41 thoughts to “V I D E O : The Sexual Exploitation of Children by the Jews, by William Pierce”

  1. Not all Jews – but the Zionist Jews, who have monopolized world’ ponographic industry. When it comes to sexual abuse of minors – rabbis, priests and every other member of the so-called “civilized society” can be found.

    Early this year, the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival (JFF) had refused to screen renowned Hollywood producer Scott M. Rosenfelt’s film ‘Standing Silent‘. The film is about child sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community.

    The film, which features interviews with several victims of sexual abuse by Baltimore-area Orthodox rabbis, was slated to be screened at several Jewish film festivals across the United States. However, Hilary Helstein, chief JFF wrote to other directors that while the film was well made, “Our committee felt with a community that reveres it’s rabbis this was not something they wanted to show“.


    1. Rehmat,

      Thanks for this information. I was not aware of it. It’s useful to know.

    2. no community reveres its rabbis like the jewish community.

      ain’t that sweet.

      another reason why they are so special.

      1. easy enough to knock rabbis. they possess much wisdom from talmud and kabala concerning mysteries of universe. things unknown to mortal man. so have respect, please.

        1. Hi Zenobia,

          Still posting your silly comments I see. Never give up, do you? How many sites have you been thrown off? Still, nice to know you are acquainted with the “mysteries of the universe”. The only mystery here is this: how come such a halfwit like you ends up by choosing a sexy name like “Zenobia”? 🙂

  2. looked at some of the faces, e.g., sumner redstone … a veritable symphony of demonic ugliness, the naked evil leering out of their eyes and expressions.

    let someone tell me that it is merely a materialistic, darwinian struggle for survival and supremacy.


    like i said once before (or was it many times before, never caught on by anyone as far as i can tell).
    god has withdrawn from the world and leaves no trace, miracles are out of question.
    but the physical proof is still available through the all-too-obvious, in-your-face presence of the devil.

    devil redstone.

    just as one time parents were required to toss their children into the fire by way of appeasing moloch, so the tradition continues today, moloch insatiate.

    1. So how come you believe in the Devil and not God? Belief in the former entails belief in the latter. Surely logic is leading you inexorably in this direction…?

      1. there you go again, berenice, I knew you’d rise to the bait.
        let’s go over it slowly, step by little step.

        1. let’s assume a rational being, whether such being exists or not.
        he (or she for that matter) does not wish to base his belief on wishful thinking but is instead looking for signs.
        nota bene: this is entirely in keeping with jesus’ preaching that whoever follows him should do so of free will, not by customary coercion or intimidation – that only such faith is true and worth registering.

        2. but signs are somewhere between scarce and nonexistent.
        it is said that god’s kingdom is not of this world but some greater, psychic realm … so how does one go about establishing faith, since veneration of “miraculous” objects and relics is akin to superstition and heresy, the indicator of flabby will and intellect?

        3. it is also said that on the other hand the devil, originally the vanquished enemy in round 1 is given a free hand to interfere, corrupt and ultimately enslave the world and take the possession of souls therein.
        it is as if god acts in a gentlemanly fashion and lets the devil take the first crack at the pool table, maybe he can clear all the balls and win the game.
        we are the balls, we can cooperate and go into the pockets or resist and mess up his shot.

        4. but to resist, one must be aware that there is a game in progress and if there is a game in progress there must be two players, otherwise there is no point.

        5. if observant, one can see that the devil is struggling mightily to take home the big prize, which he may or may not succeed in doing.
        the unobservant can believe in whatever they want, they are chaff to be separated from wheat, in fact they are the true goys – blind and deaf cattle.

        6. but the fact that a) there is strong evidence of a malignant and rational agency, call it devil for lack of a better term and b) this agency is clearly investing an effort to succeed at an attainable but not-guaranteed goal implies that there is ANOTHER PLAYER

        are you going to ask me the same question in 3 weeks?
        the logic is almost inexorable but in the opposite direction.

        devil may be god’s creation but human faith can only be externally fueled by evidence of devil.
        which explains why there is a need for devil in the first place other than god being bored and needing and inventing a diversion.

        between you, lucy skipping, lasha and xanadu you have a nice coven capable of dealing with this.

      2. the skeletonized argument goes like this:
        A. god is disembodied, ephemeral, inscrutable, w/o trace.
        B. devil is physically evident, active, materially present, can be traced easily.

        so for some reason you feel the need to go from A to B, when in fact A cannot be deduced a priori whereas B is easily discerned.
        i choose to go from obvious (B) and use it as circumstantial evidence that A is also somewhere in the neighborhood w/o choosing to revel himself.

        1. Hey Lobbo, this is deep, deep, deep! Truly, thou art the Spinoza of the depths! More an authority on the Devil than on God, it would seem, since you appear to have concrete and tangible evidence of the Devil’s existence but regard God as a somewhat problematic entity …as lost in the mist and fog of speculation! 🙂

          The simple fact remains this: the Devil’s existence must lead inevitably to a belief in God. This is how I myself came to my strong faith in God: because the Devil pitchforked me into God’s arms.

          Some need miracles to believe in God. I needed only the experience of evil. Demonic evil. I don’t mean being evil myself! (God forbid). I mean, coming face to face with the unspeakable evil we see all round us in this world.

          I guarantee you this. If ever you find yourself in a CIA torture chamber, with some demonic Israeli “specialist” gouging out your eyeballs unless you confess to being Osama bin Laden’s big brother, you will know then for sure that Satan exists! — and that his minions have been incarnated on earth in human bodies!

          And from that you will inexorably proceed, by deductive logic, to a belief in the Creator of Good and Evil.

          But the Big Question then is this: Why doesn’t God intervene? Why doesn’t he come to your rescue? What kind of God is it who allow this satanic torturer a free hand? Who allows little children to be sodomized and raped and killed so that Jews in the porn industry can make snuff porn movies for sale?

          Ah well, I’ll leave you to solve that conundrum! (Like Ivan Karamazov before the Grand Inquisitor). I find it very hard to deal with myself. And I am sick of the unctuous “theologians” who think they have the answer when they have never experienced real pain themselves — beyond a stubbed toe — but get all their dogmatic “knowledge” from musty theological tomes.

          This I know for sure: God is in hiding. And the one game he loves to play in this Dramatic Universe is hide-and-seek.

          1. quelle surprise!
            it seems that we are in complete agreement after all, my li’l lasha and in that form a rather tiny company.

            yes, the question of ravaged innocence is truly bothersome but we cannot know what these violated kids and prisoners actually undergo emotionally and psychically apart from the vicariously felt terror.
            i doubt that i will ever answer it satisfactorily.
            right now i hold god responsible unless it can be shown that at some point the state of grace enters by way of relief.

            but to indulge in escapist speculation would be dishonest to my stubbornly scientific attitude.
            spirituality is great but it will not boil the water for my espresso, at least in my experience.

            and so we must continue the hunt, not for god particle but for him, himself.
            anyone who just parachutes into faith, into a religious system by way of easy surrender or rapture, through fear or inately obedient nature is immediately suspect.
            Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?

            meanwhile, one thing we can do is make the devil’s job as difficult as possible, maybe it is all we can do.

          2. Thanks: It’s relief you have no answer for the age-old “Problem of Pain”. If you had, you would have been a fraud. The finest minds have never come up with a convincing answer. The riddle of the Sphinx remains unsolved.

          3. few more obs
            the question of injured innocence terrifies jews and their master, they hate and fear innocence from before herod’s time.
            an innocent soul is beyond their reach unless corrupted, taking life is not not enough.
            i suspect that this is behind circumcision of newborns, to induct them into the world without mercy, where your pain is someone else’s joy.
            devil’s initiation.

            secondly, i see you’ve been going through some pretty graphic spiritual exercises …
            some demonic Israeli “specialist” gouging out your eyeballs
            even without eyeballs, lasha will see way more than 99.9% of people.

          4. ever occur to you that the age-old “Problem of Pain” extends into the animal realm too?

            if you ever saw an animal led to a slaughter and the agony in the moments before the blade brings relief, you would know.
            for they too are innocent and wish to hang onto life as badly as we do.
            it even applies to fish, when you see them thrashing helplessly, eyes bulging out in soundless scream.

            a jew would say that’s tough, we are the chosen and you are our meat, your angst is not our, higher, more refined angst.

            even further beyond, something to be sadistically savored, as is the blood sacrifice of young christian children to sanctify their bond to the undergrounf god at yom kippur.

          5. This I know for sure: God is in hiding. And the one game he loves to play in this Dramatic Universe is hide-and-seek.

            garbage. pretentious twaddle. so how you know god exist if he in hiding? you ever seen somone hiding?

            darkmoon, give up writing. i can write better. but i have no time. i am too busy living and loving and burning candle both ends.

        2. Hey Lobro, deep stuff here, man! I never knew you were such a subtle theologian!

          1. Strewth! My comment ends up right under the dimwitted Zenobia’s! Just my luck.

          2. actually, one should be a subtle theologian to come into contact with faith, it doesn’t seem right or egalitarian.
            and i certainly don’t want to feel Chosen.

            i am sure there are more sensible pathways, it’s just that this one appeals to my nature … evidently lasha’s too although she seems closer to the quarry.

            is grace less accessible to those mentally challenged at birth?
            i for one wouldn’t give such god the time of day.
            it actually goes back to lasha’s (sphinx, isn’t she?) riddle.

            any god, such as yhwh that lowers himself to elitism is a piece of shit as are his willing and devoted subjects.

          3. is grace less accessible to those mentally challenged at birth? i for one wouldn’t give such god the time of day.

            You need not worry. God passes the grace test. He has bestowed his grace on both me and my sister periodically, and I assure you that we are both mentally challenged! The children touched by God’s grace at Fatima and Lourdes were simple peasants, not particularly brilliant compared to Thomas Aquinas or Einstein.

            Remember this too. If grace were dished out in proportion to intellect, why are some of the cleverest men denied grace? Smartass Richard Dawkins is a case in point. A rosary-muttering mental retard is closer to God.

            I would go so far as to say that the grace of God flows through the brute creation too, the simple charming animals. A singing blackbird, rapturous on his branch, is shot through with grace. A noble dog who dies for his master has grace. All these creatures, believe me, rise to the human state one day.

            And the Jews that trouble you so much, the demonic Jews, are destined to be reborn as pigs…as the very bacon flesh they abhor! A fitting punishment, it seems to me, for the crimes of Gaza and the atrocities of the gulags.

            And so it will go…up and down the ladder of creation in an endless cycle…until we all escape from the Wheel of Birth.

          4. richard dawkins is smartass and that is his ultimate reach, barely/somewhat clever.

            not what i would term a towering intellect.
            his tower is in reality a cardboard shack.

            so the grace you and sister receive is sporadic and fleeting … news to me, having never been so gifted.
            the closest thing i might describe it as would be a potent dream that is long in fading and leaves one spellbound and uncommunicative for most of the day.

          5. so the grace you and sister receive is sporadic and fleeting … news to me, having never been so gifted.

            Grace is never permanent on earth, only in heaven. It’s basically a state of blessedness when one is “plugged into God”, feeling a kind of electricity coming down the wire from God into one’s own soul. So grace is impermanent because the plug can be disconnected at any moment.

            One disconnects this plug oneself by sinning. Sin is the disconnecter. And temptation, or the urge to sin, is like tugging at the wire and risking disconnection.

            Adam and Eve were in a state of grace, plugged into God in the Garden of Eden. That was before the Serpent came. Before the primordial temptation, which was a sexual temptation — have no doubt about that.

            Grace is having a clean conscience. It is being in a state of mind where you don’t want to sin. Where you are free from all sickly temptations.

            This is why grace is sporadic: because we possess it only as long as we are in God (and God is in us). We lose this precious gift when we turn away from God, which we often do.

            Perfect grace, i.e., permanent grace, is a gift enjoyed by the angels alone, because they are in the presence of God night and day. It is not for us humans. As I grow older, I realize that angels and demons really exist. They are not figments of the human imagination.

            Most people who read this will think I’ve gone off my rocker. But not many people will read it, thank goodness!

          6. hm, you raise several tangents well worth a lengthy pursuit.
            and i am unable to type much right now …

          7. my turn to pose questions (don’t think of it as getting even :-))
            Grace is … basically a state of blessedness when one is “plugged into God”
            Perfect grace, i.e., permanent grace, is a gift enjoyed by the angels alone.
            It is not for us humans. As I grow older, I realize that angels and demons really exist. They are not figments of the human imagination.

            ok. so if i understand correctly, grace is a stasis, mindless goodness versus mindless evil, the obverse side of coin.
            “Plugged into God” entails the loss of identity, which can only be won back by responding to some temptation.

            in other words, sin is the foundation of identity, the straw that mixes the drink.

            to be independent is to face temptation on your own.
            you must overcome it on your own to enter the grace sweepstakes.

            angels are not independent nor have any identity, they are mere projections of god’s will.
            those that do are the bad angels, the rebels who were banished into eternal insurrection.

            interesting, don’t you think?
            in fact, to think is to apply critical analysis, to doubt, to assert your right to disagree.
            the principle of democracy seems to fall on the wrong side of the dividing line in sand.

            in summary, to win grace, one must rebel against grace, descend into avernus, slay some dragon then ascend again having used that same independence of spirit to win the battles of undergound (“gloomy dis”).


          8. I will deal with your subtle arguments more fully when I have some more time. Meanwhile, my first reaction is to say, “Brilliant. I don’t disagree with you even though you pick holes in my argument.”

            This is because you attack a straw man, misunderstanding my position. You are basically a logician playing with words. In Milton’s Paradise Lost, the Fallen Angels in hell are shown having these fantastically deep philosophical arguments about the nature of good and evil, free will and destiny, and then Milton steps in with a memorable comment (now a famous quote) of his own: Vain wisdom all and false philosophy!

            You remind me, dear Lobro, of Mephistopheles and Beelzebub and all the other fallen angels, chewing the cud in fancy phrases and logic-chopping literary exercises round the Lake of Fire! 🙂

            Not for nothing do you keep quoting from Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus (“Lente, lente…etc”) where these wiseheads chop logic to their heart’s content.

            Basically, your rebelliousness is shored up by a flimsy structure of logic, but the sad truth is you WANT to believe what you believe because it permits you to do what you want and remain in the state of rebelliousness to which you have become inordinately attached. You have a vested interest in remaining a “rebel” because it affords you the pleasures of revolt.

            Reflect: even the Marquis de Sade concocted a superb philosophy of his own, built on a structure of the purest logic, which allowed him to continue in the lifestyle that suited him. 🙂

          9. lobro the rebellious colt watching curiously as lasha coils the lasso and gets the gear ready to harness his wild und unruly logic 🙂

  3. In 2007, Israeli embassy used former Miss Israel Gal Gadot to pose half-naked in men magazine Maxim as part of Tel Aviv’s quasi-porn propaganda to improve Israel’s image among the American youth.

    “Males that age (between 18-35) have no feeling toward Israel one way or another, and we view that as a problem, so we came up with an idea that would be appealing to them,” explained David Dorfman, an Israeli propaganda (Hasbara) adviser.

    Israel targets its opponets with the help of Jewish dominated mainstream media, Hollywood and porn industry. In 2009, Israel-Firster Jew gay actor Michael Lucas announced the production of first pornographic movie with Israel/all-Jewish cast to promote Israel’s culture and tourism.

    “Yet, as strange as it may sound coming from a marketer with an advertising background, who has represented hundreds of Jewish organizations worldwide, I have arrived at the conclusion that the solution will not be found in branding, marketing, public relations or the writings of political pundits. The problem is that all their concepts, strategies, words and legitimate defenses – no matter how powerful and clever – are not going to elevate Israel’s plummeting image,” wrote Gary Wexler a Russian-born American Jewish lecturer, writer and marketing expert.


    1. Males that age (between 18-35) have no feeling toward Israel one way or another, and we view that as a problem …
      give them an erection every time they think of israel (what’s love got to do with it)

      The problem is that all their concepts, strategies, words and legitimate defenses – no matter how powerful and clever – are not going to elevate Israel’s plummeting image

      so you see lasha, devil’s job is not easy either.
      he won resoundingly at the level of the crotch, the battle for the brain is touch and go, but he is nowhere near winning the battle for the heart.

      this wexler’s mug is in the pantheon of ugliness depicted in the video.
      never has nature given birth to a reptile as deformed.
      a mug only satan could love.

      1. no, that was millard drexler …
        drexler, wexler,
        what’s the diff,
        one is jew, the other juif

    2. all their concepts, strategies, words and legitimate defenses


      name one.
      just one.

      a jew is not in legitimacy business.

  4. thoughts of a shallow moniker

    A is always in the neighborhood.
    this is the life. it is to be lived.
    pain, suffering, ignorance, insight, overcoming
    turning the other’s cheek, nose, head
    kindness, love, equality can come after knocking the head of evil – our 2%parasites

    1. thoughts of a shallow moniker.

      you said it! could’nt be shallower! why i am on this silly website? some idiot reccomend me. now i go before i lose marble…

  5. was lured into “depth” (more like out of my depth) by berenice and co-conspirator, they like to wind me up every once in a while.

    anyway, cannot focus on A if constantly getting tripped by B.
    first things first, which was the thrust of my recent posts.

  6. well
    this is monday, the first of my 7 sabbaths.
    will rest and relax and enjoy (lobro knocking heads)
    sit on a hillside, have a beer, watch hail bombard parasites chosen.
    to be chosen, the original sin. whispered by satan.
    pray president assad and his govt show no mercy

  7. evidently they ran out of cheeks to turn, shelve plan A for now.
    time for plan B, enjoy the justice delivered.

  8. these antisemites, they speaking in code. what they are saying? they understand each others, yes, that is clear. but i don’t have clue what they saying. plan a, plan B…? this way they plan terrorist attack, no? 5 dancing say, he want assad to kill more innocent civilian. is that way to speak on respecful site? i think no. much terrorism on blogs nowaday everywhere, secret message sent, code language use. cia must monitor, is dangerous speak open i think, must careful be…

    1. just discussing the protocols of the learned elders of goy, nothing to worry about ziobia.

      so long as your philathropist tribe is on the watch, innocent civilians need not keep awake at night.
      nor any need to count organs when waking up from golden jew-induced slumbers.

    2. Is this woman for real? Sounds more like a screwed up language robot to me. much terrorism on blogs nowaday everywhere, secret message sent, code language use. cia must monitor, is dangerous speak open i think, must careful be… Whew! Or else she German be, no, is correct not?

  9. darkmoon, give up writing. i can write better.

    how much better … the following sample, directly above says it all:
    5 dancing say, he want assad to kill more innocent civilian. is that way to speak on respecful site?

    huh-duh, she say ooga-booga, whistle, click.

    give me the 14-year old dyslexic jessel anytime, she writes much better, makes more sense and is brighter than this cheap composite.

    obviously, ziophonia’s posts were written by different trollsteins, probably fresh from khazaria.
    pickled carp good? da, much good, thank you.

  10. Jews dont report their own child molestation anymore, they went back into the ghetto where it was a Jewish issue in that regard. Some say Jews loved the ghetto and it is true because they were free to molest unfettered……..hit it Elvis 1 2 3 “In the ghettoooo”. Someone change the subject before we offend Jews.

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