SHADOW OF A COMET — John Kaminski

(Pictures and captions by Lasha Darkmoon)

In order to clearly see our future, we must clearly see our past. As it stands now, our collective past disappears into a confusing fog of garbled legends all claiming to be the ultimate truth. Preachers of all these myths have one thing in common: the survival of their chosen creed is far more important to them than the message they preach.

At some point, for peace of mind, we are all compelled to either accept the ultimate truth of our lives on faith (learning from guides we have chosen to trust) or suffer the debilitating dysfunction of doubt.

Ever more steadily the world is learning—through constant revelations of sexual and financial debaucheries—that the doctrines and dogmas upon which we base our moral principles are riddled with falsehoods, hypocrisies, and provable misinformation.

The choice for all who seek to rid themselves of this unhealthy perversion of their thoughts is to undertake the arduous journey of self-knowledge, to find out who we are and why we chose the path we did.

The moment we choose to do that we realize that the Bible was written to cover up the real history of human society.

Yahweh is quoted as telling his fellow Elohim as they confounded the tongues of humanity at the Tower of Babel “so they would not become just like us”.

Though the priests of posterity built divine legends around them, in reality Yahweh and his crew were descendants of a worldwide tribe of seafaring plunderers who brought civilization to illiterate tribes with the magic of language and science, all done, of course, while relieving the primitive locals of their valuables.

Prehistoric legends of Viracocha, Thoth, Hermes and Odin invariably describe red haired white giants who—while they weren’t slaughtering feckless enemies—worked metal and planted crops, which were technological marvels thousands of years before the time of Christ.

In appreciative awe and subservient wonder, the Neolithic natives from whom we are descended called them gods.

Plato’s last essay told the tale of a Western land, a superior civilization that was destroyed by a cataclysm in extremely ancient history. A major philosophical industry has grown up around the Atlantis legend, but the subject as a whole has been largely excluded from mainstream history, cut off from the mind of man when it was erased from the mainstream by the establishment of the so-called Son of God in Rome.

That was when humanity was hoodwinked into worshipping a manipulated abstraction aimed at totalitarian control of the masses, which succeeded beyond anyone’s worst nightmares.

But before all that happened, human civilization had a very ancient history twice as long as the distance in time from the heyday of Rome to our present brink of World War III status. All this history is what the insane Christians burned in the Library of Alexandria or hid in the Vatican Library.

Plato’s Atlantis legend is very much infused with specific details from the Minoan civilization on the Mediterranean island of Crete which was destroyed by the great Thera volcano c. 1500 BC, precisely at the time the most ancient traditions of Egypt, Babylon and the Ionian legends began to be recorded. At that time, Crete and the seafaring Phoenicians controlled the known world. The famous Invasions of the Sea Peoples are what destroyed Egypt; the alphabet we use today comes from the Phoenicians; all the Greek gods derived from Crete.

But Plato insisted that the great island civilization was located beyond the Gates of Hercules, i.e., in the Atlantic Ocean. Although it may yet be a transcriber’s error, Plato placed the event of the great planetary destruction ten thousand years earlier.


And here is where Atlantis scholarship will forevermore change the way you think about the ancient history of your ancestors. This is the great secret they have covered up all these centuries, and probably is the basis of most of the secret societies in the world today.

For a period of about twenty years up until the late 1940s, a respected British newspaper editor named William Comyns Beaumont touted his theory that fragments of a great comet destroyed the fabulous civilization of the Hyperboreans, which he located somewhere between Scotland and Scandinavia.

In his epic “The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain”, Comyns Beaumont makes the astounding assertion that the written records of human civilization — Egypt, Sumer, Mycenaean Greece, the Indian subcontinent and South America — were all first established by giant white seafaring Nordic refugees from the great comet that destroyed their home in 1332 BC.

The sun turns black, | earth sinks in the sea,
The hot stars down | from heaven are whirled;
Fierce grows the steam | and the life-feeding flame,
Till fire leaps high | about heaven itself.
— Snorri Sturlason, AD 1315, Voluspo: The Wise Woman’s Prophecy


The work of Comyns Beaumont forms the basis of everything written by Immanuel Velikovsky (“Mankind in Amnesia”) and Michael Tsarion (“The Irish Origins of Civilization”), as well as dozens of other suppressed and forgotten scholars (Gerald Massey) who produced amazingly unpolluted versions of empirical ancient history.

Comyns Beaumont writes of the catastrophe in the the north that sent survivors sailing for safety all over the world. He finds the real story in a surprisingly late version of very ancient history, the Icelandic legends.

(p. 12) This occult verse, a sacred saga of the skalds [poets], describes how Surtur, known elsewhere as the Mighty One, flashed a flame with the power of sunlight with grim results. It describes a catastrophe when mountains collided, heaven itself was rent in twain, and how the race of Giants was hurled into Hell. The giants in the epic are related to the Scandinavian fabled city of Asgard.

When Odin and his gods went from Asgard to Scandinavia, they taught the natives everything. They even played chess.

“Mythology was never purposeless,” Comyns Beaumont writes. “It was skillfully devised to survive as folklore. A connection may be found between the city of Asgard, that of Knossos, the ‘divine’ city of Crete, or Ur of the Chaldees, and of the capital of Atlantis, all related to the flood epoch . . . .”

The authors’ contention — and the contention of the many who have followed his sensational research — is that the ancient Greek myth of Phaeton, who flew too close to the Sun and crashed is the tale that has perpetuated the story of the comet that destroyed the civilization known as Atlantis.

The academic pettifoggery known as the Ice Age is demolished by Comyns Beaumont — “a tremendous convulsion of nature, which had the most direful effect on the peoples of Britain, Scandinavia and northern Asia.” It also made the Earth’s orbit 5 1/4 days longer.

(p.16)  . . .  sudden, devastating, appalling in its destructiveness . . . a celestial impact of an immense cometary body . . . rained or distributed rocks, stones, boulder clay, till, gravel, sand . . . over great areas  .  . it created islands, drowned others, caused immense tidal waves, swallowed up coastal lands, consumed huge spaces with electric waves [fires], set up volcanoes, and swept away cities . . . almost in a flash. It disorganized civilization for a lengthy period and its residual effects are experienced to this day. . . .  Its coming is preserved for the information of humanity on the Golspie Stone .  . . The Catastrophe  . . . was the Flood of the Scriptures.

Irish legends match the Icelandic ones. The Athenians wrote of the war between the Gods of Olympus and the Titans. A later version of the tale is the Biblical story of the fallen angels in the Book of Enoch.

As it happened, right after I read Comyns Beaumont’s ‘Riddle’ about real ancient history, I serendipitously opened a book from the Welsh Heritage Series, titled “A History of the Red Dragon.”

As I read through it, and the author droned on about what kind of mythological beast the dragon could have possibly represented, I kept saying out loud, “It’s the comet, you ninny!” But he never made the connection. Listen to what he said.

(p. 18) The dragon has sometimes been seen as one of the many fictitious beasts of the ancient Near East, a region rich in monsters  . . . [!] To this region we owe, for example, the unicorn and the many races of weird wild men which, in the Middle Ages, were associated with India.

There is a broad consistency in the image, the habits and functions of dragons from China and India through Mesopotamia and the West which is difficult to account for except by diffusion from a common source. But such diffusion of beliefs about the dragon is more likely to have passed between peoples who already knew the monster and had strong feelings about him . . .

The dragon pictures and beliefs found in pre-Columbian America, in Australasia and in the Pacific Islands show that some kind of indigenous dragon had been pre-existent in those cultures long before they became accessible to cultural diffusion from the Near East.

[p. 20] The original dragon was not copied directly either from nature or from neighbors. It was created everywhere in the minds of archaic peoples who felt a frightening awareness of some great and dangerous force  . . .

“Urbs draconis in mente latet — The city of dragons lies hidden in the mind.” — Orpheus Major, De Rebus Caelestibus

The enemies of humankind
Lurk in the human heart, you’ll find:
Here fly the dragons of the mind.

— Anonyma, The Book of Hidden Things

But this author never made the connection to the ancient comet that changed everything and blotted out the Sun before destroying large parts of the planet — it changed the Earth’s orbit so that astrologers had to rejigger their calculations, it destroyed numerous lives and civilizations, and embedded a terror in the minds of all who lived that, to this day, has never completely left us.

The dragon is the comet, and the comet is the wrathful God of every religion ever invented on Planet Earth.

There were giants in the earth in those days:
and also after that, when the sons of God
came in unto the daughters of men,
and they bare children to them,
the same became mighty men
which were of old, men of renown.
— Genesis 6:4

The Nephilim are major players in the Old Testament. They were the Giants of old.

Their strength was prodigious and their appetites immense. Upon devouring all of humankind’s resources, they began to consume humans themselves. The Nephilim attacked and oppressed humans and were the cause of massive destruction on the earth. <>

The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls chart a succession of huge people gradually getting smaller over time as the giant genes were eventually diluted.

Two texts of central import to the story of the Nephilim, the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls, mention several names for the Nephilim. The diverse kinds of these giants are cited in several passages. They are variously referred to as Emim, or “Terrors” (Gen. 14:5; Deut. 2:10), Rephaim, or “Weakeners” or “Dead Ones” (2 Sam. 23:13; 1 Chron. 11:15), Gibborim, or “Giant Heroes” (Job 16:4), Zamzummim, or “Achievers” (Deut. 2:10), Anakim, or “Long-necked” (Deut. 2:10; Josh. 11:22, 14:15), and Awwim or “Devastators” and “Serpents.”

Other giants are mentioned in these texts as well, such as Goliath (2 Sam. 21:19), a giant with twelve fingers and twelve toes who is mentioned as one of the Rephaim (2 Sam. 21:20), and a tall Egyptian (1 Chron. 11:23). The passage of Numbers 13:26-33 recounts the Nephilim of Canaan that Joshua and the other Hebrew spies saw. Furthermore, according to Judaic lore, a certain one of the Nephilim, Arba, built a city, Kiriath Arba, which was named for its builder and is now known as Hebron.

The wickedness of the Nephilim carried with it a heavy toll. Genesis 6:5 alludes to the corruption that the Nephilim had caused amongst humans and themselves: “The Lord saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become…” Their evil rebellion had incurred both the wrath and grief of God.

God instructed the angel Gabriel to ignite a civil war among the Nephilim. He also chose Enoch, a righteous man, to inform the fallen angels of the judgment pronounced on them and their children. God did not allow the fallen angels any peace, for they could not lift their eyes to heaven and were later to be chained. The end of the Nephilim came about in the war incited by Gabriel, in which the giants eventually annihilated each other. <>

There’s that false official version of history again. Oh, they killed each other after an angel went to see them, typical Biblical nonsense. Sounds a lot like what Hillary Clinton says when she goes to Pakistan. Any resemblance to current political tactics is not coincidental.

In Biblical historical texts, the Amorites are most frequently mentioned in connection with the Nephilim and the Nephilim-based tribes. Sayce, among other historians, have uncovered historical references to the Amorite-based Nephilim as being of light complexion, being blue-eyed, and possessing dolichocephalic traits (aka: “long-headed”). <>


“The Nephilim are major players in the Old Testament. They were the giants of old.” —  John Kaminski

The Nephilim are major players in the Old Testament. They were the Giants of old.

The Norse legends are full of stories about Giants, but they all revolve around the Twilight of the Gods and the Armageddon caused by the comet called Surtur, which is chiefly known in the 21st century as a bad ass Marvel comic book character with a blazing sword. <>

The conclusions of Comyns Beaumont and the reams of scholarship on the same theme that have followed in his wake all point to this event as the critical link to the foundations of our civilization. For one thing, it explains how all the ancient civilizations arrive in written history fully formed in their institutions, practices and achievements.

Contemplate for a moment, if you will, that all the history you have ever learned is false and that according to Comyns Beaumont, civilization did not come to Europe from the East: it was spread to the far corners of the world by white giants who has mastered the sea and a written language that made them seem like extraterrestrial gods to the primitive natives whom they plundered.

And that leads us to an even more momentous question about the origin of rivalries that led to wars on this planet.

If white giants who fled the wrath of the great comet all those years ago founded or guided all the ancient civilizations in their practices and rituals, how does it come to be that we are now divided up into so many warring factions once united in our mutual compassion about that mind boggling terror from the sky?

Is it not the same con game that has continued since even before the dawn of civilization, with the more powerful and smarter whites exploiting feckless natives perpetually in the dark about everything? The same thing that’s happening today?

White giants with awesome weapons and unfathomably sophisticated language pretend to be the benefactors of the less enlightened with all sorts of technological attractions, but why are these countries always plundered and turned to rubble? Since the dawn of time.

How odd would it be if it were me, a serious chronicler of Jewish depredations throughout history, who absolved the Jews of their collective guilt for the crimes they continue to commit, because he discovered that all the religions of the world have their roots in the genes and teachings of giant white barbarian druids from Scotland who colonized the entire world before anything was ever written down?

In my life, two of the people I respect the most have both disagreed with me about blaming Jews for the condition of the world. R.D. Willing, author of “Money: the 12th and Final Religion”, tried to tell me it was the Brits who were running the Jews, but he hadn’t read Comyns Beaumont.

And when I asked Eustace Mullins, foremost chronicler of Jewish perfidy in world history, whether it was the Sanhedrin or the Queen who really ran everything, he replied without hesitation, “The Queen.” But Eustace hadn’t read Manetho, the Egyptian historian who reveals the Hebrew invasion of ancient Egypt, nor did he know about the comet.

How odd would it be if Richard and Eustace were right for the wrong reasons, because the basis of all world cultures was seeded so very long ago by the white giants of prehistoric times so vividly depicted in the Icelandic legends?

Maybe somebody somewhere will print out this story and file it in a drawer that somehow will wind up in a cave centuries into the future that will accurately explain what happened to us as a species and caused what is about to happen to us now to happen at all. (Short answer? Priests.)

The gods that came down from heaven were actually fragments of a comet that destroyed significant parts of the planet. That’s what first got people to analyze the sky, and read human portents into its activities, and eventually fantasize deities whose wrathful temper ruled the lives of men.


Those who survived this cataclysm began the civilization that we know today, as those who survive the many contrived cataclysms that approach us now will, in a similarly haphazard way, begin the civilization of tomorrow.

*     *     *     *     *




The Poetic Edda: Vol. 1,

Lays of the Gods: Voluspo, the Wise Woman’s Prophecy

William Comyns Beaumont, The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain

Michael Tsarion, The Irish Origins of Civilizations

Welsh Heritage Series: A History of the Red Dragon,
by Carl Lofmark, 1995, Carreg Gwalch


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA.

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  1. that the doctrines and dogmas upon which we base our moral principles are riddled with falsehoods, hypocrisies, and provable misinformation

    I learned a long time ago that nearly all of what I was taught in grade school, a lot of what was put into my brain in high school and some of what I absorbed in college was lies, BS and propaganda.

    That’s when I went about looking for the real truths and it’s been an enjoyable, eye-opening adventure, if you don’t mind flushing out the toxins deliberately inserted into your mind.

    hid in the Vatican Library

    Hiding in the Vatican along with Cardinal Law, head of a pedophile ring who fled Massachusetts one step ahead of an arrest warrant.

    P.S. The comet pic is beautiful. Was that done by Lasha Darkmoon?

    1. do you worship comets destructive|?worship extraterestials who sobigsmartypantsthan current ones|?doyouworship thesun|? |I dontfucking worship anything and anything that reqiiresit is certainlyeither beneath it or isanasty to jesus it isenough thejews give himcredit in thetalmud to root for him.and as to thebible being the hand written god words…. well……ill checkmybrains at the door thatgodsent hispoor only beggottwen son to be sacrificed||||By who|? |(lol|) to save mankind which seemsacuriiuosthngtodo despitewhatxiznssayit isnot for us to unnerstan.issac proves theacceptance of humansacrfice whengodsays |||||||”just testing |!!|”” hardee har har.
      |Ibe peeingmyselfif iwasoneof those guyshidingfromdemgiantswhoseems toknow they are there.

  2. This is a weird article. And the pics are even weirder. What have you guys been eating? Soma?

    All this talk about comets and giants, it blows my mind. Join the Lotus Eaters Club!

    Hey, guess what? I’m off to Lemuria and Mu for my summer vac! You guys ever heard of Gondwanaland?

  3. If these nordic giants supposedly spread metalworking, agriculture, writing etc after this comet in the 1300’s BC then what to make of metalworking in the middle east from at least 4,500BC and agriculture from 9’500 BC and perhaps earlier, cuniform writing in ancient Sumerian from the middle of the 4th millenium BC. I share you’re desire to see organised religion disappear of the face of the planet, but you’re not going to accomplish it with this sort of shoddy research.You can do better than this John

  4. @ Rehmat

    Yes, John has always come across in his articles as extremely anti-Jewish. I won’t deny that. Nor will John.

    The strange thing is this though — and I can vouch for this from my own experience — article writing is one thing and real life is another.

    I myself probably come across as very anti-Jewish in my articles. In real life I enjoy the company of Jews and get on with with them very well PROVIDED THEY ARE NICE PEOPLE.

    If they are fanatical Zionists, or Talmudists, or far-left liberals who believe that sexual perversion is a good thing, then no, there’s no way I can get on with them!

    For me to get on with Jews, they must either be anti-Zionists, or Jewish converts to Christianity, or completely indifferent to and ignorant of politics. I actually have a Jewish friend who falls into this category of political ignorance and a sincere love for Jesus Christ.

    We were talking about Jokn Kaminski though.

    So it will perhaps surprise you to know that John once had many Jewish friends who were even his fundraisers. He courted four women and almost married them — and two of these women were Jewish.

    John writes to me in a private email which I hope he doesn’t mind me quoting:

    “As with gays, it’s not Jews I object to: they’re just like everyone else — badly programmed people. It’s the promotion and practice of Talmudic principles, not the Jews themselves, that is the real problem.”

    1. why must you say, with a hint of two-way apology (to both christianity and islam) that you almost converted to islam.
      the whole idea of conversion is like some say, “tits on bull”.
      if you like a particular view, well developed and expressed in some theological opus, you don’t convert to it, you adopt it.
      if you befriend someone due to whatever intellectual or moral quality, do you convert from previous friends?

      now, kaminski is a brave and honest man, he calls ’em as he sees ’em but sometimes ends up too far out on the limb, as in the case of these icelandic trolls.
      surely some traces of archeological or forensic interest would have turned up, maybe 4 meter swords or similar artifacts, their dwellings must have reflected their stature.
      as for his atheism and suspicion of religion, he is perfectly entitled to that, so long as everyone accepts the impossibility of proof, either way.
      either something is ineffable or it isn’t and if it isn’t, then by definition it cannot be divinely transcendental.

      for me, the most amazing argument of all was put together by kurt godel, an austrian mathematician in the early 20th, with his theorem of incompleteness, whereby he proved that every logical or arithmetic system contains statements that are quite true but cannot be proved within the system itself, i.e., using the system tools.
      moreover, any such system cannot be shown to be consistent, namely, does not contain a fatal self-contradiction (something is non-trivially both true and false) which instantly collapses it into absurdity … recall “credo quia absurdum” chat we had the other day, xanadu.

      which is as it should be.

      1. Why must you say, with a hint of two-way apology (to both christianity and islam) that you almost converted to islam….If you like a particular view, well developed and expressed in some theological opus, you don’t convert to it, you adopt it.

        I was simply stating the facts when I said that I had “almost converted to Islam” at one stage. I was reading the Qur’an every day and I had stopped reading the Bible. I had stopped attending services in the Catholic Church. I had started saying three suras as daily prayers (1, 113 & 114).

        However, I had not formally renounced my own Christian religion at this stage or embraced Islam formally. Though I had stopped attending Christian services, I had yet to set foot in a mosque. I have still never set foot in a mosque.

        This is what I mean by “ALMOST converting to Islam.”

        You will understand this better if I invoke the analogy of a woman who ALMOST left her husband for another man. She is disillusioned with her husband, right? She has begun to distrust him. And there’s this other man in the background who seems to be offering more in terms of trustworthiness and emotional security.

        Having vacillated between these two men, the woman finally decides to be loyal to her husband: to be faithful to the one who loved her and supported her and made her happy for so many years.

        In the same way, I decided to remain a Christian: because Christianity nurtured me and its roots run deep in my genes. I realized it was not really Christianity that repelled me but the corruptions of organized religion. The same corruptions can be found in any faith.

        1. i guess i am a philanderer when it comes to ideas, profess no undying faith to any, reject none out of hand.

          even the logic is acceptable at times 🙂

          1. For the sake of discussion, the raison d’etre of the intellect is to see and steadfastly adhere to the truth. This necessarily involves the steadfast rejection of that which is demonstrably false.

            Moderns love to talk about having an “open mind.” That is good so long as the mind, when it is presented with truth and grasps it as such, closes like a vise.

          2. possibly, eamon.

            another possibility, one might argue (not necessarily my view but one that i cannot dismiss simply because i don’t like it) is that the sole raison d’etre of the intellect is to outwit, out-deceive and out-maneuver an opponent, with the ultimate view of killing and robbery.
            this is a purely talmudist, in fact, satanic position.

            ignore it at your peril.
            in fact, the world is in the hole to a no small extent due to this unipolar view of intellect as a mere tool for catching the truth.

            be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves is easier said than done, sometimes this injunction seems in conflict with itself.

            so my question to you is what do we do about the followers of talmud?
            should a serpent turn the other cheek?

          3. do you see how we are handicapped?

            the Enemy fires his poison darts at will, while cowering behind the protective shield of our own morality.

          4. continuing development of a theory …
            one can laugh at kaminski’s icelandic giants and dwarves but he makes a valid point when arguing that christianity is but a banana peel to land the goyim on their backs.
            the church posits that a christian is someone who rejects the christ, which is why in all the sermons, his words are never quoted, why take it from the horse’s mouth, pardon the expression.
            because he saw the truth clearly and spelled it out.
            which is why the church waged the war on those who would use their own heads and hearts in deciding the matter.
            contrary to popular belief, the greatest, by far the most numerous vicitms of christianity were the so called heretics, the brothers of free spirit, the cathars, those who paid heed to teachings of roger bacon, william of occam, john wycliffe, who were a step away from being broken on the wheel and burned at stake.
            men and women of peace, who saw the fire as liberation from flesh, offering flowers to the executioner.
            at the other end, there are men like kaminski and jb campbell, who reject the entire package as lying propaganda and and are willing to take up the sword and fight for freedom from exploitation, domination and slavery.

            what would jesus do? 🙂

          5. lobro: “in fact, the world is in the hole to a no small extent due to this unipolar view of intellect as a mere tool for catching the truth.”

            No, it is not. The correct use of a thing, in this case the intellect, is determined by the creator thereof, in this case God. That some misuse or abuse it does not affect the proper use; in fact, it only goes to highlight its importance. Demons misuse/abuse their intellect and will, but that does not reflect poorly upon either faculty, in se, or the original intent of the Creator. That some use knives to commit murder does not mean there is any dispute about the proper, i.e., universally acceptable uses of knives.

            By the way, how do you know the Talmudists’ misuse/abuse is satanic? By making a right use of your own intellect in order to form sound judgments based upon the available evidence. Then, being so informed, you make a right use of your will to oppose their crimes.

            That some misuse various goods of this world, including those of mind or body, has no bearing on determining the right use thereof. The harm that follows the misuse/abuse only highlights the beauty and importance of making a proper use of all created goods, including our own faculties of mind, body, and soul. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Godspeed.

          6. Lobro and Eamon will never share a seat:
            For East is East and West is West
            And never the twain shall meet. 🙂

          7. hey, i am enjoying this exchange eamon, no hard feelings.

            the first use of knives, made of bone and flint was to kill.
            table manners came afterwards … don’t ask me to prove it, just as i don’t need to research talmud to link it closely with devil.
            you only need to remind yourself of kol nidre, its meaning and paramount importance.
            i do not think that devil could have made a better job of it.

            i hope to use my intellect to its full capacity, errors of omission are due to its limits and not comission.

            and yes, godspeed (and definitely not g*dspeed).

            xanadu, for what’s it worth, my arguments are informed by neither west nor east nor monsanto but entirely homegrown, nurtured by quality exchanges like this chain.

            the minute i say something is such-and-such because so-and-so said it, block me from your site, i will be ready for soylent green reprocessing.

          8. LOBRO “what would jesus do?”

            Easy. Whip’em out the Temple, or whatever. i mean, JKaminski and buddy JBCampbell. What on earth can two atheists KNOW -not pretend or claim ‘to have read’- about Christianity?? Much more so, COACH about it? Nonsense! Especially since John insists on ignoring the FACT that Christianity (the secret or private -persecuted- teachings of the Master to his disciples) is NOT Churchianity (aka, Catholicism) of the Roman Church.

            Christianity, of Essene/Nazarene (immediate) origin is practically underground since the murder of the disciples. It empowers Man, the being inside YOU (unless you are an atheist and insist otherwise), against the Machine, call it Despotism, Pharaoism, Kingship, or Plain-Vanilla-BS-Wannabe-Lords-of-the-Latrine.

            As for the S.A. mercenary, can you imagine him claiming critical expertise in Christianity (yes) and teaching Catechism on Sundays?!? Gimme a break!

            Besides, what can these two J’s do against 97.7% of the world pops who are neither satanic talmudists nor atheists? Preposterous.

          9. @heroay
            sorry, not quite sure how to read this
            Besides, what can these two J’s do against 97.7% of the world pops who are neither satanic talmudists nor atheists? Preposterous.

            who comprises the 97.7% of the world pops, the gentiles? or jews …

            this is how it sounds on the face of it but neither kaminski nor campbell have any intention of waging war on gentiles.

            if on the other hand, 97.7% referred to jews who are neither satanic talmudists nor atheists, here i have a problem.
            first of all, a talmudist is by no means a religious person, because to me the notion of religioun is closely bound to that of a moral system, implying personal responsibility and self restraint in question of baser instincts.
            what sort of an ethical system would place premium on hatrad of innocents, urge maximal violence, and vent to insanely perverted fantasies that this tribe revels in?
            secondly and more importantly, i read (feel free to look it up) that over 85% of jews both in and outside israel strongly supported the slaughter of gaza, the operation cast lead.
            that tells me all i need to know.

            yes, 85% of the jews are talmudist satanists.
            they celebrated the mass murder by picnicking in parks overlooking the gazan territory, cheering each strike of depleted uranium, white phosphorus and fleshette laden cluster bombs.

            they belong in hell and nowhere else.
            i am not christian enough to forgive them or understand their psychotic plight, sorry.

            meanwhile, i can completely understand people like kaminski and campbell.
            they had enough and don’t have the unlimited reserves of sympathy for the devil, they cannot countenance such evil unfolding before their eyes, draw on inner reserves of unqualified love and bless all and sundry.

            i say that everybody, including you, has a threshold of ever escalating abuse, which when reached produces a reaction.
            yours may be higher, inshallah.

          10. LOBRO – “sorry, not quite sure how to read this”

            i picked up on the fly only your last statement…
            Plain English (yes, play-back on, geesh!): 97.45% (2007) of world pops (believers), not necessarily ‘religionists’, accept a form of Higher Consciousness, Origin, God, whatever. The rest, 5-sense atheists (2.32%) and Ashkenazi-Khazars (0.23%) are the ones who fight teeth and claw so-called ‘Christianity’ (by name only) on the face of the usurpers of it, since the 2nd C. AD. Got it now?

            i cannot vouch for your innocence or ignorance, but your thread is typical from Tel Aviv and the Sin-o-Gog: 90% what we know to gain confidence, and 10% disinfo to either divert guilt away from the Khazarian vandals, and / or pretend to ‘destroy’ ‘Christianity’ (as Churchianity). Fail!

            And so do the J’s. If you really understood them or were sincere (or ‘enlightened’??), you would have caught up with the typical scheme to attack loud and clear ‘the jews’ (refuse to name them Ashkenazi-Khazars), while ending all the time the clincher (English 101?) with an attack on Christi… er, Churchianity. Why?

            “…but he makes a valid point when arguing that christianity is but a banana peel to land the goyim on their backs…”

            (Again, play-back on) If ‘Ali-Baba’ is a known bandit, why on earth hang any of his 40 trainees, when hanging ‘Ali’ would end his training camp? Why not castigate ‘Judaism’ (Talmudism) and ‘the jews’ (Khazashkenazis, 95% of the HIVE) to the *end*, and if true, Christianity would die for lack of ‘maternal resources’, according to banana peddlers??

            Or, for Kindergarden: Why tackle 97.45%, when 2.55% would be a much easier task? Ding-ding?

            Trolling, comes to mind. You have NO idea how boring it IS, after all these years since 911, sifting through cookie-cutter comments like yours and the J-Duo.

            Again and again, to exhaustion and boredom (play-back on): Churchianity is NOT by any means Christianity. Using the fake to destroy the real is typical Ashkenazi-Khazar millennial ‘strategy’. Failed!

            “…by far the most numerous victims of christianity were the so called heretics…”

            Now, if you study History, you will learn that often, as today, the Khazar Mafia installed Ashkenazi and Khazar popes at the Vatican. And demented criminals like Torquemada, known Ashkenazi Neanderthal, enjoyed murdering Christians, Mystics, and ‘heretics’ or Gnostics (but not ‘jew-daic’ atheists) as a ‘converso’, as offerings (*real* holocaust) to Molech.

            To its credit though, the actual Catholic Church *did* burn at the stake the satanic Talmudic Ashkenazis, and their Talmuds, when they got caught in the ‘act’. History.

            “…who reject the entire package as lying propaganda and are willing to take up the sword and fight for freedom from exploitation, domination and slavery.”

            Actually, except perhaps St. Jerome, but not even the wisecrack incognitos, the ‘Yahwist’ and ‘G’, who assembled the 4 Canonical Gospels ordained by the ignorant Church, knew much about them, nor all the ‘scribes’ and transliterators, except ‘read’ the Texts. The J-Duo? Please.

            You should lean on the ‘Tree of Life’ of the N.T., NOT on banana trees in the wild. Mercy.

          11. @heroay
            actually, in my erstwhile query to your “97.5%”, i was merely asking for a clarification in a respectful, civilized manner.
            otherwise, i did not find much else to argue about.

            your “off-the-meds” response has tested my temper rather sorely.

            thus, i remain civilized, though no longer respectful.

            lasha has known me for a number of years in this and other threads and she can vouch that this is the first time anyone has even dreamed of calling me an ashkenazy troll.

            moreover, do not presume to lecture me on the choice of religion, if any.
            that choice is entirely mine and not open to any discussion, no more than say, an arranged marriage.

            what you call churchianity, i call christianity to follow the prevalent usage.
            who i see as jesus christ is someone who has nothing to do with today’s christianity club, i thought i had made that clear from the start.

            as for fighting the ancient evil, i prefer action figures like “j-duo” to raging pedants who argue about proper terminology.
            nothing to do with any religion, i want on my side someone whom jews (ashkenazis, whatever your choice term) fear, not dismiss as a soapbox curiosity.

        2. Why would I want to block you from this site? Even I did, I couldn’t! The site doesn’t belong to me, as I have said repeatedly, and I have no control over who or what gets published here.

          The Supreme Suzerain and Tyrannical Czar of Discourse here is my esteemed cousin John Scott Montecristo.

          Anyway, this site is a “free speech zone” and we have no monitoring of comments here. Feel free to say what you want, as on xymphora in the old days…

          1. wheneversoemonedragsoutthenazi shit|(illinformedtheymaybeandinfectedwithcommonimplantofthem|Iwonder ifdey be jew or aillinformed stillcontrolled history relyer on.stalin,churchillroosenvelt andeisenhower were thebiggest criminalsin recent history andherr heetler was headand shoulders above them as germany in general was.squashing was neededandjealosyrampant for the transformation andfreedom germanyhad in thefirst part before forced into war by thats right|||||||”dem jooz||||||||||||||”

    2. Let me add my 2 cents to this B.S. First don’t be stupid. If you do not and I say again know what you are talkin about keep your mouth shut. First Jesus was not a jew and Jesus was not the son of YAHWEH, Adam was, Luke 3:38 The jews are of their father and his name lucifer, satan ! Point blank!!! John 8 ; 32 thur 48 read and it might put some worth in your being! Don’t be a puppet anymore.

  5. @ Rehmat

    John Kaminski is anti-religion, whereas I am pro-religion. John has a hatred of “organized religion”, whereas I am a member of the Roman Catholic Church. So in a way it’s very strange that I should agree to the publication of John’s article on this site.

    The reason I have nothing against John in this respect is too complex to explain. Partly this may be due to the fact that I myself, though a practising Catholic, have always been wary of “organized religion”. I am not a very good Catholic. In fact, I am a heretic who feels closer to Islam and Indian mysticism than I do to some of the more misguided offshoots of Christianity — such as Christian Zionism.

  6. Dear Lasha – I was not degrading John in anyway. I was telling my experience at the peacepalestine – a website owned by Italian Jewish lady Mary Rizzo. Gilad Atzmon was also a regular contributor on that website. I have no objection to your posting John’s article – as I have quoted him myself on several accasions on my blog along with Gilad Atzmon, Roger Tucker, Henry Makow PhD and many Israeli and American Jewish writers.

    I have no problem with the ‘anti-religion’ people – as the logo on top of my blog comfirms – “There is no compulsion in religion”. Personally, I follow Islam, though educated in a Catholic Mission in Pakistan. My daughter also graduated from a Catholic private school in Canada.

    Good and hypocrites can be found in every faith. I remember, the two American writers who rebuked Pope Benedict XVI for insulting Islam in 2006, Joanna Francis and Mark Glenn, are both Catholics. Last year Mark had invited me to give an interview on his Radio Show.

    I summed up my religious views in one of my old posts below.

    1. Yes, yes, I understand all this, dear Rehmat! I agree with everything you say.

      Mark Glenn and I are great friends and he asked me to go on his radio program 2-3 years ago. I had to say “No”. How can an anonymous writer go on radio programs? It’s not possible. Anyway, I stammer when I’m nervous and I would make a bad speaker…

      I feel the same way about Islam as Mark Glenn and Joanna Francis. This is because I almost converted to Islam a few years ago. I used to say three suras every day as prayers: sura 1, 113, 114. These are the shortest and greatest suras in the Qur’an.

      To me it is a tragedy that so many Christians have this hostility toward Islam. This is very old. Dante placed the prophet Muhammad in hell. He was a great poet, but I doubt if he ever read the Qur’an. Of course I can’t agree with the Pope for making that silly Islamophobic comment. He should know better!

      Many of my poems have Islamic references, but my Christian readers don’t know this. Nor do they understand that those poems could not have been written without much reading of the Holy Qur’an. These are the three poems I refer to:

      (1) “The Keys of the Unseen” (Reference to “Sijjin” mentioned in Qur’an).

      (2) “The Tree of Evil “(Reference to “tree of Zaquum” mentioned in Qur’an)

      (3) “The Green Fields of Longing” (Description of Islamic paradise)

  7. Lasha,

    I believe you realize that one cannot be both a Catholic and an heretic at the same time; being both is no more possible than having a light that is both on and off. Appreciating what is true within Islam, for example, does not make one an heretic. Truth is truth and ought to be appreciated as such, no matter where it is found. As for the axe-grinding author of this sub-standard article, which contains more errors than I have time or inclination to correct, his inordinate appreciation for Nietzsche, which I gleaned from a quick perusal of his own website, is not a good sign.

    The following is a fairly typical example of the muddled thinking which fills the modern world.

    “Ever more steadily the world is learning—through constant revelations of sexual and financial debaucheries—that the doctrines and dogmas upon which we base our moral principles are riddled with falsehoods, hypocrisies, and provable misinformation.”

    As if men going astray with respect to money or sex means that what they profess to believe is, therefore, false. There is no logical connection at all. If anything, the constant, oft-monumental failures of men only go to demonstrate the truth that something is radically wrong within our own mind and heart — i.e., we can all tell that, for some reason, things are not what they should be. Ironically, when the idea of some kind of “original sin” and the effects thereof is discarded, all of our difficulties with money, sex, and power become rather difficult to understand or adequately explain.

    1. @ Eamon

      Thanks, Eamon. Wise words from you as usual! I admit one cannot be a Catholic and a heretic at the same time. Not in a strict sense.

      Maybe I ought to rephrase that by saying that many a good Orthodox Catholic, hearing of my enthusiasm for the Bhagavad-Gita and the Qur’an, would roll their eyes in dismay and cry “Your ideas are completely heretical! The religions you appear to admire so much don’t accept that Christ is God — they regard him as no more than a great prophet or avatar.”

      This is true. But so does (Christian) Unitarianism take the same view. There are lots of Christian movements — I guess you could call them “cults” — that good Catholics would regard as heretical. For example, the Christian church founded by the followers of Rudolf Steiner.

      I am also open to the idea of reincarnation. There are many buried references to it in the Bible. And yet, as you know, from the Catholic viewpoint, any belief in reincarnation is definitely heretical.

      There’s a man called Darrell Wright (see his poems on this site) who regards me as a “heretic” and calls me a “syncretist”. I don’t mind this. Darrell is a former monk (13 yrs in a monastery) and a great admirer of E. Michael Jones and Bishop Williamson.

      As a matter of fact, I too am rather keen on Jones and Williamson. I am delighted to think that Holy Mother Church is still capable of producing such original and courageous men.

      And so, nil desperandum! It takes all types to make a world.

      1. For what it is or is not worth, I think Mr. Kaminski’s thesis with respect to previous disaster/s resulting from a comet or similar heavenly body is absolutely correct. I believe it is about to occur again. However, I also believe most of us will remain distracted by the financial insanity, the war-mongering, etc, until it is too late. What is more, it is my contention that the incomprehensibly-powerful process we will soon witness is going to purify all things — from the air, soil and water, etc, to our ideas about the Creator, ourselves and our true position and role within this amazing universe. We will see soon enough, I suppose. Godspeed to you and yours, my lady.

    2. funny nietzcheis onlyone ofdose i canhalfass unnerstan.most havedarkthoughtsonnietzchewhichi nounnerstan.|i notchristianbecausetheywontletmebe onebecauseinoaccept paulianity as tothedogmadoctrineandbasicnecesarybeliefstobe|i have taken thejump andbathwater yu unnerstan.

  8. Eamon – here is my five Canadian cents on Nietzsche ……..

    Friedrich Nietzsche (d. 1900) was an athiest German philosopher and author. He was a White supremacist. In his 1888 book The Anitchrist, Nietzsche while scathing polemic against his Christian faith, did praised Islam in certain ways.

    “One needs but read any of the Christian agitators, for example, St. Augustine, in order to realize, in order to smell, what filthy fellows came to the top …… Christianity destroyed for us the whole harvest of ancient civilization, and later it also destroyed for us the whole harvest of Mohammedan civilization. The wonderful culture of the Moors in Spain, which was fundamentally nearer to us and appealed more to our senses and tastes than that of Rome and Greece, was trampled down…. Let us put aside our prejudices! The crusades were a higher form of piracy, nothing more! The German nobility, which is fundamentally a Viking nobility, was in its element there: the church knew only too well how the German nobility was to be won . . . The German noble, always the “Swiss guard” of the church, always in the service of every bad instinct of the church–but well paid…..“

    Nietzsche while praised Jews for their ’racial purity’, also warned that no more Jews be allowed into Germany because they were a threat to Germany. Adolph Hitler, a White Nationalist, too, had similar views about the Jews…….

  9. I like Eamon picked up on Nietzche and that means John Kaminski probably favors “relativism” as opposed to “absolutes”—some say the only two philosophies. I favor absolutes and so I can identify with religious sentiments of truth seekers whether they are pagan, Islamic, Christian, or Jewish. But religion aside I have long been interested in the possibility of a “lost civilization.” There is a very good book with lots of science called Noah’s Flood. It narrates the true story of a research team in the Cold War mapping the Black Sea floor with sound waves, and accidentally discovering a fresh water lake beneath the salt water, and the remnents of an Ice Age civilization.
    They (the researchers and authors) put together the scenario of a flood when the sea broke through and poured into the fresh water lake with a roar that probably was heard for hundreds of miles. The people fled in two directions and DNA evidence backs this up.
    Of course, maybe John Kaminski’s narrative is earlier–not sure. In any case, I think the idea that these ancient stories (as in myths and the Bible) hold clues to events lost in time is intriguing. I guess I differ from Kaminski when he starts drawing conclusions about the current political crisis, and even the current religious institutions or for that matter the Queen…Then I get lost because it’s all a disconnect. Still, the illustrations are beautiful and the fantasy of it all entrancing.

  10. John Kaminski is a great writer and critic. This man is well known for his extensive writing and examination of 9/11 attack, where he concluded Muslims had nothing to do with thats terrorist attack on our nation.

    Kaminski stated that 9/11 was the work of people who managed to steal and control American presidency and Congress. It is the so called elite Jewish bankers who fleeced Germany, England, France and Russia. Now America is their latest target. People taking him more seriously after he wrote about the Israeli massacre about Gaza-bound flotilla in international water.

    Kaminski wrote inpart, <Israeli shooting unarmed people in the head on the high seas when they attacked the Flotilla on its compassionate and humanitarian mission to assist the Palestinians in Gaza.

    Thanks for this post and thank you John Kaminski.
    I should also add, I find Lasha's pictures fascinating and speak volume

  11. There’s no such thing as Dwaraka.
    There’s no such thing as Dwaraka.
    There’s no such thing as Dwaraka…

  12. hm … the penal hierarchy is such that the holy duo of lying (good), hate speech (bad) trumps everything in between.
    truth is the biggest loser because it stands in opposition to the former and fits within the broad framework of the latter.

    so what would happen if i were to stand up and holler at the top of my lungs:

    abe foxman, the grand inquisitor comes thundering with the rabbinical torturers, kabbalist executioners, talmudist firestarters, ready to drag me before the sanhedrin for the due process.


    surely, i’ll be offered a large transfer fee, made an honorary rebb.

  13. I too am against most of today’s organized religions, since they seem to cause more harm than help and many of those Bible thumping ones here in the USA are just in it for the money and power.

    But some of those that belong to some of those religions are loving, caring devout people, who give their all to help humanity, like those Catholic nuns and aid workers in Central America who were butchered by American backed tyrants for the mere sin of feeding people and helping find them shelter or treating their diseases.

    But I do believe that one should constantly strive to improve one’s spirituality each and every day.

  14. Thanks for all the attention, Lasha. I’ve been feeling marooned by my own honesty, but Chuang Tzu and Ernest Becker both said it would be that way. I realize I have to do a comet sequel to spell it out for the comatose, the mindlocked and the misled. Here’s what I wrote to a friend this morning.

    Simply put, it’s about the trauma put in the human mind by the comet which wrecked a lot of places, and how it triggered a migration of the survivors by sea to all these other places like Egypt and South America. This BEGAN the civilizations that eventually became the ones we know today, only over time the physical event of the comet became the adventures of all these ancient gods. So Moses hearing the wrathful God Jehovah on Mt. Sinai is really a metaphorical description of the effects of the comet, which everybody in the world knew about, and related to. It’s the same with the legends of the stars, Orion the Hunter chasing the Pleaides maidens, human projections on physical events, shaped into myths that people can remember. Myths of the dragon and old stories like Phaeton or Icarus are actually describing the physical effects of the comet, as well as everyone’s terrible memories of what happened, in a metaphorical way (metaphor is just the example you use to describe something).

    In the Thunderbolts video, you learn that the whole deal is electric, and that nuclear power is Jewish hoax (if you make the connection). The Sun is a hollow electric transmission station funneling energy from the universe through the auroras to the Earth and through the vegetables and the water to us. Knowledge of this whole system will eventually erase all the religious systems now in existence.

    One step beyond this I would add that there is no belief system now existing that honestly deals with the fact that we die. Consequently they all miss the mark that we live forever in the electric connection that we have with others, rendering all our solitary fears inconsequential compared to the great gifts we do possess.

    1. Mr. Kaminski,

      With all due respect, you are completely mistaken about some very important matters. Religion, in se, is not going to “disappear” any more than other fundamental aspects of society are going to disappear. What is going to happen is that all of the accumulated muck that is presently clogging the proverbial pipes is going to be purged from the system — purity and balance will be restored, at least to a degree not seen on earth for many ages. That said, the comments section of this article is not the place to discuss these things in the proper way and to the necessary degree. LD knows how to reach me if you are interested in initiating a friendly discussion. I understand if you have neither the time nor desire for such a pursuit; if this is so, there is no need to reply or explain. Either way, I wish you well, sir.

    2. ill give you 1/4 farthing for yourview,lol.anti ashkenazi jew bitchinterlopers anddestroyers getnotmuchpatico fromthese types here.jewsare indelicate andethnocentric andformed from ancient slime satangenetically ehanced withenhanced parasiticalattributes tobe apefrfect foil to hismain enemy,theson ofman andthesons n daughjters of goodones .andi believe most of theoorparts websiteas velly informative andscientifically based |i am aareligousbon vivantsampling all as i go from flower to flower and soemtimes suffering poison nectar all in adays buzz.sowhatreligionam inofair saying atheist,agnostic or ,oh youguessed it I am a..fuckini know not but i will meet my maker one dayithinkand hope shehas a sense of humor and forgiveness.

    3. “Thanks for all the attention, Lasha. I’ve been feeling marooned by my own honesty, but Chuang Tzu and Ernest Becker both said it would be that way.”

      Actually it was Jesus who said that first, but according to you, Jews made that one up out of thin air and wrote it like a Broadway play and now despise it, proving you cant distinguish between a Jew and a non Jew and wont.

      Im sure the Jew Ernest Becker and Chuang Jew are much more qualified to be trusted than Jesus Christ since you dont believe he existed, but to give thanks and praise to a Jew is beyond the pale. Maybe where you all need to be again.

  15. Mr. Kaminski: “Yahweh is quoted as telling his fellow Elohim as they confounded the tongues of humanity at the Tower of Babel ‘so they would not become just like us.’ ”

    I looked at roughly a dozen different translations of the account; not a single one contains anything like the above-quoted words. A Google search including “Babel” and the exact words Mr. Kaminski has provided produces exactly one match: this article! C’est la vie, mes amis…

    1. @ Eamon

      Mr. Kaminski: “Yahweh is quoted as telling his fellow Elohim as they confounded the tongues of humanity at the Tower of Babel ‘so they would not become just like us.’ ”

      I looked at roughly a dozen different translations of the account; not a single one contains anything like the above-quoted words.

      That may be true, but I don’t think you have any grounds for your clear suggestion that John Kaminski is a fraud and that he is guilty of fabricating these words. He has just confused two different stories from the Bible, having transposed the ALMOST IDENTICAL WORDS from the Adam and Eve myth to the Babel myth.

      He has made a genuine mistake, Eamon, not been guilty of fraudulence.

      Here is what it says about Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:22

      King James Bible: “And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever….”


      (1) Kaminski: “So they would not become just like us…” (Applied wrongly to the Babel myth)
      (2) Genesis: “Behold, the man is become as one of us.”

      You see the striking similarity?

      1. Of course I see the similarity. Although you impute to me an implication of fraud, which is rather serious, I meant no such thing. Why not let him speak for himself? If you and I can look it up, so could he have looked it up before publishing his article, yes?

        As for genuine mistakes, you, my dear, have made one by asserting that I meant to imply Mr. Kaminski is a fraud. No worries; no harm, no foul. I suppose one could presume the worst of me, thinking I certainly meant to imply he is a fraud, but the wiser course is to presume the best: he flubbed and I pointed it out (rather mildly, if I may say so). Even if it is just an innocent case of laziness or merely-shoddy scholarship, should we just sit on our hands and act as if it did not happen? Is the fault mine for even mentioning it? I have said my peace; how he handles it from here is up to him — not me or you. Godspeed to you, Mr. Kaminski and all who read these words.

        1. Relax, dear Eamon, no one is accusing you of anything dishonorable!

          The truth is, you *implied* (however tactfully) that Kaminski had been up to no good in producing a quote vis-à-vis the Babel myth which was completely non-existent in the original source:

          I looked at roughly a dozen different translations of the account; not a single one contains anything like the above-quoted words.

          But as I have shown, Kaminski is guilty of no more than a slight confusion: he has conflated (or mixed up) two entirely separate myths. At the most, Kaminski has boobed. But this is no great crime, is it? It’s a human and pardonible eror which both you and I are equaly capible of.

          There! I’ve boobed myself! I’ve committed an unforgivable sin in the sentence above which makes me, in the words of some stern imaginary critic of the future:

          “unfit to lecture the world in a series of pretentious articles wherein this bogus female academic not only ends her sentences with prepositions but litters her text with the most apaling speling mistakes!”

          🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. Now THAT is truly the best medicine.

    I assume it was consumed in copious amounts in both Atlantis and Dwaraka!
    (not to mention Shambala)

  17. John Kaminski’s articles always have interesting view-points. In this one John did not mention the Vikings or VI Kings, whose boats had sails often depicted with red stripes, like f.i. in the American flag. I read somewhere that the Vikings belonged to the tribe of Dan who went over the Danube and established Danmark, in Ireland there is the Dannan and so on. Could these Vikings have played a substantial role in this story?

  18. Kabbitsky wont debate any Christian Identists nor will Professor MacDonald to show how little they really know about the Bible. So frankly this is all dribble.

    And I know you wont post this because its the Gods honest truth and you know it. So how are you any different from the Jews?

    1. Rick – some people are totally blind to the faith they’re born into. Take for example, Dr. Robert Funk who was considered a world authority on the New Testament. In 1991 – he published the result of his plus 14 of his associate Christian scholars and historians’ six year critical study of the NT. The conclusion of their study was that 80% of sayings of Jesus’ quoted in NT have nothing to do with Jesus. They’re added by “interested people” – while the remaining 20% – “probably” be true sayings of Jesus. However, after saying that Dr. Robert Funk DDD – was not ashamed to say that “New Testament is Word of God”.

      1. Your last sentence makes it clear that the most sensible course is to doubt the worth/accuracy/validity of Dr. F’s study, yes? The vast majority of modern Biblical “scholars” and wanna-be exegetes produce endless tomes the collective value of which is notably less than that of a handful of Peanuts comic strips.

      1. In that case I will. MacDonald, Kaminski, David Duke and countless others want us to throw our religion away that was stolen and perverted by Jews and become some kind new being without religion or the correct one. They will not debate Christian Identists on the Bible itself because they cant. That includes all the Bible, Judeo Christians on the internet whether it be E Michael Jones, Ted Pike, Texe Marrs, any of them (Pat Buchanan) because they will get pummeled before your eyes and ears and they know it.
        Not only is there an effort to elevate Jews, but to squash true Christianity. Both are basically the same thing. Jews love nothing more than Christians believing Jews were once the pure offspring of Judah, but it is total nonsense. If anyone in this world is pure from the beginning it is Whites (and deep down these guys know it).
        None of these so called intellects can take the White race to the Middle East (they skip that altogether). They fail to even understand who the Celts were or what the henges were for. In other words they deliberately keep away from any connections that Britain and Ireland have with Egypt (numerous things). What are they avoiding?
        Jews dont hate Judeo Christians, Jews hate true Christianity because it spells out who Whites are and who Jews are. It couldnt be any more logical, yet not one of these intellectual geniuses can figure it out. The truth is they cant handle it so they run and hide from the true debate. Some say “I dont believe any of it” in order to stay out of it, yet they continue to speak of the Jews as if they are the people of the Old Testament. They run their mouths and wont take any dishing back. Thats not White at all.

  19. Hi John, I’ve been wanting to drop an email to you for some time. This article tells me that if you had a copy of the ‘Urantia Book’ much of the fog of the past will clear up, that is if you are brave enough to investigate and read for yourself what the world needs most to know if we are to survive as a whole in order not to perish as whole. This book is what the Jews need to read and discover in order to stop being Jews, because, if the Jews keep being so-called ‘Jews’, as we know them, then the world will most likely see the termination of human life as we know it–forever! I wish that the truth and fact in this literary masterpiece, which is also the master ‘piece’ to the global puzzle, would find its way into everyhand that is willing to seek where they have never sought for the most pressing and most important of all reality. I know it will take the rest of your life to get into it and really understand it, and I am not sure how much time is on our side, but even if there is not much time left for mankind to get on the path of planetary survival, at least you would have done yourself the honor of reading the most informative book on the subject of religion, philosophy, science, history, and revelation that your could ever find. Its a treasure. To find on the internet, I go to which has a search engine, making quick study real easy. It would be great to hear what you think. PK

    1. Some time ago I did some digging regarding The Urantia Book: its origins, its contents, etc. It is as bogus as the day is long.

      1. You either tell it like it is, or, like you, tell it like it isn’t. Try digging a little deeper by actually reading it…

        1. I read enough of its contents to ascertain it is bogus and there are plenty of online resources which easily prove this is so. If you want to hang your hat on it, go for your life — just don’t try to sell your snake oil around these parts or tell me some eugenicist doctor from Chicago found the long-lost key to everything sometime between 1911 and 1955. Frankly, its nebulous, very-recent origin is sufficient reason to be more than a little suspicious.

  20. Rick: It’s DRIVEL, not dribble.
    For instance: babies dribble while politicians drivel.

    1. To me its dribble (heavy driveling). You might say they are dribbling and never shooting in fear they will be blocked.

  21. somewhat upstairs on this thread i was reviled for insufficient knowledge of bible, which earned me sobriquet of troll out of tel aviv.
    fact is telavivians know bible better than their lovingly formaldehyded foreskins.
    it is true that i never bothered with it, nor will i, so long as there is less psychotic smut around.
    why would anyone want to waste time reading about some knuckle dragging g$d urging scorched earth pedophilia against amalek is beyond me.
    no wonder it is popular in prisons.

    but be that as it may, like admin says, free speech zone, “speech” defined liberally as whatever comes out of the mouth, whatever color.

    my main point is that i hope to hear some original, independent thought every so often and when the debate wallows in proper punctuation of leviticus or whatever, time to bail, at least temporarily.
    such posts would be laughed out of xymphora, not due to editorial politics but the mindset of the commenters.
    and the same would be bounced violently off premises at niqnaq, like rowdy drunks at a speakeasy.

    sorry, lasha/x/lalara/monty and the crew, need to blow off some steam.
    lobro … troll … tel aviv
    exit laughing

  22. Hey lobro, if you see me hitch hiking, pick me up!

    Last I checked, we all got it coming and deserve has got nothing to do with it.

    1. homer bro, if i see you along the way, i am stopping but not to pick you up as to walk alongside.
      way to go.

      y vamonos compartir una chupada de ron y humo de puros y platicar un poco.

      1. @ lobro & hp

        I’d rather you guys hung around and didn’t go hitching anywhere today. I’d miss you if you went.

          1. My Canadian aunt spends part of the winter in Mexico. I believe you live there too, a Canadian expatriate. My aunt tells me many retired Canadians head out for Mexico where they manage to live very cheaply on their state pensions. Is this true? Can you give me some idea how much a couple would need per month to live in Mexico?

            Hard to answer obviously. Since the answer depends on the standard of living of the expat in question. I am thinking of someone who expects all the basic necessities and moderns conveniences (rental of 2-bedroom apartment/house, food, transport, medical insurance etc.) but is willing to dispense with luxuries…a frugal but clean and decent existence.

            Can a couple get by on US$1000 a month? $1500? $2000? How about $500-800?

            (Advice on cheap countries would be welcome from anyone else reading this post.)

          2. hmm (a proper way to start off on such a tricky theme)

            canadian expats focus on states of quintana roo and yucatan.
            my condo is in q.r. but i am getting tired of tourism driven greed, materialism and advent of zio-vultures that are descending on it, lots of israeli loot investing down there, now there is a lubavitcher outpost, time for lobro to vote with feet.
            think of selling condo.
            presently renting in merida, 400 clicks away to west, great old ville, also full of expats, older, more civilized kind.
            i don’t miss the beach and “azzure carib waters”, had enough, not to mention clubs, drunkeness, hawking, dope, fuel for the bonfires of vanity.
            my clean little casita is 4000 mn (pesos) a month, evrything else about 12000, including espressos, desserts at an expat cafe, cigars, wine and food, let’s say $1500 is enough.
            a couple would do just as well or better since women are smarter with money and i am presently decoupled.
            i even manage to get good seat at local philharmonic, bad but unreal enthusiasm by patrons, screaming encouragement at players like it is kentucky derby, great fun.
            bought some wonderful work at nearby art gallery … city very safe, pleasant, well mannered.

            downside? paleolithic internet.

          3. for $500, i am told that you need to head out to chiapas, tabasco … off the well trodden path.

            plan to check it out when i can shake the laziness off.

          4. i think that in most of india one can get by on those sums or less, great places like calcutta, bhubaneshwar, chenai, hyderabad, trivandrum, kannur (cannanore), udaipur …
            don’t know about kashmir but it may well be the best of all.

            stay away from goa, a zionist nest.

          5. Many thanks…this is very helpful. I like the sound of India. Especially Kashmir. A houseboat on Lake Shalimar sounds divine. That’s where my grandparents spent their honeymoon in the late 1930s when the British raj was in full swing.

  23. Much of what you say is true
    However you do a disservice to mankind when you use racial slurs.
    I know several very fine Jewish people. Why do you fit them all into the same category?There are good and bad in every race.
    In fact, Jewish people are front-runners in research in psychology. They have done their share to help the world, also in other areas.
    Please be just, do not be biased.

    1. Have you checked who runs the media, Hollywood, porn, gambling, Mafia’s, booze, snuff films, slavery, Federal Reserve, Homo and Lesbo orgs., NAMBLA, Feminist movements, etc etc etc?

      Obviously you havent. Amazing how Jews can claim their innocence still after all this perverted crime. We are talking psychotic creatures folks. They all need to go and thats the Gods honest truth. You can go with them if you disagree because like many other countries or city states did, it will happen again. They are completely contrary to all mankind, damned right!

  24. Why are they front runners in psychology? Because they are the sickest and seek research to cure them. There is no cure for liars cheaters serial killers and thieves. Instead they use their studies to inflict pain and torture onto others be it animals or humans. The fact that these despicable racist tribe is allowed to research and study psychology is the reason non jews are sicko and jews will never be cured as long as they lead the field of psychology. The Talmud states a jew is never to cure a non jew. Only in a situation where it will gain favourable attention to the jew cause shall a jew cure a non jew.

  25. There it is plain sight O. Bala . Psychology research to exploit with, to profit from and to use to make war.
    KONY 2012: State Propaganda for a New Generation

    By VC | March 13th, 2012

    The overnight viral sensation KONY 2012 brought worldwide awareness to the African war criminal Joseph Kony. Beneath this commendable cause, lies however an elaborate agenda that is presented in the video in a very manipulative way. We’ll look at the agenda behind KONY 2012 and how it uses reverse psychology to not only justify a military operation in Africa, but to actually have people demand it.

  26. In case he comes back to this article, since unloading one reply comment here. Hello Mr. Kaminski, I’m talking about three extraordinary articles you wrote in your former website back in 2004. Those were: Spiritual Gangsters, Devils From Heaven and Penalty on an Ancient Fraud. No argument that those writings went straight to the core in exposing this vulgar criminal abominable farce known as religions. Actually I was following your work before. In 2002 while visiting Peter Meyer’s site found your work there. Right then I went directly to your site. also had many of your articles.
    The thing is that I also had communicated around that time with Kenneth Humphreys. In case some people don’t know, he is a British writer and the founder of possible one the best sites in the net: http://WWW.JESUSNEVEREXISTED.COM.
    In fact I emailed Ken several times and in one of those communications, I mentioned your work. Some days later he contacted me and told me he was sure to read your articles and thanked me for it. This was back later in 04. Forgive my curiosity but was it ever contact between you both. Honestly two men commenting together about the origins of this full Roman Empire invention of the Horus, Apollo, Dyonisius and Mithra clones would have been great.
    Yes, no doubt that top priority now is to exterminate Zionism once and for all. We will find time later to deal with this psychopathic notion and behavior by a bunch of fools talking to the wind and related things that do not exist. What a pity the scientific world is essentially handcuffed by the capitalistic democratic mafioso criminal countries in the planet. After all, that is what this vermin is all about: just billion dollars enterprises to steal money from these stupid fools. For the past four centuries scientist started and began the research and discovered particularly in these times, how the physical universe came to be formed. It was not done in six days for certain.

    1. Thanks KH, thanks Lasha. My stories are not really appearing anywhere on the Internet anymore except here, because the inner censor that has been installed in everyone by Christianity for the Jews convinces everyone to say “it’s not all Jews.” So when I argue that it IS all Jews, simply because of the early childhood training they receive, everybody shuts me down, invents all sorts of slurs to vilify me. And then when I say that Christians are virtually in the same boat because they use the same shamelessly confabulated dogma, well then, there’s practically no one left to cheer, because I’ve offended everyone.

      I’ve been saying this for TEN LONG YEARS, and despite all the nice letters and tangible support I’ve received, plus all the outraged pious grief from people whose lives are wrapped in imperfect understandings of their chosen dogma, I don’t really know of a single person who has completely understood my message.

      WE ARE ALL TRAPPED IN A MINDLOCK that influences every decision we make in this life, that fritters away our lives in abstract trivialities and rituals. That mindlock is the notion of immortality. Because we live our lives thinking we live forever, all our endeavors are geared toward overcoming hostility (without understanding it) and piling up ever more toys to insulate us ever more securely from that everpresent but suppressed notion that one day, in one unexpected moment, we will not be here.

      Never once do we say, who are we really living FOR? The sinister Jewish push toward alienation deliberately disconnects us from each other, and hijacks our natural allegiance to each other and deposits it in the prison of an abstract god, who then, through his trusty intermediaries (rabbis) tells you how to live your live. Render unto Caesar, motherfletchers.

      And when you realize that, you realize that all our occupations are upside down — Nietzsche’s inversion of values, the Jewish trick of morphing depravity into virtue, leads us to destroy ourselves out of self-hatred for our own cowardice.

      I stand up to God, like Olaf Stapledon taught us. That’s what he put us here for.

      The reason the world has not been able to conquer its own fears is not because it because it is unable to, but because it has been prevented from doing so by the priest class, which has always been a front for the banker class.

      Anyone who calls me an atheist is a superficial goofball who has been gulled by his own religion. I truly believe no human religion has ever done justice to God — can never! — and that all religions are just like the Federal Reserve (imagine that!), selling you something you already own.

      The great epiphany about to occur is the realization and fulfillment of the perception that we are all connected electrically. That way lies the future, and perhaps even immortality.

    2. I commend you, John, for your research into how we have been lied to about history. Of course, the word itself should warn any true thinker…HIS story. Whose story is it?

      After reading this thread (which at times felt like I was watching a religious version of the Jerry Springer show), what I encourage all of you to consider is that there are 2 types of inhabitants of planet earth; PREDATORS & PREY. Those with no conscience, and those whose conscience precludes them from facing the evil that is destroying every aspect of our lives; our air, water, food, health, families, EVERYTHING…INCLUDING OUR VERY GENETIC STRUCTURE via the inoculation of diseases. And I quote from the last sentence of the 10th protocol of the Learned Elders of Zion: “…it is indispensible to trouble in all countries the people’s relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy, torture, starvation, BY THE INOCULATION OF DISEASES, by want, so that the goyim see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else”. Can you see how re-legion fits into this? How beLIEvers are being sidebarred with dissension, as the psychopaths are destroying everything that matters?

      People that contact me for consults to reverse their diseases with natural therapies or call into my shows often make comments that “God is in control” or “God has a plan” (you can access archives at under “drcarley archives”, both John Kaminski & JB Campbell have been on my shows). My response to these people is HELLO! If your “loving God” is allowing pure evil (which in Isiah 45:5-7 it states he CREATED), why are you worshipping this monster? However, no one (in my opinion) has asked better hard questions in this regard than Epicurus, (341-271 BC):
      1. Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? THEN IT IS NOT OMNIPOTENT.
      2. Is it able, but not willing? THEN IT IS MALEVOLENT.
      3. Is it both able & willing? THEN WHENCE COMETH EVIL?
      4. Is it neither able nor willing? THEN WHY CALL IT GOD?

      Your MD’s (medical devils) are creating diseases by inoculating you and killing you softly with their drugs, and devolving the human race by creating chimeras (transhumanism) via the inoculation of animal DNA in vaccines. I implore those of you with a conscience to stop wasting your time trying to prove your beLIEfs are “right”, and start shining a light on the predator psychopaths who have made you their prey! Learn how to say NO! Watch the movie “V for Vendetta” to see the power of that word….and listen to my show with JB Campbell on 3/24/12. He is the closest we have to a “V”.
      In Service to the TRUTH, I AM,
      Rebecca Carley, MD

  27. Dr Carley misses the point about nature of God. God is beyond good and evil. Good and evil are relative, good for some is evil for another and so on. Evil and good are thus human measures. God provides ample guidance to achieve harmony and balance in this measure by becoming ever watchful of one’s conduct and belief and be aware of the human obligation to decrease evil as measured on human scales. IT is by that measure that humans are judged.
    Nothing God creates is 100 % evil. His creation is imbued with the ability to be good or evil in human terms. It is the imbalance that creates the problem for humans.
    Christianity’s major mistake is that it considers that God as one dimensional in being ALL love. Plato reconciled this imperfect world by invoking a lesser god, the Demiurge, as creator of our world. Darwin could not reconcile what he saw in nature with his Christian culture and hence discovered evolution as the engine of creation rather than the loving God of Christianity. Judaism’s blunder is the the Jews are taught that they are the eternal chosen people of God and hence no evil should befall them. When it did, they had no answers, except to reject Judaism, and reconstruct their lives based on myth of race and common history rather than belief. There was little introspection of what the hands of humans had earned.
    Galileo’s observations abolished geocentrism. Christianity and Judaism, and for that matter liberal Humanism, are still anthropocentric.
    Most evil is committed by humans , one to another and mostly avoidable. The rest is ignorance of how the universe works, a problem that requires collective solution. Rather we listen to the ‘ Evil one’ who whispers that we expend our resources in wars and destruction and self enjoyment. A small amount of evil relates to ‘chance’ . It is this last part which is theoretically irremediable, as one learns from the Epic of Gilgamesh.

  28. Have found this all very interesting and somewhat entertaining.
    I would highly recommend reading “The Early Religion of Israel” by Lewis Bayles Paton. I found it went a long way in explaining how Israel arrived at proposing and enforcing their myth to us. They definitely believed in and worshiped gods other than the “omnipotent” one we all know too well today, as did most tribes during the primitive period.
    The tower of Babel? People only wanted to make sure that if they were scattered or lost they would have a point of reference to return to and to use for a historical reference to trace their ancestry (“lets make a name for ourselves” ie. you would naturally go down in history if you made a name for yourself, right? Even if most history is b.s.). But as usual the all loving, all knowing, all seeing Yahweh took it as an affront saying “if they do this, there will be no stopping them” the rest is history (?!) as they say. Truth or myth it doesn’t matter, one can see how loving and kind the Israelites god really was (sarcasm intended), or was that bloodthirsty (?), just by reading the book of lies (no sarcasm intended).
    There are many fine lessons one can learn from studying most faiths and mythos, even greater lessons to be learned from our past mistakes but remember 3 things;
    Believe in yourself, never take anything at face value and realize that HATE is the disease here. It doesn’t matter who started it or who finishes this – hate always destroys itself.

  29. I have always thought John Kaminski was a good man I enjoy many of his writings. That having been said I had to get off his email list as I felt some of them were about half nuts. I don’t buy the Hitler did great things for Germany routine as it is my opinion he was a Rothschild.

    There is a book concerning this by Greg Hallett (the Spymaster, New Zealand) as well as others. His books are very entertaining and his web site has excerpts contained on the site, I recommend to everyone. You don’t have to buy the books to get the gist of it. The short of it is, New Zealand is every bit as hammered as the rest of the west. Here are some sample chapters.

    Greg Hallett & the Spymaster


    A Blackmailer’s Guide


    Chapter Samples

    Radio Interviews


    Cons from within New Zealand.

    When the rivers, forests and coastline are removed from this ‘pure country’, cons and compromised politicans show just how far they have gone to serve the New World Order.

    Lifting the carpet on New Zealand shows it to be a paedophile movement fronting as a country.

    The literary movement is a paedophile protectorate.

    The Prime Minister and Speaker of the House both tried to launch a nuclear strike on Taupo with the KGB’s Vladimir Putin.

    The government talkshow host is into every drug known to man and married his call girl.

    The Head of Social Services was the dominatrix of the Attorney General.

    The more sexually deviant a woman is, the further and faster she is promoted, no matter how ingrained the learning difficulties. Male paedophiles are promoted into politics and then to the top positions with complete police cover.

    The judiciary shows itself to be a paedophile and crime creation movement whose primary goal is fatherless families.

    Israel and China fight it out over New Zealand, deciding to be tolerant of each other, China taking the North Island and Israel taking the South Island, from where Israel plans to take over Antarctica.

    The US Navy calls the capital city Wellington, ‘Jerk’, and New Zealand, ‘Flux’, but the New World Order name is ‘New Spain’ – from where the new continent of Antarctica will be exploited.

    A list of Intelligence names and addresses are garnered . . .

    . . . and a few more attempts on the author’s life – standard now for any author who strays from the agenda.

    There was one woman on that list, can’t remember her name now, who thought anyone was nuts that did not think Hitler was doing great deeds. Haarp is dangerous technology but I also don’t buy that it is the cause of everything happening in the world such as Fukushima. There is such a thing as ongoing earth changes.

    Now John does some great work but he also has a tendency to read one book and presto a a new theory emerges that is unshakeable. He does not seem to be willing to any other input that certain things might not be the case. His head is like a stone in that regard.

    All organized religion for the most part is in a sad state however that does not discount the once world wide Vedic religion which is a science as much as a religious viewpoint. It is my opinion they were the builders of the pyramids and you can find remnants of Vedic thought even in today’s Russian Shamans.

    I also do not write off Jesus, the man from Galilee, the Palestinian, simply because Christian doctrine has been so distorted. Certainly he was not saying simply believe in me and everything will be fine. There is much more to this and we can see it here.

    Now on the subject of destroyed civilizations, I have done my best to piece together some of the Enuma Elish, most of it from the writings of Zechariah Sitchin the man who pieced it together from tablets in the Berlin Museum. Now some will discount his numerous books on the subject due to the fact that he is Jewish. There are some twists in his writings some could interpret as benefiting the tribe but for the most part, at least the important sections of the translations, I think they are pretty much as described in the tablets.

    But as for John, I consider him a true researcher and a man looking to make sense of the scrambled world we live in and I wish him the best.

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