better days are a head for
      Muslim like me living in America.

      Meanwhile, for those who have any doubts about Christian/Muslim relations, I wrote this story two years ago, titled, “Welcoming Muslims for the Love of Christ”, which reaffirmed sister Lasha’s view points, whom she elequently and passionately expressed. I would like to point out one point on the subject. When this story broke, Pastor stone recieved a phone call from a man in Bangladash at 2:30 AM and the call left a message that said, ” Thank you! We love America. I will be rounding my friends to clean and paint the nearby Church.” Now you see how a small act of kindess by a man of God can generate religous tolerence and love. This is one way to win hearts and minds. Disprespect turns friend into enemies and respect makes friends out of enemies. May God bless you sister Lasha, with health, wealth or whatever your heart desire.



  27. I disasociate myself from the intemperate comments posted on this site. I have already apologized for my own. I can do no more than this.

    Though “FIREBELLINTHENIGHT” is one of my most vocal critics, I defend his right to criticize me. This is because he does so in a rational way and in acceptable, non-abusive language.

    I must make it clear, however, that I do not share his assumptions:

    (1) that Islam is a threat to the world and that Muslims are a menace to Western civilization;

    (2) that a LONE madman was involved in the Kandahar massacre of 16 Afghan civilians, most of them women and children. (At least 20 US soldiers, I firmly believe, took part in this atrocity).

    To my mind, Islamophobia is a sickness. It needs to be treated. It is the result of extensive brainwashing by the Jew-owned mass media. If any group of people are a threat to Western civilization and the moral values of Christianity , it is NOT Muslims — it is ORGANIZED JEWRY.

    Those who condemn the Qur’an have obviously never read it. I have, several times, and I proclaim it loudly: this is a Holy Book, and I love it, even as I love the New Testament. Cut out my tongue if you wish, but this is my belief, and I will cherish it as long as I live.

    1. So far, since this article was published on this site, there has been a lot of extremist rhetoric on here, and a lot of comments said in haste, that the comment’s authors may have come to regret.
      So far, I have been accused of hating Jews and Muslims – having said nothing hateful about either, and having never given any opinion on the latter.
      -Have endured a disgusting comment, in which one poster gave a thinly veiled threat, or sentimental inclination, concerning China and chemical weapons being used against the West. Still no apology has been made about this.
      -Have been erroneously misquoted (I’ll double check on that later).
      -Have had posts and opinions grossly distorted.
      -Have been accused of condoning the behavior of maverick soldier/soldiers, when I have never evenly remotely said such a thing.
      All of this extremist rhetoric appears to have consequences, and nowhere on this site does it make clear that Lasha’s position is one of non-violence. It’s just concerning, because the last thing on earth that anybody would want, would be for a lone assassin, who does not realize that the position of this site is of non-violence, to kill three soldiers and walk into a school with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and gun down an innocent Jewish boy in cold blood. I hope therefore that you will all join me in condemning the perpetrator/s of this attack absolutely, and in no uncertain terms, and that commentators should be more careful with what they write, that a statement should be issued executively condemning the behavior of these individual/s, and for it to be made clear, through Email correspondence, and through a clear disclaimer, that these actions will never be condoned. As people who post here, will agree with, our hearts should be with the victims of these crimes at this moment in time, even if one does not ‘usually’ have sympathy with the dead because they are at peace – whatever that might mean?


        So far, I have been accused of hating Jews and Muslims – having said nothing hateful about either, and having never given any opinion on the latter.

        It’s certainly true that you have said nothing hateful about Jews! No one ever accused YOU of anti-Semitism for the simple reason that you ARE a Jew!

        In fact, a Zionist troll.

        All your comments, without exception, have been Islamophobic. You are a Muslim hater, pure and simple. You are a defender of psychopathic US army behavior! You come on this site and expect the US army to have IMMUNITY FROM CRITICISM? Is that it?

        You defend the culture of violence by trying to bully, intimidate and threaten Lasha Darkmoon.

        I will ask the editor of this site to block all your future comments. You are a mischief maker and an outright liar. Nobody here respects you. We have all seen through you.


        I am sure the US army will not be pleased to learn that you are threatening to SILENCE Lasha Darkmoon in its name, issuing veiled threats to do so unless she “apologizes”. That you regard yourself as the US army’s bullyboy and enforcer and represser of free speech.

        Next you will be threatening PERSONAL VIOLENCE against Lasha Darmoon and her defenders. You’ve almost reached that point already. You are a Zionist thug, as steeped in the culture of violence you try to defend.

        Tell me, sir, by what right do you demand IMMUNITY FROM CRITICISM for the US army?

        Is the US army above the law?

        Do you want Lasha Darkmoon’s tongue to be cut out of her head just because you you can’t stand hearing what she has to say?

        Begone, disgusting wanker!

        1. Apparently is it you who wants to metaphorically cut out my tongue. I am very sorry that different opinions are, in your view not allowed. That one is not allowed to defend themselves, or to argue a contrary position, and engage in a debate. I am very sorry that people, are so fragile, that they so upset when one takes a different view. I am very sorry that people feel the need to accuse me of things that I never said. I see nobody here defending me, yet a lot of people against me, whose language and comments about me, are hateful and extreme at the least. As for being a Zionist – I’ve never heard that one said of me before. Perhaps if people were to be more rational and were to engage in a debate better, and more thoughtfully, without the needless name-calling, then we might have a very interesting discussion. I am sorry that you don’t want this.

        2. And then there you are again: ‘You come on this site and expect the US army to have IMMUNITY FROM CRITICISM’ – when have I ever said this? ‘You defend the culture of violence by trying to bully, intimidate and threaten Lasha Darkmoon.’ – When have I ever defended a culture of violence? ‘I am sure the US army will not be pleased to learn that you are threatening to SILENCE Lasha Darkmoon in its name’ – When have I ever done this? You people, please! Stop accusing me of things I have never said.

          ‘Begone, disgusting wanker!’ -what a lovely person you must be?

          1. You provoke people into these extreme responses. Ask yourself one honest question: why has no one else been attacked on this site but YOU?

            If we were all so horrible, why aren’t we attacking each other indiscriminately?

            Any answer for that?

          2. Berenice
            You are responsible for your own actions and words, and have just as much choice in your decision as a man who chooses to commit adultery. Nobody has put a gun to your head and forced you to engage in outrageous and extreme rhetoric. TONE DOWN YOUR COMMENTS AND ATTACKS on this of all days: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/9152469/France-school-shooting-Four-dead-at-Ozar-Hatorah-school-in-Toulouse.html
            Put yourself in my shoes. How do you think that this looks to me? From your comments to me, I see people who have a motive, but just lack capability of some violent action. You are starting to look very scary to me. Stop your extreme rhetoric at once, and engage in thoughtful debate and discussion.

    2. Dear Darkmoon – don’t forget, like the ‘Holocaust Industry’ – ‘Islamophobia’ is also a $42 million industry for the Israel-Firsters.

      A 2011 study by the Center for American Progress (CAP) has revealed that seven US charitable organization have spent $42.6 million during 2001-2009 to spread hatred toward Islam and Muslims. And who lead this Crusade against Muslims? By far too many Israel-Firster Zionist Jews! For example, Daniel Pipes of Middle East Forum, David Horowitz of FrontPage magazine, Yerushalmi of Anti-Sharia compaign, Pamela Geller, a blogger and Steven Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism who claims that Bush, Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are too soft on Muslims.

      The report has listed the following seven groups as the top contributors to the anti-Islam creeps.

      1. Donors Capital Fund, 2. Richard Mellon Scaife Foundations, 3. Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, 4. Newton & Rochelle F. Baker Foundation & Charitable Trust, 5. Russell Berrie Foundation, 6. Anchorage Charitable Funds and William Rosenwald Family Fund, 7. Fairbrook Foundation……


      1. notice how the shapeshifters use decoy anglo names like mellon bradley newton baker anchorage fairbrook to couch their venom in an aura of chivalrous respectability and honor (i am sure no such word exists in judaism).

        and $42 million is a gross underestimate, like counting mojito icecubes on top of an iceberg.

    March 15, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    If you want to make any unmistakable gesture, then wash the flag – don’t burn it, and show your cause as being the patriotic one. Get a stamp, with “NO WAR IN IRAN FOR ISRAEL” written on it. Pay in cash, stamp every note you have with that message, and let it circulate through the economy. The cost of doing nothing will be waking up one day, and finding the once prosperous countries of the West reduced to the state post USSR Russia.

    Who could disagree with this marvelously perceptive post on the previous thread?

    There was no need to attack me quite so passionately, Firebell, wishing that my work were never published again on any other site! How can you wish to censor me, muzzle me, and take away my right to free speech when you yourself get free speech on THIS site? How would you like it if all your comments were banned?

    See, you are given the gift of free speech on this site: to defend the atrocious behavior of the US army and to bash Islam to your heart’s content. Do we stop you? Do we pull the plug on you? Do we shut you up? No, we don’t!

    And yet, incredibly, you want to SHUT ME UP! “We don’t want to see her work published on ANY other site!” you scream.

    Is this a rational way to behave, Firebell? I will let YOU decide! 🙂

    * * *

    We are in agreement on many important matters, Firebell. Don’t forget that. My fault was that I went over the top in stigmatizing the entire US army for the culture of violence and brutality that is endemic within the army as a whole.

    I don’t hold to the “bad apple theory” though. That’s a cop-out for the killers and the men at the top.

    Reflect only on this: it wasn’t a LONE gunman at Kandahar.

    There is now increasing evidence that TWENTY AMERICAN SOLDIERS were involved in this atrocity. Also that two Afghan women were GANG-RAPED.

    I have read and re-read your entire post (quoted above) and I congratulate you on your eloquence and perception. You have hit the nail on the head! I agree with everything you say here.

    In fact, I’d like to quote you in a future article…with your permission, of course.

    1. @ Darkmoon

      ‘(2) that a LONE madman was involved in the Kandahar massacre of 16 Afghan civilians, most of them women and children.’ – I don’t remember ever saying this.

      “We don’t want to see her work published on ANY other site!” – This is not my quote, I am sorry that it has interpreted it this way.

      ‘To my mind, Islamophobia is a sickness. It needs to be treated. It is the result of extensive brainwashing by the Jew-owned mass media.’ – I would like to see you argue and expand this point in the future if you ever have time. I believe that this flies in the face of logic, and such a premise would not stand up against even mild criticism. You are welcome to prove me wrong. I don’t see how the two statements can be true, that ‘nobody goes to the father, except through the son’, and ‘There is no God but God, Muhammad is his messenger’.

      ‘In fact, I’d like to quote you in a future article…with your permission, of course.’ – I think that I am starting to deeply regret making that comment. I have seen mostly people with extreme opinions on this site, and evidenced by malicious and libelous attacks against me, having been accused of saying things I never said. I am very worried that nobody has condemned violence, whilst this site appears to be dealing with issues that have the hallmarks inherent in the recent attacks in France. I believe that speech often has consequences resulting in actions, and that such issue as being dealt with here should be done more carefully. I believe that it is very easy to get lost in ideology, and allow for a person to loose complete touch with reality. I hope that this is taken constructively.

      ‘We are in agreement on many important matters’ – I don’t believe in an all encompassing Jewish conspiracy, the world is far to complex?

    1. I challenge you, when at any stage have I ever said that I hate Muslims?

      This was a quote regarding the Barbary attacks on American ships, in answer to the question of when, before the State of Israel there had ever been a conflict with the Islamic world.

  29. posted on bell’s hate/absence of same but with 2 links (to her posts) i am sidelined, awaiting moderation … go stand in corner lobro, you hate filled gremlin.

    speaking of hate.
    a subtle feature of modern, zio-driven doublespeak is the usage of the term.
    hate, when officially declared as such is a crime.
    it can easily encompass dissent, criticism or just plain inquiry.
    thou shall not hate is now part of legal code, however defined.
    just say no, to hate, turn off the hate tap.
    aversion, loathing … crime.
    eat your brussel sprouts with relish, smacking your lips as you do.

    oookaaay …

    let’s just go a bit further, does hate still have an antonym?
    which is what, love, affection … that sort of stuff.
    i take it that it can likewise be turned on as easily as hate can be shut off.
    ok, so let’s focus, shut my eyes and see if i can cherish talmud with all its huggable statements expressing fondness for goy (meat), hey yeah, try it, it really works.

    psychology comes to a turning point, we have firmly established that emotions are as easy to create and suspend regardless of object, like changing a t-shirt.
    and therefore subject to penal code, my t-shirt says “boycott 729” and so does my heart.
    i will change them both this instant, lemme rummage through my drawer for something more appropriate …

    1. ‘speaking of hate.
      a subtle feature of modern, zio-driven doublespeak is the usage of the term.
      hate, when officially declared as such is a crime.
      it can easily encompass dissent, criticism or just plain inquiry.’

      Although, I found most of what you had to say incoherent, you did indeed raise an excellent point. The usage of the term hate in the modern legal sense, and in media usage, all too often crosses over into the realm of reasonable, and informed criticism and dissent. I do hope that this is remembered in the future, as I am being accused of being an Islam hater, just because I take a position that others do not share. I hope that Lobro’s fine observation is taken into consideration, and applied in a constructive manner.

  30. my point is that emotions should not be rationalized … if they were under control of conscious mind would they be emotions?

    i hate parking tickets, firebells probably loves them.
    in the end, being law abiding citizens, we pay them, both.
    am i supposed to pay surcharge because i hate them?

    if she wants to hate muslims, fine, be my guest.
    hate their dress, jutting beards, food, veiled women, guttural speech, flipflops, cardamom tea, the works, what do i care.

    but don’t try to rationalize it to me on basis of moral issues, the transgressed principles, while denying me the same right applied elsewhere.

    do i hate americans pursuing the goals of satisfying jobs, prosperity, happy families, freedom of expression and all the goodies of constitution that has now been burned qu’ran-like, raped, despoilt, its corpse pissed-in-mouth?
    and neither does the world.

    are you starting to see the emerging difference in our approaches to growth and usage of hate?

    you detest them across the board, let’s use medium of war to solve the muslim problem.
    not problem of piracy, prostitution, whatnot.
    muslim problem.

    i say you are free to detest them to your heart’s content.
    but don’t take up weapons against an entire segment of the world, numbering a billion, while excoriating me for hating blood-thirsty, ignorant killers.
    because if they weren’t blood thirsty and ignorant, they would have stayed home and made it a better place instead of orgiastically making the world a worse place.

  31. hm, like a greyhound who can’t quit until he gets that mechanical rabbit …
    hate is not the same as malice, they are fairly independent.

    one can hate, without wishing the object any harm or suffering … probably abstaining from well-wishing also,
    in most cases, malice does come on heels of the hate, especially if the offended party feels powerless to do anything,
    but malice can operate independently of hate, in a systemic, cold-blooded or even pleasurable manner, which pretty much constitutes sadism.

    i would say without much hesitation or reservation that hate, if any, within this thread is of the first kind (babbling jesse and weird ruth notwithstanding), i.e., nothing pathological in evidence.

    however, the main target of our ire or hate are humanoids belonging to the third category, malice pure, unadulterated by emotion, apart from bestial pleasure.

    bells is of the opinion that we should respect them on the whole because there is only one, possibly two of them (okay, make it half a dozen) in all of the us armed forces.

    and that is the crux of the argument, my position, shared by quite a few here i believe, is the opposite holds true, noble warriors are hardly in evidence, if any, would have strived to quit or even dessert long ago and are now stockaded along with pte. brad manning.

    can we agree that this is the bone of contention?
    after which, let’s consider the stats.

    1. Welcome back Jessel! Where have you been? In Juvie?
      I do like you comment,
      Sound like a good deal. You scratch my back and I scratch yours.

  32. anyway, fb completely lost it, staggering all over the place like a beligerent drunk … accusing the rest of preaching and fomenting violence (got links to such posts?), while loudly proclaiming her aversion to same … necessity of war to once and for all deal with “muslim problem” – i take it while there are muslims, there will be a problem, hence war.

    but no violence, please, lest you be tarred with the same brush as all the rest of us, none who urged jihad against the overlords of zion … certainly not on this site.
    war without violence … someday there will be a drone that spews passive-aggression on towel heads.
    eerie screams of “omg, you hate wimmin” high overhead in the sky, coupled with silent treatment …

    1. u are sayin bad things abot ruth and me and u spelt my name rong, u said jesse insted of jessel. okay i spel rong 2 but i am dislecksick so i cant help it, u c? i no peeple think i am silly cos of my spelin but i am onely 14 and my rabi has told me 2 post on aunty jew sites. this is y i am hear 2 atack bad men hu hait jews. buy 4 now…

      1. my apologies jessel, in fact i have more than a touch of dyslexia myself.
        which is why i was a lousy student except in fields of mathematics and geometry.

        just one question though: where can i buy a dyslexic spell-checker like yours, the effect is kinda cool …

        1. i dont yoose no spel cheq cos my rabi sez thats cheetin. i’m onely 14 and i am also autistick. i no u wont beleeve this but my ma sez peeple like me r jeniuses, i kan do sums in my hed reel good and i luv jometry and hier mathimaticks. onley i cant spel good, uthervise i am reel klever. buy 4 now…

          1. Extremism I am afraid, young Jessica, can’t survive the light of day. It just withers away in the face of calmly stated, rational and logical arguments, questions and observations. Observe above all the horrible things which have been said about me – all the false accusations and allegations.

          2. ok lets be frends then and proteckt eche other from the bad peepul on this site hu hayt us. u stik up 4 me and eyell stik up 4 u, ok?

          3. hey, a rabbi that’s against cheating!?
            bless his kol nidre, i like your rabbi.
            give him a big kiss

  33. This appears to have too many characteristics of a straw man argument. I would doubt its authenticity?

      1. I doubt that your post and story is genuine, and that you are who you say you are, but feel free to prove me wrong 🙂

  34. If you perceive (incorrectly I should imagine) that they hate you in here, they hate me much more, if it any consolation 😉

      1. I hate you? I am sorry that you are wrong. Why whatever makes you say that?

  35. let me show you a straw man, in fact name him
    tom jefferson
    at first you were his groupie, he was the unimpeachable authority, the shield behind which you advanced the rest of arguments, “onward neocon soldiers, marching as to war, with the name of jefferson going on before”.

    maybe i see you backing away somewhat, holding your nose after i pointed out that he’d cut a real greasy one.

    but cool, i never was one for holding onto grudges, mercifully short memory …

    1. You make a very astute observation Lobro. It could certainly be argued that Thomas Jefferson, through the law of unintended consequences, allowed for the rise of the neo-cons by a failure, to input into Constitution, sufficient checks and balances that could prevent the neo-cons from rising. Conversely, it could also be argued that given the success of the American experiment of democracy, that Thomas Jefferson’s legacy was invoked by the neo-cons, in order to justify the spreading of democracy through the world: hence making Thomas Jefferson a ‘straw man’. You all see the paradox? Good! I am impressed Lobro, you are a very wise old owl indeed! All members of the class who did not get the paradox, re-sit will be next week.

      Post below only if you are really sexy.


        I am sorry, I got you all wrong. Ok, you do have quite a personality and are quite funny; I am willing to give you a second chance. 

        1. don’t be so generous by extending chances to me, belle :-).
          i roll the dice that would scare robert johnson

          1. I’m not sure what that means at all. Glad to see that you are really sexy though. I must point out though, that I did diagree whole heartedly with your post about chemical weopons from China. Why would you even think this about anyone?

          2. can’t remember belle, don’t tax my memory.

            what i do mean is that i am said to be talented at offending where no offense is intended.

          3. while avoiding china post because it has gone stale, let me reiterate my position on soldiers in general.
            a soldier is an armed man, trained and ready to kill.
            why he should be respected and revered as such is beyond me, unless strictly engaged in defending his home turf from other soldiers.

            america has never, in its history of hundreds of wars defended its homeland from an invading enemy.
            possibly some the confederate soldiers were deserving of respect but i don’t know enough of the civil war and have neither time nor inclination to find out more.

            whatever the case, the us army has done precious little in its history to deserve anyone’s gratitude and respect except its jewish manipulators, the war profiteers.

            maybe someday i will invest in root-kellog-blackwater-monsanto-lockheed-martin shares and cheer lustily as my team invades switzerland, not because of its banking resources, you know, but because it is due for regime change, insufficient democracy and all.

          4. the only reason for soldiers is other soldiers.

            and as a mathematician, i hate redundacies.

  36. anyone remember this shining moment in the glorious history of our noble child killers?
    60 Minutes (5/12/96)
    Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?

    Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.

    however, let’s be fair, it is only half a million isolated incidents and by no means reflection on the overall deal, which is noble and deserves respect.

    and not to forget, as wise maimonides would say, half a million future problems nipped in bud …

  37. I am an American girl and my heart mourns the death of these children for Israel. Iraq and Afghanistan were for the sake of Israel since the demonic AIPAC and other Israeli lobbies are controlling our government. It’s time to cleanse our country from the Synagogue of Satan and declare Zionism a crime punishable by death. The demonistic Israelis even want the goyim to die for them in Iran. No more wars for Israel. No more killing children for Israel. Zionism is Marxism and Karl Marx was an evil JEW!

  38. Ruth Bernstein, you are an evil jewess who agrees with using our troops as cannon fodder to murder innocent women and children for your Zionist agenda. You believe the American youth should be hit men for the illegal and apartheid place calling itself Israel.

    No more American blood for Israel. No more dead children for Israel.


    1. the trouble with israel and jews in general is that they are always having a period …

  39. One last comment and the most important one. I send my heartfelt apologies to the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran and all the other countries that have been injured due to the Israeli controlled country of America. May God be with you and those you love.

    From an American Christian girl.

  40. As much effort as goes into filling “elite” US colleges and universities with jewish students*, must go into filling the ranks of the US armed forces with jewish sons, daughters, fathers, sisters, brothers, …(particularly when US must do wars at behest of aipac and similar “lobbies” – i.e. for nearly exclusive benefit to Israel).

    * http://theoccidentalobserver.net/tooblog/?p=2923

    The problems of war crimes probably won’t decrease, but lobbying pressures to find other non-violent solutions and to end the “wars” will increase dramatically once more jewish sons, daughters, et al, are called upon to make the “sacrifices” of military service and wars.

  41. @DumpIsrael, having to chosen enlist in the US armed forces not going to happen in your life time. Glad you brought this subject up. It does show where their loyalty is.
    Take for example the 22 year-old Micheal Levin of Philadelphia. who was killed in Lebanon. Instead of joining the U.S. armed forces, he joined the (Israeli occupation forces (IOF), referred by Israelis as IDF).

    There are at least 50,000 Jewish-Americans like Micheal Levin in the IOF. The exact number is highly guarded. Many joined after the 9/11 attacks. Serving in the armed forces of another country is grounds for revocation of U.S. citizenship. It says so on your passport.

  42. @ Mahmoud El-Yousseph, yes, seeing the Jewish-americans share the heavy burdens (at equivalent level as they enjoy the positive benefits), by serving in US armed forces and “combat zones” in wars on Israel’s behalf – will likely never happen.

    However, this doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to forget the fact that non-Jewish-americans must offer themselves as “sacrifices” for Israel. More so the Judeo-“christians” (Warvangelicals) should be continually reminded of this fact (until it sinks into their brain-washed minds – if possible).

    That is very interesting information – up to 50,000 “American” Israel-firsters serving in a foreign army under a foreign government’s control. This seems to be true only for this select group of people (why?).

    Worse, if true, this means that there is a foreign-trained army, which owes its primary allegiance to another nation, within the USA – ready to do whatever it may think is required in order to aid their first priority (Israel and the cause of jewish racial-supremacy; does the SPLC know about these persons with very high potential to do violence within the USA).

    And isn’t this similar to how Russia was forced into “communism” – by way of thousands of specially trained, non-Russian infiltrators (e.g. hundreds, perhaps thousands who accompanied Lev Bronstein (Trotsky) from Brooklyn to Russia) – funded by the global money-powers of the time, and brought into the country for purposes of establishing the bolshevik nation (rob, pillage, genocide, …)?

    1. I should clarify that the 22 year-old Micheal Levin of Philadelphia was killed during the 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon.

      1. Its about time the jews die for their own wars. No love lost here. Reap what you have soyn.

  43. Hey if they think God is in their court, why do you think they need the US service men and women to fight their filthy war. They should do it themselves. But you and I know they are cowards. Without the unconditional US military, financial and diplomatic support, Israel would be a thing of the past.

    Benji Natenyahoo is an egomaniac. He will never be able to attack Iran on his own. Before Israel attacked bombed Iraq and later Syria, it never uttered a word about it.
    Iran is a different ball game. It would be able to shower Tel Aviv with missiles until it is truly ” wiped off from the face of the earth.” And if he really pisses Iran off, perhaps Iran will make the first strike. Iran will be legally justified, since IsrHell has already declared war on Iran and murdered 5 of her scientists in covert operation inside Iran.

    1. That evil doer get only two years behind bars. She lives with her mom along with her child she bore from her supervisor at Abu Graib. He denied the child was his.

      Her application for employment at Burger King and McDonald was turned down. She claim she did not have a mail friend since Abu Ghraib Gate.
      This hoe get what she deserve! Looking at her picture, no wonder why no man wants any contact with her. She does look like a monster.

  44. @ xanadu
    it would add to the levity of the threads to lure someone like 5 dancing shlomos to comment here on occasion.
    but the commenters here are a somewhat serious lot, god v. no-god is where the action is.
    i try my best to keep up but the eyes tend to glaze rapidly … need to see an theo-opthalmologist.
    afterwards i can whip out my cape, yell, god in distress, lobro to the rescue!
    (ding-ding-ding go firebellsinthenight)

  45. Jew seems like a very impolite, vulgar and dirty word
    i totally understand you belle, given that jews seem like a very polite, refined and pure people.

    and indeed, who can look upon the faces of such avatars of judaism as abe foxman, elliot abrams, meerav wurmser, pam geller, larry silverstein, rabbi yitzhak ginzburg (search his photo out in lasha’s articles) george soros, binyamin netanyahu, alan greenspan, henry kissinger, richard perle and millions of others without being struck by their inate nobility borne of invariably noble thoughts.

    because good, kind thoughts result in good, kind faces, nothing to do with genes.
    which is why devil looks beautiful and christ is ugly, as the wise men of talmud would argue.
    which is why the latter, being an impolite, vulgar and dirty creature is consigned by talmud to be boiled in a vat of rabbi excrement.

      1. don’t know about gorgeous but this poster uses kind of feminine syntax or at least it sounds so to my ears.
        s/he knows a fair bit about american political history, seems to have absorbed the import and not just the data.
        seems reasonably logical and unfazed by ad hominem, indicating an experienced debater, such as may be encountered in the academic class, where bitchy infighting is par for the course.

        the only gorgeous professorial chick i know is you, xanadu, so don’t feel any existential angst yet.

      2. and because she can take it, being a tough trooper, i like to rattle her chain with posts like the above

      3. uh … just struck me why … my subconscious overfloweth with imagery …
        won’t be able to sleep tonight:-D

  46. the above rabbi knows how to initiate an interesting train of thought
    … if a Jew requires a liver transplant to survive, it would be permissible to seize a Gentile and take their liver forcefully.

    what if a liver is required for one of delicious traditional jewish dishes, venerable rabbi? (i know that ears are a must for purim hamantaschen, i just love their crunchiness)
    and thank you for being ever so polite, well mannered and pure of heart that you refer to me and my kind as gentiles, rather than goys.
    clearly, you are one of the finest.

  47. the ideals that inspire our noble warriors
    by rape you shall wage war

    according to Qarim (rabbi-idf colonel) , the rape of female prisoners is not just permitted, it is also essential to war; the success of the whole at war relies on it.

    which is why the last lebanon invasion failed so miserably, the heroes of torah failed to get near enough to women to prove their battlefield bravery.
    any idf soldier who fails to rape and organ-strip when presented the opportunity will be court martialed before military sanhedrin.

    dislaimer(fbn): no disrespect intended, only the truth.
    i gave these warriors exactly the respect due.

    1. lobro, you are right on the money my friend.
      Sofar, Israel was humiliated twice in its entire history.
      Both in Lebanon. In the year 2000 and in 2006, where the IOF left Lebanon like dogs with their tails between their hind legs. They lost so many soldiers, many Merkava Tanks and other hardware. Hezbullah did open a museum in south Lebanon right after the last war. One of their destroyers off the coast of Beirut was sunk by a heat seeking missiles. It was shown life on Almanar TV as it happened. Israel did fail miserably. A) it was not able to Kill Nassrallah, B) and was not able to free the two captive israeli soldiers. It took the entire IOF one week to advance 5 km into the village of Maroun Alrass.

      Finally, as they were leaving Lebanon, IOF were weeping like women. No offense to the ladies here. Fact remains, IOF are lazy, savage, barbaric, undisciplined, have no fear of God, and lack human decency.

      Last story I read about rape by IOF a month ago on The Ugly Truth, it was between two of their male soldiers. This is still under investigation. Will keep you posted.

    2. @ lobro

      Hey, I don’t think FireBELLE would have dug your comment about rape-loving US soldiers! She would have gone berserk! Maybe it’s a good thing she’s gone, given her admiration for the boundless nobility of the US soldier under all circumstances …even at Falluja, Haditha, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo!

      One point on which I feel I must *correct* you: I read somewhere that Israelis on the whole — and this would apply particularly to the Ashenazis who make up the bulk of the IDF — are physically unattracted to Arab women and feel revulsion at the mere idea of raping them. Raping a dishy German woman after WWII in Germany, that was entirely different. They would actually have enjoyed that.

      It’s my own theory that soldiers don’t around raping women they are physically revolted by.

      I don’t think white American soldiers (or IDF soldiers for that matter) would go around raping black women in Africa if there was a big war with some African country. The white-on-black rape statistics in America bear this out. Almost zero percent.

      Though it’s true that some Palestinian girls can be exceptionally attractive, I think you will generally find that Ashkenazi Jews are repelled by Arab women and just wouldn’t want to rape them.

      1. hm … there i go sliding down another tangent.

        so, scarcity of white-on-black (sounds so missionary) rape is further proof of racism?
        but then, abundance of black-on-white constitutes what, respect?

        need to redefine racism, then.
        i agree that physical revulsion may indicate overall racist view of the “spurned victim”.
        but he main point about racism is that it indicates a sense of group superiority over another group.
        thus, the negroes (i use the fashionably pejorative term because i refuse to follow linguistic fashion, there was a time when “negro” was respectable while “black” wasn’t) are not racists, they simply hate us.
        and hate is fuel for rape, just as jealousy is, the perp wants to, in some way, get even, debase the victim, bring her down to his perceived level.

        now, notice how jews, as the overwhelming practitioners of slavery, interbred with their negro possessions, thus many blacks (ok, why not) have jewish sounding surnames.
        what is at work here?
        having total mastery over someone, to the point that someone becomes something, but with feelings that can be trampled at whim, is an aphrodisiac.
        especially to someone without any moral code whatever.

        thus, not sure that palestinian women are out of danger zone.

        1. On inter-racial sex

          so, scarcity of white-on-black (sounds so missionary) rape is further proof of racism? but then, abundance of black-on-white constitutes what, respect?

          You misunderstand me. I’m not calling anyone “racist” or making a point about racism. Didn’t even mention the word.

          I was just pointing out a curious statistical fact. Huge numbers of white women get raped in America every year by black men. The number of black women raped in America by white men, however, is so small that for statistical purposes the figure is computed at ZERO percent.

          You mistake my point completely if you think I’m saying white men are “racist” because they don’t want to go near black women. I’m not make a race point.

          No, I’m just baffled at the fact that white men are indifferent to the charms of black women and don’t lust after them. If they did, they’d rape them more often, wouldn’t they?

          I find this baffling because black men are quite DIFFERENT to white men in this respect. Black men DO lust after white women, which is precisely why they rape them so often!

          * * *

          Your idea that black-on-white rape is fueled by an atavistic HATRED of the white race — blacks getting their revenge on the white race by raping the white man’s woman — is not being questioned by me. That’s true. But the rape is also fueled by an unquenchable LUST, not just by pure hatred.

          The black man, I have repeatedly been told by white women who have had black lovers, is driven by a tremendous desire for white female flesh. Many of them (Elridge Cleaver is one) actually admit to PREFERRING white women to the black women of their own race. After all, this is the very basis of inter-racial porn.

          This kind of porn, who do you think it caters for? Not for white men, certainly! Most white men, I know for sure, are totally repelled by interracial porn. It does nothing for them.

          I’ll tell you who are the main customers of inter-racial porn. I’ve researched this subject for a long time. 80-90% are black men. And 10-20%, unbelievably, are white women. (The participants in inter-racial porn are ALWAYS black men and white women).

          * * *

          Older white women go to Jamaica every year to pick up black lovers. Thousands of them from all over Europe converge on Jamaica every year. Young blacks make a killing as gigolos.

          In contrast, white men NEVER travel to Africa or the West Indies to pick up black women! They prefer Thailand for cheap sex tourism.

          Lots of white women, for some strange reason, are besotted with black men. This is because they find black men incomparably better lovers. (Purely from the physical aspect; their emotions ofen remain untouched).

          A white woman I once knew, and whom I questioned minutely in counseling her, told me that black men were more forcible and energetic during sex and went on for much longer periods, sometimes for several hours, giving her multiple orgasms. In contrast, white men often ejaculated prematurely and the average act of intercourse with white men lasted between 10 seconds and 10 minutes.

          Apologies for this off-topic comment. I’ve never been an enthusiast for sticking to the point. 🙂

          1. interesting non-points, as always, from one point dodger to another.

            forget the stuff about I’m not make a race point, because neither am i.

            but there is something else possibly … is it that white women are more likely to indulge in rape fantasies, whereas black ones are more likely to react in violently defensive fashion, like men of all races would, which discourages the would-be rapist?

            the bottom line of some of your poems indicate as much … anyway, don’t mean to make a huge deal out of an otherwise taboo subject, only discretely point in its direction.

          2. been thinking more, sometimes the tangent beats the original direction.

            why does black men-white women work so well.

            1. white women are likely to indulge in violent sex fantasies where they are treated like objects, something that has been cauterized by encroaching twin diseases “feminism” and political correctness.
            they crave the release of animal instincts, which have been supressed in white males.
            so now, white men are insecure to the point that they are more interested in “performance”, i.e., how they are perceived by others than their own enjoyment.

            2. black men have less moral inhibition and are more likely to give vent to their own violent fantasies, also fueled by hate and contempt.
            women’s opinions and feeling don’t matter, they are to be used and discarded.
            this also explains why they are more likely to be involved in crime.

            add to that unhealthy nutrition with all the hormone altering chemicals, stress laden lifestyle and the death of white on white sex is cemented.

          3. There’s a definite anomaly here. It’s this:

            (1) Black men + White women = Lots of sex going on here. Many interracial porn sites cater to this mutual animal lust. Lots of sex tourism in which white women, almost always in their 40-50s and not particularly attractive, are seeking out black partners for casual sex in West Indian countries, esp. Jamaica. Huge numbers of white women being raped every year by black men in America. I’d like to assure you this has nothing to do with white women’s “rape fantasies”. No white woman (except a nutcase) actually WANTS to be raped and puts herself in a position where she IS raped!

            Also: There is a great deal of jealous rage experienced by black women against the white women their back menfolk lust after. They resent the fact that these white women are “stealing” their men from them. Black women almost always prefer sex with their own kind and don’t dig white men all that much.

            (2) White men + black women = Very little sex or mutual attraction here. White men hardly ever rape black women. This has nothing to do with the fact that black women offer more resistance to rape than white women, but everything to do with the fact that white men are far more likely to be turned on by white women than by black women. Black women usually leave white men cold. They just don’t WANT to rape black women.

            The points I’ve been making on interracial sex are all borne out here:

            [1] INTERRACIAL SEX: Women who travel for sex: Sun, sea and gigolos.


            [2 INTERRACIAL SEX: White Woman tells why she prefers black men and despises white men.


          4. ok, ok, just put forward my hastily home grown theory.
            you clearly have done your referencing.

            just one question, then.
            what exactly is it that makes white women so much more desirable to men of both races?

            i see it as being some kind of obvious vulnerability that appeals to baser, predatory instincts of a hunter in man.
            moreover, this vulnerability is cultivated by choice of clothes, fashion, cosmetics and behavior.

            wouldn’t you agree?
            and if so, then … let’s call them fantasies of vulnerability then … fantasies which black women simply don’t project.

          5. just one question, then.
            what exactly is it that makes white women so much more desirable to men of both races?

            i see it as being some kind of obvious vulnerability…wouldn’y you agree?

            You could be right about “vulnerability”. But I think your question is easily answered by the very assumption underlying your first question: “What is it that makes white women so much more desirable to men of both races?”

            The answer is pretty obvious: white women are more RAPEABLE for the smple reason that they are more SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE!!!

            By all objective criteria, white women are the most beautiful in the world. They are not only more attractive to white men, they are more attractive to black men…to the Japanese…to Indians.

            C’mon, who would you rather rape if you were a soldier let loose in a foreign land: a beautiful white woman or an unattractive dark-skinned one?

            You’ve traveled in India. You must know that the Indians, however much they dig Indian women, also have a tremendous lust for white women. In fact, when arranged marriages and dowries are set up in India, the color of the bride is often stipulated. She must be “fair” — the fairer she is, the more desirable she is as a bride.

            Your speculations about “vulnerability” are probably spot-on. You see, “vulnerability” (like “innocence”) is in itself a desirable attribute in a woman. This is because the more vulnerable and helpless a woman is, she more FEMALE she is and looks.

            The tougher and more aggressive she is, the more male she is and looks.

            So who would that hypothetical soldier prefer to rape: the attractive femme woman or the unattractive butch one? No choice! The femme is infinitely preferred.

            * * *

            Final point. For the black man, a white woman is a prize. A conquest he can be proud of. How the black slave must lust for the unattainable plantation owner’s daughter!

            You’re absolutely right though, I think, about the black man’s atavistic rage against the white race being the fuel that makes the black man rape so many white women. It’s not just lust, it’s blinding rage. Elridge Cleaver made that clear.

            What else can explain the bizarre phenomenon of the countless GERIATRIC WHITE WOMEN raped by young black burglars in their twenties? Not lust certainly. It’s pure hatred.

            I’ve just been reading about a case today involving a young black aged 20. He breaks into a house where he brutally rapes and kills the 85-year-old wife and severely injures her 90-year-old husband.

            So tell me: why did this guy need to RAPE a frail 85-year-old woman?

            * * *

            By Nina Golgowski PUBLISHED: 11:07 EST, 20 March 2012 | UPDATED: 13:06 EST, 20 March 2012

            An 85-year-old woman was sexually assaulted and battered to death by a home invader who also shot her 90-year-old husband in the face with a BB gun.

            Nancy and Bob Strait, who had celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in December, were discovered by their daughter at their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

            Both the pensioners were rushed to hospital where Mrs Strait, who was nearly blind, died from her injuries.

            Mr Strait, who served in the 101st Airborne Division in World War II, suffered a broken jaw, broken ribs and severe bleeding. He is in a serious condition in hospital.

            Here’s a pic of the happy couple:


            Click here and scroll down:


            (I don’t usually read this website, but a correspondent of mine sent me the link today)

          6. no argument there, xanadu, you seem to have researched the subject thoroughly (nor will i check the links, your word is enough).


            but tell you what, the “white vulnerability”, as a fashion accessory can be learned, i think.

            personally, i have seen black women (not a huge percentage, obviously) that exhibit those tinkerbell characteristics of vulnerable feminine grace, softness (so many look as tough as pythons, repulsively athletic, as in fact many white ones, especially pop stars do), small, long boned hands, necks, doe eyes and they are every bit as attractive to me as the white ones displaying same characteristics.

            maybe they grew up adopted or something …

  48. Then get your shit together and fight among yourselves. We don’t want our children there either!

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