Iranian Terror Threat — Panic Hits New York City!

Pandora Pushkin comments on the scary situation

NEW YORK…2013?

Source: NYPD Concerned NYC Is Under Iranian Terror Threat
See also: NYPD Increase Patrols In Wake Of Deadly Shooting In France

Posted by MIKE GILLIAM | @pix11mike

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has talked to more than a dozen people with ties to Iran caught photographing New York City landmarks that could be terrorist targets, and that is raising major security concerns.

This is really scary! I am canceling my trip to New York next week!

With coordinated attacks from Thailand to India to Georgia the intelligence community believes the covert war between Israel and Iran is underway and it’s now touching New York.

This is NOT good news! I am utterly spooked. I have a granny who lives in New York City and I’m keeping my fingers crossed, like, she’s gonna be okay. Why are these evil Iranians picking on innocent American citizens who just want to get on with their lives? Why can’t Iran and Israel sit down and settle their problems, like, amicably, without involving peace-loving Americans in their disputes?

The NYPD says it believes Iran has people on the ground covered by diplomatic rights conducting reconnaissance missions and photographing possible targets like landmarks and infrastructure in the City. The fear is that information is going directly to Iran’s Hezbollah faction.

I think all New Yorkers should keep an eye out for these evil Iranians prowling round our streets and, like, “up to no good”, if you know what I mean.

If you happen to see any guys with interesting noses, drawing  swastikas on walls, ignore them! They’re the good guys. On our side. They just like drawing swastikas on walls for fun. They’re talented graffiti artists.

“Hezbollah is a threat to this country, a growing threat and it has gone from terrorist financing to being capable of fully operational terrorist activities,” said Republican Representative Peter King of Long Island, the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Yeah, Hezbollah is evil. No doubt about that. It’s defending evil Lebanon from the nice Israelis who are only trying to expand their borders a bit by occupying south Lebanon up to the Litani River. Nothing wrong with that, is there? I mean, c’mon! Evil Hitler wanted Lebensraum, if you know what I mean, so why shouldn’t nice Jews help themselves, like, to a bit of extra land in evil Lebanon?!?

After all, the whole Middle East (except for valiant little Israel) is full of Islamofascist terrorists. Brainwashed by the Koran into wanting to conquer the world!  Yeah, and they wanna  force young women like me to stop wearing miniskirts! Honestly, I’d go crazy if some horrid Muslim forced me to wear a veil and ankle-length dresses!  I’d never be able to go into a bar again and, like, pick up a nice guy, know what I mean!?!  So banning miniskirts is dead wrong!

Another thing. Have you ever met a Hezbollah terrorist? I have. I met one in Beirut once, on  a bus, and I will NEVER  forget the way he looked at me! He called me a “Western whore”. And just because I was wearing a miniskirt and a tight low-cut blouse with one shoulder strap, like, hanging loosely off my shoulder, like I wear when I go to that disco in Manhattan!

These guys have no tolerance and lassy-fair. (Spelling?) They smell of garlic! They live with goats! They don’t even use underarm deodorant! And of course they’re extremely, like, anti-feminist. They want to ban makeup, miniskirts, and sex toys. Heck, they don’t even approve of porn!!!  So what I say is, our government is right. These guys are dead evil and  they should be killed on sight.

The landmarks range from the Brooklyn Bridge to Grand Central Terminal and other infrastructure and an NYPD intelligence official says since 2005, 13 people with connections to the Iranian government have been interviewed for taking pictures in the city. They could have been tourists but the NYPD is being cautious.

I think this presents a really scary picture! People sneaking around doing surveillance and taking pictures of landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge. All this kinda reminds me of  what happened just before 9/11…if you remember. Only on that occasion it was nice Israelis, wasn’t it?  Driving round in white vans and doing, like, high fives…as the Twin Towers came crashing down.

Anyone remember what happened to those guys? They beat it right sharpish, didn’t they? Skedaddled pronto.  Hopped on a plane to Tel Aviv and became national heroes on Jew TV!?! Well, what I’m saying is…if the cops can let those Jewish guys get away so easily, I really don’t see how they’re gonna catch these sneaky Iranian terrorists in time?!?

Yeah okay, that sounds a bit, like, “unpatriotic”. No point saying bad things about our cops now they’re trained, like, to do their jobs in Israel!

Hey, read this fantastic new article if you have some time: it’s called “The Israelification of American Domestic Security.” Looks like nice Jews from Israel are now running our police forces across the country… helping our cops do surveillance of nasty Americans and taser them good and proper if they, like, misbehave!  Frankly, that’s the best news I’ve heard in a long, long  time!!!

Why? Well, seems those Jews have a much higher IQ than us dumb Americans do, Jewish average of 115 compared to our national average of only 98, so I’m damn relieved a smarter race is helping to run our police forces! Know what I mean, like?

Hey, don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying, like, our cops are STUPID! No way! I’m just saying they gotta be pretty smart to call in the Jews to run the show! Know what I mean? No? Never mind! (Guess you’re stupid too, like).

The heated battle between Iran and Israel could easily spill over to the streets of New York with it’s very large Jewish population.

Jiminy crickets, why didn’t I think of that? I’ll have to warn all my nice Jewish friends to get out of New York real quick. Heck, it’s safer right now for Jews in Iran!!!  Looks like Jews are really HAPPY in Iran — and you can’t even PAY them to GO TO ISRAEL!!!

So that’s one solution if you’re an American Jew who feels threatened by evil Iranian terrorists in New York City: just HOP ON A PLANE TO TEHRAN!!! Yeah, Iranian Jews feel really safe in Iran!!!

In recent days a gunman has killed seven in France including three children and those brutal attacks have lead to the NYPD to ramp up security here according to police commissioner Ray Kelly who said, “We put in additional coverage using our critical response vehicles around synagogues and other Jewish locations you might say in the city.”

I’m glad they shot that evil antisemitic sonofabitch  before he was caught and put on trial. The thing with these guys is this: it’s very dangerous, like, to put terrorists on trial. Cos it gives them just what they want: the oxygen of publicity. I mean, you can’t have them getting up there in the dock, in full view of the world, denying their guilt! And denying the Holocaust!!! And spouting a whole bunch of crap from the Protocols! Nosir, that’s just not on!

So what I say is, like: Kill ’em first, like, and DON’T ask questions later…know what I mean?!?

My personal hero Norman Podoretz writes: “Their first priority, as repeatedly and unequivocally announced by their president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is to “wipe Israel off the map”—a feat that could not be accomplished by conventional weapons alone….Israel would be destroyed in a nuclear exchange, but Iran would survive.


WOW! Israel wiped off the map and all the nice Jews driven into the sea! That would make the FIRST Holocaust look like a kiddie’s picnic!

As a result of these dreadful threats, Norman Podoretz wants to wipe Iran off  the map before Iran wipes Israel off the map! That makes sense to me. (See The Case for Bombing Iran.)

Look, they’re now threatening to, like, nuke NEW YORK! That’s even MORE serious than wiping Israel off the map!!! I can no longer visit my granny in Brooklyn or buy bagels at the corner store like I used to do. It’s praying on my mind. Or should that be “preying”? Not quite sure, but “praying” will do, cos I’m praying real hard that Obama gets his finger out and starts nuking Iran RIGHT NOW!

The sooner these guys are wiped off the map, the better.

So far the NYPD says there are no known terror threats.

Whew, thank G-d for that! Yippeeeee!  WORLD SAFE AGAIN!!!


PANDORA PUSHKIN is a writer of satirical spoofs and claims to have an average American IQ. “I’m doing my best to educate myself by reading the New York Times and watching Fox News,”  she says, “but I guess I’m dumb like most Americans!”

72 thoughts to “Iranian Terror Threat — Panic Hits New York City!”

  1. Proposals. Either make New York City part of Israel thereby having the IDF in charge of defense and/or counterattacks or the more rational one of having Israel become a defacto part of the State of New York and the USA.

    OR better still round up all Iranian looking people in New York and put em in Guantanamo.

    1. “the IDF in charge of defense”
      The “Born to Kill” wans? There is a problem, chum. These are GREAT warriors when handling and mishandling Palestinian babies, boys and girls, including their moms; or shooting blank the brains of sitting girls in school rooms. But if you remember their egoflatulent idiocy in attacking Lebanon last time, i mean, attacking armed MEN, and how they ran and cried like homo-boys (got the pics) when repelled, they would be a WASTE to holie israHell funds, and the IDIOT American tax-robbed payers who fund them year after year with BILLIONS of worthless but hard earned dollars. Think something PRACTICAL, then post, ok?

  2. WOW! — this article scared the hell out of me. I’m getting out of NYC right now! Pandora, is that really YOU in the pic? If so, you’re a stunner! — but you want to consider changing that green wigs of yours! It’s almost as scary as the article! 🙂

      1. It’s HER, really. She just rubbed on cake frosting and straightened her curly green hair, to fool the IDF… Where is your intuition, little girl?

    1. She doesn’t want to be taken seriously, idjit! The article is meant to be a satirical spoof.

  3. @ OMOP

    Either make New York City part of Israel thereby having the IDF in charge of defense and/or counterattacks or the more rational one of having Israel become a defacto part of the State of New York and the USA.

    It’s already happened, OMOP.

    Not only is New York City already a part of Israel, the whole of America has already become an Israeli colony!

    Read Darkmoon’s article, “America Vanguished. Part 1: America as an Israeli Colony”, in which it is convincingly argued that America has already lost its independence:

  4. It’s too bad that this fine essay couldn ‘t have been ready for Purim instead of having to wait for April Fool’s day. I’m glad to hear that the Iranian Jews were insulted by the $10,000 offer to move to Israel. Our Jews will soon be stampeding to take it up.

      1. So you think anti-Semitic articles disguised as “satirical spoofs” are okay because it’s April Fool’s day? You are a fool if you think this!

        I don’t think you would push your grandmother off a cliff top in her wheelchair, would you? And if asked why you did it, would you say, “Hey, why not? This is April Fool’s day!”

        Get a life, cretin. Wise up.

        1. You know, Bernie, the more i read your spite, the more am convinced you are a male (not MAN, ‘male’) of the ‘other’ species. And a sourpuss discontent with happy, gentle, loving, caring, compassionate, honest, gorgeous, productive, human beings, me included… And your uncertain future, like if you hopefully live in Jew York, attracts you to this site like a horse fly would be to a sugary fly trap, for deserved verbal punishment. So, get it.

  5. @ OMOP

    “OR better still round up all Iranian looking people in New York and put em in Guantanamo.”

    I predict a day will come when 6-7 million American Jews will be sitting in FEMA camps. IMHO, that’s the only solution to the age-old “Jewish problem”.

    Who are these camps being built for right now? For white Americans! That’s obvious.
    Jews will be in charge of these camps, just like they were in charge of the gulags in Stalin’s Soviet Union. They were the chief killers of Russian Christians after the Bolshevik Revolution. They managed to kill 66 million innocent Russian Whites between 1917 and 1953.

    You an read all about this in Eustace Mullins’ unforgettable article, The Secret Holocaust:

    1. Yes, the Mullins’ article is unbeatable. A great source. Darkmoon makes extensive use of it in “AMERICA VANQUISHED (PART 2). She chooses out some of the best bits for quoting.

      I’m referring to the bits on torture. The dreadful things those Russian Jews did to their Christian victims in the gulags. Here’s a quote:

      There are too many well documented massacres in history in which the Jews tortured and murdered their victims with the greatest glee, gloating in such barbaric practices as tearing out the hearts of women and children and smearing the blood on their faces.

      The orgy of murder, torture and pillage which followed the Jewish triumph in Russia [after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917] has never been equaled in the history of the world. The Jews were free to indulge their most fervent fantasies of mass murder of helpless victims.

      Christians were dragged from their beds, tortured and killed. Some were actually sliced to pieces, bit by bit, while others were branded with hot irons, their eyes poked out to induce unbearable pain.

      Others were placed in boxes…then hungry rats placed in the boxes to gnaw upon their bodies. Some were nailed to the ceiling by their fingers or by their feet, and left hanging until they died of exhaustion.

      Others were chained to the floor and hot lead poured into their mouths. Many were tied to horses and dragged through the streets of the city, while the mob attacked them with rocks and kicked them to death.

      Mothers were taken to the public square and their babies snatched from their arms….the baby [was] tossed into the air while another member of the mob rushed to catch it on the tip of his bayonet.

      Pregnant Christian women were chained to trees and their babies cut out of their bodies.

      See AMERICA VANQUISHED (Part 2) by Lasha Darkmoon

    2. X-cuse me David, but comments like yours even if well intended, always stir me. First, the gulags were filled, the Ukranian farmers were starved, and the Russian peasants were wantonly murdered, by Ashkenazi-Khazar pariah “jews”, the so-called Bolsheviks (just another disguise for these animals from hell), ONLY because they ALL were DISARMED previously by their governments.

      NOT so the supid sheeple in the jU.S. Try as they may, they have FAILED, and WILL fail, to disarm Americans. 141 MILLION men and women, with 315 MILLION guns, and 3 BILLION bullets, of LAST count several months ago, will make a BANG if these animals DARE try and disarm to afterwards arrest and murder them, as these Ashkenazi-Khazar (fake Semites, of course) even try their last attempt at world dictatorship, and finally, in their obliterated brains and decadent neurons, extinguish Christianity off this planet.

      Not a single bullet has been fired to stop the ‘jew’ World Odor, yet, and they damn well know it. Ask Bernie, the horse fly on the premises.

  6. We all know that IsReallyHell had nothing to do with planning, executing, filming, broadcasting and explaining 9-11, as it happened! Stop thinking anything different you kooks with low I’Q’s.

    April Fools you Fools! LOL

  7. I don’t know why everyone is bothering to comment on this disgustingly anti-Semitic article disguised as humor. Taking advantage of April Fools Day, “Dr Lasha Darkmoon” has obviously played a prank on her readers by assuming the role of a mentally challenged Zionist called “Pandora Pushkin”. She talks cynically of her “Jewish friends” who she intends to warn to get out of New York and, if necessary, relocate to Tehran. They will be safer in Tehran, she says.

    All this is most offensive. The sense of humor was not meant to be abused like this. Humor is for noble purposes: to make people smile and laugh, to console them in grief and suffering, and to help them bear “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” This article comes with a sneer and tries to increase hatred of Jews. It is intolerable.

    Do I lack a sense of humor? Of course not. I enjoy a good laugh. But not if there are jokes about Auschwitz and concentration camps. “Pandora Pushkin” (aka Darkmoon?) here mentions the Holocaust with disparagement, speaking of a “new” Holocaust which she says will “make the FIRST Holocaust look like a kiddie’s picnic”. I’m sorry, but you can’t SAY things like that! This is Holocaust disrespect. It shows a disrespectful attitude to history’s greatest victims. In 15 European countries people can be thrown in jail for disrespectful anti-Holocaust comments like this.

    I will be forwarding this article to ACLU and the ADL and demanding the criminal prosecution of the owners of this website.

    If Darkmoon is behind this article, I will be insisting on her prosecution in a court of law for hate speech toward Jews.

    I am waiting to see if this comment of mine is blocked. So far I have not been blocked because I am talking advantage of this website’s policy of free speech. This is a “free speech zone”, the editor keeps boasting.

    Yeah, I bet.

    Sooner or later these bastards are going to start deleting my comments. I can see it coming. I appeal to my fellow posters to join me in denouncing Darkmoon and this particular article. I need moral support. Please don’t attack me as that would be anti-semitic. I am the grand-daughter of a Holocaust survivor, so have some respect for me please.

    1. Dearest Ruth Bernstein;

      Why, I think that it is just horrible how this Pushkin person has insulted you and all the wonderful Jews.

      Oh, the poor poor Jew, expelled from Egypt and so many other countries for ABSOLUTELY no reason.

      And to think that your own granny survived the “H H H Holocaust”. How terrible it must be for you, to have to recollect all those terrible thing that we Goyim have perpetrated upon you ‘chosen people’.

      I hope you get yourself a good ‘Jew lawyer’ and sue her ass good.

      APRIL FOOL !

    2. I openly challenge anyone to provide proof positive, which must include full documentation providing cause of death, from the German records, and to name a single Jew who was ‘gassed to death’ in any of the German Concentration Camps.

      As this must be simply a matter of historical record, why, after over 20 years research have I not been able to find a single one??

      Doesn’t that rather imply that we have not been given any of the facts, instead we have been repeatedly fed the myth that was developed further in the 19th century to brainwash the unsuspecting?

      Unfortunately for all those ‘holo-survivors’, the numbers cannot lie, irrespective of how they are manipulated!!

      1. Perpy, what you seem to ignore (sigh), is that the holo-hoax WAS created on an April Fool’s Day after WW1, not WW2, but that’s when all the suckers fell for it!… until the Internet X-posed their big lying mouths, and long reaching rapine paws.

    3. @ Ruth Bernstein
      I am the grand-daughter of a Holocaust survivor, so have some respect for me please.
      I am the son of Al-Nakba survivor. You people stole our land and kicked my family out at gun point.
      Quit lieing about the Palestinians that they stole the land from the Jews and making up stories to distract attention from the real issue.

      Last time I checked, you stated that your boyfriend was devoured by an African Tiger while on trip in Africa.

      Few days ago, you revealed that you’re the grand-daughter of Holyghost survivor. Sorry about your luck!
      I would not be surprised if you were to claim tomorrow that your brother or uncle was killed by Hamas or Hezbullah.
      My answer to that would be, what the hell he was doing there in the first place; fighting for a foreign nation, instead of serving his own country? Traitors should be exposed and punished, not praised.

      Respect is to be earned and not given away!

      1. Last time I checked, you stated that your boyfriend was devoured by an African Tiger while on trip in Africa.

        I said LION, not tiger. I never saw any tigers in Africa. Tigers come from India.

        1. @ Ruth Bernstein,

          I stand corrected! You’re right Jewish Princess.

          I have only one question! Has this tragic incident been reported by by any US news publication? If so, could you possibly provide us with a link, name or date?
          Inquiring mind wants to know!

    4. Bernie, on second thought, and it’s all your fault for being a lying cynical pretender, maybe you are jealous of beautiful green-haired (a rarity) Pandora, coz you are a fat-rump abnormal yenta lesbian? Your writing is so gross, i CANNOT read more than a line or two just to make you OUT. And yes, i wouldn’t be wasting valuable space and bandwidth on this site if YOU (or any other pariah) were not posting here. It is IMPOSSIBLE not to insult you, creature from Abyss!! (to where you all will return in 2013, according to the N.T. Prophecy.) And yes, you all holo-hoax pariahs read “Simple Arithmetic vs. the Six Million Myth”, then shut up for ever.

      1. Has anyone told you you sound like a fanatic? I feel very sorry for you. For you and your ilk there is nothing but the final conflagration in the deepest pits of Gehenna.

        Get ready for a long burning, heroay. For everlasting torment on the rack of pain. For torture unlimited in realms of infinitude.

        You will be devoured alive by red-fanged demons, not once, but for ever and ever…just as Sisyphus rolls his rock up the mountains of madness for all eternity.

        My curse upon you, denizen of darkness!

        1. Listen, reptilian remain from the Dark Side of Eden, you can’t touch MY soul with your pathetic crack nightmares and cocaine hallucinations. Am immune to your demonic visions. Am Holy. Pure. Gorgeous. And you can melt in envy, with my permission… Now, jokes aside, why don’t you buy 5 cents of dignity, shame, and self respect, and go dump your venom in your tel aviv latrine and stop bothering decent people? WHY bother Darkmoon with your petulant, abusive nonsense?… BE-cause, you are lonely, discarded, trashed, in your own environment. Am sorry for you and your breed. But there really is a cozy warm place waiting for you all (read the N.T.) Only problem, you won’t be able to turn down the thermostat! Ouchy!

  8. Ruth!! R U Kidding?
    The HoloHoax is being exposed by the day. You were lied to and it is a bunch of bull shit.
    What do you call blowing up 3,000 US citizens and then blaming innocent people? A Joke?

    You are a joke and need to wake up. You and your sick sick Talmudic murdering ilk are being exposed. Welcome to America! We Love the Truth. You Hate the Truth.

    1. Sorry to say, Ruth is not kidding, she like many of her fellow chosen ones feel they should not be criticized (exposed) and if they are they will always resort to calling people antisemites, holocaust deniers, or sometimes self hating Jews. And if they can’t shut those people up they work real hard (dish out lots of money and or resort to blackmail) to get laws passed making it a crime to question or criticize Jews.

      Ruth get over yourself and realize how much trouble and damage Jews throughout history (an invented people at best) have caused. There is no Jewish race. I’m not antisemitic because I like Arabs who are Semitic people, which is one more thing Jews have stolen.

      1. Your anti-Semitism is blinding you to the truth. I agree absolutely with Ruth. This article was exploiting the fact that it was April Fool’s Days to make fun of Jews. Jews win a lot of Nobel prizes every year and contribute much to society. They entertain America through Hollywood and they are behind the art and music industry. They deserve more respect.

        1. Dangit, Kling-Klong-Klein! Am not supposed to reply to any of this nonsense coz am looking for something else, but you crackpots ARE a MAGNET!…

          Ye crackies are NOT Semites! Ye are “children of the devil” Ashkenazi-Khazar inbreds! NO-thing to do with Palestine (‘Israel’ my foot)! Cynical Liars!…

          “No-Bell” prices were invented to praise the IQ-70 retard neanderthal Ashkies to fool the goys! Cheaters! Even Saint Einstein was FAKE! A turd plagiarist! EVEN, his plagiarized ‘Relativity’ ended up proven FAKE! Bad copy-cat!

          And just look at the long list of Wizards of Id who ‘won’ the No-Bell price, er, stash… bunch of no-bodies, who nobody knows or knew, and did NO-thing to prove their ‘wisdom’. Fakes!

          As for ‘entertainers’, my dear and beautiful gorgeous mommy used to complain ‘why these turds are so dumb, and are called movie stars, and are sooo boring?’… Coz they were hand picked ‘jews’ in Holie-weird, not because they were worth a dime.

          To end any further conversation, Neanderthals are known to have produced NO cave drawings, much less, musical notes of any kind (except through their gut), unlike the rest of the world population. Now, cry.

  9. Listen to you Ruth. Don’t disagree with my article or “that would be anti-semitic”. Listen to you? Throw out the anti-semitic card. It’s over soon now Ruth, it won’t work anymore. Lies, lies, and more lies.

    SINCE WHEN IS TRUTH anti-semitic???? Huh Ruth? WHEN?

    1. You are under a serious misconception. Jews are among the kindest and most truthful people in the world. This is why God chose them.

      1. What a crock of crap, you a seed of your father the devil. By the way you aren’t even semitic either!

  10. To Ruth….. I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

    1. “Synagogue of Satan”? Surely you can see that the New Testament, by using this phrase, has descended into cheap sensationalism. It’s very anti-Semitic to speak like this.

      1. Yacobo, are you a despicable anti-Christian?? How are ye allowed to walk the streets and wards of Jew Yoke?? The Sin-o-Gog of Satan was as valid an expression then as now. If you attend one, and am sure you do, you are indoctrinated and brainwashed since childhood into reading and following the despicable, odious, racially insane, God-insulting, rapine rabbino enshrining, and satanic abomination called the talmud, which in times of the Christ he repudiated as the Babyloonie-and-evil mishna. And you DARE complain about a simple remark and accurate reference to YOUR indoctrinating anti-Christian, anti-Christ school?? That’s sick!

  11. The article and some of comments raise a lot of questions. I will try to clarify them as follows.

    1. Most Americans have very low IQ and they’ve always believed all the lies their corrupted leaders and Jewish-controlled media have told them. For example, in a 2003 survey – 75% of the Americans said Jews are in majority in the US, based on media coverage of Israel, anti-Semitism, Holocaust and the local and international Jewish achievements.

    2. Former Israeli prime minister Olmert admitted after Jewish army’s defeat in 2006 – that Hizbullah was Lebanon’s real army. However, Hizbullah leader Sheikh Nasrallah, never threatened to attack US or its interests in the Middle East. In fact, he has said dozens of times that once Israel is wiped off the map – Hizbullah will abandon its military wing.

    3. The term “anti-Semitism” is a hoax used to silence the criticism of Zionism. Most of World Zionist movement leaders did not believe it to be a anti-Jewish slur because they knew Jews have no ‘semite’ blood line. They’re either from Turkish race or Berber race. Theodor Herzl wrote in his ‘Dairies’ that anti-Semitism would be a great asset to the Zionist movement. That’s the reason ADL keep bringing in ‘anti-Semitism’ label against anyone who don’t agree with Israeli policies.

    “It’s a trick we always play. In Europe, when someone criticizes Israeli policies, we bring in Holocaust – and when someone in this country (US) criticizes Israeli policies, we bring in anti-Semitism…..” – former Israeli cabinet minister Shulamit Aloni told Amy Goodman in her interview on ‘Democracy Now’.

    4. This time, Israeli target will not be some American landmark – but country’s President. The indications are numerous to believe the assassination theory. To name a few – US private spying firm, Stratfor, which was founded by pro-Israeli businessman George Friedman; Netanyahu, and Mossad are of the same mindset when it comes to a perception that President Barack Obama is a threat to Israel.

    American writer Jeff Gates warned Barack Obama that if it comes to push and shove – Mossad may decide to assassinate him as it did in JFK case – and blame Muslims for the assassination.

    In January 2012 – publisher-editor of Atlanta Jewish Times, Andrew B. Alder had suggested that Mossad should eliminate Obama because he is too weak to attack Iran. He believed the vice-president Joe Biden, being a committed Zionist would occupy the White House after Obama’s death – and will make war on Iran.

  12. Ray Kelly is a Zionist shill. Several Muslim and Jewish (Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews Say No!) groups have called for Kelly’s resignation for ordering to target practicing Muslims and build false terrorist cases against them. However, Kelly refuses to budge – because he is supported by NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg (a Israel-First Jewish billionaire) and several powerful Jewish groups. The Jewish Week even published an Op-Ed, calling Kelly “the best police commissioner the city have ever seen”.

    In December 2011 – Jewish investigating journalist, Max Blumenthal wrote in al-Akhbar that under commissioner Kelly the NYPD has developed very close relation with Israeli Mossad.“occupy”-israelification-american-domestic-security

  13. just a thought …Israel the international HOMELAND of the poor oppressed “Jew” ,is over sixty year old and as a result of untethered expansion ,taking Palestinian land under the excuse of ” natural expansion” and using the American military aid to subjugate the indigenous people and to kill at the drop of a home made missile thousands of men ,women and mostly children . I wonder ,where did Hitler find 6 million Jews to commit genocide on ? Israel has only 8 million after paying any person claiming Jewish blood to migrate to Israel for over sixty years …the math just doesn’t seem to work ! Can someone please explain what I am missing in this formula .

    1. You may know the truth, which we all share on this site, but what you lack is what we all lack: access to the mainstream media which is entirely under Jewish control and is no more than an elaborate Lie Factory.

    2. mick – Israel’s Jewish population is less than five million.

      The “Six Million Died” is mythical figure which began with “Eleven Million Died” during the time when Europe’s entire Jewish population was less than nine million.

      Jewish religious text mention two Jewish Holocausts carried out by Romans. According to Jewish holy book Talmud (Gittin 57b): “Four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar – While Gittin 58a claims that sixteen million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans.

    3. the Lie:
      Gittin 57b: that four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar.
      Gittin 58a: 16 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans.
      In 1989 a write-in campaign was organized to persuade the then-Soviet Leader Gorbachev to release the Auschwitz Death Registers captured in 1945 when the Red Army took over the Auschwitz complex. A few months afterwards this actually happened. Gorbachev released these all-important documents to the Red Cross, which showed in minute detail why people had died in Auschwitz, the cause and time of death, their birth, address etc.

      74,000 names of people who had died were listed, of which only approximately 30,000 were Jews, along with an almost equal number of Poles and members of other nationalities.

      in the words of the austrian catholic priest viktor knirsch:
      It is the right and the duty of everyone who seeks the truth to doubt, investigate and consider all available evidence. Wherever this doubting and investigating is forbidden; wherever authorities demand unquestioning belief – there is evidence of a profane arrogance, which arouses our suspicions. If those whose contentions are questioned had truth on their side, they would patiently answer all questions. Certainly they would not continue to conceal evidence and documents which pertain to the controversy. If those who demand belief are lying, however, they will call for a judge. By this ye shall know them. He who tells the truth is calm and composed, but he who lies demands worldly justice.

      how about a real christian for a change

  14. Darkness does not like the Light, for it finds it annoying.
    Yakob Klein & Ruth Bernstein objects to the truth on this site, only because it is not koshered.

    Their vicious attack and blackmail directed against Dr. Lasha Darkmoon only increases her popularity.

  15. Klein are Bernstein are both German and Jewish surnames.
    Klein: means little in German.

    Bernstein: means “amber” in German. Amber does emit a sweet smell when burnt.

    Disclaimer: the word “burnt” here has nothing to do with the Holy-ghost!

  16. Wow…
    You are all really really horrible people… seriously ? Ruth … relax it was a joke! and the rest of you are judging an entire race of people through a few images shown to you by the media that only realistically maximum 30% of jews are guilty of? wow people here have openly said that they “HATE” jews … thats some potent wording and totally unnecessary … you are all accusing ruth of not being able to take a joke and its true … ruth it was a joke dont take it so seriously! and the rest of you … IT WAS A JOKE … or at least it started off being one until people started saying that they HATE jews and all the rest of it! all of you relax! And most of you are FUCKING Americans!!! Talking about Jewish violence ? hipocracy at its maximum you are all part of the MOST hated race on earth … so worried about everyone elses weapons of mass destruction when America is the only fucking country to even use a nuclear bomb … TWICE!!!! War on Iraq … America… War on Syria… America … War on Japan… America… War on Vietnam… America … War on Iran… America … why dont you all taste what you shoveling people … All governments are corrupt and horrible but i dont hate americans for what their government did? so dont hate jews for what the Israeli government did! fuck sakes all of you get a life because the way you all allow for this stereotyping attitude shows how you are merely Robert Murdock and every other corrupt official in powers puppet

  17. So Peter please help me with this dilemma. So why is it that the Jews and worshipers of the Talmud were kicked out of so many country’s in history?
    Also, the wars you mention and the bomb were all jew creations and deceptions. Why is their motto “by way of deception, we shall do war”?
    Why is it you think they will get away with 9 one one after so much information is now coming out implicating them with “truth”.
    Why is it then they blamed innocent arabs after they did the crime?
    Why is it there are no gas chambers?
    Why has the total number now come down to 75 thousand that dies in WW2 and not 6 million?
    Why is it that your rabbis call for the HATE and DESTRUCTION and THEFT and DEATH for all non Jews – All the Gentiles Dead!
    Why is it that you hate to talk about the truth?

    1. This article is satirical – only a very thick ignoramus, or possible an English as a second language couldn’t comprehend that.

      But for the three posters who were so alarmed at the truth being exposed as satire I’d like to have their take on the viral video of a israeli tv program, where a young woman nails a puppet to a cross, saying something you complain about no Christmas, you can die like Christ did if you want to be his follower; then proceeds to pound a nail into the puppet, as he screams for mercy.

      I know I won’t get a reply, as when Mahmoud El Jousseph asked where the African lion eating man story was posted….nothing but silence from the outraged & threatening troll.

      1. Good comment, Ruby Kate.

        In regard to the Jewish woman who claimed her husband was eaten alive by a lion when they were on their honeymoon in Africa, I read that comment on Mark Glenn’s theuglytruth site a few years ago. I remember it vividly.

        That’s our old friend Ruth Bernstein.

        Is the story fictitious? I don’t know. As far as I can see, Ruth would have no motive in making up that story.

        In her original comment, if I remember correctly, she said that she often made a point of visiting zoos where she would spend her time trying to “get revenge” for her husband’s death by tormenting the lions in their cages.

        When no one was looking, she would try to prod them with a pointed stick or throw stones at them.

        The object was to work them up to a pitch of anger so that they threw themselves at their bars, howling and slavering with rage.

        This was the only way, Ruth confessed, she could experience an orgasm that brought her closer to her dead husband in mystical union. 🙂

  18. @ Ruby22-kate, I have seen the viedeo of the Israeli tv you are talking about. This is a clear assualt on Christianty.
    This is endorsed by the government, and it is not like the previous one I have seen by an illegal Jewish settler few years ago.
    After the settler smashed the face of a Swidish peace activist with a beer bottle, he then told her, ” we will kill you like we killed Jesus “pbuh”.

    Now ABC is starting a new sit com series, called ” good christian bitches.” Another further assualt on Chrisianty and its teaching.
    As of yesterday, 10 of seventy sponsors has pulled the plug on the show. I have not watched tv for serveral year. This show is very offensive to me, as it equates Christian women with immorality. If you replace the word Christian in the title with “Black” or “Jewish, the such a filty show would not see the day light. Christianity is not a fair game, and those Jews who owned ABC should not profit from degrading Christian women. ABC will never have a show about the life of Rachel Corrie, Cynthia McKinney. or Peggy Ibish who flew to Baghdad and acted as humanshield before America campaign of shock & owe.

    Finally, the reason I did not get a reposne to the African lion eating man story is. there was no such story. It was a make believe to extract sympathy, by depicting Jews as victims. Ruth fabricated the story, just to make a point even animals don’t like Jews. I don’t wish this to happen to my worse enemy. And yes, even if they were Jewish. It would have been horroble to die that way.

    Anyway, this is their deciptive way to distract the masses from the real issue. That is their war crime, occupation, and the full domonation of every asspect of the American way of life.

  19. the way i figure, ruth still has 0.5 husband left, i hope for her sake that it is the useful half.

    she started off with 46.5 husbands and the german lions ate 46 of them (lions kill by choking off mouth and nose of the victim, which is the same as gassing).

    how did i come up with figure of 46.5?
    dunno, ask ruth.
    the archived records show 129,000 jewish deaths in all wartime camps, as presented by german to israeli government (which did not object) to cement the spirit of brown-nosing.
    divide 6 million by 129 thousand and you get … number of ruth’s husbands.

    the lions are now toiling day and night in hollywood and disneywood to repay the survivor ruth, who is in throes of constant emotional holocauster.

    1. Lobro,

      Your mathematical skills are highly impressive. Tell me, do you use one of those battery-operated calculators or do you work it out all in your head like certain idiot savants? 🙂

      May you never be eaten alive by lions, Mr Lobro.

      That’s why you live in Mexico, I believe. No lions there. Coward!

      1. true, i am scared of lions and there are no lions in mexico.
        but more importantly, no ruth either.
        if i was your husband, i’d take the first flight to africa …

        but don’t complain about ruined honeymoon, true to the type you must prefer money to honey.

        in mexico there is a saying:
        entre como leone, sale como sposo de ruth

        1. @ lobro
          @ Rehmat
          @ Mahmoud el-Yousseph
          @ Heroay

          Why can’t you guys respect my innate superiority as laid down in the Talmud?

          One serious question for all of you. If the Jews were not innately superior to all other races, how would it have been possible for them to reach such a position of preeminence?

          Jews make up only 0.2% of the world’s population. Yet I wouldn’t be surprised if as much as 20% of the world’s wealth is in Jewish hands.

          Jews, as you know, rule America. And they rule over Europe too. And everyone trembles at Jewish power and complains about it incessantly, as all of you do.

          Answer this question then: why can’t you goyim STOP the Jews? Why are you so helpless? Isn’t your very impotence a sign of your natural inferiority? Aren’t you goyim only fit for servitude?

          1. wouldn’t you get the same result by replacing each instance of Jew by H1N1 swine flu virus?
            (and it is said that the latter is an offspring of the former, via gilead sciences)

          2. how about a somewhat disquieting answer.

            sticking to the virus analogy, could it be that we here represent the awakening of the immune response?
            think about it: it took two thousand years for the virus to invade and subvert by deceitful means the trusting and generous gentile body.

            but the revelation of truth may flare out in a matter of days and then what …

            10-15 years ago, the holocaust doubters were virtually non-existent, today they are what, 10% of population in usa, widely acknowledged as the dumbest, most gullible of all.
            how about 5 years from now.

            Well, flesh-fly, it is summer with you now;
            Your winter will come on.

            ben jonson

            all across the world, the most liked nation is the german one, the most disliked, israel.

            you say we are only fit to serve jews?

            then how come none of your age old, proven tricks, lies and subversions don’t work in these threads?

            because we are educated goyim, your downfall.
            and every day there is more of us until at some pivotal point the jew power is history, never to raise its nauseating, venomous head again.

          3. Today 15.4.2012 the first anniversary of Freedom martyr
            Vittorio Arrigoni. Italian by birth, Palestinian by heart.
            Gone but not forgetton!
            Viva Palestina

      1. Specifically, this one, lobro’s – “the way i figure, ruth still has 0.5 husband left, i hope for her sake that it is the useful half.”

        Still chuckling..

  20. spielberg wins another academy award, for the most hilarious comedy of the century, starring irene shitsblood and other diamonds in the rough
    Spielberg’s Hoax – The Last Days of The Big Lie

    watch from 5th min onward, she would wash a fistful of eat-shit “in mud” or “in the soup” for 500 consecutive days, no shredded bowel and intestines, never an infection, never discovered by vigilant ilse rotweiler.

    … the nazi lice (lies?) were as big as my pinkie nail, embedded in our bodies … yet she was pegged to become a lampshade, Chosen by Dr. Nazi G*d because of unblemished body and so on, ad comediam.

    only albury smith can explain …

    1. another among priceless moments, i just love watching people lie

      a sellout liar/dachau liberator, paul parks in his litany of lies talks about this precious menorah fashioned of nails in dachau presented to him by mysteriou stranger on behalf of a recently deceased survivor.
      it turns out a bunch of identical were hammered out at a maryland workshop and one was presented to the white house (0:53:04).
      in the accompanying photo, you can see dov zacheim, the monster rabbi behind 9/11 and pentagon/dod accountant under whose watch over 3 trillion disappeared when the “lucky” missile destroyed his office with all the related records.

      funny how the champion sized lies are crosslinked.
      because they were manufactured by the same champions of lying.

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